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Satellite A200-1FL: cooler starts and stops every minute only with battery

Question: Satellite A200-1FL: cooler starts and stops every minute only with battery


I have just bought an A200-1FL and I'm testing it these days. I have noticed that the cooler starts and stops every minute aprox when I'm using it only with the battery.

Unplugged from the power, even if I'm not doing too much, just browsing Internet. Is this normal?

If I work with the power plugged in, the cooler doesn't make any sound.



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Preferred Solution: Satellite A200-1FL: cooler starts and stops every minute only with battery

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite A200-1FL: cooler starts and stops every minute only with battery

Hallo David

Have you also tested it with different profiles in power options (balanced, power saver, high performance)?

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Hi all, I have strange behavior of my laptop cooler. It starts every minute, works one second and stops, then starts again.It doesn't depend on load, power supply or something else. Ok, if its huge load - it works all time but in other cases - there are infinite start/stop cycles. Is it normal behavior?Can't show it now to the service provider cause need to do my everyday tasks. But wondering if such behavior can damage some parts? Thank you

Answer:ThinkPad E420 Cooler starts every minute, works one second and stops

Welcome To Lenovo Community
Please try updating the Bios of your system to fix the issue
BIOS Update Bootable CD for Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), XP - ThinkPad
BIOS Update Utility for Windows 7 (32-bit, 64-bit), XP - ThinkPad
Hope This Helps

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i have new NB Toshiba Sattlite A200-14. I am reinstall Windows Vista Home premium at Windows XP Professional. How long hold battery (6-cell) at the A200-14D??? Me hold 1 Hour 50 Minute by chat at internet. I think that it little stay. Meseems, that cooler blow much how at Windows Vista. Why?


P.S: Sorry behind my "English", teach herself.



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Answer:Question about Battery & Cooler at Satellite A200-14D


> How long hold battery (6-cell) at the A200-14D???

It depends on the notebook usage and battery type? if you will run any applications which need CPU and graphic performance or will watch DVD movies then the battery working time would be much shorter.
But 1h 50min is not bad?

I found a compatible Battery Pack PA3535U-1BRS for this unit. It?s a Li-Ion, 9 Cell, 6000mAh battery and the performance should be better.

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Literally. The Event log shows VDS starting and stopping every minute, almost to the second. For the life of me, I can't figure out why. There doesn't seem to be anything to tell me what app or process is triggering the event. I've checked online, msdn, other tech support sites, everywhere I can think of, to no avail. I run two separate virus checkers plus Windows Defender, nothing on any scan. Reset the laptop to factory default about two weeks ago. The problem persists. I don't think any damage is being done, but there seems to be a small drag on the laptop responsiveness AND I'm tired of clearing the humungous log every week.

Can anyone shed light on this issue? If I need to post anything (the event log itself - four entries for every occurence) let me know.



Laptop: HP Pavilion TX2000 Notebook PC (tablet)
O/S Windows Vista 64-bit Home Premium, SP 1 installed (am selectively updating the system)
Running wireless, no bluetooth, only external devices are a second monitor and USB-wireless mouse.

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on Dell and can't seem to cancel any sleep mode - what else could stop this extremely annoying thing - I guess I will have to somehow uninstall windows 10.

Answer:Windows 10 means everything stops/starts amost every minute

Originally Posted by WPCentral Question on Dell and can't seem to cancel any sleep mode - what else could stop this extremely annoying thing - I guess I will have to somehow uninstall windows 10. post your configuration ( lappy or pc) , os version ( win 10) TP or official release

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in my A200 the cooler always starts for 3 or 4 secounds and than it is quiet again. That happens every 10-30 seconds. Is this normal? Is there a way to set it in an other mode? maybe more linear

Answer:Satellite A200 cooler runs not constantly

Hmm? the A200 is a new series and I don?t found any information in the internet about this series but I assume it supports similar options like other Satellite A series notebooks.

The Toshiba HWSetup provides an option called ?Dynamic CPU frequency mode?
Check if the switching to the ?Always Low? will change the fan performing.

Additionally the Toshiba Power Saver could influences the fan rotation
The Basic Setup of power saver provide options called ?cooling method?, ?CPU processing speed? and CPU control method.
All these settings can change the temperature level and the fan usage!

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The laptop has been making weird noises recently and becomes abnormally hot, as a result of which it shut down all of the sudden yesterday. I think that it might be the cooling fan. So what would be the best course of action right now? I just bought the laptop last year in March, so the warranty should still be in order, right?

Answer:Satellite A200-25X - cooler fan not working properly

Clean the fans of alphabets of my book pressed air and crevasses of ticket of the memory gently alphabets you want cleanliness of my occupation take him Ltcnai are not supposed to cost many

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I have since a week a Toshiba Notebook, the Satellite A200-19i. The Notebook is very loud in my opinion. One cooler is running permanently and the other one running sometimes. Or is this noisy thing not a cooler?

Please help me and sorry for my bad english. I am from Germany.


Answer:Satellite A200-19I is pretty loud - cooler is running permanently

What do you mean with ?very loud?? Did you compare this notebook with another similar one which supports the same hardware configuration like the A200-19i?

Do you run any applications while the one of the cooling modules is running?
Please don?t forget that the graphic card and the CPU must be cooled properly.
All this parts produce a lot of warmness and this warmness must be circulated!

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I am having a problem with my battery, when i plug it in it begins charging and then after a 10 min or so it just stops, I un plug it and plug it back in and it starts charging again but then after a little bit it stops again.

Answer:Battery starts and then stops charging

Battery is not charging properly.
To diagnose, I would suggest you to please update the Power Manager software and also update the Bios of your system from the below mentioned web link.
After this, please restart the system and check if the issue resolved.

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I've had an A200-12x satellite for nearly a year with no problems at all until now.

Since a few days ago, the computer starts up but when I enter the password for my user it nearly stops working. The hard disk light stays on non-intermitently and makes a small cracking noise in regular intervals. It takes the computer more than 10 minutes to leave the blue starting screen, then more than half an hour to display my desktop. The hard drive light will ocassionally blink, which is when the computer seems to wrok normally, but only for a second or so. When I gert to the desktop the light stays the same way and I can't work with it at all.

It runs ok in safe mode. I tried restoring the system but it does nothing.

Can anybody help me?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite A200-12x starts up but doesn't work

What you mean with ?restoring the system?? Have you installed OS using delivered recovery DVD or just roll back the OS to earlier time using system restore tool?

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My battery was working fine for the last two months, but now its starting to act up.
It charges up to 95% then stops, and then every 10 seconds decides to charge up again. This issue is annoying and slows down my productivity with the constant change from AC to DC.
Please help sort this issue out.

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I got a Satellite A200-1CK and my CPU fan stops cooling. Not that my CPU is getting not enough cooling. But when I am using my laptop at school to use it for virtualization of OS it gets warmer and the cooler isn't going to spin.

Is the CPU cooler broken or is it just an setting in the bios?


Answer:Satellite A200 - CPU Fan stops cooling


You must understand that nobody of us can give you any kind of ?precise diagnostic? and if you want to have right answer your notebook should be checked by technicians.

Please check the BIOS settings but on my A200 I can?t see anything that can help.

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A friend of my wife that works with her called and said her computer won't turn on, I looked and this is what it is doing.
You turn it on and the green light on the tower comes on and you can hear it starting up the green light on the monitor is on the key board lite is not. nothing ever comes up on the screen because you can listen to it and it starts then I think before it can really do anytning it sounds light it shuts itself off, then right away it starts up, then shuts down, then you can hear it start, then you can hear it shut itself down, you can hear it doing this and will keep doing it till you shut it down by the tower, could a cd being stuck in the cd unit make it do that or any idea's?? pleae help this lady needs it for her business, Thanks

Also if it makes a difference--you can get I think it is a white box with red trim on it you can get it on the monitor screen and it says something like saving power 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,and counts down and then goes to sleep

Answer:windows XP home compter starts then stops,starts,stops PLEASE HELP I use it for work

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Im wondering if anyone can help.....I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 that on startup just comes up with a black screen and "missing operating system" on the top left hand corner.

I searched for solutions on the net. Nothing really helped. I tried booting in safe mode using the F8 function key but it didnt work. I tried booting from a vista recovery disk. That didnt work. I tried reinstalling vista and it just came up with error 0x80070002. Im stuck and not sure how to get it booted up into safemode so that I can transfer data and then reinstall (reimage) vista on it.

Can anyone make any suggestions?

Answer:Satellite A200 starts with "missing operating system" message


Have you tried to enter the Bios and check if a hard drive is recognized? If it doesn't, the hdd doesn't work any more. if it does, try to do with another copy of Windows disk.

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I have a satellite A200-1GB and sometime it reverses the screen colors and starts the image starts to shake. In the begining this event was rare, but now its becoming more frequent.

I have the latest drivers and all vista updates. It first appened in the first i've used it (with no other software installed).

Can anyone help me with this?

Answer:Satellite A200-1GB: Display colors and images starts to shake

> Sometimes it reverses the screen colors and starts the image starts to shake

Didn?t see anything similar and to be honest I don?t think that this issue could be software related.
I would say either the LCD malfunction or a part like FL-inverter or something like this.

I think you shouldn?t waste the time for a further investigations and should contact the ASP as far as possible.
The guys should check the notebook and if necessary should replace the faulty parts.

