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Satellite A200 (PSAE0C) Where to find Toshiba Power Saver for download

Question: Satellite A200 (PSAE0C) Where to find Toshiba Power Saver for download

I want to run Toshiba Power Saver on my laptop.

I have a Toshiba Satellite --T2450-- A200, running windows XP and I really badly want to run the program.

I need massive help from anyone/everyone hehe.

I cannot find the program anywhere.
So could someone please find me a link that I can use to download it?

I would greatly appreciate this! Thank you!

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Preferred Solution: Satellite A200 (PSAE0C) Where to find Toshiba Power Saver for download

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite A200 (PSAE0C) Where to find Toshiba Power Saver for download

On the Toshiba European driver page in ARCHIVE area you can find BIOS and Utilities for this oldie.
But unfortunately, there are NO XP drivers or any Utilities for this stone-age notebook.

Nothing to do buddy?.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite (Model no. A200; Part no. PSAE0C-AH308C), and installed Windows XP over a previously corrupted version of Vista (which had 4 partitions, which were corrected, erased, then reformatted into one solid block). Now, I installed all the proper drivers off of Toshiba Canada's support site...

Everything worked, but I wanted to see in Windows (since I just got this computer) if everything was up and running normally before I installed Ubuntu....Then I came to the flash BIOS update. The program is supported in two formats, one for Vista, and one for XP... the one for XP has a higher BIOS version at 5.20 and Vista carries the 1.80 BIOS revision... both of which are marked as being updated by the Toshiba website. I opted to download the later version of the BIOS.

Things went awry as soon as I unzipped the self extracting program. First it said it couldn't find a .dll file (even though it was clearly in there), then what appeared as though it started to flash the BIOS but didn't finish (this was simply what happened when I opened the program)... I think it got to clearing the ROM but didn't get any code in there... Windows had tried to close the program since it was not responding, and I tried to reopen the program... got the same .dll error, but this time the program screen was just gray...

Since this program doesn't flash the BIOS unless the user selects "Flash BIOS" button, I have reason to believe this was a program bug, or a combi... Read more

Answer:Satellite A200 (PSAE0C-AH308C) - After BIOS update black screen

Hello Muhammed

A long story about your notebook and the BIOS update process.

I think your case the best way would be if you go to an authorized service provider. In this case (after a failed BIOS update) you can do nothing. The notebook technicians can try to reflash the ROM-module where the BIOS is stored and in worst case the mainboard must be replaced. The point is that the BIOS chip is soldered on the mainboard and can?t be exchanged and so it?s necessary to exchange the complete mainboard.

About the different BIOS versions on the Toshiba website I must say that it?s depending on the OS that you use. The version 5.20 is for notebooks with XP and 1.80 for notebooks with Vista.

Anyway, go to an ASP and ask for help. I?m sure that the technicians will help you as fast as possible.

Good luck!


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So I updated my Satellite A200-AH6 PSAE0C notebook (Bios and Graphic update) after installing Toshiba Power Saver, but every so often now, if I have to do a restart, there is a black screen on reboot with some info on my BIOS and some warnings/failed things.

Also, when it comes back, again, every so often, my date/time get reset to December 2004, 12:00 a.m.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Satellite A200-AH6 PSAE0C: BIOS Update issue - Date & Time Reset

Hmm... that?s strange... maybe you should try to update the BIOS again. I?m not quite sure if this will be possible if BIOS was already updated to the newest version but it worth a try.
Furthermore you should access the BIOS and should set it to default settings and should save the settings.


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I've got toshiba Satellite A200-1m8. WinXP Pro Sp3

When the pc is running on normal AC adapter it functions properly and fast and, when i unplug the adapter and run the pc on battery power it also does...

But the problem here arises when i replug the adaptor again ( switching from battery power to Normal Power ) the computer speed drops down.
It becomes slower and annoying browsing programs, running start menu, etc...

It is very noticeable... not a little amount ...
I tried to change the power management controller to the built-in ones in windows and testing the same case...
The computer speed functions properly...

I guess the problem is with Toshiba PowerSaver.
Version is : Toshiba PowerSaver 7.03.07.C


Answer:Satellite A200-1m8 slower when using Power Saver and AC adaptor


I?m not quite sure what could be the reasons for this issue but as far as I know you can assign the different settings in Basic Setup of Power Saver which could affect the notebooks performance.
For example; CPU control method, CPU processing speed, cooling method.

Please check what power profile has been chosen after the AC adaptor has been plugged in and if necessary change some settings mentioned above.


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I installed windows XP on my laptop Satellite A200, but i have a problem with the "Power Saver" (I think is name in processus is TPSmain.exe).
This driver don't want start and there is a error sound on the windows start.
I don't have the icon next the clock too.

Do you know this problem?

(sorry for my bad english ^^ )

Answer:Satellite A200: Power saver TPSmain.exe does not start

What Satellite A200 series do you have?
I ask it because there are different A200 series and every single series supports own drivers?

Did you update the BIOS to the XP version?
As far as I know the BIOS must be updated to the XP version if a XP OS was installed.

Did you install SP2?
This is important too!

Best regards

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I have an error message when installing Power Saver on PSAECE A200 -14D: 1612 error the installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and you can access it.

What could be the problem?


Answer:Error message while Power Saver installation on Satellite A200

OK, reinstalled XP, and problem solved.

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Ever since I installed windows 7 I can't use my computer in power saver battery mode because it becomes extremely slow.

It takes so much time for insignificant tasks. It's virtually unusable.

Can anyone tell me the reason for the problem and if there is some kind of solution?


Answer:Satellite A200-1IZ becomes extremely slow using power saver mode


What maximum CPU performance did you set for Power Saver mode? Check the settings in Windows Power Management: Start > Control Panel > Power Options.

Change the plan settings for Power Saver mode and make sure that the maximum CPU performance is set to 100% for power saver mode. This increases the performance of the computer.

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I have a satellite A60 and have a problem with the power saver. It appears that my virus/adware application has removed parts of the Power Saver App. No problem I thought, i'll reinstall it from the Tools and Utilities CD - wrong!
The Power Saver App on the CD has a 16 bit installer that won't run under Win XP, have tried Toshiba website (UK,Europe and USA), no luck - same 16 bit installer.
Any help please!

Answer:Toshiba Power Saver on Satellite A60

Hey there

couldyou please check the link below;en-us;324767

This is not a failure with the Powersaver but with Windows XP . In the article it indicates that you need to use a XP cd but rather than that you can use the I386 folder under the C Drive


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I liked the Toshiba Power Saver that I had used for so long with my laptop, but after upgrading to W7-32b it does not work anymore... Most of the new utilities and drivers from Toshiba are specific for W7-64b.

I was wondering if a driver from a relatively new computer (32b based) would work fine in mine and, if it is worth a try, which one would be the most "similar" laptop to mine?

In case nothing works is there any other power management utility that you could recommend me?


Toshiba Satellite M40X-115

Answer:Power Saver - Toshiba Satellite M40X

hi fernandoc, if your laptop originally came with Vista, just reinstall the same drivers, but install them in Compatibility mode with Vista,

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Dear All,

Is there is a version of TOSHIBA Power Saver for windows Vista that dont check the model of the laptop before the installation because I have Satellite M45-S265 and I know that it is not supported for Vista but I successfully got vista working on it TPS on it so any help I'll be thankful.

*Eng. Mohamed Hussein*


Answer:Is there a Toshiba Power Saver for Satellite M45 with Vista


You are right about Vista support. As far as I know there is no ?universal? power saver version but in my opinion you do not need it at all. Power saver tool for Vista does not look like old version and under Vista many settings have been taken over Vista itself.

Because of that I am pretty sure you do not need it at all. Be happy that Vista works well on your Satellite notebook. Optimize OS and enjoy it.

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I recently had to reinstall XP on my Satellite M30 PSM33A

I have most of the drivers but have not been able to get Toshiba power saver to work, nor the FN keys, the drivers I downloaded off the site installed but say "cannot open as you do not have access rights".

This is frustrating as my screen is really dim.
Also, my CD drive works but I cant play DVDs - it says I have an incompatible driver and I've tried everything

Can anyone help? Cheers

Answer:How do I get Toshiba power saver to work on Satellite M30?

