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Satellite A200:Volume icon don't pop up on display when I change the volume

Question: Satellite A200:Volume icon don't pop up on display when I change the volume

Thanks Jimi to the support in <a href="" target="_newWindow" class="jive-link-external">this</a> thread I have fixed the problem :)

But I have another question/problem. The icon of the speaker regulator doesn?t pop up on my display when I regulate the volume.

Can you help me there too?

Excused my bad English
I hope you understand me :)

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Preferred Solution: Satellite A200:Volume icon don't pop up on display when I change the volume

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite A200:Volume icon don't pop up on display when I change the volume


Sorry but who says that volume regulator should pop up? This regulator will pop up just if you click on small volume symbol placed in task bar.
Moving volume control dial nothing will be shown, just the small icon will be changed and show one, two or three small lines depending on volume level.

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On my newly purchased Pro A200/PSAE7 the (hardware) volume control - front side, right from speaker plug - turns endless and when using it the volume does not change "smooth" - more "abrupt". Because of this there is no "fine tuning" possible.

Q: Does somebody else has the same hardware side (endless turn) and software side (no smooth volume change) situation?

Many thanks for any reply in advance!

Best regards,

Answer:Sat Pro A200/PSAE7 - Volume Control turns endless, no smooth volume change


"problem" of abrupt volume change when turning volume control disappeared. I am not sure if this is based on disable "TDispVol.exe" as start-up service or another reason.

Best regards,

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as title says I have lost the taskbar icon and you tube clips are silent
I didnt notice this happen and the control panel says this notification is not currently active
all suggestions welcome but I am a novice

Answer:Satellite L850 - volume icon and volume lost

problem solved I just shut down (instead of restart) the system and icon has re appeared

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Hello, I have installed the latest bios and drivers, but the problem with the internal mic still persists: it's volume is too low (levels set to MAX)->unusable.

And when the AC is plugged in, a heavy background noise appears in the plugged in headphones, or plugged-in speakers.
Also, in the plugged-in microphone too... :(

Answer:Satellite A200-14D - internal mic volume is too low


I have found similar topic where user called Andrej wrote:

Try please this:
1. right mouse click on sound icon in task bar ? choose ?sound? option
2. change into ?recording? tab
3. mark ?front mic? and click on ?properties?
4. change into last tab called ?advanced?
5. under ?exclusive mode? remove the first one checkmark

Please test it now and give me some feedback.

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I have Toshiba Sattelite A200-1N3
I changed to Windows XP. I got all the drivers & BIOS. Everything is working properly Except 1 small thing, but it is annoying me to the extent that I may change the LAPTOP

My MIC volume is not appearing in the Output!!
I'm using both the internal and external mic, both of them is working properly in recording or in Chat, but I need the volume of the MIC to be hearable in the speakers!!
Sometimes I'm connecting cassete or TV volume to the laptop to record some program on my PC. It is recording properly but I need to hear the TV program or the song I'm recording during the record process itself.

I had more than 5 Notebooks & Desktops before, All of them even the underground brands giving me the ability to listen to the MIC voice from the PC speakers. But TOSHIBA is not giving me that.

I hope anyone help me in this.

Answer:I need to hear my MIC volume in the speakers -Satellite A200-1N3

> I'm using both the internal and external mic, both of them is working properly in recording or in Chat, but I need the volume of the MIC to be hearable in the speakers!!

I think this is not possible? on my notebook such function doesn?t exist.

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Dear Mr/Ms
my name is Tony and i am using the A200 laptop with OS as VISTA
and i formatted it using the product recovery CD after that i have backed up all my data.
It is now working very well except that i realised that now i got only one Volume which is Drive C with 112 Giga bytes.

A friend of mine told me that i can do shrink volume. So i tried it and it worked that i have made up 2 drives....But the problem is that their sizes are not suitable for me and i can't extend their volumes.

To be more clear 112 Giga bytes of drive c is divided into:
drive c : 67 gigabytes
drive d : 43 gigabytes

the thing is that i want to make drive c : 30 gigabytes only and drive D to be the rest of the space.

so can you please tell me how to do this.....

Thankyou and sorry for making my request so tall????

Answer:Satellite A200 - How to shrink volume on Vista?

Have you tried to use the disk management in Vista?
You can find it if you right click on computer => manage => storage => disk management
There you can change current size of the partition.

This could be useful for you:

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first time poster here so my apologies in advance if I have posted this thread in the wrong place or have not included all relevant information.

My question is regarding a Satellite A200-1VP I have recently purchased from a friend. Model number PSAE6E-08D02YEN. The laptop was completely wiped and Windows 7 Ultimate installed prior to it being purchased.

This seems to have caused the track pad and volume control to stop working.
Are there any drivers available that I could try using to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A200-1VP - Trackpad and volume control


I have checked Toshiba download page on and, as I can see, your machine is fully supported for Win7 32bit so what you should do is to install all offered drivers, tools and utilities.

Which OS version do you use (32 or 64bit)?
Have you installed all drivers?

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Need littile help with Realtek HD audio manager _volume controller level_

Toshiba Satellite A200-1m8 Winxp sp3... I'm not sure of my realtek audio manager version.. but updated to the final versions available

When I Adjust the volume level , the volume level changes correctly in the built-in program... but it changes into inconstant levels on the very first and the third quarter in the volume level of realtek's program ...... which is annoying and can't work with....

I wonder if there's any way to solve this


Answer:Satellite A200-1M8 - inconstant volume level changes

I doubt that can be fixed by yourself, unless its been fixed in a newer version of the Realtek driver.

Have a look at the Toshiba Website for updated Audio drivers, install it and see how that goes.

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The problem that I&rsquo;ve encounter is quite tricky and apparently with no solution (haven't formatted the drive yet).
Each time I open the Vista (home edition X32) on my Satellite A200-14D, things go as usual. I hear the sound. But when I try to adjust the volume with the button volume, it blocks: sometimes all taskbar, sometimes the computer (although the mouse moves and it responds to ctr-alt-del).

In the second situation I can access and the internet, for example, with the special button, but what do you know - can't type anything. When only the taskbar is blocking, I can use explorer or internet, but if I minimize a window there's nothing left to do. If when it's completely blocked I enter the task manager, it's not working. A solution is to Log out, and when I reenter is as it was before, but with the same risk.

What I&rsquo;ve tried:
- I&rsquo;ve uninstalled the Realtek drivers, updated them with the latest version - the same
- I&rsquo;ve erased the remaining drivers used by the device and reinstalled with new drivers - the same
- I&rsquo;ve scanned for viruses, nothing
- I&rsquo;ve done all the updates for windows etc.

When I disable the device, it's all well.
A fact is that I can control the sound, from control panel sound mixer and I can hear it and when the computer is blocked, so there is a software problem.
I've seen that in some cases, when I disable the sound, it appears the blue screen. It says that a proble... Read more

Answer:Satellite A200-14D: Volume sound control blocks


Did you notice all this issues at first day after notebook purchase?

