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Satellite C660-2ED1 - Bios password reset

Question: Satellite C660-2ED1 - Bios password reset

One of my customers was caught by a telephone scammer and the result is the laptop now has a power on password.

On this model how do you reset the BIOS?


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Preferred Solution: Satellite C660-2ED1 - Bios password reset

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite C660-2ED1 - Bios password reset

Hello Jim

BIOS password is very important security feature so BIOS removal technique cannot be theme for public discussion.
Such information cannot be shared on public forums. I hope you understand what I mean.

As far as I know Toshiba uses several different techniques how to remove BIOS password and I depends on notebook model.
If BIOS password must be removed it can be done by Toshiba service provider. Contact nearest Toshiba ASP in your country, explain the situation and they will help you with this problem.

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hi all
HELP ME to reset bios password laptop satilite c660

Answer:Satellite C660 need help to reset bios password


Is the BIOS password known to you?

In such case ONLY the Toshiba ASP (authorized service provider) can reset the BIOS password.

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Good Morning,

I have forgotten my BIOS password on Toshiba Satellite Pro C660, could you please help me as I have lots of work inside that I am working on.

if any further details required please let me know I am ready to provide them.

thank you very much

Answer:Satellite Pro C660 - Forgotten BIOS password

BIOS password can be removed only by an Toshiba authorized service partner.
If you don?t know the password, you need the help from ASP in your country.

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Computer is a satellite pro C660-29W PSC1ME-00U00KEN

I've set a BIOS supervisor password (no user password is set). I know the password.

If I hit F2 it enters the text editor but does not give any opportunity to enter the password, and so whilst I can view everything there is no way to change anything.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Satellite Pro C660-29W: BIOS won't let me enter the supervisor password

Can this be helpful?

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Can someone please help,

I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite C660/C660D for my nephew, We have forgotten the administrator password and we don't have password reset disk is there anyway around this.


Answer:I forgot my administrator password on Satellite C660/C660


I assume you are talking about windows system password and not about BIOS password. Right?
It?s not very big problem if you forgotten the System password but if you mean BIOS password then you are in trouble because the BIOS password can be deleted just by an Toshiba ASP technicians?

So I assume you mean Windows password? so start the notebook and press F8
Now you can choose Repair my Computer and then choose HDD recovery.
This would start a HDD recovery procedure which would reinstall the system? during the setup you can set anther admin password.

Of course there are some other methods but as far as I know this requires 3rd party software/tools or Win 7 DVD? so I think the HDD recovery is the fastest solution.

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how reset the rom bios from that laptop model = C55-A-1LL

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I have a problem with my Satellite L50-A-10J. I forgot my BIOS password.
I tried to remove the cmos battery inside but nothing Do you know how you can 'reset the BIOS? Thank you

Answer:Satellite L50-A-10J - how to reset BIOS password?


Unfortunately, the BIOS passwords can be removed only by a Toshiba authorized service provider available in your country.
I would recommend to get in contact with the ASP in order to take next steps.

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How do I reset bios password. It says enter current password on screen before the windows screen. None of the f buttons are working. The zero key is not resetting it either

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I have a Satellite Pro M30 notebook and my son changed my bios password and now I can't even boot it! How can I reset the bios? Where is the bios battery to take out of the MB, so to reset like in desktop's? Is there any jumper to do the trick if all else fails? What else should I try?

Thank you all, in advance.


Answer:How can I reset BIOS password on Satellite Pro M30?

Hello John

Removing CMOS battery will not help much. If the BIOS deletion can be so easy, removing password on stolen units can be too simply. Please don?t expect that this information will be posted here.

You can contact Toshiba service partner. They will delete password for you.

Good luck!

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What is the easiest way to reset the Boot/BIOS/CMOS password on a Satellite A15-S127? I have seen notes on creating a Parallel loopback, but I can't find technical notes on how to make one. Even if I do manage to make one will it work on this model?

I don't recall seeing "Clear CMOS" jumpers on the board and I have heard that pulling the CMOS battery out will not reset the password in the event you need to access the BIOS later.

Can anyone help?

Answer:How to reset the BIOS password on Satellite A15-S127


I'm not sure about the A15, but as it is the american version of the A10, the reset method of the BIOS password should be the same. You need a special PCMCIA adapter. And the bad news: Only Toshiba service people have this adapter. So you have to go to a service partner.


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I need to reset the BIOS password on a L350D.
Can anyne help me with this?

I have tried to find the service-manual for this model, but I can't find it. So if someone have it, please respond.

In the user manual (paper-version), it refers to chapter 7 on the electronic manual, but I don't have the electronic version, so could someone who has it check what it says about reset BIOS and HW password?

Answer:How to reset BIOS-password on a Satellite L350D?

I found the electronic manual with "chapter 7".
But it only descibes how to set and remove the password when you are already in windows.

Please, anyone who can help, please respond.

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Hi everybody,

i have an old Toshiba Satellite A10-S103 (Model No. PSA10E-00KWY-GK) and i forgot my bios password and i am trying to reset it by finding the cmos jumper in motherboard (FHZSY1) but there is nowhere the J1 or any pins to reset my cmos.

Please help me

Answer:Satellite A10-S103 - How to reset Bios Password

[How do I delete a BIOS Password if I have forgotten it?|]

+You can not remove a BIOS Password yourself, if you have forgotten it.+

+The notebook has to be returned to a Toshiba Authorized Reseller or Toshiba Authorized Service Provider who will remove the password as a chargeable service.+

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Hi everybody

I have a real big problem with my laptop. I have a Satellite Pro L300, Windows Vista 32, version of BIOS insyde 1.50, version of system 6.0.6002 service pack 2 version 6002, then I must re-install the system.

But there are a BIOS password and I?ve lost it, so I can't access to my BIOS menu. I would like to know how I can reset this bios password.
It's very important for me. thx.

Answer:How to reset BIOS password on Satellite Pro L300?

you can't reset bios password if you don't remember it. Contact the service center and ask them to reset it.

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+Satellite P200D-12Z+
I forgot my BIOS password. Now I cannt use Toshiba HWsetup, some features in the Toshiba Assist and I cannt change boot priority because it is password protected.
What should I do? Is there any software that can reset the password?

Answer:How to reset BIOS password on Satellite P200D?

You will need to send the laptop to an Authorized Service Center for the password removal.

I think you need to give them the Invoice to prove that you own the laptop.

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I purchased a used Satellite x200 to replace my old p100.
When I received it, I remarked the bios is locked and the person I got it from is unable to tell me the password, arguing she used the finger imprint only four long.

Is there a way to reset the bios password and how much would it cost?


Answer:Satellite x200 - how to reset the Bios password


The BIOS password can be removed only by an authorized service provider in country where you live.
So get in contact with Toshiba service partner and ask for BIOS password reset.

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Hi, guys.

I suddenly ended up having a bios password problem without having set one at all. I can?t seem to start up my A100-237 computer because it wants a password right after I?ve started it up.

Unfortunately I haven?t got the time to go to the nearest Service partner as it is 400km from here. Can anyone help me in solving the problem (I?ve read about KeyDisk, but I need a floppy to be able to use that and I simply donīt have one).

Maybe I can use some sort of bootable CD to reset the password or something else?

Thank?s in advance for your help!

Answer:How to reset BIOS password on Satellite A100-237?

No, no, no? you cannot do it yourself? the BIOS password is not easy to remove like on the desktop PC by removing the RTC battery.
Something like that is not possible on the Toshiba notebook and can damage the board.

The only way to remove the BIOS password is contacting the ASP in your country.
I think it?s a security option because before removing the BIOS password you have to show the bill or delivery note.

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Is it possible to reset the BIOS password on my notebook Toshiba Satellite U400?

