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Display driver update for Satellite C670

Question: Display driver update for Satellite C670

my configuration:
Windows 8.1
Satellite C670-15F
Intel HD Graphics 3000 v9.17.10.2843 (29/11/12)

Computer: 3UE-016005BT&USER_ACTION=Auto-detect
Intel s+graphiques&ProductLine=Contr%C3%B4leurs+graphiqu es+pour+PC+portables&ProductProduct=Processeurs+In tel%C2%AE+Core%E2%84%A2+de+2e+g%C3%A9n%C3%A9ration +avec+graphiques+HD+Intel%C2%AE+3000%2f2000

I wanted to update my display card (Intel HD Graphics 3000), then i went on Intel for the update and he told me that "A customized computer manufacturer driver is installed on your computer. The Intel Driver Update Utility is not able to update the driver. Installing a generic Intel driver instead of the customized computer manufacturer driver may cause technical issues.
Contact your computer manufacturer for the latest driver for your computer" .

After, i went on Toshiba Drivers and search the driver, but the version of my display card was equal than your driver, since 4 years that there is not update and the latest update of Intel HD Graphics 3000 is (10/04/2014)
Why Toshiba did so not updated the graphics card?

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Preferred Solution: Display driver update for Satellite C670

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Display driver update for Satellite C670

Drivers update for mobile machines is pretty limited and it is big difference between mobile machines and desktops.
Due to specific design and cooling system that machine has GPU must be ?under control?. With new driver GPU can offer more performance but result is more heat that can be dangerous for notebook?s hardware.

This is the reason why notebook manufacturers don't offer such updates and offer just adapted display drivers. If you try to download driver from GPU manufacturer directly there is always a indication to use driver from notebook manufacturer?s support page.

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Hi, I who can explain why the site is no driver for the video?

Answer:Missing display driver for Satellite C670-188 PSC3YE

And can you explain which operating system do you use?

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hi guys banging head against a wall now ..(silver surfer) please go easy on the solution...

when i start up and it goes to my home page this works perfect....but when i type anything into the search bar new tab opens and says ..
internet explorer cannot display the web page...(doesnt matter what i put in search as always the same answer) i run the network diagnostics...and it tells me everything is ok.................have touched a setting in error or do i have to allow something.....

thnx you guys for taking your time to help..........

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I have a Toshiba Satellite C670. I would like to upgrade FIRMWARE driver of the optical unit.
Please advise me where I can get the update.

Characteristics dvd / cd-rom:


Version: 6.1.7601.17514
class of CD-ROM
manufacturer: "Standard CD-ROM drives"
OS: Windows 7 64bit

If you please to help.


Answer:Satellite C670 - Would like to update CD-Rom drive firmware

You can update the firmware ONLY if newer version has been released for this drive.

There was an firmware update for CD/DVD drives *TS-L633C* and *TS-L633Y* as mentioned here:

But for *TS-L633A* there is NO firmware update available.

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I have put a I7-2720 into my C670 and everything is working well. I had to use external cooling fans to keep the temp down but Ihad planned for that.

I'm just wondering if I should update my bios from the standard 1.40 that's recommended so that I can fully use all the features of a I7 qm CPU.

Thanks for any help

Answer:Re: Satellite C670 upgraded to I7-2720qm, BIOS update?


As far as I know Toshiba doesn?t support BIOS update and BIOS update has nothing to do with your update. BIOS update is designed to fix some issues or offer some additional options but it has nothing to do with CPU upgrade.

I hope everything will be OK with your notebook in the future. Be careful how do you use it. I presume that you know that after CPU upgrade every hardware failure and repair you must pay on your own.

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Could anyone give me an idiots guide on how to update a display driver for my Satellite L30-105 ( PSL33E ) PLEASE?

Answer:Display Driver Update for Satellite L30-105

LOL?. You need a idiot guide?? Come on man? ;)
Ok, here is my guide;

Download the graphic driver for your notebook model.
Unzip the package.
Then access the device manager, mark the graphic card, update driver.
Then a new window will open.
There you have to use the second ?Advanced? option.
Then choose the option called ?Don?t search. I will chose the driver? (or something like that)
Then point to the place where the driver package has been stored on the HDD and finish the installation.


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Hi experts, :)

I downloaded a new ati display driver from the toshiba archives (for satellite psm40e). I know my notebook has a ati chip, so I downloaded the driver for ati, installed it, but after a restart XP told me the driver was written for a older version of itself (WIN XP) and does not work properly..
Since I would really like to have a updated driver for the thing, I wondered if any of you know, how and where I might be able to get one.

I already tried ati directly, but the software told me to get the driver from toshiba.. and toshiba's current ati driver seems to be incompatible with XP SP3..
I'm happy for any suggestions!

Answer:Satellite M40 - Can't update display driver

SP3 may have issues like this on older laptop models.

One solution would be to roll back to SP2.

Another solution would be to download newer ATI drivers from another model Toshiba (hopefully the newer driver supports the chip in the Sat M40).

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as the topic says I've ran out of options to update my Radeon X700 Graphic Card on my Laptop ...

I've tried looked here:
After the installation I learned that needed to go to the manufacturers website to get my drivers

So I've ended up here:
Still no clue which one was the Radeon X700 Driver I tried out every update ... Most didn't work anyhow and when I check my graphic card driver setting it says that my current driver was 5 years old.

Enjoying the distraction of online gaming I've noticed that the is sometimes gone for few seconds. Most people recommend updating all my drivers, but it seems harder than I had imagined

So PLEASE, help me find the right link to update my graphic card !! To help speed things up a little I've added my DxDiag report.

Thanks for your help

/Edit: Adding the total DxDiag was not possible due "inappropriate language" ... O.o

Display Devices
Manufacturer: ATI Technologies Inc.
Chip type: ATI MOBILITY RADEON X700 (0x5653)
DAC type: Internal DAC(400MHz)
Device Key: Enum\PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_5653&SUBSYS_FF021179&REV_00
Display Memory: 256.0 MB
Current Mode: 1280 x 800 (32 bit) (60Hz)
Monitor: (Standardmonitor)
Monitor ... Read more

Answer:Satellite M70-151 - How to update display driver?

Hi Sarahbella,

You can download the driver on the Toshiba website. Therefore check the link that you suggested and search for your notebook model. As far as I know Satellite M70-151 belongs to the PSM71E series so you have to search with these items:

Notebook > Satellite > Satellite M Series > Satellite M70 (PSM71)

Download the driver and run the setup.exe file.

Check this!!!

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I'm waiting for the display driver update for my Satellite L655-1JN notebook.

Is it possible that the last update was the 8.7 release? In the ATI site the last driver available is the 11.10, is there another way to install the new driver without waiting for the Toshiba release that I think it won't happen considering that the last release was more of 6 months ago!

Thanks in advice for the help

Answer:Re: Display driver update on Satellite L655-1JN

Hi slash

As you probably know display driver support is limited for mobile units and display driver update will not be offered so often.

Due to specific design and limited cooling capabilities notebook manufacturers are very carefully with this stuff. New driver can force graphic card to run with more performance and more performance produces more heat. When the temperature will be too high either notebook will switch off automatically or it can happen that graphic card will be damaged.

I have checked download page for some newer models with the same graphic card but latest display driver version for all models is 8.712.2.1.

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I have a Satellite P300D-10V and it has ATI radeon hd 3xxx series display board. I bought Starcraft 2 and it gave an error message: that the display driver is outdated.

I went to They say I have to get the driver from Toshiba. I went to Toshiba, got the driver. When trying to install it says no components to install. I have uninstalled the ati driver and tried again. The same thing.

Now I dont have any driver for the graphics card. How can I install the driver?

please help!

Answer:Satellite P300D-10V - How to update the display driver?


That means you have uninstalled the old display driver but now you are not able to install the newest version from Toshiba?
Well, what OS you have?

Before you install the newest display driver, you should unzip all files. Then start the setup.exe file.
If you get the same error message, try to install the driver via device manager.

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Hi, I've got a Satellite Pro C660-2DN, and I'm trying to update my display driver through the Toshiba UK website as Intel refers me to Toshiba when I do their driver assessment thing.

I've downloaded the three latest display driver updates that I can find in the list that corresponds to the C660 but none of them will install - the temp files are extracted, but then nothing happens. Could anyone help me?


Answer:Can't update display driver on my Satellite Pro C660

And which OS do you use?
Do you still have preinstalled original Win7 64bit home premium?

