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How to enable touchpad scroll up and down on Satellite C series

Question: How to enable touchpad scroll up and down on Satellite C series

I bought a new Satellite C-series, and I would like to enable the scroll up and down option on the touchpad.
any suggestions please

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Preferred Solution: How to enable touchpad scroll up and down on Satellite C series

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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How do I activate the scroll feature on the touchpad of my Satellite M35X-S163 laptop?

Answer:Satellite M35X-S163 - How to enable touchpad scroll function?


The scroll feature of the touchpad can be enabled in control panel > Mouse.

There you will find the option but don?t forget that the driver for the touchpad must be installed and you can find it on the Toshiba website:

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hi guys i need help. i have new laptop hp pavillion dv6t-6b00 notebook. i installed windows 7 ultimate on it. the touch pad has no scrol bar line on it. one of my friend told me that you can enable it from mouse properties. so i tried every thing there is no virtual scrolling button or if i go to personalize> mouse pointer> there is no gestures button .. so how can i enable it plz help thankyou

Answer:how can i enable virtual scroll on my laptop touchpad

Hello and Welcome to TSG moeenali.

You will need to download the drivers for the touch pad. As well as other drivers such as chipset drivers.

Drivers for Win 7 32 bit

Drivers for Win 7 64 bit

Here's a link on Using and Configuring the TouchPad in Windows 7

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hey guy!

is there any one know how to enable laptop touchpad scroll, tab and drag function? im using the ASUS A52jc, Win 7 HP 64 bit. i only can move the pointer and tab to select. totally can't scroll and double tab to drag & drop. thing just happened about 2 weeks ago. before it worked fine. I've tried to reinstall driver but still cannot solve it....

Answer:Solved: how to enable touchpad scroll, tab and drag function

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I got my Precision M4800 and I'm really about it.
But! I dislike the touchpad for one reason : No option to enable one-finger scroll. I'm kinda "old school" with touchpad and I don't like using my the two-fingers scroll and all the "fancy " features and the touchpad software don't have this specific feature.I tried the old driver version (7.0), but it's not compatible with Windows 8.1.
I can see a lot of values in the regedit ( HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Alps and HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Alps ) but I don't know which one it can be,
Do you know if a generic ALPS drivers exist? Do you have a solution for this issue?

Answer:Enable one-finger scroll on Precision M4800 (ALPS touchpad)

Run the DellTPad.exe file in C:\Program Files\DellTPad.  This will give you an older interface which includes the one-finger scroll. 

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Has anyone used an Inspiron 13 7000 touchpad two-finger scroll gesture and also compared it to a Surface Pro 3?
I've been using the Inspiron 13 for months but just reformatted Windows on a Surface Pro 3 last night and wow - the 2-finger scroll responsiveness is virtually instant on that device.  On the Inspiron it always seems to take a bit of time to get going. 

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Please can anyone tell me why I can no longer scroll using the edge of the touch pad.
This seems to have occurred since I had to reinstall Vista following a problem with some faulty Ram.


Answer:Satellite P series - I can no longer scroll using edge of the touch pad


One reason can be a missing touchpad driver.
But if the touchpad driver has been installed, then you should check the settings of the touchpad.

In control panel -> mouse you will find the touchpad properties. It should be the last tab.
There you can check enable and disable and configure many options.


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Hi people!

I have a Satellite M50-A-118 and I can't scroll with my touchpad.
How can I fix this problem?

Answer:Satellite M50-A-118 - can't scroll using touchpad

Please check touchpad options and be sure that scrolling option is enabled.
Have you already done this?

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The mouse cursor works perfectly fine during the signing in process, but it freezes once signed in. The touchpad only lets me scroll up/down. I tried FN+F5 but that doesn't work. I've had this laptop for a year and it hasn't done this until now. Any suggestions?

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I have a Satellite L750 (my first Laptop and first touchpad) running Windows 7. I have set the mouse scroll to 1 line at a time but every time I place the pointer on the right scroll bar down arrow (and press the left button or tap) the screen jumps so that the scroll bar is at the bottom. I want the screen to 'inch' down slowly as it would if I was using a mouse wheel.

Yes, I know that the answer is probably very easy so please, those folks that are itching to reply remember I am a 'newbie' at touchpads.


Answer:Satellite L750 - How do I scroll with the touchpad?


You can scroll with the touchpad on right side of it. Just move your finger up or down on the right side of touchpad and you can scroll with this gesture. It?s not complicated and very easy.
Furthermore such basic operations are described in user manual and I would recommend reading it. ;)

If you are not familiar with the touchpad you can also connect an external USB mouse (same mouse like on a desktop computer). Such external mouses are not expensive and you don?t need a driver for that. Just connect it to one USB port and it?s ready to use :)

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touchpad works fine, but can't scroll with it. Already tried changing option in the menu of the touchpad, but there is no scroll-function.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Mr. Forster

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I'm interested in buying notebook L500-164.

Can anybody tell me if this notebook has a touchpad with scroll-function?
And if, only page down or also "left to right"?


Answer:Satellite L500-164 - Does the touchpad has scroll function?


Yes, the Satellite L500 supports virtual scrolling.

But therefore you need the touchpad driver, this feature is software based as on other notebook. It?s not a problem because the driver is already preinstalled and additionally you can download it on the Toshiba page. :)

Have fun with a new Satellite L500. Friend of me bought it too and it?s really great and the price is also good.

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At seemingly intermittent points, my laptop scrolls down uncontrollably to the point where it is unusable.
It only ever scrolls down, and stops just as suddenly as it started.

I have tried everything I can think of, scanned many times for viruses and reinstalled the touchpad drivers and am now at the end of my tether.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Answer:Satellite A120 - Touchpad scroll issues

Does your laptop have an Accupoint (between the G, H, B keys)?

Maybe that is causing the cursor to drift. Try disabling the Accupoint in the Mouse Settings in Control Panel.

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Just few days before i got my TOSHIBA A305 - S6872 frm U.S.
But my there is some problem with touchpad.

The touchpad is working fine but it is not scrolling.
Kindly if anyone know regarding this problem then pls solve this problem.

Earlier reply will be thankful.


Answer:Satellite A305-S6872 - touchpad does not scroll

Hi Saad.. please re install the your laptop drivers from Toshiba website

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Hi guys,

I have a Toshiba Satellite A210 on which I installed recently with Win XP SP3 and I have a problem with my Synaptics Touchpad. IT DOESN'T Scroll!!!

I tryed a few other drivers from Toshiba drivers page, synaptics homepage, old drivers and other... can anyone help pls with some other suggestions?
In mouse settings I dont even have other utilities other than the left/right buttons

Answer:Re: Satellite A210-11C (PSAEGE) - Can't scroll on touchpad


Did you activate the virtual scroll function in Synaptics driver?

You should check this because this feature must be enabled. Go to control panel => Mouse => Device Settings => Settings => Virtual Scrolling.

Therefore the Synaptics driver must be installed. I?m using the driver from the Toshiba website and don?t have any problems.


