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Satellite C660-220 turns to a white screen

Question: Satellite C660-220 turns to a white screen

It let's me log on then after a couple of seconds it turns to a white screen

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Preferred Solution: Satellite C660-220 turns to a white screen

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite C660-220 turns to a white screen

Do you really think that someone will be able to provide you some good tips and troubleshooting without any details about the notebook and the system?
How about a detailed issue description?

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I just got a problem with my laptop. It seems like there is a loose connection between my screen and the light emitting diodes: Only got white stripes, a mirrored screen, a white screen or a flickering screen right now so i can't even move my mouse cause i don't see anything.
Some pictures: [1|] [2|] [3|] [4|] [5|]
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite C660 - White stripes, mirrored screen, white screen

This hardware related issue should be checked and repaired by authorized service provider. Notebook must be disassembled and checked.

Is your notebook still under warranty?

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Several times after putting it on sleep, I've come back to find it's turned itself on! I've only noticed this while it's set to sleep never while it's totally shut down/turned off. It's a Satellite C660-1UG (France)

This is my second Toshiba, my last one also a Satellite had the exact same problem!

Answer:My Satellite C660 turns on by itself

Check please BIOS settings and disable options wake-up on LAN or wake-up on keyboard.

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I have a laptop toshiba c660-258 the problem is when i turn on my laptop the led indicator of power turns on but after while turns off.. i alread change ram but still not tunrning on normally.

Is this a hardware issue.. what should i do?

Can you help for this one.

Answer:Satellite C660-258 turns off automatically

Does the notebook shuts off automatically switching to the BIOS mode?

Usually the notebook switches off automatically because of the higher internal temperature.
This automatic switch prevents the parts from overheating…

But I’m not quite sure if the higher temperature causes this problem… probably it’s a motherboard fault… but this is just my guess.

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I just buy a satellite Toshiba there two days now but the fan will turn on every minute when I go only on the web ...

Listening to music / watching videos, it is almost covered by the sound, but otherwise it's really headlock.

It blows every minute 10/20s, and force even if it is not that strong, it's really disturbing.

Is this normal?

Answer:Satellite C660 - fan turns on every minute


The fan would turn on if the CPU would be stressed.
You can check in task manager what process stresses the CPU and could check if you could disable this.

Furthermore I would recommend checking the Win 7 Power Management
There you can change the settings for cooling modules to battery optimized.

Hope this helps

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Got my new laptop yesterday, and while installing windows 7 (not exactly sure how far the install process was) the screen turned a light gray color and started flickering, I tried turning it off by pressing power button for 7 seconds but it wouldnt respond, I had to unplug the charger and take out the battery to turn of the laptop.

Now when I press the power button the power indicator light turns on, cpu fan turns on, and after 3 seconds it shuts down. I've tried turning it on about 100 times now, same result. Taking out the RAM and HD makes no difference.

Waiting for Toshiba support to contact me so I thought I'd try here and see if there was an easy fix.

Answer:Satellite C660 turns off after 3 seconds


I assume the Toshiba Splash screen does not appear at the beginning and you are not able to access the BIOS too. Right?
It looks like you had a bad luck? from my point of view its something wrong with the motherboard.
But don?t worry? warranty should cover everything? so either you could visit your notebook dealer and would ask for replacement (if possible) or you could get in contact with an Toshiba ASP in your country who could fix this.

Good luck

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could someone help me my laptop randomly turns off does not ''shut down'' just powers off .. as if you where holding power button down .. I noticed it happened when I put my charger in a cupola times but the first time I can't remember .. anything on this if so let me know also when I plug charger in the screen turns off for 2-3 seconds bit weird had loads of laptops and none done this before ..

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I have a Toshiba laptop c660-115 intell core i3 4gb ram windows 7 home basic I brought it second hand but when I'm using it it sometimes randomly turns off .. the 2nd and 3rd time wad when I put the charger on I noticed and when I put charger in it turns screen black for a cupple seconds but it's turned off 3 tines 2 times I noticed it was the charger the 1st time I can't really remember anyone got anything on this pls ?

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So i have laptop Toshiba Satellite series C660-108.
I really don't know what to do, the laptop turns off itself at any time , the fan starts to rotate very loud and it just switches off , when i try to turn it back on same thing happens , the time is random sometimes it will turn on for 10 seconds sometimes for hour... Please help technicians in my city dont know what to do...

Thank you

Answer:Satellite C660-108 turns off unsuspectedly while fan rotation increased

I?m really wondering that technicians cannot help you with this. I mean if they cannot help what should we do on this virtual way where we can just speculate what the problem can be.
Have you contacted Toshiba service provider or some independent PC company?

Problem is that we don't know if your notebook switches off due to high temperature and CPU overheating or there is some other reason. At least what you can do about that? Nothing. All you can do is to buy compressed air and try to clean it up. What else you can do?

What confuses me is fact that your notebook switches off after 10 seconds only. This must be investigated.

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Computer covers whole screen with either white, or white with black, and blue stripes. Multiple times a day.?
This computer was bought in 2005, (HP Media Center PC). Within the second week this freezing(it freezes, and the screen has a white or white with black and blue stipes) occured( yes second week, my brother was uninformed and thought it was normal and didnt return it. It happened often enough as to save anything you were working on every ten to twenty minutes on a bad day. It settled and slowly became less of a problem, then stoped. One day he got a virus and had to restore the computer, the freezing started up again. same as last time, it settled then stoped, a month later, i recieved this computer as a hand me down, as my brother went to college and got a MAC. That was in mid summer of 2008, a week and a half ago, i got a huge virus, i restored my computer, and the freezing started up again, after not doing it once for over a year. It has gotten as bad as freezing every 30 minutes some nights. And earlier today it froze, i turned off and on my computer, went down stairs, and when i came back it was frozen again. I had not even used and program. Please help if you have any idea whats wrong!
Things to keep in mind...
-It only happened after the computer was restored, or bought(ish)
-Its not a normal freeze where you see the programs on the screen still, the screen goes completely white, or white with black and blue stripes.
-4 years old


Answer:Screen Freezes and turns white or white with stripes

Then maybe it isn't freezing at all. Maybe there's a problem with your monitor, vga cable, or video card.

Try a different monitor/cable and see if that changes anything. If it doesn't, then try reseating the video card--if any--and if that doesn't work I suggest getting a cheap one from someone's old pc at least to test with.

Installing a new video card can be complicated, but google search for a guide or follow the setup instructions for the video card to the letter and you'll have no problems.

Let us know what's going on, we love to help here... it's like an addiction, but we can stop anytime... really we can.

Welcome to TSF. I know I come off a bit strange, but most of the people here are friendly... and nowhere near as messed up.

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I was just wondering if the web camera on the Satellite C660/C660D is colour or black and white?
If its colour, how do I change it to colour?


Answer:Satellite C660/C660D - Webcam colour or black and white?


Of course it?s color cam.
It?s a common webcam? Do you have just black/white webcam picture?
In your case I recommend checking the webcam software options.
Start the Camera Assistant software and in the Properties you could find the option called ?Backlight Compensation?. Check this option.
Furthermore in the ?Image? tab you will find some controls like: brightness, gamma, hue, saturation and sharpness. Play around with these settings.

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Hello everyone,

I apologize for my English. I'm Italian.

My pc has a very annoying flaw... during normal use of the pixels you see crazy. You see the annoying white pixels.
There are not many but especially for graphics work it's badly.

I already restored the PC once installed the ATI driver from the Toshiba official website but the problem continues.
I also tried the drivers from the amd site but the problem persists.

If you can help the problem becomes much more pronounced after the return of the suspension. In this case, the desktop you see really bad with all the pixels in a mess.

If you need additional information or tell me I can do tests as well.

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite C660-1H6 graphical problems (ATI 5470) white pixels


I?m not quite sure if it?s a internal display issue or maybe a graphic card problem?
Therefore you should connect and external monitor in order to check what?s exactly wrong?

Usually the graphic card is affected if the same pixels would appear on the second monitor.

But if the picture on the external monitor would be OK, then the graphic chip should be ok too? and in such case the internal notebook display is faulty?

But in both cases it would be expensive to fix the notebook because both parts are not cheap.

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Hello i hope someone could be of any help to me.

I have noticed lately that while iam working on my laptop suddenly the screen display turns to one color sometimes white or at other times green one full color ... and i cannot get out of this state unless i reboot from the main switch then everything is back to normal ...
but this has been happening lately with me more than 5 times now .... can anyone tell me what could it be please????