The warranty seems to be valid therefore don?t be worried. It should cover everything!

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I have a problem with my new notebook :o( I have it only for three days and the webcam stopped working. When I try to use the camera, a dialog window opens and says: Webcam driver open fails. Please restart camera or computer. I re-installed the program, restarted my notebook for several times, but nothing happened :o( Please help me. I dont want to send it to a service just because of this "small" problem. Thanks for answering it.

Answer:Webcam stops working on my Satellite A200-10W

Hello Michal

Have you already tried to reinstall OS using delivered recovery DVD? If possible please do this and your notebook will have ?factory settings? again. After doing this it should work again.

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Very often, when I restart my laptop, and after typing my user password the screen goes black and the system stops loading windows.
I can access the task manager by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del, but I can't make it go on.
And then, without doing anything, if I restart (sometime once, sometimes two or three times) it works again.

It's very strange.

I've read that I should update the BIOS and the video card, but the problem is not solved yet. What can I do?


Answer:Satellite A200 PSE3E stops after login

Yes, this is very strange.

Have you made a recovery with the recovery disk? It could be also a problem with Windows and a reinstallation would solve this problem.

Otherwise I have no more idea because you did make a BIOS update.

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I put a new battery in my Toshiba Satellite A200 and now it is showing no battery detected and no lights showing battery is charging.
Can anyone help please?

Answer:Satellite A200 - replaced battery and now system saying "No Battery detecte


For me it sounds like you have used not compatible, not supported or wrong battery.
But you could try to remove the battery and should fit it again in order to check if there are some loose contacts or something like that?

If this is not the case then get in contact with an local Toshiba ASP and order the battery which is recommended by Toshiba.


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When I try to start the laptop the Power button gets blue, I hear the CD drive making its tests, the fan starts for 5-10 seconds then stops and the screen remains black all this time. I encounter this behavior when I connect only A/C, only battery or both (AC and battery).

I tried to connect an external monitor and still nothing displayed on it - the BIOS settings are on both LCD and external display.

I disconnected the HDD in order to decrease the power consumption and to eliminate it from the list of possible source of failures.

From time to time I manage to see the POST and then the OS boot loading message on both LCD and monitor but after restart or power on//off I get the same black screen.
I searched on the internet and a lot of people had this sort of issue with different Satellite versions but did not find any solution for it.

Many thanks for any hint.

Answer:Satellite A110 -195 starts and then stops

> I searched on the internet and a lot of people had this sort of issue with different Satellite versions but did not find any solution for it.
Do you really think there is some ?magic solution? for this? It is definitely some serious hardware problem that must be investigated in service with diagnostic tools.

All you do at the moment is right and you can eventually find out what the problem can be but question is: how to fix this? Can you repair manboard? Can you exchange mainboard? What you can do about it?

In my opinion all you can do is to find some cheap already used mainboard, exchange it and hope everything will be OK again. This can be a kind of challenge for you and hope you can fix it. Other way, sell it on eBay and obtain newer piece of hardware.

Sorry but I just try to be a bit realistic.

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The fan of my L650-108 is noisy and its operation makes things worse :
In Idle mode, the fan is at 0%, the CPU heats up. 1 min later, the CPU is hot, therefore the fan is at 50%, for 3 min. Then the fan is at 0%, etc, It's binary!
It reminds me of the leaky faucet in drop by drop : You know that the next drop will fall soon.

I looked for settings in the Bios but I found nothing. (I have the last update : 1.80) Im I alone in this case?
Why not maintain the speed at 20-30 % ? --> *Please, a new Bios*

Illustration :
<a target='_blank' title='ImageShack - Image And Video Hosting' href=''><img src='' border='0'/></a>

Uploaded with <a target='_blank' href=''></a>

PS : Sorry for my english ...

Answer:Satellite L650 - Fan starts and stops

Hi yuichi,

I think everything is ok with your notebook?
Why is it a problem that the fan activity goes to 50%? I mean if the fan would run at 20 or 30% it would be run a longer time?

What you can do to adjust the fan activity is changing the cooling method in Windows Power Management. You can set it from Maximum Performance to Battery Optimized.

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Sorry for my English I am French, I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite C660 few days ago and I noticed that the fan starts and stops every minute at all times, when temperatures exceed about 40 degrees (noted with SpeedFan).
Even if I'm just the office, the Internet. However it does not heat much. Is this normal?

Before I had a laptop and the fan did not stop but almost never had little noisy. I prefer that way, but this is can be a simple matter of habit for the Toshiba ...?

Answer:Re: Satellite C660 - Fan starts then stops


Try please to change cooling method option in advanced power settings.

Open power options > click n your power profile that you use > choose advanced power options > Toshiba Power Saver settings > Cooling method > change both options on ?Battery optimized?.

I think this will reduce fan activity.

Please test it and send some feedback.

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This is my first post in this forum but definitely not my first issue

I recently had to re-install Windows Vista on my Laptop because I had an undetectable virus that attacked Windows and rendered it useless.
Before then I had many, many start-up errors and windows crashes but all of which were avoidable or fixable. After the re-install I noticed the stability of windows was much better until recently.

I have not changed any settings or anything what so ever on my Laptop that could affect performance in any way but I am having new problems occur.

If I have my computer running, performing basic tasks for a few or more hours I notice the performance drops and suddenly my computer will completely stop responding.
The disc doesn't show any sign of life after this point and its only solution is a "Disruptive Shutdown".
This shows up in the Reliability and Performance monitor as just that, there are no errors shown before it and nothing is done after.

I have also noticed if either windows defender or my other virus protection runs a system scan my performance is reduced to the point where I can not perform as simple a task as open an explorer window. This also results in complete non-responsiveness. This never happened before about a week ago and now it happens every time.

Both of these started within the last few days and there is no obvious reasoning behind it. My CPU idle is still the same, no new processors added and no settings changed.
... Read more

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 (PSAF4A) - HDD stops and computer crashes

First of all, did you reinstall Windows with the Toshiba recovery disk or Microsoft disk?

This is strange and not easy to say what is wrong but in your case I would test the HDD and RAM.

There are special tools to test these parts:

On both website you can download a CD image. Burn it on a CD, boot from it and then you can test the parts.

Good luck!

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I have been using Satellite A200 for past 2 yr and it is working fine. Recently I am having problems.
When I am using it suddenly it will stop showing anything on display but the power lights in the front are still on.

This problem occurs often. Is the motherboard fried or is it overheating. I had given my laptop for repairs and they said they had repaired the system board and cleaned the fan.
But the problem is still occurring. If anyone can help me out I will be very thankful.

Answer:Satellite A200 suddenly stops showing anything on display

If the service cannot help I don't know what kind of help you expect here.
It is the big difference to discuss about some issue if you have notebook in front of you or on this way where we can just imagine what the problem can be.

It is really not easy to say why this happen but maybe is there some problem with display cable.
Does this happen while you are working or after display goes to off mode (defined in power settings)?

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I recently purchased this laptop, and the fan is driving me crazy, every time the CPU reaches 55c the fan switches on really loud for a few seconds, until the temp drops to 45c, then the fan switches off entirely, and the cycle repeats itself infinitely.

I have changed the cooling method to battery optimized and it has no effect -

Why can't the fan stay on permanently @ 30% load and thus negating the need to ramp it up to 100% every time the cpu overheats.

I can't believe such a simple little issue as this even exists.

Answer:Satellite Pro L450D - Fan starts/stops, constantly on/off

As I can see for plugged in is ?maximum performance?. If you use your notebook with AC adapter set it to ?battery optimized? too.
This will reduce cooling fan activity.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A110-180 and when I turn on the computer the fan starts running but it stops in a few seconds and starts again in a while and stops again and starts..... Then the laptop gets heat quickly.

I bought the laptop around 5 years ago so I think that the problem is either the fan or the circuit that controls the fan. Can someone that has had the same problem make me sure that the fan is the problem?

The part number of the fan is ATZHG000500. Does anybody know if a fan with P/N ATZHG000100 is compatible with my laptop or if I can use other fan?

Thanks for your help,

Answer:Satellite A110-180 - Fan starts but stops after few seconds

Hi Wiley,

First of all it?s normal that the fan starts and after few seconds or 1 minute it stops. Depending on the programs that you run the fan start again after few seconds or minutes. So theoretically it?s normal what happens to you.

But if your notebook is around 5 years old you should try to clean it. Therefore I can recommend compressed air spray. This could blow out the dust from the cooling ventilators. It?s very cheap but very useful.
Check this!!

Furthermore I think the thermal grease must be renewed? An authorized notebook technicians can help you and answer if the other fan part number fit in your notebook. :)

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i have just brought a a200 19k notebook and the dual key pad lights up and the mouse stops working.
I can't find why it does this in the manuel and what is the purpose of it lighting up with the symbols on it.

Do the symbols have a purpose. many thanks

Answer:Satellite A200-19K: dual key pad lights up and the mouse stops working


As far as I know not all A200 notebooks were delivered with this touchpad feature called TouchPad/Dual Mode Pad

The dual mode pad buttons provide many different functions like:

1.) Switch button -> it switch between the cursor mode and button mode.
When you switch to button mode the pad blinks blue and the mouse does not work

2.) Volume button -> increases or decreases the volume of speakers and headphones

3.) mail button -> starts you mail box for you to receive and send mails

4.) ConfigFree button -> starts the ConfigFree tool

5.) Windows Vista Photo Gallery button -> starts Windows Vista Photo Gallery

The other three buttons down the pad can be configured with different functions.