PSM33A must be Australian notebook model so please download all drivers, tools and utilities from

There you can find all stuff you need. I don't know what is wrong there but please install all stuff following this installations order:

1. Chipset Driver
2. Microsoft Updates
3. Display Driver
4. Common Modules
5. Hotkey for Display Devices
6. Display Device Change Utility
7. Sound Driver
8. Touch pad Driver
9. cPad/Touch pad On-Off Utility
10. Modem Driver
11. V.92 Modem Driver
12. Wireless Network Driver
13. Atheros Client Utility
14. Network Driver
15. Infrared Driver
16. ConfigFree
17. SD Host Controller Driver
18. SD Memory Card Driver
19. SD Memory Card Format
20. Power Management
21. Utilities
22. Button Controls
23. Console
24. DVD Player
25. Drag'n Drop
26. CD/DVD Drive Acoustic Silencer
27. Skins for Windows Media Player
28. User`s Manual
29. Screensaver
30. Wallpapers
31. Sun Java Runtime Environment

I hope this will help you to install all drivers and Toshiba tools and utilities properly.

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I have a Satellite A60-297ITA bought with XP Home.
Now I've bought an XP Pro and I've installed it reformatting all the notebook.
Then I've installed all the drivers downloaded from your site.
The Installation of seems to work fine, but at reboot I obtain an error:
A fatal error has occurred. This program will be terminated. code: 0x7E.
What can I do?

Answer:Toshiba power saver crash on Satellite A60


Unfortunately it is not easy to say why this error message occurs. It is very important that you use Installation Instructions document while drivers and tools installation because the installations order is very important for successful installation.

Try to remove power saver and install it again.

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Hi All,...

First Thank u for replying my previous question which helped me a lot. I have another question. I had a Tecra A4 laptop before which comes with Toshiba Power Saver utility which can control the brightness and various power profiles for Windows. I now have L40-17R laptop, which I cannot find the same utility for???

Can anyone tell me if there is a tool for managing power profiles for L40-17R model, and where can I download it?

Answer:Toshiba Power Saver utility for Satellite L40-17R


As you know for WXP Toshiba has offered Toshiba Power Saver utility but for Vista this tool does not exist in the same format. Many functions are now in Vista power settings. Toshiba Power Saver utility is also there but just with several options.

You can find it if you open Power options > Change plan settings > Change advanced power settings. There you will find Toshiba Power Saver Settings V8.02.00.


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I've just made a clean Install of WinXp home w\Sp2 or Sp2, tried with both, and the power saver always gives me an error saying I don't have permissions to open it, i've tried with both versions available for download, and if I tryto remove it it gives me an error while unistalling.

Glad for any help you can provide.

Answer:Satellite A60: Canít open the Toshiba Power Saver


I have never seen this kind of error message. As far as I know there is just a message who informs you that you will not be able to use Microsoft power saver settings and Toshiba power saver at the same time.

Can you please write the original message?
In my opinion you should use the recovery DVD for OS installation. Believe me, in this case you will not have this kind of problems.


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Is it OK to uninstall the Power Saver v5.04 from a SP6100 as it doesn't seem to work properly, or at all?

I have already been checking and changing the BIOS v1.90 power settings also accordingly, but the machine still neither ever power-off the hard drive nor will go to standby sleep.

The only things working somehow are the screen saver and screen power off, but very rarely according to the settings' timing ...

Best regards,

Pete V.

Answer:Satellite Pro 6100 and "Toshiba Power Saver"

Hello Pete

I?m really wondering the Power Saver doesn?t work well on your notebook. This tool is one of the best Toshiba designed tools and it is very useful if you want to optimize notebook power consumption.

I really don't know what is wrong there but if you are not satisfied you can remove it from the system or simply use different ?power scheme? in power options properties.
Maybe you should try to reinstall power saver.

Have you noticed some other issue with your SP 6100?

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Does anyone know how to uninstall the Toshiba Power Saver Driver manually (so that one does not have to perform a clean install of Windows)? There is no automatic uninstallation for the TPS driver (not to be confused with the Toshiba Power Saver that can be uninstalled without problems).
Notice: the recovery CD is not an option here, because the TPS driver is included.

I want to do this to check if it is the thing that messes up the keyboard or not (see posts on M60 keyboard problem). I just wanted to check it on a new Sat P100 that has a similar keyboard, but guess what... the TPS is not enclosed with it.

As one may have guessed, the keyboard problem was not solved at the Toshiba service representative.

Answer:Satellite M60: How to uninstall Toshiba Power Saver

Hi samo

Unfortunately I have no solution how to remove TPS driver but it will be interesting to know how it works after Microsoft WXP full version installation. If you make some tests please let us know.

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i am fighting with this problem for months now.. the latest version of power saver on my toshiba sat pro m30 running windows xp with service pack 1 installed gives a message box with an error message on shutdown and i am unable to eliminate this error. i re-installed the system from scratch, because there are many other applications installed. i've read the forums and realised i am not the first one having problems with toshiba power saver. i am even lucky to have it started successfully at the start-up! yet, it crashes at the shutdown. it's quite annoying. also, i have downloaded all latest updates from this site for my laptop, including even bios update.

i would love to have the opportunity to be able to download the bug-free version of toshiba power saver from this site, and i am sure many other people would appreciate the fixes too!

Fatal error: 0x6A6.

any feedback on that?


Answer:Toshiba Satellite M30 & Power Saver shutdown error

i got it uninstalled, now when i try to put the s/w bac on, it gives me this

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I have some problems with utility - Toshiba Power Saver on XP.

After installation, the programm is not shown in task bar and when i shut down the OS - this is an error with TPS.

The windows is xp sp2, the tps driver was taken from official site toshiba.

Can anybody help me?

Answer:Satellite U400-12R: Toshiba Power Saver does not appear in taskbar Win XP


I?ve got U400 and I have installed Toshiba Power Saver and it works fine!
Did you try to install it again?

You should do this!
Remove the previous installed TPS and reboot the notebook.
Then download the right and compatible TPS and install it again!

Check this!

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Toshiba Power Saver for W-XP can not be installed.
Error-messages during installation: Fatal Error, Installation aborted. 0x2
Trying to remove the part what is installed (visible in Add/Remove programs), gives the same error message 0x2.

Under Programs > Toshiba only the Help-file "Power Saver Help" is visible, but not accessible.

Anyone can help me??


Answer:Satellite P300D-15C - Can't install Toshiba Power Saver


Just one question: Have you installed all drivers for your notebook?
Are all devices in device manager listed properly without yellow exclamation marks?

Normally before you can install the Toshiba tools you have to install Common Modules first. Check the Toshiba website to find it!


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Where can I download the Toshiba Power Saver for Windows 8 64x?

Answer:Satellite C850-1E7 - Need Toshiba Power Saver for Windows 8 64x

Since WXP Toshiba doesn?t offer power saver as separated tool. It is part of Toshiba value added package that Toshiba has created for Vista and modified for Win7.

Which notebook model do you have?

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i am fighting with this problem for months now.. the latest version of power saver on my toshiba sat pro m30 running windows xp with service pack 1 installed gives a message box with an error message on shutdown and i am unable to eliminate this error. unfortunately, i cannot consider re-installing the system from scratch, because there are many other applications installed and i cannot lose settings for them. i've read the forums and realised i am not the first one having problems with toshiba power saver. i am even lucky to have it started successfully at the start-up! yet, it crashes at the shutdown. it's quite annoying. also, i have downloaded all latest updates from this site for my laptop, including even bios update.

i would love to have the opportunity to be able to download the bug-free version of toshiba power saver from this site, and i am sure many other people would appreciate the fixes too!

any feedback on that?


Answer:Toshiba Satellite Pro M30 & Power Saver shutdown error


If your Notebook is properly installed it should work well. All delivered software was tested. The only reason for your problem can be some additional software that you installed later.

It is also possible that it can be caused by some Antivirus application. Maybe is some application running in background? There are lots of reasons who can be responsible for this issue.

If you reinstall your Notebook from ?Recovery CD? it will work properly. It is very unjustifiable to write about some bug-free versions. I have a few times problems with OS but almost always after using some freeware.


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Hi, I can't install toshiba power saver driver on my laptop because instalation crashes with error 1610: The configuration data for this product is corrupt. Contact your support personnel. I tried more versions of power saver driver. I got latest official chipset driver..Know somebody how to fix that?