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I own a Satellite A300-PSAJ4E which has an ATi Radeon 3650HD, running the old Catalyst 8.4 on Windows Vista since the date I purchased my laptop. ATi has Catalyst 9.6 published on its website, featuring numerous bug fixes and enhancement for OpenGL and DirectX 10.1 support.

My question is, what's Toshiba's policy regarding providing display drivers updates to its end-users? Is it possible to get us (end-users) a display driver update scheduled for our hardware?

Ilyes Gouta.

Answer:Display driver update for Satellite A300


I don?t know why didn?t release another driver as yet but why do you want a newer driver?
I mean the drivers from the Toshiba page are pretested on your notebook and it should work properly without any issues. For example I never had problems with Toshiba drivers.

But you can try to search for modified ATI notebook drivers. As far as I know there are some tools available that makes possible to install the Catalyst drivers on notebook? Google could help you in this case ;)

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I have a Satellite U500-18L running Windows 7 HP 64-bit which has an NVIDIA GeForce G210M GPU inside.
The problem is that I cannot install the latest Win 7 64-bit drivers for notebooks from NVIDIA.
I get an error message saying that no drivers could be found for your hardware configuration.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite U500-18L - Cannot update display driver

It is well known that drivers for mobile computers should be installed from manufacturers support page only. Graphic card manufacturer doesn?t want to be responsible for eventual damages and display drivers are modified by notebook manufacturers.

There are some tricks how to install them anyway but I think it is not the best idea.

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Why there no update for ATI driver Satellite L655?

I want to use AMD app feature which is supported by ati hd 5650, but the programs who want to use this feature tells I need to update the display driver. The driver from AMD tells it is not supported and I need to download from your notebook manufacture (Toshiba) witch is very old :(

Why Toshiba doesn't support the original manufacture chipsets update, even the cheapest notebook supports update?

Answer:Satellite L655 - Update for AMD display driver


If you really need a higher revision driver, you could install the driver from a newer model Toshiba and see how that goes. Have a look at the current range of notebooks that use ATI graphics.

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Hello everyone,
Does someone know when toshiba will release a new driver for the AMD graphic cards ? Because the one that s on download is ONE YEAR OLD ! It s from 12/12....I ve tried going on the AMD site but they say that the driver they provide doesn t support toshiba laptops...I m pretty sad about having a one year old driver for my graphic card.

Answer:Re: Satellite L855 and AMD display driver update

You must not be sad about that. There is big difference for laptops and desktops support.

As you know for desktop GPUs manufacturers offer new versions almost every month.
With notebooks situation is a bit different.

Due to specific design and construction GPU performance must be ?under control?. More performance means more heat and more heat can be problematic for notebooks hardware. Cooling system is designed to offer optimal hardware temperature. It is a bit complicated.

All you can do is to check for newer versions offered for newer notebook models.

By the way: which GPU is inside?
I would like to check if some newer model with the same GPU has preinstalled newer driver version.

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On drivers page, it seems that display drivers have been updated (modification date at 2010/03/23), but the version is exactly the same as before (8.634.1), and the zipped file name is the same too (

AMD (ATI) has made an important update of Catalyst Drivers in 10.3 regarding mobility Radeon.
Why Toshiba does not accept this update.
The drivers by Toshiba corresponds to Catalyst 9.7, really really old !!

Does Thoshiba plan to update their ATI drivers ?

Thanks in advance for answer.

Answer:Re: Satellite P300 - display driver update


> On drivers page, it seems that display drivers have been updated (modification date at 2010/03/23), but the version is exactly the same as before (8.634.1), and the zipped file name is the same too (

The ?Date last modified? shows only the driver upload date? this does not mean that the driver has been updated? it could be a update but it must not be an update? you know?

Generally speaking, the Toshiba display drivers are not the same like original drivers from graphic card manufacturers. Toshiba drivers support GPU overheating protection, the drivers downloaded directly from ATI or nVidia don?t support such protection.

> Why Toshiba does not accept this update
Who knows? the point is that many different notebooks model are released and in many cases the different notebooks models are equipped with the same graphic card chips?
You can check if some drivers from other notebook series with the same chip would be compatible and could be installed.

Otherwise you can try to use the drivers from 3rd party pages but this can be done only at you own risk?


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I'm not sure if this is the correct board, but.

I have a Satellite C855-149 and i wanted to know if the drivers are no longer updated or if im supposed to download them from somewhere else.

I see that the latest version is from 09/2013, but AMD website shows that my display adapter (amd radeon hd 7610m which is apparently from radeon hd 7xxxxm series). I'm going to reinstall my windows soon, so i just wanted to know.

Same goes for all the drivers (like 90% of them are from 09/2013 which seems kinda old).

Answer:Satellite C855-149 - Display driver update

Fact is that display drivers update is not offered so often and there is a reason for that. Newer versions offers better performance and it can be pretty complicated for mobile machines.
Mobile machines have certain cooling system designed for optimum hardware cooling.
More performance results with more heat and result could be overheating or suddenly switch off.

Driver offered on Toshiba support page is tested and also adapted for usage on mobile machine so it is strongly recommended to use supported drivers only.
Very interesting document about installation of third part drivers you can read here .

By the way: can you please tell us which operating system do you use and which version number has preinstalled AMD display driver?

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Hi Forum,
I need a driver-update for my ati mobility radeon hd3650.
Can anywhere help me to find it?

Thanks and best regards


Answer:Display Driver Update for Satellite A300

I don?t know which operating system do you use but drivers for supported operating systems you can find on Toshiba download page -

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I would like to update the driver for ATI mobility radeon 5156 video card. I checked through device manager the driver already installed at my machine, the version of it is 8.653, the same as offered for download here

However the release date listed is 8/9/2009, while at the site the date is 5/3/2010. Is that besically the same version? Should I update?

How exactly do I update the video driver at the laptop (I know how to update video driver on stationary PC with nVidia card, but have no experience with updating ATI card at the laptop).

Answer:Satellite L505-141 - Display driver update?

Hi lyonya,

For me it seems to be the same version but generally speaking a display driver update and all other driver updates should only be done if it?s necessary.

That means if your computer runs properly without any issues, you don?t need to update a driver. Just have fun with your notebook.

Never touch a running system ;)

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I recently tried to update my ATI mobility radeon hd 4500 series from v8.17.x.x.x to v8.6.x.xx.
I downloaded the drivers but when trying to install it nothing happens and the mouse cursor dissappears to the bottom right of the screen.

My specs are:

System Manufacturer: TOSHIBA
System Model: SATELLITE U500
BIOS: BIOS Date: 11/27/09 14:35:14 Ver: 2.30
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU P7350 @ 2.00GHz (2 CPUs), ~2.0GHz
Memory: 4092MB RAM

Operating System: Windows Vista? Home Premium (6.0, Build 6001) Service Pack 1 (64-bit)

Any help will be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite U500-10N - Can't update display driver

Hi Faze0924,

> I downloaded the driver
Where did you download the drivers?
The drivers from ATI page directly will not work so you have to use the drivers provided on official Toshiba website.

And generally speaking why you make a display driver update? Is it necessary?

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My problem is that I'm looking for new drivers for the ATI Radeon HD 5165. When I install # 1, these drivers do not work just do not see any results of work. These drivers seem to be old and some games just do not work on them.

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Satellite L500-1Q9 - Update for display driver


Is it really a display driver issue that you need a new version? If you need a newer display driver for games you should update the DirectX version first and have a look if the game is compatible to your graphic card.

If you can?t find a newer display driver for Satellite L500 check other notebook specifications. Other models like Satellite L650 also have an AMD graphic card and there you should find a newer version. :)

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I recently purchased a new computer game however was dismayed to find it constantly crashing. The customer support people told me to update my display drivers (version 8.653.0.0) as they are from September of last year. While they told me that a newer version is available on the ATI website, downloading the driver installation package from Toshiba tells me I have the latest version.

Is Toshiba lagging behind on updating the drivers or something?


Answer:Satellite L505-144 - Need display driver update

Hi Wasila,

Display drivers from ATI page directly doesn?t work on notebooks because they are using mobile graphic cards they are not supported from display driver.

So newest and pretested driver you can get from official Toshiba website:

I don?t know what OS you have but for Windows 7, version 8.653 is already the newest version.

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Recently l have been having issues with an online game and latency.

As part of the support l received they pointed out that my display driver is old and that there are more up to date ones on the NVIDIA site.

However from looking on Toshiba they still list the driver as being the one from 2010 which l have installed.

Can any one please advise me,
Can l update the driver from NVIDIA?
Or does it have to be the Toshiba one that l currently have from 2010?
If l can do the NVIDIA one can any one guide me through how l go about doing it?

