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Satellite C70D-B-310 - Webcam and Microphone not working

Question: Satellite C70D-B-310 - Webcam and Microphone not working

Can't get my microphone and webcam working under Win7 64.
Drivers not available on the download section of Toshiba.

What to do please?

Toshiba Satellite C70D-B-310 PSCLEE.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite C70D-B-310 - Webcam and Microphone not working

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite C70D-B-310 - Webcam and Microphone not working

All essential and necessary Win 7 64bit drivers for Satellite C70D-B are available on Toshiba EU driver page.

The single webcam driver isn?t available because as far as I know the Toshiba Value Added Package already contains the essential driver to get the webcam working.

The mic is part of the webcam and should be chosen in control panel ? sound ? recording tab

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Satellite C70D-B-105Artikelnummer : PSCLCE-004007DUPLEASE anyone... correct link for drivers for microphone input ?

Answer:Satellite C70D-B-105 microphone missing after windows update

Missing microphone?
Does it mean that microphone is not listed in sound properties > Recording device?

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At first my webcam gave up but i didnt really miss the thing by that time so i didnt do anything about it. Now my microphone, which i need to use skype also stopped working.

I noticed that in my Device manager there is no driver shown for my webcam, but i cant find the right driver for my laptop somehow.
i thought that if the webcam problem is fixed my microphone would work aswell because it is the same piece of hardware i guess.

What can i do?
please help me out.


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My webcam and microphone have recently stopped working. Model satellite C660-1F1.

If anybody could help me sort it out that would be great.

Answer:Webcam & Microphone are not working on Satellite C660

do you have updated the current driver for you Hardware? Did you change anything in the system?

Do you become error messages wenn you start the webcame, and is the LED lamp lighting from the webcame?

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I've had my laptop for less than a year. I've always been able to use Skype without any problems, but my intergrated webcam and mic are no longer working.

I've installed the latest webcam driver from support, but the webcam still does not work and I installed the latest sound driver and my mic still does not work too.

Please, please please can anyone help?

Answer:Satellite C660 - Webcam and microphone not working


And why does webcam and microphone not work? How do you notice this?
I mean is webcam picture just black or what happens exactly? Also what is with the microphone?

The microphone is a part of webcam so it?s enough if you reinstall the webcam driver. Newest vesion can be downloaded on official Toshiba website. If the driver is installed make sure the webcam is set as default input device. You can do this in Windows sound settings.

Is the webcam listed in device manager and does it work if you start the webcam software instead Skype?

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Hello I recently upgraded to windows 10 since then my webcam and microphone do not work - I tried searching on device manager for these but they are not even showing on there - how do I go about re-installing them? I tried searching for a relevant driver but no luck?

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Computer: Toshiba Satellite L830-10N
Platform: Windows 7

Hi guys,
I am having problems with my integraed microphone and also the webcam. Suddenly out of nowhere, it didn't want to work. I have tried to restore the system from a previous point where I knew it worked, I installed several anti-virus programs to clean the computer just in case of viruses and still nothing.

The Sound Recorder was also checked but when I try to record, an error message comes up and says "An audio recording device cannot be found."

I have also tried going to the Control Panel > Sound > Recording, but a message says that can not recognize anything.

Also, the system tels me that I have a problem with the WD SES driver, which seriously, i have no idea what it is but just in case it could be related.

It has been working before without any problem and I have not dowload or do some kind of suspicious action, but now it won't work.

I have checked previous answers related with the topic but none of them work for me.

Thank you so much.

Answer:Satellite L830 - Integrated microphone and webcam are not working

Is webcam listed in device manager (imaging devices)?

If you use Win7 64bit try to reinstall webcam driver .

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I have a Dell Vostro 1500, running 32-bit Windows 7. It came with Vista, but I upgraded to Windows 7 a couple months ago, which I think is causing the issues I'm experiencing. According to whoever I'm speaking with, the sound for the microphone built in to my webcam fades in and out and gets really loud randomly. In an attempt to solve this, I bought an external microphone which also does not work.

The sound driver is the SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC, version When I tried to update it through Windows 7's update driver software it says I have the best version for my system, but I still suspect that this could be what is causing the problem. I can't seem to find a better driver though.

Any ideas?

Thank you

Answer:Built-in Webcam Microphone and Microphone Line-in Not Working

Got the same problem with a Dell Vostro 1500 microphone line-in not working. I can't help I'm afraid; I am just posting here so I get notified of any responses.

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The Brightness keys have stopped working after the migration Windows 8.1 to Windows10 (Satellite C70D-B-307).

Answer:Satellite C70D-B-307 - Brightness keys stopped working after migration Windows10


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I have a Notebook Satellite L50-A-16H its updated to win8.1 64bits.
when I had this notebook new everything worked fine, but later it stopped working.
I sent it back to Toshiba to repair and ofcouse they did it and works ( the MB was replaced?), but now I noticed that my webcam and my microphone are not working. If I try to open the camera it says to "connect a camera" or on skype it asks the same.

I've read into forums to look at the BIOS to enable it but there is not enable/disable button.
I tried to search for a Webcam Driver in Toshiba site but I couldn't find any :c
and The microphone "works normally" but I when I try to call my friends can't hear me.

I hope that someone can help me with this problem, Thanks a lot :)

Answer:Satellite L50-A-16H - Webcam+Microphone does not work

Double-click the name of the webcam in the category Imaging Devices and then select Update Driver Software.
Click Search the computer to select the driver of the USB video device specific.
Double-click Imaging Devices to expand the list of webcam drivers, click the right mouse button on the webcam driver, then select Properties.
In the properties of the webcam, select Update Driver ...
When prompted, select the option Browse your computer for the driver you want.
When prompted, select the Choose from a list of device drivers on my computer.
Uncheck Show compatible hardware, select Microsoft in the Manufacturer box, then USB Video Device in the Model pane.
Click Next to install the webcam driver.
Allow the installation of the USB Video Device, then click Close.
After the device has been upgraded to USB Video Device in the Device Manager, restart the computer and open the software.

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Hi everyone,

I`ve just bought a Satellite P745 in a Best Buy store and, after getting it at home (Brazil),
I reinstalled the OS - the original was a Win 7 Home, I installed a Win 7 Pro.

The problem is that with the Win 7 Pro I simply can`t use my webcam and Mic.
The device neither is detected by Devices Manager, so I think it`s more than a missing driver.
I installed all the drivers from the Toshiba website.

My doubt is:

1. as I`ve read that this is a USB camera, is it possible that the device is not being detected because some kind of USB driver conflict? All USB drivers look like OK, but..
2. as a second option, is it possible that there`s some disconnected USB port inside the notebook?
3. After all, is there some ultimate test that I can make that gives me the answer if my USB is broken or if it`s just an installation issue?

Thank you in advance,


Answer:Satellite P745: Win 7 can't use webcam and microphone

> 1. as I`ve read that this is a USB camera, is it possible that the device is not being detected because some kind of USB driver conflict? All USB drivers look like OK, but..
Could be possible?

> 2. as a second option, is it possible that there`s some disconnected USB port inside the notebook?
This is possible too, but in my opinion the issue is related to a missing software?