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My laptop is Satellite C850, windows 7. It was working well till I deleted some programs (as cleaning of spams). I'm not sure if that is related to my problem or not. Since then I can't scroll using my touchpad and I can't find its hardware or settings. It works well as a mouse but not to scroll.

Any help ????

Answer:Touchpad doesn't scroll - Satellite C850

Have you checked all touchpad options?
Be sure that scroll option is activated properly.

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I have a little problem with touchpad after upgrade my OS to Win7 (x86 32bit).
Scrolling with newest drivers for Win7 from Toshiba and Synaptics doesnt works good.

driver version (2009-08-27) Toshiba A200 PSAE3E

Anybody have a solution ?

best regards

Answer:TouchPad does not scroll using Win 7 on Satellite A200 PSAE3E


> scrolling with newest drivers for Win7 from Toshiba and Synaptics doesnt works good.
Does this means that scrolling function is available after the installation of Win 7?

Hmm? for me it sounds like you would need to configure this touchpad function.
You can do this in control panel -> mouse -> device settings
There should be an additional tab containing all the touchpad options?

There you could change and increase the touch area which is needed for scrolling and similar? you could increase the sensitivity too?


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Hi guys,

in 2007 i bought my Toshiba Satellite A110-156, shortly after i got vista home from Toshiba as an present for my new Laptop.
All good, only my touchpad didn't scroll.

After a new driver version 703014, it works.
Only vista keeps naggin by the start up. I have to accept the drivers three times before it works.
Every time by a start up!

After a while, i finally found the solution - sadly enough - this weekend i had to reinstall my laptop en forgot what the solution was.
I have the same driver, version 703014 from the toshiba site and saddly the same problem.

I can't find the solution on the dutch sites, so i hope you can help me!

I already tried to install the drivers by de hardware programs, this didn't help!

Answer:Satellite A110-156 - touchpad doesn't scroll


Maybe you have to configure the touchpad again?

I think you will find the touchpad settings in control panel -> mouse.
There you have to search for the touchpad entry? I?m not sure if you have to got to the properties or settings but one of this option should be available to get advanced touchpad settings.

The A110-156 seems to be a PSAB0E series?
If you are using the Vista then you have to update the BIOS to the 5.20-WIN version because this BIOS is only for Vista usage!

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Hi, like I said just turned on the laptop as usual, but for some reason now the Touchpad will not Scroll (but works to touch to click). And, the Bottom bar Disappears only when I am on the internet chrome (on chrome its gone, but still there on internet explorer, but who wants to use explorer!! lol).

It makes it so hard to click between research and writing! Its always there like it should be on word doc , excel etc.

Small things, but super annoying and I dont understand why the change, or how theyre connected. Would just like them fixed, its so silly it would just change on me.

Any help is much appreciated!!
Thanks, Jenna

Answer:Touchpad does not scroll and bottom bar disappears on Satellite Pro L


The touchpad settings can be changed in control panel -> mouse
Here you have to go to last tab ?Advanced? and click on Advanced setting button.

Now you should get a menu with all options available for touchpad.
There should be a option called ?Use Scroll function?. This should be checked/enabled.

Check this!

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Can anyone tell me how to switch off the scroll and zoom functions for the Synaptics Touchpad v7.2 .
Can't seem to do it via the Control Panel.

Any suggestions.

Answer:How to switch off scroll and zoom functions of touchpad on Satellite L


You can do that in the touchpad settings.
You can find these settings going to:

Control panel -> mouse -> Advanced tab -> Advanced Future setting button

Here you have to uncheck the option called ?Use scroll function?

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One day I realized I had lost pinch and scroll functions on my touch pad. Don't know why.
So I tried to install a Synaptics touch pad Driver. This provided the missing functions but the Cursor got delayed and the sensitivity of the touch pad was restricted to a certain spot. Therefore I de-installed the Synaptic Driver again.
The sensitivity issued got cured but I still had no pinch and scroll function on the touch pad.
Therefore I went to the Toshiba download site and learned that the ALPS Driver was the original Driver.
I tried to install this Driver (as requested for 64 bits).
The installation seemed to pass smoothly. After re-starting there is still no pinch and scroll functionality and nowhere the driver is found neither in the programs list nor added to the "mouse" Screen in the System functions Folder.

How can I get that pinch, zoom and scroll functions back to my touch pad?

Answer:Satellite L50-B - lost touchpad pinch and scroll functions

This sounds like program interference, you will need to perform a clean boot and disable firewall and antivirus and then try and install the driver. Here is a description on how to perform a clean boot,

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For no reason at all. (as far as i can recall). I was just doing random stuff on pc (like every other time), surfing the web, while I just recognized my scroll on touchpad isn't working. I tried rebooting pc, turning touchpad on and off, but didn't hepled.

I have Satellite R850 2R notebook with win7 on it.

Answer:Satellite R850 - scroll on touchpad stopped working

Try to check if Windows update has installed something today and roll back OS to earlier time (two days back if possible) using system restore tool.

I don?t know if this will help but you can try it. Several times I saw that synaptics driver update is offered by option windows updates.

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On the first install of Vista on my A300D-161 I could scroll with my touchpad by moving my finger from right above to right down on the touchpad,
Now I reinstalled Vista and I installed the utility but it doesn't have a option for scrolling.

How/what now?


Answer:Re: Satellite Pro A300D - After Vista reinstallation I can't scroll on touchpad

if you still have it, check the Toshiba driver folder its usually C:\TOSAPINS, or just check the recovery CDs for the folder

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The touchpad on my two month old laptop has never allowed me to scroll. In the control panel, under "hardware", I have a Synaptics port touchpad on PS/2 port. Under "settings", it only offers buttons, left and right, to configure. The driver date is shown as 27/07/2007 and the version is

I have a cordless HID compliant mouse, which works fine.

Any help much appreciated


Answer:Re: Touchpad doesn't scroll on Satellite A210 PSAEGE

I just tried rolling back the driver for the touchpad, and it reverted to an Alps driver. I had not knowingly installed a different one, or the Synaptic one. Anyway, the touchpad works now, with more functions than I had on my WXP laptop.

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My S50T-A Touchpad mouse will do nothing but scroll in each screen, i can not click on new tabs, on emails etc, all i can do is scroll around the screen i am in. PLEASE HELP.

Answer:Satellite S50T-A Touchpad mouse stuck at scroll only


Your Satellite S50T-A seems to support a Touchpad with additional features like click pad with multi-touch control gestures supporting various scroll, zoom and launch functionalities at your fingertips.
You can disable this and other features in
Control panel -> mouse -> Device Setting tab -> Setting button

Here you can find a detailed step by step instruction how to disable such options
[How to change the Synaptics touchpad settings |]

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My touchpad (Alps Ver. 7.0.302.8) looses the scroll function periodically when switching between web sites in Firefox.
Under "mouse properties" the graphic shows no activity for the scrolling activity.

It usually highlites the graphic when I touch the scroll area of the touchpad. I am at the latest driver ver., but have not tried removing & reinstalling it yet. Anyone know if this is likely a Vista (Vista Home Premium SP1) issue or an Alps driver issue?
I also occasionally lose my pointer settings, like speed, when awaking from sleep. Not sure of exact conditions when this happens though.