Several times ago I have worked on the A200 and I really didn?t notice such issues.

So maybe you should check if the same will happen after OS restoring. Try to use the Recovery CD and set the notebook back to the factory settings.

This is necessary to find out if it a software or hardware problem. If it?s a hardware problem you will have to contact the ASP in your country for the check.

But if it?s a software issue caused due to the bad influence of the 3rd party software then the new recovery procedure should help to sort it out.

Best regards

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Hi. First post to this forum.

I have a Satellite Pro A200. Volume when tested through the Realtek audio controller (just upgraded to 5.1) is good, with a satisfactory volume. Howver the volume of DVD/CD playback, or online radio, is very soft, and only just audible.

I have been to every volume setting and set everything to maximum.

I had hoped downloading the most recent Realtek software would stop this problem that has existed since I bought the laptop, but I am only doing something about now...

Hope someone can help.


Answer:Satellite Pro A200-PSAE4E Audio volume issue

With DVD playback I agree with you, most of the time I hardly understand a word of what they say in movies. There it depends on what software you use because there are some setting which can boost sound level or have special notebook sound modes.

Have you tried your notebook with other software like winamp if the volume is low there too?

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Our Satellite A200 is having problems with its Volume control wheel.
If I turn the wheel (to the left or right) it does not properly reduce or increase the volume level.
It rather jumps the volume level into apparently random directions (with a certain preference to increasing the volume).
Turning the wheel slowly does improve its responsiveness a bit, but it remains pretty impossible to increase or decrease the volume setting at will.

BTW, I am well aware that the volume control wheel is a puls-coder wheel rather than ye olde potentiometer.

- Can anyone tell me where I can find the configuration that is responsible for this Volume Control Wheel?
- Which driver/firmware is associated with the volume control wheel?
- How can I determine whether this is a hardware or software problem?

Any tips would be welcome.


Answer:Satellite A200 does not properly reduce or increase the volume level


There is neither software nor hardware problem.
This is a new generation of volume controller.

First of all there is no ?mechanical? limit turning it right or left.
Furthermore this volume controller works a little bit different as the ?older?volume controllers. The volume can be increased and decreased using fixed levels?

By the way;
> Can anyone tell me where I can find the configuration that is responsible for this Volume Control Wheel?
You can change the sound volume also in the sound settings which could be found in control panel.
> Which driver/firmware is associated with the volume control wheel?
The sound driver controls the volume controller?.
> How can I determine whether this is a hardware or software problem?
There is no problem

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whenever I watch a video and the volume is above a certain level (not even maxed out) the video starts to freeze and the whole system after that..If I turn the volume down from the little wheel in the front sometimes it recovers after several minutes but some other times it just shows the blue screen error and immediatelly restarts....I've tried almost everything extra memory (2 gb), formatted it and installed win 7 32, installed all latest drivers for that version of windows....

I'm totally frustrated with that laptop...It had problems from the beginning I mean they launched it with Vista Home and 1 gb ram which was just too little for the system to work properly...So they just forced you to buy more mem because you wouldn't be able to work.

If anyone knows any kind of solution please help me

Answer:Satellite A200-10x crashes video and system when the volume is high help


What is the Bluescreen STOP code and the system file mentioned? This can help pinpoint the problem.

It may be just faulty RAM or a faulty Hard Disk.

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Hi guys,

I have a Satellite A200-1ah.
The problem is with my volume wheel. The volume "increases" whether I turn counter clockwise or clockwise.

Please help.

Answer:Re: Satellite A200 volume "increases" whether I turn counter left or right

Very strange?
Did it appear from beginning?

If not then this issue could be related to hardware and therefore you would be not able to fix it.

By the way; do you use the Toshiba preinstalled OS or did you change something?

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how to change volume icon in task bar?
or at least where to find it in system32...

Answer:how to change volume icon in task bar?

Just click on the speaker icon in the notification area and adjust the slider.

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I have an HP f2105 21" monitor running on Windows 7 x64. Recently the Volume Icon keeps appearing on my screen, and automatically increases the volume to 100%. I have not made any significant changes in my operating system. The Icon stands in front of all other screens and cannot be dismissed. It quits when it's ready after a few seconds. It pops up every 3-4 minutes or so. My drivers are up to date. I've tried disconnecting the monitor and reconnecting it. Turning it off and on, etc. So far nothing has helped.

Answer:Volume Icon keeps appearing on screen and increases volume a...

Hello melb1946Does your keyboard have volume buttons? I know in my experiences I have sometimes run into similar scenarios. In my case the problem was accidentally hitting the volume button on my keyboard. How is your sound setup in Windows 7? Is your monitor set as the default sound device? Do other sound devices increase their volumes?Probably one of the best ways to isolate the problem would be to put the monitor on another computer and see if the sound continues to appear and go up.

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Apologies first time I have used this. Just bought my second Toshiba this time Sat Pro A200 PSAE4E Vista Business. The volume control turns both clockwise and anti clockwise without any stopping point either way....just keeps turning.

The volume does increase and decrease but it is unpredicatble and the fact there is no stopping point on the turning of the wheel makes me wonder if there is a fault? Seems strange to me.

Adivce appreciated

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 PSAE4E: Volume Control moves without any stopping point

It?s nothing wrong with the volume controller!
These are new volume controller ?properties?. Such volume controllers are built-in in different high-end Toshiba notebooks? an similar volume controller can be found in the new Qosmio series?

So lean back and enjoy your new toy ;)

Greetings dude

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Can I change the XP volume control icon in the system tray?  I have an HP laptop, and the icon is a round gray speaker-like thing. Thanks everyone.

Answer:Can I change the XP sys tray volume control icon?

ZVolume Pro 3.44 might be just what you need.  You can get it at

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My thinkpad r400 windows 7 professional was reformatted and now whenever I use the volume control buttons, the mute button, or the toggle brightness keys, there are no visual ques that pop up on my screen.  They used to be there, but since the laptop was reformatted, they have been gone.  I suppose it is a driver issue, but I don?t know which driver it would be.  Can anyone please help me? Thanks SO much!

Answer:Please help,Thinkpad r400 volume control buttons do not display volume levels on screen

Additionally, when I try to use the Lenovo drivers update tool, it keeps crashing whenever it "gathers user information"

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When I use my keyboard to raise or lower or switch off volume I used to get a display along the bottom of the screen NOT THE SYMBOL AT BOTTOM RIGHT . The keys still work but there is no display How can I get it back.. I am using Windows 7.

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the volume control buttons at the top of my thinkpad x201 abruptly stopped displaying the speakers volume level. when the user presses the higher or lower volume keys. it has nothing to do with the microft speakers' volume control in the taskbar. running xp pro, sp3, thinkpad model 3249 CTO i just reloaded the hot key package, but it didn't help. i would appreciate advice and suggestions. thanks very much,        


Go to Solution.

