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Where can I find service manual for Satellite A80-129?

Question: Where can I find service manual for Satellite A80-129?

I want to find the service manual for the model satellite a80-129 because my screen is a little bit loosy.

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Preferred Solution: Where can I find service manual for Satellite A80-129?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Where can I find service manual for Satellite A80-129?


Generally, Toshiba service manual is not available for end users. Maybe you can find some help on net but if you don?t have any experience it will be better to contact qualified personnel in some notebook repair centre.

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Hi guys

Just wondering if anyone knows where I can find a service manual / engineers guide for a Satellite L30?? I have a broken hinge on my laptop and Toshiba were very helpful in helping me find replacement parts - via Topaz. They were also a bargain at only ?8.00 + postage for a pair of them. However......when I enquired about 'how to fit them?' they both became rather 'un-helpful'!!!!

And I really don't feel like paying PC World the ?219.00 they quoted to fit them!!!
I have no fear of opening and playing around with the insides, but any help or 'pointers' would be gratefully appreciated.

Many thanks in advance :-)

Answer:Where can I find a service manual for Satellite L30?

Try this online guide:

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Hello everyone

My laptop shuts down very often because of high temperature. I want to tear it apart to remove the dust but I cannot find the service manual in order to do that. I would much appreciate any help! I have searched thoroghly with no result. So I'm hanging over you guys!

Thanks a lot.

Answer:Satellite L505-13N - Cannot find the service manual

Hi skyluke,

does this help you?



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Hi All,

Please can anyone tell me where i can find the Toshiba L300D-243 - PSLC8E-068013EN service or maintenance manual.
I need to disassemble and replace the DC-In connection for a friends laptop..

Best Regards


Answer:Satellite L300D-243 PSLC8E Where to find Service or Maintenance Manual


You will not find such manuals on Toshiba page since such manuals are created only for Toshiba ASP technicians?
Maybe you will find some other details on pages like or similar?.

Good luck

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Hi all,

I am after a service manual (not the user manual) so I can take apart a Qosmio laptop.

Does anyone know where I can find one or have a direct link to one?

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Re: Qosmio F20 Service Manual - Anyone know where I can find it?

Hello Gavin

Service manual is not public document and, as far as I know, Toshiba does not offer such documents for download. Can you imagine what can happen if everyone can disassemble so expensive notebook like Qosmio?

I think this should be done by authorized people only. what you think about it?

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I've spilt wine over my laptop and need to strip it down but can't figure out how as there seems to be something still holding it all together!

I'm trying to find a service manual for it!

Any help will be very much appreciated!

Answer:Equium M40X: Where I can find service manual?


Unfortunately, you will be not able to find any service manuals on the official Toshiba sites.
Only the authorized Toshiba service partner has an access to such repair documents.
You can call the service and ask for the help.

However, the keyboard removing is not very difficult.
You can remove the thin cover strip which is placed above the keyboard. Then you should remove the screws which secure the keyboard.
Then it should be possible to remove the keyboard from the notebook. Please be careful; the keyboard cable is connected to the keyboard controller.

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I need service manual for toshica laptop
I found one Toshiba support page that had a similar model listed, but then there was still no link to get a hold of a service manual.

Anyway, here are the details:

Toshiba Satellite A40-702 psa40e

I can tell you that it is about 4 years old and was distributed in the UK.

All I need is a link to the pdf or whatever so I can dissasemble and reassemble this thing without messing it up for cleaning purposes.

Thanks in advanced.

If someone reads this and can't find it either, then a link to a real Toshiba technical support webform homepage or email address would also be gratefully received.

Answer:Need service manual for Satellite A40-702

Hi John

Unfortunately, it looks like such documents and service manuals are not available on the Toshiba page for a public usage.
I think such service manuals are crated and designed only for a Toshiba Authorized Service Provider and not for a common notebook user?.

But listen dude; I?ve googled a little bit a found a useful page regarding the A40/A45.

There you can find some nice picture how to disassemble an A45 notebook.
The A45 is a US series and very similar to the A40.

But you should be always careful and don?t disassemble the notebook if you don?t have enough experience. In such case it?s always a better idea to contact a notebook technician for such job.


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Does anybody know how I can get hold of instructions on dismantling this laptop, or an service manual. I suspect my motherboard is damaged, as it was recently dropped and now does not power up, although when connected to the AC supply, the light on the front come on, indicating power is getting to it. I wonder if it could be the power button thats damaged??

Answer:Satellite 1130-Z24,how to get service manual

Hi Chris

In my opinion it?s not so easy to dismantle the unit because there are many little electronic parts on the board and you must be an expert to find the malfunction.
In this case you should ask the service partner for more detailed descriptions.
Nevertheless I found only a user manual for this machine. You can find it on the Toshiba website.


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Are there any downloadable service manuals for the Toshiba laptops - as some other manufacturers have on their websites.

I have the usual problem with a laptop where the power connector is intermittent. I suspect that it needs resoldering as I have had this with other laptops.

I need to know how to open the case up to access the connector as there are no service companies near me and I do not wish to send the laptop away for such a minor repair.

The laptop is a
Satellite 1900-305 P4 2.4GHz/512MB/30GB/15TFT/DVD-CDRW/LAN/XP HE


(I do work in electronics by the way)

Answer:Service Manual for Satellite 1900-305?

Hi Martin,

I don't believe that Toshiba make service manuals available for download from any of their web sites, but I have from time to time come across copies on CD available on E-Bay.

I have never tried one so I can't say just how accurate or reliable they are.


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I own a Satellite L350-20H Modell Nr. : PSLD8E-0HX01FGR

Where can I get a service manual and how do I get original parts? I have to renew the Lan port


Answer:Satellite L350-20H - Where to get a service manual?


Such service manuals are not for public, I think they are only available for authorized service providers. On Toshiba website you can only download the user manual.

Original parts can be ordered from an authorized service provider in your country. They can offer all original spare parts.
But I assume you can?t replace the LAN port only because it?s part of mainboard. Therefore you have to replace the whole mainboard.

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Would someone be kind enough to show me where I can download a copy of the Service Manual for Toshiba Satellite Pro A100-229 please ?

Thank you.