I have seen an issue with my wireless adapter not being recognized after after sleep.
For this, I must restart the computer & the device is reinstalled.
The problem with the touchpad did not occur for the first 2 weeks of use, but the wireless adapter problem started from day 2 or 3.

Oh, BTW, I also have a Logitech mouse (Ver. installed & Wacom ( driver installed.
I can do without the Wacom being installed at start, but I do want the Logitech mouse driver installed.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, kev

Answer:Satellite P305-S8828 touchpad loosing scroll function

Hey kev

We can discuss about this just if you use recovery image or ?factory settings?. You have installed third part driver and the Toshiba responsibility stops there. Nobody knows if there is some negative influence to Toshiba preinstalled driver.

If you want to have full touchpad functionality, use Toshiba stuff only. But if you want to use some external device with own driver or software you must live with it.

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Satellite L750/04K laptop intermittantly looses abiliy to scroll with touchpad but remains ok for movement around screen.
Scrolls ok if I use external mouse.

Can fix with a restart. Has been working ok for about 4 months previously. Any suggestions appreciated.

Thanks, Mooky.

Answer:Satellite L750/04K - Touchpad intermit loss of scroll function


As I understood you message: the touchpad is working properly but only the scroll function does not work. Right?

In such case I would recommend checking the option in Control Panel -> Mouse
Here you will need to switch to last tab and go to Advanced Settings.
Usually, there you should find the settings for touchpad:

<img src='' border='0' width=550px/>

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My A200 told me that I needed to update the drivers for my touchpad. I did so and now I can't use the vertical scroll feature. I have looked on the Synaptic website and there is nothing there to help. I have checked to see if I have the most up to date drivers and I do, and I have looked through the mouse settings and can't find anything that will help.

Can anyone please help me?

Many thanks

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 - Vertical scroll on touchpad not working after update

Hi Ian

Why you don?t try to roll back the OS to the early time point?
I mean the OS point before you have installed the touchpad driver?

Usually this should helps to get back the early touchpad functions?.

Best regards

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the Alps touchpad driver for W8.1 that is currently supplied by Toshiba does not have an option to adjust the vertical scroll speed of the two finger gesture. With the default speed, even leaning the fingers downwards without moving them results in a scroll that is equivalent of PAGE_DOWN, e.g. way to fast.The version I use is the latest one from the website (

There is a registry entry in HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Alps/Apoint that make the situation a bit more bearable (set ScrollLines to 1), but there is no way to adjust if further it in the settings or the registry

A newer Alps Driver (8.103.404.104) from another company has this option and scrolling works like it should on the lowest speed, but it does not support 2-finger rightclick.

Why does toshiba use an outdated driver that is missing this critical function? Is there a new driver available? Did anyone find a fix for this?

Answer:Satellite Z30 - Updated Touchpad Driver with adjustable scroll speed?


From my knowledge notebook manufacturers modify and adjust the own drivers.
The driver versions are always different and are not always comparable with driver versions released by other notebook manufacutrers.

As you said above:
the Alps driver released by Toshiba does not support the scroll speed but at the other hand it supports the 2-finger right click.
The other driver supports the scroll speed option but doesn?t support the finger right click.

Well it would nice to have an driver which would support all the mentioned options.
So I think we can just wait and hope that the next releases will support some more nice-to-have features?

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I have just brought a new A500/026 laptop and when I play music from my ipod I get a small pop static sound on regular intervals during the song... this happens on all my music. I accidentally scroll horizontally across my touhpad and my screen minimises or maximises. I try to locate how I did it but can never seem to get it back to its normal state. There is obviously some kind of function here, can anyone help me with what this is? I have installed the x64 bit version of windows 7.



Answer:Issues with sound and scroll function on touchpad on my Satellite A500/026


The touchpad settings are placed in control panel -> mouse
There you will find the additional tab which would allows you to access the touchpad properties.

As far as I know the touchpad properties contains a lot of different options which allows you to configure the scroll function, to enable and to assign different actions to the touchpad corners, etc?

Check it!

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When I change my windows from xp to w 7 my scroll dosen t work.
What should I do?

Sorry for my english....

Answer:Re: Satellite A200 Touchpad scroll dosnt work after Win 7 installation


You should install a compatible touchpad driver.
Choose Satellite L500 on the Toshiba European driver page.
Here you will find the 2 Win 7 touchpad drivers; Alps Electric and Synaptics.

Both have to be installed!!!


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A while ago I disabled my touchpad using FN+F9 so I could use an optical mouse. When I tried to switch it back on using the FN+F9 keys it won?t work so I can?t get it to work. Please help

Cheers foxyfox

Answer:Can not enable touchpad on Satellite M40


As you already said the FN+F9 key function disables the touchpad but it?s also possible to enable and to disable
the touchpad in the control panel -> mouse -> mouse properties -> touchpad on/off

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The driver is updated, the touchpad works normally most of the time, but from time to time (quite often) the vertical scroll (the bar on the right side of touchpad) stops reacting and it's impossible to scroll vertically. After a while it reactivates again and works normally again...

What's the issue?

Answer:Satellite A200-14D: touchpad vertical scroll stops working periodically

Who knows why this happen? :)
It will be nice to have answer to such ?periodical? issues.

Have you tried to play a little bit with Virtual Scrolling settings?
Try to change scrolling region. Try to expand it a little bit.

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I recently bought a new Satellite Pro A200-1mi (psae7e). Thing is that while I was using it initially there was this assist in the beginning which enabled us to use the hotkey (fn+keys) on the screen.
It was at the top of the screen.

So I clicked on the tab to disable my touchpad but now I can't seem to enable the touchpad and accidently closed this hotkey assist also.

So tried everything to enable the touchpad again; driver reinstalled, tried installing touchpad on/off and everything...

Please help me.
If there is any questions please do ask..
I am really hoping that someone would find a answer for me.

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Satellite Pro A200-1MI: How to enable the touchpad again

Hello Sabil

You can start Flash cards again: Start > All Programs > Toshiba > Utilities > Settings for Flash Cards. Open these settings and remove check mark in front of disable option.
I hope you will be able to use Flash cards again.

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Hi there,

I have had disabled my touchpad when I had the Vista that camed with the PC, but I formatted and installed Windows 7 on it and now I can't seem to enable the touchpad.

I've tried Fn+F9 or through the settings of Synaptics Pointing Device, but no luck.

Toshiba A300 1I4 - PSAGCE
Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Answer:Touchpad won't enable on Satellite A300-1I4


Did you create the recovery disk before you have formatted the notebook?
If yes, use this disk, enable the touchpad and then reinstall the Win 7 ;)

Did you try to enable the touchpad in control panel -> mouse -> other devices?
Check this too?

There should be an option which should control some touchpad properties.

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I just newly installed Windows 7 on my C850-1F2. To get the installation to complete, I had to disable all unneeded devices in the BIOS, including the internal pointing device/touchpad. After this, the installation went smoothly and I subsequently installed all corresponding drivers (downloaded from Toshiba) manually.