Answer:Satellite M70-131: display turns to one color sometimes white or green

Does the same issue appear on the external monitor?
Did you test this?

If not it would be interesting to know if the same color issue happens on the second external monitor.
This would helps to clarify if this is a graphic card issue or the internal display (or FL inverter) malfunction.

If everything will appear correctly on the external monitor then it must be something wrong with the notebooks screen or as said above with the FL inverter.
In both cases the parts must be replaced!

But note; the internal display or the motherboard replacement is not cheap! Both parts are most expensive parts which are integrated in the notebook.

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My laptop screen turns to white color after running for sometime.What is the possible cause of this and the solution.kindly help.thanks.

Answer:screen turns to white

nelbert said:

My laptop screen turns to white color after running for sometime.What is the possible cause of this and the solution.kindly help.thanks.Click to expand...

Try to start in BIOS and leave the Screen on, see if it shows the same problem?
You could also start up in safe mode and wait till it shows tha problem or not.
In the first option no Windows is active and therefor no software related error can occur.
In the second most applications are out of order. you could also after start and exeute MSCONFIG command unselect all unnecessary startups and restart.
It could be your videocard or driver or your screen.

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I have a compaq computer running on windows vista home basic, I have a problem when I start the system, the desktop loads ok but then after about 30 sec the display turns white and I am unable to get the desktop back, I have restarted the system a number of times but the same thing keeps happening.
When the display turns white there is a strange message on their which you would get if you were trying to load a web-page but had no internet connection.
I have 2 users on the computer one works fine I can go in there and use the internet but the other is where I have the problem, and this is where all my work files are.

Can anyone give me any tips.



Answer:computer screen turns white

Looks like you got a virus, I've had this one before, it opens a fullscreen internet browser which you cant click away and it whants to give you something where you have to pay for. I'd suggest you'd go to the virus removal section of this forum and repost it there.

Good luck!

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Ok what happens here? And how can I fix it?

Answer:Screen turns flickering white

Hello Soulboy69,

Does it do this every time you start the system?

Can you boot the system in Safe Mode or does it still go blank?

Have you tried a different monitor?

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I have Windows Vista SP1, Home premium, 32 bit on my laptop and lately it has been doing a very strange thing. All of a sudden my screen goes completely white, and the only way to get rid of it is to hit the "show desktop" button on my keyboard, then right click the button that has appeared on my taskbar that says "blank page-Internet Explorer", and click "close" from the menu. Why is it doing this? Can anybody help me?

I was talking with people on about this but we never found an answer. I have ran several recommended scans, and one scan found a trojan and deleted it, however, the blank page is still happening, and with even more frequency than before.

Oh, I also tried updating my video driver (at their instruction) and I'm not positive that I did this correctly, as nothing on the list was actually called a "video" driver, and I'm not completely literate with, so I updated something like..NVDIA...or something like that.
Thank you, Karen

Answer:suddenly my screen turns white.....

I have sony vaio new laptop windows home premium. Suddenly, my computer screen turns white at times. Today I went to firefox and everything turned white. I restarted the computer to get my normal screen back. I don't know why this happens. if you get it solved, please post an answer.

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My HP Pavilion G4 laptop screen is white when I turn it on. When connected to an external monitor, it works fine. Any suggestions for the cause and a solution?

View Solution.

Answer:Laptop Screen Turns White

If the external monitor is fine, then you know the problem is from the mother board cable connection to the screen itself.  The problem point for notebooks is where the cable goes through the hinge.  You could try to wiggle that to see if the picture changes. The other possibility is that the connection from the cable to the screen has come loose and the final solution I can think of is that the screen itself is bad.

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Hi all,Compaq Presario 1700 laptop, pIII-850mhz, 256mbram, 40gb harddrive, xp professional.After about an hour of using laptop the screen goes all white from the middle and extending out to the edges. Is it a bad lcd screen? Scan for virus and spyware found nothing. If it is a screen, is it replacable?Thanks for any help!

Answer:Laptop screen turns white

Type dxdiag in the run box and test for graphics......update the video driver......or roll it diagnostic program like sisoft sandra/aida32/belearic advisor.

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A few years ago, I purchased an HP 2311x monitor from a friend. About a month ago, my screen went completely white and after some troubleshooting I determined that the problem was the monitor and not the video card. I was about to put the monitor in the garage, but with three kids my budget is tight, and replacing it would put a strain on things, so I went to HP's site and read about some folks who suggested turning the monitor upside down and tapping on the top would fix it.
Surprisingly, this worked! So after about a week, when it happened again, I turned the monitor upside down a few times and my screen returned. This week when it happened, usually when the computer is unattended (maybe gone to sleep) I merely had to tilt the screen forward and the picture would come back.
Also, I noticed that the power adapter looks broken, like it is coming apart, as if my four year old child has stepped on it. I am sure that it should be replaced, and this is pretty doable for me.
One person suggested that something inside the monitor is loose and turning it upside down restores it; albeit temporarily. Should I start to save for another monitor because eventually this solution may not work anymore? Or is it possible that the problem is being caused by the adaptor that is breaking apart and I might just have to replace the power adaptor?
Thanks in advance, any insight into this issue would be appreciated.

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Hi folks,

Working on my laptop for about an hour and closed it. Booted it back up 15 minutes later and opened Firefox...all of a sudden the screen started turning white. Ctrl+alt+delete to reboot and the same thing happened in the start screen. Not sure if this is virus or hardware related. Would love some input!


Answer:Laptop screen suddently turns white

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Hi guys

I am having a problem deducing the issue with a friend's laptop.

It's a Toshiba Equium U400, not sure the rest of the specs are relevant.

Basically the screen ONLY works if it is angled all the way back. And it works 100% perfectly fine in this position. However, if you try to angle the screen down (in a closing direction), the screen will immediately turn white. You can then tilt the screen backwards again and press FN+F5 (shortcut for alternate display) and it will flash back to life again.

I assume that it is a cable connection issue? And would rule out faulty LCD/inverter if it works at one angle?

I have tried researching this and have only found issues where the screen turns black, not white.

I don't have my screwdrivers with me and cannot open the screen yet to check connections. I am just curious if anyone knows if this behaviour is linked to motherboard, etc.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


Answer:Laptop screen turns white at most angles

The LCD video cable is being pinched by one of the top hinges. It may be permanently damaged and will have to be replaced

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Hi there,  My Lenovo Yoga 710 IKB 15'' Laptop has had many problems. The fan was making noise and I started a topic here that was ridiculously marked solved when it wasn't, and now I have this new problem. For some reason, my screen has been blinking white (see attached pictures). Sometimes the white screen is blinking, sometimes it stays for a few seconds and other times it's not there at all but is clearly still an issue. I have already updated both the Intel and NVIDIA display drivers and when I run a scan I'm told there are no updates available. When I run a game or anything that requires the computer to switch to using the NVIDIA card, there is also a buzzing sound coming from the side of the computer, although this is not present when the Intel card is being used (the white screen appears no matter what I'm doing or which graphics card is being used).  I like this laptop but these are really too many problems. I bought this as a replacement for another laptop as I'm a student who really urgently needs to use a computer. Is lenovo going to fix this??

20170317_191056613_iOS.jpg ?1398 KB

Answer:Lenovo Yoga 710 Screen turns white

I didn't see or respond to your first thread, but the temperatures (42C idle and 65C gaming) see normal.  85C or 90C is a high temperature under load but not temperatures in the 60's.  (Most CPUs, desktop or laptop, have thermal shutdown when a CPU hits about 105C.)  The thread said to contact support and gave you a support document to reference for fan noise.  Your fans would be running when your temperatures are in the 60's, but not at high speed.  Did you do that?  I didn't mark it solved, but if I read the questions and the response, I would have thought the issue was solved, although someone should have said that 65 was OK.  If you had posted back and support couldn't find the support document, that would have meant that it wasn't solved.
Regarding the white screen,  you are going to need to contact support for warranty repair.

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My Asus x54l screen turns white and flickers I don't use it anymore because of this. THE STORY: one day I cracked it in a couple months later it started turning white and screens now it usually is just white I thought I just might need to buy a new screen but I'm not sure What do you think?


Answer:laptop screen turns white and flickers

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I am using a Compaq Presario V2000 since 2006.
Win XP Home, AMD Sempron 3000+, ATI Radeon Xpress 200M, 1Gb Ram.

Since the last couple months, once in a few weeks, while I am using my computer, my screen turns to what is depicted in the Image file attached here. Earlier it would fix itself in about a minute or two. Or I'd have to move or twist the screen a bit. But recently, the only fix that works is a restart. I can not see anything on the screen and thus use a keyboard shortcut for restart.

