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Satellite C660-108 - Windows XP Home Edition will not install

Question: Satellite C660-108 - Windows XP Home Edition will not install

I am trying to install Windows XP Home Edition on a Toshiba Satellite C660-108 without success.

I have changed the BIOS disk mode to 'Compatibility' (is this the same thing as 'Legacy IDE'?) as instructed on a Yahoo Answers question about the same issue.

This has improved the situation, in that I now get an error message a few minutes after the XP installation says 'Starting Windows' instead of immediately after. The error message is the same that I received previously and is as follows:

'A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer... Technical information: *** STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF78D663C,0xC0000034,0x00000000,0x00000000)'

Thanks in advance for any help given,


P.S. - I'm a mac user and don't have much experience of using Windows laptops, so I do need instructions spelled out pretty clearly if possible.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite C660-108 - Windows XP Home Edition will not install

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite C660-108 - Windows XP Home Edition will not install

The error could be related to the HDD and the controller setting in the BIOS…
Probably you would need to install the Win XP using the SATA AHCI mode and to add the SATA driver as described here:

I found a similar discussion in MS forum:

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I recently got Toshiba Satellite Pro C660 -1T1 with that i got Windows 7 Home Premium. Now i want to uninstall this and load windows XP on this..

I have removed Toshiba HDD protection prgram and try to Boot the XP cd.. Its going up to start windows XP installation and i am getting Blue Screen.

Could you please help me how to uninstall this...? I am bit desperate your help greatly appriciated

Thanks in Advance.

Answer:How to uninstall Windows 7 Home Premium from my Satellite Pro C660?

I presume you are missing SATA driver.

Please check this forum using advanced search option. You will find hundreds of threads where you can read how to install WXP on newer notebook model.

BTW: create recovery DVD before you start to install own OS.

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I have a Satellite C660-162 and suddenly it was soo slow so I tried to install a new Windows but I could not install it and gives me this error Windows cannot be installed to disk 0 partition 1 or 2 and when I press it " Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computers hardware may not support booting to the disk. Ensure that the disks controller is enabled in the computers bios menu".

Then I?ve changed the boot priority or something like it to fast and it was normal after that my Toshiba logo does not appear and I cannot enter the bios setup.


Answer:Cannot install Windows on my Satellite C660-162

Wait a moment.
You posted this in recovery category.
What are you doing exactly: do you try to use created recovery disc or original Microsoft installation disc?

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Brand new, out of the box machine.It says "Starting Windows". It prompts me for the language. I select English. Click 'Next'. Please choose language of operating system to install. I choose 'English (Windows Win 7)'. Click 'Next'. Then I get

HDD 1 - DISK 0
HDD 2 - DISK 1
A subdirectory or file V:\HDDRecovery\SWImg already exists.
A duplicate file name exists, or the file
cannot be found
ERROR: Could ot move "V\_IMG\15238XSP*.swm" to "V:\HDDRecovery\SWImg"!
press and key to continue.

When I press a key to continue it just gives me awhite screen with Toshiba written in bottom right hand corner.
I have tried to start windows and press F8 so I can go back to factory settings, but it doesn't offer me a restore option. Please can anyone help ?

Answer:Re: New Satellite C660-2EL - Windows 7 will not install

I?m afraid something is screwed up. I recommend you to bring it back to your local dealer and ask for replacement.

As far as I know such errors and issues cannot be fixed by users.

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I have a 14-month old C660 (2 months out of warranty!) and the HDD has died quite suddenly.

* 3 days ago working fine
* 2 days ago, got stuck at 'Starting Windows'
* Tried to fix using a System Repair boot disk (DVD) but couldn't fix problem (ran overnight)
* Booted from DVD today, and now from command prompt, every 'dir' on c: takes 20 seconds and trying to copy files gives I/O error.

I am going to buy a new HDD and install, but is there a way to get Windows 7 back onto the disk?
There was no Windows disk supplied with the laptop... there WAS a recovery partition but that is dead too.

I don't want to buy a new copy of Windows when I already have a licence.

(I never did a full backup incl System, as the one and only time I tried to do that it failed to complete the process, killing many blank DVD-R's in the process).
I have most of my personal files backed up.


Answer:Satellite C660 - how to install Windows on new disk?

The situation is pretty clear. You don?t have created recovery disc and now you have two options only:
1)you can order original Toshiba recovery disc and install original recovery image
2)you can obtain original Microsoft installation disc and install own OS

In first case check please

If you make decision to use option 2 than please note that your product key is useless and you must pay for new licence and code activation. Product key at the Microsoft sticker belongs to recovery image only.

If you have more questions you are welcome.

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Hi, I own a satellite c660 , which has been working well except for the last three months. I recently tried to wipe the laptops memory clean using the instructions given by the Windows 10 operating system. Now, the laptop refuses to start up, I was able to enter the BIOS setup screen and changed the settings to default, but now even the screen that allows me to enter the BIOS setup screen does not show, just a continuos cycle of starting up and a lit up black screen with a lone underscore in the top left corner. The laptop is a few years old but if anyone help me salvage it would be much appreciated.

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Hi friends, this computer was preinstalled with Windows XP Home Edition. Many years ago I installed Windows XP Professional. Well I have just done an full install, back to Home Edition.

One of the first things I did download WinZip, as I expected a lot of updates, the WinZip install failed because it said some parts of Windows missing or not compatible words to that effect . I have all the original discs, but not sure what to update first although I am in the process of installing Service Pack 2, any idea what to do?

Thank you, colin

PS: I did this because it was painfully slow, could take 15 minutes before I could use it and now it takes 45 seconds to load.

Answer:Satellite P10-804 - Recover to out of box (Windows XP Home Edition)


To be honest this is a little bit confusing?

If you want to restore your notebook to factory settings you have to boot from Toshiba recovery disk. This is a bootable disk and you have only to follow the screen instructions for restoring the factory settings.

Toshiba recovery disk will delete the whole HDD and then out of box settings will be restored with all drivers and tools so your notebook is ready to use after Toshiba recovery disk.

Does this work for you?

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So, earlier I got tmy XP disk to finally work, so I let it load up and I got to a screen where I had to press F8 to agree to terms and conditions. So, I try to press F8 but nothing, so I kept trying to but nothing. Then, I hit i don't agree, and it restarted the computer.

Which leads me to bigger problem, the disk drive won't read the disk anymore. It just says Verifying DMI Pool Data. Ad it just stays there, and that's when it's supposed to say Press any key to boot from CD. But nothing else happens.

Answer:It won't let me install Windows XP Home Edition 32-bit

Use a diagnostic tool from your Hardrive manufacturer to test faults.

Make sure when your instaling windows you install any drivers needed for your harddrive.

Have you made any Bios changes?

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I had windows SP2 on my Compaq Presario SR1123WM before it crashed and went back to California for repair.I still have the CD to install the program.

But it will not install, either from download from microsoft, or from the CD.

I get an error message " Extraction failed. (ccyclic redundancy check)" And a few minutes later, I get the screen, " SP2 did not install," or some such thing. Anyway, I have tried 14 times to install this thing, but Microsoft tells me that Compaq is responsible, because it was OEM installed.

Compaq (HP, that is) says sure, we'll help you, but it will cost you $60!!!

Any help from any quarter?

Answer:Windows XP Home Edition - SP2 won't install!

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not sure if I am in the right forum or not, or even if this is a question for this site, but here goes.

I am currently running Windows ME and want to upgrade to WindowsXP Home edition which you can load just over your current system.

I did try to do this but ran into some incompatibility issues, but I am not sure what the files or programs are for. I know that once I loaded the XP I was unable to use my internet so I think one of the files is for the internet. I have since removed XP but since i did buy it I would like to see if I can use it.

I have posted the incompatibility report, any help on fixing these problems would be great.

Here is the post:

Setup found hardware or software on your computer that might not or will not work with Windows XP. You should read and understand this upgrade report before continuing.
For more information, click a topic:
Helpful Information

Setup has detected that some hardware or programs on your computer might not function correctly after the upgrade is completed. This lack of functionality can have an effect on things you might want to do, such as connecting to the Internet, accessing e-mail, printing, scanning, and playing sounds or music. It is important that you read and understand this upgrade report before continuing. To resolve some of these issues, you can get more information at the Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition on the Web.
Setup will automatically back up your existing version of Windows. You can restore y... Read more

Answer:Windows XP Home Edition-install

Installing XP on top of ME ( pardon the language ) is asking for trouble. . as you have found out. You will have a much more stable and dependable system if you perfrom a clean installation of XP.

You can perfrom a clean install of XP with a upgrade version of XP.

To do that, enter BIOS ( Setup ) and set the first boot device as CD/ROM. Put your XP Disc in the drive and disconnect all external peripherals except the monitor, keyboard and mouse, and be sure those are not USB, or wireless. Any internal USB card should also be removed.

Once you set your BIOS to boot first from cd . . when it restarts you will see a black screen with a prompt "Press any key to boot from CD" . . do that and you will be able to delete partitions and recreate the ones you want and proceed to formating and installing XP

That message can pass quickly, so have a finger on the keyboard when you boot. This will delete all data on the drive so be sure you have your important data backed up.

