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Satellite A100-495 (PSAA9) - CPU and GPU upgrade

Question: Satellite A100-495 (PSAA9) - CPU and GPU upgrade

Hi all

I have some questions.
I have a Satellite A100-495 with 2GB Ram, Core2Duo (2 x 1,83 GHz; T5600) and a NVIDIA Geforce 7600go.
I want to upgrade the CPU and GPU. Is it possible?
I do not want to make it. I search a shop (if its possible in Germany) that can do this.

If its possible, what it costs? And which shop can i contact?

If its not possible -> why?! It is fixed ; It get too warm?

Which alternative do I have? I dont want buy a new Notebook.

Kind regards

Relevance 100%
Preferred Solution: Satellite A100-495 (PSAA9) - CPU and GPU upgrade

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite A100-495 (PSAA9) - CPU and GPU upgrade

CPU and GPU upgrade on mobile computers is either pretty complicated or not possible. At first I must say that GPU is part of mainboard and graphic card cannot be upgraded at all.

What to say about CPU upgrade? Toshiba Authorized service providers will not do this and CPU upgrade is not supported at all. Few people on this forum have reported about CPU upgrade but for me the risk is too high. All hardware components are adapted to work well together and also reduce risk of hardware damage. The BIOS is also adapted for specific hardware configuration. The values for cooling fans are also tested and there is no risk of overheating.

Changing CPU you will not get more powerful notebook. The modern CPUs are powerful enough and few more MHz will not make more difference. What you can do is to upgrade RAM to the maximum level - 4 GB. That?s all what you should do and your notebook will run much faster.

Pay also attention about OS configuration. This will also help to make your notebook faster than before.

By the way: for which operations you need more power? What you want to do with your notebook?

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I've received a "Toshiba Website alert" with the laste drivers. But there are... 15 drivers in the e-mail !
Do I have to download all of them ?
Beacause I've seen that they are not really new... The last modification was in january 2006 and I've bought my laptop in augustus 2006.
So why I've received a "Toshiba Website alert" with old drivers ?

Thank you for your help !

Answer:Satellite A100-253 (PSAA9) -> new drivers ?


I suppose there is some confusion with the date formats (US <-> EU).
It should be 01/12(December)/06 instead of "Date last modified: 12/01/06".

Message was edited by: Deyana

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I've had to re-install Windows XP on my laptop. I don't have the Toshiba drivers CD though.

So I came here to get the drivers but I've no idea which driver goes with which hardware in my Device Manager.

Here's what I need the drivers for under Device Manager...

Ethernet Controller
Mass Storage Controller
Network Controller
PCI Device
PCI Device (again)
SM Bus Controller

Can anyone advise which specific driver I need for each?

Many thanks,

Answer:Need WXP drivers for Satellite A100 (PSAA9)

Hello James

Let?s do it simply.
After clean OS installation you must install all necessary drivers and Toshiba tools and utilities. All this stuff must be installed in specific installations order and not following your list in your posting.

What you should do is to visit Toshiba support page and search for all available drivers.
All this stuff you can find on > Support & Downloads
Choose your notebook model and you will find it.

At first download file called ?Installations instructions? and follow the installations order.
That?s all!

If you have more questions let me know.

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I recently bought a new 22" HP LCD. When I connect it to my notebook I can see the screen refreshing while I'm on some webpage with black background or in the game. Any idea where might be the problem? Windows doesn't even detect the screen as HP. It was using the Default Monitor drivers so I forced it to use HP one.


Answer:Satellite A100 (PSAA9) und External LCD


On my external screen it also flickers when something's black. But I don't think its because of your notebook. My external screen is used with a normal PC.

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Hey, I'm re-installing windows xp for the second time on my laptop now as the first time i did it without consulting help and it resulted in not everything working and i got a bit too much of things i didnt actually have.

I would like to know what drivers exactly i need to get it working. I don't know what exactly i missed out on last time all i know is that internet wouldn't work on it.

Any help is very much appreciated because i've been trying to get this thing going for a while now and i would really like for it to work.

Best regards and thanks in advance, Maxime Maison

Answer:Need XP drivers for Satellite A100-230 PSAA9

I cannot say what you need but I can provide and proposal what you have to do! ;)

You have to access the Toshiba European driver page;

Then you have to select you notebook series. Then select the all drivers and QFEs and download it. Then check the installation instruction and install everything like mentioned in this txt file!

That?s all :)

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Hi there!

In order to extend time working on battery, to make hard disk access faster and to extend disk space, I was thinking to upgrade my hard disk.
I found this beautifull disk:

[ VCM100000dd04090aRCRD&vgnextchannel=c021a47948a3d0 10VgnVCM100000dd04090aRCRD&reqPage=Model]

Would this hard disk be compatible with my Toshiba Satellite A series and do you have any better solution please respone?

Love, peace,

Answer:Question about new HDD on Satellite A100 (PSAA9)

The HDD looks nice.
The A100 PSAA9 series supports the 2.5? SATA HDDs.
The 160GB should be compatible too because some units of the A100 series were already equipped with the 160GB HDDs.

In my personal opinion it?s a supported HDD.

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Hi guys,

I've got a Satellite A100-237(PSAA9) laptop. I'm planning to replace the hardisk with 160Gb Momentus 7200.2 (SATA 3Gb/s ). My problem is I can't find any information if my system will support SATA 3Gb/s interface.

Any help/information is highly appreciated.

Answer:Satellite A100-237 (PSAA9): I want to install the SATA 3Gb/s HDD


I have found info that HDD interface on your notebook is Serial ATA Rev. 1.0a.

Hope this info helps.

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Hello, i need all the drivers required for Satellite A100-230 (PSAA9) for Windows XP, i just installed a fresh copy of XP and i donīt have the CDS that came with the computer, so what do i need to download?

Answer:Driver Downloads for Satellite A100-230 (PSAA9)

Why you don?t take a look o the Toshiba European driver page!!!

Did you check this driver page: -> Support & Download -> Download Drivers

Maybe you didn?t search in the right area???

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Hi all!

I'd like to add some memory to my laptop and been trying a couple that do work but I am getting some bugs because that seem to be related to the fact that I put pc5300 memory rather than pc4200 memory... The odd thing is that it works fine and only bugs when playing music and flash movies!

Does anyone know with certainty what type of memory can I use ... what is actxually the most important , the frquency (533) or the pc4200 ... how can I know what memory i can buy and be sure it will work, even if I have to throw the actual one if there are compatibility problems?

Many thanks for any guidance!

Answer:Satellite A100 - 386 PSAA9 Memory compatibility

you can delete this post i was going in the wrong direction .... sorry...

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Hello everybody/Toshiba driver support,

Can i ask something, what is this ? Toshiba advises Windows Vista but comes with no drivers ?
Maby this is a double post but when do all the drivers come out ?

Well first i thought ok Vista is new lets wait a couple of months we are in the 2nd month of the release of Vista but still no result...

I hope the drivers come fast cause i hate to look at a screen with max light it is bad for your eyes :P...


Answer:Vista Drivers for Satellite A100-PSAA9


Do you want to have THIS or have I misunderstood something?

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i canot found a chanlog :(

Answer:What is new in the Bios aviable for Satellite A100-PSAA9?

Hi Bela

What do you search for? Do you need informations about new BIOS version or what?
At this time you will find a newest version of BIOS on the Toshiba page.
I have checked the site and it seems the 5.10 version was released on 25/01/07 and its OS independent.
Unfortunately, you will not find any information about modification of the new BIOS version.
It seems Toshiba European site doesn?t provide such details.

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My 3/4 year old Toshiba Notebook has got Problems with the Battery. The Battery does not load propertly and at windows startup, the Notebook gets off even when the Battery is at 70%. A normal use without AC is not possible. The first 3 months the notebook worked good without any Battery Problems.

I hope to get help for my Problem.



Answer:Problems with Battery / Satellite A100-151 (PSAA9)

Hi Sebastian

Maybe is problem on battery itself. Without much discussion I recommend you to contact Authorized service partner in your country. I hope you will get new battery for free because of valid warranty.

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I have a Satellite A100-504 (PSAA9) with only 1 GB RAM. CPUZ says it's a Hyundai HYMP512S64BP8-C4 PC2-4300 module.

I want to upgrade to 2 GB and was wondering whether I have to buy some special sort of RAM? Do I have to buy also Hyundai RAM or can that be a different brand? What about the specifications? Which RAM modules would be the best in combination with Vista and that Hyundai HYMP512S64BP8-C4 1 GB module?

Thank you for your help!


Answer:Special RAM brand for Satellite A100 (PSAA9)?