My second problem is with battery, my laptop running on battery for max 10 minutes (i got my laptop 2 years) and i dint using battery supply often. Can battery loose so much capacity in 2 years even if i used to my battery once a week?

Sorry for english and thx for reply

Answer:Satellite Pro M70 - Can't install Toshiba Power Saver Driver


You have to install firstly the Common Modules and then software like:
Hotkey Utility
Touch Pad On/Off Utility
Power Saver

But the Common Modules is the essential software which must be installed at first

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I have Windows 7 on my laptop. Accidentally I installed power saver for XP and I cant uninstall it (0x7E error).

Do you know how to uninstall it?

Answer:Satellite L300-1F8 - How to uninstall Toshiba Power Saver?

Hi buddy,

Normally Toshiba Power Saver is designed for XP only so I think that?s the reason why you can?t uninstall it.

Anyway, you should try it with CCleaner. This freeware tool can also remove installed programs, so that?s worth a try! :)

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ive just installed xp
after the TPS installation was finished,TPS gives me this error
and wont work

any help will be so much appreciated

Answer:Satellite C660 & Win XP Toshiba Power saver error 0x2

Can you please post exact notebook model? I just want to check if your notebook is full supported for WXP.
Anyway, before you start to install any Toshiba specific tool or utility you must install common modules at first.

Please test it.

From my experience it is not easy to fix now so it is also possible that you must reinstall WXP and install all drivers, tools and utilities in right install order.

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I need Toshiba power saver for A215-S5824
I have downloaded this soft ware that especially for A210 series but don't install by fatal error 0X0 and 0X45A.

Please put link of this software.

Answer:Need Toshiba power saver for Satellite A215-S5824

Hi mate,

unfortunately I cannot place any link for you here. But what I can suggest you is to install all other Toshiba tools, especially the flash buttons driver, before installing the powersaver.

Where did you downloaded the powersaver? From the US or the European page?

I would suggest you to deinstall all drivers and tools, then install first all device drivers and Toshiba tools (except the powersaver) and in the end, you should install the powersaver. It should work then...


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When I bought my L300-17l all drivers from Toshiba drivers download pafe worked ok.
Recently I reinstalled my XP OS and now I started installing again all the drivers. LAN was ok, WLAN was ok, Display driver was ok.

But when I get to install Toshiba Power Saver ( URL: [] ) it gives me this error ( it shows the error either after I click finish on the instalation or before installing has begun, as you can see on this screenshot ) - []

I tried later this - i go ot control panel and open Toshiba Power Saver, but then it gives me another error - " CANNOT open because you do not have access rights to use "TOSHIBA Power Saver".
I reinstalled again my XP and it still gives me this error....I wonder what the problem could be....PLS help me

Answer:Re: Satellite L300-17l - Toshiba Power Saver gives me error after install


Satellite L300-17L belongs to the PSLBCE series.
I chosen this model number and found exactly the same power saver which you have tried to install.
Therefore I assume you have chosen the right Power Saver Utility for this notebook model.

But did you install also the Common Module?
This software should be installed firstly before any other tools installation.
Did you update the Win XP to the latest state?

Check this!

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I have a Satellite A660-11M and I work on Windows 7 Ultimate

The problem is that I have download all drivers and updates but the toshiba power saver does not work its installed with no error and TPSLaunch (green icon) does not open when I click on it and no icon I found in the control panel for the program afterIi install all the Value Added Package!

Answer:Satellite A660-11M on Windows 7 - Toshiba Power Saver does not work

Toshiba Power Saver is only for XP installations, you can't install the XP Drivers (and most Vista Drivers) in Windows 7.

Make sure all your drivers are for the A660, and make sure they are for Windows 7.

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i download the latest version of power saver, because i reinstalled my satellite A10 under windows xp, toshiba console and when i click on energy saver i have a error and the program don't run.
can you help me ?

[email protected]

Answer:Power saver and Toshiba utilities on Satellite A10 donít work properly


I don?t know how did you install the Toshiba tools but after the OS installation you have to install the chipset utility and then the Toshiba common modules. After the installation of 2 important drivers follow the installation with display driver etc

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Guys with A500-1GL, please, tell me which version of Toshiba Power Saver do you currently have? It is displayed in advanced power settings menu.

I am asking, because, I guess, that TPS from .eu toshiba site is pretty old and my laptop came with a newer one. Am I wrong?

Answer:Satellite A500-1GL - Latest Toshiba power saver version


Why is the version so important for you?
Important is that everything works properly and notebook saves energy if it runs with low CPU usage.

What operating system you have exactly?
If you use Windows 7 or Vista, Power Saver is a part of Value Added Package.

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When I switch on with mains power connected, I get a false error message which says "Toshiba Power Saver already started".
How do I get rid of this message permanently?

Answer:Satellite A100 - message: Toshiba Power Saver already started

Try uninstalling the Toshiba Power Saver from "Add/Remove Programs" in Control Panel.


Then download and install the latest Toshiba Power Saver from the Toshiba Website.

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i just bought my new Satelite, but now i see that the best tool from the former Satelite line is missing!
POWER SAVER! i'm running vista at the moment, but power saver does not exist so it seems!
I was wondering if that was indeed true, or it just does nog exist in my language!

If it does not exist, i would like to suggest it to Toshiba, to bring it back, but it was a most usefull tool, mutch better then the one that is standard on windows vista!
If anyone has a solution, i would be glad to hear from you ofcourse!

PS i tried installing the version for windows XP witch i downloaded from the Toshiba site, but it does not work on Vista ofcourse!

Answer:Toshiba Power Saver on Satellite A300-PSAGCE with Vista OS


Power saver is installed under Vista too and you can find it under:
Start ? Control Panel ? System & Maintenance ? Power Options > ?Select a Power Plan? ? Change plan settings ? Change advanced power settings ? Toshiba Power Saver Settings

As you can see the settings are not like before under WXP. The fact is that most of settings are now controlled by Vista and Toshiba power saver has no much influence in power settings like before.

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Hello eveyone, in the last days i install Vista home premium 64 bits on my Satellite A200-1DY PSAE3E and unfortunatelly I have lost the Toshiba programs.

For me it was very useful toshiba disk creator, and i like donwnload it if its possible, but i cant find this great program.

Can anyone tell me where i can download this?


Answer:Where i can download Toshiba Disk Creator for Satellite A200-1DY PSAE3E

You cannot download this additional software.
The Disk Creator can be installed only using the Toshiba recovery CD. The software is a part of the image on the Recovery.

The point is that you have purchased the notebook with an OEM licenses and such additional software can be used only in connection with the Toshiba image.

Unfortunately but a full version cannot be downloaded. If you wan to use it on a different OS you will have to purchase it

Regards amigo

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Where can i find power saver for my Satellite A300D?

Answer:Where can i find Power Saver for Satellite A300D?


Do you mean the Toshiba Power Saver?

The Toshiba Power Saver as a ?stand alone? application is available only for Win XP.
But using the Vista or Win 7 you can find some of the Power Saver settings in Vista Power Management or Win 7 Power Management.

For that you need to install the Value Added Package from the Toshiba European driver page.

Here is also an interesting Toshiba How to:

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Where to find the utility power saver for windows 7? (L300-11E)

Answer:Where to find Power Saver for Satellite L300-11E Win 7


You need to install the VAP package (value added package).
It contains different tools and also the TOSHIBA Power Saver which controls power consumption by switching to optimum power settings, based on whether the machine is plugged in or on battery power, and based on the remaining battery power.

Cheers matte

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Model:- PSPE8A-025002

OS:- Windows7 Ultimate (32bit)

On Windows Start up I get a service stopped notification - "TOSHIBA Power Saver service has been stopped so settings cannot be changed."
This is the only issue other than the known Windows 7 change in behaviour where the Eco Power Saver side button no longer works but by the usual Control Panel/Power Options I can select and change Power plans as normal. So this is just an annoying pop up on start up.

Advice on preventing the annoying notification welcome.


Answer:Satellite P500 - TOSHIBA Power Saver service has been stopped error

Hi Rob,

Have you tried to reinstall Toshiba Value Added Package? It contains the Power Saver where you get this error message. You can download it here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

I would also recommend reinstalling the Eco Utility.

