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Graphic card upgrade on Satellite A100-215

Question: Graphic card upgrade on Satellite A100-215

I would like to know if are any possible to upgrade my graphic card to a some other one like a GeForce 8600GT or a M. Radeon HD2600, something like that, with the DirectX10.

Thanks for any help.

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Preferred Solution: Graphic card upgrade on Satellite A100-215

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Graphic card upgrade on Satellite A100-215

Hi friend,

unfortunately there is no chance to upgrade the graphics card of your machine because the graphics unit (or graphics chip) is soldered ("hardwired") on the mainboard.
This whole system was aligned together with this chip and there is no way to exchange or upgrade your graphics subsystem.
If you want better graphics and a more powerful graphics chipset then you will have to purchase another computer with a better graphics card.

Thats all. Sorry dude.


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Is it possible to upgrade the Graphic card on the A100-033 ?
I am not sure if the PCI slot on the side will accept a seperate Graphic card ?

Answer:Satellite A100-033: Is it possible to upgrade the Graphic card

Hi George

It?s definitely not possible to upgrade the graphic card. The notebook technology is a little bit different and you should not compare it with the common PC desktop.
The GPU is fixed and not removable.

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Hello everybody

I have a question. I have a Satelite A100 with 7300go graphic card and I want to change it to another one. Is it possible ?

Answer:Graphic Card upgrade on Satellite A100


The answer is no. unfortunately it is not possible to exchange graphic card. Graphic card is part of mainborad and can not be removed separately.

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Hello, I would like to exchange gladly the graphic Card X1400 against a X1600 or a X1800. Is that possible?

Sorry for my bad English.


Answer:Graphic card replacement on Satellite A100-773

What computer do you have? Search for it on the knowledge base.

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Hi all

How can i make my Nvidia 7300 graphic card run faster? On StarTrek Legacy if i turn anti-aliasing on it starts to become very slow. Any chance to do an upgrade?

Thank you


Answer:Want to have faster graphic card on Satellite A100-326

The nVidia GeForce FX Go 7300 is a powerful graphic card with 256MB own memory (No shared memory)
Generally there is no much to do but some settings can be changed in the nVidia GeForce tab which can be found in the graphic card properties -> advanced

There is an ?Performance & Quality setting? area. You can change the ?Antialiasing settings? manually or ?Application controlled?.
You could also set the PowerMizer settings to ?maximum performance?. The graphic card will waste more power but will run much powerful. But this setting is not recommended if you run the notebook on battery.

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Hi I have a laptop and i want to change my grapic card (Mobile 945GM/PM/GMS, 943/940GML and 945GT Express Memory Controller Hub) because it is not support Hardware T&L and Vertex Shader version 2.0

Is this possible and if not can i update the grapic card from 128 MB memory to 512 and how?

Answer:Satellite A100-784 - Change graphic card

Hi buddy,

Just check this thread:

It?s one of hundreds of them about upgrading the graphic card.

Graphic card memory upgrade is also not possible because it will be controlled automatically and a part of RAM will be used for GPU RAM.

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I have a Toshiba A100-405, which has a Geforce go 7600 graphics card (according to spec).
Yesterday, while playing a game, suddenly the screen froze and showed many horizontal stripes.
I tried to restart the computer, but only succeeded in safe modus. The stripes have not disappeared. (funny colours, like low-res, stripes, blocks, etc.)

Question 1: Is my assumption that the graphics card has broken down correct?

Question 2: Can this card be easily replaced? And if so, what would that cost? (in EUR)

Looking forward to your replies,


Answer:Graphic card failure on Satellite A100-405


These funny funny colours, like low-res, stripes, blocks are called artifacts (undesired alteration in data, introduced by a technique and/or technology). it looks like the graphic card malfunction. To be sure, connect the external monitor to check. Talking about the replacement, if it is integrated into the motherboard, the whole motherboard need to be replaced. It costs about 35% from total laptop price, as you see it's pretty expensive.

By the way, from my own experience I know, sometimes these artifacts happen because of the graphic card overheating because of dust. Don't be lazy to clean the laptop with the compressed air spray. Otherwise, contact the ASP (service center) and prepare money.


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Recently I've had a GeForce Go 7600 graphic card in my beloved Satellite A100-011 laptop suffer damage due to the known issue with copper thermal bumps on GeForce 7/8/9 series of mobile graphic chips. :_| I work at HP and we get a lot of these problems too, hope Nvidia burns down for this. Card is partially faulty now, 3D is completely busted, but at least 2D works for now.

I've had almost the same problem a year and a half ago when laptop just came out of the warranty and I've carried it to Ideal Electronics, that's the company that provides service for Toshiba here in Athens, Greece.

They were very nice about it and allowed me to purchase additional year of warranty so they could change my graphic card for free. I've took a snapshot of that faulty graphic card they replaced, here it is:

However, when I went today to that same company for the second time after the second card suffered the same fate as the first, I wasn't so lucky. This time around there was some kid there who tried to convince me that graphics on this model can't be changed without changing the whole motherboard.

I've tried to explain him that they've already changed graphics in my machine without changing the board, but he arrogantly stood his ground, so I turned and left, since changing the board too would cost more than this laptop is worth.

The only option left to me if I want to save this laptop is to somehow get the graphic card and ch... Read more

Answer:Satellite A100-011 graphic card replacement

Never mind, I've got the answer from Toshiba service point in another country.
They also told me they tried several different Toshiba cards in that model and no other would work. :(

New one is over 300 euros, but maybe I'll be lucky enough to get a used or refurbished one for some reasonable amount.
No use spending money to repair it when it will just brake again.

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I recently received an Equium A100-027 for my birthday. Overall I'm extremely pleased with it, however the only problem I have is with the graphics card. I am a gamer, and the graphics card just can't handle most modern games.

I am looking into how to upgrade it, how much it will cost etc. However I don't wanna buy a graphics card just to realise that the inside is locked down. Since it's only a week old I also don't want to take a hammer to it just yet ;-)

Can anyone tell me how hard it is to upgrade the graphics card? Is it locked down, or easily accessible?

Answer:Equium A100-027: Is it possible to upgrade the graphic card?

Hi E?monn

Unfortunately, the graphic card upgrade is not possible. I don?t know if you are familiar with the notebook technology but you should know that the graphic cards installed on the notebook motherboards are not same like the GPU?s for desktop PC?s.

The card a fixed and there is no way for an upgrade!!!
You can upgrade the memory modules or the HDD on the notebooks but not the graphic card!!!

I?m also an gamer and I?m a notebook owner but I don?t use this unit for gaming but for usual usage like internet, programming, mps, etc?
I have a second gaming machine and it?s a desktop PC. It?s support a water cooling module and a really great graphic card? but I will change it to the newest one ? NVIDIA which supports the directX10.
This is a future and all newest games will need this DrectX10!!!

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Hi all,

Having probably heat problem with my satellite a100, I ran to the point were the screen remains dark and ... no boot at all !
All was cleaned inside for the dust, thermal pate applied on the three places needed.

Some months ago, I put 2 RAM at 2Go to boost it a bit : it was fine till some days with instant shuts down after about an hour to the great end : no more boot with no bip, nothing on except the fan and the led power.

Opening it, I saw the thing near the fan that could be the video card which seems to be removable, pretty rare isn't it ?

If it's really remplaceable, do I have to find the exact same, nvidia geforce Go 7300 Tc, said on specs, or is there the possibility to put there a better card ?

As far as I know, one does not reserve an emplacement for a removeable part if there is no way with the others parts of the computer to change it (compatibility), unless it's for cost reasons...

