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Satellite A100 - Questions about Slow Boot, CD not in DMA mode, drivers

Question: Satellite A100 - Questions about Slow Boot, CD not in DMA mode, drivers

Hello all,

as you can see I have 3 questions:

1. My Satellite A100-153 boots quite slowly (running avira antivir and sunbelt pfw only as on my other laptop which is older than this one but not slow booting) - has anyone a idea why (I would be very gratefull because I dont have to reinstall win and all my stuff)?

2. Nero tells me, that my CD-rom is not running in DMA-mode - where can I verify and solve this problem?

3. Drivers - am I bound to the drivers supported on this site or can I use the drivers directly from manufacturer (ATI for my graphics-card, Intel for my chipset, realtek for my sound and so on)?

Help is very welcome!

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Preferred Solution: Satellite A100 - Questions about Slow Boot, CD not in DMA mode, drivers

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite A100 - Questions about Slow Boot, CD not in DMA mode, drivers


For me it will be interesting to know which operating system you use. Anyway I will try to give my short opinion about your questions:

- many different factors can be responsible for slow bootup. Usually it depends on OS configuration. I will try to find some interesting article how to make bootup faster and I will post it here for you.

- enter device manager and open IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers, enter properties for secondary IDE chanel and check Advanced settings tab. Is under transfer mode set ?DMA if available?? if not set it please and after restart check if the problem persists. ?DMA if available? is usually set as default.

- Generally you can use it but it is well known that graphic card manufacturers do not support mobile graphic cards and notebook manufacturers are responsible for that.

I recommend you to use Toshiba drivers only. All those drivers are tested.


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Hi, I've just bought a Satellite Pro A100 notebook. In general, I'm very pleased with it but I'm finding it very slow particularly on boot up. It can take over 5 minutes to be fully booted up.

Are there any settings or tweaks I can do to help with this problem?

Answer:Satellite Pro A100 very slow particularly on boot up

You might check how many programs you have set to run on startup by going to Start > Run > type 'msconfig' and enter > Startup. Uncheck programs you don't need to startup when the computer starts.

You could also check your virtual memory via Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced > Settings > Advanced > Change and make sure that it is set to 'System managed size'. If you make a change don't forget to click the 'Set' button.

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"A100" laptop with Vista software ??£349.00

This is the laptop I am looking at getting my partner but I am not really computer savvy, I have a few questions that i hope you can help me with.

Firstly, my partner has just started up a small business and she will need it for emailing and internet surfing and downloading songs (please bear in mind I dont have alot of money to play with) will this laptop be any good for her? Speed and lots of memory is not that important really.

Second, can this laptop burn music and dvds onto a disc?

Thirdly, is this a good price? the laptop is for sale with LITTLEWOODS and I can get a further 10% off.

Please help asap as I need to be ordering in next few days, please remember budget and the need for a half decent mid-range laptop.

Mant thanks for your help in this matter


Answer:Some questions about Satellite A100

Hi Russell,

From your description of the use to which this notebook will be subjected, I would have no concerns that it should work splendidly. You don't say exactly which model of A100 you propse to buy but I believe they all had a DVD-RW optical drive installed so they should all be able to burn CDs and DVDs adequately. As for E-mail and Internet access, the A100 will be quite capable of doing both functions.

The price of £349 is extremely competitive since most models seem to retail at around the £400 mark so with an axtra 10% off I would waste no time in snapping this one up.

By the way, welcome to the forum, it is an excellent source of useful information and help.


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I need help or advice.

I plan to add memory then to intall Windows 7 on my Satellite A100

1. I want to install two DDR2 SO-DIMM of 2 gig. Can you confirm that my A100 will see 2 memory modules of 2 gig (4 gig together)?
2. I think that my computer can work only with windows 7 32 bit, am I right?
3. I found on the site Toshiba drivers for windows 7 32 bit. So in theory it's quite possible.

But has anybody already installed windows 7 on satellitte A100? I 'd like to know results.

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite A100 - Some questions regarding Win 7

> 1. I want to install two DDR2 SO-DIMM of 2 gig. Can you confirm that my A100 will see 2 memory modules of 2 gig (4 gig together)?
This depends on the chipset which is available on the motherboard.
For example; the A100 with an Intel 945PM Express chipset would be able to handle 4GB RAM.

> 2. I think that my computer can work only with windows 7 32 bit, am I right?
No, you can also use 64bit OS\

> 3. I found on the site Toshiba drivers for windows 7 32 bit. So in theory it's quite possible.
You can install Win 7 32bit and 64bit? 32bit and 64bit drivers you will need to search in at your own hand

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Hi friends,

I have a Toshiba Satellite A 100 - PSAANE with Vista Home Basic preinstalled in it.
Now I have some questions.. that I am mentioning below:-

1) If I want to format my laptop, then I need a installation CD for Vista Home basic.. then I didn't get that CD from Toshiba when I bought the laptop. Then how to do it? how can I format it?

2) Can I change my vista home basic to windows XP? I think that is lot faster than this one. is it advisable?

3)I have one GB of RAM in laptop. Can I increase that RAM? I beleive that my laptop has become to slow. is it advisable?

4)And regarding my display, when ever I try to change my display profile to windows classic display, my screen starts flickering. and after some time the display goes off. So I can't change that. I have to put the color scheme to windows vista only. what to do regarding that?

Please help me friends.Thanks in advance.


Answer:Some questions regarding the Satellite A100 PSAANE


Here some questions regarding the number:

1) Usually you should get the Toshiba Vista Recovery DVD. If you didn?t receive such DVD then you can order it here or you could install the Vista from Microsoft disk.

2) Of course you can do this. I think the Win XP drivers can be downloaded from the Toshiba driver page.

3) Yes, you can upgrade the RAM. For details check your user manual or search on this forum for some similar threads

4) Maybe it?s related to the graphic driver. Check if you can update it. Additional I would recommend checking if you are using the latest BIOS


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Hope someone can help with these as I couldn't get any help on the infoline.

What speed is the hard drive on this laptop? It says 160gb SMART, but doesn't specify a speed, although I'm guessing its 5400rpm.

Are the speakers Harmon Kardon? The specs say Toshiba Stereo, and yet on Comet it does say Harmon Kardon. Are these any good bass-wise?
Looks like there's no bluetooth, which I find a bit of a surprise.

Lastly, the only place I can find this for sale is Comet... Just wondering it anyone has seen it anywhere else as I've had a couple of dodgy experiences with them.


Answer:Satellite A100-451 - A few questions about HDD, speakers


I have found info that HDD rotation is 4200rpm. About speakers I am not 100% sure but usually if notebook has harman/kardon speakers it is listed in specification but for A100-451 it is not the case. This info you can get from dealer directly.

BT is not available and this should not surprise you because most A100 models are delivered without BT module. You can anytime use BT USB stick. IT is simply to use and really not expensive.

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I am a complete noob, so please forgive my dumb question!

I would like to replace the HDD from my laptop, is there any combatibilty issues that I should be aware of, or should it just be a case of getting a 2.5" HDD?

Is it easy to buy an external one, and to use the internal drive from the inside the enclosure?

This seems to be the best value way of doing it. Any specific recommendations?

Answer:Satellite Pro A100-830 - HDD upgrade questions

Hi magicmat,

Usually HDD upgrade is not complicated and therefore you have only to remove the HDD cover on bottom side on your notebook to replace the HDD.

Satellite Pro A100 already uses HDDs with SATA interface so you need such an HDD. Furthermore I would recommend a model with 5400rpm because it?s fast enough and doesn?t much power.