Good luck! :)

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I cannot Install/reinstall/remove/run Toshiba power saver on my Satellite M45-S169. after I have reinstalled the system (now it is Windows XP Professional SP2). When I tried to open Power saver via control panel I got accessed denied and every time I reboot the system I get the error message:

Toshiba Power Save
A fatal error has occurred. This programme will be terminated.
Code: Ox7E

I cannot neither remove nor reinstall power saver. Can I try to run power saver for Windows XP SP2 applicable for other laptop models? I could not find the one for my model. Which one will fit? Any other solutions/advises to the problem?

Please, help

Thank you a lot, Oksana

Answer:I cannot Install Toshiba Power Saver on my Satellite M45-S169 - Code: Ox7E


First of all you have to known that this notebook was designed for the US market and all drivers, tools or any other Toshiba utilities should be used from the Toshiba US website.

Please ensure that you have already installed Toshiba ACPI Common Modules before you will continue with any further Toshiba software installation.

One important hint; the Toshiba power saver profile must be chosen in the Windows power options!!! Don?t forget this!!!

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I have A100-599 with Vista pre-installed. As you know there is Toshiba Power Saver bundled with vista mobile power settings. Not always, but sometimes when I turn on the computer and windows starts I get this message "Toshiba Power Saver service couldn't start".

When I checked in Control Panel->System->Services if the service indeed off I saw that it did start and is running.

Can someone tell me why this message sometimes pops up? Is it a software issue or may be there is a problem with the hardware?

Answer:Satellite A100-599: Toshiba Power Saver service couldn't start


The simplest way to solve this issue is to recover the OS with the Toshiba recovery CD.
In this case all programs and the whole OS should works without any problems.
You have suggested that you have the recovery CD. Use it.
Before you will start this procedure, make a backup of your all important files

software reviews

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The utility has suddenly stopped to work after updating Windows XP.
Informs, that there was an irreparable failure and performance of the program will be interrupted.
Code 0x0

What to do?

Answer:TOSHIBA Power Saver of Satellite Pro M-series stopped to work.(code 0x0)


maybe you should download the newest version of the powersaver for your machine, remove the old version (just go to Add/Remove Applications in your "Control Panel" and uninstall it) and install the downloaded one.

You can download the powersaver here:

Good luck

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I had Windows Vista Home Premium pre-installed on my Satellite A200.
I wasn't satisfied so i changed it to Vista Business. Where i can find programs as in the topic?
Toshiba Disc Creator & Ulead DVD MovieWriter for TOSHIBA


Answer:Satellite A200: Where to download Toshiba Disc Creator & Ulead DVD MovieWriter

Hi Lukasz

Sorry for this bad news but this is not possible.
The single programs mentioned in your post above are only a part of the Toshiba image.
This image can be found on the Toshiba recovery CD.

This additional software is not a Toshiba own software but it belongs to different software developing companies and it's not possible to download it from the Toshiba page.

Best regards

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i have this notebook for two weeks now.
In the beginning i had toshiba power saver right under as an icon.
But since about 4 days ago i have not anymore.

I unmarked it in my msconfig / start up but i did not delete it.
I tried to mark it again but it was gone in the start up scheme.

The toshiba power saver was in dutch language, can i download it somewhere in dutch language?
I hope that someone can help me.

with regards,

Answer:Where to download Power Saver for Satellite A110-159 with XP


Check the Toshiba driver page: -> Support & Dowloads -> Support homepage -> Download Drivers

There you will find Power Saver driver and Power saver Utility. Before you will start to install the Power saver Utility the driver must be installed!!!!

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My Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 wont boot when the power cable is plugged in, unless it's in safe mode. If it's running on battery, it will boot fine normally, but as soon as I plug the power cable in, it freezes. While on battery power, I've uninstalled EVERYTHING. If I boot windows on battery power, then plug it in, it's fine if I dont do anything, but as soon as I do something like open IE, try to shut it down, etc, it freezes.

So to summarise, everything has been uninstalled, safe mode and battery works fine, but plugged in freezes the laptop.

Anyone got any ideas?

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By the subject, the problem is there. Unfortunately, my computer which is the Toshiba M115-S3094, just recently had a Fatal Error with the Toshiba Power Saver program like 3 days ago. The Toshiba Power Saver not only does not want to work, but it no longer even shows on the taskbar.First, I went to the Power Properties to restore the proram, but to no avail.

Then, I tried uninstalling and subsequently re-installing the program and it still gave me the same problem with the Error: The program will be terminated. Fatal Error 0x51A. So right now, my laptop is not running on the Toshiba Power Scheme but on the common Windows scheme, like Presentation or Portable Laptop.

So I need help to restore the Toshiba Power Saver. I run the Toshiba M115-S3094 with Windows Media Center Edition.

Answer:Toshiba Power Saver fatal error 0x51A on Satellite M115-S3094


The Satellite M115 seems to be a Toshiba US notebook because of the 5 at the end of the number.
In this case you should use the Toshiba power saver from the Toshiba US site. Did you???

Maybe you have used the right Power saver utility, so possibly some registry or any system files keys are damage ? in such case the new OS installation from the Toshiba recovery CD would be advisable.

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Is there any other URL where I can get updated version of Toshiba Power Saver for my laptop Satellite A100 PSAARE other than the drivers homepage?

It seems that it is not controlling CPU fan anymore (it keep it always at maximum speed).

Also, I've noticed the graphic card (GeForce 7600) too noisy.

If the monitor is off I can't hear it (just the CPU fan), but as soon as I start working it's audible and like a continuous small beep.

Is there any fix (software/hardware) for this?


Answer:Satellite A100 PSAARE: Toshiba Power Saver + Graphic Card noise


The Toshiba European driver page is an only place where you could get the drivers and tools for your Satellite A100 PSAARE European model.
At this time it?s a Power Saver v7.03.07.I for Windows Vista!!!

But I have to say that I don?t see any software problems on your notebook.
The cooling modules and fans have to run with higher performances to ensure that your hardware parts could be cooled properly.

Maybe a cooling module cleaning could help to improve the internal cooling and to reduce the noises.
From time to time I clean my notebook ventilators using the compressed air spray and then the fans run quieter.

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Hi Guys,

Need help to find a power adaptor that would work with my Satellite A200 notebook. Any help would be great.



Answer:Satellite A200 - Where to find a Power Adaptor?


You can get such power adaptors and other parts from an authorized service provider. On the Toshiba website you can search for the nearest.

You can also look on the Toshiba website for compatible adaptors: => Peripherals & Services => PC Options & Accessories => PC Options & Accessories Homepage


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I was able to fully load Windows XP 64bit onto my Satellite M305D-S4830 with all drivers.
Everything is working great except for my battery not lasting very long.

I have searched but haven't been able to find a working copy of Toshiba Power Saver that will work on my laptop with XP 64.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Answer:Where to find Win XP 64bit Power Management/Saver for Satellite M305D-S4830


I think you will not find a 64bit version from Toshiba Power Saver.
Toshiba does not support XP 64bit so are no 64bit software available.

You must use the settings from Windows or you change to Vista 64bit. Vista has more options to save energy and it?s the same like Power Saver.


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Hi there,

Does any one know when or if Toshiba is going to enable us to download such utilities compatible with P100-188 series notebooks? I have very disappointed with the sound quality as compared with my M45 satellite that I have replaced with this P100-188 (PSP3AE).

I still can not see those utilities on the list tailored for this particular type of notebooks. Can anyone help me please?
Thanks and merry xmas-John

Answer:Satellite P100-188: Where to find Power Saver & Virtual Surround Sound

Well, as far as I know some units from the P series are delivered without the Power saver and the Virtual sound.
I don?t know why, but I assume it?s a kind of policy?
However, I don?t think that Toshiba will design and develop the tools if the notebook was delivered without these features.

I can remember a friend of mine has bought a unit from a P series a long time ago and this notebook was also not delivered with Toshiba power saver.
He had to use the Windows power options instead of the power saver.

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Hi, I have a Satellite A200, Windows 7 32 bits OS. When running the screen saver the PC stop responding. Have to switch of because no response.

If you have report the some problem please send.

Answer:Re: Satellite A200-1BQ, not responding after screen saver


Does this mean that Windows 7 hangs and does not response only when the screen saver has been enabled?
Did you notice the same issue using Win XP or Win Vista?

If not then this notebook behavior could be related only to Win 7 and I think it could caused by graphic card driver?

Remove the graphic driver which you have installed and test the screen saver using the windows 7 common driver?

It would be interesting to know what happens?

