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Satellite C660 will not boot when battery connected

Question: Satellite C660 will not boot when battery connected

Satellite C660. I can only boot with battery disconnected and charger connected.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite C660 will not boot when battery connected

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite C660 will not boot when battery connected

Since when you have noticed this problem?
Is battery that you use still original one that you got with your machine?

When Windows is fully loaded and you put battery additionally is battery recognized properly?
What happen when you disconnect AC power supply?

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I am on an extended trip in Austria, Europe, and my old laptop might die soon.
So I bought this toshiba satellite pro c660-1j3 (brand new), and I have 2 questions:

1) After being plugged in more than 1 hour, the new toshiba battery battery still shows a zero charge. How long do I need to charge it before the battery shows any charge at all?

2) I work and live in the USA. Should I be able to use this Toshiba in the USA, with an appropriate plug of course? Or will it work only in Europe?

I need to know, because I need a laptop that I can use in the USA, and in Europe, and next month in Australia, too.

Answer:Satellite C660-1J3 - battery shows 0 charge even if connected to mains

> 1) After being plugged in more than 1 hour, the new toshiba battery battery still shows a zero charge. How long do I need to charge it before the battery shows any charge at all?

In many cases the battery would support an precharge more. This means that the AC adaptor needs to be connected for a longer period of time in order to start the battery charging mode.
Keep it connected for 2-4 hours?

> 2) I work and live in the USA. Should I be able to use this Toshiba in the USA, with an appropriate plug of course? Or will it work only in Europe?

The AC adaptor can be used worldwide but you will need an special adaptor for a wall socket because it?s different in USA but you can still use the same AC adaptor.

There are many different all-in travel power plugs on the market. Check some online dealers to get such piece of hardware

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I hope you would help me.

I am having an issue with my bluetooth dongle and satellite c660-108.
It works all perfectly. It connects devices via bluetooth and I can do everything I want.

But then when I am shutting down laptop and turning on again it won't go if the bluetooth dongle is still in the usb socket.

I see Toshiba screen and then it hangs with black screen and blinking cursor in top left corner.
I have to turn it off, take out the bluetooth dongle and then turn it on again.
And then windows starts. After that I have to put in bluetooth dongle again if I want to work with it.

It is not a huge issue but it is a bit annoying when I have to take out the bluetooth and put it back again to get the windows started.
I am currently running under win 8.1 but had it already with win 8.

Anybody any ideas??

Answer:Satellite C660-108 does not boot if USB Bluetooth dongle connected

>I see Toshiba screen and then it hangs with black screen and blinking cursor in top left corner.
Mostly the blinking cursor appears because the notebook cannot find an bootable device.

It looks like the unit cannot switch to the HDD while the USB dongle is connected.
I would recommend you checking the booting order in the BIOS.

Set the HDD at the first place and the USB as last possible booting device.
Save the changes and check if it helps.

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Toshiba Satellite C50-A-19T

I'm posting this as last resort. I see a huge amount of threads on these forums with 0 replies.... and none from any Toshiba techs.... so my chances of getting a solution seem very slim. Nevertheless I must try. If nothing else someone with a similar problem can see what I've tried and they can use it to try and fix their own.

The laptop will not boot when the battery is connected. The Power button will light and the Hard drive LED will light, but the screen stays black and shows no display. If I take the battery out and run from the AC adapter then it will boot and I can use the laptop, but this defeats the purpose of buying a laptop.

The problem existed on Windows 8. I have upgraded to Windows 10 but this didn't solve the problem. I then read that restoring to the factory default might fix it, so I've run a complete Factory Reset. This did not fix the problem. I have gone back to Windows 10 and downloaded/installed all the drivers.

So I need to boot the laptop without the battery. If I do this and then plug the battery in, the charging LED lights solid orange. It will stay like this for about 10-15 minutes and then change to a slow blinking orange. At no time does the battery show in the System Tray. The icon always says "Battery Not Detected".

The BIOS has never been updated and I can't update it because the tool asks me to insert the battery. If the battery is in but the laptop isn't detecting it, how can you update... Read more

Answer:Satellite C50-A-19T - Won't boot with battery connected - black screen

Having the same issue and same OS - started in Win 8, updated to Win 10 but no changes.

I hope we get a resolution.

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Hi there,

I've recently bought a Dynadock U10 docking station (PA3575E-2PRP), to get a full-size way of using my 3 notebooks. No luck, Sony and Nec work perfectly, Toshiba C660-1DK won't :o(

OK, i've noticed the C660 isn't in the list of the Dynadock's supported notebooks.

Anyhow, there must be a trick for a Toshiba notebook? So here's the snippet:

- configuration (with last drivers online) and connection beetween Dynadock and C660 go smoothly
- after a few minutes, the notebook's coolling fan activates at full throtlle speed.
- at 70 degrees of temperature, C660 shuts down automatically.

My OS is the original Windows Seven 64 bits.

Thanks for any help you may provide



Answer:Satellite C660-1DK overheating while connected to dynadock station


Dynadock is definitely supported by C660. So this should not be a problem.

> after a few minutes, the notebook's coolling fan activates at full throtlle speed.
> at 70 degrees of temperature, C660 shuts down automatically

Check if cooling modules are free of dust. Dust affect the cooling module performance and this could lead to higher temperature.
Use compressed air spray to remove dust from the fans.

Also very important is the usage of Toshiba graphic drivers! Toshiba drivers supports overheating protection? so you should check if the usage of Toshiba drivers could help!

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Recently bought this Laptop from Tesco's without a battery!
We era desperate to purchase one but cannot find one compatible with our machine from or Amazon. Please help.

Apollo Mulira

Answer:Need battery for Satellite C660-1G3


The notebook would support the 6cell battery and the part number is: *PA3817U-1BRS*
At the other hand you could get in contact with an Toshiba ASP in your country and the guys could help you to order a compatible part.


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Basically, my Satellite C660-2QN battery wore out the other day (1 month out of warranty, typical!).
I checked out Toshiba's replacements and decided to see if I could get a cheaper one.

I found on Amazon a replacement battery advertised as being for all Satellite C660S, it basically arrived today and I first noted that it said on the back it was modelled for Satellite Pro.

When I tried to fit it into my laptop, it was too large, though my mother, who insists it is correct, forced it in. It went fine for a while until the battery needed charging, at which point I plugged it in.

However, the battery doesn't charge, or if it does, very slowly. It's gone from 6% to 12% in around one-and-a-half hours. So I pose the question, does a Satellite Pro battery fit a regular Satellite C660?

If not, I'll keep using my old one as a placeholder and stay on AC power when it's in use.


Answer:Satellite C660-2QN and new battery

>Satellite Pro battery fit a regular Satellite C660?

Satellite Pro C660-1KR PSC0ME supports 6 cell PA3817U-1BRS 10.8V 4200mAh size in mm: 206.8 x 45.1 x20

You Satellite C660-2QN supports the same kind of battery (model: PA3817U-1BRS ).

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I find alot of batteries online, but my main concern is that. My laptop is Satellite C660-1M0 (ps1ge-02901fgs).

I find batteries that claim is for c660 but they reffer as (PA3634U-1BAS),some reffer as c660d and some reffer as c660 (PA3634U-1BRS). I am a bit comfused, is any compatible??

Thank you

Answer:What battery do i need to buy for Satellite C660?

When you remove original battery you can see which part number it has. In my opinion best thing is to order the same battery model. Using this part number you can try to find some online store where you can order it.

On the market you can find many batteries offered by some third part manufacturer (without Toshiba label on it). Such batteries are cheaper that original batteries by Toshiba. They could be good but usually they are dead pretty fast.
Last year I ordered such battery for my old A300. Battery was OK but I could not get it in place properly. The battery was in place but at the back side there was some kind of pressure and the plastic was out of shape. Anyway, it is your decision what to do.

Compatible batteries for your Satellite notebook have follow part numbers:

Good luck

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I've just bought a new Satellite C660-108 as a Christmas present. The laptop worked fine for a while but then I noticed that the Windows 7 power icon stated that the battery wasn't charging (even though it was correctly inserted, both sliders were in the correct position, the power cable was plugged in and switched on). Sure enough when the battery ran down the computer died.

Current situation is that the computer will run fine with the power cable if the (now dead) battery is removed but it won't switch on with the battery inserted (whether the power cable is plugged in or not).

Is this a fault with the battery or the laptop?

Answer:Battery is not charging on Satellite C660-108

Before we start discussion please try this.
Remove the battery, start your notebook on AC power supply only and when the operating system is fully loaded put the battery in place.

Please let us know if the battery is recognized properly and if the battery charging will start as usual.

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First, I apologize for my bad English.

I would like to know the procedure to calibrate the battery of my Satellite c660-25c.

Thank you

Sincerely, romat1993

Answer:Satellite C660-25C - how to calibrate the battery

This is quite easy.

To calibrate the battery, it?s necessary to charge the battery until the battery indicator would indicate that the battery is fully charged.
Then disconnect the AC adaptor and keep the battery discharging until it?s fully empty.
Then connect the AC adaptor and charge the battery again.

This procedure should be repeated two, three times in the row.

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I want know when my C660 battery is fully charged if it's better to unplug my adapter and use my battery power or still let use adapter power?

Answer:Satellite C660 - Should I use the battery or the adapter?

If you use your notebook on the desk connect it to AC power supply. Don?t be afraid that battery will be damaged or will lose the capacity.

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My laptop works for about three hours when not plugged in.

Is this normal, cos it seems low?