Answer:Satellite Pro A100-229 Service Manual


Do you mean user manual???
The user manual can be downloaded from here: -> Support & Download -> Toshiba User Manual

But if you are looking for a maintenance manuals then I have to say that you will not find such manuals because it's not for public usage but only for a Toshiba authorized service partners.


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I have satellite 2410-603 model of laptop. And wanted to open it for changing display hinge. So if you could help me I will be very great full. I mean just tell where i can get the hardware maintenance manual for the same model. Else is there video available so that i open the laptop........? Help me.

Answer:Service manual for Satellite 2410-603


Service manuals that you mean are not public and only for ASP?s (authorized service provider).

You can search with Google to find instructions how to disassemble this notebook. Maybe you will find something.

To be honest if you don?t have experience with notebook disassembling ask a technician for help. This is a little bit tricky.


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Where could I get a service repair manual for a Satellite Pro 480cdt?

Answer:Satellite Pro 480cdt: Service repair manual

Hello John

Unfortunately these kinds of documents are not public. I have searched the same for my Tecra but without success. What you want to do exactly?

Maybe some forum user can help you with disassembling/assembling procedure.

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I there!

I would like to know if there is any service manual for disassembling the model in subject?

I think could have any issue on my speakers, and i would like to studie the thing before i start inventing! Meanwhile, since the quality of the speakers is terrible, i also could study the possibility, if case of defect, to replace them with other compatible speakers!

It is a pity the toshiba have put so bad speakers! I know it's an input range laptop, but for the price, deserved anything that sounded better than an alarm clock! SRS is a scam and misleading advertising!

Best regards

Answer:I need service manual to disasemble the Satellite C850


Service manual is not a public document so you will not be able to find it for download. Generally speaking notebook should be disassembled by authorized personal only. When you do it on your own you are doing it on your own risk so do it very carefully. Many small plastic holders can be broken if you don?t do it gently.

Speakers. This is another theme. As you probably know Toshiba offers high end speakers with some notebook models. As far as I know notebook from series C or L have standard stereo speakers and they are also relatively advantageously priced.

If you use your notebook in the desk for everyday activities you can use external speakers.

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After one year since I bought my laptop, the optical drive started having problems reading most of my DVD disks, even the ones written with it self.
I want to replace the unit, I did this operation with my previous laptop also but then I used a service manual.
Does anyone know where can be found the service manual for download?


Answer:Satellite Pro M30 replace DVD drive - service manual needed


The replacement is not complicated and you don?t need any manuals. The drive is fixed with just one screw. You can find it at the bottom side near the memory module cover. Remove it and put the drive out.

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Please; where can't i find the users manual as i have some questions for the mousepad and it's blocking use when the lights get blue and some more questions about the use of the buttons.

Answer:Where to find users manual for Satellite A200-23W


Usually the user manual should be preinstalled on your notebook. The shortcut should be placed on the desktop.
Did you check it?

Anyway, you can also download the user manual from the Toshiba page: -> Support & Download -> Toshiba User Manual

Check the path above and you will find the page which provides the user manuals for the single Toshiba notebook series.


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I need the manual for this motherboard which is installed in a Toshiba Satellite A25 S207, can anyone help me?

Answer:Satellite A25-S207 - Where can I find the manual for the motherboard?


Bad news buddy...
The notebooks maintenance manuals are not published on any of Toshiba pages.
It seems that such manuals are not for public usage but only for Toshiba authorized service partners.

But to be honest I don't understand why you need such manual...
The motherboard is a special designed Toshiba part only for the Satellite A25/A20 series.
So if you want to replace is you need to use exactly the same part.


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Hi, where can I find a user's manual for a Satellite SA60-772? In particular I would like to know how the keyboard Fn buttons work.

Thank You

Answer:Satellite SA60-772: Where to find user's manual?


you can download user manuals Toshiba's support page: _eu


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I am having general problems opening toshiba laptops. So far since Sunday I have:

1670 - unscrewed back and only opened partly as was afraid might break plastic. Fixed mouse now not working...

L10 - unscrewed back and only opened partly as was afraid might break plastic.

M30 - unscrewed back and only opened partly as was afraid might break plastic.

Portege 4000 - opened most of it (back and front), but would have had to cut wires to go any further.

Luckily, I haven't destroyed anything beyond repair or needed to see a technician urgently so far, but is there a good internet resource for this (how to....)?

My main aims are to clean the inside using an air duster and get to the heatsink (as well as the HDD (in the case of the 1670)).


Answer:Where to find manual to get the Satellite 1670 disasembled

Such manuals are not public documents and you will not find them for download.
What you can try is to Google around and try to find some forum or page with description how to disassemble these notebooks.

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When I got my I downloaded the user manual on to my HD but I now cannot find it anywere !! How do I download another copy, ? {I have looked on the Toshiba site but no luck }...cheers Alan

Answer:Cannot find User Manual for Satellite L500D/006

Have you tried to search user?s manuals on Australian support page - ?

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This thing is long outside warranty, and it just so happens i have a few things i'd like to try with it.
I have a few spare cpu's, amongst which are both 100, and 133Mhz fsb coppermines. I havent been able to determine if they are compatible beyond the 100Mhz fsb versions, but the lappy is at present equipped with a 700mhz coppermine celeron, so the 100Mhz version should work. Anyway, id need to clean out the cpu cooler, to get a low, stable working temp. However, i havent been able to find anything in the way of service manual, disassembly instructions, or similar.

Anything in that area would be nice, since i dont want to tear in to a fully working unit on "best effort" basis.

Any ideas as to what "max memory" is? from what i've read, and memories tested, 2x128MB seams to be all, however it might just be that the darn thing is picky about its memory. I tried a pair of PC133 CL2 Kingston 128MB mem's and it refused to boot. Right now its running on two "noname" 128MB, CL3, PC100, and its working like a charm. I tried a pair of muschkin CL2.5 256MB mems aswell, with no luck.

What id really like is to get atleast 512MB memory running in here, with a ~1Ghz cpu. Howcome that there is virtually no upgradepath information available for a machine this old? I could see why someone might not want to let everyone tinker with the stuff while its still under warranty, but by now there cant be any units with warranty left of this version.