> 3. After all, is there some ultimate test that I can make that gives me the answer if my USB is broken or if it`s just an installation issue?
Of course, you should test the notebook with Toshiba preinstalled and configured image.
I hope you have created a Toshiba Recovery disk before you have formatted the HDD and installed Win7 Pro. Such recovery disk would help you to set the notebook back to factory settings and to test the webcam and mic?

However, you should also try to install the webcam software and should also test if the internal mic is enabled in control panel -> sound -> recording tab.
Usually if you want to use internal mic, then this should be set as default device.

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I have a C50-B-131 PSCMLE running windows 8.1 64bit. I have had it for just over one year and now want to use Skype. When I do a call test I cannot hear my own recorded voice. If I go to 'Sound Recorder' I cannot hear my voice there either.
Is there someting obvious that I'm missing.
Help is most welcome.

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The webcam microphone is very low level - an external microphone is fine.
When I go to mic volumd control the "advanced" button which should give me access to "mic boost" is greyed out (but ticked).

Any help appreciated.

Answer:Satellite Pro U400-10H Win XP - webcam microphone is very low


I?ve got a U400 with preinstalled Win XP and my internal microphone is working fine.
The option Microphone is checked and in the advanced settings the Microphone boost is checked too but NOT grayed out.

I have to mention that I have updated my sound driver several weeks ago?
Maybe you should do this too.


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Hello Lenovo friends, I just bought my new IdeaPad Y500 2 weeks ago but just realised yet that the integrated WebCam and Microphone dosn't work.The webcam does not show up in the Device Menager and the Drivers from the website won't even start to install after clicking setup.exeWhen i want to use Lenovo YouCam it shows the message: There is no Webcam Installed.With the integrated microphone there is the same problem but i can see the microphone in the device menager.When i want to set the Microphone in sound settings , i can't hear myself. I thought it might be a driver updated failure or somthing , so i just restarted the computer to manufacturer settings yesterday , but the problem is still up.Any ideas how can i fix it ?Sorry for my english More information:CPU i7-3530QM8GB RAM2x GT650M SLIWindows8 64bit

Answer:Lenovo y500 - Webcam not working / Microphone not working

Sad , nobody can help

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I have installed Windows 7 on my Toshiba Satellite and all of a sudden the webcam and the microphone won't work.
I have tried to find the appropiate drivers, but I can't seem to find any.

Could anyone please help?

best regards

Answer:Problems with webcam and microphone on Satellite with Windows 7


The webcam software is designed by Chicony.
It?s notebook model independent and therefore the usage of webcam software which was released for other notebook models should not be a problem.

I recommend checking the driver area for Toshiba Satellite L500 series.
There you can download the drivers for Win 7 32bit and 64bit OS.


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I would like to know the webcam resolution of my laptop as it shows preety bad out put. Also where is the inbuilt mic locates? I would also like to know about screen brightness settings. How can I register my laptop? kindly help

Since this is my secondhand computer, is there any software which can detect the settings and confirm everything? My product details are as below.
Back to support homepage
Switch models Satellite L350-170 Part Number : PSLD8E-00D008EN Key Features - Intel? Pentium? Dual-Core Processor
- Genuine Windows Vista? Home Premium Edition (pre-installed, Toshiba-HDD recovery)
- DVD-RW SuperMulti drive (Double Layer)
- 2048 MB (1024+ 1024) DDR RAM (800MHz)
- 17" Widescreen TruBrite? XGA (1440 x 900) High Brightness display

please help.

Answer:Re: Satellite L350-170 - Question about webcam settings and microphone

Hi shahchin,

I think you should check this Toshiba document:
[How to change the settings for the integrated webcam if the image is very dark or black |]

Furthermore the microphone is located on near the microphone because it?s a part of the webcam.

Regarding the picture quality of webcam you could also try reinstalling the webcam driver from Toshiba website.

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I have just migrated to WINDOWS 8 32 bits on my Satellite P300-220.

Eveything works perfectly except the microphone on my integrated webcam. The webcam itself works but not the microphone.

Any idea ?

There's no drivers on toshiba site for WIN8 for Satellite P300-220

Thanks for help

Bst Rgrds

Answer:Satellite P300-220: No microphone on the integrated webcam on WINDOWS 8

There are no Win 8 drivers for P300 because the Win 8 isn?t supported for this series.
Therefore some notebook functions might not work properly using Win 8.

However, please go to Control Panel -> Sound -> Recording tab
Click right on and mark the options: Show disabled devices / Show disconnected devices

What devices are listed in this recording tab?

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Hello Toshiba Support Forum,

I bought Toshiba laptop Satellite L840 on 18th July, 2012 in Australia.
The laptop fails to initiate the webcam when tried to launch the webcam.
And it also doesn't detect the webcam and the in-built microphone.

Since I bought it I am not being able to detect the webcam and the microphone in the laptop and use it.
Is there any way out to help it?

Shree Ram Aryal

Answer:Satellite L840 - Failure to initiate Webcam and microphone


Did you try to reinstall the webcam software?
Usually you should find the webcam driver/software for your Australian model on the Toshiba AU driver page.

Would recommend doing this!

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Hi all.

I have a Toshiba A300-1H3 (PSAG4E) with a webcam and microphone.
The built-in microphone of the webcam doesn't work.
I've tried to reinstall webcam driver (Chicony) and also sound driver (Realtek High Definition Audio version= but it didn't change.

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Satellite A300-1H3 webcam built-in microphone does not work


I tested it on my notebook U400. It supports also the webcam and internal mic and the mic works only if the webcam is on.


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I am sure this question has been question'ed and answered before, but i seem to not find the answer, and i've tried everything but when i want to chat with my friends from MSN and talk with them using microphone they can't hear me what i say.

The option Microphone is grayed, i can't configure it. :(

And if i use earphone then it echo too much so the friends can't hear me even,

Please is there any new update or driver so i can update?
And what exactly should i update?


Answer:Satellite U400: internal webcam microphone is very low or does not work

On of mu notebooks is U400 and I can use the webcam?s internal mic without any big troubles.

What OS you are you using? Win XP?
I use the Win XP and the internal mic is enabled using the Skype.

You said that mic is greyed out. Where did you check this?
Did you check this in MSN settings or in webcam software settings?

Start your webcam software and go into the settings.
There choose the Audio tab.
There you can see the volume control. Set it to right

Furthermore you can check the sound settings in control panel -> sound and audio devices.
There you should choose the tab Volume -> Advanced -> choose Proprieties -> Recording (ensure that both options line in and mic are marked)

Then you should see the Line in and Mic volume controls.
The mic should be marked. Press also the advanced button. Here you can reach the advanced mic settings.
The Mic boost option should be marked too.


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Hi, The internal microphone and webcam on my HP4540s do not work. For instance on Skype, no recording can be heard and no video is available to the person I Skype. According to the device manager the devices are working properly and the device drivers are up to date. I shall appreciate your help. Thank you. Pandadup

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Hi guys, I have a Y500 running Windows 8.1. My internal microphone and webcam suddenly stopped working.  a) The camera doesn't show up in Device Manager - I don't even see any "Imaging Devices"b) I've tried to update the drivers for both and nothing seems to happen and the problem still existsc) The computer seems to be unable to detect the camera at all Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks so much in advance!