Hello Bob

There is no much philosophy.
The best thing you can do is to use recommended and 100% compatible RAM modules. According the notebook specification the compatible modules are:

DDR2-533 512MB (PA3412U-2M51)
DDR2-533 1GB (PA3411U-2M1G)


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Hi i have an Toshiba Satellite A100 (PSAA2E)
My question is, can I install the bios of an A100 (PSAA9) on mine ?

Answer:Satellite A100 (PSAA2E): can I install the bios of PSAA9?

Please don?t mix BIOS versions and install BIOS designed for your notebook model only.

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I have a A100-237 psaa9
I registered my book and went into updates section
there was a BIOS update available, I had version 2 before, I updated to 5.10.

Now every thing went smoothly, but when the laptop restarted, it hangs every time on boot screen where toshiba logo is displayed.
I can't log into BIOS, boot from CD or anything.
When i press ESC the black screen comes showing bios version 5.10 memory pass and things, also written there is TRM (TPM?) error or not found.

I used windows method of bios update, and followed all guidlines, wts the problem?

Answer:Satellite A100-237 (PSAA9) hangs after BIOS 5.10 update


May I ask why you updated the BIOS?
Are you 100% sure you have updated the BIOS with right procedure and used the right BIOS?
Did you read the Toshiba BIOS-Update Description before proceeding?

As far as I know the BIOS 5.1 was released to use and to install Vista on this notebook!
Hmm? possibly something going wrong during the update procedure and therefore the notebook cannot load and boot properly.

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I have the original battery (10.8V, 4000mA/h) wich suddently died, the notebook can't see it (power saver doesn't detect the battery), but when connected the charging LED is on and stays on for 8-12 hours.

I've bought a new battery, the notebook detected it( power saver sees it), after totally discharging the battery i've pluged in the AC adaptor (notebook off) and waited for 12 hours, when I turned the laptop on, the battery was at 0% charge in power saver, the reading is correct because the notebook doesn't start without AC pluged in, the new batt is dead also.

- bios version v6
- repeated the charing process over and over again (12 times with the laptop off & on)
- does a bios rollback help???? (If yes , how to get a previous bios version???)

Any advice that could solve the problem is WELCOMED.

Answer:Satellite A100 (PSAA9) doesn't charge battery

How old is the "new" battery? Maybe its actually second hand?
Did you get it from Toshiba? Or from eBay?

If the battery is good, I guess its possible that the Mainboard has a problem.
Or if you are using a non-Toshiba AC Adapter, it may not be supplying enough power to charge the battery.

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I can't seem to find the above software for Vista on a Satellite A100-PSAA9. Can anybody help?

Answer:Vista - Satellite A100-PSAA9 - Acoustic Silencer


What??? Did you check the Toshiba page exactly???
The Acoustic Silencer for Satellite A100-PSAA9 is listed on the Toshiba page. I?m sure because I have checked this.

Please note that you don?t have to select the language in the driver download form but only the OS -> Vista.

Check again

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Why I can not record realtime Audio Conference with the included RealTec Driver on my Toschiba A100?
Record Options given just, "Microphone-Line In-CD" but Wave is Missing, why?

I have another Notebook from Asus with RealTec Driver and there is it possible, on my Toshiba not, why?

Answer:Cannot record audio from wave on Satellite A100-PSAA9


Please read the solution in this tread - it will solve your problem.


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well, I'm thinking of upgrading my laptop (Toshiba Satellite A100 (PSAA9)) to windows vista. I was researching (little) about drivers and hardware compatibility with vista, and it seems that if I upgrade now, I won't find major problems. Is it true?
I'm asking because when I was searching for drivers to vista, I didn't find many (and some of those that exists, I can't download them!) But even without drivers, will vista recognize and install "default" drivers for my laptop's hardware?? Can anyone answer this with certain?
My major concern is connectivity: lan and wireless!! Will I be able to install the hardware's drivers to make those two things work?

Thanks very much to anyone who somehow tries to help with these questions!!

Answer:Question upgrading to Vista - Satellite A100 (PSAA9)


I upgraded mine and it installed all drivers except the SD card reader for which i just used the XP drivers and they worked fine. There are a bunch of vista drivers now available for this model although I am having some trouble with the value added package to enable me to use the hotkeys and function keys.

Apart from that I have had no other problems!

Good luck...let me know if the value added package works for you, seems to work fine for some but not for others.



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Last week I bought the notebook Toshiba Satellite A100-847 (Satellite A100-SPAA9) that has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, model T7200.

According to Intel specifications this processor (like all Core and Core 2 processors) has the XD-bit feature, known in Windows as DEP. I had the unpleasant surprise to find out that this feature is
reported by Windows as unavailable (in hardware). I understood from the electronic manual on the recovery CD (which is an older edition than the printed manual that comes in the package) that I can make this feature
available (for some older Satellite models) but I couldn?'t find any option in my BIOS to do this (my BIOS is made by Phoenix, version 2.0).

I really want to know how can I make this feature available/active as my processor supports it and so does the operating system bought together with the laptop and more than that, this feature is something beneficial - especially designed for security reasons and supported by all modern processors and operating systems.
Do I have to wait for an updated BIOS to include this option (to activate the XD bit feature) or to have it automaticaly set as active/available (instead of disabled/unavailable)?

I am expecting a well documented response? from somebody who knows what I am talking about.

Thank you very much.

Answer:XD-bit (CPU feature) disabled/unavailable for Satellite A100-PSAA9


I know what you talk about.
Intel's Execute Disable Bit (xD bit) functionality can help prevent certain classes of malicious buffer overflow attacks when combined with a supporting operating system.
The disabling malware code procedure is called ?data extension protection? -> short DEP.

Data Execution Prevention (DEP) helps prevent damage from viruses and other security threats that attack by running (executing) malicious code from memory locations that only Windows and other programs should use. This type of threat causes damage by taking over one or more memory locations in use by a program. Then it spreads and harms other programs, files, and even your e-mail contacts.

Unlike a firewall or antivirus program, DEP does not help prevent harmful programs from being installed on your computer. Instead, it monitors your programs to determine if they use system memory safely. To do this, DEP software works alone or with compatible microprocessors to mark some memory locations as "non-executable".

If a program tries to run code?malicious or not?from a protected location, DEP closes the program and notifies you.
DEP can take advantage of software and hardware support. To use DEP, your computer must be running Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) or later, or Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 or later. DEP software alone helps protect against certain types of malicious code attacks but to take full advantage of the protection that DEP can offer... Read more

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I have a problem when I connect a 2š external monitor, it connect but next it disconect , it's always connecting and disconecting. I made the update of display driver and bios but I still have the same problem, what can i do?

My operating system is windows vista.

Answer:External monitor usage with Satellite A100-PSAA9

What do you mean exactly with disconnecting and connecting?
Does the display switch to the internal and external display or the display on the external monitor goes simply off.

Did you check the connection to the notebooks monitor port?

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I have my laptop since last June and noticed that in the drivers page of the toshiba site there are many new drivers with a December release date, but with the same (or in some cases even lower) version number that my own!

Can someone explain this to me? Are these really updated drivers? Because, judging by the version number, they seem like older! :O

Should I download them anyway just because they were posted 6 months after I bought my laptop?

Can someone please help to make this clear?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Answer:Question about Satellite A100-211 (PSAA9) updated drivers

Hello Octavio,

You should only use the version numbers of the drivers to judge if they need an update.
The dates when the drivers were uploaded to the Toshiba site do not necessarily represent also that they are newer than your existing ones.



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I wanna do a BIOS Update. But If I go to the Toshiba-driversite: and choose Notebook-->Satellite-->A series there are listed:

A100 (PSAA2)
A100 (PSAA8)
A100 (PSAA9)
A100 (PSAAN)
A100 (PSAAR)

At the undersite of my Laptop is printed: PSAA9E. Is this the same as PSAA9 ?

Answer:What's the correct bios for my Satellite A100? Is PSAA9E = PSAA9 ?

Hi mate,

don?t worry and download the bios for PSAA9 since toshiba cuts the last digits from the model number because the last digit probably the region or country describes. I am not sure, but what I am sure is that PSAA9E definetively PSAA9 is.


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I downloaded nvidia drivers 97.45 but this driver recognizes my GeForce Go 7600 card as NVIDIA Quadro NVS 110M. Is there something wrong with the drivers?

At nvco.inf I found that there is only support for the latter card. What is happening?

Answer:Wrong nvidia drivers for Satellite A100 (PSAA9)


Can you please download driver and test it again? Please report the results.

