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Satellite C655-S5128 doesn't start - power on problem

Question: Satellite C655-S5128 doesn't start - power on problem

My laptop doesn't power on after I do a windows shutdown.

After it completely closes, when I try the power button nothing is happening (neither a led, neither the screen or the vent. it doesn't start)

After I take out the power supply and the battery for one minute and put it back, when I try to power on - it starts.
I changed the RAM memory with good ones, same thing. I cleaned up the laptop and put high quality thermal paste on the processor.

The model is: Toshiba Satellite C655-S5128.
This thing it happens since I cleaned my laptop.
(I mention that I do clean up for laptops everyday, so I know how to do it)

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Preferred Solution: Satellite C655-S5128 doesn't start - power on problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite C655-S5128 doesn't start - power on problem

The unit doesn?t power up since you cleaned the notebook?
Hmm? these sounds like something went wrong during the cleaning procedure.

I believe you that you have lot of experience in notebook cleaning and you know how to do that but obviously this time you made some mistake? sorry to say this?.

In my opinion the issue is related definitely so some hardware problem? I don?t know who you cleaned the unit and what parts (beside the CPU) have been removed during this procedure but probably one of these parts have been affected or don?t function properly.

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I have a C series and it was working fine yesterday. This morning i turn it on and you can hear it starting as usual and then the first screen (Toshiba screen) is visual and then it goes black with a hash mark at the top left corner and stays like it and wont move forward.

Any hints on how to get it working right?

Answer:Satellite C655 - Windows OS doesn’t start anymore

Enter BIOS settings please and check if HDD is listed and recognized properly. If yes set BIOS to default settings and try to start your notebook again.

Is result the same as before?

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I have relatively new Toshiba Satellite C655 and after spilling a (tiny) amount of soft drink on the upper left keyboard, the keyboard quit working completely.

After installing a new keyboard, most keys work except for the P, R, V, T, [, and Space keys. External USB keyboards work flawlessly. I bought another new keyboard and carefully replaced it, but the problem persists. After this, I tried updating the BIOS to no effect.

Is anyone familiar with this, and know how to fix the problem?

Answer:Satellite C655 - new keyboard doesn't work properly


I guess this issue did not appear in the past before the soft drink has been spilled on the keyboard. Right?

This means that this fluid is the reason for the keyboard problem.
I guess, both new keyboards are OK.

In such case the problem can be the motherboard or you used both keyboards which are not fully compatible. But I guess this isn?t really a problem.

Possibly you motherboard is affected?. :( but this is just an suggestion

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Okay so I figured maybe my battery was bad and bought a new one and the same thing is happening. I will plug it in and it says its charging... Shows the battery going up and down like power is going through it... But the battery power keeps dropping. Seriously getting pissed off now. Im not gonna waste my time sending it into toshiba i might as well buy a new laptop at this point. Has anyone ever had this problem before?

Answer:Toshiba SATELLITE C655-S5504 says its charing but battery power keeps dropping.

Is the cord plugged into the laptop, along with connected to a a/c outlet that is powered on.

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Hi there.

I have a Satellite L40-15G that doesn't start. I click the power button, with or with the battery, and only the power led turns on. I can open and close the cd/dvd, but nothing else works. No beeps when I take off the memory, the hard disk led doens't even blink. I tried with another hard disk and it's the same.

Could it be the motherboard, the CPU?

Appreciate the help!

Answer:Satellite L40-15G - Doesn't start, only power LED turns on


Unfortunately this sounds like a hardware malfunction. I assume it?s related to mainboard or maybe CPU, if you have already tried other memory module.

You should go to an authorized service provider. The guys have good diagnostic tools to check your notebook and repair it. Furthermore they can order all original Toshiba spare parts.

Sorry but that?s all what I can say. Here it?s only user to user forum?

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I'm asking this question from an alternate computer, thus no utility log. My Toshiba Satellite C655 laptop runs on Windows 7. Today it will not complete the boot-up process. I get to the Windows welcome screen and just as it appears to be going to the sign-on, the screen goes black with a white cursor. From this point, I can get nowhere. I can open in safe mode, but am unable to run any diagnostic from there. Help anyone?

Answer:Startup problem with Toshiba Satellite C655

I was able to get to the command prompt screen and used sfc scannow and the result was "Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations."

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I was on the web then out of no where my computer shut off and when I turned it back on it started saying windows is loading file which it never says then took me to a start up repair menu and said it couldnt find the problem then I can click finish which shuts the computer off or cancel which takes me to advanced options or problem details. Please help some body

Answer:Toshiba Satellite c655 startup problem

This could be a memory or hard drive problem. Have the laptop checked out by a computer repair person

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My laptop is a Lenovo T61p and I'm having problems to turn it on. Recently, when I tried to turn it on with the power supplier plugged it turns on the power cable light (green), the battery light (green) and the system on light (green), but the hard drive doesn't start (the hard driver's light doesn't indicate it - light off). Then I removed the power cable and it started normally. After that, I put the power cable again just to keep the system working the whole day. This problem is not constant and occurs only sometimes. Today, the problem occurred again, but when I removed the power cable the system didn't start normally anymore. Instead, it keeps blinking the lights of the power cable (green) and the battery (orange) and they don't stop blinking until I put the power cable or remove the battery. Putting the power cable doesn't change anything. I have that three lights green but the hard driver doesn't start. Removing the battery doesn't change anything. Have you faced the same kind of problem? What could it be?

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After I press the power button the laptop doesn't starts (wake up) immediately. The screen is black, the fan is waving up and down sometimes for a very long time ( usually a few minutes) until the welcome screen of Windows 10 appears.

Any advice ?

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my U400 shutted down without any reason and won't start any more.
My first idea was a CPU damage but even if the notebook is plug to power the power led does not light.

1) Do U400 notebook normaly work when the battery is removed but pluged to power? Because if not maybe only the battery is broken.
2) Any other ideas? :)

Warrenty is over 1 month ago :(

Answer:Satellite Pro U400 wont start - power problem?

The notebook should work when only AC power is plugged in. You dont need the battery inserted.

Does the DC IN LED light up when you insert the AC Adapter?

If it doesn't light up, then either the AC Adapter is faulty, or the Mainboard or another component needs replacing.

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Hello! Greeting's, I have a problem with my Laptop!

Power-Start button on my TOSHIBA p500 (pspgse drivers) wont work, but when I use remote control it work,.
One month AGO laptop is been in TOSHIBA SERVICE in Serbia and they say its a problem in bios and they flash bios.
But one mount later same problem.

Its not Bios do Y now what is wrong?

Thanks in advance!!!

Answer:Satellite P500 PSPGSE - Power Start Button Problem


It could be hardware problem? In my opinion you should contact the ASP and should talk to the guys that this issue is not solved.

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I have an ASUS notebook running windows 7 64-bit. I am using the QuietOffice power profile, however the screensaver won't kick in no matter what I do, and the display does not turn off even though I set it to be after 5-minutes of inactivity. I don't know if there is something running in the background... I have turned off my usb wireless mouse, and nothing....

Any ideas?


Answer:HELP: power option doesn't work - screen saver doesn't start!

This is another case of factory bloatware interfering - in this case a useless factory utility overriding Win7's superior built-in version.

Googling the Quiet Office feature of Asus there are multiple reported problems. Best to default to the Win7 built-in Power Options in Control Panel. Set up a Balanced Plan unless you're a gamer then use High Performance.

Here are other tips for cleaning up factory bloatware

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My daughter's hard drive blew up and I had to install a new one.I restored the system to factory defaults using recovery disks.Windows 7 came up fine but, the laptop doesn't recognize the network controller (unrecognized hardware)Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Toshiba Satelite C655 doesn't recognize network controller

It shoulda taken care of it on factory restore...however i'd re-install laptop drivers...either from the driver CD that came with it...or from the laptop manuf. website...

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ok, laptop wont start up just black screen with blinking curser, not command prompt. cannot restart in safe mode, same thing, can only enter system setup, and boot manager, f2 and f12, put in a startup disk, tried to restore from earler time, just get message saying it cannot be restored to this date, tried several, same thing. seems it started when my son hooked his smart phone up to laptop to update his phone.

