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No sound on Satellite A200-1JO

Question: No sound on Satellite A200-1JO

My notebook came with Windows Vista on and because I need specific programs to work with, which are not compatible with Vista yet, I needed to downgrade the operating system to Windows XP Pro with SP2.

After a long day trying to install in because of the problem with the drivers of the hard disks I finally made it but there is no sound..
I downloaded all the drivers from the Toshiba site, all the hotfixes for Windows (including UAA and Realtec High Audio Definition Drivers), but still I get a Code 10 error which informs me that The device cannot start.
I've got quite tired and confused trying to solve this problem, so I need all the help I can get..

Relevance 100%
Preferred Solution: No sound on Satellite A200-1JO

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: No sound on Satellite A200-1JO

First of all I?ve got one question;
Did you update the BIOS to the XP version?
From my knowledge the BIOS must be updated on Sat A200 series if you want to use the XP OS.

Furthermore the both hotfixes KB888111 and KB835221 must be installed before sound driver installation!!
Then reboot the notebook and try to reinstall the sound driver again

Good luck

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Im trying to set up my Laptop through the TV so I can watch videos through my TV, I've got the display part alright using an S-Video cable but I don't know how to get the sound through the TV/Surround Sound System.

Can anyone give me a guide or help to doing this?


Merrry christmas and a happy new year

Answer:Satellite A200 - how to get sound on TV?

Very interesting thread about similar problem you can find under

Check what Miro wrote and what he uses to get audio and video signal transfer to external devices.
If you still have questions please let us know.

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I downgraded from Vista to XP and after that I have no sound, I installed sound drivers from official Toshiba driver's site and still nothing. Also tried this one:,739,1.html.

Anyone have some sollution to this problem?

Answer:Satellite Pro A200-1MI - no sound under WXP

I have exactly the same problem. Recently purchased a Sat Pro A200 PSAE7 and decided to Downgrade from Vista to XP Pro and now have no sound and no Wireless Lan. Have downloaded drivers from Tosh Site but still not working. Have searched everywhere. Starting to do my head in now.

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Hi all,

please I need help with my laptop. For some weeks now I have been having problems with the sound on my computer.
When I play music or anything with sound, it works but no sound comes out of my computer.

I?ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling my sound card but I still no sound is coming out.

Answer:Re: No sound on my Satellite A200-1VG

Have you checked all sound settings?
Do you have same problem with headset?

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My problem is that i need a sound driver for my Satellite A200 laptop (it seems the one i have doesn't work properly, i can listen to a track only one time, after that-no sounds at all.

How can i get sound driver for my laptop?

Best regards,

Answer:Satellite A200: Need sound driver


I don?t know what Sat A200 notebook model do you have exactly but as far as I know A200 models supports an Realtek sound chip.

Therefore you can get a newest Realtek HD audio driver from the Realtek page.


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The headphone do not mute the speakers when are connected to (Satellite A200-14 D). No sound in headphones.
Could you please help me?


Answer:Satellite A200 - no sound using headphone

try to reinstall the driver or update it!

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I got a toshiba Satellite A200-22C with Realtek HD with driver, DirectX 9.0c and codec ALC268.
I have nice sound in my speakers, but when I conect my headphones, the sound does not go through them.
The headphones work OK in other PCs.

Can you help me?

Answer:No sound in my headphones on Satellite A200-22C


What OS are you using or what do you have installed?

Do you still use the Vista?
If yes, access the control panel and go to the Realtek HD audio Manager.

The first tab ?Speakers? provides a option on the right. There you should see a ?yellow folder?.
Please click on it and check if the option was NOT marked.

Then connect the headphones. Please ensure that you are using the right jack!!
After the headphone was connected the green jack should highlights.

This means that your headphones were recognized properly.

Please check this!

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After installing windows XP upgrade SP3 no sound!

I have alerdy installed realtek high definition audio.
In device manager yellow "?" mark is on Audio device on high definition audio bus, PCI-controller memory and multimedia controller.

Can somebody help with this issue ? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A200 (PSAE6E) no sound with XP SP3

SP# may have a compatibility problem with the original Sound Driver.

Have you tried updating the Sound Driver? Have a look on the Toshiba website in the support/downloads section.

If the driver version on the Drivers Website is identical to the driver currently installed, you may be able to use a Sound Driver from a newer model that also uses a Realtek Sound Device.

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Hi All

I lost the sound of my Satellite A200-27R Laptop. I checked with a computer engineer.
He confirm me the problem is from the hardware and it probably from the chipset.

So how such a problem might occur just three months after I bought?
Now he told me to buy new chipset and change the former.

So can I get any help?
Please send me if possible your help through my e-mail address [email protected] I live in East Africa Ethiopia.

Thank you in advance for all your co-operation.

Answer:Lost sound on Satellite A200-27R

Try this:

1) Reset the BIOS to its default settings
2) Update the BIOS to the latest version
3) Look in Device Manager for problems with the Sound Driver, is the Sound Device visible?
4) Backup your data and run Recovery (hold down 0 [Zero] during power-on)

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I have Satellite A200. When I start my notebook the crackling sound comes from the hard disc.
Does anyone know something about this?


Answer:Satellite A200 - crackling sound comes from the HDD

In my opinion it?s nothing wrong with your HDD.
My HDD clicks everytime while accessing any data on the notebook and everything run ok since 3 years.

But this doesn?t mean that there is no hardware problem with your HDD. Generally it?s not easy to say when an HDD wound starts to malfunction. My first HDD died after 6 years of usage. But the other HDD died after 1.5 years. This damage was covered by warranty.

Finally I would recommend backup your data always on an external HDD to prevent the data from damage.


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I have a brand new A200-1M5 a bought it 10 days ago and 4days ago a started to hear wierd sound from the fan or cpu or may be hhd i don't know!!!

When windows stars i get continuos fan power. I mean like vooom, sound with air coming out.
Or not this sound but every while a voooom sound from the fan 1 sec and disappear 1-2min another sound!!

I also one wanted to turn on the pc it won't turn on!!!
There is light on the AC lamp but not on the battery!
I then took the battery off then put it in its place again and the pc started normally!!

Help me

p.c. my ram is 2mb

Answer:Satellite A200-1M5: Strange sound from FAN, COU or HDD

Hello Cezar

Issue as described you should clarify with your local dealer or Toshiba service directly. I have Satellite A200 too and my notebook is pretty quiet and described issue is not normal for me.

Sorry but to say for sure if there is something strange or not I should have the notebook in front of me. Second issue with battery is also strange and it is definitely the second reason for contacting ASP.

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Hi Guys,

Was wondering if ye could offer me any advice, The sound is not working on my laptop. I have tried updating the driver, but no luck. I've done all the simple things like checking volume, basic settings etc etc, and I've tried to do a system restore, but the only restore point is from yesterday, (which I think may be another problem, but anyway) that's after the problem started, so it's no good.

Thanks for your help,


Answer:Sound is not working on my Satellite A200

What is the Model Number of your A200?

Do you have the preinstalled operating system installed or did you install a generic/different OS?

Do you see the sound card in Device Manager?

Do headphones work?

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I have a problem.
I have a Satellite A200-1c0.
The original OS is Win Vista but i change it whit Win XP profesional.

I have installed all the driver but it dosn't recognize my sound system.

It's telling me that i have no hardware installed.

What can i do?

Answer:Satellite A200-1C0 - No sound after XP installation

Hi dude

Did you already search here in the forum?
I presume you didn?t!

This forum is a really large database and contains many threads about the same themes.

SO your issue was discussed 10 000 times here.

Check this one:


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Hey everybody,

I have Win XP installed on my Satellite Pro A200.
When I plug in the hdmi cable the video goes through to the tv but the sound still plays on laptop speakers.

I have tried changing the output of the sound to all the possible options but it just doesn't seem to work.

Any ideas?

Answer:No sound through HDMI on Satellite Pro A200


I had the same problem with my A300-1MC, I followed the suggestions on the Toshiba Knowledge base and that problem got resolved, why not give it a go?

