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Satellite C70D-B-108 - factory installation doesn't work

Question: Satellite C70D-B-108 - factory installation doesn't work

I have problems with rebooting my Satellite C70D-B-108 laptop.
Factory installation doesn't work.

When i want to instal windows 10 i get a error code 0x80080005-0x90016.


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Preferred Solution: Satellite C70D-B-108 - factory installation doesn't work

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hello i'm new here :)

i bought a new Toshiba Satellite C70D-B-108 but the Fn button doesnt work. Does somebody know i can fix it? The laptop runs on Windows 8 with a "classic shell".

Answer:The FN button doesn't work on my new Satellite C70D

Check please settings for ?Function keys mode?. There are two ways to use F keys:
-Special function mode ? use F keys only
-Standard F1 ? F12 mode ? use FN+Fx key

Check the settings please.

By the way: do you use original preinstalled Win8.1 that you got with your machine?

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Since I bought my laptop Satellite C70D-B-300 i still having some problems:
1) I cannot turn off the laptop,(the screen turn off but laptop still running), even I cannot close session
2) Start menu and windows apps sometimes I cannot open (if I click nothing happen)
3) 3/4 times a day the laptop get in crash, I cannot do nothing, I need to shut down with power button (press for 10sec) even with ctrl+alt+del doesn't work
4) new problems with windows 10, i cannot open store, sometimes cortana and star menu doesn't work so I need to restart...but I guess is windows problem not toshiba

thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite C70D-B-300 doesn't work properly

There are too many problems.
In my opinion you should reinstall original recovery image and test notebook functionality with “factory settings” again.

Is this an option for you?

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I have buy a Satellite C70D-A-11T and pass it on Windows 7 64 bits Home Premium.
I install all the drivers and I haven't any problems.

When I want to connect it to my TV for first time, I discover there is no sound on the TV.
I try to go on the speaker (near the clock of windows), right click, sound, first tab (I think it is "Playback" in english... I have a french Windows) and my device (TV) doesn't appear.

I come back on Toshiba Support website to download the last driver "HDMI Audio driver" for my laptop, I connect the cable, and it appear in the sound properties. I select it as my default device and the sound come right from my TV.

Great !

But when I restart my laptop (with or without the HDMI cable), the TV disappear from the list in the sound properties, the only one solution to recover the sound is to reinstall the HDMI Audio Driver.
If I start the driver installation with the "advanced" option, I have the list of drivers to install and I see all drivers are already installed, but the HDMI Audio Driver will be upgraded... I install it and it work until the next restart.

Could you explain me why the version of the driver don't stay on the system, and how to make it work without reinstall it everyday ?

Thanks a lot for your help.


Answer:Satellite C70D-A-11T - Sound doesn't work with HDMI

Anybody here ? :(

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I have just reinstalled xp onto my laptop and I am unable to find the drivers that operate my wireless hardware function key (F8).
Unfortunately I have not got the Toshiba Drivers CD with me, I am working away from home as an expat therefore I am relying on the official Toshiba site for my drivers.
I have successfully downloaded all other vital drivers but can find no reference on the site that will help me with the problem.
I have tried to switch the wireless on through the LAN setting but when I try to enable I get the message telling me to switch the hardware on!
Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted.

Thank you

Answer:Satellite Pro L20: FN+F8 key doesn't work after new installation


On the Toshiba driver page you will find the installation instruction how to install all the Toshiba drivers.
It?s very important that the drivers will be installed in the right order.

Furthermore if you want to switch on the WLan, you have to enable the WLan switch at the notebook side and also to enable the WLan antenna with FN+F8.

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My touchPad not work after reinstall OS XP Pro with Recuperation Disk. I install a driver for Toshiba M30-701 Synaptics TouchPad

Can you help me to resolve my problem please?
Excuse my bad English......
Jorge Neto

Answer:Satellite Pro M30-701: TouchPad doesn't work after XP Pro installation

HI Jorge,

If you have re-installed your system using the Toshiba recovery discs then the touchpad should have the correct drivers and be fully functional. I seem to recall that it is possible to disable the touchpad using one of the 'hot-keys' (F9 on my SA30) so check that this has not been inadvertantly pressed.


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Hi everyone.

At the beginning I'm sorry for my bad english so I will say shortly.

A few days ago I removed a few programs, and I installed the new operating system Windows 7. All over it I had to download new drivers of the camera, because they didn't work. After downloading drivers of the camera, the camera became operative (YEAH!), but later I worked out that for me a built-in microphone was out of order. What can be of it with cause and what driver to download and why microphone don't work?

I can't speak with friends on skype ;( Help me. I hope you know what I say.

Answer:Satellite P300-1CE - Microphone doesn't work after Windows 7 installation


Did you really install all drivers after Windows 7 installation? Maybe you have forgotton something and so it doesn?t work.
Microphone is a part of webcam so make sure that webcam driver is installed properly and sound driver you need as well.

After this check the sound settings. Make sure that Microphone is enabled and test it again with enabled microphone boost.

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I recently did a clean install of Windows 7 on my Satellite P300. The built in microphone was fine with Vista but does not now work with Windows 7.
I've tried going to the sound section and it does not list the built in mike - just the jacks. Can anyone help?


Answer:Satellite P300 - Microphone doesn't work after Windows 7 installation


Maybe you didn?t install the driver for the microphone?! Therefore you have to install the webcam driver because the microphone is a part of it. You can get it here: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

After this it should be possible to use the internal microphone.

By the way: Which application you use for the internal microphone? Skype or something else?

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I have installed Windows 7 on my Satellite A200 and now cannot find my SD card reader.
Where can I find the driver for that?
I did not find it in the download section from Toshiba.


Answer:Re: Satellite A200 - After Win7 installation SD card reader doesn’t work

Hello Rob

Before we start to discuss about your issue check Win7 download section at first.
Here the link

Which Satellite A200 do you have exactly (A200-xxx)?

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Hello,I'm using Windows 7 on a T500, and I have encountered some strange problems, which seem sort of related: 1. Windows update installation ends with error code 80070670 Windows Update_dt000 2. My Bluetooth mouse (Logitech V470) required driver installation, but the process ended in failure; 3. I tried to use Lenovo System Update, but the process took much longer than usual, and didn't finish My internet works normally. I scanned the computer for viruses, and there were none. I tried an earlier system restore point, and it didn't make a difference. Does anybody have a suggestion what could be wrong?Regards,bostjanv

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My Vista hasn't been able to update since I had a nasty virus two winters ago (during which a number of files were lost.) My Internet has been slow lately and so, I decided to restore the system. When restarting with the diagnostics screen the first few options wouldn't work, but some at the bottom would--including system image factory restore. I ran this and for a time it ran fine, until an 'error' box came up. Since then, no matter what I press, Windows does not come up--only the diagnostic screen! (Also the screen turns green with a black line near the top every time I shut down or restart.)

Help, please!

Answer:Used Factory Restore, Now Doesn't Work...

See if this information helps
If you create a recovery DVD, you may be able to boot to recovery options
Create Recovery DVD.
Hard Disc Controller must be set to IDE in BIOS and Bios must be set to boot from the CD Boot Priority - Change

The Vista recovery disk is used to boot Vista when it won't boot - to run Startup Repair, System Restore, access a Command Line, Recover using a Vista Backup Image, etc.
System Recovery Options. Choose an option tht will not cause you to lose your stuff.

If Vista will not start now, boot the Recovery CD to run Startup Repair which automates System Restore as well as numerous other tests including System File Checker which can repair system files which are not corrupted beyond repair.

If Vista still will not start, try booting into Safe Mode to run sfc /scannow to repair System files.
Special Thanks Given to Seven Forums.