Answer:toshiba satellite c655

trying to restore as i type, it was program called Kies mini (installed Kies mini)

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Have a Toshiba Satellite C655 which suddenly stopped working. Cannot get the system to boot. Tried pressing F8 for safe mode and get nothing, F11 for recovery does not work. 0 does not work, only F2 and F12 works. Do not have a recovery disk.

Win7 Home Premium on system and tried using Win7 Pro but will not repair the strtup files because it states not correct version.

Please help if a solution is available other than sending back to support.

Answer:Satellite C655 does not boot

F11 is not for recovery. You must try to enter ?Advanced boot options?.
When you start your notebook press F8 *SEVERAL TIMES.*

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My Satellite C655 has ablinking cursor and will not boot.

Any suggestions

Answer:Satellite C655 will not boot

Of course I don?t know why this happen and what have you done exactly.
Maybe more than one sentence in your posting would help to understand your problem.

Anyway, try please to press F8 after start-up and enter ?Advanced boot options?. Is this possible?
Can you start preinstalled OS in safe mode?

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My laptop either doesn't power on or when it does it will suddenly power off without any warning.
The power supply light is on but the battery doesn't seem to be charging.

I cant think its the battery thats the cause as the mains power should keep the laptop on or allow it to boot? Any suggestions?
One person suggested a possible motherboard and somebody else has suggested a charging problem?


Answer:Satellite 1950-801D doesn't power on or suddenly power off

Wait a moment. What happen when you remove battery and start notebook with power supply only? Can you use the notebook as usual?

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I have never had a laptop before. Also new to windows 7. Trying to find the simplest way to burn a DVD from another DVD on this new laptop. I know I have to put the info from the DVD on to the laptop. And then burn it on to a blank DVD. I can put the DVD in to the drive. Thats a great start !!! I am looking for the simplest way to "rip" and burn. Even if it means downloading (hopefully free) burning software.

On my desktop CD burner it was pretty easy to burn from a CD to another CD. 2 trays and software to burn. I know this is more complex. I am somewhat computer challenged, btw. Thanks :)

Answer:Satellite C655 - Easiest way to burn a DVD

Hi lili60,

The most DVDs and CDs that you can buy are copy protected so I doubt you will be able to copy them. Usually you can only copy disks from friends with private pictures, music, etc. but common disks are copy protected.

For burning disks you can use the freeware tool ?CD Burner XP?. That?s really nice tool that provide all necessary functions for burning disks. You can download the tool here:

On the same page you can also find an online help how the program works.

If you have more questions, please let us know! :)

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Hi, I installed OS XP on my Satellite C655-s9521d notebook....I found all drivers accept VGA driver please help

Message was edited by: hishtog

Answer:Need XP VGA driver for Satellite C655-S9521D

Unfortunately on US support page display driver for WXP is not available.

I have compared notebook specification with some European models and I think THIS driver can be installed on your notebook.

Please test it and send some feedback.

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When I ran my AVG PC Tune up it said that "BAPIDRV" is missing. I went to the Toshiba Site and could find nothing. AVG Tune Up also said that without it computer could crash. Can anyone help me? I am lost. I have a Toshiba Satellite C655. Please help me! Thank you very much!


Answer:Solved: Help please toshiba satellite C655

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When ever i try to use my DvD drive i get that error, im using "Satellite C655"

Answer:Satellite C655 - D/ application not found

And how do you use DVD drive?

Can you please describe your problem using more than one single sentence?

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I am thinking of upgrading my Toshiba Satellite C655 with a faster CPU and am wondering if anyone can tell me which CPU's are compatible with this laptop? At this time it has a AMD V140 Processor 2.30ghz. The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite C655D-S50851. Thank you for any information you can give me.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite C655 CPU compatibility

As a general rule with laptops, CPU upgrades don't really give decent increases in performance. Increasing system memory to max allowed and installing a bigger faster hard drive will give you the most "bang for the buck"...

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I've had my laptop for 7 mos. and for the last 2 weeks, I have been trying to play netlix dvd's but they will not play. I put on an audio cd and it works. I can't figure out what the problem is nor the solution. I have tried to update the driver but it says it's up to date. Not sure what to do at this point. Any suggestions?

Also, I ran the toshiba diagnostic tool and it skips the DVD drive. Does that mean something?

Message was edited by: Gigi_3

Answer:Satellite C655 - DVD movies will not play

Have you noticed these problems with Netlix DVD?s only or using any original DVD movie?

Which player do you use for watching DVDs?

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How do I get a stereo mixer on this laptop so I can do online karaoke?
Got Satellite C655.

Answer:Satellite C655 Stereo mixer no available?


As far as I know the unit supports Conexant sound chip and as far as I know the stereo mix is not supported by Conexant.

Found this:
No Stereo Mix for Conexant HD Audio

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My Toshiba satellite C655 battery refuses to charge and now indicates plugged in not charging What is the solution to this problem?

Answer:My Toshiba Satellite C655 battery does not charge at all.

Remove battery but keep the charger plugged in. Can you run your laptop now on the charger alone ? If your answer is yes, then your battery or its charging circuitry might be at fault.If your answer is no, then your charger is at fault.CoolGuy

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The problem started a few days ago. My toshiba satellite c655 wouldn't boot. It hangs on the boot screen showing the windows logo and would beep 4 times then start again. I ran the utility to diagnose the problem and it said it couldn't find anything. I can enter safe mode and eventually my computer will stop beeping and will work normally. Yet, every time from then on my computer will hang on the windows screen and beep before it starts. I 'd like to the solve the problem before my computer completely refuses to turn on. I can't find the p.o.s.t. codes for my bios. I am wondering if my keyboard is the cause of this problem because most of the keys aren't working. I am using an external keyboard now.

System Info:
System Manufacturer TOSHIBA
System Model Satellite C655
System Type x64-based PC
Processor Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU B940 @ 2.00GHz, 2000 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date INSYDE 1.20, 8/1/2011
SMBIOS Version 2.7
OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium

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Let me start off by saying I am not very tech savvy lol

I have been having issues with this laptop lately. When I try to do updates on things such as Adobe and I have to choose between 32 or 64 bit, it recommends 32 bit, but I'm supposedly running on 64..

It takes forever to load pages on the internet, and now I can't even see video content through sites like youtube. I have all these services running that I don't even know what they are or if they should be running, can anyone help me get this laptop running better?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite C655 running horribly help pls

Hi, we need more info on your system, to begin 2 gb, on a 64 bit system is not going to cut it, you do need 4 gb of RAM, so this would be my first consideration.

Very hard to read your screen shots in a meaningful way, go to start search and type cmd, right click on the returned cmd.exe and select "run as administrator" at the prompt copy paste:-

echo > 0 & tasklist /v >> 0 & net start >> 0 & systeminfo >> 0 & echo >> 0 & notepad 0
press enter, please copy paste the notepad outcome here.

BTW:- from the systeminfo cmd you can delete the windows updates(hotfixes) we don't need them, will reduce the size of the post.

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Hello -

I have a Satellite C655 that I purchased and year and a half ago. Over the last few days the fan has been kicking in a lot more than usual. By this I mean the fan or ventilator on the left - the quieter one on the right is always on and pretty quiet.

I'm not running any big programs - just the internet or Word but it's been going on every 30 seconds or so and will sometimes slow the computer down and the little blue circle in Word 7 will start spinning around.

I'm hoping it's that the fan needs cleaning and I have no intention of taking anything apart to try it myself. I use the computer for work so I need it all the time and would have to do some scheduling to have Staples tech guys or Best Buy Geeks do it for me.

Can I use a vacuum on the underside and side vent to pull out any dust - would this help or am I asking for trouble? Is there any way to clean the fan without pulling off any of the covers/keyboard?

Any help is sure appreciated. This is my first post so if you need any other information, please just let me know. Thanks so much.

Answer:Satellite C655 - Can I use a vacuum to clean the fans?