From what I have read around, its probably the Inverter (or whatever is the chip behind the screen frame where it says "Compaq") that is troubled and replacing it would fix it. But before I take it to HP and get myself ripped off, I could use some advice.

Thanks a ton and ask if there's any more info that is required.

PS: The picture does not reflect the rainbow colors because the colors are due to the background. During me clicking the picture, there was nothing running I guess.

Answer:Laptop Screen turns White / Rainbow

Since no one has any info here, I'll post what I learn. Might help others.

Since the backlight is working fine, it is not and Inverter or a Backlight Issue.
And I can hook it to a external monitor (when my screen is knocked out) and it works fine. Thus motherboard and video card are fine as well.

That leaves us with the LCD wiring / cable and the Panel in itself.
I have decided to wait for a few days before I take it to a tech because I do not move the panel at all and it seems to be stable for now.

Will update.

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Alright guys!

Just throwing this question out there.

My boss gave me a computer to play with a few days ago.
It is a very old laptop from HP.

HP Compaq nx5000.

The problem is that when I try to start the computer the screen turns white and nothing else happens. No matter how long I keep it on. So i removed the battery and tried to have a very causious look inside but found nothing out of the ordinary. That beeing said I have never opend a laptop before.
Any suggestions?


Answer:Laptop screen turns white on upstart.

Does it seem to continue booting, even though you cannot see anything? Do you get the mfr. splash screen? POST? Have you tried an external monitor?

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randomly windows 7 crashes out of nowhere, the screen goes white or green and the speakers buzz and i have to restart it, ive tried disabling the ati audio but hasn't helped and ive ran occt and prime95 and doesnt crash so i dont think its a o/c problem.Has any else had this prob or know a solution?

Answer:Screen turns blank white with buzzing win 7

No blue screen, just that crash? Even though you say you've tried occt and prime95, it sounds like a bad OC, try going to stock speeds and see if it repros.

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My operating system is VistaStarter SP1, I am using a built in graphics card NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 with max. memory of 313MB. This problem occurs when I play a game called "Special Force Online" and when I maximize spider solitaire... how mysterious. It also shows in the Nvidia Control Panel. Just view the attachment or link for the sample image. hope this problem will be solved so I can avoid reinstalling my OS. Its so painful...Here's the image sample:

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My Chromebook turns on and boots to a white screen but no logo. I've tried turning it off and back on again, rebooting it, ctrl alt delete etc. Nothing has changed. When I first turn it on, the screen flickers in vertical bars for about 10 seconds, and then goes entirely white without a Chrome logo. What do I do? 

Answer:My Chromebook turns on and boots to a white screen...

It sounds like the Chrome OS may not be loading. The cool thing about Chromebooks is that you can download the OS off the web. You need another PC and a SD card or Flash Drive but here are the steps.

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when i turn my laptop on the screen is just white but i can still hear the hard drive running and i hooked it up to an external monitor and i see everything on the monitor but not on my laptop screen. What is the problem ? and how can i fix it? do i need a new screen?

Answer:my laptop screen turns white when i turn it on

Yes Tariq_01. That indicates for the replacement of the display panel.Before that, I suggest you do a hard reset.Shut down the system.Unplug AC adapter, disconnect it from laptopDisconnect all the external peripheral devices attached.Remove the batteryPress and hold POWER button on the laptop for 15-30 seconds.Wait for few minutesConnect batteryPlug in AC adapterPower on.If this doesn't help, only option left is display panel replacement. Contact HP in your region.Hope it resolved your issue,thanks,***PLEASE CLICK "ACCEPT AS SOLUTION" TO HELP OTHERS WITH THE SAME PROBLEM******CLICK KUDOS IF YOU APPRECIATE MY REPLY***

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After about 10 minutes it becomes a white screen and I cannot get out or even see the cursor.  I just have to turn off the computer and start up again since there is no other option.  Any ideas of how to get rid of white screen?

Answer:My Acer Aspire XC-605 turns to white screen when i...

Have you tried connecting to another monitor or TV?Do you get the same white screen?

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This morning when I turned on my computer the screen image rippled a few times, then seemed to be ok. Shortly after that, the screen froze, became pixelated, then turned completely white. I shut the computer down, waited a few minutes then turned it back on. This happened 2 more times. What can be wrong with my computer? Do I have a virus or malware? And how can I fix it?

Answer:My computer Screen Freezes and Turns White

Try F8, choose last known good configuration.How do you know when a politician is lying? His mouth is moving.

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i dont know what to do, i have had computers for years, but never had one do this before, it doesnt happen everytime i open windows but it happens enough to be a problem. i just got this laptop a week ago and it has worked fine being used everyday for hours until yesterday. when i open IE the screen pops up and it sometime freezes or screen stays white with my homepage title in the address bar but nothing happens, sometimes when i open a second screen it will turn black and small white windows open with little white boxes with gray exclamation points inside them. at the same time this started happening i noticed that when i right click and click on open in new window, it doesnt do it and opens window taking me away from the screen i was on, it has been doing that alot too. i noticed that 2 days ago i had left the computer on overnight, when i came into the frontroom to wake it up the next morning the IE emblem in the task bar was gone and i had to put it back???? also sometimes when i am on a website, my cursor even dissapears and right after it happens the screen will lock up too. Happens on many different sites but happens alot on yahoo too. can anyone tell me what is going on please????
my computer is only a week and a half old and it is a:
Lenovo B570
Model: 1068AFU
CPU: Sandy Bridge (B950)
8gb RAM
500gb Hard Drive
Windows 7 Home Premium SP1

please help

Answer:ie locks up,screen turns white &/or black and freezes!

forgot to mention this above, but before i even turned computer on for the first time, a 4gb ram upgrade was installed, could this be caused by a faulty memory card?????????

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I'm started having a weird problem that I don't even know what caused it. I was using my PC and it fine, no problem then a friend came over and I left my PC for about an hour. When I came back I noticed that my screen was turned grey and PC was not responding so I reset the PC manually. After bootup, it went fine but then again after 5 mins my screen turned white and it stopped responding, and that's how it behaves whenver I try to bootup now. Sometimes it asks for Username/Password and then after 2-3 mins it goes white or sometimes it doesn't even present me with the Login screen. It works fine in the Safe Mode. Another weird thing that I found is the problem perishes when I remove the Nvidia driver in the little time that I get between the 2-3 mins before the screen goes white and if it succeeds in removing the driver and asks me to reboot, now here's the catch. If I remove the driver and don't reboot, the system works perfectly, no matter how long I use it. Hell I upgrade it to 1607 through that. But if I reboot after the driver uninstall, I can see that driver has been removed because my resolution turns to 640x480 but after sometime it automatically gets the driver, almost instantly restoring the resolution and the same problem with white screen.

Right now, I'm writing it using the safe mode. Any idea how can I debug or solve this issue?

By the way, I'm running Windows 10 x64 and have Nvidia 970 with Intel i7 4770 (not K).

Edit: I just found that even in Safe Mo... Read more

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The laptop screen is turning white after tuning it off. Plese tell me what to do?

Answer:lenevo laptop screen turns white after turnin

press the power button for 10 seconds, is it still white?i hate computers!but cant help myself....

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I have a lenovo laptop,Z580 Today out of nowhere the whole screen turned white. I shut down the laptop but when i tried to reboot,The screen was still white.Something told me to just remove the battery and see if that would at least get it to boot and here i am,However,the battery is currently out. What could be the problem?Will it happen again? I only have a month left until work starts again,Can't have it breaking </3

Answer:Lenovo Laptop Screen Turns White Upon Boot?

Hmm sounds like you may have a monitor problem mate - can you get into safe mode?? if you can run these
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
Disk Check < if necessary include the /f and /r in the command line as per Option2

NB SFC best run for about three runs

if no go then do these
SUPERAntiSpyware | Remove Malware | Remove Spyware - AntiMalware, AntiSpyware, AntiAdware!
Malwarebytes | Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium
AdwCleaner Download
ADW download from bleeping computer delete any rubbish found with the malware scans
(NB If one is running Kaspersky security it may rant about ADW - just ignore it or disable Kaspersky while the ADW is being used)

One last thing try leaving the battery out unplug form the power source and hold down the power button for around 10-20 seconds and then power up again.