So that?s all what you must know about upgrade. Theoretically you can use the old HDD as external one with a external HDD case. Also no problem. :)

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Two questions:

1. What is the product type of my keyboard and which Toshiba laptops have the same?

2. Can I have my extra keyboard buttons working in a Linux system? (Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon)

Answer:Satellite A100-003: Questions about keyboard

1) the satellite A100 was equipped with a keyboard which supports 86 keys; 2 Windows keys and 1 hotkey.
Seems that whole A100 series was equipped with such keyboard

2) I assume you are speaking about the FN keys and Toshiba control buttons.
Well, if you wan to use these buttons you will need an compatible Toshiba driver.
Fact is that Toshiba doesn?t support the Linux and doesn?t provide any drivers for Linux distribution. Therefore you will be not able to use such buttons running Linux.


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I was using Toshiba Satellite A100 PSAARA, now I have some questions:

1. I updated BIOS for my Laptop (new version 6.0 from old version 5.10): everything seems work ok, but after restarting Laptop, it auto login a black screen with these warning ''checksum bad sectors, F1: settings default, F2:...'' ( not remember exactly ).
I pressed F1, my Toshiba reboot and work ok after that, so there is something wrong with that warning?

2. I upgraded RAM to 2GB (1GB + 1GB) with KingMax brand, so the max upgradable RAM I can do on my laptop?

3. That Toshiba Laptop uses onboard or out Video card, I check my Nvidia geforce card properties (in laptop) and I saw this: Memory: 256MB + shared RAM memory: 256MB = 512MB total Memory?
So: can I upgrade my video card and maximum card I can use?

4. I cant set 75Hz for refresh monitor, just can see 65Hz

Thanks for all your help!

Answer:Satellite A100 PSAARA - Questions about RAM, BIOS and VGA

1. Try to load the default settings in BIOS. Then it should work.

2. The Satellite A100 does support 4GB max.

3. No, the graphic card can not be changed. It?s soldered on the mainboard and cannot be exchanged.

4. Do mean the external or internal monitor? The internal monitor and other LCD?s runs best with 60Hz.

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I bought my laptop this week, and in the manual it says that some models in this series have got dual mode pads rather than just a mouse pad. How do I know if my model has it?

Do I have to activate something, or would it just work automatically if it was on my laptop?

Answer:How do I know if Satellite A100-216 has a dual mode pad?

If your touchpad doesn't look like this:

you don't have dual mode pad.

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The left hand special keys doesn?t work. I mean, the keys under the power on button that usually starts the web navigator and works with the DVD.

Another question. The Value Added Package that was installed on my notebook had a utility call Toshiba Fash Cards. When I upgrade to the last version (previosly I had to uninstall it) of that SW it's not installed. How can I get it back?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A100 - questions about left hand keys and Value Added Package


Value Added Package contains several applications:
- Toshiba Components Common Driver
- Toshiba Utilities
- Toshiba PC Diagnostic Tool
- Toshiba Power Saver
- Toshiba Button Support
- Toshiba Zooming Utility
- Toshiba Flash cards

So as you can see the button support is included in this package. I don't know what is wrong on your notebook but when the VAP is installed properly the multimedia buttons and Flash cards should work properly.

Try please again to remove VAP from the system, restart the notebook and install latest offered version. This latest version works well on different notebook models (on my Satellite P200D too) and it must work on your too.

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I search for the newest driver software for my notebook computer. Where can I find these for my model?

Answer:Satellite A100-188: need new drivers


The Satellite A100 is a very new Toshiba notebook and it was delivered with the newest software, tools and drivers. I assume that this unit has newest driver preinstalled but if you want you can visit the Toshiba driver page.

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I just bought an Satellite A100-773. I also bought a new Windows XP home license. Installing Windows works fine. But I can?t find driver for wlan oder grafic card and I didn?t get the driver&utilities CD.
Where can I get this CD???

Thanks a lot!

Answer:Need some drivers for Satellite A100-773

This is old notebook model and I believe you will not be able to get this disc. To be honest you don?t need it.
All drivers for this old notebook model you can find on Toshiba download page
Please use option archive and you will find it.

If you need more help let us know.

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hi sirs.

im looking for download the drivers for my laptop, but they are not in the toshiba download web jet....

i have needed to format and reinstala SO, and now i dont know where can i download it.

anybody could help me?
my mail is "my nick"

thank you very much to all

Answer:Looking for Win XP drivers for Satellite A100-487

>im looking for download the drivers for my laptop, but they are not in the toshiba download web jet....

-Satellite A series
-Satellite A100 PSAA8E
-Win XP

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Well, the topic pretty much said it all, I need to get drivers for my "Satellite Pro A100 psaape" sense I?m going to install windows XP instead of vista. Only problem is that I cant find drivers. I have looked on Toshiba homepage but my partnumber (psaape) does not exist there, only similar numbers. So how can I find the correct drivers?


Answer:Need WXP drivers for Satellite Pro A100


I have checked Toshiba download page and you can find WXP drivers for PSAAP and this is your notebook model.

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Hello, where can I download drivers for my satellite pro A100 (psaa3e) notebook?

Answer:Need drivers for Satellite Pro A100


look on Toshiba's driver download page:


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Please, can u help me with XP drivers for A100 - 411? All i have found is just the videodriver.. no lan, etc etc

I don't want to use Vista anymore on my machine, because it doesn“t work with my router.

Can u give me the links to get the drivers?
The model is: PSAARE - 04P00MGR

Thanks a lot !

Answer:Where to get the XP drivers for Satellite A100-411

Hello Alex

There are no special links. Only place where you can find drivers is official Toshiba download page. If you can not find drivers there you must wait. At the moment Vista drivers are priority and WXP support for new units is definitely not first job that Toshiba must do.

I just recommend you to read other topics on this forum about WXP on new Vista preinstalled notebooks. There you can find many useful info.

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Good Day,

Where can I find the drivers for a Satellite A100-237 Notebook


Answer:Need drivers for Satellite A100-237

Visit and choose your country.
Satellite A100 is old machine so you can find it under option "archive".

Can you find it?

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when i bought it it has insalled windows vista.
for some reason i prefer windows xp. so i formated my notebook, insalled sucesfully the xp os but there are no drivers.

When i asked the seller why my notebook doesen't have driver CDs for it's hardwere he told me that i shouldn't concern about that becouse downloading the drivers from the internet is a peace of cake.

May i have some help here because i thing that i am doing something wrong.
The matter is't that i cant find any driver refering to my Satellite A100-784 in the web.

The matter is that i can't find the product atall...
looking forward for your reply because i need to fix it soon. it's for professional use.

thank's in advance...

Answer:Need XP drivers for Satellite A100-784


The Toshiba driver page offers drivers for the Satellite A100 series and not for single models like A100-784.
The Satellite A100-784 seems to be a part of the PSAANE series.
Therefore you have to look for this number in the driver download form!!!!

However, I checked this Toshiba driver page and found only a sound driver for this unit!
But don?t worry!!!
The different A100 series are mostly delivered with the same hardware devices and the drivers from other A100 notebooks could be compatible and could run on your unit.

Take my advice and try to install single drivers from different Satellite A100 and Equium A100 series. This may help

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I have a satellite A100-036 and i need drivers for Windows XP.
Any suggestions?

Answer:Need WXP drivers for Satellite A100-036


Why you don?t check the different threads asking for the XP drivers on the A100 series.
This forum category contains a lot of such threads!!!