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Bios: Latest v5.10

1. Internet Explorer button launches IE correctly when logged in, but if pressed when machine is off, the machine is powered on and Vista boots normally, but IE is not launched as expected after boot is complete.

2. Windows Media Player button does not launch Windows Media Player as expected when logged in under Vista.
Tried all registry edits detailed at: but no success.

Device manager reports three unknown devices (two ACPI PNPC032: these are the HotStart buttons--HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\ACPI\PNP0C32\ and one ACPI\TOS1901 with yellow exclammation mark and missing driver--Toshiba Firmware Linkage Driver?).


Answer:Satellite A100 (PSAA9): How to get Vista HotStart buttons to work?

Try downloading and installing the Value Added Package (for Vista platform) from the toshiba website. This should sort out at least one of your 'yellow exclamation marks'.

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Hi Everyone,

This link doesnt work so I didnt install my display driver for Windows Vista and system performance look really terrible. I wondering nobody use Satellite A100 (PSAA9) and Windows Vista. Because I was searching this driver on internet but i coudnt fint it anywere. This situation made me so sick.
How can I warn or send e-mail to Toshiba customer support about broken link. Or anyome know direct download address for Vista driver? Please help me asap :(

15/02/07 Display Driver nVidia Windows Vista 97.54

Thanks for your help,
Mehmet from Istanbul

Answer:Satellite A100 (PSAA9) Display Driver for Windows Vista


try the nVidia driver for the Satellite P100 (PSPA0E).
nVidia drivers are working for all their graphic chips.


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why the display driver (nvidia), Value Added Package and Fingerprint Software dosen't support vista X64

each one showed me an error dialog box that the software or the driver is not for X64 OS

Satellite A100 PSAA9

Answer:Why drivers doesn't support Vista X64 on Satellite A100-01W PSAA9?

All those drivers and tools are not designed for 64-bit OS version. That?s all!

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We recently had trouble with our laptop and decided to restore it back to manufacturer settings with the recovery Media CD. My son decided to do it and when he booted up the program he chose the Delete partitions option instead of overwrite.

Now it has completely formatted the HD removing the OS (Windows XP Pro).
When I bought the laptop it came with WXP Pro already installed and just has the Certification Sticker on the bottom of the laptop.
Is there anyway that I can receive a Windows XP Pro installation CD?

Answer:Recovery on a Satellite A100 (PSAA9) - Deleted partitions and XP Home not Pro


normally this notebook model is delivered with XP Home, so on the recovery CD is also home edition.
You should contact the shop where you bought it to get the software you payed for.


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I have installed Windows 7 64-bit on my toshiba A100 (psaa9) machine, and i cannot modify screen brightness anymore.

It is maximum brightness always. Fn key does not work, and neigther i can modify the brightness manually through nvidia control panel. nvidia driver is, installed automatically with windows.

In a similar thread
i've read suggestions about Value Added Package to be installed, but there is no package like this for my model.

how can i fix my problem?

Answer:Satellite A100 (PSAA9): Win7 + screen brightness adjustment issue


You have to install VAP and Flash Card Support Utility to get the FN keys working!!!
The VAP installation will not help you if you would not install Flash Card Support Utility.

As far as I know both tools are not notebook specific so you can choose the VAP and Flash Card Utility released for example for Satellite L500!

I did this on my notebook and it worked fine!!!

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I have Satellite A100-237 ( PSAA9 ) and I would like to enable AHCI (SATA native mode). But in the BIOS, there are no settings like AHCI or SATA mode.

Is it possible to enable it some other way (hidden setting, sw utility)? Or only new special BIOS update for this (I have the latest 5.90) can solve this?

Thank you for answers.

Answer:Satellite A100-237 / PSAA9 - how to activate AHCI (SATA native mode)?

No answer for last 5 days. Obviously there is no hidden setting or special BIOS. ;)

As far as I know there are no ?hidden settings? and also no special BIOS. If something like that exists than maybe for technicians and not public usage.

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Satellite A100-192 PSAA9 with ATI X1600 video card.

Despite the fact that I have installed the most recent driver from the Toshiba support site, display darkens (turns off) from time to time with no apparent reason.

I turn off the computer by pushing the on button for several seconds.

When I turn the computer on, the display is still dark although computer boots.

Only after I take the computer battery off and on again and then turn the computer on, the display is OK.

I haven't been able to find out whether it's a hardware or software issue.

Computer is one and a half years old.

I wanted to find out whether anybody has had such an experience before I take the computer to the service center.

Answer:Satellite A100-192 PSAA9: display stills black from time to time

Do you use the Toshiba original preinstalled factory image??

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I have installed a new version of windows but the ethernet controller is not recognized. I downloaded the driver from the toshiba website but i can t find the model of my ethernet controller. can someone who has got the computer to go and tell me what s the model of the ethernet controller. Thank you in advance.

Answer:A100-165 (psaa9) ethernet driver


Did you use the original Recovery CD's or Windows XP original? It is recommended to use the Recovery CD's so that you do not run into this issue. Here is the chipset utility for your model. This should have the ethernet controller included within.


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I have already tried to install driver from Toshiba???s drivers and software page. In my new installation actually used it to download all drivers. I have problems to install Ethernet LAN driver and Display Driver. In the Display Driver it marks an error like this: "INF Error, didn`t found video controller... try to configure video adapter with a VGA controller".

Can U help me please? Thanx.

Answer:Can not install Display and Ethernet Driver on A100 (PSAA9)


firstly it would be very useful when you give some more information about your system. Which operating system is temporarely in use and which vga do you have.

Are you sure that you?ve downloaded the appropriate drivers for your machine?

Would appreciate some more information, so I can surely tell you what to do..


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Hi all, looks like a good forum here! I'm looking for information on upgrading the processor on my Satellite A100-521.

The current main specs are:
Intel Celeron-M 360 (1.4Ghz, 400Mhz FSB)
2Gb of PC2-4300 RAM
60GB OCZ Vortex 2 SSD
Windows 7 (Runs fine, albeit without Aero)

So it's the CPU that's the weak link, verified by Windows Experience Index.

I've done some digging and it seems the chipset is the AMD Radeon Xpress 200m which is apparently compatible with some Pentium and Core 2 CPU's: http://en.wikipedia....s_200_for_Intel

Any ideas what I could upgrade to? Doesn't need to be very fast, just a bit quicker with everyday processes....


Answer:CPU Upgrade on Satellite A100-521


Usually the CPU upgrade is very tricky because of the BIOS compatibility.
Even if the chipset would be able to handle new CPU, the BIOS might cause some problems.
But nobody is able to say if notebook would run stable after such upgrade? if you want to be 100% sure, I would recommend choosing an CPU which was already used in the A100 series?
Otherwise it might be possible that new CPU would not be handled by BIOS properly.

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I would like to upgrade the RAM of my Satellite A100-803, which actually uses PC2-533, to 4 Gb.

Can I upgrade to PC2-667?
Do I need Dual-Channel?
Any advises on which brand or best model to use?

If I'm not wrong and for what I could see around the internet, I should be able to upgrade to 4 Gb PC2-667, and Dual-Channel should not be needed. But an expert confirmation would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Best Regards.


Answer:I would like to upgrade the RAM of Satellite A100-803


Notebook supports Mobile Intel? 945GM Express Chipset.
This supports single-/dual-channel DDR2 SDRAM
Maximum Memory supported: up to 4 GB at 400, 533 and 667 MHz

So PC2-667 modules are supported

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What CPU can be used to upgrade the Satellite A100-683. Currently the Intel Core Duo T2250 has been installed.

I would like to upgrade my CPU and memory.;

(1) What is the maximum CPU that is supported by the mainboard?
(2) What kind of CPU kan I use. Thinking about a Intel Core Due T7200 or T7600?
(3) What kind of memory can I use to upgrade to 4Gb?

Looking forward to any reply thagt is usefull!

Answer:Upgrade CPU for Satellite A100-683


I think since your machine is not anymore in warranty, you won?t get any problems or a revocation of some kind of warranty when opening your machine and doing some techie-like work on it. :)

1. It should be the Core2Duo T7600
2. Use the T7600
3. 2GB+2GB? ;) T
Seriously: Try to use DDR2 with a FSB frequency of 667Mhz.

Thats all, still some questions?


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Hi all, I'm considering upgrading RAM on my *SATELLITE A100-667* (PSAARE-02700DIT). Does anyone knows the maximum amount of ram I can install? Which clock is supported? (553, 667...)

And what about CPU? The notebook comes with an Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T5500 @ 1,66 GHz over Intel i945PM chipset.

Thank you in advance for any information.


