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Satellite C870 - sound quality & Bluetooth connection issue

Question: Satellite C870 - sound quality & Bluetooth connection issue

Satellite C870.

1) Issues with Bluetooth - machine couldn't find other devices and there were problems with communications;

2) I'm very, very disappointed with the quality of sound. The speakers are very poor. If I knew I wouldnt'n buy it! Unfortunately, I had no chance to check it and assumed Toshiba will keep the minimum standards in this matter.
In the past (some years ago)

I've used Toshiba laptop and it was OK.
To be honest I've puchased this computed due to my good expirience from the past, but will be more carreful in the future.

Now, I have to life with it as spent 800US.
The rest is OK - for the time being.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite C870 - sound quality & Bluetooth connection issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite C870 - sound quality & Bluetooth connection issue

> 1) Issues with Bluetooth - machine couldn't find other devices and there were problems with communications;

What Satellite C870-xxx do you have exactly?
From my own experience some models support BT and some don?t? so probably your unit does not supports BT or you did something wrong while BT configuration.

> 2) I'm very, very disappointed with the quality of sound. The speakers are very poor. If I knew I wouldnt'n buy it! Unfortunately, I had no chance to check it and assumed Toshiba will keep the minimum standards in this matter. In the past (some years ago)

From my own knowledge different models supports different hardware specifications. You can purchase notebook models with Harman-Kardon speakers which provide better sound quality. This unit seems to support standard speakers.
So it?s always a matter of price-value ratio and in my opinion this is not too bad.

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After I downgraded my Vista HP to Windows XP I came across a very strange thing. There were no problems with drivers as they could be easily found on the TOSHIBA web-site. After installing all the drivers I mentioned that the overall sound quality got worse.

When I started investigating the issue I came across an anomaly. When you open a file in Winamp and, without closing it, open a movie in Windows Media or any other video player, the sound improves a lot.

The same happens with the modem. When you start connecting, or to be more specific, when the modem's speaker turns on... Voila, the sound improves again. I tried lots of things... like downloading drivers from different sites and of different versions and re-installing them.

But nothing helped. There were no problems with Vista so, I guess, it's a software problem. I googled a bit and found a few more people that have the same thing.

I hope somebody can help me because what's the use of Harman\Kardon speakers if they don't produce proper sound?..

Answer:Satellite A300-15G Conexant Audio issue - sound quality improvment

Did you install a retail version of XP?

Did you install the XP drivers from the Toshiba Website? Or did you get the drivers from other websites?

Tried a BIOS update and Chipset Driver update?

Did you install the XP HD-Audio hotfixes?

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I just got a new Satellite C870-198 and the audio started crackling after about a week.

It seems to happen with external speakers, headphones and also with the onboard speakers (i.e. all the time). Windows 8 was frustrating me anyway so I installed windows 7 on it but the problem is still there.

The crackles are most noticeable when the music I'm playing is louder. I've tried uninstalling the audio drivers to try some different ones but they always reinstall themselves every time I restart. I don't really know what I'm doing. Sometimes it makes a brief buzzing sound like electronic interference or something too.

Any ideas?

Answer:Crackling sound on Satellite C870-198


To be honest I?m not quite sure if the issue you have described is really a ?notebook problem? because you said you have noticed the crackling noise playing the music loud.
From my point of view it could be a common behavior while plying a loud music.

You are using Win 7 now.
On the Toshiba EU driver page (Satellite C870 PSCBAE) you can find 3 sound drivers.
Realtek, nVidia, SRS
All the drivers need to be installed.

Furthermore you can find advantage settings in control panel -> Realtek HD Audio Manager.
Here you can change the sound properties. Check it out.

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I have a problem with my toshiba satellite C870 . The sound stopped working. the sound icon is muted and I have a message: no speakerphone or headset is connected. I tried corrections but I am told that my driver is updated. For precision I am under W7. Sorry if my english is bad (i speak french but u can answer me in english)


Answer:Sound Problem with my Satellite C870


Go to:
Control panel -> sound -> playback tab

Can you see the speakers and/or headphone there?
If yes, ensure that the speakers are marked as default device.

Furthermore the combination of FN + F11 would enable and disable MUTE.
Check this!

In case both workarounds don?t help, uninstall the High Definition audio device / controller as well as the sound driver from device manager and reboot the n notebook.
After new reboot the system should install the uninstalled drivers again in most cases this should help to get the sound back.

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I am running my laptop on WIndows 8.1 - 64 bit.

When the power cable and the battery are plugged in, the laptop simply will not start. When I remove the battery and only use the power cable it will start and work normally. It also seems that the battery does not load.

Who has a solution for this problem?

Answer:Power supply issue on Satellite C870-1FZ


I?m little bit confused why the notebook does not power up with connected battery.

Usually even if the battery would not charge properly due to the battery age, the notebook should power up properly.

However, if does not look like the AC adaptor would be faulty because the notebook work properly using the main power.

Therefore I came to the conclusion that battery or motherboard?s power supply electronic could cause this issue.

Since a new battery is much cheaper as a new motherboard, I would recommend you to check the notebook functionality using another, compatible and good working battery.

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i have a little problem with U400 and Ericsson C510 trying to connect by bluetooth.
Installed new bios, bluetooth stack 6.10.10(T) . The bluetooth stack sees C510 but when it tryes to pair it says "Detection of service failed" .

When i try pair devices by PCsuite 5.009.00 it goes further.
PC suite give me PIN and C510 ask input, but when i confirm the pin in C510, PCsuite returns error "pairing not successfull, want repeat?"

From this time C510 apears in window "view paired devices" in bluetoothstack options....but PCsuite doesnt see C510 and BluetoothStack neither....

thank you in advance.

Answer:Satellite U400: Bluetooth & PCsuite connection issue


I?ve had similar problem with Satellite P200 and my Motorola mobile phone. Yesterday I have installed latest BT stack version 6.40.02(T) and suddenly everything works well.

Please install latest BT stack from and try again.

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I've been using my Bluetooth headphones for a few months now and everything was fine until a few days ago.  Now my sound quality is terrible. When it initially started playing the quality would be bad for the first few seconds and then it would correct itself.  Now, it doesn't correct itself. I've tried playing through the laptop speakers and it sounds ok there. post

Answer:Bluetooth Sound Quality is Terrible

Hello and welcome,
It may help others to help you if you indicate what model laptop and operating system you're using.

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I've had the XPS 13 for about a week and finally got around to trying it with a new Soundbot bluetooth headset.  I've used the headset on my iphone to great success, and the sound quality is great (for a 15 dollar pair of headphones!).
When I pair it with the XPS 13, the sound quality is awful.  Muffled and just plain bad. 
When I connect the XPS 13 to the speakers I've used on my desktop computer for years (via the headphone jack), the sound is fine.
Is there any way to  improve the sound quality through bluetooth, or am I just stuck?  I didn't notice this issue come up when reading reviews.

Answer:XPS 13 (2015) - Bluetooth sound quality is awful

I can also verify that the sound is terrible and I have a sennheiser momentum wireless!
Dell if you would like to play with the big boys when it comes to design. You actually need to start doing computers that WORKS! Yes I have the latest drivers etc!

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I have the XPS 8700 and just got a new set of PowerBeats3 headphones. They paired with my desktop but the sound quality is terrible.  It's extremely muffled. Sounds just like bad AM radio reception.

Any suggestions?


Answer:Poor sound quality with Beats Bluetooth headphones

The sound quality of the headset depends greatly on how it seals in the ear canal.  Try the different ear inserts and see if one allows better sound.  As long as you do not have them set as a communications device, they should sound good.
With mine if I put a little downward pressure the seal is better and I hear really good base ..
If you think it might be your computer, try the headset on another system.