Your only way to get it clean is using vacuum or compressed air and blow out the dust.
If notebook should be cleaned on professional way it must be disassembled. It is only way to get full access to all cooling modules. Please this should be done by authorized service only.

Anyway, try with vacuum.

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Sometimes when I wake my laptop up after sleep or hibernation the screen will be way to bright/high contrast to the point where I have trouble reading icon names on my desktop.

The only way I've found to fix it once this happens is to restart, then it's fine. It only does this once in a while.

It's pretty new, not even a year old, so I doubt it would be the back light going bad.
I was just wondering if anyone knew why this would happen and if it's something I should be concerned about?

I have a Satellite c655 running windows 7.

Answer:Satellite C655 - sometimes screen is too bright after hibernation


To be honest this is the first time that I read about such problems.
Are you able to change the brightness using Fn + F6 or FN + F7 while this issue happens?

But these FN button combinations controls only the brightness and this does not affect the contrast? so not quite sure if it?s really an setting issue?
In worst case your display could be affected? so maybe you should get in contact with an local Toshiba ASP in order to check the internal LCD.

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I just purchased a Toshiba Satellite C655 and I cannot get any sound out of my external speakers.

I do, however, have sound from the small internal laptop speakers. I have looked at the configuration for the soundcard (Conexant CX20671) and cannot find any way to select an external speaker setup. I'm using the correct line-in jack (not the headphone jack) so I'm really confused as to what the problem is. Is this sound driver compatible with my external speakers (Logitech Z-540)?

Thank you for your help.

Answer:Satellite C655 - No sound on external speakers

If you are connecting the speakers using optical (SPDIF) or Analog?

What port did you plug the speakers into? You will need to use the Headphone Jack (Analog Stereo). The other one is usually the Microphone input jack.

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So just like 1000s of others I imagine, Windows 10 violated my C655. I believe it successfully wiped out any trace of Windows 7 for recovery. I even tried a disk I made with the same laptop a year or so ago. It tells me that it doesn't match the hardware. Nice. Tried the "0" at boot to refresh but I get an error code. Command Prompt pimp trying sfcconfig and diskpart. Nada. Zip. Last resort is to erase the hard disk, which may fail also. Will that be an even bigger pile of "ish" to deal with? Opening up a can of worms quite possibly? Will I be able to use my Win7 key located at the Windows sticker on the bottom of this brick? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

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So the hard drive went in the C655.
I was able to copy the recovery partition to another drive. I wasnt able to get far with that.

I have restore DVD's how ever when I boot from the DVD's it says "Windows is loading files" hanges up for a minute then I get the following message. " Windows has encountered a problem communicating with a device connected to your computer.. This error can be caused by unplugging a removable storage device such as an external USB drive while the device is in use, or by faulty hardware such as a hard drive or CD-ROM drive that is failing. Make sure any removable storage is properly connected and then restart your computer.

If you continue to receive this error message, contact the hardware manufacturer.

Status: 0xc00000e9
Info: An unexpected I/O error has occurred"

I have nothing plugged in...
Is my recovery DVD bad ? is my DVD drive bad ?
is there any other way to load the recovery DVDs ?
I'm stumped.

The hard drive is brand new so I have no recover options as far as holding 0 while turning on or F8 to recovery options.

please help

Answer:Recovery help needed for Satellite C655 - HDD died

Set BIOS to default settings and try to use recovery DVD again.

If possible test it please with original Microsoft installation disc just to see if the problem will be the same.

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Hi Everybody

I?m from Ukraine. My friend bought laptop Satellite C655-S5507. After a week he got a black screen while turning on laptop. Laptop was bought in USA, and there is no possibility to send it in an official service center.
It seems to be that BIOS crashed. I have an experience in laptop repairing, and I?m sure that this is problem with BIOS.

I went on an official Toshiba web-site on support page, to get BIOS file (I'd like to use USB programmer, to flash the BIOS), but there are no such a model (C655-S5507). I've read that this model was produced for some stores in USA, and there are no official drivers for it and also bios file.

Please send it (BIOS file) there or on email ([email protected]) , because laptop without it will be sold by parts, and there are no possibility to repair it without original BIOS file :( .

Answer:Need BIOS file for Satellite C655-S5507

You are right. This is US notebook model. Problem is that I cannot find anything on this US support page.

My advice is to post this on US Toshiba forum and hopefully someone there will be able to help.

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My Toshiba Satellite C655 won't play sound through my built-in speakers.

The sound is turned up, it is not muted, and the internal speakers are the default. I can plug in my headphones and it will work, but it won't come through the speakers. This is the first time I've had this problem and I've had the laptop for about 5 months now.

Please help!

Answer:Satellite C655 Won't Play Sound Anymore


Please click with right mouse button on sound symbol in task bar and choose option layback devices.
Is option Speakers? listed there?
Is it set to ?default device?? If not define it as default device (right mouse button on it and choose option ?Set as default device?.

Please check all this and send some feedback.

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I want to know if I can change my Toshiba satellite mainboard with one who I can change the video card and the main processor. So I want a mainboard with non-integrated cpu and video card . It?s that possible?

Of course that I want more powerful in the performance so I want to use in design and rendering programs.

Answer:Mainboard exchange on Satellite C655-S5549

Hello Roberto

Please don't understand me wrong but I?m afraid you are mixing something. All your questions would be understandable for me if this forum were related to individual hardware configuration for desktop machines.

We are discussing here about mobile units or mobile machines with very limited hardware upgrade possibilities. Specific design and special constructed cooling system designed for certain hardware platform don't allow big hardware changes.

With notebooks there is completely different strategy when you think to buy one machine. You must compare hardware configuration and price, of course. Choose the best one and buy it.

You cannot buy some cheap machine and later exchange almost everything inside. Mobile machines are not designed for something like this.
If you need powerful machine with good hardware I?m afraid you must sell your Satellite C machine (middle range notebook) and buy some more powerful notebook.

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I successfully powered up my Probook using the "Hard Rest" method outlined here, but there is no mention of the solution to this issue. This unit is six months old and has served entirely as a desktop with the AC adapter plugged in 100% of the operating time. How do I determine the source of this original issue (power button doesn't turn on machine)? How do I test the battery? If the battery is defective, how do I go about replacing it? Please advise asap! Thanks,

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Toshiba Satellite C655 Laptop cannot restore to factory settings with or without OEM Toshiba rescue disc.
In short, I attempted to replace bad hard drive. First, I used spotmau to partition and format the replacement drive. Then, I changes the boot settings to usb dvd. I booted to the OEM Toshiba rescue disk to reinstall windows 7, 64-bit os. I used both a LG Super multi drive to install the rescue disk, and the laptop's actual optical drive/disk tray to no avail. The first of four disks did download. The second disk of four failed to complete the process. 
Can't read from the source file or disk. PREINST11.SWM
SIZE: 614  MB
Date modified: 10/31/2011 12:11 AM
Then when the system rebooted to windows, the following error:
The error, F3-F200-0002 An error has occurred. Please press [OK] to turn off the computer.   
I reattempted the re install process three times with the same results. 
Does anyone know how to successfully reinstall windows 7, 64-bit under these conditions? Thanks

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I left my computer idle recently and came back to find the audio was, you guessed it, not playing. I checked my speakers: on and plugged in. checked without them: nothing. i looked at the Volume Mixer and found that it wasn't registering my programs were making any sound at all. my sound driver is supposedly up to date or not needing an update (Conexant CX20671 SmartAudio HD). I tried reinstalling the driver (kinda? uninstalled it and checked for software changes) and restarting my pc (restart happened first), no avail. I was listening to music not a few min before, any ideas how to fix? Ill take any suggestions

Satellite C655
Windows 10 Home

Answer:Satellite C655 Audio Suddenly Not Working, Win10

Wow ok nevermind, a couple freezes and force restarts later it works..

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I have a brand new Toshiba Satellite C655 could I fix the hard drive input plug because somebody snapped it off and also the start button was removed off the board.

Could anyone let me know by email [email protected] if I can please explain how?
Also have a Toshiba U300 which is flicking screen then turns blue and switches off and on by itself.