Answer:Re: Satellite A100-667 - RAM and CPU upgrade


I think you should also check your user manual regarding RAM upgrades. As far as I know you can upgrade your notebook to 4GB RAM. Therefore you can use DDR2-533 modules. You buy it from an authorized service provider or Kingston modules also recommendable.

The CPU upgrade is not supported. The BIOS and mainboard are only tested with the preinstalled CPU.
Check also similar threads about this question.

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I want to buy some RAM for my laptop Satellite A100-702. I think I can use the "Kingston 1GB SO-DIMM DDR2 PC2-5300", these exist with 2GB as well. So, my question is: Can I put 2 x 2GB RAM in my laptop so I have 4 GB in the end??? Thanks for your answers!


Answer:RAM upgrade at Satellite A100-702

Yes you can. According the notebook specification it can handle with 4 GB RAM.

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Hi @ all,
I want to upgrade my notebook with a new CPU and a new GPU.
In my notebook is a current a Intel T2050 CPU and GPU is an ATI X1400.
My Question is, can I build a bigger CPU and GPU in this book?

Greetz Yaku79

Answer:Satellite A100-718 Upgrade


since these components are "hard-wired" (which means they are soldered on the mainboard which makes it impossible to exchange them) in your system, you cannot upgrade it. The only way to gain some more performance is to stick some more RAM in it or to purchase a bigger and faster harddrive.

I would suggest you to check some hardwarestores (google is your friend) and check at least for one of the previously mentioned components (RAM, harddisk).


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The spec for the Satellite Pro A100-840 says the memory has a maximum of 4 GB of memory. But there does not seem to be any memory supplied by Toshiba which allows me to upgrade to 4 GB. It current has the default 1gn which was shipped when ordered. Anyone knows how to get from the 1 GB to 4 GB?

Many Thanks in advance of any help

Answer:RAM upgrade on Satellite Pro A100-840


I just wanted to check notebook specification but I was not able to find Satellite Pro A100-840. Can you please check notebook model and please send us notebook model number.

Anyway I really do not understand what your problem is. It seems to be that your notebook model can handle with max 4 GB RAM. According to your posting your notebook is delivered with 1 GB of RAM.

So if you want to use maximum RAM on your Satellite notebook you must buy 2X2 GB RAM module. As far as I know 2 GB RAM module are available and if you want to be sure about compatibility please check Kingston products.

Please check this Kingston Memory configurator

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Hey all
I have a Satellite A100 - 746. And I want to extend its memory. But I cannot find its specification anywhere on the internet. Not even on Toshiba's website. Its just like that this model doesn't exist and I'm the only one to buy it.
I want to upgrade my RAM and I cannot find any information that up to what memory I can Upgrade, can I upgrade it to 4GB?
And should I use the memory in pairs? Like I have 2 x 512 MB RAM now. I want to remove one 512 MB and put 2GB instead. Will it work? Or I should use in pair?

Anyone who can help me please do, I'm so frustrated.
Thanks alot

Answer:RAM upgrade at Satellite A100- 746

You are right. This notebook model can handle with max 4 GB RAM. You must not use two identical RAM modules. According notebook specification you can use DDR2-533 1GB (PA3411U-2M1G) RAM module. Using two of them you will have fantastic 2 GB RAM and it is more than enough for WXP.

Unfortunately I was not able to find 2 GB RAM module for your notebook.
Do you use WXP or Vista?

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i have a Toshiba Satelitte a100-768
is it possible to upgrade the cpu ?
i would buy a merom cpu, and install that one...
or is the cpu soldered to the motherboard ?!

kind regards

Answer:Satellite A100-768: Cpu upgrade?, watch this. may be helpful for you.sorry for my english.
edit : if the link dont work go to homepage and search for satellite

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can i use 667 MHZ ram in my a100-692 and will it run in 667 MHZ or slow down to 533?

And can i upgrade my cpu (core duo 1.66ghz) to core 2 duo or core 2quad?

Answer:Upgrade a Satellite A100-692 with another RAM or CPU?

You can use 667Mhz in your machine but it will not run on 667Mhz because the FSB runs with only 533Mhz since these models are just clocked with 533Mhz due to mobile issues (powersaving, heat generation, etc,,)

And no, you cannot upgrade your CPU because the Bios does not support it, also the cooling system in your machine is specifically designed for a couple of CPU?s which were shipped only with the model series of your notebook.

By the way, if you really exchange the CPU you will loose your warranty.

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I want to upgrade my hard drive but I am unsure if it?s an IDE or SATA. I?ve found software that gives me all laptop information and under the hard disk drive its got interface IDE SATA, so I am non the wiser the hard drive is a TOSHIBA MK6034GSX.

I have a Satellite A100-259 PSAA2E.

Many thanks.

Answer:HDD upgrade on my Satellite A100-259


According the notebook specification your notebook is delivered with 60GB HDD. Interface: Serial ATA Rev. 1.0a.

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hi, can someone tell me if it is possible to upgrade the T2500 cpu in my A100 192 notebook to T7200 cpu, thanx

Answer:CPU upgrade on Satellite A100

Hello Helium

CPU upgrade is very often posted theme. About that you can read different comments but yesterday I have found very good posting written by swordbreaker. Check it please under

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I would like to upgrade the RAM for my A100-847 from my current 512 MB by adding another module for 512 MB but i face a compatibility problem because looking at the manual the only compatible modules are the following:
256 MB: PA3389U-1M25
512 MB: PA3412U-1M51
1 GB: PA3411U-1M1G
I tried looking for a module with these codes but I didn't find any in Romania. I could find a module from another manufacturer with the same specification but I don't know if these would function properly .
So I need some advice .



Answer:RAM upgrade for a Satellite A100-847


which manufacturer you have seen? If they have the same specs, then they should fit. The best decision would be to take some kingston or crucial modules. They were tested to work well with toshibas, so just consider buying some kingstons with the specs of the original toshiba modules and have fun with them.

In case of some further question just ask.


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I'm looking to upgrade from the bundled 1GB 533MHz to 4GB 667MHz - possible? The specification page does not agree with the user manual (4GB on spec., 2 x 1GB in manual).

I have a feeling it's ok, but since I'm grabbing this from the US and I'm in the UK I'd like to know before I enter into a returns nightmare.


Answer:Satellite A100-487 - 4GB RAM Upgrade Possible?

HI Scott,

As far as I can make out the A100-487 will accept up to 4Gb RAM (2 X 2Gb cards). Please check out the following link :-


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I have recently tried to upgrade the existing 512 MB in my laptop with an additional 1n GB sourced from the internet.
Both chips work individually but when I try to boot on both installed the screen goes blank on boot but pc is running and making all the right sounds.
Any help would be great.

Satellitte Pro A100


Answer:RAM upgrade at Satellite Pro A100

That sound really strange dude? fact is that if a memory module would be not compatible or not supported then the notebook would not boot up.

But listen buddy; nothing is impossible. Maybe the both modules cannot run together and therefore this issue happens ?:|

Generally it?s advisable and recommended using both, identical memory modules.
In such case you can be 100% sure that both RAM?s would run together trouble free!

Check this !

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I945PM Chipset supports C2D T7200/400/600 processors according to Intel's site ( - compatible products),
but I cannot find any information on compatibility of the BIOS.

What processors are compatible with the latest BIOS version for A100?

Answer:Upgrade of CPU in Satellite A100


Such informations are not available on the Toshiba page.
But there are different A100 with different hardware components.
You can check some A100 with different CPUs and then you will know what CPUs would be supported for sure.

But there is a still small kind of risk for all other CPUs. So you will need simply test this?
But note; stronger CPUs could affect the notebook functionality due to higher heat dissipation.

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I have a 478 Intel Celeron? Processor 2.80 GHz, 128K Cache, 400 MHz FSB cpu and wonder if i can put it in my Toshiba Satellite Pro A100 mainboard ati sb450.

If not what can i upgrade my cpu with, thanx

Answer:Satellite A100 - CPU upgrade


Take a look here:

Usually the CPU upgrade is not supported but some users here in the forum were able to upgrade the CPU.

You would have good chances with such upgrade using a CPU from the same family.
Furthermore you should check the chipset properties. It?s important that notebook?s chipset would support the new CPU. Otherwise you will not be able to use it.

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Hi All,

I own an A100-0FH laptop with the T2050 core duo processor @ 533MHz FSB. I plan to upgrade the CPU to a T2700 core duo @ 667MHz FSB. Does anyone have any information that would prove helpful before I go ahead and complete the upgrade? I have already upgraded the bios and the memory is maxed at 4GB - I just want to make sure the thing will work before I do it. HAs anyone done this upgrade in the past? WIll my cooer handle the extra heat?