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My computer screen on my Hp Envy notebook turns milky white. I ran the palette test and it was a failure. Failure id:  Q08JJ0-77U88Q-MFGH7F-Q2A003 I would be thankful for your assistance! Regards Farzad

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Hello,Whenever I try and play a video on youtube or hover over a video in my facebook newsfeed, the video portion of the screen plays the video, but it is zoomed in about 10x and black and white.  Anyone know what would cause this?  It happened suddenly without downloading anything.Thanks,Evan

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When PC is idling, the screen turn into red, green, blue, white, black, and every time I need to turn off the machine. It says "the best driver software for your device is already installed" -  Intel HD Graphics. I have tried uninstall, install.  

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My Laptop screen had been working perfectly for months. Then out of the blue It started to get washed out white.
I do not know how long this has been happening or when it started but I just noticed it recently on a trip.
I use my Acer Laptop as a work PC so it's generally plugged into a Monitor. I was traveling & I brought it
with me. I turned it on & all seemed normal. The 4 flying Win7 colors did there dance as the system started to boot up.
Then I'd see the "Login" screen for a second or 2 then Bam, the screen went white out of nowhere! I thought I was the
victim of some kind of "white-screen-of death". The Laptop is barely a year old. Then I noticed if I tilted the screen
all the way forward I could make out the Login screen icon & window. I typed my password & it continued to boot up.
Now my desktop was normal with all the colors correct. I figured it was a weird glitch, a 1 time thing. After about
20-30 second the screen when white again! Now there was no way to get it back to normal. I could see everything on my
desktop in the faded white washed out background. I ended up doing emails in that condition. it sucked.
-I've tried rebooting 5x times. Same thing happens
-I've check & installed all latest Windows Updates.
-I did Virus & malware scan 2x with nothing dangerous found.
-I checked to see if my brightness level was somehow set all the way up. Nope.
-I started in Safe mode 2x. It does NOT get the White ou... Read more

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When i turn on my laptop, C660, the screen is black. It is the same when i try with an external screen?

It is a brand new laptop - only benn used a few times.

Answer:Black screen on Satellite C660

Remove battery and disconnect the AC adaptor.
Now press and hold power button 30sec long?
After that connect both parts again and try to power up the unit.

If this does not help, get in contact with Toshiba ASP in your country to check the hardware? if the notebook is new, the warranty should cover the repair

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I am having a problem with a friends Laptop, windows boots as normal and then after the loading screen everything just goes black with the cursor (arrow) on screen, I can move the cursor around but nothing else can be done.

Has anyone had this problem before and knows a possible solution for it?
Thanks for any help

Answer:Black screen on Satellite C660-2JD

>So are there possibilities to return to windows 7?
Yes. If you have created recovery disc use this disc for recovery image installation.

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Hi, I'm looking for a replacement screen for my Satellite C660-2EH and I'm having trouble finding one specific to the model. Could I buy the generic screen just labeled C660? Here's some I've found, for example:

Would appreciate any help anybody could give me on this, Thankyou!

Answer:Screen replacement on Satellite C660-2EH

In my opinion both links are OK and you cannot do anything wrong. As far as I know all C660 models use the same LCD display with follow specification:

Display Type - TFT Color LCD
Size (Diagonal) - 15.6"(HD)
Resolution - 1366 x 768
Aspect ratio - 16:9
Type of Lighting - Sidelight, LED

Only difference can be vendor or brightness on level 8.

When you order it be use it is HD LED display.

By the way: do you want to exchange it alone? I mean it is not so easy and if you don?t have experience with this stuff you should ask for help.

Be careful about it.

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This evening I bumped my computer screen as I rested it down (not too hard, but it slightly slipped from my grip).

The laptop appears to be functioning okay other than an issue with the screen. About 3 quarters of the screen is not working, it is just white background, with colourful streaks, and a large diagonal black line.

Is this likely to be simply a broken screen, that could be solved by replacing the screen itself? I am waiting to order a new screen but I don't want to spend the money if the problem is likely to be something else..

Also I've been told it's relatively easy to replace the screen yourself. I've done minor repairs on laptops/pc's in the past (new keyboard/track pad). I don't have warranty/insurance and can't afford a pro. Is it something I should be able to do myself?

Answer:Screen Broken - Satellite C660

>Is it something I should be able to do myself?
Generally speaking yes, you can do this on your own but without experience and maintenance manuals document it could be a bit problematic and risky. Many screws are hidden and many small parts have plastic holders that could be broken.

Of course it would be better to pay someone to do this on professional way without some risk. You must decide what should be done. If you want to do this on your own and there is some problem let us know.

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Hi guys,

I had this morning a problem with my toshibate c660, my screen was black and not reacting when turning on the computer.
However my computer still turned on and you could see the led light lighting on and hearing the computer starting.

Now I fixed the black screen by a tutorial, the tutorial goes like this:

'First turn your computer off by pressing and holding down the start button. Next unplug the computer and then remove the battery. Press and hold down the start button for about 60 seconds.
Release the button and plug in the computer. Press the start button and the display should return. Replace the battery. If this does not work, try it again up to four times. No results usually indicates a bad mother board. Hope this helps.'

I did it 4 times because the first 3 times it didnt work, and too my surprise the 4th time worked.

Q: Can someone explain why this works?
I hold the start button when their was no battery in the computer and it wasnt plugged in. I just cant understand this works when the computer isnt under power.


Someone with insight care to explain?
I almost think voodoo is real :))

Answer:Re: Satellite C660 - black screen

It?s not easy to say why the issue appeared.

But as far as I know such ?black screen? problems can be related to memory issues as well as to power failure.

Anyway, it?s very important that the workaround described in your posting worked properly.

The same power issue happened to me some month ago? and the same workaround was helpful to get the notebook working again?.

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Hello all,

Yesterday all of a sudden, the laptop screen went blank. Upon turning it on several times, the screen still doesn't turn on. By connecting the monitor to a external monitor via VGA (my TV), the TV does show up the screen, but has several flickering horizontal lines showing, thus obscuring part of the screen ( - ignore the windows behind, I was testing the sound - and it works).

I have tried several solutions on the web (like removing the battery and AC cable and pressing the power button, and interchanging the RAM card in the slots), and not surprisingly, nothing worked as I think my problem is not similar. Windows 10 just boots to a blue screen with a sad face and a QR code (I don't even know...), while Linux Mint does boot and gives a message of "running without hardware acceleration". I couldn't get any diagnosis on Linux to check if it's a problem on the graphic card or the motherboard, so I am turning to these forums to check if anyone had any similar problem.

Thank you.

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Can I make my Laptop screen a touchable screen?
Because I have noticed something called Pen and Touch

Answer:Touch Screen on Satellite C660-1M0

You cannot change anything. Your notebook doesn?t have touchscreen and it is nt designed to have one.
Forget it.

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Hi all,
I have a serious problem in my satellite C660-1EL, I bought it before two weeks, I received it free dos and I installed WIN 7 Ultimate.
The problem is when I updated the win 7 using auto. Update and during installation these updates the notebook suddenly shut down. When I turn it on again it gave me a blue screen with message "{color:#ff0000}irql_not_less_or_equal{color}" during booting.
I tried more time with safe mode but still give me blue screen before the win. booting.
I tried to install new system by using original WIN 7 CD, but before the setup extracting files the blue screen appear again.
I checked the RAM, HD, CD/DVD, in another laptop and it worked ok.
Also I tried to install WIN 7 by using USB flash boot and Win XP PRO from CD, but still the same blue screen appear before the setup copy the win. files.
Please help me, this laptop is brand new.
First the Toshiba Booting Screen disappear , but when I removed the RAM and installed again it appear and I entered the setup by pressing F2 and restore the bios to defaults, but still problem exist.
{color:#ff0000}Sorry for my language{color}.

Answer:Blue screen in Satellite C660-1EL

Hmmmmm...... strange. Try to remove one RAM module and check if the same will happen again.

This notebook is designed for Windows7 and there should not be any problem using original Microsoft Win7 installation disc.

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When my wife got off the plane a baggage handler helped her by pushing her mother in the wheelchair and dragging one of the bags behind him allowing my wife to take care of the rest of the luggage. Unfortunately the laptop that was sitting on top of that bag decided that it didn't like the ride, it jumped off the bag and tried to enter the terminal under its own battery power.

There is no visible damage to the laptop as it was inside the laptop bag and no cracks or anything on the screen. When the laptop turns on, the screen can remain blank, flicker or it will display the log on and desktop but instead of showing white it displays a pinkish purple, only white is affected not off white. Other colours display correctly although they do look as if the display is set to 256 colour or using the wrong driver.