Thanks for help

Answer:Can graphic card on Satellite A100-386 be replaced/upgraded?

As far as I know GPU is not upgradable and on some model GPU is not fixed on the mainboard and can be exchanged. If you want to replace it than just with the same one if you will be able to buy one.

> more boot with no bip, nothing on except the fan and the led power.
That?s a bit strange that there is no beeping sound. For me it sounds as BIOS problem.

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I'm using a Satellite A100 and found no option for this in BIOS. Maybe i'm overlooking something?

Answer:Satellite A100: Is is possible to disable graphic card RAM sharing

No, this is not possible.
Everything is controlled automatically and the memory value will be assigned automatically if it is needed.

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Could anyone tell me where I can find the ATI driver for my on board video card in Vista Home Premium - 32Bit?

the device name is: RADEON XPRESS 200M Series (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM)
hardware ID is:

inf section is:

currently, only the ATI driver V7.14.10.8333 from Microsoft update can be used.
it is using inf section:
"RADEON XPRESS 200M Series (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM)" = ati2mtag_RC410MB, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5A62&SUBSYS_FF031179

I have tried to download the driver "7-4_vista32_dd_ccc_enu_44985" from ATI, it does not recognize the video card. I check the INF file, it does not contain the inf section: ati2mtag_RC410MB. So the ATI install manager does not recognize the video card, and shows: no matched hardware found.

my laptop is Toshiba A100-570. I also checked Toshiba website and tried the driver "display-vista-8311003206112", not worked too.
It said driver installation failed. but no other info showed.

so I hope there is something modified driver that based on 7.4 for Vista that can recognize my video card.

Many thanks to you.

Answer:Satellite A100-570: Need Driver For ATI Xpress 200M graphic card


It?s very strange?. Usually the Toshiba ATI graphic driver for Vista should run!!!
The Satellite A100-570 belongs to the PSAA2 series.
So you should choose always this series from the Toshiba download page if you want to use any Tosh drivers!

I checked the download page and it seems that this driver package contains the ATI UMA chipset software and the display driver.
Maybe something went wrong during the installation process?

The last possibility could be the manual installation of the graphic driver.
You can download this driver package and then you could install the driver via device manager.
There you should assign the driver source manually!!!

It's worth a try

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hi everyone,

most people know that onboard graphics or shared graphics struggle with high end games. Well I am just about playing pro Evo Soccer 6 on my home pc with a old geforce 3d prophet card. Now imagine my suprise to be playing it on my A100-207 standard intel job.

It was good on low detail, but when i hooked up an external monitor to the notebook even better.
Don't know why but this game shouldn't run on it at all.
I'm very pleased with the model indeed.

It's nice

Answer:Satellite A100-207 onboard graphic card working very good


I can only confirm your suggestion. I have another Satellite notebook but it supports also a shared memory graphic card. Many games run properly on it. Of course I have to change the graphic detail level to a lower step but it runs.

I think the sheared memory cards are not really bad. Many heavy performance applications (games) run properly but with a little bit lower graphic details.

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Hi all,

I need Help.
I just installed Windows Vista Ultimate on my Satellite A100-326, (PSAA9 series).This system has a NVIDIA? GeForce? Go 7300 graphics card with 256Mb dedicated memory that worked just fine on Windows XP MCE!
The default graphic card driver doesn't work, so I dowloaded the new VISTA driver from Toshiba.
It just doesn't install!!! I get always the following message, " The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit."
Does any one know what the the problem could be?
Has anyone come across the same situation?

This is really frustrating...


Answer:Can not install VISTA graphic card driver on Satellite A100

Nearly everybody. Right now I use built-in Nvidia drivers from Vista.

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I have a toshiba A100-095 with nvidia geforce go7300. I use my pc to develop application in .net, today after some hours i put the laptop in standbymode, when I resume the system, windows vista told me that video drivers caused problems and were reverted to original version. I really do not know what's happened, so I went to toshiba site, download the latest driver for my laptop but when I try to install them I receive an error telling me

"Your system is not windows vista, this version of driver is made to work only with vindows vista, etc etc etc"

I try for a copule of times, same error, I reboot the system and now the driver install fine, but my system is little instable, sometimes, after some hours of work when I do right click on folder I do not see cut and paste option, and soon after the explorer.exe chrashes. I ve italian operationg system since I bought my laptop in italy.

Any clue on what is happening?

Gian Maria.

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Answer:Satellite A100-095: graphic card issue - Vista OS but driver says it's not


You are right. This is really strange and I?m also not 100% sure what could happen.
In my opinion there could be something wrong with the system files and /or the registry entries?
I don?t know how difficult is to reinstall the OS on your notebook (because of the backup) but it?s really, really interesting if the same would happen after installation of ?clean? Vista?

So check it out

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Is there any other URL where I can get updated version of Toshiba Power Saver for my laptop Satellite A100 PSAARE other than the drivers homepage?

It seems that it is not controlling CPU fan anymore (it keep it always at maximum speed).

Also, I've noticed the graphic card (GeForce 7600) too noisy.

If the monitor is off I can't hear it (just the CPU fan), but as soon as I start working it's audible and like a continuous small beep.

Is there any fix (software/hardware) for this?


Answer:Satellite A100 PSAARE: Toshiba Power Saver + Graphic Card noise


The Toshiba European driver page is an only place where you could get the drivers and tools for your Satellite A100 PSAARE European model.
At this time it?s a Power Saver v7.03.07.I for Windows Vista!!!

But I have to say that I don?t see any software problems on your notebook.
The cooling modules and fans have to run with higher performances to ensure that your hardware parts could be cooled properly.

Maybe a cooling module cleaning could help to improve the internal cooling and to reduce the noises.
From time to time I clean my notebook ventilators using the compressed air spray and then the fans run quieter.

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Hello. Sorry for my English, I'm studying this language byself.
I ask to treat my request seriously. I long studied schematics and possibilities of the computer.
Support of GeForce Go 7600 512MB of video memory is officially declared, I found necessary modules of memory and replaced them on the video card. I checked all currents and voltages.

The notebook operationally works, but defines only 256MB memories from 512 possible. As I understand this restriction is set in BIOS or VideoBIOS.

Please, prompt as me to solve this problem, any special version can eat BIOS for increase in memory of video.

Answer:Satellite A100 - Video card upgrade

Problem is that Toshiba doesn?t support such upgrade and doesn?t offer any BIOS update that will help you with this.
If someone make decision to make such update it is on the own risk.

You can be happy that everything works well and that there is no some serious problem with it.

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Hello there,

can anyone tell me if it is possible to replace the original networkcard (3945ABG) of the Satellite A100 683 with a new, n supported networkcard (4965AGN)?

I would say it should be possible since both are mini pci cards and I'm using Windows Vista (which is a system requirement for the 4965AGN), but it would be nice to have some confirmation before I buy this card.

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Satellite A100 683: Can I upgrade internal card?


What card do you mean exactly?
Do you mean the WLan or LAN?

I ask it because I?m not 100% sure what car you mean but from my knowledge only the WLan card is removable!
As you said it?s a miniPCI card and mostly two wires connect the card with the mobo?
The both cables white and brown connect the WLan antenna.

However, theoretically it should be possible to use another WLan card but I see really no reason for such upgrade.
If you have a compatible Vista driver for your card then everything should work great.


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Hi ,

i have a satellite A100-599 notebook, Can i upgrade/change the video card on this model ?

Have fun, Marian

Answer:Satellite A100-599 - Can I upgrade video card

No. This is not possible because the chip is fixed on the board!

