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Satellite A100-979: Cannot find Vista 64bit driver for Toshiba buttons

Question: Satellite A100-979: Cannot find Vista 64bit driver for Toshiba buttons


I have a problem to find a driver for the multimedia keys (6 easy keys) on my Satellite A100-979. I have Windows Vista 64-bit and this Notebook should be vista capable. Can somebody help me? Maybe you have an idea, to solve this problem.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite A100-979: Cannot find Vista 64bit driver for Toshiba buttons

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite A100-979: Cannot find Vista 64bit driver for Toshiba buttons

>this Notebook should be vista capable

Of course it?s Vista capable. You have installed the Vista on the Satellite A100-979 and it runs.

You ask for drivers for Vista 64bit version? Well, unfortunately but there is nothing to do!
It should be common that Toshiba does not provide any 64bit drivers; neither for XP nor for Vista. :(

Best regards

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I'm looking for 64-Bit Drivers for Vista for the:

SM2173ALD07 - Software Dial-up modem

I have a Toshiba Satellite A100-049 laptop and can only find 32-Bit Drivers. I've managed to find 64-Bit drivers for pretty much everything else (no thanks to Toshiba). Thanks.

p.s - I've not yet installed Vista 64-Bit so don't know if the 32-Bit Drivers (in that they could be more software than drivers) will work but imagine they won't.

Answer:Satellite A100-049 Modem SM2173ALD07 64Bit Vista driver needed

It turns out Windows 7 x64 has drivers for this built in, using Windows Update.

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I have a "Toshiba Satellite A100-049" laptop which has the capability to support 4Gb memory (but came with 2Gb) and I am unable to find a few drivers for this on Tosiba's website. I have put a second hard disk into the laptop (so well away from my normal Vista 32-Bit installation) and am testing Windows 7 64-Bit. I currently have 2Gb memory. I have most drivers but need:

* Mass Storage Controller
* Unknown Device - TOS1901
* According to "Action Center" I also need to install "Intel Management Engine Interface". I suspect this is related to the Mass Storage Controller.

I've searched Intel's website but without knowing what chipset etc... my laptop uses, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.

When I installed Vista 32-Bit I had to install the Value Added Package and Supervisor Password Utlity.
The trouble is while I've managed to find a Value Added Package 64-Bit I cannot find a Supervisor Password Utility 64-Bit.

I understand "Unknown Device - TOS1901" mean Supervisor Password Utility.

Where can I find 64-Bit Drivers for this and also the Mass Storage Controller?
Even if they're for another model (but install fine).


p.s - If I cannot find drivers I'll be sending a letter of complaint to Toshiba for selling a laptop capable of 4Gb Memory but absolutely no way of actually getting this. Toshiba's responce awhile ago (when I asked) was to make do with 3Gb on 32-Bit Windows. It's not exactly satisfac... Read more

Answer:Satellite A100 - Need Vista 64Bit Mass Storage Controller & TOS1901 driver

Actually TOS1901 might be:

TOSHIBA Firmware Linkage Driver

Either way I am unable to find drivers for it :(.

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Hi all.

I have brand new Notebook A100 and I just replaced win vista by XP.

Nearly all of devices installed inside are operational using appropriate driver (downloaded from this site).

But I can't find driver for Bluetooth. When devicemanager launched, there is unknown device listed, labelled as acpi/tos6205/2&daba3ff&0.

Please, could you tell me if it really is BT and if so, how could I make it operational?

Thank you very much

Answer:Satellite A100: I can't find Vista driver for Bluetooth


The Bluetooth driver stack can be downloaded from the Toshiba page!
Either you will check the drivers section of your Toshiba notebook series or you will visit the Toshiba Bluetooth Information Center page:


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I do not like windows media player and I would like to listening music by other aplications.
I'm tried to change the buttons play/pause, next, prev to other application like iTunes or winamp but I couldn't change it.

I have Toshiba Satellite A100-0467.
Could you give me an advise for that?


(sorry for my awful english)

Answer:Change toshiba assist buttons for music players on a Satellite A100-467


which operating system do you use? Would be helpful to know. So my neighbor has a A100 too, but I ask you: where did you watched for these buttons to change?


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Iown toshiba Satelite A100 and use Windows XP home edition.
After installing windows update a few days ago functional buttons on the left side of keyboard quit working - i just can use the upper one which runs internet explorer or windows media player but the other 3 buttons do not react anymore.

I tried to turn system to previous point but it gives me mistake..
Toshiba utility for buttons was uploaded and reinstalled but no result still

Answer:Satellite A100: Toshiba control buttons do not work anymore after Xp update

Download and install the CCleaner tool. This tool repairs the windows registry. It?s for free. Repair you OS.
Then download the right ?common modules? for you notebook series from the Toshiba page and install it again.

After new reboot check if the Toshiba control buttons functions!

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I have installed now windows vista 64 on my notebook, but i cannot find any driver for my diplay that works in vista 64.
On the Toshiba site they have just the Vista 32 version.

Maybe someone can help me to find the right one.


Answer:Cannot find Vista 64bit display driver for Satellite L300-17l


I have found out that Portege M700 (PPM70E) has the same graphic card and it is supported for 64-bit Vista. Download and try to install driver version

You can find it on > Support & Downloads
Please inform us if everything works well.

BTW: have you created recovery DVD before you have installed new Vista version?

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Hello everybody

I have Windows Vista 64-bit installed on my Qosmio F30, but the front operation buttons are not working.
I tried to use the Vista 32-bit configuration drivers but when I press any, I receive the following error :"this function not supported".

So please can any one help me to overcome this problem.


Answer:Qosmio F30: Toshiba control buttons don't work on Vista 64bit


You cannot use these Toshiba control buttons (play, pause, etc) because the necessary drivers are not installed.

You will need a compatible Vista Value Added package but it seems that Toshiba page does not provide the 64bit VAP but only 32bit version.
The problem is that the software for 32bit Vista does not function on Vista 64bit OS.

So in my opinion there is nothing to do at this time

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There should be a program that displays on the screen the volume level when I change volume and another one that allows me to use the play, forward, backward or stop buttons either with Medial player or with JetAudio.

Where can I get such a program??

Answer:Satellite A100-787: Need driver to use Control buttons and volume wheel

Do you use the original preinstalled Toshiba image?
The Toshiba Vista image contains all necessary drivers and utilities and using this OS everything should functions.

If you have installed other OS like XP then the XP drivers are necessary.
If I?m not mistaken the volume level screen notification does not appears using XP.

Furthermore if you want to use the Toshiba control buttons you have to install the right drivers like Controls, common modules, etc?
The right installation order is necessary and important. Therefore I recommend checking the installation instruction on the Toshiba download page!

By the way; the control buttons are preconfigured and I don?t think that it could be possible to use it with another players like i.e Jetaudio.

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Hello all. I am very new here. By very new I mean this is my first time posting on a Tech forum. I very often search for answers and appears a lot with solutions to practically every question I can think of.
Today I am stumped and running short on time.

My colleague from work, who is quite poor with computers and setting up and stuff, so I told him I would help him by removing Vista from his system and installing windows XP.
I know that this day and age I should be upgrading him to Windows 7, but I dont have that CD.

What I have done is this:

Installed a Windows XP Professional for a DELL onto his Toshiba Satellite A100-033.
I already knew (thanks to forums) that I would need to install the drivers for many of the devices after Windows XP installed. Oh I should mention, When installing XP I deleted the partition that originally hosted Vista, and formatted the drive to NTSF (forgive me if the arconym isnt exactly correct).
After installing XP, I searched Device Manager for the yellow ? marks. I currently have 7 yellows:

+ ? Other devices
- ? Ethernet Controller
- ? Ethernet Controller
- ? Mass Storage Controller
- ? PCI Device
- ? SM Bus Controller
- ? Video Controller
- ? Video Controller (VGA Compatible)

I have searched tirelessly for the drivers.
Toshiba website said thhis model is discontinued.
However, I thought I could find them somewhere else in the WWWeb.
Unfortunately I could not.
I found some unlicensed program which suppose... Read more

Answer:Need to find Toshiba Satellite A100-033 drivers? Do they still exist?

If the PC you are working on was bought with Vista pre-installed on, then installing XP should be ok as far as the hardware is concerned.
You can try a program to automatically do the searching for you, but it's not always 100% correct, and you may be left with a few to find.
This one seems to work fairly well;
You will need the product key that was supplied with the installation disc, to activate windows.
You should be able to get the Video card driver from either Nvidia or AMD (or SIS), from the information in 'Device manager'. the 'update driver' option can work, but sometimes has been known to download an old version of the driver.