All devices could be installed and are functioning correctly - except for the touchpad.
If I enable the touchpad in the BIOS again, Windows won't boot. It just stops at the "Windows is starting" screen - it's not even freezing (the animation keeps looping), it just won't continue. Booting in Safe mode, it will also stop after loading all drivers. I had the laptop running all night to see if I was just being too impatient, but to no avail.

The system also won't detect the touchpad. The device manager only displays the USB mouse I connected or nothing at all. When accessing the 'Mouse' settings, the system will first ask me whether I want to deinstall the existing Synaptics drivers. I tried that as well, reinstalling both Toshiba and the Synaptics generic driver, but no touchpad.

If I use FN+F5 to enable the touchpad (while previously disabled in the BIOS), I merely disable the keyboard. The touchpad won't work. However, I have to disable it again, then put the laptop into standby and wake it up again in order for the keyboard to work again.
Furthermore, if I reboot after using fn+f5, the touchpad is enabled in the BIOS again and Win... Read more

Answer:Satellite C850-1F2 - cannot enable touchpad

>To get the installation to complete, I had to disable all unneeded devices in the BIOS, including the internal pointing device/touchpad.
I have installed Win7 many times but I never heard about something like this and I?ve always installed it after BIOS was set to default settings so I don?t understand this ?theory? and cannot understand why you have done this.

Anyway, if nothing works well I strongly recommend you to set BIOS to default settings and then install own Win7 version. I hope you use original Microsoft installation disc and not some ?self made? stuff.

I don?t think there is some magic trick that can solve your problem.

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I am using Toshiba Satellite A200-1z3 model no. : PSAE3E with windows 7 32bit and i turned off my touchpad by pressing FN+F9. Now I cant get it back to work.
I dont know whats the problem.

Please help

Answer:Cannot enable touchpad on Satellite A200

What happen when you restart your notebook?
Is touchpad enabled or disabled?

Check please mouse settings and be sure everything is enabled.

By the way: have you installed synaptics driver?

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I have accidently disabled the touchpad on my Satelite A300. Can anyone tell me how to re-enable it please.

Answer:Satellite A300 - How do I enable the touchpad?


Press Fn+F9 to enable it.

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I have Toshiba Satellite and I have a touchpad problem.
My touchpad is not working. I've downloaded drivers for it, and it's still not working.

Can somebody please help me resolve this problem?

Thank you.

Answer:Touchpad does not work on Satellite A series

What do you mean exactly with ?it?s not working???

What notebook do you have? What touchpad driver did you install?

Did you check if the touchpad was not disabled?
Using the FN+F9 key combination you can disable and enable the touchpad functionality!

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Can anyone please tell me why the touchpad has suddenly stopped working. I have done FN F5, it is enabled. Thanks in advance.

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Hi - does anyone know how to enable the mouse scroller on the mouse pad?
I assume this is software enabled but can't find how to do it.

Answer:How to enable Touchpad scrolling on a Satellite 2410


a little hint, hope it helps you:

Click on Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Mouse and then after you reached the "Mouse Properties" there should be a tab named "Advanced".
Mostly there is special software from the manufacturer, and there the settings can be modified.

Otherwise, look into your "Toshiba Console" if you can find something there.


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Hi people,

The LED in my touchpad, is not working, can anyone plz. tell me how to switch it on.

Thanking you in advance,


Answer:How to make the touchpad LED on Satellite A series work?


could you please tell us first which machine you?re exactly meaning? Would be useful to know since no one here knows what kind of model you own. And tell me also which LED you mean. Do you maybe mean the touchpad background lighting?

Did you by the way checked the Toshiba utilities for this feature (can be found in the Start menu -> Programs -> TOSHIBA)
Please give me some feedback which model you have and if you already checked the Tosh utils and the "Mouse Properties" in your "Control Panel" on this specific "LED feature".


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Hi and Hello to all,

I am tring to reinstall Windows 7 but mouse pointer
just keeps "flashing around in top left hand corner"

As its a new instalation can`t go into setings etc

Tried connecting a external monitor but cannot get
laptop to show on i (dont now if there is any other
thing to press other thn just the top key ie FN key
or CNTL key first)

The screen in cracked and dont know if this might
have something to do with it thats why I`m trying to
use external monitor

Any help would be most appreciated


Answer:Dancing touchpad / mouse of Satellite C series

hi, power down the laptop, remove the power cabel, remove the battery, press the power button for 1 minute, plug in the power cabel, push the power button and the FN+F5 key combination. If don't work try the FN+ FX FX =F key with laptop/monitor key. Wait 10-15 seconds after you press the keycombination.

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The icon on the taskbar shows that the right button is permanently pressed down, though it is not.
So I cannot right click at all. A radio mouse works fine, but there are times I would like to use the touch pad.

Also, the display will not turn off, and the computer does not go to sleep after the times set in the power saving options.
I listen to the radio a lot and dont want the display on.

Answer:Right button of Touchpad does not work on Satellite Pro L series

> The icon on the taskbar shows that the right button is permanently pressed down, though it is not.
> So I cannot right click at all. A radio mouse works fine, but there are times I would like to use the touch pad.

This could be related to faulty button. If you cannot use the right button and if button appears to be clicked down then I assume its hardware malfunction.
In such case it needs to be replaced.

> Also, the display will not turn off, and the computer does not go to sleep after the times set in the power saving options. I listen to the radio a lot and don?t want the display on.

Did you choose the right Power Plan? In control panel -> power options you should choose the power plan and should click on: Change plan settings. There you can change the time when the display should be disabled.
If it does not work, then I assume that this feature does not work because the touchpad button is pressed and the windows OS thinks that the notebook is in use

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I can't find any driver f?r Windows 8.1.
This is not so bad, if I have an idea, how I can switch on and off the WLAN module (key FN+F8) and how I can configure the touch pad.

I would like switch off the click of the panel surface.
Click should be only the "mouse-button" on the touch pad.

Cheers, Mike

Answer:Satellite Pro L550-199: How to configure touchpad + enable WLan in Win 8.1


_Touchpad options:_
Press Windows button + X
Then choose control panel. Then click on Mouse.
Here you have to change to tab ?Device settings?
Click on Settings button and you will get Synaptics touchpad settings where you could change all possible options.

_WLan On/OFF_
Press Windows button + C
In Charm bar click on PC settings -> Network

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Hello guys!

Here is my problem - in my laptop there is disables scrolling function on my touchpad. I mean when I'm trying to scroll using it's right edge side.
Previously using Vista this function was enabled so please advice me how what to do. Great thanks!

Answer:Satellite A300D-16W - How to enable scrolling function on touchpad?


Have you tested an external mouse on the notebook?

In your case I would try to update the touchpad driver. You can find it on the Toshiba website: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

Remove the old driver, restart the notebook and then install the new driver.


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I have a Toshiba Satellite A100-033 running Vista Home Basic. I mostly use the laptop as a desk top replacement and, as I dislike using the touchpad, I disabled it, and instead I use an external mouse via one of the USB ports.

