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Allocated memory for mobility radeon on Satellite A100-768

Question: Allocated memory for mobility radeon on Satellite A100-768

Hello, i'm french, and i've a Toshiba Satellite A100-768 computer,
the graphical memory of my lapto is like this :

Graphics Processor / Vendor: ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 HyperMemory up to 512MB - PCI Express x16
Video Memory: DDR SDRAM - 128 MB
Max Allocated RAM Size: 384 MB

I'm looking for the location of the adjustement of the 384 Mo sharred with RAM) I want to change this amount (actually it's 384 and i want to reduce to 128 or 0 in order to keep only the 128Mo ) i've looked at the bios and i've found nothing

Thanks and excuse my english

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Preferred Solution: Allocated memory for mobility radeon on Satellite A100-768

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Allocated memory for mobility radeon on Satellite A100-768


This is not possible.
As far as I know you cannot change this value manually.
The graphic card controls the HyperMemory and assigns this value automatically.

If you want to have more RAM (main memory) then upgrade the memory modules on your notebook?
2GB (2 x 1024MB) are advisable.


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Hello everybody,

I have a Satellite PRO A100 PSAACE-010010GR with a ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 graphic card. Now I have upgraded from Windows XP to Windows VISTA. The Problem is, that I can't find VISTA-drivers for the ATI Mobility Radeion X1600 graphic card, neither on TOSHIBA sites nor on ATI-AMD sites.

Can anybody help me?

Many thanks,
Jochen Hamleh

Answer:Driver for ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 on VISTA - Satellite Pro A100

Did you try to use ATI drivers from other notebooks units??
Sat A100 or Equium A100.

Check also the drivers from Toshiba US, Canada or Australian websites!

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I am aware that the driver for my on board Graphics card is out of date.
When I download an updated driver from ATI and try to install, it tells me that I cannot install the update on y system and to contact Toshiba for updates.

Can anyone please advise how I can get an updates driver for this card on my Satellite Pro A100 series?



Answer:Satellite Pro A100: How to get driver updates for ATI Radeon Mobility X1400


You cannot install the ATI drivers from ATI website because these drivers are not designed and not certified for Toshiba notebooks.
Such drivers can affect the notebooks functionality and in worst case your GPU could overheat?

*So if you want to use such drivers you can do this but only at your own risk!!!*

You can install such driver in device manager;
You have to use the ?Advanced? installation procedure and then you have to point to the place where the graphic driver files has been stored on the HDD


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my Satellite A100-704 PSAA9E is equipped with the ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 display graphic card, for which ATI provides a new driver, named Catalyst 8.3. My issue is that when I run the verification software I get a message telling me that driver is not suitable to be installed on my system.

Is that any information available about it? Can I still install the new Catalyst driver or it's better if I don't? Oh, the current driver I have running on my notebook is the one downloaded from the Toshiba site, 8.292 I believe.

Any information is appreciated. Thank you very much.

Answer:Can not install latest ATI mobility Radeon x1600 display driver for my Satellite A100

It is well known that notebook manufacturer is responsible for driver support on mobile PCs. You are not the first one who is faced with this problem. To be honest it is not the problem. The fact is that notebook manufacturers use modified drivers to protect hardware.

Because of that I recommend you to use Toshiba drivers only.

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I have a Satellite P10-873 laptop using 64mb Radeon 9700 Mobility GPU, the core clock is set at 400 and the memory at 200. The chip should be running at 450/260 so if anyone from Toshiba is reading this can you tell me if the Gpu cooling is sufficient for these speeds (judging by the burn marks on my thighs this could well be unlikely)?

Also is the 64Mb VRAM upgradable to 128Mb?

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Answer:ATI Radeon Mobility Core/Memory Clock Speeds - Satellite P10-873

Hi Carmel

First of all the graphic card is a small chip which is fixed on the mainboard.
The graphic card has no own cooling system. Only the CPU has a cooling ventilator.

Toshiba recommend to use the Toshiba graphic driver because the drivers are modified and support a overheating protection. In this case the graphic driver controls the warmness producing by the graphic card.
In this case it?s not advisable to overclock the graphic card. If you want to overclock something so do it at your own RISK

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well i know that the 8600M GT will be better than the other two but i need to know by how much of a difference.. and i would like to know which of the 2 radeons is better. the X2500 or the HD2300 and also by how much of a difference. or if anyone could just drop me a link here to tell which of this graphics card is better...

Answer:Mobility Radeon HD 2300, Mobility Radeon X2500 and the GeForce 8600M GT comparison

2.5x + to 1 if not more.

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Hi there.

My wife's laptop is a Satellite A100. She has been using Windows 7 on it since the Beta, and she has been having a good experience with it. I was able to install the ATI drivers on the Win7 Beta without issue. And I was able to change the resolution from 1024x768 to something more tolerable.

Now that I have installed Win7 RC on her machine it doesnt allow me install the ATI Catalyst drivers. It says "Failed to find any installable components" and then my only option it to quit.

I also tried via "Device Manager" to update the driver and it allowed me to select the INF for the ATI driver so now it says "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" and "ATI Radeon Xpress 200M Series" as the chipset.

Under "List All Modes" the highest res is 1024x768.

Any idea what I should do? Why did this work with Beta but not now? I saw the sticky about Catalyst drivers but my old display adapter isnt mentioned there on the AMD site.


Answer:ATI Mobility 200M on a Toshiba Satellite A100

Having the same issue, have used 3DP chip but it wont install the drivers.

only the Graphics driver wont work - everything else is fine.

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which is correct? is it 128mb or 256mb

it's written 128mb for M70-160 but when checked inside the system it gives me 256mb

so which is the correct?

Answer:ATI MOBILITY™ RADEON™ X700 Memory on Sat M70


As far as I know the unit was delivered with the ATI MOBILITY RADEON X700 128MB
But where did you find the information that the graphic card supported 256 MB?

Please go to DirectX. There you should find the right video memory value.
To start DirectX please type the command ?dxdiag? in the ?run? window.

Best regards

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How much Memory does a ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 have?

Answer:How much Memory does a ATI Mobility Radeon 9000


Looks like it varies depending on the manufacturer. 128mb was the most common. I took me about 60 seconds to find this information

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Hi everyone, I have Lenovo y560 (dxdiag here: with ATI drivers from lenovo here. I'm trying to upgrade the drivers from the AMD drivers website. I used both the auto detect and the 5-step process and they both pointed to that driver, but when I try to install it the display drivers are not correctly installed because device manager shows my graphics card as, "ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000." As a result the resolution isn't what it should be and I am unable to change it as well. I searched around on these forums, but only found out that a lot of people also have trouble updating the drivers for the Mobility Radeon HD 5730.  Is there someway to get the driver to update correctly? Thank you

Answer:HELP with y560: AMD Mobility Radeon Driver Rev. 14.4 for ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730

tngyn wrote:Hi everyone, I have Lenovo y560 (dxdiag here: with ATI drivers from lenovo here. I'm trying to upgrade the drivers from the AMD drivers website. I used both the auto detect and the 5-step process and they both pointed to that driver, but when I try to install it the display drivers are not correctly installed because device manager shows my graphics card as, "ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5000." As a result the resolution isn't what it should be and I am unable to change it as well. I searched around on these forums, but only found out that a lot of people also have trouble updating the drivers for the Mobility Radeon HD 5730.  Is there someway to get the driver to update correctly? Thank youThe driver that you have downloaded is not compatible. Uninstall the driver and use the one provided from Lenovo.See snapshot of the restriction (encircled in the picture). 

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HI,i got a problem,i have a switchtable graphics notebook (HP G62) first driver is intel HD graphics here it everything ok but when i want to put second driver (ATI Mobility Radeon 5470 or AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5000) it give me black screen for 1 minute and blue screen before with this message "attempt to reset the dysplay driver andrecover from timeout failed"   Sorry for my english.

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Hey everyone, newb to the fourm here, was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for me.

I have just bought a Dell E1705 Laptop, and I believe it said it had 256MB Video memory, my problem is that I have read to diagnostics and one said 128MB and the other 512MB.

I can't change the amount of memory in my bios or cataylst as far as I know, and i'm positive on the bios, not sure if there is some special way to on cataylst..But i was wondering how i would go about changing the amount of memory used for it, i would like atleast 256MB, I have 2gb 533mhz dual channel memory in this system and i am running windows vista 32bit home premium.

Thanks guys i'll be back shortly from town and hope to hear something.

Site looks great and its a great thing you are doing here for everyone, I'll be posting here alot more.

Answer:X1400 Mobility Radeon Memory Allocation

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can I install the AMD Catalyst Control Center (11-8_mobility_vista_win7_32-64_ccc) from the AMD homepage?