(the card is a GeForce GT 330M card)

Many thanks for any help :)

Answer:Satellite A500-1GL - Display driver update

> Can l update the driver from NVIDIA?

Here is a thread about the similar theme:

The point is that nVidia or ATI drivers can be installed but only at your own risk and this requires an ?Advanced? installation procedure via device manager.

But I found out that different Toshiba notebooks were equipped with the same graphic chip.
For example:

+Sat A660 PSAW3E+
+Sat A665 PSAW3E+
+Sat P500 PSPGSE+

Usually the graphic driver released for these models should be compatible with you A500 model
Try it out

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Hi all

I have the display card "mobile intel 965 express chipset family" with driver version (13.09.2007)
Pretty old for Vista...

Toshiba website only gives me this driver - no update so far!!
On the intel website i found the necessary new one with version

Update thru device manager is not possible, it says that my version is the newest.......?
Update thru exe is not possible, it says that the installation was succesfull but it was not validated.......?

How should i proceed?

Btw: my laptop is L350-12C

Answer:Display Driver update not possible on Satellite L350

Before you update the display driver you should remove the old one first. Then restart the notebook and install the new driver via setup.exe or in device manager.

On the Toshiba website is a newer driver for the Satellite L350 available as you have ( So you should try this one: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

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Hi Everyone, I wonder if you could help.

I recently needed to use the Windows Restore feature to return my laptop to an earlier time. The purpose of this was to help me remove a virus, and it worked. I had an application which worked prior to restoring my laptop, but it now does not. Whether this is just a co-incidence I do not know.

I have been in contact with the makers of the program to ask what I can do to fix the problem and make sure i can run the program. They have told me to make sure my graphics card drivers are up to date.

This laptop has an integrated graphics card : Intel(R) HD Graphics (Core i5). I have been on the Intel website and have tried to download the latest version, but i cannot install it - a message tells me that it is preventing me from doing so. If I recall correctly this is because i have an integrated card and preventing me from installing the new driver somehow protects my computer.

I have been on the Toshiba website, found my laptop and then downloaded the display drivers for my device. Are these the drivers to update the graphics card or something different to do with the display of the monitor (e.g.)?

My DXdiag tells me that the Display Devices driver was the one that came with the laptop when Toshiba released these laptops (febuary):
Driver Attributes: Final Retail
Driver Date/Size: 2/20/2010 08:24:24, 6523392 bytes

Does anyone know if there is a newer graphics card driver than this one for my laptop model? Thank you for ... Read more

Answer:Satellite L650-12Q - Display driver update


It?s recommendable installing the Toshiba display drivers because they are pretested on your notebook. That?s not an update for original Intel drivers, the Toshiba drivers are the same but they are pretested and optimized for your notebook.

Installation of drivers happens on your own risk?

So before you install any drivers test it with original Toshiba display drivers. Usually this driver should work properly.

If you have more questions, just post again.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A660-149 with a Nvida GT330M driver and Windows 7 64 bit.
Tempro gives me updates to download the 260.51 drivers from toshiba site but its says 3d model only. Which my laptop doesnt have 3d capabilities. When I go to the nvida site it says to downlaod the drivers 260. I also heard that you should only install drivers from the manufacture is this true?

The other problem is i get a display error sometimes saying "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered". The driver im using is the 189.58.

.Been using this driver version since I got my laptop about a few months ago.


Answer:Satellite A660-149 - Display driver update

Hi bio,

As far as I know you can install the new display driver 260 from Toshiba website because 3D means 3D support on external monitor and as far as I know it?s possible with GT330 M graphic card.

Just check the other threads here in forum, everything what you must know is already written:

Check this!!!

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Do the sad tales i've been hearing about laptop manufacturers never updating gfx card drivers apply to toshiba?

Any info on whether an update for their SLi systems' display drivers is on the horizon?

cheers -

Answer:Satellite X200-219: Question about display driver update?

The fact is that display driver cannot be updated every few days like for desktops. The priority by notebook manufacturers is to care about hardware functionality. Using new drivers the graphic card will be forced to run faster and better offering better graphic performance. The result is mostly overheating and can end with defective graphic card.

In this case the whole mainboard must be exchanged and it costs a lot of money. So, I think nobody can say for sure when the next driver will be available.

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So I've managed to restore my laptop back to factory settings but whenever I try and do a video driver update, be it via toshiba's drivers or AMD's it always crashes... Always.

Has anyone else had this or something similar?

On another attempt I thought i'd try to install just enough updates to get me onto windows 8.1. Selecting only windows x64 updates they installed fine untill I had to reboot and blammo.. Back to the 0xC0000001 error meaning it's buggered again :-(

Can anyone out there help?

Answer:Satellite Pro L870-172 Crashes whenever an display driver update is tried

What ATI / AMD driver version is preinstalled and what driver version did you use for the update?

By the way: I guess the Win 8 64bit is still preinstalled. Maybe you should update this to Win 8.1 64bit system

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I have a Satellite C660 and I, just recently, reformatted it. There was no problem with the reformatting. I installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64 bit. After that, i installed the proper drivers like the LAN drivers. There was no problem until I installed Counter-Strike 1.6. In the Video options of CS, there were 3 choices for renderers, (Software,OpenGL ,and D3D).

Before the reformat, i was using the OpenGL option. But after that, it seems like the OpenGL is missing.

i tried to find the cause of this problem online and most of the solutions i found was to update my display driver. Evidently, the updated driver supports OpenGL. (Please explain if i got something wrong as I'm not really a techie).

Browsing online, i found the updated display driver in the Toshiba website. ( It is version

This is my display driver version right now.

And as you can see, the one in the toshiba site is more up-to-date. I downloaded it and installed it. But after the installation, there was no notification or anything that said my driver was updated. I checked again in the device manager but the driver WAS NOT updated. I also tried to right-click the driver>Update>Look for updates online, but it says it is already the most updated..

Please help me. My laptop is very far from unusable. But it bugs me that I cant... Read more

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Hello all you wonderful people.

I'm writing this post to inquire as to why the display driver for this model hasn't been updated since 2010?
I have been playing a favourite game of mine (Civilization V) on this model. They updated the game with a patch in November and the computer can no longer display the graphics properly because of the old drivers.

I've done my research on the gaming forums to try and fix this and after looking at my dxdiag its become clear that the drivers are out of date. I've been on the Intel website and they have updated drivers for the card (Intel(R) HD graphics), I've downloaded these drivers however the laptop will not install them unless they are Toshiba verified? My questions are..

Why does Toshiba stop me from installing these drivers from Intel's website?
How do I get round all this Pfaff and update my graphics drivers?

Many thanks

Answer:Re: Satellite C660 - (PSC0QE) display driver update

Hello again,

Having spent a bit of time reading other threads i've managed to update the drivers :)

Thanks for looking

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Hi all

The display drivers on the driver download page hasn't been updated in ages,
and I would very much like to update to the latest nVidia drivers.

However, when I try and install drivers from, they keep referring me to Toshiba,
but the driver we have available from there is only version

Anyone got any tips on how to work around that, and can someone tell me what changes Toshiba has made to the drivers since nVidia redirects you instead of simply updating the drivers.

The windows version that came with the laptop is Windows XP MCE

Thanks in advance


Answer:Satellite P100-347 (PSPA6E) - need Display Driver update


> Anyone got any tips on how to work around that, and can someone tell me what changes Toshiba has made to the drivers since nVidia redirects you instead of simply updating the drivers.

The point is that Toshiba own graphic drivers are not the same like the original graphic driver from the card manufacturers.
The Toshiba own drivers are modified and support an overheating protection which helps to protect the hardware from overheating.
Why? Because the notebooks are not equipped with huge cooling modules like desktop graphic cards and therefore the driver must control a part of the heat dissipation!!

As far as I know it?s possible to install the drivers from nVidia website using the advanced installation procedure. You can update the driver from device manager and could point to the place where the driver was downloaded.

But note; the usage of non Toshiba graphic driver is only at your own risk and it?s not covered by warranty!!!


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I have updated the display drive from here
and my graphic card is GeForce Go 7900 GS, but now the computer are very very very hot in down/left keyboard....

Can you tell if i have make this update correct?

Thank you

Answer:After display driver update my Satellite P100 (PSPA6A) is very HOT

That driver is for other manufactor laptops, so it may have problems on other brands.

You should use the Toshiba supplied drivers from the Toshiba website to avoid problems like this.

ps. Have you updated the BIOS? That may help.