My friend have changed my password in BIOS. And unfortunately he has forgotten it.

Any ideas?

P.S.: I don't want to disassembly my notebook and clear CMOS settings by removing the CMOS battery...

Answer:Satellite U400 - Reset BIOS password


The BIOS password can only be reset from an ASP.
Sorry but this is the only way.

On the Toshiba website you can search for an ASP: => Support & Downloads => Find an authorized service provider


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I have laptop toshiba satellite p870 core i7

and lost password bios

im need Find jumper bios or Or plan to open the device

this modil pord >>>> gl10fg 6050a2492401

please help me

[email protected]

Answer:How to reset BIOS password on my Satellite P870?

BIOS password is very important security feature and BIOS removal techniques cannot be discussed on public forum, especially not on forum created by notebook manufacturer. Such info is something like ?tops secret?. ;)

For BIOS removal contact nearest Toshiba service. They can help you with this.

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I have an old computer Toshiba Satellite P300 and the screen don't work any more, but when I connect out self standing screen I see the screen Insert BIOS password, and I forgot this password. But I am almost 100% that I didn't write any BIOS password.

Is it any posibitlity that I reset BIOS password ?

Answer:How to reset BIOS password on Satellite P300-13X?


As far as I know Bios password cannot be set from alone. If the BIOS password is not known to me you need professional help. Toshiba service partner in your country can help you with this.

BIOS password is very important security feature and it cannot be discussed in public forum.
Contact nearest Toshiba ASP, explain the situation and they will help you with this.

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I had a BIOS password on my Satellite A100-785 and suddenly when I restarted blue screen came. So I restarted then it asked a password but the password didn?t work.

What should I do?

Answer:How do i reset BIOS password on my Satellite A100?

Contact the ASP in your country for the help.
Don?t know why a BSOD appear but you will be definitely not able to remove the BIOS password if the old password doesn?t function.

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Some days ago after disconnecting power cord and restart, notebook asked to enter a password. But there was no password installed earlier. I tried to Clear Cmos (short jumper near memory slots? when notebook completely off) as described on forums- no effect. In my town there is no autorised service center. Please help me with password removing.Maybe engineering password or something.

Answer:Satellite M100-180 how to reset a BIOS PASSWORD


Unfortunately but the BIOS password cannot be deleted without an help from ASP.

You have to contact the guys in your country in order to remove the BIOS password.

It?s pity that you will have to dispatch your notebook to the ASP but I don?t see any other solution?


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How reset bios password for Toshiba Satellite C855-1MF please !

Answer:How to Satellite C855-1MF reset BIOS password

BIOS password can be reset only by Toshiba authorized service provider.
Get in contact with the ASP available in your country and ask for password delete.

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Model: Satellite L50D-B-17J
Serial no.: YE031145C
So, a cousin of mine has somehow managed to put a BIOS password on her laptop, and then forgotten the password. Now, I've been asked to see if I can fix it.

First of all: this laptop, despite being relatively new, is essentially fix or trash, she's already got a new one. I have already opened it up, so the warranty has technically been voided already. All this means it doesn't matter too much if it breaks in the process of fixing it. They say they have contacted support and not really gotten a clear idea of what to actually do, and I'd prefer to not have to bother with support either (the site Support system isn't even working for me right now).

Long story short: Is there a way of resetting the BIOS password on this model? I understand that it's possible on a lot of laptops to do so by removing the CMOS battery. Now, this model does not have one (I have it opened and have not found one). Instead, I understand that newer models may have a circuit that can be shorted to possibly reset the BIOS? Is this correct, and if so, which circuit is it?

Once again, the laptop is pretty much forfeit anyways, so if at all possible, I'd take the chance of doing it myself, if it's at all a possibility.

Answer:Satellite L50D-B - Bios Password Reset

Well the circuits in question would be the JCMOS1 jumpers normally located under the RAM. Bridge them while the power is off first. If that doesn't work then post to screen by taking out the battery and lead, hold the power button for 10-15 seconds, then hold Fn+ESC, while holding this down plug in the power lead and turn on the device. When the fan starts up release Fn+ESC. If you see a post screen then bridge JCMOS1 jumper then and that should reset the BIOS. Unplug the device and hold down the power button for 1 minute and then plug it back in again. It should start up with out prompting for a password. If you could not get it to post then refer to the user manual to see what it's flashing procedure is. The buttons needed for a flashing procedure will be the same to make it post. Only bridge the JCMOS1 jumper while the machine is on if you see the post screen, no other time. An easy way to bridge them would be to use a paper clip and bend it out and use either end of it.

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Does anyone know how to reset a BIOS password on a laptop - A65 - s1062? The laptop was bought in USA.
I've heard that on laptops, the password is usually stored in an eeprom on the motherboard,
and what I need is an eeprom programmer/eeprom reader.

Or maybe it's possible to fix it? I live in U.K. How much approx. may it cost?


Answer:Bios password reset on Satellite A65-S1062

I had the same problem with a A60, but I don?t think that you can read that eeprom on that mainboard. Don?t do that, because I screwed my PCB with this procedure up. I think there is some other solution, maybe some short circuit of some pads but I don?t know it for sure, because I had to buy a new Mainboard, so there was no Password on it. :(
You have to remember: this is not a desktop board, it?s a notebook-mainboard and you won?t be able to put that eeprom (which is definetively not in a usual formfactor and not readable with a eepromprogrammer -> weird format) in a eeprom reader.

I think the best idea will be to give your rig to a service partner and they will delete the biospassword (hopefully without damaging your systempcb ;) ). I think this should be a secure way.


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Does anyone know how to either change or reset the BIOS Password in the satellite 1400 series notebook?

I have a notebook that keeps coming up with a BIOS password (I did not set one ,I suspect the BIOS battery needs to be replaced)

Answer:Satellite 1400 - How to reset BIOS password


You cannot remove the BIOS password.
The unknown BIOS password can be removed only by a Toshiba ASP technician.


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I put the password on BIOS and power boot and I forgot that password.
How can I reset the password?

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L300.

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro L300 - How can I reset the BIOS password?

You need to bring the laptop to an authorized service center to remove the password.

What country are you in? Check your local Toshiba website for a list of ASP's (service centers).

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I got a Toshiba A100-906 2 years ago when I was on a holiday in another country.
Funny thing it has a Bios password and I can?t change it.

I read all the manuals and there is no default password.
Is there any way to reset it or at least a program that will allow me to change it with my fingerprint reader?

Answer:Satellite A100-906 - How to reset the Bios password?

> Funny thing it has a Bios password and I can?t change it.
For me it?s not funny but it?s strange because BIOS password is not set on any of the new notebooks? the point is that BIOS password cannot be disabled or removed without knowing the old password.
So you will not be able to remove it without an help from Toshiba ASP.

Only Toshiba ASP technician can remove such password and you should get in contact with the guys to resolve your issue?.


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I have this Toshiba laptop Satellite A300-17s for many years, after I tried to use again the laptop after a few years I haven't use it, I discovered that I have a password on the bios.

I would like to know how do i remove it

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I have a Toshiba notebook Satellite 5105-S607 Part No PS510U-00NU7X and have lost the password.
I have tried to reset Bios by disconnecting bios battery and various methods seen on the web site but nothing

The methods apply to other models but this one seems to miss out, can you assist me as to have to spend a lot of money is not worth the price of the notebook.

Thank you in advance.

Answer:Satellite 5105-S607 - How to reset BIOS password

+You have to return the machine to a Toshiba Authorized Reseller or Toshiba Authorized Service Provider who will remove the password as a chargeable service+

[How to delete a forgotten BIOS Password?|]

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Hey guys

on my Toshiba Satellite A210 I have a BIOS password, which i have no clue what it may be. One day when I turned on my laptop, it came up with a blank black screen with a blue rectangle in the middle saying "Enter Password". I tried entering my Windows Login password, but this didn't work.