I am not sure whether I disabled the touchpad by pressing Fn + F9 or by some other means (if it was by some other means I have forgotten what this was). Recently I wished to re-enable the touchpad so that I could use the laptop outside the house. However, I found that pressing Fn & F9 did not re-enable the touchpad and I now can't use the touchpad at all.

If I go into mouse properties (in control panel), this tells me that my synaptics pointing device is enabled. If I go into device manager and look at "mice", I am told that my touchpad is working properly.

All this makes me suspect that the problem is not a hardware fault but that I have altered some setting, with the result that my touchpad is permanently disabled until I change the setting back to its original state.


Answer:Satellite A100-033: I disabled touchpad and now Fn+F9 doesn't enable it


One of the solution would be a system restoring? you could try to set the OS to the early time point. Maybe this would help to enable the touchpad again.

At the other hand you could try to reinstall the Touchpad drivers? firstly I would recommend removing it from the device manager and then after reboot you could try to reinstall the downloaded drivers!!!

I would appreciate some feedback from you?


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I had to recently recover my notebook from scratch using the CF provided by Toshiba. However after upgrading all the patches from Microsoft my touchpad has stopped working. It is not the Fn+F9 problem.

The driver for Alps is missing, also the application for managing the touchpad also does not show up. I tried installing the patch for Alps from the CD as well as downloaded the driver but it fails with the error code 0x00000103 and then failed init 0x0000000.

Can someone kindly provide me some assistance about how to fix it ?


Answer:Touchpad issues - Error 0x00000103 on Satellite R series

Hmmm.... have you checked the list of all available updates? You should do this before the update starts (disable automatic update).

I have noticed that there is offered option for ?Synaptics ? Input ? Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad? but this update is defined as optional so it must not be installed and you should use Toshiba installed driver only.

What to do now? Try to roll back OS to earlier time using System restore tool. Sorry but now it will not be easy to do much. If nothing helps install OS again using recovery image but then disable automatic updates and do it manually. Always check the list of available updates and avoid updates for hardware components. I do the same and everything works fine.

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guys.... pls, some help... i have headaches ;))

my touchpad its almost frozen, when i plug my AC charger

its working only on battery

when i plug the charger, the touchpad its almost frozen... if i put an USB mouse, its working but still, not perfect... the cursor moves a little slower... and, the buttons its like they have no strenght when i push them... sometimes works, sometimes i have to push 2 or 3 times, to click''; the touchpad buttons are working perfectly.... so, i use the mouse to move the cursor and to click , i use the touchpad buttons

have any ideea why ?

=>> i did uninstaled and reinstaled the drivers
=>> i even did a bios update, but nothing changed
=>> i disabled and also uninstalled the ACPI from the battery, with no use
=>> NO, its not a FN problem

pls... ? :)

Answer:Satellite L series - Touchpad not working when AC charger pluged in


There are some threads in this forum where some users reported a similar issue.
As far as I know the problem was a AC adaptor malfunction.
Using new, compatible AC adaptor has solved the issue.

Good luck!

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I have aan L300 Series Satellite. On booting up, the touchpad works fine until I get the desktop, whereupon the tap function ceases to work. The touchpad works to alllow me to move the mouse around the screen and the buttons work, yet the tapping function of the touchpad stops working once the machine has booted up (it seems to work for the first 30 seconds or so).

This happened recently but I cannot put my finger on exactly when.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver and have tried Fn F9. Is this a Windows glitch, a Toshiba glitch or some other glitch?

Please help!?!


Answer:Re: Satellite L300 Series - Touchpad ceases to work

As you say before system boots ot works fine so it sound like a windows issue. Try to find you touchpad settings maybe tapping function is blocked? (or maybe is set to mode that only hard tap will work) check settigns

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I run the ccleaner 2.17 in the log function has stopped working and led to the play, stop, rewind ... " keys, between the two speakers.
Can someone help me?

Answer:Touchpad button LED stopped working on Satellite P series

What model laptop is it?

XP or Vista?

Vista: Uninstall the Toshiba Value Added Package, then download and install the latest TVAP from the Toshiba website.

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How do you turn off the scrolling function on the right hand side of the mouse?
It drives me crazy. Just want the cursor but cannot see anything in the Control Panel.

Answer:How to disable scrolling function on touchpad on Satellite A series?

This option you can find in advanced mouse options.
Control panel > Mouse properties > Device settings and if you have Synaptics driver just click on settings. There you will find option for virtual scrolling.

Just remove check mark in front of horizontal and vertical scrolling options and it will be OFF.

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Hello all.

I see from previous posts that this issue has been addressed in some way or another a few times and I have tried several of the fixes, and have had no success.

1. I have a toshiba L300 next to me(girlfriends), and this feature works fine. V annoying!!
2. I have never been able to enable the scrolling. I know where the setting are and have tried to check/uncheck the boxes/ press 'apply' then ok and the other way around.
3. I have re-installed the drivers from toshiba(synaptics).
4. I have updated the bios from tempro. Although I only registed for tempro recently, the dates on the list of updates seemed fairly old. ie. not much new stuff available anyway.

Thats where im at!
All advice would be apreciated.
Also, are Realtec drives related with the touchpad in some way??
Cheers Phill
I have about a month left on the warranty, so hopefully this would be something that may be covered if no-one can help.

Answer:Satellite Pro A210 touchpad synaptics cannot enable virtual scrolling.


In my opinion everything you already done is right and I?m really out of idea what you can try except most radical solution ? OS installation with recovery CD/DVD. After doing this you will have ?factory settings? again. As far as I know virtual scrolling is enabled by default and it should work after first start.

So doing this you can make the ?ultimate test? and be sure if this function works or not.

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Cursor on my mouse pad has suddenly Stopped moving unless I hold either left or right button down, the pad itself is not locked (fn f5).

Please help this is driving me insane. I've tried uninstalling drivers and reinstalling but still won't work

Answer:Satellite C series - cursor will only move when touchpad button pressed

This behaviour is really strange.
Can you please tell us which notebook model do you have, which OS do you use and since when have you noticed this ?problem??

Do you use external mouse at the moment?
When you open mouse properties try please to use option ?restore all defaults?.
If the problem still persists you can try to reinstall OS (recovery image) and test functionality with ?factory settings?.

In case that the same problem persists my only explanation is that must be hardware related issue.

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I don?t know if anyone can help.

My touchpad has stopped working.
At first it would only work on the login page. Now it?s not there at all.

I have only had my Toshiba C for a few days and it?s the first time I have used Windows 8.
I have tried F5 and I have tried going onto BIOS using F2 when booting but that wont come up.

Help plz

Answer:Satellite C series - Touchpad has stopped working running Windows 8


Please check this Toshiba document:

+How to change the Synaptics touchpad settings in Windows 8?+

Be sure that the required touchpad settings are enabled!