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I recently purchased a 5559 from Dell with Windows 10 pro installed as standard. Its running perfectly except that I can't get the microphone to work under any circumstances. The webcam works fine via skype but no sound is picked up. Under recording devices I only 2 items, 1 is Microphone, Realtek High Definition Audio, the other Stereo Mix. Microphone is enabled and I've checked boosts etc.Realtek Driver version is
Playback is perfect.

Answer:5559 Webcam Microphone not working

Chrisrobertsza,You can click the link below for resolving webcam and mic issues in Windows 10.

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Have tried to use microphone on PC Line USB 2.0 webcam for Skype but gives me message that I cannot use same object for recording and transmitting. I have RealTek for Audio In and USB20 Camera for Audio out. What is the problem?

Answer:built in microphone on webcam not working

I take it that you have all the latest drivers installed?

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my laptop specifcation here : ( [A300 - 1G5|] ) for any needed details ..

The problem simply is, the webcam stopped working for some reason, an error messeage says "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer".

I noticed that whenever I put the computer in sleep mode I was getting on the icon tray a notification says "USB device unrecognized"... I wasnt aware what it was - thought it becasue of the USB mouse being plugged... but I think its related to the camera...

software is installed but camera is not working and cant enable it .. I did download the latest driver from toshiba site , but still not working ...

Currently my laptop runs Vista HP SP2 32-bit, Windows defender enabled, Windows Firewall Enabled, Windows UAC enabled, Kaspersky Ani-Virus 2009 Enabled. I only use Windows Live Messenger (which up to date I think , version : 14.0.8089.726) which i used camera with, I quite using face recognition long time ago and rarely use the webcam ... I didnt install or update any drivers and used to have the laptop running perfectly..

So what happened now ?!

Answer:Satellite A300-1G5: webcam stopped working - Webcam driver open fail


I have had a similar error message and could solve this by disabling the webcam software from startup.
In msconfig -> Start Up tab I have unchecked the Chicony webcam software.
This prevents it from automatic loading.
I don?t use MSN but Skype and the Chicony webcam software is always disabled (not executed) if Skype is running.

Maybe you should try this too.

Furthermore you could try this:
Go to device manager, mark the webcam (imaging devices ? USB video device) and deleted it from the device list.
Then reboot the notebook and wait until the webcam has been recognized again.

Then test it.

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it says "webcam driver open fail, please restart camera or computer"

i have done that but i dont know what else to do to fix it

please help i need it for an assignment in grade 12

all help is much appreciated


Answer:Satellite A300 - webcam not working, message says "webcam driver open fail"

Remove preinstalled version from the system and install latest version you can find on Toshiba download page.

By the way: which operating system do you use?

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After looking through this forum, I have tried several 'solutions' but to no avail.

After trying to load the webcam i get the message: "Webcam driver open fail. Please restart camera or computer"

I have tried updating the Driver software for the camera, and updated the BIOS.

This message still keeps coming up. Is it worth uninstalling the camera completely then attemtping to reinstall it?

Sorry if some of this doesnt make much sense, im not entirely "computer savvy"

I hope somebody can help,


Answer:Satellite A300-1MC: webcam not working - webcam driver open fail

> Is it worth uninstalling the camera completely then attemtping to reinstall it?
Of course!

You should firstly go to device manager and should uninstall the driver.
You should also remove the software from control panel -> Software

After that you should clean the OS and registry using CCleaner. It?s free tool? google?
Then reboot the notebook several times and install the webcam software again.


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So my L655-S5150 just suddenly stopped picking up sound. I tried to update but it said I have the most recent update already. I went to the control panel > sound> recording tab to test the mic and it only seems to respond when I tap the back of my laptop.

Doesn't respond to my voice or any other sound.

Help please?

Answer:Built-in webcam microphone on Satellite L655 is not picking up sound

How do you use your cam?
Do you use it with Skype or MSN?

Have you checked sound properties for certain application if you use one of them?

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I went on Skype to talk and I found that it could not detect a webcam, and the other person couldn't hear my voice. I checked the device manager and no imagery or recording device was found.
The camera and the microphone are both integrated. They have worked before.

There is another problem which may be linked. When I first got the laptop, when I pressed the fn key, a bar at the top of the screen would pop up which showed me what all the different f keys did. This no longer appears.

Also, when I first got the laptop, if I were to plug in headphones or an external microphone into the line-out sockets, a message would pop up. This no longer happens, and the laptop isn't receiving any input from a headset I plug into it.

I have tried reinstalling the webcam drivers but to no avail. According to the device manager it doesn't exist. If this were the only problem then I may put it down to damage, but the other problems give me a feeling it has something to do with some kind of software I may have accidentally disabled or deleted, that has control over the webcam/mic and the line-out, which also produced user-interface elements such as that of pressing the fn key.

I cannot pinpoint a time when this stopped working as I have only just noticed the webcam and the microphone not working as I have not used them in a while. I have noticed, however, how pressing the 'fn' key no longer brings up the respective information on the screen.

Model: Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-... Read more

Answer:Satellite Pro C660-24k: Webcam/Microphone and user interface issues

>There is another problem which may be linked. When I first got the laptop, when I pressed the fn key, a bar at the top of the screen would pop up which showed me what all the different f keys did. This no longer appears.

The FN button menu which appears while pressing the FN key combination is controlled by Flash Card Support Utility.
Try to restart this software which can be found in All Programs ?> Toshiba -> Flash Cards

If this does not work, reinstall the Flash Card Support Utility.

> Also, when I first got the laptop, if I were to plug in headphones or an external microphone into the line-out sockets, a message would pop up. This no longer happens, and the laptop isn't receiving any input from a headset I plug into it.

It seems that the notebook supports Realtek sound chip. Therefore the Realtek HD audio manager should be preinstalled and placed in Control Panel.
Go to control panel -> Realtek HD audio manager
In the top right corner, there's a little yellow folder called "Connector Settings" in my version.
There, I could finally reactivate the setting "Enable pop-up dialog, when device is plugged in".

I?m not sure about the webcam issue.. maybe the system is muddled up? the Skype and face recognition software uses the same cam so maybe you should uninstall webcam software, skype and face recognition software and should reboot the notebook. After that install webcam software, face recognition software and skype aga... Read more

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Hi! I just bought the laptop and when i tried to use skype I realize that the webcam and the microphone are not working. I updated all the drivers and i did everything dell recommends to do.  I even tried to contact dell techical support but they didn't answer. 
Any idea of what it could be?
Thank you

Answer:Inspiron 5567 webcam and microphone not working

Have you given Skype permission to  use them in the Settings - Privacy area?
Can you get the camera to work with the Camera app?

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I purchased my Y 500 just a few days back, while the laptop is perfectly functional otherwise the inbuilt webcam and microphone array just don't seem to work no matter what I do. Here is a list of what I have already tried after reading other posts: 1. Reinstalled drivers2. Fn + Esc3. Reinstalling energy management 4. Checking hardware in device manager It's like the camera doesn't exist it won't even appear in device manager.  Though the mic is displayed here, device manager says it is working properly yet I can't seem to make it record. I tried testing the camera with skype, youcam and testmycam webpage... the result was, all of them concluded I don't have an in-built webcam. I also tried attaching an external mic this works well enough but it is not a solution to my problem. Apart from opening up the screen panel I have done everything I can think of, the local lenovo customer care didn't provide much help either. I don't want to believe this is a hardware defect but that seems most likely, if any of you have a solution please help me out.