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hello again , this error is not going away, i have a toshiba a60-s166 , winxp pro pre installed and this is the error:toshiba power saver a fatal error has occured. this program will be terminated code 0X0.

Answer:toshiba power saver

click here

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Have lost this prog. downloaded but only 0.04 mb, is this correct. also cannot use as when try to access on copntrol panel message reads " you don't have access rights " how does one get these ?

Answer:Toshiba power saver

Select the correct version and donload from here -click here

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I just formated my Toshiba laptop, i have a problem, i googled alot to find out, but no help at all.
The problem is that i need the software for toshiba power saver, its a toshiba satellite pro A120.

can any one help me.

Answer:toshiba power saver


Go to :

Click on "computer systems" in middle of the page
Click on "support & downloads" (top right) & choose "download files"
Choose the model, series etc. & under "driver type" choose "power saver"
Download & install

Hope this helps


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Power saver is installed, but when I try to open it is says it is not running, and that I need to go to Power Options, and then Power Schemes, and select it from a listbox of schemes. But, TOSHIBA Power Saver is not a choice of scheme. There are only two to choose from: Portable/Laptop and Home Office/Desk.

Answer:Cannot run Toshiba Power Saver


I assume you don?t use the Toshiba recovery CD.
The fact is that many Toshiba utilities needs an additional application called ?Common modules?. This application must be installed at the beginning.
Well, I would recommend checking this and try to reinstall the power saver again.

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I'm experiencing the same problem with Toshiba power saver on my SP M30 laptops running WinXP SP2 and SP1.
This utility usually adjusts LCD brightness according to the battery level.
If you connect your laptop to external power the display gets bright IF you are logged in as an admin.
This is not the case if user has no admin rights, user gets access denied message if trying to start this app.

As I understand it Power Saver should adjust LCD brightness automatically, or it should be at least possible to choose a predefined profile even if logged on as a user.

The settings in power saver can deny access to the app to users, but I have no check mark in that box.

I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the app with no success.
Even with no power saver installed the display gets dark and then even an admin cannot fix it.
Any suggestions?


Answer:Toshiba power saver on SP M30


your first issue is not clear because what experience did you have with the Power Saver and SP1 or SP2? Could you write it down more detailly to make the support of the community easier!

In my opinion you had installed the Power Saver as Administrator and perhaps you have restrict the User rights!

For problem solving you should deinstall the Power Saver and make a fresh install with the newest version from Toshiba webpage.

Also you should read the "Driver Update Information for Windows XP with Service Pack 2" which you could also download on

Go to Support and Download and choose your machine!


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I have a Equium L20-198. When i click on the toshiba power saver icon in the control panel it says "cannot open as the toshiba power saver is not running, go to power options, choose toshiba power saver from the power scheme list box in the power scheme page." But toshiba power saver is already selected in the power scheme section. I'm confused.

What is a ati graphics accelerator? This appears up everytime I switch on my computer. It says an ati graphics accelerator can use a TV for my computer's display. In order to use a TV for my computer's display i will need to ensure that TV display is enabled, if i'm not using TV for my computer's display it is recommended that i disable for optimal performance (higher refresh rates). What should i do?

Message was edited by: sa008

Answer:Toshiba Power Saver on Equium L20-198


I wonder about your message?
?because the Toshiba Power Saver was not preinstalled on Equium L20.
A Toshiba power saver doesn?t exist for the L20 series!
There is nothing on the Toshiba driver page too?

Therefore the TPS will not run on this notebook!

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dear sir i have toshiba laptop a60-s166 origin software and it's giving me this error message warning: toshiba power saver, fatal has occured this programm will be terminated .and it's not letting me open most of the programs.please help

Answer:warning: toshiba power saver

May need bios battery replaced

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I can't find version of POWER SAVER for vista. Is it only for XP?

Answer:Is there a Toshiba Power Saver for Vista?

You are right.
As far as I know Toshiba Power saver for Vista doesn?t exists and it was not released.

Probably you have noticed that the own Vista power options are very similar to the Toshiba power saver. You can control many power settings and create different power profiles. Therefore an additional tool like Power saver is not necessary.

Best regards

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As stated in the topic. What does this utility actualy do?
Does it effect the processing speed? Screen brightness? Fan speed?
Have you noticed any improvement in battery life? What about nosie, does it effect the fan speed?

My Tecra A8 is very noisy.


Answer:Re: Toshiba Power Saver on Tecra A8 - what does actually do?

In my opinion there is no much to say. If you check this tool carefully you will see which settings are available there.

>Does it affect the processing speed? Screen brightness? Fan speed?
Why you do not test it on your notebook? Try to change profiles in power saver using FN+F2 key combination and you will see what happen.

I can answer all your questions with yes. But, in my opinion, you should test al this alone to see what happen exactly if you choose different levels on every single offered setting.

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A while back, I inadvertently deleted the Tosh power saver file.
I am assuming that this controls the STANDBY & HIBERNATE functions as they no longer work, inasmuch I cannot restart /recover from either.
So I downloaded the file from the tosh database, extracted it, but cannot see how and where I should re-install it ?
Anyone done a similar thing , and suceeded ?

Answer:How to reinstall Toshiba Power Saver?

So, it would be interesting which machine you exactly have (for some reason :) ). Regarding your problem: You?ve downloaded it and you just have to click on "setup.exe" or "install.exe" and let the system do the rest.

Thats all and I cannot imagine where the problem should be.

If you really don?t know and so on, then give some feedback.


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I own a Qosmio F50-108 and I can't seem to find TOSHIBA'S Power Saver Utility.

Is this the same as the power options utility found on the control panel? I have seen screenshots of Toshiba's power saver utility that supposedly comes pre-installed on all their laptops, but the one that I saw was on a Qosmio G10.

Does the F50 series have this as well? If so, where can I find it?

Answer:Toshiba Power Saver available for Qosmio F50?


As far as I know the Qosmio F50 comes with Windows Vista and not XP.

Toshiba Power Saver is only available for Windows XP because Vista has the same functions as Power Saver. The features from Power Saver are now a integral part of Vista.

I founded an interesting article here in the forum for you:


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when i install Toshiba power saver on my A60 laptop having WinXPpro SP2,it
shows the following error:

A fatal error has occured.This program will be terminated. Code : 0x7E
Also upon opening the power saver option in the control
panel get the message : could not open power saver as u
got not have administrative rights to open it.

Answer:Toshiba power saver error - A60


Check please this topic

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i have a toshiba laptop a60 and for power options I have got toshiba power saver already pre-installed. When i had bought the laptop the toshiba saver was always on even after restarying but now i have to re-select it and then it works.If i restart the laptop it disables it self and I have to select it again in the power options in control panel. Why cant i have the option always on??

Answer:Toshiba Power Saver keeps disabling after restart?

Try this click here

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This is the short story of XP on my Satellite A200-14D:

I can't stand Vista, that's why 2-3 days after buying my notebook and trying Vista, I decided to install my WinXP Pro. At the beginning it was REALLY hard for me to find drivers. I've even installed some not from Tohiba which by the way worked just fine. Then Toshiba began to publish her own, non-experimental drivers and I was happy. Everything worked fine. After nearly a year I was "forced" to reinstall my OS (again: WinXP Pro). Everything went according to plan and after about 30min I was greated by the Welcome-screen of WinXP. So the first task was to install the appropriate drivers.

Well, fine. I have downloaded the latest drivers before the reinstallation and kept them on another partition, so I was ready to go. I opened the TXT-file "installation-new" and began installing everything according to this list (which I of course downloaded from the site of Toshiba). I installed all drivers in the line they should be installed (although I really don't know what some of them may be of any use for me, like Finger Print, since I don't have such thing, but allright - I can live without a couple of Megabytes :) ) until the famouse "Power Saver Utility" came. I've read in a lot of forums even here about this problem, but I've never found a solution :( :( :(

When I tried to install the Utility, it spit out an error message with code 0x7E (?!?). Each time I start my OS, this me... Read more

Answer:Toshiba Power Saver error 0x7E


Have you tried with both power saver versions offered on Toshiba download page?

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Hi folks,

as I have seen here in the forums a lot of Toshiba notebook users has the problem of a noisy and often running fan. The Toshiba Power Saver installed on my SAT M30X-167 seems not to have the feature of dynamic CPU speed switching according to CPU load.