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My touch button lights are always turned on and I do not know how to register buttons so they would work.

I have Windows Vista x64 and I have installed Toshiba assist.

My notebook is Qosmio x300.

Answer:Qosmio X300 Vista 64bit: How to register Toshiba media buttons

Toshiba assist has nothing to do with it. Toshiba assist it tool where you have overview about all useful Toshiba tools and utilities.
Have you installed Value Added Package?

I don?t know for sure but i believe the right utility for those buttons must be part of this package.

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I've just upgraded my A100-847 from 2X512GB RAM to 2X2GB RAM. Altogether 4GB, wich is officially supported by this model.
Altough there is no offical x64 support for A100-847, eveyrthing work fine except for the RAM.
Only 3.1GB is recognized in Vista x64. Since the BIOS also sees 3.1GB, I assume it is a problem of an old BIOS.

I've never updated it myself. In BIOS it says it is version 2.0. I tried to download the latest version 6.o from I downloaded the the file from: Iside of it there is a SFX archive S10V600.exe. When I click on it, after the notification to turn off all applications, ther is an error message: "LOADPEDRV.EXE: Failed to start the service." I assume it is because it is not porgrammed for X64 Vista. I also tried to extract the archive, and run WinPhlash.exe (BIOS update WIndows application) which is inside the archive, but there was also some error stating that vista doesn't allow some driver to be installed.

So how can I update BIOS manually?

There is an instruction how to do it via CD-ROM while booting, but the list of folders and files that has to be copied to the CDROM doesn't match the files inside the archive so it's useless.

What can I do to activate whole 4GB?

Answer:Satellite A100-847: Only 3.1GB using VIsta 64bit

It seems like that BIOS Update needs a 32bit version of Windows.

So you either need to:

1) Temporarily install Windows 32bit and update the BIOS
2) Use the DOS version of the BIOS Update on a Floppy Disk (If you cannot download it, an ASP should be able to update it for you for a small fee).

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Bios: Latest v5.10

1. Internet Explorer button launches IE correctly when logged in, but if pressed when machine is off, the machine is powered on and Vista boots normally, but IE is not launched as expected after boot is complete.

2. Windows Media Player button does not launch Windows Media Player as expected when logged in under Vista.
Tried all registry edits detailed at: but no success.

Device manager reports three unknown devices (two ACPI PNPC032: these are the HotStart buttons--HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\ACPI\PNP0C32\ and one ACPI\TOS1901 with yellow exclammation mark and missing driver--Toshiba Firmware Linkage Driver?).


Answer:Satellite A100 (PSAA9): How to get Vista HotStart buttons to work?

Try downloading and installing the Value Added Package (for Vista platform) from the toshiba website. This should sort out at least one of your 'yellow exclamation marks'.

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I'm going to install Vista x64.
First of all I wanted to download necesary drivers.
When I'm using toshiba website there is no x64 drivers for my model A100-847.
Where can I find them? Which drivers are included in Vista?

Answer:Need drivers for Vista 64bit - Satellite A100-847


The Satellite A100-847 seems to belong to the PSAA9E series!
I checked the Toshiba European driver page and unfortunately; the Vista 64bit drivers are not available for this notebook series.

However, maybe there is a chance to get the 64bit drivers? as far as I know some notebook series are equipped with the same devices. Therefore some single drivers should run on the different notebook series too.

You should check some other series where the 64bit drivers are available and try to install it? Maybe you are lucky man.

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I?m from Kosovo.
I have installed Vista 64bit on Satellite A100-599 but I can?t find Vista 64bit drivers
Can anyone help me....?


Answer:Satellite A100-599: Need Vista 64bit drivers


Unfortunately? the Vista 64bit drivers are not available for this Satellite A100 PSAAR series.

You last chance would be the installation of some single drivers from other notebook series which are equipped with the same devices.

So try the 64bit Vista driver from other series and maybe some single drivers will run.

Good luck

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I need to install the 64bits version of Vista on my Notebook Satellite A100PSAARE sn:17177793Q that comes with recovery CD OEM Vista Home Premiun (32bits).

The code in the label is not suitable for the installation of the 64bits version and I want to get one that would be ok.
Do I have to buy an update to get this code? Where?
Can Toshiba provide me with the proper code?

Andrea Gasparetto

Answer:Satellite A100 - Can I use the product key from Vista 32bit for Vista 64bit


The product key on the bottom side of the notebook is an OEM key. That means it belongs to the preinstalled Vista version and can?t be used with another version that you can buy on the internet or computer shops.

So if you want another Vista version you have to buy a copy with product key from your local computer shop for example.

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recently I had installed Windows 7 64Bit version and now I cannot find all the Toshiba Utilites that I had, when I bought the Laptop opererting with originaly Vista.

Please can someone help me.

Thanks In advance.

Answer:Cannot find Toshiba Utilities for Satellite P300 Win 7 64bit


May I ask you why you are looking for this ?Toshiba Utilities??
Are some notebook features no available?

In my opinion you don?t need Toshiba Utilities if you are using Win 7.
I have installed Win 7 and everything what I needed, was the VAP (value added package).

This package contains some tools and utilities.
If you want to use FN keys, then you should install additionally Toshiba Flash Cards Utility? such utility is not released for all notebooks models? so try to install such tool released for example for; Toshiba Satellite L500

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My Toshiba T110 netbook came with Windows 7 home, 64bit preinstalled.
I have some critical applications which will only run under the 32bit version so I have to downgrade.

I have ordered a 500Gb hard disc to install the 32 bit version (keeping the original disc for returning to 64bit if required in the future, since no installation discs were supplied, just a recovery partition). My expected difficulty will be adding the Toshiba specific programs for activating eco mode, switching WiFi and bluetooth via function keys etc. and sleep & charge etc.

Are the installation files for these programs available somewhere? and if so in 32bit versions?

Answer:Satellite T110: Where to find Toshiba software for Win 64bit


Visit Toshiba support page and download area there and check what operating systems are support and what Toshiba stuff is offered for your notebook model. > Support & Downloads > Support Homepage > Drivers download

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Right i got given this laptop so i wiped the HD and put A fresh copy of Windows Xp on, But i need the driver : Intel 802.11a/g Golan Driver V10.1.0.13a So yeaha, Any Help Please

Answer:Solved: Toshiba Satellite A100-200 Wireless Driver

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I want to upgrade my OS to Vista 64-bit but i can't find it anywhere
I also want all the functions to work such as the side media buttons (stop, play, ...etc)
I got my laptop as a gift from the mid-east and now i am having trouble upgrading

It is Satellite A100-003

Any suggestions?

Answer:Re: Satellite A100-003 - Need Windows Vista 64bit drivers

If the Toshiba European driver page doesn?t provide the Vista 64bit driver for this notebook then you?ve got no many other possibilities as to visit some 3rd websites and to collect the single drivers at the own hand.

Good luck

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I download new driver for nvidia video card from toshiba site, but when I try install it, I receive response what no supported video card found.

I install driver to A100-003 notebook.

Answer:Satellite A100-003: Cannot install the new NVidia driver from Toshiba site


that sounds really weird. Are you sure you?ve downloaded the right drivers for your machine? Which system do you have? XP or Vista?
Maybe you?ve downloaded a Vista version and you have XP. It would be useful and nice if you tell which system you have.

An other solution would be to visit this site:

There you will find the newest drivers which must work. But be careful before you install something and read the FAQ section on the site!

Good luck and nice weekend

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I have a Satellite A100-165 but it doesn?t have the Ethernet drivers installed. I've tried to found that driver in the download section but without success.
Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Can not find LAN driver for Satellite A100-165

Hello Juan

Please do as follow:

Open and choose

Product type > NOTEBOOK
Product series > SATELLITE A SERIES
Model > SATELLITE A100 (PSAA9)
Operating system > Windows XP
Driver type > LAN Driver

Three drivers will be listed there. I recommend you to install last modified version.


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My problem is the following: I have a Toshiba A300-1ND notebook, and I installed a 64bit Windows Vista on it. I installed all drivers from the Toshiba support page, including Value Added Package, which makes the media keys work, I think.

My problem is that I can not set up the button on the left edge to turn illumination on and off (like on the pre-installed Windows), instead of muting and un-muting the computer.
I tried to use the button setup utility from within the Toshiba Assist program, but I couldn't manage to get it work.