Below is a bulletin distributed by MS to explain the start up procedure when Windows will not boot.
Startup Repair. Startup Repair is a Windows recovery tool that can fix certain problems, such as missing or damaged system files, that might prevent Windows from starting. Startup Repair is located on the System Recovery Options menu, which is on the Windows Vista installation disc. If your computer has preinstalled recovery options, it might also be stored on your computer's hard disk. For more information, see Startup Repair: frequently asked questions and What are the system recovery options in... Read more

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Hey!I have ''IdeaCentre K450 Desktop'' Factory Restore using F11 doesn't work for me. Can some one tell me what to do if F11 doesn't work ? what must I do before that? and how?thank you!

Answer:Factory Restore using F11 doesn't work

Hi Waelsi,
Welcome to Lenovo forums
As I understood that you are facing the issue with the f11 key which is for the factory restore.
This issue occurs when there is a change in partition in the HDD. However the one key recovery works for this system. Press f2 key for the one key recovery once you turn on the system.
Click here for further assistance.
Hope this helps! Do post us back for further queries.
Best regards,    

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I am helping a friend deal with his malware infested PC. He already took it to a Famous Electronic Store (the Best place to Buy stuff) and asked the geeks to fix it. One week and two hundred dollars later, it is still infected with the same scareware and hijacker... so now it's up to me. Yikes!

I am leaning toward pulling his personal files, wiping it, and re-installing the OS. He has only the usual factory recovery disc.

I would like to use my retail x64 disc to install the OS, and put in his product key when activating it. Will that work?

Answer:Will a factory OEM key work with a retail re-installation?

Not sure....if its the same OS and bit I would think so. I've never tried it. What does it look like in disk management? IS the hidden OS partition still there and does it say healthy partition. Depending on make, there are options to reset to factory condition....whether with built in proprietary software or from the hidden partition.

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I'm in it to my knees. The long and short of it is I bought a new hard drive, mine is on the verge of failure. I thought I could use the Repair CD's I got from Microsoft to reinstall, then just re-register it with the OEM license. Acer tells me this isn't possible that the motherbd won't recognize it. They said it has to be done using the original OEM edition of Vista. I can't find it.

I tried the next best thing, I was going to restore to factory settings and create a new copy, can't do the either because the eRecovery doesn't work. I've hit alt F10 until I'm blue in the face. I then went into computer files and checked the Acer files. eRecovery is there, it just doesn't work when I try booting to alt F10.
I did find a backup of all of my Acer files that I made last year, the original is 2007. I checked it against what is on the computer. Sure enough some of the Acer files are missing. On the backup is a file called Acer Inc., inside it is another folder marked eRecovery, inside that is a application file called D2D??? Is that what opens the eRecovery environment? I contacted Acer, their response was. "You are out of warranty, for a fee we will be happy to help you although we can't guarantee results". In plain English, give us some money and go to hell.

I can't even do an upgrade to windows 7 because I have to have the OEM license to back it up with. Without the OEM license the... Read more

Answer:Restore to factory setting doesn't work

George, Just a few thoughts to get started.

Are you shure the old hard drive didn't have the recovery partition on it? That would explain a lot.
eRecovery must be something like an Acer restore CD?? Can you boot to it with the famous hit any key when it tries to boot from CD? If it isn't booting to the CD then you need to get into the BIOS and make sure CD is first in boot order. If it still doesn't work, try cleaning the laser eye or replace your CDROM altogether.

D2D normally stands for Disk to Disk

As far as the OEM license there is almost always a MS Certificate of Authentification Sticker with the Product Key on it.

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To set the system back to factory settings normally you have to press the F11 key during startup.  What can I do if the F11 key does not work any longer?During startup this option is since a while not any longer shown on the screen and if I press the key during startup nothing happens.  What can I do to set the system back to factory settings in this case? The laptop runs Windows XP, which was as original version somewhere on the harddrive as I bought it long time ago.  Thanks for your help in advance!

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Hi All,I cloned my HD of a R40e, but the reset to factory condition doesn't work. How can I reset?  -Steve

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Well that was annoying.  I did a clean install of 64-bit Win 7 onto my new X100e and now the ability to do a Factory Restore from the hidden partition has gone away. When I did the clean install (64-bit Win7 Pro replacing 32-bit Win7 Pro), I left the hidden partition alone, and I left the Lenovo Recovery partition alone.  I installed the OneKey Recovery software--but that was when I was just trying stuff--OKR's not really for the Factory Restore anyway (or at leasst it doesn't seem that way).  I did *not* install all the other drivers yet (audio, video, bluetooth, etc.) but I can't imagine that should make a difference.  Anyway, so just as a test, as soon as I had the new version of Win 7 installed, I tested the Factory Restore operation ... Reboot, press Enter to interrupt it, Then press F11 to Restore.  Nothing.  It just proceeded into a normal boot--back into 64-bit Win 7. Good thing I made the recovery disks and backed up SWTOOLS.  But I sure can't figure out how installing a new OS into the main partition--especially since I left the hidden and Lenovo Recovery partitions untouched--would affect how the BIOS handles the bootup and restore function.  The function was working perfectly before all this (I tested that, too.)  Maybe it's the drivers ... maybe something like the Device Experience drivers change the boot somehow?  Maybe some BIOS setting that installing Win 7 changes?  Like maybe Win 7 64 made... Read more

Answer:Factory Restore using F11 at boot doesn't work

Factory restore is an incredibly fragile feature. You have not only to avoid the mbr overwriting, but also not touch the boot settings stored inside BCD. Is almost impossible to install anything W/O breaking  the F11 feature. So the short answer is burn the recovery discks and don't count on F11 . A bit longer answer can be: make active the second partiton ( C: ) before installing the vanilla  Win 7. So the new installation will put it's bootloader there, leaving untouched the customized bootsector on the first one ( S: ).  P.S.You must create the recovery media before doing anything or the broken bootsector will be transferred on the recovery media. P.S.2 there is a recovery floppy that rewrites the mbr, meant to fix the problem. Unluckily doesn't fix  the latest recovery sw.

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If this is in the wrong forum, I apologize. My brother has a Toshiba Satellite. I had the model written down but I lost it. I can get it from him again if it is needed. I think it has one of the the AMD x4 CPUs with the graphics build into the CPU, if that helps.

It came with Windows 7. He cannot boot anymore. He said he sent it back to Toshiba when it was still under warranty, but they told him it was not a hardware issue. So the question is, what to do next? Since he cannot do a factory restore, I was thinking he should order a restore disc from Toshiba (I'm surprised they did not advise this to him in the first place)?

He has the Windows 7 sticker on the computer, but is it even possible to order a Windows 7 install disc without paying for the full version?

I suppose I could burn a linux CD for him; I"m pretty sure the hardware is working, because he said it tries to load Windows but it cannot finish.

Answer:What do you do if Windows 7 is corrupt and factory restore doesn't work?

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I had a ton of issues with using the Dell factory recovery method.  I did the recommended way of getting the recovery image and installing it to a USB stick.  It would get to a place where after setting up the Windows privacy settings it would stay on the "Getting Ready..." screen forever.
I have found out that if you do a simple Windows 10 reinstall, it works.  This makes me think that there is a bug in the recovery image for 9560s.
This has caused me a bunch of trouble and headaches, so hopefully this information helps someone else out.
I used the method found here:  
Thank you Philip Yip for your valuable information!
-- Michael

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I bought a windows 8 hp pavilion touchsmart and touch screen worked. I updated to Windows 10 and it worked, only after I did a factory restore did it not work. I've tried everything with the device driver and another factory restore and it still does not work. I sent my computer in to get it fixed while it was under warranty and it was still not fixed. I resigned to it not working and I think that hp should have solved this problem before selling its computers. So we are blaming it on Microsoft 10, but that is not the issue when it worked until I did a factory restore and attempted everything suggested. I have a 350 dollar piece of **bleep**. Plus now my Mic isn't working and there aren't any drivers for me to upgrade to, anywhere.

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Hi guys, attempted a factory reset and the laptop turned itself off halfway through and I cannot get back onto it at all. The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite L450D-11w and it was running windows 7. When I try to load it up i get the message bootmgr is missing press ctrl alt delete to restart.