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Yes, I've read all the same posts as you saying this isn't possible, but the guy on the following link says he's done it.

Hi exact words are

'hey dude check it out i gots the same laptop as you man and i found a mobil Grafx card a geforce 4 Go you can get them off sites and now its at 128mb its amazin don't listen to the guys at best buy if they say u can't get an upgrade (all those guys look for is a sale) cuz i did i took it to my local computer guy and he did it..bbut the main reason why alot of ppl don't do it is b/c its a GRULING!! process cuz the keyboards right above the harddrive so buy one of the cards off a Nvida site hope this gave ya some hope dude'

Can anyone comments on this as I'd love to be able to upgrade my P20.


Answer:Satellite P20/P25: graphic card upgrade

Hi Richard

Graphic card upgrade is serious theme and my only comment to this is: pick up info by serious source and not in the forum where everyone can affirm to know everything about notebooks.

Sorry but I am always a little bit skeptic about some comments. I have had P20 for about one and half year and it is very nice notebook (desktop replacement). Unit is pretty powerful and with max RAM you can have very nice unit. But never forget that for the hardware upgrade this unit is not so flexible like desktops.

One another thing: Few months ago I have Googled around and searched some ?independent? (non-Toshiba) dealer where I can buy different hardware parts. I can tell you one. You can get everything but they don?t offer graphic card update. Guess why!

Good speed with upgrade, but please don?t claim later that unit is too hot or maybe too loud or anything else!!!

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Hi to all

My Satellite M40-231 has a ATI Mobility Radeon X600 SE and I would like to upgrade it to face today's gaming requirements as well as a new HDD, but this last I think I can only go as far as 120GB HDD.

Sugestions will be welcomed.


Answer:Satellite M40-231 - Can I upgrade the GPU (graphic card)?

Sorry buddy but this is not possible!
There are several threads regarding the upgrade of GPU on notebooks and all threads says the same that this is not possible.

The point is that most graphic cards chips are apart of the motherboard and cannot be removed.
You should understand that the notebooks technology is not the same like desktop PC technology and most upgrades are not possible.

What you could upgrade are the memory modules and the HDD.


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My Queston is if there is any possibitity to change my Radeon Mobility 7000 igp of my Satellite A60 for a better card or do i have to by a complete new Mainboard?

Answer:Graphic card upgrade on Satellite A60


This theme was discussed a lot of time in the forum and there is a simply and short answer: No, it?s not possible to upgrade the graphic card.
The card is a little chip which is fixed on the mainboard.
About the motherboard changing: Well, it?s not very easy because of a exact fitting and compatibility.


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can I change the graphic card from the Toshiba Satellit M30?
I want to play a game on this Notebook but i need a better graphic card.

Answer:Satellite M30: How can I upgrade the graphic card?


Usually it's not possible to upgrade the graphic card on the notebook.
The graphic card on the notebook is a little chip which is fixed on the board.
The notebook graphic card is not similar with cards on the desktop pc.

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Can anybody tell me if the Graphics card ATI Radeon? X600SE can be upgraded or changed by the user.


Answer:Satellite M50-130: ATI graphic card upgrade

Hello ,

Unfortunately the only parts that can be upgraded on a laptop are hdd and memory ( and maybe wireless card and bluetooth card ) the systemboard , cpu , vga card are not upgradable even by an authorized service center.


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I have a Toshiba A200-13R laptop with a built in Integrated Intel graphic Card.
Is there a product sort of an external graphic card from nVidia that I can use to upgrade my video card, like an external video card?

If not, please provide solutions.

Hadi Ahmed

Answer:Satellite A200-13R - Is upgrade of graphic card possible


The GPU (graphic card upgrade) is not possible because the chip is mounted and fixed on the motherboard?
You should know that a notebooks motherboard design layout is different as the desktop PC mobo? the notebooks motherboard are already configured and it?s not possible to change parts like GPU or CPU (in most cases)?

> Is there a product sort of an external graphic card from nVidia that I can use to upgrade my video card, like an external video card?
I googled a little bit around and didn?t find any external graphic cards from nVidia. I found other products but to be honest I?m not sure if you will get an performance improvements using such external cards.

Best regards

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I have a Satellite Pro P300 and was wondering whether the CPU or Graphic card can be upgraded?

I really like my laptop but an upgrade is looming and before I take the plunge I just want to see if there any options other than a new laptop.

Answer:Satellite Pro P300 - Upgrade of graphic card and CPU


CPU and graphic card upgrade is not supported and there is no list with compatible CPUs. So everything happens on your own risk. In worst case a new CPU will not recognized from mainboard or BIOS, probably you need a new cooling module too so I wouldn?t do this?

Furthermore the graphic card is fixed on mainboard and cannot be exchanged.

=> [Can I upgrade the CPU, graphic card or mainboard in my Toshiba notebook?|]

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I just have 1 question.. :)
Is it possible to upgrade this model - A500-1gh PSAR9E, with better graphic card; and which one (if this can be done)?
Thank you!

Answer:Satellite A500-1GH - graphic card upgrade


Due to specific design graphic card upgrade on notebooks is not possible.

Check also Toshiba statement on -

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I have recently bought a Satellite U400 and would like to upgrade from the Intel 4 series chipset, to a top-end graphics card.

What cards are compatable with ths laptop, which ones are best, and how can it be installed?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Answer:Satellite U400 - I would like to upgrade graphic card


Maybe you should read this Toshiba FAQ doc:

+Is it possible to upgrade the CPU/GPU of a Toshiba Notebook+

There you can find a information that an GPU upgrade is definitely not possible.


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I have a Satellite Pro L500-1DO and would like to know if I can upgrade the Graphic Board (now an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4600 1024 MB) to at least a 2 GB one.

Is it possibile and which model is suggested?
Thanks a lot


Answer:Satellite Pro L500-1DO - Can I upgrade graphic card?

This was discussed many times here in the forum and no, the GPU replacement / upgrade isn?t possible.

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Could you please tell me what model of graphics card or chipset could be used to upgrade this laptop?
Will it be possible to with "CUDA"?

If can I change the processor to a higher, without cooling, to do other?

Answer:Satellite A200-1AE - Is it possible to upgrade the graphic card?

Hi buddy,

Such graphic card upgrade is not possible because the graphic chip is fixed on mainboard and can?t be removed.

More information you can find here:

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A500-140, i was wondering if i could upgrade my graphics card.

This are my specs.

Operating System
MS Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit
Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo P8700 @ 2.53GHz 35 ?C
Penryn 45nm Technology
4.0GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 399MHz (6-6-6-18)
Generic PnP Monitor @ 1366x768
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500 Series
Hard Drives
Optical Drives
High Definition Audio Device

Answer:Satellite A500-140 - Upgrade graphic card possible?

Hi buddy,

Upgrading the graphic card is not possible because it?s fixed/soldered on mainboard. Check also this article and other threads here in forum:

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Is it possable to upgrade the graphic card on my laptop (P200D PSPBLE)
I have just installed Photoshop CS5 and it says that the graphic card is not good enough.


Answer:Graphic card upgrade on Satellite P200D

Before we start discussion about this check please this document

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Hey i have a C855-1VT.
Is it possible to installed a GPU instead of using my integrated graphic off my Processor, And is the Celeron B830 better than the i3 Processor

Answer:Is graphic card upgrade possible on Satellite C855-1VT?

Generally speaking GPU and CPU upgrade is not supported. If you want to have more performance upgrade RAM to maximum level. According notebook specification you can upgrade RAM up to 16 GB.