Please refer to the ?Properties for synaptic dual mode pad? for details!

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Dear all,

I have just bought this second hand Toshiba A665-11z only to find that when I'm connected to PSU the batter starts charging, then randomly stops charging... after a couple of seconds it might come back, and sometimes it just stops charging completely.

When this happens the power button's light goes off, as well as the one on top of the Touch pad.

Also the lights on the front of the laptop go white for the PSU, off for the On, and blinks pinkish for the battery. The backlit keyboard goes off too and won't go on till the charging is back.

once i started typing this post it disconnected form charge, I replugged it, and now it hasn't happened again.

The original OS was Windows home premium 32Bit, but this lappy comes with 4GB RAM so the prev owner installed a licenced version of WIn 7 Ultimate 64Bit.

I have updated all the drivers, and BIOS is at 2,20

Help please

Answer:Satellite A665-11z starts Charging then randomly stops

once i pressed SEND it went off again, and now running on battery power even though it's plugged in.

Also I can run the laptop on power supply with no battery in with no problem and it never disconnects, so it's not an issue with Charger or PSU port, as it would go off randomly without the battery in if it was, but it doesnt.

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I have had this problem since the computer was new (1 year now), and it has increased. Now I can work internet on the computer less than one hour before the computer stops - it is too hot. If I only use word or office products without being online, it is OK I have tried closing unused application, it helps a little but not much. What can I do?

Answer:Satellite Pro U series: The fan starts working - the computer stops


your problem sounds like a serious hardware malfunction. Honestly - you cannot do much. The only thing you should do is to contact an authorized service partner and ask them for a hardwarecheckup and a repair.
Please visit the following link to find the nearest ASP in your country:

Click on the link, go to Support and Downloads and then go to "Find an authorised service provider"

Greets and good luck

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Hi! I need your help! Whenever I switch to battery power, suddenly, one minute later, my laptop turns off for no reason! The battery is fully charged. What do you think the problem is? My laptop is 4 years old.
It's a Satellite 1400.
Thanks a lot!

Answer:After one minute on battery power my Satellite 1400 switches off

Hello Krissy

In my opinion everything that happens has some reason. According to your description I believe that battery is at the end and must be replaced.

It can be that battery status is full but there is no enough power. I have similar problem with Tecra 9000. Unit is also about 4 years old. On battery it runs maybe 10 min but after that this time it switched down suddenly.

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The driver is updated, the touchpad works normally most of the time, but from time to time (quite often) the vertical scroll (the bar on the right side of touchpad) stops reacting and it's impossible to scroll vertically. After a while it reactivates again and works normally again...

What's the issue?

Answer:Satellite A200-14D: touchpad vertical scroll stops working periodically

Who knows why this happen? :)
It will be nice to have answer to such ?periodical? issues.

Have you tried to play a little bit with Virtual Scrolling settings?
Try to change scrolling region. Try to expand it a little bit.

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I am having a problem with my touch pad that is driving me mad. It will suddenly stop responding and then won't work again until I have resetted the laptop. Sometimes it will take a few restarts or it might not work for days before suddenly working again for a few hours.
Here are things I have tried:
- Uninstalling the drivers and installing the latest ones
- Reinstalling Windows 7
- Replacing the hard drive (the old one was failing)
- Unscrewing the laptop and checking the connection physically
- F-keys

Sometimes the device completely disappears from Device Manager. However, when I view resources by connection, there is a yellow triangle by Synaptics PS/2 Port Touch Pad. The status says:
"This device is not present, is not working properly, or does not have all its drivers installed. (Code 24)".

Has anyone got other ideas? The laptop is out of warranty. I'm thinking it may be a hardware problem but then I don't understand why it works sometimes and then stops.


Answer:Satellite Pro L670 - Synpatics Touch Pad stops and starts working


Microsoft says this about the error code 24:

+The device does not appear to be present. The problem might be bad hardware, removable hardware that is not removed, or a new driver might be needed. Devices stay in this state if they have been prepared for removal.+

+Complete the physical removal of the device.+

In my personal opinion this would mean that the touchpad module is faulty or starts to malfunction sometimes? in my opinion it?s not software related problem but hardware.

In my opinion the touchpad module should be replaced? usually this is a job for an notebook technician?
Is the warranty valid? In such case the fix should be done free of charge.

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Hi, I have been having a few problems with my audio streaming, both input and output. I have read several posts on these forums from users who are having the same problems, but the posts have been closed down without a resolution on a suitable fix. These posts are also over 1 year old.

The problems is that I am getting an audio glitch when the cpu fan starts and stops. I have updated to the latest bios and installed all the latest audio, display and networking drivers; and the problem is still there.

I have been monitoring my system latency and systematically shutting down various devices in order to try and locate the cause, but still the problem persists.

The previous forum threads on this topic suggest the a workaround can be found by changing the processor drivers from ACPI to standard PC which will, amongst other undesirable things, will keep the fan on constantly elimiating the glitches. I feel that this is not a suitable solution.

As all the other forum threads have been closed down over a year ago, can anyone enlighten me to a solution to this problem.


Answer:Satellite A100-998: Audio dropout/glitch when CPU fan starts/stops

> The previous forum threads on this topic suggest the a workaround can be found by changing the processor drivers from ACPI to standard PC which will, amongst other undesirable things, will keep the fan on constantly eliminating the glitches. I feel that this is not a suitable solution

As you know this is only a user-to-user forum and you will not meet any Toshiba technicians here. Therefore the ?solutions? posted above was provided by single users and might be true but who knows if it would satisfy every single user? this is only an idea and suggestion.
I think you should contact the ASP in your country for a notebook check? possibly the technicians could provide another solution which would be suitable for everyone?

Greetings dude and good luck?

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I'm going to buy a new battery for a Satellite A200-1TG, but it seems hard to get on-line a battery that has this specific model in its compatibility list. For example, this one:

is written to be compatible with more than 50 subtypes of A200, but the A200-1TG model is missing from the list.

Has the A200-1TG got a battery different from all the other A200's, or I can buy the one mentioned above with the certainty that it will work in the A200-1TG?

Thank you very much and best regards.

Answer:Is the battery the same for Satellite A200-1TG, -1TB, -1HU, ecc.?

You can see it on other way.
Here is the list of all compatible batteries for A200 series:

You can use every of them. The difference is in capacity but all of them are 100% compatible with each A200 model. Compare specifications and buy the best one that you can order.

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I have looked for a battery compatilbe with my laptop but I cannot find it...

I need a new battery because my battery lasts 6 minutes :@

Could anyone help me?

Answer:Re: I need a battery for Satellite A200-1FL. Where can I get one?


Remove the battery from the ntoebook?s battery bay.
At the battery bottom side you can find an label with all the details; part number, etc?
Search in the internet using this part number for a compatible battery and I?m sure you will find some online offers?

Otherwise get in contact with an local ASP (authorized service partner) and ask for a compatible battery.

This should help you ;)

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I have a simple question about the batteries on these laptops.
I'm searching to buy a 12 cell battery for this model.

Toshiba BG(Bulgaria) told me that there are no 12 cell batteries for Satellite model laptops...
Somehow I don't believe them.

Could anyone tell me where can i buy a battery?
Give me a link from an onlien store?

Answer:Satellite A200-1AX Where to get 12 cell battery


On the Toshiba website you can search for new batteries: => Peripherals & Services => PC Options & Accessories => PC Options & Accessories Home Page

There you can search for compatible batteries and where to buy it.
But if the ASP says there are no 12 cell batteries available for this model I think it is to. The ASP will know it better as we users here. ;)


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Hi to all.

I have Satellite A200-PSAE6E, and I bought universal external battery. But external battery can't produce enough current for my laptop when internal battery is not full. When internal battery is full, external keeps it full and run laptop, but when internal battery isn't full and I plug in external battery, in a few seconds laptop shows that it is plugged in, and battery is charging, but after that few seconds, it shows only that laptop is plugged in, and battery doesn't charging.

Problem is that when laptop is plugged in and battery doesn't charging it use internal battery (like when it isn't plugged in), and when it empty internal battery it turn off, and there still shows that it is plugged in. Can I set that when laptop is plugged in, but doesn't charging it will use external power?
I am sure that is only software solution.

Answer:Satellite A200 won't use external battery

does anybody have any useful idea?

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my Satellite A200-1CR(PSAE0) I did format with my vista cd, not recovery cd.
The reason was that toshiba had too many things -drivers,programmes- that my pc needed 3 min to open and 3 to close. After the clean installation is really fine, I've never seen it so fast, most drivers were recognised by vista so I installed only 1 or two. I don?t need anything else but I have one serious problem:

There is no beep in low battery so laptop closes suddenly bios setting and windows setting is ok. Does anybody know which driver I should install so this is fixed???

thank you in advance.....

Answer:Re: No beep when low battery on Satellite A200-1CR

Thats not really a problem. If you had installed the Toshiba Powersaver then this issue wouldn?t appear. So, please visit the Toshiba Drivers & Download site and download the latest available version of the powersaver.