After 3 times of trying password the laptop will switch itself off. No one in my house uses my pc, and even if they did they wouldn't know how to do something like this anyway. Also, i have seen on other forums that this has happened to people for no reason.

One other thing, I would try one of the BIOS reset programs like KeyDisk or CmosPWD but if I put a CD, DVD, USB Flash Drive, etc, in my pc and press F12 for boot menu, nothing happens so I can't do that!

Plz help, I cant use my PC and i am currently on my sisters pc!!!

Answer:Satellite A210 how to reset unknown BIOS password?


This is very strange? ?:|
Never heard about passwords which appear automatically without doing any action?

Anyway, let?s talk about solution proposals;
The only real solution is to delete the BIOS password and this can be done ONLY by an authorized service partner technician.

I recommend get in contact with the ASP in your country and ask for the BIOS password removal.

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i was wondering if someone could tell me why when reseting the bios password via jumpers on motherboard is it stated that 1 of the 2 memory sticks should be left in the FIRST slot (the one furthest from motherboard)?

I ask because the top/FIRST memory slot on the motherboard of my laptop (please see title) is broken.

Can I perform try to reset by leaving a memory stick in the second slot (closest to the motherboard)?

Many many thanks

Answer:toshiba satellite pro A300 bios password reset

1. Welcome to Tech Support Guy
2. If you KNOW the password this is the procedure
If you know the password for the BIOS or UEFI or don't have one set, you can change or remove a password through the UEFI/BIOS settings, Hardware Setup Utility, or TOSHIBA Security Assist Utility.
As explained on the link with the sub links to the appropriate OS
3. The procedure you appear to refer to, irrespective of where you found it is - I would think part of a suggested method when you do NOT know the password.
4. If that is the case, then one of the rules of this site is

Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with (or ways to bypass) a forgotten or unknown password, personal identification number (PIN) or any other type of access code that may be required on a computer, mobile device or web site. As there is no way to verify the actual situation or intent, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.Click to expand...

5. Therefore I hope you will appreciate why we cannot assist if the presently set password is unknown.

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I am having trouble with an old satellite L100 prompting for the bios password, which we do not know.

I have seen there are various ways to short connections to work around this problem, however I cannot find anything relating to this specific model and none of the information I have seen applies to this motherboard.

Can someone please help and direct me to which pins needs shorting on the laptop in order to re-use this equipment.

Many thanks in advance,


Answer:Satellite Pro L100 - Question about BIOS password reset

>old satellite L100 prompting for the bios password, which we do not know.

Bad news buddy? BIOS password is some kind of security mechanism which cannot be deleted easy. The unknown BIOS password can be deleted by Toshiba authorized service only?
Therefore you need to contact the ASP in your country to get it removed

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Hi. Does anyone know how to reset the BIOS password for a Toshiba Satellite C660D 19X please? There are a number of very good YouTube videos for almost identical models, but they don't work on this one. The motherboard has changed a bit, and the reset jumpers don't seem to be in quite the same place, if they still exist. This video very nearly has the answer, but it's not quite right for the particular model variant I need:


I think it's very likely there is a similar answer to this problem - it just needs the right person to answer it. Thanks.

Answer:reset the BIOS password for a Toshiba Satellite C660D 19X

You want to reset it, or remove it? Once you enter the original password, there should be an option to do either, but I am not familiar with Toshiba's bios. But you will need the original password.

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Hi Guys,

I have a laptop, it is a Toshiba Satellite C660D-15F
Part no : PSC0UE-02R00MFR

At startup it blocks on password (Bios), but the owner does not remember it.
I know there is 2 nodes on the motherboard to jumper to reset the BIOS.
Can anyone tell me what is the label of those nods or give me any solution to unlock the BIOS ?

Thank you very much

Answer:Re: Satellite C660D - how to reset BIOS password at start-up?

BIOS password is very important security feature and we cannot discuss about this on public forum. Why to protect my notebook when someone who steals it can post on Toshiba forum can ask how to remove my protection?

BIOS password must be removed by authorized Toshiba technicians after check if you are real owner.

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I Forgot the BIOS Password of my Satellite Pro 4600.

[1] How can i reset the password ?

[2] Can BIOS Update from Diskette be usefull for bios reseting ?

[3] If not, do you know other methode ?


Answer:Satellite Pro 4600: How to reset or remove the BIOS password


1.) It?s not possible to remove the BIOS password yourself.
If you have forgotten the BIOS password so you have to contact the Toshiba service partner in your country to delete the password.

2.) Every notebook has a different BIOS procedure. You have to check the Toshiba FAQ - How to update the BIOS? -
Please check this Toshiba support page: u

But if the BIOS password is set you cannot upgrade the BIOS. The BIOS password must be removed to update the BIOS.

3.) see FAQ

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Hi to all,

unfortunately (but "strangely" most of all!) my Toshiba Satellite a350d-20k PSALME-01D00RIT does not recognize the BIOS password anymore. It is just the same password ever. I have been using it since 9 months each time in order to let the laptop boot.

However, it is a couple of days since it decided by itself that now that password is wrong. After trying and trying, I finally decided to put the hard disk into another computer as external drive in order to go on with my job... but here it came the panic: none of the computers I've been trying is actually able to read the data on the disk!

After spending a while frozen in panic, I got back to myself and start asking around to figure out the problem. Someone said the fact of the wrong BIOS password has something to do with the fact that I cannot read my disk outside of that laptop: you know, it is some kind of security mean.

However, the only thing it cares to me is that at the same time I cannot use my laptop and I cannot use my data outside my laptop.

So, my questions are:
1) does that laptop model have such kind of BIOS-password-protection affecting also my disk?
2) will the reset of the BIOS password solve the problem?
3) how to reset the BIOS password anyway?
4) how to get back reading my data on that hard drive?

Waiting for any feedback.
Thanks a lot !

Answer:How to remove/reset BIOS password on my Satellite A350D?


Its not probable that the BIOS password has anything to do with the Data in the hard disk.
When you say: "none of the computers I've been trying is actually able to read the data on the disk!"
What do you mean exactly? You cannot view the partitions in the disk at all? Or you mean that you get an error message when you try to view files in specific folders like "My Documents"? An error message can be caused by encryption that Windows use to protect private data in sensitive user folders.


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hello everyone.i have a Toshiba Satellite A215 S5822 .i forgot my bios password i cannot open my laptop.i tried to desolder cmos battery discharge 24 hours no not working still "enter password.i tried to jumper b500 but not working.please can you help me? i really need my laptop back it was my birthday gift from my birthday.thank you for reading.please message me.thank you for reading

Answer:Toshiba Satellite A215 S5822 help reset bios password

Already being helped here: I think?

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my son placed a username and password on the family laptop 6 or 7 months ago and the only hint he put is his name and he is 9 yrs old and doesn't remember what he put/?

Answer:reset username and password toshiba c660 2ke

Hi bean1387,Please refer to the links mentioned below: & RegardsManshu S#iworkfordell

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Ive been given a laptop with no reboot disks, Windows 8.1, and I want to wipe it back to factory settings to start again but holding 0 at the start isnt working, is there any other way to wipe everything off it?

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I got problems with my windows and after trying all the methods I could find on Web, I decided to start from zero. So I found the option of reset the Pc in Windows recovery console. Yet it gives me the error DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (storahci.sys). Is there another way of doing it? Or any other ideas?

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hi ,i want to take my pc back to factory settings but dont have a clue how this is done. anybody heilp please.

