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Webcam driver open failed on Satellite A series

Question: Webcam driver open failed on Satellite A series

Whenever i start my computer it says "Webcam driver open failed, please restart your camera or computer".

Can someone help me to solve this problem or I have to buy a new camera?

Plz let me know as soon as possible


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Preferred Solution: Webcam driver open failed on Satellite A series

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Webcam driver open failed on Satellite A series


What OS are you using? Vista? What notebook model is it?
If yes please install the SP1 because it contains a Microsoft patch which helps to solve the webcam issue.
I had a similar issue and the SP1 was the key.

It would be also recommended to remove the old webcam software/driver and to download a webcam driver from the Toshiba European driver page and to reinstall it.

Check it out!

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I'am desperate.
1 month ago I bought a Satelite P300-190 with internal webcam.

Everythings seems to work, except the webcam.

I get the error when starting the software: "webcam driver open fail. please restart camera or computer"

I've read so many threads about this problem.
I've tried: update software, bios, display adapter, camera software,
followed most of the things specified in the treads, but still the same problem.

Is there an expert somewere who can help me to solve this probem ?

Thanks in advance,
Best regards, Jeroen.

Answer:Satellite P300: webcam driver open failed

* Download the updated Chicony Webcam driver from the Toshiba website drivers section. If you cannot find an updated driver, try a newer driver from another Toshiba Model.
* Install Vista Service Pack 1, or Vista Hotfix KB934374: (KB934374 is included in SP1)
* Update your Messenger software (MSN/Yahoo Messenger, etc..)
* If you have another program that can use the webcam (Skype for example), make sure they are completely closed, and not sitting in the System Tray.
* Try closing the Camera Assistant Bar on the left of the Desktop.
* To stop the Camera Assistant software from running on startup, run Regedit and delete "Camera Assistant Software" from HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run \

If that doesnt work, the best option would be to backup your data and run Recovery. If it still doesnt work, then the webcam itself may be faulty.

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I recently did a clean install of Windows 7 64 bit on my Toshiba Satellite A300-1FP. I was surprised at how smoothly it went. The only thing that was missing was a Windows 7 driver for the Chicony Webcam. A number of people on these forums have suggested using the Vista 64 bit driver. I tried numerous times to make this work. I deleted the startup entry, deleted and resinstalled the driver from device manager, etc. Everything I have found on these forums I've tried.

None of it works. I continue to get the error message "Webcam driver open failed. Please restart camera or computer."

Even with the "camera assistant" the Chicony camera is really awful. Had I know before I bought the machine I would have chosen otherwise. Too late now. Without the assitant you have only the driver that comes with Windows 7 which allows you to use the camera but unless you have Hollywood quality lighting the video is so dark that it is nearly unusable. The "camera assistant" at least had a booster for darker rooms.

I don't know why Toshiba ever used this camera in the first place.
There are many people with this same exact problem who are looking for help in the various forums for their system.

If anyone knows how to handle this I would really appreciate hearing from you. Toshiba, if you're listening, what were you thinking?


Answer:Satellite A300-1FP - Chicony webcam Win 7 64bit - driver open failed


Just a little question: Have you tried this?
[Why an error message displayed "Webcam driver open fail. Restart camera or computer"?|]

Furthermore it would be interesting to know if the same happens with ?factory settings?. Can you check this please?


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Recieve error every time I try to use Camera Assistance Software for Toshiba: Webcam driver open failed. Please restart camera or computer. Web cam also does not work in Skype. It seems that this is a very common problem with the A300s series, yet there is no clear solution out there.

Series: A300
Model: PSAGCA -02Y010

Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit
Camera Assistant Software for Toshiba:

I recently did a clean install of Windows 7, updating from Windows Vista. I never used the web cam on Windows Vista, so I can't testify as to whether the web camera was workin correctly or not. However, when I tried to use it with Skype, it did not work. I reinstalled the driver that I backed up before I installed the new operating system, but it did not work. The web cam doesn't show up at all in Device Manager - even when set to display hidden devices. Trying to add new hardware through the control panel fails to detect the web camera at all. I have restarted after every install/repair of the driver.

Steps Taken

Reinstalled backuped drivers
I used third party software (Double Driver) to back up and reinstall the drivers for the web camera after I installed Windows 7. Double Driver claimed there was no device to install the driver for. I manually copied the files into the Camera Assistance folder and overwrote the existing ones. The files I copied were:

Reinstalled... Read more

Answer:Satellite A300 PSAGCA -02Y010 - Error: Webcam driver open failed

> The web cam doesn't show up at all in Device Manager - even when set to display hidden devices.
> I encountered a thread post that suggested a loose wire was responsible and that the camera would work when the lid was almost closed. I tried this and the camera suddenly appeared in device manager.

Does this mean that webcam does not appear in device manager if the lid is open? Right?
In such case it looks like there is no connection between webcam and motherboard.
As far as I know the internal cam is connected to motherboard?s USB controller and possibly there is a loose connection.

Possible solution: I think the technician should disasemble the notebook in order to check the connection :(

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I have a Satellite M305d-s4830.
My PC's operating system is Vista 64bit.

Cam and mic were working fine until one day the camera assistant software started showing a messagebox saying that: "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart the camera or computer."

Since then I tried everything that comes to my mind, but I think neither the cam nor the mic appear in the device manager. I also have the recovery disk for Toshiba.

What am I supposed to do?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite M305D-S4830 - Webcam driver open fail - Now webcam & mic does not work


> Since then I tried everything that comes to my mind, but I think neither the cam nor the mic appear in the device manager
Hmm? you mean the cam is not listed in device manager?
Neither an unknown device nor near a yellow exclamation mark?

Sounds like hardware issue? but try to recover the notebook using recovery disk.
If this will not help then it means that there must be something wrong with the cam?

I read in the net that some people had a similar issue.
The webcam worked when opened the laptop lid only halfway.
But webcam disappeared when the lid has been moved up.
Possibly there was an loose contact between the cable and cam?
In such case the ASP technician should check the notebook?.

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it says "webcam driver open fail, please restart camera or computer"

i have done that but i dont know what else to do to fix it

please help i need it for an assignment in grade 12

all help is much appreciated


Answer:Satellite A300 - webcam not working, message says "webcam driver open fail"

Remove preinstalled version from the system and install latest version you can find on Toshiba download page.

By the way: which operating system do you use?

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my laptop specifcation here : ( [A300 - 1G5|] ) for any needed details ..

The problem simply is, the webcam stopped working for some reason, an error messeage says "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer".

I noticed that whenever I put the computer in sleep mode I was getting on the icon tray a notification says "USB device unrecognized"... I wasnt aware what it was - thought it becasue of the USB mouse being plugged... but I think its related to the camera...

software is installed but camera is not working and cant enable it .. I did download the latest driver from toshiba site , but still not working ...

Currently my laptop runs Vista HP SP2 32-bit, Windows defender enabled, Windows Firewall Enabled, Windows UAC enabled, Kaspersky Ani-Virus 2009 Enabled. I only use Windows Live Messenger (which up to date I think , version : 14.0.8089.726) which i used camera with, I quite using face recognition long time ago and rarely use the webcam ... I didnt install or update any drivers and used to have the laptop running perfectly..

So what happened now ?!

Answer:Satellite A300-1G5: webcam stopped working - Webcam driver open fail


I have had a similar error message and could solve this by disabling the webcam software from startup.
In msconfig -> Start Up tab I have unchecked the Chicony webcam software.
This prevents it from automatic loading.
I don?t use MSN but Skype and the Chicony webcam software is always disabled (not executed) if Skype is running.

Maybe you should try this too.

Furthermore you could try this:
Go to device manager, mark the webcam (imaging devices ? USB video device) and deleted it from the device list.
Then reboot the notebook and wait until the webcam has been recognized again.

Then test it.

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Installed Webcam driver ( )
When load PC error: " WebCam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer "

What can i do ???