The powersaver enhances your powersaving features and should enable your "beep".


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Hello everybody!

I apologize for my English; it is not the primary language.
Somehow I could catch my Satellite A200 and assembly are not properly paved the cable (do not know what the cable, apparently the power to the screen), he was laid between the keyboard and top panel, but I forgot about it and put it between the motherboard and the top panel and ... when all assembled and included that most cable burnt ... precisely burnt winding ... cord, I immediately pulled out but the battery remained in it ... in general not very well turned out;)))

As a result of what it led to: first is sometimes not visible when you switch the keyboard and touchpad ... to eliminate the need to restart the car ... secondly, in principle, sometimes a laptop is not included, i.e. tanning lamp power and all ... in this case to pull out the power cable ... and last, the most unpleasant, the battery no longer charged ... i.e. after all this, I discharge the battery and now the laptop works only on the power cable.

Question: is the problem in the battery or the motherboard?

Answer:Satellite A200 is not charging the battery

Your English is hard to understand but it seems that you have disassembled the notebook and connected some cables in wrong manner.
Then something burned through and now you?ve got some problems with the battery, etc?

I think there is a hardware problem? who knows what you did in the past?
Fact is that you have made something wrong... this is always an risk if someone without an technician experience disassembles the notebook.

In your case I recommend contacting someone who knows how to check the notebooks hardware? you need an professional help?

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G'day, I have an A200 series laptop that is about 2-2.5 years old, the original battery has died. I bought a new battery- a bigger and better one ( that is, it was supposed to last longer than the original one). The new battery isn't fully charged after charging for 6+ hours while the machine is shut down and only lasts 2-2.5 hours on battery power. The power settings are set to balanced and I mainly only work with word doc's and sometimes have media player in background.
The original (smaller capacity) battery used to last 2-3 hours on thes settings.
The manufacturer has said tht it may be a driver issue of some kind.

Has anyone had a similar dilema and does anyone out there know how I might remedy this issue aside from returning the battery to the manufacturer?


Answer:Battery run time on Satellite A200

2,5 hours battery run time on Satellite A200 is OK for me and it is the same as on my Satellite A300.
I think 2,5 hours runtime is fair average for this notebook model.

Can you please tell us which battery you bought exactly?
Can you send us exact Toshiba part number?

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I wonder if there is a way to watch _time_ which is remaining not, % of the battery charging.
Thanks again.

Answer:Satellite A200 battery question


I use Toshiba notebooks for years now and I can say for sure that something like this is not known to me. There is no way to make a choice between ?time? and ?%? information.

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My Satellite A200 is just over one year and the battery has stopped charging.

Whilst looking over laptop have seen fan not working either, although no effect on performance when plugged in at home.

Are two probs related can fan only be hardware failure?

And is it connected to batt failure?

Answer:Satellite A200 - battery and fan failure

For me it is not easy to say that both issues are somehow related. You can check fan functionality if the notebook runs on AC power supply only. Remove the battery and check it out.

Try also to change power profile and cooling method to see if there is any influence on fan functionality.
What to say about battery? If the battery has stopped charging it can be because of battery itself or maybe power supply electronic on mainboard but if you want to have exact answer to this the notebook must be checked by authorized service provider?

Is the warranty still valid?

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Hi there everybody,

I hope that you're all good, I kindly need to know what is the best way by which we can prolong our PC's battery, I got a friend who apparently frustrated because her laptop's battery is almost dead while PC unplugged to electricity; it gives her only five minutes and the beeping starts.

I think she's always used her laptop plugged to electricity, no frequent discharging / charging to the battery yet, I do really appreciate it if you guys out there (be blessed) could help me to maintain my and her's (she bought a new battery lol) batteries.

Note: My Satellite A200-1M5 gives me 2.45 minutes after 4 months and I'm glad with that, I turn on my laptop unplugged to power (discharges) often but I feel like I cannot explain or help others to precisely look after their laptop's battery longevity.
Thanks a million in advance

Why cannot we find such information regarded to maintenance in the Toshiba site?
Maybe we didn't search!

Answer:Satellite A200-1M5: what is the best way to prolong our battery


I think you are right? You didn?t search on the Toshiba page long enough ;)

I have visited the Toshiba European support page and selected from the category ?Troubleshooting? the option -> Solutions to common issues.

There I have found the category ?Battery? and then I have found this article:

*+How to setup my computer for optimum battery usage?+*

It looks like an older FAQ document? anyway fact is that all batteries lose the own performance after several times? Several years ago it was advisable to remove the battery from the notebook to prolong the battery life time. This is not necessary with the new battery and notebooks generation.

However, many people remove the battery if the notebook is running on the mains (AC adaptor connected) this prevents the battery from permanent charging and discharging.

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my question is simple. When I use my laptop and I use the battery energy, the battery icon shows me after 10mins that the battery is just on 10% from 100%. Does it mean that my battery is "dieing"? Should I buy the new one?

Thanks for help.

Tomas Fric, Czech Republic

Answer:Re: Satellite A200-14E - After 10 minutes the battery is just on 10% from 100%

Hey Tomas,

Yes, I think it seems that your battery is faulty and need to replace. I think some cells in battery don?t work anymore and so the battery should be replaced.

You can buy a new battery from an authorized service provider. They sells all original Toshiba spare parts.
Alternative you can search on the Toshiba Accessories homepage for compatible batteries (part number). Then enter this part number on Google to find a shop where you can order it online.

Good luck!

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Hi, I am using a 2-year-old A200-1CC. Last week it stopped to inlight the blue Battery-LED. System would not start any more or would break down within 10 seconds. I bought a new battery, assuming that it had passed away. New battery - same problem. With battery in place the yellow-battery-LED appears for 5-10 seconds and than disappears again. System is only running properly without battery in place.

Any idea what the error might be?


Answer:Satellite A200-1CC - Battery does not charge


I think the best way is you go to a local authorized service provider. I mean you have already tried another battery but it doesn?t work.
The technicians can check your notebook and exchange parts if it necessary.

For me it sounds like a mainboard issue but the ASP will know that better.

Good luck!

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Hello, I bought this laptop in UK,2008. Now, I was back to my home place INDIA. I was facing problems regarding battery charge. When I was charging the laptop, I used to check the status of battery. It shows that "57% available (plugged in,not charging)". Since I was using the ORIGINAL TOSHIBA CHARGER,it was decreasing day by day. Could you help me in getting my problem solved?

Awaiting ur reply.


Answer:Satellite A200 - How to increase the battery?


>I bought this laptop in UK,2008

You bought it 2 years ago, it's pretty good time for battery to operate. It looks like you need to replace it.

> since I was using the ORIGINAL TOSHIBA CHARGER,it was decreasing day by day

I don't think it's a reason of the battery degradation.

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I'm after a replacement RTC battery for my A200-244

I've got my machine open and located the battery but it has no model number on it.

I have read post saying that the battery is part of the board and the whole board will need replacing but if i had a model number for the battery i could quite easily desolder old and replace with new

Any help would be great!

Answer:Re: Replacement CMOS / RTC Battery for Satellite A200-244


What?s wrong with the RTC battery? Is it empty?
The RTC battery can be charged by the adapter or main battery, while the computer is powered on. You have to charge the battery 24hours long.

Furthermore it seems that the A200 series uses the 3.0V (14mAH ? 17maH) RTC battery?
I found some which support these values.

RTC battery (Maxell ML1220T10)
RTC battery (Maxell ML1220HT10)
RTC battery (Sanyo ML1220T28)
RTC battery (Panasonic ML1220/B)

But to be honest you could damage the whole motherboard while trying to remove such battery?as mentioned in other threads?its soldered so I could be really tricky?

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Hi there,

I bought a new Toshiba Sattelite A200-1H2 2-3 weeks ago. Its got a T5440 Core3Duo, 2 GB RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon HD2600GT 256 dedicated (up to 1025 with turbomemory).
I am aware that i got myself a pretty good CPU and GPU and that they cost power.

But is it normal when on POWER SAFE mode my battery drains completely in just over 1 hour??


Answer:Satellite A200-1H2 - Battery drains in 1 hour


The battery working time depends on the notebook usage!
But as far as I know the A200 runs about 1.15h on battery power

Furthermore the notebook was delivered with a standard battery.
If you need more battery power you should buy stronger Battery Pack with 6000mAh or higher.

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Hello, I woke my computer from sleep mode and found a popup stating I had a battery error.

I was wondering if this is a common thing or if its a Windows 7 error?

Answer:Satellite A200-X01 - Battery Error on Windows 7

Hi DocWinters,

What happens if you restart the notebook? Does the error still occur?

I doubt it?s a common issue. In my opinion it sounds like that the battery needs replacing because its consumables and can only be charged/recharged 500 times I think.

You can get a new battery from an authorized service provider! :)

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hello all!

I just purchased a Satelite A200 laptop. Could somebody tell me how to maximize my battery lifetime?
I already had my initial charging about 2 hours after a complete battery drain, however, my battery cannot manage to sustain another couple of hours of work.
I am doing basic work like browsing and using the media player from saved files and I am not using my dvd drives yet and can't sustain its operations.
Please advice.