There is SpeedswitchXP - CPU frequency control for notebooks running Windows XP on

Does anyone of you have positive experience with using of other power save controls than the original one from Toshiba?
Does dynamic CPU speed control significantly reduces fan activities?

Best regards and greetings from Germany

Answer:Toshiba Power Saver replaceable by SpeedSwitchXP?

Hi Joerg

I had it already installed on my Tecra M1. It worked fine but I don?t notice any big difference. Can you please tell me which notebook do you have?

In my opinion you can try to install it. On my unit SpeedSwitch works properly without any problems but as far as I know the tools like this one works well on desktops because notebook motherboard don?t allow that tool can have information about temperature or things like this.

Like I said you can try it.

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I have made a Windows limited account.
Toshiba Power Saver doesn't work in a limited account.
And I see no pictogram in the system tray.

What can I do?

(Satelite Pro 2100, Windows XP Pro)

Answer:Toshiba power saver and limited account

Well, I would try to add change the rights on this tool.
You can select the power saver and change the permissions on user name (limited account).
Change it to full control.

Furthermore you can put the shortcut of the power saver in the start-up folder of the limited account.
I think the path should looks like this one:
C:\Documents and Settings\?limited account user?\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

In this case the Power saver should start at the beginning and should appear in the task bar.

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When I boot windows 7 I always get Error msg "TOSHIBA power saver service has been stopped so settings cannot be changed"

This occurred after I created a new power scheme in windows 7 control panel power. It seems that toshiba power doesn't like it but I cant see where to change toshiba power

I get to windows power by clicking on the battery in the system tray.

I cannot see any toshiba utility for power management


Answer:Toshiba Power Saver has stopped on Windows 7


Can you please tell us which notebook you have exactly?

The tool Toshiba Power Saver is only designed for Windows XP. So you should remove this tool because on Vista and Windows 7 you can configure all power settings in Windows Power Management:

Furthermore it?s recommendable installing Value Added Package. So you can control additional things like CPU cooling performance.

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I need a 32 bit version of toshiba power saver installer for the P30 please, I hope that it is possible :)

Thank you in advance :)

Sincerly, James.

Message was edited by: jamespic

Answer:P30: I need a 32 bit version of toshiba power saver installer


I don?t know why you need a especially power saver but I have found a Power Saver for Win XP on the Toshiba website. I think it runs at 32 bit.
Check the page:

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My power meter is not displaying on my tool bar anymore, only the power saver. The power meter used to let me know how much time I had left not just the percentage. Any ideas how to get it back????



Answer:Toshiba Power Saver is not displaying on my tool bar

I do not know which notebook model you have and which power Saver version you use but this info is shown if you place the mouse pointer over Power saver symbol. A small info window will be shown with follow information:

- actual power supply (battery or AC adaptor)
- how many power left in battery (percent)
- which power saver profile you use.

That?s all!

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I recently had to reinstall the Toshiba Power Saver utility on my SP6000. Since then, I cannot seem to find any option to change the "cooling method" (i.e. 'battery optimised', 'performance' etc).

I may have NEVER had it, so I could be talking nonsense here :-) It's just that I seem to remember having that option before. I am trying to force my laptop to throttle back the CPU rather than keep starting up the cooling fan every few minutes, and I thought that was possible using the "cooling method".

Any help would be much appreciated.

Cheers !

Answer:Toshiba Power Saver Question - SP6000

Hi aneng

First of all I hope that you have installed suitable Power saver for your model. ;)

Start power saver and under tab ?Power Save Modes? there is first option under ?Plugged in? called ?FULL POWER?. It must be marked and then click on ?Details?. On ?Full power properties? choose ?Power Saver Mode? tab and there is option ?Cooling method?. On this place you can choose between three options:

-Maximum performance
-Performance and
-Battery optimized

I hope that this small description will helps you.


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I have set up an additional user with administrative rights but cannot access toshiba power saver to amend settings.
I have to log in as the original user to change anything.


Answer:Re: Toshiba Power Saver and administrative rights


As far as I know only the admin can change the Power Saver settings and the can assign and configure the power profiles.
The second, other user cannot change it?. This is not possible?


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Hi there,

my "Toshiba power saver" disappeared - there's still an icon in "systensteuerung" but when I try to open it nothing happens. But still when I'm going to open the WinXP "energy management" Windows tells me to use the "Toshiba power saver".
This appeared after I used the "steganos security suite" to clean up my system. First I didn't notice the changes because only a few icons in the taskbar where gone. The program must have deleted something. Does somebody know how to restore the "Toshiba power saver"?
I hope there is another way to reinstall the "Toshiba power saver" instead of reinstall the whole system...

...would be very nice if someone could help me.

ciao, Christoph

Answer:Toshiba power saver completely disappeared

Hi Christoph,

You do not say which model of notebook you have, but you should be abl;e to load the Toshiba Power Utility from the Tools and Utilities CD that came with your notebook.

If you do not have this CD, then you should be able to download the utility from the Toshiba website download section specific to your notebook model.


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I have problem with Toshiba Power Saver (TPS).
I installed SP2 on my WinXP Pro, and after this operation everything works fine. After few days TPS icon on task bar disappear. When I open Toshiba Console and then TPS I can see only incomlete standard dialog box. There is no configuration icons, but initially were, and I adjusted all settings. Now there are 4 black boxes (2 small like small icon, and 2 big like bigest icon) at the bottom and one big black on the right.
I try to reinstal TPS, but there was no effect.

Can anyone help me


Answer:Problem with Toshiba Power Saver in Tecra S1

Hello Alex

I have never saw something like that. There is obviously some problem that doesn?t allow the graphic illustration of TPS. The first step is always reinstallation of the software. I don`t know what you should do exactly. In my opinion you should try to remove TPS and SP2. Install the SP2 again and after that TPS.

If there is no success the worst solution is to preinstall the unit using recovery CD.

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After looking for some time for a tool to silence my Tecra M5 I found a seemingly nice app called Toshiba Power Saver. Unfortunately this tool doesn't seem to be working properly. I played with the [Cooling Method slider|] (click to see an image) and here is how it works.

The Cooling Method can be set to one of four options: Battery Optimized, Performance, Maximum Performance, and Cooling Optimized, where the first one is supposed to be the quietest, and the other ones more and more noisy.

Let's assume that the cpu fan is initially spinning at a high speed and I'm not doing anything on my laptop. I move the slider to Battery Optimized setting, click on Apply and the fan (instantaneously) slows down (yay!). Then I need to do something power hungry for a moment and eventually the fan spins up to the noisy level. I then do nothing at all again but the fan stays like that *forever*. The cpu is as cold as ice, the air being blown out could freeze your fingers, but the fan is spinning like crazy waking up my neighbours across the road.

Am I really sure the cpu is cool? Yes. Why?
Because when I move the slider to Performance setting now and click Apply the fan slows down (right away) and stays like that until I start working on something again. Then I stop doing what I was doing and the fan keeps spinning *forever* again.

So then I change the Cooling Method to Battery Optimized setting back again, click on A... Read more

Answer:Tecra M5 - Toshiba Power Saver not doing its job properly


What to say about your posting here?

Toshiba Power saver is tool that Toshiba uses for years and it is preinstalled on 98% of all Toshiba notebook models. So, in my opinion, this tool is definitely one of the best and most efficient tool designed by Toshiba.

In last 10 years I worked with several Toshiba notebooks and I used this tool on every notebook to optimize my work. Mix between right CPU performance and cooling method level offers enough power for ?every day? work and with low level in cooling method notebook runs pretty quiet.

Maybe sounds stupid now but I have noticed that Portege notebooks are, maybe, more ?sensitive? and using power saver tool you cannot have the same effect as on some Satellite or Tecra notebooks.

I don't think this tool doesn?t work properly on your Portege but Portege notebooks have specific design and maybe hardware reach higher temperature faster than on other notebook models.
Portege notebooks have excellent and powerful hardware packed in ?small notebook box?.
Sometimes notebook runs quiet and if you just connect USB mouse the cooling fan starts to run pretty loud. A small activity can accelerate hardware activity and if temperature sensors have noticed higher temperature for one C degree only, the fan control mechanism will get information to start cooling fan running.

It is really not easy to say if there something wrong or not. My personal opinion is that everything is OK. You can try to talk with Toshiba service... Read more

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I have a laptop toshiba satellite pro A60 and have got toshiba power saver as a saver option , and everytime i select it from control pannel , then maby i restart the pc , it turns of???why is it turning it self of ?? how can i keep it permantly on??? any ideas will be most thanked!