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I have the compaq LA2206xc monitor and as i've been trying to use skype, I found out my microphone and video cam aren't working.  I recently just moved so I am not sure if I'm missing something that needs to be hooked into the rest of the computer?  Would love some help!  Thanks

Answer:Monitor built-in webcam and microphone aren't working :/

Hello, You have to install the monitor driver: You must also install the Cyberlink YouCam software from the cd that came with the monitor. USB connectivity between the monitor and PC is required for the webcam to operate. Then, you need to check the user guide, check page Thanks, 

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My Logitech C525 webcam microphone is only working intermittently. I have tried uninstalling the camera via the Device Manager in "Audio inputs and outputs" and "Sound, video and game controllers", and re-installing the latest driver from Logitech, but with no success. It appears that there may be a conflicting driver in my HP desktop. The problem started after an HP software upgrade on 26th September 2016.Under "Playback devices", I can see my Webcam C525 listed. When selecting microphone properties and "microphone levels", the microphone is muted. When changing to "un-mute", (and increase Microphone to 100%) the microphone works for up to 1 minute before switching automatically back to mute.  Thank you for your help.

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I have to admit I never tried the webcam since I got my Yoga which had win 8.1 originally installed on it, but with the update to windows 10, I'm trying more things out. I did install the camera driver from  but no luck.I dont even see any kind of camera in device manager. The camera app just says "something is wrong" amd closes. I tried Skype and it also could not detect a working webcam. After installing  windows 10, I did try Cortina and it had me go into microphone setup and it was working. However after subsequent updates, it no longer works. The micropphone levels are ll the way 100%, but when I try to setup the mic, I never see the level meters move when trying the speech test dictation,. Ive installed the Conexant drivers in the the above link, and also uninstalled them and tried to go back to what are the default microsoft drivers, neither seem to wor  

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Hello everyone. I seem to be having problems with my IdeaPad Y500's internal microphone and webcam. I recently sent my laptop in for a service (my SSD was having some problems) and when I got my computer back, I couldn't get the microphone or webcam working. I tried reinstalling the appropriate drivers, deleting programs that take control of recording devices (such as Skype), and I even turned off automatic windows updates to make sure the drivers don't just update to their latest versions (which I also tried to install). Nothing has worked. I have tried plugging in an external microphone, but that doesn't work either. Is this a hardware issue or software issue? I'm assuming that during the repair service I sent my laptop in for, some wires got disconnected, but I'm not positive. I'm eventually going to call support, but I rarely have spare time at the moment, and I need my laptop for classes, so I can't just send it away for 1-2 weeks. I haven't tried to restore Windows 8 to default, because I'm reluctant to do so. Reinstalling programs and files is a pain. Any help would be appreciated. I rely on communicating with colleagues to work on classwork.

Answer:Y500 - Microphone and Webcam Not Working (After recieving computer back from support.)

Have you checked sound properties to see if your microphone is muted?My notebook had a habit of muting that when switching between the onboard mic and my headset mic. It muted it either way, up until I reinstalled Windows 8.

___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Lenovo Ideapad Y500 | IntelŽ Core? I7-3630M @2.4GHz | 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 RAM | NvidiaŽ Geforce? GT 750M | 120GB Mushkin Atlas Deluxe mSATA SSD | 1TB Samsung Spinpoint M8 5400RPM HDD | 1080p Lenovo Display | IntelŽ Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260

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I'm encountering the following problem when I open the Camera app on WIndows 10 :
"Webcam not working: 0xA00F4244(0xC00D36D5)"
and also the microphone is not working ( it is active but doesn't seem to receive the voice signal ).
It's strange because I used both of them until the last week without problem.
How can I solve it?


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Just bought a Satellite C70D with Win 8.1. Everything works (as far as I know until know), except boot from DVD. I disabled in the bios the Secure Boot and changed the boot order to DVD first, then USB and then HDD. The DVD drive starts, but then it skips to the HDD and Windows is started. First time I tried there was a message like "DVD boot not supported" or something like that.
The DVD is bootable, so that is not the problem.
I would like to install Linux Mint alongside Windows.
Anyone solved this problem already?

Answer:Satellite C70D - How to boot from DVD

Update: changing from UEFI to CMS in the BIOS Advanced tab makes it possible to boot from DVD, but Windows won't boot anymore.... Is there any possibility to boot from DVDE and still be able to start Windows as well?

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Hello everybody,
the Toshiba Sat C70D-B-317 (PSCLEE01L009FR) is on it's way and I don't have it for the moment but I would like to know if there is a way to add some Ram to this machine without opening everything?
Also, is it possible to change the HD in the future in the same conditions?

sorry, but it's my first PC laptop and as a Mac user I'm completely lost with all these models and different serial numbers.

I thank you in advance for your answer.


Answer:Satellite C70D-B-317 - Ram upgrade

1. yes you can upgrade your RAM, This laptop has 2 slots with one 4GB standard so if you would you can put one more 4GB. With 2x4 you have Dual-channel and that works much faster than single

I don't know if your HDD can e upgraded. When it's not possible you can always buy a external HDD

I hope i helped you


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I'm looking for a new display for my Toshiba Satellite C70D-A-11K!

Please help!

Answer:Need new display for my Satellite C70D-A


The Satellite C70D-A-11K was equipped with the 17.3" LED color LCD panel with the supporting max resolution of 1600 x 900 px
You should be able to order such display panel from local Toshiba authorized service provider or you could check some 3rd part online dealers who provide compatible notebook parts…

As I mention above: you should look for the 17.3" panels.

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I have a C70D-A-107 and want to speed up this notebook. Already placed 4gb extra memory so the notebook has now 8gb internal. I doubt whether it is usefull to put in 2x8gb. I think the processor is just to slow. It has a AMD E1-2100 inside. Is it possible to put in another (faster) processor?

Answer:Speed-up Satellite C70D-A-107

The Satellite C70D-A-107 was equipped with an AMD Essentials E1-2100 Accelerated CPU (1,00 GHz, 1 MB L2 Cache)
It’s not the fastest CPU therefore the notebook performance isn’t the best…

But CPU upgrade isn’t officially supported by notebook manufacturer... therefore I don’t think that you will be able to upgrade the CPU…

I read about successful Intel CPU upgrades but did not meet anyone who was able to perform an upgrade with an AMD CPU

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Good evening,

I'm sorry to disturb,
but I find myself in a situation to which I find no solution,
that's why I come here asking for some help.

A friend has just purchased the following laptop:
- Satellite C70D-B-307

but the worry is that apparently it is impossible to have access to the HDD recovery to execute the factory restoration.
I try all possible solutions that I find on the web and none of it works.

what to do ?

does Toshiba sell the recovery DVDs that will restore the computer to its factory state?

Thank you very much .

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My wive purchase this computer coupple of months ago. It was from the beginning ferry slow on windows 8
The wurst laptop we ever had. We feel robbed of our money.

2 months ago we started with Ubuntu. It Still slow. IS there anybody with the same problems?



