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Satellite C850-1G3 touchpad stoped working - keyboard very flexing

Question: Satellite C850-1G3 touchpad stoped working - keyboard very flexing

I purchased a new C850-1G3. Touchpad doesn't work well, sometime stop to working (also during Win8 first installation). The keyboard has bad feeling: very very flexing (like netbook of some year ago).
Feels cheap.

What do you think about? Touchpad stop working is normal?


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Preferred Solution: Satellite C850-1G3 touchpad stoped working - keyboard very flexing

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite C850-1G3 touchpad stoped working - keyboard very flexing

>Feels cheap.
The Satellite C850-1G3 is a cheap notebook. You can get it for about 370 Euros.

>Touchpad stop working is normal?
Even if the notebook is cheap, the touchpad should work properly.

But what do you mean exactly by stopped working?
Can you enable or disable the touchpad by pressing Fn + F5 (or just F5)??

Did you try to modify the touchpad settings? (can be found in control panel -> mouse -> last tab ?pointing device -> settings?)

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I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L500 and all the sudden my touchpad stop working.
I tried check in the control panel the options for mouse but I can not even find it in there.

Any idea of how to solve it.
Do I have to take it to a technical center?


Answer:Satellite L500: touchpad stoped working


Firstly; please check if the touchpad has not been disabled accidently.
Check FN + F9. This function enables and disables the touchpad.

Furthermore you can go to control panel -> mouse -> Device settings
Here you should also check if the touchpad is on or off.

Last but not least an touchpad driver update or reinstallation might help

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During usage the touchpad decided to stop working completely - the pad and the keys. Any ideas how to fix this?


Answer:Satellite C850 - Touchpad ceased working

Does touchpad works again when you restart your notebook?
Is there some reaction when you use FN+F9 key combination?

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Hi there

Been having problems with the mouse and touchpad on the Satellite C850-19Z.
It cuts out after a while. I?ve tried the shortcut on the computer but to no avail. I have phoned Toshiba and they told me to refresh the laptop.

It worked then it has cut out again a few weeks later so tried what I went through with Toshiba guys and nothing happens...I need the laptop for work.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Mouse/touchpad is not working on my Satellite C850

It is really unbelievable that you have the same problem with touchpad and external mouse. What is more unbelievable for me is the fact that Toshiba guys were not able to help you with this.

I really don?t know what to suggest about that. Notebook has valid warranty so Toshiba service MUST help you with this. I don?t know if there is possibility for you to get replacement so you can continue your work but talk with service guys about that and try to find solution.

By the way: do you use external mouse with cable or wireless mouse?

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Only had my C850-1D2 a few months, and the touchpad has suddenly stopped working completely, so I can barely do anything on the laptop. Restarting was no help. Has anyone else had this problem, and how did they fix it?


Answer:Satellite C850-1D2 Touchpad stopped working completely

Did you check if touchpad is disabled?
Pressing F5 (or Fn + F5) enables and disables the touchpad.

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This is the 5th time I'm using my laptop.(Only have it for 4 weeks now) My touchpad / mousepad stopped working. I tried installing new drivers, but still no luck. I'm running Windies 7, and also have a cordless mouse (luckily) - but this is also giving some problems.

My main concern is that the mousepad on laptop is not working.
Please help.

Answer:Satellite C850-F31Q - touchpad has stopped working

After reading your posting it is not easy to say what is wrong there. Who knows what happen with your touchpad?
Do you use original Windows 7 that you got with your notebook?
Can you enable or disable touchpad using FN+F9 key combination?

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Hi. Every time I turn the laptop back on the Synaptec touchpad is not working so I have to use a mouse. In device manager it say it is working and has the latest driver installed. After a while it starts working for no apparent reason. Any advice appreciated. Pete

Answer:Touchpad stops working every time Satellite C850-11C is rebooted

Was this happening when Win7 was installed?

Did you upgrade using the official Toshiba upgrade program or did you install a retail version of Win8?

Did you install Win7 drivers in Win8?

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I have a problem. During first time turn on my laptop, keyboard in my laptop didn't response (does means any keys reSpons when I press them). When I swtiched exteral USB keyboard, laptop keyboard working.
I have the newest version of bios and drivers.My currents operating system is Windows xp.

Please help


Answer:Satellite A200-1GM - (PSAECE) - keyboard has stoped working

>When I switched external USB keyboard, laptop keyboard working.

This means that keyboard controller is OK and the issue seems to be related to the internal keyboard. Faulty internal keyboard needs to be replaced to resolve your problem.

Are you from Poland?
I guess you could get a new keyboard from Toshiba authorized service provider who is available in Poland. Also a common keyboard (84 keys) should be compatible.

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I have a Satellite C850 only 8 months old and the keyboard just stops working quite frequently. I have to click where I left off and start typing again but a few letters later it freezes again. I have a USB keyboard and mouse attached and it does the same on the USB keyboard as on the laptop keyboard. It leads me to think that it's a driver problem.

I have researched forums and reset to default in BIOS and also tried pressing FN, left Shift, Left CTrl then Right Shift which one forum said works but it doesn't.

Any ideas before it goes in the bin?

Answer:Satellite C850 - Keyboard stops working

Check please if newer BIOS version is available. If I?m remembering well in the past similar issues were fixed with new BIOS version.

Notebook has valid warranty so you have one more option and t is to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. If there is some hardware problem they should fix it.

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Certain keys on the the keyboard on our Satellite C850-1c4 have stopped working. For example, the Q,W, R & T work but not the E? Any suggestions what we can do fix it?