Good luck


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Hi, i need the sound drivers for windows XP.
I have searched in the web page of toshiba but the sound drivers don't work. After install this drivers appear this message when i open a sound:
" Controlador de DirectSound incorrecto. Instale los controladores correctos o seleccione otro dispositivo en la configuracion. Codigo de error: 88780078"

Please, I need the REAL drivers for XP ...

Also i would like download the DVD for recovery XP on Satellite Pro, thanks.

Answer:Need Windows XP sound driver for Satellite Pro A200

First of all it?s important to know which model you exactly have -> PSAE1, PSAE4 or PSAE7

After that I would perhaps give you some hint if you downloaded the wrong driver or if drivers are actually available for your machine type.

Regarding the Recovery DVD: It?s not available for download because Toshiba does not serve these images on some servers or wherever.
If you want a Recovery media, please contact an authorized service partner and ask them for a recovery DVD/CD.


P.S.: Would appreciate some feedback from your side, maybe we can solve your problem.


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I have a problem with sound, actually it disappeared suddenly and I dont know why. It was working correctly, and i put headphones in my notebook, and in this moment it stopped.

The only sound that I can hear is by headphones, but it is not clear, there are some distortions.
I reinstalled sound drivers and now I have no idea what more I can do.

Maybe someone could help me?

I would be really grateful :)

best regards,


ps. sorry for my english

Answer:Sound does not work under Vista on Satellite A200


sounds really weird. Maybe the jack-in is damaged or something. You have to know that there is some little switch in the jack-in, which controls whenever you plug in some earphones, the machine deactivates the installed speakers, so you can only hear sound from your earphones.

In your case I would plug the earphones in the machine and try to move the plug A LITTLE BIT, maybe the switch works then again.

Otherwise I would suggest you to send your machine to the nearest available servicepartner in your country and let them perform some hardware checkup or repair.
Here?s a link to an ASP locator where you can find the nearest one: 000000871


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I`ve installed Win XP and all drivers form the Toshiba Homepage, but the sound driver doesn`t work. I found out that two PCI Drivers are missing. Where can i find them?

THX Chris

Answer:Need PCI Driver for Satellite A200 (PSAE6E) - No sound


Just a question: have you installed two important patches before sound driver installation? The patches are: KB888111 and KB835221.

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Hey Guys.

I have just bought this computer from a mate, and I have decided to install Windows 7 on the machine. Everything seemed to work brilliant, until I wanted to try and play some sound. There is no sound what so ever on the laptop, all the sliders are at max, I have tried pushing FN+ESC whit no difference. I have tried reinstalling and updating soundcard driver, no luck either.
I found a "soloution" which said I should install Value Added package, and then run an app, which should unmute the PC, no luck there either..

So I am starting to run out of ideas?

So I am hopeing one of you clever guys in here has a soloution.
If you need any info from the computer, just ask for them and i will reply whit them as soon as possible.

Big thanks in advance

Kim Jensen

Answer:Satellite A200-20H - No sound after Windows 7 installation

Hi Chillos,

If you read this article you can download a tool to unmute the sound:

If it doesn?t work it would be interesting to know if you can hear sound from external speakers or headset for example.
Check this!!!

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Satellite A200-1bp speaker sound scratched

What can i do?

Answer:Satellite A200-1bp speaker sound scratched

Test it with headphones and let us know if the problem persists. I do not know if you are writing about hardware problem but try to install latest sound driver from Toshiba support page.

Sorry but problem description is not serious and please do not expect any serious solution.

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I have Toshiba A200-24A PSAE3E

It came with pre-installed Windows Vista

I have Windows XP; I formatted the Notebook and installed WinXP Pro SP2

The problem is that it does not recognize

The Sound and the Bluetooth

I already downloaded all the drivers for WinXP from Toshiba website and all other drivers are working fine except these 2 drivers.

What do you think the problem?
Is there any thing missing (pre-request) I did not install or should I use new driver?

Hope that you can help me

Highly appreciate


Answer:Satellite A200-24A: After XP installation sound and BT don't work


I?m asking myself if you have searched in this forum for similar themes.
I don?t think so?.

However?. Here is a little instruction.

First step:
BIOS update -> you need the Windows XP BIOS version if you want to un the XP on this Vista notebook

Second step:
Install the XP hotfixes KB888111 and KB835221 firstly. Then reboot the notebook and then install the sound driver in the device manager.

For details check this thread:

Last step:
BT driver installation? the BT driver can be found on the Toshiba European driver page or here on the Toshiba BT portal page!


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recently I used the headphones out on my laptop for the first time, and after that the speakers stopped working, the sound is routed through the headphones out all the time, although the realtek software properly indicates whether the headphones are connected or not.

In addition the sound in the headphones is a very poor quality, there is a instant buzz and the sound level can be very easy overdriven.
Is there any hope that this is a software issue , or do I have to contact the Toshiba service?

Answer:Sound comes only trough headphones on Satellite A200

Hi mate,

the standard troubleshooting procedure is like following:

- set all BIOS settings to default
- remove recently installed software which eventually could cause such an error
- download the sound driver, remove the old driver and reinstall the sound driver with the downloaded version
- shouldn?t this help then recover your machine (backup your important data first)

The last resort would be to contact an local authorized service partner from toshiba and ask them for help. :)

If you need some link to find the nearest one the check the following link:


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i have purchased a new Satellite A200-1M5 1 week ago, but i have noticed a sound coming from the harddisk which is not regular, everytime the harddisk is being in use, there is a sound coming from it. It's weird, i had previous Satellite notebooks and never faced that.
is this normal in this series of Satellite ? or could my hard disk be damaged ? although it is working fine till now.

if anyone have any idea about this, please let me know it.

Appreciate it.


Answer:Satellite A200-1M5: Sound coming from the HDD which is not regular

> Every time the hard disk is being in use, there is a sound coming from it. It's weird
That?s a normal behaviour that the HDD makes some sound while working.
On some HDDs the sound is louder and some HDDs are quieter.

My notebook was delivered with a 100GB HDD and I have noticed that this HDD works louder as the previous 40GB HDD.

I don?t think that there could be something wrong with your HDD. It?s new.
So in my opinion you shouldn?t be worried.

?and if the HDD will die your warranty should cover the replacement ;)

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Hello! I have a problem!
My laptop: A200-1FJ.

I reinstalled vista to xp (in vista sounds worked).
I installed driver sound. I downloaded it from toshiba europen sites.

After this operation i don't have sound in my laptop.
Even in manager of devices sound card isn't appeared.

Can you help me!

Answer:No Sound after installation of XP drivers on Satellite A200-1Fj

You have to update the Windows XP.
Install the Microsoft patches from the MS website to get the sound on XP
Patch 1: KB835221
Patch 2: KB88811

Additionally you could download the newest Realtek sound driver from the Realtek page


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after my Sat A200 laptop updated Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and .NET Framework 3.5 Family Update (KB951847) x86 and
Internet Explorer 8 for Windows Vista the speakers and headphones have stopped working.

When you go to the speaker icon on the taskbar it says "NO AUDIO OUTPUT DEVICE INSTALLED"

I'm confused.

Can anybody help pleeeeeeeease.


Answer:Satellite A200: No sound after SP1 and NET Framework update


I think you should simply access the device manager and should remove (uninstall) the sound driver.
Then go to the Toshiba European page, choose your notebook model, download the sound driver and unzip the package.
Then reboot the notebook.

After the Win OS has booted up, the new device (sound card) should be recognized and the OS would ask for the driver.
Now you should point to the driver package which you have downloaded from the page and should reinstall the driver.

Check it out!

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I have A200 with Windows XP SP2. Everything was OK for 7 month.
2 days ago my sound disappeared.

It seems that everything is OK with the drivers.. but there is NO default audio device in "Sound and Audio Device properties"
I need some advice what to do..


Answer:Sound disappeared on Satellite Pro A200 running Win XP

Roll back the OS to earlier time using Systemrestore tool. I hope this will be easiest solution for you.
Please let me know if this works.

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I have a problem concerning my sound driver ( I use windows XP) . I installed all the xp drivers and it still doesn't work.
Can anyone tell me where to get a working driver ?