I found on the AMD Homepage the follow release note:

+The following notebooks are not compatible with this release:+
+?Any notebook launched after this driver release+
+?Switchable Graphics enabled notebooks using Intel? chipsets.+
*+?Toshiba? notebooks (please contact the notebook OEM for driver support for these notebooks)*+
+?Sony? VAIO? notebooks (please contact the notebook OEM for driver support for these notebooks)+
+? Panasonic? notebooks (please contact the notebook OEM for driver support for these notebooks)+

Thank's for all answers!

Have a nice Day!


Satellite L500-19E
Modell Nr. : PSLS3E-01M00MGR

Windows 7 /64Bit

ATI Mobility Radeon? HD 4570 unterst?tzt HyperMemory? Technologie
RAM : 512 MB spezifizierter VRAM (total nutzbarer grafischer Speicher bei Nutzung von HyperMemory? Technologie bis zu 1.791 MB bei 32-bit Betriebssystem und 3 GB Systemspeicher oder 3.323 MB bei 64-bit Betriebssystem und 6 GB Systemspeicher)
RAM Typ : DDR3 Video RAM (zugeh?riger Video RAM und System RAM kombinierbar)
Angeschlossener Bus : PCI Express?

Answer:Satellite L500-19E and ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 4570

Generally speaking you should use Toshiba driver only. This driver is tested on certain system and adapted to run safely.
Every hardware platform has optimized cooling system and it is very important to have right driver installed on this specific platform. When you use non-Toshiba driver it can force graphic card to run on the limit and produce more heat than usually. Result can be overheating (suddenly switch offs) or even hardware damage.

Please stay with Toshiba driver, optimize preinstalled OS and be happy.

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The display sometimes freezes on my Satellite S1900-303. The laptop is still using the original ATI Mobility Radeon M6 graphics card, with driver version dated 22/03/2002.

Can anyone advise whether this is the latest driver available for the ATI Mobility Radeon M6 graphics card ? I have tried both the ATI ( now AMD ) & Toshiba websites without any luck.

Can the exiting ATI Mobility Radeon M6 graphics card be replaced with a more up to date card that will not crash ?

I am running XP SP3 / 1 MB RAM / 320 GB HDD.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite S1900-303: ATI Mobility Radeon M6 Hangging Up

Huh I had this notebook model in year 2003 and it was pretty good notebook.
At this time I used original recovery image with latest Microsoft updates.

Now you have SP3 and probably lot of newer software preinstalled on it. Who knows why this happen?
When you say ?display freezes sometimes? what does it mean exactly? Does it happen by certain operation or what?

It is not easy to offer some support for this old piece of hardware.
Newer driver? I don?t think you will find it.
Graphic card upgrade? Forget it. Notebook is not designed for such upgrades.

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Hi all,

very simple question, where I can buy new not used Ati Radeon mobility graphics card 3650 for toshiba model A300D - 16Q, omg help me pls, thank you;)))

Answer:Where I can buy new ATI Radeon mobility 3650 for Satellite A300D?

Very simply question for you but not so simply for forum members.
For desktops you can buy almost all hardware components but for mobile units it is a bit complicated especially if you need new mainboard.

Generally speaking graphic card is not offered as separate part and what you can buy is whole mainboard. You will be lucky if you will be able to buy used graphic card somewhere.

You will be able to find whole mainboard but graphic card .... it is not easy to find it.

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The A60 has an ATI Mobile Radeon 7000 IGP, and some file called ati2dvag.dll keeps messing up. It either goes to a blue error screen or it changes the resolution to 640x480 and 4 bit. It has something to do with an infinite loop or something. It happens randomly. Like some days it barely happens and other days it constantly messes up. I googled the problem and it seems like many people also have the same problem. I've read through numerous threads and still haven't found a solution. I've tried reinstalling the driver, updating the driver, and other stuff. Does anyone have any idea on how to solve this?

Answer:Satellite A60 - Ati Mobility Radeon 7000 IGP Error

Hi Nico

Can you please tell us if there is any reason for this issue? Did you make anything that can be cause for this issue? Is the SP2 installed on your unit?

I have checked a few forums and it seems that many users have the same problem, most of them with desktops. I have also found the ati2dvag.dll download site. Check it on . The funny thing is that one user has the same problem and after changing the motherboard everything was ok. I my opinion you should back up your data and reinstall OS using Recovery CD. If there is no success contact ASP.

Good luck!

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I need some support . today i format my pc and i cannot find the driver for graphic ATI Mobility Radeon? HD 5470

I hope you can help and give me a link to the proper driver ...

Tank you

Answer:Satellite C660-1D1 - Driver for ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 5470

Toshiba EU driver page:

Here choose:
- Notebook
- Satellite
- Satellite C
- Satellite C660
- All
- Display driver

Now all display drivers will be displayed.

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Hi everybody.
I would like to update the driver of my display to the most recent available level. Still on the AMD site, to which Toshiba addresses me, I am unable to find it: AMD speaks about radeon but not mobility radeon, and the 3470 series is not quoted.

Is someone able to help me? Thanks

PS I'm writing in english in order to catch more people on the forum, but if you want you are welcome to answer in italian.

Answer:Satellite P300 - New driver for mobility radeon HD3470


Why you want to update the display driver? Are you not satisfied with the old version?

I have checked the Toshiba page so it would be interesting to know what Satellite P300 you have exactly because there are different models.

Normally you can directly download the driver from Toshiba and the redirection to AMD isn?t known to me so please check the page again: > Support & Downloads > Download Driver

The point is that AMD/ATI doesn?t provide directly display driver for mobile cards. You can get such drivers from the notebook manufacture directly.

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My graphics card wont work on my laptop for some reason. It is the HD mobility Radeon 5145 512MB.
I have contacted AMD for support and they said for me to download the Catalyst Software Suite, but it did not recognize my card.

Then they told me to contact my "OEM Notebook Manufacturer" to install the modified version for my laptop.

Can someone either please tell me where to install this modified version from the OEM manufacturer or tell me how to fix it.
Thank you

Answer:Non-working HD Mobility Radeon 5145 on Satellite L650/077


Usually you should use the Toshiba own graphic card driver.
Did you try the driver from Toshiba page?
The notebook model seems to belongs to Toshiba Australian

there you should find the right driver

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Hey ho, had to reinstall winxp now i cant get any drievrs for the graphic card, I tried ATI they got the ones i need, but say they dont support toshiba notebooks and i cant install or even download the driver i need.i looked everywhere . on this site in the drivers section i cant find any ati drivers or any graphic drivers at all...Anyone got a Link for me plz?

Ati mobility Radeon 9600/9700 Driver for Satellite M30

Hope this works somehow been looking all day long now :(

Answer:Where do I get ATI mobility Radeon 9600/9700 Driver for Satellite M30?


it?s your lucky day my friend.
Check this sites and download the drivers you need:

The drivers are native Nvidia/ATI drivers but the *.inf files (the files where the hardware information and the settings for the cards are listed) were fitted for mobile systems. That means you can install them on your machine and by the way you will get the most actual drivers.


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My girlfriend has a Satellite Pro M50, she bought it around 3 weeks ago, recently it has begun freezing while in general use (playing music, browsing web over wifi etc) and then it blue screens. The blue screen only stays on for a fraction of a second before disappearing and restarting the machine.

Once it has booted up again i send the error report to Microsoft and this lets me know that it may have been the ATI drivers, i went to the ati site to look for drivers but for some reason there were none for the mobility 200m, i used the drivers from the toshiba site instead and this seemed to fix the problem for a short while, but it is now happening again, is this a software or hardware problem and what should i do?

any ideas anyone (machine specs below)?

Toshiba Satellite Pro M50
Intel Celeron 1.5ghz
512mb RAM
40gb HDD
ATI Mobility Radeon 200m
Win XP Home Ed



Answer:Satellite Pro M50: ATI Radeon Mobility 200 - Blue Screen error

When you boot up the computer, after the toshiba logo goes off hit F8 until it gives you the advanced boot up options. Boot up with the Computer does not restart after a fatal error. This will freeze the Blue screen when it shows up. Once it does copy the 0x00000 code and post it here. If you have a good stick of ram try that and see if it works. If not it could be the video memory.

Or it could just be that the GPU is overheating because it is defective and needs to be replaced. Try another ram, and post the error code. If new ram has same issue, reinstall the OS and see if that fixes it. If not, could be a defective video card or even a processor. At which point I advise taking it to your ASP and have them test it to find the true cause.

Hope this helps narrow it down.

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I have a Satellite A200-1FL (PSAE6), someone knows if really it works algun driver for ATI Mobility Radeon HD2400 with XP. Since I have proved (tried) a heap of drivers and none works included the fact that adds Toshiba in his (her, your) official page of unloads Ati's Display Driver 8.383.1.1000, Thank you.

Answer:Satellite A200 1FL (PSAE6), ATI Mobility Radeon HD2400 and WXP

I think from time to time you should check the Toshiba European driver page.
In my knowledge the single drivers are uploaded and released very often.

You could also take a look on the Toshiba Canada site. There you can also find some useful graphic drivers!