Answer:Satellite C655 - how to fix the hard drive input plug?

> I have a brand new Toshiba Satellite C655 could I fix the hard drive input plug because somebody snapped it off and also the start button was removed off the board.

Do you mean the SATA connector on the motherboard? Is it broken?
Well, I don?t think its easy to fix. If something is broken on the motherboard, then mostly you will need an new motherboard or you would ask an specialist (electronics technician) for help.

> Also have a Toshiba U300 which is flicking screen then turns blue and switches off and on by itself.
Try to clean the cooling ventilators using compressed air spray. Mostly the notebook switches OFF automatically due to higher temperature? and cleaning cooling fans can help to get better cooling performance.

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I bought this laptop for a great deal less than a month ago but the return policy was the first of January. On the 8th I spilled a water bottle by accident from doing some school work and not paying attention to how close it was. I know that it is a horrible choice to eat/drink around technology. I quickly turned it off, took out the battery, tipped it upside down to get some water out, then i took the keys off and dried it all underneath them, next i waited about 6 hours and was so worried i turned it back on and everything was working fine until I tried typing =( I knew i should wait longer so i turned it back off and waited 30 hours and it still wasn't typing right i.e press k kj90 comes up. Then I decided to just use a usb keyboard and do the rice thing to the actual keyboard. Now I am still using the usb one which can get annoying but I can live and it has been over 4 days since the accident occurred. Is it possible that it's still drying out some keys work but some of them type other letters that are close by it? Could I buy a similar model keyboard and replace this one? I called Toshiba and they said it wasn't covered and would cost $180 to get it replaced but I don't have that money. I have also checked online for the same keyboard replacement but I didn't find any but similar one's. Thanks

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My webcam suddenly stopped working again...when I try to start Toshiba Web Application - it says 'Web Camera failed to initialize - please check device and restart application or you computer'. This is the second time in a week this has miraculously started working again...but now its stopped and I cant get it to work and from I got my laptop my touch pad has been malfunctioning since the day I got it...just two months ago...the cursor just sticks and refuses to move.... HELP!!!!

Oh....since I changed to AVG Free 2012 from 2011 this has been happening...with the webcam...HELP!!!!

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Anyone able to help me?

Sometimes it takes me ages to start up my laptop and sometimes it doesn't start up at all and I get sent to the start up repair screen and that results in an unable to repair press ok to turn off computer message. When ever I do manage to start the laptop programs always stop responding with some responds lasting around an hour.

I have used the recovery discs I made when I was told to do so, the first time using the labtop about 5 times so far. Every time I restored the system it work fine for about 1 hour until I had to install the Windows updates.

Anyone able to help me on this problem of mine?

Answer:Satellite L300D- Sometimes it takes ages to start up or doesn't start


Well buddy, that?s really strange and I think at the moment it?s not easy to say what the reason is for this.
Normally I would suggest you should reset the notebook back to factory settings using the Toshiba recovery disk but you have already tried. But the interesting thing is that you wrote that it works for one hour and you have to install Windows updates. Does the Windows updates causing this problem?
What happens if you don?t make the Windows updates? Does it work?

Maybe the updates are causing an incompatibility issue if you have also installed 3rd party software.

In worst case it?s a hardware malfunction and your notebook should be checked from a notebook technician.
In my opinion it could be a problem of the HDD too. But HDD can be checked yourself with Drive Fitness Test for example.

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Ive got a Sat Pro and when i plug it in the mains the light on the charger comes on but the laptop doesn't power up at all.
If i take the battery out the laptop and plug it into the mains, its still dead.

Any help, greatly appreciated.

Answer:Satellite Pro M60-164 doesn't power up at all


It seams that this has nothing to do with power mains but with an internal hardware problem on the mobo.
I think you should firstly check the both memory modules inside the notebook.
If the notebook would not power up even using new modules, then other parts like CPU or motherboard should be checked.

Sorry but this is everything what I could suggest you.

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Hi there!

Well, I got another power management problem for you guys.

So far I've dealt with overheating and sudden shutdown of the computer that was related to it and cleaning the heatsinks fixed that - so that's okay now.

On the other hand - the power management/battery charging still bothers me now and then ...and now it's "then", to my great bother.

It seems clear to me that Toshiba knows about this problem and therefore I would really like to get answers from "them"!!

I just lost some work due to the fact that my computer stopped charging, drained the battery and then shutdown without a warning when the battery was empty ? (without a sound warning and I have it on 25%)

I removed the battery and tried to start the computer but it will not turn on I have to plug-in/plug-out the power cord few times before I get a charge light ...and then it powers up*@*!!

The strange thing is that for the past 3months or so it's been fine (before that I had more or less the same problem) but after having moved my ?portable? computer within the house this started again!?!

Any Toshiba brains reading this? ....cause I know I'm not the only one - common and show our self?s and tell us why this is happening, please!

There isn't much use for a powerless computer, you know!


Answer:My Satellite P20 doesn't on AC power

Hi Ingi

Sorry but I don?t agree with you. I use Satellite P20-303 almost three years and it works as at first day. Have extended memory to the maximum and for a short time have cleaned the cooling vents. It runs nice and very quiet. I like this unit.

Because of that you can not write about some common problem on this unit. It is always possible that a few users have similar problem but that don?t mean that whole notebook series has ?serious failure?.

Second thing is that this forum is just user-to-user forum and if you want answer from ?them? contact service partner in your country, explain them the situation and I hope that they should be able to help you. I am not technician but I believe that there is some problem with power supply electronic and because of that you have different issues (battery is not charging properly).

I recommend you to talk with Authorized service partner. Call them and ask what the problem can be.


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Everytime I press the power button on my M40 it lights up yellow after one or two seconds. Then it turns blue and I hear the machine come in to action. But before I get anything on the screen it allready shuts off. Anyone had this problem on an M40? Is it simply "dead"?

I must be the most lucky person in the world. I bought the machine a couple of weeks ago to replace a desktop that died on me.

Answer:Satellite M40-107 doesn't power up


I think that sounds like a hardware fault. I recommend to go to a Toshiba service partner.

Sorry that I have no better info.


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I sorry to inform that my Satellite laptop C50 is not power on even when charge shows 100%.

Please guide me

Answer:Satellite C50 doesn’t power ON


Sorry to hear that you have problem with your notebook.
Can you please explain your problem a bit detailed?
Can you start notebook with AC power supply?

Have you problem with battery power supply only?
Please describe several situations and help us to understand your problem.

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As the title says, when I select 'Shut Down' from the start menu in Vista, the system says it's shutting down but the w/lan light stays on and if the eject button is pressed, the dvd opens.
Also the battery will drain overnight so it's obviously not switching off completely.

Any ideas anyone?

Answer:Satellite L30-11D doesn't power off completely


Did you choose the shut down option or the sleep option?
Please note that the default option is set to sleep mode. This might be the reason why the notebook didn?t shut down properly.

Check this again!

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Hi guys, newbie here with a problem that's driving me mad.

I have 2 Toshiba Satellite S2450-402 laptops running on XP. Both working fine then one of them suddenly will not power up or run off the battery.
I swapped batteries and the problem was still there. The battery in the problem laptop is fine as it powered up the other laptop and ran for well over 2 hours without problem and the battery from the good laptop wouldn't power up the faulty laptop either even though it is fully charged.

It's strange because it is still charging the battery without problem and is visible in the control panel as being there and charging.
Soon as I unplug the ac adaptor the laptop goes off. If I leave it for a while before reconnecting the ac adaptor and then press the power button I get Warning: Resume Failure displayed and Press any key to continue.

One press and it boots up straight away no problem, but if I re-connect the ac adaptor straightaway, and press the power button it boots up without displaying the message.

Can someone give me any help? clearly the battery is okay and so is the ac adaptor so what could have gone wrong? and is it fixable?

I wait in anticipation!


Answer:Satellite 2450-402 - Doesn't power up

Hi Ronnie,

Your posting is a little bit complicated but if I understand it right your notebook isn?t power up anymore also with other battery and AC/DC adaptor?
I did read your error message about this but this sounds like a hardware problem in my opinion?