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If I buy the Satellite Pro C850-1EQ with Intel HD Graphics 4000 - how easy/possible is it to change that to a dedicated graphics card at a later date if I want to get better graphics performance?


Answer:Graphic card upgrade on Satellite Pro C850-1EQ

At first I must say that such action is not logic to me. If you want to have notebook with good graphic performance buy new notebook with powerful GPU inside.

Generally speaking GPU exchange/upgrade is not supported and more about that you can read on
Check it out.

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Hi everyone :) could anyone tell me if i can upgrade the graphics card in the Satellite L100-170, at the moment it has a ATI Radeon? Xpress 200M,if i can whats the best card to upgrade this machine to and where could i get one from ???

Answer:Satellite L100-170: Can I upgrade the graphic card?

You can't upgrade cards built-in in your computer (grafic card is built).

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I would like to ask if anybody knows anything about upgrading graphic card in Satelite A200-14D.
Mmy graphic card is NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300 - 256 MB GDDR2 and I want to upgrade it to something better if it is possible.
Please answer to me directly or reply here. Any ideas and guides will be appreciate.


Answer:Satellite A200-14D Graphic Card upgrade.

Unfortunately its difficult or impossible to upgrade the GPU.

I found an article explaining it:

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Hi everyone.

I have integrate graphic card. Is it possible to upgrade card for better. For example to buy GT-540M card and put it into my notebook.

Thanks for advance for answers.

Answer:Graphic card upgrade on Satellite L570-1E3


Before we start to discussion read this Toshiba document at first -

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I`m thinking to buy Toshiba Satellite L300-21W but i wat to play some games on it like Cod2 but I think that her serial graphic card is weak so my question is:
" CAN I REPLACE GRAPHIC CARD WITH BETTER ONE OR NOT( and with which one if you know)!?!?!??!"

Thank you!

Answer:Is graphic card upgrade on Satellite L300-21W possible?

As far as I know graphic card on mobile computers cannot be upgraded. This is also described in follow document -
So if you want to play different games with your notebook pick up info about models with better graphic cards.

I can recommend you to check Satellite A300/A350 notebook models.
Talk with your local dealer.

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Hello members,

I?m a proudly owner of Satellite X200 with a single graphics card (NV8700GT-256). But like most of these NV cards... black screen-no video. I know, that this card can be changed- it?s not soldered but it seems to be a specialized card only made by Toshiba.

Many sellers (most of them in CN) have such cards and I have googled a lot: NV8700GT with 256MB or 512MB. This should be suitable without any problems LS-3443P. But there are sill some other cards: LS-3442P with an ATI chip and 256 or 512MB ram. They are used in a P200 note. Some dealers say, that they are useabe in a X200 too. The connector seems to be the same like the dimensions of the board an the place of the chips. Some say, that ATI would be better, cooler and there are no "burn outs". I have got no answer till yet which chip is used- i think it is a radeo 2600 series. Benchmark tests provide the same speed as NV8700GT. But no one of them give a real answer- so my question is: has anyone of you any experience with this card? May i choose ATI or the upgrade to a NV with 512MB ram. Will my laptop boot up or have i to cahnge the bios first? These graphics problems are boring!
Thanks Tom

I have senn that there are a lot of questions about the maximal amout of ram.... I have a HP DV9000 with the same intel chipset PM965M for office use. HP says maximum is limited to 4G (2x2G) like toshi too. But (for HP) this isn?t true!!! My HP has two 4G modules with the specification 2Rx8; 8 chips,... Read more

Answer:Graphic Card upgrade on Satellite X200

Have you already checked similar thread - ?

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Is it posible to upgrade this card for me to play the MSTS game?

Answer:Is it possible to upgrade the graphic card in Satellite A200-195

Generally it?s not possible to upgrade the graphic cards installed in the notebooks!!!
The notebook technology is simply different!!!
The graphic card is fixed on the motherboard and it?s not possible to remove it on a simple way.

I always recommend using desktop PC for game playing!!!
If you need the computer for hardcore gaming you should buy a desktop.
Why??? Because the newest games need mostly the strongest graphic card and the desktop PC can be upgraded much easily as a notebook.

But finally it?s your choice what you will use ;)

Best regards

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I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether the Satellite L300-1G5 (short model: PSLB8E) has an MXM slot?

I want to try and upgrade the graphic capabilities of it.

Now I know that upgrading the integrated graphics is impossible but I've read somewhere that nVidia and a selection of manufacturers were working on getting MXM into laptops that supported full PCI express functions and Toshiba were listed as working with them. I have the Intel GMA 4500M and its obviously not built for games and i really want to play Modern Warfare 2 but cannot warrant forking out for a new laptop just for 1 game

Any help would be much appreciated thanks

Answer:Satellite L300-1G5 - I want to upgrade the graphic card

Hi buddy,

I think an upgrade isn?t possible. The graphic card is soldered/fixed on the mainboard and that means you can?t exchange it. Here you can find more informations about this:

I can understand you but Satellite L300 isn?t designed for gaming. I use my Satellite L300 for Internet and Office and for games I bought Qosmio F50. :)

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Hi all..
i have a satellite a60 652.
i want to upgrade it with ram and new graficcard.
can i use more than the 1,5gb ram? eventually with an bios update?
and can i change the graficcard? if the answer is yes... what is the best card i can use actually?
or is there any card who is nearly a geforce 7600 or 6600 (or ati 9700) i can use?

thank you for help

p.s. excuse my english ;)

Answer:Can I upgrade the memory and graphic card on Satellite A60

> i want to upgrade it with ram and new graphic card

The RAM upgrade is possible but graphic card cannot be upgraded!!!

If you want to upgrade the memory you could update it to max 1536MB.
The A60 supports 512MB of internal memory and therefore there is only one memory slot available where the additional RAM module can be inserted.

These modules are compatible:
PC2700 512MB (PA3312U-1M51)
PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G)


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Hi I have a Satellite L350D-131 and have recently upgraded the RAM to 4GB 800mhz.

I am now looking into upgrading the graphics card and have no idea where to start or how to do it. I dont want something to fancy, but better than the one I have, which is the AMD Turion 64 Mobile Technology, Radeon 1250x


Answer:Satellite L350D-131 - How to upgrade the graphic card?

Sorry but the graphic card can not be upgraded. It?s soldered on the mainboard and can not be exchanged.

Check this Toshiba document for more informations:

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Does anyone know if it is poosible to upgrade the graphics card on this model?

I have bought a copy of Grand Theft Auto 4 that once launched crashes with a fatal error. The tech guy at pc world said straight away that the graphics card wasn't up to the games requirements.

Having a look online seems to indicate that any upgrade would be difficult on most laptops, if not impossible.

Answer:Re: Satellite L350-145 - is graphic card upgrade possible?


> Having a look online seems to indicate that any upgrade would be difficult on most laptops, if not impossible.
This is right!
The graphic card upgrade is not possible? the GPU is fixed (soldered) on the motherboard and it?s not possible to remove it? furthermore the motherboard and the BIOS would not support any other graphic chips.


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Hey people I've got an satellite A110-178 and i'm wondering if I could install a better video card in it.
Can somebody tell me if that's possible.


Answer:Satellite A110-178: Is it possible to upgrade a graphic card?

Hi Tom

Unfortunately, this is not possible!!!
The notebooks graphic cards are soldered on the motherboard and the replacement is not possible.

If you want, you can read some threads posted here in the forum. Many users already asked for this

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Recently I have been tying to run some simulations in my laptop and my media accelarator ,Intel? Graphics Media Accelerator HD struggles for even basic simulations.