Last but not least the site is very useful and the GPU driver from this page works on my notebook.


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Hi all,

Recently I had to update my graphics driver because the old one did not support DirectDraw. So I uninstalled the old driver and downloaded the driver from the Toshiba site (The driver prescribed by thosiba for the A210-10Y).

I installed the new driver which went OK. I had to reboot my system and then the driver worked fine, but the problem now is that at uncertain moment s (during playing games or what so ever) the display turns green, blue, gray and yellow with stripes.

When that happens, the whole system grinds to a halt and there is no way to regain control of the system (CTRL+ ALT+DEL or the windows button do not work). The only solution is to reboot the system with the ON/OFF button.

Here is the information I was able to find with the problem solving option on vista, too bad this program is not able to give me a clear answer other than downloading the latest drivers from the ATI or Toshiba site.

Problem signature:
Name of problem: BlueScreen
Operation system version: 6.0.6000.
Country code: 1043

Problem information:
BCCode: 117
BCP1: 84981510
BCP3: 00000000
BCP4: 00000000
OS Version: 6_0_6000
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1

Files that could help describe the problem:
C:\Users\(USER)\AppData\Local\Tem... Read more

Answer:Satellite A210 ATI Mobility Radeon driver crashes

Not easy to say why the graphic card driver crashes? maybe there is an compatibility issue with different games? who knows?

Maybe you could try to install an graphic driver from the 3rd party website like

But note; some people from this forum said that such drivers can be used only at your own risk because such drivers are not tested by notebook manufacture.

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Has anyone had any success getting the ATI Radeon 9700 Mobility Drivers to come up correctly on a P30-145 on the RTM release of Vista? Currently everything seems to be detected ok but I get an error in the device manager saying: "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" googling hasnt turned up much more than a number of people are seeing this same error and that it might need a BIOS update or that the problem may be in the ACPI drivers area?

Apart from the graphics card not coming up properly the only other comment I have is that system standby support does not seem to appear and that the cooling fan is continuously on, both of which I am sure could be fixed with a release from Toshiba.

Anyone else had experiences with Vista and Satellite P30?

Answer:Satellite P30-145: Where to get Radeon 9700 Mobility drivers for Vista


I have no Satellite P30 but it will be interesting to see which kind of support Toshiba will organize for older notebook models and where will be the last limitation (how old units will be supported).

As far as I know P30 is about two years old and we will see if the units produced in year 2005 will be Vista supported. Official start is January 2007. Before this I don?t believe you will get any official info. I just hope my Satellite Pro M70 will be supported.

Anyway good luck!

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The title says it all.
Why can't i update my graphics card?

I asked amd support and they told me just like this: " It's because it's a Toshiba. "

Answer:Satellite C660: Can't Update ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470

> I asked amd support and they told me just like this: " It's because it's a Toshiba. "
What a funny answer. It is well known that all notebook manufacturers offer own driver versions adapted for certain notebook models.

It depends on notebook?s cooling system and overheating protection. I?m really wondering this support guys didn?t explained it to you how it works on mobile computers.

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I've got a problem with my graphic card. The computer doesn't find any graphic card. I played on Windows Vista again a few weeks ago, and now the graphic card disappeared.
I allready downloaded new display drivers, but nothings working.

Can anyone help me with my problem?

Answer:Problems with AMD mobility radeon hd 2600 in Satellite A210-103

It is not easy to say what is wrong there.
Please install OS one more time using original Toshiba recovery disc you got with your notebook.
After OS installation check entries in device manager to see if the graphic card is recognized properly.

Please post the result.

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In my notebook Satellite P30 my video card ATI sometimes does not cooperate very well wih the pc: result is a blue screen with the message: the file ati3duag.dll creates a problem with your hardware.

Sometime because of the same (?) issue the screen appears blurry.

I looked for drivers to Microsoft (for Windows Vista) , to the ATI Technologies and to this website but there is no driver available. May be a work around..?

Answer:Driver for ATI Mobility Radeon 9600/9700 on Satellite P30

Wait a moment. You have installed Windows Vista on Satellite P30? Where you have founded display driver for this?

The fact is that Vista OS is not supported for this old notebook model and Toshiba does not offer any support and drivers for Vista. In such cases you are alone and see how to get it work.

What you can try to do is to remove preinstalled display driver, restart the notebook and install it again.

One more thing: you can be lucky that Vista runs well on this notebook model because Toshiba has offered special BIOS version for all older notebooks with Vista support.

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Hello All,

First I want to say is that I was disappointed.

I purchased a certain time ago Toshiba laptop Satellite L655 - 183 model which has a video card of ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650.

I deal a lot with graphics systems and newest PC games.
I have long days searching online wherever possible to update this video card but didn't fine nothing.

Toshiba's website has a video card update but as of 14.1.2011 and as the day we almost had in 2013.
In addition, ATI's site can not be updated on the graphics card installed in a specific laptops Toshiba, Sony and Panasonic are also prescribe it clearly.

They clarify itself should contact the manufacturer to obtain updated video card. I talked to Toshiba's technical support and they had no help to offer me, they said they do not know how to get updates and what appears on this site last update they know. And who little understand, know your video card manufacturer releases update every few months to allow video cards to provide maximum performance.

However, they referred me to their lab, hoping that they knew about the issue and it turns out that they do not understand and do not know how to help.
I tried to send an email to them but no response.

The situation is at the moment I have not finish work, which is economic implications, etc.
I'd love to know once and for all if anyone here knows where I can update the video card in this model to Windows 7 64-bit? And if at all possible to update the video card thing?... Read more

Answer:Satellite L655 - 183 - ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 Update

>I'd love to know once and for all if anyone here knows where I can update the video card in this model to Windows 7 64-bit? And if at all possible to update the video card thing?

do you mean the driver or the graphic chip?
The graphic card chip cannot be upgraded.
The driver can even if you did not find a newest version on Toshiba page.

I could download and install the driver from a 3rd party page like
But I read also that usage of such driver is your own risk too!

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Hello, i have Toshiba Satellite A200, with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD2600, and i am very happy with it.

I use it for Second Life, and everything is fine. Recently there have been some new releases of the Viewers for Second Life, and i am not able to run the newest version, as when i do, i see a window split in 2, half black and half gray. I posted the problem in the programmer blog, for both the viewers i use, and the reply in both cases was i have to update my graphic driver. I checked on Toshiba web site, but it seems i have already the last version of driver, that is a very old one (ver.8.452, released 07/07/08)

Is there a way to update that display driver? I tried on AMD web site, but it's not possible to download any driver for Toshiba notebook).

Thank you in advance


Answer:Video drivers for Satellite A200 (ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2600)


You could download the mobile drivers from AMD page for Radeon HD2600 graphic card. But I think you will need to install/update the driver via device manager.
Unzip the downloaded package to folder created on desktop.
Then go to device manager and here you have to use the ?advanced procedure? which allows you to point to the folder (on desktop) where the driver package has been extracted.

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PSAELE series. Between my adapters different Rev: Both adapters is ATI M76-M 512MB ISKAA LS-3481P (and looks very similar). But in my laptop is Rev: 1A (is broken). Another one (working) has Rev: 0.4. Can I put into my laptop graphics adapter with Rev: 0.4?

Message was edited by: tako

Answer:Satellite A210-1AO graphics adapter ATI Mobility Radeon ATI M76-M (512MB)

Why you open another new thread about the theme which you have already started here:

Follow the first thread to avoid misunderstandings.

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I have a Toshiba Satellitle A65-51762. It operated for years without problems. About 8 months ago, while running DVDShrink, DVDDecrypter, DVDFabDecrypter or WinDVD, about every two weeks, the video will suddenly drop to lo-res (640x480) and complain, but I could continue if it was DVDShrink, DVDDecrypter or DVDFabDecrypter. Rebooting would bring back it to hi-res..

It got worse and worse, eventually happening in 30 to 60 minutes after beginning the program. Finally instead of rebooting I would get blue screen Hard Error C0000415, then be asked if I wanted to reboot normally, which it did.

Then I removed all ATI software, deleted the device, let WinXP reinstall it as VGA, then installed the updated driver. It worked fine for a few days and then began doing the same thing every two or three hours.

Could this be hardware? The ATI MOBILITY RADEON 7000 ICG chip? Something else? How is DVD involved? DMA? BIOS? Would it have to go back to the factory or can I pull chips?

It feels more like software. How can I check it out? Are you familiar with the problem?

Answer:Satellite A65-51762 Mobility Radeon 7000 ICG driver crashes

Seems that it has nothing to do with your graphics driver, if it even crashes when using the display with VGA driver my guess is that the problem lies somewhere else.
Although you do seem to have gotten the same problem as I had with the driver crashing every now and then after updating to the most recent one.

Things do not look good with recent ATI graphics drivers making the OS crash all the time..

However you might try to download an Omega driver. I am not sure but I have heard that these drivers work very well as a replacement of the original installed driver
check to see if yours is supported by them.