Answer:Re: Satellite A200-1MY: XP sound driver does not work

I hope you use WXP SP2. Anyway check please this thread. Try to use instruction given by Eldorado.

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My toshiba sound wheel has no limit. Normally it should have a limit for maximum and minimum power right? Mine just run free, is it normal?

Btw, with that behaviour, when I want to power up/down the sound it has a delay quite annoying... does yours have it too?

Thanks. ;)

Answer:Satellite A200-221 sound wheel has no limit

It is normal on new notebook models. I have an older Satellite and there is end on max or minimum level. On newer A200/A210/P200/P200D there is no limit.
The same situation is on my new Satellite P200D. I like it with limits but there is nothing to do.

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Hi all,
Firstly, I accidentally deleted the built in microphone from the recording devices list on Sat A200 laptop. Any ideas as to how I can restore it?

Secondly, I often play audio files from laptop through an external loudspeaker using the spdif socket on the front of the machine. I have noticed, particularly when laptop is running off battery, that the if playback is stopped for a moment and then restarted the sound takes a moment or two to come through.
Does the internal sound card have some kind of power saving ability (turns itself off during periods of non-use) and if so is there anyway to disable this function and keep the audio output live at all times.



Answer:Two sound related queries on Satellite A200

Hi Ross

Try to use system restore tool. I just hope that on this way you will be able to use mic again.
To be honest this sound card ?power saving ability? is not known to me.

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I installed the XP+SP2 On a satelite A200 with success.I downloade all the drivers from the official site but altough I installed the drivers for the sound card,the system doesn't recognize any sound card,no speakers indication at the task bar.Also I installed the driver for the modem but under the control/panel/modems there isn't any modem.

Answer:Sound Driver Problems with Satellite A200

Hi there,

Have you installed the drivers in the exact order? You can find instructions on how to do this, on the official drivers download page.
For the sound driver issue, it is important that you first install the microsoft KB Fix, included with this driver. Then it should not be a problem to install both devices sound card and modem.

Good luck,


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The problen is: I connect notebook (A200) to LCD TV (Philips) by HDMI. The video is OK, but sound stay on notebook not in LCD TV.

May be the problem is HDMI 1.2 does not support sound and video together? Only 1.3?

Sorry for my English

Answer:No sound on LCD TV when Satellite A200 is connected via HDMI

Sound should work with every HDMI cable as far as I know. Have two of them, one with HDMI 1.3 and another one, which I don't even know, but I guess not the 1.3 standard, as it was pretty cheap.

To enable sound via HDMI you will have to go to control panel - sound. There select the digial output device as standard. Make sure you have closed the media player or any program which has sound output before. Then start player again and sound should now be heard through TV.

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Like in the subject I have problem with my sound card - it simply doesn't work under Win Xp (under Vista all worked).

In Device Meneger I have two 'question marks':
- PCI Memory Controller\
- Unkown Device
I assume that Unknown Device is my sound card, but still can't make it work :/

I've already upgrade bios and install some Realtek Drivers from toshiba page.

Really need help.


Answer:Satellite A200-1M7: sound does not work after downgrade to XP


No sound after installation of XP OS. What to say dude? I looked here in the forum for similar threads and it seems that this is a common issue.

But don?t worry; I think I have found the key ;)
After installation of win XP you have to update it to latest state. Install all patches and hot fixes provided by Microsoft. You should use the MS update website. The tool on this page checks the system and chooses all necessary updates!

Very important are the patches; KB888111 and KB835221
These hot fixes must be installed before installation of sound card driver.

The Realtek sound card driver can be downloaded from the Toshiba page or from the official Relatek website.

By the way; it?s very important to install the drivers in the right order. On the Toshiba page you will find the installation instruction. So please follow the guide lines mentioned in this doc.


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I have a A200-1JS (PSAE6) with a HD DVD player and HDMI.
I connect my A200 to a LCD with a HDMI cable and everything its ok. Good image and sound.

BUT, when i want to see a movie (not using the HD DVD player) with surround sound (5.1) the only thing i get its stereo coming out from the HDMI.
I went to control panel, realtek opcion and in the hdmi output and i only can choose stereo.

So, my question is: its possible to get more audio channels (5.1) from the HDMI cable and if so, what i have to do to play a movie with surround via HDMI?

best regards


Answer:Satellite A200-1JS PSAE6: Only stereo sound using HDMI - why?


As far as I know it is not possible. HDMI cable offers best video/audio signal transfer to your TV and you can enjoy watching movies in best quality.

For 5.1 sound you need optical audio output port and, according notebook specification, such port is not available.

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How can I turn off the external sound controll in front of laptop - the wheel? It does not work, sound volume is permanently muted.

OS: MS Windows XP


Answer:How can I turn off sound controll whele on the Satellite A200

First of all please post always your notebook name because people don?t know how to help you if you don?t say anything about your notebook series!!!

However? if the sound does not appear and you cannot hear anything, then check in your device manager if the sound card driver was installed correctly.
Furthermore in the control panel -> sound and audio devices you can check if the single options like ?mute? is disabled and other volume controls are set to a higher level!!

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The problem that I’ve encounter is quite tricky and apparently with no solution (haven't formatted the drive yet).
Each time I open the Vista (home edition X32) on my Satellite A200-14D, things go as usual. I hear the sound. But when I try to adjust the volume with the button volume, it blocks: sometimes all taskbar, sometimes the computer (although the mouse moves and it responds to ctr-alt-del).

In the second situation I can access and the internet, for example, with the special button, but what do you know - can't type anything. When only the taskbar is blocking, I can use explorer or internet, but if I minimize a window there's nothing left to do. If when it's completely blocked I enter the task manager, it's not working. A solution is to Log out, and when I reenter is as it was before, but with the same risk.

What I’ve tried:
- I’ve uninstalled the Realtek drivers, updated them with the latest version - the same
- I’ve erased the remaining drivers used by the device and reinstalled with new drivers - the same
- I’ve scanned for viruses, nothing
- I’ve done all the updates for windows etc.

When I disable the device, it's all well.
A fact is that I can control the sound, from control panel sound mixer and I can hear it and when the computer is blocked, so there is a software problem.
I've seen that in some cases, when I disable the sound, it appears the blue screen. It says that a proble... Read more

Answer:Satellite A200-14D: Volume sound control blocks


Did you notice all this issues at first day after notebook purchase?

Several times ago I have worked on the A200 and I really didn?t notice such issues.

So maybe you should check if the same will happen after OS restoring. Try to use the Recovery CD and set the notebook back to the factory settings.

This is necessary to find out if it a software or hardware problem. If it?s a hardware problem you will have to contact the ASP in your country for the check.

But if it?s a software issue caused due to the bad influence of the 3rd party software then the new recovery procedure should help to sort it out.

Best regards

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Hello. Sorry for my english.

I have problem when I have started some player (winamp or movie player or some game with sound) and I want to change sound from loudspeaker to headphones by connect them to headphones socket. The sound is still on loudspeaker.

Then I have to just restart this player or game and then sound is switched-over to headphones.

So sum-up: When I want to listen to sound from some player I have to connect headphones first and then start player in reverse order the sound is not switched-over to headphones line.

In other notebooks with Vista I have check this problem is not occur.
Have you some suggestion?

Answer:Satellite A200-1AE: sound comes from loudspeakers when headphones are connected

Hello Pawel

I have Satellite A200 too preinstalled with recovery DVD. I was very curious and I have tested it on my notebook. In my case everything was OK. By headphones usage notebook speakers are automatically OFF. Removing headphones speakers work again.

I am really confused and it is really not easy to say what is wrong there. As far as I know in headphones socket there is small switcher and by headphones usage this switched should disable notebook speakers. All you can do is to check if this happen after clean OS installation, maybe BIOS update or to install latest sound driver.

Sorry but I do not see other possibilities there. If nothing helps maybe you should contact service in your country. I can really not imagine that this small switcher can be defective but service only can make a check.

Bye and good luck!