Tried going into the bios and booting but dont have many options only hd and cd drive which dont work. I have also turned it off and tried holding zero to load up a recovery warning that a friend told me should pop up, with no luck. When i go into boot setup the drive only options i have are toshiba mk3263gsx-(s2) or tsstcorp cdvdw ts-l633c-(s4). I have no idea what to do from here having tried a few options, would really appreciate some help.


Answer:Satellite L450D - reset during factory installation

Hello Damien

Problem is that recovery image installation may not be interrupted. If this happen there is big problem because it cannot be continued and also you are not able to start it from the beginning.
With other words HDD recovery installation is screwed up.

All you can do now is to install recovery image using recovery installation disc.
I?m afraid you didn?t create one, right?

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I was running windows recovery then I choose option "delete all data.... "something like that.
Then in the middle by mistake I turned off the system.

After I tried to started windows if was giving error "operating system missing". I manage to install WINDOWS XP so I might able to access HDD RECOVERY but nothing happened.

I tried pressing "F8" key and also "0" key when computer start at "toshiba" logo but it's still not giving me option to recover my computer back to windows vista or you can say "out of box state".

One Important things is, while installing windows XP its showed me that HDD recovery exists and only 973MB is free out of 5665MB. It means I still have all the windows and drivers on HDD. Now please help to recovery system back normal or OUT OF BOX STATE.

Answer:Cannot recover Satellite to factory settings after Win XP installation

> After I tried to started windows if was giving error "operating system missing". I manage to install WINDOWS XP so I might able to access HDD RECOVERY but nothing happened.

The Win XP installation has damage and deleted the boot manager and the options preinstalled by Toshiba and supported by Toshiba image.

This means that if you will not be able to recover the unit using the HDD recovery option.

You could recover the unit back to factory settings only using the Toshiba recovery disk!!! But I assume you didn?t create such disk? is it right?

Well, in such case you could order such disk from here:


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I have a desktop, and I factory reset my desktop awhile ago, but now when I plug in my headphones, the audio works but the microphone doesn't. It will pick up no sounds, except when I click it. They're urBeats and when i click the volume up or down, it will pick up some sound, but nothing else.

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laptop doesn't boot anymore. When inserting a w8-dvd to do a fabrieksherstel (factory recovery) i get this message.

+Fabrieksherstel kan niet worden uitgevoerd. Een vereiste stationspartitie ontbreekt.+

+Factory recovery doesn't work. A necessary partition of a station is missing.+

Can someone help me what to do please?

Answer:Toshiba factory recovery doesn't work - missing partition

Wait a moment. Which notebook model do you have?
Have you created this recovery Win8 disc?

Can you start preinstalled operating system?

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Last year, I panicked when I thought I had a virus. Rather than relying on my own multiple back-up system, I assumed that someone else knew more about computers than I do, and let someone else at my computer. My X60 hasn't worked properly since. The Thinkvantage button doesn't work, and it is hit and miss as to whether I can get any of the thinkvantage functions to work. My wireless radio buttons don't work at all, and the wireless indicator lights go on and off at will. I have tried re-installing the application and updating everything possible from the Lenovo site, but nothing has worked, so I think I will have to reinstall the orginal factory settings and start from scratch to clear up these issues. I have backed up all my data, and made the recovery disks (just in case) my question is, how do I start  "rescue and recovery" / "reinstall factory settings" when the blue button does nothing when I push it during start up? (Working in XP - if that makes a difference). Thanks



Go to Solution.

Answer:Resinstalling factory settings when blue Thinkvantage button doesn't work

Sometimes Lenovo laptops come with system restore CD's that have the ThinkVantage software on them.  If you have a CD drive for your machine and you have the System restore CD then you can boot into the ThinkVantage software.  It is much slower but I've successfully done this on a T61 laptop to down grade from VISTA to XP. If you don't have the CD, try contacting Lenovo Technical support and see if you can get one.  A person I worked with was getting a downgrade version and it cost around $50.00 for the CD set. I hope this helps.

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basicall, my WHOLE problem is mentioned in my title of the board.

it's actually my mom's problem.

i re-installed windows from scratch to see if that fixed it.

but the modem works FINE in XPHome, but then seems to disable itself in XP Pro.

Dell tech support cna't figure this out.

i don't know what to do with my mom's new PC

she's been running it fine on XP home

but when she upgrades to Pro, all hell breaks loose.

We use a broadband ISP (direcway....ewww i hate it, but it gets the job done when you live in hicksville

but you need to activate it (and activate windows) via a modem..and we use dialup as a backup ISP.

my mom can run fine in Home, but she want's Pro to work.


Answer:New Factory Shipped DELL. when upgrading from XP home to PRO, the modem doesn't work

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I have recently installed windows 7 on my laptop and now I want to remove them and restore my computer to its factory state.

When I enter the "advanced boot menu" I select "repair my computer", then there is a menu from which I select "repair...something". Then it shows up a message which says that there is nothing wrong with my computer and that's where all end.

Any ideas???

Thank you

Answer:Satellite A300 - After Windows 7 installation how to get factory sate back?

you standart os is vista im right ? so you tried restore vista from windows 7 and have you back up from older vista ? i thinck you must instal vista and then you can restore you original os

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Hello everybody,
the Toshiba Sat C70D-B-317 (PSCLEE01L009FR) is on it's way and I don't have it for the moment but I would like to know if there is a way to add some Ram to this machine without opening everything?
Also, is it possible to change the HD in the future in the same conditions?

sorry, but it's my first PC laptop and as a Mac user I'm completely lost with all these models and different serial numbers.

I thank you in advance for your answer.


Answer:Satellite C70D-B-317 - Ram upgrade

1. yes you can upgrade your RAM, This laptop has 2 slots with one 4GB standard so if you would you can put one more 4GB. With 2x4 you have Dual-channel and that works much faster than single

I don't know if your HDD can e upgraded. When it's not possible you can always buy a external HDD

I hope i helped you


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I have a C70D-A-107 and want to speed up this notebook. Already placed 4gb extra memory so the notebook has now 8gb internal. I doubt whether it is usefull to put in 2x8gb. I think the processor is just to slow. It has a AMD E1-2100 inside. Is it possible to put in another (faster) processor?

Answer:Speed-up Satellite C70D-A-107

The Satellite C70D-A-107 was equipped with an AMD Essentials E1-2100 Accelerated CPU (1,00 GHz, 1 MB L2 Cache)
It’s not the fastest CPU therefore the notebook performance isn’t the best…

But CPU upgrade isn’t officially supported by notebook manufacturer... therefore I don’t think that you will be able to upgrade the CPU…

I read about successful Intel CPU upgrades but did not meet anyone who was able to perform an upgrade with an AMD CPU

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My wive purchase this computer coupple of months ago. It was from the beginning ferry slow on windows 8
The wurst laptop we ever had. We feel robbed of our money.

2 months ago we started with Ubuntu. It Still slow. IS there anybody with the same problems?



Answer:Satellite C70D-A-108 is very slow

Hi Marco

I don't have this notebook model and cannot confirm what you wrote but fact is that almost all new notebooks are pretty slow at the beginning. Many applications are set to start with Windows and this, of course, slows down boot time.
Windows updates are also set to automatic so in the background the machine will download and install many updates so this will slow down your machine rapidly.

In my opinion you should install original OS that you got with this machine and optimize it a bit.
Remove all useless stuff, change start-up option and disable automatic Windows updates.
In the past I have noticed that original preinstalled antivirus is also responsible for notebook?s performance so I don't use original preinstalled application but my own version of Avir Antivir and it runs perfectly.

Check all these options and I hope your machine will run much better than before.