?. My tip: Try the XP drivers from different Satellite A100 and Equium A100 series ;)

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Firstly, hi all dear toshiba family! I came with some questions so please help me:

1. Which A100 series does include A100-599? (ex: PSAAN,PSAA8,PSAA9..)
2. When will XP drivers be available at website for A100-599?


Answer:When XP drivers are available for Satellite A100-599


the A100-599 is a PSAAR series model.
I don't know when the drivers will be at the download page, but try to use the drivers from another A100 series. Most of them should be the same.


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Does anyone know where can I find drivers for Toshiba Satellite A100-528?
There is no drivers for my model on Toshiba website nor on alternative sites that I have checked.

Please help!

Answer:Where to get drivers for Satellite A100-528?!

- Archive
- Satellite
- Satellite A series
- Satellite A100
- Satellite A100 PSAA2E

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When i open the driver page, i saw notebooks of a series below

There is no listed my notebook. My notebook's model is A100-912.

Answer:What drivers do I need for my Satellite A100-912

Hello Murat

Problem is that you can not find your notebook model (Satellite A100-912 (PSAA9E))on Toshiba US download page and only page you should use is Toshiba Europe page under

US notebooks have different model description as European notebooks. I have checked your other postings and I presume you try to find Vista drivers. Am I right?

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I have Satellite A100-237 Model no. PSAA9E-03P02HFK. After instalation of Windows XP, there are few drivers I need to download and instal but I can't find them anywhere. It's:
LAN driver
WLAN driver
Display driver
Please, if you know where to download it send me a link. I already tried to download it from this site, but it will not work.

Answer:Need drivers for Satellite A100-237


All drivers you can find on toshiba download page under

I?ve checked the page and your notebook model is listed in archive.
Can you find it?

For WLAN check

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I need WXP drivers for my Satellite A100-812.
I have searched this site download center but I didn't find the exact model number in its list.
Can anybody help me find them?

Answer:Need WXP drivers for Satellite A100-812


Satellite A100-812 belongs to PSAARE notebook group and this info is very important for drivers searching. Please go to > Support & Downloads and choose Satellite A100 (PSAAR) and you will find 47 WXP drivers.

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Good day ladies and gents, i would appreciate any help you can offer to the prediciment i am in:

I've tried a reinstall on my girlfriend's Toshiba satellite pro A100, model no. PSAAPE- 00H00KEN.

The problem's I?ve come across are the Ethernet controller is saying it is unidentified, and the same goes for the mass storage, PCI device, SM Bus and both the video and VGA video controllers.
So when connecting my LAN cable, it just registers as a 1394 connection, and is of little use to me.

The research I?ve done suggests that this isn't uncommon, and I?ve tried the suggested solutions, but the exact model isn't listed on the Toshiba site.
Also I?m lead to believe that the notebook could be an Asian model?

Any help would be fantastically helpful.


Answer:Satellite Pro A100 - I need some drivers

Hopeful bump :D

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Dear All,

Could someone help me?

I bought my Notebook (Satellite A100, PSAA9) with XP in 2007 April.
Yet I installed the Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit OS (with SP1)

The Vista found a lot of drivers for my notebook, but someone is missing.
For example: Virtual Sound driver.

I am found only for XP.
I am not found for Vista.

Could someone give me a good link, where I can find working drivers for Vista?

Thank you!

Gergely Fehr

Answer:Need some drivers for my Satellite A100

What you mean with working drivers? Nave you installed some "non working" drivers? Which one?

The fact is that the list of tools and utilities for WXP and Vista are not the same because some of them do not exist anymore. That's all.

All WELL WORKING drivers, tools and utilities you can find on Toshiba support page under

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due to virus had to reinstall windows XP. have found most of missing drives on site.

However still cannot get wlan and lan to work. still shows not working in device manager for: *Ethernet controller, Mass storage controller, Network controller, SM Bus controller.*

I am not most adept with PCs so hoping for some easy instructions :P

I did find LAN drivers from here: [|] but if I redirect drive update to folder they are kept, does not recognise the aforementioned controllers (maybe these are not related to LAN?)

I just want to get it all up so it works for internet again as it is my wifes laptop and after nearly two weeks of trying without success she is not best pleased.

Any and all help much appreciated.

Answer:Need some WXP drivers for my Satellite A100

At first tell us please which A100 do you have exactly (A100-xxx).

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Where can i find drivers for Windows XP 64-bit drivers for my laptop, Toshiba Satellite Pro A100 (PSAACE) Series? I was looking on
[this site|], but there are only for 32-bit version of Windows XP.

Thank you

Answer:Need WXP 64-bit drivers for Satellite Pro A100

Yes, you are right? on the Toshiba European driver page you will find only XP and Vista 32bit drivers.
It looks like the Vista 64bit drivers are not released especially for this notebook series.

But don?t give up buddy;
Many notebooks series are equipped with the same devices. SO try some single Vista 64bit drivers from other series which supports the same devices.

Furthermore you can search on some external 3rd party websites for Vista 64bit drivers.
Many chip manufacturers provides the own Vista 64bit drivers for own devices.


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I have just bought a Satellite A100-407, sadly with win vista operating system. As most of my existing software is not working again, I created another partition and installed win xp as the second operating system.

My problem now is that no driver cd's have been attatched to the notebook. The drivers have been installed for vista, but where can I get them for win xp now.

The toshiba support page does not list the A100-407 modell for driver download. It would be great if somebody can help.

Cheers, motorichi

Answer:Satellite A100-407: Need XP drivers


Which model number has your notebook (PSAxxx)?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A100-280, now I've installed windows 7. I lost my driver for my DVD, my driver from the SD card, my driver of the keyboard is ok, that my order the DVD I can not do n ot the recovery CD from Toshiba gebruiken.Ik hope someone can help me with these drivers.

Greetings John

Answer:Satellite A100-280 - Need drivers

Hi John,

To be honest I don?t understand your last words. Maybe you can explain your problem again.

But for the CD/DVD drive you don?t need a driver, it?s a part of OS and also for the keyboard you don?t need a driver.
For the SD card slot and other hardware components like graphic card, etc. you can download all drivers here from the Toshiba page: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

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Hello, i want to install windows XP on my notebook and i need all drivers.


Answer:Need WXP drivers for Satellite A100-02B


Check the Toshiba European driver page.
There you will find different Satellite A100 and Equium A100 series.

Fact is that many units from Satellite A100 and Equium A100 series were delivered with same devices.
Therefore it should be possible to use single drivers from these series.

Check all?.

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I have a Notebook Satellite A100-215 with
Model N?- PSAA9E-02F00VPT
Serial N? - 66063198Q
and I just can't find any drivers in any of Toshiba's sites.
I've tried Toshiba Portugal, where the notebook was bought,
tried also and, and this notebook seems like it's a ghost, because I can't find it anyware.

Tried searching for for serial no and model no, and nothing.
Tried Toshiba's search software and it doesn't recognizes the notebook.

Can anyone tell me how can I find drivers for this gost?

Answer:Cannot find drivers for Satellite A100-215

Drivers for your old notebook you can find on

As ?Product type? choose option ARCHIVE and you will find it.

Good luck.

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I have some problem finding the drivers and installing the drivers in order to get my laptop to work...
It's Satellite A200-1ml

Can someone help?
I can't even manage to install the common modules...

Answer:Satellite A100-1ML - Where to find the XP drivers

If I?m not mistaken the Satellite A200-1ML belongs to the PSAE0 series.
Why you don?t choose this series?

The driver download form you will find on the Toshiba European driver page.
Last but not least you have to update the BIOS to the XP version if you want to use the XP on this Vista notebook!