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I tried to run World of Warcraft after having a month or so break from it and when opening it it gave me the warning that my display drivers were out of date. I can still run the game okay but it's made me worry.

As you can expect I can't download the drivers directly from AMD and the drivers Toshiba provide are now out of date.
Can I expect an update in the near future?

Answer:Satellite L650 - ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5145 drivers out of date

I?m afraid nobody here can give you proper answer. Fact is that display drivers for mobile machines are not so often offered as for desktop graphic cards. Due to specific design and cooling possibilities notebook manufacturers will not make a risk from hardware damage.

From time to time check Toshiba download page.
At least maybe some newer notebook model with the same GPU has newer driver so you can use it.
If you want send exact model number and we can try to check it.

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I'm looking for some updated drivers for my vga card, and the only ones left are from 2011(wich are pretty old).
I've managed to update them with AMD generic drivers, but since i have a 24" screen when i do it, I get black borders in max resolution. This happens, I believe, because the graphics card was tweeked by Toshiba so my only option is that you have some updated drivers for it.

Any help/info would be great.

Satellite L650-11F PSK1JE
Intel I5 2.1ghz
Mobility radeon 5650 hd
4gb ddr3
500gb hdd

Answer:Satellite L650 - need driver update for Mobility Radeon 5650 HD

>I've managed to update them with AMD generic drivers, but since i have a 24" screen when i do it, I get black borders in max resolution. This happens, I believe, because the graphics card was tweeked by Toshiba so my only option is that you have some updated drivers for it.

The drivers from Toshiba re modified but I don?t think that your left/right borders on the external monitor are related to this modification. The Toshiba drivers support an overheating protection but AMD drivers don?t support such feature.

However, I think the issue ie related to wrong resolution. You should choose the native resolution used by the external monitor.
Furthermore you should check in the ATI catalyst the settings which are related to the border? I don?t know the exact description but as far as I can remember there is an option which eliminates the left/right border.

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SATELLITE L655 PSK1JE video driver ati mobility radeo hd 5650 but i downloaded radeon hd 5000 series

Some programs (PINNACLE STUDIO) some content dont work but they worked my windows windows 7 dont work

Answer:Satellite L655 and video driver ati mobility radeon hd 5650

now my driver ati mobility radeon hd 5000 series 13.3 beta 7

but original toshiba hd 5650 but it is old

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Would like to update my graphics drivers, but Toshiba (Australia) only have drivers from October 2009 (none after). Is there any way to use ATI drivers?

In my search I found this driver to allow the installation of later drivers (specifically the latest 10.6):
But I can't seem to download it.

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Answer:Graphics Driver Support - Satellite P300 (ATI Mobility Radeon 3600)

Toshiba says to use drivers from Toshiba page as they are modified to support overheating protection...
But you can try to install Ati driver from the ATI website from device manager. Go to the device manger-display adapter-update driver. Choose the downloaded file and try to install.

I don't know, if you can update it as I haven't checked it myself.

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My video card is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470
The site lies Toshiba drivers end of 2010

Now I can not play games because of a lack of new drivers

When trying to install new drivers from ATI, they say that their drivers are not supported by this hardware device
What do I do?

Sorry for my english, I'm Russian)

Answer:Re: Satellite L655-1D2 can't update ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 display driver

The message appears because such drivers are not certified by Toshiba.
But as far as I know you can install such driver via device manager.
Create an folder on the desktop and unzip the driver package there.
Now go to device manager, choose graphic card and use the advanced installation which allow you to point to the driver files stored in the folder on the desktop.
The Windows system should pick up the new driver files.

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Hi all

I have Toshiba notebook Satellite L650-1pe system psk1je & I can't find driver for Windows 8 for my ati mobility radeon hd 5650 !!

Help please.


Answer:Satellite L650 - can't find Win8 driver for ATI mobility Radeon HD5650


It is not easy to find drivers but I found one on Toshiba US download page. It is similar notebook model but with the same graphic card inside.

I don?t know if this will help you but check it here .

Choose Win8 (64bit) and display driver so you should find it there.

Please post some feedback.

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Hello, (I poor speak English ;p )

I have problem with my Toshiba A200 (PSAE6E). My Graphic card Ati MR HD 2400 in system Win XP display 256MB Ram, but in Settings Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 only 64MB Ram !!

Toshiba a200-1QT
Procesor Core2Duo T5550
2GB Ram
Ati MR HD2400

In benchmark 3DMark06 HD2400 exceeded my oldest card x2300, but in Setting PES it displayed 128MB.

Everything there would be ok, but I can't change resolution and other setups?

On Vista is identically.

Thanx for any help!

Answer:Satellite A200: VRAM 64GB or 256GB in Ati Mobility Radeon HD 2400


The notebook supports the Mobility Radeon X2400 code name: M72
It supports [email protected] Local Cache.
Total video/graphic memory is sum of local cache and Hyper Memory.

For example Hyper Memory depends on the installed RAM.
You would get 256MB of hyper memory if system RAM would be 1024MB
Using 2GB RAM the hyper memory should be higher? I think something about 300MB.

So the total graphic memory would be 64MB local cache + ~300MB hyper memory = ~364MB of graphic ram

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after reading some very negative comments about the video drivers offered by HP for mobility radeon HD2600 on my 8510p notebook, i decided to use the mobility modder by after doing everything following the instructions, i rebooted and started steam (counter strike source) and started the video stress test (in order to compare the fps with the test done some hour ago with the HP drivers). then an error message regarding the "device driver" appeared, followed by an "the instruction at... the memory could not be "read"." error. when trying the video stress test again, counter strike source just disappears now..

when trying to play the old counter strike, it says the video mode is not supported, will use software mode.

any advices about how to optimize my drivers/gfx performance (without using any omega drivers etc.). hope, i can avoid those HP drivers..

hp 8510p (gb967ea)
win xp pro sp3
mmodded ati display driver & ccc 8.6

thank you

Answer:hp 8510p: error @ CS:S video stress test after mobility modded radeon mobility HD2600

Does Microsoft have any drivers?

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I have had my laptop since March and have been using a compact flash 128 or 256 Mb via adaptor with no problems.
However, I have now purchased a 1Gb (for my Eos 300D) but my laptop says cannot find software???

I then purchased a memory stick USB 2.0 1Gb, but my laptop wont accept that either??? In both cases it searches windows for solution, then asks for the disc to accompany the hardware. My husband (good PC knowlege) is at a lost as am I.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Answer:Satellite A100-447 wont accept 1GB flash memory or memory stick?

I have now bought a 512mb compact flash card and it doesn't work either still requests drivers.

Have dug out a mulitmedia card 512mb with photos on it, and tried it in the multimedia slot at the front and requesting drivers for that too?????


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I have a laptop Toshiba SatellIte A100-220 and I can not find the latest driver for Ati Radeon Xpress 200M, could you help me?

Advance I thank.

Answer:SatellIte A100-220 - ATI Radeon Xpress 200M Driver update

Which operating system do you use?

I presume that you know that you should use drivers from Toshiba support page. Have you already checked latest version there?

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Hello ,

I search for New drivers for my ATI radeon mobility 1400 because in the last date drivers is 13/09/07.


Answer:Need new ATI Radeon 1400 display driver for Satellite A100-788 PSAA9E


This seems to be a Toshiba European notebook series and therefore you should search on the Toshiba European driver page.

The newest ATI driver on the European driver page is a version fro Vista and v 8.292-038742C for Win XP

Unfortunately newer driver is not available


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Hello there :)

I have browsed the forum and can't find another thread that helps me. I have a Satellite pro A100 PSAACE laptop, equipped with a Radeon Mobile X1400 graphics card. Now, I've been informed by games that I play that the drivers are out of date. I believe this to be true as I have within the last few days formatted my laptop, and so only the initial drivers from the product recovery disk are in use.

I visit the ATI website, and they inform me that I need to contact my notebook manufacturer (as Toshiba are not in the list of supported manufacturers) in order to get the new drivers. So I remember that I should get all my updates from the driver download page from this website. The only problem is that apparently there is no driver update for the graphics card (apart for one for Vista).

I have recently reformatted my computer using product recovery, and so this is why I was after the new driver. I cannot remember for sure, but I am fairly confident that I previously downloaded an updated driver for my graphics chipset during the previous 14 months of use (prior to the formatting of my hard drive).

Now, if anyone could offer any support on finding the driver, or who have information regarding the problem, it would be very much appreciated. Once again, my specs (that you need to enter on the driver page) are Notebook, A100 Series, PSAAC, PSAACE, and I am using Windows XP.

Thanks for reading, and I'd appreciate any helpful feedback whatsoever.

Answer:Satellite Pro A100: Display Driver ATI Radeon Mobile X1400 WinXP

Hi there,
You can find display drivers at the following place: (Support & Downloads), choose your notebook type and then download ATI display drivers.