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The sound quality on paired headphones is terrible. There is a background, high pitched whine being transmitted that makes it unbearable to listen.
A wired pair of headphone works fine. The headphones work fine when paired with my Note 4 & Sony TV. A second pair of bluetooth headphones exhibits exactly the same problem, so it is 100% definitely the laptop that is the problem.
Does anybody know how the fix this please?

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Hi there,

I had a P35-609 and just bought P100-347. I have noticed that the sound is worse on the new laptop. It's like the cheapest speakers on the market and not harman/kardon... what's wrong?

Is it a fault of my unit or you guys have experienced the same?
I tried all settings in Windows (XP MCE) and Toshiba applications, I updated the sound driver but it just seems like the speakers are really poor... :( Please tell me you don't have the same and I'll run to the store to replace the laptop...


Answer:Sound quality on Satellite P100-347 - no bass, very flat sound


I?m not a P100 owner and therefore I cannot give you an opinion about the sound quality on this notebook. But according to the notebook specifications the speakers are definitely harman/kardon.

I have read some threads about the sound issues on the P100 and found also this Toshiba document:

It?s about the crackling noise on P100. The BIOS and driver update should be done.
I?m not sure if it will help to increase the sound performance but you can try this procedure?

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I recently bought a Mini Bluetooth Speaker to use with my Laptop. I am an English Teacher in Italy so I do lots of listening exercises, and the speaker would be a great addition...
When I tried the speaker with my LG G2 Phone the sound was fantastic. Clean, clear and good bass. From the PC, it sounds 'Low-Res'....Poor in other words....I have gone through different settings and all seems ok...I can't seem to solve this....
Any help much appreciated...

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I have problem with sound quality in L40.
Some in some divix movies volume level is good but in some sound is very low. Propable it's connected with sound card setting,and when I play movie with surround codec, sound is very low, but when I play movie in stereo codec, sound is loud and clear.

Where can I change audio settings, and make that movies with surround sound wil play in stereo ?

PS. Sorry for my writting, I know is terrible ;-)

Answer:Satellite L40: low sound quality

Hi Darckar

Satellite L40 is not known to me but all sound settings you can find in control panel under ?Sounds and Audio devices?. Check all settings there, especially under ?Audio? tab > ?Sound playback? > ?Advanced Audio properties?.

I am not sure if this will help but you can check it anyway.

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I'm not sure if I'm going mad but recently I did a system restore of my laptop (applying all Windows Updates) and the sound (through headphones) doesn't sound as good. Notably the bass and to some extent the treble is poor and I have a sort of 'mid range' non-descript sound quality.

I checked I had the DTS enhancement switched on and checked I had the latest Toshiba approved driver for the Realtek HD Sound. The only other thing I was thinking of was installing the driver from the Realtek site but that suggests that's just a generic one and so I wonder if that would be sort of a downgrade?

Anyhow, would appreciate any thoughts.

Answer:Satellite C50-A-1JM - sound quality not good

I have Satellite S50-B and internal speakers are not so good and I?m not satisfied with the sound but this model has stereo speakers only. But using headphones sound s really not so bad especially after activating surround and bas boost option in DTS settings.

Check also advanced options where you can change the levels for bass, voice and treble. On the right side is also equalizer so you can change all settings and hopefully configure best sound output for your headphones.

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I'm using a Satellite P300-1FC Notebook. Vista was preinstalled.
I uninstalled Vista and installed winXP SP2.

Everything is working fine, but I have a problem with the on board sound card.

The sound card is manufactured by Conexant.
The sound quality on win XP compared with Vista is relay bad.

I installed already KB888111 but without a positive result.

I installed my system following:

Win Xp SP2
Display driver
Chipset driver
LAN driver
W-lan driver
Sound driver

Has anybody an idea to solve my problem?

Answer:Satellite P300-1FC - bad sound quality using Win XP


I have Satellite Pro P300 (PSPCDE) with the same sound card. Satellite and Satellite Pro have exact the same hardware configuration just my Satellite Pro is delivered with Vista Business and your one probably with Vista Home Premium.

With this business machine I also got WXP recovery DVD. I have tested it with my notebook and with original Toshiba recovery image sound works well. I have noticed that recovery image has WXP with SP3.

So the question is why your own installation ends with this sound issue.
Have you possibility to install WXP SP3 on your Satellite notebook?

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Purchased above and upgraded sucessfully to Windows 7 from XP.
However, the sound is terrible - tinny.

This is applicable to CDs, radio and DVDs particularly when listening to audio books and radio making it impossible to listen to. Have tried changing the settings for the Realtek High Def Speakers, but no difference.
Windows test 'sounds' are okay and sound coming from both speakers.

Have an old Statellite approx 5 years old and sound is far superior.
Not an expert and don't know where else to look to improve the quality.
Can't believe it is supposed to be like this.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Answer:Satellite L500 sound quality is very low

Wait a moment.
Is your notebook delivered with preinstalled Win7 (factory settings)?
Have you noticed this from the first day or now after Win7 installation?
Have you tried to change sound settings in player you use (equaliser)?

To compare it with old notebook is not so relevant. I have 4 years old Satellite M70 with harman/kardon speakers and sound is fabulous and much better and louder than on newer Satellite A300.

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I just bought a new Satellite L50-A, and despite the reviews I've found saying the speakers are great and the quality should be really good, all the audio I've played on it has been really tinny and poor quality.
Does anyone have any ideas why this would be, or how to fix it?

Playing around with the equaliser helped a bit, but it's still very far from perfect. It's the same from the internet and from iTunes, and with the speakers and headphones, so those are both ruled out.

Answer:Terrible Sound Quality on Satellite L50-A

> Playing around with the equalizer helped a bit, but it's still very far from perfect.

The Satellite L50-A series is preinstalled with the DTS? Sound software.

This software can be used in order to improve the sound quality.

Check it out.

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Hi everybody.

I have a very strange problem with my new notebook. I have new Satellite A300D-14U notebook. I have installed XP and all drivers but recently I have noticed such problem. When media player or Winamp (or etc.) plays and I get a message in Skype, MSN or there is any other action with sound, then the major sound changes.

I mean the quality of sound changes rapidly. Like mono to stereo, like equalizer is turned on at that moment. After that it stays for about 2-3 mins and gets back to previous state. The problem is that that change is awesome and I would like it would be always like that. For some moment I started to wonder do I really usually hear stereo from those "harman/kardons"?

I have tried to reinstall drivers, all updates are installed, SP3. Any idea what can it be?

P.S. I always get clear sound, but I'd like to get best of it.

Answer:Satellite A300D-14U and WXP - sound quality changes

Hmm? very strange? try to connect the headphones and check if the same sound issue would appear using the headphones.

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Hello everyone, I got my X1 Carbon today. I was so excited until I went to adjust the volume. It came with Win 10 Pro and you know that little chime it makes when you adjust the volume? It sounds so aweful on my X1 Carbon, as if the entire base is vibirating with the speakers, and the sound is very distorted. It's pretty loud, though. The vibiration would only stop if I turn the volume down to about 20-30, but then it's really really quiet. I went to a local computer store to check out what it's like on other laptops. They have a T450 there, which sounds a LOT better. Even an Asus 13" didn't sound that aweful. I remember an X series I had about 7 years ago didn't sound this bad either... I was wondering is there something wrong with the speakers or is it really just the sound quality X1 Carbon offers at the moment? Thank you so much for your help! Jack


Go to Solution.

Answer:X1 Carbon 3rd Gen Sound Quality Issue

Try disable Dolby feature in Lenovo Settings app since that app makes sound louder in lower volume level and that might be why horrible noise is coming

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Today I made three changes to my PC.

#1: Removed a faulty DVD drive.
#2: Gave the inside of my PC a good dusting with CO2 can.
#3: Formatted C: drive and reinstalled Windows.