Many thanks

Answer:Satellite C660-1LTD - Low battery life - only 3h


3 hours are ok?I mean the battery working time depends on the notebook usage and well, it varies.
If you want to extend the battery working time, I recommend to decrease the display brightness and changing some settings in Windows 7 power option to more ?battery friendly? level.
For example the CPU, cooling modules and GPU performance can be decreased to get longer battery working time?.

Check also this:

Here you can see an configured power plant called ?power saver?? this is Battery life prioritized over performance (low power consumption).

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I have a new Satellite C660-1M0 and after using it for a week, the battery doesn't run as long as compare to the first time I used it.

I heard that an initial battery charge of 8 hours is needed before 1st use. Is this true?

Answer:Re: Satellite C660-1M0 - Battery doesn't run long

Hi richardvdoran,

The battery time is depending on the usage and what you do. For example if you run a lot of programs and do work with high CPU usage you have low battery life and need AC adapter soon. Also surfing in the Internet needs battery power.

You can improve the battery life if you use the eco mode power plan. This will reduce brightness and other things to improve the battery life.

First battery charging time could be 8 hours but that?s different and depending on other things.

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Hi everyone,

I'll be grateful if anyone can help me in answering my question , How can I prolong my battery life ... I don't mean how many hours it can operate my laptop ,but I mean to last many years without change in its performance.

Some of my friends told me to remove the battery as long as I'm using the AC power, actually I heard a lot of talks about that and I really need an accurate answer.

Thank u

Answer:Satellite C660: How can I prolong notebook's battery life?


Do you use your notebook most of time on battery power supply?

95% of working time I use my notebook on AC power supply. To be honest i have never removed battery and battery running time is still almost 2 hours.
From time to time I use notebook on battery power supply. I leave notebook running until battery is almost empty. What else you want to do?

By the way: which notebook model do you have?

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I have a toshiba Satellite C660-15r laptop which i have had for one year.
For the past few days i have had to move the charger around a bit when i insert it into the laptop to get it to charge.

Now the battery is dead and the laptop will not switch on or charge.
This has not happened before and there are not any other problems with the laptop.

Answer:Battery is dead and the Satellite C660-15r will not switch on or charge

Have you tried to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help at first?
I mean warranty must be valid so check if they can help somehow.

Please clarify this and send some feedback.

BTW: does notebook work properly on AC power supply only (battery removed)?

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A few days ago I purchased a new battery (10.8V, 4400mAh) on Amazon (from Batterytec) for my Toshiba Satellite C660-13Q PA3817U-1BRS , 10.8V, 4200mAh .

The Problem is that this battery takes about 12 hours to charge: it's very very slow!!!

I've already done a complete charging cycle to calibrate it and the battery life is of 2 hours and 25 minutes,after calibration. With the original toshiba battery (fault) I never had this problem.

What can I do to solve the problem of "slow charge"?
Is it a defect in the battery?
such behavior is normal?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Re: Satellite C660 - new Battery with slow charging rate

Have you bought original Toshiba battery with Toshiba sticker or it is some other brand (universal battery)?

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I have c660-1te and battery is completely discharged after three days when notebook in *power off (NOT sleep or hibernate)* state. I don't find any 'usb charge' option in a bios to turn it off. Wake on LAN (WOL) function is disable.

I can't understand why is battery life is so short?
How I can copletely to turn off all devices on my notebook?

Answer:Satellite C660 - battery is completely discharged after three days


The WOL option should be disabled also in device manager -> LAN card -> Properties -> Advanced tab

The USB sleep and charge can be found in Toshiba HWSetup Utility.
Check All Programs ?> Toshiba

But this is option only available if notebook would support such function.

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Hi everyone,

I have upgraded my laptop to windows 8 but now I have to keep the charger connected at all times to use the laptop. The battery can be fully charged and will completely run down within half an hour. I believe this is due to lots of background processes with windows 8 can anyone help me in stepping the battery dying out so quickly. I cannot downgrade back to windows 7 as I have deleted the roll back data.

Thanks in advance

Kind regards


Answer:Satellite C660 - battery issues after upgrading to Win8

I don?t believe that the battery discharges faster due to some processes running in the background. Such issue could be possible on tablets or smartphones but this isn?t a case for notebook usage.
You can try to modify the Windows 8 power management settings in order to save the battery power.

But in my opinion your battery is nearly end of life.
I don?t know how old the battery is but in my case the battery is a little bit older and it holds the charge just for 5 min.
Therefore I think that replacing the battery would solve the issue

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Well i have a question about battery:
Isn't supposed to be moving in the tray icon beside the time and not become steady on the laptop screen while recharging ? like when u charge mobile phone it moves until its full charged

Because in mine only moving after I plug the cable in the battery input for a couple of seconds and then stop moving and become in the bottom and raise very slow.

Is it normal? because i used to see other laptops battery try icon moves while it recharge like a mobile phone

help would very appreciated

Answer:Satellite C660-A259 battery charging icon does not move


That?s nothing unusual? in my case it?s the same.
If you unplug the AC adaptor you will see just an battery icon.
If you connect the AC adaptor once again, the battery icon would be changed to the battery icon with an little AC adaptor plug. Now this icon ?moves? for some seconds and then it appears steady.
Only the battery indicator flashes orange while charging.

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Hello everybody.
I have a laptop (model in title) that is running into a strange issue. It has happened two days ago: I was trying to turn it on and while I were onto win7 login screen, it suddenly turn off. Apart that fact, that of course is not related to what I'm asking here, when I tried to turn it on again, a white-blinking-dash appears into top-left corner of the screen.

First thing I had in mind: no bootable HDD; basically an error into MBR o something like this?

My first try was to access recovery partition (by pressing F8) but nothing happens. So I've tried also with every possible F{1,2,3,...,12} key but without success. Strange, I've never formatted my laptop, toshiba didn't mount a recovery partition for that model?
Ok, nevermind, as I'm an IT guy and I'm quite skilled, my second try was to create a bootable USB stick with some tool (like partition manager, gparted and so on...) and to boot the utility from there just to check and fix errors (if there are).

With my big surprise, this laptop seems not to be able to boot from USB!

What I've tried:

- Create a stick either with MBR for BIOS and UEFI (FAT32, NTFS)
- Create a stick either with GPT for UEFI (FAT32, NTFS)
- Switch BOOT order in BIOS
- Pressed F12 to select manually USB to boot
- Check for safe mode (that BIOS [1.40] seems not to have that possibility)
- Change to CMS (that BIOS seems not to have that possibility)

So I'm stuck here, wondering why this laptop can't make a normal boo... Read more

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My friends nephew has a C660 which when you switch on shows the Toshiba splash screen with a panel at the bottom showing the following "Press F2 for start up,Press F12 for boot options menu. How can you set it to be able to boot up directly from the HDD without having to press F12 and selecting the Hard disc option?

Answer:Satellite C660-17J won't boot

If everything is OK you must not do this and notebook starts automatically. Enter BIOS settings, set it to default settings and try to start notebook again.
Is original OS preinstalled on this machine? I mean OS version that you got with it (WIN7 64BIT HOME PREMIUM).

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I bought 2 x 4Gb memory modules to upgrade the memory to 8Gb.
With 8Gb installed the laptop won't boot but it will boot with 6Gb installed.
Both the 4Gb modules work in the 6Gb configuration and the BOIS is 1.8.

Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite C660-108 does not boot up with 8GB RAM


According to the user manual, this notebook can be upgraded up to 8GB RAM.

So you should be able to use the 2x 4GB RAM modules?

I think both modules are not compatible to each other and therefore the notebook cannot boot up.

You should test the notebook using other modules.

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I have a problem.
After updating the BIOS to the latest version of the laptop can not boot from the drive usb.
In the boot menu, this option is present, but can not boot.

Sorry. Google translate.

Answer:Satellite C660 will not boot from USB

Sorry but we don?t know what is saved on your USB stick and what you want to do exactly.

Enter BIOS and set it to default settings, restart notebook and press F12 at start up. In boot menu choose USB device and press ENTER.

What happen when you do this?

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hello forum vistior,

laptop; toshiba c660-1dz
i have a problem regarding trying to boot from usb on my laptop i have been searching for a combined 6 hours over the past 2 days to try and solve an issue im having now all that i need to do is boot from usb but there is no such option when i go to boot menu or if i go from setup ->boot (f2 on starting screen). i dont know where to find boot setting or boot preferances etc.i dont wanna mess anything up therefore im yet to explore via trial and error because i dont want to end up in a bigger problem. Technical help much required and appricated. many thanks.

distressed owner of a currently not working toshiba

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the story goes...
bought a c660 last october 2011 and it failed and was replaced in april 2012 this year.
it now won't boot into windows - it goes as far as the windows logo but after a period, shuts off and retries.
won't go in safe mode - it stops at the same place every time and does nothing until the power button is pressed.

questions -

hardware or software related?
will toshiba give a damn or will they say "out of warranty"?

in my mind toshiba should offer a replacement as a month out of warranty is just not good enough

Answer:Satellite C660 won't boot

On this virtual way it is not easy to say what is wrong there.
My advice: if you don?t have some important data saved on HDD set BIOS to default settings and install OS again using recovery DVD (I hope you have created it).

Please do this and check if Windows starts properly.

I cannot say anything about warranty. You must clarify this with Toshiba service provider.

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hi all

hope someone can help me with this.

I'm trying to put a new hard drive in a C660 but cannot get to the 'boot from cd' option no matter what i do.

If i press F2 i get the windows boot manager with one option.
Windows 7

If i go to F8 i get Advanced boot options.
Safe mode ect. No CD option

F12 takes me to Windows error recovery with 2 options
Launch setup repair ( recommended )
Start windows normally

Also tried 0 on powerup, that just gives F2 and F12 options.