You should contact a notebook technician for help. In my opinion there seems to be a hardware problem or a faulty connection but this can be checked from a notebook technician.

Good luck! :)

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my laptop closed suddenly and now it doesn't turn on again. When i press the power button the light is on for some seconds but nothing is working. It had happened again in the past i could open it after some hours and another time i couldn't open it at all. Can you help me?

Toshiba Satellite L500-1EK

Answer:Satellite L500-1EK doesn't power on

Have you donr something that can be responsible for this? BIOS update maybe?

Disconnect AC power supply and remove battery. After doing this press power button for 20 seconds and leave it for a while. Connect AC power supply again and try to start your notebook.
What happen when you do this?

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When I power up my A60 the system swithes off after approximately 3 seconds. The screen remains dark during this period. I've checked that the disk drive is OK by booting from it in another PC. I suspect that the display may be broken or perhaps disconnected?

Any ideas as to how to get some diagnostic info as to what is broken?

Answer:Satellite A60 Doesn't Power Up - Any ideas?

Hi there,

did you tried to connect the machine to an external monitor? Then you can see if your internal screen is defective or not.

Otherwise you should bring your machine to an technician or a local service partner
(Here?s a link to find one:

and let them check your machine on hardware failures.


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Hi there,

I have a P200 that doesn't power on any more! It's about 3 years old.

Battery LED (yellow) and "DC IN LED" (blue) are on.
Nothing happens, when I press the power on button. I tried to push it harder, repeatetly, smoothly and so on...but nothing...
If I press the "Internet" or "CD/DVD" Button (directly near the power button), the notebook powers on for about 3-4 sec., fan is active, then it powers off.
Display doesn't power on, no backlight etc.

What I already tried:

- removed the battery
- tested another power supply (with and without battery inserted)
- removed harddisk and RAM

Anyone an idea, why it doesn't power on while pressing the power button?

Mainboard defect?

thanks and bye,

Answer:Satellite P200-136 doesn't Power On

Hi Heiko,

This sounds really strange and I think it?s a hardware problem that can?t be solved easily. My suggestion is that you contact an authorized service provider in your country. The technicians can check your notebook and repair it for you.

Here is a list of all ASP?s: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

Good luck!

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Hello! Notebook: T400 Type: 6474Age: < 1 month Over night my notebook doesn't start no longer. When I press on the power on button the CAPS and num block lights glows up for 2 seconds but then nothing more happens. No screen image, but I can open my CD/DVD device.Three lights are glowing: the power light, the battery light and the light to the left of the battery light... Does anybody know what's the problem? Can I reset the device somehow? I bought a Lenovo Thinkpad because I want to have a failsafe device.. :-( I removed the battery but there is no difference..Can it be that the notebook doesn't start because I switched it into the energy safe mode and then the battery goes empty? I hear no beep(s) when I switch on the notebook..   Many greetings from Germany and good Sunday!Andi   P.S.: Sorry for my bad english! Message Edited by juiz on 05-17-2009 01:33 PM

Answer:T400 doesn't start - power on isn't possible

Try a static discharge.  Not sure if it works on the T400 but it works on the T6x.Remove the battery and the power adapter from the laptop.  Push down the power button 10 times, then hold down the power button for 10 seconds.  Plug in just the power adapter and start up.  If it starts, shut down normally and try it with the battery in. If not, try reseating the hard drive or hooking up to an external monitor (in case the display is bad).

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Hi, My T420 doesn't power on at all. I have tried to turn it on with cable, w/o cable, different baterries, removed rams and tried same things, tried holding down power button for 60 secs, tried with an other keyboard and I couldn't manage to start the laptop. No reaction at all, no blinking or anything. Any suggestions about the source of the problem are appreciated. Does it sound like a easy fix or should I go for a new laptop? Thanks Murat


Go to Solution.

Answer:T420 Doesn't start ( power on ) at all

Have you tried to power it up only with A/C attached without battery ??? Descibe what happend before this issue. Some overheating problems???Burning smell from you laptop etc.??? You could just burn power connector inside your T420.If it's on Warraty use it if it's not desassembly chaissy get to motherboard and check you power connector.  

T430 i5 M5Pro dGPU WIN 8.1

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I posted about this problem ages ago but didn't find an answer which helped me solve it. I have been using another laptop but now need to try and fix my Satellite.

I think that my description may not have been the best!
My Satellite C855 laptop works fine with a charged battery but will not work plugged into the mains and will not charge the battery.
I have used a battery and charger from a friend so I know they both work fine but not on my laptop.

I made an error and plugged in the wrong charger to the laptop ages ago which caused this problem and must have blown something inside it, I have no idea what it could be and have not found a solution online.

Like I said previously, with an already charged battery it works absolutely fine but my laptop will no longer take a charge of any kind. I am hoping it may be a fuse or something similar which will be easy (ish) to repair.

I can get hold of a secod hand laptop for parts which may help me if necessary.
Thanks in advance!

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Answer:Satellite C55-A doesn't work on battery power

Something like this should not happen, especially not on brand new notebook.
What have you done exactly? Have you got new battery from your local dealer?

Generally speaking this should not happen and in my opinion you should ask for new machine if you can get one. Other way, I think you should contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.
In my opinion BIOS has nothing to do with it.

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I've got my M100 today. Plugged AC to charge battery, turned it on, did some stuff, then turned off and left it to charge the battery. Now I unplugged AC power and can't turn it on - no reaction on power button. Although, it powers up just ok when AC plugged.

More than that, if I power on when AC plugged, computer starts, and then I unplug AC power cable - it works ok on batteries and battery discharge seems ok (20% in 20 minutes, heavy load).
Any ideas what can be the problem?


Answer:Satellite M100 doesn't power up when AC unplugged


if you want to start the notebook on battery power, you have to hold down the power button for some seconds, then it should start.


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I own a Satellite M30x-154 and have done so for two years. Now the laptop will no longer power up with just the battery in use.
It powers up fine with the ac adaptor and the power indicator shows the batterys is 74% full.

Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite M30x-154 doesn't power up only with battery in use

What to say? Maybe is the battery defective. The fact is that M30 x is pretty old notebook model. Everything is possible.

What happen if you start notebook with AC adaptor and then remove AC connector? Can you use the notebook on battery power supply only?

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I bought my wife a new Toshiba P200-17C about 14 months ago and now it will not power up.

Model Number : PSPB6E-03G02TEN

Regardless of whether the laptop is plugged into the mains or run on the battery it will not switch on.
Once you depress the power button the BLUE power LED lights up for approximately 5 seconds and then goes off. At no point does anything spin or power up.

I would very much appreciate some pointers to help me isolate this issue and see if i can repair it.

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Satellite P200-17C PSPB6E doesn't power up


Sounds like an hardware problem? now I?m thinking about faulty RAM? maybe it?s just only one faulty RAM module?
Swap the modules? try also only with one module?

But before you would do this check this:
Disconnect the AC adaptor, remove the battery and wait some time e.g. 1hour.
Then connect both parts again and try to power up the unit.

If this will not help, follow with my RAM advice?

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Hi there,

The battery of my computer doesn?t power up the computer and the battery indicator tell me i have 100% of charge , also the ligth indicator is green and stady.
I would like to know what i can do for to solve the problem.


Answer:The battery doesn´t power up my Satellite L505 - 13E

Hi Fuzo

If I understand you right when you try to power up your notebook on battery power supply there is no reaction, right?

When notebook runs on AC power supply and you disconnect it does notebook continue to run or switch off immediately?

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Toshiba Satellite U305-S5077 will not turn on?
When connected to AC adapter there is no indicator light that it is receiving a charge (however I do not remember if a light should be illuminated if the machine is not turned on...)

Any help or advice to begin troubleshooting this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Satellite U305-S5077 doesn't power ON


The power LED should be ON when the AC adaptor has been connected to the notebook.
If you cannot see anything, then this could be probably an AC adaptor issue?