Now I have everything reinstalled, but I have a sound quality issue that's a bit weird. There is a slight buzzing that varies with graphical on screen movements and perhaps even CPU activity. I always use headphones on the rear audio output, and tried on a separate pair and the same noises occur. The drivers I am using are the latest from the manufacturers website.

The sound card is a Soundblaster Live! 24 bit and the PC is a Dell Dimension 5000. Does anyone have any ideas of what might be the cause/solution of this problem?

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This is a problem which has mystified me since I bought my new PC a few months ago. When I burn a cd from a mp3 file and play it back in my hifi's CD player - the sound is great. However, when I play the original mp3 source file though the same hifi (connected via cable from PC sound card to hifi aux connection), the sound quality is very poor in comparison. On my much older, previous PC, using the same sound card to hifi aux method worked great, but I just can't work out what's gone wrong with my new PC.

Here are the ports - I've tried both the rear line out port (olive green) and front headphone port, with both producing low quality sound. Thanks for any advice.{ac6135af-0368-4de0-8f5f-804169d7519d}&CatID={725830ca-b4cc-459a-8708-2118ffc403cf}

Answer:Solved: Sound Quality Issue

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My speakers sound really tinny and the worst I've heard since I had a transistor radio in 1970. I went into the drivers download are but was not able to find anything to improve them. Using 8.1 doesn't help because I'm not sure where you find everything.

Any ideas?
Anyone else found a shortcoming and solved it or just has a good idea please?

Answer:Terrible sound quality on my Satellite C50-AOG1


Similar thread you can read here .
Problem is that many notebooks have small stereo speakers only and sound quality is unfortunately not so good.

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I got a Toshiba Satellite C55t-A5218 as a gift about 3 weeks ago and overall its a good laptop,
however I am very disappointed with one aspect.

The sound output is shocking on all software, whether using the built in speakers or external speakers or headphones.

All that is produced from any of them is a tinny, quiet sound quality with absolutely no bass. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the sound card or something else but feel as though a laptop as high-end and expensive as this should come ready to play music high-quality.

I also got this laptop from abroad so can't really take it back the the shop. Is there any help somebody can offer on here?

Is this something that can be sorted on the laptop or will i have to fork out more money on a new sound card?

Answer:Sound quality on Satellite C55t-A5218

Sound quality is often not so good due to internal speakers. Some laptops have normal stereo speakers and sound is not so good. Otherway some of them have high quality Harman/Kardon and sound is great.

Anyway, have you tried to test it with different players and play a bit with Equalizer?

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I bought a NB10T-A-102 but the sound is horrible almost not listening because it sounds like metalic noise.
I tried to change driver but without benefit.
Do you know if it's because of the hardware speakers or if there is a configuration that permits to obtain a good sound quality?

Thanks for your support.

Answer:Satellite NB10T-A-102 - horrible sound quality


This netbook has build in small stereo speakers and sound is not so good. It has nothing to do with sound driver. As you know you can try to change sound quality changing values in player?s equaliser but this will also not help a much.

I have similar speakers on my U940 and sound is not good. Using headphones sound is really good.
For instance my older NB netbook has harman/kardon speakers and sound quality is simply amazing.

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After having had a Toshiba laptop previously I bought a new Satellite L855 on Saturday. Sad to say I am REALLY disappointed with the speakers and sound quality. Especally as stickers on machine say 'Large speakers for deeper sound' . It sounds really tinny. Much worse than my ipad or iphone :-(

Any sggestions?

Answer:Poor sound quality on Satellite L855


Your notebook supports an Realtek sound chip. Right?
In control panel you can find the Realtek HD Audio Manager.

Here you can change the sound effects? you can change the sound properties and can add some deep bass using the equalizer settings.

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I bought this laptop just today and I'm so confused.
The sound quality is WAY to low.

No bass,no colour...just some flat sound.
Even one simple cell phone's got better sound then my laptop does.

Where's the so called "Toshiba Bass enhanced system"??

Can someone help me?I've been trying to figure this out for a couple of hours and I did nothing.
I re-installed drivers etc and still nothing.

Any tips or advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Satellite C660-1P3 - poor sound quality

The C Series is the budget cost effective range so I doubt it will have the same speaker quality as the higher range Qosmio's and A or P Series Satellites that are designed for multimedia. At least you can use external speakers to achieve better sound quality.

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I read one other topic about this, but there was no real answer aside from making a comment about equalizer settings, so I decided to make a new topic.

Formated this machine, installed fresh XP SP2, let it update to SP3, not a problem. Related post, even found that the latest BIOS 2.50 now also solved the Wifi connection issue under XP, which was horrific.

Anyways, now that that is out of the way, the Conexant sound is poor, sounds like playing in 8 bits mono with any sound, MP3 wave etc. I do not believe the equalizer suggestion makes sense, it is not so much an imbalance in the sounds frequency, but far more fundamental, really like either the MP3 is played at a bitrate of 96, or the sound was recorded at 8 bit (I know this is not the case, but to give an idea of what we are hearing here). So playing with the equalizer does not make a difference at all.

Could anyone tell me what may be the reason, or better a solution here ? I dont think there is a practical reason why the quality is limited by an XP driver, whereas in Vista the sound of this laptop is really fantastic I must admit. (of course tried latest drivers in both OS's).

BTW, I realize that in XP, the device manager shows 3 "question mark" devices, but these should not be related to the issue I think (firewire, some SM bus ..).

Any help would really be appreciated, the XP installation is soooo much smoother to work with than the sluggish Vista that the P300 came installed with :(

... Read more

Answer:Satellite P300-18M Conexant sound quality under XP

did u try to find drivers here. this is your best site for drivers, do not use others
for europe
for us
for canada

here is support for all types of pc's
look up manufacturer then look up your region

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How can help me? The Problem is as follows:
When I play songs(mp3 or wave), you can listen the song for a short time in a normal quality. After few seconds the
song listen slower.
Afterwards the song start in the normal quality and this gos up and down. Also an update for my Soundcard was not a solution.

so how can help me.....
thanks in advance


Answer:Satellite Pro 4310: Sound quality changes many times


On this way it is really not easy to say what happen there. In my opinion just an intensive investigation can give you more answers.
Does problem persist with different players, different medias (DVDs or music CDs)?
If yes in my opinion there must be some hardware problem. I am not technician and can not give you a precise answer but try to sort out if it can be caused by software or hardware malfunction.

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Hi, I've a Thinkpad E455 (20DECTO1WW) laptop with latest Windows 10 installed. Also installed all latest drivers including the audio driver (Conexant Audio Driver_8.66.36.50). Observing a sound quality issue whenever the Dolby audio is being activated. Meaning, if the Dolby audio is switched on, the music whatever is playing sounds like playing inside a pipe. The same is not observed when Dolby audio is switched off. I've recorded the video by switching on and off the Dolby audio for your reference, please Download Attachment and listen to that with decent volume so that it is easier for you to make out the differences. Please help providing me appropriate solution. Regards,Parthiban

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Hope I've got this in the right place.

Purchased above and upgraded sucessfully to Windows 7 from XP.
However, the sound is very poor quality - sounds "tinny"

This is applicable to CDs, radio and DVDs particularly when listening to audio books and radio making it impossible to listen to. Have tried changing the settings for the Realtek High Def Speakers, but no difference. Then updated drivers. Windows test 'sounds' are okay and sound coming from both speakers.

I think I've tweaked every available setting I can find but can't find a tweak/setting to change the sound (less bass?). I have seen the volume control and it makes no difference.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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just bought a Toshiba C850-1GL, very happy with it, with the exception of the sound quality, any suggestions on how this can be improved before I go and buy some external speakers...?

Answer:How to improve speakers and sound quality on Satellite C850-1GL

As far as I know you cannot do much about that. This notebook has standard stereo speakers and not high quality Harman/kardon like some other models so if you want to have good and brilliant sound you need external speakers.