HELP, plz )

Answer:Satellite L300 - WebCam issue: WebCam driver open fail

Have you installed service pack 1 for Vista and latest windows updates?

If not, please update. One thing you could try is to completely remove the drivers, using some registry cleaning tools like ccleaner and reinstall camera drivers.

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After looking through this forum, I have tried several 'solutions' but to no avail.

After trying to load the webcam i get the message: "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer"

I have tried updating the Driver software for the camera, and updated the BIOS.

This message still keeps coming up. Is it worth uninstalling the camera completely then attemtping to reinstall it?

Sorry if some of this doesnt make much sense, im not entirely "computer savvy"

I hope somebody can help,


Answer:Satellite A300-1MC: webcam not working - webcam driver open fail

> Is it worth uninstalling the camera completely then attemtping to reinstall it?
Of course!

You should firstly go to device manager and should uninstall the driver.
You should also remove the software from control panel -> Software

After that you should clean the OS and registry using CCleaner. It?s free tool? google?
Then reboot the notebook several times and install the webcam software again.


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For some reason my webcam won?t start. Its saying driver has failed to open.
Could you please help me find the right drivers please?

Answer:Re: Webcam wont start - driver has failed to open

Please let us know which notebook model do you have exactly.
Anyway, there are no 10 different drivers and now you must choose the right one.
The right driver for your notebook model you can find on Toshiba support page under > Support & Download.

Just choose the right model.

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On my new Toshiba Equium L350, there wasn't any camera assistant software. I downloaded one of the toshiba website.
I installed it, but it doesnt work.
Everytime I try to use it or when i go onto my user.

The webcam says error "Webcam driver failed to open. Please restart camera or computer".

I have tried restarting it and reinstalling it, but nothin works.

Can anyone help me?

Answer:Webcam driver failed to open - Please restart camera or Equium L350


I?ve got few questions;
Do you see the ?Camera Assist Software? running in the taskbar?
Do you use some applications like MS messenger which could lock the webcam?

I read about an webcam issue on Vista notebooks. It was related to the Vista OS. There was a bug which was solved with the installation of SP1.

Do you have SP1 installed?

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Hi everyone on Toshiba forums.

I have a Satellite L300 and I have done a clean install of Windows 7. When I try to use the webcam an message says " webcam driver failed turn camera off or restart computer" or something like that.

I have read many threads about how to get this working with the camera assist program but I just keep getting this error massage. Can anyone please help with a foolproof way of getting this webcam working?

I have downloaded the latest drivers. Also if I try to do a system restore will I be able to do this as I have read that this will no longer work. I did not make a recovery CD/DVD before installing Windows 7 (I know dumb move) if this is the case is there anywhere online I can download the full package for my laptop?

Thanks for reading and I hope I meet some good friends on this forum

Answer:Satellite L300 - Webcam driver failed error message


Are you running any other programs they need the camera, like MSN, Skype, etc.?
By the way, can you also test if the webcam works on Skype, MSN or another video chat program.

Furthermore you should try to update the BIOS and load the default settings there. Maybe it will work.

You can get a new recovery disk from Toshiba directly but you have to pay for that. Here you can order a new one:

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"Webcan driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer" - This error message appears when I try to open or use my built in webcam.
I am running windows vista.

The webcam has worked fine for the last 12 months.
I have tried installing the driver software again.
Also doing a system restore and nothing seems to work.

Anybody got any ideas/solutions

Answer:Satellite A - Webcam driver open fail

Hi buddy,

What Satellite A notebook you have exactly?

Did you already reading other similar threads? Here in forum you can find a lot of information about this webcam driver open fail error message. In most cases a recovery installation from Toshiba recovery disk can help to get rid of this. :)

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Sorry! But what going on?
I had reinstall this drivers of webcam. But problem is the same.

Skype is not working!!!

Answer:Satellite U400 - webcam driver open fail

Can you start and use cam in ?Camera Assist Software??

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As advised I have reloaded the webcam driver and updated BIOS but I still get 'webcam driver open fail' message on startup on my Satellite A300.

Answer:Satellite A300 - Webcam driver open fail

Hi buddy,

Here in forum you will find some threads about this issue? Just use the forum search a little bit.

Regarding the driver: If you remove the old version, restart your computer and run CCleaner to clean the registry and fix issues. Then restart again and now you can install latest webcam driver from official Toshiba page.

Good luck! :)

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recently my Satellite A200's boot drive died and i had it replaced. Vista was put back on as part of this via Toshiba's SOE restore. Now the Webcam doesnt work, it gives the following error when the machine boots:

"Webcam Driver Open Fail. Please restart camera or computer."

I have tried installing the latest Chicony driver updates but still no luck

also I have found a lot of info via google about registry entry problems with the installer on this issue. They recommend a fairly complicated registry hack to fix it. I want to find an installer that works rather than hack the registry

can anyone advise me ? thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite A200 - Webcam driver open fail

More info:

The 32bit Vista Driver for Chicony WebCamera is not available on the Australian website doe my model , so I rang support. They said go to Canada website and use a different model number to get the 32 bit Vista Driver. Did that, uninstalled the old driver, and installed this new one. It didt work either. Any ideas anyone ? Surely it cant be this hard ?

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Every time I attempt to start up my integrated webcam (Chicony Camera Assistant Software) the message "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer." pops up on the computer.
Firstly I do not fully understand what this means and secondly I have restarted both the camera and the computer, as well as repairing the camera software.

I have looked for updates and drivers, etc but to no avail. I have also read every user manual available in search of an answer but I can?t seem to find anything that is of any help.
I was just wondering if anyone had an answer for me or could tell me what I need to do.

Answer:Webcam driver open fail on Satellite A300-1MC

hi Jacktt615,

first of all check if the devicemanager shows a "usb-video-device" from chicony without exclamation mark...
if the hardware is detected and usable check the driver details:
my drivers for this device are: ks.sys, usbvideo.sys, uvcftr_s.sys, iyuf_32.sys,,, and among some others,

if you have more than one chicony video device: delete all and reboot
download the latest webcam-driver from toshiba, it contains the driver and the software.

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After disc format (T HDD recovery, Vista 32 b) there is no "toshiba face recognition" aplication.
After instaling Camera Assistant Software there is only error: Webcam driver open fail. please restart camera or computer.
Camera is turned off and i can't turn it on, restarting the computer doesn't give any effect.

Could anyone help me?

Answer:Satellite A300-1EH - Webcam driver open fail


I see you are using Vista?
Well, first of all you should ensure that Vista is up to date!!!
You have used recovery and this means that Vista needs to be updated to the latest state!!!
All service packs and other patches needs to be installed.

Then remove the webcam software from the system, clean the registry (CCleaner, etc?) and after new reboot try to install the webcam software again?

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i have toshiba satellite pro L300 model PSLB1E, and in theDevice Manager is not any Imaging Device and the driver of the Toshiba Page is showing "driver open fail.Restart the cam or computer" constinuously. I have uninstalled the driver ten times, and updated driver, but not work the camera and is not presenet in Device Manager.

Where is the problem ? the driver ?... I am desperated...

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite Pro L300 - Webcam driver open fail

Are you able to backup your data and run Recovery?

If it still happens on a fresh Windows install, then the webcam hardware may be faulty.

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Hi there

I have Toshiba A300-1MM laptop and my Web Camera does not work. On toshiba support site there is no driver for Windows 7 32bits. Only for Vista 32bits. I use this driver. Is there any other sollution?
Thank you.

Answer:Webcam driver open fail - Satellite A300-1MM


I was able to find the webcam driver for Win 32bit for this series.
Install the mentioned driver, reboot the notebook and test the cam once again.
[Webcam driver v| =2&selFamily=2&selSeries=153&selProduct=781&selSho rtMod=null&language=13&selOS=all&selType=315&yearu pload=&monthupload=&dayupload=&useDate=null&mode=a llMachines&search=&action=search&macId=&country=al l&selectedLanguage=13&type=315&page=1&ID=68798&OSI D=29&driverLanguage=42]

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I need someone to help me.