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I have installed XP on the mentioned notebook, but I still need win-XP-drivers for:

I could not find them despite searching for three hours on the toshiba download page (

thanks a lot for your help!
Martin Trappe

Answer:Need XP drivers for Satellite Pro A100 PSAAPE

Hello Martin

Since few weeks everyday someone ask the same. Can you please check Satellite A area. There you will find many topics about WXP installation on Vista preinstalled notebooks.

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Dear all!

I had an troyan horse program, so I have formated by Portion Magic.
I have installed 2 new Windows (Recovery cd-rom for XP is corrupted) on "C" and "D" , but there are some problems now:

the following things are listed with an "?" in the device manager: 1.

Sm Bus Controller
USB Universal Host Controller
pci device (PCI Bus 7, device 6, function 3)
videocontroller (VGA-compatible)

2. I checked the system by Everest, but it can not recognize that device (marks as [NoDB]).
3. I can not install driver for that devices from Toshiba site....Windows does not see, does not recognize drivers for Ethernet-Controller . Absolutely.
I know that procedure, but that driver could be installed by any way!!!

4. Especially important. I can not connect internet. Connection light is green, connection looks like to be OK, but I can not download any information from internet, I can not open any site!

Satellite A100 (PSAA2), Windows XP. SP1

My situation is partly like
(Technical Spike), but I can not find specific Canada drivers!!(((
Help me, please!

Answer:Need Win XP drivers for Satellite A100 (PSAA2)


Please have a look on the Toshiba Canada website. It?s pretty easy to download all drivers: => Support => Mobile Computing => Drivers and utilities
Then you can search for your model.

I?m a little bit confused because in question 3 you said that you can?t install the Toshiba drivers and at the end you said that you can?t find the Canada drivers?

Please download and install all drivers and then problems are solved because without driver you are not able to go in the internet.


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Please, can u help me with XP drivers for A100 - 784? All i have is just the video & sound driver.. no LAN, no wirelles, no bluetooth etc :(

I don't want to use Vista anymore on this machine.
Can u give me the links to get the drivers?
The model is: PSAANE - 02L011G3

Thanks !

Answer:Satellite A100-784: XP drivers needed

Check simply the drivers from another A100 series!
The notebooks use mostly the same devices and the XP drivers should also works on other A100 units.
The BT driver is always the same! You can download it here:

The others drivers like WLan you could also download from the Wlan card manufacturers.
For example if you use Intel Wlan card download the drivers from Intel site.

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I have a little problem with my Toshiba Satellite A100-795

I can't make my wireless nor my network adapter to work...
I've downloaded all the drivers from the drivers website, but they are not working..
Here is a print screen of the device manager:

Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite A100-795 - Windows Xp drivers

got it working:

If anyone else needs the drivers for both Ethernet Lan and Wireless devices here are the links:

Ethernet Lan: strOSs=&OSFullName=&lang=zho


this are the drivers for Windows XP
Toshiba Satellite A100 795 PSAANE02D00KDU

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Yesterday I formatted my harddrive and reinstalled windows xp on it.
Unfortunately the Lan-drivers hosted on this webpage at the support-center only contain the uninstall-exes... or at least my pc claims that.
Also there is only one exe the zip package contains... when I double-klick it, the install-wizard asks if I really like to uninstall the drivers for all wired network connections.

So where can I get the correct lan-Drivers if not in the drivers-menue?
I own a satellite A100 - 718

P.S. sorry for the bad english, but I don't exactely know all the correct technical terms.

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Answer:Satellite A100 - searching for the LAN drivers

Hey buddy

On the Toshiba European driver page you can find all drivers for Win XP for this notebook model.
You have to search in Archive? you know?

There is a LAN driver version: Intel v8.0.43.0 and Intel v9.2.24
Try both!

By the way; What LAN card status is visible in device manager? Is there an unknown device or ethernet controller marked with an yellow explanation mark?

Check it out!

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Having just recently purchased a Toshiba Sat Pro A100-02Y (PSAAPE) It came with Vista pre installed which I deleted and placed with a copy of XP.

I've downloaded and installed all the drivers for XP but have Ethernet and Mass Storage Controller conflicts and can't seem to find the drivers to correct this.

Can anybody help please.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite Pro A100-02Y (PSAAPE): Need XP drivers for LAN

Well thanks for that, your support was overwhelming. :(

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I've received a "Toshiba Website alert" with the laste drivers. But there are... 15 drivers in the e-mail !
Do I have to download all of them ?
Beacause I've seen that they are not really new... The last modification was in january 2006 and I've bought my laptop in augustus 2006.
So why I've received a "Toshiba Website alert" with old drivers ?

Thank you for your help !

Answer:Satellite A100-253 (PSAA9) -> new drivers ?


I suppose there is some confusion with the date formats (US <-> EU).
It should be 01/12(December)/06 instead of "Date last modified: 12/01/06".

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dear all....

I have a Satellite A100-784 with *Vista Home Basic recovery disc* ....
How can i get all the installed drivers on my laptop? 'coz when i open the drivers folder (in c:\toshiba) i found only the WLAN and the Display drivers!

few years ago i had satellite L20, and there was a CD icon in the toshiba folder in partition c: , when i click on it; i could burn all the drivers on a cd.....

can i found this thing in my A100???

thanx indeed..

Answer:How can i get all the installed drivers on Satellite A100-784


The drivers are a part of the Toshiba image which is stored on the Recovery disk.
So you can use the Toshiba Recovery disk if you want to reinstall the Vista OS together with all Toshiba tools and drivers.

By the way; Single Toshiba drivers are also released on the Toshiba European driver page.


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Hi guys,

I'm faced with a bit of a problem, I recently bought a second hand satellite A100 (laptop and charger only), which came preloaded with Vista home premium. the problem is that I need to run Windows XP on this machine.

So I did what anybody else would do, I formatted the machine, but not knowing that the drive contained the needed drivers. So now I've loaded WXP, installed all the drivers from the support section but now I find myself looking for two drivers:

1) the "biometric coprocessor" and
2) high definition modem audio driver...

Any idea where I can get these?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Need two WXP drivers for my Satellite A100 (PSAAN)


All XP drivers are published on the Toshiba page. But the right installation order is the key!!!
Please choose your notebook from the Toshiba driver download form (PSAAN) and install all available drivers in the right order.
The installation instruction was also published on this site! Follow simply this guide lines!!!

I think the both missing drivers are chipset and modem driver!

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Why isn't drivers for Win XP, toshiba notebook, a series PSAANE A100.

There is only one, and that just for SOUND.
I have this kind of notebook, with vista preinstaled, and it's working very hard.

I search for drivers, I installed them, but I had some problems with them. I took the drivers from others A100 SERIES NOTEBOOKS, from US website, but nothing.
I need some hlep here.

IS there someoane that coul help me???

Answer:Need XP drivers for Satellite A100 PSAANE


Don?t look at the Toshiba US site but on the Toshiba European driver site.
This notebook is definitely designed for the European market and therefore the drivers from the US site could not work as it should.

Check different Satellite A100 and Equium A100 series and check the single drivers.
Unfortunately, this is my best idea and I?m afraid it could be a last :|

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Alright, so I recently had to install windows xp again on my laptop. I've solved most of my driver issues but I can't for the life of me find the drivers I need to re-enable hibernation. To be clear, when I first got this laptop hibernation/standby/etc. were all enabled and now they don't even appear as options, anywhere. I'm assuming I just don't have the proper drivers and need to know where I can find them, but if there's some other reason for my problem I'd really like to know what it is. Thanks!

Answer:Drivers for toshiba satellite a100-ta2

Update your Video/Display driver and hibernation will appear

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Who knows where I can download new BIOS and drivers for x64 Windows in Toshiba Satellite A100-451?