I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me!

By the way, I was wondering, why does Toshiba ship a notebook with 4GB of system memory and a 32bit operating system which can only use 3GBs of that memory (because of the 512mb video memory I believe)? This does not seem very logical to me.

Anyway thanks for your help in advance!


Answer:Re: Satellite A300-1ND media control buttons on 64bit Vista

> By the way, I was wondering, why does Toshiba ship a notebook with 4GB of system memory and a 32bit operating system which can only use 3GBs of that memory (because of the 512mb video memory I believe)? This does not seem very logical to me.

Why not?! There are many people who want to install Vista 64bit (like you) and then the full 4GB would be in use.

> My problem is that I can not set up the button on the left edge to turn illumination on and off (like on the pre-installed Windows), instead of muting and un-muting the computer.

As far as I know you can disable and enable the illumination in BIOS and in Toshiba HWSetup which you could fin in the Toshiba Assist.

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HI, I need help to reinstall my vista op on my lap top toshiba satellite A100 , It came with 2 disks Product recover DVD ROM..I dont know how to wipe clean first hardrive, or if i have to do that , or just put in the disks and it will do it by itself..i did put in the first disk and immediatley i got a blue screen. my laptop was bought in may 2007 , if that helps. I am very green wen it comes to hardware and reinstalling OP systems..can some one please help , ? OH and I think all this happened cos it has a virus.

Answer:Solved: help to reinstall VISTA OP on toshiba Satellite A100

Reinstalling is sometimes the best and fastest way to sort out a problem, but can also be a major time drain and source of frustration. If you prefer you could detail exactly what problem is prompting you to reinstall, and we could consider addressing that instead.

The process will empty your drive itself, which means that you don't have to do any wiping (unless you want to sell/give away the computer). It also means however that all programs and files on your computer will be lost. Make backups of important files (Documents, pictures, etc) before you reinstall.

Another point to bear in mind if you suspect a Virus caused the problem, is to ensure that you install Anti virus software immediately, before trying to replace your backups.


If you have two disks one will be for the Operating System (Windows) and the other will have Toshiba Software and drivers. Make sure that you use the Operating System Disk.

To use the recovery CD you have to boot from it--basically load its own Operating system which does the work of replacing Windows. You don't put it in while Windows is running--Windows very sensibly protects itself from being overwritten. When your computer first turns on and before you get to Windows, you should see the POST screen. At the bottom it prompts you to press F2 for Setup or F12; you have to press F12. Actually the easiest way is to repeatedly press F12 from the moment you turn it on until you get the menu.

The menu in question should give y... Read more

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For My toshiba satellite A100 i cannot find the Windows 7 ATI display driver.

Please help me out. As on your site as we select the product type A100 and the OS win 7 it won't display any driver for it, just only the wireless lan driver.

Please check and advice the same.
As for the Satellite A300 the driver is available but it is Intel Dual Core and the A100 is Pentium Dual Core.

Please check and advice the same.


Answer:Satellite A100 Cannot find Win 7 ATI display driver


As far as I know Toshiba EU driver page does not provide any Win 7 drivers for Sat A100 series?. you will need to get the graphic driver from some other 3rd party pages?

What A100-xxx do you have exactly and what graphic card does the notebook support?

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Installing driver ends with "No compatible hardware found message".
My notebook have GeForce Go 7600 (PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0398&SUBSYS_FF101179&REV_A1).

Answer:Toshiba Nvidia drivers for Vista cannot be installed on Satellite A100-912

yeah, i've got the same problem. There is a solution?

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I have just bought a Satellite A100(psaa8)
I have found with it a paper tells that I can upgrade to Vista and theirs a link but it doesn't work.

So can you please help me with that, as i have get bored from XP.

I have read that some of the members ordered a free vista cds.
Can you tell me how I order it and is it good or bad??

Answer:Satellite A100 PSAA8: How to order the Toshiba XP -> Vista upgrade CD


As far as I can remember this offer was limited by date! I think you are too late dude!
But why you are bored?! The XP is really nice OS and fully compatible with all 3rd party devices!
The Vista needs much more recourses as XP and runs slower as XP. If you want to play games on your notebook I would recommend staying with XP! All the games run faster on XP OS!

Do you know the Vista Customization Pack?? This allows you to use XP but it looks like a Vista.
You know, the whole images, icons, etc? will transform to the Vista look.

It?s nice and for people who wants to change the ?old? XP style to new Vista style ;)

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I have this notebook and installed the Vista Ultimate on it. Where I can find the Toshiba Extended Tiles for Windows Mobility Center - there are not these Tiles on the page with the drivers for this kind of Toshiba notebook.
Or they are not nesessary for the A100-233?

Answer:Satellite A100-233 (PSAA8) and Toshiba Extended Tiles for Vista


Such titles are not necessary to get better Vista performance on the Satellite A100!

All available Toshiba Vista utilities and drivers can be found on the Toshiba European driver page. If you will not find this tiles on the Toshiba driver page then this application is not available.

But before you will give up you should download the Toshiba Vista Value Added Package because this package contains many additional tools a utilities like
- TOSHIBA Components Common Driver
- TOSHIBA Power Saver
- TOSHIBA Flash Cards
- TOSHIBA PC Diagnostic Tool

Best regards

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I got tired searchning sound driver for my notebook Satellite A100.
I see its back to get the model number and it was SPAAKL-OOHOOF.
I searched the net and support site but I could'nt find this model !!

so any help to find sound driver ?

Thank you in Advance

Answer:Where do I find the sound driver for Satellite A100 SPAAKL

Hello Alsa

Sorry but this notebook model does not exist. Can you please check notebook model description again?

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I have an old Toshiba Satellite laptop running Vista Home Edition.
I should like to downgrade this machine to run with the XP OS.

I have a genuine, but rather old, Windows XP Pro CD with SP1. I also have downloads of XP Sp2 and SP3.
I have searched the web and understand that I need to download the latest XP9 Intel (Matrix) Storage Manager Support

Package from your
I have visited that webpage and successfully downloaded the appropriate XP drivers for the laptop.

However, I am unable to find (or identify) the appropriate Chipset sub-folder of the F6flpy directory, which I
understand would enable me to add a storage driver from a floppy disc.
To be honest, I am not quite sure how to proceed here!

laptop details: Satellite A100-02M
Model Nr.: PSAANE-04U03EEN
Serial Nr:. 372 464 64Q

Before I attempt run the upgrade, I wanted to make sure that if all went wrong, I could revert back to Vista.
Therefore, before I begin, I have tried to run the re-install program. I have held down F8 during boot-up, as
instructed and after inputting password and username have reached the screen offering me the various options. I have tried the "Restore to an Earlier Date" option and that works OK. However, when I try the "Reinstall OS", nothing happens.

I have checked the HD which is partitioned with the C partition and also the hidden partition, of size 1.5G labelled "Simple Ba... Read more

Answer:Satellite A100-02M - unable to find appropriate SATA driver


I don?t know if this will help you but check please
Check Niko?s posting and try to use SATA drivers that you can download from there.

If this will not hep let us know.

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I recently changed my operating system from Vista to XP and I am not able to find a the necessary driver for the ethernet controller in my Satellite Pro A100 PSAAPE.

Does anyone know where I can get this driver from?


Answer:Satellite Pro A100 - Where can I find the ethernet controller driver?


The driver for the Ethernet controller and all other devices you can find on the Toshiba website: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

I think there you should find it ;)


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I currently run Vista Home Premium SP1 32-Bit and do so because there appears to only be 32-Bit drivers on Tosiba's website:

[ action=search&selCategory=2&selFamily=2&selSeries= 153&selProduct=700&selOS=2]

Where can I find Vista 64-Bit drivers for the Toshiba Satellite A100-049?


Answer:Where can I find Vista 64-Bit drivers for the Satellite A100-049?


Normally you get all drivers on the Toshiba website but Toshiba does not offer 64bit drivers for all notebooks.
In most case only for the new notebooks that came with 4GB RAM.

What can do is to search on external websites for 64bit drivers.
Here are some examples where you can search:


Good luck


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Hello everybody!!! :8}
I have Satellite L300 :x

My problem is not working +multifunctional key+. :-( Only one. It is a key of "turn off/on" of sound.
It have started after reinstallation my OS Windows Vista. :0

What can I do? I very need in it!!!

Answer:Toshiba Controll buttons don't work on Satellite L350-107 PSLD0E with Vista


Do you have a preinstalled Toshiba Vista OS or did you change something?