Answer:x201 volume control buttons do not display volume levels

Hello Campus56,
To resolve the issue you need to update the Power Manager software.
Kindly download the update version of Power Manager from mentioned below web link.
Best Regards,

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I can?t see the volume display bar when I increase / decrease volume by Volume Wheel which I have got in my Toshiba Qosmio F20. It used to work but not working since I re-installed my WinXP MCE 2005. Actually it was not working when I installed xp first time 2 years back, but I re-installed my sound driver or hotkeys or something else (which I don?t remember) and then it worked.
Now I did almost everything but still not working.

Anyone can suggest something?

Answer:Qosmio F20 - volume display bar not visible when I increase/decrease volume

Did you install the newest driver and BIOS from the Toshiba website?
Check this:

Give me a reason what happened?

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Yesterday I had my volume control.  Today it is gone. I didn't do anything, no updates, no cleaners or anything.

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volume on task bar has disappeard there is no volume icon on my task bar, please can you help me I cannot control the volume

Answer:no volume icon on my task bar I cannot control the volume

right click on the taskbar and select properties. then under taskbar notification area, click customiuze and look for volume. next to that will be a drop down box for whatever you want it to doWindows 7 x64Intel® Core?2 Duo CPU E8500 @ 4.1GHzATI Radeon HD4870 XFire8GB OCZ Platinum 10662x Samsung 1TB Spinpoint F1

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So i try to change my volume and my volume slider changes to 100 no matter which i number put but thats not all after i do the slider changes from 100 to That number i set in a fast rate. I found a "balance" tab in my speaker propreties and it says L R and C went from 0 to 100 really fast and dont stop or change if i try to do so. can i pls get some help? (windows 7 x64)

Answer:Volume slider going from 100 to a random number when i try to change the volume

Maybe your mouse is configured to be really sensitive... You can change this in the Control Panel.

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For some reason the onscreen display for the volume controls and screen brightness on my W530 stop working after coming back from sleep or resume. I updated Power Management, Hotkey and Interface but the problem still rears its ugly head. If I go into screen resolution and advanced and on screen then uncheck Enable onscreen and recheck it...the controls work again.

Answer:Volume control buttons do not display volume level...

try to reinstall the OSD software. Uninstall the current OSD software that you have, and download the latest version from below.
Edit note: Wrong link. See below for the correct link.

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I have C660 and it is by far the most complicated laptop keyboard wise I ever had - on my previous one it was just F10 = quieter volume and F9= louder volume and on this one one has to press' FN' key + '3' or '4'.

Is there please some way to customize the key settings so I don't have to press FN key along with it, and make it be say F10 for volume instead please?

Answer:Re:Satellite C660 - How to change key settings to make volume change easier

This program could help, however, I have not used it myself. It seems to be able to create new keyboard shortcuts using scripts

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I have a problem with adjusting the volume. When I adjust the volume using the button on the left side of the laptop, I only can choose 3 "loudness levels":

No volume, very silent volume, and maximum volume (to loud).

Is this normal, doesn't anyone have problems with this?
I expect the problem is because of the digital volume adjuster. The adjuster doesn't register the exact position of the volume button. Every time when I get a phone call at work (I listen to internet radio), I turn off the radio using the adjuster on the side of the laptop. When I end the phone call, I always need to open the laptop and adjust the volume in the windows task bar, because when I use the volume adjuster on the left side of the laptop, it just immediately goes to maximum volume.


Answer:Question about volume adjusting on volume button - Satellite Pro U300


It?s very strange that your sound volume control contains only 3 volume levels?
I have noticed that Toshiba has released a new sound driver (v. on the European driver page.

So how about the sound driver update?
The sound driver controls definitely the sound volume and in my opinion it?s a worth a try.

Good luck

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I'm using a Logitech 35 headset on Windows 8.1 64-bit and all drivers are updated but when i want to adjust the volume, the volume mixer becomes unresponsive and stops working and my headset stops receiving sounds.

Answer:Volume mixer becomes unresponsive when I change volume

The G35 headsets I found, doing a search, are 7.1 surround sound headphones, USB connected and with a volume control in the headset cable. Is this what you have? If it is you should apparently be controlling the volume from the headset's volume control and not the PC???

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I have tried to change volume for specific programs in volume mixer multiple time, but everytime i restart my computer, they become 100% again (relatively to master volume)
For example, i want to lower my system volume

After restarting, it will become
Is there anyway to fix this problem? (It happens to all programs not just system volume).

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How do I hide the volume icon (sliding scale) when adjusting volume using volume wheel?
Otherwise it appears during presentations and will blank out any media being presented even after wheel released.

Answer:Volume icon hiding on Satellite Pro U200

That is a good question... I use Vista and it is good that it is gone there, but sometimes I want to use it... How can I get it under Vista??

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yesterday my 'sound' icon disappeared from the notification area at the bottom of my laptop. I have been into 'my computer' and the sound checkbox is saying show icon and notifications, I then went into turn system icons on or off and the volume one is off, I can't click it back on.

I downloaded a new driver for it as the sound had stopped working altogether, but that was months ago and the sound is working, it's just the icon that's missing and it's on full volume. I can't seem to find any other way of controlling the volume.

Please help, thanks.

Answer:Volume icon is missing on my Satellite notebook


Check please this Microsoft forum thread and please try solutions posted there.

I hope this will help you. If yes post some feedback please.

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My volume icon has disappeared from the taskbar (Satellite A500 / Windows 7). When I right click on properties to display the 'turn system icons on or off' box, the volume icon is there but I can't change it from off to on as it the 'off' is greyed out.

Does anyone have any clues??

Answer:Satellite A500 - Volume icon missing from taskbar


Maybe your sound card isn?t recognized properly anymore. Have you checked the device manager for yellow exclamation marks?
Maybe you should try to the sound driver. You can find the newest version on the Toshiba website.

Normally you can enable/disable the volume icon if you in control panel > Sound and Audio Devices.
Check this!

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I have Satellite A200, I have reinstall Windows but now if I hold the Fn key the icons doesn?t show up on desktop, FN keys are working fine.

I just want to see the icon as well I have try to install every Toshiba Utility none worked.

Answer:FN key display icon does not appear on Satellite A200 (PSAE6E)

Vista or XP?

Vista: Try installing the Toshiba Value Added Package. I believe that controls the Fn keys and Flashcards

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I think i need to update on of my drivers or something because there is no sound for anything. the speakers work on other computers. there is also no volume icon in the lower left corner. when i try to change the sound settings it says there are no audio devices.

my everest report is attached

Answer:No Volume and no Volume Icon in tray

i believe that this thread is very similar to mine

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Howdy everyone, am in a bit of a pickle and would appreciate some pointers.
The past 2 days i have lost the sounds of my operating system, cannot stream audio and have lost my volume icon from the taskbar.

I am however able to listen to CDs through itunes, media player etc and can watch DVDs fine. It is just there are no sounds on windows start up and games etc and no streaming audio on Youtube, Myspace etc.