Steve - Hull.

Answer:Satellite C850-1C4 - Keyboard is not working properly

Hi Steve

Have you maybe updated BIOS?
Have you noticed this problem after dong some action or it started without no reason?

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Can any one please help?

I installed Windows 8, 32 Bit, as a clean install.
Used the Toshiba Assistant and all went well until the second day when I turned on the laptop
The Keyboard did not register any key strokes.

I plugged in a wireless Logitech keyboard and mouse, the functions such as DVD, Volume, & the power off switch worked, all the rest of the key strokes didn't register.

The function keys F2 & F12 doesn't work so I cant get into the BIOS settings.

Can anyone suggest a fix ?

Answer:Satellite P775-S7230 - after installing Win8 32bit, keyboard stoped working

>The function keys F2 & F12 doesn't work so I cant get into the BIOS settings.

This has nothing to do with the installed system.
If you are not able to access the BIOS because the F2 does not work, then this means that the keyboard hardware is not recognized by BIOS / notebook.

In this stage the Windows drivers are not responsible for the keyboard because on BIOS level (while powering up the unit) the system is not loaded? so it cannot be an Win8 issue or other system issue? it looks like a keyboard hardware problem.
I think it?s just a bad luck that this happened shortly after Win 8 installation?

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On my laptop Satellite L20 not working keyboard and touchpad, but keyboard work in BIOS, USB-ports also not working (USB mouse).

Can i get update file for BIOS(traditional updating from boot CD, not OS!)

Sorry for my bad English.

Answer:Satellite L20 keyboard & touchpad not working but keyboard work in BIOS

If the traditional BIOS update is not available on the download page the only way to get it is to contact nearest authorized service provider. They have all versions.

But this keyboard and mouse issue is really strange. can you use it if you start operating system in ?safe mode??

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My Aus K55a touchpad did nto work anymore. I rolled back the driver and it works. I have lost all the nice scrolling features and just have a basic mouse function. I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver with the same result everytime. It will work for about a minute and completly stop. ANy help is appreciated.

Answer:Asus touchpad stoped working...

try these
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download K55A

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Touchpad scroll has stoped working.
I've rebooted/ reinstalled driver/ reformated hardrive 3 times (this works but functionality soon stops) / sytem restore/ turned off firewall/ ???

Can anyone help please this is really annoying me for the first time I am having a problem with this machine that is really getting to me.

Answer:Touchpad scroll has stoped working on Equium

And which Equium you have? Is this some new notebook model with buttons on touchpad?

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I just newly installed Windows 7 on my C850-1F2. To get the installation to complete, I had to disable all unneeded devices in the BIOS, including the internal pointing device/touchpad. After this, the installation went smoothly and I subsequently installed all corresponding drivers (downloaded from Toshiba) manually.

All devices could be installed and are functioning correctly - except for the touchpad.
If I enable the touchpad in the BIOS again, Windows won't boot. It just stops at the "Windows is starting" screen - it's not even freezing (the animation keeps looping), it just won't continue. Booting in Safe mode, it will also stop after loading all drivers. I had the laptop running all night to see if I was just being too impatient, but to no avail.

The system also won't detect the touchpad. The device manager only displays the USB mouse I connected or nothing at all. When accessing the 'Mouse' settings, the system will first ask me whether I want to deinstall the existing Synaptics drivers. I tried that as well, reinstalling both Toshiba and the Synaptics generic driver, but no touchpad.

If I use FN+F5 to enable the touchpad (while previously disabled in the BIOS), I merely disable the keyboard. The touchpad won't work. However, I have to disable it again, then put the laptop into standby and wake it up again in order for the keyboard to work again.
Furthermore, if I reboot after using fn+f5, the touchpad is enabled in the BIOS again and Win... Read more

Answer:Satellite C850-1F2 - cannot enable touchpad

>To get the installation to complete, I had to disable all unneeded devices in the BIOS, including the internal pointing device/touchpad.
I have installed Win7 many times but I never heard about something like this and I?ve always installed it after BIOS was set to default settings so I don?t understand this ?theory? and cannot understand why you have done this.

Anyway, if nothing works well I strongly recommend you to set BIOS to default settings and then install own Win7 version. I hope you use original Microsoft installation disc and not some ?self made? stuff.

I don?t think there is some magic trick that can solve your problem.

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My touchpad stoped working and need help

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can someone please help me out, my touch pad was working fine last week, however when logging back into my machine the device would not work. I have located the device under hidden devices in device manager.

I have attempted to reinstall the drivers but keep getting the error message of the device may not be available, or some drivers may be missing. Any help that can be provided with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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I got a Satellite C850 last weekend and I'm having issues with the mousepad - it freezes frequently.........any help greatly appreciated - really don't want to have to send it in for repair after only 5 days

Answer:Satellite C850 touchpad freezes frequently

Try to update the touchpad software/driver.
Visit the Toshiba EU driver page:
Choose the notebook model you own, and download the touchpad driver.
I guess it?s from Synaptics.

You could also try the original touchpad software from Synaptics driver page:

Good luck dude

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My laptop is Satellite C850, windows 7. It was working well till I deleted some programs (as cleaning of spams). I'm not sure if that is related to my problem or not. Since then I can't scroll using my touchpad and I can't find its hardware or settings. It works well as a mouse but not to scroll.

Any help ????

Answer:Touchpad doesn't scroll - Satellite C850

Have you checked all touchpad options?
Be sure that scroll option is activated properly.