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I have a Satellite A100-599 with a NVIDIA 7600go graphic card and I have Bioshock like most of you the game crashes because of some problems with the graphic card drivers, no the meantime NVIDIA released some new patches to the Forceware and after I rechecked the Toshiba driver support database I saw a new release in the Display driver list for WinXp.

One of them seems to be from 13/09/2007. I downloaded the drivers, installed them and after I checked the driver details in the Device manager list and to my surprise the details said the drivers are from 2006. I reinstalled the drivers and the same thing appeared. I checked the XML that was in the drivers archive and surprise ...the drivers are really the old ones from 2006. So my question is this: Do you have any Display Drivers for my model that work for Bioshock :D


Answer:Satellite A100-599 - question about display driver update

I don?t know if WE have. I think it would be took some long time to ask every single user: hey, do you have some drivers for blackmodjo? Ah, come on, please. Just a little bit of them... ;)

No, I have a better idea. It?s like cooking a meal. The ingredients: DriverCleaner Pro and the website and .... ta ta ta TAAAA a lot of patience

To get some good "bio"shocked meal just follow this receipt:

Go to
read before you do anything (YES, even before you continue BREATHING) the FAQ-section on that site (RECOMMENDEDRECOMMENDEDRECOMMENDED)
and then download the drivers. Do it, yes...

Then download drivercleaner by searching for it on and THEN, read their Manual before doing anything else (Ok, you can continue breathing..)
After reading their manual you will something like:

1. Starting program, doing something, restarting machine
2. starting in safe mode, starting that program, removing..yadayadayada
3. Installing new driver
3. Playing Bioshock
4... Thanking me and giving me your first born.. ;)

So, by cutting away around 40% of my humoristic stuff and following the constructive technical instructions from me you will be able to play bioshock.

Greets :)

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Hey all, got a friend here with an A200 notebook (PSAF6A) with Vista Home Premium 32bit and the display drivers on it are the ones it came with, pretty sure they are outdated.

Anyway, I installed the "display-20080311103412" from the support website and when it finished there was no catalyst control center installed, in fact it seemed like there was no display driver at all, just the default Windows driver.
I reinstalled the original drivers back over the top and they worked fine, so I went to the ATI download page and got the latest drivers from there.
I installed those and even though they said that they worked the catalyst display driver version still says it is the same as the old drivers (2007.0516.57.42724, to be exact)

Am I doing something wrong? I haven?t played with ATI drivers for years and they seem to have changed a lot since then.

Thanks for any help
If you need more info just ask and I will provide
Thanx again

Answer:Satellite A200 (PSAF6A) - update display driver


Well, you should only use Toshiba drivers because the ATI drivers don?t have an overheat protection and so the graphic card can be damaged.
So with Toshiba drivers you are on the safely side.

Before you install newer graphic driver you should remove the old first in Add or Remove Programs. Then restart your PC and install the graphic driver.
Try this.


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ok i have a
A305-s6843 satellite

windows 64bit

and i have the
ati mobility radeon hd 3470
the driver version i have installed is 8.501.0.0

i want to install the newer driver i have found and it version is

so my questions
1. where do i get it from
2. how do i install it since toshiba and the ccc dont play nice with each other

Answer:Re: Trying to update ATI display driver on Satellite A305-S6843

In the whole story problem is that Toshiba offers own graphic drivers and they are tested and also adapted to run stabile and also do not force graphic card to run on the limit.
Many people want to have more graphic performance and try to install drivers offered by ATI.

Generally speaking these drivers should not be used because they can force graphic card to run on maximum limit. Result can be overheating and also graphic card damage. So it is recommended to use Toshiba drivers only.

I really don?t understand why do you think there is some problem with CCC.
Where you found 8.632.1.2000? on ATI download page?

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I have Windows Vista Ultimate in Satellite A 100-599. Updating NVidia display driver with version 156.16 is not possible. Actually Vista Ultimate has 32


Any solution for this problem?


Answer:Cannot update nVidia Vista display driver with v.156.16 on Satellite A100-599

Hello Kerim

Can you please tell me what happen exactly when you try to install NVIDIA driver version

Do you have problems with display driver only?

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Hi to all,

I have A300-1LT PSAGCE and have update my display driver from toshiba download center.

Type Display Driver
Subtype Mobility Radeon HD 43xx/45xx/46xx
Size (Kb) 108950
Version 8.611
Model Satellite L550, Satellite L500, Satellite A300, Satellite Pro A300
Operating system Windows Vista 32 Bit

When i restart laptop error have displayed:

"The Catalyst Control Center is not supported by the driver version of your enable graphics adapter. Please update your ATI graphics driver, or enable your ATI adapter using the Displays Manager."

Can't find displayer manager only have color man. What I must to do?

Please help!!


Answer:Re: Satellite A300-1LT - After display driver update I get an error message


Well, for me it sounds like that you didn?t uninstall the old display driver software. Before you install a newer version you should always remove the old version. Therefore go in control panel > software. Choose the ATI display driver software and remove it. After restarting the notebook you should clean the Windows system using CCleaner (Google is your friend to find it). Then restart again and after this you can install the newest version from Toshiba page.

I hope this works.
By the way, what graphic card do you have?


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I have tryed to uppdate the displaydriver to my Satellite A200 (PSAE0). I downloaded it from toshibas site. Driver version (vista 32 bit).
But when i try to install the exe file i got a message that the computer dont have the minimi requirements to run the program.
what could be the problem?

I tryed to update the driver becourse i cant get any picture in WinTV, only sound. Used with Hauppauge Nova-TD USB tv card.

Answer:Satellite A200 Display driver update dont work

Is the Vista installation an original factory install? Or did you install your own generic version of Vista?

Try this:
Uninstall the current Display Driver
Reinstall/update the Intel Chipset Driver
Reinstall the Value Added Package
Install that new Intel driver.

I think its more likely to be an overlay issue. Go into WinTV and configure the rendering/output settings to use overlays (or try other types of output surfaces if its already set to use overlays).

If you have a dynadock, its display drivers may be causing overlay problems.

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Hi, I want to update my graphic card's driver. So I went to [that| rpn=PSAG4U&modelFilter=A305-S6861&selCategory=3&selFamily=1073768663&selModel= 2059349%7CPSAG4U] site and the only graphic driver update was for Windows XP.

I clicked on the download page link which was ATI Display Driver for Windows XP. My PC's model was written on the Applicable Models list, but my PC don't have a Windows XP build and also don't have ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650(this graphic card was written on the Driver Install Instructions.)

I forgot about that page and went to ATI's website. I found graphic driver download page which is:[link|]. Chose Vista 64-bit, Radeon and Radeon HD 3400 Series. Should I _only_ download the file named "Catalyst Software Suite (64 bit)"? I thought so, but didn't downloaded. Because the download which I found on Toshiba's site(the one for Windows XP) was 148MB and the download which is on ATI's site was 62MB. Don't know what to do.

Notice that, there are 2 options in ATI's site.
1st includes:Display Driver, ATI WDM Integrated Driver, Catalyst Software Suite (64 bit)
2nd includes: 2 different downloads: Download1:Display Driver + Download2:Catalyst Control Center (32 bit)
Which one should I choose(or are they the same)?;
1- Driver + Integrated Driver + Sofware Suite ... Read more

Answer:Display Driver Update for Satellite A305-S6861 with Vista (64 bit)


Now I?m a little bit confused after I read your posting.

If I understand you right you use Vista 64bit and on the Toshiba website that you posted I found also 64bit drivers for Vista.
You must refine search by Windows Vista 64bit.

I wouldn?t use graphic drivers they are not from Toshiba because they don?t have a overheating protection and so the graphic chip can be damaged.
So download the drivers from Toshiba.


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I do not found how to update my graphic driver from the Toshiba support website. I found other updates, but not this one ...

And I have a problem using a game (Starcraft II) with "igxprd32" which seems to refer to the Intel Graphics accelerator driver.

When I go to the Intel update website it tells me :
"A customized computer manufacturer driver is installed on your computer. The Intel Driver Update Utility is not able to update the driver. Installing a generic Intel driver instead of the customized computer manufacturer driver may cause technical issues. Contact your computer manufacturer for the latest driver for your computer. "

Thanks in advance for your help


(Satellite Pro P300)

Answer:Satellite Pro P300 - How to update Intel GM965 display driver?


I had the same problem on my Satellite Pro U300 but it?s easy to solve it.

Therefore go in device manager and right click on your graphic card. Select ?Update Driver? and follow the instructions in new window. Choose the advanced installation where you can choose the driver and directory yourself.