Well, t... Read more

Answer:Satellite 1800-100: Need service manual, disassembly instructions or similar


As far as I know the notebook was delivered with a Celeron 100MHz FSB and 800 MHz speed. But I have read on many sites that generally it?s not possible to upgrade the CPU.

I have also found some information about the compatible RAM and the max upgrade size. It seems that you can upgrade the RAM to max 512MB and these modules are supported:
PC100 256MB (PA3069U-1M25)
PC100 128MB (PA3005U)
PC100 64MB (PA3004U)

Furthermore I have not found any officials service manuals. It seems that such documents are available only for the Toshiba authorized service partner.

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Although my registration was accepted by Toshiba (for cash redemption) I cannot find any operating manual or details on Toshiba website.

Can anyone please help with operating instructions

Answer:I cannot find any operating manual or details for Satellite L500/033


It seems to be a Satellite notebook which belongs to Toshiba Australian!
All details should be posted on Toshiba Australian page:

There are different L500/xxx models? if you would not find your unit then this would mean that the information has not been published yet?

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Would like to replace the wireless card as it has very performance...
need service manual. Sending laptop away isn't an option due to where we live.
Prefer to have internal card then dongle for wireless access...

Answer:Need Satellite A300D service manual in order to replace WLan card.

> need service manual

Unfortunately, I don't think that someone can submit service manual here, as it's user to user forum. But you can visit to see other Toshiba models ,,how to disassemble it,,

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I have Satellite A300D with Windows 7 and Bluetooth Stack by Toshiba (ver. 7.00.10)
I 'd like to connect my mobile phone to notebook over bluetooth. I have tried to add a new connection in Bluetooth Stack. BS has found my phone, but coudln't connect to. BS has showed an error message "Unable to find a service" (I have a Russian version of Bluetooth Stack, so I have to translate the message). And I don't know what service is not running, BS give no additional information.

Please, advise me what can i do to solve my problem.

Answer:Re: Satellite A300D - Bluetooth Stack can't find a service

I think you should enable bluetooth service in Administrative tools- Services:

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Question: Service Manual

I need a service manual for a HP Envy 17-U153NR and I cannot seem to find one is there anyone able to assist me.

Answer:Service Manual

Hi: Below is the link to the service manual for your notebook:

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My motherboard broke down and on my product page on the hp site, it used to host dv6-2044ca service manual and i once downloaded it to read it for fun, but i never thought i'd use it.

here i am now, 1 month after my ''1 year warranty'' desperate to fix this problem..

but the manual is not there anymore!

What happened to it???

when you search on google "dv6-2044ca service guide", the hp product page shows up and if you look at the preview of the website (thanks to google), you can see that there are links to downloading the EULA and the service manual

if you go to the actual website, just the EULA is there..

Answer:Does anyone know where the hp service manual went?

Would this one do: HP Pavilion dv6000 Service Manual

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Question: Service Manual

I will be very grateful if some body could tell me, where i could find the service manual for Sony Vaio VGN SR25S.Thanks.

Answer:Service Manual

Which country did this laptop originate from? Sony's support website are country based and this model isn't listed on the US website. Might be able to find you a manual, but will need to know where this came from.

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Anyone know wher I can find a service manual for an HP dv5-1113us?

I just want to replace the LCD and HP support is no help.

Answer:HP DV5 Service Manual?

Here it is -

then manual/service manual.

This may be able to be direct linked.

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Question: PC service manual

Hi all

Been searching high and low for a service manual for SVL24115FGB (Sony Vaio 24 inch touch screen pc - yes pc NOT a notebook) seen lots for the notebooks.

If anyone can steer me in the right direction as to getting a service manual it would be much appreciated.

Would just like to look into it more before going into the pc, I have not been in to a pc where the tower is part of the screen.

At the very least I want to know where the hard drive and ram are located and what I have to undo to get to them....Ta

Answer:PC service manual

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Question: Service manual

I am looking for the service manual for the ICL50 motherboard that is in the acer 5720Z laptop or any info on the Insyde H20 BIOS and the backdoor key.
I have tried all the regular F keys and their combinations also all passwords from other BIOS Mfg. Is there any software out there that will access a computer without having the "Boot from CD Enabled" My laptop is now just a expensive paperweight and will remain so until I can get into it, if ever.

Answer:Service manual

You are probably fed up with suggestions by now, "but", if you have jumpers on your motherboard this may work.
The third paragraph could be of interest to you.
Hope it in some way helps, good luck and post your results.

Using the jumpers

The canonical way to flash the BIOS via hardware is to plug, unplug, or switch a jumper on the motherboard (for "switching a jumper" I mean that you find a jumper that joins the central pin and a side pin of a group of three pins, you should then unplug the jumper and then plug it to the central pin and to the pin on the opposite side, so if the jumper is normally on position 1-2, you have to put it on position 2-3, or vice versa).
This jumper is not always located near to the BIOS, but could be anywhere on the motherboard.

To find the correct jumper you should read the motherboard's manual.
Once you've located the correct jumper, switch it (or plug or unplug it, depending from what the manual says) while the computer is turned OFF.
Wait a couple of seconds then put the jumper back to its original position. In some motherboards it may happen that the computer will automatically turn itself on, after flashing the BIOS.
In this case, turn it off, and put the jumper back to its original position, then turn it on again.
Other motherboards require you turn the computer on for a few seconds to flash the BIOS.

If you don't have the motherboard's manual, you'll have to "brute force" it... trying out all the jump... Read more

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Can tell me someone who I can find a service manual
(+you now how to unscrew the notbook+
+i dont care about the Warranty+ )
for my Qosmio g50-10i

Answer:Re: Qosmio G50-10I - I need the service manual

The service manual that you mean can not be downloaded. This is only for authorized service provider and not for the users.

Normally you don?t need it because you should have warranty on your notebook and the ASP can exchange the faulty parts.

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SERVICE AND REPAIR -Which manual?Being a member of a local U3A[ University of the Third Age - A retired persons educational organization]I am more and more being asked by my pensioner buddies to look at theircomputers when they get into trouble with them.Mostly this is no problem -having been messing with them for 20 years or so[Who remembers Atari and Amiga?] and having built my last three PC'sHowever I am sometime stuck .See the current Laptop query on this list.So I am lookng for a comprehensive Repair/Service manual.Thers is a lot out there and I have been searching the web[ Amazon et al]but sseeing titles, ISBN numbers is not the same as seeing the bookAny reccomendatons anyone?J

Answer:SERVICE AND REPAIR -Which manual?