Can anyone tell me how to get to boot from the cd?

many thanks

Answer:Satellite C660 -cannot boot from ODD


Try to get hold of an external cd drive and set your bios to start from usb device or usb cd rom. You can also copy your installation disc to a bootable flash drive.

Hope it helps.

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I don't know how but my Grandson has seriously broken his Satellite C660-2EV

Boot from HDD - Boot Mgr not found

Boot to recovery partition - Boot Mgr not found.

Boot from a (Generic) Windows 7 install disk - boots, starts to install, finds it has not got a required driver (but doesn't tell me what it is). Allows me to access drives C:, D:, E: and X:

Boot from Toshiba recovery DVD. White bar gets around 25% across screen then stops with "You have removed USB media during install" (or something like that, laptop currently in pieces).

Removed and re-seated memory and DVD drive. Removed HDD, plugged into my PC through USB adaptor and scanned the two visible partitions (300Gb each) at bad sector level. No problems.

Help! I'm out of options.

Laptop must be (basically) functional as it will boot from (non-Toshiba) DVD.

HDD seems OK when checked externally and from (Non-Toshiba) boot

What's left?

Answer:Satellite C660-2EV doesn't boot - Boot Mgr not found

All you have done is right and I would make the same tests.

Set BIOS to default settings and test it with another HDD, if you can obtain one for testing purposes.
I cannot say for sure but somehow I feel HDD is the troublemaker.
Try to install original recovery DVD on new HDD.

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So when you attempt to boot the laptop, you're met with the same plain black screen, and a flashing grey underscore - after which you may get a glimpse of the normal Toshiba boot screen.
This is only a glimpse, however, and the laptop quickly flicks back to the black screen then to the boot menu.
There had been a screen about boot failure but not in recent attempt at reboots. It's just gone straight to the boot menu.
Before this happened, my laptop was functioning relatively normally, barring that it was freezing up - the reason I switched it off in the first place. When I tried to reboot, all of this happened.

The HDD/SSD is suddenly missing too? (where there had been something there before and I'd tried to boot it from that and the CD/DVD (TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L633C) is still there though I can't get the laptop to boot from this either.

Basically, I'm stumped. My technical abilities don't really extend beyond basic system restores and I've no idea what's happening.

Answer:Boot Failure - Satellite C660

Not too long after posting this, laptop began to boot, though still isn't working.

Now stuck in a loop.
Two option given are "Start windows normally" and, the suggested option "Launch Windows repair"

However, this leads to it being effectively stuck on a plain screen, with seemingly little "repair" activity going on. Starting windows normally makes the laptop crash, and sends it back to the original menu.

I've attempted to restart this is safe mode, however, this lead to the laptop briefly flashing the blue screen of death, then reverting back to the launch menu.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I have I Satellite c660 with a problem since yesterday it shutdowns after boot (5 min or so)

the cover on the back is very hot, i think its still under warranty but I rader not use it beceause I cannot mis my laptop very long.

where can i check the warranty, and is er a way to fix this my self (without loosing my warranty) or something i can try

I send I mail for info at [email protected] (belgium) but it returns beceause the adres dont exist. :manfrustrated:

Answer:Satellite c660 shutdowns after boot (5 min or so)


I think the notebook shuts down because of the high temperature.
This would happen to prevent the hardware parts from damage.

Did you clean the cooling vents in the past?
Do this using an compressed air spray? this is good tool to get the dust removed.

I did it many times?it helps to keep the good air circulation.

PS: if you have some hardware problems with your Toshiba devices, the first contact person is the Toshiba authorized service partner in your country

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I have just purchased a Toshiba Satellite C660-195 with Windows 7 pre-installed.

This morning I have switched it on and it came up with a black box with x:windows\system32\drvload.exe in it. This box then disappeared and Startup Repair kicked in. It then told me Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically. The advice was to remove any device which had been recently attached to the laptop (such as a webcam or music device) but I have not installed any hardware or devices. I clicked finish and it shut down the laptop.

I switched it on again and the same thing happened (again and again!)

One forum suggests trying the following: Click the 'view advanced options for system recovery and support' link which asks me to choose my keyboard configuration but then when I do & click next it tells me "You must log in to access system recovery options" I am never given the option to log in!!

When accessing the Advanced Startup options using F8 I am still unable to solve this problem. The same thing (above) happens when I try to start in all Safe modes, Last Known Good Configuration (advanced), Debugging mode, Start Windows normally etc. I just don't understand it.

Upon searching other forums they have suggested holding down zero whilst switching on and then chosing Windows 7 to restore the laptop to its factory settings but the same thing happens - it just shows the black screen with x:windows\system32\drvload.exe then launched Star... Read more

Answer:Windows 7 will not boot on new Satellite C660-195


Sorry to hear you have this problem. Fact is that new notebooks are delivered with HDD recovery image only and not with recovery DVD. What you can try now is to install recovery image again using HDD recovery installation.
If this will work you will have ?out of box? state again.

Please do it following instructions on this document -

Please send us some feedback.

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Hi guys,

after a few solid days of frustration here I am.

I'm working on a friends Satellite C660-2EL
It was stuck in the endless Win 7 boot loop and would not be recovered by any means.

So I decided a format was the way to go.
After the format using partition magic everything was going smoothly.
I reinstalled Win 7 and the setup was also going fine. Once the setup was completed and it did a restart I decided to pop into the BIOS and amend the boot order as I had set it to CD drive first. So after changing the settings then saving and exiting the damn thing refuses to boot at all now, not from CD HD or anything else.

The toshiba screen flashes up but when I hit F2 now it just freezes saying entering setup.
When I try to hit F12 the screen goes back to the blinking curser.
If I press nothing I get the blank screen with the curser.

I saw a video on you tube for resetting the CMOS, I've tried this with no luck.

Any ideas guys?

Answer:Satellite C660-2EL wont boot


You mean you got an blinking cursor in the left upper corner and the unit does not boot from CD nor from HDD?
The blinking cursor is mostly a sign of HDD malfunction.

I recommend checking the HDD using an tool (freeware) called Drive Fitness Test.
This tool creates an bootable disk which scans the HDD for malfunctions.

If the HDD is fault, so you need to replace it?

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Had this laptop for just under 2 months, was running really slow so i backed up my data and did a factory reset, during the reset the machine reboots itself multiple times. after about 6 reboots all i got was a black screen with a cursor (ctrl+alt+delete doesnt work), the cursor moves but nothing else happens, i assume something went wrong with the recovery so i though id try it again, only to find the F8 menu when booting up no longer lists repair computer. Ive tried booting off a CD but when i hold down '0' and press F12 when prompted nothing happens, i just return to the windows mem test screen.

Also when trying to enter the bios, i press F2 wehn prompted and the message changes to 'HDD Recovery' very quickly then continues on to windows mem test screen.
So at the moment im a bit stuck, I tried removing power and battery over night but that didnt help either.

Any suggestions how to get this working again?

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Answer:Satellite PRO C660-1LR Boot problem


You mean you cannot access the BIOS?
To access the BIOS you have to press F2 immediately after the power button has been pressed. You can press F2 several times in the row to ensure that this has functioned.

>Ive tried booting off a CD but when i hold down '0' and press F12 when prompted nothing happens, i just return to the windows mem test screen.

In order to boot from Recovery disk just press F12 (don?t press 0 button). This should enable the boot menu on the screen. Then you could choose the CD/DVD drive as booting source?

But all this sounds a little bit like a hardware problem; I think about memory or HDD issue? so maybe these both parts should be checked too.

There is a nice tool called Drive Fitness Test which allows you to test the HDD for some errors?

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Decided to upgrade my dud lappy to 4gb and bought 2 x Legend 2gb L256483J-16 chip (2 x 2gb DDR3-1333) and she wont get past bios.

Put the dirty old standard 2gb Samsung PC3-10600S-09-10-222 back in and works fine. Then put 1 Legend 2gb in and it works and reads 4gb memory.

Why won't it work with the 2 Legend sticks ???

Answer:Satellite C660/03C does not boot up after RAM upgrade

>Why won't it work with the 2 Legend sticks ???
I?m afraid there is some compatibility problem. To avoid such issues use recommended, compatible and tested memory modules.

My advice for you is usage of Kingston modules. The right one you can find HERE .

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I have a Satellite C660-117 laptop, and recently I've been having issues with the power with it. I've found that it is temperamental when it comes to charging, and recently I've had it sat in one place as I knew it would charge like that, but decided to transport the laptop elsewhere and since not been able to charge/power it since the battery ran dry. I haven't tried plugging it back in where I originally had it (and it's not really suitable to have it sat in one place, mainly because it's partially in the way of a desktop system).

I have tried various things, taking battery and AC adaptor out, leaving it for a while, then plugging them back in, and also taking them out, pressing the power button for thirty seconds and plugging it back in, but the problem appears to be between the AC adaptor and the laptop itself (No power goes to the laptop from the mains). I have also tried using another AC adaptor from another laptop, but this hasn't worked either.

Was wondering if there was any other option I could try out, or whether I'm stuck with having to purchase another laptop, as it's waaaaaaaaaaaay out of warranty. I would rather not go for this option, nor can really afford to send it off for a while to be repaired due to the time it would likely take.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Satellite C660-117 - Won't boot, won't charge

If notebook cannot run with AC power supply only there is some problem with power supply electronic on the mainboard.
Sorry but with such issues you need professional help. Problem is that repair will be pretty expensive.
So maybe the best solution for you is to sell it on ebay because many hardware parts can be used for replacement and buy new notebook.