I have a Toshiba Satellite A300-276 with built-in webcam.
The operating system that came when it was purchased windows vista, but lately for some reasons had to format and then took the time to install win 7 (32bit).

But the webcam does not work.
The program, the drives and does not work.
When I click to connect to web a warning appears saying +"Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer+ "..
I've rebooted, uninstalled and went back to install and does not work!

Does anybody have any idea how to solve this problem?


Answer:Satellite A300-276 - Webcam driver open fail


This is a typical software issue?
I read a lot threads about this error message and in most cases new driver installation/update did the job!

Please ensure that you are using the latest BIOS.
Then access the device manager and go to Imaging Devices.
There you can find the USB video device? this is webca.

Please remove this from device manager list. You can also uninstall the driver?
Then reboot the unit and try again to install the driver?

Please be sure that you are using the latest webcam software... you can choose the software released for Satellite L500 too!

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Tried to work with my camera, but error appeared "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer" Tried to do both, nothing happened. Changed drivers for camera, the same problem.

My OS is Windows XP SP3. Can anybody help me?

Answer:Satellite Pro A300-1NH - Webcam driver open fail

HI rinat_1,

Was your Satellite A300 delivered with Windows XP? If not, try it with ?factors settings? again, please!

Make also sure that your BIOS version is the latest one and you can get it here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Good luck! :)

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Helloe everyone,

I have Satellite L300-110, and i have an issue with the web cam after installing Windows7.

The error:
Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer.

The camera is working fine and appear in the device manager as Chicony USB 2.0 Camera.

However, i can use the face recognition.

Does anyone knows the cause.

Answer:Satellite L300-110 - Webcam driver open fail

Hi buddy,

You have checked the forum for similar threads/problems? It doesn?t seem so because you will find enough about this problem.
So use the forum search and read similar threads.

Anyway, you should try updating the webcam driver and BIOS. Both can be downloaded on the Toshiba page.

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A while ago i bought A300 and everything was working fine till one day i tried to run the camera Assistance software and this msg came up "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer."

I didn't know what to do so i decided to uninstall the software and install it again but in vain.
Since then when ever i try to run my cam even on the msn it runs but it tuns all black after a while.

Please help

Answer:Satellite A300-1EI - Webcam driver open fail

Is also black when you start ?Camera Assist Software??
MSN is not the best application for diagnostic?

Have you tried to play with settings and night mode option?
Have you removed protect foil in front of cam?

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If I try to use the webcam, I get the message: "Webcam driver open fail........"

There are multiple threads about this on this board and other boards via Google, not just related to this model, though many other Toshibas. Is there a fix from Toshiba? Since the problem seems so widespread there should be.

I am using XP Pro. I have updated the BIOS and the webcam software without solving the problem.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite U400 - Webcam driver open fail

Hi buddy,

It seems that the forum doens?t contain enough threads about this...

Please use the forum search. You will find enough threads what you can do like this one:

If it doesn?t work try contacting an authorized service provider. Maybe it?s a loose connection or something else that must be checked and repaired?

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I have just bought a Toshiba Satellite L300 with no OS installed. I managed to install windows XP and all the sound/video...... drivers successfully but after installing the webcam driver appears an error which says: ?Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer?.

I restarted the computer several times but it still doesn`t work. Please help me.

Answer:Satellite L300 and WXP - Webcam driver open fail

Hiya, I am having a similar problem (see earlier thread), can you actually see the webcam in the Device Manager? There is also a known problem if it is just the driver, do a search on this forum, it seems to be a common problem.



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Anyone know what I need to do to sort this - when I try to open the webcam I get the message "webcam driver open fail. please restart camera or computer" - I closed down then restarted but made no difference.


Answer:Satellite P200 - Webcam driver open fail

Hi andyjennings,

Have you already tried to reinstall the webcam driver? I never received such an error message but usually reinstallation the driver should work. You can download it here: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

Good luck! :)

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I'm Dr Ahmed Maher and I have a problem with my Toshiba Laptop. It is Satellite A300

The problem is in my webcam. When I try to use the webcam a message of "webcam driver open fail.please restart the cam or computer"
I had downloaded the driver from toshiba site. I reinstalled the driver but the same message appeared. I had updated the BIOS. The same problem. I made a recovery for my laptop using the recovery DVD. No way, the same problem

Please help me to solve this problem
thank you for caring
Dr. Ahmed

Answer:Satellite A300 - Webcam driver open fail

Hi Dr. Ahmed,

If your webcam doesn?t work after installing Windows from Toshiba recovery disk I think it?s related to defective hardware. I mean you have already tried to update the BIOS and webcam driver but that?s all what you can do.

So I would recommend contacting the people from your local authorized service provider. I think they can help you can exchange the webcam if it?s necessary.

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I'm on Windows 7 with a Satellite Pro L450-13M.

My webcam simply stopped being recognised by any of the programmes on my system. Skype, Toshiba Camera etc etc. One day it was fine, a while later when I tried to use it again it stopped. I only use it for Skype usually, so I've no weird imaginative bits of software that might get in the way.

Uninstalled the Toshiba Camera Software, uninstalled the drivers. Reinstalled the camera software - although there seem to be about 400 slightly different versions. I think I've got the right one. TC30049700E.

Windows 7 determinedly reinstall the drivers by itself when I boot up. It puts on Sonix driver. If I look at the details there's a list of 6 files, all of which look reasonable.

Checked the device manage, which says "This device is working properly". The trouble is, this is a lie!

Oddly, the microphone works fine (I thought this was integral to the webcam).

What I'd really like to do is separately install the device driver, without the entire camera software package.

But to be honest any ideas are welcome. It's very irritating and I've run out of ideas, and I'm about to go away on business for 2 week and I use skype to talk to my kids. I'm sort of semi-technically literate as you can see, but not fluent, and Windows 7 is new for me. The laptop came with it, and webcam was working fine when I bought it at end of Feb.

Answer:Satellite Pro L450-13M - Webcam driver open fail

P.S. the only piece of "maintenance" that I might be considered to have performed is to update to the latest BIOS as recommended by Toshiba. Could someone tell me how to roll this back so I can check if it's a cause please

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I try try to solve my problem

Error: webcam driver open fail

Answer:Satellite A300-20A - webcam driver open fail


You should use the Toshiba Forum search option.
Then you would find a lot of threads about the theme.

In most threads you will find the recommendation to reinstall the webcam software.
I think this should help you.
So visit the Toshiba driver page and download the webcam software for the notebook model. Before you would install the new software, I recommend removing the old from the system.

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I have a Satellite L305-S5945 and the webcam worked perfectly fine out of the box and after I re-installed Vista-64 (which it came with) after I installed a program wrong and got a blue screen.

I recently upgraded to Windows 7 and now the webcam doesn't work and I get the error "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer." I tried looking for a Windows 7 driver on the support page but I couldn't find one so I just used the two Vista/XP ones instead. One is the driver and other is the Camera Assistant Software. Here is what I have tried so far:

* Attempt #1* Freshly installed Windows 7. Without installing anything else, I download the two drivers mentioned above, and install then both and restart the computer. End up with working Camera Assistant Software but when starting up webcam I get error of "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer."

* Attempt #2* After attempt 1, go to device manager and uninstall Chicony 2.0 USB Camera under Imaging Devices. Restart computer and let it sit. Eventually Windows picks up the camera and auto installs it and it re-appears in the Device Manager. Still get same errors.

* Attempt #3* Freshly installed Windows 7. Uninstall camera from device manager, then install the two drivers. Get same errors. Restart computer and still get same error.

Help! How do I fix my webcam?

Answer:Satellite L305-S5945 - Webcam driver open fail

Try to install Win7 cam driver for some other notebook model like A300 or A500.
I am pretty sure it will works well.

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I had to replace the hard disk on my A300 PSAJ4E and when I reloaded Vista 32 and all the Toshiba hardware drivers all went OK except for the Chicony webcam install.