Answer:New drivers for Satellite A100-451 with Windows XP x64?

Maybe you can find something in the eurpean driver page of toshiba, but also you can find something in, searching by the model of your notebook!
Hope u can fix the problem!

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Hi Everybody,

Few days ago I bought A100-683 in the Netherlands, it was the last one, which was used only for demonstration purposes in the Media store.

When I am back to my country, I reinstalled windows XP because it was in Dutch language, then I found that the drivers disc is missing.
Guys Can you help me how to find, or download drivers for this brand of Toshiba?
(Please if you know some links, let me know)

Answer:Satellite A100-683: where can I download drivers


you can download the drivers here:


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Model : PSAA8E - 0YT026
BIOS : 2.10

where can i get the drivers/updates #i never updated them

Answer:Satellite A100-811 - drivers update

All drivers you can find on Toshiba download page -
Your old Satellite A100 is listed in ARCHIVE.

Check it out.

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I have two operating system on my computer
Please... I need all drivers for windows me

Answer:Need drivers for Windows ME for Satellite A100-709


now you?re kidding...Windows ME??? Why do you need Windows ME???

Just install XP or Vista and be happy, but please don?t use such old operating systems. I promise you, there AREN?T ANY DRIVERS available because microsoft stopped the support for this OS since many years.

If you need drivers for XP or Vista you can find it here:

But I suggest you NOT TO think about ME, it?s simply TOO OLD for your machine. Thats just like someone would try to run DOS on a Core2Duo with 2 GB RAM and wonders then why the machine has no performance.


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I reinstall windows XP on my Satellite A100 PSAA9A-0CU004 laptop. I'm missing driver for Video Controller, Biometric Coprocessor and mass storage controller. I tried everywhere but couldn't find it. could someone please help to download drivers.

Thanks in Advance.

Answer:Missing some drivers for my Satellite A100

This thread should answer your question.

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Dear all....

I have a Satellite A100-784 with Vista Home Basic recovery disc can I get all the installed drivers on my laptop 'coz when I open the drivers folder (in c:\toshiba) I found only the WLAN and the Display drivers?

Few years ago I had Satellite L20, and there was a CD icon in the Toshiba folder in partition c: , when I click on it, I could burn all the drivers on a CD.....

Can I found this thing in my A100?

Thanks indeed..

Answer:Can I create drivers CD on my Satellite A100-784?


You cannot compare this two notebook models. Now we have Vista time and many things have changed.
As far as I know under Vista something like this is not possible. On my Vista Satellite P200 is the same. Just several, I presume most important, drivers are saved on HDD.

Anyway, if you need Vista drivers you can find all of them on Toshiba support page under

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I am trying to find all the drivers plus the User manual for the Toshiba Satellite A100 - Model: PSAA5A-01H00T. Unfortunately the one link i found suggesting the European Site no longer longer lists the model either. What would be the best way to get the drivers and manuals?


Answer:Need Drivers/Manual for Satellite A100


I found similar thread on this forum. Please check it here .

If you have more questions please let us know.

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Prompt please!

Where I can download driver for motherboard and USB 2.0 or send on e-mail: [email protected]

For is earlier thanked

Answer:Need drivers for Satellite A100 motherboard


There are several different Satellite A100 notebook models and it can be useful if you can tell us which Satellite A100 you have exactly (A100-xxx, PAxxx).

BTW: Please check

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Hi there.I have problems with my Toshiba.
The model is Satellite A100-011. I have seen the support driver center for my problem and download two of them but the problem is still the same.

Can anybody help me please?

Answer:Need Lan card drivers for Satellite A100-011


What Lan driver do you need??? And what problem do you have???
You unit is a part of the PSAAR series and I found two Intel XP LAN drivers on the Toshiba driver page.

The notebook supports an LAN Intel 82562GZ chip.
You can download the compatible drivers also from the Intel page!

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A friend of mine has this model of laptop (or another name: PSAA8E) and needs to reinstall the Operating System. The problem is that she does not have the drivers and I cannot them anywhere.
Either I search on the EU or the US Toshiba site, there aren't any A100 drivers, only A300or higher.

And on there are 7 models of A100 but none of them is "121" or "PSAA8E".
I don't know if any of those drivers are compatible or where to find compatible drivers.

I still hope toshiba has kept somewhere drivers for older laptop models.
The laptop was bought a few years ago from Spain.

Answer:Re: Cannot find drivers for Satellite A100-121

I?m really wondering you cannot find drivers on Toshiba download page

I mean if there you can find drivers for A300 or higher it is logic that old models may be listed in Archive, right.
So please visit download page again and check archive.
It can be chosen in ?Product type?.

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Hey, I'm re-installing windows xp for the second time on my laptop now as the first time i did it without consulting help and it resulted in not everything working and i got a bit too much of things i didnt actually have.

I would like to know what drivers exactly i need to get it working. I don't know what exactly i missed out on last time all i know is that internet wouldn't work on it.

Any help is very much appreciated because i've been trying to get this thing going for a while now and i would really like for it to work.

Best regards and thanks in advance, Maxime Maison

Answer:Need XP drivers for Satellite A100-230 PSAA9

I cannot say what you need but I can provide and proposal what you have to do! ;)

You have to access the Toshiba European driver page;

Then you have to select you notebook series. Then select the all drivers and QFEs and download it. Then check the installation instruction and install everything like mentioned in this txt file!

That?s all :)

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I have a Satellite A100-233.
Where can i get Vista drivers? I need to get the product number for it.

Answer:Need Vista drivers for Satellite A100-233


Why you don?t check the bottom of the unit?!
All numbers are placed on the label at the bottom. This is a normal case!

I think you will find a PSAA8E number.
I checked the Toshiba form and the A100 PSAA8E notebook series is definitely listed.
So what?s problem ???

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I have been given a SatPro A100 and I have Windows XP installed and most drivers are installed and working but there is four question marks in the device manager.
Can anyone help.

Ethernet Controller
Network Controller
Unknown Device
USB Device

Can anyone tell me which drivers to use and where to find them?

Answer:Satellite A100 and WXP - some drivers are missing


Please don't understand me wrong but I am really wondering how you want to install WXP properly on your Sat Pro A100.
Last question confuses me completely. I thought you got all drivers from Toshiba support and download page or maybe I have misunderstood something.

Anyway, your notebook is fully supported for WXP operating system and all necessary drivers, tools and utilities you can find on > Support & Download
Choose your notebook model and operating system and you will have all this stuff ready for download.
One tip for you: if I am remembering well Toshiba offers also ?Installations Instructions? document with exact installations order.
So please download and check this list and install all stuff following this order.

I presume you are missing chipset driver, LAN driver, WLAN driver and obviously more than that but I don't know which unknown device is listed there. Can you send device ID please?

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Can any one help need drivers for my laptop?
I cant find them. I don't have disc is there any way off downloading them please.

Can any one help?
Thank you

Answer:Need drivers for Satellite Pro A100 (PSAAPE)

Have you checked the Toshiba Website?

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Hi all,

After a long research of WXP drivers for the satellite A100-600 (PSAAR)

We found this drivers working well for this laptop.

Sound: use the Toshiba driver available on download page
Chipset: Intel 945MP driver - infinst_autol.exe
Reseau LAN: PRO2KXP.exe (Intel)
Reseau WiFi: V11.1.0.0_XP_DRIVERS.ZIP (Intel)
Display driver: 93.71_forceware_winxp2k_international_whql.exe (NVIDIA) +
to change the "nv4_disp.inf" in NVIDIA driver directory

Mass storage: sp33416.exe (Texas instrument) - This package contains the driver for the Texas Instruments PCI (TI-PCI) 6x12/7x12 Cardbus (Media Card Reader
Internal modem: (on Toshiba support page)

And First Use Everest software to get information of our hardware laptop, if u do not own a A100-600 PSAAR!!!