I bought a book from Amazon which was called The Power of Tides as I was interested in this subject and I received it a couple of days later.It was a book of Prose----Poetry to the rest of us. So, be careful what you choose and don't forget they are a damn site cheaper and have a much larger store than your local book shop.

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Need the link for the service manual for a Pavallon 17-ab292ms laptop. So far it's a beast, love it. But I want to plan possible future upgrades for Memory and SSD/HD, but expect future software bloat and finances to require improvement rather than replacement... It Iooks like this unit lacks a Memory service/upgrade door, so I am left wondering if the mem chips are soldered or slotted.A friend has a sister model 17" unit with a Mem door, so would there be a com[atable base panel with one available? Ya know if I have to take the back off why not fix that if I can. I also have a G6 and a Sammy 850 on the shelf that could go together, get the # and specs to you soon, but like ya experts I get busy too. Too many ladies, flesh and electronic demanding my time. So no hurry, no worry, and thanks in advance. Life is a game, enjoying it is winning it. . .

Answer:service manual 17-ab292ms

@Zski For the 17-ab292ms. HP Pavilion 17-ab000 Notebook PC series - FRU Remove/Replace Videos The videos may be removed May 1 2017 REO

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Anyone know where too get a service manual for a toshiba m45-s169?  I googled an didnt find anything on it at all.

Answer:Tosiba Service Manual

Slade you could have done this yourself. it is actually the "service manual" you seek. In which case contact Toshiba or an authorized Toshiba repair facility and see if they will sell you one.

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Hi, I am looking for service manual for Asus X51L series but i cant find it. Can anyone help me to find it?

Answer:X51L service manual

Go to this page and scroll down to the third one that is the english version.

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I'm looking at the service manual for the HP Power Pavilion 17t and it says if you have a touchscreen, you can not put in an m.2 pcie nvme ssd (page 3).  Is this true?  On the HP store web site, you can select both touchscreen and the m.2 ssd + 1TB option.  So which is correct?  Product:  HP Pavilion - 17t-ab200 CTOProduct#:  X7N37AV

Answer:Service manual says can't install m.2 ssd

Yeah that does seem odd. I just answered a question for you about a memory upgrade. I also studied the manual I linked for you there and it shows an M.2 but none of the pictures clearly shows exactly where the slot is on the motherboard.  I suggest you take a look around while you are in there upgrading the memory. Be advised, however that we have had an issue here of HP laptops even with an M.2 slot where it appears to have been disabled at the factory as no one can get the system to actually see the M.2 when placed in the slot. I could see where HP might have disabled the M.2 slot on touchscreen models, but more likely if the touchscreen models do not support M.2 it is because there is no such slot on the motherboard.  Please post back with what you find out as we are trying to gather information on the M.2 issue as much as possible to provide the best available advice. 

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Lenovo: why is there no service manual for the Y530 available? Is there an equivalent manual available? Thanks

Answer:Service manual for Y530

As you need service manual of the IdeaPad Y530, I would request you to please check the user guide of the same laptop from the below mentioned web link, might be it will work. as the information you need.
Thanks  & Regards,

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Hi all
im new to to the forum and i need help
im searching for the maintenance or service or any manual for dismantle the notebook A30 -151

please anyone can help

Answer:Service or Maintenance manual of Satllite A30-151?

Unfortunately, I think such documents are not available for common users.
As far as I know only the authorized Toshiba service partner can receive such documents.

Please check also this posting:

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Hello, I've been optimizing my windows services in services.msc and set them up as I want them in Windows 10. Two of these services are anit-cheat services that want to always run. However, they don't need to. So i changed them from automatic to manual and simply start and stop them with a simple .bat file before playing. This seems to work great exept for the fact that every time I stop playing one of them turns itself from manual to automatic for no reason. Everything works great exept this. So my question is, how do I stop a service from doing this. I have all the admin rights and the PC is my own. There is must be some commandline option or reg tweak that I can do to make sure this is not allowed or can ever happen. Thanks.

Answer:Service keeps changing from manual to automatic.

click here worth a read might help especially using task manager.

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Does anyone know where I can find a "SERVICE MANUAL", not a user manual so I can get the information needed to replace my hard drive. (It crapped out) I hav already made a recovery disk and created all the drivers and applications disk.

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I have damaged the power connector on my Toshiba Satellite L510. I have been searching the net for hours trying to find a service manual that will show me how to dissamble the laptop so I can repair or replace the A/C connector but no luck. Does anyone know where I can find instructions or am I down to just removing screws and praying?

Answer:Toshiba L510 service manual

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I am working on a system where group policy has been configured to set the BITS service to manual startup.
I can't think of why this setting would be helpful as I believe the default for this service is Automatic.
Can anyone suggest any idea why someone would make a global change like this and how it may be beneficial?
I am unable to locate the person who made this change and cannot get that information from them directly.

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Does anyone have schematics or a service manual for
this unit.
ALSO Where can you get parts?
Is it buy it if it gets broken throw it away!
[email protected]

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Does anyone know where I can find a "SERVICE MANUAL", not a user manual so I can get the information needed to replace my hard drive. (It crapped out) I hav already made a recovery disk and created all the drivers and applications disk.

Answer:Aspire M5-583P SERVICE MANUAL

1. Prepare first by google searching how to prevent static electricity and other safety precautions before you begin. 2. Unplug your computer from the AC charger 3. remove the dummy SD card 4. remove the screws in the base cover 5. Carefully pry up the base cover starting from rear of the system at the LCD hinges.  6.  Grasp and remove the base cover from the system. 7. Disconnect the battery 8.

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Hey there, I am looking for a Service manual for a Medion MD6032 Laptop, if anyone has one or knows where I could get one i would be greatly thankful.

Answer:Medion MD6032 Service Manual

click heretype serial No. (MD6032) here should give you all info you need...