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My Toshiba Satellite C660-DSC0QE, running BIOS version 1.80, won't boot into Windows any more - it just goes to the dreaded black screen with white cursor.

I've tried a Win 7 system recovery disc, a USB stick with Kaspersky recovery software on it, and even a full Win 7 installation disc, and it won't boot to any of them.

The boot order is set correctly, the devices (optical drive or USB port) do get read, but they never actually boot into them - there's either an obscure error message or it acts like they weren't there at all.

The obvious answer from these forums seems to be to turn off secure boot mode and to then switch the boot mode from UEFI to CSM. Easier said than done - those menu options don't exist at all in my BIOS/CMOS screens.

Finally, I don't see a way in the instructions to get a BIOS update to happen without being in Windows on the PC already - I'm assuming BIOS version 2.00 would have these options.

Any help gratefully accepted!

Answer:Satellite C660 won't boot to disc or USB


I assume you?ve got an white, blinking cursor in the left upper corner.
Is this correct?

Such symptoms appear in case the system cannot find a bootable device (HDD) or in case of memory (RAM module) problems.

First of all you said that you don?t have UEFI / CSM boot mode in the BIOS settings.
So I?m asking you what boot mode settings do appear in BIOS exactly?
Did you search for these settings in the right area?
Usually you should have in BIOS an area (tab) called ?security?.
In most cases there you will find secure boot option but the Satellite C660 does not support such option because it?s too old.
But boot mode (UEFI /CSM) should be available in BIOS. Check the BIOS area ?System settings?

Anyway, as I said above; it could be also an memory issue therefore I would recommend you to check if memory is OK.

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Hi guys I wonder if anyone could help please.

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-2DR laptop which seems to be faulty (just out of warranty).
Everything worked fine until we came to switch it on one morning and found the screen remains off (black screen). There is no output through the VGA as I have tested it on an external monitor.

The CPU fan spins for a couple of seconds and then switches off.
There is no hard drive read/write sound either. The power LED remains lit. I have removed the hard drive to access the data on another system which worked fortunately

. I have also removed the RAM, battery and optical drive but there is still no output on the screen.

Does it sound like a faulty motherboard?
The laptop appears to be in excellent condition.

Is there anything else I can try please? I would be very grateful for any advice.


Answer:Satellite Pro C660 does not boot no screen

Yes, this sounds like faulty motherboard or an part of motherboard like RAM or CPU.
You said you have already removed the RAM but did you use an good tested RAM module?

Theoretically it could be just an RAM problem but in worst case you will need to replace the motherboard and I think this would be really expensive repair.

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My Toshiba Satellite C660-155 laptop wont boot up. When i turn it on i get a blinking "-" in top left corner, then the screen goes black and nothing happens after this. It is over a year old which means it is past its warranty.

This has happened before, about 4 or 6 weeks ago, a friend fixed but it has now returned to the black screen.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:My Satellite C660-155 wont boot up

For better understanding you must offer more precise information.
Can you enter ?Advanced boot options?using F8 at start-up?
Is option ?Repair my computer? listed there?
Can you start OS in safe mode?

Have you created recovery disc?

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My Satellite laptop C660-2EV running Windows 7, for no apparent reason crashed to the blue screen of death, after which it would not reboot.

I have attempted to reboot in safe mode using the function keys but it gets as far as loading: windows\system32\drivers/classpnp.sys and then just sits there. From the various Internet posts it would appear that there is no definitive answer to this problem. Recommendation is to reload using recovery disks or the hidden image.

I cannot access the user manual as it is on the laptop so i have referenced the various posts on the internet. I had created repair and recovery disks when i purchased the laptop and so following various posts I booted my system with the repair disk and the process started.

Unfortunately the screens that appeared were different than those in the posts and as I do not have access to a user manual, I do not know if I am following the correct procedure.

Can anybody provide me with a PDF user manual for a C660-2EV laptop ?

Alternatively can anybody advise me how to reload Windows 7 ?

Thank you in anticipation.

Answer:Satellite C660-2EV crashed with BSOD and does not boot

User?s manuals document can be downloaded from
Anyway, if you have created recovery discs please start your notebook and press f12 to enter boot menu. When boot menu is shown on the screen put recovery disc 1 into optical disc drive and choose CD/DVD device as bootable device and press ENTER.

Installation should start. What you must do is just to follow menu on the screen. It must be similar as sown on

If you have more questions or if you need some assistance let us know.

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I have a Satellite C660 - PSC0AQ-03C019 + 1B194392K

For the last year the notebook has been running fine however in the last 2 months it has had a boot issue. The first attempted boot of the day, it will not boot, it powers on gets past the boot screens past the blinking cursor top left then stalls with a blank screen (not cursor just a faint glow).

Pressing and holding the power button turning it off and then turning on again the computer will start. sometimes (not always ) it will ask to boot normally or repair.

The notebook works perfectly in use not errors not crashes. Restarting the notebook works as expected shutting down and powering on after 5 mins works fine.

If the notebook is left off for an hour it or more it will not boot the same as above. powering off and powering on the system will boot but with start normally question.

There are no errors shown in system logs

I have performed a full system reinstall from HDD recovery.
I have performed a full system reinstall from DVD recovery.
I have performed a full system reinstall from DVD on to a brand new hard drive recovery.
I have replaced the ram

I have attempted to update the bios but get an error
Bios version above 200
Battery capacity more than 10%
AC is attached

Answer:Satellite C660 fails to boot first time


Your problem description is, for me, pretty confusing and I cannot understand your problem.
Can your notebook load and start preinstalled operating system or not?

Enter BIOS and set it to default settings. After doing this start your notebook again and describe what happen exactly.

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I am unable to get into boot menu for my laptop.i pressed esc f1 f2 f10 f12 keys.but im unable to got to boot menu

Answer:How to enter boot menu on Satellite C660-20C?

Can you please tell us which operating system do you use?
Does preinstalled OS starts properly?

Is maybe option for ?Fast boot? enabled?

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For the past month my Satellite C660 intermittently refuses to boot. Frequency of failure appears to be increasing.

The drive light comes on, the fan runs for 5 seconds (sometimes 15seconds with a speed increase at the end) and then the machine shuts down.

No bios display.
This happens with battery only, PSU only or both connected. With HDD in or out, with or without ram.

Bios has been reset and updated and the bios battery replaced.
No loose connections internally.

PSU produces 19.3V DC.
No obvious pattern as to when it will boot, but when it does W7 runs fine.

Would be grateful for any input.

Answer:Satellite C660 - Intermittent boot failure

> This happens with battery only, PSU only or both connected. With HDD in or out, with or without ram.
On this virtual way it is not easy to say for sure where the problem is but it must be something with the mainboard. One thing would be interesting: when OS starts properly can you use it unlimited time or is simply cuts off after some time?

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Hi folks,

Posting this question for my neighbour as he now has no internet access as laptop not working - Satellite C660 running Win7.

When powering up he gets the Toshiba screen then a blank screen with cursor at the top left flashing.

Tried to boot from Win7 DVD (Pressed F12 to get to boot options & changed to DVD), can hear the drive trying to access the dvd but then get the message 'failed'. Win7 DVD works in both my laptop and desktop pc's.

Any ideas.

Thank you


Answer:Satellite C660 Won't boot from HDD or recovery disks

> When powering up he gets the Toshiba screen then a blank screen with cursor at the top left flashing.

Possibly the HDD is dead.
You ca try to power up the unit and press F2
Now you should be able to access the BIOS.

If the HDD isn?t listed on the first BIOS page, then this means that HDD isn?t recognized by BIOS and this means that HDD is faulty.

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Satalillite C660

I cannot boot onto windows 7.
I get a blank screen and curser not matter what, I have no recovery disc.

I have tried F8 and to repair, but again, it just goes to the blank screen.

Any ideas?

Answer:Re: Can't boot Satellite C660 - black screen and cursor


since when do you have the problem?
did you have any problems before?
Did you change anything in the system?

Do you can try to disconnect all removable devices to check if one of these components is causing the problem

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satellite c660 blue screen
Technical info.
Stop: oxooooooed

What does this mean and what do I need to do?????
Pretty please someone help me.


Answer:Satellite C660 - BSOD Unmountable boot volume

Windows is corrupted.
You need to use the recovery discs to reload Windows.
If you need data from the HDD you can use a USB SATA 2.5" caddy to copy the data to another PC.

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hello guys can anyone help me please .

after windows boot manager failed , i tried to build the bcd boot again , i tried everything but didnt work , and then i got a different bootable USB i format , but i noticed all drivers were gone , i hv downloaded drivers again but since then this laptop become a disaster keep crushing , stucking at startup(welcome page) sometimes a blue screen blink in split sec and r keep restarting ,

i wanted it back as it was before format , i have toshiba hdd recovery on hard drive D but dont know how to use ,

i copied on a usb flash drive but cant boot from it , please help

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So this morning after trying to power up my Toshiba Satellite C660/C660D I was met with a black screen.

The power lights both work and light up, the fans whirl when I power up but nothing ever comes up on the screen, I was wondering if anyone could help here?

It's less than 3 months old.

Answer:Satellite C660/C660D will not boot up (black screen)

To be honest I really don?t know how to help you.
Remove battery, leave notebook for a while and try to start notebook with AC power supply only. Try to do it several times with and without battery. If nothing helps there must be some hardware problem so I recommend you to contact Toshiba service and ask for help.

Warranty is valid so there is no reason to be worried about it.