Thanks for the input....

Answer:CPU Upgrade on Satellite A100-0FH

This Satellite notebook looks like an Canadian machine?.
Anyway, the CPU upgrade on notebook is very tricky and mostly not possible due to different reasons.
The higher performance and the higher temperature level could be the biggest trouble?

The T2700 2.33Ghz CPU is faster as a T2050 1.6MGhz CPU Core Duo and it produce more heat. So possibly the notebook would not run stable after the upgrade.

Check this Intel page:

So I would really not recommend upgrading the CPU on the notebook.

PS; don?t forget that you will lose the warranty if you would remove the covers and would open the notebook?

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I am running out of memory on my A100-062 on the Vista (C) drive on my notebook (currently 62.6MB/37.1GB left!), however I have 32GB/35.9GB left on the Data (E) drive.

Is it possible to move itunes and my music library onto the D drive where there is more room? Or should I look at upgrading the hdd (internally or externally)

I am a complete novice when it comes to this so *_basic detailed explanations_* on what best to do would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Max1210

Answer:Satellite A100-062 - Upgrade the HDD

Before you buy a new HDD you should try to move the folder ?My documents? on the second partition. Also the mp3 files that you have.
I save my documents, photos, music and so far only on the second partition. On the first partition I install only the programs that I need.

If you want a new HDD it?s your choice if you take an internal or external HDD. On the external HDD you can save your data.

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Is it true that i can change my CPU on Satellite A100-906 ?! For example with Core2 Duo 2.16Ghz ?

Answer:Is it possible to upgrade the CPU of Satellite A100-906?

Hi buddy,

shortly I can say: no

And if you want to know why then read this post. It should answer almost all your questions.

Nice weekend and greetings

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Im just wondering what can I upgrade the HDD to for my A100? The hard drive in now is a 120GB and its useless at this point because of an issue I had with it.
I was thinking of going with this one but I don't know about Toshiba's Hardware Upgrades policy. agate



Answer:Re: Satellite A100-172 - Can I upgrade the HDD?

That HDD will work in the A100. The only problem is that its 7200RPM, which can get very hot. 5400RPM might be a better solution.

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I have Satellite A100-011 notebook. And i want to upgrade its memory. It has 1GB DDR2 533 hz ram. My questions are as follows;
1-How many ram slots does it have?
2- Can i add 2GB DDR2 533 hz ram more, if yes , will it be 3GB total? Or shoud i replace 2gb with 1gb?
3- ?s it possible to use DDR3 rams or diffrent frequence like 800 hz?
4- Which mark i should use for upgrade? Kingston etc?
5- ?f i upgrade my notebook's memory, can i install windows7 32 bit (i have windows vista at the moment)

Thank you in advance

Answer:Satellite A100-011 - RAM upgrade


I?ll try to give you some answers:

# According notebook specification it has two RAM slots
# Your notebook can handle with 4 GB max so you can do whatever you want and it depends how many RAM you want to have inside. You can buy one RAM module with 2GB and have 3GB RAM. This should be enough to work with Vista or even Win7. Of course you can upgrade it to maximum and buy 2 X 2GB.
# it has no sence at all. If FSB speed of your mainboard is 53MHz why to use 800MHZ modules. Your notebook will not be faster due to RAMs with more MHz.
# Yes, Kingston produces high quality modules and using Kingston you should not have any compatibility issues.
# I don?t see any reason why you should not be able to install Win7 but before you do this visit Toshiba support page and check if your notebook model is supported for Win7.

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I wold like to upgrade my laptop memory from 1gb to 4gb. I got the Satellite A100-467.

What is the best memory for me?? I will get the Win7 32bit OS

Can I use this (SO-DIMM DDR2 SDRAM SEC (PC6400,* 800MGz*, CL6) or only 533?

Thannks for the help

Answer:Memory upgrade on Satellite A100-467

FSB speed on mainboard is 533 MHz and compatible modules are DDR2-533 but you can use DDR2-667 RAMs. 2 GB RAM has part number PA3513U-1M2G.

More info about compatible RAMs you can find on KINGSTON page.
Check it out.

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Hi all,

I have a Satellite Pro A100 PSAACE that I want to upgrade. I currently have 1GB of RAM in two 512MB modules. I looked on and it said I need DDR2-PC2 4200 (240 pin DIMM) modules, but they of course want to sell their own stuff that only comes in 1GB modules.
So what is the maximum amount of RAM my comp can take? I would like to have more than 2GB in order to make my paging file smaller. Is 2GB the maximum I can put in?

Answer:Question about RAM Upgrade on Satellite Pro A100

Your machine should be able to take 4 GB of RAM (but read first this article about the 4GB limit on 32Bit systems -> ) but I would suggest you to upgrade only to 2GB since you won?t recognize personally more than 2GB when you?re working with your machine.

So, if you want you can also upgrade to 4GB but only 3GB would be available for work (4GB limit !! ).


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I own a Satellite a100-912 and I want to upgrade its memory!
As it seems, this model supports only PC2-4200 DDR2 SODIMM modules (533 Mhz). Before bying a memory module that might regret, I want to know if there will be any compatibility issues if I use to this laptop PC2-6400 DDR2 SODIMM module (800 Mhz).

Is it going to work even at lower clock speed (533 Mhz) or is it going to be a total waste of money?

Answer:Memory upgrade on a Satellite A100-912

As far as I know the FSB is able to handle 667Mhz modules.
You can use lower modules (533Mhz) without any problems but modules with higher Mhz will not run with full speed due to the limited FSB.

So I don?t recommend buying 800Mhz modules. Firstly they are not supported and secondly it?s waste of money!

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I want to know if can i upgrade my Satellite a100-405 with a fujitsu hdd 7200 sata-II

The original one is FUJITSU MHV2160BT sata 150 mb/s acording to Everest software.

Answer:Satellite A100-405 - Upgrade of HDD 7200 rpm

SATA controller is downward compatible and therefore it should not be a big problem to use the SATA II HDD in connection with SATA I (150Mb/s) HDD.

But of course the SATA II HDD will not reach the full performance and the speed will be slowed down du to SATA controller limitation.

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I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade the graphics in the Toshibe Satellite A100-163. In the specifications on this website, it states that it is connected by the new PCI Express x16 bus, does this mean that it is infact a seperate graphics card in my laptop that at a later date I would be able to upgrade?
Thank you for your help,

Answer:Graphics upgrade for a Satellite A100-163

Well, the unit was delivered with a ATI MOBILITY RADEON X1400 128MB.
But generally it's not possible to upgrade the graphic card on the notebook.
The graphic cards on the notebooks are simply different as the cards in the desktop PCs.

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Ii have a Satellite A100-165 (PSAA9E-00V00HFR)
Does it accept SO-DIMM of 2GB?

Answer:RAM upgrade question for Satellite A100-165

why i cant view this thread??

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Was just wondering whether I was able to upgrade my current ram in my Satellite A100 laptop and if so how much?

It is a Satellite A100 (PSAARA) with 2 GB RAM currently.

Processor: intel(R) core (TM)2 CPU [email protected] 1.60 GHZ 1.60 GHz

Running 32-bit Vista.

What kind of RAM upgrade could I get on this system? And what pin number would it be?
And I know this may be a shot in the dark but is it possible to upgrade the graphics card at all?

Sorry am new to idea what I am doing so if you could help I would appreciate it!


Answer:Satellite A100 (PSAARA) - possible RAM upgrade?

> And I know this may be a shot in the dark but is it possible to upgrade the graphics card at all?
No, graphic card cannot be upgraded?

> It is a Satellite A100 (PSAARA) with 2 GB RAM currently. What kind of RAM upgrade could I get on this system? And what pin number would it be?

I think the notebook use the DDR2 533MHz (PC2-4200) 200-PIN SODIMM modules but as far as I know the 2GB RAM is max and this would mean that it?s not possible to upgrade it to 4GB or higher?

But to be 100% sure you should check your user manual ?.

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i have a Toshiba Satelite A100-200 i want to upgrade to 4 gb.
I'm thinking of installing 2x 2GB kingston kvr667d2s5/2g 667mhz pc 5300 ddr2.

Every time i do a check on websites it tells me to install PC24200 ddr2 533.
Will the above work the same as the 4200 ddr2 533hz as the ones i want to put in are a lot cheaper.

Will both sets of ram pergorm exactly the same as long as they are paired.