Answer:TOSHIBA Power Saver keeps turning of after restart

If its the one I am thinking of right click on desktop>properties>screen saver>power and adjust the facilities from there.

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(Satellite M40x)

Hi all

I need help, as when ever I am pressing Toshiba power saver it tells me that I have to open the windows power options and use the Toshiba power saver but I can find it there in the schemes. I chenged the settings one time accidently through the normal windows settings and since the power saver of Toshiba does not work anymore.

I did try re-installing (downloaded formtoshiba site), but now I get an error when starting up...

Please help because I miss the features


Answer:Toshiba power saver does not start anymore

You need to go back into the Windows power options and change the POWER SCHEMES drop down back to TOSHIBA POWER SAVE. Unless it is set to this the Windows power save will always be the default.

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i have formated my notebook a toshiba tecra s1 and installed win xp pro sp2 without the oem cds! i installed xp from my own licensed version from my school, its a full version not oem. now i tried to install toshiba power saver, but when i run the setup an error occurs: "Driver not found! This Setup will terminate!". somebody told me some time ago i have to install first the Toshiba ACPI Common Modules for Windows XP, after the installation of the common tools i will be able to install power saver. my problem now is that that i don't find the Toshiba ACPI Common Modules for Windows XP for my tecra s1. i find the tools for every other notebook from toshiba, but not for my s1.

can you help me, i need the power saver because i dont want that my cpu runs fullspeed all the time :(

thx for your help, sandass

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Answer:Tecra S1 - cant install toshiba power saver


First you will need to install the Chipset utility. Follow this link.

Once there the first blank put notebook. Then Tecra. Then Tecra S series, then S1. Then XP for the Operating System. Then hit search. Once this comes up find the chipset utility and install it. Then you can install any of the other drivers you need pretty much in any order you want. But first you have to install the Chipset utility. I hope this helps you and you fix this problem. Have a nice day!

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I have a Portege 7020ct which I have upgraded to XP from 98. All seems to be fine although I have lost the Toshiba power saving management options. I am looking for the correct software to control the screen brightness, cooling options etc.

Answer:Need "Toshiba power saver" for my Portege 7020ct (WXP)


XP isn't supported on this machine as it is a little to old and the specs are below the minimum requirements. Having said this XP will run on the machine, but pretty slowly. I wont find the Toshiba power save utility as it wouldn't have been created for this machine. The Microsoft one works, but as you have found doesn't have full functionality of the Toshiba one and wont fully utilize the powersave features of the bios. You could try a powersave program for a new machine to see if that works, but I couldn't guarentee it.

The ultimate answer is it isn't supported, sorry

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When I turn on Qosmio G20, I have a message "Toshiba Power Saver, Fatal error has occured , this program will be terminated. Code 0x2".
I click "ok" button and can use the computer, but after used for a while (say about 1 hour) it becomes very slow. I check the task manager and find that "ccSvcHst.exe" takes up 99 to 100 % of cpu usage. I have to turn off then on again to use another 1 or 2 hours before slowing down again.
Please help.

Answer:Qosmio G20, Toshiba Power saver error

Have you tried to remove Toshiba power saver from the system and see if notebook will slow down again?

Have you tried to reinstall Toshiba power saver?

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I purchased a Toshiba a200-ah7 less than 2 months ago. A few mornings ago I tried to turn it on and was greeted by a blank screen. Same thing when I Plugged it in, unplugged it, took out the battery, put it back in etc.... When it is plugged in, the plug in symbol is the only light that goes on but no matter what I do or how long I hold down the power switch, the power will not come on. Any thoughts?

Answer:Toshiba a200-ah7 will not power up

Hello, PantySoup, and welcome to Techspot :wave:

Please take a look at the following threads to make your experience here as enjoyable as possible

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Knowing someone's location in the world can be extremely helpful, even if you just put a country.

Also remember to post any problems or questions that you have in the appropriate forums

With regards to your problem, it could be that the power button is broken or faulty. If you can get the top off of the laptop (basically the keyboard bit) you may be able to follow the cables to where the power switch plugs in and then try shorting the pins and see if the pc starts. This works in a desktop pc so i'm hoping it will in a laptop too Also i'm hoping somebody will be able to offer some more detailed instructions on removing the cover of a laptop because i haven't done it myself :blush:

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Recently I have a big problem my Toshiba power saver.
It raises a fatal error OX50 and I have tried to reinstall it many time and it doesn't work.
Please how can help me to solve this problem?

Answer:Toshiba Power Saver - fatal error OX50


Fatal error with Power Saver? hmm? I have read in some threads about a similar problems and it seems only the completely OS restoring from Toshiba recovery CD could help to install the power saver?

But may I ask if you install all drivers in the right order?
Usually the installation instruction is always placed on the Toshiba driver page and it?s necessary to follow this guideline!

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i have a protege R500 PPR50E that had Vista on it but now has XP on it.

I have installed all drivers etc for the laptop and all is working fine except i cannot get the toshiba power manager to install.
Every time it installs in the add or move programmes section it shows as a 0.00mb install and when you click to try and open through control panel it it says " a fatal error occurred. This program will be terminated - code 0x0 - and then if i try and uninstall it to try a reinstall it says "1628 - failed to complete installation"

Any ideas anyone?
I downloaded correct driver obviously - i tried a redownload and this made no difference.

Also - i may be pluching at straws but in the Bios before i done the build - i turn the ACHI controller to compability mode as opposed to ACHI - not sure if this could be affecting it? - if i turn that back on XP blue screens because i never installed the driver in the windows install (f6 prompt)

Answer:Portege R500: Cannot install Toshiba XP Power saver


I think I know why you cannot install the Toshiba power saver.

We should focus on this error message:
*1628 - failed to complete installation*

Usually this message could appear when installing any software that uses the InstallShield installer. According to InstallShield, this is a general error message indicating that the application did not install successfully.

For solution check this:

Best regards

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I have a Satellite A100-771 and installed Windows XP Professional with SP2.
Afterwards I installed all drivers. After that I wanted to install the Toshiba Utilities and have got an error message : "Toshiba common Module not found! This setup will terminate."
Furthermore I tried to install the Power Saver Tool, which is more important as the uilities I think. And here I have got the error message: "A fatal error has occurred. This program will be terminated. Code:0x7E"
I am not sure what I can do else. I also installed the hotfixes for Windows which are on the ToolCD from Toshiba. But the problem is still there.
The difference between both errors is that the installation of the utilities setup stop before finishing installation. On the Power Safer installation, it finished on 100% and terminate the setup or the program after the installation.

May somebody can help me.


Answer:Error when installing Toshiba Tools and Power Saver

There is a specific order that the Toshiba utilities and drivers have to be loaded in. This list is on the Toshiba download page, and the common modules is one the first utilities that has to be loaded for the others to work

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Is there a way to make toshiba power saver work under vista?

If not, is there any other 3rd party program that does the same?? Or are there any news that toshiba is developing this program for vista??


Answer:How to make Toshiba Power Saver working in Vista?


you will laugh, but do you know who developed the powersaver for vista??
It was toshiba (yes :) ), and all functions are adapted from the original toshiba power saver under XP. So you don't need to download anything, because all functions are already supported. :)

So, just the question why do you ask? ;)


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I have a Toshiba Equium A100-027 laptop and the fan goes on every couple of minutes after it has been on for 15 minutes and it is highly annoying.
I was told I could change the Cooling Method so that fan goes on less or constant but I can't seem to run the Power Saver Utility.

I uninstalled the Value Pack that came with the laptop and long with some other Toshiba programs but I installed it again from the website but I cannot find the Power Saver Utility. It is not in Control Panel. I see a folder with the files in on Program files but whenever I try and open it, it wont load anything.

Why is this?
Can I run the Power Saver Utility on the A100-027 or is it not compatible or something?
I would have thought it should work on all Toshiba Laptops.

I can do a recovery and try it but I don't know if it will work or not?
If it works, whats the best option so the fan is either on much less or is on constantly at a lower speed?

I am sending the laptop to Toshiba to look at because I hear an audio glitch/crackling/fuzzing when I play music and the fan goes on and off and I think this must be some kind of small glitch to be fixed but I don't know if they can fix it. If they don't fix it, can they replace it?