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I have Toshiba A100-599 laptop which runs Windows Vista Final. Could you tell me please where I can find latest releases of the drivers from? I would be appreciate it if you tell me a download link. I am from Turkey in the southeast Europe.

And I have a question. Isn't there any application which runs on the Vista, and warns the users for the latest updates to install them automatically?

Thanks and best regards,

Answer:Where can I find Vista drivers and applications for Satellite A100-599?


look here for drivers:
go to Support & Downloads -> Support homepage -> Download drivers


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I have a Sattelite Pro A200 lap top and would like to install 64bit Vista.
As i've read you can use the 32bit key to install the 62bit version. Is there a way to get the "Product Recovery Disk" in a 64bit version.

Or to download it from somewhere

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 How to get a 64bit Vista recovery disk from Toshiba


What OS was preinstalled on your notebook?
If it was a 32bit Vista OS then you can get ?only? a 32bit Vista Toshiba recovery CD.

If you want to install another OS, no matter if it?s XP or Vista 64bit, you have to buy the OS from Microsoft.

PS: As far as I know the serial key used for the Vista 32bit OS is only a OEM key and it does not work with other operating systems!

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i've many problem with BT and Irda driver, because i can't find the driver for Windows Vista. what kind of driver i can use? i can't belive that toshiba don't release the driver for Windows Vista!


Answer:Satellite A100-926 Vista Driver

Hello Silvio

In one thing you are right. At the moment there are no Vista drivers for Satellite A100 available but it is just matter of time when they will be ready for download because A100 is definitely ?Vista capable? notebook.

Back to your problems: As fat as I know on Satellite A100-926 IrDA is not available and because of that I don?t understand which kind of problems you have. About BT I can recommend you to visit Under Download you can find BT for Vista. It is version 5.10.01.


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I have a Toshiba laptop model- Satellite M70 and i could not able to find a sound driver for it ,could you help please?

Answer:Solved: Could't find sound driver Toshiba Satellite M70

It isn't on the Toshiba website and I'm not familiar with this one:

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Hi All,

I have a Satellite A100-413. As some or most of you know, that laptop is equipped with Harman/Kardon speakers and needs the SRS Trusound software to use the speakers' capacities.

I used to have Windows XP on my laptop and the speakers were running without any problems.

However, last weekend, I switched over to Vista (Enterprise). I have found most of the drivers required for Vista. However, the only driver I cannot find is the one for my speakers. I have installed the sound drivers, but need an additional driver for the srs.

Can anyone help me on this topic???

Answer:Satellite A100-413: Need additional Vista driver to use SRS Truesound


You do not need any driver for speaker?s functionality. What you are talking about is just one tool that allows different sound settings. As far as I know his tool is called ?Virtual sound?. I have it on my Satellite M70 too.

I have checked Toshiba download page and ?Virtual sound? is really not there. I can not understand why but in the past I have noticed that missing stuff will be listed sooner or later. Check download page from time to time. Maybe you will find it soon.

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Hi there,

I downloaded the ATI driver from the Vista downloads page but it does not want to install - it goes through the whole installation process, but at the end gives an error message. At the bottom of the log is :-

Error messages
Driver Install: the installation failed
Application Install: failed

What to do now? The Vista driver does not allow me to activate my SVideo out which is really annoying.

Thanks for any insight!

Answer:Can not install Vista display driver on my Satellite A100-529


Mostly such error messages appear because something went wrong during the installation procedure.
This could be caused by usage of the wrong, not compatible graphic driver.

Are you sure you have used the right graphic driver??
You have to choose the drivers developed for the Satellite PSAA2 series because the A100-529 belongs to this notebook series.

The Toshiba page provides a version of the ATI graphic driver.
You should install this!!!

I remember this unit was not delivered with Windows Vista but with the Windows XP home version. Therefore I assume you did something wrong during the Vista driver installation.

Do you use the newest BIOS version??? Please check it and if necessary try to update it.
But be careful!!
Be sure you use the right BIOS and the right BIOS update method.

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The Vista OS has already released all over the world like in Turkey but still I couldn't find the Vista drivers for my A100-192 at the download section.
How can I find all the drivers? If it's possible, i prefer a driver pack for my laptop rather than searching for every driver by one by.

Thank You in advance


Answer:Question about Vista driver pack for Satellite A100

Hi Selcuk

Firstly good news -> you?re a not alone?
And now bad news -> at this time I did not find any Vista driver packages for A 100.

On the Toshiba US site some Vista drivers were published. Maybe you could use some single drivers?

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I have installed Vista Beta 2 and have downloaded the latest ATI Vista Beta 2 Driver with X1600 Support. But with the ATI X1600 on the A100-188 will the driver not work. The Driver did not find my X1600. What can I do ?

Answer:Satellite A100-188: How to install Vista graphic driver?


you have to use the inf file to install the driver.


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Hi everybody i have Problems with Installing the Ati Drivers
The Problem is i can't Install the Driver, Catalist Control Center is Ok, also there is no Chance
to get it Running by the Device Manager "...\display\Packages\Drivers\Display\LH_INF\CL_39 454.inf"
the Error Message is "Can't open the Device"!
Here is the Log from the Installer:

Wed, 06 Jun 2007 19:26:03

Name ATI Mobility Radeon X1400
Hersteller ATI Technologies Inc
Ger?te-ID 0x7145
Anbieter-ID 0x1002
Klassen-Code 0x030000
Revisions-ID 0x00
Subsystem-ID 0xff10
Subsystem-Anbieter-ID 0x1179
Andere Hardware

Vorhandene PaketeATI Catalyst Install Manager
Catalyst Control Center
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable 32bit

Pakete f?r Installation
ATI Catalyst Install ManagerEndg?ltiger Status:
Version des Elements: 3.0.624.0
Gr??e: 20 Mbytes
ATI-BildschirmtreiberEndg?ltiger Status: Fail
Version des Elements:
Gr??e: 90 Mbytes
North Bridge Filter-TreiberEndg?ltiger Status: Succeed
Version des Elements: 1.00.0000.1
Gr??e: 1 Mbytes
Catalyst Control CenterEndg?ltiger Status:
Version des Elements: 2.0.2519.38216
Gr??e: 150 Mbytes
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable 32bitEndg?ltiger Status:
Version des Elements:
Gr??e: 10 Mbytes

Andere gefundene Ger?te

Treiberinstallation: d... Read more

Answer:Cannot install Vista Ati driver for Satellite A100-169 (PSAA9E)


I wonder why you were able to install the Catalyst Control Center and not the inf file ;)
Hmmm? In my opinion the driver is ok but the only installation failed!!!

Did you unzipped all folders correctly ;)
In first step I would recommend removing the whole graphic software.
After new reboot you could try to reinstall it again!

By the way; as far as I know the A100-169 was delivered with the ATI MOBILITY RADEON X1600 graphic driver. I wonder why the Hardware info reports the Name ATI Mobility Radeon X1400

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Hello everyone!

There is what happend to me: after i renstalled Windows Vista 64bit operating system i didnt have any drivers for this notebook.
I tried to find it on the net but i fail. Theres any drives for this Toshiba PSAGCE model.

I tried to install some other Satellite drivers but i always having problems with bluetooth, some unknown hardware device and others.
I dont have recovery disk so i will be gratefull if someone could send me a recovery for this notebook or just contact with me that we could talk about it.

Thank you very much guys ^^.

Please write to me ^^

Skype: damnb0y
MSN: [email protected]
E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]
Sorry i dont have ICQ.

P.S. my english is not very good, its my second language so .. (peace) ^^

Answer:Satellite A300-1GN PSAGCE - Cannot find Vista 64bit drivers


> I don?t have recovery disk so i will be grateful if someone could send me a recovery for this notebook or just contact with me that we could talk about it.
You don?t have a recovery disk because you didn?t create it before you have formatted your HDD!!! So it was your mistake!

At this time you will not find any Vista 64bi drivers for this notebook model.
There are Vista 32bit and XP drivers but no Vista 64bit drivers.

But I presume Toshiba will publish it in the next time? hopefully?

However, you could try to test some Vista 64bit drivers which are released for other Toshiba models. Many notebooks series use the same devices and therefore also some single drivers could functions.

Last but not least you can search on chip manufacturer websites for 64bit drivers.