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have new satellite a200 14d vith Vista Home Premium, and there are two annoying problems:

1. Very often, but not everytime, when i close the lid to put computer to sleep - after i open (wake) it again, the icon in the tray shows me, that there is "no sound device connected" (red cross over the speaker) and so the laptop is totaly mute - no sound possible from it (except unexpectedly and suprisigly loud "grinding" of the hard disc, hehe - grrrrr...).
Sometimes it helps just to close and open the lid again, but most of the cases i had to restart the computer.
Of course, i downloaded the latest realtek sound driver from this site, but doesn't help.

2. Also very often my network freezes. I temporarely use the UMTS connection over mobile phone - via bluetooth; It just somehow stops working itself; If i click the "dial-up" shortcut icon nothing happens, also if i right-click the network icon in the tray - nothing, and if i go to control panel - network&sharing the computer freezes totaly, so that i have to switch it off by longpushing the switch button.

Who can help? Thanks!

Message was edited by: momus

Answer:No sound after sleep & network issue on Satellite A200-14D

Nobody knows the troubles i've seen...?

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Hi Guys,

Please tell me from where i can get the sound and modem driver for A200-1M8 (PSAE6E). Please let me know the exact website.

Waiting for your reply,


Waqas Yousuf.

Answer:Where can I get the sound and modem driver for Satellite A200-1M8 (PSAE6E)

This Toshiba driver website provides everything want you want and what you need ;)

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Hi Guys

I recently bought a Satellite A 200 PSAE7. I got it downgraded to Win XP.

Everything worked perfectly until last night. I restarted the laptop and i had no sound. I tried to reinstall the Realtek sound drivers, it succeeds, ask for a restart but the sound is still not working. I tried everything, removing the drivers through add/remove programs, and device manager and then reinstalling it. When i restart it tells me "PCI device detected" after i installed the sound drivers. But the sound doesn't work.

Any advice?

Answer:Problem's with sound driver on Satellite A200 running Win XP SP3

The problem is that you have not installed the MS hotfixes which are really essential.
I?m speaking about the *KB888111 and KB835221* hotfixes.

You have to remove firstly the sound driver from the system.
Then you have to install both fixes.
After new reboot, reinstall the sound driver which can be found on the Toshiba driver page.

Best regards and good luck

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After restoring my system with the Toshiba recovery-dvd, thes system (Windows-Vista Home 32-bit) no longer recognises the soundchip. It is neiter shown in the hardware-manager nor is it possible to select the audio icon. The taskbar shows an loudspeaker icon with a red and white cross on the right bottom.

After my first reboot an error message was displayed, saying that the driver for my Intel GMA 965 chipset would not be compatible with the current windows version. I tried to update the driver by downloading it from the intel-website, but the installation process is stoped by the system, because the driver is not approved by Toshiba.

Is this a known issue?


Answer:Satellite A200-1TJ - no sound device recognised by Vista

The Toshiba Recovery disc should install all the required drivers, sound should work instantly.

Either you have the wrong recovery disc, or there is a hardware problem with the laptop.

Where did you get the Recovery Disc?

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First, my laptop became very slow when loading vista after 1 week form buying it.

Second, sometimes when i put the sleep mode an wake up the laptop, there is no sound and a red circle appear above the speaker icon in the task bar and when i go to control panel >> Sound it tells me that NO sound drive were installed and when restarting the laptop the problem resolved ??

Third, after 3 week form buying the computer also The dvd-cd player has the same problem like the sound and when you open my computer NO cd\dvd drive icon appears and when i put cd or dvd it doesn't work or run and it happens all the time even if restarted the laptop.

Since that time im able to watch movies or work.

I'm destroyed and I don't know what to do !!
(sorry for my bad english but i hope you understand the problems

Answer:Satellite A200-19L: No sound after hibernation & CD/DVD drive does not work

Hi Osama

I think I can help you. The issues which appear on your notebook are not serious and only software or registry related.

Regarding your sound problem:
Please check this Microsoft document about;

the MS update must be downloaded and installed ;)

Regarding the missing CD/DVD drive;
I think you should try to remove the drive from device manager and should reboot the notebook. Then the OS should recognize the ODD again.
Secondly you should access the registry editor and should remove the upper Filter and lower Filter from the key
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

Recommend to check:

best regards and I hope I could help you

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Three weeks back I purchased Satellite A200-1H2 laptop.

I got the Windows vista with my new laptop.

1. When am doing online voice chat(yahoo chat or Just VOIP) , receiver is not able to hear my voice but am able to listen his/her voice clearly.
My sound cards versions are:
Realtek high definition audio, version:
High definition Audio Device, version: 6.0.6000.16386

I checked sound drivers, my speakers and sound settings. every thing is fine. Even though problem still exist.

2. I installed Norton Anti virus in my machine which came with new laptop, even though one virus settled in my machine, its typing messge automatically in between my messages.
But whenever I run anti virus, am getting a message like one cookie must be resolved, even after fixing that cookie also in next virus scan am getting same cookie again.

I deleted cookie from IE->Tools->options. But It's not solved the problem.

Could any body help me on these above problems?

Answer:Satellite A200-1H2 - Virus and Sound driver problem


Googling around I have found many postings about sound problems using Yahoo under Vista. Have you checked what other people write about this? Yahoo is not my favorite messenger but I would like to know if you use version designed for Vista ?

Unfortunately I cannot say anything about Norton. I have tested this 90 days version on my P200 but after few days I have removed it from the system. It is not my favorite program for system protection.

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I have a satellite A200-1GB, but the graphic card don't run, however I could get another iskaa ls 3481p, but not exactly the same, because i have a m76 with 256 mb ati radeon, and the new card is a m72 with 256 mb ati radeon from A200-2C5.

Would it be possible?

Excuse me for possible writting mistakes.

Greetings and thanks

Answer:Information about compatibilty of graphic card Satellite A200-1GB Satellite A200-2C5

Do you want to exchange the whole mainboards or just the GPU?

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When I plug my earphones into the port nothing happens, still plays through the speakers.
Is there drivers or something that do this, because I want to redownload it.
I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 PSAF6A.

Answer:Re: Satellite A200 PSAF6A - sound plays through speakers using headphones


This seems to be a Toshiba Australian notebook series.
You can find it here:

There you can find the sound driver and the newest BIOS.

But I would recommend checking the sound settings firstly.
I assume this is a Realtek sound chip? in control panel Realtek sound manager you could fund some settings which controls the headphones and speakers.

In playback tab on the right you can find headphone jack? click right in this and check the options which are available.

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This is Varun from India. Could anyone please help me fix a problem which has been haunting me from the last two days. This problem is currently occuring in my satellilte Pro A200. Actually the problem is that there is a continuous beep sound from an internal speaker during start-up that is when the name TOSHIBA appers at the time of starting and moreover it freezes there right on that screen. But , I somehow kept using my system by pressing F5 or F9 and then letting it start manually in NORMAL MODE.

But, i can't keep doing this all the time. And moreover, this beep sound blows continuously only while starting the system and it goes on hanged up in the same screen until i press either F5 or F9. I kept restoring my system but to no use. Could any one please help me out in this.

Sincerely waiting for the reply.....


Answer:Satellite Pro A200: A continuous beep sound during start up and freezing


To be honest it is very strange issue. Is some external device connected to your notebook?
Have you tried to update BIOS to latest version?

Sorry but I believe in such case there is no much you can do. Maybe BIOS update, clean OS installation. That?s all.
Maybe you should contact nearest service and ask what it can be.

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I have a small problem with my Toshiba Notebook A200-170
Modelnummer: PSAE6

I changed my system from Windows Vista to Windows XP .

Everything except the sound at all to install functioned in the best way does not leave itself. The driver runs up to ends but after the restart is nothing at all installed.

Please help me!!!!

Answer:Satellite A200-170 PSAE6: sound does not work after upgrade from Vista to XP

One question;
Did you read the Readme.txt file placed in the sound driver package which can be downloaded from the Toshiba page?

Please do it!!!

If you install the sound driver for the first time follow these steps:
Setup Driver at first time:

Step 1. Before installing the Realtek HD Audio Drivers, Press the
[Cancel] button if Windows detect the Multimedia Audio device.