These are good guides to reinstalling XP . . you might want to print one for reference during the install.

You will have to reload drivers (Chipset first) and applications, After the installation, you will need to download and install SP-2, while windows is clean. Prior to connecting to the internet be sure you enable the XP firewall.

If you want to save your files and settings, you can use the XP File... Read more

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I am currently installing Windows Xp Home Edition on a friends computer and when I get to enter the Product Key it says it is not valid. Even though the sticker on the side is genuine. I have rang Microsoft and the Company and they have not offered a solution to the problemThanks!!

Answer:Windows Xp Home Edition Install Issues

If you are installing it from a borrowed disc it must be the correct version. For example an OEM disc or a Retail Disc that matches the original installation. Also check that the code is correct. Notoriously B`s look like 8`s etc.

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Trying to install Win updates, manually or auto, neither works. l get error msg WUAUCLT.EXE. If I navigate to update site manually and choose updates to install, I get an
IE error message then IE apologizes and shuts itself down.

Have run multiple times: Panda Active Scan Pro, Norton, SpywareDoctor, SpySweeper in both regular and safe modes and with the restore thing unchecked but they don't detect whatever malware has got me in this fix.

Periodically I get another error message, 'Windows Virtual Memory Minimum Too Low -- your system is low on virtual memory. Windows is increasing the size of your virtual memory paging file."

Since I use this reconditioned IBM Stinkpad for nothing except email the virtual memory should be more than adequate and I see this as more evidence that I've been attacked.

So, what's got me? Help. Please.

Answer:Xp Home Edition: Windows Updates Won't Install

Depending on the location of wuauclt.exe, makes a difference. Read this to help determine

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i have windows XP Home edition and i want to install IIS server.. but it look like Home Edition cannot have IIS server... is there any alternative for it.?


Answer:Can i install MS IIS server on Windows XP Home Edition

Correct. You can't run IIS on XP Home.

You can run Apache, or other web server packages.

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I have a HP Pavillion A620n that needed a new hard drive. Before installing the hard drive I rest the Bios and memory by removing and re-installing them. Installed the new HD and booted the system.The screen came up with press F1 for setup or F2 to continue. Pressed F1 and changed the boot order from the HD to the CD. Saved the settings and rebooted the computer. The same screen came up and this time I pressed F2 to continue. The next screen came up black with a small dash in the top left corner flashing. Tried opening my CD to no avail. Tried opening my DVD to no avail. Now I'm unable to install my OS.
Is there a way to install my OS?

Answer:Unable to install Windows XP Home Edition

My guess is you need an original OS disk or recovery disk to do the install or is that what you're refering to when you say "Tried opening my CD to no avail."

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Okay, I posted recently about a problem I was having, but got really impatient with the long wait, and stopped waiting. My computer was in very bad condition, and couldn't even get out of safe mode. I reformatted my computer, but without noticing, it installed a second windows XP file over my other one. Now, whenever I turn on my computer, it gives me two options for selecting a windows XP type. But they are both the same, except when I go to the older one, it has all the same problems that I left it with, and it wants to start the installation up over again. What do I do? My H: Drive only has like 1.4 MB free space on it, which pretty much lets me know for sure that it's installed twice. I am having bad problems with programs that ARE there, but then they aren't... What the hell do I do??? Please hurry with a response, I am getting very antsy...

Answer:Windows XP Home Edition Double Install???

Are both Windows installed on the same drive

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Hey guys. installed windows 7 home edition. So it is currently on my PC. But I have 22 days left to activate it.

A few questions

I am trying to install some softwares and they are not working , is this due to not having the complete install of Windows 7

2. I assume I can just buy a serial off amazong or something for windows 7 64?

Thanks guys

Im a mac user, so I have no idea what I am doing. I am reciving alot of .dd setup problems when trying to install

Answer:windows 7 Home edition not activated....cant install?

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
Yep you can't do much until windows is activated
Yep again you can still purchase 7 home premium 32 or 64 bit
If you don't know which one you have see this
System Type - 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64)

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Hello.I recently purchased a computer building kit online at and i put together the computer. also purchased the Windows XP Home Edition Embedded with Service Pack 2.I can't seem to install it. It locks up during installation. I've even tried a boot disk but all i got was this error.File \ntkrnlmp.exe could not be found.The error code is 7.Setup cannot continue.Press any key to continue.So now im stuck with a computer that wont install Windows. Anyone have any ideas about what to do? Im stumped. Thanks.-Hobbes2424

Answer:Can't install Windows Xp Home Edition SP2 disk

Always suspect the hardware configuration first. Was this all pre-built or did you have tot assemble some or all of it?

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I've got a hp media center 2005 pc (Model# 1619h) but i want to install my old copy of windows xp home edtion how do i disable away mode in my bios (my bios is an ami and i've looked in it but couldn't find away mode) is it safe to install xp home edition and not disable away mode even though xp home edition doesn't have drivers for it?

Answer:Install Windows xp Home Edition On A Media Center Pc

Why would you want a lesser version of XP?


Its XP Pro w/ the ability to join domains disabled and extra media features. I don't see you getting anything extra from XP Home.

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i formatted my hard drive and did a new installation of Windows XP Home Edition.when setup was copying files to the intallation folders there were 4 files that would not copyeven when it asked me to Retry. this is what the screen looked like:XP Home Edition SetupPlease wait while set up copies files to the windows installation folders.Setup cannot copy the file:ks.sysSetup cannot copy the file:driver.cabSetup cannot copy the file:kodak_dc.icmand Setup cannot copy the file:iyuv_32.dllthe only thing i've done so far after installation is adthe motherboard drivers, and Service Pack 2.what are these files and what will they effect? will adding Service Pack 2 and any updates correct the problem?

Answer:Fresh Install Of Windows Xp Home Edition W/ Errors

Does the Windows installation work OK? If it does, I'd suggest that it's OK to leave it as is. If you get an error later on you can replace the files as needed.

I'd suggest copying them off the CD "just in case" - but first clean the CD really well to help ensure that the copy is a good one.

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I have searched the web and this site hoping for a resoluton to this problem. If I am repeating a problem that someone else has mentioned then I apologise.

I have a Dell 9100 Inspiron laptop. It has recently ground almost to a halt so I decided to upgrade my harddrive and install Windows XP home edition.

I checked that my Fujitsu 80Gb hardrive is supported by the OS. It is. I then put it in and tried to install XP home using the Dell CD taht came with the laptop.

Everything goes well until 13 minutes to go in the installation process (driver signing) where it just hangs, looking for all the world as though it is doing something. I have left the laptop for hours only to see it at the very same position.

I have added nothing to the laptop other than the harddrive, which is picked up correctly by the BIOS, and presumably by the Windows installation process in that it correctly copies data to the disk.

Has anyone else seen anything like this?

I will later on plug my old harddrive back into it and download a BIOS upgrade. See if that helps!

Also heard that if you modify any of the defaults settings in the installation process it could cause these problems? Is that true?

I am suprised that an installation as basic as this could be so problematic.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.

Answer:Windows XP (Home edition) hangs on fresh Install.

Laptop upgrades can pose a problem because of the manner in which Manufctrs try to protect their markets.
First you should check with the Dell web to confirm that the Fujitsu is supported by them in your model.
Then confirm their O/S re-install procedure ,pay close attention to particulars,Download the latest drivers etc. and check for any Bios/Setup file updates for your model.
Finally ,I hate to play devils advocate, but you do not state what your symptoms were originally . Are you sure the HDD was really what is wrong with the machine ?

Welcome to Techspot!

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I have been trying to install Windows XP onto a Acer 1642 Laptop for a while know and there has always been errors when copying files i will go into depth now the laptops history.

In the past this laptop failed to reformat the harddrive no matter what condition the harddrive is in so i came to the conclusion there was a problem with the northbridge chipset as after doing memory test's and reseting the bios still no errors with showing in the components.

I have tried to go around this by purchasing a 2.5 inch IDE laptop caddie and removed the orginal hard drive and plug it via usb so i could possibly install xp on the laptop with a removable drive instead.
I have tried multiple discs and multiple versions of xp with the SP3 failing at 33% with the error of unable to copy the file spnike.dll and on SP1 failing to copy lprmonui.dll at 29% on the install.

If anyone could sheld some light on this laptop and what could fix it be much appriecated :D
I think that maybe the laptops CD drive could be faulty, i have experience with computers and laptop hardware and software repairs and studing computer networking so i am not a noob and are abit stuck, thank you for your help :P

Answer:Windows XP home Edition Setup Failed to install


Originally Posted by XRaz0rX

I think that maybe the laptops CD drive could be faulty...

I think you could be right.

One way to determine whether or not the CD drive is at fault is to try burning a Linux distribution, such as Ubuntu, on to a disc and install it.

If it fails to install via the CD, try installing it again from a USB pen.
Instructions on how to put Linux on to a USB pen can be found here:
Universal USB Installer ? Easy as 1 2 3 | USB Pen Drive Linux

If it successfully installs from the USB pen then your CD drive is faulty and you will need to replace it if you want to install Windows XP.
If not then your CD drive is probably fine and something else is at fault.