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I just setup a windows Vista & I install the driver after download it from the net but i found that;

1- the switch between the screen & s-video (fn + f5) doesn't work but the other function (fn) work

2- when i put my finger in the right of the mouse pad it must scroll the screen & in the bottom of the pad it must scroll left & right the screen but it didn't work

So plz tell me the solution if it is a program or driver issue.
Plz give me the direct link


Answer:Fn+F5 function and touchpad doesn't work correctly on Satellite A series


What notebook do you have?

I presume your notebook was delivered with XP and now you want to use it with Vista OS.
Please note that you need to install the Toshiba Vista Value Added Package to use all the notebook features.
Very important is the Components Common Driver and the TOSHIBA Flash Cards.
The Flashcards provides the Hotkey function and the launcher function that starts the Hotkey function.
Please reinstall it!

The additional touchpad functionality must be configured firstly!
This can be done in control panel -> mouse

There you should look for the touchpad settings and could configure the touchpad scroll areas again.


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Seem to be having a problem with my touchpad.
After about 2 weeks of normal operation, it now only scrolls/moves when the left button is depressed.
Have had a look in settings but cannot seem to get anywhere.

Any ides?



Answer:Satellite C series Touchpad scrolls/moves when the left button is depressed

It is not easy to say what is wrong there. Maybe such behaviour is result of defective hardware.
I recommend you to reinstall operating system using HDD recovery option and check functionality again with ?factory settings?. If the same will happen again from the first moment it must be hardware malfunction and in such case you should contact nearest Toshiba service provider.

They can check it, repair if necessary and all costs will be covered by warranty.

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Hello, I got my new Lenovo Ideapad U410 (Windows 7) yesterday and I'm just starting to get things going. The one thing that has been bothering me is that I can't scroll uing the touchpad. It must be the Page Up button/Scroll Lock using the Fn Key, but I've tried it and absolutely nothing happens. The Fn Key works for the upper keys (F1, F5, etc.) but not for the buttons on the side (Home/Pause, End/Break, PgUp/ScrLk, PgDn/Insert). I figure I should reinstall keyboard drivers? I'm really sorry, I've looked through different threads but it seems they all have a different solution and I'm getting a bit confused haha.  Thank you!

Answer:U410 Scroll Lock / FN Key not working - I can't scroll using the touchpad

Hi, since you got the laptop yesterday, did you install / uninstall any drivers? Or did the problem exist  right up? ?f the former please roll the driver(s) back. ?f the problem occured later on,you could do a system restore, if you have a restore point, or even since the system is so new,you could restore to factrory settings. after backing up. Otherwise please call Lenovo support, they'll advise you.

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I just had my new W530 delivered yesterday, unfortunately with Windows 8 Professional. I noticed that the cursor would not move when I moved my finger across the touchpad or the cursor was "stuck" until I tried a repeat movement with my finger.   I adjusted almost every setting on the latest lenovo driver which provides for windows 8 screen gestures.   The responsiveness to windows 8 gestures does not appear that good, but it is a story for another post.  The main reason for my post is that vertical scrolling barely works in IE 10.I have all the smart check items disabled and the palmcheck lowered to 3.   I've got the touch sensitivity to light, but have also tried heavy.   I have to push like I'm trying to crack the case to get the cursor to move up and down, and often I will touch the right side of the touchpad and nothing happens or it takes a few tries of swiping to get the window to move up or down.    I called two support agents and the first one reminded me I have 30 days to return the unit for a refund, and the second guy had me update the driver with the lenovo update  utility which showed the same version as the one I downloaded and installed.  It made no difference.   He then suggested that if I keep the laptop, the trackpad needs replacing. From looking at some other posts, I really wonder if the pad could be ok, but lenovo is actually selling this thing with a trackpad that performs that poorly. &nb... Read more

Answer:Touchpad vertical scroll horrible or touchpad defective

On the W520, the two finger scrolling is unusable, it just randomly jerks the window, or not. Tried every trick in the book when I first got my W520, after a couple of months of wasting time gave up and only use it with a mouse. The W520 has the worst trackpad in the history of computing devices (and the worst mic and speakers, or at least worst drivers). If you need a working touchpad, dont by a Lenovo W series.

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Is there any patch, hack, ect that can enable 2 finger scrolling on my synaptics touchpad?

Answer:Enable 2 finger scroll?

Have you tried downloading the latest drivers from Synaptics?

Make sure to make a system restore point and test it before installing these drivers.

Download License Agreement | Synaptics

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I just got my first laptop today. There's a special area next to the touchpad for scrolling up and down in web pages and documents. It works like a champ in all the Windows apps, but doesn't do anything in Firefox. Does anyone know of an extension that will get this to work within Firefox?

Answer:Looking for a Firefox extension that will enable scroll bar on laptop.

I don't know of any add-on to fix this. I use my arrow keys to scroll. You might check this and see if it helps.
Start> Run> type: control mouse then hit OK.
Click on Hardware tab> Properties button> Advanced Settings tab, beside
Wheel Detection: select Look for Wheel on the drop down. OK, APPLY and OK.
If it doesn't help, you can change it back to Assume wheel is present.

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I just got a new Yoga 900 tablet..I need to find out a way to enable single finger vertical scroll.  I can only see 2 button vertical/horizontal scroll. I have not been able to find single button scroll yet. The trackpad device installed is Synaptics CickPad V4 on RMIHID port.
Many thanks.
Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.

Answer:Yoga 900 - How to enable Single touch vertical scroll

i am having the same issue on my yoga 700. Running the latest driver but there is not option for single scrolling 

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I have a new y510p and I'm very disappointed in the touchpad, even moreso in the software/driver support.How do you enable Single Finger Edge Scroll on the touchpad? There's absolutely NO OPTION in the software... It's synaptics... my old synaptics driver/software on my old Toshiba machine was RIDICULOUSLY customizable, how come I'm limited to the horrible 2 finger scroll and other terrible swipe features. I'm not afraid to go edit anythign in the registry if that's the case... I looked through some stuff relating to the touchpad and there were values related to "edge scroll" but I couldn't figure out what to change if anythign...

Answer:How to enable edge scroll on y510p? (single finger)

With the driver, here's how. On the control panel, go into the Mouse > Device Settings > Touch Pad Setting. You should see the Properties for the Synaptics setting pop up. Select the scrolling, then click on the "wheel" next to the Scrolling setting, and another menu pops up where you can set the 1 finger scroll "area"


Edit: On the Win 8 software, you should have the Synaptics driver. So I don't know if there is any different scheme in the settings. Sorry, that's for the Win 7, Win 8 is

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I just purchased a new xps 15 and, unlike my family's touchpads and my old xps's touchpad, this one does not have side scrollbar. If it does, I am completely dumbfounded on how to activate it. I love the option of scrolling on the right side of my touchpad and I would enjoy having it on this computer.
Please help and thanks

Answer:How do i get scroll on my touchpad for my xps 15

I had the same problem until about 5 minutes ago. Go to control panel -->Switch to small icons --> Click "mouse" (far right column for me) --> Click "Device Settings" tab on the top right --> Click "settings" (on the middle right hand side) --> Double click "Scrolling" (second on list below "overview") --> Click "One-finger" scrolling--> Check the "enable vertical scrolling"  and "enable horizontal scrolling"
- For some reason Dell set the default to two finger scrolling so if you can't find the above menu try placing your index and middle finger about half and in apart in the middle of the trackpad and pull down like you normally do to scroll with one finger
                         --Hope that helps :)

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I just upgraded to Windows 10 and the first issue I have come across is that my touchpad 2-finger scrolling doesn't work...on anything. I went to device settings and unchecked, then rechecked scrolling abilities to no avail. I also tried the customary restart which did not help either.
I have a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. Help?