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hello i have had a toshiba laptop for a while now and i am trying to reset it to factory settings to give it to someone but i have forgotten the password at the part after pressing f8 and clicking repair your computer it comes up with a dropdown menu with ASPNET and HomeGroupUser$ and i cant remember that password i was hoping someone could help me

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Whilst updating the BIOS the system froze at step 7 of replacing the BIOS code, needless to say the laptop will not boot as the BIOS is now corrupt.

I have the BIOS.BAK but need advice on how to restore the BIOS. I copied the BIOS.BAK to a usb stick and plugged this into the laptop and then powered on the system (I've tried holding down F, F2 and together). I can see that the usb stick flickers initially but clearly does not progress with the restore.

I hope someone might be able to advise how to use the BIOS.BAK file to restore the BIOS.

Answer:Satellite C660 - BIOS Update Failed, help needed to restore BIOS.BAK file

Unfortunately I cannot help you with this but check please this interesting thread -

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Windows 7 64 bit Satellite Pro C660-1NR Laptop

Hi There,

One of my users' Laptop Computer freezes at random moments throughout the day. At first I thought it was battery related, as the first two occurrences happened when working unplugged, but it has since done it when plugged in too. On average it happens at least once every day.

It will not resume afterwards, the only way to get past this is by holding the power button and restarting.

The problem started when uploading a number of Windows updates about 6 weeks ago. Before it has never frozen, not even once.

I will wait for it to die again (might be today, might be tomorrow!) and will look at the event log around the time that it died.

Do you think this is hardware or software related?

I have updated the laptops drivers, chipset etc, so all is as up to date as I can get it.

Nothing wrong with this laptop other than the freezes, performs fine when it's working.

Your help is very much appreciated.

Kind Regards

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Answer:Satellite Pro C660-1NR freezes intermittently, hard reset required

>The problem started when uploading a number of Windows updates about 6 weeks ago. Before it has never frozen, not even once.

So why you don?t try to set the system back to the point before the updates have been installed? I think this would be the first step trying to solve this issue.

>Do you think this is hardware or software related?
If setting the system back to the early time point would not help, I guess an system recovery would be the next step to discover the reason for this issue?
After recovery the unit should work properly? if not? well it could be hardware related issue

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I know this will sound stupid. but I am an OAP buying my first computer (for the wife at Christmas) and I have not got a clue what I am doing. We purchased a Toshiba Satellite C660-28Ton Saturday

Upon installation, It asked my wife to give it a name which she did and a password which she also did. She set it up ok and was able to access the internet etc. Later she turned it off and then found that she could not use it again. When she starts it up the computer name comes up ok, but when it asks for a password, the password she chose does not work. We have tried everything, every variation of her password etc etc and cannot get into the computer again

What can we do ? our password does not work and we do not know how to enter a new one. Can anyone help or advise what we can do ? We have not even registered the Warranty yet. Many thanks if you can help.

Answer:Re: New Satellite C660 blocked by password

Try this first.
Switch on the laptop and then press and hold F8. A screen should open with various options, using the arrow/cursor keys select "Safe mode with Networking". Hopefully you will get a login screen with "Administrator" as one of the users and if you do select that account and there will be no password. I suggest you use "help and Support" from the Start Button to see how you reset the password.

If you've now got your machine back I'd suggest you look at creating a password reset disc.

If you still can't get back into the machine then if you created the backup discs then you can restore the machine to its out of the box state with them

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When i start up my computer it brings up a black screen with a blue box, which says enter password.
I do not understand why this comes up, or what the password should be.

Can anyone help please?

Answer:Satellite C660 asks for password

I assume you mean the BIOS password.
Strange if the notebook asks for password which you didn?t set in the past...
However, the point is that BIOS password cannot be deleted if you don?t know the password. Only the Toshiba ASP would be able to do that...
Therefore you can solve this issue only asking a Toshiba ASP for help and for removing this password.

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Have new Toshiba Satellite C660-21Z which I set up with no problem and all updates loaded
I cannot get passed the Welcome Screen and message is to reset password with use of usb flash stick and password recovery disk.

How do I do this or can I without having to take the whole lot back to place of purchase?

Answer:Re: Satellite C660-21Z - Locked password

I am not a techy person at all, however I did a quick search in Google and found this, may help...

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I wonder if someone can assist, the compter has bios win-1.90 issued feb 2012, looked today and they have issued new bios 1.70 dated 1/06/2012.

What gives there is no record of 1.90 version and I guess 1.70 is much earlier ??? and if one does a search on web (non Toshiba site) it shows toshiba 1.90 as latest.

Before anyone ask why do I need need Bios, some times have improvements

Tony Miller

Answer:Re: Satellite C660/1J2 and new BIOS

I?ve checked Toshiba support page and you are right. Offered BIOS version is 1.70. I don?t know why lower version number is offered as latest BIOS update.

Anyway, check Toshiba page next days. Maybe newest version will be offered.
But let?s be realistic, if your notebook runs well you don?t need BIOS update. If you don?t have some serious problems don?t change anything.

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Hi all,
I have been locked out of my bios and I don't know the password either. My little brother was playing with my laptop and accidently set the supervisor password. Is there any way I can recover the password or reset it? I really need to change my boot sequence as I just bought a new SSD and need to format my notebook. Suggestions will be highly appreciated.

The following are my laptop details and bios version

Toshiba satellite Pro C660-29W

CPU Intel Core i5 2410M

8GB DDR3 Ram

BIOS: AMI BIOS - Aptio Setup Utility
System Bios ver: 1.50
EC Version: 1.50

Thank you

Answer:Satellite Pro C660-29W; How to remove Supervisor Password

Supervisor password is very important security feature and some kind of ?user reset? is not possible. You can cancel it but you must know the right password to confirm that you are the real notebook owner.

Toshiba service provider in your country can help you with this. You must just approve that you are notebook owner and they can cancel it for you. Of course you must pay for it.

As far as I know there are several techniques for password removal and it depends on notebook model.

Contact nearest Toshiba ASP and ask for help.

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I have just bought Toshiba Satellite C660-15r off someone but the problem is it has a password on start up.
This is fine because i was going to restore it any way but when i go in to windows restore you need a password to access it.

Is there a way to reinstall windows with out using windows restore. I really hope someone can help.

Answer:Satellite C660-15r - Restoring Windows 7 without password

My advice is follow:
When you buy used notebook install OS again to have clean preinstalled operating system. Use Toshiba recovery image, if possible.
Just one question: do you mean BIOS password or Windows login password?

If previous user has set a password you need it and without this password you cannot do anything.
If preinstalled OS is locked with login password you can install OS using recovery DVD and you don't need any password for it. I just hope previous owner has created this recovery DVD.

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today I found out that somehow I had clocked my processor to just 1.3ghz. I googled that I have to install toshiba value added package. After successful installation my processor started working normally (max 2.8ghz).

Unfortunately it has caused massive overheating of my notebook. While I was downloading bios update(and surfing normal websites) temperature went up to 83?C! I'm just not doing anything it's going really high..(btw. I'm using cooling pad).

I found out that if I update bios(current version 1.5) it might solve/help(maybe) this problem. I downloaded both 1.7, 2.0 versions.

Version 1.7:
when I run it, it just throw an error:

Phoenix WinPhlash64
Failed to retrieve system BIOS information.
BCPSYS block signature was not found.
Error code: -100

Couldn't find any solution for this..

Version 2.0
There is an error occured, please check below items.
BIOS version above 200. (I've got 1.5)
Battery capacity more than 10% (tested it with 8%)
AC is attached. (it wasn't attached)

Huh? I'm totally out. Computer is unworkable if I don't fix that overheating problem.(bios update)

Thanks for any help.