Note: Apparently there is a way to get Windows XP to install from a USB pen but I haven't tried this myself and most online guides look pretty complicated. Unless your up to the challenge I would stick to testing Linux from USB which is a lot simpler.

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I have a HP Pavilion A620n computer that needed a new hard drive. Before installing the new hard drive I reset the Bios and memory by removing them and then re-inserting them. Installed the hard drive and booted up the computer. A screen came up stating press F1 for setup or F2 to continue. I pressed F1 to get into setup to change the boot sequence from THE HD TO THE CD and saved the info and rebooted. The screen came up with the same info press F1 or F2
Pressed F2 to continue and the next screen came up black with a dash that was flashing. Tried to open my CD and it would not open. Tried opening my DVD and that would not open either. Now I can not install my Windows XP Home edition. Is there any way around this? Or does anyone know how I can install my OS?

Answer:[SOLVED] Unable to install Windows XP Home Edition

Check all the cable connections again.
If the trays are not opening they may not be getting power.

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Hello everybody,

I have windows XP home edition installed on my Satellite P100-106. Does anybody know if I could install the x64 edition with no problems?

I mean, are the drivers offered by Toshiba ok for XP as well as for XP x64?
Will I be able to use the same programs or I'll need some other versions?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite P100-106: Can I install Windows XP x64 edition?


At the moment Toshiba does not offer any 64-bit drivers. :(

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Was trying to format my c:\ drive to do a clean install of my windows XP home edition Went to the command prompt and typed in Format c: and this came up.Format cannot run because the volume is in use by another process.Format may run if this volume is dismounted first. All open handles to this volume would then be invalid.Would you like to force a dismount on this volume (y/n)When I press the y for yes this comes up.Cannot lock the drive,the volume is still in use.Is there anyway to get around all of this and do a format of my hardrive?

Answer:format of drive c: for clean install of Windows XP home edition

Those warnings are for a reason. Once you do that, the system is gone.The proper way is to set you PC to boot from the CD. When it does you get some kind of message, depending on what kind of install CD you have.Have you already made a backup of any data you want? In the case of the standard version of the XP install CD, there is the option of instantiation without destroying your documents. Otherwise, doing a format and install destroys all data on the selected partition.What some do is to use a partition manager to create another partition, format it. Then copy documents to the new partition. Then formatg only the system partition and install.

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I install xp sp2. I restart pc it doesnt load operating system it only shows background-it wont load OS or show icons. I go to safemode add/remove pgms uninstall xp sp2-restart pc/os it loads fine. I need sp2 cause winmedia player wont open and other pgms. Also WMI '' whatever that mean'' has encountered a problm and needs to close. How can I fix this?

Gates has billions but no stable OS.


Answer:Windows Xp Home Edition - I install windows Xp service pack2

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Hi there

I'm a little baffled as I purchased Windows 8 (N) from the microsoft store (download version) and I'm not getting the option to keep my applications and personal files from updating from Windows 7 Home Premium Edition 64bit

I ran the install process and I ran the program which tested my current programs for compatibility issues. I didn't uninstall the ones that its didn't think were compatible ( was I suppose to ?)

I download Windows 8 (N) from the store and when it came to install the only two options I have is to keep my personal files or a clean install.

The only reason I got it over Windows 8.1 was so I could upgrade to Windows 8 and keep all my programs and files then upgrade to Windows 8.1 afterwards.

Am I being daft and I've missed something really obvious here ?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Windows 7 Home Premium Edition To Windows 8 (N) install

This is all I could find relevant:
Upgrade Install to Windows 8 or Windows 8.1

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I'm reinstalling windows 7 on a Satellite C660-26H
The hard disk failed on this laptop so I have added a new Toshiba 160gb sata drive.

When I try to install windows 7 I get the error message

"no device drivers were found. make sure that the installation media contains the correct drivers and then click ok"

I get this when I normally would be selecting which drive to install windows too. I'm assuming I need the sata driver for the laptop?

Where can I get the sata driver for this laptop?
Or do I need the sata driver for the new hard disk?

Any help appreciated, thanks!

Answer:Cannot install Win 7 on Satellite C660-26H - HDD not recognised


First of all check if the new HDD is listed and recognized in BIOS. This should be listed on the first BIOS page.

If its listed, then save the changes pressing F10 and access the BIOS.

I?m not quite sure if you really need the SATA drivers because as far as I know Win 7 should already contain an standard SATA driver.

However the SATA drivers can be found on the Intel page.
You should search of Intel Storage Manager.


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I just bought a new Satellite C660 24 hours ago. I installed all of the updates and programs for the PC to run smoother, but i can't install the Bios 1.50. It gives me an error when I try to install it.
When i go to see the current bios version it say it's in 1.20.

How can this be fixed?


Answer:Satellite C660 - Can't install BIOS 1.50


Why you want to update the BIOS? Do you have any problems with your new C660 notebook?
I mean BIOS update is always a little bit risky so I would only do the update if it?s really necessary, otherwise BIOS update is no important and you can forget it.

Just have fun with your new notebook and enjoy it! :)

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I have a Satellite C660-1x4,PSC1NE. It has only 3 months , I had a problem with the hard disk ,the authorized service had replaced the hdd ,and now I just reinstalled the Windows 7 on 64 bits, i have saved all the right drivers from the site on a memory stick, and it is not the first time when I install the same drivers myself but now after came back from the service, the wireless LAN is working ok but I can't install the network LAN driver.

I really don't know what to do more...

Answer:Cannot install LAN driver on my Satellite C660

If I understand you on new HDD you have installed own Windows version and you dot want to use original operating system that you got with your notebook. Is this correct?

Do you try to install this driver?

What happen when you try to install LAN driver?

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My HDD has died, so i decided to upgrade my Satellite Pro C660-1D9 to an SSD.
I made a bootable USB with Win8, and booted just fine.

The problem is that it does not detect my SSD so i can proceed with the install.
SSD shows up in BIOS, but not in Windows install.
It says there's a driver missing.

I downloaded AHCI drivers (XP, only ones available) and even then, after selecting the only driver that appears, it says no new devices found.

I tried changing SATA mode from AHCI to Compatibility mode and it's the same..

What can i do?

Thanks for the help.
Best regards,
Bruno Moreira

Answer:Can't install Win 8 - Satellite Pro C660 does not detect HDD

Older Windows XP required an AHCI driver from Intel but I think this isn?t a missing SATA driver issue because as far as I know Windows 8 as well as Win 8.1 already contains the drivers in order to recognize the HDD or SSD drive.
Furthermore the OS installation should be possible even if the driver would not be added... for this procedure you have to use the "compatibility mode".
As you said, the compatibility mode did not work too, so I think there is another problem.

However, Toshiba driver page provides also an Intel RST (Intel Rapid Storage Technology) driver (Windows 8 - Upgrade) which you could try to add while OS installation.

But I?m wondering if you would be able to install this Win 8 on common SATA HDD.
Did you try to format the SSD drive using another computer and then to install Win 8?
Try it out.

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Hola everyone!

I have a question regarding the installation of windows 7 on my old windows XP home edition. I don't know if it is still possible to install it within the current setup I own. I am not an expert and have already seen some of the windows 7 requirements. In particular, I am not too sure about is whether my graphic card ( Intel (R) G41 Express chipset) can take this new windows. I would be very grateful for any help that you can provide me. Thanks in advance.


Here are the details of my computer:

Nombre del sistema operativo Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
Versi?n 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Compilaci?n 2600
Fabricante del sistema operativo Microsoft Corporation
Nombre del sistema CONSULTA
Fabricante del sistema System manufacturer
Modelo del sistema System Product Name
Tipo de sistema Equipo basado en X86
Procesador x86 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10 GenuineIntel ~2700 MHz
BIOS Versi?n/Fecha American Megatrends Inc. 0408, 16/03/2010
Versi?n de SMBIOS 2.5
Directorio de Windows C:\WINDOWS
Directorio del sistema C:\WINDOWS\system32
Dispostivo de inicio \Device\HarddiskVolume1
Configuraci?n regional Espa?a
Capa de abstracci?n de hardware Versi?n = "5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-2111)"
Nombre de usuario CONSULTA\Propietario
Zona horaria Hora de verano GMT
Memoria f?sica total 2.048,00 MB
Memoria f?sica disponible 1,16 GB
Memoria virtual total 2,00 GB
Memoria virtual disponible 1,96 GB
Espacio de archivo de paginaci?... Read more

Answer:Install Windows 7 on a windows XP home edition

There is a Windows 7 Driver available for that Chipset ...

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i'm trying to do a system recovery on my older dell laptop that won't start. the following link from microsoft only has the setup disks for service pack 1 and 2. where do i download the one for service pack 3?