Answer:Satellite A100-200 RAM upgrade question


Everything depends on your FSB (front side bus).
If the FSB supports 667Mhz then the inserted PC5300 667Mhz modules will run with full performance (667Mhz).

But if the FSB supports only 533Mhz then the RAM modules will run only at 533Mhz even you would use the faster modules (PC5300)

So what you should do is to check the FSB value. You can install a hardware diagnostic tool (i.e Everest home edition) in order to check the FSB.


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I currently have a Satellite A100 with a Centrino Duo T2400 (1.83GHz) CPU inside of it. I was thinking of upgrading the CPU within the system, and was wondering what options do I have available?

I am thinking of going to a Core2Duo processor as well as upgrading the RAM to 2GB (Vista Ultimate is a little sluggish when a lot of applications are running hence wanting to upgrade both CPU & RAM).

Upgrading the processor isn't a problem to me (and I am not worried about voiding the warranty as the price of the notebooks has come down drastically that buying a replacement would be less of a hassle than sending the machine back to Toshiba).

Thanks in advance

PS. Vista runs perfectly fine on the A100 with full Aero tirned on with the Mobility X1400 module as supplied.

Answer:CPU Upgrade on Satellite A100 (PSAAA9)


at first I have to say, I don?t understand such people which are trying to change core components of a NOTEBOOK. It?s not a desktop! ;)
Why you?re then buying such machine? Why you don?t buy a machine with a Core2Duo cpu? Maybe you then don?t have to risk the revocation of your warranty. So, it?s not my problem but I just wanted to tell you.

On the technical side (now we?re coming to my thing :) ) upgrading your machine will not be possible in that manner which you expect.
So if you?re familiar with chipset specs, then you should know that the intel 945GM chipset which is embedded in that machine-series, is just specified to handle pure mobile cpu?s, so the centrino duo is a pure mobile cpu.

And what you think is the core 2 duo? It?s not a mobile cpu and it?s not possible to handle a core2duo with this chipset. Maybe a CoreDuo..
Just a little reminder: centrino duo has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the Core2Duo architecture!!!

Did you even think about the heat dissipation? How would a cooling system which was designed for a centrino duo handle a Core2Duo with a absolutely different waste heat??

I recommend you to upgrade your RAM and not installing useless Software which is breaking the performance of your machine so you won?t have to void your warranty...

I wish you a nice weekend and good luck in upgrading your machine

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Hi All,
I Have a satellite A100-583 which currently has 1gb of ram and want to know what is the largest that it can be upgraded to and is it worth doing,Also does it have to be replaced with 533ddr2 or can it be replaced with 667 and is that a better upgrade ?
Can you also tell me what is SODIMM and if this make a difference ?

Answer:Satellite A100 memory upgrade


the machine can be upgraded to a maximum of 4GB of main memory, and if itīs worthy can by no one be answered, but only by yourself.

Do you really need it? I think the best would be that you upgrade to 2GB since youīre not a graphics designer which has larger pictures (which can be some gigabytes tall :) ).

As a normal user under vista/XP you only need 2GB. You wonīt even recognize the jump from 1GB to 2GB of RAM or more.

Regarding the modules FSB frequency: it doesnīt matter which frequency you use, you really wonīt gain any performance when using the 667mhz modules, so just obtain a fine pair of 2x2GB sticks with 533Mhz and just enjoy the "speed".

Hereīs a little explanation for S0-DIMM:

have fun ;)


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New to this. Doh. Put a 'Legend' 1GB memory upgrade (alongside the existing 500MB) into my A100 which was behaving slowly. Nothing seems to happen - in fact seems even slower. THe new memory does't show up under control panel - System....Should it? Do I have to do anything else to set it up and get it working apart from slotting it in?

Thanks for any advice,

Answer:Memory upgrade to Satellite A100

Someone has recommended that the Laptop will not recognise two different sized memories in at the same time and that I should try the 1 GB by itself and remove the old 512. Could this be the case?


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I want to be as sure as I can be, I have already bought memory from Crucial - it doesn't I want to be sure I get it right next time.

Satellite A100-232, currently has 512 Mb - I believe I can go up to 2 Gb and understand that 2 x 1 GB is better than 1 x 2GB - is this true ?

Next - WHICH?? memory - based on a search on their website I bought 2 x 1GB sticks from Crucial, they advised DDR2 PC2 5300 and it did not work. Despite repeated emails they insist that these sticks are the 'replacement' for DDR2 PC2 4200 (which is now strongly indicated to me from my recent research as the correct memory - part # PA3411U -1M1G).

If I now buy 2 x 1 Gb - DDR2 PC2 4200 (from a different supplier of course) will I be doing the right thing ?????????? Assuming the new memory works, I'll be getting in touch with Crucial for some money (of course).

Answer:Re: Satellite A100-232 Memory upgrade

>Satellite A100-232, currently has 512 Mb - I believe I can go up to 2 Gb and understand that 2 x 1 GB is better than 1 x 2GB - is this true ?

You can upgrade the RAM up to 2GB and usually you should use 2 x 1GB RAM 533Mhz.
In my case one big module was not recognized. I had to use 2 x 1GB RAM? but I don?t have this model.

I recommend using brand name modules; Kingston is good and provides good quality modules.
Different manufacturers provide cheaper modules but the performance and the quality is not really good.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A100-803 laptop at the moment. There is an Intel Core 2 Duo T5200 cpu in it and it is a bit slow. It also doesn't support VT-x extensions.

My idea is to build a simple hobby-server which should run Gentoo with Xen on it. I can buy an Intel Core 2 Duo T7600, but there are two things I would like to know.

1. Does the bios support the Intel Core 2 Duo T7600?
2. If it does support the Intel Core 2 Duo T7600, is there any way to use the VT-x extensions?

Answer:Re: Satellite A100-803 - CPU Upgrade question

>1. Does the bios support the Intel Core 2 Duo T7600?
This is not known to me but you should check if the chipset would support the the Intel Core 2 Duo T7600. If the chipset does not support this CPU then you cannot use this CPU in your A100. but if the chipset would support the new CPU then you?ve good chances to use this part.

>2. If it does support the Intel Core 2 Duo T7600, is there any way to use the VT-x extensions?
Hmm? this is a good question; as far as I know the BIOS needs to support the VT-x feature in order to use this? of course the CPU should support this too? so I think that the VT-x should be available if the upgrade to Intel Core 2 Duo T7600 would be successful?

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Would my laptop support [WD Scorpio Bule 500GB|] ?

Answer:Satellite A100-599 - HDD upgrade question


I think it should be possible because the notebook supports SATA 2.5? HDD.
Therefore you can use nearly all 2.5? SATA HDDs.


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Can I expend my memory up to 4 gigabyte?

Kingston DDR 2048MB 667MHz DDR2-667 * 2

Answer:Satellite A100-036 - is memory upgrade to 4GB possible?

Yes you can upgrade it up to 4 GB.
The right Kingston modules list you can find = Here

Good luck!

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Satellite A100-523. Why can I only increase my memory to 1536MB & not 2048MB as stated in product scan?
The laptop will not fire up on 2048MB.

Answer:Satellite A100 and memory upgrade

Has your notebook shared memory graphic card?

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Just got an A100-596 laptop & keeps locking up on me. I think I need to upgrade the memory as it only has 512MB.

Question is what sort do I need? I know it DDR2 RAM (533MHz) but what voltage. The Toshiba website info doesn't help much & Crucial's system scanner doesn't list the laptop model.



Answer:Satellite A100-596 - I need to upgrade memory

The voltage is not very important.
You can use the DDR2 533MHz (PC2-4200) 200-PIN SODIMM modules

The notebook supports the FSB 533Mhz and therefore it does not make sense to upgrade the memory with a 667Mhz modules.

So take the PC2-4200 200-PIN SODIMM and you are on the safe side ;)

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hello all and happy new year .

First of all , sorry for my bad english .

I bought a Satellite A100-386 few years ago and i'm really satisfied, but my hard disk drive is down .
So i wanted to know if i could put a 2,5'' S-ATA II Hard drive in, like this.

because when i see satellite features, they mention a hard disk with only S-ATA .
Is there any compatibility ?

Thank you for answer :)

Bye bye

Answer:Satellite A100-386 - HDD upgrade question


Yes, I think this should be possible.
The A100 supports SATA HDDs controller and theoretically you could use any 2.5? SATA HDD.


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I'm the owner of a Satellite A100-991. Thanks to Toshiba, I have upgraded from XP MCE to Vista Home Premium at low cost.

Now I would like to upgrade to Windows 7, but I don't know which version of Windows 7 I have to buy.