The side menu is there but it won't work, giving a "webcam driver open fail. please restart camera or computer" error.

I updated the Bios to 4.20
I first used the original Toshiba download, webcam-20080428125023 driver (V1.07.175).
I tried it with "the lid 3/4 closed".
I searched everywhere and read of dozens of similar problems. I tried a few, even editing the setup ini. Nothing helps.
I've even tried the XP drivers (V1.7.144.0611), the 32bit and 64bit versions and even a gateway driver. Nothing seems to work for this cam.

What now?

I also now get "the required section was not found in the INF" when I try to uninstall and reinstall the driver through device manager.
I have the choice of
all giving the same error...

Answer:Re: Satellite A300 (PSAJ4E) - Webcam driver open fail

Me too. See my thread of a couple of days ago.
I have given up. I have wasted hours and hours trying to get the webcam driver to work.
Next week I am going to buy an external webcam.
There are many complaints about this in various forums, I think it is time someone took responsibility.
Sorry that I could not be positive and help you.

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My problem is this

I have a Satellite A305-S6872 laptop with a built in webcam, i had to restore it with the cd given with the laptop and i re-installed the webcam assistant software and thought that was it but it keeps saying "webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer"

Does anyone know how to fix this

Answer:Webcam driver open fail on Satellite A305-S6872

Hi mate

This message can appear due to some compatibility issues between the webcam software and 3rd party software like Skype, Live messenger, etc?

In your case I recommend removing the webcam software from the system again.
Then clean the OS using CCLeaner.
After that you could install the webcam software again and should uncheck the webcam software in msconfig -> Startup.

This will prevent the software from loading automatically.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A300-1SM computer upgrade to Windows 7 (32 bit), and since yesterday, the webcam is giving me problems. Does not work.
Is a Chicony Web Camera, built inside the computer. Has suddenly stopped working. The following error appears: "webcam driver open fail. please restart camera or system. "
I have not touched or installed anything. It happened overnight.

I tried to restore the computer to an earlier date, and it worked for a few minutes ... but it failed again and appears the same error.

I wonder what I have to do to get back to "recover " my webcam.

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Satellite A300 - error: "webcam driver open fail"


There are a lot of threads here in forum about webcam driver issue and you should read these threads:

Problem is I can?t say more about this because the error never happened to even I use my webcam quite often but no problems at all. :)

Anyway, if you have more questions you can post again ;)

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'Webcam driver open fail.' My webcam failed months back. Have been into forums & taken advice - nothing works.
Have cleaned disk and reloaded driver many times. This is not satisfactory.
Someone must take RESPONSIBILITY.

I need to know the CAUSE and get a SOLUTION.

Answer:Satellite A300-1MC - Webcam driver open fail - Vista

Hello John and welcome to Toshiba forum.
Let us discuss about responsibility a little bit later.

Tell us at first which notebook model do you have exactly, which operating system do you use and what have you tried to fix this.

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The full text of this error is "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer."

I have spent a long time searching for solutions online. Many of the proposed solutions seem to be reasonable fixes for my problem, but they do not work. I have downloaded the most recent hotfixes for Vista (64 bit) and I have the most recent webcam driver. There are a few strange circumstances pertaining to my particular problem that I have not seen mentioned elsewhere.

The webcam did not work out of the box.

On two separate, inexplicable occasions, the webcam driver was found by the new hardware wizard and installed. Both of these occurred after the computer had been on for some time. The webcam then became functional. Upon restart, the error message returned.

I cannot find the camera in the device manager. In fact, I cannot find any imaging devices whatsoever. Some other people who had similar problems could apparently see something in this category, often an unknown device.

I downloaded a program called "Driver Detective" and ran it. Amazingly, it was able to find the driver for the "Chicony USB 2.0 webcam". The program claimed that the driver was perfectly up to date. It listed the camera under the category "unplugged USB device", the same category as my ipod.

If there is any other information that I need to provide, I can do so quickly.

Thanks for looking!

Answer:"webcam driver open fail." on Satellite A305-S6844

Have you tired uninstalling and reinstalling the camera from Device Manager? Do this and then restart your computer, this will automatically detect and reinstall the drivers for the camera.

I suspect your camera may be failing though as you mentioned previously that it installs sometimes while you're using the computer. If uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't work, you may have to take this in to a repair center.

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I have Satellite Pro A300
After upgrading XP into Vista the web cam stopped working (webcam driver open fail. please restart camera or computer)

Any help

Answer:Satellite Pro A300 - error - webcam driver open fail


I have used the forum search and founded a good posting from the user Akuma.
Maybe it?s the solution:

Good luck!


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I know this is a common problem, I have been on this forum for days and found no solution. I have a satellite L300 PSLB8E, which I downgraded to windows XP from VISTA. I downloaded the drivers from your website, Camera Assistant, but it keeps telling me webcam driver fail please restart computer or Camera. That never solves the problem. Are there 2 different drivers, since your website only has one, i.e one for the camera and one for the software? I've uninstalled it, reinstalled it, removed the driver from control panel, reinstalled that, nothing works.

Someone please end my, and many others, misery by giving a straight answer to this question.

Thank You

Answer:Satellite L300 - Webcam driver open fail on Windows XP

Try to update the BIOS. You can find it on the Toshiba website: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

I have searched in the forum and I founded an useful posting from Akuma. Check this!

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I have searched and searched for solutions to this problem and feel like I have tried everything. Whenever I turn my laptop on or attempt to start my webcam I get the error "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer."

I used to be able to use the webcam with no problems but it just stopped working one day. I've recently reformatted my operating drive to the out-of-the-box state, but it is still showing an error whenever I try to use my webcam. I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium on an A300 Model: PSA-GCA. I have also tried updating the webcam driver (and the latest BIOS update) from Toshiba's support section, but with no luck. I've also tried using the XP webcam driver, but still, no luck.

Any idea on how to fix this problem?

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I also forgot to mention that in my Device Manager, I cannot see my Chicony Webcam at all. There is no section for imaging devices present at all.

Answer:Satellite A300 - Constant "Webcam Driver Open Fail" Error


If you search here in the forum you will find enough threads about this issue but I have founded an interesting thread with a good posting from the user Akuma and mayb it?s useful for you:

If it doesn?t work I think you need help from an authorized service provider. The technicians can check your notebook and repair it if?s necessary.

Good luck!

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All greetings.

Recently took the laptop with the service center, he changed the motherboard. Prior to the service center the camera worked well, but after he took early displayed an error "Webcam driver open fail. Restart camera or computer." Read posts on this subject anywhere advised to update the BIOS, I renewed but nothing helped.

This could be due to the fact that in the service center have forgotten something to connect to the motherboard? Because in the Device Manager do not see a web camera. I have a Toshiba Satellite A300-1EG number PSAG4E.

Thanks in advance for the answer. I would like to be quick to get to know to go tomorrow to a service center or not.

Answer:Satellite A300-1EG - Webcam driver open fail after mainboard exchange

Hi kuhar2007,

Maybe the authorized service provider has forgotten to connect the cable but before you contact them again you should try reinstalling webcam driver. You can get the latest version here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Normally the webcam should be listed in device manager after this. If not you should contact the ASP again. Explain this problem and they will try to help you. ;)

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I have an Satellite Pro L300.
Ive has my laptop for 6 months, and been trying to get my webcam working since.

when i try to start it, it says 'webcm driver open fail please restart camera of computer'.
Ive tried everything, does anyone know anything that actually works?

Please help, Allii x

Answer:Satellite Pro L300 - webcam driver open fail, please restart camera


On the Toshiba website I have founded a document about this issue that could be maybe useful for you:

So in your case I would try to update the BIOS and webcam driver. Both you can find on the Toshiba website: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

Good luck and give us a feedback. I?m interested in it.


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Since I upgrade my system to Windows 7 64bit my webcam don't work. After installing the driver I keep getting the message "webcam driver open fail. please restart camera or computer". The camera also don't appear in the device manager and the mic don't work also.