I want to add a graphics card in my laptop, does any one know any compatible versions of graphics card that can be added, something around 1GB atleast if possible.



Answer:Re: Satellite L670-12J - Graphic card upgrade possible?


Such an upgrade is not possible, mate. The graphic card is fixed on mainboard and therefore you can?t exchange it. It?s not as easy as on desktop computer due smaller form factor.

For simulations or let?s say games you should buy a Qosmio notebook because they are especially designed for this kind of applications. They are really great and fast. :)

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Is it possible to change the graphics card on Satellite A200 and if its possible how to do it and witch card to use?

Answer:Graphic card upgrade on Satellite A200

Yoo should try search first, because I remember this topic. And no, it is not possible to upgrade graphic card, because it is part of the mainboard and it is not like easy or intended to change graphic cards.

I think if you really want to have more performance, at least for games, then you have to look for an other machine like the Qosmio ones.
Sorry to tell you that, but those days it is impossible. Maybe it will be with future notebooks but, who knows?

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Please help!
I have a Satellite Pro A120-129. It wont play some of the newer games and im trying to find out if I can upgrade the grahics card. Does anyone know?

Answer:Graphic card upgrade on Satellite Pro A120

I believe the answer you can find in this document


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Some one please tell me if its possible to install anther graphics card in my laptop.I have a Satellite *A200-1Z3* which has an on board display adapter (MOBILE INTEL (R)965 Express Chipset Family).

Answer:Is it possible to upgrade or exchange graphic card on Satellite A200?

Unfortunately something like this is not possible. The graphic card is part of mainboard. If the graphic card is defective the whole mainboard must be exchanged.

Sorry buddy but there is nothing to do.

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I have an Toshiba Satellite A505-S6005 and i want to buy an Nvidia GT540M. Can i put it to the laptop?
(romana: Am un Toshiba A505-S6005 si vrea sa cumpar o Nvidia GT540M. Pot s-o pun la laptop?)

Answer:Satellite A505-S6005 - I want to upgrade the graphic card

Hi bogdanel32

Unfortunately, this is not possible.
The graphic card cannot be upgraded.

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First of all like to say hello to everyone ;)

Ok my question is:
I have a Sat L650-19p and i have upgraded my ram to 8gb.
Now is it possible to upgrade my graphics chip. I have ati mobility radeon HD 5145
I hope some out there can help

many thank.

Answer:Satellite L650-19P - graphic card upgrade question


Simply and short answer:
Graphic card chip upgrade is NOT possible for the notebooks.
The GPU is mostly a part of the motherboard and not upgradable.

If you want you can read other threads in this forum regarding this theme


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My laptop has 32Mb graphics card i was wondering how i would upgrade my Vram to 64. What would i need to do how would, where would and what would i need to install?


Answer:Satellite P20-S203: How to upgrade the graphic card memory

In my knowledge the Satellite P20-S203 was delivered with a nVIDIA GeForce FX Go5200 32MB video ram. But this is not a shared memory graphic card!!!
In this case you cannot change the video ram settings.

Furthermore it?s not possible to upgrade or to replace the graphic card. Unfortunately, there is nothing to do ;(

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Hello all,

The Satellite A200-19K is come with 1024MB System Memory. Is that 2 of the 512MB Memory cards or just 1 of 1024MB Memory card in the laptop system?? I would like to add another one 1024MB RAM, is that more slot be available?

The second question is about the NVIDIA graphic card. The Product Specifications mention the Graphics adaptor like below ....

manufacturer : NVIDIAŽ
type : NVIDIAŽ GeForce??? Go 7300 supporting TurboCache??? technology
memory : 64 MB dedicated VRAM (up to 335 MB total available graphics memory using TurboCache??? technology with 2 GB system memory)
memory type : DDR Video RAM (resp. DDR Video RAM and DDR system memory combined)
connected bus : 16x PCI Express

My question is, after upgrade from 1024MB to 2048MB System Memory, is that the NVIDIA GeForce will automatic upgrade from 64MB to 256MB for the graphic memory??


Answer:Satellite A200-19K : RAM and Graphic Card Memory upgrade

> Is that 2 of the 512MB Memory cards or just 1 of 1024MB Memory card in the laptop system
I think the notebook was delivered with one 1GB memory module and the second bank should be free.

Now something about the graphic card.
Well, the GeForce Go 7300 graphic card supports own 256MB graphic memory (not shared memory!!!)
But it supports additionally a dedicated memory.
This memory amount is variable and depends on the available main memory.

I think everything runs automatically and you will not need to change any settings to assign this dedicated memory after main memory upgrade

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Hi Everyone

I've read all the posts about not being able to upgrade the graphics on a P20, but just saw this. d_station_for_notebook_computers.php

Now the question is can this be routed to the onboard monitor of the P20?


Answer:Satellite P20: Graphic card upgrade - Asis XG Station

This is no Toshiba product and in my opinion the best way to get any details about this external device is to ask the manufacture support.
But on the example picture the notebook is closed and therefore in my opinion this device shows the screen only on the external monitor. But it?s only my suggestion.

For details please ask the device manufacture. Please post details if you know more about it and how it works. Thanks

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I bought a Satellite P205-S6247 from TigerDirect while I was in the USA. I'm now back in London and thinking about upgrading from the intel graphics module to a 'real' video card like an nVidia or ATI card, because I'd like to play a couple of games on this machine.

a) If I do swap the graphics card but leave the current CPU, I think the Intel T2080 (1.73Ghz) dual-core CPU should be powerful enough to handle, for example, team fortress 2 with all settings on lowest, right?

b) Is it possible to swap the graphics card?

c) Where might I buy a new one that I can be certain will be compatible for this laptop (is there a compatibility list)? I couldn't even find my laptop-flavour on toshiba's US or UK websites.

d) I always build my own desktop computers but haven't delved into laptop hardware much. Will I be able to swap the graphics units myself or will it be a more involved process that will require a Toshiba engineer to handle it? If so, can a UK engineer work on my US-bought laptop?

Many thanks,


Answer:Satellite P205-S6247: Can I upgrade the graphic card

A) The T2080 (1.73Ghz) dual-core isn?t a bad CPU. It is powerful enough to play games if you would use an powerful graphic card.

B) No, it?s not possible because the GPU chip is mostly fixed and soldered on the motherboard.

C) There is no list because an graphic card upgrade is not possible

D) The desktop technology is simply different and you cannot compare it with the notebook. The notebooks cannot be upgraded like the desktop PCs. Everything what you can do is to upgrade the memory or the HDD. GPUs and CPUs are not upgradeable

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I have a Satellite Pro A60 with the Mobility Radeon 7000 graphics. I play World of Warcraft but it will not run on the laptop because this Graphics setup is not supported. Is is possible to upgrade to a better one?

I was told that it may not be possible because the chip is fixed to the motherboard.

Answer:Satellite Pro A60: Can I upgrade the ATI Radeon 7000 graphic card

Ni Nick

Unfortunately, the notebooks graphic card cannot be upgraded. This is simply not possible due to the notebook architecture. Notebooks are simply different and you should know that only few parts like memory or HDD are upgradeable.

You could try to use a external graphic card like this one for example:

But I?m not sure if it?s really an option.

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I just bought a new Windows 7 ultimate, and installed on my toshiba M200 laptop last week, and all drivers were installed including Intel graphics driver.
But somehow I always get this strange graphics error on my laptop.

I always have to press the shutdown button because it's freezing too,
I've attached you a picture how it's looks like, it's hard to explain!

Any help would be great!