Are you sure your battery was empty?
I mean if the AC adaptor would be dead but the battery would not be empty then the notebook should still power up.

At the other hand it could be something wrong with the motherboard.
If the AC adaptor has been tested and if it works for sure, then the issue is more complicated and probably it?s related to motherboard malfunction.

As you see it?s very hard to say what?s exactly wrong? we can assume only?.
Maybe it?s better to get in contact with the local ASP technicians in order to check the faulty part?

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I have 2 x L500D's.
One of which no longer charges with the power plugged in. It was still running on batteries. Until they went flat.

I tried swapping the power supplies between the laptops and it didn't help. The same laptop failed to review power and the second machine started charging correctly. (So... not the power supply then I'm thinking)

What else can it be? The laptop does work (on battery) but doesn't accept power.

I've checked the input plug and it looks fine. (Nothing broken, etc)

Answer:Satellite L500D doesn't seem to notice DC power

Sounds like the Mainboard may have a problem. If both Adapters don't power the notebook then you may need to send the notebook to a Toshiba Repair Center for repair.

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When I unplug of the charger from the socket he goes automatically to battery: until now nothing wrong with it;
The point is that when I the plug back the charger in the socket he remains on the battery till when, after approximately 20 minutes with the high performance plan, begins to "pip" (battery less then 10%) and goes in "coma".

Normal discussed it should automatically go on net power and fill up the battery

Just after I shut it down, I disconnect the battery and connect it again then it begins to charge again.

The battery is not new, usage level according to Everest 65%; he lasts approximately 20 minutes on this moment for me more than enough. I just need to displace the pc from one room to the other for a presentation.

Even if I'd not use the battery I'd still have an issue: the plug to the rear side of the notebook is not really tight: sometimes it looses contact: without battery it'd abruptlly switch off.

Answer:Satellite P30-109 doesn't run at power when AC adaptor is connected


Looks a little bit like a power supply electronic issue?
I don?t think that it?s a loose AC adaptor connection. It looks more like an motherboard issue?

One question; What BIOS version do you use?
Please check if the newer BIOS version is available and if necessary update it.

Hope it helps, if not then some notebook tests are needed.

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Hi everybody,

I have a Satellite L50-A-1DE and it doesn't want to start. I used my computer at work this morning on the battery and I realized that I forgot my power supply at home. My laptop just runed out of battery and switched off by itself.

I came back home, put the power supply and no LEDs are on and my laptop doesn't want to start. I can't remove the battery on this laptop so i can't check if it works only with the power supply ....

Any suggestion?
Thanks a lot

Answer:Re: My Satellite L50-A-1DE doesn't start


I would recommend you to use the reset button (small hole) which can be found at the bottom of the unit.
Usually, in case of PC is freezing, not booting or has a power failure, it can be shut down by pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds (force shutdown).

Here the whole description:
[Force shutdown switch (hole) for models with a fixed main battery| ]

The feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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My Satellite C50-A (6 months old) doesn't start up at all.

With the power adapter attached, a white light is on. When I push the powerbutton, it turns white for a second together with a second white light in front, next to the power light.

The computer tries to start and I can hear a click sound and immediately the light of the powerbutton and second light on the front turn off. After 6 seconds both lights turn on again for a second (a click sound is heared) and the lights turn off again, etc.

I tried to remove the battery and power adapter and waited for some time and tried it again, without battery and with battery.

This is my second Satellite C50-A-1G6....
The first died in a when it was a few days old, with a non functioning black display and I got a new one... this one that seems to be dead too.

Answer:Satellite C50-A-1G6 doesn't start

> this one that seems to be dead too.

I agree with you: it looks like some serious hardware malfunction.
I don?t think that this issue could be related to HDD because in case of HDD malfunction, the unit should power up properly but would not boot up the system.

I think there is some issue with motherboard or maybe some RAM problem.

I can just suggest you to contact the service partner since the notebook is still covered by warranty (its 6 month old).
I guess the unit will be fixed free of charge?

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I have the same problem with my Satellite L20-155. Even the fan does not start for a moment. Only powerlight flashes once and then nothing. Could this indicate to processor or memory failure or would different behaviour appear in such case.

I hope someone can help me.

Greetings Smartie

ps: The battery charges and gets full (The indicator light is orange and after a while turns green). So it's not AC/DC, or battery problem.

Answer:Satellite L20 - Doesn't start and do nothing

Hi Smartie

In my opinion this sounds like that a hardware problem and your notebook should be checked from a notebook technician. I also don?t know what is exactly wrong but a technician can check this and exchange faulty hardware parts.

I had a similar issue few months ago that my notebook didn?t start anymore so I went to nearest authorized service provider. The technicians did check and exchanged the mainboard. After this the notebook did start again properly! :)

Here you can search for an ASP: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

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I have already tried to search for solution of my problem but haven't found nothing better than bringing to service.

Satellite Pro A 100 Notebook was left turned on with closed lid (with power adapter and battery).
After few hours I opened it but display was extremely dark though I could see window contours. I tried opening and closing lid - but no effect. Then I decided to switch off notebook. I pressed power button shortly and hold it for a long time but with no effect. Afterward I removed battery and disconnected power adapter. Notebook switched off and now we are coming to the problem.

I inserted back the battery and connected power adapter. Power LED and Battery LED turned on and blue (normal situation, means "full battery" and "connected to power adapter"). I tried turning notebook on. However pressing and holding power button have completely no effect. No new LED's turn on and power LED and battery LED are not changing (constant blue light), no noise, nothing happens.

I also tried turning notebook on only from power adapter and only from battery with no effect. Also tried removing 1 of 2 RAM modules. Keeping notebook for few hours with disconnected adapter and battery has nothing changed.

So the questions are:
- Could defected "lid opened/closed switch" causing this problem? And where can I find this switch? It's not near display and it's not a small button.
- What could be the possible solution except bringing ... Read more

Answer:Satellite Pro A 100 doesn't start up


To be honest I think the best way is to bring the notebook to an authorized service provider because this is definitively a hardware malfunction.

I don?t know what causes this problem or what is the reason for this but a notebook technician can check this. Here it?s an user to user forum and you will not find a notebook technician here. We can only speculate about hardware problems but not testing.

In my case the guys from the ASP did help me as fast as possible and I get my notebook back only few days later. So contact them and explain the situation. They will tell what to do now.
And here you can search for the nearest ASP: => Support & Downloads => Find an authorized service provider


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Good day everyone , I bought a new laptop Satillite L50-B-146. and today i tried to ON it . And its showing.
Your Pc needs to be repaired.

error code :0x0000185

Can someone please help me out on this. i will appreciate this, because i dont want to format my laptop.

Answer:My new Satellite L50-B doesn't start-up

Make a pic of this error as evidence and bring it back to your local dealer. Explain the situation and ask for replacement.

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Recently bought this laptop, now after 3 weeks, it suddenly doesn't start up. Can't remove the battery, and there is no hole in the back to force a shut down. What can I do to solve this problem?

Any suggestion welcome!

Answer:Satellite S50-B-15E doesn' t start

I have the same machine. The battery is fixed with two screws. Remove them and remove the battery. After doing this connect AC power supply only and try to start your machine.
By the way: what happen when you press power button?

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First, sorry for my bad English

The problem:

I installed windows XP professional on my Satellite P10-554.
I bought it at ebay and the seller says that everything is okay with this notebook and the tests when I turn on the notebook say the same.

But after the XP installation, it doesn't start!
It comes the start screen with the blue line which moves. This line moves a bit, than it stops and this all the time and nothing more happens!
I tested the same with XP home and windows 2000 but there is the same problem!
I really need this laptop. I hope somebody can help me!


Answer:Satellite P10-554 doesn't start

> I bought it at eBay and the seller says that?s everything is okay with this notebook and the tests when i turn on the notebook say the same.

You said the test says it?s ok. How did you test it???

> It comes the start screen with the blue line which moves.

You mean the OS bar which moves while the OS loads. Am I right?
Hmm? if you have tested the notebook with Win XP and with W2K so I assume you have installed both OS on this notebook and it was possible to install it?
Am I right?