I connected an external monitor to it and that works fine with full colour. If the laptop screen flickers a light tap to the back of it will get it to stay on but the colour isn't corrected. I am thinking that it may be just a loose connection or broken wire between the screen and the motherboard but not sure if the change in colour would be caused by this.

Satellite C660 (PSC1LA-00J001) looks brand new but I don't think it would be worth taking in to get fixed.

Any ideas on what the problem might be?

It took me 2 1/2 hours to post this exact same message because somewhere in there is profanity or inappropriate language. :(

Answer:Satellite C660 - screen issue


On this virtual way it is not possible to say for sure what is wrong there. Your notebook must be disassembled and all must be checked. Graphic card seems to be OK so there must be some problem with connectors, cable or with the display itself.
>Satellite C660 (PSC1LA-00J001) looks brand new but I don't think it would be worth taking in to get fixed.
Why not? Even display exchange is not so problematic. Googling around you will find many online stores where you can order new display, if necessary. Even on eBay you can get it for reasonable price.

If you don't have experience with this stuff I recommend you to contact nearest Toshiba service provider or some independent IT service and ask for help. Check which options are available and how much you must pay for repair.

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Hi guys I wonder if anyone could help please.

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-2DR laptop which seems to be faulty (just out of warranty).
Everything worked fine until we came to switch it on one morning and found the screen remains off (black screen). There is no output through the VGA as I have tested it on an external monitor.

The CPU fan spins for a couple of seconds and then switches off.
There is no hard drive read/write sound either. The power LED remains lit. I have removed the hard drive to access the data on another system which worked fortunately

. I have also removed the RAM, battery and optical drive but there is still no output on the screen.

Does it sound like a faulty motherboard?
The laptop appears to be in excellent condition.

Is there anything else I can try please? I would be very grateful for any advice.


Answer:Satellite Pro C660 does not boot no screen

Yes, this sounds like faulty motherboard or an part of motherboard like RAM or CPU.
You said you have already removed the RAM but did you use an good tested RAM module?

Theoretically it could be just an RAM problem but in worst case you will need to replace the motherboard and I think this would be really expensive repair.

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My C660 crashes - blue screen with the error message...." a clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor within the allocated time interval". I have updated the bios and all othe major drivers and deleted recent software.

Any suggestions as to what might be going wrong?

Answer:Blue Screen on Satellite C660

>... and deleted recent software.
Somehow I feel you have tried to increase notebook?s performance sing some additional software.
On this virtual way it is not easy to say what the problem is. We don?t know what have you done last days but fact is that using ?factory settings? something like this will not happen.

Can you please tell us what have you done exactly?

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I have only had this for one week.  The screen will turn white and freeze at times.  Also, problem loading pages at times.  A virus already?

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My Notebook Toshiba Satellite C660-268 was installing updates, then it went on frozen for half an hour, I decided to force shutting down by pressing the power button.

I tried to power on, notebook could not wake up, I can hear the fan but screen is black, no post/splash screen (Bios screen), power led goes on for few seconds and then turn off. I tried to press all important function keys, but nothing could make my notebook boot or stay on. Please,

I need your help so as to make my notebook boot again

Answer:Satellite C660-268 not booting, no splash screen

I think that some hardware part died during the update installation.
From my point of few it was simply a bad luck that this mistake happened during the system update.

There is only one real solution: the troublemaker needs to be found and replaced.

Theoretically such issue could be caused by memory problems as well as motherboard malfunction. The RAM modules are not very expensive and in case the RAM would be faulty, the fix should not be a big problem.

But in case of motherboard malfunction, the notebook repair could be really costly affair.

What could be the next step?
I think if you have no big computer experience, you should ask some professionals for assistance and further help.

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I dropped my Toshiba Satellite C660 laptop and now half of the screen is showing lines all over in different colours. My question is, if I replace the screen with a new one will it solve the problem. I found a screen that I think will fit.

I am really gutted now but I will need to either replace the screen or buy a new laptop.

Please help.

Thanks a lot.


Message was edited: link has been removed - commercial

Answer:Strange Lines on Satellite C660 Screen

I?m pretty sure the display is defective but if possible you can connect external display or TV to your machine and check if the desktop will be shown properly on external device. If yes that is display definitely defective.

In case that there is some problem on external device too the reason can be graphic card functionality.

Anyway, after reading your posting I?m also thinking that display must be exchanged and I also think this will solve your problem.

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I just purchased a brand new laptop yesterday and I've notice that there is a slight blue tint to the screen particularly noticeable with whites, I just wondered if this is something I should be concerned about or whether it's just how the screen is with these laptops? I compared it with my PC monitor and it's definitely there just slight.

Answer:Satellite C660-1J2 Blue tint on the screen

In my opinion you should contact your local dealer and check if the same happen on other models.
To be honest I don?t understand what do you mean exactly with this ?blue tint? but on my both notebooks screen is absolutely clear.

Maybe you should ask for replacement.

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I bought a VGA cable to connect my laptop to my TV in order to mirror what ever is on my laptop screen. My TV did not pick up anything when I checked the Sources.

I opened the "Action Centre" on my laptop and selected "Project". I changed the current setting of "Duplicate" to "Second Screen Only", this caused my laptop screen to go black when the VGA cable was connected. When I disconnected the VGA cable my laptop screen came back on. This frustrating because I want to change it back to "Duplicate" but it is impossible to navigate while the VGA cable is plugged in because of the black screen.

note that when i changed it to "second Screen Only" my TV still did not pick up my laptop.

any solution for this?

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Hi good morning all my first time here hope to get some help.

i have a Toshiba Satellite C660-1j2 it was running Windows 10 and has been for some time great, then last night it turned its self of because I forgot to charge it charged it turned it on and now it won't do anything, it is blue screen saying that this is missing 0xc000007b.

it came with no software and I have no idea how to boot it up for recovery.

can anybody help or is it the bin.


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Hi everyone. Im new here and was wondering on, how do i get the screen back, as I've just changed the screen ribbon on toshiba c660 as my old ribbon had broken wires. Everything works and can hear the fan etc but no screen. I noticed though that if i shine a light on the screen i can see the background. Im not computer minded but need help. Thanks

Answer:toshiba satellite c660 black screen on xp

Hi mw_86 and welcome to TSG.

Have you tried an external Monitor ? I would do that first if possible and if it's display is good carry on below.

With those symptoms if that model has an Inverter I would try switching it with a known working one.
You should find some on Ebay. (I've had good luck even with used ones).

If it does have an Inverter it could be the backlight instead but that's usually much more difficult to replace.

If it's an LED model (ie no Inverter or Backlight) I would guess either the LEDs have failed or they aren't getting power from the motherboard.

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I have a problem with the display of my Toshiba C660 26X. Since the first time I used it, the gamma seems to be to high.

This is not a question of luminosity neither contrast. The display just looks "too bright" and I loose a lot of contrast in bright colors.

I tried to use the tool "calibrate colors" from Windows 7, but even if I choose de lowest level of gamma, the display stay too bright.

The only way I found to fix this, is to manually adjust the gamma in the nVidia control pannel. BUT : I have to do this each time I reboot the computer. (It seems that Windows wants to manage the display settings, even if I configure the nVidia Control pannel to be the only tool that manage gamma settings).

So here are my questions :

* How to fix this ?

* Is there any way to configure de screen directly at the hardware level (not through any kinds of softwares) to fix this problem ? I mean just like you can adjust a non-laptop screen by pushing on buttons.

* Does anybody know how to force Windows to let the nVidia control pannel fully control the display settings ?

By the way, I don't find your support usefull. I had to search a lot to find out how to contact anybody from your support. Now I have to write in another language than my mother tongue on an international forum and I hope that somebody will be able to help.

Will I receive an e-mail notification when an answer will be posted ? If not, please send also your an... Read more

Answer:Satellite C660 26x - screen problem (gamma)

Hello Jay

Satellite A200 is old notebook model and I can imagine that cooling fan and cooling grill is full of dust.
Before you change anything your notebook should be completely disassembled and cleaned up. I have done this several times in the past and i must say that my notebooks were much quieter than before. After doing this cooling system will work properly and notebook will be able to ?take a breath?.

I don?t know if you know someone who can help you with this. Please don?t spend your money for new parts. At first do professional notebook cleaning.

Please send some feedback.

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I shut down my Toshiba Satellite C660-22V laptop. I restarted it immediately but the screen was blank. The laptop was still making it's loading noises though.

Any ideas as to how to fix this?

Answer:Satellite C660 - Blank screen after restart

Have you noticed this for the first time now?
Any reaction if you press F2, F8 or F12 at start-up?