LAN driver can be found on Realtek page.
Wlan on Intel or this Toshiba WLan portal page
BT can be downloaded from here

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Hello everybody,

I have a Satellite PRO A100 PSAACE-010010GR with a ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 graphic card. Now I have upgraded from Windows XP to Windows VISTA. The Problem is, that I can't find VISTA-drivers for the ATI Mobility Radeion X1600 graphic card, neither on TOSHIBA sites nor on ATI-AMD sites.

Can anybody help me?

Many thanks,
Jochen Hamleh

Answer:Driver for ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 on VISTA - Satellite Pro A100

Did you try to use ATI drivers from other notebooks units??
Sat A100 or Equium A100.

Check also the drivers from Toshiba US, Canada or Australian websites!

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I have a toshiba A100-095 with nvidia geforce go7300. I use my pc to develop application in .net, today after some hours i put the laptop in standbymode, when I resume the system, windows vista told me that video drivers caused problems and were reverted to original version. I really do not know what's happened, so I went to toshiba site, download the latest driver for my laptop but when I try to install them I receive an error telling me

"Your system is not windows vista, this version of driver is made to work only with vindows vista, etc etc etc"

I try for a copule of times, same error, I reboot the system and now the driver install fine, but my system is little instable, sometimes, after some hours of work when I do right click on folder I do not see cut and paste option, and soon after the explorer.exe chrashes. I ve italian operationg system since I bought my laptop in italy.

Any clue on what is happening?

Gian Maria.

Message was edited by: alkampfer

Answer:Satellite A100-095: graphic card issue - Vista OS but driver says it's not


You are right. This is really strange and I?m also not 100% sure what could happen.
In my opinion there could be something wrong with the system files and /or the registry entries?
I don?t know how difficult is to reinstall the OS on your notebook (because of the backup) but it?s really, really interesting if the same would happen after installation of ?clean? Vista?

So check it out

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I can't ajust my brightness. I't worked fine till updated my Video driver.
I downloaded the driver from The 7000 series. I have a 7600 graphics card.
Is I try to change the brightness through Flash Cards the whole program crashes. And in the mobile center
the brightness option is gone :(

Can any one help me, and maybe to keep the newest driver?


Answer:Brightness of Satellite A100 in Vista won't work after driver update

Hi Mathijs

What is about FN+F6,7 key combination? Can you use this option? Please let us know if you can change display brightness in power options (check with all three plans).

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I have Windows Vista Ultimate in Satellite A 100-599. Updating NVidia display driver with version 156.16 is not possible. Actually Vista Ultimate has 32


Any solution for this problem?


Answer:Cannot update nVidia Vista display driver with v.156.16 on Satellite A100-599

Hello Kerim

Can you please tell me what happen exactly when you try to install NVIDIA driver version

Do you have problems with display driver only?

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Hi Everyone,

This link doesnt work so I didnt install my display driver for Windows Vista and system performance look really terrible. I wondering nobody use Satellite A100 (PSAA9) and Windows Vista. Because I was searching this driver on internet but i coudnt fint it anywere. This situation made me so sick.
How can I warn or send e-mail to Toshiba customer support about broken link. Or anyome know direct download address for Vista driver? Please help me asap :(

15/02/07 Display Driver nVidia Windows Vista 97.54

Thanks for your help,
Mehmet from Istanbul

Answer:Satellite A100 (PSAA9) Display Driver for Windows Vista


try the nVidia driver for the Satellite P100 (PSPA0E).
nVidia drivers are working for all their graphic chips.


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Hi all,

I need Help.
I just installed Windows Vista Ultimate on my Satellite A100-326, (PSAA9 series).This system has a NVIDIA? GeForce? Go 7300 graphics card with 256Mb dedicated memory that worked just fine on Windows XP MCE!
The default graphic card driver doesn't work, so I dowloaded the new VISTA driver from Toshiba.
It just doesn't install!!! I get always the following message, " The NVIDIA Setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit."
Does any one know what the the problem could be?
Has anyone come across the same situation?

This is really frustrating...


Answer:Can not install VISTA graphic card driver on Satellite A100

Nearly everybody. Right now I use built-in Nvidia drivers from Vista.

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I've just upgraded from Windows XP Home SP2 to Windows Vista Ultimate on my Toshiba Satellite A100.
I was wondering where I could download a driver for Synaptics touchpad that works?

I tried the generic drivers from Synaptics' website, but they do not install completely (the second component always fails to install).
Then I tried the ones from Toshiba's website, but The Vista-compatible ones display an error that says error code "#5B4 @10".

Then I tried The Windows XP-compatible drivers, and they work perfectly, except the fact that I cannot configure enhanced features such as virtual scrolling and tap zones.
I click on the icon in the tray, click on The Device Settings tab, and whenever I click on The Settings button nothing happens.

Any help?

Answer:Satellite A100: Where to get a working Synaptics touchpad driver for Vista?


Usually the driver from the Toshiba page should be fully valid and should works.
Please note that there are different A100 series and if you download any drivers, be sure that you choose the right drivers for the right notebook series.

Did you check if the touchpad settings can be set and changed in the control panel??
As far as I know the touchpad properties can be set in the ?Mouse? option which can be found in the control panel!!!

In the ?Device settings? tab you should select the ?synaptics touchpad? and press ?settings?.
New window will pop up and you will find many options controlling the touchpad settings!!!


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Hi there,

I have the following problem:

I downloaded the official Toshiba Mobility Driver for Windows Vista 32bit (I got a Satellite A100 (PSAA9) for the built in x1400 mobility.

Once I start the setup, it will install ccc, but the actual driver, no matter what I do! If I try to install the driver manually, Windows says

"Cannot read from the device (ATI Mobility X1400)"

As an error message during install. It won't work in safe mode, either.
May someone help? Thx alot!

Greetz Jens

Answer:Satellite A100 - ATI Vista driver wont install - cannot read from device

I am not 100% clear on your problem you say the Driver has installed then in part this is not so? What is the function of the
ATI Mobility X1400 ?

Try viewing the device in Device Manager :


You will then see a list of Devices with a + next to each one

Locate the ATI Mobility X1400 then click the + sign next to it and see if any errors are diplayed yellow mark ! (Also note what the error is)

If their is yellow mark ! >> uninstall the Driver and reinstall it.

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Hi all,

After 8 weeks wait i finally received my vista upgrade a couple of weeks ago, but when i put in the toshiba disc it said to use first i found that the disc is faulty. i contacted moduslink but did not receive any help from them. What i wanted to know is can i upgrade to vista without using the toshiba disc??

I have a Toshiba Satellite A100-998 Laptop with Windows XP Professional with media centre. the upgrade is for vista business. Any advice on this issue would be gratefully received!!


Answer:Satellite A100-998: Can Vista Upgrade Disc be used without the Toshiba Disc?


I?m a little bit confused? What CD or DVD is faulty??
The received Vista DVD or the Toshiba recovery CD??
In my knowledge the received Vista CD upgrades the old Toshiba XP to Vista? so I think you need the original Toshiba XP image for Vista upgrade?

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I have a Satellite P300-133 with Vista 64bit and i am searching for a cx20561 driver.
I found an driver from other manufacturer wich was perfect except the microphone didn't work.

Doesn't Toshiba have a 64bit driver???
What can i do?

Answer:Need Vista Conexant 64bit driver for Satellite P300-133

try this one

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I use A200-1AH in turkey (PSAE6E).
I have installed Vista Ultimate x64 but i have some problems.
I couldn't find driver for bluetooth(tos6205).

could you please help me

Answer:Bluetooth driver for 64bit vista on Satellite A200-1AH

Hi again,

sorry that I have to tell you that even for bluetooth no drivers under Vista64 are available. Sorry that I have to tell you this but thats a fact.

I guess you?ll find some other 3rd-party drivers out there in the internet. Google is your friend. :)


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Two days ago I got Satelitte P300-172 notebook.
It has 4 GB of ram so I decided to install 64 bit Vista.
On toshiba page there is no option to select 64 bit drivers.
Because of that I thought there are no drivers but that is not true.

Some of the Vista 32 bit drivers have 64 bit folder in them so they work on 64 bit vista.

The only thing in my device manager without proper driver is mass storage controler (vendor 1217, device 7130).
I think it belongs to "O2 Micro, Inc.|Integrated MS/xD Controller".

Anybody knows where to get the driver?

Another question:
What utility allows me to turn of led lights via mute button? I had it working on preinstalled home premium 32 bit.
Otherwise the mute button works. Only led on/off doesnt.