Kind Regards,

Answer:Satellite M200: graphic card crashes after upgrade to Win7


Did you notice this only using Win 7?
If yes, then it could be possible that the graphic card driver makes some problems.

In your case I would recommend an graphic card driver update.
If you have an Intel chip then you should visit the Intel page and should download the latest driver from Intel website.

Good luck

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Is there any possible way in the world that i can upgrade my graphics card to make it faster and/or better.

Thanks a million in advance, Levi

Answer:Satellite A300 (PSAGCA-08W01N) - Upgrade the graphic card


I have noticed that this question is asked pretty often. Did you found similar threads and have you used the forum search before you started this?

It seems that a graphic card upgrade is not possible and you can check this here:
[Is it possible to upgrade the CPU or GPU of a Toshiba notebook? |]

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I deleted wrong things on my laptop and now direct 3D cant run anymore.
I want to install new grafik datas now but i dont know which are the right ones from that long list..

Please help me!!


Answer:Need graphic driver for my Satellite A100-773

All drivers you can find on Toshiba download page -

Do you need display driver only or what?
Which operating system do you use?

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Hello Everybody,

my english isnt very good, but i try.
I've buy a TOSHIBA A100-02b with win vista. But Vista dont work with corel 10< or photoshop.
So i remove vista and install xp.

BUT xp don't find the graphic card. ->geforce (i am no specialist).

What have i to do that xp works with this card???
you can also write me on icq 150667202


Answer:Satellite A100-02B: Need XP graphic driver


The Satellite A100-02B is a part of the PSAARE series.
I have checked the Toshiba driver page and found only the Realtek XP sound driver?.

So what to do???? In my eyes only the sound driver was published because other XP drivers can be found and use from another A100 series.

Therefore I would recommend checking other Satellite A100 and Equium A100 series and try to install the single XP drivers.

Good luck?.

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Where can I download same new drivers for my laptop. I have a100-599 laptop. It have nvidia go 7600 graphic card.
So at the nvidia page I cant found drivers for my graphic card.

I ask because my drivers are very old (6.12.2006) ...


Janez Zajc

Answer:Where can I download graphic drivers for Satellite A100-599

All drivers for the Toshiba notebooks can be found on the Toshiba European driver page.
Other driver versions are not released :( The latest driver version is always this version which is available on the page.

So what to do?. You could try to use the drivers from 3rd party websites like or

But such drivers are not tested on the Toshiba notebooks and therefore you could use it only at your own risk.


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Hi all,

i have a question.... i can change the quantity of memory available for the video card?
Now the pc with Vista home premium have only 64mb dedicated for the video card and 271mb of system memory available and 0 of system memory used.
It's possibile change by software the setting of video memory?


Answer:Satellite A100-750: How to increase the graphic memory


Are you sure your notebook graphic card supports a shared memory?
As far as I know the A100-750 was delivered with a nVIDIA GeForce FX Go7300 and this card supports own 64MB video memory. This is not shared memory and therefore you cannot increases this graphic card memory to a higher value.

In this case the graphic card uses own memory and the notebook do not need to share the main memory with graphic card.

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I am looking for information how reduce graphic memory. I have Satellite A100-692, PSAA9E-09900QGR and install 1024MB RAM but 512MB is dedicated for graphic memory. Because of that I have 512MB RAM in real only.
I like to change it. Only 256MB should be dedicate for graphic memory. I have checked BIOS (ver. 2.00) and graphic drivers and anywhere is option regarding changing graphic memory.

Please help how to do it.

Answer:Satellite A100-692 - how reduce graphic memory?


You have described your situation but it sounds very strange.
As far as I know the notebook uses a ATI MOBILITY RADEON X1400 128MB graphic card and this is NOT a sheared memory graphic card!
This card uses own 128MB and should share the main memory!

I don?t know why you have suggested that you have only 512MB.
How did you test it?

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I've bought a Toshiba A100-253 and I would like to upgrade the driver of my ATI Radeon Mobility X1600. What's the last driver ?

Answer:Satellite A100-253: What's is the last version of graphic driver

HI Benoit,

There are currently three downloads available for the SA100 depending on the model series, although only two relate to ATI graphics cards :-

For the PSAA2 series - the latest driver is 8.162.050803A2

For the PSAA9 series - there are two ATI drivers the later one being 8.241.034065C

The third download relates to the PSAA8 series and is for Intel graphics cards (

You can download these drivers from the Toshiba web-site (Support and Download section).


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I have the Satellite A100 with a radeon mobility X1400 and it is impossible to change the graphic drivers : I am stuck with the old 6.14 version and cannot install the new 6.7 or 6.8 ATI drivers :(

Does anyone has a solution ?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Cannot install graphic driver on my Satellite A100


Maybe is this the possible for you Problem.
Search the new Driver of the Toshiba Download site
Made you a update over the Device Manager and go to of the Graphic Card/Properties/ Click it of Driver update.
Go this not made a reinstall from the old Driver and made a update or a Install from the New Driver.


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Hello folks,

some weeks ago my, unfortunately 2 year and 2 month's old, Toshiba Satelite A100-02B gave up completely.
The grafic card (i hope its called like that in english) and display crashed...

My question is now: is there any possibility to get a new card?
I can't find any fitting Geforce 7600 GO grafic cards....
Thats why i am asking here:

where can i buy such a grafic card - or: are there other (better) grafic cards available that fit in this notebook?

I hope you folks can help me with my desaster :(

your welcome
Cornell from Germany :)

Answer:Satelite A100-02B - Can I get new graphic card?

Hi mate.

Unfortunately, you cannot replace the graphic card.
If graphic card is dead then the whole motherboard must be replaced.

It?s also not possible to upgrade the GPU chip. It?s simply soldered on the board and there is no chance to remove it.

If you are 100% sure that your graphic card is dead then you will need the new motherboard which is not cheap?

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As the title suggests is it possible to add a graphics card to an A100 - 306 Equium in order to better handle games?

Any thoughts/comments much appreciated.


Answer:Can I add a better graphic card to Equium A100-306?


Honestly no its not possible. Every model has a set list of parts that can be ordered, and if your model has a graphics card of 128MB the only video card an ASP can order is the one listed for your model. The equium A100-306 is different for instance then the Equium A100-307. From looking at the parts list for your computer, your Graphics card is integrated on the MB, meaning you can not even upgrade it if you wanted. Sorry, no chance for an upgrade on your Notebook.

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I have installed Vista Beta 2 and have downloaded the latest ATI Vista Beta 2 Driver with X1600 Support. But with the ATI X1600 on the A100-188 will the driver not work. The Driver did not find my X1600. What can I do ?

Answer:Satellite A100-188: How to install Vista graphic driver?


you have to use the inf file to install the driver.


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I'm trying to run a game and it requires that I have the NVIDIA ForceWare 163.44 Driver.

My notebook has an NVIDIA Go 7600 and I can only find 97.54

Are there any other driver updates for my notebook model or a place where I can recent drivers that will work?


Answer:Satellite A100 PSAARA: Where to get the newest graphic driver

Some people also reported same problems with Go 7600. It is not on the compatibility list of ForceWare 163.44, so, I'm afraid...

The card is close to three years old, right? Most updates are for newer cards, I think they don't bother testing new driver releases with older cards. So - get a new card :) or, maybe, try to install 163.44 (anywhere from the Net) for your system (32/64, XP/Vista) and see what happens. People did that, but a lot of them encountered just more problems and had to roll back... :(.

Good luck!

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i recenty bought a Equium A100-147 notebook. its garphics card is very bad. i like to change it. can i upgrade my graphics card?? i will be grateful if u give me an advice.