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The sound quality on this laptop has been very bad for quite some time.

I have tried downloading all of the newest updates and drivers from the Toshiba wesite to no avail, including the most recent conexant driver, which appears to be from 2007. . . . I use XP/SP3. For a system that is supposed to have good sound quality, with the harmon kardon speakers, it is frustrating as it is unlistenable. The sounds cracks, pops, is intermittent, has static, and just is generally quite poor.

There is not a problem with the volume, just the awful sound quality Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite P105-S6024 and awful sound quality


I see you are using the Windows XP which was not preinstalled by Toshiba.
I think this notebook came with the Windows Vista OS.

Did you notice the same sound quality using the Windows Vista OS?
I think you should check this.

If the sound woudl be better using the Vista then it could be a sound driver issue.
I found another Conexant sound driver for Win XP. I use this one:

Check this too!

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Please I need your help.

I have my Satellite A300-15D and I have got a problem with my sound.
When I upgrade to Vista ultimate or go back to XP my sound turns very bad quality and i tried to update drivers and utilities but no way and finally I have to go back to Vista home that came in recovery.

I hate that and I need a solution.

please reply

Answer:Bad sound quality after XP or Vista upgrade on Satellite A300-15d


What do you mean exactly by "bad sound quality"?
Is it too low or what?

The A300-15D seems to belong to the PSAJ4E series.
The Conexant audio driver for Win XP and vista is available on the Toshiba European driver page.

I've got the same sound chip in my notebook and the sound is ok... I have also noticed that I've got a SmartAudio in the control panel.
This seems to be a additional tool to improve the sound quality.

Maybe you should check this.

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I have problems with microphone/recording quality on my A60 particularly but not limited to situations when using a USB phone. Talking on the USB phone produces a lot of static when used with the A60, which is not the case when I use a other notebook.
Both laptops have the same VOIP and 'simplyphone' software.

Any ideas what might be the problem? Drivers?

Toshiba support suggests seeing if a system restore will improve things but I'm reluctant to go through that for a dubious result.

Answer:Satellite A60: Poor microphone sound quality when using USB phone


I don?t think that the driver update will help you. The OS uses simple common USB Microsoft drivers. I think we should search the ?problem? somewhere else.

You could try to disable the power save option in the device manager -> USB hub -> properties. I have noticed that if the power saving was enabled on the USB ports some external devices could not work with full performance.
Additionally you should disconnect the other USB devices during testing the USB microphone.
I think it?s not impossible that some external USB devices could have a bad influence on the USB microphone usage.

PS: I found a intersting site about USB microphone testing

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So I've recently used this laptop and whenever I plug in my earphones the quality goes from Loud and Great to something just bad.

I've tried using my earphones on other devices and they work just fine.
This is the first time that I've encountered this problem as well.

Your replies are well appreciated. Thanks!

Answer:Satellite L50-B943 - Audio Jack Quality issue

How to understand this audio issue?
What is wrong there?
Can you please explain this audio issue?

Please be sure your earphones are connected properly. If they are ?half way? connected it is possible that sound will not be good. The same happen on my machine.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite C855-22U (OS Windows 8) Audio Output is really bad, not only listening the music but also recording something (through software as Audacity for example, and listening the result on other PC)

How can I solve this problem?
Which settings have I to modify?

Thank you very much

Answer:Satellite C855-22U - audio output quality issue

>... Audio Output is really bad
Is this noticeable with internal speakers only? Have you tested it with external speakers or headphones?

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Hello I had before OS Windows Vista Home premium 32 bit but it was preinstalled on my notebook,
but was very bad and I install a new OS Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 32 bit...

All is good but on Vista the sound was very very good and high quality,
but now I install XP and sound is very very bad not than on Vista, on Vista was very good and quality sound. what is the problem?

What driver/s I have install on my XP for high quality sound than on Vista?
My notebook specifications are on this site: &ACTION=PRINT_WITH_BACK&BV_UseBVCookie=yes&PRODUCT _ID=1058048

Thank you very very much and sorry my english,
I?M from Slovakia :)

Answer:Satellite A300D-17D - bad sound quality running Win XP - Vista is good


You should go to the toshiba driver page and check for xp sound driver for your model:

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My laptop wasn't running well so decided to restore.
Got the option to erase....and so I did as I thought this meant take back to factory settings'

Now..nothing. I did make recovery disc although where it is after moving house I have no idea !
On turning on I get 'Checkign Media : Fail.

I know I can order a new recovery disc...but it's ?30 and I need to know if that will restore my laptop or whether I have done more damage.

Actually seems a ridiculous option to be on there, but it is and I can't do anything about it.

Please help and advise, it is a disc or an expensive Computer Shop repair.

Answer:I seem to have wiped HDD on Satellite C870

Best solution for you is to order original Toshiba recovery disc. This disc contains original recovery image designed for your notebook model. Recovery image is operating system that includes all drivers and Toshiba specific tools and utilities.
After using this disc you will have original factory settings like on first start after purchase.

Ok it costs a bit but it is cheaper than original Microsoft disc and after recovery image installation everything will be installed and it is not necessary to install some important drivers. Everything will be configured perfectly.

Just for info:

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the motherboard of my c870-172 is broken, where can I find the serial number for finding a spare part? and is there a good site to find one?

Answer:Satellite Pro C870-172 - need new motherboard

The serial part number isn’t known to me but I think you can use most motherboards which are released for Satellite C870 series.
All parts can be ordered from Toshiba authorized service provider available in your country but note: beside the display panel, motherboard is most expensive notebook part.

I think you will need to spend little fortune to get a compatible motherboard.

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Hello! I have a Satellite C870-11H laptop and i want to upgrade the cpu now to extend it's life a bit more, but i can't find cpu compatibillity.Can someone point me to the right direction?Thanks in advance!

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I need to switch off Wi-Fi to get rid of interference noise on audio recordings and to preserve battery.
My laptop is C870-156 ser no 6C168249R.

Fn/F12 has transmitter icon but does not seem to work.
Can anyone please help?

Answer:How to switch off Wi-Fi on my Satellite C870-156?

I presume you use original Win7 that you got with your notebook.
Using original recovery image all necessary drivers, tools and utilities should be installed.
For WLAN card you must use FN+F12 key combination.

When you say that this doesn't work I would like to know if you can use all other FN keys.
When you press FN button can you see ?Flash Cards? at the top of the screen?

What you can also do is to disable WLAN card in device manager.

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My friend's Satellite C870--1C3 shows no screen at all.
However he claims that it did restart after the fall and the second time it wouldn't anymore.

I have tried to connect it to an external screen but also nothing there.

Any suggestions before I open it ?

Answer:Re: Satellite C870-1C3 does not show anything

Are you able to access the BIOS pressing F2 button while powering on the unit?
Can you see the Toshiba splash screen?

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I do not arrive to booter on a CD boot on my portable one.
Although I modified the priorities of boot in the BIOS or that I force the upturn on the reader DVD under Windows 8.
The reader reads well, engraves well.
Did you meet the same problems and that to do?

Thank you

+Message was edited: No English part has been removed+

Answer:CD Boot on Satellite C870-196

I understood your issue as you are not able to boot from the CD/DVD drive.
Is it right?

Your notebook was preinstalled with Win 8 and I think the BIOS support the option: "Secure Boot and UEFI Boot.
Please change the option "Secure Boot" to "disabled" and the "UEFI Boot" to "CSM Boot" in order to allow the system to boot from external devices.

Here more details:
+BIOS setup changes are necessary, if booting from external devices is required (Genuine Windows 8 units)+

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i will update the Toshiba Satellite C870-19R with a SSD Samsung Pro 840 but it don't boot.

He says: no system found.

Message was edited by: joch333n

Answer:Satellite C870-19R does not boot up with new SSD

No system found means that there is no system installed on SSD drive...