Thanks for help

Answer:Satellite P300-172: searching for 64bit Vista driver


I found a forum thread which could help you to get the internal cardreader working using the Vista 64bit OS.
One forum user posted a link to a 64bit Vista driver!

The +"mass storage controller device 7130"+ seems to be the internal card reader and therefore I believe that you could solve this issue installing the right driver.


By the way; I'm sure that the 64bit drivers will be released in the next time on the Toshiba European driver website

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Hi guys.

I have a Satellite A500D-10E (PSAN3E-00900JN5) right now. I was browsing through the download page looking for the display driver for this model running on Vista 64. Unfortunately, only vista 32 and windows 7 versions are the only one popping up on the categories.

Can anyone kindly assist me on this or perhaps direct me to the proper download link for the correct ATI display driver?

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite A500D-10E - Display driver for Vista 64bit

Hi buddy,

I have checked the Toshiba driver download page and as you wrote for Windows 7 64bit a driver is available. I don?t have A500D in front of me so I can?t test it but usually Windows 7 drivers also work on Vista 64bit because they are very similar. In your case I would try the Windows 7 64bit driver.

Do you want to install Windows Vista 64bit? Why you don?t choose the better Windows 7?

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i have bought a satellite A100 PSAA9E.
the last week the buttons that control a video or an audio media (read/pause,stop,backward/forward) and to open internet explorer and windows multimedia player were working.But yesterday, the read/pause,stop,backward/forward buttons ceased to work.i have already reinstalled the toshiba command and windows multimedia player with no success.

I don't know what to do, so please help me.

Answer:AV buttons don't work on my Satellite A100 anymore


You have reinstalled Toshiba command??? Possibly you mean the Toshiba controls? Am I right?
On my Satellite notebook the Toshiba control are responsible for the properly function of the buttons above the keyboard.

I think you should check in the control panel if the Toshiba controls was properly installed and check if the applications were assigned to the single buttons.

A similar issue happened several times ago on my unit and after the reinstallation of the Toshiba controls and TOSHIBA Common Modules everything was ok.
I recommend doing it on your notebook.

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I have Satellite A100, Windows XP SP2. All multimedia buttons on the left of the keyboard stopped working. They worked yesterday, i did not install anything or even turned the computer off since then. They just stopped working.

Can anyone help me to fix it?

Thank you!

Answer:Satellite A100: Media Buttons do not work

I solved the problem with reinstalling TOSHIBA Button Controls. But the next day it happened again. I reinstalled the TOSHIBA Button Controls again. It helped again. But it stopped now again. I don't like reinstalling this application every day, especially because it needs the computer to be rebooted.

Maybe someone knows how to fix it?

Thank you!

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could someone please help me?
The media buttons on the left side of my keyboard are working, they haven't been working since i bought my "SATELLITE A100-712".


Answer:Question about Media buttons on Satellite A100-712


Wait a moment? Do the media control keys work properly or not???
If the keys work now, what?s the problem??

But if the media buttons don?t work, try to reinstall the common modules and the controls utility.
The newest versions were published on the Toshiba page!

So check it out?

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is it possible, that i can use the media buttons (play, stop, next, forward, ...) also for winamp or other players except windows media player???
I have Satellite A100 - 188.


Answer:Can I use media buttons for Winamp on my Satellite A100?

Hello Dave

As far as I know it is not possible. I have tried it with older notebook models but without success. It works just with Microsoft Media player.

For a long time ago Toshiba has had a small player installed on a few units (don?t remember which notebook models) and it was possible to use them with this Toshiba designed player.


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For some time I was searching for 64bit Vista for my laptop (P100-324) sound card. Nothing works... I was very desperated, so I start ... thinking ;)
This solution isn't perfect - laptop speakers doesn't work, but if you plug in some speakers or use bluetooth headset it works.

1. Get HP driver "sp35683.exe"
2. Run it - it unpacks to "C:\swsetup\SP35683\" directory
3. Open "wi630B2a.inf"
4. Find "[Conexant.NTAMD64]" line
5. Just under it you'll find lines beginning with "%HdAudioFunctionDriver.Waikiki...."
6. Edit first of them: replace number at the end of line (after "&SUBSYS_") with "1179FF31"
7. Save changes and close. Run "Setup64.exe" and follow white rabbit... uh. installation instructions.
8. Restart your Vista 64bit and it should works.

I hope you find it usefull. If you find any better solution - post it! :)

Answer:Satellite P100 - Vista 64bit driver for soundcard - solution (almost)

Hello Jaros?aw

It is nice to have people like you here. I hope we will have more enthusiasts like you are here in our small community.

Thanks for your posting!!!

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Hope you can help me...
The Satellite P300D-12F (PSPD4E-018001GR) is an notebook with an 64bit processor...
So why i can't find drivers on the driver page for Vista 64bit?

Answer:Re: Satellite P300D-12F PSPD4E: Driver for Vista 64bit needed


> Why i can't find drivers on the driver page for Vista 64bit?
Maybe the Vista 64bit drivers are not available at this time because this series is new on the market and the Vista 64bit driver will be released in the next time.

I think it?s just a matter of time when the drivers will be published on the Toshiba European driver page.

Don't get out of patience ;)


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I've a problem with my L550. The display driver does not work after installing Vista Ultimate 64. What can I do? I've launched the driverpakage from the Toshiba webside. It has been extracted, but after this procedure, .... nothing!

There is only the standard VGA graphik installed in the configuration.


Answer:Satellite L550 - Can't install display driver for Vista 64bit


Have you started the setup.exe file after the extraction of all files?
Go to the directory where the drivers were extracted and start the installation file. Follow the screen instructions and after reboot the drivers should be installed.

Check this!!

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I have a toshiba satellite A100 series and i have a problem:
i am not able to use fn functions (for example fn + f9 to disable the touchpad or fn + f3 to standby and so on...) and i received an error concerning "common module".

A dialog said me that the common module is closed....
Anybody knows about this problem???

i'm sorry for the english....


Answer:Satellite A100: I am not able to use FN buttons - common module error


I don?t know why this error message appears and why the common modules stopped working but in my knowledge the common modules are necessary to run and to use the FN keys for example.

So here is my advice;
Go to the Toshiba European diver page, choose the right common modules, download, unzip and reinstall it again!

After new reboot the FN keys should work again.

Best regards and good luck

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A100 727 laptop and it was these nice media buttons on the left side of the key board.

They are great, but i have no idea how can change the buttons.
I had them set to start up internet and to operate with mediaplayer, but after i had to reinstal windows, cause my harddisck crashed, the functions on the buttons changed, they are now starting up the InterVideo WinDvd.

Does any know how i can change the functions of the buttons?
I read something about Toshiba Tools, but i cant find them anywere.

tyvm in advance

Answer:Satellite A100-727: How to change the media buttons config?


Using TOSHIBA Buttons Controls you can define the keys functionality. If you have installed it you can find icon for TOSHIBA Controls in Control Panel.
You can also find it if you open TOSHIBA Assist > Optimize.

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I have a pretty old laptop (Satellite A100).
My touchpad is acting up - the left button keeps activating without anyone touching it.
Is there something specific I should be doing to fix this?

I tried updating the driver and have restarted the computer several times - no luck so far. My knowledge is pretty basic, so I would appreciate simple answers in layman terms...thanks so much!!


Answer:Satellite A100 - Touchpad buttons activated without clicking


Sounds like the Touchpad button has worn out and needs replacing.

Send the laptop to an ASP for a quote. I don't think the Touchpad button board is expensive.

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Hi there,

suddenly my av-buttons (internet and cd/dvd buttons) right to my keyboard doesn't work anymore and i really can't remember that i've changed some options.
Can anybody help me?

Thanks very much!!

Answer:Satellite A100-491 AV-buttons doesn't work anymore


Try please to roll back OS to earlier time using system restore tool. Maybe it will help but if not check Toshiba controls utility and try to configure the buttons again.

Please report about results.

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I have a problem with my touchpads left button. Although the software assigned the left-click function, it always does the same action as the right button.
Drivers and Windows installation are new. Is that a hardware or a software problem?

Kind regards

Answer:Satellite Pro A100 PSAACE - Touchpad buttons do both the same action


> Is that hardware or a software problem
This is not easy to say but did you check the touchpad functionality using the Toshiba preinstalled OS???

Usually the touchpad should work without big troubles using the Toshiba original image.

May I ask you what notebook model and what OS do you have?

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Hi, please help.

I've just upgraded my laptop from Windows Vista 32bit to Vista 64bit.