Ensure you choose WinXP as operating system. Check it out.

But note that display drivers for notebooks aren't updated as often as for desktop PCs. If you don't encounter serious problems with your actual driver version then just leave it.

You can find other drivers on the internet, but use them at your own risk.

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I'm looking to buy a notebook, but the graphics technologies in the laptops has me confused. I can find good info on both, except which tech is the latest and greatest. So which one is newer or better?

Answer:Which one is newer/better? The Mobility Radeon X300 or the Radeon Xpress 200M?

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I have Satellite A100-233 and I want to increase his memory. The question is, if on my motherboard can I put memory DDR2 with the speed of 667MHZ or I have use only 533 MHZ?


Answer:Satellite A100-233 - Which memory I need?


It?s depending on your chipset that you have ;)

If you only want to buy a second memory module I would be the same module as first one. So you know that his module is compatible with the notebook and normally only two identical modules should be used in the notebook to avoid incompatibility issues.

But as far as I know A100-233 can handle up to 667 MHz modules. If the first module runs with 533 MHz, the second module will also run on 533 MHz. That means the modules are downgrade compatible.

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I have (only) 512MB of RAM and I need to upgrade it. Which memory should I buy? From which models, that could be found on the market, could I choose? And do I need to have the same memory modules, eg. 512+512MB or 1GB+1GB (or even the same producer?) for better performance, work properly, or something? Please help me, I need to upgrade it ASAP and I couldn't afford any possible mistake :]

The notebook is Satellite A100-294

Best regards,
Lukas Witecki

Answer:Satellite A100-294: Which memory should I buy


Hopefully I will receive some reward points from you because I think I can provide useful answers ;)
The laptop seems to support the DDR2 533MHz (PC2-4200) 200-PIN SODIMM modules.
You can use such modules from different manufacturers but in my opinion it?s better to buy a brand name module instead of no-name module due to the better performance

This site provides some compatible Kingston modules for Satellite A100-294

You can also mix the modules; I mean you could use 512+1024 or 1024+1024 or 512+512. All these options are possible

Best regards

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Satellite A100-523. Why can I only increase my memory to 1536MB & not 2048MB as stated in product scan?
The laptop will not fire up on 2048MB.

Answer:Satellite A100 and memory upgrade

Has your notebook shared memory graphic card?

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My laptop has the original 1GB memory and I want to upgrade it to 2 GB.

I have identified the 2 x 1GB Memory PC2 DDR2 (667MHz) modules that I need but am confused whether I should choose module type PA3512U-1M1G or PA3512S-1M1G.

Both of these parts are available as Toshiba parts,, but Kingston only lists PA3512U-1M1G as correct for my laptop (A100-02M).
Are both parts compatible with the laptop and is one better than the other ?

The Toshiba price of the "U" part is listed ?14.20 and the "S "part at ?16.54 each.

TIA for info.

Answer:Upgrade memory for Satellite A100-02M

I presume Toshiba has better info about compatibility and according the notebook specification you can use both of them. Now it is your choice.

Kingston is also good place to buy RAMs. They offer always high quality products.

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I wold like to upgrade my laptop memory from 1gb to 4gb. I got the Satellite A100-467.

What is the best memory for me?? I will get the Win7 32bit OS

Can I use this (SO-DIMM DDR2 SDRAM SEC (PC6400,* 800MGz*, CL6) or only 533?

Thannks for the help

Answer:Memory upgrade on Satellite A100-467

FSB speed on mainboard is 533 MHz and compatible modules are DDR2-533 but you can use DDR2-667 RAMs. 2 GB RAM has part number PA3513U-1M2G.

More info about compatible RAMs you can find on KINGSTON page.
Check it out.

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I own a Satellite a100-912 and I want to upgrade its memory!
As it seems, this model supports only PC2-4200 DDR2 SODIMM modules (533 Mhz). Before bying a memory module that might regret, I want to know if there will be any compatibility issues if I use to this laptop PC2-6400 DDR2 SODIMM module (800 Mhz).

Is it going to work even at lower clock speed (533 Mhz) or is it going to be a total waste of money?

Answer:Memory upgrade on a Satellite A100-912

As far as I know the FSB is able to handle 667Mhz modules.
You can use lower modules (533Mhz) without any problems but modules with higher Mhz will not run with full speed due to the limited FSB.

So I don?t recommend buying 800Mhz modules. Firstly they are not supported and secondly it?s waste of money!

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Hi. I just buy a Toshiba Satellite A100-528, and i want to buy more memory for him, 512mb DDR2 533.
Where i can see which memory is compatible with my notebook? My option : Kingston, Kingmax !

Tks a lot !

Answer:Compatibility of memory for Satellite A100 e&mfr=Toshiba&tabid=AM&model=Satellite+A100+Series &submit=Go

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New to this. Doh. Put a 'Legend' 1GB memory upgrade (alongside the existing 500MB) into my A100 which was behaving slowly. Nothing seems to happen - in fact seems even slower. THe new memory does't show up under control panel - System....Should it? Do I have to do anything else to set it up and get it working apart from slotting it in?

Thanks for any advice,

Answer:Memory upgrade to Satellite A100

Someone has recommended that the Laptop will not recognise two different sized memories in at the same time and that I should try the 1 GB by itself and remove the old 512. Could this be the case?


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Help me with upgrade memory on TOSHIBA Satellite A100-250 up to 1024 mb.

I want to buy another slat of memory ddr2-533 512 mb, what exactly model am I necessary to search, that they worked in a pair.

Sorry for bad english. From Russia with Love.
PS. I like drink russian vodka :)

Answer:Need help with memory upgrade on Satellite A100-250


Your notebook can be upgraded up to 2 GB and compatible RAM is DDR2-400/533 1GB (PA3411U-1M1G).

Use this part number in Google and you will find it.

Bye and don?t drink too much Vodka. ;)

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I have a question about memory compatibility, it seems like the Toshiba Satellite A100 series has the newest motherboard (945PM).

On the intel website it says that this motherboard supports DDR 667. Although if you look carefully at the specifications the A100 comes with DDR 533 memory, isn't that strange? Or did toshiba do this to reduce cost?

Thanks to anyone who is willing to clearlify this issue

Answer:Satellite A100 compatible with DDR 667 memory??


There are different Satellite A100 models but I have found a information that these memory modules are supported:
DDR2-533 256MB (PA3389U-2M25)
DDR2-533 512MB (PA3412U-2M51)
DDR2-533 1GB (PA3411U-2M1G)

Depending on region, may ship with either DDR2-533 or DDR2-667. These can be mixed, however, when mixed they will default to DDR2-533.

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hello, i have a toshiba a100-237 with a core duo processor & 512 mb memory with bus 533.
i want to upgrade it to 2 gb memory with bus 667.
will it accept the new memory bus?

Answer:Question about memory bus on Satellite A100


Why bus 667? I presume that you know that it is recommended to use module with the same bus speed.

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Can I expend my memory up to 4 gigabyte?

Kingston DDR 2048MB 667MHz DDR2-667 * 2

Answer:Satellite A100-036 - is memory upgrade to 4GB possible?

Yes you can upgrade it up to 4 GB.
The right Kingston modules list you can find = Here

Good luck!

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I have this model of board: V000068460 it has the docking port/blue tooth/fingerprint/microphone/infra-red/external graphics capabilities and the pci-e connector for the wi-fi accepts dual use pci-e cards but the system memory is limited to 3gb due to chipset revision.

So does anyone know of a compatible board that has all the same options (infra-red is optional) but has a later revision of the chipset so the memory can utilise the 4gb or nearly the 4gb of ram?

Answer:Satellite Pro A100 - 4GB memory motherboard?


As far as I know the Toshiba Satellite Pro A100-196 PSAACE-001009AR supports 4GB RAM.

Googled a little bit and found out that V000068140 board is compatible for Satellite Pro A100-196

Hope this helps

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I have a Toshiba Satelilte A100-440 that I want to upgrade with more memory but I'm having trouble finding info about what memory that is compatible (there is a lot of info about other A100-models but not the A100-440).

Anyone have info about where I can find info and/or suitable memory?.

Answer:Satellite A100-440 - what memory that is compatible?


All modules which are compatible with Satellite A100 are compatible also with an Satellite A100-440? the 440 is just an sub model number and it?s not really important fro RAM upgrade.

You should be able to use the DDR2 667MHz (PC2-5300) 200-PIN SODIMM or the DDR2 533MHz (PC2-4200) 200-PIN SODIMM modules.

The speed of modules depends on the FSB (front side bus). If FSB supports max 533Mhz then your 667Mhz modules would run also at 533Mhz?


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Just got an A100-596 laptop & keeps locking up on me. I think I need to upgrade the memory as it only has 512MB.

Question is what sort do I need? I know it DDR2 RAM (533MHz) but what voltage. The Toshiba website info doesn't help much & Crucial's system scanner doesn't list the laptop model.