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hey guys whats up
I'm having a bit of trouble finding a service manual for a gateway m320
gateway no help
i need to get a disassembly diagram as i have ti replace the power jack
I've never really taken a laptop apart before and am afraid of ruining a good laptop
ts a mpc but I'm sure that its the same general laptop as another gateway
no Sn# pn# stickers are too faded go figure
if you could help me out i would be grateful

Answer:Service manual for Gateway M320

You likely do not need a service manual, nor would you benefit from one... if they existed... which they don't. Your Gateway m320 doesn't work any differently than a thousand other laptop computer models...
What you need is the correct part, and a great deal of skill using a cold solder technique, or flat soldering... most techs cannot do it, so somebody who asks for a service manual will not.

Get a GOOD and exprienced electronics technician or anybody very skilled in soldering techniques who also has the tools.
Otherwise, buying a new board will be faster and less costly.
If not in a living location where there are good techs, there are services to which you can mail it and get the repairs performed for $90 including shipping.

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HP Pavilion dv9910 service manual is needed to restore old unit. Need to source parts and without manual cannot do it. Any help would be appreiated.


View Solution.

Answer:I need a service manual for an old HP Pavilion dv9910 so I ...

Maintenance Manual for Dv9500/Dv9600/Dv9700 series should have what you need. This manual does cover Intel and AMD so check the headers of columns to be sure you are looking at AMD specs.

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Need to replace hard drive with SSD but can't find a service manual anywhere. Does anyone know where I can get this service manual?

Answer:Where can I get the Acer Aspire E5 service manual?

What Acer Aspire E5? There are so many models. Normally, you can get all documents here:

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Why doesn't HP want anyone to have the service manual. Our color laserjet 3800n printer is out of warranty, and it costs $80 to look at it at a service location. I know exactly what the problem is and how to fix it, yet I can't get the manual to see, without going in blind, how to get to the part I need to. Does anyone have access to this manual and could email/fax me a part of it? Boo to HP!

Answer:HP Laserjet 3800n Service Manual

There are quite a few manuals I found on the HP Support site. You didn't mention what the problem was, but here's the link to practically all their manuals.

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I need to get my hard drive out of my dell optiplex 740. I took it apart and realized just how buried it is. Can anyone please direct me to a service manual or tell me how to get at it? Thank you.

Answer:Dell Optiplex 740 service manual?

Here ya go pal

Optiplex 740 Mini Tower

Optiplex 740 Desktop Computer

Optiplex 740 Small Form Factor Computer

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Hope this is the right forum for this. I've worked on a lot of PC's but this is my 1st laptop. I can't figure out how to get it apart! I took out all the screws I could find but it won't come apart. I have CD's with most all HP laptop service manuals but not the N5415. All I can find is a reference manual. Is it comparable to another? Anyone know where I can find an exploded diagram?

Answer:HELP! Need HP N5415 Laptop Service Manual

How's this:

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Hi,  one section of the keyboard (keys 'R', 'T', '5', '6' ) on my laptop sometimes will stop working for a few days then they will be fixed on their own a few days later (I move the laptop everyday) I feel there is loose cable connection somewhere but I can't figure out how to open the keyboard on this laptop.  Is there a service manual or insturctions somewhere?   (for example, do I need to remove some screws from the bottom first?)     It seems the entire top surface is a single piece for this model.  

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I have a Equium a110-252 and need to take apart to replace the cpu which is faulty. I am competent and wish to do this myself, is there a MANUAL which guides you through the process of disssembling this laptop.

Hope someone can help.


Answer:Equium A110-252 Service Manual

Ok, I think my question about why you want to replace the CPU is answered ;)
But as far as I know you will not find such a manual for download or around the internet as I think only ASP guys have those instructions.

Perhaps it is like with the repair instructions with cars. The official ones as they are used in repair shops are only provided by the car manufacturer for those shops.

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Hi Guys,

I run a PC Service Center and i really need help with getting a CLEVO CO. C41X0 service manual or tear down/disassembly guide. I've searched and searched and the closest i got was a post by a member asking to upgrade his CLEVO CO. C41X0 BIOS.

Any help with this manual will be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes.

Answer:CLEVO CO. C41X0 service manual

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Looked for a spot that better fit this request . Really did not see one so I picked hardware as a starting point.
I am looking for a service manual for a Sony PCG-K33 laptop. I cannot find anything anywhere on google. Sony's site shows nothing as far as manuals go. Looking for the easiest way to disasemble this thing to replace the dc in jack. I would rather not waste time taking things apart that don't need to be taken apart.
Any help or direction out here.


Answer:looking for a service manual for a Sony PCG-K33 laptop

Drop me an email, I may be able to help you out. [email protected]

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Is there such a thing, and can I download it from anywhere?A month or so ago, our printer started chewing paper as it runs through the machine, regarxdless of paper type, or amount, and then jams up completely. There's also a kind of grinding noise like the cogs are slipping. I have checked there's no foreign objects causing this, and wanted to download some kind of service manual to see if I could fix this myself.Can anyone help?Thanks in advanceNick

Answer:Service manual for Epson DX6050?

Instructions guides available here, and more ... click here

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Hey all
I'm just wondering whether it matters if the BITS services is in manual or automatic (delayed start) since it has a habit of switch from the former to the latter. I'm not interested in disabling it as I still want my updates checked automatically (controversial I know).

Answer:BITS service manual or automatic?

Hello shadowblade,

This below is the default setting for the BITS service, so it's fine to leave it on "Automatic".

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Hello, i am trying to find the service manual of HP G5040EA. Can you please help me?

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Hey guys,

A friend my mom works with gave me 2 desktop computers and a laptop that won't work. I'm trying to get the EMachine to work but it seems futile... The Mobo is fried and unless I wanna fork over 40 bucks for them to tell me it will cost 140 dollars to buy one of there mobos (No joke, a mobo for the old thing is 130-140 dollars direct from EMachine!!) I would like to find a service manual to check out some further specs on it.

I know that it appears to be an ATX (Possibly) sized motherboard with a Socket A processor type (For the AMD Anthlon XP 2700+).

It should b easy to replace the motherboard, Socket A is an older architecture and a mobo with it only costs about 20-35 dollars on Ebay

If you would like to know, the other computer I have no clue what is wrong and don't really care (Old HP computer with ME) and the Compaq Laptop needs a new power brick and screen as the current screen appears to have gotten wet inside. I don't know about repairing the laptop, the parts cost a bit.