I've managed to find all the drivers apart one: The 'Mass storage controller' driver (yellow exclamation mark in Device Manager).

I don't know where to look for this driver.

Any help would be appreciated. Al

Answer:Satellite Pro P300: Need Vista 64bit 'Mass storage controller' driver


I assume you didn?t search in forum for similar questions? Is it right?
I think I?m right because I searched in the forum and found this Toshiba FAQ doc.

+No Windows XP driver for PCI Memory Controller+

Here you can find this text passage:
After installing Windows XP there could be a yellow exclamation mark by a "PCI Memory Controller" or *"Mass Storage Controller"* in the device manager.

This device is likely the Turbo Memory former Robson module.
This hardware will only supported by Windows Vista.
Therefore there is no Windows XP driver.

Now everything should be clear ;)

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I have the Satellite Pro U400-12p.
I installed the Vista 64bit because I upgraded the ram to 4GB.
Now, the driver of Conexant is not working.
Downloaded everything just right, even tried the 32bit Version.

It shows that it can upgrade, then "installing" the files, and at the end it shows "Failure"
The cause of it, it shows I have no audio output/input installed. = speakrs are not working and the microphone of course.

Only when I remove the driver in the device manager and restart the machine, it gets fine.

So, what is the problem?
*The problem is, the Microphone does not work! How do I make it work?*

Please, help me, I am a student and need it very much for the studies.

Thanks a lot for the help.

Answer:Satellite Pro U400-12P: Vista 64bit sound driver failed - No microphone


It is not easy to say why this happen.

Maybe is the installations order wrong. I send you the Installations order for U400.
Try please to install all drivers, tools and utilities following this installations order.

Windows Vista SP1
Intel(R) Chipset Module
Intel(R) Robson(Intel iMSM Driver)
Intel(R) Crestline-GM / UMA Drive
AMD M82XT /M86 Driver
Conexant CX20561 Audio Driver
Marvell 8040/8055 LAN Driver
Synaptics Touch Pad Driver
Alps Touch Pad Driver
Conexant Modem Driver
Modem Region Select Utility
Intel Golan/Kedron Wireless LAN Driver
Intel Proset Utility
Atheros Wireless LAN Driver
Realtek RTL8187B Wireless LAN Driver
Chicony Camera Software
Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba
CIR Port Driver
TOSHIBA Value Added Package
TOSHIBA Hardware Setup Utility
TOSHIBA Supervisor Password
TOSHIBA SD Memory Utilities
Authentec AES1610 Fingerprint Utility
TOSHIBA ConfigFree
TOSHIBA Speech System
TOSHIBA Extended Tiles for Windows Mobility Center
TOSHIBA Remote Control Manager
CD/DVD Drive Acoustic Silencer
Toshiba HDD Protection
TOSHIBA Face Recognition
HDMI Control Manager

Please post the result.

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Maybe it is a stupid question, but I am not that good with knowledge when it is about hardware...

I have Satellite A100-153. It's CPU is Intel Centrino Duo T2300 1.66 GHz. So I would like to know is my cpu 64bit or 32bit? Also, if it is 64bit what are advanteges of that type of CPU?

Thank You!

Answer:Satellite A100-153: Is my CPU 64bit?

No, the Generation of your Centrino has no EMT64 (64 Bit). The next generation which production has started at March of this year is now 64 Bit.
The new CPU?s have a similar core like the "Core 2 Duo".

So, the advantages of 64bit are apparent, you have a wider bus which can handle more data at the same time. And more processed data at the same time means a higher processing speed.

But there is just a little problem: the driver support for 64Bit Operating systems is not very good and there aren?t many programs for us end-users which are written in 64Bit. So we have to wait till the software developers and chip manufacturers are going a better way than now.


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I have a Satellite A100-813 (PSAA8E) notebook. After reinstalling the operating system (XP), it's express media buttons are not working. I didn't get a express media recovery CD when I purchased it. When I checked in Toshiba website, it is not available.

Please give me a solution.

Answer:Satellite A100-813 - Express media buttons not working after XP install


For these special buttons you have to install the Toshiba tools. Did you check this?

On the Toshiba website I founded the installation instructions document for your notebook and XP. This is a list for recommend driver installation order.
That means you have to install also Toshiba Common Modules, Hotkey Utility, Touchpad ON/OFF Utility, Utilites, etc.

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I have a Satellite P100-400(PSPA6E) and I just got the new Windows Vista x64bits version. I wanted this version of Vista because this Portables runs in 64bits processors. Well the problem was when I downloaded the display drivers from the site and when I'am installing them the installer say that I am not running a windows vista OS.

Well in fact those drivers only works for x32bits Vista. And I had the same problem with sound drivers. So Vista was running really slow and without sound, for perfect...

What I am asking is, if you realize portables with 64bits why don't you make drivers that work with 64bits systems...

Answer:Satellite P100-400 (PSPA6E): Display driver doesn't work with Vista 64bit?


In fact the Toshiba 64bit drivers are not available at this time on the Toshiba page.
In my opinion the 64bit drivers are not available because Toshiba does not deliver any notebooks with 64bit operating system.

But as far as I know the new 64bit drivers should be released in the text time.
I?m also looking for such drivers because I?m a owner of the Vista 64bit version.

It seems we have to wait but I?m sure the drivers will be available.


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Hi all,
it's possible to install Win7 64bit versione on laptop A100-646?
I think that the toshiba support (drivers) for this OS is not complete for my "old" laptop

thanks a lot

Answer:WIN7 64bit on Satellite A100-646

I?m afraid 64bit is not supported but you can try to install it anyway and check which drivers are missing. Maybe some drivers for A200 or A300 can be used.

I also saw that A100 (PSAA9E) is supported for Win7 32 bit. Install 32 bit version. It is Ok and I hope it wil run well on your notebook. I use 32 bit on A300 and I?m very satisfied.

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Hi everyone,

I have some questions. I've got Satellite A100-294 (PSAA8E-02T026G3) and i was asking is it possible to install 64-bit win 7 on this machine? I've got 4 GB of RAM but it's really slow when opened few app's (CS4, video editing, internet, office..) and I wanted to install 64bit win to experience some faster work. First of all I can't figure out which chipset I'm running. In device manager it says this:

mobile intel(r) 955XM/945GM/PM/GMS/940MGL express processor to dram controller - 270A. Is this chipset supporting 64bits OS??

Bios is the latest and also the CPU is Core Duo T2400 1.8Ghz and I suppose that CPU can also handle 64bit OS.

Also, would I experience driver problem if I install Win7 64-bit?? Is it hard to find necessary drivers?

Thank you for help!!


Answer:Windows 7 64bit on Satellite A100

Anyone know about my question? About this chipset?

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I have just upgraded my laptop to Windows 7 Ultimate x64, and also upgraded my ram to 4GB(2x2GB)

Windows is seeing all 4GB but says only 3GB is usable, as this is a 64bit version of Windows should it not be able to use all of the 4GB?

Any Help Appreciated


Laptop Specs

Intel Core2Duo T7200 2.0GHz
4GB 677MHz DDR2 Ram
ATI Radeon Mobility X1600
120GB HD

Answer:Satellite Pro A100-830 - Can only use 3GB RAM on Windows 7 64bit


Have you already checked the BIOS? How much RAM does the BIOS show?
And what type of modules have you installed exactly?

Normally it should be possible to use full 4GB of RAM on a 64bit OS because your notebook does also support 4GB.

Maybe you should also try to update the chipset driver. You can find it on the Toshiba website.

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The pre-installed and also latest downloadable display driver isn't up-to-date.
Display driver version: 8.383.1.1-070621a-048565C

ATI release every month new Catalyst drivers, with improved performance and more functions.. this month release ATI version 7.9!

For example: I can't play the game Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (Demo) - this game exit with display driver error messages.. (ATI release a hotfix, but not for the mobility parts HD2400/HD2600!)

When release finally Toshiba new display drivers?

(sorry for my english) ;-)

Answer:When release Toshiba new ATI Catalyst driver for Satellite A200-17O Vista?

Hi there,

I am not sure when they will be release them, but I can give you a good adress which is an excellent resource for the latest available ATI/Nvidia drivers and they also work on mobile platforms:

Just try it out and check if they work for you. :)

Would appreciate some feedback if you got some success.

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I have A 100 PSACC, i want to change media controls to real player instead of windows media player, but in the list of media control only windows media player is appearing.... can any on help me plz?