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I have a strange problem with a Satellite C660-18C, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.

This is a friend's laptop that crashed a little while ago. He appears to have tried to reinstall an operating system, although not using the recovery media, which he never made when the notebook was new. He has not managed to do this, so asked me to take a look.

The hard disk is still the original Toshiba disk that shipped with the laptop, although it has been removed and replaced. This was done to do some basic testing on the hard disk, which showed no errors.

If you boot the laptop from a USB stick with a Windows 7 Pro installation image, you get as far as choosing a partition to install Windows on to. It shows "Disk 0 Unallocated Space 232.9GB"

However, it reports "Windows cannot be installed to this disk. This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk. Ensure the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu."

I have looked in the Bios and I can see no trace of the hard disk. For instance, if you look under "Boot", this list only shows, CD/DVD, FDD, LAN and USB.

It seems to make no difference whether the SATA mode is set to "AHCI" or "Compatibility"

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Answer:Satellite C660-18C HDD missing from BIOS

Usually good working HDD should be listed in BIOS (first BIOS page).
There you should see the HDD name and the size.

If first BIOS page does not provide any details about the HDD, then the HDD was not recognized by BIOS and in most cases this means that the HDD is faulty.

If you are 100% sure that this HDD isn?t faulty (for example it works in connection with another notebook), then an HDD controller malfunction could cause the problem?

But I guess it?s an HDD issue?

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I have tried all the usual F2, Del and all othe F buttons including ESC, nothing works, i really need to get into my bios because my touchpad wont work.

Answer:Satellite C660-1U4 - can't get into BIOS settings

To be honest i don?t know what you want to do in BIOS.
If touchpad won?t work check if touchpad driver is installed properly and also be sure touchpad is not disabled. Use FN+F9 key combination to enable/disable touchpad.

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I have a C660-2E1 which has locked me out with a BIOS password, can any one help with how you reset the Bios password ?

Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Re: Satellite C660-2E1 - BIOS Lock out

Unfortunately you cannot reset BIOS password and it must be removed by authorized service provider. They can help you with this.

To contact them check please

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I have a Toshiba Satellite c660-268, when I boot it displays the following ..

Intel UNDI, PXE-2.1 (build 083)
Copyright (C) 1997-2000 Intel Corporation
This Product is covered by one or more of the following patents:
US5, 307, 459, US5, 434, 872, US5, 732, 094, US6, 570, 884, US6, 115, 776 and
US6, 327, 625
Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller Series v1.23 (07/28/10)
Reboot and Select proper Boot device
or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key

And when I access the BIOS, the HDD/SSD and ODD are not present.

please help me am stack..

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Hi their.

I need to update the bios of my Satellite C660. I download the install pack versionn 2. But I get this messege: "Tere is an error occured. Please check below items. BIOS version above 200. Battery capacity more than 10%. AC is attached."
So my current version is 1.5, battery full, and AC plugged.
What's the problem?


Answer:BIOS update on Satellite C660


Can you please post full model name of your notebook? I just want to check which BIOS version is offered for download.

By the way: why do you want to update BIOS? Is there some serious problem with your machine?

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I've been using my Satellite C660-1D7 for a year now, and recently I'm having a wireless connection problem with my laptop. I can find the network in my laptop, but it constantly loses connection. It's kinda annoying.

So I tried to update BIOS update, but every time, it showed up ' There is an error occured, please check below items. BIOS version above 200. battery capacity more than 10%. ac is attached.' Well, I've checked mine, and it's 'TOSHIBA 1.40, 2011/1/21'.

Can anyone please help me out?


Answer:Satellite C660-1D7 - Cannot run BIOS update

>... but it constantly loses connection. It's kinda annoying.
Have you this problem with battery power supply only or the problem is there when notebook is connected to AC power supply too?

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Hi all ...

I sat and would update the bios for my Toshiba Satellite C660-1TT (PSC1QE-01D006N5)

Sloopy as i was, i left the computer to get some coffee, *obviously one of my kids was there* and pressed some buttons. This resulted in the computer "froze" after a while i had to forced it to turn off.

Now the clock change back time and date every time I boot the computer and i can?t get wifi to work.
I tryed to reinstall the bios again but then get message that i already have the same or newer bios and installation terminated.

Someone who can tell if I can somehow trick the computer into thinking it is a newer version or mabye bring in the older again and then update?

Grateful for any help! Robert

(excuse my bad English)

Answer:Satellite C660-1TT - BIOS trouble


From my knowledge it?s not possible to downgrade the BIOS in windows mode because you will always get a notification that newer version is already installed.
From my knowledge the Toshiba ASP technician can downgrade the BIOS but only using the traditional (DOS) BIOS version.

But I would recommend testing this workaround.
Shut down the notebook. Remove the battery and disconnect the AC adaptor.
Now leave the notebook disconnected for a longer period of time? I think about 3-4 hours?
Then connect the battery and ac adaptor and access the BIOS pressing F2 while powering on the unit.
Here you should set the BIOS to default (F9) and save the changes.
Now boot the notebook and check how it would work.

Usually the date and time resets because the CMOS battery is empty. But I cannot imagine that this might be a problem here? however, you can charge the CMOS battery running the notebook on mains for 18-20 hours. During this period of time the notebook needs to be ON.

Check this

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I attempted to update the BIOS from 1.00 to 1.20 yesterday through WinPhlash64 and it froze halfway through the writing process.

I've read online that there is a crisis recovery mode and a Phoenix utility program that can help reflash the BIOS..but for different Satellite models (e.g. A350). I found the guide [here|].

Does anyone know if this will work and *why* Toshiba don't host the original 1.00 BIOS version on the product page for this particular model?

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Answer:Satellite C660 - BIOS Corrupt


I can?t say much about Crisis recovery tool for BIOS because everytime I did a BIOS update it worked properly so I never had a problem.

What I can say is be careful with such tools: You could destroy the whole ROM module and I believe nobody has tested this tool on C660 from Toshiba.

Such BIOS recovery can only be done from an authorized service provider because they have special tools from Toshiba I think so in your case I would get in contact with the guys to clarify the problem and they can help you go get rid of this.

Good luck! :)

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We have Been having trouble with our battery so tried everything besides updating the BIOS.
The laptop hasn't had as n updated bios since 2012 anyway.

So went to Toshiba downloaded the right one. Got to programming block 17 then nothing the system stayed on. It was on for a while so had to pull the plug before she overheated.

So obviously tried firing it up again. Blank screen. LEDs fine. DVD drives spins fans working. And one beep where it detects ram. Tried various combination of keys to no avail. So called tosh support.

They quoted 187 if they have to reflash and 275 to replace motherboard.
Now not stating the obvious not paying that I'd rather buy a nee one Lil

Basically as anyone got ideas how to do it yourself before i surrender on her

Answer:Re: Satellite C660-119 - BIOS fail

I don?t think you will be able to fix it but check

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Hello I want to ask if there any way to update EC Embedded Controller
My lap top Satellite C660-1TK (PSC1QE-01900GGE) use american megatrends bios

In last time flashing bios the EC part not make to update...
i'm currency have BIOS 1.50 version
EC 1,40

Have some problems computer not runnig well, turbo boost technology not working properly my video driver stop working, wifi card slow my PC speed, Synaptec touchpad stop-start working randomly
I try evrything Recovery win 7 not help now im using win 8 with lthe last drivers
and its still the same.......

OR Toshiba will update bios version for this model soon?

Answer:BIOS update for Satellite C660-1TK


> My lap top Satellite C660-1TK (PSC1QE-01900GGE) use american megatrends bios

This is Toshiba European notebook model and the latest available BIOS can be downloaded from Toshiba EU driver page.