Did Toshiba offers special "Vista to Windows 7" offers for older Notebooks ?
Otherwise, which kind Windows 7 do I have to buy at Microsoft ? Is this one compatible with my current OS ?

Thank you,

Answer:Satellite A100-991- Upgrade to Windows 7

At the moment there is no info which notebook models will be supported for new Windows 7 operating system.
To be honest I think your notebook is pretty old and it will not be supported for Windows 7.
You can buy it but without right drivers, tools and utilities you will not have configured OS as with supported WXP or Vista.

Maybe you should wait few weeks until support starts and you will see how it will works with Satellite A100.

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Hi there,

I want to install Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2007 onto my laptop (Satellite A100-201). I ran the Windows Upgrade Tool which told me that my Toshiba Configfree (version 5.90.07) would have to be uninstalled before update and would not be able to be reinstalled after installation of Windows 7...what is the Configfree, do I require it for my laptop to do anything "special"?

Thanks in advance for your help

Answer:Satellite A100-201 and Win7 upgrade

You dont need ConfigFree, its just an optional networking utility that configures network settings.

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Hi Toshiba,

I have an old *Satellite Pro A100* _PSAAAE-type_ and i would like to upgrade the CPU. I've seen that the socket is 479, and i've found that it exists Core 2 Duo on this socket. The chipset 945GM supports Core 2 Duo, but i don't know if the BIOS of my laptop supports these CPU.

Can anyone confirm or not ?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite Pro A100-PSAAAE CPU upgrade


Generally speaking, the CPU upgrade is not recommended.
Of course you can use the CPUs which are supported by chipset but the BIOS compatibility is other story. Nobody can say if your notebook would run stable after such upgrade due to the higher heat dissipation.

But I read in this forum that some guys have upgraded the CPU and the notebook still run?

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I am a complete noob, so please forgive my dumb question!

I would like to replace the HDD from my laptop, is there any combatibilty issues that I should be aware of, or should it just be a case of getting a 2.5" HDD?

Is it easy to buy an external one, and to use the internal drive from the inside the enclosure?

This seems to be the best value way of doing it. Any specific recommendations?

Answer:Satellite Pro A100-830 - HDD upgrade questions

Hi magicmat,

Usually HDD upgrade is not complicated and therefore you have only to remove the HDD cover on bottom side on your notebook to replace the HDD.

Satellite Pro A100 already uses HDDs with SATA interface so you need such an HDD. Furthermore I would recommend a model with 5400rpm because it?s fast enough and doesn?t much power.

So that?s all what you must know about upgrade. Theoretically you can use the old HDD as external one with a external HDD case. Also no problem. :)

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My laptop has the original 1GB memory and I want to upgrade it to 2 GB.

I have identified the 2 x 1GB Memory PC2 DDR2 (667MHz) modules that I need but am confused whether I should choose module type PA3512U-1M1G or PA3512S-1M1G.

Both of these parts are available as Toshiba parts,, but Kingston only lists PA3512U-1M1G as correct for my laptop (A100-02M).
Are both parts compatible with the laptop and is one better than the other ?

The Toshiba price of the "U" part is listed ?14.20 and the "S "part at ?16.54 each.

TIA for info.

Answer:Upgrade memory for Satellite A100-02M

I presume Toshiba has better info about compatibility and according the notebook specification you can use both of them. Now it is your choice.

Kingston is also good place to buy RAMs. They offer always high quality products.

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I'm using Satellite A100-847 (PSAA9E) for almost two years now. 2 year warranty period be over in month, so I guees it is good time for an upgrade. I could use more RAM and a faster HDD (for CAD purposes mostly when I'm on the run) so I would like to know more about it.

*What I already found out is that my notebook:*
(please say if I'm wrong with something)

1) ...Can take 2 modules of So-DIMM DDR2; max 4GB; which means 2X2GB. I already have 2X512GB, and this is not enough.
- The question is which DDR2 memory!? The FSB is running on 667 MHz, so I guess I should buy PC-5300/667 or even 6400/800?
- Which is the best memory for my notebook? The one which doesn't heat up a lot!? Which model is cool enough?

2) ...Has a Hitachi Travelstar 5K100, 2.5", 5400RPM, 8MB cache, 100GB SATA drive. Capacity is enough for me, but it is way too slow. So I guess I should for a 7200RPM 16MB cache drive.
- The question here is does my notebook support SATA2 or is it just SATA1? Which shlould I buy?
- Does my notebook support 7200RPM drive?
- Will my notebook overheat with this drive?

3) ...Could have a more efficient cooling system. Is there any solution to this?

Thank you in advance,

Answer:Satellite A100-847 - upgrade advice


Googling around I?ve found follow information:

The computer has two SO DIMMs slot comes standard with DDRII 4200 module. It
supports PC2-4200 and uses SO DIMMs (DDRII SDRAM) driven at 1.8 V, accepting
BTO/CTO for your memory requirements. It can incorporate up to 4 GB of main
Using the following sizes of memory modules:
256 MB (16M?16?8P)/533/667 MHZ
512 MB (32M?16?8P)/533/667 MHZ
1024 MB (64Mx16x8P)/533/667 MHZ

If you want to use maximum RAM you must use two 2 GB. Toshiba recommends using
2 x 2 GB PA3513U-1M2G DDR2 RAM. Alternative to this RAM module are high quality Kingston memory modules.

About HDD I can say follow:
The HDD interface conforming to Serial ATA (for 40/60/80/100/120 GB).
The computer accommodates one 2.5-inch HDD with any of the following storage capacities:
40 GB (9.5 mm thick) SATA (5,400rpm)
60 GB (9.5 mm thick) SATA (5,400rpm/7200rpm)
80 GB (9.5 mm thick) SATA (5,400rpm/7200rpm)
100 GB (9.5 mm thick) SATA (5,400rpm/7200rpm)
120 GB (9.5 mm thick) SATA (5400rpm)

As far as I know SATA2 is backward compatible and theoretically you can use it but I am not sure about that. If I were you I would by SATA1 HDD.
As you can see Toshiba has tested 7200rpm HDDs with this notebook model and you can use it too.
Overheat maybe not but I can imagine that plastic cover will be warmer than before. Be just sure the notebook is placed properly and nothing blocks cooling fan.

More efficient cooling system? I don?t know wha... Read more

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Help me with upgrade memory on TOSHIBA Satellite A100-250 up to 1024 mb.

I want to buy another slat of memory ddr2-533 512 mb, what exactly model am I necessary to search, that they worked in a pair.

Sorry for bad english. From Russia with Love.
PS. I like drink russian vodka :)

Answer:Need help with memory upgrade on Satellite A100-250


Your notebook can be upgraded up to 2 GB and compatible RAM is DDR2-400/533 1GB (PA3411U-1M1G).

Use this part number in Google and you will find it.

Bye and don?t drink too much Vodka. ;)

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I have a Satellite A100-003 (PSAARE) with Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit installed and 3GB RAM 667MHz.
I want to upgrade my hdd. But I am not sure which model is the most suitable for my computer.

There are two options: 7200 rpm or 5400 rpm HDD.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of these type of HDDs?

If I buy a 7200 rpm HDD, will I have a problem with heat and noise?
If you can give me some HDD model names which you suggest, it will be better for me.


Answer:Satellite A100-003 (PSAARE) - HDD Upgrade Help

> There are two options: 7200 rpm or 5400 rpm HDD.
> What are the advantages and disadvantages of these type of HDDs?
The 7200rpm HDD is faster than the or 5400 rpm HDD. This helps to read and write the data faster on the HDD but to be honest; in most cases this difference is not noticeable?

> If I buy a 7200 rpm HDD, will I have a problem with heat and noise?
No, usually you should not get any problems? both type of HDD are compatible with notebooks?

> If you can give me some HDD model names which you suggest, it will be better for me.
To be honest you can use any 2.5? SATA HDD. The SATA controller is not limited to an HDD capacity so you can take any HDD of your choice?

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Anyone can help?
I've got laptop Toshiba Satellite A100-451 with geForce go 7600 dedicated video card (DDR Video RAM 128 MB
connected bus : 16x PCI Express).
Is it possible to upgrade my graphics?

Answer:Satellite A100-451 graphics upgrade?

No, the graphic card cannot be upgraded because it?s fixed, soldered on the motherboard!
Something like that is definitely not possible!

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I would like to know if are any possible to upgrade my graphic card to a some other one like a GeForce 8600GT or a M. Radeon HD2600, something like that, with the DirectX10.

Thanks for any help.