Answer:Why won't my touchpad scroll?

You might want to try the driver for windows 8.1 for the touch muse device. Get it from their website.

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Question: TouchPad Scroll

Hi i have got a proplem with my touchpad i can't scroll down or up by two fingers like any laptob and i can't solve this proplem please help me

Answer:TouchPad Scroll

 Have you gone to Control Panel and checked the Synaptics settings for the touchpad? Everyone is welcome here at HP Forum but you might get better responses at Dell's forum.

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Hello There,
I have a laptop with alps touchpad driver. I think it's a synatics touchpad. the scroll certainly does not works anymore. I still can glide and tap but not scroll. Any idea? Well, the tapping didn't work last week either. So I decided to roll back my driver. Now tapping is working but the scroll device is not.
Laptop: ZV5000 HP

Answer:Touchpad won't scroll up or down

What Make and Model is the Laptop?? I would go to the makers website and download the driver or any updated drivers for the touchpad.

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Question: touchpad scroll

I have an HP Pavillion laptop and all the sudden I have no scroll, it shows the symbol but it does not work. Any ideas?

Answer:touchpad scroll

Update your touchpad drivers.

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i am using acer e3-112 notebook on win 8.1 64 touchpad scroll is not working can anyone provide me the synaptic touchpad driver for win 8.1 which actually provides scroll feature on touchpad TIA

Answer:e3-112 touchpad scroll for win 8.1

This is what Acer has:TouchPadSynapticsTouchpad Driver18.1.2.1690.5 KB2014/11/26Download

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Question: Scroll on touchpad

Hello everyone,

I just installed the Windows 8 consumer preview and everything seems to be working fine, except I can no longer scroll using my touch pad on my Sony Vaio. Does anyone know how I can fix this or of a driver that is compatible with Windows 8?

Thanks for anyones help!

Answer:Scroll on touchpad

On installing, Win8 doesn't seem to recognize the trackpad as a trackpad. If you go to control panel, you just see the mouse.

Are there trackpad drivers for Windows 8? Class drivers?

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I have some issues with touchpad scroll option, like there`s no one finger scroll option as most laptops have it, latest drivers TouchPad Driver (Elan, Synaptics) are installed on windows 7 x64 with no errors and works ok .. but, it confuses me when I looked:, where is the one finger scroll option?.. is there any older driver with that option?  thanks for any advice!

Go to Solution.

Answer:g50-70 touchpad/scroll?

hi fangovk,
Welcome to the Forums.
If you have an ELAN Touchpad, it's likely that the feature is disabled in the registry. Try to check this article on how to enable these hidden features then reboot the machine and observe if you now have an Edge Scroll (a.k.a. One Finger Scroll) option.

The procedure requires you to merge a registry file to enable all the ELAN features. Ensure that you create a System Restore point or a registry backup just in case you need to revert back the changes.

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i hav scroll in my compaq cq40-601tu laptop but it doesnot work. i dont know which driver/software to download. please help me

Answer:enabling scroll on touchpad

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My touchpad is not scrolling

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I have just upgraded to windows 8 and cannot scroll using the touchpad on my laptop. Have tried to access the touch/mouse in the control panel but it only shows me having a mouse, no touchpad?? Completely lost! Any suggestions? Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU T4400 @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4056 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM 1.1), 1804 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 290204 MB, Free - 128832 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 03C1N4
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

Answer:Solved: Touchpad will not let me Scroll

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I use a Toshiba notebook; Intel (R) Centrino 2 duo core processor P8400.

My touch pad is active and ok but shows only the mouse pointer on the screen.
The virtual scrolls which usually appear have gone
The nature of my work warrants that I get them back for easy manipulations.

I uninstalled the synaptic driver and reinstalled another I got from the Toshiba website supports and downloads link compatible with my system.

I am still not having my scroll bars active and do not know what to do next.
I am also not very versed with computers
Can anyone help me out?

Answer:Mising scroll bar on TouchPad

You can disable or enable the scroll function on the touchpad.

Go to control panel => mouse => device settings
Select the Synaptic Touchpad and click on settings. In the category virtual scrolling you can enable this feature.

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My Spectre is only 1 month old and my TouchPad scroll feature isn't working. I've gone to Settings-Add. mouse options- ClickPad Settings. Two-Finger Scrolling is selected. I've unselected and saved. Reselected, saved and still not working. I've then selected the vertical and horizontal scrolling. This isn't working either. The TouchPad is working for other options, rotating, pinch zoom, etc. are, however, working. The only thing not working are either scrolling options. This just recently happened over night...

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I just bought a new laptop (HP Special Edition L2000) and I installed the latest version of Firefox but on the touch pad I cannot scroll down webpages, it works in IE but not in FF why is that? when I do try I get a small icon that looks like a mini scroll bar and it does nothing.


Answer:touchpad wont scroll

It's a Firefox problem.
It's well known, its possible that an earlier driver for the touchpad may work, but its a "variable" fix success wise.

Some other hints here:

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My 2 finger scrolling no longer works and the mouse pointer seems slow. It was working until my PC randomly crashed and restarted and now it wont work.I already went into the settings and turned the speed up to max but it still seems pretty slow. Anybody have these issues, or more importantly, know how to fix them?

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Bought a new Acer today, Aspire E5-571-503Y. I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out how to change the touchpad settings. I've been used to using 1 finger to scroll on the right side of the touchpad, but on this Acer i have to use two fingers to scroll. I've tried to find out how to change it but i can't seem to find out how to do it. Anybody know how to do it? If it is possible that is, which I assume it is.

Answer:Touchpad settings Scroll

Go to Control panel/Mouse and your touchpad settings will be there.If it doesn't have Touchpad in the Hardware tab you don't have the Touchpad driver installed.

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iI have newly bought a SL410 with OSos and now I can't find the driver for its touchpad.. I am to used to use touchpad scrolling and unfortanately it's not working now .. Can anyone tell me where to find the driver? I have another problem and that is I can't make active protection work.. I have instulled it's driver but nothing happen,, I would be thankful if anyone helped me..

Answer:I can't scroll with touchpad..SL410

Hi again,It sounds like you are selectively installing lenovo drivers. These drivers are like 'if you do your H.W. you'll get a cookie and vice versa'. So to make these devices work you need more drivers than you have installed.Install in this order:-Hotkey with System Interface:- Management:- Manager:- Driver:- sure to run second setup from C:\Drivers.... after extracting the files.Hope it helps. 