This place looks cool, I hope to maybe lay down some roots.


Answer:E-Machine W2785 Service Manual

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Hi, I've got a HP Pavilion dv7  3133er,  part WA005EA#ACB,   and I can't find "Maintenance and Service Guide",  "service manual"  for my notebook.  I find some, but it is not for my notebook, because i have NVidia 230M onboard.Please, help ! Best regards


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Answer:service manual for hp pavilion dv7-3133er

Hi: This would be the service manual for your notebook. It only lists the quad core processors though... Most of the information should be the same for your model unless you need to replace the motherboard.

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I am the techno geek in my family, and we own two Toshiba laptops, I personally own a Satellite pro A120 dual core, and my older brother owns a Satellite A30.

As it was my own laptop, I had the confidence to many times disassemble and clean my A120; I know that laptop inside out, so to speak.

But I have never managed to completely disassemble my bros A30; I have on occasion cleaned the heat sink, thats easy. But my bro wants me to clean the motherboard and the rest, as he seen me do with my one.

I dont want to take the risk with his one because any mistake I make he will be at my throat immediately lol. Is there a manual where I can download this info from? I know there are many eBay sellers about but I dont want to buy, is there a good download about for free ¦?

Thank you ever so much.


Answer:Is it possible to download a repair / service manual for Sat A30

Hi mate,

it?s pleasant to hear that some geeks are out there which keep themselve busy with disassembling notebooks on their own. I do this, too. So, unfortunately there are no downloadable manuals since they are not legally available from toshiba.

It?s like with these manuals from ebay: toshiba does not allow to sell some manuals on ebay, but some people do this, regardless what tosh says.

I think you will have to buy such manual, since there are no links and download sites. Maybe you can find a site where a disassembling procedure on a Satellite A30 is shown. Google is your friend ;)


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Does anyone know where I can find a "SERVICE MANUAL", not a user manual so I can get the information needed to replace my hard drive. (It crapped out) I hav already made a recovery disk and created all the drivers and applications disk.

Answer:Aspire M5-583P SERVICE MANUAL

1. Prepare first by google searching how to prevent static electricity and other safety precautions before you begin. 2. Unplug your computer from the AC charger 3. remove the dummy SD card 4. remove the screws in the base cover 5. Carefully pry up the base cover starting from rear of the system at the LCD hinges.  6.  Grasp and remove the base cover from the system. 7. Disconnect the battery 8.

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I got a Dell 1901FP LCD with a missing circuit board that goes behind the volume & display button. Would anyone know how I could get the part number for that board or the service manual with the part number in question? I would like to buy a new one but can't do it without the part number.

Hope someone can help me? Thanks

Answer:Dell 1901FP LCD Service Manual?

I found this: Badcaps Forums - Dell 1901 Service Manual?

Helpful at all?

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Hi all,

i have my laptop with the dvd drive broken.
I will try to replace myself the dvd drive (if i found a sparepart)

Exist a service manual ?
It's possible to download?

thanks a lot

Answer:Need Service Manual for Satellie A100-646

Service manuals is not for public usage and cannot be downloaded.

Anyway, optical disc drive removal is quite simply and how to do this you can see HERE .


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okay a friend of mine sent me a copy of the ford service manual cd-rom via it came as a compressed zipped folder so i "extracted all" to open it but i think im doing something wrong because i can only view some of the information contained in the manual and most of the files i try to open return a " microsoft visual c++ runtime error... abnormal program termination" message. so i was hoping that somebody here might be able to help me out. ideally i would like to send the file to somebody the same way it was sent to me, via and see if they have any problem opening and viewing it.

any and all help with this is much appreciated.


Answer:opening ford service manual

Sometimes a download can have a few coerupted files- I found that with XP sp3 iso.
It could be worth downloading it again, and seeing if it does the same.

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Hello, I hope that some of Acer techs can help... Where can we obtain the service manual or disassembly instructions for the Acer Aspire VN7-791G or similar model? Dell has the service manual for their laptops available for download on their site. I couldn't find anything similar on Acer's support. This is a Youtube video (in German) that shows how to replace the HDD and RAM on an 791G / 591G And here's another for the 591G The videos are useful (especially given that these models are a bit of a hassle to take apart), but I was hoping to find something released by Acer instead.  Any and all help would be appreciated.

Answer:Service Manual - Disassembly - VN7 791G - 591G

 so, ummm... apparently "no?" 

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Tried to hook up my old 21" crt monitor to one of my computers
and it sounded like there may have been a minor short when I
plugged it in.
It used to work.
Now,power comes on and it detects that it is connected to the
video card.
Monitor light turns green but no video and self test with cable
disconnected also show no video or cable warning.
Cathode heater does power up.
The power relay kicks when powered on and I can hear it
Power LED on the logic board is green.
Then a click comes from the motherboard which I am assuming is
the high voltage protection circuit.
The flyback transformer is not starting up.
No high voltage.

I dischaged the crt and took the whole thing apart.
There was no voltage present in the crt.
Usually get a pop when I discharge a crt to ground.

I have checked all the boards for burnt components and have
found none.

It's not worth paying $15 to download a manual.
Anyone know where I could get a free service manual for this?
I have done a lot of searching and nothing so far for this model.
I can use it if I can get it running again.
Samsung syncmaster 1000p
Basic model CGX1609L

Thank you,

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I helped my fiancee pick out an Ideapad Y530 which has been great but now that it is out of warranty the hinges are getting very loose. I have tightened and replaced parts on my own with my ancient ThinkPad and Dell laptops but I am hearing service manuals for the Y530 are not publicly available? I would at least like the sections outlining what I need to do to reach the hinges so I am not flying blind?


Answer:Y530 Service Manual? Want to tighten hinges.

I too wish the service manual was available, have not found one. Check THIS thread, similar model I think, with same problem,and some directions. If you are out of warranty, and have taken apartlaptops before, it should be possible without manual.

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 The hinge on my Y510 Ideapad has completely failed.  the Lenovo service has expired on it and it's not a cost-effective option to send it to Lenovo. I see the replacement hinges available on ebay for around $30, but I have been unable to find instructions on how to remove the keyboard/LCD which will be required to swap out the hinges. Has anyone done this repair?  Is there any hope of getting the proprietary Y510 service manual? Thanks!