Answer:Satellite A100-596 - I need to upgrade memory

The voltage is not very important.
You can use the DDR2 533MHz (PC2-4200) 200-PIN SODIMM modules

The notebook supports the FSB 533Mhz and therefore it does not make sense to upgrade the memory with a 667Mhz modules.

So take the PC2-4200 200-PIN SODIMM and you are on the safe side ;)

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What types to memories supports this notebook?
DDR2 -533, 667 thats all? 800 supports?

Answer:What type of memory I need for Satellite A100-906

The notebook was delivered with DDR2-533 RAM.
But you can check this with tools like Everest. There you can see that kind of RAM the notebook (chip set) does support.

Of course, you can buy DDR2-667 RAM or DDR2-800 RAM but it runs only with the speed of the lowest module or chip set does support.

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Good day,

The reason for the question is that Rectron in South Africa says that the A100-599 is supplied with 2x512mb Memory modules and not with 1x1Gb as indicated on the Toshiba site. Rectron advices to purchase 2 x 1Gb memory but will not refund for the 2x512mb memory, thus leaving you pay 2x for what you are actually going to use.

Please just confirm whether the A100-599, sold in South Africa, are indeed with 2x512mb or 1gb as indicated on the site.

Thank you,

Answer:Question about Memory on Satellite A100-599


The A100-599 seems to be sold in European, Middle East and Africa.
I think the notebook was delivered with the 1GB memory module in one slot.
The second memory slot should be free.

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I'm in the process of purchasing a Satellite A100-756 which has a 120GB HDD and 1GB memory.

I have seen what appears to be easy access hatches to both these areas. Is it easy to upgrade them and will this effect the warranty ?

I'm also trying to find out if the HDD with the laptop is SATA ? Can anyone help me with how to do this ?

Answer:Need advice about HDD and memory on Satellite A100


I am not 100% sure but all latest and newest Toshiba notebook models have SATA HDDs. To be honest to you I really don?t understood why HDD upgrade. A100 is newest model with really enough HDD capacity. Compare it with other notebook models and you will see that 120 GB is more than enough. RAM upgrade is always good.

Anyway the decision is yours and you can do what you want. Memory upgrade should not be problem because memory cover is at the bottom side. Sorry but I can not tell you where is the HDD placed but the fact is that probably keyboard must be removed.

I recommend you to contact your local dealer and clarify this with him. Memory upgrade should not be problem but for HDD upgrade it is necessary to disassemble the unit (not the whole) and it will definitely cancel the valid warranty.


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Hi All,
I Have a satellite A100-583 which currently has 1gb of ram and want to know what is the largest that it can be upgraded to and is it worth doing,Also does it have to be replaced with 533ddr2 or can it be replaced with 667 and is that a better upgrade ?
Can you also tell me what is SODIMM and if this make a difference ?

Answer:Satellite A100 memory upgrade


the machine can be upgraded to a maximum of 4GB of main memory, and if it´s worthy can by no one be answered, but only by yourself.

Do you really need it? I think the best would be that you upgrade to 2GB since you´re not a graphics designer which has larger pictures (which can be some gigabytes tall :) ).

As a normal user under vista/XP you only need 2GB. You won´t even recognize the jump from 1GB to 2GB of RAM or more.

Regarding the modules FSB frequency: it doesn´t matter which frequency you use, you really won´t gain any performance when using the 667mhz modules, so just obtain a fine pair of 2x2GB sticks with 533Mhz and just enjoy the "speed".

Here´s a little explanation for S0-DIMM:

have fun ;)


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Can I upgrade my Satellite A100 ( 512MB (PA3412U-1M51) inside ) with a 1GB Module ( KTT533D2 by Kingston equiv. to PA3411U-1M1G ) ?
If I want to mix it the system just recognizes 1GB instead of 1,5 GB. Is it possible to use both?

Answer:Re: Satellite A100 - using 512 MB + 1GB Memory togehter?


First of all you have to check if the notebook would support the 2GB RAM.
If the chipset would support the 2GB RAM then you can use the modules together:
one 1GB RAM and one 512MB RAM module.

But note; then RAM modules should support the same specifications to ensure that no error would be detected while booting.

By the way; more details about ?how much RAM is possible? should be mentioned in the user manual.

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I want to be as sure as I can be, I have already bought memory from Crucial - it doesn't I want to be sure I get it right next time.

Satellite A100-232, currently has 512 Mb - I believe I can go up to 2 Gb and understand that 2 x 1 GB is better than 1 x 2GB - is this true ?

Next - WHICH?? memory - based on a search on their website I bought 2 x 1GB sticks from Crucial, they advised DDR2 PC2 5300 and it did not work. Despite repeated emails they insist that these sticks are the 'replacement' for DDR2 PC2 4200 (which is now strongly indicated to me from my recent research as the correct memory - part # PA3411U -1M1G).

If I now buy 2 x 1 Gb - DDR2 PC2 4200 (from a different supplier of course) will I be doing the right thing ?????????? Assuming the new memory works, I'll be getting in touch with Crucial for some money (of course).

Answer:Re: Satellite A100-232 Memory upgrade

>Satellite A100-232, currently has 512 Mb - I believe I can go up to 2 Gb and understand that 2 x 1 GB is better than 1 x 2GB - is this true ?

You can upgrade the RAM up to 2GB and usually you should use 2 x 1GB RAM 533Mhz.
In my case one big module was not recognized. I had to use 2 x 1GB RAM? but I don?t have this model.

I recommend using brand name modules; Kingston is good and provides good quality modules.
Different manufacturers provide cheaper modules but the performance and the quality is not really good.

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I would like to increase memory of my Satellite A100-036 (psaan), as 1 GB seems to be insufficient to run Vista. The problem is, I can't find out what my A100 would support. Now I have 512x2 Samsung DDR2 (533). I'm sure 1x2GB (DDR2, 533) would run OK, but what about some more? Say, 2x2GB?

First, I'm not sure whether 1x2GB chip would be supported by my A100. Any ideas?

Secondly, I've read somewhere that 4GB would be supported by my 945 Intel chipset, but there is no point in it unless I have a 64-bit OS, as 32-bit only support ca.3.2 GB. If that's true, would I be able to install 1GB + 2GB (3GB total) and use it efficiently? Are there any recommendations as to the combination of memory chips of different volumes (like 2 GB and 512MB)? May be it is better to have similar in volume?

And one more thing: not sure whether the chipset supports faster memory (higher than 553). And Can I combine 553 and smth faster?

Seems a lot of questions, but I hope someone could find some time and help me!

Thank you!!!

Answer:Satellite A100-036 memory increase


Well first of all, try to remove the current memory cards to look the model. For my A200, the memory cards are in the middle of the computer. You could go to the shop with one of them and buy one that's about the same model or even bring your laptop directly to the shop and try them there. The people at the shop will probably be able to determine the right card for your computer.

Good luck,

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Can someone please tell me the max memory speed for the Satellite Pro A100-828, i am wanting to upgrade to the maximum 4GB but am finding that some sites say the max speed is 533MHz whilst others say 667MHz. For example, the Toshiba site only lists 533MHz memory under the 'Compatible Options' yet other sites list 667MHz memory as compatible.

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Satellite Pro A100-828 Max Memory Speed


You should check what FSB (front side bus) would support.
Install the hardware diagnostic tool like Everest home edition and you should be able to find out this value.

If your chipset would support the 667Mhz then you could use such modules and the modules would run with 667Mhz too.

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Can someone tell me how much memory I can put into my notebook "A100-692 PSAA9E"?

On the Internet there are pages which state that 4GB is the max memory amount, whereas the handbook says that 2GB is the max amount (The handbook seems to be made for a group of different notebooks and also states
that my notebook should have a GForce but it has an ATI GFX card).

If 4GB is the max amount, can I go with the following memory constellation?:

2GB Stick Port 1
512 MB Stick Port 2

Also can I use DDR2-667Mhz Ram instead of 533Mhz Ram and and/or a mixture of these?



Answer:Satellite A100-692 PSAA9E: What is the max memory

Besides the internt pages I think you really can only use a maximum of 2GB, as the biggest official memory module is only a 1GB one.
Anyway, more than 4GB are useless if you dont't use a 64Bit operating system.

I would suggest that you use 2x1024GB 533mhz modules.

Mixture of 533 and 677 might work but wouldn't risk any incompatibility issues.

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I am using Satellite A100-599 noetbook with installed memory 1Gb-533Mhz ,the system supports memory upgrade up to 4Gb.

I need to add another 2GB ram but I only found it with 667Mhz, the question is can I add he 2GB-667MHz ram to the existing 1GB-533MHZ ram .