I have tried many things, obviously ticking, un ticking the box in control panel etc. Have tried system restore, been on kellys korner or whatever its called, looked up the problem but i need XP driver disk to reinstall sounds card. I dont have XP driver disk.
aswell i tried downloading new soundcard which didnt work. Was clutching at straws really.

i think some kind of codec i downloaded started the problem. My "show desktop" and Thunderbird icons have also disappeared from other side of taskbar.

My system is XP Pro, a Compaq Armada M700 laptop. Soundcard is a ESS Maestro 2E
Im usually pretty good at solving these kinds of problems, have been googling this for ages tho to no avail

if anyone could help that would be great


Answer:No Volume In Windows Or Volume Icon

Try this:Set windows to show hidden files,How to see hidden files in Windows Then navigate to:C:\ Windows \ System32 \ dllcacheLocate sndvol32.exeRight click it, and select Copy.Navigate to C:\ Windows \ System32 In an open area, right click and select PasteIf Windows says the file already exists, do you want to replace it, select YesReboot

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I was wondering if anyone could help me with an annoying little problem.....

I have a Toshiba Satellite C660 laptop running Windows 7, since working out I could use the function button to mute the sound, I have lost the volume control icon from the taskbar.... this is one of the things I use a lot so I would very much like to get it back!

I have checked for other people having the same problem and there are a few but most seem to be able to fix it by going into the taskbar properties and turning the volume back on. The dropdown box is grey for me and won't work :( I can't restore default behaviours and on the notification icons page it says it is muted but 'show icon and notifications' is selected.

Hopefully somebody can help!
Thanks for reading :)

Answer:Lost volume icon - Satellite C660 running Windows 7


The sound volume icon belongs to sound driver.
Would recommend reinstalling the sound driver to get this fixed.

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I have a P300 PSPC4E and I have a problem with the PC Speaker (I use Vista, but tested also XP on the second HDD). When I change the volume (for example) - then - after that is a very noisy beep.

This happens also with AntiVir. When there is an warning-beep - it is very very loud. Does anyone know a solution, how to fix this (and make it a little bit more silent)?

Answer:Satellite P300 - How to change PC speaker volume?


as I know, in sound settings you can disable it at all.

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I'm unimpressed by the volume dial on my new Satellite U300.
Much prefered the 'real' hardware version on my old A100 - the U300's suffers from 'lag' and is also requires a lot of dialing to make changes.

Is there any way I can adjust the sensitivity?

Answer:Satellite U300: How to change the volume dial sensitivity

This is not possible dude? You cannot change the sensitivity of the volume controller.

But to be honest? I don?t agree with you!
I like the ?new? generation of the volume control. I?ve such volume control in the A210 and it?s nice.

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I'm not sure if this happened with 5.55, but with 5.56, when I hit the volume up or down on my keyboard to turn the sound down for everything, it turns down winamp's volume bar too. Sometimes I can move winamp's volume bar up and down and it won't even be working. What causes this? It's pretty annoying for the music to turn down twice as fast or winamp's volume bar to not even work at all.EDIT: Moved to a more appropriate forum

Answer:Volume keys turning down computer volume and winamp volume at the same time?


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My volume button on my keyboard no longer controls the volume. The only way to turn down the volume is to turn it down from the application I am in. For example, if I'm listening to itunes, I turn it down using the volume control in itunes. Or if I'm in Youtube, I use the volume control in Youtube. When I use the volume button on my keyboard, it doesn't change unless its turned all the way down therefore muting it. But I want to go back to controlling the volume using the volume button on my keyboard. Help please!

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Hi. I have a Satellite L670 and I?m searching for on-screen display of volume and brighness.

It is the first of my laptops which seems to offer no on-screen display of these key-features and it is very circuitous to find the standard keys 3+4 for volume and F6+F7 for brightness, especially in a darker enviroment.

Before this Toishiba had some DELL Latitude and Inspiron Laptops and my wife is using a Samsung and all of that laptops had on-screen-display or the possibility to open the volume-display over fn + arrow keys.

Please excuse my english. Maybe someone can understand my problem anyhow ;-)

CU, Sascha

Answer:Satellite L670 - Searching for on-screen display of volume and brighness

To be honest I don?t understand your problem.

When you want to change display brightness you can use FN+F6/F7 key combination or use settings in power plan that you use.

If you sit in dark room and cannot see the keys you can do it also easily changing settings for FN flash cards.
Open start > all programs > Toshiba > utilities > settings for flash cards.
Activate option ?Allow the mouse to bring up the cards? and set it also on short.

Now you can move mouse on the tp of the screen, click on brightness card and change brightness level.

Try it.

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Encrypted Volume Check: Volume Info on \\?\Volume{X}Can Not Read

Found this in my Event Viewer on each start/restart. I don't have any Volumes that I have encrypted. Is this malware? I've run everything prior to noticing including Windows Offline Defender.
Not sure if this is even the correct area to post this!

Answer:Encrypted Volume Check: Volume Info on \\?\Volume{X}Can't read

I'm going to take a guess, please upload a screenshot of the disk manager (Windows Key+R to open the Run dialog, type diskmgmt.msc, and press Enter).
Posting the actual entry from the Event Viewer can help.

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Every time I try to put the volume down, it doesn't work and the sound goes higher and higher (until be to the maximum).

I tried to change the configuration in the Control pannel, but it didn't work.

The only thing which that I can do is to use the Sound icon (in the toolbar) but is quiet annoying! what I could do to make the Sound knurled wheel work again?


Answer:Satellite A200-1DR sound volume goes higher and higher

Hopefully this is not a mechanical volume control issue.

I would recommend firstly updating the BIOS.
You have to know that after the Win XP installation you should update the BIOS to the XP version!

After BIOS update reinstall the sound driver again!

Last but not least recommend reinstalling the Toshiba Controls Driver and then the Toshiba Controls


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Running Windows XP. My volume icon disappeared and the computer no longer makes sounds and I can not hear online applications like You Tube.

If I download a file I can play it back and hear it just fine and I can play items in Windows Media, Quick Time, Real Audio, etc.

I have checked the volume tab in the control panel so the problem is more complicated then that. I can not find the original disk to reinsert the driver. This is a dell inspiron 9400 and I have SigmaTel and the troubeshooting tells me there is nothing wrong with it.

I have run all my virus scans and Malware programs.

Any ideas.

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This is a different problem. My volume icon disappeared and the computer no longer makes sounds and I can not hear online applications like You Tube.

If I download a file I can play it back and hear it just fine.

I have checked the volume tab so that is not it and I'm out of ideas. I can not find the original disk to reinsert the driver. This is a dell and I have SigmaTel and the troubeshooting tells me there is nothing wrong with it.

Help please.

Answer:No Volume icon or volume


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You can perform the steps mentioned on the following link.


If you do not have the Windows XP retail CDs you can Download Sndvol32.exe from the below mentioned link and place it in C:\Windows\System32 folder.