I have a Satellite A300-1LT.



Answer:Satellite A300 - Webcam driver open fail after Windows 7 upgrade

Hi pro.surfer,

Do you know the forum search? If not you should use because you will find many threads with this error message and a lot of useful instruction what do to.

I don?t know which driver you mean but you need the Camera Assistant Software for webcam. The microphone is a part of webcam so you have to install the webcam driver. ;)

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I've installed the RC of Windows 7 64 Bit on my Satellite Pro P300-PSPC5E and I'm experiencing problems with the configuration of my webcam and microphone.

I've tried to install the camera assistant software, 64-bit (windows vista) to configure the webcam but I keep getting an error with 'Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer.' neither of a camera or computer restart work. I do get picture in Skype but I can not edit settings or so (dark picture) and the microphone is way more silent then it was on windows XP, although it's set on the maximum sound.

Is there a solution for this problem? I hope so :)

Answer:Satellite Pro P300 (PSPC5E) - Webcam driver open fail on Windows 7


I think there is no solution for this problem at the moment because you are using a Release Candidate of Windows 7 and at the moment there are no official drivers for Windows 7 available.

You have already tried the Windows Vista driver so that?s all what you can do. Alternative you visit the Toshiba US page ( and search for Windows 7 beta driver. Maybe it works.

Good luck! :)

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I have recently bought a new Satellite L300 on Windows Vista Home Premium SP1. The Webcam worked fine for a few days and then the next time I booted up Vista, I get the following error "Webcam driver open fail, please restart camera or computer". Since the computer is brand new I reformatted to see if it wasn?t a program blocking something.

Reformatting 2 times and the error still come up on installation of the Camera Assistant Software for Toshiba. I downloaded the updated file from Toshiba support but still get the same error. The funny thing is that Device Manager does not even detect the webcam. There is no listing for the webcam. How can I tell that this is a hardware problem? Does anyone have any experience with this same problem?

The store I bought it offered to give me a new one but they do not have any in stock, so have to wait 3 weeks.


Answer:Satellite L300 - Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer


The webcam should be listed in the device manager. It?s not called webcam but you should find it in ?imaging devices? -> USB video device

The webcam should work properly. Usually after the webcam software installation you should find the webcam software in the MSCONFIG -> Startup
If the webcam is listed there then this would mean that the webcam driver/software loads always while a notebook boot procedure.

In some cases there could be an compatibility issue between this software and an 3rd party applications like MS messenger or Skype for example.

In your case I recommend disabling the webcam software and further applications like MS messenger or Skype in MSCONFIG -> Startup.
Then clean the OS and registry using the CCLeaner.

I would also recommend updating the Vista to the latest state! All patches and hotfixes should be installed!

Finally if you would like to use the webcam then you could start the software manually.
The exe file should be placed in Camera Assistant Software.

Best regards

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Hello , i made a clean install of windows 7 x64bit installed the webcam driver but i cant use my camera i get Webcam driver open fail. Restart camera or computer ... can someone help me ?

Answer:Satellite L650D Webcam driver open fail. Restart camera or computer

Hello, do you have Skype or another program installed that uses the webcam? Maybe it is taking exclusive control of the webcam.

Was it working ok with the factory Toshiba Windows installation? If yes, then you may just need to get the correct webcam driver from the Toshiba website from the L650D drivers page.

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I need some help regarding the integrated webcam of my Satellite A200.

Everytime I start the laptop I keep receiving a message saying that the webcam drives has failed and I have to restart the computer, but the problem persists.

I have downloaded an updated webcam driver, but nothing.

Can anyone give me an idea of what is going on?


Answer:Satellite A200 - WebCam issue - webcam drives has failed


Are you using the Toshiba preinstalled OS? Is it Vista or Win XP?
As far as I know Vista needs Sp1 and other MS updates in order to handle the 3rd party software and drivers correctly.

I?ve got internal webcam and I?m using in with Vista and Win XP.
I have removed the webcam software from startup in msconfig.
This prevents the webcam from automatic startup while windows booting?
You should do this too?

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I just got a new notebook, and my webcam isnt working. On msn web messenger it says that its already working for another programm, even if i turn the notebook off and on again.

Any ideas?


Answer:Satellite U series Webcam is not working

I think it would be not bad to known more informations and details regarding your issue;
For example it would be very useful to know, what notebook model do you have and what OS do you have installed.

PS: If you use Vista, then a SP1 is necessary to get such internal webcams working trouble free in connection with 3rd applications like MS messenger or skype.

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Hey guys

just got my mate to upgrade me to win 7 64bit.
Now my camera wont work. I had to re-install the drivers (they only had the vista drivers) - Can anyone help?

"webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer"


Answer:Portege M800: webcam does not work Win 7 64bit - webcam driver open fail


Seems you have used wrong or not compatible webcam driver/software?
You should use an Win 7 64bit Chicony webcam software.

> Now my camera wont work. I had to re-install the drivers (they only had the vista drivers) - Can anyone help?
The Portege M800 Win 7 drivers are available on the Toshiba European driver page.
You will find also the Win 7 64bit Webcam driver

Please remove firstly the old driver, then reboot the unit? clean the OS using CCLeaner? reboot the unit again and then install the Chicony webcam software.


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The integated Chicony webcam on my Satellite Pro shows on my screen and I can adjust settings, etc. and up to yesterday, worked fine with Yahoo and MSN instant messengers.

However, since yesterday, I get a message saying that either it is not connected or it is locked by another programme.
Not alone that, I can't view my friends webcsm either!

My OS is Windows Vista Business.

Any ideas?


Answer:Chicony Webcam is locked by another program on Satellite Pro series

Please post you full notebook name!!!

Regarding the webcam issue;
Well, I found several posting regarding the same issue with the internal webcam.
Therefore I would really recommend searching in this forum for answers.

But I give you one hint; the message appears due to the locked webcam service.
Try simply to disable and to enable the service which controls the webcam in the ?msconfig?.

Last but not least the new installation of the webcam driver and software, which you could download from the Toshiba page, could solve this issue!


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my laptop s inbuilt webcam failed to start since 5 weeks ...i heard someone too have the same problem with this model ...

I cant find my webcam on the device manager

here arises some questions
1)Is this a common problem on this model?
2)IS it a software problem or a hardware failure?

BTW I have taken the following measures
1)i downloaded the webcam driver from the toshiba website but the result is the same
2)then i tried re installing my windows 7 using the recovery disk and the result is still the same
3)approached the nearby authorized service provider but they replied that there is no support for this model..warranty and services only applicable in EMEA and hence no support for this laptop here in my hometown india...
So i planned to send my laptop to middle east where i can get support for this laptop.since it is a pretty hard task to pass the laptop from india to UAE guys please gimme a opinion.
if it is a hardware problem it is must for me to send my laptop..if else a software problem it is very much easy to solve without parceling my laptop\
SO any suggestions on this issue will be much appreciated

Answer:Satellite L650-10M - webcam failed to initialize

Best way to test hardware functionality is to check it with original Toshiba recovery image but as I can see, you have done this already.
So, the next step should be Toshiba service check.

If there is any possibility to send the notebook to the country of purchase it will be definitely the right decision. This can be checked and repaired, if necessary. All will be done free and valid warranty will cover repair costs.

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Turned on my P850 and the webcam says - webcam failed to initialize

I have even done a full system factory restore.

Can anyone help as to why this has happened.
It worked about a week ago, but now keeps saying webcam failed to initialize.

Regards Brad.

Answer:Webcam failed to initialize on Satellite P850


Try to install the webcam driver.
Firstly access the device manager and uninstall the webcam driver.
Then download the latest webcam driver/software from the Toshiba driver page.
Unzip the package and install it again.

Good luck

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Can anyone help me to get my webcam back?