Answer:Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 3 Utility: Setup Disks for Floppy Boot Install? read the tutorial above from BC tutorials -Thank You -

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tried to install epson rx560 printer (windows 7 64-bit) driver on satellite pro c660 but it fails epson told me to consult a technician as the printer driver is fine

Any help would be gratefully recieved

Answer:Cannot get printer driver to install on Satellite Pro C660

I don?t think that this is a notebook issue.
In my opinion you should visit and check the Epson support page:

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Go !

I installed WIN XP in my Toshiba Satellite C660 laptop, and downloaded the drivers for windows XP,but I am not able to install the chipset and display drivers.

It says 'This computer does not meet the minimum requirment for installing this software.
Setup will exit now' .

Can you help me,please ?

Answer:Satellite C660 - not able to install the WXP chipset driver


Which C660 (C660-xxx) do you have?
Have you installed WXP with integrated SP2 or maybe SP3?

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I receive a notice that my wireless lan driver needs to be updated. I follow the instructions and find out which device my laptop has (Realtek: RTL8188CE) and download the appropriate software/driver. It appears as a zip file in my downloads folder; I unzip it, and then what?

Reading the Dutch instructions (while I prefer English on the notice saying to download and update the driver) it says to look for a readme file (they are all very old, from 2010, none in 2011). They don't really say anything about what to do. In Dutch it also says to click on SETUP. I find one that is marked as an application, so I double click that.

It runs, then on the screen it says something like: "The software may or may not have installed correctly." So, I click on it to install again. Same thing.

I have had no idea if it installed correctly or not, so I clicked on Control Panel/System/Network Devices (?)/Realtek...... and Right Click to see which version of the Device Driver is there, and it has not changed.

So, what do I do to get this new driver to work correctly?

I have tried this several times and it does not work right. It's getting very frustrating, and there seems to be no way to contact Toshiba support, other than through this forum (which is users rather than Toshiba support, I think).

Please help.


Answer:Satellite C660-15 can't install wireless lan update

Try to install driver using ?old school? method.

Enter WLAN card properties (device manager) > driver >Update driver and browse into folder ?RTL_Driver?. Choose 7x64 or 7x78 folder, depending on OS version you use.

I think it will install the driver.

By the way: if your WLAN works properly you must not install this driver.

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I could not reply below so here is my question.

As*** I do not know if you work for toshiba but what else am I suppose to do if the driver installed on a new laptop does not allow me to use my software?

The software is ArcGIS and would be widely used.

Seems like it has been 2 years since the driver was updated by Toshiba so what good is that?
I would expect the laptop to work out of the box as the specs met the system requirements for the software.

Will there be an update in the future?

Answer:How to install driver for Intel HD on Satellite C660-22V?


This seems to be a user to user forum? so would not expect to get answers from Toshiba here?

> Seems like it has been 2 years since the driver was updated by Toshiba so what good is that?
> I would expect the laptop to work out of the box as the specs met the system requirements for the software.

Where is a problem? The Satellite C660-22V supports Intel graphic card.
Visit the Intel page to get the latest graphic card driver.

If you would not be able to install this using the install.exe, go to device manager and install/update the graphic card driver via device manager?
Use the advanced install option to point to the driver folder containing the latest driver files? that?s it?

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I am trying to update the driver for the Intel HD graphics on my Satellite C660-22v. The most recent version of the driver on the Toshiba support download is already installed, but Intel have a newer driver which needs to be used.

Unfortunately the driver on the Intel site wont update as it says that it needs Toshiba specific driver needed ie Toshiba has customised the Intel drive.

Anyone know a way around this or is there an updated driver available?Thanks.

Answer:How to install driver for Intel HD on Satellite C660-22V?

Okay I sorted this for anyone else that gets stuck. Download the driver from Intel as a zip file. Uninstall the toshiba one then install the intel one.

Why is the Toshiba driver not updated by Toshiba? Caused a lot of hassle for a new laptop.

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I have tried to restore a Satellite C660 to factory settings due to it be extremely slow to start up.

Using the Toshiba original recovery discs the process gets partway through and then gives the following messages...

Error restoring image
The device is not ready

ERROR: ImageX could not apply Win7 V:\HDDRecovery\SWImg\15489XSP.swm Index 2 from HDD to C:!

Can anybody advise?!

Answer:Cannot install recovery image on Satellite C660

Unfortunately there is no some ?workaround? to force recovery image installation to run properly.
All you can do at the moment is to set BIOS to default settings and try to use recovery disc again.
Be sure disc is clean.

Do you use recovery discs for the first time?

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Can you install DDR3 1066mhz ram in this laptop?

1gb DDR3 800mhz Ram
800mhz fsb


Message was edited by: jim155

Answer:Can you install DDR3 1066mhz Ram in Satellite C660-116

You can but this will not help you since the FSB is clocked to 800Mhz and the faster 1066Mhz would be clocked down to 800Mhz?.

For example; you?ve got a Ferrari but cannot drive with full speed because of the narrow street. So why to buy a Ferrari if you cannot drive faster ;)

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I wanted to know if it was possible to install a Sapphire Radeon HD7750 Graphics Card (1GB, GDDR5) onto my Toshiba Satellite C660-1ZM Laptop. I really wanna know because I wanna upgrade it to that so I can get more FPS while gaming.

I wanted to get this one here

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Can I install this graphic card on my Satellite C660


Please don?t understand me wrong but I?m asking myself is your question a big joke or do you think seriously you can upgrade notebook with such piece of hardware designed for desktops.

Generally speaking graphic card upgrade on mobile units is not possible -

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I replaced the HDD in my Toshiba Laptop C660 - following a support check indicated the old one was dead. The laptop initially comes up with the Toshiba Logo then starts scrolling and ends with "Operating System not found".

I do not have a recovery disk / USB. Any helpful advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite C660 will not start - OS not found - where to get install disk?

I presume HDD exchange was successfully. What you can do is to open BIOS settings and check if HDD is recognized properly.
Now you must install operating system. If you don?t have original recovery media you can install OS using Microsoft installation disc. All necessary drivers, tools and utilities you can download from Toshiba download page -

If you need some assistance let us know.

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I just brought today an Toshiba Satellite C660-1DR and I can't install the audio driver, I get it from the site but when I unzip it install is complete but still nothing is installed and I can't install the Video Card ATI Park XT 512MB don't find the driver.

Any help is great.

Answer:Satellite C660-1DR - Can't install driver for audio and video

Hi buddy,

What operating system you have installed on your C660? Have you installed newest Service Pack before you started with driver installation?

Usually all drivers for your notebook can be downloaded here:

If you have installed all drivers, no yellow exclamation marks should be in device manager anymore. Have you checked this?

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Hi All

Have Satellite C660 with keyboard lag issue tried to update Bios but after downloading Bios from Toshiba web site and running the intaller a message says the Bios already installed is a newer version and the install with now cancel.

Can anyone help?


Answer:Satellite C660 - Keyboard lag and BIOS update will not install

Can you please tell us which C660 model do you have exactly (C660-xxx) and which BIOS version is installed?
Please check it in BIOS settings.

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Hi all,

we got a laptop (A-100), where WinXP MCE is installed. Also we do not have a recovery-CD.
Now I want to format C: and re-install Windows - but I only have a windows xp home edition-setup- CD.

So my question is:

*Does the (legal!) XP MCE-key works with the XP Home Edition?*

Thank you in advance for helpful answers and/or hints! =)

Answer:Does Windows XP Media Centre Edition key also works for XP Home Edition?


The key you can find on the bottom belongs to the copy you got with your notebook and it is not a universal key.
Generally speaking you cannot use it to activate WXP if you use Microsoft installations CD.
You can try it but I am 99% sure it will not work.

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Can someone please help,

I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite C660/C660D for my nephew, We have forgotten the administrator password and we don't have password reset disk is there anyway around this.


Answer:I forgot my administrator password on Satellite C660/C660


I assume you are talking about windows system password and not about BIOS password. Right?
It?s not very big problem if you forgotten the System password but if you mean BIOS password then you are in trouble because the BIOS password can be deleted just by an Toshiba ASP technicians?

So I assume you mean Windows password? so start the notebook and press F8
Now you can choose Repair my Computer and then choose HDD recovery.
This would start a HDD recovery procedure which would reinstall the system? during the setup you can set anther admin password.

Of course there are some other methods but as far as I know this requires 3rd party software/tools or Win 7 DVD? so I think the HDD recovery is the fastest solution.

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I'm trying to fix this laptop for a girl I know, I've built machines and fixed many before and this is my first time needing help but I am stumped.

Basically she told me her hard drive had stopped working, this was verified by a third party. I told her what hard drive to buy, she got it and I installed it.

I initially tried to install windows 7 from a USB, it was recognised in the but I was getting a failure.

I assumed something was up with the USB so tried to install from CD which is also failing:

[ CD/DVD&nbsp;&nbsp; TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L633C] is failed<br><br>The hard drive is recognised.

I have tried changing the SATA controller mode to compatibility, which is the only other option from AHCI

Somewhere it pops up Media Test failure, check cable but very quickly so I barely can read it, but CD, hard drive and USB's are all recognised.