Answer:Can I change graphic card on Equium A100-147

There are a lot of things you can upgrade inside a laptop sadly the graphics processor isn't one of them because it's integrated into the mainboard.

Richard S.

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Hi i bought a game on Saturday, or a simulation game, I got home an installed it on my laptop.
The game ran very slow so i removed programs, pics an videos which I don't use, an tried again an there was still luck?

I looked on the web an found that the game runs slow on my card drive.

Can i get a new graphic card for my laptop?

The card i have is ATI RADEON XPRESS 200M SERIES, an the lap top is a Equium A100-549? can anybody help may thanks chris

Answer:Can I replace graphic card on Equium A100-549

No, graphic card cannot be replaced on the notebooks.
Mostly the GPU chip is soldered on the motherboard.


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hi all,

i know that this particular laptop uses the intel grahics media accelerator 950. Why then were nvidia's drivers installed on my laptop as well during OS (Vista Basic) installation?

I visited Toshiba's site for updated drivers and again i find nvidia's drivers on the download page.

If i need to update graphics drivers what do i update? Intels GMA drivers, nvidia's drivers or both?


Answer:Satellite A100-784: Could I use Nvidia driver on Intel graphic chip


You?re right: This notebook uses Intel 945GM graphic card.
BUT it seems that Toshiba delivers this A100 series with different graphic cards (Inel, nvidia, ati) and therefore the Vista image includes 3 different graphic drivers: NVidia graphic driver, ATI graphic driver and Intel graphic driver.

But if you want to update the graphic card driver you have to chose only the Intel driver package?

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I can't update my Ati 200M display driver only to 6.14.10 and thats driver is very old.
I have found a new driver on ATI's homepage but it dosen't work. Only the driver from Toshiba work.
Both are very old? I have try over 10 drivers.

The driver on support is 8.126 but the 2D driver and the control driver is only 6.14.
But why cant I download a driver from ATI.COM?

And little question; can I change graphics card in my Satelite A100-564 to a bigger ?

Answer:Satelite A100-564: need a newest graphic card driver

Here two short aswers;

1) The drivers from the ATI websites are NOT designed for the mobile graphic cards equipped in the Toshiba notebooks.
You can find this info on the ATI page:

+All driver and technical support for products is provided by the original laptop or notebook manufacturer. The drivers that are available for download at are for desktop products only.+

The Toshiba graphic driver are designed especially for the Toshiba notebooks and it?s very important that you would use these drivers to prevent the hardware from overheating and damage!!!

2) The notebooks graphic cards are not upgradeable! The chips are fixed and mostly soldered on the board and cannot be removed easily.


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Hi guys I hope u can help.

I have a Satellite Pro M35E PSM35E-002EE-AR.
My video card is playing up it has error 10 saying that device cannot start my screen. It has lines coming on the screen.
Firstly i can?t find drivers for my video card so that I can install them again.
So where can i find them ??
NVIDIA refers me to Toshiba and Toshiba doesn?t seem to have them on there websites.

My second question is; would installing the drivers again gonna fix error 10?

Any answers welcomed
Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite Pro M35E - graphic card error 10 - Where to find graphic driver?

mhh strange behavior


here the driver

I don't know if the driver will fix this issue..but test it and you will see it.


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Does anyone know if it is possible to expand the video memory on the satellite p10-504, or replace the video card. Because the memory is too small to play most good games.

Answer:Is possible to expand graphic memory or replace graphic card on the Satellite P10-504


Unfortunately, it?s not possible to increase the graphic memory or to replace the graphic card on the notebooks.
Please don?t compare notebook technology with the simply desktop PC.
Notebooks use other motherboards and the graphic cards are mostly soldered on the boards!!!

Nothing to do, buddy?

I would not buy a notebook if you want to play the newest games!!!! Why??? Because of the hardware upgrade possibilities?.
The desktop PC can be upgraded very easily but not the notebook?

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I own a Portege A100 and I need to update the graphics controller in order to play some games.

My problem is i went to the download centre and the latest driver is currently installed in my notebook.
I have had this game running before but had my notebook reprogrammed and can't recall how to make it work.

Please help!

Answer:Portege A100 - Need new graphic card driver in order to play games be honest Portege is not notebook for gaming. Maybe for playing chess but for some graphic intensive games is definitely wrong notebook.

Anyway, the question is what you want to do.
Do you want to play some games or just to get old (already working) game to run again? Or maybe both options?

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Is there anyone to help me? I inserted a 64 MB SD card in the card reader slot of my Toshiba A100 model. It's the first time i have inserted the card. The card is inside the slot. I can not take it out! I don't have any idea how to remove the card from the card reader slot. I can see the contents of my SD card, can open the files too. But how to remove it out from the slot. Please help me giving your idea to remove the card out from the slot.


Answer:How to remove SD Card from the Card Reader slot - Satellite A100?


In my knowledge the SD card slot doesn?t has a any additional helps like the PCMCIA slot to remove the card.
You have to remove it simply. Try to grab the card and move it out. You can try to use the pair of tweezers. Maybe it helps

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I recently bought a 1GB SD card and have tried to plug it into the 5-in-1 card reader built into my A100-163. Nothing appears in My Computer. I tried going to device manager and under 'disk drives' appears 'Secure Digital Storage Device' with a little yellow ! mark. I tried updating the SD Module Driver, but everytime i do that, the installer comes up with an error basicly saying it can find SD Secure Module.msi. It is trying to find it in an obscure temp folder which to me implies the installer is not extracting properly.

Can anyone help me read my SD card? Please help!

UPDATE: On the odd occassion, it will appear in My Computer as "Secure Digital Storage Device". When i double click on it, it says:

"E:\ is not accessible. THe request could not be performed because of an I/O device error."



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Answer:SD card wont work in 5-in-1 card reader on my Satellite A100-163

Hello Mike

One thing confuses me. If the unit has ?factory settings? the multi card reader should be configured properly. Do you use your own OS installation?

Anyway, try to remove ?Secure Digital Storage Device? from device manager and restart the unit.

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Hi All,

I own an A100-0FH laptop with the T2050 core duo processor @ 533MHz FSB. I plan to upgrade the CPU to a T2700 core duo @ 667MHz FSB. Does anyone have any information that would prove helpful before I go ahead and complete the upgrade? I have already upgraded the bios and the memory is maxed at 4GB - I just want to make sure the thing will work before I do it. HAs anyone done this upgrade in the past? WIll my cooer handle the extra heat?

Thanks for the input....

Answer:CPU Upgrade on Satellite A100-0FH

This Satellite notebook looks like an Canadian machine?.
Anyway, the CPU upgrade on notebook is very tricky and mostly not possible due to different reasons.
The higher performance and the higher temperature level could be the biggest trouble?

The T2700 2.33Ghz CPU is faster as a T2050 1.6MGhz CPU Core Duo and it produce more heat. So possibly the notebook would not run stable after the upgrade.

Check this Intel page:

So I would really not recommend upgrading the CPU on the notebook.

PS; don?t forget that you will lose the warranty if you would remove the covers and would open the notebook?

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I would like to upgrade the RAM of my Satellite A100-803, which actually uses PC2-533, to 4 Gb.

Can I upgrade to PC2-667?
Do I need Dual-Channel?
Any advises on which brand or best model to use?

If I'm not wrong and for what I could see around the internet, I should be able to upgrade to 4 Gb PC2-667, and Dual-Channel should not be needed. But an expert confirmation would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Best Regards.