But don?t forget to extract the zip file firstly, otherwise the driver will not be found. ;)

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I installed the latest ATI Mobility Radeon HD2600 display driver (8.432, from the Toshiba site via Tempo) on my Satellite Pro P200 yesterday. On rebooting everything looks fine as far as the Windows Vista Business "Please wait ..." screen, but instead of displaying the login page I get a blank screen (with a mouse cursor that moves around as normal). All I can do at this point is power off, and I've run out of ideas on how to get any further.

Things I've tried:
# booting into safe mode, low-resolution video or last known good configuration all result in the same blank screen.
# connecting to the system using remote desktop (to disable the driver) isn't possible because the system hasn't loaded the network drivers yet.
# I can't revert to a restore point because Vista can't find any (I made a manual one after installing windows updates on a couple of days ago).
I can run a command prompt from the system recovery options and would prefer to use that to disable the driver +if+ I knew how before resorting to the more drastic options.

A web search ( N) reveals that this has happened on a wide range of laptops with
previous releases of the driver, but none of the links I've looked at give a solution that's available to me.

Answer:Blank screen after display driver update Satellite Pro P200

If you have the option try plugging in an external screen with the laptop switched off, preferably one with a standard ratio. You may find it will then allow you to see the logon and adjust the setings.

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A500 Windows 7 - 64 Bit

I have download the latest versions of sound driver ( and Display Driver ( and I have some problems.
The colours are too bright and the sound is too deep (like the mid are too low).

Answer:Satellite A500: problem with sound and display driver after update!


So why you don?t go back to the previous driver versions?
In your case I would recommend setting the OS back to the early time point, before you have updated the drivers.
Usually this should helps to get the old drivers back again.


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I just bought an SATELLITE L855-118 , with ATI graphics today, it was between this and another one, but i know you have problems updating graphic drivers on a Sony-notebooks.

I made a restore point.

So i uninstalled the ATI catalyst and then did an driver sweeper, and re-booted and then installed catalyst 12.6 , installed fine, but my screen went to maximum brightness and i cannot adjust it, the brighness osd appears but the screen brightness does not change.

So i used my restore point.

This time i overwrote the stock catalyst 8.9 with 12.6, just the same cannot adjust the brightness.

Does anybody know how to fix this.

My full spec in the link below.

Satellite L855-118 - Product Specifications - Toshiba



Answer:Cannot adjust brightness after display driver update on Satellite L855-118

You mean you cannot use the Fn + F6 or Fn + F7 button combination???
Do other combination works properly?

Check also this doc:

there is a which installs the additional registry key

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When will be available the updated version of GM965 X3100 display driver? The new version gives support for OpenGL 2.0+ and SM 4.0. The display driver update available in Toshiba Support zone is old and many people would be interested in updating the display drivers to have bug fixes for various games.

Best regards,

Answer:Re: Satellite A200 - Display driver update for graphics X3100


Which Satellite A200 and OS you have exactly? On the Toshiba website are different models available.

I don?t know which problems you have but you should look for a new patch for the games. Sometimes this can solve the problem.


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My video card is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470
The site lies Toshiba drivers end of 2010

Now I can not play games because of a lack of new drivers

When trying to install new drivers from ATI, they say that their drivers are not supported by this hardware device
What do I do?

Sorry for my english, I'm Russian)

Answer:Re: Satellite L655-1D2 can't update ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 display driver

The message appears because such drivers are not certified by Toshiba.
But as far as I know you can install such driver via device manager.
Create an folder on the desktop and unzip the driver package there.
Now go to device manager, choose graphic card and use the advanced installation which allow you to point to the driver files stored in the folder on the desktop.
The Windows system should pick up the new driver files.

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Hey guys, thanks for your help in advance!

I have a Satellite 1905-S303 and am running Windows XP

Here is what?s going on with my computer:

When I turn it on it takes a bit longer to boot up than normal. And I hear a tck-tck sound on the back of my computer that I don?t usually hear.

When it does boot up: everything on the screen is HUGE, and I get a window saying: ATI Advanced Desktop Utilities failed to initialize because no ATI driver is installed OR ATI driver is not working properly

So again, everything on my screen is huge (except for the desktop background): the mouse, icons, all windows, text, start menu, web browser, youtube videos, everything. All color and resolution seams great, and other than the fact that everything is big, the computer seams to be running fine.

I ran Spybot S&D, my antivirus software, and Malwarebytes AntiMalware. Everything turns out clean.

Ok so, I tried to update my display driver from Device Manager, and in the middle of installing Mobility M6, it says: The file ati2mtag.sys on ATI Technologies Inc Installation DISK (VIDEO) is needed. Type the path where the file is located.
I don?t have this so I cant finish.

Anyway, that?s what I tried to do to fix it, but couldn?t. So I found this
Windows XP Display Driver for ATI M-6 Display Adapter and its compatible with my model computer. Located here: 67xml&a... Read more

Answer:Satellite 1905 s303, WinXP: Huge Screen, Need to update Display Driver?

When it asks you to locate ati2mtag.sys, point it to c:\windows\system32. If its not there, search C: Drive for that file.

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First I should say hello to all on forum.
I am having difficulty loading xp on to my Satellite C670. I have tried to find drivers for the sata, no luck, so I can F6 as I load xp, also gone into bios and set to compatibility. No luck at all yet.
Does anyone know the correct drivers I need and also how to do it.

Answer:How to load XP on a Satellite C670?


Which C670 do you have exactly?
Toshiba offers 10 different models (different part number).

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My laptop has died - the motherboard no longer works - and I have advertised it for sale for parts/spares.

I have been offered ?30 for it.

Is this a good deal? Should I accept?

Any thoughts would be good.


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Hi all,

I have a C670-19K for a while now ( Greek web site for info about the laptop )

Have upgrade it a bit : 8gb ram and new ssd things are running little bit faster now, bought a cooling pad 17 inch ( 2x160mm fans spin at 1000rpm ) that doesn't do much work on Toshiba armor, have clean and change the thermal paste over time at CPU and GPU, have clean as well the fan + the thermal metal body part , battery have died over time haven't replace that !

I recently made a format ( yesterday ) and today decide to have a further look in my gaming section to see if everything is alright, i have a application to counts the temperature to make sure i`m running good without issues when gaming or multitasking
Before the format i have seen numbers up to 99c with out making the laptop BBQ, but for safety reasons it was turning off which fine for me
After format when it reach 84~85c computer is turning off for safety reasons !!

Am i missing a specific driver that i didn't add ? And which is that ? Can u provide a link for this ?

Did have a look at the web
Bios doesn't have adjustment for temperature
Have formatted the laptop sometime ago and it worked fine afterwards
Have installed the drivers from Toshiba web-site in order to run the laptop

Thanks for your time !!

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Hi all,

My Satellite notebook (C670-12x) does not recognize any hard drives (bios startup). I tried with several hard drives. I was wondering if a Bios update would help? Is there a Flash Bios update for CD boot?

I allready tried to convert the Bios driver to an image/bootable CD, but that didn't work.

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Satellite C670-12x does not recognize any HDD

I don?t think BIOS update will help. Try to set BIOS to default settings and check it again. If the same happen again it can be that HDD controller is defective.

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I've been having this laptop for long time and i decided to power it up a bit and buy new pair of RAM memorry. I checked the motherboard model and swa it requires DD3L 800 or 1066 Hz ram memmory up to 8 gb. Therefore i bought 1066 hz 2x4 GB DD3 memmory asumming it is compatible. However i noticed it doesnt work on windows 64 bit while it works on windows 10 32 bit operating system... The 64x os just wont boot and goes into boot loop.

Is it possible that the memory isnt compatible? Can you suggest me some solutions?

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My satellite c670 has an i3-2310M as you can see here :

My question is : I would like to knox if I can upgrade it, which CPU are compatible?
On this list there are lot of CPU with the same socket, but I know that it depends of the motherboard too :

So, wich CPU are compatible with my laptop?

Thank you.

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Repost of question with link to problem, not mine but same noise.
Question is this normal

thanks for replies


Answer:Loud HDD noise on Satellite C670

It sounds really bad. In my opinion you should contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They can check it and, if necessary, exchange the HDD.

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i have Satellite C670-17G
i have found preinstalled on my laptop the face recognition.i wonna youse it.
i think i have updated the drivers...
i have try the link.but it wont help me.

Answer:Satellite C670-17G - cannot use face recognition

Do you use your notebook with original preinstalled OS (WIN7 64BIT HOME PREMIUM)?
Sorry but I don?t understand why you cannot use it.

Can you start this application or not? What is the problem?
Is webcam recognized and installed properly in device manager?