Any thoughts? I've had this laptop for a couple of weeks now, she is getting understandably impatient, please help :/

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Hi folks, hope someone has some sort of help for me? I have Broadband Satellite(Bordernet), as there is no other Broadband available. Have had this for nearly 3yrs now. My computer is soooo slow at the moment! I have defragged, checked out my Registry Booster, Speed up My PC, have Zone Alarm, Threatfire etc, etc. How can I check out why my computer is sooo slow, besides everything else I have done please? Cheers Cheryl

Answer:Solved: XP Home Edition - Broadband Satellite

Malware would normally be my first suspect in a sudden slowing so I suggest getting some serious checking going in that area. I'm not too sure about Speed up my PC because my first rule of speeding up is not adding programmes. Having said that, I'm about to recommend you add some more. Download CCleaner from - the C stands for crap and it deals with all the clutter you accumulate from every trip to the net. You can also check for registry errors and safely let the utility clean anything it finds after first accepting its offer of a backup.

Once that's done, go to and download MalwareBytes. Install it and allow it to update and automatically reinstall then run the Quick Scan and deal with the threats shown in the Show Results box. Restart the computer and run the Full Scan and deal with anything it finds. Restart again, hit teh Windows key and R and type msconfig into the Run box. At the next form, click the Startup tab and run through the list, unticking anything you don't actually need at startup. Google for CastleCops list of suggestions for that. One more restart and your system should be faster.

Finally, now you have a clean system, make sure it's up to date - XP Service Pack 3 and about forty subsequent updates. It does help.

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Two distinctly different questions:

1. If I now want XP Pro as my OS, do I have to uninstall XP Home Edition first, or will Pro just upgrade the OS?

2. Sony Vaio laptop, just reinstalled XP Home Edition >>to the partition of the drive where this all happens<< and left intact all the Sony proprietary/ backup software in that separate partition, right where the manufacturer put it originally. Well, I don't need it and would like to reclaim the drive space, and have Acronis Disk Director Suite at the ready. Should I just wipe that partition and then merge the resultant free space with the rest of the drive? (That's what I'd like to do!)

80GB drive, and 6+GB are for storing OS software and other junk that came with this Sony. Again, I don't need or want any of that, so is it safe to nuke it? ( I have XP in all versions, so don't need to install from this partition.)


Answer:Can I Install Xp Pro Over Xp Home Edition?

You can perform an in-place upgrade to go from Home to Pro.From Windows insert the XP CD into the CD player.Choose installSelect upgradeFollow prompts and when asked for Product Key, supply a valid Product Key.Continue setup to completion and activate over the internet if necessary.All updates and hot fixes will need to be reapplied.

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I would like to re-install OS on compaq laptop. I don't care about losing previous files or data.
I need to start over. System will not boot to windows.

Answer:xp home edition re-install

well, then have your windows XP installation CD and driver disk ready and follow these instructions to install XP home or professional:

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Have tried twice to install Service Pack 2 on my comp with Home Edition
XP SP1 and about 3/4 of the way through, the installation stops and a
message appears saying SP2 is denied. Installation then uninstalls and goes
back to where I started. I have twice run Adaware SE, regseeker, and
McAfee Virus Scan before the installation but it had no effect. Am using
the CD I order from Microsoft. Motherboard is ASUS A7N8X-E with AMD
3200 Processor. Bios is Award version 6.00pg. Does anyone have an
idea what I can do or where I can find an answer? I'm not an expert but
I have some knowledge about comp. Thank you in advance for any help.

Answer:Can't get SP2 to install on XP Home Edition

Are you logged in as an administrator?

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The new computer I bought a full month ago still ceases to work properly, much to my chagrin.

In any case, I've been running Ubuntu Linux on this comp because I can Live-Boot from the disk and install it that way- and that's the only reason, bear in mind. I just got a legit copy of XP for Christmas- I was sort of hoping it would, you know, function. No dice.
Same thing as happened with my 2000 disk. I pop the install disk in, it runs through all the pre-loading crap, and then when I hit enter to install XP, it tells me that it can't detect any hard drives.

I can find my 250 g SATA HD in the bios, though.
However, now that Ubuntu's installed on the HD, whenever I insert the motherboard disc and try to boot from the CD-ROM drive, Ubuntu starts up. Before I had Ubuntu, though, it would just let me know that no media storage was found.
So, in summary, my computer fails to find the hard-drives I can locate in 15 seconds through the BIOS. Clearly, it's fully functioning as Ubuntu boots off of it every time. What gives?

(Also note that I've made a driver floppy- I go to install it when XP is loading up, and it tells me that I'm 'installing drivers for <none>', and even after that it doesn't work. Maybe that's a clue. Also note that I don't understand jumpers, so it very well could be that, although I've tried booting in almost every jumper config.)

Answer:Can't Install XP Home Edition: HD Problem!

enter BIOS ( Setup ) and set the first boot device as CD/ROM. Put your XP Disc in the drive and disconnect all external peripherals except the monitor, keyboard and mouse, and be sure those are not USB, or wireless. Any internal USB card should also be removed.

Once you set your BIOS to boot first from cd . . when it restarts you will see a black screen with a prompt "Press any key to boot from CD" . . do that and you will be able to delete any or all partitions and recreate one or more, then proceed to formating and installing XP.

That message can pass quickly, so have a finger on the keyboard when you boot. This will delete all data on the drive so be sure you have your important data backed up. The prompt will appear after every reboot, but do not press any key on subsequent reboots. The setup process will continue with no action required from you.

If you do not get that message, and you have another optical drive, try the XP CD in the other drive.

If you are installing on SATA drive, there is an additional step:

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windows 98 keeps throwing out error messages at me. It seems to happen at the middle of registration can any body help I need to get alot of work done and I cannot do It on win98. thx chuck

Answer:registration and install of xp home edition

windows 98 keeps throwing out error messages at me. It seems to happen at the middle of registration can any body help I need to get alot of work done and I cannot do It on win98. thx chuckAre you booting to the cd or dvd in the drive?

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Okay, after a week of frustration with this machine, finally located the purchased Win XP Home Edition SP2 CD. Set Bios to boot off CD. It starts working as it should and then locks on the license agreement and freezes there, it does not accept the F8 for I ACCEPT. I read MS tech article about Selective Start UP and went that root. Problem is it will not let me reformat the hard drive to reinstall XP Home SP2, first it tells me that I'm installing an older version (duh) and then it will only install over the existing files (not a good idea). Tells me I cannot delete or reformat C: because the temp files are on that drive, yet then it tells me to put the CD in and enter my product key. So when it installed on C: it hasn't solved my initial problem of start ups are inconsistent and have to power down and restart manually until it figures out that I want to start windows. It's almost like after being powered down for a couple of hours it needs time to "warm up" before it boots properly. (kind of like my car, needs to warm up before it runs right!)

My question: How can I complete reformat the hard drive to install this system from scratch?

I am doing this because of inconsistant booting and non start up problems, which I had a thread on a few days ago.

Have run Malwarebytes and AVAST and supposedly the system is clean. What I want to do is clean and reformat the hard drive to get rid of any conflicting files which I believe there are. Do a c... Read more

Answer:Clean Install of Win XP Home Edition SP2 over SP3


I'm using a multimedia keyboard. It didn't recognize the F8 key until you use the F lock toggle.

Hoping this install goes well. I did get a message that there were damaged system files. Doing a complete reformat of the hard drive and then installing and updating and crossing my fingers all will be like new! (Well, that is for an old PC)

Thanks to all!

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Installed Windows XP w/sp2 onto dell dimension 4600 . Setup will not restart in safe mode, removed existing operating system and installed xp setup in safe mode. before new installation, I went into msconfig and set computer to safe mode. when I gointo system startup by pressing F8 and choosing normal start, setup is still in safe mode. How can I change my computer to normal startup? Thank you Roy

Answer:Xp Home Edition Install Problem

launch msconfig in safe mode then change it

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No rhyme or reason it seems, running various programs, firefox/thunderbird, itunes, explorer - totally freezes.

I've run eventviewer, and it mentions kernel and 41 - uploaded the Diagnostic Tool output - any advice would be greatly appreciated



Answer:Freezing after new install of W7 Home edition

Hello Red, welcome aboard.

As a test, you may try it:
Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup
Let us know how it works.

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People : I was forced to re-install windows xp home edition last week due to a program not working correctly. I started the recovery disk for my laptop. All went well until the program got to just over half way, it then stopped altogether. The position was when it was installing drivers and devices. I managed to get instalation going again. Everything seems ok EXCEPT for sound. Everything says it is installed correctly and running.Have down loaded new drivers. No sound. Have checked everywhere and everything is OK. The volume control is ok. Just wonder if any one has any idea as for what to do. Cheers

Answer:re-install xp home edition. NO SOUND!!

Run Belarc and tell us the model of the sound card,maybe we can find an updated driver for you click hereHave you checked device manager for any exclaimation marks beside sound video and game controllers ?If so,try updating the driver or uninstall and reboot,xp should find the correct generic driver and install it for you.