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I've just bought a toshiba c850/c850D laptop this week and the third day when I was browsing with chrome my touchpad mouse starts freaking out.

I could barely control the mouse with the touchpad, it kept "shooting up" at the top of the screen.
I rebooted the system to have the touchpad not functioning at all (mouse key's on laptop included).
When I plug in a external mouse via the USB, that one works fine.

I've tried the short cuts f5-key (turning off and on the touchpad on the laptop)
I've went to the mouse controls. Where the USB-mouse and the touchpad is visible. It just says it's functioning properly,which it is obviously is not.
took a printscreen:

I've even gone so far as restoring the computer to the factory settings by pressing f8 whilest rebooting etc etc.
Still the touchpad mouse wont work...

It runs windows 7.

Could someone please help me figure out how to get my touchpad functioning again?


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Answer:Problem with Satellite C850/c850D touchpad


The F5 enables and disables the touchpad
Please check if the touchpad is not disabled.
Also you can visit the Toshiba EU driver page to download the latest touchpad driver?
The touchpad driver update solves many touchpad issues.

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Satellite C660-28H

Win7 64bit

antivirus Kaskpersky deleted "system32/driver/cekbfilter.sys" file for keylogger reason (Kaspersky Support said It is mistake of Kaspersky antivirus, file is not virus or virused), and after I restart OS I find keyboard and touchpad not working at all.

Also I already asked about this at [US Toshiba Forum|] and there was advise to ask here too

I can not use Windows recovery (do not have recovery point) , and I do not want to do full recovery to factory default - there are many soft and personal data stored.

So Is here way to recover drivers? As I already said at US Toshiba Forum - I already tryed delete touch pad driver and instal from Synaptic official website, and I not changed anything.

Also I think antivirus may delete not only file, but do some fixes to remove "wrone" driver

Answer:Re: Satellite C660 - keyboard and touchpad are not working

Huh it is very stupid situation now. I never had such problems but it will be interesting to find solution to this.

Have you tried to connect external mouse, just to see if this can work? I mean it is much easier to use windows with mouse and choose different options.

If this works try to open device manager and properties for keyboard. There you can find option for driver update. Check if some driver update can be found. Fact is that keyboard uses standard Microsoft driver so f you are online maybe some driver can be found.

Of course best and easiest solution for you is recovery installation. If you don?t want to do this try to find right drivers using such driver update option.

One more thing: if you have so important stuff saved on HDD you can remove it from your notebook and connect it to other PC/notebook as external device and make backup. After doing this you can install recovery image and problem is solved.

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The laptop is just over 1 year old and has been working ok until recently.

First symptoms were keyboard and touchpad not working at windows 8 login page. Pressing power to put laptop in sleep and pressing again often got them working.

This progressed to the keyboard and touchpad not working at random points whilst using the laptop.

Finally blanked the HDD and restored windows 8 alone, the laptop still BSOD's fairly frequently - refuses to install updates required for 8.1 and the keyboard and mouse often do not work even in the BIOS setup page. I have reseated the RAM and HDD.

Running out of ideas, the keyboard and touchpad do work and so I would assume that their connections are OK - but frequently they just stop.

Any ideas appreciated?


Answer:Satellite C850D-11Q - Keyboard and Touchpad not working

Sorry forgot the model - C850D 11Q

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Swapped motherboard in this laptop because the old one had died. After plugging everything in and double checking all of my connections, here are the symptoms I am having now:

When the machine boots to windows I have no keyboard or touch pad. I have keyboard function at post long enough for me to hit f2 and get to the CMOS settings, after that I lose keyboard, except for using the function key and f4 to change monitors,

On boot up I can turn number lock on and then nothing again. I have tried resetting the CMOS, o have tried pulling all the cards like wireless and modem, tried different sticks of ram and even pulling the hard drive. If you have any thoughts or have seen this before please clue me in,



Answer:Toshiba Satellite L505 keyboard and touchpad not working.

What prompted the mobo replacement?

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Hello everybody

I have a serious problem in my Satellite A300-243. I installed using a CD a driver for external keyboard and after I restarted both keyboard and touchbpad stopped working and taking any order when I reach the vista welcome page.
What should I do because you know even I cant enter the windows to uninstall that driver.

Any way to do it while windows starting up?

Answer:Satellite A300-243 - Keyboard and touchpad stopped working


Why you installed a driver for external keyboard? I never heard about such drivers?

Anyway, you should try to boot in safe mode and then you are able to remove external keyboard driver from software list. After restarting in normal mode, the touchpad and keyboard should work properly again.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite U50T-A-10F which did the usual turn off and update last night however when I turned it back on the scroll mouse and keyboard won't work I managed to get in on because the touchscreen is still working but does anyone know why it would of updated then won't work?

Tried phoning support but only open Monday to Friday, I did take out extended warranty thank god!

Answer:Satellite U50T-A-10F - keyboard and ELAN touchpad not working

Having the exact same problem here, having to type on the touch screen as my keyboard and mouse have suddenly stopped working. Very annoying as I really need to use my laptop at the moment. Any suggestions on how to fix it are very much welcomed.

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Hi Toshiba Fans,
I got some very odd problems. The keyboard works in the BIOS but later on, after windows 7 64bit booted only if I go in sleep mode and awake.
Why is that?
The touchpad is not working at all, neither the pad, nor the buttons. I have activiated it with the little black button above the touchpad.