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Just bought a Satellite C70D with Win 8.1. Everything works (as far as I know until know), except boot from DVD. I disabled in the bios the Secure Boot and changed the boot order to DVD first, then USB and then HDD. The DVD drive starts, but then it skips to the HDD and Windows is started. First time I tried there was a message like "DVD boot not supported" or something like that.
The DVD is bootable, so that is not the problem.
I would like to install Linux Mint alongside Windows.
Anyone solved this problem already?

Answer:Satellite C70D - How to boot from DVD

Update: changing from UEFI to CMS in the BIOS Advanced tab makes it possible to boot from DVD, but Windows won't boot anymore.... Is there any possibility to boot from DVDE and still be able to start Windows as well?

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I want to upgrade RAM with additional 4 GB but at the bottom of the notebook there is no RAM cover so I don't have access to the RAM slots.
I don't want to cancel valid warranty so I don't want to open it alone.
What should I do ???

Message was edited: posting has been translated

Answer:RAM upgrade on Satellite C70D-B-302


You can contact nearst Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They can do this for you.

Addresses and phone numbers you can find on

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I'm looking for a new display for my Toshiba Satellite C70D-A-11K!

Please help!

Answer:Need new display for my Satellite C70D-A


The Satellite C70D-A-11K was equipped with the 17.3" LED color LCD panel with the supporting max resolution of 1600 x 900 px
You should be able to order such display panel from local Toshiba authorized service provider or you could check some 3rd part online dealers who provide compatible notebook parts…

As I mention above: you should look for the 17.3" panels.

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Good evening,

I'm sorry to disturb,
but I find myself in a situation to which I find no solution,
that's why I come here asking for some help.

A friend has just purchased the following laptop:
- Satellite C70D-B-307

but the worry is that apparently it is impossible to have access to the HDD recovery to execute the factory restoration.
I try all possible solutions that I find on the web and none of it works.

what to do ?

does Toshiba sell the recovery DVDs that will restore the computer to its factory state?

Thank you very much .

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i see that the site don't provide all download drivers. In the device management I have still 2 drivers missing
pci encryptions/decryption controller and unknown device.

Can someone help me out with it?

Answer:Need some drivers for my Satellite C70D-B-10U

According notebook specification your machine was delivered with preinstalled Win8.1 64BIT ML.
Original preinstalled version is perfectly configured with all necessary drivers.

The question is: what are you doing with your machine?
Do you try to use some older Windows version?

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I have 2 issues with my new Satellite C70D-B-32U.
When I put it in sleep mode, it does. But after about 5 minutes, it goes automatically to hibernate. This I don't want. And I don't want to disable hibernate, because I do use it when the laptop is not in use for longer periods. The power settings in control panel do not reflect this behaviour. In the settings, I specified that the laptop should never go to hibernate. Hybrid state is disabled.

And secondly, more importantly. Whenever it goes to hibernate, I can only wake it up with the power button. Not with the (internal) keyboard, not with the usb mouse. I would like an option to wake it from hibernate by pressing any key on the keyboard. In bios power on keyboard is set to on. Is there anything else I can change to have this available?
Actually if issue 1 is solved and the laptop stays in sleep mode, this issue is also solved since from sleep I can wake on a mouseclick which is also fine.

The OS is windows 8.1

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touchpad works fine, but can't scroll with it. Already tried changing option in the menu of the touchpad, but there is no scroll-function.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Mr. Forster

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After a regular shutdown I cannot boot the system anymore.
System starts but does not boot.

Referring to the manual (section 6, solutions of problems) I tried to hit [F12] after power on but nothing happened.
Same when hitting [F2].

My impression is that something failed on hard disk drive.

P.S. system has Win10 installed.

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My question is in the subject line. If anyone has done this I would appreciate some tips.

regards Stuart

Answer:Can I replace the HDD in my Satellite C70D-B -00P model with an SSD?

Generally speaking yes, you can do this but problem is that your notebook model doesn't have HDD cover at the bottom side.
To have full access to the HDD the bottom cover must be removed completely but it should be done by authorized service only.

Of course you can try to do it alone but I?m afraid you may lose the warranty.
If possible contact nearest Toshiba service provider in your country, explain the situation and ask for help.

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Hi There,

I have had a Satellite C70D for about 18 months now, but have not used it in the past year as I have been disputing with customer services about the windows licence for the machine as I lost it when I formatted the original hard drive before installing an SSD and they wouldnt send me a copy of it. I have now bitten the bullet and bought a windows 10 licence again. However since building the machine a few days ago, I have been having a couple of issues and as it is now out of warranty, I cannot contact customer support (Who I found unhelpful even when it was in warranty!)

The first issue is when I boot up the machine, occasionally the keyboard will not work, I cannot type the BitLocker pin and I have to remove the battery and press and hold the power button for 10 seconds, this then fixes the issue for a few reboots before it goes again.

The second is that occasionally it will boot up with a red x next to the WiFi symbol, but it detects the WiFi card, usually a reboot fixes this but not always. I have reseated the card and still no avail.

Can anyone shed any light on what may be causing this? The BIOS is up-to-date as are all of the drivers.

Thanks in advance for your help

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So I bought this laptop a few months ago.
For the past few weeks the Laptop stopped playing sound.
I watched a stream in Chrome.

So actually I should be able to see the sound playing in the mixer.
But I wasn't able to play any sound or get any deflection in the mixer.

Then I installed Speccy and as this administration window popped up a sound was played and it worked.

I have no idea why the sound stopped working and why it started again.
Is someone able to help me?

I am using Windows 8.1

Answer:Satellite C70D-A-11D - no sound, random

The main thing is that you have sound again. It is not easy to say what was wrong there.
Have you installed some updates or anything else that can be responsible for this sound issue?

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Hi All,

I have an Satellite C70D-A-11D ... when I use once the FN Key to do a Print Screen or use the Screen-Zoom on the Space Key...

I am not able to use the Keynumbers 1 to 4 neither the space Key to enter a space between two always change between the bigger screen solution or the normal solution...

I only can change the FN Key again after change the settings in Display settings and after a reboot...
So I cant use FN without a reset with the F1 to F12 Key use and a reboot...

Normaly the FN Key works only if it is pressed...if not the normal Function of the Keys 1 to 4 or F1 to F12 will work if configured in the settings, or not?

What to do?

Kind regards

Answer:Satellite C70D-A-11D Function Key deactivate after use

First of all you can change between the special function key mode (without pressing FN key) or normal (standard) mode (Hold Fn first to use standard F1-F12 functions.)

This function can be changed in BIOS.
In BIOS go to Advanced -> System configuration

Check this option.

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My girlfriend bought me a new Toshiba laptop C70D-B-10U (my second Toshiba), it is a good laptop apart from the speakers they are terrible. I didn't want my first post to be a complaint but, Toshiba cut corners when it put the speakers in this series of laptops.

Or have I not set them right has anyone else had this problem, any ideas or solutions thank you.

Answer:Bad Speakers on Satellite C70D-B-10UM

I think your notebook has only small stereo speakers and the sound is not the best. I have Satellite S50-B with Harman/kardon speakers and sound is really good.

You can try to change sound options but if you want to have better sound I’m afraid you need external speakers, Maybe BT speakers.

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I have a Satellite C70D-A-114...

i hardly used it because it was slow

so i wanted to sell it

first i wanted to set it back to factory settings

doing that, in that process i seem to have deleted all files

so now i get message no bootable disc etc.

Tried everything, there is simply no recovery file

So where can i find such a file for free? It's just not normal that it is not on the site.

Answer:Need recovery files for my Satellite C70D-A-114

All you can find for free are all drivers, tools and utilities. Original recovery image (software package) is not for free and if you need it you must order recovery disc directly by Toshiba.

You can order it on

By the way: in user’s manuals document is clearly described how you can create recovery installation disc. I’m wondering you didn’t make it in the past.

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Hi all,

My grandmother recently bought this Toshiba, mostly i recommend people a Toshiba but this is going to far.

I wasn't aware that she bought a laptop untill she called me and said she needs help because she never worked with such a slow computer as this Toshiba.