Went on one of those geek websites which tells you how to make your computer run faster, by disabling things you?re not using. Can?t remember what I've done but webcam doesn?t work anymore. Tried reinstalling Drivers and rebooting Camera Assist Software but the same message comes up every time - "WEBCAM FAILED or is DISABLED".

Would appreciate any help or advice before I have to pay the local computer shop to sort it out.

Answer:Satellite A350-20Q - WEBCAM FAILED or is DISABLED

Is webcam listed properly in device manager?
You can find it under ?Imaging devices?.

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Hi all,

I cannot get the integrated webcam to start.
I have downloaded and installed the latest bios and webcam drivers from the toshiba website which promted the cam to start to initialise.

Now i have an error which says "webcam initialisation failed, please check your device...."

The problem is that there is no listing for the webcam on the device manager screen.
I am at a loss as to how i can get the webcam to work, any suggestions?


Answer:Satellite C650-1CR - webcam initialisation failed

> The problem is that there is no listing for the webcam on the device manager screen.
Usually the webcam should be listed in device manager under ?Imagine Devices?
In my case it?s USB Video Device? this is the usb Chicony webcam.

Do you have any unknown devices marked with yellow exclamation mark?
If yes, then this is probably the cam?

As last option, you could try to recover the notebook using Toshiba Recovery disk which you have created... hopefully...

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I am new on here so not sure if I am posting in the correct place.

I have a Toshiba Satellite L350 (Windows 7) which I purchased in January. Everything has been fine until the last couple of weeks when my webcam all of a sudden stopped working and when I sign in keep getting a message webcam initialization has failed please check your camera device and restart camera or computer.

I have gone to settings and it says camera is working but it isn't. I also get another pop up when I sign in saying Toshiba notebook registration has stopped working (not sure what this is)

Can anyone help please?


Answer:Satellite L350 - Webcam initialization has failed

Hi Jan,

I had a similar issue that my webcam didn?t work anymore and so I have reinstalled the webcam driver that could solve my problem. You can download it here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

But I would recommend removing the old version firstly. Then use CCleaner to clean the registry and then you can install the latest version from the Toshiba website.

The Toshiba notebook registration you can remove in control panel > Add/Remove programs.

Check this!!!

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I've tried uninstalling & reinstalling the driver as well as the webcam assistant software, however still no luck. It's an M300-PSMD8A-03H00G running Vista 32bit, with a built in webcam and the error message I get is....
"webcam is either disabled or has failed. please check your webcam settings."

The only support download for this model is a BIOS update with no explaination of what it updates, patches, or fixes. Which is pretty ordinary to say the least.

There seemed to be a lot of people having trouble with Vista's service pack 2 (SP2) which killed the WIFI, but since rolling back to SP1 the WIFI now works again. The webcam stopped working around the same time as the SP2 install, however the rollback hasn't resolved the webcam problem.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Satellite M300 - Webcam is either disabled or has failed


Which webcam assistant software you have exactly reinstalled? I ask this because the Toshiba website shows only a BIOS update for Vista.
Theoretically the webcam software for another notebook should work on yours too. Check this!!!

By the way: The BIOS would be worth a try. If the webcam driver doesn?t work for you, try the BIOS update!!!

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when I want to use my webcam, I have a error message "webcam initialization failed.
Verify the operation of the camera, and then restart the application or restart the computer" namely that I'm restart the computer and it does not change the webcam is built into the computer.

+Message was edited: translated by Google translator+


Answer:Webcam initialization failed on Satellite L870-14V


Try to uninstall the webcam software from the system.
Reboot, download the webcam software from Toshiba EU driver page and install it again

Good luck

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Web Camera always worked ... suddenly it won't open and I get the message:
+"webcamera initialization failed. Please check your camera device and restart application or computer."+

The device is what came installed on this L500 Satelite laptop.

No indication about how I can check (diagnose) the camera

Can anyone tell me how I can check the camera, or its driver, or whatever in order to get it working again?

Your input is appreciated.

PS: there is no indication herein about whether I'll be notified of replies. If moderators might report this as it's a small consideration for those of us who are not technically minded.

Answer:Satellite L500 - webcam initialization failed


I think you should firstly update / re-install the webcam driver / software.
You will get the webcam software / driver for Win 7 from the Toshiba EU driver page:

before you would star the webcam driver installation, I would recommend to uninstall the preinstalled software (control panel -> Programs and Features)
Then reboot the notebook and install the new downloaded driver

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Hi, I need your help.

My webcam wont work anymore. I uninstalled and installed the web camera application downloaded from the support website but didnt work. I did a fresh OS install but unfortunately it didnt work. I tried looking it up in the device manager but I didnt see any web camera.

This is only like a month old, please help.. thx

Answer:Re: Toshiba Satellite L650 - 12Z webcam initialization failed

What BIOS version do you currently have installed?

Try updating the BIOS, and set the defaults. (The latest BIOS should be available on the Toshiba Website).

If it still doesnt appear in Device Manager (either as unresolved, or as an imaging device), then there may be a hardware problem, in which you will need to send the notebook to an ASP for repair. There is an ASP list on the Toshiba Website.

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Decided to try and use my web camera through skype and realised its not working.

After numerouse fiddling around i realised i have to install the software. Downloaded it but the application kept saying "failed to initialize".

I took it to a friend who advised me that the web camera is not in the device manager.

So I uninstalled everything (including skype) phoned Toshiba who pointed me to this site to download the webcam driver which i did, installed it, but still with no luck.

My last resort last night was a complete recovery (factory setting) installed nothing else but the driver but still nothing in device manager and application states "failed to initialize".

Help please!!

Answer:Satellite L875-10g - webcam software failed to initialize

> My last resort last night was a complete recovery (factory setting) installed nothing else but the driver but still nothing in device manager and application states "failed to initialize".

If it would be ONLY a software problem, then a complete recovery procedure should solve this? but it didn?t
So I think it can be a hardware problem? the fact that webcam is not listed in devices manager would substantiate my assumption.

By the way: is webcam enabled in BIOS?
Is BIOS up to date?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite C855, and I had a problem since I spent to windows 7 64bit (I was on 32bit), the problem is that in the device driver I can't find the webcam.and when I execute the application "Toshiba Web Camera Application" it displayed this message :

+initializing the webcam failed.Check the operation of the camera, and then restart the application or restart the computer.+

I don't know what to do I just try to update the driver on the official website Toshiba,also uninstalation instalation and everything ... nothing worked.

please help me.
and thank you in advance.

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Answer:Satellite C855: webcam not found - initializing failed

Is the webcam or any other device marked with yellow exclamation mark visible in the device manager?

If not, the webcam module is faulty and has to be replaced.

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Whenever I try to open my webcam it comes up with the message that 'initialization failed' and no other information.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

I'm not completely computer literate so simple instructions please!!

Thanks :]

Answer:Satellite L500-1DT: Cannot start webcam - 'Initialization Failed'


First of all remove the installed webcam software from the system.
Then visit the Toshiba European driver page and download the webcam software released for your notebook model.
Unzip the package and reinstall the webcam software.

Then reboot the notebook and try again!

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Toshiba C665 - If that matters.
Windows 7

I have a problem whenever I try to use the recording function on the program "Web Camera Application".

The blue camera light on my laptop turns off, the program goes black and a message box reads "Record Video Failed". If I press ok it returns to the original screen where I can see myself.

I do not get this problem using the Photo function.

Answer:Satellite C665 - Win 7 - Webcam application - "Record Video Failed"


Did you try to reinstall this application to check if this would solve the video recording problem?
Do that!

The webcam software can be found on the Toshiba EU driver page.

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Hay @ all.
I have posted a question about one week ago. I change my Vista to XP.
Now i have another problem. I'm not sure but I had to install all the drivers for graphic,sound ect. after installing XP.

Then after my bios update my CD- Device doesn't open any more. My bios and my laptop detect it but If I push the button nothing happen. I want to add that the CD device was open during the bios update. I couldn't do anything. During the Update the program warns me to backup but my backup system was deactivated.