Answer:How to maximize battery lifetime on Satellite A200


What to say dude? the battery working time depends on the notebook usage and on the battery performance.
I don?t know what exactly battery was delivered with this notebook but as far as I know it?s a common standard battery. If you want to use the notebook much longer I recommend buying the stronger battery; for example with 6000-8000mAh.

By the way; you can configure the battery power usage in the Vista power options.
If you want you can create a new power plant configuration to get the best battery performance.

Check this!

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My notebook SATELLITE A 200-BJ runs exactly 2 hours when I take plane "save energy" - then I must to charge it. It's normal?

i have bouhgt it 1 mounth ago and I don't konow what to do :(
Please help me, thx

Answer:Satellite A200 - empty battery after 2 hours


Why should it not be normal? I presume that you now very well that Vista uses much more resources as WXP and it is logic that power consumption is also higher than on WXP.

To be honest 2 hours is OK for this notebook model. I have Satellite A200-1CR and battery also runs about 2 hours. Sometimes less than 2 hours but it depends on notebook usage.

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hallo again.....i want to ask about bying a new battery for my A200-1cr

I found 2 batteries.....with different charecteristics...

a. 6 cells and 10,8v x 4000maH
b. 9 cells and 10,8 x 6000maH

and the second one costss 35$ more than the first one....

I'd like to know if the second one costs its money....will i see a difference??
For example if with the fisrt one my laptop works for two hours, can it with the second one work for three hours(doing the same things)

I just want to know the differences in their perfomances....

Answer:Difference between 6 and 9 cell battery for Satellite A200-1CR

The 9 cell battery is about 1/3 stronger than the 6 cell battery and therefore it should lasts 1/3 longer as the 6 cell battery.

It?s you decision if you want to spend 35$ more for such battery

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Hello again......

you've helped me many times, and i believe once more.... i made a search but for batteries there is a mess......

I 'd like to know if toshiba recomments a way to fill and empty the battery so it holds the same time, with the years passing......
In the first battery i was filling and emptying it full, 5-6 times a week and laptop was on ac adapter the rest time.....
But is there a way to use battery and power adapter armonically without destroying time that battery holds.....

What should i do????
Keep it always on the power adapter?
Full the battery and emptying it continuesly?

What i sure now is that i must not put it in a closet..... then i should throw it....
What is your opinion????

Sorry for my english.....

Answer:Battery usage question on Satellite A200-1CR


First of all you have to know that all batteries are covered by warranty for 12 month (one year) and sooner all later all batteries must be replaced because after a long time of usage every battery will lose the performance.

Well, you want to know how to handle the battery?
To be honest I?ve got 3 notebooks and I never removed the battery if the AC adaptor has been plugged in.
But if you want you can use the notebook without the battery if the AC adaptor is connected but there is a risk that the notebook would power off if you disconnect the cable accidentally.

However, the new battery generation is more stable as the early notebook batteries and usually it?s not necessary to remove it when AC has been plugged in.
In my opinion it should not affect the battery performance.


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I have a relatively old Satellite A200, yet nearly all the insides are new except the battery. The battery has a very short life, but thats becasue its old. Recently the computer has started to suddenly lose the battery, so the charging light stays on, the battery light switches off, and the battery icon says 'plugged in, not charging'. However, the computer will still be running on battery. If I see this in time then by repeatedly removing and replacing the charger I can start it charging again, but if I dont it switches off with no warning. Since the battery life is now under a minute that happens often.

I dont think the problem is with the charger as it always shows the charger is connected, and when the computer is off the battery light is always on when plugged in. I had a problem with the power connector, but had the motherboard replaced recently so I dont think thats it either.

If anyone could help it would save me a lot of frustration, Thanks.

Answer:Satellite A200 - Loses battery, switches off


At first I must say that you should not be frustrated. Problems with consumers products are ?normal? and everyone of us has some problems with notebooks, TVs or any other electronic product.

Let?s see what you can do about it.
Your description is OK but what I would like to know is follow:
When you remove the battery can you work on your notebook without any problems (start, work, switch off)?

I also think that battery is too old and I presume it is ?troublemaker? in the whole story. It is not easy to explain this blinking behaviour if you have ?defective? or old hardware part inside.

Maybe you should buy battery replacement and check notebook and battery functionality, just to see if everything will be OK again. If you will be faced with the same problem again then we can discuss what the problem can be.
In my opinion only reason for this could be power supply electronic.

What do you think?

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Could someone advise me please?
I have a Satellite A200 which does not seem to hold its battery charge for more than half an hour - even if it has been left for 2 days shutdown charging on AC.

It is driving me +CRAZY+ please help :)

Cheers - Bee

Answer:Satellite A200 not holding battery charge


Just one question: What answer do you expect now? I mean the case is clear or what do you think about this?

The battery should be replaced if the charge doesn?t hold more than half an hour. Therefore you should contact an authorized service provider. They can sell all original Toshiba spare parts and so you will get the right battery for your notebook: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider


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I've had an on/off issue with my battery/charger for a while in that sometimes it would charge while plugged in and others it wouldn't, so if I removed the charger to move the laptop it was a 50-50 gamble as to whether it would instantly turn off or not.

This hasn't been too much of a problem as the laptop isn't moved too often, but I recently returned home to find my charger was no longer working at all and the laptop was off.

I've managed to get hold of a replacement charger just to test it out and I've found that when plugged in, the blue light that is usually solid that shows the charger is plugged in is blinking, and the times it has stayed solid and allowed me to boot up the laptop has lasted around a minute at best before shutting off completely, not even allowing me enough time to transfer important documents I have on there.

Is buying a new battery going to solve this problem, or is the issue more likely to be something inside the laptop that needs replacing?

Answer:Satellite A200-28P Battery/Charger problem


I doubt that buying a new battery would solve your problem.
Because the notebook should also work properly using only the AC adaptor.
So even if the battery would be faulty or dead, it should be possible to use the notebook connected to mains.

The notebook has a number of other power resources including an intelligent power supply and real time clock battery and these resources are interrelated and any one could affect apparent power problems.

If the DC IN is blue, then this means that AC adaptor is connected properly and the power is being supplied correctly. If this is not the case, the AC adaptor might be faulty or there is a big problem with the power supply electronic on the motherboard.

So in such case the AC adaptor should be tested? if you are 100% sure that AC adaptor is working properly, then there must be a problem with motherboard.

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Hello, I have a Satellite A200-23k from june
3 days ago the battery stops charging at 65%
I let the battery discharge to 0 ( to recalibrate it ) but surprize, this time stops at 45%
I put the battery on a second laptop ( same model ) but it work in the same way

Any help will be apprechiated

Answer:Satellite A200 battery charge problem


Looks like a battery malfunction. What do you think?

If the battery issue appears also on the second notebook using the same battery then I would try a new battery.

It could be really a battery malfunction?
It?s worth a try

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Has anyone got a spares bios (RTC) battery for this motherboard. I just spoken to Toshiba - who told me to talk to Topaz, who told me

'it is part of the motherboard, and we cannot get hold of the components for the motherboard. A new motherboard will cost ?160. That is the best we can do'

The battery would cost no more than ?3.
Anyone got one please???

Answer:Satellite A200-1SI - Need BIOS (RTC) Battery this time


Maybe it?s enough if you load the RTC battery?!
You can charge the battery by power ON the machine for several hours.

Here is an interesting document about this:

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I have Toshiba Satellite A200 and recently I have had some software problems with charging it :(

When the battery is on 99-96% it doesn't start charging when i plug the cable (and says that the battery is on 100%).
If it is below 96% it starts charging, but it stays too long on 99% than before :(

Is anyone familiar what I should do in order to start charging even if it is on 97% ( for instance :) )?

Answer:Satellite A200: Battery charging issue

Haven't observed this charging behaviour, but I can tell too, that the percentage is longer on 99 then on others. Why, I don't know.
And I have not watched if it is charging from 96, above, or below.

I think this is normal and would not call this an issue.

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I just bought new Toshiba A200-1AE with Windows Vista and I have one question can I find how long I can work on battery power? Becouse I can't find it. Only a percent of battery.
Please help.

Answer:Satellite A200: How long I can work on battery power


It?s not easy to say how long you will be able to work with battery power.
The battery working time depends on the notebook usage. If you run high performance applications like games, video software, etc? the notebook battery power goes down much faster!
Why? Because all the notebook parts like CPU, GPU, HDD, cooling modules have to run with full performance. All these parts waste and need the battery power!!!

Do you use the XP or Vista? Vista needs much more resources as other Microsoft operating systems. It wastes more battery performance. That means that the notebook will run much longer with installed XP as with Vista OS using the battery.

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I have a Satellite A200 running under Vista and also under XP and I am NOT able to see the estimated battery time remaining. I only can see the percentage left.

For instance, I am using my notebook unplugged for more than 1 hour (my guest) and I only can see the percentage left (45%) but I cannot see the time remaining.

I have this problem with Vista or XP.

Is this natural? What can I do to see the time remaining?

Thank you,

Diego Alvares

Answer:Satellite A200 - I can't see battery time remaining only percentage

Sorry but I would like to know why you think it is a problem. Where you have found info that there must be shown ?battery time remaining??

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I am really tierd from pepole telling me that i must unpluge the charger after the battery coming full coz if i stay plug in the charger the battery will be loss after while time.

I need from the Expert pepole here to tell me is the Toshiba A200 Satellite is automaticly stop charrging the battery after it come full or i must unplug the charger to save the batter|?