What are you trying to do?
Do you boot from a disk in order to install new system?

In such case you have to disable secure boot in the BIOS.
I recommend also switching from UEFI to CSM mode!

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According to the user's manual, I should press F2 and then the power button to get into the BIOS. This doesn't work. I have tried a couple of other typical combinations (ESC, DEL, all Fx keys,...), but no success either. I'm not able to boot Windows at the moment, so I really have to get into the BIOS directly. What should I do?

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Hello everybody!

I am a kind of a modding enthusiast and recently got myself an old C870. I really like the model because it is quite lightweight for its size and performance.

It originally had an i5-3230M, but I have an i7-3720QM so I tried that too. It works, but clock speeds when stress testing are about 1,2-1,4GHz lower (~2,0GHz compared to 3,4GHz on another laptop with that CPU), and sometimes it even reboots when under load.

So I looked for a BIOS upgrade and guess what I found - it seems that they "Set CPU power limit to address an adapter issue" from v. 1.40 on! It seems that they limited the power fed to the CPU to only 30-35W.

Now I want to test an older BIOS and see how it works, but it seems that the links to the older versions are broken (they erroneously lead to the Satellite E50x/E55x/U50x):

Can anybody help me find the 1.30 version?

I promise to update you with results afterwards

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I am (was about to) buy a Toshiba Satellite C870-1H2 (from
The specs look ideal for me, but at the last moment I thought to check whether the VT-x extensions are supported.

I know that the CPU supports the extensions (as detailed here: []), but I also know that the extensions are often not enabled (or there is no BIOS option to enable them).

The phrase 'Virtualisation Technology' (which is present on some other specification pages) is clearly missing from the laptop specs here: [].
I've seen comments that suggest the Satellite *Pro* series usually provides virtualisation support, but it still seems to be missing from the specifications of many current Pro models.

I'm not sure why the C870 would not support VT-x when we know its hardware does, but the specs suggest that is the case. On other hand, I haven't found any references to people complaining about the absence of VT-x support.

So my question is, does the Satellite C870-1H2 actually support VT-x, or not?
(and if not, since it requires just a tiny piece of BIOS code, why not?)


Answer:Satellite C870-1H2 and virtualisation support

Just to expand on this slightly, I've now found a place selling (at a good price) the Satellite C70-A-108 [] which is very similar, but is a current model.

The same question applies. Do these models support virtualisation, i.e. can I use VirtualBox to run a 64bit guest OS?

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I'd like to know if it is possible to remove the top of a key on a TOSHIBA Satellite C870-C196 to clean underneath?

I have a button that does not function properly.

How to go without anything break?

Is there a specific tutorial for this keyboard showing how?

Thank you all.

Kind regards

Answer:How to remove the top of a key on a Satellite C870-C196?

Tutorial for this doesn't exist but what I can say is that you can remove plastic ?keycap?. It can be problematic to put it back in place.
On older machines this was pretty easy but on newer notebooks with flat keycaps it is not so easy. As far as I know every keycap is fixed with 4 pretty small holders hat must be fixed properly. to put all 4 in the place is not so easy.

I don't know what to say. You can try it but on other hand I don't want to encourage doing this because you can damage something and at the end you must replace whole keyboard.

If there is some serious problem you can ask Toshiba service for advice and ask for help.

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I have a Satellite C870-155 (PSC8AE) and am having trouble with the Touchpad.

The buttons work, but the pointer/trackpad does not.

The laptop needed a hard drive replacement, and I do not have any recovery media. I am running a fresh vanilla Windows 7 install (Home Premium, 64-bit).

I have installed all drivers I can find (Including the touchpad).

I have tried pressing F5/Fn+F5, but that doesn't change anyuthing as far as I can see.

I'm running the latest BIOS I can find (6.60).

Any suggestions?

Answer:Satellite C870-155 - Touchpad is not working

baconroll did you try the system tray touchpad icon properties where you have to enable the touchpad

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I have icons on MS that make Upgrade from My WIN7 to WIN10 gratis.

my Satellite Pro C870 has or not FULL compatibility on WIN10?

Answer:Is Satellite Pro C870 Windows 10 supported

Satellite Pro C870 isn’t listed on Toshiba’s models supported for upgrade to Windows 10 website.

This means that this notebook model will not get Windows 10 drivers and software but of course the Windows 10 installation is possible

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I recently bought a Satellite Pro C870-172 and I found that the FN key is used by default..

I mean that if I need to use the normal F1 or F2 key I have to press "FN" + F1 or F2 etc... otherwise I get the toshiba function. that would be very nice but in a lot of techincal programs I need to use the normal F1 F2... keys!

is there a way to invert the default system so that when I press the F1 key I get the F1 function and when I press FN+F1 I get the toshiba function?



Answer:Satellite Pro C870-172: How to use Fn buttons pressing FN key

Yes, you have to go to BIOS by pressing F2
Now switch to tab Advanced and then open System Configuration.
Here you will see the option called: Function Key mode (without pressing Fn firstly)
This option needs to be disabled.

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Is it possible to enable "wake on USB" on a C870-142, specifically from the USB 3.0 port? In Device Manager the USB 2.0 root hub properties have the "allow this device to wake the computer" greyed out, whilst the USB 3.0 root hub properties doesn't have a power management tab. All have the latest drivers from Intel, not outdated Windows Update ones.

There is no option I can find in the InsydeH20 BIOS, which is the latest update to version 6.80 from Toshiba's drivers site - I haven't tried to find/load any other BIOS version. I want to fit a USB Gigabit LAN adapter, but need it Wake on LAN (which works with the internal fast ethernet NIC). It's "allow this device to wake the computer" is ticked, but I guess that's not relevant if the USB port it's attached to isn't enabled.

Answer:Is it possible to enable "wake on USB" on a Satellite C870-142?

In case such ?wakeup on USB ? feature isn?t available and supported by BIOS, you will not be able to use it.

Note: you cannot use any BIOS! You have to use the BIOS available on Toshiba website. Usage of other BIOS will damage the EPROM module and motherboard.

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Good night,

I have a Satellite PRO C870-1CJ laptop. Some days ago I got a blue screen stating display problems and since then the laptop screen is black and there is no image shown in it. I entered in secure mode and tried to connect it to a VGA monitor with success.
As I imagine it was a problem with the graphic card since in the blue screen message it mentioned atikmgpag.sys I tried to install t the latest graphic driver but no news about the laptop screen.
Also I tried Toshiba Tempro which hasn't got success too. I've tried several things with no result.

Does anyone can help me to solve the issue? I'm a bit desperate.



Answer:Black screen on Satellite Pro C870-1CJ

When you start your notebook can you see Toshiba welcome screen? Can you see anything?
If yes, I recommend you to reinstall original recovery image and test functionality with “factory settings”.

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Stephanie and here is all the info from my laptop. (in attachments)

I can't read any CD/DVD with my laptop.

I can open the driver, insert a CD or DVD. I can close the driver. It starts turning, to read. (It does make a lot of noise as well) After a while it just stops turning.

Nothing happens. Even when I look in the menu of my computer, the driver is not even mentionned there.

I have Windows 8.1 on my computer. I did already check out the FAQ, but everything that I could find that could be helpfull is applied for Windows XP

Can somebody help me out with this?

Thank you!

Kind Regards,


Answer:DVD/CD drive is not working for a Satellite Pro C870-1CQ

Hi Stephanie

It is not easy to say what is wrong there. Either is your optical disc drive defective or there is some problem with the lens. Try to clean it up. I have done this using cotton swabs and liquid for LCDs cleaning.

By the way: is optical disc drive recognized properly in Windows explorer or device manager?