Answer:Satellite C70D-A-108 is very slow

Hi Marco

I don't have this notebook model and cannot confirm what you wrote but fact is that almost all new notebooks are pretty slow at the beginning. Many applications are set to start with Windows and this, of course, slows down boot time.
Windows updates are also set to automatic so in the background the machine will download and install many updates so this will slow down your machine rapidly.

In my opinion you should install original OS that you got with this machine and optimize it a bit.
Remove all useless stuff, change start-up option and disable automatic Windows updates.
In the past I have noticed that original preinstalled antivirus is also responsible for notebook?s performance so I don't use original preinstalled application but my own version of Avir Antivir and it runs perfectly.

Check all these options and I hope your machine will run much better than before.

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i see that the site don't provide all download drivers. In the device management I have still 2 drivers missing
pci encryptions/decryption controller and unknown device.

Can someone help me out with it?

Answer:Need some drivers for my Satellite C70D-B-10U

According notebook specification your machine was delivered with preinstalled Win8.1 64BIT ML.
Original preinstalled version is perfectly configured with all necessary drivers.

The question is: what are you doing with your machine?
Do you try to use some older Windows version?

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I want to upgrade RAM with additional 4 GB but at the bottom of the notebook there is no RAM cover so I don't have access to the RAM slots.
I don't want to cancel valid warranty so I don't want to open it alone.
What should I do ???

Message was edited: posting has been translated

Answer:RAM upgrade on Satellite C70D-B-302


You can contact nearst Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They can do this for you.

Addresses and phone numbers you can find on

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since i bought it, always been slow

tried win 8.1 an now win 10 (also from scratch)

tried chrome and firefox

tried all updates on the official website

tried other hard driveS

on the task manager, processor OR hard drive (sometimes both) are always over 90% when doing NOTHING and 99% when i click any icon or link

streaming movies is realy difficult, youtube is quite impossible and i don't even talk about gaming
do you have any issue for this problem ?

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Hi There,

I have had a Satellite C70D for about 18 months now, but have not used it in the past year as I have been disputing with customer services about the windows licence for the machine as I lost it when I formatted the original hard drive before installing an SSD and they wouldnt send me a copy of it. I have now bitten the bullet and bought a windows 10 licence again. However since building the machine a few days ago, I have been having a couple of issues and as it is now out of warranty, I cannot contact customer support (Who I found unhelpful even when it was in warranty!)

The first issue is when I boot up the machine, occasionally the keyboard will not work, I cannot type the BitLocker pin and I have to remove the battery and press and hold the power button for 10 seconds, this then fixes the issue for a few reboots before it goes again.

The second is that occasionally it will boot up with a red x next to the WiFi symbol, but it detects the WiFi card, usually a reboot fixes this but not always. I have reseated the card and still no avail.

Can anyone shed any light on what may be causing this? The BIOS is up-to-date as are all of the drivers.

Thanks in advance for your help

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my image flickers once regularly, get different colors / stripes image ; and especially when I Moves MyScreen and HE charge the laptop Horrible Slow on Since My Screen Flickers

Answer:Screen is flickering on my Satellite C70D-A


It is not easy to understand your problem.
Do you use your notebook with original Windows that you got with your notebook or maybe own OS version?

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I have 2 issues with my new Satellite C70D-B-32U.
When I put it in sleep mode, it does. But after about 5 minutes, it goes automatically to hibernate. This I don't want. And I don't want to disable hibernate, because I do use it when the laptop is not in use for longer periods. The power settings in control panel do not reflect this behaviour. In the settings, I specified that the laptop should never go to hibernate. Hybrid state is disabled.

And secondly, more importantly. Whenever it goes to hibernate, I can only wake it up with the power button. Not with the (internal) keyboard, not with the usb mouse. I would like an option to wake it from hibernate by pressing any key on the keyboard. In bios power on keyboard is set to on. Is there anything else I can change to have this available?
Actually if issue 1 is solved and the laptop stays in sleep mode, this issue is also solved since from sleep I can wake on a mouseclick which is also fine.

The OS is windows 8.1

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touchpad works fine, but can't scroll with it. Already tried changing option in the menu of the touchpad, but there is no scroll-function.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Mr. Forster

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I picked up a brand new c70d-b-10u today from a well known retailer.
I turned it on, set the language, gave a computer name, hooked up to a wi fi and then it asked for Other User Password!

I never entered a password to start with so why is it asking for one?

I cannot get to the shop again until next week and urgently need to get up and running.

Any ideas greatly received.

Answer:Brand new Satellite C70D-B-10U wants a password?

Try to recover the notebook once again using the HDD recovery option.

The recovery procedure would reset the notebook back to factory settings… usually after that no passwords should be set…

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My girlfriend bought me a new Toshiba laptop C70D-B-10U (my second Toshiba), it is a good laptop apart from the speakers they are terrible. I didn't want my first post to be a complaint but, Toshiba cut corners when it put the speakers in this series of laptops.

Or have I not set them right has anyone else had this problem, any ideas or solutions thank you.

Answer:Bad Speakers on Satellite C70D-B-10UM

I think your notebook has only small stereo speakers and the sound is not the best. I have Satellite S50-B with Harman/kardon speakers and sound is really good.

You can try to change sound options but if you want to have better sound I’m afraid you need external speakers, Maybe BT speakers.

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After a regular shutdown I cannot boot the system anymore.
System starts but does not boot.

Referring to the manual (section 6, solutions of problems) I tried to hit [F12] after power on but nothing happened.
Same when hitting [F2].

My impression is that something failed on hard disk drive.

P.S. system has Win10 installed.

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Hi All,

I have an Satellite C70D-A-11D ... when I use once the FN Key to do a Print Screen or use the Screen-Zoom on the Space Key...

I am not able to use the Keynumbers 1 to 4 neither the space Key to enter a space between two always change between the bigger screen solution or the normal solution...

I only can change the FN Key again after change the settings in Display settings and after a reboot...
So I cant use FN without a reset with the F1 to F12 Key use and a reboot...

Normaly the FN Key works only if it is pressed...if not the normal Function of the Keys 1 to 4 or F1 to F12 will work if configured in the settings, or not?

What to do?

Kind regards

Answer:Satellite C70D-A-11D Function Key deactivate after use

First of all you can change between the special function key mode (without pressing FN key) or normal (standard) mode (Hold Fn first to use standard F1-F12 functions.)

This function can be changed in BIOS.
In BIOS go to Advanced -> System configuration

Check this option.

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I have a Satellite C70D-A-114...

i hardly used it because it was slow

so i wanted to sell it

first i wanted to set it back to factory settings

doing that, in that process i seem to have deleted all files

so now i get message no bootable disc etc.

Tried everything, there is simply no recovery file

So where can i find such a file for free? It's just not normal that it is not on the site.

Answer:Need recovery files for my Satellite C70D-A-114

All you can find for free are all drivers, tools and utilities. Original recovery image (software package) is not for free and if you need it you must order recovery disc directly by Toshiba.

You can order it on

By the way: in user’s manuals document is clearly described how you can create recovery installation disc. I’m wondering you didn’t make it in the past.

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Hi all,

My grandmother recently bought this Toshiba, mostly i recommend people a Toshiba but this is going to far.

I wasn't aware that she bought a laptop untill she called me and said she needs help because she never worked with such a slow computer as this Toshiba.