The latest BIOS for this series is currently the BIOS 1.50-win
So your BIOS is already up to date.

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windows7 64 bit
anti virus f-secure from talktalk

downloaded BIOS_V200_WIN.EXE when got tempo alert today

clicked run as administrator
extracts files and brings up box
phoenix uefi winflash
analise old and new bios
winflash for uefi has stopped working
close program
event viewer shows

Faulting application name: winflash.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4b0b90c3
Faulting module name: unknown, version:, time stamp: 0x00000000
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x02774020
Faulting process id: 0x1474
Faulting application start time: 0x01cd68c5e0d498a8
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\UEFI WinFlash\winflash.exe
Faulting module path: unknown
Report Id: 1f73efe4-d4b9-11e1-a41b-b870f4c55a8a


Fault bucket 2563155615, type 5
Event Name: BEX
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P1: winflash.exe
P3: 4b0b90c3
P4: StackHash_e8ad
P6: 00000000
P7: 02774020
P8: c0000005
P9: 00000008

Attached files:
C:\Users\Ken\AppData\Local\Temp\WER2E9E.tmp.WERInt ernalMetadata.xml

and finally

Fault bucket 0, type 5
Event Name: PCA2
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:
P1: BIOS_V200_WIN.exe
P3: 7z Setup SFX
P4: 7-Zip
P5: Igor Pavlov
P6: 1
P7: 200

I am wondering if the f-secure anti virus is blocking the bios update

i do not want to remove it unless it is the culprit

Answer:Satellite pro c660-21d can not update BIOS

> I am wondering if the f-secure anti virus is blocking the bios update

Before running an BIOS update tool, you should close all running apps in the background and should disable firewalls and antivirus software too!

Furthermore the VAP (value added package) should be installed on your notebook.
The VAP is an Toshiba tool package which can be found on the Toshiba European driver page.

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I have the same problem. Latest BIOS version for my notebook is 1.3 but on my is 1.4 installed?! Notebook is 10 days and I can?t work with it.

We have few C660 (PSC0LE) we bought tham on same day and they all have 1.3 and are working perfect. Only my is BIOS 1.4 version and it?s not good at all.

Please my question is how can I flash BIOS with 1.3?

Answer:Satellite C660 - How to downgrade the BIOS?


Why you have created an additional thread about BIOS? I mean this can be discussed in your other thread too.

Anyway: BIOS downgrade is not possible and can only be done from an authorized service provider in your country. On Toshiba website only the newest version is available so a downgrade is not possible.

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I enabled the Quick Boot Function which skips the Logos and only boots from HDD, but now I need to install a 32bit Windows for School, but I can't enter or reset the Bios.

I tried every button combination I can think of.
Is there any way to remove this feature again without taking it apart?
The existing Windows is not the Original one, so no toshiba software is installed.

Thanks for help.

Answer:Satellite C660-2C3: Cannot enter BIOS


Did you try pressing F2 button while powering up the notebook?
Press F2 several times in the row? if this will not help press firstly "INS" key and then F2 to enter the BIOS

Good luck

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I just bought a new Satellite C660 24 hours ago. I installed all of the updates and programs for the PC to run smoother, but i can't install the Bios 1.50. It gives me an error when I try to install it.
When i go to see the current bios version it say it's in 1.20.

How can this be fixed?


Answer:Satellite C660 - Can't install BIOS 1.50


Why you want to update the BIOS? Do you have any problems with your new C660 notebook?
I mean BIOS update is always a little bit risky so I would only do the update if it?s really necessary, otherwise BIOS update is no important and you can forget it.

Just have fun with your new notebook and enjoy it! :)

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Not displayed the first page (POST) at startup companies.
In the BIOS has changed something like "FAST POST CHECK == true"
In the upper left corner of the "_"
In response to pressing the ON at F2-F8 del does not respond (in the bios to get both?)
He opened the keyboard underneath the battery removed, the result got lost during a BIOS did not give signs of life.
Bios flashed to date, the zero on the ground.
OS starts OK
Help me!

Answer:Satellite C660 - Changed something in BIOS

Hi costy,

I?m a little bit confused about your posting. What does it mean exactly? You cannot enter the BIOS but Windows start properly, right?

Well, usually you can enter the BIOS if you press F2 key after you turned on the computer. So you have to press only one key to enter the BIOS and not both. Press F2 key several times until you see the BIOS setup.

Check this!!!

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Hey guys,

My sister recently gave me a Toshiba Satellite C660 and she forgot the administration password.
We can get in the other account but every time I try download something it needs permission from the administration account.

Ive been trying to restore the laptop by, doing the F8 system repair thing but I still need the admin password
Is the and alternative way to restore back to factory setting without;
The password resets disc
Admin Password

Thank you ??

Answer:Forgot administration Password on sister's Satellite C660

I think you can reinstall operating system if you have recovery installation disc.
The question is: have you sister created such disc (recovery media)?

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I have a Satellite C660, sub model PSC0LE.

The (CPU) fan constantly surges on and off every minute or so. It is loud, and extremely intrusive / annoying. This is occurs regardless of load / CPU temperature. I have seen references to this issue, and some people have suggested that a BIOS update fixes it.

I have updated my machine to the latest available version (1.40) but this has not fixed it.

I note that this submodel (PSC0LE) doesnt have a BIOS update as late as some of the other variants (there is a 1.8 version for some of the other C660 submodels) and I think the fan issue is resolved in that.

Does Toshiba have plans to fix this on the PSC0LE via a new BIOS, or is there any other way to stop this as it is really distracting.


Answer:Satellite C660 - Fan surging constantly- BIOS fix

Try please to reduce cooling fan speed changing advanced power options > Toshiba power saver > cooling method.

For normal usage I recommend you to use balanced power plan and set cooling method to lower level. It should reduce cooling fan activity.

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after updata bios my satelite c660 not starting and recive un message bip ,one long bip and 2 short bip
the screen is black
how i reinstal the bios in this condition
thanks for answer

Answer:Satellite C660 - BIOS updata failed

I’m afraid that BIOS is screwed up now. I don't know which BIOS and how you have installed but something goes wrong.

I don't know what you can do now but check please this thread -

Following instructions there, maybe you will be able to fix the BIOS.

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I have New Satellite C660-1TK (PSC1QE-01900GGE) In sunday i flashed with version 1,40 Without any problem
NOW i see that i have new version 1,50
Startting the bios flashing .exe
bios flashed done but the procces s not complete
after programing s done the Lap top freeze with big noise from the fan....
i needet to remove the battary and now

the version of the buios is 1.50 but EC version is 1.40 still the old becose the flashing is t not complete with i try to reflashed but show s me you are with the last et version of bios>!

Message was edited by: fensms

Message was edited by: fensms

Answer:Satellite C660-1TK - BIOS Update Go Wrong

To be honest you can be happy that your notebook works because many people have had bad luck after not successful BIOS update.

In my opinion you should not ?play? with BIOS updates. At the end you will damage BIOS update and your notebook will not start at all. Maybe you should contact Toshiba service provider and clarify this. Ask for help. They should do it for you. If something goes wrong it will not be your fault.

Be careful with this. It is just my opinion and advice for you. Don?t change well running system.

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I need Drivers & BIOS for "Toshiba Satellite C660-M203". Please locate me the download link, I am unable to find the model # in the download section.

Thank you!

Answer:Need Drivers & BIOS for Satellite C660-M203

It is really crazy. I cannot find right page either.
Where you have bought it?

Can you please post full part number?