Go to Solution.

Answer:Y510 service/repair manual or instructions

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On Windows 2000 Machine, I need to configure service startup mode to "Manual" using VB/Windows scripts.
Following statements are not working.

Set ErVal = oService.Change( , , , , "demand")
Set ErrVal = oService.Change( , , , , "Manual")

ErrVal is 438

Thanks in advance

Answer:configure service startup mode to Manual


these errornumber mean in fact:
Run-time error "438": Object doesn't support this property or method.

Can you post the complete code here, so I can have a closer look at it.

Here is a link to a Microsoft solution:

Scripting Solutions for System Administration

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Hi, Could I get the links to the service  manuals for the Envy X360 15t-ar0512sa and the M6-AR004 please? Essentially, I currently own the ar052sa, but I want to exchange it for the M6-AR004 and then upgrade it with the following: 500gb M.2 SSD (similar to that found in the ar052sa)4k screen (similar to that found in the M6-AR004dx - essentially transplanting the screen assembly as the connections seem to be the same, looking at the images) Thanks!

Answer:HP Envy X360 Service Manual / Upgrade here is the link for the first model.   

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Anyone know where I can download a service manual for hp xt56200 or at least info on troubleshooting display and replacing if necessary backlight or inverter

Answer:need service manual for hp omnibook xt6200 --download?

Can't find any free ones

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I checked under the Aspire 7551 drivers/download. There is a user manual listed, though when I extract it the files are for specs and msds. I googled as well but the closest I could find was the service manual for the Aspire 7535. Would someone direct me to a copy of the 7551 service manual?Thanks.

Answer:Need Aspire 7551 service manual. It's not availabl...

Acer does not provide the sevice manuals to users. This is a corporate policy decision.

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Does anyone know where I can get the Gateway Solo 1100 Service Manual? I'm trying to repair one, and I can't quite get the thing apart, for starters.


Answer:Gateway Solo 1100 Service Manual

It's a long shot, but did you look on Gateway's web site before posting here?

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Service Manual

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Please, is anyone out there can extend me a help for HP Envy 15-ae108nia Maintenance and Service Manual. I have tried to search for it, but not the same model available on line. Thank you so much in advance.....

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Hi Everyone:

I'm repairing a Packard Bell laptop (easy note n65 model: bv etna-gm) for a client which turns on and then immediately will turn off again and won't even turn on, if the battery is removed. So after speaking with the client and a quick examination, I've traced the probable cause to an incorrectly fitted power jack (he had replaced in his works technical department after the original fussed with the original power adapter.) This replacement power jack hasn't worked and you can even move the power adapter when connected in any direction, you please, there's loads of play and is shorting causing the computer to shut down.

So I'm pretty confident in my diagnosis, but I still need to get down to the board and de-solder the jack and if necessary replace it. But this is proving a b^£ch to disassemble and rather than go in blindly, I was wondering if someone could point me to a service manual for this model

many thanks,


Answer:Solved: Packard Bell n65 service manual

check here,i cannot locate the model n65

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can anyone help me find a 'free' SERVICE MANUAL (not users guide) for ACER ASPIRE 3000 series Notebooks

its an Acer Aspire 3630 to be exact, I have to strip it but would like summit to refer to...

the screen flickers and freezes upon moving the lid , but also when you get it on (rare) the desktop icons are drawn funny as if its a problem with graphics chip? - but also seems to be a cable problem as moving the lid changes the flickering on screen


Answer:need Acer Aspire 3000 Service Manual?

Hello, i have a similar problem with an Aser Aspire 3500. Did you solve your problem? if so, could you please send me the solution and the Service manual, i have spent a lot of time traying to solve this problem.


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A full epson printer service manual compilation to repair your own printer for free ....

Epson ActionPrinter 2000 2.1 Mb
Epson ActionPrinter 3000 1.1 Mb
Epson ActionPrinter 4000 3.0 Mb
Epson ActionPrinter 5000 1.5 Mb
Epson ActionPrinter L-1000 1.7 Mb
Epson AcuLaser C1100 32.9 Mb
Epson AcuLaser C2000 12.5 Mb
Epson Artisan 700 21.9 Mb
Epson Artisan 800 21.9 Mb
Epson DFX-5000+ 4.7 Mb
Epson DFX-8000 4.0 Mb
Epson DFX-8500 6.3 Mb
Epson DLQ-3000 3.1 Mb
Epson DLQ-3000+ 3.9 Mb
Epson EPL-3000 2.3 Mb
Epson EPL-5000 3.7 Mb
Epson EPL-5200 3.7 Mb
Epson EPL-5200+ 3.7 Mb
Epson EPL-5500 2.0 Mb
Epson EPL-5500W 1.5 Mb
Epson EPL-5600 3.1 Mb
Epson EPL-5700 4.5 Mb
Epson EPL-5700i 1.4 Mb
Epson EPL-5700L 1.5 Mb
Epson EPL-5700L1.4 Mb
Epson EPL-5800 5.6 Mb
Epson EPL-5900 7.4 Mb
Epson EPL-5900L 7.4 Mb
Epson EPL-9000 3.7 Mb
Epson EPL-C8000 13.9 Mb
Epson EPL-C8200 15.7 Mb
Epson EPL-N1200 1.7 Mb
Epson EPL-N1600 6.0 Mb
Epson EPL-N2000 3.6 Mb
Epson EPL-N2050 8.5 Mb
Epson EPL-N2700 9.3 Mb
Epson EPL-N2700 6.7 Mb
Epson EPL-N4000 11.8 Mb
Epson EPL-N4000+ 9.6 Mb
Epson EPL-N4000+11.8 Mb
Epson FX Series 2.0 Mb
Epson FX-850 4.5 Mb
Epson FX-870 2.8 Mb
Epson FX-880 2.6 Mb
Epson FX-890 12.2 Mb
Epson FX-980 1.1 Mb
ESC TX200 10.6 Mb
ESC TX203 10.6 Mb
ESC TX209 10.6 Mb
ESC TX210 13.2 Mb
ESC TX213 13.2 Mb
ESC TX219 13.2 Mb
ESC TX400 10.6 Mb
ESC TX405 10.6 Mb
ESC TX409 10.6 Mb
ESC TX410 13.2 Mb
ESC TX419 13.2 Mb
ESC TX550W 13.2 Mb
ESC TX700FW 21.9 Mb
ESC TX800FW 21.9 Mb
ESC ME1 7.6 Mb
ESC ME1+ 7.6 Mb
ESC ME2 7.7 Mb
ESC ME... Read more