So my question is

How much logic does Toshiba has? I mean putting 6GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM ( ok nice for a casual laptop ) doesn't quite fit with a >>1GHz<< processor. for the rest the specs aren't terrible.

Can somebody explain me why this laptop has a 1GHz processor with 6GB of RAM. this doensn't makes sence at all

I've a angry grandmother xD with a crappy laptop so I builded quick a pc for her where so does her work on for now

Answer:Satellite C70D-B-108 - Slowest laptop I've ever saw

Originally Posted by Jamie Legends

Hi all,

My grandmother recently bought this Toshiba, mostly i recommend people a Toshiba but this is going to far.

I wasn't aware that she bought a laptop untill she called me and said she needs help because she never worked with such a slow computer as this Toshiba.

So my question is

How much logic does Toshiba has? I mean putting 6GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM ( ok nice for a casual laptop ) doesn't quite fit with a >>1GHz<< processor. for the rest the specs aren't terrible.

Can somebody explain me why this laptop has a 1GHz processor with 6GB of RAM. this doensn't makes sence at all

I've a angry grandmother xD with a crappy laptop so I builded quick a pc for her where so does her work on for now

AMD E1-2100, 6 GB, 17.3 inch, 1600x900, AMD Radeon HD 8210, 750 GB,
that realy makes no sense they even put in a decent gpu and bottleneck it whit a 1ghz low budget AMD E1-2100.
ow well logic sometimes .
i hope it works out for ur grandmother

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So I bought this laptop a few months ago.
For the past few weeks the Laptop stopped playing sound.
I watched a stream in Chrome.

So actually I should be able to see the sound playing in the mixer.
But I wasn't able to play any sound or get any deflection in the mixer.

Then I installed Speccy and as this administration window popped up a sound was played and it worked.

I have no idea why the sound stopped working and why it started again.
Is someone able to help me?

I am using Windows 8.1

Answer:Satellite C70D-A-11D - no sound, random

The main thing is that you have sound again. It is not easy to say what was wrong there.
Have you installed some updates or anything else that can be responsible for this sound issue?

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My question is in the subject line. If anyone has done this I would appreciate some tips.

regards Stuart

Answer:Can I replace the HDD in my Satellite C70D-B -00P model with an SSD?

Generally speaking yes, you can do this but problem is that your notebook model doesn't have HDD cover at the bottom side.
To have full access to the HDD the bottom cover must be removed completely but it should be done by authorized service only.

Of course you can try to do it alone but I?m afraid you may lose the warranty.
If possible contact nearest Toshiba service provider in your country, explain the situation and ask for help.

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Few days ago bot new c55 from Argos.
Everything is working fine just internal and external (if conected) microphone is not working.
Dont know what to do?

Mic is installed and is on, system shows a message "This Device is working properly".
I already instaled new updates for speakers and microphones but still nothing.

Help. Pls

Answer:Microphone is not working on Satellite C55

When you open sound properties > recording devices is mic listed there, enabled and set as default device?

Which OS do you use?
Do you use original OS that you got with your machine?

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I have a satellite C70D-C-10 whit a AMD K16 processor and I want to know how to enable virtualization.
I've been seeing in the BIOS but I saw no options for that.

Answer:How to enable virtualization on Satellite C70D-C10V

Did you got an answer ? am also looking for the same answer. Mine C50D AMD E1 processor

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Hey guys,

can you help me please? I need to know which wireless adapter is built into the Satellite C70D-A PSCENE.
I assume its a Atheros. But what model exactly? Need to know this because I want to install the adapter in Windows 7.


Answer:Which WLAN card has Satellite C70D-A (PSCENE)?

It must have Realtek RTL8188EE WLAN card inside.
Can you find right driver for it?

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I am new to this forum and purchased a Satellite C70D yesterday.
I went thru set up, It asked me for my email and password.

I entered this and the next time I logged in there was my hotmail profile photo.
I entered my password - no problem. I changed the language from Spanish to English etc etc.

I switched it on this morning and got the Toshiba Logo - then it went to blank screen and there was a large data entry box asking me for a password. I tried the same one and I get another screen showing a red data entry box saying "VERIFY ERROR!! Please reenter to continue!!


Can anyone help me please. I am operating windows 8.1



Answer:Satellite C70D asks me for my email and password

I think I must be in the operating system as there is no need to click on the box to enter a password!!
I have no recovery disks

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Hello i'm new here :)

i bought a new Toshiba Satellite C70D-B-108 but the Fn button doesnt work. Does somebody know i can fix it? The laptop runs on Windows 8 with a "classic shell".

Answer:The FN button doesn't work on my new Satellite C70D

Check please settings for ?Function keys mode?. There are two ways to use F keys:
-Special function mode ? use F keys only
-Standard F1 ? F12 mode ? use FN+Fx key

Check the settings please.

By the way: do you use original preinstalled Win8.1 that you got with your machine?

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Hi everyone, new to this,

but purchased a toshiba c70d-b-30d laptop, the thing is its stall installing running up all was going well until i was asked if i wanted to upgrade from windows 8 to 10,

i pressed yes and thats where it has been for ages, i must admit after 3 hours i thought it was done as screen looked good, but without testing performance i shut down,

turning on again this morning ready to use it looked good but would do nothing,
so thought i would do a restart and it went into keep your pc on until this is done installing 1 of 1 its been hours now,

any ideas how i can sort this,

many thank for any replies peter

Answer:Satellite C70D-B-30D - Windows 10 upgrade issue

Power off the notebook.

Then power up the unit again and press F12.
Now you should see the Advanced boot menu.
Here choose HDD recovery
Then choose language and keyboard.
Then Troubleshoot -> Advanced options ->Automatic Repair.

Hope it helps.

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My mousepad doesn' work as it should. I tried to deblock with FN+F5, only F5, FN+F9, ... but nothing helps.
All I can do is move the cursor and use the mousepad when keeping the left mouse button at the same time.
Anyone a solution?

Answer:Satellite C70D - impossible to deblock mousepad

To be honest I’ve never heard about such touchpad behaviour.
Have you tested all touchpad settings?
If there is option to set all of them on default settings please do this and test functionality again.

Anyway, best hardware test is to reinstall operating system and check touchpad functionality with “factory settings”.

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Since I bought my laptop Satellite C70D-B-300 i still having some problems:
1) I cannot turn off the laptop,(the screen turn off but laptop still running), even I cannot close session
2) Start menu and windows apps sometimes I cannot open (if I click nothing happen)
3) 3/4 times a day the laptop get in crash, I cannot do nothing, I need to shut down with power button (press for 10sec) even with ctrl+alt+del doesn't work
4) new problems with windows 10, i cannot open store, sometimes cortana and star menu doesn't work so I need to restart...but I guess is windows problem not toshiba

thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite C70D-B-300 doesn't work properly

There are too many problems.
In my opinion you should reinstall original recovery image and test notebook functionality with “factory settings” again.

Is this an option for you?

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Ever since I purchased my machine, I have been dogged with a blue screen and a reboot...once, however, I ha to take it back to the point of sale, because it just would not reboot.

The error screen in question is: 0xa0000001. What is going on?
I get this two - three times a night. how do I sort it? I'm not a geek and would like plain and simple instructions to understand....