Sorry to say it but if the notebook cannot load the OS the hardware parts would malfunction.
I think you should check firstly the memory modules and then the HDD. Maybe one of the modules does not work correctly or some bad sectors could cause the issue.

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On startup, I have the power meter icon start up in the notification area but when the computer does startup, it doesn't load. If I were to kill the explorer.exe process and relaunch it, the power meter will load up.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

Answer:Windows Power Meter doesn't start

The Power Options, of which Power Meter is a part, is a Control Panel Extension named PowerCfg.cpl and the main entry resides in C:\Windows\System32 folder. Perhaps it is corrupt.

What you could try is to boot to Recovery Console and expand your disk copy of that .cpl into the Windows32 folder.

While you could force delete it the cache copy might be bad also.

If it works after that, replace the cache copy also.

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Hi,it's not typical problem. Let me explain. It's my specification: Mainboard: Ga-m720-us3Power supply: Fortron Hexa 400 WRam: 2 GB Good RamGPU: HD 3650 512 RamCPU: Phenom II black editionWindows 7 UltimateIf I disconnect power in computer (even it is running or not) I can't run it again. It is possible only when I run my computer about 5-10-30 times. Until Windows start I can't even run Windows from DVD/CD, I got black screen after "Windows files are loading" progress bar. When I finally run Windows, it check and repair errors on HDD. Smart of HDD has no errors.What is the best? I can normally use Linux (Ubuntu) without any problem to start it Tell me where is logic and how can I fix it?In my opinion it's mainboard problem, but why Linux run good and Windows no?

Answer:Windows doesn't start after disconnect power

Each O/S is on a separate partition.
That means that one partition may have bad clusters or some other hard problem...while the other does not.
The boot files for each O/S are also different, so a problem booting one does not equate to a problem booting the other, IMO.
Beyond that, I can't generalize.
Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.

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Hey, i've got a major problem, probably motherboard issue, so i'm posting it here, to make sure it's my motherboard.

-When i turn on my computer, it does really nothing, even the power light on the front isn't flashing, only the one below (there are two LEDs outside) blinks once! Then it turns off.
-When i remove every other hardware (Except the ones inside the comp.), same happens.
-My computer is connected to the power cord, and when i start up, i clearly hear the fans.

Thanks for helping.

Answer:Computer doesn't start, and no power light

first thing to try would be to swap power supplies...

if new power supply works, then the old one is dead
if new power supply doesn't work, then the motherboard or CPU may be dead
memory may also be preventing the computer from starting, so remove a stick

if you are using an internal speaker, does it beep in pattern or nothing at all?

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plz help: I can't install / uninstall Toshiba Power Saver 7.03.04C on my P30-116 with Windows XP PRO SP2.
After first installation I can see icon in tray. But after rebooting NOT. My action for launching TPS from control panel cause info message box "firstly pick Toshiba Power Scheme in Power properties" or smth like this. Uninstall is impossible - again error.

Please give me the right link for downloading WORKING POWER SAVER utilities.

Answer:Satellite P30: Power Saver installtion doesn't work


Don?t be mad at me but there is a common saying:
?A blind man should not judge colors.? ;)

Ok, now something about your problem:
Firstly it would be very interesting to know why you install the power saver.
Why don?t you use the Toshiba recovery CD?

I assume you have installed a clean OS and then Toshiba drivers. Am I right?
In such cases you have to install ALL Toshiba drivers in the right order (installation instruction is placed on the Toshiba website)

PS: If the message "firstly pick Toshiba Power Scheme in Power properties? appears try to enable the Toshiba power save in the:
control panel -> Power options -> Power schemes


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My computer has just started shutting down every time the computer gets tilted but not turning off properly, the power button is still on and it doesn't always turn on properly when you try and turn it back on it the POWER comes on but the harddrive doesn't boot.

Any ideas that DON'T involve paying for someone to pull it apart *g*

Answer:Satellite M30X-129 doesn't turn off and power on properly

Have not idea why this happen but try to use your notebook without ?tilted it?. Maybe the HDD react on it.

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Hi... Wondering if anyone can help me!
I have a Satellite ProL300D and it's just over a year old. I've had shut down problems with it pretty much since I got it, but after re-loading XP four or five times I decided to stick with restarting the laptop before shutting it down... But now that uni is finished for the year I thought I'd have a go at sorting it out again.

It basically shuts down Windows fine, although it does seem to take quite some time, then the screen goes black but the laptop hasn't powered off. The green light is still on, and the screen is still lit. As I said above, if I restart before shutting down, then it shuts down no problem, also if I watch DVDs and don't go online, it will shut down no problem. If it goes into Stand By mode (which it only does on a critical battery, about 3%, as I've set it to 'never' in the power settings, a possible cure read in another forum), then it won't do anything and has to be turned off by holding down the button. It gets stuck in whatever it was doing and won't restart etc. The laptop came with Vista and an XP downgrade.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Satellite Pro L300D doesn't power down after Windows XP shuts down.


Did you have problem with Vista before downgrading to XP? It can be OS/drivers or hardware issue. I have found something interesting about shutdown an restart troubleshooting. Not sure if it helps you:

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i've got a Satellite SA-60 743 FR running on windows XP SP2. Recently, i've tried to update drivers with those supplied on the Toshiba web site. When i've installed the driver for the Power Saver, my laptop refused to start : it froze when the logo of Windows XP appeared. Thanks to the recovery console, i've managed to make it reboot by uninstalling and reinstalling SP2.

But since, i can't use the Function Keys, the Power Saver for screen and processor, and the IrDA. When i try to open the HardWare Setup on the Console, a box appears with the message 'Module commun terminé' ('Common Module closed'). May you give some help to bring back those functions without reinstalling totally my OS ?

Thanks for your help.
Yves Bertini

Answer:Satellite A60 - Power Saver doesn't work anymore


Maybe have you a chance!
Make a reinstall from the Power Safer over System control Software.
Go to the Toshiba Website
and made a new Download from the Power Safer and make a new Install of your Notebook.


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The issue is that also if i set on disable the option of hard drive stand by, after 2 minutes the hdd stops working until i do something like change page or use some program. Is it a bug of Toshiba's utility?

Answer:Satellite M70 power saver doesn't work properly


Sorry but your comment is a little bit confuse.
You can set the HDD power OFF to different steps.
This function reduces the power consumption of your PC by stopping the hard disk rotation, provided that data is NOT read from or written onto the hard drive

You can also use the stand by mode. This function must be enabled and the time must be set. The notebook goes into stand by mode if you don't use the notebook several minutes or hours. It depends on the time setting.

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I have just bought my L450D-11V a week ago. I noticed today that power led indicator (indicator on power button) does not respont or act even when I put computer to sleep. According to the manual it should blink orange and white in some other conditions. I dont know why its not coming on at all. Battery seems fine and is charging.

Would somone please shed some light on this problem becuase otherwise I will have to get it replaced asap.

Kind Regards

Answer:Satellite L450D-11V - Power indicator doesn't respond

Hi kkuk,

Does this mean you have only problems with the status LED?s and everything else is working properly?

Are you sure that notebook is in sleep mode

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Have a satellite Pro C660, which has decided that it no longer wants to start up.

When the power on button is pressed the green power light comes on and the fan starts to whirr, however the laptop does not seem to go through the POST routine, and just turns itself off.

I have checked the RAM Modules, and the HDD for poor connections in the hope that the problem is a simple one, but to no avail.

I have managed to start the laptop previously by holding CTRL+ALT+DEL, when it sprang into life. But this trick now no longer works. I have also tried holding the F12 and/or the F2 keys on start up but the laptop still refuses to start.

I should mention that this laptop is not very old, less than six months, however if there is a simple fix as an alternative to returning it, I would rather try that first!

Hope someone has a solution?

Answer:Satellite Pro C660 doesn't start-up

For such issues there is no some kind of ?magic solution?.
Your problem description is OK but we don?t know what have you don?t in the past.
Such problems doesn?t happen for no reason and maybe some action that you have done can be responsible for that.