I hope i have answer for this question

wait ur reply

Answer:Does Satellite A200 automatically stop charging the battery?

Can any one help me please and tell about my Q

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I got A200 1UQ and my battery charger doesnt work.
Btw Im from Turkiye.

Can I find the original one, if I cant can I use universal battery charger?


Answer:Satellite A200-1UQ - Battery charger doesn't work

On the Toshiba website you can search for a compatible charger and the part number: => Peripherals & Services => PC Options & Accessories => PC Options & Accessories Home Page

If you have the part number you can search with Google for this number. If you can?t find something you should contact an authorized service provider. They can order all Toshiba parts.

I hope I could help you a little bit.

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Can anyone help me?

I need the program that shows to me the status of the laptop's battery
My laptop model is Satellite A200-23N.
Please I need help !!

Answer:Re: Satellite A200-23N - I need the program that shows the status of battery


Which operating system do you use?
Usually in the task bar there is power symbol and if the notebook runs on battery power supply place the mouse pointer on this symbol and info about battery power will be shown. You wil see how may percent of power the battery has.

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Hi all,

I have a problem with my battery.

1. Computer is turned off
2. The battery is LOW
3. I plug in the power cable and the LED is Orange and the battery is charging.
I know the battery is charging because when I turn on the computer after a while there is for example 44% charged.
4. When I look now at the battery status there is "44% available, battery plugged in, not charging
5. at this time the battery is not charging anymore and the power goes down 40%.....35%....32%....ex...
6. When I now turn of the computer the LED is back orange and the battery is charging again.

7. one more thing : when the battery is 100% charged with computer off and I then turn the computer on
the battery stays at 100% because the computer is running on power cable.

My conclusion is that the battery only charges when the computer is turned off ?
ones the battery is 100% the computer works on power cable.
if the battery is not charged for 100% and I turn on the computer, the computer is not working on power cable ( the power cable is plugged in ) and the battery power lowers again.
What can I do about that.


Answer:Satellite A200-1G2 battery only charges when Windows is shut down?

Hi mate,

First of all I must agree you that battery charging should also work if the notebook is turned on. I mean on my notebooks it works always properly and I have only founded this on the Toshiba website:

But to be honest I think there is a hardware problem with your notebook because there is no software option that must enable/disable to charge battery in Windows.
Another question: If you go into BIOS, will the battery be charged?

If not I would contact the nearest authorized service provider for help. They should check your notebook and maybe it?s a mainboard problem or something else. On the Toshiba website you can search for nearest ASP: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

If you have more questions, please let us know and give us a feedback if the problem is solved. It?s always interesting to read this and I think for other users too. ;)

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Please I need help... I have got Toshiba Satellite A200-1m8.
Operating system: Windows XP Pro SP3.

I noticed that the Wireless connection, running the laptop on battery power, drops and sometimes doesn't connect but plugging the power back to Normal power it easily does

I searched for similar issues and found that Intel for wireless devices does this to save battery power. I followed the instructions I found, and Wi-Fi worked well by increasing the power management in the Wi-Fi device settings ,but the main problem here is when I increase power management ,running the laptop on batteries, the computer seemingly to lose battery power quickly.

Should I change the deficient part by the manufacturer or what to do .......??


Answer:Satellite A200-1M8 - battery loose power quickly


As you know the power consumption depends on notebook usage and also on power settings. I don?t know what you do exactly when your notebook runs with battery power supply but it will be interesting to know how long you can use it with battery only.

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My Toshiba Satellite A200 laptop after allmost 4 years of usage at shutdown remained with the

"Power on led" lit on the systray and refused to boot when I hold pressed the Power Button.

When the Batttery was removed and I tried to boot with AC Power Adapter Cable it started up as usually

without any problem.

The model is A200-1M4

Model No: PSAEOE - 04E029GE

DC19V 3.4 A

Made in China CE.

Up to now my battery was recharging efficiently

and was holding the charge when unused for at least 5 days . When I

was pluging in the AC/DC Adapter the led was turning blue within a few

minutes, anyway it was never flashing amber.

Until recently with the AC/DC Adapter cable unplugged with my recharged

battery I could keep up working for at least one and a half hours.

Can I check the Battery condition before I replace it??

Should I be looking for some other defect to repair or does my battery needs replacement.

Can someone try to assist.


Answer:Had to remove my battery in order to boot my Satellite A200

Finally I took the initiative to place again the old Battery into its nest and then power my laptop
with the AC/DC Adapter Power cable plugged in.
Then both the Battery and Power leds were lit in Blue color on the systray and when I pressed the Power
button rebooted and started as usually without any problem.

Still I dont know what caused this irregularity at shut down that blocked my system and obliged me
to work around in order to restore, luckily without having to replace with a new Battery, as mine is still
running strong with Battery icon on the systray indicating "fully charged".

Please consider this case closed and resolved.
Thanks a lot.

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I have a Satellite A 200 1 BJ with 4GB RAM, 300GB HDD SATA @4200RPM (with 2 MB L2 Cache???) The warranty period is over. Is it possible to have an internal hard disk of 300 GB @7200 RPM with 8 MB L2 Cache? Any idea about the cost?

Also is it possible to get a 9 cell battery for my laptop?

Answer:Satellite A200 - HDD Compatibility and more power with 9 cell battery


I think it shouldn?t be a problem to upgrade the HDD to 300GB. It should work.
I don?t know exactly how much it could be but it always depends on the HDD manufacture and the dealer ;) google simply for some offers.

Regarding the battery question;
Well, you can check it yourself. The Toshiba Option & Accessories website provides all compatible options for you notebook;

+ -> Peripherals & Services -> Option & Accessories+


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My laptop doesn't show remaining battery life, only remaining %s.
Is there any solution? I didn't find nothing on the forum...

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro A200-20J not showing battery life time

This is not a problem but fact!!!

Fact is that Vista shows the rest of battery power in percent!

I?ve got a A210 with Vista OS and the battery lifetime appears is percent when I move the cursor over the battery icon in task bar.


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Hi All,

My Satellite Pro A200 laptop is just over 1.5 years old (or young :P) and I have a huge problem with the battery - it only lasts for a total of _26 minutes_ under "high performace" mode in Vista - other power modes increase the time by only 5-7 minutes.

I have tweated the system setup to:
- run as few programs at startup;
- to use as little memory in relation to graphics (as in diabled vista themes, and "fancy" operations such as show contents of window whilst dragging).
- remain on the lowest brightness level.

The programs that do run on startup are my anti virus (F-Secure), and ATI catalyst control.

I have also cleaned the registry of any conflicts and regularly virus scan.

I have used Ubuntu on this laptop as well and the battery life is not that much better, which brings me to the conclusion that the battery is nearing its end.

I was wondering if this battery life time (26 minutes max on high performace) is normal for a laptop after only 1.5 years?* (I don't remember how long it lasted when I first bought it).

Also, I have a laptop from other manufacturer of 2 years and the charge of its battery lasts a minimum of 4 hours (on Windows XP).
Both notebooks batteries are 6 cell.

Any suggestions of how to improve my battery life?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 - Is 26 minutes of battery life normal?

>Satellite Pro A200 laptop is just over 1.5 years old and I have a huge problem with the battery - it only lasts for a total of 26 minutes under "high performace" mode in Vista

The battery working time depends on different factors:

If different hardware parts like CPU, GPU, HDD, ODD, display are running with highest performance then your battery working time will decrease dramatically?
Additionally if you would lose an stronger battery (9 cell or 12 cell) then you should be abele run the notebook much longer using battery power.
Furthermore the battery loses the own performance systematically and after a long time of usage you will have to replace the battery.

However, if you want you could check the Vista Power Options in order to increase the battery working time:
Here is a nice article:

How to handle the power management features of Windows Vista

But in worst case you will need a new, stronger battery?

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Well, I have a Satellite U400 11Z and I was just seeing a web when suddenly my Notebook turned off. My battery wasn't on my pc and I only had my notebook with the power suply. I re-connect the power suply, I tried other connections but nothing, my Notebook doesn't turn on. I tried with the battery and that was okey but my notebook doesn't detect the power suply so:

- This problem could be becouse the power suply (Toshiba PA3468E 19V 3,95A) was crashed?
- Or this problem could be becouse my Notebook detection of power suply is crashed?

How I can test the second option?

Thanks a lot and sorry for my English!


Answer:Satellite U400-11Z - Only starts with connected battery

Hi blux,

What happens if you connect the AC/DC adaptor while the notebook is turned on? If you turn off the notebook, will the battery be charged?

In my opinion it?s hard to say what is exactly wrong. In best case you should ask a friend that has a compatible AC/DC adaptor that you can test to determine what is exactly wrong. Otherwise go to an authorized service provider with notebook and AC/DC adaptor and let the guys check this! ;)

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My A200 with the preinstalled Vista displays only the remaining battery time in percentage % but not he remaining battery time in hh:mm:ss. My previous notebooks could display the remaining battery time on XP, and a friend of mine uses another notebook with Vista Business and the remaining battery time is available there too.

I updated my BIOS to 2.4 but it still does not work. How can I make it work?