Answer:Satellite C70D - blue screen 0xa0000001

0xa0000001 is not a usual BSOD code. Usually its something like 0x000000xx

Does the BSOD display a system file?

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Built in microphone is not working properly, when i tried to record with sound recorder.. and when played nothing could be heard . Where the built in microphone is located in the laptop, user manual doesn't show this one. I've tried all settings in the control panel. However no use but when i connect a external mic throught the jack provided that is working fine.

Does this model Satellite M40-237 has built-in microphone??????

Pl. help me locate the mic in the note book. and fix this problem.

Message was edited by: chilsiva

Answer:New Satellite M40-237: Built in Microphone not working


According product specification Satellite M40-237 has no Audio internal Microphone.


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I am using my new laptop satellite L830 - 10P since three months.

At the beginning everything worked well.

Then, suddenly, the microphone didn't work any more.
I checked and found out that the *microphone is not recognised anymore as a peripheric*.

I reinstall the driver ( and it worked again for a while, and stopped again to work.

I try to reinstall the driver again and even with that it won't work anymore.

I don't know if it is a hardware or software problem, and what could I do to solve it ?

Thank you for help


Answer:Microphone is not working on Satellite L830-10P

Hi Bernard

I think its not hardware problem.
There must be something wrong with the driver and sound software.
It seems that more sound drivers needs to be installed because Toshiba EU driver page provides 3 sound drivers /software for this unit.

*Sound driver Conexant v*
*Sound driver ATI v*
*Sound driver SRS v 1.12.1800*

I recommend uninstalling the three drivers from the system firstly.
Then download the mentioned drivers and reboot the unit
After that follow with the installation of Conexant, ati and srs driver

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i install windows 7 - 64bit to my Satellite A300 and the microphone doesn't work, but the webcam works.
I downloaded and install the webcam drivers from the toshiba's site but the mic still doesn't work.
Do you have any ideas??


Answer:Satellite A300 - microphone is not working

Which applications do you use with webcam? Skype maybe?

When you open sound properties > recording device, what is listed there?
Is Microphone listed and activated there (green checkmark)?

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When i plug the microphone in the Mic-In-port i can hear my voice in the speakers but I cannot record any sound and nor can people hear me when using for example skype.

Answer:Microphone is not working properly on Satellite A


First of all it will be very interesting to know which notebook model you have. Anyway I use Skype and some other messengers and have never noticed some sound problem. Because of that I presume there is some problem with ?sound device? settings.

Under ?Sound devices? in Skype options please use option called ?Make a test call to Skype answering machine? to see the results. Be also sure your mic is connected properly into mic port.

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Hi everybody,

I have problem with microphone as it it not working. Can you tell me solution, my laptop model number is Satellite A300......

Thanks a lot....


Answer:Satellite A300 - Microphone not working


Are you speaking about internal or external microphone?

If you are speaking about internal mic then it would be interesting how you did you test this?
As far as I know the internal mic belongs to the internal webcam. So start the webcam software and record a short video with the sound.
Then you can check if the sound was available in this video.

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I have Toshiba satellite A500-14Q for about 3 years. I have changed hard disc, keyboard, monitor frame so far, and I am sick and tired of this laptop not working properly. Now, I discovered that my integrated microphone does not work. There is no any problem in device manager or with driver. I keep hearing this crackly sound when i try to input other microphone device.

Can somebody help please?!

P. S. I have windows 7(64-bit)

Answer:Satellite A500-14Q - Microphone is not working

How have you tested mic functionality? Using ?Sound recorder? tool?
>? monitor frame
Maybe you have made some mistake and mic is not connected properly. Have you done this alone or it was done by authorized Toshiba service provider?

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I have formatted my pc from windows Vista to windows 7 (32-bit) and for some reason the microphone is not working. Any ideas or where can I find the correct drivers to download. I have the Toshiba Satellite P300-21E


Answer:Microphone is not working on my Satellite P300-21E

I have installed Win7 32bit on brothers P300 and it works properly.

Have you installed right sound driver?
When you open sound properties > Recording devices is ?Microphone? listed there?

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My microphone doesnt work, it say not plugged in.
But he is a internal microphone, i already installed Conexant Smart Audio, lastest driver, not working.
What can i do?

My microphone disappeared when i move to windows 8.
But im in windows 7 again, (64 BIT)


Toshiba Satellite L750D

Answer:Satellite L750D - Microphone is not working

> But im in windows 7 again, (64 BIT)
Does it mean you have installed Win7 using original recovery image?
If you have installed own Win7 version have you installed webcam software too?

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Hi there,

i haven't had this machine that long but when I got it the microphone was definitely working as I had talked to a few people on Skype. Now I can't seem to get it to work.

Things I have tried:
checking in device manager to see if anything is disabled or broken
reinstalling sound drivers
reinstalling the webcam
reinstalling Skype

any other tips greatly appreciated.


Answer:Satellite R830-1GZ - Microphone is not working

When you open sound properties and ?Recording? tab is microphone listed there?
If yes is microphone set as default device?

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Please need help . I need schematic diagram or data sheet for toshiba satellite c70d-B110

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I have since week 1 Series Toshiba Satellite C70D-A-11E notebook,
Unfortunately, I am at the moment not really satisfied with the image.. game lags because my graphics.

My question is where can you find how much I consume from the 4 GB.

And where I can set that I consume more or less. since it is a separable memory yes.

My English is not perfect. hope someone understands.

Please reply

Answer:Satellite C70D-A: game lags due to graphic chip?


Well, I?m wondering why you purchased a unit with an internal (part of CPU) graphic chip if you want use the notebook for gaming?

The notebook supports the AMD Radeon HD 8400 graphics which is part of AMD Quad-Core A6-5200 CPU.
Such GPU is similar to Intel HD GPU which is also part of Intel CPUs.

Such internal graphic cards are not really designed for gaming? of course you would be able to run and to play a game but don?t expect too much?

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Hey Guys,
Sorry for my english.
I am a german Guy and i search for help with my notebook.
When i start the notebook it ask me for a password. (BIOS or CMOS) i can't geht into the BIOS or start a windows or something like this only try to Type in a password.

Thanks for your help

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Hi there

Pretty much every time I turn on my laptop I am being asked to enter in the date, it defaults to 1.1.2015. Does anyone know why this is happening and how I can overcome this issue? Just to be clear this happens right at the point of turning the computer, i.e. before Windows even starts to load up. It must be date/time settings of the device.

Thanks for your help in advance


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I have buy a Satellite C70D-A-11T and pass it on Windows 7 64 bits Home Premium.
I install all the drivers and I haven't any problems.

When I want to connect it to my TV for first time, I discover there is no sound on the TV.
I try to go on the speaker (near the clock of windows), right click, sound, first tab (I think it is "Playback" in english... I have a french Windows) and my device (TV) doesn't appear.

I come back on Toshiba Support website to download the last driver "HDMI Audio driver" for my laptop, I connect the cable, and it appear in the sound properties. I select it as my default device and the sound come right from my TV.

Great !

But when I restart my laptop (with or without the HDMI cable), the TV disappear from the list in the sound properties, the only one solution to recover the sound is to reinstall the HDMI Audio Driver.
If I start the driver installation with the "advanced" option, I have the list of drivers to install and I see all drivers are already installed, but the HDMI Audio Driver will be upgraded... I install it and it work until the next restart.