It sounds like defective BIOS so can you please tell us since when have you this problem and have you maybe tried to update BIOS in the past?

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I have a Satellite pro a40 it was running fine until yesterday.
If I try to start the laptop only the LEDs light up for a moment for the rest it doesn't do anything anymore.

Answer:Satellite Pro A 40 doesn't start anymore


Try to remove battery and use AC adapter only. What happen if you try to do this?

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Hi, everybody.

I'm actualy trying to install a new HDD into my 1800-712 notebook.
I'm having some trubbles as my Satellite don't want to start with my new HDD.

I upgraded my BIOS to the latest version.
The new HDD is a 40Gb Samsung.

Any suggestions on what I have to do to make it all works?

Thx, Philippe

Answer:Satellite 1800-712 doesn't start with new HDD


This unit was delivered with the 20GB HDD.
You new one is 40GB.
I assume the BIOS cannot recognize the HDD because of the size.

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I got a satellite pro 4600, p3 cel 650, 20gb HDD, etc etc

I did have the stock 64MB in it, then I added a 128mb stick. Both worked fine for about 2years until last month....

The 64 MB module is no longer seen by my lappy, but the 128 was. I tried booting with just the 64 in and the laptop just sits there not making a sound, with the power light on. The 128 MB was working in both banks.

Today I was running a random program and the laptop just froze. I rebooted and now both of the sticks are not seen by the lappy. It just sits there with the power light on, no sound, nothing on the screen. Both sticks of RAM still work in my mates laptop (diff make/model) but refuse to work in mine.

Any help would be well appreciated.


Answer:Satellite Pro 4600 doesn't start any more

If you can not see anything on the display it can be serious hardware problem. Use just 182 MB module in slot A, remove battery and try to start unit with AC adapter only.

Is there any HDD activity? What is with LED who is activated when laptop is ON? Is this green LED activated?

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Mostly the Laptop doesn't start at the first try. The Power-LED lights up, the cooler and the HDD start(sounds like they turn exactly one time) and that's all. After a few seconds the Laptop turns off again.There's no Screen and the LED of the HDD also doesn't light up. If this happens, I start the Laptop again and again. In most cases I have to start 2-3 times, but one time I had to start it 20 times till it worked.

I also tried to start it just with the powersupply(I hope it is the right word for it, i'm german =D) and took the battery out of it but the result was the same.

But when the Notebook finally started, it works without problems.


Answer:Satellite L500-164 doesn't start sometimes

It is not easy to say what the problem is but it is definitely hardware related issue and your notebook should be checked by Toshiba authorized service partner. Using diagnostic tools they can find out why this happen.

Here in this virtual world we can just speculate about possible reasons.

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Hello all, I have problems with starting my Toshiba Satellite L40-14B.
When i press power button i hear how dvdrom spins, HDD doesnt work, power led on and lcd off, no sound signals at all.
Laptop worked fine, and i shutdown windows and next day come that problem and from then i cant startup laptop anymore.

Can someone tell me where is problem and if this problem can be fixed? Thx to all.

Answer:Re: Satellite L40-14B doesn’t start properly

Every problem can be fixed but I am afraid in your case it will not be so easy.
Without exact hardware check nobody can say for sure what the problem can be. Here on this forum we can just speculate what the problem can be.

So I will start with my speculation about described issue.
Last year I had the same problem with my old Satellite. After CPU replacement I was able to start notebook again so my opinion based on problem description is that CPU can be defective.

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My computer doesn't start anymore!

When I push the on button, everything is going like it supposed to go,until you see the screen with:

Leading Innovation >>>

And then it just stays stuck at that for a while, and then it just goes black!!

I don't know what to do anymore :(
Please help me!!

(sorry for my bad english:( )

Answer:Satellite C55-A-1DC doesn't start anymore

Are you able to access the BIOS?
Check this by pressing the F2 button after powering on the unit.
If this isn?t possible, there must be some kind of hardware problem (motherboard, RAM).

In case you could access the BIOS, check the first BIOS page. Usually the HDD should be listed there. HDD name, size information should be visible.

In case this HDD isn?t listed, I assume your HDD is faulty and should be replaced.
Of course, you would need to reinstall the system once again.

In case the HDD is listed in BIOS, I would recommend you to boot using the Recovery disk (or another Windows installation disk) in order to reinstall the system.

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Hi all,

I really need some advise here...

My A110-178 does not start up at all! After pressing the power button, the power and battery light are lit (both blue, so my battery is fully charged). The HD-indicator gives a very short blink, and after that NOTHING happens... No fan, no HD, no screen, no sound, nothing!

My machine is four months old, and apart form the XP and Office 2003 only Adobe Photoshop and Symantec Client Security are active. Last logoff and power down was absolutely normal and by the book, so I'm really lost on what the right course of action might be (apart form calling Toshiba and be without pc for considerable time)...

Can someone help?


Answer:Satellite Pro A110-178 doesn't start up

Hi Erik

Please remove the battery, connect your notebook to AC adapter and try to start notebook again.

If notebook starts wait a little bit and when operating system is properly started insert battery again. Please let me know what happen when you try to do this.

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When I want to turn my laptop nothing happens.

Does anyone else have this problem?

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Answer:My Satellite C50D-A-13L doesn’t start

Hello Francine
When you turn on the computer, do you have the Toshiba logo appears or not?
Whether it is a software problem (loading windows) and I need you reformatted your hard drive with backup DVD (it happened to me the other day). Otherwise, if the Toshiba logo does not appear, I think it's a hardware problem (the problem in general graphics chipset on the motherboard, and there is trickier. if your computer is still under warranty, do play ... it happened to my sister and out of warranty repair cost about 300 Euros.

There are plenty of questions to ask in your case, if you have the Toshiba logo appears it would be better for you.
Good luck.

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I have a M300 and it's not turning on. When I plug in the adapter the orange charge light comes on as well as the green plug light but the the computer does not turn on when holding the on button.

Is this a problem with charger, as I have just bought another one or is it the computer itself?

Answer:Satellite M300 - Doesn't start


> Is this a problem with charger, as I have just bought another one or is it the computer itself?
In my opinion this question is easy to answer: If your new AC/DC adaptor is a original Toshiba part, the problem is related to the computer itself. If not you should buy a new and original Toshiba AC/DC adaptor.

Check this!!

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After press the "on button" is lighting blue about 5 sec. and computer is turning off. Howewer i can run it on battery supply. The computer is starting immediately and working normally. I don`t know what`s the matter ? Please someone help me.
Answer could be in Polish.

Answer:Satellite M60-182 doesn`t start on AC supply

Have you tried this?

Remove the AC/DC adapter, remove the battery and wait up to 1 hour.
Then connect the AC/DC adapter and battery and try it again.

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Hey everybody

my laptop is satellite L500-1UU.
When i tried to start it today on battery it gives me white screen and i heared the fan speedy runs and only the AC led is on and the pc refuses to goes off when i press the power button until i remove the battery.

The same happens on AC adaptor but when i remove the battery both AC led and screen start blinking rapidly.
It was working yesterday and iam sure nothing hit the pc,

please help

Answer:Satellite L500 doesn't start any more


I?m not quite sure if someone would be able to help you here in the forum because it sounds more like hardware problem. But try this:
Disconnect eth AC adaptor, remove the battery.
Press power button 30sec long
Now connect battery and AC adaptor and try to boot up the unit.

If this doesn?t help, you will need an professional help from Toshiba ASP technicians

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today I have started my notebook but 1 minute later ist turns off. Now I can't start it (with AC Adaptor and battery). No lamp is on n front of the notebook. What happens with it?

Must I put my harddisk in the notebook, wenn I give it to the support? There are some Informations on it, I have not resue.

Sorry for my poor English.

Answer:Satellite Pro L300 doesn't start


Before you bring your notebook to the authorized service provider you should try to remove the battery and the AC/DC adaptor. Wait up to one hour and then connect the battery and AC/DC adaptor again and try it.
If it doesn?t work I think the mainboard must be replaced :(

I think in this case you can remove the HDD if you bring your notebook to the ASP.


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