Could you help to find my old bios. I couldn't find it anywhere...

Answer:Re: CD Device doesn't open on Satellite A series


please try the following: remove the battery and the AC adapter for about 1 day. Then reflash your BIOS with the drive closed. Usually it should work after reflashing the BIOS again, if not, then come back and we will try to find another solution.


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how can i download the Satellite L30 series driver? Can i get help from any one?

Message was edited by: pampo

Answer:Where to find driver for Satellite L30 series?

Check this posting

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Hey all..... I have a D-Link DSB C100 Clear webcam, and my cd drive isn't working, so I downloaded the driver off the internet.
I unzipped the driver files to my computer, and I found them.. When I click on any of them, I get prompted by Windows to tell which program created it, and it gives me a list of my computer programs to choose from. I click on Explorer (is this right?), and when I do that, it doesn't open anything.
I restarted my computer with the camera plugged in, all to no avail. The camera didn't turn on, but it did tell me that it found a new USB device. I clicked on that, and then it told me that I didn't have the correct software for it.
I have used this webcam before, but I can't remember what it was like installing it. Recently I got a virus and had to reinstall windows XP completely from scratch, so I lost the webcam program. Anyhow, usually when it loads correctly, I will see the "D-Link" option in my start/programs menu. I keep rebooting, thinking it will show up, but it doesn't.

It looks like the driver is there, but I don't know how to make it run. Any ideas?


Answer:How do I open this webcam driver?

in the folder where the drivers are, look for a file that says SETUP.EXE or SETUP.MSI or INSTALL.EXE ..something along those lines. Double click that and it should install the drivers properly.

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I'm searching a driver for Nvidia Go 7300.
My operation system is Windows XP and the problem is that the driver which i have doesn't have resolution 1280x1050

Answer:Need XP driver for Nvidia Go7300 for Satellite A series


use this driver


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I cannot find the ATI driver for this card, i have 8.162v but i need the newer one becuase of a crash issue. i have checked the toshiba site for the driver but they only have the 8.162v. Can someone help I cannot find this driver anywhere????

Answer:Ati Xpress 200M Driver on Satellite A-series

You can try the omegadrivers for ATI cards. Maybe it will help you out from your problem.

Try it here:

A nice site which provides the latest drivers, and the best is, you can use them in notebooks, too.


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Hi, I have just upgraded my l20 satellite laptop to win XP Pro. I have downloaded and installed all the drivers from the Toshiba website, chip set utility etc. , but I have a problem with the ethernet controller driver. It is recognised by windows, but it says there is a problem (yellow exclamation mark in device manager), and cannot install the driver. I have tried every driver I can think of, and just wondered if anyone has had a similar problem, or know a way around it.
Many Thanks,

Answer:Satellite L20 series ethernet controller driver


First of all it?s important that you install all Toshiba drivers in the right order.
Did you follow the installation instruction which is placed on the driver download page?

The Ethernet controller need a right WLan driver or/and a LAN driver.
I have checked the info about this unit and it seems that this unit was delivered with different hardware configurations. (intel wlan card and Atheros wlan card)

Well, if you are not sure which card is installed on your unit you can try to install the both wlan drivers. One should works. Don?t forget to install also the Realtek LAN driver

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Hi there

Is there any Chance to get a hardwaredriver package for xp for the L300D? , has anyone experiences with downgrading from vista otherwise?


Answer:Satellite L300D Series - need XP Hardware Driver


You can download the drivers individually from the Toshiba website. You can't download the whole driver set as one package.

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Webcam Driver Open fail. I get this prompt every time I start up my computer with the suggestion to restart driver of computer. Neither of which does any good. I've attempted uninstalling and then installing a new driver from the manufacturers website (Toshiba Satellite A305D-S6914) where there is a driver available. The webcam does work, but only when my laptop is partially closed, which more or less defeats the purpose of a built-in webcam. What's more, the webcam driver won't even show up in the device manager unless it is partially closed.

Any suggestions for a next step? I'll be contacting Toshiba as well but I figured I'd cover my bases as this appears to be a widespread issue with Toshiba, so I don't have much faith in what they may or may not be able to tell me.

Answer:Webcam Driver Open Fail

Almost sounds like a broken wire running from the motherboard to the webcam. I would definitely send this laptop in for a warranty repair.

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Hello, my laptop is missing the drivers. There are some registry paths but the folders dont exist. Its using the windows drivers now and i cant go above 480p eve tho the camera is HD. And i cant do a factory reset, because I don't want to lose my data/settings and i cant find the drivers online.

Windows 8.1 (64-bit)

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Hi, i have a problem with drivers for this model. I can't find any drivers. The most important for me is web camera driver because my camera and microphon doesn't work. If someone know how to help me please write an answer.

Thank you for the help.

Answer:Need webcam driver for my Satellite C50-A-1F1


According notebook specification your machine was delivered with preinstalled Win8.1. Original recovery image (operating system) contains all necessary drivers, tools and utilities and every hardware component must works properly. Please note: webcam doesn't need some special driver. it uses standard Microsoft driver so it is not necessary to install some additional driver.

Anyway, all drivers, tools and utilities for each supported operating system you can find on Toshiba download page -

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I?ve only had my Toshiba laptop since October and the built in webcam has been working fine until yesterday!

When I click on it to turn it on it comes up with a message saying:
''Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer''

I have tried restarting in many times but still the same message keeps coming up
Can anyone help me please?!

Answer:Built in Webcam - Driver open fail

Here in the forum are already threads about this issue.
An user named Akuma posted an interesting solution for this problem so try it. Maybe it will help you.

By the way, which Toshiba notebook do you have?

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I'm a very new user in this forum, expecting your expertise help for the following issue.
I use Toshiba L300, after upgrading (custom install) my OS from vista home premium to windows 7 professional, my webcam does not work. It uses chicony camera assistance software for toshiba. Everytime, I get an error message "webcam driver open fail. restart your camera or computer". I checked the toshiba support site for dirver update, but it says the vista driver for that webcam is compatible with windows 7 as well. I reinstalled/restarted several times, however, I can't make it work anyway! Help me please. Thanks.

Answer:Webcam driver open fail. Please restart ...


Device manager method is always the cure.

Right click on the webcam in the device manager. Update driver software. Browse. Let me pick. Have disk. Browse. Now navigate to and double click on the Vista installer's .inf. (You might have to extract from the .exe first by running it.) Hit ok, possibly next too then let it install.

Reboot if needed after.

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I can't find drivers to webcam in my toshiba satellite P75-A7200 Model (windows 8 x64)

Please help!

Answer:Satellite P75-A7200 - no webcam driver for Win 8

Webcam driver isn?t available for Win 8 as well as Win 8.1 because the internal webcam is controlled by Microsoft driver which is already part of the Windows 8 / 8.1 system

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i have a laptop Satellite P300-13J, with normal a windows vista on it,
But my computer crashed and i installed another windows on it, windows 7.

But i have a problem with the driver for the webcam. I'm looking already in the support forums, but i only find drivers for windows Vista.

There is a version for Windows 7?

greetings the rabitt

Answer:Satellite P300-13J - Need webcam driver for Win 7


Since the Chicony webcam driver is not related to a specific notebook model, I would recommend trying the webcam driver released for another notebook series.
Try the one released for later series for example like P500 or L500 series?

Should work perfectly!

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I have installed a 2nd hard disk with Win 8 Pro 8.1.
I also have downloaded all available drivers for my model P70-A-104, but there is no driver available for the built-in Toshiba WebCam FHD. I have also checked other Toshiba models with 2 MBit FHD Camera.

Is there anyone who knows where to download the correct driver? I know there a some tools for driver updates (25 - 30 US$) but they don't display the missing web cam driver.


Answer:Satellite P70-A-104 - cannot find webcam driver for Win 8.1

As far as I know there is no webcam driver for Win and no webcam driver for Win 8.1 because the notebook?s webcam module is controlled by internal Microsoft driver provided with Win 8 / Win 8.1

Question: do you have any yellow exclamation marks in device manager? I guess the webcam is listed there...