------------------------------------------------------------Maliha (I don't work for lenovo)ThinkPads:- T400[Win 7], T60[Win 7], IBM 240[Win XP]IdeaPad: U350Apple:- Macbook Air [Snow Leopard]Did someone help you today? Compliment them with a Kudos!Was your question answered today? Mark it as an Accepted Solution!   Lenovo Deutsche Community     Lenovo Comunidad en Espaņol Visit my YouTube Channel

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I've just upgraded from my 7 year old Dell Inspiron to a Dell 15 5000. I cannot get single edge scrolling to work. I've got the 2 finger scroll but not single as it was on my Studio. Needless to say Windows 10 OS.

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I have driver v12.0 from Synaptics Co. but i noticed that I can't scroll and also I noticed that many options isn't present in this version.
Unlike v7.0 that I had in Qosmio G20!

Answer:Qosmio X - Can't scroll on the touchpad

(Assuming you have a Qosmio X300)

Did you have a normal touchpad on your G20?
Or was it one of those "deluxe" dual mode touchpads with the extra controls and lights on the touchpad itself?
Image: ( )

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Hi, can you help me with how to make the scroll of my laptop's touchpad work again? Thank you

Answer:scroll of touchpad not working

what is the make and model of your notebook. some you can tap the mouse pad...some that will turn the mouse pad off, some scrolling. You can also look in the control panel under mouse. BTW what is your OS also?

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In Yoga 900 the touchpad does not scroll sometimes even I updated all the drivers or restored the computer. I thought it was just me having this problem but then I read in the reviews on Lenovo web site that some users was complaining quote "trackpad isn't reliable as it doesn't scroll sometimes. Not sure if I am missing something or this is genuinely a problem. in any case, would appreciate Lenovo's attention on this". 
To be more concrete the scrolling with two fingers with the touchpad (trackpad) seems to work well in desktop apps like Chrome, but does not seem to work well in windows metro or windows metro app. For example, going to Windows 10 Button > All apps, scrolling will not work there with two fingers using touchpad. Nor will it work in Windows 10 > Settings > any options. Switching to Chrome it will imediately work smoothly. 
Number of users affected is at least 2 so I decided to bring it up here so it can be resolved.

Answer:Yoga 900 - Touchpad does not scroll sometimes

I have the same problem with the touchpad/trackpad. Chrome, IE, and Edge two finger scroll acceptably.   Windows (start menu and settings) and metro apps will work after a reboot until you click on something and then scrolling breaks completely (or behaves very erratically in these applications). I've tried reinstalling the touchpad drivers (trying to uninstall fails for me) and creating the "UseScrollCursor" registry key that some people have reported, but I haven't had any success. I'm glad I purchased with a 15 day return policy. I will wait a few days to see if a fix comes out, but I can't live with this type of bug.

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 Hello,After I formatted my computer I can't get my touchpad to work properly. Can't scroll with it. The touchpad doesn't seem to read two fingers at a time, and that's really frustrating. As a student, I really need a way to scroll quickly. Using the up and down keys isn't very pleasant. I tried working it out through the windows 8 settings, but couldn't find anything useful. Would appreciate any help.


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Answer:Can't scroll using touchpad. Lenovo y50-70.

hi Michael9810,
Can you try these steps:
1. Install this Touchpad Driver (Synaptic, Elan, Alps) for Windows 8.1 (64-bit) and reboot if necessary
2. Press the Windows key? +X, and navigate to Control Panel > Hardware and sound > Mouse.
3. On the mouse properties, see if you can enable two finger scrolling from the Device Settings tab (for Synaptics Touchpad) or the ELAN tab (for ELAN touchpads).
- Sample image
- Sample image
Sample article:
Let me know how it goes.

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I opened up my laptop and suddenley I can't two finger scroll anymore. I tried opening upSettings - Devices - Mouse & Touchpad - Additional Mouse OptionsBut when I click it, it says, "control panel extension is incompatible with driver version" and once I click ok it kicks me out of the next page.How can I restore the two figure scroll settings?

Answer:Touchpad scroll not working

Hello, about when did this issue start? Have you done any updates recently, or downloading software from a website? What is the model of your laptop?

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Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question but here goes:

For quite some time now my scroll button (I guess it's called the middle action button) has not worked. I've recently downloaded all the recent drivers for the touchpad/trackpoint and it hasn't worked. I open up the mouse properties box from the Thinkpad Configuration options, and under the Device Settings tab I click on the Synaptics TouchPad then click settings >> buttons. But under the buttons tab the only two options showing up are "left button" and "right button" but no "middle button" when before it used to be there. My question is, how do I get this middle button back?

Answer:IBM T40 Touchpad Scroll Button

Try the latest Logitech drivers (9.something) They worked for me.

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I've upgraded my Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit to Windows 10 Pro 64 bit under free upgrade program recently.
Since then my touchpad vertical & horizontal scrolling isn't working in any application.
Touch pad model is Synaptics LuxPad V7.4 having driver software released on 15-July-15 (Latest)
My notebook model is HP G62.

Answer:Touchpad scroll bar not working

The G62 has a few sub-models, but have you tried the driver from HP? ( Rev. A; Aug 7, 2015)

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Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

I don't know if this is the right place to ask this question but here goes:

For quite some time now my scroll button (I guess it's called the middle action button) has not worked. I've recently downloaded all the recent drivers for the touchpad/trackpoint and it hasn't worked. I open up the mouse properties box from the Thinkpad Configuration options, and under the Device Settings tab I click on the Synaptics TouchPad then click settings >> buttons. But under the buttons tab the only two options showing up are "left button" and "right button" but no "middle button" when before it used to be there. My question is, how do I get this middle button back?

Answer:IBM T40 Touchpad Scroll Button


I've moved this to Hardware for more response

Have you tried all in this page:



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So I installed W7 about two weeks ago (as a clean install instead of an update) and since then my touchpad scroll is no longer working...

I've Googled this problem a lot and I haven't come across a solution that has worked for me yet. I think I have the most up-to-date Synaptics driver ('Synaptics Pointing Device Driver' version 14.0.3).

So I don't know what to do..

I'm on a Toshiba Tecra A8.

Any help is really appreciated!

Answer:Touchpad Scroll Not Working

Quote: Originally Posted by mark200

So I installed W7 about two weeks ago (as a clean install instead of an update) and since then my touchpad scroll is no longer working...

I've Googled this problem a lot and I haven't come across a solution that has worked for me yet. I think I have the most up-to-date Synaptics driver ('Synaptics Pointing Device Driver' version 14.0.3).

So I don't know what to do..

I'm on a Toshiba Tecra A8.

Any help is really appreciated!

hi mark200, welcome to the forums , have you tried the alps driver instead of the synaptics driver ? have a read of these 2 threads Synaptics Touchpad scroll feature not working scroll of touchpad doesnt work win7

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So i got this new HP spectre i7 that I am very glad for, but for some reason, I cannot scroll with the touchpad. It has worked a couple of times, but for the most part, the mouse just moves without the page scrolling. I have tried to update the touchpad driver, but was the system said that I already had the newest available. It is quite an annoyance since I have to use the scroll bar constantly instead of scrolling swiftly with the touchpad. 

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