Answer:Equium A100-027: Toshiba Power Saver Utility

Hey gideon,

I know maybe it sounds stupid to you, but make a bios update, recover your system and then try to find out which powersaver configuration works for you. If you cannot achieve a accurate solution for yourseld then contact a service partner.

May they please take a look on it.


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i can change options of toshiba power saver program 3.2.0 , like the cooling method (performance, max perfomance, cooling optimized, battery optimized) in settings pannel/ battery/... or directly in BIOS but
- values in bios and values in settings pannel are not connected together
- whatever the value is (in bios and in windows settings), there is no perceptible change on the cooling method and the fan speed
- there is a warning message in the battery setting pannel, that says : changes are not allowed with toshiba power saver program.

Answer:TECRA 10, toshiba power saver does not work under vista

Are you logged in as Administrator? Maybe your user account is restricted.

Also update the BIOS to the latest version. You can download it from the Toshiba website.

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Hi All,

I have recently received this new Tecra M10 Laptop (Model PTMB0A-00M001) replacing my existing Corporate Laptop. It came loaded with Windows XP and built per the standard laptop build.

It is working fine except that on startup I have been getting the error message "A Fatal error has occurred. This program will be terminated. code: 0x0"

I have done some investigation and I think the original build may have been compromised as there are no files in the C:\Program Files\Toshiba\Power Saver directory except for a TPSTrace.log which has this message inside it: "A Fatal error has occurred. This program will be terminated. code: 0x0 Location: TPwrSave.cpp(140)". The Power Saver software claims to be v7.11.00.

I have downloaded the later version 7.11.10 (for XP) and when attempting to install, this software asks if it can uninstall the existing version and then as it tries, the fatal error code: 0x0 occurs which stops the uninstall, and I assume the reinstall. It seems a great pity to restore from CD's losing all the data, and other software which is fine all because of this pooey Power Saver software. Given the original install was no doubt standard, there is no guarantee that even if I do a system restore from CD that the same problem does not re-manifest itself.

Is there someway I can make XP think the software is removed (it seems to be physically missing but XP thinks it is present) by forcing an uninstall. I could then try and rein... Read more

Answer:Re: Toshiba Power Saver Fatal Error. Code 0x0

You'll need to clear it from the registry.

Try CCleaner first, it may be able to remove the bad registry keys for you. (google for 'CCleaner")

Otherwise run Regedit and search for "saver". Be careful what you delete, so ensure the results refer to Toshiba Power Saver.

ps. backup the registry first. You can do this by creating a Restore Point in Windows. (Control Panel -> System)

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I am running Vista RC2 (Build 5744) on a Tecra M5 (UK PTM 51E) and it's amazingingly stable after updating
the standard video driver. The updated nvidia driver is great and the systems works pretty good (!!)

A number of vista drivers are available in the US for Tecra M5's but not for the PTM51E.

Would it hurt to install none PTM51E UK drivers ? I have 3 outstanding driver installations - BIOMETRIC COPROCESSOR and 2 x unknown devices (1 TPM chip and 1 fingerprint) probably.

Just wondered if anyone had similar driver updates outstanding and if you had got a driver or tried the US versions.

I also noticed that some of the us vista drivers are a little out of date compared to the UK drivers (ie. intel network card driver etc.) Standard UK drivers working fine.

Touchpad support is great but please PLEASE bring back the TOSHIBA POWERMANAGEMENT SOFTWARE in VISTA. This toshiba software is desperately needed here.


Answer:Tecra M5 PTM51E: Toshiba Power Saver for VISTA?


Like you know Windows Vista is still not on the market and in a few weeks we will know more about Vista and Vista support. Unfortunately we must wait till end of January. Here in Europe it is official term for Vista launching.

I don?t know if you will have success with US drivers, probably yes, but maybe is better to wait and see which drivers will be available for your Tecra M5 (PTM51E) model.

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I have two problems with my XP Pro SP3 OS

1) Right after loading OS, I have this error messege

2) And my restart doesn'r work. He stuch at Windows is shoting down, and I must manualy to swith off lap.

How to fix this?

Answer:Tecra A - Toshiba Power Saver error after loading OS

I don't know much about your model but I think you should update a Power saver utility:

[Toshiba drivers|]

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Doest Toshiba Power Saver exists for vista? I liked it when working under XP, but now i switched to Vista Ultimate, and the XP-version doesn't work under Vist...
Thanks in advance!

Answer:Sattelite A110-178 - Toshiba Power Saver for Vista?


Toshiba has also developed and Power Saver for Vista and if will be installed with the Vista Added Package.
But the Toshiba power saver for Vista doesn?t look like the Power Saver for Win XP.

Toshiba Power Saver for Vista is a part of the Vista power options and you can find some additional entries in the Vista Power Options.

But you will not find a stand alone Toshiba Power Saver like for Win XP.


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OK Guys!
Please forgive me if this topic was posted before, as far as I know, the exact model I'm talking about doesn't have a relevant topic here.

Toshiba Satellite A200 Laptop
I really can't believe it, why are they doing this? Is it a marketing policy? They want Vista to become popular? What is this?

I'm fed up with searching the Internet and Toshiba websites, I still can't find what I need. I found LAN, WiFi, Bluetooth, and other tools but I can't find audio or VGA drivers.

Is this a general problem or am I the only one facing it?

I really need your help.


Answer:Toshiba Satellite A200 - Please Help

You and everybody else that wants to go from vista back to xp, the hardware in the vista configured pc is designed for the vista drivers, in most cases drivers wont be available. ed

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Hey Guys/Girls, im in need of some help....

So last night I swapped my brand new laptop for 2 other laptops, one of which is a TOSHIBA SATELLITE A200,

Sooo when I turn it on it first shows a loading screen saying "WINDOWS IS LOADING FILES"
I then get the normal VISTA loading screen, once it finishes loading that is it, it goes to a black screen with the cursor on it and it just stays at that.

I then tried to install VISTA again but I still get the same start up rather then going into the installation setup thing.

"but it does show the hard drive in the BIOS"
I also Plugged in a Blank Hard drive and tried to install XP yet the same message again

Please help as I am absolutely stumped on this one

Answer:Toshiba Satellite A200 :/

The 'windows is loading files' comes from a setup of the operating System, and will normally be followed by a reboot and the continuing installation of windows. As part of that process, you would normally get the installation of the video drivers and other motherboard drivers. This is currently not happening for you. So wherever these files that are 'loading' came from, they don't seem to have included correct driver files for the Toshiba.

The 'setup did not find any hard drives' message comes from an install of XP, but the hard drive is not found because XP does not understand SATA drives. The way round that problem is to enter the bios and set the hard drive to an IDE compatible mode, or to supply XP with a SATA driver, which is done early in the installation process, but is not easy on a portable.

In summary, your Toshiba does not have any Operating System at the moment, and you need to start from a Windows retail install CD or DVD. You also need the correct set of driver files for the Toshiba model.

Usually, portables are supplied with an OS already installed, and there is no supplied OS install disk - just a process where you can initialise an install from a hidden setup partition on the hard drive. Have a read of the manual on Toshiba's website. It's just possible that the hidden setup is still there and can be activated.

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My laptop has a VGA port and an S-video. Could you help me how and what to buy to enable me connect my laptop to a TV [SONY, a/v RCA connection] to optimize multimedia features.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite A200-10W

Hi there, if what you are trying to do is get video going from your laptops S-VIDEO out into your TVs RCA input (Yellow), then I suggest you get one of these adaptors that can be found cheap at most AV related stores. Here in Australia you could get something like this:

If you need more help on how to set it up I can help.

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Recently toshiba power saver stopped working - I removed it and redownloaded it from this website, now whenever I try to run the install i get a "unable to machine id" message and the install stops.

First time posting here so If i'm on the wrong forum or you need anything else apologies in advance.

Answer:Receiving error message when trying to install Toshiba Power Saver

Hi there,

where did you?ve downloaded the powersaver? Maybe you downloaded the wrong one for your machine. It?s absolutely important to download EXACTLY that software which fits your machine type.
When downloading stuff from toshiba websites you have to keep an eye on the version of your machine (e.g. Satellite A100-552 -> download the software for type "552" of the Satellite A100 series).

This sometimes resolves many errors and clarify some not very nice situations.
Please, more details on your problem. :)


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