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Hello Guys

My Keyboard & touchpad stopped working today.
Its a Satellite L750D Part # PSK36A-009008 Serial # 7B339221W

I've tried a restore to a earlier date

Can anyone help

Answer:Satellite L750D - Keyboard & touchpad stopped working

Sounds like hardware problem.
Try to set the notebook back to factory settings. I guess you would need to use an external USB keyboard in case the internal keyboard does not work.

Here an instruction how to perform a System Recovery?

Feedback would be greatly appreciated

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Hi all,

my Toshiba has suffered a number of problems.
My touch pad, speakers and wifi no longer work.

Im running windows 8.
Tried a complete system restore to factory settings but in blocked from doing this.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Answer:Satellite C850-1GL Win 8 - touchpad, speakers, WiFi no longer work

> Tried a complete system restore to factory settings but in blocked from doing this.

In order to Reset the notebook (doing recovery) you?ve got two:
- Recovery disk (or flash memory)
- HDD recovery

What procedure did you try and how?

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I have installed Windows 7 (32-bit) on my Satellite Pro A210 and have a similar problem. When it starts all is well but after hibernation the keypad and touchpad stop working after about 3 mins. The only way to fix it is force a re-boot.

Anyone have any ideas?

Answer:Satellite Pro A210 - Keyboard and touchpad stop working after hibernation


Have you installed all drivers for your notebook? I mean especially the chipset driver.
Check this!!!

If you have yellow exclamation marks in device manager you should install all missing drivers.

Last but not least don?t forget to install all available Windows 7 updates that you can get thorugh Windows Update.

Sorry but this is all what I can say at the moment?

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when I was booting up my computer I loss power when I regained power I had two error messages odbcint.dll and odbc32.dll were both missing I went to to retrieve the dll files after rebooting into my Linux partition after inserting the new dll files my computer wont recongnize the mouse and keyboard I have tried my usb and ps2 keyboard and mouse both don't work any suggestions.

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Recently I was playing a flash game and my left arrow got stuck resolting in many deaths over and over so i tryed everthing quickly then at last resort I stupidly press the F1-F12 button then all of a sudden all my keys stop working. The keyboard is wireless and uses a usb port but still works on other computers so it not the keyboard it self.(on screen keyboard still works)

Things I tried:
-Unistalling all keyboard software then redownloading it
-Different keyboard that plugs into the keyboard port
-Adjusting many thing in keyboard options


Answer:Keyboard stoped working(all keyboards don't work)

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I have this Toshiba Satellite C850 which is nothing but a great laptop.
The only thing that worries me a bit is a piece of the keyboard that slightly bulges up.

To be specific the center of the bulge is in the middle of the keyboard and it spreads from about the D key from the left to the ENTER key. When I pres those keys within, I mean: DFGHJKLCVBNM,.6789 the whole keyboard sinks a little. I seems it is not fit properly to the rest of the laptop.

It's not a big thing but it's also a bit annoying and I wouldn't presume it's supposed to be like that.
Has any of you had similar issue?

Thank you for your response. Wiktor

Answer:Satellite C850 bulged keyboard.

I noticed something similar on another notebook.
In the middle the keyboard feels much softer as on the left hand side.
I assume this is ok since on the left you can find the cooling modules and therefore there keyboard feels much stable as in the middle area.

In my opinion it's not a big issue adn for me its ok

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Hey, quick question.

How do I remove the keyboard from the laptop to give the inside a cleaning ?


Answer:How to remove keyboard on my Satellite Pro C850-14C


I read that this is not very easy?
You will need to remove the CD/DVD drive firstly.
Then you will need to use a plastic stick to push the back of keyboard from the slot in ODD housing. The keyboard should be pushed until the corner raises upon top case surface.
After that using the same plastic pry slice to insert the gap between keyboard and top case, then pry keyboard edges carefully until all latches are unlocked.

By the way: doing this would will cancel the warranty?

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How difficult is it to replace a keyboard on a C850?

I have to use an external keyboard due to a coffee spill.
As I am many hundreds of kilometres from civilisation and need to use my laptop for business I cannot afford to be without it. Any suggestions please. I have done it on other laptops but this one seems different.

Answer:Keyboard replacement on Satellite C850


You are right. Keyboard replacement on this machine is quite different. Access to the keyboard is from the bottom side. Optical disc drive must be removed at first. Then you must plastic stick to push the back of keyboard from the slot. Push the keyboard until the corner raises upon top case surface.

To be honest it can be a bit tricky and you can damage small plastic holders. You can try it but you are doing on your own risk. Be gently and careful with this.

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I have a Toshiba Qosmio F750 since 3 months ago. The other day, i just powered the laptop and noticed some keys (a,b,n,enter...) were not working at all. I tried to clean blowing under the keyboard and nothing. Also in the windows booting these keys dont work. Anyone with the same problem?

Someone knows how to solve this?
Is quite annoying having to use an external keyboard with a 3 months old laptop....

thank you!

Answer:Qosmio F750 - some keyboard keys stoped working

Does the same happen when you use OS in safe mode?

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Good day!

Recently I accidentally spilled juice over my *Toshiba C850-178* laptop keyboard and some keys are now sticky or hard to press.

I would like to know how to clean those sticky keys.
I've been searchng for a way how to remove keys from the keyboard but I haven't been succesfull.

Please help me.
Thank you.

Answer:Satellite C850-178 - How to remove key from Keyboard for cleaning?


You can remove ONLY the key caps.
Keyboard buttons cannot be removed.