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Hi, Please can someone help me??

My Satellite C660-2EV has developed a display problem where the screen has split into three equal sections or parts, with the middle section staying in the middle of the screen, but the left hand side is now on the right of the screen and the right hand side is now on the left.

Ive searched various forums and found nothing on the Toshiba site that comes close, but found that a lot of sites are saying that this could be a hardware fault either with the Graphics card or the ribbon that feeds the screen that runs through the hinges.

Can anyone plaese shed some light on this??

Answer:Satellite C660-2EV Screen has split into Three sections

> found that a lot of sites are saying that this could be a hardware fault either with the Graphics card or the ribbon that feeds the screen that runs through the hinges.

Does the same issue appears on the external screen/monitor ?
If Yes, this would mean that your graphic card chip (maybe motherboard) is the troublemaker.

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Please find the solution about my pc Satellite C660-1MO. I am suffering from blue screen desplaying while startup. Many times I am having this problem. While I am doing my job on it just it dump and restart with the blue screen. what happen to it. Is this a hardware problem or software or others?

Your kind attention will be heighly appriciable.


Answer:Blue screen display on my Satellite C660-1MO

Originally Posted by spkali123

Is this a hardware problem or software or others?

Without any precise information we cannot say for sure what the problem is. Can you send us the error code? This may help to find out what the problem is.

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Hi everybody.

I have a C660-22v.Everything was working fine.Then about an hour later, went to use the laptop again, switched it on, it powered up as normal with 2 clicks, then nothing. Just a black screen, not even lit up, then after 5-15 seconds, the fan speeds up for a second or 2 then the laptop switches off.

Tried it with the batteryout & just the charger pluged in, just the battery, holding the power button, all sorts of ways but it just switches off.

I`m thinking the hard drive has failed. Any help would be welcome as its out of warranty (around 16 months old).

Many thanks in advance,Neil.

Answer:Satellite C660 powers on, black screen and switches off

In my opinion it has nothing to do with hard drive. I presume there is some problem with power supply electronic. I have similar problem with my A300 and at the moment I don?t know what to do.
Repair is probably pretty expensive so I?m thinking to sell it on eBay as defective.

Problem is that we cannot do much about it. What to do? You can disassemble it, take a look inside and put it together again.

Either it works or not. I?m afraid your issue is for service and it should be checked by service guys.

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Hi everybody,

I have a Toshiba Satellite C660-10T Laptop and have recently purchased an additional 2GB RAM to upgrade my laptop to 4GB in total. The RAM stick is identical to the original 2GB ram that came installed in the laptop.

I have added the extra ram and when i turn on the laptop the screen remains black however the laptop fans can be heard etc. When i remove the added ram the com starts up fine and shows the windows login on screen. I have also tried both ram sticks on their own in slot 1 and they both work fine, its only when they are both in the connectors that i get the black screen.

Any help asap would be fantastic.



Answer:Satellite C660-10T - Black screen after adding extra RAM!

> When i remove the added ram the com starts up fine and shows the windows login on screen.

Its a problem with your additional RAM module.
Either its not fully compatible.
Recommend using two identical RAM modules from Kingston? such modules are great, tested and provide good quality.

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Hi can anyone please help

trying to upgrade the ram on my C660, presently has 3GB - spoke to Toshiba and they told me the type to get and said as im running 64bit windows I could go to 8GB - so bought the following

DDR3 1066MHz sodimm - x [email protected] --- from ( ?64 )

When I fitted it and switched back on the screen is just black.
Anybody got any ideas please as im in the middle of my assignments aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!

And any help would be really appreciated


Answer:Satellite C660 - black screen after memory upgrade


Sounds like not compatible or faulty module.
Can you boot the notebook properly using the old modules?
If yes, then the new memory should be replaced with another one.

I recommend Kingston modules? in my opinion they make good quality?

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I have updated the BIOS on my Toshiba satellite C660 - 1ME to version 1.20-WIN from Toshiba website .
after that the BIOS startup screen disappeared, so now my laptop starts directly with Windows startup screen

I tried pressing any function key on startup, but nothing happened
I tried to re-install BIOS (both old and same new version) but I got error massage that I have "the same or newer version of BIOS"...

can you help me please?

Answer:Satellite C660 -1ME - BIOS startup screen disappeared

> I tried pressing any function key on startup, but nothing happened
You mean F2,F8 or F12?

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I'm a newbie here so my question may be obvious to some,,,,but not to me!

My Satellite C660-174 laptop (running Windows 7) has stopped opening correctly. Everything is normal up to the point that my password is typed in. Instead of opening up to my 'desktop' with its icons all down the side I get a page with a 'Toshiba Leading Innovation' banner across it and just four random icons down the side.

How can I restore my desktop screen and all the icons?

Help will be appreciated.

Answer:Desktop screen on my Satellite C660-174 will not open correctly

It is really not easy to understand what do you see exactly.
Can you please make a pic and send some link where we can see it?

I really don't understand what could be the problem but what you can try is to start your machine with F8 and enter advanced boot options. Choose the entry "Repair your Computer" and press "Enter". Go forward until you will enter System recovery options. Try to make system restore to earlier time. Maybe this will help you to fix described issue.

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So this morning after trying to power up my Toshiba Satellite C660/C660D I was met with a black screen.

The power lights both work and light up, the fans whirl when I power up but nothing ever comes up on the screen, I was wondering if anyone could help here?

It's less than 3 months old.

Answer:Satellite C660/C660D will not boot up (black screen)

To be honest I really don?t know how to help you.
Remove battery, leave notebook for a while and try to start notebook with AC power supply only. Try to do it several times with and without battery. If nothing helps there must be some hardware problem so I recommend you to contact Toshiba service and ask for help.

Warranty is valid so there is no reason to be worried about it.

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First of all hi first post. I have 2 satellite laptops 1 C660 daughters crashed a while a go so she started using mine. Mine C665D now has broken screen can see some of screen. Decided to first try screen swap no go different connectors so swapped hardy rive from 665 to 660 and did clean install win7 pro. Was looking good but had no network driver. Not having another pc only iPads makes it a bit difficult to download driver so swapped Hardrive back download driver for 660 swapped again loaded driver all good working. Reading advice said to update all driver. Started at the top of Toshiba driver page and did bios update. Crash! During install of bios "confuser" shutdown and now will not boot. Push power button both led come on fan starts then just shuts off. Did a little research and it appears the bios flash was not a good option a pity it was on the driver download page, won't happen again. I have tried starting without battery f2 etc but still shuts down. Any help would be appreciated as I am defiantly out of my depth now. Both laptop currently in pieces but I am getting pretty good at the pull down put back together thing, tempted to bin then both but will see if you guys can help.

cheers Blowen

Answer:Updated BIOS - now black screen on Satellite C660

A bit of an update might help others?
It would appear I need to ref lash the bios. From what I have been reading process as follows.
1 make a bootable usb ( at this step now)
2 download bios. I downloaded wi rear to be able to extract the files. there are 4 files as follows.
1 bios.ROM 4,356 k.b
2 BiosCheck 1 k.b (this is a notepad read me file)
3 ec.ROM. 128 k.b
4 Setup 1389 k.b
Not exactly sure which file to copy over at a guess I would say 1 but maybe all needed?

3 remove hard drive and optical drive
4 remove battery insert bootable usb apparently it is imperative that you hold down the F key kept it in then plug ac power on continue to hold the F button let go after a while ( not sure how long 30 seconds I will try) let F button go. If you have a usb with a light if it comes on it is working, wait until it stop restart system and hopefully you can now get into the rest of the system.
I have got my old Acer laptop out of the Closet fresh installed win 7 was running really slow so spen most of day sorting, was services using 100% cpu, Windows update turned this of and now pretty good to hopefully make bootable usb and put on bios to flash Toshiba.
Fell free to add if I have missed something.

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Having purchased the Satellite C660/c660D less than a month ago.
I am disappointed to see the shift key (left) as well as the CTRL key causing the screen to go black intermittently when typing my blog...

Pretty sure not blogger as tested in word too.
Any ideas as this is poor given the reviews and price..
HELP..dosnt do it every time but much of the time. Not happy!

This is a fault i wouldn't expect from this brand

Thanks for any help

Answer:Satellite C660/C660D - shift key causes the screen to go black


> I am disappointed to see the shift key (left) as well as the CTRL key causing the screen to go black intermittently when typing my blog...

What does this means exactly? Pressing SHIFT and CTRL button disable the display and you are not able to see anything on the monitor?
Is this right?