Hope this help



Answer:WXP drivers for Satellite A100-600 PSAAR

Hello Toto

Many thanks for your posting. If you have more info please post again because everyday someone post the same question. If you have time please post your description under

Thanks again!

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Had to reformat my daughters laptop (A100-259 PSAA2) due to virus issues and am in the process of rebuilding it. Almost there but can't seem to get the wireless bit to work. Nothing appears in the system tray even when it's switched on (little switch on the right has the light on). I assume because i've reinstalled XP that i need to reinstall the wireless drivers but i can't seem to find them on the toshiba web site ( It only shows the Atheros management utility.

Any advice would be greatly appreciate especially as i'm pretty new to this kind of stuff and she has lost the manual that came with the laptop.

many thanks

Answer:Need wireless drivers for Satellite A100-259


I don?t know why no WLAN drivers are available for this A100 model and Windows XP but you can search for an other A100 model (for example Satellite A100 PSAA8).

Then you will find an Atheros WLAN driver for Windows XP and it should also work.


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i may be stupid but i need help..
On the toshiba site I didn't find any xp drivers for this model. I just bought a Satellite A100-599 and it has Vista on it, after using Vista for some time i realized that i need to get back to XP, and since the notebook comes without xp drivers i had to search the driver database only that when i press on my model it says "sorry but this model is not available for for region".

I even tried to change it but i still get the same problem. OK after that i tried to use that stupid driver search engine that it doesn't have a working filter. Insted of showing me only the driver for my model i shows me all the drivers for all the models.

If anyone knows where i can find xp drivers for this model pls gime a reply. Thanks

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Answer:Satellite A100-599 Vista -> now I need XP drivers

A funny thing happens here since i posted this topic i see that i am not the only one that has this problem, but i am amazed to the "professionalism" this europe toshiba site is made :D. I am checking every day to see if the XP drivers for my model are available but instead while using the search engine for drivers i see an interesting thing : my model is a satellite a-100-599 PSAARE, but in the search engine under List of your own Toshiba machines: 3 days ago there was my model, 2 days ago there was an A-100 psaann or something like that and now ......surprise ...i see Equium 3000 M and i checked my computer in profile and it is the same :D.

The only site that should give us support and answers to our problems is a work in progress.

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I hear the new ATI drivers are finally out with good OpenGL support for Vista. But again I can only find the NVIDIA drivers on my notebooks driver page. The thing was where before ATI did offer them for consumers they now stopped with it again and point to Toshiba. Toshiba does not put them online and neither does ATI.

Any Ideas how I can also benefit from the new 7.4 drivers or at least ones with good OpenGL support so I can finally use this Notebook where I bought it for (Graphical Work for my studies we use a lot of OpenGL).

I just hope that Toshiba allows ATI to include their Notebooks in ATI's reference drivers for mobility.

Well I asked ATI about it and they say I should mail/msg/pressure/etc you to suport my hardware or atleast let it be suported by Catalyst Mobility. Which means you can just then get thier refference drivers. Which I think would be fair since at the moment I can only get the drivers for the Nvidia version of this Notebook.

Answer:Question about ATI Drivers for Satellite A100-683

Yes, you are right? the ATI display drivers for Vista are not placed on the Toshiba driver page.
Let?s hope Toshiba guys will publish these drivers in the next time?


Everything is available on the page :D

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I need to change the hard disk from my computer, I don't have any problem to install windows XP, but can't found the specific drivers of this model into the support page. Can help me to know where I can download this drivers or if exist any compatible model to take that drivers?

Satellite A100 SP2022 PSAA5U 02G00G

Thaks in advance

Answer:Satellite A100-SP2022 - Where can I get the drivers?

Can you please tell me where you bought this notebook? What is the country of purchase?
I Googled a little bit but I cannot find out on which Toshiba support site is this notebook listed.

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Toshiba satellite A100-192 . Model no . PSAA9E-01Y01QAR



Ethernet Controller
Mass storage controller
Network controller
sm bus controller
video controller (VGA compatible)

Thease drivers please some one help me i searchd in thoshiba website but there no difference after installting them Any one help me out ?

Answer:Satellite A100-192 PSAA9E: Need drivers for Win XP


All drivers are placed on the Toshiba European driver page.
Choose the Satellite A100 PSAA9E and download the necessary drivers.

Ethernet Controller means WLan driver
Network controller means LAN driver
video controller (VGA compatible) means display driver
sm bus controller means Flash Media Driver from Texas Instruments (it?s for SD card reader)

The newest WLan drivers can be downloaded from here as well:

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I had problems with my drivers and 3d card before.

I got a Satellite A100 (psaa9c) and I reinstalled my windows. I put new drivers after reinstalling but I get the same problem... when I play games the pc shuts down.
I put drivers for A100 psaa9e... there are no drivers for psaa9c on this support site.

Are these drivers working perfectly for my 3d card or is there somewhere where I can get specific drivers for psaa9c.
I also got a fan under my lappy yet it still crashes.
Is my 3d card on its last leg?

Could there be other problems I am not seeing? Is it driver problem? My friend changed the contact gell between chips and fans and heatsinks etc. and he assured me he did a good job.
Any suggestions? Advice?

Answer:Re: Satellite A100 and 3D card drivers

> I put drivers for A100 psaa9e....
> ....there are no drivers for psaa9c
> there somewhere where I can get specific drivers for psaa9cWhat now? You cannot find drivers for this notebook model but you have installed drivers for it??? ?:|
Where you bought your notebook? Which country?

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Satellite A100-1201E - PSAAKL-00E002

OK everybody. Here is the information EVERYBODY has been looking for.

*The ONLY country with xp support for this computer is AMERICA. But it is easy.*

*#1 video drivers. go to ATI's website:*
* on the right side top, is the cownloads and drivers section, click on "CATALYST" below the ATI logo.*
* next click on integrated/motherboard drivers. then select the apropriate driver for your OS,*
* ie w7,/vista/xp, and the version you are running, ie 64/32 bit.*

*This is the correct video driver !*

*#2 sound drivers go to realtek's site:
in the right hand box marked QUICK LINKS,*
{color}[Audio Codec Driver| 4&Conn=3&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false] * click on the "i accept" in the center column, and choose the appropriate driver for your system!*

*all the other drivers are available at the toshiba usa website at: in the 3rd column go*
*to: Consumer Services & Support, and click on laptop computers. this brings you to the main support section.*
*on the top horizontal bar, click on download, and select laptop, then SATELLITE, then A100-ST1041*.

*#3, the Atheros wireless adapter, THE HARD ONE, it took me hours of talking with tech staff at atheros to f... Read more

Answer:Re: How to get WXP drivers for Satellite A100-1201E

Hello Geoff

Thanks for this useful posting but I don't know what you mean with:
*?The ONLY country with xp support for this computer is AMERICA.?*

How to understand America? Do you mean US, North America or South America?
I have checked Toshiba US support page and Satellite A100-1201E is not listed there. It is definitely no US notebook model.
So please be so nice and post the link where we can find Toshiba WXP drivers for this notebook model.

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I Need Windows 7 Driver for Satellite A100 773

A) Display !!!
B) Sound ??
C) WiFI !!