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Hi there,

I would like to replace the excisting harddisk from this laptop with a harddisk of 500 of 750GB.
How do I proceed with the Windows installed on the original harddisk, migrating to the new one.
I do not have a Windows 8 CD ROM, was not included when I bought the laptop

Thanks for your help and suggestions...

Lambert (Belgium)

Answer:Satellite C870-1K1 and harddisk replacement

If you use your notebook with original preinstalled operating system you can create recovery media using preinstalled recovery media creator tool. After HDD replacement you can use this media and reinstall original recovery image.

After doing this your notebook will have factory settings again.

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Hi, I hope I post in the right forum category so...

My laptop is Toshiba Satellite C870-190 and it doesn?t want to boot my windows 7 CD.
I tried first with DEL button which open the boot system when I start the notebook and then chose the CD-ROM device and don't want to load the CD and then I chose from F2 the first device on boot section to be the CD-ROM, still don't want to load it..... the final solution I tried to install it from the Windows 8 (current OS) from my computer -> cd-rom -> setup.exe, then click on INSTALL.

My laptop doesn?t let me to install it even from Windows.... on the screen say copying files..... and then it give me an error which say the operation failed.... what's going on with this laptop?

How can I format my HDD and then install windows 7?


Answer:How to install Win7 on Satellite C870-190?

At the start I must say that I hope you have created recovery media (DVD or USB) before you have started to install Win7.

Back to your Win7 installation. Long time ago I?ve installed Win7 on friends U940 and the first step was changing secure boot mode in BIOS settings -
After doing this Win7 installation has started properly but in my case SATA driver load was necessary.

Please check this at first and send some feedback.

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i'm a new SATELLITE C870-1JV user..
it comes with 6gb ram... (4+2)
Can i replace the 2gb with 8gb to give a total of 10GB?
I notice it can upgrade to 16gb in total so would like to do that eventually

Answer:Re: Satellite C870-1JV - Ram upgrade up to 10GB

The Satellite C870-1JV specification page says that you can upgrade the memory up to 8GB RAM.
This would mean that you can use only 2 x 4GB DDR3 1333MHz(PC3-10600) modules

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please I have connect WD Element 10B8 USB disk 750GB to BLUE socket .
please how can test if uses USB3 full speed or lower USB2 connecting bus?
Crystal disk mark 3.03 says 31MB/s read and write !? (too low for USB3 !?)


Answer:How to test USB speed on Satellite Pro C870?


You could use some freeware tools like
- H2testw
- Drive Speed Test 3.2
I used the H2testw for SD card check and USB memory stick test and I was satisfied.

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Hello folks

Is there a way to found out the windows 8 product key that was originally installed on the laptop as my laptop doesn't have the windows sticker anywhere. I reinstalled windows after I deleted the partition by accident and now its asking me for the product key which I don't know.

Answer:Satellite C870-1JV - How to get Windows 8 product key?

As far as I know product key used on original recovery image cannot be used if you use own OS version. Even with key from the sticker you cannot activate own version.

If you want to have original Win8 version (Toshiba recovery image) you must order recovery disc from Toshiba and you can do this on

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Well 15 minutes ago i was working fine with my laptop and all of the sudden i get the bsod..?

Then it restarts itself and after waiting 5 minutes for the windows screen to dissapear for a welcome screen it didnt show up.. So i tried the recovery.

Didnt work it gave me an error.. Whilst writing this subject all of the sudden it started up trough the desktop..

How is this even possible....

Answer:Satellite C870-12F - problems after BSOD

There are two possible reasons why BSOD would occur.

1) Serious Software issue
2) Hardware problem / fault

In case of point 1) the system/notebook recovery should fix such issue. But it didn?t
Therefore I think that in your case the hardware started to malfunction.

You would like to know what part could malfunction.
Well I think these details can be provided only by an engineer who already checked the unit and ran some diagnosis software.

In my opinion its NOT HDD problem. In case of HDD issues the unit would power up properly but would not boot the system.
Possible hardware parts which could be affected are: RAM module or motherboard.

RAM issues can be solved easily by module replacement but in case of motherboard problems, the notebook fix can be very expensive in case the warranty isn?t valid.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite C870
part # PSCBAU-oEoo2u
serial # 6D 159927S

I believe I bought this laptop in either June or July of 2013, but I'm not 100%.

My track pad has been giving me issues. Sometimes the mouse itself freezes and it takes 10-15 seconds for it to unfreeze. The buttons are also getting hard to press. Sometimes when I press down, they barely move. I'm currently unemployed and don't have any money so I was wondering if anyone knew of any tips or tricks to giving the track pad a through cleaning in case that's the problem?

"Back in the day" we all had those mouses with the big grey rubber balls and when your mouse wasn't working, you just had to take them out, wipe them down, and you were all good to go.

I could get myself a bluetooth mouse, if there is no resolution for this, but I spend most of my computer time in my room and I don't have a desk and using a bluetooth mouse can be a pain in the but.

Thank you for any help you can provide!

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Hi everyone,

My Satellite sometimes "freezes" wich is becoming quite annoying. It's been doing so since the very start and the moments appear to be random. Weither i'm using chrome or typing in word doesn't really matter. I'm running on windows 8 and couldn't find anything in the previous posts so thought i might ask...

Any thoughts anyone?

Best regards,

Answer:Re: Satellite C870-1J6 -Win8 freezes

Does it freeze for short period of time or completely so you must restart your notebook?

You know it is not easy to discuss about issues that happen ?sometimes?

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I would like to know how to boot on a CD or a USB drive.
My computer is a Toshiba Laptop Satellite C870-191.
I have saved a new boot order on BIOS screen but it doesn't work as expected.
Your sincerely,

Answer:Satellite C870-191 - How to boot on a CD or a USB drive?

When you start your notebook press F12 several times to enter boot menu. There you can choose which device should be used as first bootable device.

Check it out.

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Hi Guys,

I am probably being a real muppet, but have just brought this laptop for my dad, and we cannot seem to see where the disk drive/dvd player bit is and how do we open it - any help please!

Answer:Satellite C870-1F3 - Where is the disc drive/dvd?

I don?t understand if you cannot find optical disc drive or preinstalled software. Please be more specific.
Optical disc drive is on the left side and eject button is placed quite downward.

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i have a question about my Toshiba Satellite C870-18M wich has an Intel Pentium B960 Sandybridge 32nm.
Is it possible to use an Intel Core i5-3320M or Intel Core i7-3612QM Ivybridge 22nm with my board?
kind regards
Sofie B.

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The webcam from my 2 week old laptop stopped working. I was looking for a reinstal but couldn't find it on the Toshiba website. I still have the webcam pictogram, but when I select it, it sais: "Webcam driver open failed, please restart your camera or computer." I'm using windows 7...

Thank You!

Answer:Webcamera is not working on my Satellite C870-12E

Webcamera driver for your Satellite you can find HERE .
Remove preinstalled version, restart your notebook and install this version.

Please post some feedback.

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I'm having error while trying to restore my laptop.
Laptop is a C870-196 one.

I fail creating the recovery disk so I bought the disk from Toshiba by the end of 2013. I've not use the disk since this date.

I think my hdd partition are corrupted so I want to start the process from scratch.

I've cleaned the disk using the product recovery disk (takes 4hours ;-) )
Then I run the disk again and during the file copy I got an error message:
Toshiba Recovery Wizard
Error : 0002
Copy Image error
OK to shut down the computer

What should I do to reset my laptop with factory settings ?


Answer:Error while reseting Satellite C870-196

Manage to make an USB boot with the contains of the 2 recovery CDs.

Recovery tool does further but at first reboot windows was damaged and rebooting all the time.
Can not repair itself ;-)

I'm trying another time.

Any idea welcome.

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I am trying to connect via bluetooth my Aspire One Cloudbook 14" to a wireless sound bar. pairing was successfull but it still won't work...What am I missing??