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Another example of customer support! My kid bought one of these but we cannot fathom out how to insert the @ into text, despite the more or less useless User Guide and searching the internet, my kid has a Toshiba with which she cannot send an email!

Or are we just stupid, after 9 hours of trying we certainly feel stupid?

Answer:Satellite C670 - Cannot find @ sign

Hi buddy,

This has nothing to do with customer support.

I think you have set the wrong keyboard language. If you press Shift + i you should get the @ sign?

Important is that you change the language from EN (US) to EN (UK). You can do this if you navigate to control panel > clock, language and regional > regional and language options. Go to keyboards and languages tab and then click change keyboards. Click Add and select the keyboard layout you would like to add.

Or just watch this Youtube video:

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I bought my laptop one month ago. And now I have problems.
1.) Some days ago he didn't charge. (Battery not found).... after two hours it was OK.
2.) Now, when he is plug in it's Fully charged (100%), when I unplug cable - 98%.
3.) Time after time i see *"blue screen"*, troubles with RAM. I know that it's not good.

Maybe somebody can help?

Answer:Issues on Satellite C670/670D


1) Does it happen again and again?

2) This is, in my opinion, nothing that you should be worried about.

3) You are right, that?s not good. I don?t know what happen exactly but what you can do is to install recovery image again and test functionality with ?factory settings? again. If the same happen again and again I recommend you to contact Toshiba service and ask for help.

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Does the Satellite C670 14P have a line in option through the mic/headphone sockets.

The problem is am trying to record a dj mix using a recording program but each time a recording is done it sounds like it is being recorded through the laptop speakers and not through the soundcard. I have my mixer plugged into the laptop using a phono to 2.5 jack lead I have both the mic and the headphone sockets but either make any difference to the sound.

Can someone please help me.

Answer:Help Needed Recording A Dj Mix On Satellite C670

I don?t know what do you mean with line-in on mic socket. Fact is that you can connect headset or mic on this jack and use it for conversation on Skype or any other similar messenger. You can also use it for voice recording using Windows sound recorder and it works perfectly.

I don?t know what are you doing exactly and from which device you want to transfer this mix so it is not easy to help.
Can you please post more info what are you doing exactly? Can you connect this device using USB port?

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If I start up my toshiba satellite c670-13q laptop, I get an black screen.
It just starts up in a normal way, but after it started up it shows a black screen. I still hear the windows sound by starting up and later also the sound of Skype if it started up.
I got alot of important stuff on my laptop so please help me fixing this.

Thank you.

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I have Laptop: *SATELLITE C670-17M*
My processor: *Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU B950 @ 2.10GHz, 2100 MHz*
My Chipset is: *Mobile Intel? HM65 Express Chipset*

So, If you look and click *Compatible products* you can see all compatible processors that you can use with this chipset right?

My question is, Can I upgrade my current processor with all of processors on that list?

Thanke you,


Answer:Processor Upgrade on Satellite C670-17M

> My question is, Can I upgrade my current processor with all of processors on that list?

Probably yes.
But fact is that nobody would be able to answer this question since such CPU upgrade isn?t officially supported. This means that notebook manufacturers don?t provide any information regarding such upgrade and compatibility.

You can try such upgrade at your own hand and hope that BIOS would be able to handle such new CPU.

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A few months agi i recieved 2 Toshiba's Satelite C670-12P with cracked screens.
so after finally recieving new screens and everything working fine 1 of the laptops
is locked with a password at the startup, Now normally this wouldnt matter
becouse a simple cmos reset isnt that much work but after noticing this did not
do the job as supposed i arrived at the next step shorting the jumpers (wich btw
dissapeared from the motherbord) so after disassembling the entire thing for a good
clean. Still couldnt find nothing..., now a bit later and alot of research later i learned
that the only way to get what i want (the laptop in a out of the box state) is to magicly
clear the password what is stored on 1 of the chips wich does not require a cmos battery anymore
so my question is what to do now becouse symp[tons are very very nasty

Can not boot to windows
Cant boot from cd/usb
Cant acces bios

So if anyone still has got some ideas left, please let mek now becouse im getting desperate.

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Satelilite c670 - 188 WOW shutdown after 20 - 30 minutes game.
my notebook shutdown cpu temperature 86-90 degrees.

I used to play normally. Now your computer is overheating!
the laptop is on the stands with fans!!!

Answer:Satellite C670-188 shut down playing WOW


It seems high temperature causes this unexpected shut down.
Did you use the notebook on the table?
There should be enough free space to keep the air circulating.

Furthermore you should check if the cooling fans are not clogged by dust or debris.
This might affect the air circulation too? I clean my fans from time to time and this keeps the temperature low.

What graphic card driver do you use?
You should use the Toshiba one because such driver is modified for mobile usage? the other drivers don?t support an GPU overheating protection and this might cause such unexpected shutdowns.

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Since I upgraded to Windows 10 in my TOSHIBA SATELLITE C670-14W my graphic card (Intel HD 3000) don't work propely on Video Editing Softwares and Games. I contacted the Intel Support and they rudely answered that they will not release any new drivers for my Graphic Card for Windows 10 and that I have to buy a new graphic card or roll back to Windows 7 (but the month is gone). They said that for help on which graphic card I should choose compatible with Windows 10, I need to contact my OEM support but as my pc is discountinued I can't ask the support; so I ask you: the community. What new Graphic card (compatible with Windows 10) should I choose compatible for my PC to have a similar/improved gaming/software performances ?

The DxDiag.txt file (attachment) has all my PC setting.

Thank you for your help.

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Good morning,
I have a problem with two Satellite C670 laptops. Neither of them will not be charged, it only works when plugged into the mains.

Answer:Satellite C670 won't charge the battery

What happen when you start notebook without battery and put the battery in place when Windows OS is fully loaded?

Is battery recognized properly?
Is battery LED on?

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So sorry I'm french so excuse me for my english.

I have a tremendous problem.. Last week I installed Windows 10 on my computer (my PC said "clic here to install). I've done it and ta the end A big bleu screen appeared and said "program should stop now in order to don't crash your computer" ...
So now my computer boots and reboots all long day... I see the beginning "Toshiba" and after it is a dark screen. I tried to reinstall Windows 7 but the computer says that my HDD is reserved to toshiba (why?) my second and my third partition too! So no system, no Windows, no data. I tried to launch Windows 10 in a "bootable" USB flash memory, it works, my computer says "clic here to reboot" and when it reboots in the screen i can read " Windows meets a problem of communication with a "p?riph?rique" connexion belong to your computer" thanks Windows !!!! :-(
I made a HDD recovery CD lats year, i tried it. The CD works perfectly and when my computer reboots it looks like nothing happened! My computer boots and reboots ... !!

My pc is a satellite c670 18F ..; if someone has any solution, i will try.. Thank you..


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I'm confused. On one part of the Toshiba site it says my laptop is supported for upgrade but somewhere else, it isn't listed.

Can anyone tell me if I can upgrade safely and what, if any, Toshiba drivers will I need to reload. I'm not very technically minded so hope you can answer this without too much tech-speak. LOL

Answer:Satellite Pro C670 upgrade to Win 8 question

Check please Toshiba Win8 support page on and Toshiba Compatibility Matrix.
Is your notebook listed there?

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First time on any forum.

How can I reset my C670-15F 17" Laptop to the `Out of box` state (Factory settings) ?
I have been told to use the F8 key but this only turned off the Wireless Adaptor!

I have already backed up my photos and documents.

Is there anything else I should do or problems to watch out for?

Please couch any responses in easy language as I am by no means completely computer literate.

Many thanks,

Answer:How can I reset Satellite C670-15F to "out of box" state

Check please [How to recover a Toshiba notebook with the HDD recovery procedure|]
There is detailed description how to do this.

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I have a TOSHIBA SATELLITE C670-10P and the motherboard has died.

I have put it on eBay to sell as not working/for spares & parts. I have been offered ?30 plus postage.

Is this a good offer? Should I accept? I don't know how much I could expect to get.

Please let me know asap!


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Hello Support,

Quite recently I have noticed that the clock / time (displayed in the system tray) of my Satellite C670-12P is going crazy, typically slowing down a bit, but sometimes jumping backwards in time by one hour or even more ! The biggest leap was more than 3 hours backwards... As you can imagine the OS (Windows 7 Home Premium) doesn't like that much and I've had to suffer possibly related hangs.