Answer:Windows cannot display the volume control on the taskbar because the Volume Control p

Thanks For The Info arjunaj

Welcome To TSG ...

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I can't see the volume adjust button on the bottom of the screen (laptop). I check the system on/off for Time, volume, network, etc... and the volume one is dim (can't change from off to on). What I need to do to turn the volume on so I can adjust the sound.


Answer:Can't display Sound "Volume" icon?

Quote: Originally Posted by subhadip

Make sure whether you have sound drivers installed or not.

The sound come out the speaker without any problem and I can adjust with fn-f11 or fn-f12. The problem is the volume icon can't display on the task bar.

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Hi there!

I've notice DVD playback volume is very low (even when volume slider on both player and windows is max'd). MP3 playback is fine and volume is much louder, it just seems to be a problem with DVD playback. I've tried both Toshiba DVD software player and Windows media player but they give the same result.

Anyone have any suggestions?


Audio controller: Realtek
OS: Windows Vista Home Premium

Answer:Equium A200 1v0 - DVD Volume very low


I presume you have played the MP3 from the HDD and the movies from a CD/DVD drive?

In control panel - sound settings you will find different sound controllers?
You should choose ?playback? and should set all possible sound controllers to a higher level.

Best regards

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So i was trying to make some room on y C drive and i guess i deleted some files that i shouldnt...To make a long story short now my volume control thingy that stays on my taskbar has dissapeared.When i go to the control panel and to sounds and audio devices and i get in there and there is an icon with the option to place volume icon on the taskbar but when i click on that i get 'windows cannot display the volume control on the task bar because the volume control program has not been installed...After several tries i figured i deleted the windows file soundvol32.exe
but how the hell do i get it back and put it in its right place???I have no idea where it would go??Anybody have an idea how i can install that back????I tried using my windows cd but since i put service pack 2 on it it said that the version of windows i had on the cd was older than my current version...Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Answer:Solved: Volume Control computer "windows cannot display the volume control on the task bar"

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So I have a Blue Yeti, and I'm an online animator/voice actor. Whenever I record audio on my Blue Yeti (OR any other mic) I record about 4-6 inches from the mic, and turn the gain down enough that the audio doesn't peak as I yell or whatever. This is what you're supposed to do if you don't want your audio levels peaking and making your recording sound horrible and corrupted. However, afterwards, it means I have really quite recordings. Not a problem right? Now that it's recorded right, I can boost the volume of the entire clip afterwards right? WRONG. I'm not an audio expert so I must be missing something. But why in GODS NAME would the audio distort and peak AFTER it's recorded successfully? It's all there, it's all clean audio. If I turn the volume on my speakers all the way up it sounds CRYSTAL CLEAR! All I want to do is do that INSIDE the computer so that when I upload it to youtube people don't have to turn their speakers so far up. But if I increase the clips volume in the computer, it distorts! It sounds awful! Why?! I tried in Sony Acid and Audacity and they both do the same thing! Why?! I seriously don't understand what I'm missing here! I can take sound effects, and recordings made by other producers and crank them up nice and loud, but mine just fall apart! If anyone understands audio stuff, please tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Answer:Soft Recording volume with Blue Yeti, increasing volume distorts audio

I have a home recording studio using Sonar X1 software.

I don't know about Acid, but it should allow clean recordings. Audacity the same way.

I record, generally, in the -10 level with my recording program, at 24 bits/44.1 Khz. At -10, I have plenty of headroom and can then adjust the levels after the recordings and at mixdown. I export the mix as a standard 16 bit/44.1Khz wav file and then "finalize" whatever I want to do to the song, including levels, with "Goldwave" (an audio editior).

I assume you are converting the audio to MP3? If that is the case, that may be where the distortion is occuring? I find that 128Kb MP3's are very poor and at a minimum use 198 Kb MP3's.

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I know I should read and followed the pinned piece before I asked for help, but given the emergency please excuse me, is what I encountered:
Blue Screen of death w/ description says uncorrectible hardware error, I guess that's truly bad. 
I did the memory test using sony vaio/ microsoft OEM, memory is good.
I did the system restore several times, although completed and says successful, but blue screen keep coming back.
I went ahead did the CHKDSK, took me 4 and half hours, found 1 bad cluster, but corrected it says, then when i reboot windows, Intel Matrix Storage Console pops up at lower right hand corner of computer, telling me  "a drive is failing, back-up asap; seems to me it's port 1.
I know I need to back up, but given this situation, does it mean i have no choice but to expect this solid state drive is dying and can't be repair??

Answer:BSOD/ Intel RAID volume failing but CHKDSK clean volume

Here is the spec of my laptop:
Sony VGN-AR770U Vista Ultimate sp2
Intel 2.6 Ghz
Solid State HDD 320GB set 2 partitions
did not installed any new stuff lately, ran Malwarebites anti malware, clean at safe mode. 
Many thanks

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Hi all,

I have Toshiba Portege M800, and I have a problem with the volume wheel.
If I try to increase or decrease the volume by this volume wheel, it will change, but the volume not change linear.

For example, when I increase volume from 0 to something, volume is changed, during rolling, e.g. from 0-1-2-3-4-5-3-8-6 (thats just an example).

Why doesn't it change linear, e.g. 0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 ?
Is it caused by software or it is hardware problem?

Could I claim the goods?


Answer:Portege M800 - volume wheel issue - volume level jumps


I have had a similar issue with the volume level on my Satellite notebook.
I tired everything; updated the BIOS, sound driver? I have also reinstalled my OS using the Roecvery disk but I didn?t notice any improvements.

Finally my ASP technician checked the volume wheel and cleaned the contacts and removed some dust.
This was the key?
The dirt affected the volume wheel functionality?

In my cases this helped but this does not mean that this will help you as well.
I think you should also update the BIOS and should check if you could update the sound driver.
If this will not help then it would be recommended to contact the ASP technician for opinion?

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This on is quite perplexing to me. This is stemming from a volume problem that I had posted before. I have more detail and have narrowed down the problem but not the cause of such. When ever I click the volume control in winamp, not adjust necessarily, just click, my wave setting in my volume control (pannel that comes up by double clicking the speaker in the tray) drops. Of course this affects my overall volume. It is sparatic and does not drop the same amount two times in a row but will drop everytime I click volume in winamp. I am running winXP pro and have not installed so much as an update since the last time this was happening. The only thing I did change is I set up voice recognition in Office XP but I was having this problem before that. I have uninstalled and cleaned out all winamp files and reinstalled. Any suggestions? Winamp is the only player of any kind that this currently happens with.

Also, whenever I am using winamp to play an mp3 or streaming audio and I open another program, any program, or even just minimize/maximize a window, the audio starts cracking. This also has never happend before except of course when there is a heavy load on the system. As I said I am running XP pro, and FYI a Duron 900 cpu and 448MB RAM. As I am having these problems I am using 5% to 10% of my cpu and have 21000k physical memory availible according to task mgr.