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My Laptop is a saterlite c660-c66od Running windows Server 2008 32BIT with 3gb ram and it started going slow and then the whole system crashed i rebooted it and then it would not load up saying my hard driver failed to boot i then booted it up in linux Ubuntu on a live disk and was able to acsess my Files then i rebooted thinking the hard drive would boot and it still failed. i have tried booting it up again in linux but it wont work

I have Lodes of confidential Documents that are not stored anywhere else and i really need to gain acsess to it is there a way i can recover or fix my HDD or am i going to lose so much data my company is going to crash amd burn

Answer:Satellite C660 - My Hard Drive failis to boot up


In most cases the data is lost if the HDD is faulty and you did not create any backups.
But I found also nice offer from Toshiba here:

Here choose Data Recovery.
You can purchase different Data Recovery Service for Hard Disk Drives. Such services is good for the future. Now you could ask Toshiba hotline for other date recovery services but of course you will have to pay for such data recovery.

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laptop was accidentally dropped, worked okay at first but now won't load,
using f12 key to boot menu, the screen says,

pxe-e61 media test failure-check cable.
also pxe-m0f; exiting
pxe rom, operating system not found. can anyone please explain waht this means?

Answer:Satellite Pro C660-v10 does not boot: pxe-e61 media test failure

The codes you are getting relate to the computer "setting itself up" before loading Windows and finding either what must be there missing or something that the BIOS says is there but missing. I believe the "check cable" message is generated when the pre-execution enviroment (pxe) looks for a device on a known connection and gets no response. This could be that a cable is not connected or the cable is perfect but the device is "broken" and is not responding to the pxe request.

I don't know anything about c660.
Can you access the BIOS? - is there anything greyed out or missing.
Can you change the boot order so that the CD is first and then see if the computer can start to run from a Windows CD.

(I would think its the HDD - I would think a mechanical device is more likely to give up than the electronics)

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I have read up on this status code & the best advice was from Microsoft site saying that system restore could help. But that was stupid assistance as i cannot load up my system as I cannot complete start up repair because after clicking on it windows bar for loading up files does not end up being completed!

Instead i end up back at the Windows boot manager to try the repair that i have attempted 3 times.

Is there anything else i can do without paying out money for parts.

Thanks, mike

Answer:Satellite Pro C660-2JN cannot boot Windows - status: 0xc00000e9

Could you provide some essential information?
What notebook model do you have exactly and what Windows OS do you use?
Did you create recovery disks in the past?

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I have a problem with my notebook P10.
When the notebook is on and the mains supply is on as well, it changes to the battery so that I can only for work about 1,5 hours. However, the main supply is on!!
When the notebook is off the red indication light begins to work and the battery will charge itself again, but it doesn't do this when the notebook is on.

Does anybody know what the problem could be and what I have to do?

Thank you in advance!

Answer:Satellite P10 changes to battery when AC is connected

>When the notebook is off the red indication light begins to work and the battery will charge itself again, but it doesn't do this when the notebook is on.
I?m not 100% sure and I can only provide only some suggestions but for me it looks like a power supply electronic malfunction.
This is a part of the motherboard and in my knowledge the whole motherboard must be replaced to fix this issue?

However, you should definitely contact a notebook technician who could check this exactly.

Best regards and good luck

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First, thanks for any help. I know nothing about the inner workings of computers, so please, explain things to me the way you would to an infant! Here's the problem: my Satellite C660-IHK is a month old. I haven't used it much, nor have I had any problems with it. Until last night. I turned it on, the logo appeared as usual, and then it went to a screen that told me to "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key". I've no idea what that means or what I need to do now.

On another try, I pressed 'Set Up', which was located at the bottom of the screen when the logo appeared.I went to 'Boot'. Here's the info:

LAN Realtex PXE

On this page, I'm also told to 'Select the priority for booting the computer'. Again, I don't know what that should be. Any help would be much appreciated.


Answer:Satellite C660-IHK - "Reboot & Select proper Boot device"

Do you see this message every time when you start your notebook?

It is a bit strange.
Start notebook and press F2 to enter BIOS settings. Use F9 and set it to default settings and check if the problem persist or not.

If yes restart your notebook again and press F12 to enter boot menu. Check if HDD is listed there. If yes choose it and press ENTER button. Does Windows start properly?

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hi all new here

well we have had our c660 106 for 2 month now,but the missus decided to drop it from about 6 inches high, it stayed on but the led screen is cracked internally as the colours were bleeding over etc,unwatchable.
It stayed on untill today and ive been pricing screens up.(had it connected through rgb to my home lcd)

i had to unplug the laptop and turn it off,but now the problem is when i switch it on it will do the inital fire up to the toshiba black screen where i have the options 0f f2 and f12 but then immediately turns off completely, we are worried now as we have a 1 yr old and we have everything she has ever done on there,
is there anything i can try

i know warranty wont cover it as its obvious the screens broken and not just failed.
any help would be brill


Answer:Satellite C660-106 wont get past boot screen and shuts down

anyone any idea?

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I enabled the Quick Boot Function which skips the Logos and only boots from HDD, but I can't enter or reset the Bios.

I tried every button combination I can think of.
F2+power on not work.
F1, F10, F12, del, ESC, INS - all not work

BIOS updated to 1.50-win.
Help, please.

Answer:Satellite C660-1TM - cannot enter BIOS due to Quick Boot Function


To access the BIOS you have to power up the unit firstly (press power button) and then press immediately the F2 button. You can press F2 several times in the row to ensure that the button has been activated.

By the way: The Toshiba HWSetup is preinstalled on most Toshiba notebooks.
This utility provides BIOS options and settings. So you can change the boot order in using this tool too. You can find it in Toshiba Assist ->Optimize tab

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I've just bought first Toshiba laptop, and want to get the best from the battery life, as the one on my last laptop is now buggered.

My question is : If I indend to run the laptop almost always from the mains adaptor, is it possible or advisable to actually remove the battery all together so as not to subject the battery to repeated charging and discharging cycles.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:How to handle the battery when AC is connected to Satellite?


I have done the same on my Satellite P20. Almost all time the battery was out of unit. Just from time from time I have used it with battery to keep it ?in form?. ;) three years later the battery was as at first day.

You can do the same.

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I felt that my battery has something wrong and i don't use it much. I detached it to work on ac power. The strange thing when windows or linux or any bootable cd run after while the notebook is turned off. But when I entered on windows in safe mode it doesn't turn off.

When I connected the battery again the notebook works fine. I have Satellite A40. Is this a problem in my power unit or it's a problem in the video card?

Answer:Satellite A40 turn off after while if the battery is not connected


It?s not easy to say what could be wrong. The fact is that the notebook should works without any problems with and without the battery.
You said that this happens with any bootable CD but does this issue occurs also if the OS has started?
However, I don?t think that this happened because of the video card. This doesn?t make any sense.
This sounds a little bit like a power supply electric malfunction. But it?s not easy to say without any tests. I think you should ask the Toshiba service for the help.

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Can someone please help,

I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite C660/C660D for my nephew, We have forgotten the administrator password and we don't have password reset disk is there anyway around this.


Answer:I forgot my administrator password on Satellite C660/C660


I assume you are talking about windows system password and not about BIOS password. Right?
It?s not very big problem if you forgotten the System password but if you mean BIOS password then you are in trouble because the BIOS password can be deleted just by an Toshiba ASP technicians?

So I assume you mean Windows password? so start the notebook and press F8
Now you can choose Repair my Computer and then choose HDD recovery.
This would start a HDD recovery procedure which would reinstall the system? during the setup you can set anther admin password.

Of course there are some other methods but as far as I know this requires 3rd party software/tools or Win 7 DVD? so I think the HDD recovery is the fastest solution.

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I dropped the laptop today literally a few inches from the floor, it slipped from my hands as I was placing it on the floor. It fell flat.

I am now seeing the message "reboot and select proper boot device"

I have tried a few different options that I have read, and I can see the HDD in the F2 BIOS thing...or whatever it is called. So it is being recognised, but I can't seem to get around the message. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

PS I will need clear instructions, I'm not stupid, but I need things explaining. I do understand some bits and pieces.


Answer:Satellite C660: message: reboots and select proper boot device


I think that your HDD is damage.
I think you did not check this correctly in the BIOS.

Please go to BIOS once again pressing F2.
Now on the first page you will see date, time, CD/DVD drive details and you should also see the HDD details (size, name)
Can you see this?

If not, the HDD is not initialized by BIOS and this means that due to the drop the HDD has been damaged.

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Hi folks

So my battery wasn't charging so i put the laptop into stand by so I could pull the battery out.

Just as I went to pull the battery out it woke up and as i pulled the battery out the laptop suddenly turned off and would turn back on.

The laptop runs fine of the mains without the battery plugged in but as soon as I plug the battery in it kills all power to the mains.

Question: have I shorted out the battery or have i shorted something out in the laptop?


Answer:Satellite notebook powers off when battery is connected

Can clarify the problem? "Does the laptop start or show any sign of life if you insert the battery and then connect mains power and then switch on the laptop? ". If there is no sign of disc activity and the function keys don't let you enter the bios then I would think you have a hardware problem.

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I hope someone can help me!
I have a Toshiba Satellite A30. It has recently started discharging the battery while it is connected to, and running off, the mains. So the screen icon shows AC power (full power mode) but the % for the battery drops by approx 5% per minute.

The battery light on the laptop is off. If I shut down pc, the light will go orange, to charge. When I reboot, it stays orange for a short time, then goes off again.

Is this a problem with the battery, or the charging lead, or something else? Please help, this is driving me mad, as I keep having to turn it off to recharge it!