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I'm having trouble with my inbuilt web camera. It doesn't seem to be focusing.

The Toshiba Web Camera Application's advanced settings show the focus options as Normal Auto or Macro but all three options are greyed out meaning I can't select any of them. I suspect that I may not have the correct driver to allow these settings to be changed. Currently there is a "USB 2.0 Camera" driver installed which is a Microsoft driver dated 21/06/2006.

I tried both the Australian and European Toshiba websites for a newer driver and can't find one. I also tried reinstalling the Toshiba Web Camera Application in case the drivers were bundled up with that but this didn't fix the problem or update the drivers.

The machine's part number is PST4LA-00R008. Any assistance you can provide would be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite T230D - New driver for webcam

Hi buddy,

According the part number your model is an Australian model because I found it on Toshiba Australian page:

The newest Toshiba web camera application software for Windows 7 64bit is version and also for Windows 7 32bit.

Before you install it I would recommend removing the old driver firstly (control panel > uninstall a program). Search for the webcam software and click on uninstall. Follow the screen instructions. Then restart your computer. Download and install the freeware tool ?Ccleaner? and make a registry clean. This can remove old registry keys and restart your computer again. Then install the newest webcam software of Toshiba website.

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I install Windows 7 on my A210 and since then my webcam do not work anymore;
fail message and webcam driver toshiba has not been found for A210
Message has been translated

Answer:Satellite A210-1bh webcam driver for Win 7

On my old A300 (Vista machine) I have installed Win7 driver designed for A500 and it worked perfectly.
Try to do the same thing. I hope it will work on your A210 too.

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Satellite C50-A-1G6 windows 8.1 64bit.

is the model i have , my webcam needs a driver to work again.

any help plz :/ or download link to the offical driver.
couldnt seem to find one on the toshiba website.
thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite C50-A-1G6 - need a Toshiba HD webcam Driver


In the past (Win7) Toshiba has offered Webcam driver and webcam application. Since Win8 Toshiba doesn't offer such drivers and application. Webcam on Win8 uses standard Microsoft driver.

Do you have some problem with your cam?

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Hi,guys! :)

I have big problem and i hope you will help me
The problem is: I have laptop Satellite C55-A-128,
I installed 64bit Windows 8.1 Pro. I have all drivers except one -Webcam

On all toshiba site I did not found driver for webcam
In network like google did not find any
In device manager dont have trail of webcam.

i dont know what to do
Please help me.

Answer:Need Win8.1 webcam driver for my Satellite C55-A-128


Toshiba does not provide any webcam drivers for Win 8.1 or Win 8
The webcam driver is part of the Windows 8 and 8.1 systems.

From my knowledge Toshiba provided webcam drivers for Win XP, Vista and Win 7 but since Win 8 the webcam is controlled by internal Microsoft driver.

Nevertheless the webcam should be listed in device manager under the point ?Imaging devices?

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Every time I start my Satellite A300-1G3, a pop windows pops on my screen saying "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer"

At first I have restarted the camera and computer for like a million times, yet I keep receiving the message,
I, also, have reinstalled webcam driver, with no luck,

I have uninstalled camera driver and installed another one that I have downloaded, yet the problem persists.
What should I do to resolve this eternal problem?

Answer:Need webcam driver Satellite A300

Do you use original preinstalled OS from Toshiba (Vista) or your own OS installation?

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I have a C50-B-15 Z it was originally on a windows 8 I downgraded it to windows 7 64 bit. The webcam worked on windows 8 after I downgraded it this was 3 months ago. I checked today i was trying look for my webcam but cant find it. I have checked in device manager to look for the driver for my webcam but it wasn't there. I have checked Toshiba's website to check for drivers i count find a webcam driver or is it under something help. Thanks for reading.

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When playing media files or games igfx driver crashes then responds but notebook freezes

Answer:Re: igfx driver crashes then responds but Satellite L series freezes

You mean your graphic card driver crashes and then your Satellite freezes without any response?
What notebook do you have and what OS did you install?

Did you try to update the graphic card driver?

If not -> do this!

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Hi . . .

I have Toshiba Satellite A300 PSAJ0E notebook . . .
I was useing Windows XP Professional . . .

But I am not able to use Stereo Mix the peculiarity . . .
I installed Conexant HD SmartAudio 221 Driver . . .

What can I do in this subject . . .

I thank right now . . .

Best Regards . . .

Answer:Satellite A300 - Series Stereo Mix not available with Conexant sound driver

Unfortunately, but you cannot do much?
The point is that this is a Conexant sound driver issue. This options or setting is simply not available in Conexant sound driver and therefore the Stereo Mix port is not available and cannot be used.

I think only an sound driver update can helps? so lets wait for a update.

Cheers mate

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I had to have a new harddrive put into my computer, and now the device manager does not find the graphics card. It comes up under "Other Devices" and then it comes up as "Video Controller (VGA Compatible)"

The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)
To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver.

How do I fix this?

Answer:ATI Radeon Xpress X200M 64MB - Do I need driver for my Satellite A series

You have to install the graphic card driver.
The graphic card driver can be found on the Toshiba European driver page.

There you have to choose your notebook model to download the right driver.
Unpack the driver package and install the driver. That???s all!!

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I want to update my graphic accelerator driver which is Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family.
On the Intel's website I've found for this accelerator and Win XP OS new driver which has been released 31.3.2009, its version is

Though I can't install it because this driver isn't verified by Toshiba and on Toshiba's website is driver which is one year old (of course I've got this one). So, is some way to install new driver from Intel or can you please this driver verified?

BTW If latest drivers are more than one year old, it doesn't look like good support.

Zdenek Konecny

Answer:Intel graphic accelerator driver update on Satellite Pro U series

Hmm I install the Intel-sourced drivers on my laptop successfully, maybe things have changed.

Anyway have you tried the drivers from a newer Toshiba model?

Is there a reason you want to update the driver? i.e. Do the new drivers fix a problem you are seeing?

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after I SEVERAL tests can not find a driver for my pc consist of: TOS6205,

can you help me.

thanks you guillaume

Answer:Cannot find the Win 7 32bit driver for TOS6205 device of Satellite L series


TOS6205 is Bluetooth device.
You need to install the Toshiba BT stack

May I ask you what notebook model do you have exactly?

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hello dears ...
i just bought a new laptop which is toshiba L series with embaded AMD R7 M260 Graphis card 2 GB
and i dawnload the driver from AMD site and install ...but cant even open AMD redion settings
i also tried to clean all drivers and install again and again still not working
so please anyone who can help me ....

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Probably I'm not the first and last one who will ask: is there going to be any actualization for the display drivers, because the one that are on the driver-homepage of Toshiba are v8.4.0.0 form 2006 :( For example: Far Cry (1 not 2).

Nearly 2/3 of the landscape is black (when I say black, a mean BLACK). And that's not all. Timeshift wouldn't start at all (yes, I know the card will not support full graphics, but I've played games with much better graphic on my PC at home (with GeForce 5200 128MB).

Good think it was just a demo.
Can't imagine what "nice" surprise it would be if someone gives a 40-50$ for a game and finds out he can't play it because of the drivers.

Had just tried trails of some programs for 3D animation...Well, only problems :-/
Another program told me in a straight line - drivers not up do date.
Updating drivers will fix most graphical issues etc....

Thanks for the help in advance.

Answer:Question about newer graphic driver version for Satellite A series

What laptop model do you have?

You could try installing drivers from a newer Toshiba model.
You can also install modifed drivers but that is not recommended since you loose functionality and it may cause problems, and could void your warranty if something goes wrong.

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I have a Gateway MD7330u running Vista Home pre and my internal webcam just stopped working. I dont believe there is a hardware problem. I contacted Gateway but they could not help me. I have done a full system restore.

Origionally my webcam was listed under device manager as Chicony usb2 now it says usb webcam i have uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled.

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