Answer:When clicking volume in WinAmp my wave setting in Volume Ctrl drops.

I did some research at the Winamp message board and came up with this.


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1st this happened on my old desktop(still can't get it to show up). Now my new laptop. Used it last night, everything fine. Tonite no volume icon on the task bar. Went to control panel, sounds & audio, checked show icon and got this message, cannot display volume control on the taskbar because the volume control program has not been installed. It worked fine yesterday, what's happening????

Answer:where's the volume icon;EN-US;Q319095

Type the text EXACTLY as written. This should be the fix.

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Question: no icon no volume

ive lost my desk top icons and my volume

Answer:no icon no volume

Right-click anywhere on the desktop. When the menu appears, click View and slide the mouse arrow over and down to ...Show Desktop Icons. Put a check mark there.If it is already checked then tap F8 while booting up and let us know if you can get desktop icons from Safe Mode. There is a possibility you have a virus.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks

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I Want Use Windows Mute Volume Icon for nircmd Command. Can I do That ?

My New Multimedia Keyboard No Mute Volume Button

Recommend for Icon ?

Answer:Where Can I Get Volume Icon ?

You want to change the icon on the shortcut ?

If so, yes.


If you need the mute icon, I located it & copied it as mute.ico --- {an icon resource file.}

You can download it here---

New folder (4).zip

If you need an unzipper try 7Zip ---


A picture---


edit 2---

If all you want is to change the shortcut icon -- Right click it & choose Properties. See picture---

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Question: Volume Icon

Could some one please tell me why my 'Volume Icon' does not stay in my taskbar. It never seems to be there when I need it...

Answer:Volume Icon

Try start--control panel--sounds,speech and audio devices--sounds and audio devices--volume tab--make sure "place volume in the taskbar" box is ticked.

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Question: volume icon

my volume icon is not appearing on start up and i have no sound

Answer:volume icon

The icon only appears when the sound driver is installed and working.

What sound card do you have? When did the problem start and did the sound ever work?

Does Device Manager say anything useful?

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HiI just checked the archives and still can't solve my problem.The sound icon has disappeared from my taskbar (Windows XP)I tried properties, customise always show etc but still nothing.I also tried Ctrl Panel, Sounds and audio, always show in taskbar etc but still nothing!Any ideas? Don't know why its disappeared in the first place?Thanks in advance.

Answer:Volume icon has gone!

Maybe it's auto hiding.... click the < in the Taskbar by the clock.

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Question: Volume Icon

I am running Vista Home and my volume icon has disappeared in my toolbar at the bottom of my screen. When I pull up the option in toolbars the box is grey and so I cannot click on it???

Answer:Volume Icon

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Question: volume icon

how do I get the icon to appear in the task bar. The "show volume icon" box is checked in the sounds and audio window.

Answer:volume icon

Right click the task bar

Click "Properties"

At the bottom there's a button called "Customize..."

Click on it, and in there you can decide which icons XP should:

- Always hide (So you can hide an icon you only need sometimes)
- Always Show (For the volume, you want this)
- Hide When Inactive (when nothing is happening with this process, XP hides the icon.)

They are otherwise hidden behind an arrow. You can click this to expand it and view the icons.

To always view all icons, uncheck the "Hide Inactive Icons" check box in the "Properties" menu.


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Question: Volume icon

Quick question about my laptop. It is an Acer Aspire 5749. Since formatting my laptop, I do not have the volume display on the screen. Before when I pressed FN and arrow up or down, I saw him as a speaker on the screen with a cursor that kind of intensity indiquais already had volume..j'ai problem is when to another format, and I managed to bring up, but then I remember how ... And it's probably me a report with the key caps-lock and Num lock because previously I saw on the screen when I pressed the keys ..thank you


Go to Solution.

Answer:Volume icon;-;Aspire%205749 choose your opertaing system, click on Applications tab and download LaunchManager Application

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Question: volume icon

HiMy volume icon in speaker tray has been replaced by a 'Realtek' one. I preferred the old one that simply had a slider when clicked on it. but the realtek one gives you a pop up window, so you then have to mouse across to a slider button, it's a 2 step process so more hassle. Can I get the old default one back. Don't know why the realtek one suddenly appeared, as it didn't used to be there, probably some update, they're usually the culprit. If anyone knows how to default back to original volume icon I'd be much obliged.

Answer:volume icon

Stop th Realtek one from starting in Start > Run, type:msconfigclick OK and click the Startup tab. Untick the Realtek entry and click Apply and OK to exit. Reboot the PC, then go to Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices and tick the option to display volume icon in System Tray, click Apply and OK to exit.

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Question: Volume Icon gone

I am having some difficulty with my volume icon. My sound works fine, I hear everything, but the icon is gone from the far right of my taskbar. I think this is also causing my not being able to manually adjust the volume with the button on the side of the laptop. I went into control panel, and tried to check "place volume icon in the taskbar" but it is greyed (meaning I can't check it) and it says no audio device. I also checked the device manager to see if there are any sound icons with a red x or yellow ! over them but there werent any.

I am running XP. thanks!

Answer:Volume Icon gone

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Question: Volume Icon

The volume icon is missing from task bar (Windows XP). When I go to Control panel, Sounds & Audio devices and click the box "place volume icon on task bar" I get the following message: "Windows cannot display the volume control on the task bar because the Volume Control program has not been installed. To install it use add/remove programs in Control Panel". Can some kind person tell me how to do this?

Answer:Volume Icon

reboot pc and hold down the f8 and chose the last good config.....and type dxdiag in the run box and test for may report  other things as well...

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Question: Volume Icon

My sound volume keeps disappearing from my task bar. I am running xp home media edition, I do not have the cd just a restore cd. In my control panel in sounds it has a check next to show in task bar. My task bar is customized to always show volume icon. If I restore to an earlier date it will come back, if I boot up and go to last good configuration sometimes it works the first time if not I do it again and it will put my sound icon back. Once the icon is back the next time I shut down or reboot it is gone again. I don't have any virus or trojans. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. Lisa

Answer:Volume Icon

Check that the task bar is locked.
Right click on the task bar
Select Properties
Under the Task bar Tab,make sure the "lock the Task Bar "is checked

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Question: Volume Icon

Hi cant get my volume icon back in the taskbar. Ive did the sounds & audio properties thing as in ticking the (place volume icon in taskbar) but i get an error message saying it hasn't been installed reinstall using add/remove. But i cant see it there to reinstall it and i have no windows CD.
Anybody got some advice please

Answer:Volume Icon

Windows CD not's the installation of audio drivers which results in volume icon being reflected.

I would uninstall the audio drivers/controller via Device Manager (Sound, Video and Game Controllers)...then reboot and reinstall the correct audio drivers for the system or motherboard (available for download at the appropriate manufacturer's website.


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Question: volume icon

just got win xp pro and noticed there isnt a volume icon in the task bar. how do i get it up?