Here is some interesting video I found on youtube,

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Hi there,

I need urgent assistance regarding the keyboard of my C850-F0202.
Without warning the keyboard went moot.

The only bit that seem to be unaffected are the shorthand keys for brightness(f2-f3), wireless toggle(f12) as well as those for volume(f9-f10). Furthermore, the "NUM LOCK" indicator light does comes on upon restart.

I have effected several suggestions and recommendations-system restore, uninstalling keyboard driver and restarting system, etc-all to no avail.
In one of the occasions in which I tried system restore I did get an error message: critical process died.
All attempts at "system restore" have ended up unsuccessful.

I'm dumbfounded, bar this keyboard issue, everything seems to work just fine; boot-up is smooth, no hustle.
I'm at my wits-end, I need more positive assistance.

Please help, thanks!

NB: Operating system: windows 8.1 pro.

Answer:Keyboard issue on Satellite C850-F0202.


From my personal opinion you should check whether this issue could be related to internal keyboard problem or keyboard controller issue.
Connect the external USB keyboard and check if it will work properly.

In case the connected USB keyboard would work correctly, the problem is must be related to the internal keyboard malfunction. To fix the issue, you need to replace the internal keyboard.

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The keyboard of my brand new Satellite C850-1F1 is mixed up. Windows 8 64 bit is installed.

Spacebar provides a 'p', 4 provides an 'f', 6 provides an 'h'. But most of the keys work properly.

When using an external keyboard It al works fine. I tried different language and country settings, nothing seems to work.

Any ideas?

Answer:Keyboard mixed up on brand new Satellite C850-1F1

> When using an external keyboard It al works fine

This means that your internal keyboard is the troublemaker.
The internal keyboard must be replaced in order to fix this problem.

Get in contact with Toshiba authorized service point to get the keyboard replaced.


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i've bought a toshiba Satellite C850-1cp and i had some problem (i dropped some coffee on the keyboard)
so i brought the mobile to the tech support and i decided to change the native keyboard (EN) with an italian keyboard and now i have problem with the usb port: any mouse, or others usb device are not recognized.

A friend of mine told me to restore win 8 unsuccessufully because the function keys don't work....
Please help me

Answer:Satellite C850-1cp problems after changing italian keyboard

> now i have problem with the usb port: any mouse, or others usb device are not recognized.

What did you exactly after the keyboard replacement?
Did you install new system or what?
Have the USB ports worked before keyboard replacement?

Satellite C850-1cp was preinstalled with Win 8 64bit.
Usually you should be able to load the factory image.
Power up the unit and press F12. Now you should see HDD recovery option.
Is it available?

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Hi, I m an IT guy that has run out of ideas. I would like to ask you some questions about a (probably hardware realted) problem that i have. All started suddenly , from one day to another all usb ports, camera and bluetooth stoped working. I dont really care about the bluetooth and the camera, the only thing i care about are the usb ports. I 've checked them with a multimeter (only the pins that provide power) and the strange thing is that they do provide power. If i connect something like a usb flash drive , the led flashes (stays on , doesnt flickers) but nothing happens. I am sure that's not a drivers problem because the laptop doesnt even recognize them in UEFI nor CSM. My UEFI does not have an option to completely disable usb ports, only to change from usb 2 to 3 (no change at all). I m sure it's now a power problem, i ve reseted the bios even by the motherboard jumper.So the question is , what it may be? is it a motherboard malfuction ? Can it be fixed? Also , is there any possibility that for example the camera is faulty , or the camera cable , and shortcutting something? (i mean if i disconnect the camera and the bluetooth, is there any possibility that it will be fixed? ) thanks in advance.
p.s. also on the motherboard there isnt anything strange like a blown up resistor or something.
laptop - toshiba satellite c50-b-14h
intel celeron n2830
2gb ram
thanks in advance

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Hi, I m an IT guy that has run out of ideas. I would like to ask you some questions about a (probably hardware realted) problem that i have. All started suddenly , from one day to another all usb ports, camera and bluetooth stoped working. I dont really care about the bluetooth and the camera, the only thing i care about are the usb ports. I 've checked them with a multimeter (only the pins that provide power) and the strange thing is that they do provide power. If i connect something like a usb flash drive , the led flashes (stays on , doesnt flickers) but nothing happens. I am sure that's not a drivers problem because the laptop doesnt even recognize them in UEFI nor CSM. My UEFI does not have an option to completely disable usb ports, only to change from usb 2 to 3 (no change at all). I m sure it's now a power problem, i ve reseted the bios even by the motherboard jumper.So the question is , what it may be? is it a motherboard malfuction ? Can it be fixed? Also , is there any possibility that for example the camera is faulty , or the camera cable , and shortcutting something? (i mean if i disconnect the camera and the bluetooth, is there any possibility that it will be fixed? ) thanks in advance.
p.s. also on the motherboard there isnt anything strange like a blown up resistor or something.
laptop - toshiba satellite c50-b-14h
intel celeron n2830
2gb ram
thanks in advance

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So I made a dumb mistake, by putting my laptop onto my bed and using it for like 15 minutes, until it shut itself down, due to overheating. Afterwards, I was kinda angry about myself about actually making this mistake and waited around 10 minutes until i started the pc again (L830 - 13L). The Fan didnt work anymore. I rebooted the Laptop, waited, and it still didnt work.