Did you check if this happens using an external USB keyboard too?
If not, I would assume that your keyboard malfunctions and needs to be replaced.

A friend of mine has had a issue with my keyboard. The cursor jumped around and some characters were displayed twice? this could be solved by BIOS update?I?m not sure if your notebook uses the latest BIOS but you could check this too.

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Answer:Disk error and black screen on Satellite c660-21z


It looks like an problem with HDD.
Please check if the HDD is recognized in BIOS. Power up the unit and press F2.
Usually this should help to access the BIOS.
At the first BIOS page the HDD should be mentioned? is it?
If not then this means that HDD is dead and needs to be replaced?

By the way: you did not post the notebook model? but if it?s 3 weeks old, then you have to get in contact with an Toshiba service if the HDD would be faulty? you should get a new one free of charge because the warranty should be valid.

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Satalillite C660

I cannot boot onto windows 7.
I get a blank screen and curser not matter what, I have no recovery disc.

I have tried F8 and to repair, but again, it just goes to the blank screen.

Any ideas?

Answer:Re: Can't boot Satellite C660 - black screen and cursor


since when do you have the problem?
did you have any problems before?
Did you change anything in the system?

Do you can try to disconnect all removable devices to check if one of these components is causing the problem

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I just brought a new Satellite Pro C660-2JR laptop and a few hours after getting it I noticed that it has a purple cast/tint on any grey tones and is especially noticable if a B&W image is views because it has tones of purple, white and black with no actual grey!

Its very visible on the default settings (which are especially overbright and contrasty even after I've turned the backlight down) and I've adjusted the brightness, contrast and gamma through the graphics driver as per test cards but despite what I do this damn cast will not go away.

The only way to sort of get rid of it is to up the green channel contrast but this affects other colours as well so it doesn't really solve the problem and the cast usually ends up either being a very light purple or green with no actual neutral grey.

This cast is visible in all lighting types and at all screen angles.

Before I send this back for a replacement or open a warrenty repair on the laptop, is there anything else anyone could suggest I do?

Answer:Re: Magenta/Purple Cast on Satellite Pro C660-2JR screen

It is not easy to discuss about such issue. We should see how it looks like.

In my opinion you should contact your local dealer, compare it with other notebooks from the same series and ask for replacement.

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Can someone please help,

I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite C660/C660D for my nephew, We have forgotten the administrator password and we don't have password reset disk is there anyway around this.


Answer:I forgot my administrator password on Satellite C660/C660


I assume you are talking about windows system password and not about BIOS password. Right?
It?s not very big problem if you forgotten the System password but if you mean BIOS password then you are in trouble because the BIOS password can be deleted just by an Toshiba ASP technicians?

So I assume you mean Windows password? so start the notebook and press F8
Now you can choose Repair my Computer and then choose HDD recovery.
This would start a HDD recovery procedure which would reinstall the system? during the setup you can set anther admin password.

Of course there are some other methods but as far as I know this requires 3rd party software/tools or Win 7 DVD? so I think the HDD recovery is the fastest solution.

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hi all new here

well we have had our c660 106 for 2 month now,but the missus decided to drop it from about 6 inches high, it stayed on but the led screen is cracked internally as the colours were bleeding over etc,unwatchable.
It stayed on untill today and ive been pricing screens up.(had it connected through rgb to my home lcd)

i had to unplug the laptop and turn it off,but now the problem is when i switch it on it will do the inital fire up to the toshiba black screen where i have the options 0f f2 and f12 but then immediately turns off completely, we are worried now as we have a 1 yr old and we have everything she has ever done on there,
is there anything i can try

i know warranty wont cover it as its obvious the screens broken and not just failed.
any help would be brill


Answer:Satellite C660-106 wont get past boot screen and shuts down

anyone any idea?

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I have a C660-24f which is about 12 months old, and I have had problem with it since I got it.

It has restart Suddenly with blue screen (memory management).

Answer:Satellite C660 shows blue screen (memory managment)

> I have a C660-24f which is about 12 months old, and I have had problem with it since I got it.
Why do you wait so long time? You could contact Toshiba service anytime you want and ask for help or at least for good advice.

Have you tried to do anything about that?
Clean recovery installation maybe? Have you noticed this error when notebook runs with ?factory settings??

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Hey I wonder if anyone can help me - the screen on my satellite C660, only about two months old, started flickering in green stripes a couple of days ago after I'd adjusted the screen forward a little. Nothing has got rid of it, and every time the screen is moved it flickers more strongly or turns into a solid green stripe.

I thought it might be a problem where the screen connects to the actual computer but I've looked around the hinges and there don't seem to be any loose wires. I haven't yet contacted Toshiba because I'm going to have to call their UK support number from France which will cost a bomb, just wondered if anybody here had any ideas first? Has it happened to anyone else?


Answer:Satellite C660 - right hand side of screen flickers green

In my opinion it is not so important if anyone else hat it or not and you should not waste your time waiting for some answers.

I don?t know where you have bought this notebook but each notebook bought in Europe has EMEA warranty so please call authorized Toshiba service provider in country where do you live now and ask for help. You have new notebook and if there is some hardware related issue let them repair this.

Addresses and phone numbers of all ASPs you can find on Toshiba support page under > Support & Downloads > Find an ASP.

Good luck.

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I've been having a lot of trouble with trying to get my laptop to connect to the internet, when I was attempting to troubleshoot it, the blue screen appeared and it shut down, I didn't have enough time to read all of the information so I'm not really sure why it appeared. The laptop restarted and still couldn't connect to our wireless network, I tried numerous system restores which couldn't complete even though I tried it after I deactivated my AVG protection.

Eventually it connected and I was able to go on the internet for a short period of time with a very temperamental connection, it then disconnected again after about 15 minutes, I struggled to get it to connect again but when I eventually did the connection seemed fine and didn't drop.

I shut it down and when I turned it back on I had the same problem again, it wouldn't connect, the troubleshooter couldn't fix the problem, although a few times it identified the problem as a "problem with the wireless adapter". I tried everything I could think of, more system restores, re-installing the "network adapters" under the device manager, changing the power options to maximum for the wireless adapter and checking the the computer doesn't turn it off the save power, removing all wireless networks and then trying to reconnect to them. After about 2 hours I managed to get it to connect again after rebooting it in safe mode and the connection is fine now.

However I'm worried that I'm going to have this... Read more

Answer:Re: Satellite C660-1LD Blue screen whilst trying to connect to the internet


You should not worry about BSOD. I presume the reason was some software conflict.
Do you use original OS that you got with your notebook or your own OS installation?

Have you noticed this problem with WLAN only?
Can you use LAN?
Have you tried to test it with other router and other WLAN?

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My Satellite C660/C6600 is unable to load up and once it is turned on it goes directly to a blank black screen after the toshiba screen.

I am unable to access any menu's when using F2, F8 or F12, Im unsure what the issue is but any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Answer:Satellite C660/C6600 stays on a blank black screen


>My Satellite C660/C6600 is unable to load up and once it is turned on it goes directly to a blank black screen after the Toshiba screen.

Does this means that you can see the Toshiba Splash screen at the beginning at then the display becomes blank?
Can you see something on the external monitor? If you didn?t test this, please do that?

I don?t think that display is affected, since you can see the Toshiba splash screen?
Not sure about the GPU issue but I think if GPU would be affected, then the Toshiba splash screen would not be visible too. In your case it is?

Well, try also this workaround:
- Remove AC adaptor and battery
- Press power button 30 sec long
- Connect both parts and try to power up the unit.

You could also check if one of the memory modules might cause this?
In such case you need to remove one module and should test the notebook using one module in each slot?

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Strange problem. My Satellite C660D-1FM was doing a bunch of updates from Microsoft (hadn't done any updates for ages as it was used by my daughter and not connected to the internet) and after they had completed it rebooted and I got the Toshiba splash screen and then nothing. Holding F8 gives the same problem, tried holding the '0' key while powering on and that was the same. Connected an external monitor and it's the same. I can get into the BIOS and everything looks fine.

So, thinking the hard drive might be faulty I fitted another hard drive and fully installed Win7 from a Microsoft DVD (SP1 and all updates) and everything works. I then thought I'd try and restore the laptop to default factory settings using the Toshiba recovery DVD's which Id created. All worked fine during the install, all 3 DVD's installed and it went through the setup procedure, laptop got to the end when it wanted to reboot, rebooted and now back to the same error - Toshiba splash screen is ok but then it just goes blank. To convince myself I wasn't going mad I then re-installed Win7 from my Microsoft DVD and it installs fine, does all updates and has worked all day today with no issue.