So my question is

How much logic does Toshiba has? I mean putting 6GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM ( ok nice for a casual laptop ) doesn't quite fit with a >>1GHz<< processor. for the rest the specs aren't terrible.

Can somebody explain me why this laptop has a 1GHz processor with 6GB of RAM. this doensn't makes sence at all

I've a angry grandmother xD with a crappy laptop so I builded quick a pc for her where so does her work on for now

Answer:Satellite C70D-B-108 - Slowest laptop I've ever saw

Originally Posted by Jamie Legends

Hi all,

My grandmother recently bought this Toshiba, mostly i recommend people a Toshiba but this is going to far.

I wasn't aware that she bought a laptop untill she called me and said she needs help because she never worked with such a slow computer as this Toshiba.

So my question is

How much logic does Toshiba has? I mean putting 6GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM ( ok nice for a casual laptop ) doesn't quite fit with a >>1GHz<< processor. for the rest the specs aren't terrible.

Can somebody explain me why this laptop has a 1GHz processor with 6GB of RAM. this doensn't makes sence at all

I've a angry grandmother xD with a crappy laptop so I builded quick a pc for her where so does her work on for now

AMD E1-2100, 6 GB, 17.3 inch, 1600x900, AMD Radeon HD 8210, 750 GB,
that realy makes no sense they even put in a decent gpu and bottleneck it whit a 1ghz low budget AMD E1-2100.
ow well logic sometimes .
i hope it works out for ur grandmother

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I picked up a brand new c70d-b-10u today from a well known retailer.
I turned it on, set the language, gave a computer name, hooked up to a wi fi and then it asked for Other User Password!

I never entered a password to start with so why is it asking for one?

I cannot get to the shop again until next week and urgently need to get up and running.

Any ideas greatly received.

Answer:Brand new Satellite C70D-B-10U wants a password?

Try to recover the notebook once again using the HDD recovery option.

The recovery procedure would reset the notebook back to factory settings… usually after that no passwords should be set…

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since i bought it, always been slow

tried win 8.1 an now win 10 (also from scratch)

tried chrome and firefox

tried all updates on the official website

tried other hard driveS

on the task manager, processor OR hard drive (sometimes both) are always over 90% when doing NOTHING and 99% when i click any icon or link

streaming movies is realy difficult, youtube is quite impossible and i don't even talk about gaming
do you have any issue for this problem ?

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my image flickers once regularly, get different colors / stripes image ; and especially when I Moves MyScreen and HE charge the laptop Horrible Slow on Since My Screen Flickers

Answer:Screen is flickering on my Satellite C70D-A


It is not easy to understand your problem.
Do you use your notebook with original Windows that you got with your notebook or maybe own OS version?

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I have been using my L750 for about 3 weeks now and suddenly the function keys (using the FN + F keys) have ceased to work.

Also, the shutdown, when I go into Start, then press shutdown, my laptop used to actually shut down.

Now all I can do is click either the sleep or hibernate on the arrow pull-out menu on the shutdown button.
Can anyone help me with this.

They have all been working fine up to now.

Answer:Satellite L750 Fn buttons do not work & shut down doesn't work either

> I have been using my L750 for about 3 weeks now and suddenly the function keys (using the FN + F keys) have ceased to work.

Go to All Programs -> Flash Cards Utility and restart the Flash Cards.

The point is that this Utility controls the FN buttons and this should be the first step in order to get the button working again.

If this does not help, reinstall the VAP (value added package)

Regarding the power off issue:
Click right on the Start button -> Properties
Now choose Start Menu tab
Here in the point power button action choose Shut down

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Hi there,

Been having lot's of problems on this machine. It started with a nearly full C: partition which made Vista invoke a drive compression.

After that the laptop would not boot; after POST there was just a blank screen (no flashing cursor). The tap 'F8' solution from the manual would not work.

With no booting system, i tried using a Vista recovery CD. But this would not even boot, even after setting BIOS to boot from CD first, or even using the F12 boot selection screen.

I had to physically remove the hard drive from the laptop to get the CD to boot. But obviously couldn't do much after that. At this point i'm thinking that the hard drive compress utility had corrupted the boot sector.

So i connected the Hard drive to a desktop PC, Backed up all 3 partitions (1 hidden plus C: 'Vista' and D: which held the HDDRecovery files)

I then tried formatting then drive and reinstating the partitions. This is the point i'm having problems with.

I used Boot-us software to make the first partition hidden which is what it was. Hidden. Plus i left it without assigning a drive letter.

On the second partition i used windows backup to restore the C: drive, this software didn't restore all files by the way it left out important ones such as Winload.exe, which is why i had to do a factory restore.

On the third partition i restored the 'HDDRecovery' folder.

Now after editing the BCD file i was able to enter the Toshiba recovery environment from a bootable CD tha... Read more

Answer:Satellite P300-1A8 cannot get factory recovery to work

Hi, mate

Unfortunately, I don't think you can recover the factory settings even having Hdd recovery folder. I had the same situation like you. i wanted to install Windows Xp on my A500 and didn't make a recovery disk. So, the factory settings gone and no recovery disk was available. I didn't want to pay money for a recovery disk. I just got windows 7 copy disk, installed it with all drivers and application I need. Then, made a hdd image of my current Os with acronis true image, created a recovery zone and that's all. Now, if I want to restore Os, i just press f11 on startup, enter acronis and it restores from Hdd image. It takes me 10 minutes to wait..

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I've a new HP 260 G2, when I proceed with the installation about W7 x64  Enterprise from USB, after th e first loading, the USB peripherals doesn't work. I've already tried with th utility "Installer_Creator" from Intel but with the same result.Can you anyone help me with this issue? Thank you in advance

Mauro Caputo

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Can't get my microphone and webcam working under Win7 64.
Drivers not available on the download section of Toshiba.

What to do please?

Toshiba Satellite C70D-B-310 PSCLEE.

Answer:Satellite C70D-B-310 - Webcam and Microphone not working

All essential and necessary Win 7 64bit drivers for Satellite C70D-B are available on Toshiba EU driver page.

The single webcam driver isn?t available because as far as I know the Toshiba Value Added Package already contains the essential driver to get the webcam working.

The mic is part of the webcam and should be chosen in control panel ? sound ? recording tab

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Ever since I purchased my machine, I have been dogged with a blue screen and a reboot...once, however, I ha to take it back to the point of sale, because it just would not reboot.

The error screen in question is: 0xa0000001. What is going on?
I get this two - three times a night. how do I sort it? I'm not a geek and would like plain and simple instructions to understand....


Answer:Satellite C70D - blue screen 0xa0000001

0xa0000001 is not a usual BSOD code. Usually its something like 0x000000xx

Does the BSOD display a system file?

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I am new to this forum and purchased a Satellite C70D yesterday.
I went thru set up, It asked me for my email and password.

I entered this and the next time I logged in there was my hotmail profile photo.
I entered my password - no problem. I changed the language from Spanish to English etc etc.

I switched it on this morning and got the Toshiba Logo - then it went to blank screen and there was a large data entry box asking me for a password. I tried the same one and I get another screen showing a red data entry box saying "VERIFY ERROR!! Please reenter to continue!!


Can anyone help me please. I am operating windows 8.1



Answer:Satellite C70D asks me for my email and password

I think I must be in the operating system as there is no need to click on the box to enter a password!!
I have no recovery disks

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Hey guys,

can you help me please? I need to know which wireless adapter is built into the Satellite C70D-A PSCENE.
I assume its a Atheros. But what model exactly? Need to know this because I want to install the adapter in Windows 7.


Answer:Which WLAN card has Satellite C70D-A (PSCENE)?

It must have Realtek RTL8188EE WLAN card inside.
Can you find right driver for it?

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I have a satellite C70D-C-10 whit a AMD K16 processor and I want to know how to enable virtualization.
I've been seeing in the BIOS but I saw no options for that.