I cant use the Laptop for more then 10 minutes, when i notice its getting really hot, and i have to turn it off, and wait until i can use it again, otherwise it might cause more damage to the Pc. I am currently not in my home country, but in Costa Rica, and ill be spending a year here, so going to some kind of tech support might be difficult and my knowledge about Laptops isnt the best either.
I hope someone can give me some advice in order for me to be able to use my Laptop again.


Answer:Satellite L830 - Fan has stoped working after Overheating

Huh... it is really not easy to give you some advice. I cannot say for sure but probably the cooling system is defective and notebook?s hardware reach critical temperature pretty fast.

To be honest your notebook should be check by Toshiba service but if something like this s not possible all you can try at the moment is to check what will happen if you use notebook cooling pad but I don't think it will be good solution.

Let?s se if other people have better idea or advice for you.

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I HAVE A Satellite C850 . when i touch the space bar it automatically adds a "0 " to the text.

When i press the "e"I also get an "r"0 and when i pr4ess the "r" i also get a 4.

Pr4essing the "y6" also0 gives0 me a 6 .

This0 makes it0 impossible0 to0 use0 this0 laptop0 for40 the0 sole0 pur4pase0 of0 pur4chase0 which0 was0 to 0email!!!!!


HELP0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!1

Answer:Satellite C850 - keyboard issues - double 0 text 0 letter 4s

Connect external USB keyboard and test the functionality. Check if the usage of external USB keyboard would replicate the same problems.
In case the external USB keyboard would work properly, the problem is related to the internal keyboard and this needs to be replaced.

Is warranty still valid?
If yes, get in contact with service partner in your country. The keyboard should be replaced free of charge.

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When I stared my laptop today morning i couldn't connect to wireless network. Wireless LED (this one in front off computer) is turned off and turning on/off wireless switcher doesn't have any effect.
Config Free says that i have to use Fn+F8 to turn wireless antenna (?) but it also don't have any effect. Bluetooth works perfectly. When i turn it on the wireless led is also turn on.
I'm using Vista.

So is my laptop's hardware broken? Or is there something with configuration, drivers, system?

Answer:Satellite A200 - wirless card stoped working

Set the WLAN switch to ON position. Is the WLAN option shown when you use FN+F8 key combination?

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I usually use my laptop as a tablet pc.
Today, after conecting the tablet to the docking station I saw that the keyboard and touch pad are not working.
The odd thing is that the Toshiba software sees my docking station as conected.
I thought that was a low battery on the dock, and i conected the laptop to power to charge but the power LED on the keyboard was still off.

Another problem is that the pc can?t find the the HDD.
Can you please help me?

Answer:Satellite Click 2 Pro P30W - docking has stoped working

When you connect the display and restart OS, is everything OK again?

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Tried downloading windows 10 overnight, woke up and most of the keys on keyboard are now not working ? Having to use on screen keyboard. Tried refreshing laptop to before windows update but fault still there. So did full factory reset and keyboard still not working? Have looked at Toshiba website and apparently sat c850 not compatible with windows 10 ? Still any help fixing keypad appreciated

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Hey, I have a Satellite Pro C850-10T and my web cam isn't working. Whenever I try to use it, it says that the incorporated cam isn't plugged or activated. I tried to download the web cam drivers at the site, but it didn't solve the problem

What do I do?
Thanks in advance :D

Answer:Web Cam Isn't working on my Satellite Pro C850-10T

Do you use original preinstalled WIN7 64BIT HOME PREMIUM?
Is webcam listed properly in device manager?

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what is the difference between C850-B820 and C850-B821
how can i get the complete technical specification of the above satellite series and having part no.s
PSKCEV-04P00FAR and PSKCEV-04R00FAR respectivly.
if i replace the motherboard does the serial no. of laptop change.
appreciating your answers.

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Hi All,
I want to change the originally shipped keyboard on a C855 to a Polish one (layout in Poland). I didn't find any PL or similar notated part number (there are EN, BE, HU, CZ, SK, YU, RU, AR, etc.). Have somebody any idea?

Answer:Satellite C850/C855 Polish keyboard part number wanted!

I don?t know where do you live but you can try to find some polish online shop for notebook parts and order it there.

Something like this . Ask if they will send it to your country.

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I recently updated my BIOS to V2.60 on my Sat A200
but ever since i apdated the BIOS some of the hardware components stoped working.
So i decided to use the product recovery CD but it wont work anymore.

Each time during its loading stage the system crashes and i get a blue screen mentioning a file called CLFS.SYS as the root of the problem

Is there a solution for my problem?

Answer:Satellite A200: Some devices stoped working after BIOS update


What Sat A200-xxx do you have exactly?
From my experience there are different BIOS versions for different operating system.
The Vista and XP needs different BIOS!

But I wonder why the Toshiba recovery disk does not function anymore? ?:|
Usually you should be able to recover the system no matte what BIOS has been installed.

Did you try to format the HDD firstly using another disk for example like Win XP?
Check this!

I think you should format the HDD again and then should try to recover the notebook using the Recovery disk?

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I've been trying to burn some CD's on my Satellite C850 - 1KN with Windows 8 64bit and each time I try it will finish burning the CD with no error message or apparent problems but then when trying to play back the CD on the laptop or other device it's read as a blank disc.

Have tried burning using Itunes, Nero and Windows Media player, all with the same result.

I've also tried using Verbatim and Maxell blank CD's with no change in results.

I should also add that the CD drive does work as it will play other CD's.

Any help with this would be much appreciated.


Answer:Satellite C850 - 1KN CD burner is not working


Are you able to create data CDs or DVDs?
I guess you tried to write music data (possibly mp3, mp4 files) on a CD but try to write simple document files on a DVD or CD.