Answer:bluetooth connection to sound bar

Have you looked in playback devices to see if you need to set it default? Sometimes they don't automatically do it.Right click little speaker icon in tray and select Playbavk devices.

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I seemed to have damaged the audio jack on my laptop, does any one know where I can get a replacement for it and advise me if it's easier to replace or to get someone to replace it for me

Answer:Satellite C870 - i damaged audio jack - where to get new one?

I?m not quite sure if you would be able to get such part separately.
From my knowledge the headphone and mic jack are part of the motherboard and are soldered to the mobo.

However, all compatible parts can be ordered from the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country.

PS: maybe another solution would be an option for you: some kind of adapter like USB 2.0 to 3.5mm Audio/Mic Jack

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I have a Satellite C870 - 1H2 and I am unable to use the Toshiba Video Player (version I have tried to play several dvds but nothing happens, these dvds play ok on TV video player. When I bought the laptop it came with Windows 8, later I installed Windows 8.1 and now I have Windows 10. I also tried to play dvds thro' Windows Media Player on the laptop but the player couldn't find the disc to play.
Any info on what to do or try will be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Computer: Toshiba Satellite C870-15L (17")
Bought in Norway, pr. Aug. 2012.

A bit surprised when I back in August opened up, to install and make the computer ready for one of my family members. Not a single cd or dvd was included, not even restore or original Windows 7 Pro dvd.

Though, I got the option to burn four or five cd/dvd's within a built-in Thosiba-program in the Windows 7 - which I of course did.

Still, I would like to have some kind of original Windows 7 Professional 64-bit cd/dvd's. I have seached through the "My Page" on the Toshiba web-pages (after registering the computer online), but can not find any
information about how to order this. I know that it should be possible to make such an order, but I'm not really sure who to contact.

The retailer where I bought the computer, Toshiba, or Microsoft?
If anyone could shed some light on this topic, it would be very welcoming.

Answer:New Satellite: C870-15L - how to get the original Windows7 Pro-disc?

Hi buddy

Toshiba notebook are not delivered with Windows system disks.
You can create an recovery disk which would contain the preinstalled system, drivers and other tools.

The clean Win 7 disk is not provided by Toshiba.

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my name is ??????. I have some problems with amd display driver downloading.
Downloading process is breaking. i used different location but result is same.
Anyone help me download this driver. may be somebody can get another link from another source or site...
I am very sad :(

PS: Windows 7, 32

Answer:Can't download AMD display driver for Satellite C870-C7W

Can you tell us which notebook model do you have so we can check Toshiba download page?

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I have a new notebook and my problem is that the maximum resolution that can be adjusted is 1366 x 768, though the display has a resolution of 1600 x 900. The problem is, that only 80% of the desktop is shown, the area on the right is not displayed.

I could not find a suitable .inf file in the download section.

What can I do?

Answer:Satellite C870-19L cannot adjust correct resolution

In notebook specification is clearly written that your notebook was delivered with preinstalled Win8 64bit and this preinstalled OS (recovery image) contains right display driver. By default factory settings resolution must be set to native display resolution.

The question is: do you use this original preinstalled OS and if not what are you doing exactly?

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I have a Satellite C870 (model number PSCBAE).

I am trying to determine if I need to update the BIOS (trying to resolve a continual blue screen of death issue).

My current BIOS version is 6.10 (09/24/2012). On the driver upgrade page I am told that a BIOS upgrade is available, with the upgrade to version listed as 1.60-WIN.

I have downloaded and tried to install but get the error message "This bios is not for your notebook pc...".

Does anyone know what the latest BIOS version is for this machine?


Answer:Satellite C870 - correct BIOS version

You are right about BIOS version. Version 1.60 is the latest for your notebook model.
To be honest I don?t think BIOS update will be magic solution for your problem.
If nothing helps back-up all your data and reinstall OS using HDD recovery installation.

Do you use original preinstalled OS that you got with your notebook or maybe own version?

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I have a weird problem, I bought the computer 6 months ago and have been happy with it, but I got somekind of virus and all the OS was ****ed up big time, so yesterday I would da a factory install with the recovery discs I created when I purchased the computer.

I have the Toshiba System Disc and 4 recovery dvds, I insert the sytem disc and all looks like it should, it loads and then it ask for Disc One of the recovery discs, I insert Disc 1 and after 10 sec. it ejects it again and ask for Disc One again.

I have verified the 5 discs on my other computer and there is data on them and they look okay, I have tried inserting all of the discs to see if I switched them when I printed on them, nothing is working, it will simply not reconize disc one and I am stuck? Any help from anyone?

I am pretty sure its not the hardware that are bad, because I had an old XP windows disc, and after I tried all, I tried to install this on the computer and everything was fine, but I would like to have windows 7 as the computer came with....

Regards Allan Thomsen

Answer:Satellite C870-121 recovery discs is not working?


Very strange buddy?
Could it be possible that the CD/DVD drive cannot read the first disk properly?
I mean it could be a disk issue and not the issue with the data

I?m not sure what?s wrong here but you have no many options here:
To recover the notebook, you have to use the Toshiba Recovery disks or the HDD recovery?
Can you use the HDD recover procedure?
Power up the unit, press F8, choose Repair my Computer -> HDD recovery.

If this is not possible ? well?. You could still order a new disk here:

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I own a sattelite C870-13E computer since august.

Yesterday for no apparent reason, my touchpad stopped working. (no, I didn't turn it off)
Not really bothered by it, i kept working on my computer for several hours.
It then occurred to me it might be a little bug, so I decided to restart my computer.

When it turned back on, not only my touchpad didn't work, now nothing on my keyboard responded, not a single key. I updated drivers, bios, ran a virus scan, rolled back my computer to a few days earlier, nothing helped.

The strange thing is that the keyboard still responds when i hold the 0, F1 or F8 keys, as well as enter and arrow keys to get in the menus before windows starts up.

Using those, i used the toshiba recovery to set the computer back to factory settings.
Despite all that, keyboard and touchpad are still out.
I really don't understand, since it works during startup it can't be actual materialistic damage!

Now i'm getting frustrated cause i have no more solutions and typing with on-screen keyboard is really slow! =p

Any help?

Answer:Keyboard and touchpad don't work on Satellite C870-13E


I think it?s a hardware malfunction because you already tried the system recovery and the keyboard does not work even if using factory settings.

But it would be interesting to know if the USB external keyboard would functions. Can you test this? In my opinion if the external keyboard would works properly, then this would mean that your internal keyboard is faulty and needs to be replaced.
I?m wondering if the touchpad fault is related to the internal keyboard malfunction.

However, I think the warranty should be still valid if you purchased this unit in August. So get in contact with service and the guys should fix it free of charge!

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I research a software that allows managing and to check my webcam HD (not the drives).

Do the photos, record the flow, add organizations, etc...

Thank you


Answer:Satellite C870-196 - need some good software to use with webcam

hm? did you test the preinstalled webcam software?
This allows you to take pictures, record movies.

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I recently noticed that i cannot change settings in BIOS anymore, almost all settings are greyed out. I'm not sure when this happened, maybe after updating to BIOS version 1.6 but it could also happened after upgrading to Windows 8. I'm just not sure. What i do know that it was ok before.

What i did notice is that in the Post-screen (where you can use F2) on the lower right side of the screen there is a sort of Power button Logo which i never noticed before.

All efforts to push whatever buttons falied to edit settings in the BIOS.
Hope someone can help out.

Answer:Satellite C870-12E - BIOS settings greyed out

>What i did notice is that in the Post-screen (where you can use F2) on the lower right side of the screen there is a sort of Power button Logo which i never noticed before.

Did you enable Fast-Boot in BIOS?
Try to disable this? also in BIOS try to set the settings to default.
As I can remember in BIOS you need to press F9 to get default and save it pressing F10?