Answer:volume icon

go to control panel click on sounds and audio devices and check "place voluum icon in taskbar"

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Question: Volume icon?

Hi when I turn my computer of at night and turn it on the next day, my volume icon on the taskbar dissapers. IT doesnt happen when i restart tho. When that happens I have to go to control panel and have to go under audio and sound devices properties. And uncheck the box that says "place volume icon in taskbar" and then hit apply, then check that box again and click apply again for it to appear. And it appears. But it dissapers everytime i turn of comupter. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Volume icon?

Hi akskiller,

I put my Volume Control in the Quick Launch toolbar.

It does'nt load in the System tray !

Go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, Entertainment
Right click on Volume Control and drag to the Quick Launch toolbar
Release right click and Select "Create a shortcut here"

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Question: Volume icon

I have totally lost the volume on my Aspire 5732Z.  Is there a general on/off switch.Thank you!


Go to Solution.

Answer:Volume icon

Thank you for replying.  I finally found the solution: I had accidentally pushed F8 up on top that has a sound icon on it.  My main problem is that I'm as old as dirt.  Thanks again!  PS: my OS is Windows 10

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Question: Volume icon gone

Two days back when i was working on my computer then it says that windows is shutting down. When it restarted, I found that the sound was gone and the volume icon on the status bar was missing.
I checked the system hardware and found that it says " no external device is attached".

I tried the system restore option also but it says firstly shut down the system and restart even after restarting the system.

I am very upset, what to do? Please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Answer:Volume icon gone


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Question: volume icon

can anyone tell me the volume icon appears in taskbar and at other times it doesn't?....have been in control panel etc and ticked the box for it to show but find a lot of the time it not there .... find i'm reduced to going into control panel and adjust it from there....bit of a pain.

Answer:volume icon

If you are using XP then right-click the Taskbar and then Properties. Click Customize, and then click Volume - adjust to Always Show then OK and Apply/OK

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Question: volume icon

windows xp

Answer:volume icon

volume icon not on taskbar

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is there any way to not have the system beep go off every time i adjust the master volume from the volume control?


Answer:master volume setting in volume control (windows 2003)

wow....that is a great question...i would love to know the answer.

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Here is a question I can't seem to find the answer to in the archives.

How can adjust the volume output from my Windows ME machine (with SoundMax Digital Audio) so that the volume of the background music I like to listen to (via RealOne Player version is quiet, but the other important sounds my PC makes (like email or calendar notifications) are loud enough so I can hear them?

I've seemingly tried all combinations of settings for the volume sliders/adjustments, including:

1) The volume knob on my speakers
2) The RealOne Player volume slider
3) The Windows volume control panel "Volume Control" slider
4) The WIndows volume control panel "PC Beep" slider

Even when the "PC Beep" volume slide is set to maximum, and the "Volume Control" slider is set near minimum in the Windows volume control panel, the PC beep is virtually inaudible when the background music is acceptably quiet (by adjusting the RealOne volume slider and/or the volume control on my speakers).

Am I doing something wrong? Is there some other way that I'm not thinking of to boost the volume of the system sounds my PC makes, while keeping the RealOne music volume low?



Answer:Boosting system beep volume relative to other sound volume?

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So I installed some new Windows updates today (whatever was available via Windows Update). I restarted my computer to enable the updates. When it came back on, my task bar was white for some reason. I solved that problem using the first solution I found here: [SOLVED] Taskbar is white

Well I didn't change my volume before doing that, so I don't know if it worked before I followed that solution. I do know that after following that solution, my volume meter no longer shows up when I change the volume via the keys for it on my keyboard. This is pretty annoying because it was convenient to always see my audio level when I adjusted the volume.

I am on a HP Pavilion dv7-6c95dx with beats audio, running Windows 7 64-bit. When I changed my volume, the beats audio logo with a volume meter under it would pop up, but it no longer shows up. I haven't noticed any change in the quality of my sound, and I can still actually adjust the volume level. The problem is the volume meter no longer displays to show me the volume level.

If anyone has any clue as to why this happened, that would be great!

Answer:Volume meter no longer displays when I adjust volume level

Try rolling back any keyboard driver updates, or go to the keyboard manufacturers website and download most up to date driver(s) from there.

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When I play games, I tend to volume right down to get rid of the music etc,
but this also turns down the volume for notifications and then I don;t hear them.
Is there any way to control these volumes separately ?

Answer:How can I turn the volume off in a game I am playing without lowering my notifications volume?

Most games I've seen have an option to turn off music/effects within the game itself. Meaning you could hush them, but keep your notifications at whatever volume.

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hi everyone, I reloaded XP on my X40 to factory default and even updated the winxp to  SP3 as well as to the latest X40 driver (sound,hotkey...etc.) but the volume button on th X40 does not sync with the windows volume slide control but the mute buttons sync with XP vol slide control.. Whats happening is,  I have to adjust the volume level on both XP and on the button. tia 

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My Windows 7 was installed in Drive C: in Primary partition.

I only have another drive D:, which is also a Primary partition and 200GB in size.

I need to create another drive. So, I use 'Shrink Volume' on Drive D: and free 30GB.

Then 30GB become free space and when I right click on that, I choose to 'Simple Volume' and then format it as NTFS and assign the drive letter E:. All of a sudden after I did that, all the partitions(C: and D now no longer say "Primary Partition". The blue color on top of the partitions also changed to a yellow/brownish color. My guess is that they have been converted to a Simple Volume too.

Well, then I just restart my PC and astonished that my windows 7 can't load. Only a blank screen come ahead to me. No error message given.

I use my Windows 7 DVD and in repair windows section, I use command line and by 'diskpart', i found, my all partition (C: and D: and E present their and there file system is: 'NTFS' and Type is "Simple". No drive there marked as a 'System' or 'boot'.

What should I do now, to recover my Windows 7?

Any kind of help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 9
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 2046 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 (Dell), 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 76285 MB, Free - 19597 MB; F: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 461259 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Computer Corp., 0W2562
Antivirus: AVG AntiVirus Free Edition 2013, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

Answer:missing volume panel no mixer i hit volume and it says go to add hardware to add audi

You appear to have a Dell Dimension 8300 desktop.

What's the 7-character "service tag" number on it?


Is the sound working?

Are there any entries in the Device Manager with a yellow ? or ! next to them?


You appear to have AVG Free Edition 2013 installed.

Have you been using its registry/file cleaner feature?

Have you been using any other registry/file cleaners?


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Windows XP Home
RealPlayer 10.5

Ok, I used to have RealPlayer and all it's junk till I wised up
and removed it from my system over a year ago.

However, I recently installed the basic RealPlayer (that is...only allowing
the features that I needed for video/audio) in order to watch NASA TV
e.g. DEEP IMPACT and today's DISCOVERY launch.

My question is regarding why, when I mute or adjust the volume on
the RealPlayer, that it also does the same to the computer's Volume
Control (Speaker Icon in System Tray...Wave setting).