Answer:Satellite Pro A100 PSACC: I want to change the Control buttons to real player


I am not 100% sure but I think that all those media buttons are designed to support Microsoft WMP only. Maybe if you use some plugins from real player to make them work.

I have found similar topic but the guy wanted to use the buttons for WinAmp. If you have some time please check it under

If you will have success please give some feedback. It can be useful info.

Bye and good luck!

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I have a Satellite A100-812 with Vista 32bit. I want to do a clean install of Windows 7 64bit (I now have 4GB RAM). I have searched, and there is no BIOS update available after 2007. I looked for Windows 7 64bit drivers, and can only find Windows 7 32bit drivers for this laptop, but there are Vista64 bit drivers available.

Will I be able to install the 64bit version of Windows 7?

Answer:Satellite A100-812 - Drivers for Windows 7 64bit?

As i know many Vista's drivers are compatible with win 7. So, it's worthy to try it. :)

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Hi, If someone can help me, many tanks!!!

I want to have drivers for my new Satellite A100-110 (A100-PSAA9N) but for 64 bits operating systems!!!

In Toshiba support there are drivers for 32bits versions, but there aren't drivers for windows Vista version 64 bits and neither for Windows XP x64 Edition. I can't find it!!!
Mainly I want video drivers for my nVidia GeForce Go 7300 but for 64 bits operating systems!!! (Neither in nVidia support!!)

Many Thanks!!

Answer:Need drivers for Satellite A100-110 (PSAA9N) for 64bit OS?

64 bit drivers are not available and because of that you can not find them. At the moment nobody can say for sure when the drivers will be available. :(

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I have the A100-847 PSAA9E-0R101QAR laptop and I have 4GB ram installed on it.
Yesterday I installed Win7 64-bit system but when I check it on the computer properties I only see:

Installed Memory (Ram): 4GB (3.00 GB usable)
System Type: 64-bit Operating System

What should I do to use my full 4GB ram?

Answer:Satellite A100-847 PSAA9E - 4GB ram but it reads only 3GB Win 64bit


In order to be abele to use 4GB RAM, three notebook components should support 4GB.

- Win OS
- Chipset

If one of these parts would not support 4GB RAM then you will not be able to get access to full 4GB.

You are using Win 64bit? that?s ok? so now only the chipset or BIOS might cause this issue?
Check the chipset and search on Intel page if the chipset is 4GB RAM capable.
If chipset would be 4GB RAM capable then the issue is releated to BIOS.


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Can you please tell me if I install Windows 7 64bit where I can find drivers, because they are not listed on Toshiba site.



Answer:Satellite A100-011 - Can I install Windows 7 64bit?

Hi Akis,

> where I can find drivers, because they are not listed on Toshiba site.
That?s the point because all provided drivers for this model you can find on official Toshiba website. There is no other place where you can download pretested and official drivers for Toshiba notebooks.

Theoretically it?s no problem to install Windows 7 but you must search for drivers yourself on external websites like:

Alternative you can try Vista 64bit drivers. Usually they should work on Windows 7 too.

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I'm working on a Toshiba Laptop (A100) and everything runs great on it but the keyboard is half missing and 4 of the keys that are there don't work..

how much of a pain is this to fix?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite A100 Key pad..

well.. lol, thanks but I just plugged a USB wireless keyboard in it.. so no worry's they seem to be pretty cheap these days.

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In the last two/three days the speeds of the cursor/pointer and control buttons have dropped alarmingly.

Also the tracker icon in the system tray does not always register that the touch pad is being used, and this is normally when the speed drops away.
The pointer moves across the screen alright, but there is a long delay to highlighting the target or getting any response to clicking the buttons when it is.

I suspect a virus of some type, but having run Norton, Hitman Pro and Webroot Spyware I have not found any. Can anyone suggest a possible cause/cure please?

Answer:Satellite A100-487: Speed of cursor & Button control buttons have dropped alarmingly


Did you notice a full CPU usage rate while the speed of the cursor/pointer and control buttons have dropped?
Sometimes my mouse doesn?t response or moves slowly because the CPU runs with 100% and has to execute many background processes.
Of course, a virus or malware could increases the CPU usage rate to a higher level.

I noticed that Norton does not recognize some Viruses or some unsafe files are not known to Norton Antivirus.
Since several months I have been using the freeware AntiVirus program. It?s nice and for free!

But maybe it?s not a virus issue but only something wrong with the system files and/or drivers.
In such case I would recommend reinstalling the common modules, touchpad driver/utility and Toshiba controls.

In worth case you have to reinstall the whole OS from the Toshiba recovery CD!

Check it out

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are there driver for this notebook running under Windows Vista Business 64 bit?
Only found some for 32 bit.

Thank you in advance

Answer:Re: Satellite L300D - Where to find driver for Vista 64 bit

If you didn?t find any 64bit then the drivers are not released yet.

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Hello everyone,

I just installed Vista, but my Sound isn't working, since I don't have a driver for that.

Where can I find it? On the Toshiba download page, there was nothing...
My notebook is the Satellite A80-169.

Thank you all in advance,


Answer:Where do I find a VISTA sound driver for Satellite A80-169?

Hi there,

you can also get the drivers by visiting ** and searching Vista drivers for "Realtek ALC250" soundcard. (It?s the soundchip which is installed in your system)

So your sound should work perfectly with the genuine realtek drivers.


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I've recently upgraded my A60 with new dvd, memory and hard drive.
Upgraded to Vista and all works perfect except i cannot find an upgrade for my display driver.

Just shows as standard graphics adaptor and i cannot get any 3d functionality on it even for Vista Windows games or screensavers.
Can anyone advise as to where I can get updated drivers for this function? Graphics card is ati radeon 7000igp.


Answer:Satellite A60-156: Where to find graphic driver for Vista

What to say? It seems Toshiba page doesn?t provide any Vista drivers for this unit.
So you could try to use an graphic driver from the 3rd party website like

But note; these are not Toshiba drivers and therefore the drivers are not tested on the Toshiba notebooks. You can install it but only at your own risk.

Best regards & good luck

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Hi, has the Geforce Go 7600 128 or 64 bit?

Answer:Satellite A100-083: Has Geforce 7600Go with 128bit or 64bit?


As far as I can remember the Satellite A100-083 (PSAA9E) has installed a NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300 graphics controller Code Name G72M.
I have searched on the NVidia site for more details and it seems the Geforce Go 7300 supports 64bit and Geforce Go 7600 G73M 128 Bit

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I have W7 RTM from Technet, and I was install 64bit edition on my laptop "Satellite A100 (PSAA9)" I need 64bit drivers and 64bit utilities (Value Added Package,..) but I can not find them... 32bit Value Added package not work on 64bit (installation is rejected ) :/

Sorry, my english is very very bad

Thanks for any advice

Answer:Satellite A100 - Need 64bit drivers and tools for Windows 7

I dont think you will have success installing Win7 64bit on an old system such as the A100, you should install 32bit Win7 and use the Vista 32bit drivers.

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Does Satellite Pro A100-828 has a 64bit memory interface on X1600 GPU? Please help as I only get 2500 marks on 3dMark05 on a Satellite Pro A100-828. The GPU is X1600 with 128MB dedicated memory + 384MB Hypermemory. This card should do around 3500 marks.



Answer:Does Satellite Pro A100-828 has a 64bit memory interface on X1600 GPU?

I have investigated in the World Wide Web and it seems that the X1600 supports a 128Bit interface?
I do not found any x1600 with 64bit therefore I think it?s a 128bit

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Hello everybody,

I have the Satellite A100-003 and I have been running it with Windows XP since I got it(downgraded). Now I want to install Windows 7 on it, however, I am confused about what I can install on it.

I some places on the Toshiba site, I have found that I can install Windows 7 (32 and 64bit) but I may run into some problems with the BIOS, in other places I have tried but could not find any drivers for Windows 7 64bit.

So what is the case? My first goal is to install windows 7 64 bit, because I have 4GB RAM on my laptop, but even the 32bit would be a better choice than XP right now.
So, can I install Windows 7 64 bit on my laptop?

Thank you in advance for any reply!

Answer:Satellite A100-003 - Can I install Windows 7 32bit or 64bit?


Important is before you install another OS, that you check the Toshiba driver download page. Satellite A100-003 belongs to PSAARE series and therefore are no Windows 7 drivers available. You can only get drivers for Windows XP and Vista 32bit.

That means you can try to install Windows 7 because the most Vista drivers also work on Windows 7.
If not you must search newer drivers yourself, maybe you can find something.

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