Answer:Need Windows 7 drivers for Satellite A100-773


Win 7 is not on the market! Just only a Beta version (RC). Therefore you will not find any drivers released espacialy for Win 7
But if you need some drivers then try the Vista drivers.
Many users reported that in many cases the Vista drivers worked with Win 7 OS


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I have found the driver for sound but it will not work. I have found the driver on Toshibas website but it doesn't work.

And I need the driver to PCI and Mass storage controller. Sorry I'm from denmark and don't know how you spell that on english

Help me please


Answer:Satellite Pro A100-PSAAPE: Need XP Drivers


Your sound does not work because you have not installed the necessary XP fixes!!

You need to install the Microsoft patches: *KB835221 & KB888111*
These patches must be installed _BEFORE_ Realtek sound driver installation!!!

The other drivers you will not find on the Toshiba driver page or elsewhere because the hardware is only supported by Vista and therefore the XP drivers don?t exists.


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Hey there. Just bought an Toshiba Satellite A100-507 but only got a xp recovery cd - NO drivers. NO drivers on the toshiba driver support page, too. PLEASE HELP!

2nd question: does anybody know if the guys from toshiba read this forum?

THX from Austria!

Answer:NO DRIVERS FOR Satellite A100-507 online

Hi Markus,

Your recovery CD should include all of the necessary drivers for your notebook but they will not be available for individual selection because the recovery CD usually only contains a 'ghost' image of the system.

They only time you would need to download the individual drivers is if you install your system from genuine Microsoft installation CDs which obviously would not include the Toshiba specific drivers.


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HI. I am looking for winxp drivers for my satellite a100-062 that i recently purchases. It has a preinstalled windows vista which i hate.
Any idea where i can download them from? Or is there any model similar to it which has winxp drivers? Thanks.

Answer:Satellite A100-062: Win XP drivers needed

Please check this thread:

It?s about the same theme.

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Can anybody help in finding out Windows XP drivers for Satellite A100-784 laptop?

Answer:Windows XP Pro drivers for Satellite A100-784

Hi buddy,

did you looked already here:

this is the Canadian Toshiba site for driver downloads. To identify which exact type you have, just look at the big silver label at the bottom of your machine and you will get the correct type.

I hope I could help you


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Excuse my bad English,

I recently formatted my notebook, and impossible to find some drivers for Satellite Pro A100 PSAAAE. I am looking particularly Power Saver, Common modules, Touch pad ...

I have a recoverring dvd but it does not work (CRC error during extraction). The drivers on the website Toshiba for other versions of A100 don't seem working. Can i find its somewhere else or should i contact the Support to post me a new recover dvd ?


Answer:Satellite Pro A100 PSAAAE - Need drivers


I assume you are looking for the XP drivers? Is it right?

Unfortunately, there XP drivers like Power Saver, Common modules, Touch pad were not released for the Satellite Pro A100 PSAAAE series.

Maybe some single drivers for other notebook like Equium Pro A100, Equium A100, Satellite A100 would be compatible? just test.. Maybe you are a lucky guy and some drivers would run!

Good luck

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I need all drivers Windows XP for Satellite A100-786. I like to use Windows Xp on my new notebook but I have not drivers. Please help me!

Answer:I need all drivers Windows XP for Satellite A100-786

Look at the bottom of your notebook for PSAAxxxx letters. If it is PSAANE, then the drivers are for PSAA8xx model, like for model PSAARE there are PSAA9xx... Try it out, it works for me. It has the same arhitecture.

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I've just purchased a Satellite A100-599. It comes bundled with Vista, but I wanted to switch back to XP. I have not found any place where Toshiba offers drivers for the PSAARE part number, even less so for A100-599.

Has anyone had the same problem?
The closest match I could find so far is on the Canadian website for Toshiba where there are a few PSAARC drivers.

Hopefully C stands for Canada and E for Europe, otherwise
I'm screwed.

Answer:Satellite A100-599 PSAARE -> Need XP drivers

Hello Alex

There are no special links. Only place where you can find drivers is official Toshiba download page. If you can not find drivers there you must wait. At the moment Vista drivers are priority and WXP support for new units is definitely not first job that Toshiba must do. Please do not see this as a problem. You have newest notebook with latest OS available on the market.

I just recommend you to read other topics on this forum about WXP on new Vista preinstalled notebooks. There you can find much useful info.

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I've had to re-install Windows XP on my laptop. I don't have the Toshiba drivers CD though.

So I came here to get the drivers but I've no idea which driver goes with which hardware in my Device Manager.

Here's what I need the drivers for under Device Manager...

Ethernet Controller
Mass Storage Controller
Network Controller
PCI Device
PCI Device (again)
SM Bus Controller

Can anyone advise which specific driver I need for each?

Many thanks,

Answer:Need WXP drivers for Satellite A100 (PSAA9)

Hello James

Let?s do it simply.
After clean OS installation you must install all necessary drivers and Toshiba tools and utilities. All this stuff must be installed in specific installations order and not following your list in your posting.

What you should do is to visit Toshiba support page and search for all available drivers.
All this stuff you can find on > Support & Downloads
Choose your notebook model and you will find it.

At first download file called ?Installations instructions? and follow the installations order.
That?s all!

If you have more questions let me know.

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I have the tool "EASEUS Partition manager", and when I start this tool, I have an error message "Easeus partion manager has detected an error on disk 1" "the starting LBA value xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx of partition is not valid". The help of the tool says:
Changing the BIOS LBA mode setting

Caution: Never change the LBA mode in your system BIOS once data is present on any hard disk. Changing this setting may cause data corruption and loss.
Most modern system BIOS designs support LBA or Logical Block Addressing. The LBA mode setting, no matter enabled on your system or not, determines how your computer translates logical cylinder-head-sector (CHS) addresses. If you change this setting, the resulting shift in CHS values may corrupt all the files and partitions on your hard disk(s).

If you must change the LBA mode setting in your system BIOS, first back up all data on your hard disk(s). Contact the BIOS and/or disk manufacturer's technical support departments to ensure that understand how to proceed safely.
Someone may help me?

thank you very much

Answer:BIOS LBA mode setting - Satellite A100-011 PSAARE


The LBA can be enabled in the registry of the Windows XP operating system!!!
The Microsoft has published the support document and the guide line;

The LBA allows a computer to address a HDD larger than 528 megabytes.
The Logical block addressing is one of the defining features of enhanced IDE a HDD interface.

If you want you can read some details here:
Logical Block Addressing (LBA) Defined

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Hi, my laptop is Satellite A100 PSAA9 and the southbridge is an ICH7M
I put an SSD in my laptop and the disk controller is locked in IDE compatible mode -> Ultra DMA 6.
I would like to switch to SATA-1 Native to increase bandwidth (from 110 MB/s to 150) but I can't find any setting for that in the lastest 6.00 BIOS

I beleive may be in the past, Toshiba had enable that function but I guess they might have disabled it for newbies who doesn't know how to install SATA drivers while installing Windows.

I found Toshiba archive BIOS database but it's locked by a password.
I'm ready to test any BIOS which could re-enable SATA native mode

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Answer:Satellite A100 : How to enable NATIVE SATA mode


You need native SATA controller?

The notebook has been equipped with an SATA controller? it supports the Serial ATA Rev. 1.0a interface.

Some notebook models support an BIOS which contains an SATA mode option.
Such option can be changed to AHCI or to compatible mode.

But as far as I know A100 BIOS does not contains such settings?

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I went to turn my Satellite A100 on this morning and it started up stuck on the stretched screen that you get when you toggle Fn and F5.
I have tried toggling it, and it will only toggle between a black screen and the stretched screen. Restarting doesn't help either. I haven't touched any settings, so I have no idea what's going on. Any help would be greatly appreciated (it's starting to give me a headache, haha).