After some googling it seems that it might be related to an aging CMOS battery (which i've never replaced indeed). After some more youtubing I have learned how to unmount the keyboard under which the CMOS battery would probably be located (as seen on the similar Satellite C series' video). To my greatest surprise, however, unmounting the keyboard of the laptop only revealed a "hole" in the plastic board with some connector, but not the expected CMOS battery -- see attached picture I took and red circle where I was expecting it.

Am I going down the wrong path here ? How can I make sure that it is a weak CMOS battery the root cause of the clock / time going crazy ?
Once that's proven, where is it actually located in the C670-12P and can I easily replace it ? I've seen that sometimes its soldered on the motherboard!

Thanks in advance for your advice and assistance !

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Hi. I have a C670 which I had problems starting up. I tried the back up discs I had created when i got the machine but they failed to work. I had an extended warranty with the company I had bought the laptop from and I sent it back to them to get the problem sorted. As the back up discs didn't work, all they have done is reinstall windows and I've lost all the bundled software and the HDD recovery system on the D drive which come on the machine.Lesson to learned here I think.

If I was to buy a set of toshiba back up discs would this take the machine back to its 'out of the box' condition.

Thanks in anticipation

Answer:Satellite C670-10P and recovery image installation

> If I was to buy a set of toshiba back up discs would this take the machine back to its 'out of the box' condition.
Yes. You can order original recovery discs on

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I tried to install a bios upgrade on a C670-16E but I receive the following message

?????????,???? Windows ?????????

How to solve this problem?

Thanx in advance

Answer:BIOS upgrade does not work on Satellite C670-16E

Do you try to install this BIOS update?

It is 2.30 Win version.

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I was wondering if anyone could help me?
The screen on my C670 works but has visible damage and a lot of dead pixels,
I have bought two replacement screens but have been unable to get them to work any more than the backlight coming on.

Both replacements have been returned to where they were purchased and been tested and found to be working fine, I am now at a loss at what to do next...

I don't really understand what could be wrong that both replacements didn't work but my original works fine....surely if there was an issue with the connector my screen wouldn't work either?

My screen is a LP173WD1(TL)(N1) and the replacements were N173FGE - L23 and LP173WD1(TL)(E1) which I was assured were both compatible with my machine.

Thanks in advance


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Answer:Satellite C670 screen replacement problems


As far as I know there are different Satellite C670 series.
I found some details regarding the PSC3SE, PSC3NE, PSC3LE, PSC3QE sub-models.

It looks that the LCD module 17.3" W HD+ (1600 x 900px) uses a LED backlight as the light source.
So you should be sure that you are using the right one.

I don?t think that the display controller on the motherboard would be faulty because in such case the original display would not work too.

The LCD display and motherboard are connected by inverter cable, inverter board and
LVDS cable. You should make sure the LVDS cable is firmly connected to motherboard.
If the connection is loose, reconnect firmly and restart the C670 notebook.

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Hi there!

I helped my neighbour to find a new laptop, and the whole setup and startup.

We ordered a C670-11Q and it works really well, theres just one annoyance.
The disc makes some loud clicking noises, not like a dying or working disc. It's the same sound as when you turn of a disc, just much louder. I guess it's the "disc reading arm" that goes into it's safe position.

I don't know if this laptop has a shock sensor to do this? The laptop was sitting flat on the table, and there where NO vibrations while it's doing it. There are no clicks while under load, but they occur randomly while idling or normal surfing/writing.

I also checked power saving options and disabled them to turn of the disc, no help.
This also seemed weird, because the clicks often occur several times in a row. But it definitely does it more when running on battery.

I'm running the newest BIOS and drivers from the support area (as of yesterday).
The disc is set to performance mode, i didn't test battery saving - should i?

And no, the disc hasen't taken any beating. I was the first person to turn it on.

The drive is from Hitachi, i ran their analysis - no errors.

Any help is greatly appreciated :o)

Answer:Satellite C670-11Q loud clicking noise from HDD

> The disc makes some loud clicking noises, not like a dying or working disc. It's the same sound as when you turn of a disc, just much louder. I guess it's the "disc reading arm" that goes into it's safe position.

One of my notebook?s HDD makes such noise too.

I?m not exactly sure why but I think also that this is the disks head which moves into save position.

However, I think that this is not really a malfunction since the notebook runs pretty well and I didn?t notice any problems with the HDD or the files? but I created a backup of my files? just to be safe ? you know?
I think you should backup the date just to be safe?

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I have just got a Satellite C670. Overall I am happy with it, but it makes a strange "popping"noise every 5 mins or so.

It seems to come from the right hand side under the number pad.
It does not seem to affect performance.

Any ideas?



Answer:Satellite C670 - Strange 'popping' noise


Maybe it is a noise coming from the HDD.
Sometimes I can hear a similar noise on my non-Toshiba notebook.
This appears since the HDD upgrade?
Usually it?s nothing serious? so I think you don?t need to be afraid

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HDD on laptop had died, no recovery media created. Tried ordering from Toshiba website but get following message

" recovery media can be ordered, because it comes not from the region of Toshiba Europe, or i's to old for this service..."

Laptop was purchased 2014 from the UK - yes t's old but so is the user.

Can not find a "contact us" section on the website where I can ask the question.

What are my best alternate options?


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Hello everybody,

I have a problem on a Toshiba Satellite C670-11Q with windows Seven

When I pouch on :

e gives "
t gives (
u gives ?
i gives !
o gives ?

And If i use SHIFT :
e gives 3
t gives 5
u gives 7
i gives 8
o gives 9

I uncheck already the Filter keys and the problem persist. It's strange beacause it's the same with Ubuntu (also installed on this laptop).

All work as well with an usb keyboard.

The problem comes since the cat sleep on the keyboard :)

Do you have an idea ?

Sorry for my bad english

Thanks a lot
Have a nice evening

Answer:Satellite C670-11Q - "e give " keyboard issue

> All work as well with an USB keyboard.

For me it sounds like the keyboard would be faulty.
The point is that if the USB keyboard is OK then the issue cannot be related to the software settings.
So it has to be hardware fault.

Get in contact with an Toshiba ASP in your country and ask for a keyboard check and replacement


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I wanted to reinstall Windows on my Girlfriends machine. I started into the Bios and I tried to find the setting to boot from a USB device but I couldn't find it. I somehow stupidly set all the settings in bios to manufacturer defaults and after restarting the screen stayed black.

I can boot but I can't do anything. I can't enter the bios, I don't see anything.... Is it bricked? I hope you guys can help us because she will most likely kill me :(

Answer:Satellite C670-178 - black screen at start-up

We need your help! It is important!

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Please, where can I find Windows 7 32-bit drivers for Satellite C670-13D Part # : PSC40E-004008RU.
I need "Value Added Package" for activate hotkey function.


Answer:Satellite C670-13D: Where can I find drivers for Windows 7 32 bit


Seems not all Win 7 32bit drivers are available for the C670 at this time.

Since the VAP is not related to specific notebook series but to the system (Win 7 or Vista) you can use the VAP released for other series?

I recommend checking the C660 series and to download the VAP released there.

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CD/DVD- rom player TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L633F of my Toshiba Satellite C670-12P is not working anymore.

I'v tried several CDs, with pictures, DVD and music CD also storage CD and it opens as if I load a new empty CD only asking me options to format or make a new disk.

But all the disk I load in my player are already written with data and not rewritable.
In my system I can see all is working correct, but it is not true. I can't read any disk now and I don't know how to fix it .

I tried already with windows fix it, but it could not fix the problem.
So I realy don't no my options. I found also not a solution on the site of Toshiba itself and I'm really disapointed in it. I don't use often my player but now and then I like to play a dvd to watch. Also my back ups I made wil not be working after all.

I don't know if the problem is known by other users and if there is a solution for me.

My system is windows 7

Thank you for reading and hopefully someone has a solution for me.

Answer:Satellite C670-12P - CDDVDW TS-L633F is not working

Sorry for the bad English, I'm a bit stressed by the problem but hope you can understand after all.

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Hi all,

I made an upgrade to Windows 10 but after that my satellite notebank C670 has booting problems. It's always after Windows updates were installed. It shows the Win logo followed by a blue screen. After repeated switching on and off I get again to the login screen for the password. Have Windows 10 already reinstalled because I didn't come to the login screen anymore. But problems are still there only with switching on and off attempts it works. But this is not a solution. Have you any ideas - drivers for Win10 or bios? Thanks for help

Answer:Satellite C670 booting problems after Windows 10 Upgrade

Hello I have the granny problem after installation to Windows 10 I have nothing white screen
impossible to make a granny spanking restoration F8 or F12 nothing to do
if someone gives you the solution I'm interested
Thank you to you CDT
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Hello here

I have a problem starting Windows system on pc Satellite C670/C670D
Need help!

thank you

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Answer:Satellite C670/C670D - problem starting Windows


Can you please provide more details?
What system do you use?
What happens exactly?
Are you able to recover the notebook using Recovery disk?