Many thanks

Answer:Satellite A30 - battery discharging when connected to mains

In my opinion battery is responsible for this. Satellite A30 is pretty old notebook model so I can imagine the battery is not the best anymore.
Remove the battery and check the battery sticker. There you will find exact part number. using this part number you can order new battery for your Satellite notebook.

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Well, I have a Satellite U400 11Z and I was just seeing a web when suddenly my Notebook turned off. My battery wasn't on my pc and I only had my notebook with the power suply. I re-connect the power suply, I tried other connections but nothing, my Notebook doesn't turn on. I tried with the battery and that was okey but my notebook doesn't detect the power suply so:

- This problem could be becouse the power suply (Toshiba PA3468E 19V 3,95A) was crashed?
- Or this problem could be becouse my Notebook detection of power suply is crashed?

How I can test the second option?

Thanks a lot and sorry for my English!


Answer:Satellite U400-11Z - Only starts with connected battery

Hi blux,

What happens if you connect the AC/DC adaptor while the notebook is turned on? If you turn off the notebook, will the battery be charged?

In my opinion it?s hard to say what is exactly wrong. In best case you should ask a friend that has a compatible AC/DC adaptor that you can test to determine what is exactly wrong. Otherwise go to an authorized service provider with notebook and AC/DC adaptor and let the guys check this! ;)

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Just bought a used machine but battery seems to drain even when adaptor connected (and switched on!). Battery, adaptor or other problem?

Answer:Battery drain even adaptor connected - Satellite P30-133

It is not easy to give any precise diagnostic but I presume the battery must be exchanged. It is always problem with used notebooks because you never know how the previous owner has used the notebook and battery.

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Hello !!!

I'm writing this post cause I was using my Laptop and sudenlly it turned off. At first, I didn't realize why, I tried to turn it on by pressing the botton but I failed. Then, I thought that I had the battery charger disconnected but it wasn't. After a few minutes I taked away the battery and connect the charger and then my laptop run.

I pass a few hours searching on websites about problems with the battery o the charger , and I conclude that my laptop don't recognize the battery cause of the drivers o something like that, so I ASK FOR HELP !!!!
Now, I can only use my laptop if a take away the battery and connect the charger.

If someone know what might happened to my laptop, PLEASE HELP.

I forget, my Laptop is a Toshiba Satellite C50D-A-12R.

P.D. Sorry about my english, I'm from Spain and there are many years I last study english.

Answer:Satellite C50D-A-12R does not power up if battery connected

Generally speaking the notebook should work properly in connection with and without the battery.
The unit should power up if battery is removed but connected to the AC adaptor.

Also if the battery is connected and charged, the unit should work without the connected AC adaptor.
So what’s wrong here? To be honest I don’t think there could be some kind of driver problems but first of all you should try to recover the notebook to factory settings just to check whether the unit would functions using the Toshiba preinstalled OS and settings.

If the unit would not work properly even after the recovery process, I would recommend checking the notebook functionality in connection with NEW good working battery.

Is your unit still covered by warranty?
If yes, you should contact the Toshiba ASP because in case of hardware problems, the ASP should fix you unit free of charge…

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L505-10K and I don?t charge the battery, it says "connected and without charge". My SO is Windows 7-64bits. My laptop plugged in works fine, but if I disconnect turns off.

So I think that the cable and charger are fine, I think. And when connected, the battery LED lights (orange) a few seconds and then off, so the battery no continues to charge.

I apologize for my English, I'm Spanish.

Answer:Satellite L505-10K - battery: "connected and without charge"

Remove battery, start notebook with AC power supply only and when OS is loaded put battery in place.
Is battery recognized properly?
Does the same problem happen again?

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I have a bizare problem with my Satelite C660-1DK; I can only boot to my Windows using Fast Boot option, if I switch to Normal Boot, the screen goes black and it shows Boot Failed - [DEVICE NAME HERE], where the device name starts with the HDD and ends with the USB(if plugged ofc). What would be causing this problem? And how to particulary solve it?

Notes: SATA is set to AHCI Controller.

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Using a Satellite A30 about three years old. Recent problem is that while the power adapter is connected the battery stops charging, the orange battery indicator goes off.

If you look at the Power Management Utility the battery poweer meter reads On Line, Discharging %

To get it to charge I either have to turn the machine off (completely or to hibernate) then remove the power cable and reinsert, then the battery light comes back on. When restarting the battery will start to charge up for a while and then for no apparent reason start to discharge.

If left the battery reaches 0% - the machine continues to operate while the power cable is inserted so its getting power ok, but of course starts to bleep when it gets below 10%. To get it going again I have to shut down and restart etc.

I have checked the bios and have the latest version.

I have cleaned around the heat exchanger the power socket and removed all fluff.

I am using a generic adapter as the original failed, but as far as I can tell its working normally.

Any thoughts


Answer:Satellite A30: while AC adapter is connected the battery stops charging


Ihave the same problem as you but it's alot worse. I am using the TOSHIBA Satellite M30X-129. For me I have to keep on plugging the wire in until I get the Red Light, sometimes in some cases the light turns off after like 20 seconds. My original power adapter broke as well so I bought one off eBay

Can someone please help us


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Hi, I am kinda newbie to Toshiba laptop (U series) and I am wondering if my laptop has this feature where it bypasses the battery when it's fully charged and the power cable is connected?
I see the battery blue led is ON even when it's fully charged and the power is connected does this mean my computer is still utilizing the battery?

I am on the move alot and i want to avoid wasting my battery life.
thanks for any feedback.

Answer:Satellite U series: Question about bypassing battery while connected on AC


congratulations for your new machine, I understand that you?re worried about your battery life. I was afraid too, but many people here in the forum told me that in every new machine since many years (should be about 6-9 years) almost every notebook has a charge electronic which regulates the charge process of the battery.

Don?t worry, when your battery is fully charged, the integrated charging circuit goes to a special state which is like "refresh-charge" to keep your battery alive and to protect the battery.
So, it?s better to keep the battery in the machine then removing it.


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My battery has stopped charging when I plug my laptop into the mains. It continues to lose battery life until there is zero charge and then shuts down. Only then will it let me re-charge the battery.

The only other option i seem to have is to switch my computer off, shut down all documents and leave it for 15 minutes before plugging into the mains.

This is obviously very disruptive! Can anyone help?

Many thanks


Answer:Battery stopped charging when Satellite C connected to the mains


I?m not quite sure what?s wrong with your notebook?
Are you able to use the notebook without plugged in battery but connected to the mains?
If the AC adaptor is ok, you should be able to use the notebook connected to the mains only?

Let?s assume the AC adaptor is ok? in such case either the battery or the power supply electronic which is part of the motherboard may malfunction?
It?s difficult to say if your battery is faulty? this needs to be tested but I think its not worth to purchase a new battery just for testing purposes? therefore I would ask an technician to check this before buying a new part.

PS: is your BIOS up to date?

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This is my first post here, I am hoping somebody can help me!
I have a Toshiba Satellite C855 1GQ laptop.

So, basically I managed to break the end of the original charger (the part which plugs into the laptop) and stupidly tried a similar fitting charger from another device which had a lower output than the Toshiba one,

however when I plugged it in it killed the laptop battery as well as the adapter (it was an old one anyway). I have a new battery and a new charger adapter but the battery will not charge.

When I first put the battery in it worked fine so the laptop itself is not broken, the laptop tells me that it is plugged in and charging but it just loses power until the battery goes flat.

The new charger adapter does not seem to work despite the fact that it tells me it is with a working battery. The specifications for the new adapter are the same as the original (I got a cheapish one from ebay).

Is there a fuse inside the laptop which may have blown when I stupidly used the adapter I shouldn't have? I have read a lot of possible solutions on this but none seem to be specific for my problem. Maybe the new adapter is not good enough?

Like I said, the new battery worked fine until it ran out of power so it must be the charger or something on the laptop stopping it from charging.
Any help would be much appreciated!

Chris D.

Answer:Satellite C855-1GQ: Battery does not charge - adapter is connected

> Is there a fuse inside the laptop which may have blown when I stupidly used the adapter I shouldn't have?

The usage of wrong and not compatible AC adapter will damage the notebook?s hardware (motherboard could be affected)
Very important is the fact that the original AC adapter supports the 19V (volt) output voltage and
3.42A (ampere) output current.

Usage of Ac adaptor with different output voltage (not 19V) would affect the hardware.
The usage of AC adaptor with 19V output voltage but different ampere value should not affect the hardware.

Furthermore low ampere value (< 3A) might not be good enough for battery charging?
But in case the AC adaptor is compatible, i would test definitely another, new, fully compatible battery.

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Can I be running with my Satellite A105-S4084 just connected to a socket outlet with unplugged battery? Thank you.

Answer:Can I run Satellite A105-S4084 only with connected AC adaptor & without battery

Do you mean, you want to run your machine with a portreplicator and without a battery inserted? Please be more precisely with your question.


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I have bought a new Satellite 500 and I would like to use it as best as possible. I'm not quite sure about the stage of development of this battery. Should I remove the battery when I use the laptop constantly with net supply?
Or does this not harm the battery any longer than still years ago, or does the problem of battery destruction because of heat and frequent recharging persists?

I'm sorry if I might post this redundantly but it is hard to search for information since I am not a native speaker.
I would encourage you just for a little hint to a related thread if existing.

Thank you a lot!

Answer:Satellite A500 - Remove battery when connected to mains?

Lithium Batteries need to be discharged and recharged often to extend the life of the battery.

So once a week or fortnight, discharge the battery until its flat, then recharge it to 100%.