Ensure also that the write session has been closed after finishing the disk burning.

Another tip:
I would also recommend testing disks from another and different manufacturers.
You uses Verbatim and Maxwell, both are great disks but the key is the combination of disk and optical disk drive? so even if others were able to use such disk using another optical disk drive, this does not mean that such disk would be fully compatible with your ODD. How about TDK ?R CD/DVD?
Test it!

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Recently bought a Satellite C850-1KN after a few days the touch pad stopped working. The strange thing is that on start-up the mouse is visable and woking but once I have signed on to Windows8, pointer disappears. I have a wi-fi mouse which is working. I have checked Device Manager and Device Status is "This device is working correctly". have also toggled Fn/F5 dut makes no difference. Any suggestions?

*I have now realised that the touchpad had been disabled in the Control Panel, problem now resolved.*

Message was edited by: stevieb_1

Answer:Satellite C850-1KN touch pad not working

Ok. Thanks for the feedback.

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Hi there , Can anyone help , My toshiba c850 has a problem. there are 3 USB ports on the notebook , 2 on the front left ( 1 a USB3.0 ) and 1 on the back right.
The 2 on the fron t Lef are no longer working. Weh i plug in a Laser mouse on the back right i get the red power light on the mouse but i get no light when its plugged into the front 2 USB ports and it or nothing else will work here.

I have
removed and windows reinstaled all USB related hardware from Device Managerupdate the BIOS to version 6.80 the latest availableconfigured each USB Hub in devicemanager for to swich off the USB port to save power.

Is this a know issue , the note book is fine apart from this problem and I don't think its software or configuration , has anyone seen this before?

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I'm trying to use Skype, but the webcam is not being recognised.
When I open the Web Cam Application, it says 'Web camera initialisation failed'.

I've downloaded the latest drivers from the Toshiba site (is there a difference between Windows 7 32bit and 64bit?) and even uninstalled Windows Live as I don't use it, but still doesn't work. I've never used the camera, but want to start.

Many Thanks :-)

Answer:Webcam is not working on my Satellite C850


First of all check if webcam is enabled in BIOS.
F2 to access the BIOS. Advanced tab -> System Configuration
Here you should find the webcam (enable/disable)

If its enabled, go to windows device manager and check if webcam is listed there.
If it?s not listed then either your webcam software was not installed properly or the webcam module malfunctions.

?and yes: there is a difference between 32bit and 64bit version. Be sure you have chosen the right one!

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I've had the c850-1lk for about 6 months and it is currently running Windows 8.1. I started it up this afternoon and was browsing the internet for about half an hour when the screen shut off (power and wifi lights still on and could hear the fan running). I turned it off and back on again but the screen will not turn on although I presume the laptop itself is starting up fine.

The laptop hasn't been knocked and no physicial damage has ever been done to it. The only previous problems have been related to windows and the 8.1 upgrade where it managed to delete its bootloader but I managed to fix that with a Linux bootable drive then a complete reset of the system. Linux isn't on there anymore.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Satellite C850-1LK - screen is not working

It is really not easy to say what is wrong there. Remove battery and press power button for 30 seconds. Connect AC power supply only and start it again.

Does the problem persist when you do this?

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My satellite pro C850 1HE keyboard intermittently stops working properly and starts opening programs e.g pressing F will open file search, C opens computer that sort of thing

is there a permanent fix to this problem?

its not anything to do with programs installed nor is it anything to do with browser settings.
restarting the computer works for a short time but is time consuming this is really annoying as i use this for work and study!

Answer:Satellite Pro C850 keyboard wont work properly and opens multiple programs

> is there a permanent fix to this problem?

The question is what causes this problem? Is it hardware related or software related issue?

Why you don?t connect an external USB keyboard just to check if the same would happen?

In case the USB keyboard would work fine, I would assume that the internal keyboard malfunctions? and the solution would be an simple replacement of faulty part.

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The disc draw of a Toshiba C850 is not opening

Answer:Satellite C850 - disc draw is not working

Can you open it using eject option in Windows media player (CTRL+J)?

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Dear Forum

I am trying to get the built-in microphone working on my C850.

Nothing is recorded if I use the sound recorder utility.

In the Recording tab the only microphone listed is a Realtek High definition Audio which is set as the default device, is enabled and mute is off.

Should this be an internal microphone?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Answer:I'm trying to get built-in microphone working on Satellite C850

The internal microphone belongs to the internal webcam.
Did you try to record short video including sound using the internal webcam and the webcam software?

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I'm struggling with my laptop. The a,z,b,n,\,/,?, left hand shift and enter keys have all stopped working overnight. Nothing has been spilt on it and I've cleaned it. I've checked that my keyboard drivers are up to date, run a virus scan, installed malwarebytes and run another scan. I read that a certain windows update could cause this problem but it's not in my list of updates. I'm running out of ideas and the onscreen keyboard is driving me crazy! Ay help would be very gratefully received

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My friend has a Satellite C850-F12S laptop which did not want to boot so he asked me to fix it.
I used a retail Windows 7 disc and the product key under his laptop to reinstall the windows.

I downloaded the wireless drivers for realtek, intel, and Atheros but none of them want to install. I ant seam to get the wifi or the bluetooth too work.

When I input the serial number into this site it says that there is bluetooth and wifi but the drivers wont install and when I go to "networks and sharing", "change adapter settings" it only shows the ethernet adapter nothing else. I have tried pressing fn+f12 and the wireless led turns amber but still nothing.