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Has anyone got a Acer Aspire 1690 Service Manual please. i need to change the power lead connection on the motherboard and i need the service manual...or can anyone guide me through the process or any step by step guides?????/

Answer:Acer Aspire 1690 Service Manual

This any here(20050127)pdf/get48685.htmlorclick here

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Looking for a service manual for the 5600u  - I've worked on hundreds of systems both laptops and desktops. i have a technical background and do IT Desktop support for my job.Anyway, I'm looking to switch out the hard drive with an ssd. appears to have just one screw and should slide out. However, it doesn't budge. I'm guessing theres another screw on the side that is covered by the metal mesh bezel that runs around the screen. (I'm guessing that's held on by clips. I'd rather not damage it by guessing though. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Answer:Service Manual for 5600u or HD replacement instruc...

Did you ever get this service manual?

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I want the service guide/manual or whatever Acer decided to call the technical service manual this time.I AM NOT talking about the so-called "User Manual" or the "Setup Guide." Those two are mostly useless for learning how to service one of these units.Where did Acer hide the service manual?

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Hello,I'd like a guide on how to upgrade the ram on V3-574G, or the service manual.I'm familiar with doing it, I'd just like to see how to correctly open the case.Thanks

Answer:V3-574G upgrade ram guide? Service manual?

Hello, It is not difficult:Spoiler (Highlight to read)Remove the ODD module (1 screw from the base cover)Remove 20 screws from the base coverCarefully pry up the base cover starting from the left corner of the system (ODD housing)Grasp and remove the base cover from the system (pay attention to the speaker cable)Disconnect the speaker cable from the mainboard connectorRemove the base cover from the systemDisconnect the battery cable from the mainboard connectorRemove the ODD module (1 screw from the base cover)Remove 20 screws from the base coverCarefully pry up the base cover starting from the left corner of the system (ODD housing)Grasp and remove the base cover from the system (pay attention to the speaker cable)Disconnect the speaker cable from the mainboard connectorRemove the base cover from the systemDisconnect the battery cable from the mainboard connector

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Hello,  I am looking for a disassembly / hardware manual for the hp 15-ay195nr. I can't seem to find anything from the support website.  If someone could provide this to me it would be very much appreciated. 

Answer:Can't find manual for 15-ay195nr

To find the specific parts for your notebook, use the HP PartSurfer The disassembly is shown in the generic Hp 15 notebook Maintenance & Service Guide. It is meant for HP professionals and partners.

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I'm trying to rewire an old Motherboard that had all it's wires disconnected. No problem for IDE, floppy disk and power from the powersupply, but the "switch connectors" (front power switch, HDD light, reset, etc) are another story. My motherboard's model number is M754AL-LR-FATX. A quick Google search came up with ABIT as the manufacturer. Went of course on the company's site but could not find manuals or drivers for this board (too old??). I'm not even sure it is the right manufacturer. Partial name on google gets me PC Chip manufacturer but nothing on their site either.

Basically, I just want to order with which to plug in the wires coming from the front of the computer case.

If anyone can help me find the actual manufacturer or manual for this motherboard, I would greatly appreciate it!

BTW, on the MB close to the pin connectors, there are instructions that say which pin numbers go for which connectors (numbers one to 22), but the pins themselves aren't numbered so it's not that much help. There are two rows of 11 pins. When I'm looking at the MB, where is pin #1, pin #2, etc... ?? If someone can help me number the pins, I'd probably do ok.


Marc P.

Answer:Can't find MB manufacturer or manual for an old MB

does this look familiar

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Has anyone located on line the manual for ACER Aspire ATC-605-UB11? The Acer Web site subheading for Drivers & Manuals shows only Drivers. Google search gives a lot of sites, mostly dead-ends, one I did not pursue charges about $5 for downloads. do I...

Answer:How do i find Acer Manual?

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I have had no luck in finding a service manual or schematic of a Toshiba satelite p15-s420.
i nned it to do a hard drive change, and back up of the old hard drive since the motherboard died.
Can anyone please help me?

Thank you

Answer:looking for service manual or schematic of a Toshiba satelite p15-s420

you may find something here

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I and trying to find a Service or Repair manual for the Lenovo 15 Model 80K9 so I can replace a broken screen. I have not been able to find a video or a PDF file that shows how to tear down this model so I can replace the screen. Thanks Matt 

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Go to Solution.

Answer:How can I obtain a service manual for y550 4186 idea pad?

Hi, check these

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Hi, I am trying to replace a broken hinge on an X60 Tablet.  The service manual specifies a list of parts to be removed in order to access the "hinge and microphone cable" (FRU 2060).  I have removed 1010, 1040, 1050, 1080, 1120, and I think 1090, 1100, 1130 don't apply for my machine, but now I am stuck on 1170 ("LCD assembly").  I cannot see how to remove this, because it is connected to the body by a thick cable (presumably the video cable), which I can't disconnect because it runs under the LCD extend board.  Looking at the pictures in the manual it seems as if the LCD extend board (1070) should have been removed at some stage, but the list doesn't explicitly say to do that, and it seems surprising for there to be a mistake; am I missing something? If I do have to remove the LCD extend board, any suggestions for how to get those screws out?  I have some "precision screwdrivers" which look to be the right size, but all they are doing is stripping the heads. Thanks! 

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This is a bit of a long shot, but I'm faced with SWMBO's laptop with the common problem of the dc jack playing fast and loose.
Unfortunately, I can't find online any help with the disassembly procedure for the Z91.
A few other models, and a 'User/Hardware' manual, but they're no help here.
Someone may be able to link me to a source, or, failing that, would there be a 'generic' procedure for the order in which it would be sensible to remove items from any similar laptop ?
For example - battery, then hdd, optical drive, wireless cards, ...etc.
Regards all,

Answer:Asus Z91FR, DC Jack replacement, but no service manual !

The only one I know of is for the Z93. have a look and see if it's similar -
Service Manual

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