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Hi everyone,

I purshaced new Toshiba Satellite L500-1UU
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M330 @ 2.13GHz
Physical Memory: 4096MB RAM
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7600

My question is: Would taking out the battery when I am using my laptop while its connected to the AC adapter be wise or not? Would this increase or decrease the life of the battery, or will it not affect anything at all?

Is i3 processors have a centrino technique which disconnect power from battery whent it's fully charged?

What do you think about that ?

Answer:Satellite L500-1UU - Disconnect battery while it's connected to AC adapter

There is no problem removing the battery when on AC power. It should extend the life of the battery a little bit as long as the battery charge stays high (around 70%).

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Hope someone can give me good advice here as I have an urgent decision to make regarding my 2-week old P200-1IE, running Vista Home Premium, purchased in Portugal where I live. I was told I have 15 days to return the machine to the shop if I am not satisfied, so I have to act quickly.

Background info: I have not yet downloaded SP1 or any drivers or bios updates from the Toshiba site. Only once has the machine been run on battery power (accidently when the power was switched off) - it ran down, beeped and once I realised and switched on the power, it charged normally. The machine has been working fine, then last night a strange problem occured.

Machine was left unattended and eventually shut itself down. When it was restarted the battery warning was beeping. My husband didn??īt realise what this was and shut the machine down again. When I came to look at it I noticed that although the power light was on there was no light for the battery, neither orange or blue, nothing.

I powered on and checked the battery life which was at about 20%, but although mains power was connected the energy taskbar icon showed that the battery was not charging, in fact it quickly discharged to minimal. I shutdown the machine and then the orange battery light came on for about 5 mins, then went out again. Playing around with this problem, trying to troubleshoot gave some strange and unpredictable results i.e.

- unplugged and re-connected the power cable at the machine end and th... Read more

Answer:Satellite P200-1IE: Battery runs down even though mains power connected


It?s a long and very strange story?.

My first idea was a battery issue but to be honest it?s really not easy to say why this issue happened? it could be also possible that this would be caused due to looses connection?

I think you should visit you notebook dealer and possibly you could replace it with other P200.

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Hi all,

My Toshiba Satellite A30-871 notebook has started discharging the battery whilst the mains power supply is connected (The LED shows that AC is connected but Laptop consumes battery power instead of charging battery and using AC power). When the battery reaches 0% laptop will switch off. Removing the power plug and reconnecting does not solve the problem while the computer is ON, only shutting down computer starts the battery to charge. Which means that I can use laptop as long as battery retains some power. Sometimes when the notebook is off and battery is being charged, battery charging LED starts to blink and I have to remove the power jack and plug it back.

I don''t think its a loose power connector because the light shows the power is connected.

I wonder if anyone got a solution for me.


Answer:Re: Satellite A30 - Battery starts discharging if power supply is connected

Anyone around to help me out? I'm pretty much frustrated ....


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Hi all,

My Toshiba Satellite A30-871 notebook has started discharging the battery whilst the mains power supply is connected (The LED shows that AC is connected but Laptop consumes battery power instead of charging battery and using AC power). When the battery reaches 0% laptop will switch off. Removing the power plug and reconnecting does not solve the problem while the computer is ON, only shutting down computer starts the battery to charge. Which means that I can use laptop as long as battery retains some power. Sometimes when the notebook is off and battery is being charged, battery charging LED starts to blink and I have to remove the power jack and plug it back.

I don''t think its a loose power connector because the light shows the power is connected.

I wonder if anyone got a solution for me.


Answer:Toshiba Satellite A30 - Battery starts discharging if power supply is connected

Anyone around to help me out?

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Win 7 Satellite A500 PSAM3A-03P00E.

The battery light flashes when connected to mains power (intermittent fault), when I unplug mains and re-connect flashing stops and battery (high capacity) continues to charge.

Also when battery light flashes the key board back lighting stays on when it should blank out and if the back lighting is off and the battery light starts flashing the key board back lighting doesn't turn on, all other functions seem to work fine.

The battery charges and holds charge as it should (when light flashes battery doesn't charge).

Answer:Satellite A500 - Battery light flashes when connected to mains power


Did you notice this issue from first day of purchase?
Theoretically it could be possible that your battery starts to malfunction?
At the other hand an electronic issue might be possible too?

However, try this:
Remove ac adaptor and battery. Then press and hold power buttons 30 sec long.
Then insert the battery and connect AC adaptor again? does it helps?

By the way: is BIOS up to date? If not, perform an update.

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i have an Satellite A30 and sometimes it does not boot.
After powering on, not even the BIOS starts,
even though sometimes the BIOS starts, but OS does not load.

I figured out that its related to USB-devices connected at boot time.
If no USB-devices are connected, it boots without problems.
Even if boot hangs, as soon as you disconnect the USB-devices BIOS starts.
Its ok to connect the USB-devices later, once the system has started.
I disabled "booting from removable devices" and "boot from network",
just in case, but it makes no difference.

BIOS is newest version (1.70) and it happens with all kinds of USB-devices,
printer, mouse and (self-powered) external USB hard-disk.

Is this a known issue?
Is there any known workaround?

Answer:Satellite A30 does not boot with USB-device connected at boot time


I don?t know why it happens but it has to do with the BIOS.
The same happened on my old notebook. I could not boot up my unit while the USB printer was enabled and connected.
The only solution is to disconnect the external USB device during the boot process.

Ps; you should check if the booting order in the BIOS was set to HDD firstly.

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Hi I have a brand new Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 but am having a very strange problem.

I installed my printer - Epson Stylus Photo R300 but now the laptop wont boot up if the printer is turned on. When I turn it on the Toshiba screen comes up ok, then the Windows XP screen comes up with the black background when the blue bar goes across to load Windows but its all faded out and the laptop just freezes and will not power up!

However if you turn the printer off and re-start the laptop it boots up fine!

Its definitely the printer that is causing this as its only when I have it turned on.

It never caused this problem with my old PC that was using Windows XP too.

Any help with a resolution would be greatly appreicated.



Answer:Satellite Pro A120 cannot boot up when printer is connected

How about disconnecting the printer during the boot procedure??? ;)

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Recently I bought a a4tech mouse g7-750 with nano-receiver plug into usb port.
After inserting the nano-receiver into the USB port before turning on, laptop will not boot.

Only the cursor is displayed, as it is displayed before the screen with the possibility of entry into the BIOS F2 or selecting the device to boot F12.
Without the nano-receiver laptop runs without a problem.

Any advice?

Thank you very much in advance.

Answer:Satellite A660-186 does not boot up when USB nano-receiver is connected


During the POST (power on self test) all notebook parts like RAM, motherboard (also connected devices) would be checked.
If a problem (compatibility issue, etc?) would be detected during the POST, then the notebook would not boot up properly.

This mouse nano-receiver is not known to me and I?m not quite sure what?s wrong with this device but I doubt that this issue is related to the notebook.
I assume the notebook boots up properly with other devices connected to the notebook. right? Well, in such case it?s not notebook issue but the 3rd party device affects the notebook functionality.

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my lapop is 2 years old. Whist trying to boot up it restarts at least 2 times and I am running Windows 7.

My old battery only lasts about 20 mins so i bought a new one and the first time I charged it up it gave me an hours worth of battery time but on the second recharge it has only provided 20 mins.

It still doesnt boot up whilst the power is connected do you think my motherboard is malfunctioning=

Answer:Satellite A200 - Won't boot up with connected main power


Normally if you connect the AC/DC adaptor the notebook shouldn?t shut down. Everything should work properly also the system start even the battery would be faulty.

So as you already wrote I think the mainboard is malfunctioning. In this case I would recommend contacting an authorized service provider. The technicians can order a new mainboard and exchange it! :)

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My Satellite L30-115 won't boot up when my external keyboard and mouse are connected over PS2 to USB adapter.

Everything is OK when they are not connected, and they work fine when they are connected after booting up.

Anyone have any idea how to fix it up????

Answer:Satellite L30-115: wont boot when external keyboard and mouse are connected


I do not believe there is way to fix this issue. I also presume it is BIOS related issue. Maybe is the time to be up to date and use new and compatible hardware. ;)

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Please can someone advice&help?

Laptop has overnight decided not to start/boot from battery, will only start when plugged into AC.
When up and running Battery light states charging and sits on 85%.
Have removed battery & booted without battery in &ndash; all fine.

Have tried updating BOIS &ndash; keep getting error &ldquo; the size ROM incorrect &rdquo;?
Any suggestions?

Answer:Satellite M70 will not boot without AC - Battery at 85%

Sounds like the battery may be faulty. I would get a new one.

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Hello everyone!

let me explain my little problem:

I own a *Toshiba satellite C75-A*. That is quite recent (at max 1 year old) with windows 8.1 running.

I can boot it on power supply it works perfectly. Battery inserted or not everything is fine.

But the problem is when i try to boot it with battery only. In fact, nothings happen. Except a little sound when i press the power button. LEDs turns on for a second, then nothing.

The battery seems to work fine. When booted on windows, the battery is charging (100%). And if there is a Power shutdown or if you unplug the power supply, the battery take the hand. And the battery seems to have a normal charge life time.

I tried to remove the battery, unplug the power cord and to maintain power button for several minutes, then to plug it again. But nothing changed.

I upgraded the BIOS as i have seen that was recommended. Nothing changed.

I browsed this forum in hope for some help, but i found nothing that worked.
I apologies in advance if there was already a post about this, i searched but didn't find it.

In hope some of you can help me.

In any case, Have a nice day!

Answer:Satellite C75-A won't boot on battery alone

From my point of few the battery isn?t recognized when the notebook is in shut down mode.
The battery is recognized only if the Windows system has been already booted up?