Anyone any idea what's going on?

Answer:Satellite C660 - blank screen after recovery image instalation

Hmmm... something like this should not happen.
Do you use recovery discs for the first time?
Have you noticed the same result on both HDDs?

Problem is that there is no much to do about that and there is no way to change anything while recovery installation runs or later when windows setup is in progress.

Try to set BIOS to default settings and simply try to install recovery image again.

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When my laptop boots up, after it shows the press f2 or f12, and then starting windows, it goes on to a black screen with the cursor flashing.

The lights are on at the front, but there is no activity on the hard drive as the light is not flashing.

Help needed. Thank you.

Answer:Satellite Pro C660 - black screen and blinking cursor when it boots up

I think your HDD is dead.
You need to replace the HDD using an new one 2.5? SATA HDD.
Replace the HDD and install the OS again using Toshiba Recover Disk.
Hopefully you?ve created one in the past?

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I recently bought a C660 from ebay as a non-working repair project, listed as having no output to the LED screen but working ok on an external monitor.

After stripping it down, I found that the 40 pin connector to the LED panel had 3 damaged pins on the left side, so assuming that was the issue, I got another cable and rebuilt it. However, still no output to the LED panel, but all working fine on an external monitor.

As I have a spare new panel in stock, the next move was to replace the LED panel - still no output, except to the external monitor.

I have checked the setting for the video output (Fn+F5) and it is no different on any setting.

I have seen a couple of threads on here where people are having issues with no video output after a BIOS update (however I do not know if this has been done or not in this case).

Does anyone have any ideas as to what else I could check for to see what the problem might be?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Answer:Satellite C660 - Blank screen - No output - External monitor OK

To be honest I don?t think it is BIOS related issue. If you can see desktop on external display open ?Toshiba Assist? > Optimize > HWSetup and check BIOS version. You can compare it with version offered on Toshiba support and download page.

Be honest what else can be defective, for me it sounds as problem on the mainboard.
What do you think?

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its 1 year 7 months old it starts goes to windows error recovery after choosing start windows normally it then goes to black screen and moveable cursor and is stuck their can anyone help me or is it time to get a new laptop?

Answer:laptop-satellite c660-120 starts up black screen and movable cursor

Hi and welcome to Seven Forums! Have you tried to start Windows into Safe Mode pressing F8 after BIOS messages?

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I have a Satellite Pro with Windows 7.
Like Emma in a previous thread I am having trouble with the screen freezing and having to turn off to recover.

I think it could have something to do with Windows updates but can anyone offer any assistance.

Please! In plain English please because I am a silver surfer!


+Message was edited: notebook model number has been added+

Answer:Screen freezes - Need turn off Satellite C660 series to recover display

Hi Mariel

It would be interesting and useful to know what notebook model you have.
Secondly did you try to reinstall or update the display driver?

Please do that.

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Some features of the power manager are not working after a bios update (5.90).
The screen's brightness can't be changed in the power manager, nor the menu system at the top. In the power manager, the slider can be moved, but the brightness is not adjusted. Toshiba's menu system seems to crash upon trying to change the brightness with F6-F7 and the slider won't move.

Furthermore, the screen does not turn off after the set amount of minutes in the power manager.

What's going on? How can this be fixed?
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A100-812: Screen brightness not working & screen turns off after some time


Some question; why you have updated the BIOS??
Are you sure you have used the right BIOS???

In my opinion you shouldn?t update anything if the notebook runs properly!!!!

However, try to access the BIOS, set the settings to the ?default? and save the settings before you exit the BIOS.
If it does not help I would recommend recover the notebook with the Toshiba recovery CD.


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Toshiba Satellite M300 about 18months old (using Windows 7). Display has had intermittent problems. Screen flashes on and off to a white screen. Now if lid is moved while working, the screen "whites out" completely and returns to normal when returned to "the sweet spot"!

Haven't tried another monitor yet. Driver is up to date. Assuming it is a 'bad connection' maybe. Use power off with close of lid have changed that tonight.

Any ideas? :)

Answer:Satellite M300 - Screen flashes on and off to a white screen

Hi KezRev,

Theoretically it could be a internal display issue or cable connection problem but you should test another monitor firstly. Just connect an external monitor to check the picture there.

If the external monitor works properly it?s either the internal LCD cable or display malfunction. Therefore contact a service provider and let the technicians check your notebook. They can fix this problem and order new spare parts. :)

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Hi there... please can any one help me. I?m having this problem since last week with my P10-304... it was working fine.. but now last week I turned it off and in the morning turned it back on using battery it kept on going in to stand by mode... and when I switched it off again and plugged its AC adaptor it was switched on but screen didn?t seem to turn on...

I thought screen is gone... but last night I turned it on. It turned on and went in to hibernation!!! Don?t know why. And now its same problem again... I turn it on power is lit blue and screen is blank (like it?s switched off) i don?t know what to do. I tried using recovery disc. But nothing comes on screen as I stated screen is blank as if it?s switched off.

Please help me..!!!!

Answer:Satellite P10-304 turns on but screen is off.


Well, this is a strange issue. It?s not easy to say what the problem can be.
But first of all you should remove the battery and AC adapter for 1, 2 hours.
After this procedure use the power supply for the working test.
If the problem still valid, I assume that it?s a hardware malfunction.
In this case the best way is to contact the service partner.

Best regards

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Hi, I've been having some problems with my laptop's screen; it's an on-off thing, however during these past few days it has become worse.
Whenever I tilt my laptop screen past a certain point, it turns black. However if you shine a bright lamp at the screen, you can still see and tell that the screen is still on, just very very very dark. However if you tilt the screen forward again, it comes back on / light backs up.

Sometimes, it's more troublesome and it requires me to repeatedly and simultaneously tilt the screen forwards and backwards before the screen comes back on.

As mentioned, it's worse now as the tilt angle of the screen has to be low for it to stay on (as opposed to before where the angle of the screen for it to stay lit was okay as it didn't require me to kind of bend over), tilt it any further back and it turns black again. Any ideas for a self fix? I called up Comet (the store where I bought this laptop from) regarding a repair and was quoted a waiting time of 21 days maximum; I would gladly send it in as it saves the self hassle but I need my laptop for these next 2 months for work and studying.


Answer:Satellite A300D-15B - Screen turns between on and off

hi Willeh,
it sound like a broken lcd-cable to me...
as you said it refers to the angle of opening....

see a servicepartner and ask for help!

this cable isnt much expensive and should be exchanged in half an hour at least...

you can use an external monitor too...

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Hello to all,
I have a Satellite L40-16D which, after some minutes, the screen turns grey (or white ). I have changed the LCD, the inverter and the cable of the screen. When i connect an external monitor at the same time , the external screen works perfect while LCD screen has the problem.
Any ideas ?
Thanks in advance

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Two things..........

1. Is it normal for the bottom of the laptop to get extremely hot and almost feel like it is burning?

2. The other day we turned my computer on, it loaded but with a blank screen. For the whole day it did this. I opened the computer and took apart half of it, turned it on and nothing still.
The next day I turn the computer on and the screen is on as if nothing happened.

Any suggestions?


Answer:Satellite P100 - Screen turns off

1. No this is abnormal.

2. If its still under warranty I'd get your laptop to your place of purchase quick smart. You dont have much time. Please whatever you do, just take it back NOW!

This is an early warning for your laptop to tell you its sick. Heat is a major issue with these P100's. I have a feeling you have damaged your video card already.

Good luck with it. I'd take it back for warranty before you have a very expensive and hard heating pillow.

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Anyone help my old Satellite A20 re start? It is running XP SP3 but on start up all I get is a white screen.

Was working fine four days ago. I have tried all the F key options I know, assuming some screen glitch. I can hear Windows start up, I can hear the HDD running but it never gets rolling enough to fire up the fan. Have tried inserting various CDs including recovery disk but all I get is the white screen. When I turn off it disappears instantly and the CPU appears to shut down immediately.

Any ideas out there?
Wouldn't matter given its age but has a lot of family pictures backed up!

Answer:Satellite A20 - White screen on start up


You mean the white screen appears always? Even you are booting from a bootable disk?
Can you see the Toshiba splash screen which appears at the beginning?

In my opinion it?s a hardware related issue?
You could try to connect the notebook to external monitor in order to check if the same white display would be visible on the second display.

The point is that this could be a GPU issue or just only an internal display issue.
The GPU issue would affect both monitors and if it would be a notebook issue then you should see something on the second monitor.

Nevertheless, it looks like a hardware problem?

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