Answer:Satellite A200-23O: Vista Home Premium How to set battery time

Good question. Wanted to have this be displayed on my notebook too. But all I found after hours of search with google was, that this feature is hardware depending.
I have a Toshiba notebook and another machine, one with XP and the other with Vista Ultimate. None of them displays the battery time, just percentage.

I've read you can install some 3rd party applications to get this to work, but not sure if there are programs for Vista too or even if some of those tools are installed, it will work.

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I bought notebook A200-10w. The problem is battery because when I surf on internet or use word the battery endurance is 1 hour. I switch off win aero but there are no changes. What can I do ?

Thanks, Marko

Answer:Satellite A200-10W - I can work only 1 hour on battery power supply

> What can I do?
Buying a stronger battery ;)

Well, fact is that Vista notebooks need more battery performance as the XP notebooks..
I found some tests in the computer professional magazine and this is a Vista issue.

You could try to set the different settings in the Vista ?power plant?.
Try to set also the display brightness to a lower level. This you increase the battery performance but don?t except to much

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I have been running an A200 machine for the last 2 months, bought as a desktop replacement in order to fit in my small flat. I realise now that I have never ued it running on the battery - it is always powered on mains power. Since this is unlikely to change, should I remove the battery? Is the battery deing degraded by staying in the machine while it is continusouly mains powered, or does it not matter?

Many thanks in advance for your advice/opinion,


Answer:Satellite A200: Should I remove the battery when working on mains power


no it doesn?t matter if the battery is in the machine or not. The charging electronics in your machine check constantly the stat of your battery and if the battery is full, the machine gives your battery a "keep-alive" charge which is just a small amount of charge to have a full battery but to take care of it.

If I were you, I would let the battery go (in the machine :) ) and just work with the system. Thats all. ;)


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Since I have installed the sound card driver to my notebook, it always starts to beep when it reaches 10% battery in every 10 seconds. Its not a Windows voice, but i tried to search the sound controls and even the BIOS to turn this thing off. It can be usable in certain cases, but I really want to get rid of it or make it use only if the screen is off and I dont see the battery charge level.

All in all, the question again is, how can I turn off or control the beeping sound after 10% battery level without uninstalling the Realtek sound driver?

Yours Sincerely,


Answer:Satellite L500-14Z starts to beep when it reaches 10% battery


You can disable it in:
Start >> Control Panel >> Sound

There click on Sounds tab in Sound properties

Choose Critical Battery Alarm and in small window called sound choose ?no sound?.

Apply the changes and reboot the notebook.

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I have a L300D satellite that has a problem with starting. Last week it shut down but got stuck on the 'Logging off' screen for a very long time. Eventually I manually shut it off by holding down the power button. Didn't think any more of it as that has happened occasionally with my computers. However, when I went to turn it on again - there was nothing. Power lights came on on the front of the computer, but no screen at all. Couldn't even access the BIOS. Nothing. It was like this for several days.

Tried all the common solutions - removed battery, disconnect AC power and hold the power button - still nothing. Tried w/o battery - just AC, just battery. Even stripped it down to the motherboard to see if I could remove the CMOS battery and reset the CMOS, but it's soldered onto the motherboard. Put it all back together, still nothing.

Eventually I had to charge my cell phone using a USB adapter and since the computer had power I tried the usb port and it worked (i.e. I was able to charge the phone - still no screen on the computer). Eventually the computer battery died and I plugged it in. That evening, after the battery had fully charged, I tried the computer and it worked perfectly. Booted up correctly, shut it down, restarted it and it was fine. Unplugged that night and plugged in again in the morning and ... nothing again. Just a black screen. No BIOS.

Killed the battery again then recharged it and lo and behold, my computer is working again.

Any ideas on what m... Read more

Answer:Satellite L300D starts only after battery has been drained and recharged

What BIOS version is currently installed? Sometimes a BIOS Update can fix this kind of problem.

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Problem with my charging/power on my notebook.

Intermittantly, when using the AC power adapter to charge the battery, the battery will charge for a time (with LED glowing amber) then (after no specific time) the amber light will go out, and stop charging. Looking at the battery icon in the desktop tray when this happens shows the notebook to be running on the battery, even though the AC power supply is still attached.

Moving the AC power supply jack in the socket of the back of the notebook makes no difference. It's almost as if the notebook is not recognising that AC adapter is there.

To add confusion, if I use the notebook on AC power alone (i.e remove the battery totally), the power will randomly cut out. This is also intermitant, and happens even if the notebook is not in use.

I have checked the power meter settings, and i have the most up-to-date drivers for the toshiba power saving utilities. i have also replaced the AC power supply and the battery.

Any Ideas?

Answer:Satellite P30-130: Battery stops charging

Hello Chris

Everything you done is right but next step is to check power supply electronic on the mainboard. Problem is that you can not do it alone and it must be done by technicians.

Please contact service partner in your country and explain them the situation. They have equipment to check power supply electronic placed on mainboard.

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Today I restored my Satellite A200 to factory settings.
This is about the 4th time I've done this in the last 2 years.

Now my battery life is screwed up.

100% charged with about 10 minutes remaining (image:

85% charged with 8 minutes remaining (image:

What's going on?

I'm afraid if I restore to factory settings again to 'fix' the problem it will only make it worse and end up being 2 minutes remaining at fully charged.

Answer:Satellite A200 short battery life time - it discharges very quickly


Looks like the battery is dead?
In such case you have to buy a new one?

I can use my old battery for about 2min? it?s fully charged but after 2min if usage it?s empty?
But I use my notebook like a desktop PC? it?s connected always to the AC adaptor so I don?t need a new battery?


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Hi all,

My Toshiba Satellite A30-871 notebook has started discharging the battery whilst the mains power supply is connected (The LED shows that AC is connected but Laptop consumes battery power instead of charging battery and using AC power). When the battery reaches 0% laptop will switch off. Removing the power plug and reconnecting does not solve the problem while the computer is ON, only shutting down computer starts the battery to charge. Which means that I can use laptop as long as battery retains some power. Sometimes when the notebook is off and battery is being charged, battery charging LED starts to blink and I have to remove the power jack and plug it back.

I don''t think its a loose power connector because the light shows the power is connected.

I wonder if anyone got a solution for me.


Answer:Re: Satellite A30 - Battery starts discharging if power supply is connected

Anyone around to help me out? I'm pretty much frustrated ....


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My Toshiba is rather annoying. I'm hoping there is a fix to this and that it isn't built into the computer by braindead hardware designers.

My battery is toast. Has been for a while. I find the computer works fine if the power cable stays in. If it comes out, the battery usually has about a minute and a half of life to it. However, what pisses me off is that the battery will not charge again. It will sit and drain its power to zero, even with the AC cable plugged in, if the jack is disconnected even for a millisecond. The only way to charge it again is to shut down the computer and start it back up.

What the hell is up?

Answer:Satellite P15 - If the jack comes out, the battery stops charging

Hi Floydian,

Wow, Satellite P15 is really an ?oldie?.

I?m not an expert but for me it sounds like a battery or mainboard problem. A battery can be recharged about 500 times and after this will loose a lot of power. That means you can?t work only some minutes on battery mode.

In your case I would try a new battery. If it doesn?t work I think you need a new mainboard.
Have also a look on eBay. There you can get cheap second hand spare parts sometimes.

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I am having a problem with my Satellite A200. I have no problems when I charge the battery and just run off the battery, however, as soon as i plug the adaptor back in I have problems.

The machine seems to freeze and the screen has differnt colours on it in lines and blocks.
I have purchased a new adaptor but same problem persists.

Answer:Satellite A200 works fine on battery but freezes when power adaptor added.

I think this issue is definitely for professionals and I recommend you to contact nearest authorized Toshiba service provider.
Explain the situation and let them check your notebook.

This A200 is older notebook model and I cannot imagine you have been faced with described issue from the first day so I?m afraid there must be some hardware related problem and to fix this you need professional help.

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Hi all,

My Toshiba Satellite A30-871 notebook has started discharging the battery whilst the mains power supply is connected (The LED shows that AC is connected but Laptop consumes battery power instead of charging battery and using AC power). When the battery reaches 0% laptop will switch off. Removing the power plug and reconnecting does not solve the problem while the computer is ON, only shutting down computer starts the battery to charge. Which means that I can use laptop as long as battery retains some power. Sometimes when the notebook is off and battery is being charged, battery charging LED starts to blink and I have to remove the power jack and plug it back.

I don''t think its a loose power connector because the light shows the power is connected.

I wonder if anyone got a solution for me.


Answer:Toshiba Satellite A30 - Battery starts discharging if power supply is connected

Anyone around to help me out?

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Using a Satellite A30 about three years old. Recent problem is that while the power adapter is connected the battery stops charging, the orange battery indicator goes off.

If you look at the Power Management Utility the battery poweer meter reads On Line, Discharging %

To get it to charge I either have to turn the machine off (completely or to hibernate) then remove the power cable and reinsert, then the battery light comes back on. When restarting the battery will start to charge up for a while and then for no apparent reason start to discharge.

If left the battery reaches 0% - the machine continues to operate while the power cable is inserted so its getting power ok, but of course starts to bleep when it gets below 10%. To get it going again I have to shut down and restart etc.

I have checked the bios and have the latest version.

I have cleaned around the heat exchanger the power socket and removed all fluff.

I am using a generic adapter as the original failed, but as far as I can tell its working normally.