I cannot say for sure why the battery isn?t recognized before booting up the system but it could be possible that this battery malfunctions.
Of course this is my personal opinion but it?s advisable to test another good working and compatible battery.

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i have a satellite c50-b-14d a few days ago the hard drive gave up on me and i replaced it. exact same model. i installed windows 7 as i dislike windows 8 lol, started updating it fine then half way through updating i go to boot the laptop and it comes up with ---rtc battery is low , press enter to set time and date---- so i go in and set the date and time and hit exit saving changes, laptop starts i see the toshiba sign for 2 seconds and it turns off.

surely its not the rtc battery being low that is stopping it booting, i thought it might be the charger so i got a new one and still have the same problem, any help would be appreciated please.

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TL/DR: This happens during boot when connected to a UPS, I'd like to stop it. =\

Recently decided to connect a UPS (CP1500PFCLCD) to my PC that way it can auto hibernate if there is a power loss. I ran into a annoying bug though.

Whenever I restart Windows takes 5-10 seconds to read the battery level (initially reporting 0%). And during this time it pops-up a fullscreen message and a broken explorer window that can only be closed by Alt+Tabing and clicking the X (see attached).

Additionally also drops my PC into battery settings during the last phase of startup making every boot take about 10 seconds longer (it will stay on the battery powercfg settings until it is able to read the battery level).

Steps tried: Googled the *insert expletive here* out of it. Disabled all notifications, Disabled Action Center and Un-hid all powercfg settings looking for a way to disable the Critical Battery Notification (the only one that exists is the Low Battery notification).

P.S. I really don't care about ever seeing the critical battery notification, either I'll be at the PC during power loss and will shut down immediately or I won't and it will auto-hibernate. - As for switching to battery settings during boot, I guess I can change those to match the AC settings.

Answer:[Desktop PC] UPS Connected, "Your battery is very low" every boot

Are you using the Cyberpower PowerPanel application for the UPS or the built in Windows app? I have a Cyberpower and use the PowerPanel application and no problems. I have had two Cyberpower UPS over the years and never had an issue with low battery alert unless there was an actual problem.

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TL/DR: This happens during boot when connected to a UPS, I'd like to stop it. =\

Recently decided to connect a UPS (CP1500PFCLCD) to my PC that way it can auto hibernate if there is a power loss. I ran into a annoying bug though.

Whenever I restart Windows takes 5-10 seconds to read the battery level (initially reporting 0%). And during this time it pops-up a fullscreen message and a broken explorer window that can only be closed by Alt+Tabing and clicking the X (see attached).

Additionally also drops my PC into battery settings during the last phase of startup making every boot take about 10 seconds longer (it will stay on the battery powercfg settings until it is able to read the battery level).

Steps tried: Googled the *insert expletive here* out of it. Disabled all notifications, Disabled Action Center and Un-hid all powercfg settings looking for a way to disable the Critical Battery Notification (the only one that exists is the Low Battery notification).

P.S. I really don't care about ever seeing the critical battery notification, either I'll be at the PC during power loss and will shut down immediately or I won't and it will auto-hibernate. - As for switching to battery settings during boot, I guess I can change those to match the AC settings.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite Notebook latop Satellite M50d-A-10W AMD A, 15.6.

I have problem when the battery is fully discharged I need use the needle to peform hard reset using switch behind the laptop.... then I can get into boot mode with f2

How can I solve the problem?

thank you

Answer:Satellite M50D-A-10W does not boot after battery is fully empty

I guess you are talking about the force shutdown procedure as described in this document:

Such issue may appear in case the PC is freezing, not booting or has a power failure.

I think the notebook goes off in case the battery would be fully empty. In such case the system does not shut down properly.
As default state, the system does not shut down the notebook but usually the unit performs an hybrid shutdown. This procedure allows the notebook to boot much faster but this might affect system boot in case something would go wrong while shut down procedure.
You can disable this hybrid mode and in my opinion this is also recommended.


However, to avoid such issues it?s very important to perform the shut down procedure properly.

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after 2 and a half years I decided to buy a new battery for my s70-b since the old one lasts only for 40 minutes now. I have purchased so far 4 different compatible batteries and a fifth original one . All of them show the same behavior : the orange led is blinking and the laptop wont boot . even if i put the battery on working laptop it can see them however it will not charge and the orange led is still blinking . if then I remove the ac charger the laptop will shut off like having no battery at all !!!
It seems that my laptop accepts only the first battery that came with it . With this battery works perfectly . I have try ALL suggestions found in forums but with no luck . PLEASE give me any advice since I need more mobility time with my laptop. Thank you

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My Toshiba Satellite A200 laptop after allmost 4 years of usage at shutdown remained with the

"Power on led" lit on the systray and refused to boot when I hold pressed the Power Button.

When the Batttery was removed and I tried to boot with AC Power Adapter Cable it started up as usually

without any problem.

The model is A200-1M4

Model No: PSAEOE - 04E029GE

DC19V 3.4 A

Made in China CE.

Up to now my battery was recharging efficiently

and was holding the charge when unused for at least 5 days . When I

was pluging in the AC/DC Adapter the led was turning blue within a few

minutes, anyway it was never flashing amber.

Until recently with the AC/DC Adapter cable unplugged with my recharged

battery I could keep up working for at least one and a half hours.

Can I check the Battery condition before I replace it??

Should I be looking for some other defect to repair or does my battery needs replacement.

Can someone try to assist.


Answer:Had to remove my battery in order to boot my Satellite A200

Finally I took the initiative to place again the old Battery into its nest and then power my laptop
with the AC/DC Adapter Power cable plugged in.
Then both the Battery and Power leds were lit in Blue color on the systray and when I pressed the Power
button rebooted and started as usually without any problem.

Still I dont know what caused this irregularity at shut down that blocked my system and obliged me
to work around in order to restore, luckily without having to replace with a new Battery, as mine is still
running strong with Battery icon on the systray indicating "fully charged".

Please consider this case closed and resolved.
Thanks a lot.

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I was sitting watching a video yesterday with my daughter when five minutes in my Satellite Pro A100 suddenly stopped working - cut out completely and wouldn't start up again. When I tried to restart the orange battery lit blinked eleven short flashes, and nothing else happened. The battery has been poor for some time, so we always run of the AC adaptor. At present the adapter is plugged in, but there is no blue charging light as I would expect.

With the battery removed do not get the orange flashes. With the battery in, and no AC adaptor, I do get the orange flashes.

I wondered if the AC adaptor had gone, and we didn't get a 'low battery' warning because we were watching a video. That would explain the lack of charge indicator. When we get the orange flashes we're getting this from the small amount of residual charge in the battery.

Can anyone else back this idea up - or anyone who can interpret the error code?



Answer:Satellite Pro A100 - Flashing battery light and no boot

Hi buddy,

That means you are note able to start your computer neither with battery or AC/DC adapter only, right?

Well, theoretically it could be possible that AC/DC adaptor is defective.
When you try to start your notebook, nothing happens, right?

In best case you know a friend that has the same AC/DC adapter so you can test if AC/DC adapter is defective or not. Otherwise a professional diagnostic from an ASP would be necessary.

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Hi There,

My Toshiba L50-B refuses to boot when the battery is fully drained but connected to the power outlet.
I try to work on battery power most of the time to keep the battery in good shape but when I forget to power off, the battery drains and the system refuses to boot when I plug in the adapter.

The battery charging indication light is burning amber like it should. Only when the battery is fully charged to 100%, it will proceed to boot and function normally after that. I tried to switch the notebook on various times during the loading cycle, but only when the charge indicator turns from amber to white it will boot. Tested this during 2 instances.

My old Toshiba always powered on immediately when I connected it to the adapter even when the battery was completely drained. Am I missing a setting somewhere ?

Thanks for answering.....well hopefully :-)

Toshiba L50-B
Windows 8.1
All standard/factory setting since I've only acquired this laptop a month ago.

Answer:Satellite L50-B refuses to boot when battery is fully drained

The notebook should power up in case the AC adaptor is connected and supply power to the notebook corectly no matter if the battery is empty or during the charging process.

Please check the BIOS version which is available on your notebook and compare with the BIOS available on Toshiba EU driver page?
Maybe you needs to update the BIOS but to be honest, the whole story sounds really strange to me and I?m afraid there might be some power supply electronic issue?

Therefore in worst case the notebook should be checked by authorized service provider.

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Dear all,

I got a really strang problem after upgrade my Satellite C855 from Windows 8 to windows 10. After the upgrade I can't boot my system from battery only. With adapter i got no poblem.

I bought myself a new battery but it still got the same problem. Can't starting the system from battery only.

The following steps i made myself
Got the latest Bios update Used a new battery Made the laptop powerless ( removng battery and adapter) and hold down the power button for 15 -20 seonds. After that battery and adapter backMade changings in my power settings from balanced to energy vice versa

Is there anyone who got the same problem or can advise me?

Thanks in advance for help

Answer:Satellite C855 can't boot from Battery after upgrade W8 --> W10 Home

Hi Repairlab

You're not alone. I currently have a Sat C50 with the exact same issue, with the exception of upgrading. My problem began before I upgraded to 10. Like you, I can boot with the battery out and using the mains, but that's rubbish for a laptop.
I did want to upgrade the bios but the laptop doesn't recognise when the battery is connected and the bios update tool keeps asking for it (VERY annoying ToshIba if you ever read your forums).
I've been trawling through these forums looking for a solution but there are 0 replies on the vast majority of posts. Not even ToshIba engineers seem to have a presence.

Anyway, did you ever get the issue resolved and if so can you please share?


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