Step 2. Insert the "Realtek HD Audio Drivers" CD into the CD-ROM
drive and run the setup.exe program to finish the installation.

Step 3. Click on [Next/OK/Go] to continue the procedure. If the Windows popup
"Digital Signature Not Found" message, press [Yes] to continue the

Step 4. Finally, select to restart the system and press [Finish] to complete
the installation.

The system will reload the drivers and do some adjustments in the INF
file if so required.

Important: Please install the Microsoft KB888111 patch before sound driver installation

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I recently bought a Satellite A200-1AX (PSAE6E) and tried to install windows XP on it. I downloaded all the drivers from Toshiba's website but i ended up with 2 question marks on device manager..

1. Audio device on high definition audio device: 1i installed the driver from Toshiba's site but still get a question mark, although I can hear sound but the integrated mic wont work..
2. PCI memory controller: I didn?t find any driver for this.

Can someone help please?

Thank you for your time.

Answer:Satellite A200-1AX: Sound and PCI memory controller wont work correctly


Have you followed installations order listed in ?Installations instructions? document?

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I have connected my TV to the SVHS output following the instructions in the A200 manual. I get a picture but no sound.
When connected I cannot find the the SVHS sound devise in the Sound Applet in the Control Panel, I can only see the system speakers. Can someone please advise what I should try next ?

Answer:Satellite A200-1GB Vista - SVHS output Picture yes - Sound no

Hmmm? you have connected the TV to the notebook via s-video cable?
As far as I know the s-video out port provides only the video signal and not audio.
If you want to have sound too you should connect additional RCA audio cables (red/white).

s-video cable

RCA cable

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I recently repartitioned my notebook's HD in order to install XP and kubuntu (it came with vista)... However I haven't been able to install audio drivers for its audio devices..

The laptop is a toshiba Satellite A200-PSAE6E and everest reports the following audio controllers:

ati hd 2xxx hdmi @ ati radeon hd 2600 - high definition audio controller
realtek alc268 @ intel 82801hbm ich8m - high definition audio controller

First I tried downloading the high definition audio drivers from realtek's web site (windows xp 32-bit version). I tried running setup, manually browsing to the WDM folder during driver installation and manually browsing to the folders where the drivers were copied during setup under c:\windows\system32\... all to no avail...

Next I tried downloading the official toshiba drivers from toshiba europe's support web site for the realtek chip... i experienced the same behaviour (both when running setup and manually forcing installation of the drivers)

Next I tried downloading the drivers for ATI HDMI audio device from realtek's web site... with the same results....

Windows keeps telling me that it was unable to find a driver within any of the archives...

The only thing that could be the culprit as far as i can tell, is that i have installed service pack 3 RC2...

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

P.S. I have tried both automatic installation through specifying a folder and choosing the "i will manuall... Read more

Answer:Satellite A200 PSAE6E: Unable to install realtek sound drivers after Win XP installation


Regarding the sound issue;
Many people already asked for this here in the forum and from my knowledge the sound driver doesn?t work because some MS patches and hotfixes are missing.

Please check this thread:

You will need to install the KB888111 and KB835221 hotfix

Regarding the BIOS;
Yes, some notebooks series needs an XP BIOS version if you want to install and use the XP on the notebook. As far as I know the A200 is one of such notebooks series.


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Hy guys....

I have a toshiba Satellite A200-1cr model, with a motherboard model k000051290 which doesn't work any more...
So i must buy another one...

The problem is that I can't find another one with the same model, in a decent price...because...400 euro for a new MB...
I better buy another laptop...

So... I found on Ebay a MB TOSHIBA SAT A200 A205 Motherboard ISKAE LA34 TESTED, model K000054260, refurbished...on 150 dollars...

Now I ask you...
I saw the picture with this MB and it's identically with my MB... now...will I have some problems with my laptop if I buy this MB?
What do you recomend?

Answer:Motherboard for Satellite A200-1CR fits with other A200 models?


In my opinion the other board should be ok. It should fit with you Satellite A200 model.
The motherboard measure is the same.


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Every time I try to put the volume down, it doesn't work and the sound goes higher and higher (until be to the maximum).

I tried to change the configuration in the Control pannel, but it didn't work.

The only thing which that I can do is to use the Sound icon (in the toolbar) but is quiet annoying! what I could do to make the Sound knurled wheel work again?


Answer:Satellite A200-1DR sound volume goes higher and higher

Hopefully this is not a mechanical volume control issue.

I would recommend firstly updating the BIOS.
You have to know that after the Win XP installation you should update the BIOS to the XP version!

After BIOS update reinstall the sound driver again!

Last but not least recommend reinstalling the Toshiba Controls Driver and then the Toshiba Controls


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I was thinking of buying one of the models, but the images differents sites use to advertise varies on other sites, some have silver keypad, and others black keypad, im awae the main diff is the gfx card but what image is the correct one.

Please help, hope this makes sense lol


Answer:Differences between Satellite A200-1YO & Satellite A200-244

Hi Duncan,

you cannot always rely on images on websites to dictate your shopping experience, as these websites may not have updated their pages in a while.

My suggestion would be to visit a retail store selling the computer model you are after and view the computers there (After making a note of the computer model number you wish to purchase).

However, for your purposes, A200 (last year's model) had a silver keyboard and the newer models (A300) have a glossy black keyboard.

I hope this helps.

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Hi folks!

I notice that my LED with "Satellite" word on the front panel doesn't shine.

Do you have any assumptions about causes?

Answer:Satellite A200-1N1: "Satellite" LED on the front panel is not shining

Hi Maresha,

The front 'logo' LED is enabled or disabled using a BIOS option 'Display Front Logo' which can be set to ON or OFF as you require. Access your BIOS settings (F2 during boot up) and check that this setting is set to 'ON'.


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Hi all, just wanted to know if its possible to buy a hdd cady to fit a slave hdd in spare bay ? [SATALLITE A200 27R]

if not can anybody tell me what its for. Thanks and
All the best Dave

Answer:Satellite A200-27R - Second HDD possible?

Hi buddy,

The question is: Do you have a second HDD connector?
If yes you can buy such a second HDD caddy from an authorized service provider.

Otherwise it?s not possible to a add a second HDD.

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I've been using an A200 since 2007. It perfectly runs all types of DVD's but recognizes all types of CD's as blank.
I'm unable to write CD's as well.

The writing process completes smoothly and the CD is then ejected. But when i insert the CD into a any other computer it's blank.


Answer:Satellite A200 won't run CD's

> The writing process completes smoothly and the CD is then ejected. But when i insert the CD into a any other computer it's blank.
As I understand your issue, the Satellite A200 recognizes all disk properly and can burn the CD as well but the OTHER computer recognize the CD as blank.
Is it right?

Well, I would recommend using another brand of CD disks!
Try and test different CDs from different manufacturers?.
TDK, verbatim are Ok?

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I need to replace the HD on my Satellite, does anyone know if the A200 recognizes a 1TB HDD?

Thank you!

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sorry to bother you all with this - I recently purchased a Satellite A200-A1L and have been trying to connect it to my TV via s-video leads... I am not new to this and know how to set it up but I seem to be having problems doing it on this laptop.

I have enabled the TV and set up everything to go but my TV will not pick up the signal or the signal is not being put out by the graphics card? My previous laptop worked fine with s-video and the same TV I still own (a 24" Sony Trinitron). I purchased this laptop to do the same but it seems that it will not work - is there anything you can do to help me please?

Despite trying all the functions and reading in depth everything to do with the video outputs AND everything saying its running fine it just wont work HELP ME!!!

PS: I am happy with the laptop in general it is a nice piece of kit, I am just unhappy that the s-video will not run properly.

Kind regards, Lisa.

Answer:Can not use my Satellite A200 with TV

Hello Lisa

I have Satellite A200 too and I have tested it with my LCD TV. Everything works well and all you must do is to use FN+F5 key combination and switch to TV. Be sure the TV is set to the right channel.

That?s all!

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Hello all.

I have brought this Satellite A200-1zf laptop about 1 year ago, and from 2 months is so hot!
I mean that it's warm enough that you cannot put your hand under the cooler.