Answer:How to enable virtualization on Satellite C70D-C10V

Did you got an answer ? am also looking for the same answer. Mine C50D AMD E1 processor

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My mousepad doesn' work as it should. I tried to deblock with FN+F5, only F5, FN+F9, ... but nothing helps.
All I can do is move the cursor and use the mousepad when keeping the left mouse button at the same time.
Anyone a solution?

Answer:Satellite C70D - impossible to deblock mousepad

To be honest I’ve never heard about such touchpad behaviour.
Have you tested all touchpad settings?
If there is option to set all of them on default settings please do this and test functionality again.

Anyway, best hardware test is to reinstall operating system and check touchpad functionality with “factory settings”.

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Hi everyone, new to this,

but purchased a toshiba c70d-b-30d laptop, the thing is its stall installing running up all was going well until i was asked if i wanted to upgrade from windows 8 to 10,

i pressed yes and thats where it has been for ages, i must admit after 3 hours i thought it was done as screen looked good, but without testing performance i shut down,

turning on again this morning ready to use it looked good but would do nothing,
so thought i would do a restart and it went into keep your pc on until this is done installing 1 of 1 its been hours now,

any ideas how i can sort this,

many thank for any replies peter

Answer:Satellite C70D-B-30D - Windows 10 upgrade issue

Power off the notebook.

Then power up the unit again and press F12.
Now you should see the Advanced boot menu.
Here choose HDD recovery
Then choose language and keyboard.
Then Troubleshoot -> Advanced options ->Automatic Repair.

Hope it helps.

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Hey I want to downgrade to Windows XP Professional because Windows 8 and Windows 7 is nothing good for me, I like classic more.

I tried a Windows XP Installation CD but I can't install it.

Someone a solution?

- Abstra.

Answer:Windows XP Installation doesn't work

You have to BOOT the computer from that CD/DVD and WIPE the drive of all other versions of Windows. You can Not start the installer from inside Windows 7 or 8.

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Hello everyone, I searched all over the site and virtually every other site on the internet before finally giving up and just posting here. I have encountered an installing problem and I could use.
Best to get this out of the way: I'm running XP pro on a Dell Dimension 8200 desktop. I just recently received it from my friend as a birthday gift and he can't find the disks so just reinstalling windows won't work.
I have already downloaded various programs on the computer, AVG anti-virus, AIM, Microsoft word 03 etc. And I had worked through a few bugs with those but all was well so I went to try to download programs like picasa (google's photo software) and I encountered a problem. Whenever i try to open any .exe program setup file the computer locks up. I can use the mouse but whenever I click something it doesn't respond. I have literally tried everything, cleaning out the registry (although I never paid for the actual cleaning because I am a high school student with little money to be spent on the issue.) I've tried other programs besides picasa such as winrar and itunes, none of them were able to actually install. The computer just locks up. I also tried running disk cleanup. Anyone with any type of advice please let me know! I'm pretty desperate to get these photo's off my camera.

Answer:Installation of .exe files doesn't work

Welcome to the TSG forum.
You might try contacting the support for Dell. I am pretty sure that if you give them the model number and the service tag number (it should be below the door for the front usb ports) they can be of help. I even suggest you ask them for restore disks. I purchased a refurbished dell 3 - 4 years ago and they sent them to me at no charge. I think that even if they charge it will probably be no more than $20.00.
In the mean time, start the computer in safe mode, by gently tapping the F8 key while the computer is booting. When the safe mode window is up, use the arrow keys and select the 'last known good configuration' and let the computer do it's thing. I think this should help.
After this is done,go to Windows update site and update (I would not install IE88 at this time) but get all the security updates.
Post back and let us know if this helps.

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I've just tried to upgrade to standard install of XP Home edition to a XP pro edition. During the installation the remark comes up that the installation is missing a driver for mass storage device. Subsequently, when the pc restarts it does not get through the start up fase. A split second blue screen and it restarts giving me the standard options safe mode - previous installation - ... All option result in the same loop...
Thus here my questions:

1) Is the HD a SATA drive, and thus not yet supported by Win XP pro (I couldn't find the exact specifications of the HD)
2) Where can I find drivers to solve this problem
3) Is there a solution anyway...

All help is welcome...
Ps.: Yes, the XP pro is a legal full version...

Answer:M40X-250: OS installation doesn't work


As far as I know this notebook was delivered with a common 60 GB Interface Enhanced (ATA-6) HDD. In this case you don?t need to install any SATA drivers.
In my opinion it's a other issue.
I think you should try to install the Chip Set Utility and other Microsoft Hotfixes. The best way is to install the SP2. Furthermore on the Toshiba website you will find some QFEs. You should install these files in the right order which is listed on the download site.


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The card reader doesn't read my SD card any more, efter I got Windows 10. Any solution? RegardsFernando

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Satellite C70D-B-105Artikelnummer : PSCLCE-004007DUPLEASE anyone... correct link for drivers for microphone input ?

Answer:Satellite C70D-B-105 microphone missing after windows update

Missing microphone?
Does it mean that microphone is not listed in sound properties > Recording device?

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Hi there

Pretty much every time I turn on my laptop I am being asked to enter in the date, it defaults to 1.1.2015. Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can overcome this issue? Just to be clear this happens right at the point of turning the computer, i.e. before Windows even starts to load up. It must be date/time settings of the device.

Thanks for your help in advance


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Hi all,

excuse the new thread but I haven't found any answers anywhere online, just speculation and it's for different models.

So I have a C70D-B-10U, running windows 7 64bit pro. When I formatted it and updated everything, it just kept crashing when trying to play back videos on Windows Media Player. I cleaned the inside and replaced thermal paste, updated to even newer drivers, and started using VLC as my default media player. It rarely crashed BUT it always does when I try to start playing games (nothing heavy - League of Legends). Laptop seems to be doing well with memory tests, no faults detected.

I've read that this could be caused by:
Faulty GPUFaulty BatteryFaulty PSUBad Capacitors on the MOBO

Has anyone had any similar experience? I've reinstalled Windows and it's the same story. If it's a motherboard issue, I guess it would be better to just get a new one?


Answer:Satellite C70D-B-10U no warning crash (power, GPU or capacitors)

Update: I decided to test the RAM and it seems like it can't handle 8GB. Both 4GB sticks work on any slot, but when I have all of it on the machine it crashes. Do you think it is a motherboard issue?

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Hey Guys,
Sorry for my english.
I am a german Guy and i search for help with my notebook.
When i start the notebook it ask me for a password. (BIOS or CMOS) i can't geht into the BIOS or start a windows or something like this only try to Type in a password.

Thanks for your help

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I have a toshiba C70D-B-306 (psclee) laptop and I reinstalled windows 8.1 from a seperate DVD because i exchange the default harddrive for a fast ssd disk.

Everything works but in my device manager I have 2 unknown devices listed (with exclamation mark), as far as I know I downloaded all available drivers from toshiba support website for this laptop and installed them but the 2 unknown devices simply will not disappear.

Can someone tell me which driver I exactly need for these 2 devices?

The 2 devices are:

As mentioned, i allready downloaded all drivers for this laptop and installed them, windows is ofcourse up-to-date. Also I let windows search for drivers on the Internet and on the whole drive, but no drivers where found.

Who can give me the golden tip?

Answer:Satellite C70D-B-306 - 2 unknown devices in device list

There is a good method in order to find out what drivers are missing.
First of all you should check the DEV (device) and VEN (vendor) IDs

Here is an short instruction how to find this details:

Knowing the device and vendor ID, it should not be a big deal to get the right drivers.

At the other hand you should install also additional Toshiba software (Toshiba System Driver) released for Win 8.1
Please note also that there are two Win 8.1 driver areas: ?Win 8.1 update? and ?Win 8.1 32bit/64bit? categories
In case you would not find all drivers within the Win 8.1 update check also the Win 8.1 32bit/64bit categories.