I had been viewing on the RealPlayer, muted the sound and then later
was wondering why I was not able to hear any of my videos, music, etc.
The thought occurred to me to check the Speaker Icon and, sure enough,
there was a check at Wave>>Mute.

Is there a setting I can check/uncheck that will allow RealPlayer and
Computer volume to be independent of one another?

Thank you,

Answer:Adjusting RealPlayer volume affects Comp volume settings

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Hi guys! Just got my Lenovo Ideapad Z370 and very happy with the looks and performance, but one thing is really annoying me since I got it.The touch buttons above F9-F12 keys never worked. Since the first time I turned on the notebook they just lie there, completely off, with no lights and no function at all.I tried to reinstall the drivers, the onekey theatre soft and a bunch of suggested drivers in this forums and still have no clue how to fix it. Someone can help me?Thanks,Gui 

Answer:Touch buttons (mute, volume down, volume up, onekey theatre, star and moon) doesn't work in Z370

usually upgrading graphic card causes this. have you updated the drivers? have you tried to re-install power management?

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Hi, I have also included most of the following information in response to a post, on the same subject, for T series machines. I have 2 machines that are also affected by this problem, an R61 (8932-CTO XP-Pro-SP3 32-bit) and an R500 (2714-CTO XP-Pro-SP3 32-bit). System update recently presented me with Hotkeys version 3.87.0000 on both of these machines, and I let System Update update the drivers in the vain hope that Lenovo had fixed this problem that has been previously reported as affecting many other series and models. No such luck. The only difference that I would like to  report is that, for me, the last version of the Hotkey Features Integration package that displays the volume bar on my Windows XP machines is: 3.84.5000. I have all versions of the Hotkeys drivers saved on my machine and was therefore able to try them all out to verify which one was the last one that worked for me.  On both of the above mentioned systems, the version of Access Connections that is running is version 5.97.On the R61, the version of Power Manager that is running is version 5.20.On the R500, the version of Power Manager that is running is version 5.13. (System Update does not show version 5.20 as an available update on this machine.) It would be really nice if Lenovo could finally fix this problem. 

2 ThinkPad R500's 2714-CTO T9600 2.80 Ghz 4GB RAM Win 7/10. ThinkPad R500 2714-CTO P8600 2.40 Ghz 3GB RAM Win 7. T... Read more

Answer:Laptops do not display On Screen Display volume bar after Hotkeys Features Integration update

 System update recently presented me with Hotkeys version 3.87.0000 on both of these machines, and I let System Update update the drivers in the vain hope that Lenovo had fixed this problem that has been previously reported as affecting many other series and models. No such luck. The only difference that I would like to  report is that, for me, the last version of the Hotkey Features Integration package that displays the volume bar on my Windows XP machines is: 3.84.5000. I have all versions of the Hotkeys drivers saved on my machine and was therefore able to try them all out to verify which one was the last one that worked for me.  On both of the above mentioned systems, the version of Access Connections that is running is version 5.97.On the R61, the version of Power Manager that is running is version 5.20.On the R500, the version of Power Manager that is running is version 5.13. (System Update does not show version 5.20 as an available update on this machine.) It would be really nice if Lenovo could finally fix this problem. 

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My laptop has lost its Volume icon from the bottom right of the screen. I've checked that the right box is checked in Sound and Audio Devices but it still does not want to show. Any ideas ?

Answer:Missing volume icon

control panel-task bar and start menu-notification the volume box ticked

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That little volume icon there on the right hand side of the task bar has disappeared again. When I right click on the task bar and then click on "Notification Area", Volume, Network and Power are grayed out and I can't make any changes. Any suggestions?

Answer:Solved: My volume icon is gone again.

Here's the official "wassup" on that >>

Includes a "fix it"

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Hello, I've had 8.1 on my phone for about a month now and had no issues. I downloaded the most recent update for 8.1 two days ago and had no issues till today. I have a Nokia Lumia Icon and my volume, power, and camera buttons on the side of my phone just stopped working earlier today. I can do a soft reset to turn the phone on (it's super annoying but it'll work till Microsoft puts out a fix) but I can't find a workaround for the volume; any ideas? I tried getting a volume app in the store but none of them work for 8.1...

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System Specs Are: windows xp home, 512mb ram, 2.8GHz intel celeron cpu

The sound on my computer has completely gone. the volume icon is missing. I have an

onboard Realtek AC97 sound device.
All of a sudden, the other day i swithed on the pc and no sound. device manager reports no

audio problems, however system information says that IRQ 16 is being used by a graphics

controller and usb universal host controller. in control panel under sounds and audio

devices i get a "no audio device" message. the last two programs i installed are windows

media player 11 and IE 7.0 about two weeks ago, and the problem starter yesterday.
i have tried system restore to no avail. BIOS sound is enabled. speakers work just fine on

another pc. i can't Extract a copy of Sndvol32.exe from windows xp cd because all i have

are the three restore cd's when i bought the pc, and when i try to reinstall audio drivers

via the restore cd or from C:\Drivers\Audio\OriginalDriver the system stops installing at

80% and i get the following:"Realteck ac'97 audio (4.86) tool for driver update has

encountered a problem and needs to close."
i tried unistalling realtek ac'97 in add/remove programs but i get the following pop up:
realtek ac'97 audio
>setupDLL\setupDLL.cpp (391)
pAPP:Realtek ac'97 audio
PVENDOR:Realtek semiconductor corp.
@windows XP service pack 2 (2600) IE 7.0.5700.6
Setup... Read more

Answer:volume icon is missing

Have you tried installing the latest Realtek drivers(3.93):

If that doesn't work try using DriverCleaner to remove the Realtek drivers and then try reinstalling:

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Hi. I have XP on this PC and my volume icon (looks like speaker) in the tool bar next to the clock is missing. How do I get it back ?


Answer:Volume icon missing.

This should fix it!
Go to start/control panel then double click on "sound and audio devices"(this is on the classic view mode for control pannel). Then there should be a thing that says "place volume icon in the taskbar". Check that box and hit ok. It should then appear there.

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Question: Sound Volume Icon

The sound icon is missing from the do you get it back?

Answer:Sound Volume Icon

Are your sound drivers properly installed. you can go to the properties of file explorer, then device manager to sure you have no red X's due to unknown hardware.

Do you have a default device set to audio out?

If you get sound, then go to Settings, System, notifications & Actions then click on Turn system icons on or off. If volume is off, turn it on.

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Question: Lost volume icon

Hi guys! I'm new to the tread and would like to know how to retrieve the volume icon which was at the bottom right of my screen beside the clock.i run the ms windows vista basic operating system.recently i was trying to sort out my palm handheld using my laptop.the person carrying out the work needed to resort to xp professional desktop machineas they felt that my handheld + laptop were not talking.i can adjust the volume control by navigating the control panel but would like to get my icon back.can you help.many thanks.

Answer:Lost volume icon

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