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Hi there,

Trying to update one of my employees laptops with bios 1.50 (C660) and it is displaying an error message displaying 3 possible causes. Ac adapter not plugged in (it is) battery is less than 10% (it isnt) and BIOS is more up to date than version 1.50. When I tried the update the laptop was currently running 1.00. So I updated the bios to 1.30 with no problems but when trying to update to 1.50 it still displays the error.

Any ideas? Need to get the bios installed as it seems to fix the typing issues that the laptop has been suffering from.


Answer:Satellite Pro C660 - BIOS update error

Hi buddy,

What operating system is installed at the moment?

For BIOS update it?s necessary that Value Added Package is installed and you run the update as Administrator. Make also sure that battery is fully charged.

What is the model number of C660?

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I cant access my laptop Bios Setup - when I pres F2 , F11 or F12

*Satellite C660-24F PSC1NE*

It only statup Windows I cant access BIOS startup menu. I searched for BIOS updat for my model Satalite C660-24F - PSC1NE - and I didnt find on this web.

Can anyone help me please?

Answer:Can't access BIOS Setup on my Satellite C660-24F

Have you changed any settings in BIOS?
Have you maybe enabled fast boot option?

Please be sure you make regular shut down. Test also F8 option.

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Hi all

I was updating BIOS on TOSHIBA SATELLITE C660-13R from windows 7 64 bits. Downloaded driver from toshiba web. Half way the installation laptop freezes. I have left it for 40 mins to run but it did not get back to normal state. As motherboard fan has started to move on high speed I decided to take battery out. In result when I power back my laptop I have 1 beep from the motherboard and black screen.

Can some one help me please ?

Answer:Satellite C660-13R - BIOS update issue

Obviously the BIOS update procedure has failed. Something went wrong during the update process and it looks like the EMRPOM module has not been flashed properly.
This is the reason why the notebook does not work anymore.

Possible solution?
Well, if EMPROM isn?t damage, it should be possible to re-flash the BIOS module once again using special BIOS version and BIOS crisis disk.
Usually the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country should be able to re-flash the module using such crisis disk.

I read also in this forum that some people managed to re-flash the EPROM module using some 3rd party crisis disk found somewhere in the internet? but this did not work always?
So probably the ASP will be your last resort?

However, use the forums advanced search option to find related threads about the BIOS crisis disk? could be interesting for you

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I downloaded bios-20120613151531 and extraected in a folder with same name.
But there I do NOT see the list as shown in the instructions but I see only "BIOS_V200_WIN.exe"
Double clicking that gives:
Installing UEFI WinFlash 0.02 - This program will be closed

What should I do?

Answer:Satellite C660 BIOS update does not work

>But I see only "BIOS_V200_WIN.exe"

This is also a zipped package?
You should unzip the BIOS_V200_WIN.exe by clicking right and choosing extract here.
Now you should get other files.

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I had trouble with flashing my bios on toshiba c660-1cj yesterday.

I have downloaded newest bios program and have followed all steps to correctly do flash...
When asked to restart, i have restarted laptop and now i am stuck on black screen and 5-6 seconds of working fan..

What may have been cause to this problem?

1b165571k is serial no. is bios link is the link to steps i followed.

can i get any help on this please?

Answer:Satellite C660-1CJ BIOS flash error

> What may have been cause to this problem?

Some background processes which could not be closed properly?
Some installed software like Antivirus, cleaners, etc?
Hardware problems???
Its simply not possible to say why an update did not function?

>can i get any help on this please?
As far as I know the ROM module should be flashed again using an crisis disk.
This can be done by an Toshiba service agents.

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Has anyone noticed that the fan comes on more frequently and makes more noise now than in the previous BIOS (1.80)?

I thought I had got round the noisy fan issue by running on an extremely low power/performance setting but I'm sure it's got worse now.

Answer:Fan noise with BIOS update 1.90-WIN for Satellite C660

To avoid some misunderstandings you should follow the first post you have created about the same theme:

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Good day, fellow Toshiba notebook owners.

I have a little trouble upgrading my BIOS to a "newer" (according to Tempro) version.
I just installed the Tempro application, and it detected that my BIOS needs an upgrade, so I naturally downloaded the "new" BIOS. Everything went fine, but when I tried to install it, a message popped up in the install window:

"*The program will be closed!* There is an error occurred, please check below items. Bios version above 190. Battery capacity more than 10%. AC is attached."

No matter what I do, I get the same error, over and over again. I looked the problem up before I posted this thread, and other people encountered it, but, unlike my case, advices like "Close all background applications", "Charge your battery", or "Make sure the AC is attached" really helped them.

I tried closing everything, my battery is always fully charged, as I rarely disconnect the AC adapter, and, of course, the AC connection issue is not the cause, since it is almost always plugged in.

I checked my BIOS version in +msinfo32.exe+ and it is 1.90 already, but I remember upgrading it months ago (sooner than the release date of this last version), and if, hypothetically, I have the last version already installed, why doesn't Tempro acknowledge it and keeps alerting me over a non-existent issue?

Maybe there is something wrong with Tempro, but I just need to be sure before... Read more

Answer:Satellite C660 - 1C7: BIOS upgrade issue


Tempro notify you about new uploaded drivers or BIOS?
The Toshiba European driver page provides all the drivers and BIOS files and the latest BIOS version 1.90-win has been uploaded at 04.06.2012 and therefore you received this notification by Tempro software.

Who knows why they uploaded this file once again.. but fact is that your BIOS is up to date and therefore you cannot update the BIOS once again using the one and the same version.

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Hey everyone,

I use my Satellite C660 Notebook for some music production and I try to get my extern Presonus Audio Interface working. All is well so far except some occasional cracking noises in the AudioInterface. After fixing some things in Windows 7 that were recommended by tech support from Presonus these noises were still there.
So Tech support then gave me the following advice:

+"There are some power options that can be tweaked in your BIOS that may be causing the noise you are experiencing.+

+CPU Settings Section - Intel SpeedStep set to normal.+
+CPU Settings Section - Turbo Mode set to normal not turbo mode.+
+CPU Settings Section (if applicable) - Processor Operation Mode will have 3 settings, Normal, Fast, Extreme (??). Set it to 'Normal'+

+Power Settings: - C1E Support+
+Power Settings: - C3E Support (if it's there)+

+Save BIOS and restart.+

+Typically overclocking CPU's like the iSeries can cause the CPU power to fluctuate causing issues with noise on your audio devices, it is a new find and we are writing a FAQ that will be available on our knowledge base that will have a detailed description on the reasons why this occurs on over clocking CPU's.+

+Make sure any overclocking settings have been set to normal."+

*So for the first Time I entered BIOS only to find that none of these settings can be made on this Toshiba Satellite c660.*

Or can they somehow still be made? Are there tools, programs,...?

I hope someone can hel... Read more

Answer:Missing BIOS Settings Satellite C660


If the settings are not available in BIOS, you will not be able to change it or to appear it within the BIOS.

Mostly the Phoenix BIOS would be used by different manufacturers but the BIOS is always modified by manufacturers and configured for each notebook series.
Therefore particular settings are not always available in each BIOS.

I read in the presonus forum about crackling sound using dual core CPUs.
One guy could solve this using another USB port.

So maybe you should test all available USB ports.

Another option could be the usage of external USB hub connected to external power source?now quite sure if this would help to get rid of such noises but its worth a test.

Last but not least you could test this with connected and disconnected AC adapter

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Where do i get original BIOS file. I've got 1.00 version of BIOS and the support site says there's no available bios updates. But i still want original BIOS file V1.00.

Answer:Satellite C660-168 - Where to get original BIOS file?

> Where do i get original BIOS file. I've got 1.00 version of BIOS and the support site says there's no available bios updates

If you couldn't find ot on the toshiba driver age

it means no update available

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A customer with a C660-117 got a message from Tempro saying update BIOS. He did what he was told but the update crashed at Block 8 and would go no further.