I've cleaned the cooler but without any result.

Do you know why it's keep warming in this way?

Answer:Re: Satellite A200-1ZF is getting hot


>I have brought this Satellite A200-1zf laptop about 1 year ago, and from 2 months is so hot!
This means that the temperature was not really high in the past?

Well, in most cases the temperature arises to a higher level due to clogged cooling modules.
Dust and debris would prevent the fans from properly working and this could lead to a higher internal temperature.

You could try to clean the cooling modules using a compressed air spray.
Furthermore you should ensure that there is enough free space around the notebook in order to get good fresh air circulation.

If this doesn?t help then I would recommend contacting the notebook technician.
The technician could disassemble the notebook and could renew the thermal grease which is placed between the CPU and cooling modules.


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I have a question. Today I install to my laptop two brand new 2GB memory modules, and when my notebook starting BIOS show me only 3GB ?

Anybody now, how can I fix it ?

Best regards


I have 5.20 BIOS.

Answer:Satellite A200-14E and 4GB Ram

DO you use the Toshiba preinstalled OS.
The Toshiba notebooks are preinstalled and delivered with the 32bit OS; early XP 32bit and now Vista 32bit.

According to the Microsoft and Toshiba information the *BIOS* and the Operating System reports approximately 3GB due to the 32-bit system limitation.

Take a look here:

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When i work long hourks on my laptop ( 4-5 hours ) it is geting so hot that i can't even put my hand on buttons and sometimes it just turns off =(((
I don't know what the problem is?!

Did some have the same problem?!
Such bad tendancy started since i installed Windows XP insted of standart Vista.

Laptot : Toshiba Satellite A200-1J0

Answer:Satellite A200-1J0 is getting very hot


Ohh?.You have installed Win XP? Well buddy?. In such case you should update the BIOS too!
There is a BIOS designed especially for Win XP and you should update it if you switched to Win XP OS.

Furthermore you should install the Toshiba Power Saver and should change the settings in Toshiba Power Saver ?Basic Setup?.
There you can find the option called ?Cooling Method?. Set it to Max Performance.

Furthermore you can set the CPU processing speed to a lower level and CPU control method to ?Auto?.

At the other hand your notebook can overheat because of the clogged cooling grilles and cooling modules. I know this because my notebooks temperature was high until I removed the dust from the cooling fans.
I used a compressed air spray. You can buy it from different computer dealers or online shops.


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I have Toshiba Satellite A200-1ZB model with processor Intel Pentium Dual-Core T2370 @ 1,73.
I was wondering, what max processor speed is supported by this model?? Anyone know? (without overheating of course;)

Specs. (HWiNFO32)
Processor: Intel Pentium Dual-Core T2370 @ 1,73, FSB:533MHz, L2: 1MB
CPU Platform: Socket P mPGA478 (Micro-FCPGA)/mBGA479 (Micro-FCBGA)
Motherboard Chipset: Intel GM965 (Crestline-GM) + ICH8M
FSB Frequency Support: 800 MHz
Memory: 2x1024 Samsung 667MHz (PC5300)

Answer:Satellite A200-1ZB: What max CPU can I use?

Upgrading the CPU in laptops is a hit and miss situation. It depends on the chipset and BIOS compatibility for the CPU.

Your best option would be to look at the other A200 models in the same family, which is PSAE6E-xxxxxx, and determine which one has the fastest CPU, and buy one of those for your A200.

If you install a CPU that is not within the PSAE6E range, the system may not boot, or it may overheat, or it may not run at full speed.

I found this article from Toshiba explaining component upgrades:

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it possible second hard disk on Satellite A200 1iW?

Answer:Is second HDD possible on Satellite A200-1iW?


Not all A200 notebook models support the second HDD.
If you want you can find out very easily if your notebook supports such second HDD.

At the bottom of the unit you could find the second HDD bay. Remove the cover which secures the bay and check if there are some HDD connectors.

If not, then the second HDD is not possible

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Dear collegues.
There are Satellite A200-14E
with 1 Gb RAM

after increasing 2x2Gb it is possible to see 3Gb RAM only

Pls let me know what we shall do to get all 4Gb

Thank you

Answer:Re: Satellite A200-14E - How to see 4GB RAM?


Just couple hours ago, there was a user asking them same question:

if it doesn't help you, make a search on forum, it has been discussed for many times.


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Can someone please tell me what kind of HDD I need for a Toshiba Satellite A200?

Is it an IDE or a Serial-ATA or anything like that??

Answer:Re: Satellite A200 - What HDD I need?

The Satellite A200 is equipped with a SATA HDD.

If you want a new HDD you should a 2.5? HDD with SATA interface. Furthermore you can buy a HDD with SATA2 interface because it?s downgrade compatible to SATA1.

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Hello to all,

I want to ask you about memory.

I have installed two memory modules (2 x OCZ OCZ2MV6672G 2GB SO-DIMM DDR2 PC2-5400 ) and system does not start. When I installed one memory module notebook works perfectly. I have the latest BIOS for Windows Vista 32bit (1.80).

Memory modules works because I changed positions and with 2 GB RAM it?s all ok but if I installed the second module computer does not start. Thank you for possible answers.

Answer:Re: Satellite A200-1M4 and 4 GB RAM

Well, I'm pretty sure, that the maximum amount of RAM is limited to 2GB. This should be found in the manuals too.
What modules were built in when you bought it?

I'm sorry to tell you so, but maybe you can sell your remaining ram at good conditions.
None the less, the OCZ memory was a good choice.

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Can I add second HDD to my A200-10X?

Answer:Can I add second HDD to Satellite A200-10X?

Remove second HDD cover at the bottom and check if SATA connector is there. If there is not SATA connector for second HDD upgrade with second HDD cannot be done.


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Hi all,

My new laptop is an A200-27R PSAE3E-07H027EN
I hate Vista so I downgraded to XP Porfessional.
Everything seems fine BUT I have problems with Fn keys :-(
Strange is that some are working Fn+ESC, Fn+F1, Fn+F3, Fn+F4... but I cannot change the brightness (Fn+F6, Fn+F7) and I cannot activate/deactivate the touchpad (Fn+F9).

I installed some Toshiba Power Saver and it helped me to fix some brightness... but I need it to variate it during the day... to have fixed brightness is VERY frustrating... I really need your help, people.

I need ONLY these three Fn combination to work, I don't mind even to cancel the other ones...



P.S.: if you have a working driver, would you mind to send it by e-mail? thanks!

Edited by: Admin

Answer:Satellite A200-27R: Help with Fn key under XP

So you downgraded to WinXP. Have you updated your BIOS to a WinXP version? If not do this.
And you can find all needed drivers and utilities here:

After executing BIOS update, your fn keys should work. Just in case make sure you followed installation instructions.

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Well I've got a question. Can somebody explain to me which memory modules 1 or 2 GB is better to use??

Best regards
And thanks for all answers

Answer:Satellite A200-14D: 1GB or 2GB??

Hm, I think it?s logical: The more RAM you have the more performance you will gain. And the other aspect is that if you install a 2 GB module, you can install another 2 GB module to get 4 GB in total. But be careful regarding the 4 GB issue!!

Please use the search function of the forum if you're interested in the 4GB issue.


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I have broken screen from my A200-196 and I need new one. Any advice where from?

I have got part number if anyone would be able to help - K000049360..

Answer:Need new LCD for Satellite A200-196


The new LCD notebook display can be ordered from the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country.
The guys can order it directly from the Toshiba head stock.
But note; the new LCD display cost a little fortune! I think it?s about $300-$360.

Maybe a second hand display would better possibility. But it?s you choice.

Best regards

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Hallo, i want to install a second internal hdd drive at the hdd2 bay, but when i opened the bay i noticed that there aren't any connectors installed.
So what is the point of a second hdd bay if there are no connectors inside?

Answer:Satellite A200-1M8 and second HDD bay

The point of that bay is, IF you purchase a model with a second HDD equipped then there would be a connector, but if purchased a model with only ONE drive equipped then you just will have one drive since the connector for the second HDD was not soldered on the mainboard of your model type.