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Today I upgraded to Windows 10. Everything seems to be working ok except my keyboard's strange behaviour.

When the Fn Key is NOT pressed:

(1) The keys 1,2 are not working at all
(2) The keys 3,4 adjust the volume
(3) Space key not working at all
(4) Function Keys behave normally (F1, F2 etc)

When the Fn Key is pressed:

(1) Keys 1,2,3,4 work as nymbers
(2) Space key works as space
(3) Function keys are doing nothing

I tried uninstalling everything related to toshiba as well as pressing Fn for 10 seconds, Fn+Ctrl, Fn-Scroll lock and any other combination I could think of.

In the BIOS there is no option to disable the function keys.
In the HWSETUP there is no option as well

I would really welcome any suggestions. Thanx for your time.

Answer:Satellite C670-19F - Windows 10 - keyboard's strange behaviour

Same problem with C670-15Q. solution appreciated

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please help Win XP drivers for video Satellite C670 needed , no drivers on site ,whats model videocard is in Satellite C670-15E?

Answer:Satellite C670 - Win XP drivers for video card needed


According notebook specification your Satellite notebook has Intel HM65 (Intel HD Graphics 3000) graphic card.

Your notebook is not supported for WXP but Tecra R840 has the same graphic card inside nad is supported for WXP so please try to install THIS display driver.

I hope it will works for you.

Send some feedback.

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Hi all,

Principaly, I sorry for my bad English, but I French, and this post was traduce with google translate.

Here, for 2-3 days when I plug in my headphones on my PC and I'm trying to listen to music it does me lots of bass, the instrumental .. And bottom slightly you can hear the singer's voice. This is very annoying, because it is not terrible.

_Information Laptop_: Toshiba Satellite C670/C670D.

_Solutions I tried_: (In order of trial)
- Check if the problem does not come from the headset connector or cable.
****** Comment: The headset works perfect on my phone with the same music, or even on the Laptop of my little sister who is exactly the same as mine.

- Go to Control Panel> Sound> property on the sound output> Level> Balance> Reduce to 0% on the left or right.
****** Comment: The voice is back, I can hear the music perfectly, but now I hear a very strong side of the helmet, the difference between the two when I wear this sense the two "ear" headphones. More when I unplug my headphones, I can hear more than one side of the speakers integrated Laptop.

- Check the option "Voice Cancellation" is not checked in the property of her.
****** Comment: The option is not checked when the headset is plugged in and that one side is 0% as this is one I had not set to 0% one side.

- Make a system restore to a date prior to the problem.
****** Comment: The problem has occurred since 1/31/2013. So I'm back on the date of 2... Read more

Answer:Satellite C670/C670D - Its weird when I plug in my headphones

> The problem has occurred since 1/31/2013
And what have you done at this day? Have you installed or changed something?
I mean the problem cannot occur for no reason.
I never had such problem and don?t know what can be the right solution but try to reinstall sound driver and please use driver from Toshiba download page.

Check it at first and post some feedback.

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I got the same problem over the previous months when I play Football Manager 2011 on my Toshiba laptop.

The game needs a lot of CPU usage at some time (when I move step ahead, CPU and game create other teams results and create next news and so on) and it breaks after 1-2 hours of playing.

It gets louder and louder and thats all!
PC restarts automathically and I lost my time useless!

It might be overheating processor but I get this problems only while playing this game.
I can forget to play while listening to some music from Youtube or other source or having Skype chat in the background, then it remains only for couple of minutes and it restarts PC again and again.

Whats wrong ? Overheat or anything else ?
Maybe I just need to reinstall whole Windows or game (FM 2011) ?

I use: Toshiba C670-105 / Intel Cor i3 2,53 GHz, 4 GB RAM, Win 7 Home Premium, 64-bit SP1, 300 GB HDD, DirectX10, NVIDIA GeForce 315M

My savegame is currently about 180 MB. And of course my laptop is above of minimal requirements to play this game.

Any hints ?

Answer:Satellite C670-105 unwanted restart while playing some game

> Whats wrong ? Overheat or anything else?
Well, I think nobody would be able to say exactly why the unit shuts off without any further investigation.
Generally the notebook could power OFF due to high temperature and high temperature is mostly the reason for unwanted automatic shuts downs.

Did you ever clean the notebook?s cooling fans in the past?
No?! Probably the dust and debris inside the cooling modules prevent the fans from running with best performance and cause high temperature which leads to the shut down.

I would recommend you to use an compressed air spray in order to get rid of dust. But sometimes such cooling modules need to be cleaned professionally.
But try the compressed air spray firstly.

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Hi all,

I have a Toshiba Satellite S70-B-10T, buy in November 2014. Since December 2015 he began to crash when I play League of legend after the
loading wit the error : "display driver has crashed and recovered".
I am on windows 10 I try to bac on Windows 7 and Windows 8 but the problem remains the same.
I try uninstall the driver and install correctly the latest same problem.

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Also Webcam seems to have no drivers installed....

Tried the lastest application/drivers from Toshiba but it does not install anything.

Answer:Satellite C670-19F - Windows 10 - Webcam not working No Drivers Installed

same problem but with C660-1MG... try everything!!!

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I have a Toshiba Satellite C670, win7 64bit. I've had it for about a month. Monitor drivers are at the most recent available version.

I've recently noticed a problem with the monitor's gamma settings. On startup, the screen is brighter than it should be. When I go to monitor settings / colour improvements and I change gamma from its default 1.0 to, for instance, 0.9, I see the screen darken (considerably) in 2 distinct but fast steps. Changing the gamma back to 1.0 makes the screen go brighter in one (small) step, and the end result is darker than before I changed anything.

Increasing gamma to 1.1 or 1.2 also gives me a darker result than the "reported" gamma of 1.0 at startup; from my estimation, the gamma at startup is about the same as when I manually set it to 1.3.

However, when I set gamma to, for instance, 0.9, at startup the screen will be back at about 1.3 " real gamma" again. Ofcourse I could shuffle the gamma control back and forth every time I start up my laptop, so that gamma 1.0 is indeed as dark as it should be, but surely I shouldn't have to do this? I use the laptop mainly for photo editing so it's pretty important to my use of the laptop to have correct gamma.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,

Answer:Satellite C670 - monitor: gamma setting too high on startup


From my own experience every display supports different properties.
As far as I know monitor manufacturers store gamma, color information inside the monitors which is being used by the graphics card drivers.

For common usage its ok but for people who do imaging there are different tools which helps you to manage such settings.

I recommend you testing an tool called ?QuickMonitorProfile?
Its free and allows you to create the most commonly used working space profiles. It is also possible to create a monitor profile.

Google for this

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I have just purchased a Satellite C670 satellite laptop.
Every few minuetes it make a loud click/clunk noise from inside, hard drive ?? is this normal

look forward to your replys


Answer:Every few minuetes Satellite C670 make a loud click/clunk noise

On this virtual way we cannot hear it and cannot say if this is normal or not but fact is that HDD produce clicking noise. It is not extremely loud but you can hear it.
Are you sure this noise comes from HDD. Does it click when HDD LED blinks?

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When I start my laptop I got this "Reboot and select proper Boot device" I can not find out how I should do.

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(Google Translation)

Recovery Media Creator will not start. Missing link error "TRMCLcher.exe"
I can not find the software on the Toshiba site!
Here's what the file contains Toshiba Recovery Media Creator:

Where can I find Toshiba Recovery Media Creator?

thank you


Answer:Satellite C670 - Recovery Media Creator do'nt launch! Error link

Toshiba recovery media creator cannot be downloaded from Toshiba download page. This tool is integrated in recovery image.
I really don?t understand how this exe file can disappear for no reason. With clean preinstalled recovery image it must work properly.

If you didn?t create recovery DVD there is only one way to get it work again: you must install whole OS using HDD recovery installation. After doing this you will have ?factory settings? again and this tool will work properly again.

How to use HDD recovery installation you can find on

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I have been trying to connect this laptop with my Regsa Toshiba flat screen tv using an SGA/VGA 15 pin male to male connecting lead, without success. I receive a message at the bottom of the tv screen stating "Unsupported video format". I also have a Dell laptop and when I connect this up to the tv it works immediately, so does anybody have a solution? Before someone advises, use the Dell, it's my wife's and she requires to use it away from home regularly.

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