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Hi everyone,
I have been working through this problem for almost a month now and no knowledge, no luck.
computer Home Built
Motherboard BioStar M7KVD
RAM 512mb
Speed 1.6 Mhz
2 hrd drvs
harddrive hd0 (bios) empty 200 gig WD checks good, and with the diagnostic disk it has been formatted and all zeros on it.
hd 1 (bios) WD 40 gig with w2k installed and everything works good

The problem cannot install XP HOME Edition on it. It is not an upgrade version.
The bios is setup 1. floppy 2 CD Drive 3 (which ever drive I select) now it is HD 0 the empty drive.

I am beginning to believe it may have something to do with the boot.ini. This is the boot.ini that is loaded now

[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows
XP Home "
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINNT="Microsoft Windows 2000

Thanks for any light you can shed on this problem.

Answer:Solved: can not install XP Home Edition

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I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I have been building my own sytems for a number of years but have not run into this issue. I am building a backup system, see specs below;

Enermax PS 450 Watt
Abit MB NF7-S Rev. 2
Geil Dual Channel PC3200 2G
ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 128 MB
Maxtor Ultra PLus 9 80 GB
Processor AMD 2800 XP M

After loading all the drivers and DLL's windows goes to reboot and gives me BSOD with error message telling me to check hardware. Is this because the Bios does not recognize the CPU (even though it displays CPU speed)?
I have read many forums on the XP M cpu's and nowhere does it mention an issue with installation as a desktop.

I have tried numerous times to install, and to no avail. I have to use "wipe drive" every time my boot fails to re-install XP. Any suggestions? Do you think I should just install a desktop CPU and forget it?

Thanks for all your help.

Answer:New build cannot install XP Home Edition

Have you tried resetting your BIOS?

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should I install the recovery console right off after doing a clean install?



Answer:clean re-install win xp home edition

It can be a good tool, and it won't hurt anything to do it.

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My laptop will not start up any more. it tells me that pci.sys, ntfs.sys and isapnp.sys are missing or corrupt. then i am given the options of safemode, safemode w/ network and last know config and start windows normally. none of these work. i tried an xp pro disk to see if i was offered some options but the disk would not repair anything for me. I believe i may have sevice pack 1 installed but am not sure. I tried to create an xp pro slipstreamed w/ sp2 with my desktop running win2000 but it wasn't working. I have downloaded the ultimate boot cd with utilies but still haven't completely played around with it. I did get it to connect to my network using a freedos netware program within the ultimate boot cd but i can not see my laptop from the desktop. I have been looking into a few methods to get out the data:

buy a new laptop harddrive and connect the old to the new as a slave

use some sort of freedos network utility to transfer the important files

or look into a preinstalled environment that allows me to transfer or burn files

use some sort of ntfs reader and writer to access my ntfs drive and delete any personal information i would not like seen before i send it to a pc repair shop.

I also read on this site something about a memory stick. I really don't have a clue as to how this happened. I don't know if a windows update caused this or what. I am open to any suggestions really. If anyone knows anything about these methods and if they are even pos... Read more

Answer:toshiba satellite pro running on winxp home edition will not boot up

With that level of corruption, its possible the hard drive may be faulty anyway.

I would purchase an external USB enclosure and a new laptop hard drive. Install the new hard drive in the laptop and install WIndows onto it.

Then put the old hard drive in the USB enclosure and see if you can access it, if so recover your data, reformat the external drive and use it as a backup device.

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I bought a brand new Toshiba Satellite R850-115 laptop with preinstalled Windows 7 Home Premium.
For some reason it won't let me install Windows 7 Home Premium.

I still have a product key on the bottom of the machine.
What steps should I follow to install OS?


Answer:Satellite R850-115: Cannot install the Windows 7 Home Premium

Hi Tiny1
You are not giving much away about your problem.
Are you sure that the battery is charged and the power supply is working?
What does it do when you turn it on?
Are you sure it is brand new and not a customer return recycled by the dealer?
Can you get to the BIOS (F2)
Can you get to the start up options (F8)
Can you eject the cd tray?

If you can provide answers to the above and "a bit more" then help will be forth coming.

At this stage my advice would be take it back for replacement/refund.

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when i try to install Windows XP Home (incl. SP3) on my new L350D-11A a bluescreen appears after loading the drivers.
When booting with a Kubuntu Live CD (8.x) an error message appears: /sbin/modprobe abnormal exit.

At least i need WinXP because of some programs that don't run under Vista. Is there any chance to install XP?

Answer:Bluescreen when trying to install Windows XP Home on Satellite L350D-11A


Hmm? I think the BSOD appears because you didn?t add the SATA drivers into the Win XP OS.

At the other hand you could try to install the Win XP on your notebook without the usage of SATA driver but you could change the SATA AHCI in BIOS to compatible mode.

Check it out!

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How would I undertake such a task with no Original WIN 2000 Pro boot disk? I have a brand new copy of WIN XP Home edition and i am unable to install it. Could someone please point me in the right direction? Cheers Mo

Answer:clean install of Win XP Home Edition from 2000 Pro

Go into the BIOS and set your first boot device as your CD drive, save and exit.Pop your XP cd into the drive and let it boot. The cd will run the installation from there.Words of warning.This method will destroy ALL existing data on your drive, so now is the time to backup anything you need.If your hard drive is SCSI (unlikely), SATA (possible) or is using a RAID controller, make sure you have the drivers available on a floppy disc and press the appropriate F key (F6 from memory) during installation. If this applies, you only have a few seconds right at the start of the installation to do this, so watch the screen here for some screen shots.

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I put the XP Home Edition CD into my drive, turn it on, and it does the little Setup is analyzing your configuration or whatever. I go through all of the screens, format the drive, but after the computer restarts to continue the installation, it simply says "can't load operating system." I unhooked my other hard drive which had XP on it, set the jumper to Master on the new one, but it still won't install! I have no idea what's going on...any help?

Answer:Can't install XP Home Edition on a new hard drive.


I had the same problem earlier this week with a brand new WD HD. It seems that WD HD's have another jumper position for "single" (pins 4 and 6)when it's the only device on an IDE channel - I changed my jumper and the problem was resolved. Look on WD's web site for more info.

Please note that I also "slipstreamed" my copy of XP with SP1 so that I could format the drive to it's full amount, but I'm pretty sure it was changing the jumper that solved the problem.

Hope this helps.


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I have a Dell 530 Desktop running Windows Vista Home Premium. It came with SP1 installed but after a virus attack I no longer have it. I keep getting notices that new software is availabe, of course it is SP1. When I try to download I get the message that it did not install and the will be rolled back. I have tried several times this takes almost 2 hours each time. Can anyone tell me what to do? I have tried Microsoft and Dell and gotten no help. Thank you in advance.

Answer:Can not install SP1 on my Vista Home Premium Edition Help

How is stuff working without it? I downloaded the SP 1 and burned the disk. After reading the notice that it may take several hours and multiple reboots to install the service pack I decided my system wasn't all that "broken" after all. I bought my PC in April 2007 and it took me a long time to optimize it so that the HD doesn't run on indexing search data I don't use and other stuff. I don't want to risk it for some nebulous benefit.

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I was playing a game (Elder Scrolls: Oblivion if that matters), acouple of days ago, and my PC crashed. When I tried restarting, it gave me missing files messages. I bought the PC with XP Home pre-installed, and wasn't given a CD. So, I rush-ordered one, thinking I could just reinstall XP like I would any earlier version of Windows, but the new CD doesn't want to boot up.

My system has no floppy drive. I'd like to save my files if possible on my C:\ partition, but it's ok if I have to format. In fact, I'm eager and happy to format, but I have no idea how.

I am currently using an older PC with Win98 to type this out.

I'm fresh out of ideas here, so I'd really like some help.

The original OS on the PC I believe I had upgraded to SP2, but not certain. The OS on the CD I just bought is XP Home with SP2, if that matters.

I have a floppy drive on my old Win98 machine, but none on the XP one. Otherwise, that pretty much sums up my situation. My Win98 PC is a 500mhz with 96mb RAM, so I'm not sure I could run XP on it.

Answer:Help with XP (Home Edition) boot/install problem?

Hello ChrisC30

To make your XP installation CD boot you need to go into the BIOS and set the boot order to
floppy (if present)
Hard disks

Then put the CD in the drive and reboot

Before I say any more I`m not sure if you want to try to save your files on "C" or whether you are happy to reformat and lose them all.

Are you able to get into XP at the moment?

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Hi. The question is: Can i repair install XP Home SP3 OEM (genuine) with XP Home SP2 OEM CD (genuine)?

I am repairing a box and on it is XP home sp3 oem but i dont have the original cd for this box. I have bought an XP home sp2 oem cd. Both have genuine numbers and both are OEM-COA. I dont want to try anything as yet just in case all the passwords and data are lost. Generally i would do a full reinstall but this is not my box.

I have looked for the answer "out there" but none has been found.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advanced.

Answer:Solved: XP Home Edition OEM Repair Install

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I have both XP Home and Pro installed on my machine. The computer came with Home Edition factory installed but I had a NTLDR problem that crashed the system. When I installed XP Pro it gave me a dual boot and I can boot into Pro version just fine, but all of my important docs are in the other partition with Home Edition.