Easy and simple. If you want to have a second drive then you will have either:

- solder a connector to the mainboard which causes the revocation of your warranty and does not mean that you can use a second drive since you will need the appropriate BIOS Rom
- purchase a USB-HDD and accept your situation :/

Thats all.


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I would like to purchase a new hard drive from Western Digital but I'm not sure which one is compatible with my Laptop?

My Laptop is
Toshiba Satellite A200-19L
Model No. : PSAESE-00H003AR


Answer:Need new HDD for my Satellite A200-19L

exit the forums and surf this website for your purchase...........

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Hi there,

I bought a Satellite A200-10W and replaced the 1GB RAM with 2x2 GB RAM cards but i can only see a 3.07 GB of RAM. Does it mean that the processor architecture is 32 bit and it won't operate a 64 bit OS or what???

Please advise.


Answer:Satellite A200-10W and 64-bit support


I think the answer to your question you can find in this document


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Hi everyone!

Recently, I have bought a new laptop, Satellite A200-1GB and after two weeks fighting against windows Vista I have decided to uninstall it and install WXP whose license I bought long time ago.

I restart my computer with Windows XP cd inside and I boot the system with it but when it charges all the controllers and I proceed to install windows xp it says that there is no disk (probably hard disk) in my laptop.

I hope somebody can help me. Has anybody experience installing windows XP in this laptop model?

Answer:Satellite A200-1GB - Try to install WXP but No HDD?


This case was described many times here in the Toshiba forum.
Would recommend investigating a little bit ;) use the Forum advanced search option!

But because you are a newbie I will try to provide some useful hints;
The HDD is not visible because you have to install firstly the Intel Matrix storage controller.
This controller can be downloaded either form the Toshiba page or from the Intel page.

During the XP setup you will have to press the F6 to include this iMSM into the XP installation. You will need an external USB HDD drive to do this.

But if you want you can build an own XP CD using the software ?nLite? and could include this iMSM into the new XP CD.

Please check also these threads:

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 1IZ and I want to replace my hard drive because I have some bad sectors.

I don't know if my motherboard supports SATA and what version, if I can order a 7200 Rpm, maximum capacity.

Any advices?


Answer:Satellite A200 - replacement of HDD

Me again, I would like to order this HDD Western Digital Scorpio Black, 320GB, SATA, 16MB.

I also contacted my local dealer and they recommended the original HDD Toshiba MK2035GSS 200 GB (4200 rpm!!) for a price about three times bigger than the WD model above.

Is there any logical reason why I should order the original HDD in stead of WD model?

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I have tried to download the xp drivers for a notebook A200 1MB from toshiba website, the problem is: the drivers are zipped, and after downloading and trying to unzip them (in most of the drivers) there is a problem, either corrupted files or CRC errors, I tried to download them many times but the problem persists.
Did anybody face this problem? or download them from toshiba's site successfully?
And in general, does anyone know a trusted site to download those drivers?
Thanks alot.

Answer:Satellite A200-1MB: XP drivers

I didn?t notice something like that.
I have downloaded the zipped drivers and everything went correctly?

Just note; sometimes if the package name is too long or if an space was included than such error message could appears.
Try to download the drivers again from the Toshiba European driver page and check it again!

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I found a lot of hits on the problem of not being able to format a HDD on the A200 serie. Once the setup has started it aborts and says :

Make sure any hard disk drives are powered on and properly connected to
your computer, and that any disk-related hardware configuration is
correct. This may involve running a manufacturer-supplied diagnostic or
setup program. Setup cannot continue. To quit Setup, press F3.

Im still not sure what to do exactly; install new drivers? change bios settings? press F6 during setup? I looked on the toshiba driver site but I can't find any HDD drivers and it's really difficult for me to select the right model since there are so many A200. I only know my laptop as being a A200 1H2 ..

The answer to this problem is probably given a few times before on this forum, but im having trouble finding it. Thanks in advance

Answer:Re: Format HDD on a Satellite A200-1H2


This is a common issue if you're using non Toshiba OEM disks to reformat. Windows XP doesn't have the SATA drivers integrated into the disk where as the Toshiba OEM disks do.

You'll need to install the drivers using a floppy disk and by pressing F6 where prompted when booting from the disk. Toshiba call these drivers Storage Manager or Intel Storage Matrix (depending on where you go for the drivers). You can find out what model you have by looking at the Toshiba sticker on the base of the notebook. This number will normally be called a part number or a model number (should be above the serial number).

Alternatively there's a program called nLite that will allow you to intergrate the SATA drivers into an XP Install disk.

Hope this helps. :)

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Hi Toshiba experts,

I have Toshiba a200 and wanna disassemble it. is thre any technical documentation how to manage it!

Answer:Re: Satellite A200 disaasembly


To be honest, it's not good idea to disassemble the laptop. But anyway, if you decide to disassemble it you can use this site as assistance:

But be careful with hidden holders, use protective gloves.

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I have a problem with my Toshiba Satellite A200. When I try to hibernate it just log off and do nothing. I read that this is a problem with some Intel drivers, but I don't know which exactly and I don't know how to update them too :( . Can anyone help me?

10x in advance!

Answer:Satellite A200 don't want to hibernate

This can be caused by many things, a bad printer or USB driver, Antivirus software trying to find a floppy disk, a network problem.

First you should update the BIOS and see if that helps.

To identify the problem, run msconfig and disable the items in the Startup tab. Reboot and test hibernation.
If hibernation now works, you can identify the problem by just disabling half of the items, then try a quarter, then an eighth, and so on..

Also in msconfig, under the General Tab, select the "Diagnostics Startup" and reboot.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 Laptop and am having trouble getting it to run. The system itself is just about a year old. I Just came home this morning and my laptop was at the second screen when booting the system, and now thats as far as it will go.

When I first press the power button it takes a lot longer then it usually does for the monitor to display the Toshiba screen (probably about 10 seconds). Then it stays on that for 5-10 seconds and then it goes to the next screen where it shows the copyrights and the Media and RXE Roms or whatever...
I would be truly greatful if anyone could offer some insight into this. My computer knowledge is slim so speak clearly please lol.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A200 isn't booting

On my laptop, if the HDD is not in the machine, it will show a PXE network error. Which means it couldnt find a bootable device, so its reverting to the Network Boot feature.

The first thing to do is make sure the HDD is connected properly. Take the HDD out and then reseat it.

If it still doesnt boot, the HDD might be faulty. Run a HDD test and check for bad sectors. A good HDD tester is Hitachi DFT. Run the Advanced test.

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- ATI driver I've downloaded from support site works ok, need to know though if I can update it from the ATI web site or this a special driver developed by ATI and Toshiba?
(can't seam to find anywhere tech specs for this computer...)

- dose any one know how to change the size of the Vram ATI card is using, the default size is 512MB

Answer:ATI drivers for Satellite A200-1M8 on XP

Hi mate,

1. You should use the original toshiba drivers since they were written explicitly for this machine (yes they are special), BUT you can use also drivers from these sites:

2. It?s unfortunately NOT changeable since the amount of VRAM is set by the BIOS and users cannot modify it.


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My Satellite A200-1M5 machine had 1 GB RAM originally (2x512).

I have now upgraded to 4 GB (2 x 2GB). However, the BIOS and the OS (Windows Vista) showed only 3GB.

I upgraded the BIOS and now although the BIOS is showing 4 GB, Windows Vista is still showing 3 GB.

Is there a solution for this?

I have tried attaching one stick at a time and they are both shown as 2GB.



Answer:New RAM on Satellite A200-1M5 shows only 3GB

Hi there,

it?s a well known issue from Microsoft, so please check the following document:

You should also check the forum, since there are *too many* posts about that issue.


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hi everybody,,

I have (Satellite A200-13R) labtop, It came with windows VISTA, but I didn't like it.
I installed Windows XP SP2.
But I lost the drives
How can I got the drives?

Regards and Thankx.............

Answer:How can I get the Drives for Satellite A200-13R?

Hi there,

could you please explain a little bit more detailed and better what you mean?? Which drives? The DVD-ROM or the HDD or what?