Answer:Satellite A100 - Adding memory RAM

You can do this but the 2GB-667MHz module will run only at 533Mhz.
The slower module would lock the faster module and would allows the module to run only at 533 MHz

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I've an A100 -02M with 512MB in the 2 slots
What's the maximum memory I can have in each slot?
I've had some websites telling me 1024 MB & others telling me 2048MB

Phil W

Answer:Satellite A100-02M: Memory Upgrade question


As far as I know the Satellite A100-02M can be upgraded up to 2GB RAM.
This means that you can use 2 x 1GB RAM? 1GB DDR2 RAM (667 MHz) in each slot?


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Hello Friends,

Just bought memory Upgrade for my Satellite Pro A100-229 from but these modules are not working in my Laptop ?

Product Details is :- _*CT12864AC667.8FG ( 1GB 200PIN DDR2 SODIMM 128M x 64 PC2-5300*_ ).

Does anyone know which memory modules will work in my Satellite Pro series please ?

Or is there anyway I can make these modules work please ?

Thanks a lot.

Answer:Satellite Pro A100-229 - Incompatible Memory from CRUCIAL


If the modules are not compatible then you will not get it to work?
I think you should check some Kingston modules: *DDR2 533MHz (PC2-4200) 200-PIN SODIMM*

I?ve bought some Kingoston modules and they work properly,

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Hi all!

I'd like to add some memory to my laptop and been trying a couple that do work but I am getting some bugs because that seem to be related to the fact that I put pc5300 memory rather than pc4200 memory... The odd thing is that it works fine and only bugs when playing music and flash movies!

Does anyone know with certainty what type of memory can I use ... what is actxually the most important , the frquency (533) or the pc4200 ... how can I know what memory i can buy and be sure it will work, even if I have to throw the actual one if there are compatibility problems?

Many thanks for any guidance!

Answer:Satellite A100 - 386 PSAA9 Memory compatibility

you can delete this post i was going in the wrong direction .... sorry...

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I have a Satellite A-847 with a Intel® Centimo® Duo Mobile Technology featuring Intel® Core???2 Duo Processor T7200, Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG network connection and Intel® 945PM Express chipset
clock speed : 2.0 GHz
Front Side Bus : 667 MHz
2nd level cache : 4 MB
The memory originally is DDR2-533 MHz, i need to know if my laptop supports memory modules of 667 MHz.
How do i know that?

Answer:Does Satellite A100-847 support 667 MHz memory modules???

Hi there,

yes, your machine supports 667Mhz modules:

Thats your chipset and if it supports it then you are able to work with such modules..


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I've had the misfortune to get 2 KVR667D2S5/1G sodimms for my Toshiba Satellite A100-551 laptop which don't work by themselves either as a single sodimm or as a pair, it doesn't matter which slot they go into - they don't work.

However when the orignal 512Mb sodimm is put back into one of the slots - it doesn't matter which - either of the kvr etc sodimms work giving a total of 1.5Gb of ram.
Please help me to solve this problem.

Also is it poss. to upgrade cpu ie is cpu socketed. I've already upgraded many a laptop cpu when thay had socketed cpus, so I'm aware of the problems involved
Thanking you all for your kind help in this matter.


Answer:Question about memory & CPU upgrade on Satellite A100-551

Hi Mike

> I've had the misfortune to get 2 KVR667D2S5/1G sodimms for my Toshiba Satellite A100-551 laptop which don't work by themselves either as a single sodimm or as a pair, it doesn't matter which slot they go into - they don't work.
It?s clear -> modules seems to be not compatible ;)

> However when the original 512Mb sodimm is put back into one of the slots - it doesn't matter which - either of the kvr etc sodimms work giving a total of 1.5Gb of ram.

Cannot believe that! As far as I know this notebook was delivered only with one 512MB DDR2 533MHz (PC2-4200) 200-PIN SODIMM module.
Of course you can upgrade the memory up to 2GB using two 1024MB modules.

The compatible memory can you find here:

> Also is it poss. to upgrade cpu ie is cpu socketed. I've already upgraded many a laptop cpu when they had socketed cpus, so I'm aware of the problems involved
Well, what to say, the CPU is socked? you can find out it easily using an hardware diagnostic program like ?Everest?. It would provide many useful information about your notebooks hardware.

But to be honest, I?m very skeptical about CPU upgrade on the notebooks.
If you have already changed several CPUs on the notebooks then you should know that this is not very easy and more tricky like the CPU upgrade on the desktop PCs.

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Hello all,

I want to upgrade RAM on my Satellite A100-181, because 512Mo is a bit limited...
I ordered a noname 1Go dimm one month ago, put it in, with the 512dimm. As a result, we have only 1Go recognised, and the laptop won't boot if the 512 module is not mounted.

I thought it was a bad memory module, and ordered a 2Go kit from crucial, memory modules that come paired, and guaranteed by Crucial to be compliant with the toshiba A100-181.
Result is the same: with the 2dimms inserted, the PC won't boot: it just turn on and off, and again... With 1 dimm only, it won't boot except if the original 512 module is joined to it... And one time again, only 1Go is recognised (915456Ko in the bios, but I suppose that video reserved memory is not counted here)

Does anyone has ever heard an issue / solution about this ?

Thanks a lot.

Answer:Memory issue while upgrading my Satellite A100-181

This is typical behaviour when you use non-compatible modules.
Your notebook can handle with 2GB max and compatible 1GB Ram is DDR2-400/533 1GB (PA3411U-1M1G). Use this part number to order compatible module.

You can also buy /order Kingston module. Kingston offers high quality products and using them you will not have such problems.

The "Value" RAM Modules use a lot of cheap chips utilizing multiple banks/channels, which can cause compatibility problems with some Chipsets/CPU's.

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please i need help because i can't take the cover off to install the memory expansion. thanks in advance.

Answer:How to upgrade memory expansion on Satellite A100-192


I don't have this laptop, but I think you normally just need to remove the screws around the plate.


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I have a Satellite Pro A100-830 and I bought the maximum allowed memory for it which is 2x2Gb which in my world totals 4Gb. When I put the dimms in on their own in either slot, the BIOS reports 2Gb. Well done bios! When I put them both in together, I only see 3Gb in the bios!

I did find this link on the Crucial website.

It would suggest that page files, devices etc take up memory on you system at start up, before the OS kicks in I assume. If you have not got the maximum memory installed, you should see the total memory. If you have got the maximum memory installed then you will not see the memory in use by the page files etc. Why would this be? Why would you see 2Gb if you only have 2Gb but then see only 3Gb if you have 4Gb because of the system!

Can anyone shed any light on this subject and either qualify or reject the information in this link. Do I need to replace the memory and/or the pc?



Answer:Satellite Pro A100-830 with 4Gb of memory but BIOS tells me I only have 3Gb

This not a BIOS problem but a Windows issue.
I found this info:
Windows XP Professional 32-bit is limited to 4GB of address space. If you have 4GB of RAM installed, it will not show 4GB within Windows. What you'll probably get is the size of your pagefile subtracted from the 4GB.

Some of this address space is reserved for hardware and the OS... so you'll never have access to the full 4GB anyway. If you want to access 4GB+ of RAM... your best solution is to pick up XP Pro 64-bit... but that will only work if your P4 CPU has EMT64. (64bit)
You can also try enabling DEP if it isn't already enabled... this will also enable PAE which may give you access to all 4GB

So finally a answer:
> Do I need to replace the memory and/or the pc
-> No, everything is ok... you don't need to change teh hardware

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for start.. i own a satellite a100-192...
i'm thinking of upgrading my ram and i know that the type of ram inside my notebook is ddr2 pc533 so-dimm...

But I cannot find what brand of ram is it shipped with my kind of notebook?

Answer:Satellite A100-192: what is a brand of my memory modules

Well, I assume the Toshiba delivers the own notebooks with the Toshiba memory modules.
It seems these modules are compatible:
DDR2-533 256MB (PA3389U-2M25)
DDR2-533 512MB (PA3412U-2M51)
DDR2-533 1GB (PA3411U-2M1G)

Also the Kingston modules support a great performance and could be used.

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I have an old Satellite A100-811 with Windows XP SP3. It has 1 GB memory (2x512). I want to upgrade the memory. What should I do?

1. Put another 2GB memory so the total is 2.5Gb (will i have any problems for using two types of memory 512Mb and 2 Gb ?)

2. Put 2x1 Gb total 2 Gb (for better combatibility?)

3. Put 2x2 Gb . But will i have the full 4Gb memory or just 3Gb because of Win Xp limitations of memory?

Do I need any BIOS update for this?

Thanks in advance for any info!

Answer:Satellite A100-811 - Maximum memory capacity

Hi skga100,

The maximum RAM capacity of Satellite A100-811 is 4GB. That means you can install 2GB in each slot.

Usually for Windows XP 2GB is enough but I you want to upgrade to Vista or Windows 7, you should think about 3 or 4GB?

In your case I would buy one 2GB memory module. So you are on the safely side.
Why? If you want to install Vista or Windows 7 later, you can buy a second memory module and keep your 2GB module. That?s the easiest way. :)

And no, BIOS update is not necessary.