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When I want to update or add applications coming from web blind, I have the error message 0x80070005 that posts itself

What I can do to remedy this problem

Thank you


Answer:Satellite C870-196 - error message 0x80070005

It is not easy to understand your problem.
Can you please post more info?
Which applications you want to update or add?

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I burn a lot of audio CD's (mp3 to audio) and my C870 used to do this fine, but since an update via the Tempro service, the CD's I burn will not play. The burn process completed successfuly, but out the CD into any CD player and it doesn't recognise it as an audio disc. I use the inbuilt Nero software to burn as well as trying Media Jukebox and even Windows Media player but same result every time.

The drivers are apparently up to date according to Windows.

Any advice appreciated before I resort to buying external writer. Laptop went out of warranty July 2013.

Answer:Satellite C870 - failing to burn Audio CD's

> The burn process completed successfuly, but out the CD into any CD player and it doesn't recognise it as an audio disc.

What CD player you mean exactly? Do you mean the internal CD/DVD player in your notebook?
What update did you made or received via Tempro?

From my point such issues might be related to the disks. Try other brands; Verbatim, TDK, etc?
Last time I made good experience using TDK CD?R

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My friend left his laptop here at my home because his little son has put an password on BIOS and the laptop wont start.
Because his son forgot the password?
Can anyone please help me can i remove the password on a simpel way so i can start the laptop again??

Answer:Re: Satellite C870-14W - How to remove BIOS Password?

Hi Johan

BIOS password is very important security feature. As far as I know on Toshiba notebooks there are several methods for BIOS password removal and it should be done by authorized service provider and when you can prove that notebook belongs to you.

About such issues we cannot discuss on public forum. It will be easy to unlock every stolen notebook. Sorry but I hope you understand how serious this theme is.

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I recently bought a new notebook of toshiba.
I've noticed that the AMD drivers arent supported directly and i needed to download them from here.

They dont seem to do the trick and i've always found these support sites quite confusing.
So my laptop is the Toshiba satellite C870-1GD ( pscbce-03c004bt )
( [Link 1|] : Dutch )

The belgian driver site for my laptop give these 2 drivers
intel : [Link| ategory=2&selFamily=2&selSeries=312&selProduct=747 3&selShortMod=3766&language=12&selOS=40&selType=11 &yearupload=&monthupload=&dayupload=&useDate=null& mode=allMachines&search=&action=search&macId=&coun try=3&selectedLanguage=12&type=11&page=1&ID=88053& OSID=40&driverLanguage=42]
amd : [Link| ategory=2&selFamily=2&selSeries=312&selProduct=747 3&selShortMod=3766&language=12&selOS=40&selType=11 &yearupload=&monthupload=&dayupload=&useDate=null& mode=allMachines&search=&action=search&macId=&coun try=3&selectedLanguage=12&type=11&page=1&ID=88048& OSID=40&driverLanguage=42]

I've downloaded them both and figured the intel should b... Read more

Answer:Updating Display drivers on Satellite C870-1GD

In your case situation is pretty clear. Your notebook model has AMD Radeo HD 7610M GPU inside and last supported driver is always offered on Toshiba download page. If you have this latest version that?s it.

Anyway, in the past several people have reported about troubles with Minecraft. Put Minecraft as search term in this forum and you will find several interesting threads. One of them you can read on

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My laptop Toshiba Satellite C870 turns on automatically when I open it. And this seemingly happens, however when I want to write in my pin code, I cannot do so!! I press the right keys on the keyboard, but it doesn't register, like nothing appears. So I go to restart and then I can write my pin code . It is as if the automatic switch on system ,when opening the computer lid doesn't work as it should. Is there something I can do to fix that? It is rather time consuming to have to restart before I can get going.

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I have got an issue with the brightness. The screen is too bright, maximum power. I cannot decrease it with F2 or F3, even with the software solution...

The other issue is, Toshiba website does not provide the drivers anymore. I cannot find the reference in the website with the automatic detection, even with the serial number.

Could you please help me, use this computer with sunglasses is not an option...


Answer:Satellite C870-15R - cannot change Brigthness level

Can you change brightness level using options in power options directly?
Check please this option.

If automatic detection doesn?t work try to find all stuff manually.

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I'd like to set a password only to access or modify the BIOS and not to launch the system on my TOSHIBA Satellite C870-196.

But I do not understand which set up in BIOS:

- Set Admin password
- Set User password

Thank you

Kind regards

Answer:Satellite C870-196 - How to set password to access BIOS only?


Here is some basic stuff for better understanding

Check it please and if you have more questions you are welcome.

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I have a satallie C 870 withwindows 10, but now my hdd is almost crashed and i want to replace it with a ssd card, i bought a toshiba ssd and have create a startup usb with the windows 10 media creator tool, unfortanly i cant startup with this usb, i ave tried all options in bios like UEFI and CMS but still it say no bootable media, what must i do?

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our Laptop Satellite Pro C870-19D runs fine under Windows 8.1. Now the Windows 10 registration and upgrade advisor tool has been installed automatically by Windows Update and it states that two internal Bluetooth components of this laptop will not be compatible with Windows 10.
Currently no updated Bluetooth driver is available neither via Windows online driver update nor via Toshiba Service Station.

Will there be a driver update in the near future which will ensure the compatibility with Windows 10?

Best regards, Hans-Georg

Answer:Satellite Pro C870-19D: Windows 10 - BT seems to make problems

Also this question. Updated driver required please.

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Can my Toshiba Model Satellite Pro C870-1E2 laptop work on the 5Ghz band with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.Tried posing this question to Toshiba but there appears to be a technical hitch there so unable to forward my question to them.

Answer:Can Satellite Pro C870 work on 5Ghz band?


The Wlan frequency depends on the WLan card.
I think the notebook was equipped with the Realtek RTL8723AE WLan card which supports the 802.11 B / G / N standard

5Ghz is available only using 802.11 A or N

802.11 N standard operates at 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz but 5Ghz would be available ONLY if the WLan card would support additional 802.11 A standard; i.e 802.11 A / N.

But Realtek RTL8723AE doesn?t support 802.11 A and therefore the 5Ghz are not possible for this WLan module.

Here is an similar thread about the same theme:

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Problems with cd-boot and usb-boot (windows repair):
Notebook: Toshiba Satellite C870-19R

I boot my Notebook with the Windows-Repair-Disk (CD and USB).
But the Programm will not be loaded.
The Notebook reboot automatically after a while...
No chance to recover the Image ...

The new BIOS-update has already been installed...

Any Ideas ??


Answer:Satellite C870-19R - cannot boot windows repair CD or USB

Hi, is it related to my question in this thread?

*Satellite C850 - How to change Boot Order in BIOS?*

ie, are you able to change the boot order so as to enable the machine to boot from the cd or usb drive?

Just a thought.


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I lost my software Satellite C870-196 (read dvd nero12, etc.).

Can we find or upload it somewhere?
I do not have a folder on my sheets containing the software.

thank you

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Answer:Satellite C870-196 - where to get software like Nero or WinDVD

English please.

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I'm trying to tether to a Palm Treo 755p to a S10e.  I'm using USBModem on the 755p.  I've installed Ubuntu re-mix on the S10e (dual boot for Linux and XP) and I can connect to the 755p with no issues using Bluetooth/Linux. When I try to connect to the same device through XP there is NO Bluetooth "option" (Bluetooth modem) to make the DUN connection.  I know it all works under Linux but it is frustrating that I can't make the connection under XP! Any ideas on how to get this working under XP?  By the way, I can do Bluetooth/Palm syncs from the 755p to XP with no problems. -Karl


Go to Solution.

Answer:S10e Bluetooth DUN Connection Issue

As a side note, I have gotten this working on other laptops/desktops using the Microsoft XP drivers.  The Bluetooth drivers that came with the S10e seem to be the issue or I'm missing something. -Karl

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