Any thoughts


Answer:Satellite A30: while AC adapter is connected the battery stops charging


Ihave the same problem as you but it's alot worse. I am using the TOSHIBA Satellite M30X-129. For me I have to keep on plugging the wire in until I get the Red Light, sometimes in some cases the light turns off after like 20 seconds. My original power adapter broke as well so I bought one off eBay

Can someone please help us


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I have a satellite A200-1GB, but the graphic card don't run, however I could get another iskaa ls 3481p, but not exactly the same, because i have a m76 with 256 mb ati radeon, and the new card is a m72 with 256 mb ati radeon from A200-2C5.

Would it be possible?

Excuse me for possible writting mistakes.

Greetings and thanks

Answer:Information about compatibilty of graphic card Satellite A200-1GB Satellite A200-2C5

Do you want to exchange the whole mainboards or just the GPU?

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Ok I just built a computer and it worked fine it started then just turned off and never turned on again I need help with this please is it my psu or my CPU ? I mean I know it works but it just turned off btw I have. A 500 watt psu is that enough for an 8 core CPU a ati 7870 gpu and asrock 970 extreme 3 motherboard ? I hope it is but I think that is the problem I will provide full specs if you need them just tell me

Answer:New computer starts then shuts after a minute ?? Help

MBoard standoffs installed properly ? ?Thermal paste applied correctly ? ?4/6 pin CPU power plug in place ? ?

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For the last three days I can't start my desktop after it boots and the windows logs on I get a BSOD of REGISTRY_ERROR 51.
Did chkdisk and it found some issues and repaired but still happens.
I tried to revert to a restore point and it failed.

1: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Something has gone badly wrong with the registry. If a kernel debugger
is available, get a stack trace. It can also indicate that the registry got
an I/O error while trying to read one of its files, so it can be caused by
hardware problems or filesystem corruption.
It may occur due to a failure in a refresh operation, which is used only
in by the security system, and then only when resource limits are encountered.
Arg1: 00000001, (reserved)
Arg2: 8cc1c008, (reserved)
Arg3: 00c47000, depends on where Windows bugchecked, may be pointer to hive
Arg4: 00000374, depends on where Windows bugchecked, may be return code of
HvCheckHive if the hive is corrupt.

Debugging Details:



Answer:BSOD 1 minute after windows starts


How old is this computer and when did you last do a clean install on it? Have you checked for a BIOS update?

Usual causes: Hardware failure, File system corruption, Security issues
BugCheck 51, {1, 8cc1c008, c47000, 374}
Probably caused by : ntkrpamp.exe ( nt!HvpSetRangeProtection+40 )
Run these tools and delete anything they find: Anti-rootkit utility TDSSKiller
ESET online scanner:Free Online Virus Scanner | ESET
Run the System File Checker that scans the of all protected Windows 7 system files and replaces incorrect corrupted, changed/modified, or damaged versions with the correct versions if possible:SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
For monitoring the heat/celsius of the system, use Speccy or HWinfo:Speccy - System Information - Free Download
CPUID - System & hardware benchmark, monitoring, reporting
How does the computer act in Safe Mode?

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I have a problem that my computer starts over and over. After about 3 minutes it has this blue screen, and then restarts.

I googled and managed to understand that there is a file in the minidumps folders that can help to resolve the problem. Then, I knew of this website from the search that I made.

Hence, I would like acquire help from the computer experts to help with my problem. I attach herewith the zip files containing 10 files. Actuall there are a lot more file, but since they are the same, I think, I only zip 10 files.

Please help.

Answer:Computer starts over and over in a three minute interval

The files are all the same:
Have you installed or downloaded any new programs or games that may have caused this? Do you see any yellow exclamation points in the device manager?

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computer starts up does everything for like a minute then shuts off. it wont start up unless power is disconnected 4 a few seconds.

Answer:Computer starts up does everything for like a minute then shuts off

we need a lot more information before we can help you, as from what you have written so far, anything would be merely a guess.

Please fill in your system specs in user profile at the top of the page(click on edit profile).

Also a little background info would help, like when did the problem first happen?

Have you recently installed any new hardware/software etc?

Regards Howard

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Hi everybody i have an acer laptop that has worked fine up until a couple of days ago, when i switch it on its starts, runs for a minute or so then gives an error message then shuts down and starts again with the error message. I can get into the BIOS, so i tried using the recovery discs, which all ran perfectly, then when they had finished and the pc started again it was no different.The message i'm getting is as follows :"we apologise for the inconvenience but windows did not start successfully. A recent hardware or software change may have caused this.If your computer stopped responding, restarted unexpectedly or was automatically shut down to protect yur files or folders, choose last known good configuration to revert to the most recent settings that worked.If a previous startup attempt was interrupted due to a power failure or because the power or reset button was pressed, or if you arent sure what caused the problem, choose start windows normally.Safe modeSafe mode with networkingSafe mode with command promptLast known good configuration ( your most recent settings that worked )Start windows normally"Has anyone any idea what the problem is and if it can be fixed.Thanks Rod

Answer:Laptop starts then stops then starts etc etc.

Although you said you run the Restore CD, Go to System Restore and check if there are any BOLD dates that precede the problem

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Have a Dell Inspiron 3847 running Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) and when I boot from Power On,, the Dell logo is displayed for 3 to 4 minutes before Windows starts (i.e. when the blue window logo displays). After that, Windows starts correctly.

I'm tempted to say that it's a hardware problem ? EXCEPT ? it doesn't happen when I do a RESTART? only when the computer is powered on (i.e. after a SHUTDOWN ? most often from the day before, but really anytime).

I tried turning off the Fast Startup but no joy!

Problem started when I was installing a new router (but computer was turned off before starting the install ? and was turned back on before the hardware was actually connected).

Does anyone know what Windows does before displaying the blue windows logo?

As I said, Windows completes the boot successfully ? in the same amount of time as previously ? and subsequent executions are correct.

Answer:3 Minute delay at boot before Windows 10 starts

RAPw10 said:

Have a Dell Inspiron 3847 running Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) and when I boot from Power On,, the Dell logo is displayed for 3 to 4 minutes before Windows starts (i.e. when the blue window logo displays). After that, Windows starts correctly.

I'm tempted to say that it's a hardware problem – EXCEPT – it doesn't happen when I do a RESTART… only when the computer is powered on (i.e. after a SHUTDOWN – most often from the day before, but really anytime).

I tried turning off the Fast Startup but no joy!

Problem started when I was installing a new router (but computer was turned off before starting the install – and was turned back on before the hardware was actually connected).

Does anyone know what Windows does before displaying the blue windows logo?

As I said, Windows completes the boot successfully – in the same amount of time as previously – and subsequent executions are correct.

Hi there. Seems to be stuck in BIOS if the Dell logo is displaying. Did you check the BIOS for any delays for boot in it?

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Hey everyone, I'm experiencing a really aggravating issue for a while now.

When my PC is booted or even simply awaken from sleep-mode, it is blazing fast for about 1 minute then, abruptly, it starts lagging. If I shut it down or put to sleep-mode, and boot up or wake it up, it does the same thing every time. I can notice lag either in my 3d software or even browsing the internet. Even by doing NOTHING for 1 minutes after booting, the lag will starts. It doesn't seem to be triggered by anything.

I always found my PC to be slow for the price I bought it. When I realized my PC was slow compared to cheaper PCs, I reformatted it (that's maybe 2-3 months ago) and it fixed the problem, but in retrospective, maybe I didn't wait the 1 minute mark to notice I never really fixed it.

Here is extra information on what I tried so far without finding the problem:
- Ran Malwarebytes and AVG
- Defragmented my drives
- Dusted the PC
- Torture-tested my CPUs with Prime95
- Downloaded RealTemp to make sure I it doesn't over heat. Actually it does overheat a bit when I Torturetest it (goes up to 90 degrees Celsius on each CPUs) but it doesn't go higher then 55 degrees when I use even my most demanding software)
- Ran an Intel Diagnostic tool
- Check in my Ressource Monitor if some software closed or opened before and after the lagging point. I found a few and tried to end-process them without success, and most of them open/close all the time and are stardard Windo... Read more

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Monitor shuts down within 6 to 8 minute after computer starts

Desktop machine.
Windows 7 Pro. 32b.

How it happened:
After copying a folder of 1.68GB from my PC to 3 UFD's a week ago, monitor shut down by itself in a short while after the 4th UFD was inserted & the copying was in process.

The early stage of the problem:
After a restart, everything on the desktop looked normal.
Mouse & keyboard were working and could carry out simple test files and save them.
But, all USB ports & optical drive & browser were nonfunctional and the monitor shut down again in a short while.

Current situation:
1. Able to get in BIOS & change settings therein.
2. Optical drive is back to work and able to run disks.
3. I have the recover DVD & it is good (used before).
4. BUT cannot complete the recovery due to the monitor shuts down in about 5 to 8 minutes after the start of the PC.

Notes: Done the following:
1.Have another monitor connected to the PC, same problem.
2.Have RAM sticks cleaned & re-arranged, no help.
3.Have HDD tested by another PC, normal.
4.Have independent graphics card cleaned, no difference.

Please help.


Answer:Monitor shuts down within 6 to 8 minute after computer starts

do you have on board graphics? this maybe kicking into action perhaps??

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