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Cannot read Memory Stick *pro Duo* from my Sony Camera to edit fotos

Is there any update or possibly a solution via USB-Adaptor?

Answer:Satellite A100-775 - Can't read memory stick pro duo

I don?t have Memory Stick Pro Duo cards but I have looked in the user manual and the card reader supports SD/MS/MS Pro/MMC/xD memory cards and it looks like that MS Pro Duo cards are not supported.

I think you should use an external card reader. I bought an external card reader from Kingston and it works fine.

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Bought a week ago, just want to upgrade memory to 2048 MB ( the manual says it can be expanded up to 4096 MB) The A100 has already 1024MB ram as came from factory with two slots of 512, but.. where are the other slots for upgrading
memory ? I' dont see any space downside except those already occuped by the two
512 DDR2. Please help


Answer:Satellite A100 T2400 upgrade memory


your notebook has only this two memory slots. So if you want to upgrade you can't use the 512MB modules.


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hello, im sorry to say that i am not able to remove the memory cover on the bottom of my notebook (satellite pro a100-491). i learned from the user guide that there is only one screw to open the cover. but despite removing the screw (as far as possible) the cover doesnt move. i dont want to use some force so i am asking if theres any trick to open it easily. i really tried a lot befor posting here.
if anyone is able to help me i would be very grateful.
thx kai

Answer:Can't remove memory cover! Satellite Pro A100


you just have to pull up the cover with a little force.


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Consider me as 1 of the thickie bunch.. Not even sure wot im talkin bout but here goes n e way...........
Have a Satellite A100 570 ( PSAA2E)..........

Have tried several different online sites lookin for memory upgrade. Didn't have the witt to use toshiba site...... Ended up going with Crucial.........
Ran diagnostic on laptop and was sent the module a needed.or so i thought....... wrong 1 or 1s as i bought 2 x 1G modules in order to " double up".....

Got my money back as they were not compatable with my system.. something to do with density problems....
Tried company called OFFTEK........ they seemed to know what they were talkin about....... I have from Offtek. at present a..........

200 Pin 1.8v DDR2 PC2-4200 SoDimm....... but Toshiba have recommended below......

1GB PC2-4300 DDR2 Memory (533MHz)
Part Number: PA3411U-2M1G
1024MB (1GB) Memory PC2-4300 DDR2 (533MHz)

Theres an obvious difference ...... 4200 and 4300. But im not sure if its a significant difference........... or what it means
Have updated bios to most recent version and basically updated everything toshiba had to offer for this model...........

Ran EVEREST and it recognises the 1G module but when i take out the original 512mb module the laptop starts for about 3 seconds then shuts down...
this repeats about 5 times then complete shutdown.....

I dont like opening the back cover too often but this is the 3rd module ....
Not sure whats meant to happen if the module is ... Read more

Answer:Satellite A100 shuts down after memory upgrade

PC4200 is the speed of the RAM. PC4300 sounds incorrect, maybe its a misprint being confused with PC5300?

Anyway you can generally mix RAM speeds, the system will simply run both Modules at the lowest speed.

Note that some systems cannot run with RAM only in Slot B, so ensure at least one module is in slot A

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I've just bought a 1 Gb RAM memory to upgrade my Satellite from 2*512 to 1*1024 + 1*512.
The memory brand is Crucial.

Wherever I put my memory (1 Gb in slot 1, 512 Mb in slot 2 or the opposite), my computer only recognize 1 Gb.

Some ideas about this concern ?
Do I have to put the same size of memory in each slot, may be ?

Thx in advance for your help.



Answer:Satellite A100-551 recognizes only 1GB RAM after memory upgrade

Do you run in Windows Vista?
Some days ago I put an extra 1GB in my mom's laptop and it showed only 800 MB instead of 1.5GB of RAM. It seems that Vista is taking some memory for itself (that's what I've been told).

If that is not the problem, are you sure you bought RAM memory compatible with your laptop? Does it use DDRI or DDRII? I am asking for you didn't write anything about the memory except for the manufacturer.

Message was edited by: ClockworkPlum

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I have a Satellite A100-496 which states:
Memory Type : DDR2 533MHz (PC2-4200) 200-PIN SODIMM
Will the following memory work or not

Total Size: 2GBMB
Form Factor: DIMM 200-pin
Memory Speed: 667Mhz (PC-5300)
CAS Latency:555-12
1.8v (+/- 0.1v)


Answer:Question about memory compatability for Satellite A100-496

I do not know who the manufacturer from this RAM module is but I hope you use high quality product. Unfortunately I can not test it with my Satellite A100 but I believe you can use this RAM module.

According some reports here on the forum, maybe you will have problem to get it work together with one old RAM module. Test it please and please let us know how it works.

Anyway, I think you should use 100% compatible module. If you want check it here


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I'd like to buy A100-906 notebook. It has 1024Mb DDR2 533mGz memory but I want to rise DDR2 memory upto 2Gb. So my question is:
Are these 1024Mb the single DDR2 1024Mb plate in one DDR2 slot and the second DDR2 slot is empty or they are the couple of 512Mb DDR2 plates and both DDR2 slots are occupied?


Answer:Question about DDR2 memory on Satellite A100-906


In my knowledge the notebook was delivered only with one 1024MB module and the second bank is free.
So it should be no problem with a memory upgrade to 2048MB

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I have ordered a 1GB stick of memory from Crucial and decided to have a trial run accessing the memory slot. The single Philips head screw retaining the memory cover is easily unscrewed but does not lift out of the cover. The cover then seems to be reluctant to lift off. Does anyone have any info on this seemingly simple task as I do not want to damage the lappy?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Pro A100 memory upgrade

and the memory cover comes off without too much trouble. Make sure the screw is fully undone, and then gently lever off the cover using a screwdriver or knife under the small tab.The cover has two smaller tabs on the sides, and these click into (and out of) slots.Just take it gently but firmly, and I'm sure the cover will come off.

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Hi all,

i have a question.... i can change the quantity of memory available for the video card?
Now the pc with Vista home premium have only 64mb dedicated for the video card and 271mb of system memory available and 0 of system memory used.
It's possibile change by software the setting of video memory?


Answer:Satellite A100-750: How to increase the graphic memory


Are you sure your notebook graphic card supports a shared memory?
As far as I know the A100-750 was delivered with a nVIDIA GeForce FX Go7300 and this card supports own 64MB video memory. This is not shared memory and therefore you cannot increases this graphic card memory to a higher value.

In this case the graphic card uses own memory and the notebook do not need to share the main memory with graphic card.

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I just installd 4gb ram. The (updated) BIOS shoes 4gigs in bios setting, but the memory test will only go to 3071 MB
I checked the two rams single - the check goes to the full 2gb in both cases... So where has the 1GB ram gone?
Toshiba sais, that my notebook supports up to 4gig ram, I have a Toshiba A100 - 153 (PSAA9e), Bios version 6 Phoenix CSS 2005 Q4 Version Mak -r1.53
Ram support up to 800 MHz FSB

Has anyone gon an idea?

Answer:4GB RAM limit in memory test on Satellite A100

Hi friend,

man thats easy to solve. You must only read this [article from|] and this [Toshiba Support Document|].

Everything will be clarified and you will be enlighted about the fact that the system itself without the operating system needs also his amount of RAM to work properly.

Thats it, nice weekend

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Hello my device is equiped with the G-Force GO 7600 Driver Graphics Card , i read in some site that this model can by Expandable from 128 Mbit to 256 Mbit by sharing with the RAM Memory, but i cannot find anything in bios that allows me to do this . How can i do it ?

I also have another Question sorry ;P i bought 2x2Gb PC 5300 Memory but it says 4Gb of Memory 3 Gb Usable , Why ?
Thank you.

Answer:Satellite A100-376 (PSAAR) and Expandable VGA Memory


The graphic card shares the memory but this is controlled automatically by an graphic card driver.
You cannot assign or add the memory manually.

> I also have another Question sorry ;P i bought 2x2Gb PC 5300 Memory but it says 4Gb of Memory 3 Gb Usable , Why ?
Do you use Win 64bit or 32bit system. The 32bit system can handle only 3.2GB RAM

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I am looking for information how reduce graphic memory. I have Satellite A100-692, PSAA9E-09900QGR and install 1024MB RAM but 512MB is dedicated for graphic memory. Because of that I have 512MB RAM in real only.
I like to change it. Only 256MB should be dedicate for graphic memory. I have checked BIOS (ver. 2.00) and graphic drivers and anywhere is option regarding changing graphic memory.

Please help how to do it.

Answer:Satellite A100-692 - how reduce graphic memory?


You have described your situation but it sounds very strange.
As far as I know the notebook uses a ATI MOBILITY RADEON X1400 128MB graphic card and this is NOT a sheared memory graphic card!
This card uses own 128MB and should share the main memory!

I don?t know why you have suggested that you have only 512MB.
How did you test it?

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