Answer:Graphic card upgrade on Satellite A100-215

Hi friend,

unfortunately there is no chance to upgrade the graphics card of your machine because the graphics unit (or graphics chip) is soldered ("hardwired") on the mainboard.
This whole system was aligned together with this chip and there is no way to exchange or upgrade your graphics subsystem.
If you want better graphics and a more powerful graphics chipset then you will have to purchase another computer with a better graphics card.

Thats all. Sorry dude.


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I've had the misfortune to get 2 KVR667D2S5/1G sodimms for my Toshiba Satellite A100-551 laptop which don't work by themselves either as a single sodimm or as a pair, it doesn't matter which slot they go into - they don't work.

However when the orignal 512Mb sodimm is put back into one of the slots - it doesn't matter which - either of the kvr etc sodimms work giving a total of 1.5Gb of ram.
Please help me to solve this problem.

Also is it poss. to upgrade cpu ie is cpu socketed. I've already upgraded many a laptop cpu when thay had socketed cpus, so I'm aware of the problems involved
Thanking you all for your kind help in this matter.


Answer:Question about memory & CPU upgrade on Satellite A100-551

Hi Mike

> I've had the misfortune to get 2 KVR667D2S5/1G sodimms for my Toshiba Satellite A100-551 laptop which don't work by themselves either as a single sodimm or as a pair, it doesn't matter which slot they go into - they don't work.
It?s clear -> modules seems to be not compatible ;)

> However when the original 512Mb sodimm is put back into one of the slots - it doesn't matter which - either of the kvr etc sodimms work giving a total of 1.5Gb of ram.

Cannot believe that! As far as I know this notebook was delivered only with one 512MB DDR2 533MHz (PC2-4200) 200-PIN SODIMM module.
Of course you can upgrade the memory up to 2GB using two 1024MB modules.

The compatible memory can you find here:

> Also is it poss. to upgrade cpu ie is cpu socketed. I've already upgraded many a laptop cpu when they had socketed cpus, so I'm aware of the problems involved
Well, what to say, the CPU is socked? you can find out it easily using an hardware diagnostic program like ?Everest?. It would provide many useful information about your notebooks hardware.

But to be honest, I?m very skeptical about CPU upgrade on the notebooks.
If you have already changed several CPUs on the notebooks then you should know that this is not very easy and more tricky like the CPU upgrade on the desktop PCs.

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Hi ,

i have a satellite A100-599 notebook, Can i upgrade/change the video card on this model ?

Have fun, Marian

Answer:Satellite A100-599 - Can I upgrade video card

No. This is not possible because the chip is fixed on the board!

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I want to upgrade the harddisk of my Satellite A100-237. It is equipped with 80GB Fujitsu, 5200rpm, SATA. I want to install a new one - 320GB, 7200rpm, SATA. But I don't know is it supported.

I tried to find information about possibilities for this upgrade, I couldn't find anything.

Thank you in advance!

Answer:Satellite A100-237 (PSAA9E) - Can I upgrade it with a new 320GB HDD?


Theoretically you can upgrade the HDD to a 320GB model. This should not be a problem because on the SATA interface there are no capacity limits.

According the rpm of the HDD? Well buddy, a HDD with 7200rpm is of course faster as a HDD with ?only? 5400rpm but if you use the computer only for office and internet the HDD with 5400rpm is fast enough.
The point is that a HDD with more rpm?s produces more heat and makes a little bit more noise but it?s faster. So in my opinion a HDD with 7200rpm is only useful if you works with video files and general files with big sizes.
But theoretically you can use a HDD with 7200rpm.

I have good experience with Seagate and Hitachi HDDs but you can also buy a HDD from another manufacture.


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Hello Forum!

I wish to upgrade from a 120GB (Hitachi) hard drive to a 500GB (Western Digital). I do not know whether this A100 supports SATA2.

I believe it is to do with the hard disk controllers that are on the mobo. This is the information that I cannot find (using pc wizard). I am quite happy to use a SATA drive if this is the only one that is compatible, but if it does support SATA 2 then obviously I would like to install one as they are 3GB bandwidth instead of 1.5GB like SATA.

Any help would be very greatly appreciated as my hard drive is full.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A100-065 (PSAANA) - Can I upgrade it with a SATA2 HDD?


You can use a SATA2 HDD without problems. These HDDs are downgrade compatible to the older SATA1 standard so you can use the 500GB HDD as you have suggested.
But don?t forget it will only run with SATA1 speed but this should not be a problem normally.

So have fun with the new HDD! ;)


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I downloaded the toshiba A100 PSAA8 bios update from the toshiba site and applied it using bios update procedure from windows XP MSE. On reboot following the update booting stopped at the toshiba welcome screen.

On the boot screen pressing ESC shows text mode. The message shown there confirms the upgraded version of bios. The POST messages are:

Genuine Intel CPU
No TPM or TPM has problem
1015M System RAM Passed

Press <F2> to enter SETUP

Pressing F2 just erases the last line message and then no change is noticed.

The Notebook shipped with windows XP media center edition. I am not sure why the TPM is enabled. One possibility is that now toshiba is shipping with TPM enabled in bios updates which breaks notebook. If this is the case, they should have clearly marked the upgrade as 'Not applicable' for machines that are not relevant.

I found similar messages around the forum without convincing answers.

Is there any way to repair this without sending in? Even if it turns out affordable, it doesn't make much sense in paying for problems caused by toshiba.

Answer:Satellite A100 does not boot after BIOS upgrade


Please don?t blame someone for you mistakes ;)
As far as I know only some notebook series are delivered with TPM.
If you want make a BIOS update on units with TPM you have to contact the ASP!!!

It looks like you have used a wrong BIOS or a wrong BIOS update procedure!!!!

On the Toshiba page you will find a BISO update documentation which describes how to update the BIOS on every notebook series!!!
On the Toshiba driver page you will find the compatible BIOS and in the ?More info? a lot of details!!!

> Is there any way to repair this without sending in
Don?t think so and therefore you will have to contact the Asp for the help!!

Good luck

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I have ordered a 1GB stick of memory from Crucial and decided to have a trial run accessing the memory slot. The single Philips head screw retaining the memory cover is easily unscrewed but does not lift out of the cover. The cover then seems to be reluctant to lift off. Does anyone have any info on this seemingly simple task as I do not want to damage the lappy?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Pro A100 memory upgrade

and the memory cover comes off without too much trouble. Make sure the screw is fully undone, and then gently lever off the cover using a screwdriver or knife under the small tab.The cover has two smaller tabs on the sides, and these click into (and out of) slots.Just take it gently but firmly, and I'm sure the cover will come off.

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I've just bought a 1 Gb RAM memory to upgrade my Satellite from 2*512 to 1*1024 + 1*512.
The memory brand is Crucial.

Wherever I put my memory (1 Gb in slot 1, 512 Mb in slot 2 or the opposite), my computer only recognize 1 Gb.

Some ideas about this concern ?
Do I have to put the same size of memory in each slot, may be ?

Thx in advance for your help.



Answer:Satellite A100-551 recognizes only 1GB RAM after memory upgrade

Do you run in Windows Vista?
Some days ago I put an extra 1GB in my mom's laptop and it showed only 800 MB instead of 1.5GB of RAM. It seems that Vista is taking some memory for itself (that's what I've been told).

If that is not the problem, are you sure you bought RAM memory compatible with your laptop? Does it use DDRI or DDRII? I am asking for you didn't write anything about the memory except for the manufacturer.

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I need help to upgrade my A100-334 to vista!?
I use the disks provided by toshiba. It says that the newest Bios is already installed (vers.5.60).

After running the second disk it says I should deinstall DVD-RAM Driver/BD Driver Software and Toshiba configfree.

Then it says that the following problems will not prevent the upgrade from running but that some applications or items might not work properly. The list is long.

Here are some example:
TOSHIBA diagnostic tool, Sun Java scheduler, TOSHIBA controls, TOSHIBA Power saver Bluetooth settings and so on.

Is it recommendable to deinstall all these items?
What can I do?

I appreciate any help Thanks - Detlef

Answer:Satellite A100-334: Question about upgrade the XP to Vista

Hi Detlef

Well, what to say? as I understand your issue you didn?t perform a new, clean Vista install but you have tried to update the full XP to Vista.

I don?t wonder that this update doesn?t run smoothly and that you get some notifications about the tools and driver compatibility problems.

Fact is that many drivers, tools and utilities which are designed for the XP OS don?t run on the Vista OS. Therefore it?s necessary and advisable to remove ALL programs which are not compatible with the Vista!

In my personal opinion you should perform a clean Vista installation and then you could download and install all necessary Toshiba Vista drivers and utilities.

Best regards and greetings to Germany ;)

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