Please, give a better explanation so people can help you better.


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I want to upgrade processor in my A200-1M8 (now there is T7100).

I consider two processors:
a) T7700 Merom with 65nm, Sockets Supported PBGA479, PPGA478
b) T8300 Penryn with 45nm, Sockets Supported BGA479, PGA478

I'd prefer Penryn becouse of low power consumption and less heat generated then Merom.
But I don't know for sure, will Penryn run on my laptop?
There are also no bios updates for A200-1M8 (PSAE6E) - I gess, that my bios doesn't support newer T8300.

I searched internet and didn't find anyone who did this before.

Thanks for help

Answer:CPU upgrade on Satellite A200-1M8

Hi, upgrading the CPU is not advisable since the cooling system and power supply are designed to support a certain range of CPU's. If a high performance CPU is installed, it can cause stability/cooling problems, or it may damage the Mainboard, or not boot at all.

If you must upgrade the CPU, the best option would be to use a CPU model that is available in the other PSAE6E-xxxxxx models. If one of those other PSAE6E models use a T7700, then it should work fine in your A200.

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I have an A200-1MB (PSAEO) that came with Vista home premium installed. After downgrading this to XP Professional, I am not able to write anything on the DVD.

Please help. Model# for the DVD drive is TS-L632D.

Please help.



Answer:Satellite A200: Not able to write the DVD using Win XP


I presume you have installed all drivers from the Toshiba driver page. Did you also update the BIOS to the XP version???
You should do this if you have changed the operating system and if you use the XP instead of Vista.

May I ask you how do you try to burn the data on a DVD disk?
Do you use a 3rd party burning software?

I use Nero and I?m very satisfied? it burns different kind of CDs and DVDs.

A feedback would be appreciated.

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I have just bought a Satellite Pro A200 ljw notebook with windows Vista.
I have found I cannot connect to the internet or install hardware such as cameras or printers. The software installs but the actual hardware does not. at first I thought it was not compatible but I am wondering if the USB ports work correctly as no matter what I connect up, cameras, printers mp3's the pc does not find the item even though it is suppose to automatically install them any advice?

Also I am trying to connect this pc to my existing internet connection on a desktop pc. Any advice on how to do this as nothing seems to work. Both and wired and wireless capable and the laptop has an internal modem.

Answer:Two issues with my Satellite Pro A200

> I have found I cannot connect to the internet or install hardware such as cameras or printers. The software installs but the actual hardware does not. at first I thought it was not compatible but I am wondering if the USB ports work correctly as no matter what I connect up, cameras, printers mp3's the pc does not find the item even though it is suppose to automatically install them any advice?

In fact some older hardware options are not compatible with the Vista. But if the 3rd party software supports the Vista then there should be not problem using such devices.
You should know that Vista is a new OS and Microsoft releases regularly very important patches and hotfixes.

I have noticed this last patch which solves many USB issued with Vista:

I recommend updating the Vista from time to time to solve some OS bugs

> Also I am trying to connect this pc to my existing internet connection on a desktop pc. Any advice on how to do this as nothing seems to work. Both and wired and wireless capable and the laptop has an internal modem.

As you said the notebook is WLan capable so why you don?t use the Wlan?

I recommend also this MS How-to site:


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Hi ,,

I have Satellite A200-24A / windows vista home premium installed on Drive C:/ . i want to make Drive E:/ as windows xp . i have downloaded all the drivers for the respective site for xp but when i am booting my system by xp its saying No HDD found ... why ? i dont know ... Can anyonr help me out with this ...

Thanks in Advance .
Waqar Jawaid

Answer:Satellite A200-24A HDD not found

Can tell you why your HDD is not found by Windows XP setup. You need the SATA drivers. They can be downloaded from the Toshiba download page. Watch for the Intel Matrix Storage Manager.

To use them you could put them on floppy disk using a USB floppy disk drive or integrate them with nlite. For detailed instructions use forum search function.

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Hi to all.
I have the following problem:
I have a Satellite A200-1VN laptop with Vista and i want to setup with XP.
When i go to setup screen i know i have to press F6 for additional driver (otherwise cant detect HDD), but i dont know WHICH driver i have to download from Intel.

When i go to Device manager it sais:Intel ICH8M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller.

can anyone help?

Answer:Downgrade to XP on Satellite A200-1VN

To install Windows XP on notebooks with SATA HDD you will need to use the Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver. You can find this here:

Choose your accurate notebook model and for operating system XP.

To use the drivers during installaton of XP, you will need an USB floppy disk drive or integrate them into installation disc using a tool called nlite.
Please use forum search function to get detailed information on both methods.

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Hi all,

How can i see the CPU temperature of my A200-1GB.
I cannot see it in bios. Is there any application provided by Toshiba or Vista.

Other thing is can we over clock the cpu of A200-1GB?
IF it's possible what is the way we have to do that?
But the same time i have to monitor the CPU temperature after Over clocking.

Can anybody help me on this ?

Answer:Can we overclock the CPU of Satellite A200-1GB?

> How can i see the CPU temperature of my A200-1GB.
>I cannot see it in bios. Is there any application provided by Toshiba or Vista.

There are no Toshiba tools which could show the COU temperature.
Check 3d party tools for example like ?Everest home edition?

> Other thing is can we over clock the cpu of A200-1GB?
>IF it's possible what is the way we have to do that?

Short answer; No it?s not possible

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My A200-1BP was very performed when I purchase it.
Then I formatted it completely. After formatted my machine is working and starting very slow at all applications or programs.

Please help me to accelerate my machine. What did I do incorrect?
What must I do for it? Is there any point about "bios"?

Answer:How can I accelerate my Satellite A200-1BP?

Hi Levent,

When you formatted you notebook did you reinstall the supplied operating system or did you do a new install from the Microsoft CDs ?

If you installed the provided operating system then you notebook should run correctly as when you first obtained it. Since it does not, the likely problem is that there are some task or applications active in the back-ground that are slowing it down. Check in Task Manager to see what applications and processes are running and stop any that you do not want or need,

Also check that you anti-virus application is not running excessive scans or activities using the configuration options.


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Hello all, dear Toshiba,

I want to update the driver for the ATI Radeon HD 2600 graph card in my Satellite A200-PQ Notebook, as I meet some problems with Nik HDR effecs pro in Photoshop 4.0.

However the driver I find here is of 2008, the one I already have.
ATI offers a newer driver but explicitly does not recommend it for Toshiba Notebooks.

So, can anybody tell me, if there is any serious problem using the latest - or at least a newer- driver from ATI on my notebook?

Help is greatly appreciated


Answer:Can I use ATI driver on my Satellite A200?

Hi Libertion

The point is that such ATI drivers don?t support the overheating protection.
Toshiba drivers support the GPU overheating protection and control the GPU heat dissipation.

If you want you can install the ATI driver but the usage of such drivers is only at your own risk.

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I'm italian so my english will be not very well :)
I've installed XP on my toshiba Satellite Pro A200-15G.

I've searched the display driver for this model of notebook on this toshiba site, but i didn't find it.

Where i can find it?

Ah, another thing: i've installed xp without update bios for xp... is necessary to update it?

Last thing (for the buyers of a satellite/satellite pro a series): what is the autonomy of your notebook's battery (in various modes and in various SO)?


Answer:Need ATI XP driver on Satellite Pro A200-15G


if you need a display driver then go here:

or especially for ATI cards you can go here:

Regarding BIOS: yes, if you want some things on your machine working properly then update your BIOS to the XP version.

Hm, battery lifetime... should be about 1 1/2 to 2 hours

But I am not sure, it depends from so many things.

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I've already got Toshiba A200-1M4.
When I open My Computer, I see hard disks C and E.
Where's hard disk D?

How can I make hard disks (C,D and E)?


Answer:Re: Satellite A200-1M4 - Where's HDD partition D?

I presume you have installed Vista on this notebook?
Am I right?

The Vista uses two partitions on the HDD. The C is need for the common Vista OS and the hidden D partition is needed for the Vista restore options and files.

As I said it?s hidden and should be not used!!!

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