When I go into Safe Mode after selecting Home Edition, I get the following list in this exact order:

Also, my hidden files shows the following log:

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition" /fastdetect
I have an install CD and want to perform a recovery install but I either get a blank screen or the three messages I listed above. Anyone know what I can do to get my Home Edition back on track?

Answer:XP Home Edition Recovery Install Problems

Hi .That boot.ini file data reflects XP Pro as the default boot O/S and shows that it's on your first partition.Data reflects XP Home as installed on second partition, same hard drive.When system boots, you should get window reflecting both O/Ses...choose the second and you should be in XP Home.You should be able to see the XP Home install from XP Pro. Moving documents from one to the other is a routine moving operation...unless you get an "access denied" message from My Docs or such.That can be overcome by the following, How to take ownership of a file or folder in Windows XP - System manufacturer and model?Louis

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Problem, due to some viruses or something I lost the capability to get anywhere on the net. Can't update virusdefinitons, can't get to any site, can't get email, Lost System Restore. I scanned computer with AVG, Adaware that deleted problems, but I can't even get to "HELP" on the Startmenu, it just doesn't go anywhere. I am asking here from work what to do.I read many of the similar problems, I have tried most of them, except reformat.
THIS IS MY QUESTION, If I reinstall the factory CD from Toshiba I got with the laptop, what will happen to all those updates Windows got over the last 2 years? I am on Dial-up, do I have to update OR is is enough to just install SP2, the disk I ordered directly from Microsoft? I have waited to see what people say about that upgrade, since it doesn't sound too promising with existing upgrades. But I assume if it is instantly installed after reinstalling XP, should that be ok? Has anyone tried it like this. Any THOUGHTS would be appreciated/

Answer:Re-install Winxp Home Edition Question

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I just built a computer from parts that I bought new. The hard drive has never had anything on it, and my comp of XP Home Edition is straight from the factory. I can't get past the install page that says stuff about the partitions. It keeps telling me that my "hard drive dos not have a windows xp-compatibale partition."
The thing is, I cant even make a partition. I dont know if it is a problem with the HDD or OS. I've vistited other forums and they only solve problems with the few steps after I get stuck. nothing is ever said about not being able to make a partition.
I can get to the screen that says "the minimum size for a partition is 1 MB" and such, and when i type in what i want as a partition, I dont think it recognizes it.
PLease help. I thought XP installation would be easy.
also, My XP is NOT an upgrade from anything, i am just loading it on a fresh, new, never touched HD with not even a hint of another OS.

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Hi all
Can anyone please help I have formatted my hard drive (which I have done before with no problem) and go to load xp but it will not go passed load devises, in fact it goes to sleep and I have to reboot and start again only for it to stop again.
I did install a DVD RW but have taken it out and put the old DVD back in its place incase this was the problem, again this made no difference.
The computer is now in the same state i.e. as the first time I did a reinstall but it will not go past loading devises.
Please heeeeeeelp it is driving me mad.

Answer:xp home edition install stops at loading devises

Hi smash99 and welcome to TSF !

Is this a custom build computer and a retail XP CD or is it some brand computer with an OEM install disk ?

Is your hard drive sata (small red cable) or IDE (broad 80-wires ribbon) ?

If it's a SATA drive you'll need the SATA drivers floppy. Press F6 when prompted to do so at the bottom of the first XP install screen and it will load the floppy. Install the SATA controller from there. You may need to press S to select additional devices if it's not available on the first screen.

If it's an IDE drive make sure the jumpers are set correctly : master if the drive is at the end of the cable, slave if it's in the middle. The system drive should be at the end of the cable that's hooked to the primary IDE controller on the motherboard (refer to the motherboard manual).

Were you able to get to the screen where you select the hard drive and the partition you're going to install Windows on ?

Double-check the drives' cables and check that the pci cards are correcly seated.

Unplug everything except the hard drive, video card and CD drive and try to install Windows on a minimum system (remove the other drives and pci cards).

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First, the specs:
- Western Digital Raptor WD1500ADFD 150GB 10,000 RPM Serial ATA150 Hard Drive
- CORSAIR XMS2 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400)
- Antec SmartPower 2.0 SP-500 ATX12V 500W Power Supply
- BFG Tech BFGR88640GTSOCE GeForce 8800GTS 640MB 320-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card
- Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz LGA 775 Processor Model BX80557E6600
- ASUS P5N-E SLI LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 650i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard

My husband and I have identically built computers. We built them at the same time with the same parts, all shown here.

The problem:
It started yesterday. Just before a class of his (my husband just recently started college), my husband had a paper he needed to print. So he took a 1GB USB data stick we had (I'm not sure the brand - I can't seem to find it now and I wouldn't be suprised if he chucked it in a fit of anger over this) and stuck it into his computer in order to transfer the paper to it and then have me print it out.
In doing so, he tried to transfer the paper and couldn't. He got several error messages, then he rebooted and continued getting error messages. I wish I knew what those said but I didn't really notice till he started getting BSOD's.
So before his class, he decided to reformat and reinstall WinXP. And here's where the big errors began.
He left while it started reinstalling. The first time through, it couldn't even format the beg... Read more

Answer:BSODs & Unable to Install WinXP Home Edition

Not sure if you are doing a clean install or not but by the sounds of things you are not. By doing a clean install you can wipe out all partitions and then repartition and reformat your drive. Remember though by doing this all data on the drive will be lost.
Here are step by step instructions:

Good Luck

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My OS is xpsp2.
I have my updates to notify only and not auto install, however I am concerned that I might install ones that I don't want and I know that they can be hidden so that I don't accidentaly d/l them. For example, I want to wait a little while until I d/l Sp3 and thus wish to hide it until I feel comfortable that the update is OK.

Does anyone know how the process of doing "hide" as I have googled and found that it is possible but there is no information and I went into the M$ site and can't find the Instructions there either.

I really would appreciate your comments, thankyou.

Answer:Xpsp2 Home To Hide Updates Until Later Install?

This may be what you are asking...Control Panel>Security Center>in the Manage Security Settings section click on Automatic Updates...In the new window click on the box that says "Download updates but let me choose when to install them"...That will put a yellow sheild in the system tray when downloads are available and ready to install.

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i recently got windows vista home premium and decided to upgrade my windows xp home edition SP3. It was going great until it needed to complete the upgrade. Up ntil 64% all was well. But once it hit 64% for awhile the computer shut down. After it shut down on its own i rebooted it and it said "upgrade unsuccessful. restoring your previous windows and settings. Do not turn off or restart your computer." I really want to know how to install it without any problems and i need help. Anything will be good and appreciated!
I have a Compaq Presario C301NR whit 2gigs of ram and 320gig HD. I still have the disc and everything and the computer was not harmed. After it shut down on its own

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When can we expect to be able to download the driver software to enable an upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

And, when is Toshiba Support going to have enough staff to take calls within a reasonable time-frame? Sorry but a wit of 10 minutes on a premium rate number is not acceptable!

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My C660 needs a new hard drive. It came with Windows 7 home premium pre-installed and I would like to return to that.

If I go to Microsoft to download windows 7 with my product key, it gives an error. I contacted MS support. I don't quite remember what they said but they couldn't help, possibly because it was a manufacturer installed version?

So If I get a new hard drive, how can I return to my previous OS, Windows 7 Home Premium?

Help please?

Answer:Satellite C660 needs new HDD - Windows 7

You can have previous OS (recovery image) if you install it using recovery media (DVD or USB).
I presume you didn’t create this recovery media in the past, right?

If you still can use your notebook and preinstalled OS try please to create this media using preinstalled recovery media utility. More about that you can read in user’s manuals document.

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I am going to download this new Windows 8 Preview..
Will it accept the drivers for my laptop??
My laptop is TOSHIBA

*PART NO.* PSC1GE - 029002AR
*SERIAL NO.* 6B206893K

Answer:Windows 8 on Satellite C660-1M0

Untl now I didn?t make some experiments with Win8 but I think there should not be problem if you use Win7 drivers.

Create recovery DVD and make test with Win8. If you don?t like it or you will see that there are problems with drivers, tools or utilities installation you can install recovery image again using created recovery DVD.

I think you are the first one with Win8 and it will be nice if you can make short report about all this. It will be interesting to read your experience about it.

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K, I have an HP Pavilion a 1000y with xp home. Recently had an issue and rebooted. Loads past the logo then to the dreaded black screen with nonmovable cursor. Safemode doesn't work, repairing with disc doesn't work, entering in VGA mode doesn't work, entering safemode with command prompt doesn't work. I am a computer novice, but like to try to fix things myself. Any words of wisdom?

Answer:Windows XP Home Edition Home black screen of death

What ever happens, you probably will need a Windows cd.

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i am having a kind of software glitch on my laptop. when i turned it on, it showed a message with options either to launch startup repair (recommended) or start windows normally. i chose the first option as that seem to be the recommended option and i thought this might repair if there was any damage. however, after the repair process was completed, it showed an error message with steps to install Windows. i am getting this message now everytime i turn my laptop on!