Could you explain me why the version of the driver don't stay on the system, and how to make it work without reinstall it everyday ?

Thanks a lot for your help.


Answer:Satellite C70D-A-11T - Sound doesn't work with HDMI

Anybody here ? :(

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I have a toshiba C70D-B-306 (psclee) laptop and I reinstalled windows 8.1 from a seperate DVD because i exchange the default harddrive for a fast ssd disk.

Everything works but in my device manager I have 2 unknown devices listed (with exclamation mark), as far as I know I downloaded all available drivers from toshiba support website for this laptop and installed them but the 2 unknown devices simply will not disappear.

Can someone tell me which driver I exactly need for these 2 devices?

The 2 devices are:

As mentioned, i allready downloaded all drivers for this laptop and installed them, windows is ofcourse up-to-date. Also I let windows search for drivers on the Internet and on the whole drive, but no drivers where found.

Who can give me the golden tip?

Answer:Satellite C70D-B-306 - 2 unknown devices in device list

There is a good method in order to find out what drivers are missing.
First of all you should check the DEV (device) and VEN (vendor) IDs

Here is an short instruction how to find this details:

Knowing the device and vendor ID, it should not be a big deal to get the right drivers.

At the other hand you should install also additional Toshiba software (Toshiba System Driver) released for Win 8.1
Please note also that there are two Win 8.1 driver areas: ?Win 8.1 update? and ?Win 8.1 32bit/64bit? categories
In case you would not find all drivers within the Win 8.1 update check also the Win 8.1 32bit/64bit categories.

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ODD on my Satellite C70D-A-11E (05.2014) won?t to read DVDs anymore. It doesn't matter which one I try it simply doesn't work.
Latest driver is installed.

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Answer:ODD on my Satellite C70D-A-11E wont read DVDs anymore


If optical disc drive is installed properly maybe is reading lens dirty. Try to clean it up.

Other way, if your ODD can read CDs but not DVDs it can also be hardware malfunction. The reading lens cannot be calibrated properly and cannot find the right position to read DVD media.

In such case ODD must be exchanged.

Try to clean lens up and check if the problem persists. If yes contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.

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Hi all,

excuse the new thread but I haven't found any answers anywhere online, just speculation and it's for different models.

So I have a C70D-B-10U, running windows 7 64bit pro. When I formatted it and updated everything, it just kept crashing when trying to play back videos on Windows Media Player. I cleaned the inside and replaced thermal paste, updated to even newer drivers, and started using VLC as my default media player. It rarely crashed BUT it always does when I try to start playing games (nothing heavy - League of Legends). Laptop seems to be doing well with memory tests, no faults detected.

I've read that this could be caused by:
Faulty GPUFaulty BatteryFaulty PSUBad Capacitors on the MOBO

Has anyone had any similar experience? I've reinstalled Windows and it's the same story. If it's a motherboard issue, I guess it would be better to just get a new one?


Answer:Satellite C70D-B-10U no warning crash (power, GPU or capacitors)

Update: I decided to test the RAM and it seems like it can't handle 8GB. Both 4GB sticks work on any slot, but when I have all of it on the machine it crashes. Do you think it is a motherboard issue?

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I have problems with rebooting my Satellite C70D-B-108 laptop.
Factory installation doesn't work.

When i want to instal windows 10 i get a error code 0x80080005-0x90016.


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Keys 3 5 7 8 9 0 = rows numeric pad 3 5
all function keys do nothing at all ..........

I had similar problem with C670-11M I therefore put back to WIN 8.1

That can not C70D since that is new .....................
Where can I find the right drivers ??

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Hi there,

I was bought the above model of laptop for an early Christmas present which usually sits down in the living room, my old Satellite Pro sat down there with no issues however with this device the wireless signal is very low and I appear to be having it sitting right next to the wireless router (which is located upstairs in my sons bedroom), I wondered if there's any steps I could take to improve the signal?

It baffles me how a new system has such a poor wireless signal when my old Satellite Pro which was 6 years old had no wireless issues whatsoever.

My other issue is from the moment I switched the laptop on (yesterday when it was delivered) the updates on Windows Update are slow or don't start at all, is this an issue or just normal?

I'd appreciate any help or input at all, thank you.

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I'm having some trouble with my Audio and Microphone.
The sound driver I installed is working properly but my microphone is not working and if I connect my mic into my notebook the sound from my spreakers is still on.

Is there a solution for this problem?


Dennis van Oers

Answer:Satellite P300-13J (PSPC4E) microphone is not working

> mic into my notebook the sound from my speakers is still on.
As far as I know only the headphones or external speakers would disable the internal speakers and not the external microphone.
So in my opinion it's not a fault...

However, you can check the settings in Control panel -> SmartAudio
There you can switch between different options?

Furthermore you can check the microphone settings in ?Sound? (control panel).

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Hello There,

Sorry to bother you it's just I recently purchased a software called (Dragon Home 13) which has installed just fine, the issue I face currently is that my new headset (non USB) microphone is not working, I'm using a Philips headset and it allows me to listen to sounds via YouTube, however, when looking via: sound/mixer it does not show:

My Toshiba model: C75-A-10P -=>
Headsetup with mic: Philips (non USB)

I have looked inside the sound/default devices and it just shows the built in camera microphone, I can not find the new purchased one anywhere.


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Hello, I have a problem with integrated microphone on my laptop.

Mic comes with web cam chicony and under Windows 7 camera works just fine but microphone don't work at all.
Does anybody have solution to that problem?

Under vista microphone is working fine but I wanted to try Windows 7 on laptop and everything is working excellent except microphone.

Regards in advance.

Answer:Satellite L300-1A3 - Microphone is not working with Windows 7


I think the reason why Windows 7 is only RC and not a final version that is on the market. I think you should wait until Windows 7 is official released.

However, have you installed the driver for the webcam and sound card? You can try to use the Vista drivers. It should also work on Windows 7.


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Since 2 weeks my microfone dont work in skype.
Also my touchscreen dont working.

How to pepair?

Answer:Satellite U920T-10J: microphone and touchscreen not working

Regarding the touchscreen issue:
Does it happen while the screen is pushed up?

I read about the similar issue in different thread and this problem could be related to lose connection.

But check firstly this workaround:
1. Window+run
2 .type services.msc
3. go to Human interface device access
4. right click --->property---->start up type----->automatic (delay start)

But if this will not work, the issue could be caused due to hardware malfunction and such kind of issues must be fixed by authorized service provider.

Regarding the internal mic issue:
Please check if internal mic appears in control panel – sound – recording device
Check also whether all recording device are enabled. Click right and ensure that both options “show disabled devices” / “show hidden devices” were marked.

Also the Skype sound settings should be checked. The internal mic should be chosen as default mic.

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Dear Forum

I am trying to get the built-in microphone working on my C850.

Nothing is recorded if I use the sound recorder utility.

In the Recording tab the only microphone listed is a Realtek High definition Audio which is set as the default device, is enabled and mute is off.

Should this be an internal microphone?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Answer:I'm trying to get built-in microphone working on Satellite C850

The internal microphone belongs to the internal webcam.
Did you try to record short video including sound using the internal webcam and the webcam software?

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