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Hi there,

I was bought the above model of laptop for an early Christmas present which usually sits down in the living room, my old Satellite Pro sat down there with no issues however with this device the wireless signal is very low and I appear to be having it sitting right next to the wireless router (which is located upstairs in my sons bedroom), I wondered if there's any steps I could take to improve the signal?

It baffles me how a new system has such a poor wireless signal when my old Satellite Pro which was 6 years old had no wireless issues whatsoever.

My other issue is from the moment I switched the laptop on (yesterday when it was delivered) the updates on Windows Update are slow or don't start at all, is this an issue or just normal?

I'd appreciate any help or input at all, thank you.

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Keys 3 5 7 8 9 0 = rows numeric pad 3 5
all function keys do nothing at all ..........

I had similar problem with C670-11M I therefore put back to WIN 8.1

That can not C70D since that is new .....................
Where can I find the right drivers ??

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I have since week 1 Series Toshiba Satellite C70D-A-11E notebook,
Unfortunately, I am at the moment not really satisfied with the image.. game lags because my graphics.

My question is where can you find how much I consume from the 4 GB.

And where I can set that I consume more or less. since it is a separable memory yes.

My English is not perfect. hope someone understands.

Please reply

Answer:Satellite C70D-A: game lags due to graphic chip?


Well, I?m wondering why you purchased a unit with an internal (part of CPU) graphic chip if you want use the notebook for gaming?

The notebook supports the AMD Radeon HD 8400 graphics which is part of AMD Quad-Core A6-5200 CPU.
Such GPU is similar to Intel HD GPU which is also part of Intel CPUs.

Such internal graphic cards are not really designed for gaming? of course you would be able to run and to play a game but don?t expect too much?

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ODD on my Satellite C70D-A-11E (05.2014) won?t to read DVDs anymore. It doesn't matter which one I try it simply doesn't work.
Latest driver is installed.

Message was edited: posting has been translated

Answer:ODD on my Satellite C70D-A-11E wont read DVDs anymore


If optical disc drive is installed properly maybe is reading lens dirty. Try to clean it up.

Other way, if your ODD can read CDs but not DVDs it can also be hardware malfunction. The reading lens cannot be calibrated properly and cannot find the right position to read DVD media.

In such case ODD must be exchanged.

Try to clean lens up and check if the problem persists. If yes contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.

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Please need help . I need schematic diagram or data sheet for toshiba satellite c70d-B110

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Tried to restore my Satellite A200 to 'out of box settings' but it has not worked.

It comes up with the message saying to put in windows installation disc, so I put in recovery disc but nothing happens apart from the laptop suddenly switching off!!

Its windows vista.
Any ideas anyone??x

Answer:Satellite A200 - Factory setting restore didnt work

> It comes up with the message saying to put in windows installation disc...
Your problem description confuses me a little bit.
When you want to install recovery image using recovery DVD you must boot up from this DVD and not wait for some message that tells you for inserting recovery disc.

Please do as follow:
# Switch your notebook ON and press F12 to enter boot menu
# When boot menu is shown on the screen put recovery DVD into optical disc drive
# In boot menu choose CD/DVD drive and press ENTER. This will force ODD to run as first bootable device.
# Follow the menu on the screen.

When you see option for recovery language just confirm with NEXT and continue recovery installation.

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Hey all,
This is my first post here and I am hoping some of you wizards can give me a hand here. I have a Dell windows vista 32bit business ed laptop.
the other morning, when I switched it on I noticed it began booting then stopped, looking at the plug I noticed it wasn't in all the way so I slammed it back in with my foot and continued to re-boot the laptop.

It booted requesting to do a chkdsk scan, fair enough I thought, I let it continue and it crashed on repairing an index.

It rebooted a second time with an option to load a 'repair' option, loaded this and one of the options in the list were to 'repair the boot files'. jolly good.... 13 hours later, it was still proceeding, but the HD light was at a constant on-off slow flicker, which it had been for the past 12 hours.

Resorting to the last option, I entered the vista disk and decided to try a repair from there, same issue as before, so Now i decided to format the drive and start again. The vista boot disk just said it couldn't format the drive, so i decided to install windows over the top!. It said it couldn't do that either!

What options do I have now? The laptop is absolutely useless, does it sound like a FUBAR'd hard drive? if it does, I think a swift call to dell is in order, or can anyone think of any fixes?

Thanks all.

Answer:Vista Installation, Doesn't work, cannot fix or remove

Hello Nucleo,

Have you already tried doing a factory restore from boot?

Dell - Technical Support

Hope this helps,

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Prior to windows 10 installation, windows 7 before, WiFi worked perfectly. After windows 10 installation can't see any WiFi networks and get the following message
Problem found
The realtek RTL8192DE Wireless Lan 802.11N PCI-E NIC MAC1 adapter is experiencing a driver- or hardware-related problem.
(I am currently on a hardwire Ethernet connection
Any suggestions?

Answer:Why doesn't my wifi work after the Windows 10 installation?

try update your device driver (cable connection) or download it manually for earlier OS versions and manually update
if it wont work than the device is not compatible with Windows 10, but you could try find a WIN 10 driver for a newer but similar chip and force install it, might work

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I like to download the latest release of the Utility Display for Satellie C70D-B Windows 10.

How can I do ?

Thank You

Answer:Latest display driver download for Satellite C70D-B-307 - Windows 10

Windows 10 is able to download and update the display driver automatically…
Go to device manager, choose the graphic card and click above on DRIVER UPDATE

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Hi everyone,

my Toshiba Satellite C70D-A-11D is beeping when I try to start it. The Beep Code ist 2 long, 2 short, 3 long, 2 short.

The screen ist black and there is no POST message.

Any Idea what is wrong? Sometimes the Notebooks starts, but most times not.

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I've added this Satellite C70D-A-111 to an existing network which includes an printer.
Other devices can print OK but not this Toshiba.
The message is "Printer is in Error State".

If I connect the Toshiba to the printer via USB, it prints OK.

Can somebody steer me in the right direction please?

Answer:Satellite C70D-A-111 - Can't print using network printer but USB connection works

Do you use this printer at home or in your company?
I mean if you use it in your company ask system administrator for help.

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Hello everybody,
brand new C70D two days old, if I want to look a Youtube video full screen after a few minutes, the C70D stops, blue screen with a message : your computer gets a problem, we collect informations ect.
After a restart the same problem comes again a few minutes later.
I have 14 days to accept this machine, but if it's a graphic card problem I prefer to return it to the vendor.

I thank you in advance for your answer.


Answer:Satellite C70D sops after a few minutes with YouTube full screen

It's me again after viewing this youtube video :

I've try but after more than 40 minutes, the little C70D stops again :-(
Anyone with a solution ?

For the rest as a Mac user, with for the first time with a PC, not bad at all.
Firefox, Thunderbird, FileZilla, Open Office, Processing are working fine.


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Would be grateful for any advice to remove the back panel.

I've removed battery, ~16 screws + 1 tiny screw at the optical drive and whilst it does 'unclick' everywhere else, there seems to be something stopping the panel being removed just above the battery compartment and don't want to force it.

Even our IT guys at work cannot work it out.

PLEASE new laptop is very slow so have purchased RAM but can't access the back.

Answer:Satellite C70D-B-30D: How to access back panel after ~16 screws removed

At first I must say that you should not remove bottom cover alone because it will cancel valid warranty. If there is no RAM cover, RAM should be exchanged or upgraded by authorized personal only.

I know every of us think it is easy to do and want to do this alone.
What I know is follow:
2 screws in the middle are fixing the keyboard. What must be removed are 14 screws and small flat screw at the optical drive. That’s all. There is no other hidden screw.

Of course there are also small plastic holders and bottom cover must be removed very gently.

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Hi everybody,

I'm French, my name's Thibault, I'm 26.
I've just received my new PC, a Satellite A500-14k. The first installation has began more than 2 hours ago and I still have a white screen in which it's writen :

Please wait...