Answer:Satellite A100 - Stuck on widescreen toggle mode

Try setting the resolution in the Display Adapter's Control Panel.

For example, if you have an ATI graphics chip, use the ATI Control Panel to set the resolution, rather than using the generic Windows Display Properties.

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My computer is an A100-201 and its stuck in hibernate. I've read the advice others have written but i can't get it back to normal. It was low on power so switched on to hibernate / hibernation. pressing the power key dosen't work I need help. Please

Answer:Satellite A100-201 stuck after wakeup from hibernation mode

Still in hibernation mode?
Have you tried to keep the Power-button pressed for 5 seconds?


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Hey all

I have just reinstalled XP home on to the satellite A100-215 (PSAA9E-02F00VPT) and am having some real difficulty getting the LAN, VGA and wireless drivers installed.
Everything else works but for some reason these drivers do not do what they are supposed to and I am left in a bit of a lurch?

Has anybody heard of these drivers being bad before, if so is there a solution out there?

Really need some help now as have been on this for a good few hours now and have not got anywhere fast?

Thanks in advance


Answer:Need help with drivers installation on Satellite A100-215 PSAA9E

Can you give an exact describtion of the problem with those drivers?
So first you could try to download the drivers again from the Toshiba download page here:

And make sure all windows updates are installed. For some devices SP2 is important to be installed.

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Today, I saw that PSAAR model drivers are available for Vista (and others?)

Can I choose "others" option for WXP or should I wait for a short time to be sure?

Answer:Satellite A100 (PSAAR) Can I use XP drivers from another series?


Of course you can test the XP drivers from another A100 series.
Many different notebooks series uses the same devices and single drivers should be compatible and should run on other A100 units?

But why you open new threads. You have already posted about this theme two times.

Follow-up the other threads about the same theme and DON?T open new.

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I have recently bought a satellite A100-332 notebook but I can not find any information about it on Toshiba web sites or in search engines. Could anybody help me please, all suggestions welcome.

Answer:Need detail info and drivers for Satellite A100-332

Flip the notebook over and on the toshiba label there should be a name something like this TSA100-332(PSAA2) or PSAA4 etc. Here is the link.

From here choose Notebook --> Satellite --> Series A --> then choose your model of A100 using the numbers from the underside of the notebook, as this computer has 4 or 5 different choices here on the website. From there choose Windows XP and then search. You are ready to go, and this will list all drivers for your computer. Hope this helps.

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This is my first post since i got Toshiba Satellite A100-313 (PSAA9E) yesterday. It had windows media edition in german language. Since i can't understand german i installed WinXP pro with SP2. With laptop i got toshiba recovery cd but it doesn't help (with drivers). So i was browsing web and find chipset drivers on intel's page version 8.1. I installed it but many of components aren't working (wireless, sound, bluetooh and VGA card.) I can't find right drivers. I have GeForce7600, but when i try to install nvidia's driver it says: The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. So i went on this page: nes&action=search&teddProduct=624

Well, there are no nvidia drivers, so please please help me.

Answer:Problems finding drivers for Satellite A100-313

Well... hmmm you search for a windows 2000 driver...
I search for the right one and found it here

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Recently I bought this Notebook, and I tried to install windows 2003 server on it, obviously the CD comes with the Notebook does not have the drivers , therefore I tried to download the driver from the link below :

But I found the option for Setellite A100 (PASAAN),mine is Setellite A100 (PASAANE), with "E" at end! Any idea ?


Answer:Need Win 2003 server drivers for my Satellite A100-785


Don?t worry!
This is the same series: the Satellite PASAAN or Satellite A100 PASAANE.
Only the E is missing.

Regarding you Win 2003 server drivers;
The Toshiba does not provide drivers especially for the Win 2003 server OS.
But this operating system is based on the Windows XP.

So try to download and install the XP drivers. These drivers should be compatible


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Hello everybody/Toshiba driver support,

Can i ask something, what is this ? Toshiba advises Windows Vista but comes with no drivers ?
Maby this is a double post but when do all the drivers come out ?

Well first i thought ok Vista is new lets wait a couple of months we are in the 2nd month of the release of Vista but still no result...

I hope the drivers come fast cause i hate to look at a screen with max light it is bad for your eyes :P...


Answer:Vista Drivers for Satellite A100-PSAA9


Do you want to have THIS or have I misunderstood something?

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I'm looking for drivers for an A100 psaa5a-01h00t.
When i type it into it refreshes the page but then nothing displays.

If i look for it manually in the drop down menus i can't find any A100 series laptops.

Where can i find the driver for this model?

Answer:Can't find drivers for Satellite A100 (PSAA5A)

As I can see you have Australian notebook model. I?ve checked Au support and download page and there is no support (not listed) older notebook models like your A100.

Which operating system do you use? I ask this because you can find drivers on European support page. It is just important to find model with identical or similar hardware platform.
You can check this on under ARCHIVE.

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i can`t find any drivers or downloads for this tipe of laptop !

Answer:Cannot find drivers for Satellite A100-SK8 or (PSAA800C)

Model number and model name are a little bit strange.
Can you please check Toshiba label at the bottom and send model name, model number and serial number again?

By the way: where you have bought this notebook (country)?

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I've used the recovery disks for the A100-285 but it is now missing the VGA, Sound and other drivers that were fine before. any suggestions?

Answer:Drivers are failing after recovering Satellite A100-285

Hi mate,

commonly the drivers are already included in the recovery disk, so there shouldn?t be a problem.

Just a few questions:
- is it the ORIGINAL recovery for THIS machine??
- is the "recovery" maybe not a original Windows XP/Vista CD and you think it?s a recovery?
- could it be that the recovery is damaged or something?
- did you something after the installation like installing or removing drivers/applications/tools/etc ???

Would be nice to hear from you. ;)


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I recently bought an a100-819 toshiba notebook.
I comes with Pre-installed Windows Vista home premium.
But i like to install XP Pro on it. So thats what i did.

But finding the right drivers is terrible. Who can help me to find the correct drivers i need to install so my notebook wil work corretly with XP.

I already found some drivers but i can't find the driver which ables you to use the "FN" button and i got an yellow ? mark on the following devices: "ethernet-controller" and "modem device on high definition audio bus".

thanks in advance.

Answer:Need single Windows XP drivers on Satellite A100-819

>?But finding the right drivers is terrible?
I don?t agree with you. All XP drivers for this notebook are published on the Toshiba driver page. Maybe you are unable to find and to install it.

It?s very important that you will choose the right notebook series.
It seems the Sat A100-819 belongs to the PSAAR series. You have to choose this number from the driver download form!!!

I checked this and fond a installation instruction! This document provides information about the right driver installation order.
Please download all drivers mentioned in this txt file and follow the installation steps.


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Hi, If someone can help me, many tanks!!!

I want to have drivers for my new Satellite A100-110 (A100-PSAA9N) but for 64 bits operating systems!!!

In Toshiba support there are drivers for 32bits versions, but there aren't drivers for windows Vista version 64 bits and neither for Windows XP x64 Edition. I can't find it!!!
Mainly I want video drivers for my nVidia GeForce Go 7300 but for 64 bits operating systems!!! (Neither in nVidia support!!)

Many Thanks!!

Answer:Need drivers for Satellite A100-110 (PSAA9N) for 64bit OS?

64 bit drivers are not available and because of that you can not find them. At the moment nobody can say for sure when the drivers will be available. :(

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