Laptop will not boot now. Is there a BIOS recovery tool or does it need to be returned to Toshiba to be fixed. Customer not happy as it was Tempro that told him to update BIOS.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Answer:Satellite C660-117 crashed on BIOS update


Usually the BIOS update procedure is safety.
But some before executing an BIOS update, all applications and software like antivirus software, firewalls which run in the background should be closed.

However, as far as I know the BIOS flash ROM needs to be flashed/repaired by using an crisis disk?

Check also this thread:

But if it would not be helpful, you will need to contact an Toshiba ASP in your country to get it fixed.

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Where I can get detail description about new changes of bios update dated 14/02/12, version 1.50-WIN for Satellite C660 PSC1NE ?

Answer:Satellite C660 - Where I can get detail description about BIOS update?


Unfortunately such info is not available for EMEA notebooks. On Toshiba US sometimes I found such info but at the moment there is no similar notebook with this BIOS update version.

Anyway, if everything is K with your notebook don?t change anything.

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I recently updated my BIOS on my Toshiba Satellite C660 to 1.70.
Everything went smoothly, but when I rebooted and tried to connect to the internet, it could not.

I thought this was a temporary error, but it has been 3 months and it still has not repaired.

Can you assist me? Thank you!

Answer:Re: Satellite C660 - after BIOS update cannot connect to the Internet

Have you tested it with WLAN and LAN connection?
Have you noticed the same problem using both connections?

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Re: C660-1NR

I have lost the use of the function (FN) button.
I have recently upgraded the BIOS to the latest version about 2 weeks ago but did not notice anything wrong until I wanted to turn off the wireless mode last week.

Anybody know what has caused this?

Answer:Satellite C660-1NR - Lost use of FN buttons after Bios upgrade


Did you notice the problems with all FN buttons or only with the special combination FN + F8 which enables and disables the WLan?

Usually the Toshiba Flash Card Support Utility controls the FN buttons so you could try to restart this tool which you can find in All Programs ? Toshiba -> restart Flash Cards

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Hello everybody;


My problem is now my laptop is dead : black screen with short bip (tnx to toshiba download support how show that the operation is easy)
I used Toshiba flash bios tool "phoenix flash 64", following the exact setup and at level 17 of 34 maybe he just frooz and nothing change for infinity time so i remove the battery with the sad knowledge that is maybe the end .

For the moment i don't wat to do, specially that i don't have a usb external floopy disk!!

is there any other solution withe usb flash memory?

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I have updated the BIOS on my Toshiba satellite C660 - 1ME to version 1.20-WIN from Toshiba website .
after that the BIOS startup screen disappeared, so now my laptop starts directly with Windows startup screen

I tried pressing any function key on startup, but nothing happened
I tried to re-install BIOS (both old and same new version) but I got error massage that I have "the same or newer version of BIOS"...

can you help me please?

Answer:Satellite C660 -1ME - BIOS startup screen disappeared

> I tried pressing any function key on startup, but nothing happened
You mean F2,F8 or F12?

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My sister asked me to update her laptop (Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-16N; Part number PSC0ME-01S00SEN) from Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) to Windows 8 (64-bit).
So I did.

Then I went to Toshiba's UK website to check if there were any drivers I needed to install for Windows 8. The only one was a BIOS update (to BIOS v1.70). I have no idea what the previous BIOS version number was.

So I run the update application within Windows 8. Phoenix Technologies WinPhlash starts and then halfway through the update, the whole thing freezes.

The trackpad wouldn't move the cursor or anything. I had no option but to unplug the laptop from the wall and remove the battery. The laptop is not under warranty.

Of course, now it won't turn on. It beeps once when I press the power button, but the system doesn't turn on. A couple of minutes later, it sounds one long beep then two short beeps. It then keeps repeating this "one long beep, two short beeps" sequence every couple of minutes.

I have Googled and read website after blog after forum post, but nothing works. The links to the software suggested on these websites/blogs/forums are usually dead, so I cannot try what they suggest.

The most common solution is the Phoenix Crisis Recovery Tool. I have managed to download v1.0.0.4 which is supposed to enable me to make a bootable USB key. The version of this tool that I have downloaded is meant to be for a Lenovo ThinkPad X200. I have the correct BIOS.rom for the Satelli... Read more

Answer:Satellite Pro C660 bricked by BIOS update that failed

Take a look into this thread:

Maybe the last comment from user *gansell1980* could help you.
Otherwise you need help from Toshiba authorized service provider in case to reflash the BIOS ROM module.

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Any idea how I can update a C660 PSC0QE from linux? It runs really well, but the keyboard issue is very annoying.

Answer:How I can update a Satellite C660 PSC0QE BIOS from linux

You cannot update the win based BIOS in Linux!
You have to use Windows in order to update Win-BIOS.

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So I'm overhauling a C660-2JN, part # PSC1ME-01L00KEN, and having installed a clean Windows I got latest drivers for everything and went to check for BIOS updates.

If you visit the 2JN's page and go to the Driver section there is one BIOS listed: [v1.50-WIN| =2&selFamily=3&selSeries=313&selProduct=6019&selSh ortMod=3010&language=13&selOS=null&selType=null&ye arupload=&monthupload=&dayupload=&useDate=null&mod e=allMachines&search=&action=search&macId=&country =8&selectedLanguage=13&type=null&page=1&ID=80880&O SID=-1&driverLanguage=42] .
This is the BIOS that's already installed.

Now, the confusing bit is if I try to find updates via the ["Update your BIOS" page| AD_BANNER] it displays two newer results for the C660 -- 1.70 and 2.00.

I say "for the C660" because the part number of this machine doesn't exist in the bottom drop-down box, so I'm unsure how wide of a search I'm really doing.

I've extracted all three packages and they all use different flashers and have ROMs of different sizes, so I'm guessing the newer ones are for different spec'd machines, but it'd be nice to know (and, hey, maybe list compatible part numbers for stuff l... Read more

Answer:Satellite C660-2JN PSC1ME BIOS update confusion

Ah, I found my answers.

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Help me please ...

After launching the upgrade of the bios on the win7 pc has shut down due to overheating ...

Now the computer will not start, black screen but lights and fan switched on

I have followed many posts to create a usb pen to recover the BIOS but I could not find the right procedure and I do not know if where to find the correct bios for my notebook

Can you give me a hand with a step by step guide?

Answer:Satellite C660-1GD - BIOS upgrade failed for overeating

When BIOS update is interrupted for some reason there is very complicated situation.
BIOS is screwed up and you cannot start your machine anymore.

In such case you need professional help by authorized Toshiba service provider. They can help you with this.

All I can do for you is to offer this link where you can read about similar BIOS issue. I hope this link can help you.

Good luck.

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Bought a Satellite C660-22v on ebay which seems to work fine except none of the Tosh utilities are present.

I was going to reload the OS and downloaded the manual which say I need to set the BIOS to default. The previous owner has set the password on it and has told me what it is. What I want to know is, can I do the system restore without resetting the BIOS or how do I get the Tosh utilities?

Answer:Satellite C660 - missing utilities, BIOS not in default

To be honest I don?t understand what do you mean with these missing utilities. Fact is that this notebook was delivered with original preinstalled Win7 home premium. If you have recovery disc reinstall OS and start to use notebook with ?factory settings? that includes all Toshiba tools and utilities. If you want to install some of them additionally you can download them from

Generally speaking you can do system restore without changing BIOS settings but now when you want to use notebook from other person I think best thing is to remove BIOS password, set BIOS to default settings, reinstall OS and start to use notebook with original ?factory settings?. Later you can configure notebook and change the settings.

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