Answer:I would like to upgrade the RAM of Satellite A100-803


Notebook supports Mobile Intel? 945GM Express Chipset.
This supports single-/dual-channel DDR2 SDRAM
Maximum Memory supported: up to 4 GB at 400, 533 and 667 MHz

So PC2-667 modules are supported

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Hey all
I have a Satellite A100 - 746. And I want to extend its memory. But I cannot find its specification anywhere on the internet. Not even on Toshiba's website. Its just like that this model doesn't exist and I'm the only one to buy it.
I want to upgrade my RAM and I cannot find any information that up to what memory I can Upgrade, can I upgrade it to 4GB?
And should I use the memory in pairs? Like I have 2 x 512 MB RAM now. I want to remove one 512 MB and put 2GB instead. Will it work? Or I should use in pair?

Anyone who can help me please do, I'm so frustrated.
Thanks alot

Answer:RAM upgrade at Satellite A100- 746

You are right. This notebook model can handle with max 4 GB RAM. You must not use two identical RAM modules. According notebook specification you can use DDR2-533 1GB (PA3411U-2M1G) RAM module. Using two of them you will have fantastic 2 GB RAM and it is more than enough for WXP.

Unfortunately I was not able to find 2 GB RAM module for your notebook.
Do you use WXP or Vista?

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i have a Toshiba Satelitte a100-768
is it possible to upgrade the cpu ?
i would buy a merom cpu, and install that one...
or is the cpu soldered to the motherboard ?!

kind regards

Answer:Satellite A100-768: Cpu upgrade?, watch this. may be helpful for you.sorry for my english.
edit : if the link dont work go to homepage and search for satellite

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I'm looking to upgrade from the bundled 1GB 533MHz to 4GB 667MHz - possible? The specification page does not agree with the user manual (4GB on spec., 2 x 1GB in manual).

I have a feeling it's ok, but since I'm grabbing this from the US and I'm in the UK I'd like to know before I enter into a returns nightmare.


Answer:Satellite A100-487 - 4GB RAM Upgrade Possible?

HI Scott,

As far as I can make out the A100-487 will accept up to 4Gb RAM (2 X 2Gb cards). Please check out the following link :-


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can i use 667 MHZ ram in my a100-692 and will it run in 667 MHZ or slow down to 533?

And can i upgrade my cpu (core duo 1.66ghz) to core 2 duo or core 2quad?

Answer:Upgrade a Satellite A100-692 with another RAM or CPU?

You can use 667Mhz in your machine but it will not run on 667Mhz because the FSB runs with only 533Mhz since these models are just clocked with 533Mhz due to mobile issues (powersaving, heat generation, etc,,)

And no, you cannot upgrade your CPU because the Bios does not support it, also the cooling system in your machine is specifically designed for a couple of CPU?s which were shipped only with the model series of your notebook.

By the way, if you really exchange the CPU you will loose your warranty.

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I have Satellite A100-011 notebook. And i want to upgrade its memory. It has 1GB DDR2 533 hz ram. My questions are as follows;
1-How many ram slots does it have?
2- Can i add 2GB DDR2 533 hz ram more, if yes , will it be 3GB total? Or shoud i replace 2gb with 1gb?
3- ?s it possible to use DDR3 rams or diffrent frequence like 800 hz?
4- Which mark i should use for upgrade? Kingston etc?
5- ?f i upgrade my notebook's memory, can i install windows7 32 bit (i have windows vista at the moment)

Thank you in advance

Answer:Satellite A100-011 - RAM upgrade


I?ll try to give you some answers:

# According notebook specification it has two RAM slots
# Your notebook can handle with 4 GB max so you can do whatever you want and it depends how many RAM you want to have inside. You can buy one RAM module with 2GB and have 3GB RAM. This should be enough to work with Vista or even Win7. Of course you can upgrade it to maximum and buy 2 X 2GB.
# it has no sence at all. If FSB speed of your mainboard is 53MHz why to use 800MHZ modules. Your notebook will not be faster due to RAMs with more MHz.
# Yes, Kingston produces high quality modules and using Kingston you should not have any compatibility issues.
# I don?t see any reason why you should not be able to install Win7 but before you do this visit Toshiba support page and check if your notebook model is supported for Win7.

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hi, can someone tell me if it is possible to upgrade the T2500 cpu in my A100 192 notebook to T7200 cpu, thanx

Answer:CPU upgrade on Satellite A100

Hello Helium

CPU upgrade is very often posted theme. About that you can read different comments but yesterday I have found very good posting written by swordbreaker. Check it please under

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What CPU can be used to upgrade the Satellite A100-683. Currently the Intel Core Duo T2250 has been installed.

I would like to upgrade my CPU and memory.;

(1) What is the maximum CPU that is supported by the mainboard?
(2) What kind of CPU kan I use. Thinking about a Intel Core Due T7200 or T7600?
(3) What kind of memory can I use to upgrade to 4Gb?

Looking forward to any reply thagt is usefull!

Answer:Upgrade CPU for Satellite A100-683


I think since your machine is not anymore in warranty, you won?t get any problems or a revocation of some kind of warranty when opening your machine and doing some techie-like work on it. :)

1. It should be the Core2Duo T7600
2. Use the T7600
3. 2GB+2GB? ;) T
Seriously: Try to use DDR2 with a FSB frequency of 667Mhz.

Thats all, still some questions?


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I have a 478 Intel Celeron? Processor 2.80 GHz, 128K Cache, 400 MHz FSB cpu and wonder if i can put it in my Toshiba Satellite Pro A100 mainboard ati sb450.

If not what can i upgrade my cpu with, thanx

Answer:Satellite A100 - CPU upgrade


Take a look here:

Usually the CPU upgrade is not supported but some users here in the forum were able to upgrade the CPU.

You would have good chances with such upgrade using a CPU from the same family.
Furthermore you should check the chipset properties. It?s important that notebook?s chipset would support the new CPU. Otherwise you will not be able to use it.

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The spec for the Satellite Pro A100-840 says the memory has a maximum of 4 GB of memory. But there does not seem to be any memory supplied by Toshiba which allows me to upgrade to 4 GB. It current has the default 1gn which was shipped when ordered. Anyone knows how to get from the 1 GB to 4 GB?

Many Thanks in advance of any help

Answer:RAM upgrade on Satellite Pro A100-840


I just wanted to check notebook specification but I was not able to find Satellite Pro A100-840. Can you please check notebook model and please send us notebook model number.

Anyway I really do not understand what your problem is. It seems to be that your notebook model can handle with max 4 GB RAM. According to your posting your notebook is delivered with 1 GB of RAM.

So if you want to use maximum RAM on your Satellite notebook you must buy 2X2 GB RAM module. As far as I know 2 GB RAM module are available and if you want to be sure about compatibility please check Kingston products.

Please check this Kingston Memory configurator

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I945PM Chipset supports C2D T7200/400/600 processors according to Intel's site ( - compatible products),
but I cannot find any information on compatibility of the BIOS.

What processors are compatible with the latest BIOS version for A100?

Answer:Upgrade of CPU in Satellite A100


Such informations are not available on the Toshiba page.
But there are different A100 with different hardware components.
You can check some A100 with different CPUs and then you will know what CPUs would be supported for sure.

But there is a still small kind of risk for all other CPUs. So you will need simply test this?
But note; stronger CPUs could affect the notebook functionality due to higher heat dissipation.

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Is it true that i can change my CPU on Satellite A100-906 ?! For example with Core2 Duo 2.16Ghz ?

Answer:Is it possible to upgrade the CPU of Satellite A100-906?

Hi buddy,

shortly I can say: no

And if you want to know why then read this post. It should answer almost all your questions.

Nice weekend and greetings

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