The end of installation may take few minutes. Don't interrupt the process and don't turn off the computer

I would like to know if it's normal that the installation take such a long time or if there is a problem.
If there's a problem, what should I do?
Thank you for your help :o)


Answer:First installation on Satellite A500-14k doesn't finish

This is not a normal installation behavior? seems the notebook hangs somewhere?
Try to repeat the installation.
Simply power up the notebook, then press F8, choose repair my computer and then choose in new window the option called Toshiba HDD recovery.

Follow the instruction on the screen and finish the installation.

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I've only noticed today that when I turn up my laptop's volume up to about 28 (even with headphones in), there's this high pitch noise that comes from the speakers. And I'm sure it's the speakers and not anything else.
But the sound is sort of that real ear-killing noise so I can't listen to it for long. It even sometimes sounds like thousands of crickets - a complete nightmare

But with my volume at any level below 28 I can listen to whatever through headphones without the sound bothering me.

Does anyone have any ideas for a solution? I do know a thing or two about computers but nothing about anything extremely technical and I'm not sure if I want to take it apart, unless I really have to.

If you could help me it would be appreciated!

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Today I tried to use the free windows 10 upgrade.
After a few seconds I get a message that 'Installation of Windows 10 Upgrade can't edit/adjust the partition reserved for the system'
It then starts deleting the installation-files, and exits......
Anyone any idea how to solve this, and make the upgrade work ???

Answer:Windows 10 upgrade on Satellite C70D-A-11E can't edit partition reserved for system

Solved It myself, the problem was that the reserved partition for the system was only 100 MB !!!
Extended the size to 350 MB (as it should be !!!)
Problem Solved !!!

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since a while my Laptop gets a blue Screen several times a week, Messaging: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA.

Latest dumps as per attachment.

How to recover from this?

Please help.


Answer:Satellite C70D PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA - frequent BSOD

I also get this error sometimes, all my BSODs can be found here -
Most of the drivers are probably outdated and not for Windows 10.. For example my BSODs are caused by Atheros Qualcomm AR8171 driver..

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The Brightness keys have stopped working after the migration Windows 8.1 to Windows10 (Satellite C70D-B-307).

Answer:Satellite C70D-B-307 - Brightness keys stopped working after migration Windows10


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I have a 2008 Satellite P300-150 that I want to restore to factory settings.

I followed the steps in the user?s manual to do this from the hard disk drive (F8 on start up), however, when I try, a screen appears with a warning box with the heading 'system recovery options' then below says 'the installed program cannot start. Click ok to turn off the computer'.

I?m not sure what's best to do now so if someone could suggest another way to do this I would be very grateful.


Answer:HDD recovery installation doesn't start on Satellite P300-150

The situation is pretty simply to explain. Recovery image installation can be done on two ways:
-using HDD recovery or
-using created recovery DVD.

I don?t know if you have created this disc following Toshiba advice but if you have it use it for operating system installation.

By the way: Satellite P300 runs perfectly with Win7 32bit so if there is a way to install it do it. It runs much better than original Vista.

If you have more questions you are welcome. ;)

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If I switch on my old Satellite S1800-814, it appears to boot correctly: It shows the "Toshiba" symbol, then "Windows XP loading", then the screen goes completely blank, followed by a black screen showing the cursor which I'm able to move around. The hard drive continues to whirr as normal for a few seconds but then starts to repeat a series of clicking noises, a bit like a record that's stuck. The boot up process does not proceed any further.

Here's the background: I installed my (old) version of Avid Xpress Pro editing software on to my Satellite 1800-814. I had successfully installed a newer version, though it didn't run efficiently, hence my attempt to install an older version more closely matched to the 1800-814's processing speed and RAM size. I received the usual warning at the end of the Avid installation program saying that Windows may be affected if I allow the installation to finish by letting it switch the computer off and on. But I pressed the "continue anyway" option (as I have done before with no adverse effects). The computer switched off, but came on in the way described above. Please tell me what I've broken. Can I ever fix it?!

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Satellite 1800-814 doesn't boot after software installation


Try to start your notebook in SAFE MODE and try to remove preinstalled software. Please report the result.

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I have a big problem.

First: Sorry english isn't my first language and I don't find a german support forum here.

I have a new Qosmio X500 Laptop and I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit new. I try to install all the Drivers from Toshiba Website, but it't don't really works with the Webcam.
I can't install it. It works one time I can install the "Web Camera Application", but it says it can't find the web camera. Then I uninstalled the "Web Camera Application" and try to installed it again.
That doesn't works now too. It asked: "If I will delete all" but I have delete all! And I can't install the "tinstall.exe" I don't know what it is, but it is from the WebCam Driver from Toshiba.

In the device manager there is no Web Camera too.

What that all means? Is the WebCam broken? I had the Notebook just for 5 Days.


Answer:Qosmio X500 - WebCamera doesn't work after W7 Ultimate installation


Qosmio X500 was delivered with Win7 64bit OS so I really don?t understand why you must use own OS installation. Is Ultimate version so important for you?

At first I must say that Qosmio X500 is most complicated notebook for clean OS installation and all stuff must be installed in the right order.

So back to your questions:
> What that all means?
It probably means that you are missing something
> Is the WebCam broken?
Probably not. Install original OS you got with your notebook and test cam functionality again.
> I had the Notebook just for 5 Days.
This statement is not relevant at all. If you make something on your own and it doesn't work that is problem and even your notebook is 5 hours old.

What now? is original OS installation an option for you?
Have you created recovery DVD before you have installed own Win7 version? I hope so because without DVD you will not be able to install it using HDD recovery option.

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I have a satellite pro and satellite a100. I have bought a microsoft disc to replace XP with windows 7 on the a100.

The a100 dvd drive will not recognise the w7 disc yet it plays sound and video discs fine.

The satellite pro recognises the w7 disc so I think there may be a problem with the a100 dvd drive or its settings. Can anyone help please?

Answer:Satellite A100 - ODD doesn't read Win7 installation disc


There is nothing wrong with the settings because there are no special settings to read an disk.
If the optical disk drive does not read the inserted disk, then either the disk or the CD/DVD drive isn?t OK.

Since the disk works in connection with another optical disk drive, I guess that the drive?s laser lens cannot handle the Windows 7 medium.

From my experience such issues could appear due to dirty laser lens.
I would recommend you to clean the laser lens using cotton wool tip and alcohol fluid.

In many cases this simply workaround helped to get the disk recognized again.

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I have a problem for my Satellite A10-S440. When I turn on it, it doesn't work and the DC IN Indicator flashes orange (blink).

Could you help me? Thank you so much for your help.

Good luck.

Answer:My Satellite A10 doesn't work


Try to remove the battery for a while. After plug-in the battery try to start the unit without the AC adapter.
Try also to start the notebook without battery but with AC adapter.
If the procedures don?t work so I assume there is something wrong with the power supply electronics. In this case the best way is to ask the service for the help.


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I have got a Satellite P10-554 and, as i said in the top the ram doesn't work.
It should be a software problem because if I reinstall the drivers it works some minutes ( it did so until yesterday now it stopped completely)
It's somehow impossible to install the new drivers or to make a firmware update
(driver: after rebooting the old drivers are loaded again (but i deinstalled them)
(firmware update: I got always the message: invalid drive to update f/w)

I hope anyone of you can help me ;)

Answer:Satellite P10-554 dvd-ram doesn't work


What did you mean with ?the drive doesn?t work??
Are you not able to burn or read medias?

The error message says everything. In my opinion you?re not able to update the firmware because the firmware is not supported on this drive.

Try to remove the drive from the device manager and then shut down the notebook.
Usually after new reboot the OS should recognize the drive again.
If it does not help you can try to remove the drive from the notebook. Then start the unit and go into the Windows. The drive should disappear. Then shut down and put the drive again into the notebook. After this procedure the notebook should load the firmware again.

Hope it helps.

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