Since i have the software pre-isntalled on my laptop, i do not have the Windows 7 disc with me. this is really strange as i am unsure why this happened.

Although my laptop is covered with the warranty, i am not sure if it covers the software warranty too?

Please can some one advise me on the best way out of this problem.

its really very painful and irritating to deal with this, as its been just 5 months since i bought this laptop.

Answer:Windows 7 issue on my Satellite C660-1F1

> however, after the repair process was completed, it showed an error message with steps to install Windows. i am getting this message now everytime i turn my laptop on!

Looks like something has gone wrong with the installed OS.
Not sure why but it seems that you need to reinstall the windows once again.

> ince i have the software pre-isntalled on my laptop, i do not have the Windows 7 disc with me. this is really strange as i am unsure why this happened.

You did not receive any disks because the notebook supports the HDD recovery and additionally there was/is a option to create a own recover disk.
You could use the Recover disk creator software in order to create such disks?
But not sure if this would be possible now because of the error?

So would recommend starting the HDD recover as described here.

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I just installed windows 8 on my Satellite C660-162 PSCOSE and I want to know if it's compatible with my Toshiba model because I heard that windows 8 can damage the computer if it's not compatible with it

Thanks in advance

Answer:Is Satellite C660-162 compatible with Windows 8?


In my opinion such question should be asked before Win8 installation. More about Win8 instalation on Toshiba notebooks you can read on
There you can check support for your notebook model > Toshiba Compatibility Matrix. Check it.
>... I heard that windows 8 can damage the computer if it's not compatible with it
I don't know what kind of damage you mean but generally speaking you can install any OS and check if and how it works.

Only thing that will be damaged is HDD recovery option so I hope you have created recovery disc before you have installed Win8 version.

If you have more questions you are welcome.

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Hi friends,

I'd like to ask you if my Toshiba Satellite C660-R12 is compatible with Windows XP? I'm not able to find out any information about it.

Thanks for your help

Answer:Satellite C660-12R - Compatible to Windows XP?

Hi wencman,

It?s important to know if you can get all drivers for your notebook model and Windows XP. This must be checked on official Toshiba page: > Support & Downloads > Download drivers

Satellite C660-12R belongs to PSC0QE series and as you can see all drivers for Windows XP are available so installing XP should be no problem. You can download official and pretested drivers! :)

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I have just purchased a Toshiba Satellite C660-195 with Windows 7 pre-installed.

This morning I have switched it on and it came up with a black box with x:windows\system32\drvload.exe in it. This box then disappeared and Startup Repair kicked in. It then told me Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically. The advice was to remove any device which had been recently attached to the laptop (such as a webcam or music device) but I have not installed any hardware or devices. I clicked finish and it shut down the laptop.

I switched it on again and the same thing happened (again and again!)

One forum suggests trying the following: Click the 'view advanced options for system recovery and support' link which asks me to choose my keyboard configuration but then when I do & click next it tells me "You must log in to access system recovery options" I am never given the option to log in!!

When accessing the Advanced Startup options using F8 I am still unable to solve this problem. The same thing (above) happens when I try to start in all Safe modes, Last Known Good Configuration (advanced), Debugging mode, Start Windows normally etc. I just don't understand it.

Upon searching other forums they have suggested holding down zero whilst switching on and then chosing Windows 7 to restore the laptop to its factory settings but the same thing happens - it just shows the black screen with x:windows\system32\drvload.exe then launched Star... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 will not boot on new Satellite C660-195


Sorry to hear you have this problem. Fact is that new notebooks are delivered with HDD recovery image only and not with recovery DVD. What you can try now is to install recovery image again using HDD recovery installation.
If this will work you will have ?out of box? state again.

Please do it following instructions on this document -

Please send us some feedback.

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I upgraded windows 7 to 8.1 and it was very slow, the disk is always in 100 usage.
When I had the Windows 7 I never had the computer slow.

Answer:Satellite C660 with Windows 8.1 is very slow

Can you please explain to us what have you done exactly?
As far as I know your machine is supported for Win8 upgrade only.
Have you upgraded Win7 to Win8 and later to Win8.1 or you have made clean Win8 installation and later updated it to Win8.1?

When you used notebook with Win8 only have you noticed the same performance issue?

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I have installed a new hdd in my C665. I went to Microsoft Download page to download windows 7. I have the activation # on the sticker underneath. Microsoft said I could not download because windows 7 was originally put on this laptop by Toshiba. Microsoft also said I have to get in touch with Toshiba.
I cannot find any satisfaction on the Toshiba site and wanted to know if anyone can help me solve this problem.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite C660-2KW.
I would like to know if it's possible to make the upgrade for the Windows 10.

If not, when will be possible to do that?

In case of not be possible to upgrade, what are the "problems"/risks in upgrade for the Windows 10?

Thank you so much.


Answer:Satellite C660-2KW - Upgrade to Windows 10??

You have pretty old notebook model and it will not be supported for Win10.
I presume you have created recovery back-up (recovery media) so you can test your notebook and install Win10 to see how it works.
I don’t know if you can have some big problems but what can happen is that sound will not work properly.

I have older non Toshiba notebook and Win10 was installed successfully. Everything works pretty well except sound.

Test it. Play a bit with it. If you will not be happy with it you can go back to original OS anytime you want.

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I have a problem with Windows 7 installation from USB on NEW HDD (Seagate). Every time I try to boot from USB, I receive Boot\BCD error oxcoooooof

Answer:Satellite C660 Windows 7 installation from USB

Are you able to boot from the internal ODD (optical disk drive) properly?

Did you check whether this bootable USB stick would work in connection with other computer?

I’m asking because to me it looks like the bootable USB flash memory stick is broken.

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I have recently had Microsoft Technical Assistance reinstall Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

I find it most offensive that Toshiba are unable to supply the Original Windows Activation code for the Laptop which was bought with the operating system pre-installed.

The Windows "Identification" label has long since perished.

No back up disk was supplied nor ever made, and there were no instructions nor inferences that it was imperative to create such.

It is not only preposterous but TOTALLY WRONG that one should be expected to pay again for something one has ALREADY PAID for!

Answer:Satellite C660 - Windows reactivation

This theme was discussed probably 1000 times on this forum and you can find many threads with very good and detailed explanation how it works.

Notebook is not delivered with restoration disc but original recovery image is saved on HDD and in user’s manuals document is clearly described how you can install recovery image using HDD recovery option but also how to create bootable recovery media (DVD or USB).

If you don't have it now all you can do is to order original recovery media or use own operating system but in this case Toshiba has nothing to do with product activation.

Product key that you got with your machine belongs to the OS version that you got with your notebook.

If you have more questions please be free to ask.

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I owe Toshiba Satellite C660 laptop.
For last 1 month,when i tried to open my laptop, the welcome screen appears and then turns to black screen.

For hours i waited but nothing happened.
Now i would like to install Windows 8 on my laptop.
So does my laptop support Windows 8...

Intel Core i3 M380
RAM 2GB total(i added 1gb was actually 1gb)

If windows 8 is supported in my laptop, then please gave me supported drivers link also.

Thanks in advance...

Answer:Does Satellite C660 support Windows 8

> If windows 8 is supported in my laptop, then please gave me supported drivers link also.

Even if your Satellite C660 would not officially support Win 8, you can install this system because the notebook meets the essential system requirements which are:

? Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with support for PAE, NX, and SSE2
? RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
? Hard disk space: 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
? Graphics card: Microsoft DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM driver

More details here:

I have no idea what C660-xxx do you have exactly but all Toshiba drivers are available here:

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hi im using desktop pc windows xp sp3 home edition on c/drive and i have windows 7 home premium on d/partition dual boot i like windows 7 how do i remove xp from my pc when screen boots up i get choice whether i want to start windows 7 or earlier version

Answer:windows xp sp3 home edition and windows 7 home premium dual boot

Are you using two HD's or two Partitions

Can you post a screen shot of Disk management from Win XP & Windows 7?

Screenshot tools.
A Preferred Method of Uploading/Posting Screen Shots
How to Use the Snipping Tool in Vista - Vista Forums
Snipping Tool - Windows 7 features - Microsoft Windows
Use Snipping Tool to capture screen shots
Screenshot with Paint
Screenshot and Upload using MWSnap
fscapture free download

Use Snipping Tool to capture screen shots

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I have problem with Toshiba Satellite C660-1CN PSC0QE.

Touchpad don't start with Windows 7 Home Premium.
All drivers are updated.
Bios - lastest.

After log on I need to click *twice* "FN+F9" and after this is OK until next reboot.

I tried:
several Synaptics drivers - no change.
reinstall Windows - no change.
Windows XP mini from Hiren - no working.
BIOS defaults - no change

After I installed "toshiba value added package" I can't turn on touchpad at all.

Answer:Satellite C660-1CN - touchpad do not start with Windows

To be honest I never heard about such issue. According notebook specification your notebook was delivered with Win7 home premium 64bit. With factory settings touchpad should be enabled after OS start.
As I can read you have reinstalled Windows. Have you reinstalled with original recovery image and tested it with factory settings?

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