I have ran out of ideas. Could someone help me to fix it please?
Thank you in advance

Answer:WLAN and BT are not working on Satellite C850-F12S

I cannot read this notebook specification (too small) but if at the bottom is product key that means that this notebook model was offered with original preinstalled Windows version.
Before you waste your time trying to fix something I recommend you to install this original OS version that includes all necessary drivers, tools and utilities.

I just hope your friend have created recovery media (DVD or USB) because after your Windows installation HDD recovery installation will not work.

Ask your friend if he has recovery media and use it for OS installation.

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I have new Toshiba Satellite C850-b293 after a day may touch pad didn't work.
Can somebody help me? I check already the setting and I set into default, but still now changes.

Please help me....

Answer:Touch Pad stopped working on my new Satellite C850

On this virtual way it is not easy to help. We don?t know what is wrong there.
Please be sure touchpad is enabled properly. Use FN+F9 key combination and be sure touch pad is enabled properly.
> I check already the setting and I set into default
I don?t know what do you mean with default but if possible reinstall OS again and test touchpad functionality with clean preinstalled OS and ?factory settings?.

How to do this you can read on

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Answer:Touch pad has stopped working on my Satellite C850

Have you checked if the touchpad is disabled?
Use FN+F9 key combination and check if touchpad is enabled properly.

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Hi all,

A couple of weeks ago the pointer device (touchpad) on my TOSHIBA laptop suddenly stopped working for me. Ever since the error, I've had to connect a mouse to the laptop through a USB, which can and has become rather a nuisance. Sadly, I haven't the foggiest when technology goes wrong, but is there a way the error can be resolved?

Laptop Model: SATELLITE PRO C850-15T

Many Thanks!

- rcotterill

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro C850-15T - pointer device is not working

What kind of error is shown exactly?
I dont know which operating system do you use but have you tried to reinstall touchpad driver?

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my thoshiba lap's (C850- B237) internal mic not properly working. I checked my recording with webcam...but can hear high noise sound card settings every thing is ok..I also done device driver uninstalling and restarted....But the problem is still...Please help

Answer:Satellite C850 - Internal mic is not working properly

When you check recording devices in sound properties is internal MIC listed there?

With right mouse button you can enable option “Show disabled devices”. be sure this option is properly enabled.

Maybe is the MIC just disabled? Check it out please.

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Seems bit noisier than I would like. Can feel and hear a bit of vibrations when the laptop gets hot.

Answer:Laptop keyboard flexing, how to get rid of noise?


I would dip it in a few gallons of WD40.

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I have Satellite P-200 PSPB6 model with Vista Home Premium for more than 1 year.
Up to now there was no hardware problems with it.

Though there exist some software problems, the most important of which is that the notebook fails sometimes to wake up from hibernation mode and as the result of this failure. I am to reinstall from time to time the LAN driver.

But a few days ago, after a massive Vista update (about 40 patches at once) all hardware buttons (for internet, media player, etc.) suddenly stopped working.
In fact, the only button I used actively was the button, launching the Internet Explorer, whereas instead of opening the media player and launching some media file from the corresponding menu much more ergonomic is just double clicking on the name of the file in a file manager like Total Commander.

Well, my first idea was that the drivers for these buttons were ruined as the result of this messy update (I succeded to install all of the updates,
except those for Office 2003, only after 5 partially successfull attempts, at the 6th one!).
There were no signs of bad or missing drivers in device manager.

I localized the corresponding devices in device manager as System Devices ---> Direct Application Launch Button.
There are 3 devices with this name in Device manager (though my notebook has 6 buttons). All of them are declared as "working properly", though none of 6 buttons works in fact.

The second idea was to use Toshiba tools.I found th... Read more

Answer:Satellite P200 PSPB6: Control buttons stoped working after Vista update

Hi, i read your post because i have the sam problem.
I have a new P300d - good machine - showing many problems although
So, i installed vista business and uptaded the bios and the buttons worked just fine.
Then after updates the functions of the keys were different, so i downloaded and installed the Value Added Package. The only difference was that the buttons stoped working at all.
So i uninstalled the VAP and they worked as initially.
Something else - find the ButtonSetting.ini file and try changing the functions of the keys from there.
So i hope this can give you another idea and help you some way.

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Optical drive on my Satellite C850-1MC is not working properly.

The Drive makes all the right noises and will show the CD coming up in the My Computer window, with audio CDs it will show the different tracks but with only 1kb of data showing and will not play any of the tracks.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


Answer:Re: Optical drive on Satellite C850-1MC is not working properly

> with audio CDs it will show the different tracks but with only 1kb of data showing and will not play any of the tracks

Buddy, this is NOT CD/DVD drive issue?

I guess you see the ?files? with the extension .cda
These ?files? are not real audio files but this is format used for encoding music on all commercial compact discs.
Unfortunately, the computer can't store files in CDA format.
Such audio files needs to be converted to another format using 3rd party converter software

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Hi all.

I've replaced the original HDD of my C850 with a Kingston SSD NOW Fury 120gb. Hdd was gone and I choose that SSD just because it was the first I've find.

Now, I've made a clean Windows 7 install (which I've already done on the old HDD, due it was Windows 8 and I need 7 due to software compatibility) with a copy I've bought some years ago, it works fine, I can install the system, all the driver found on Toshiba website (except the Display Driver), but there i no way to run Windows Update.

I've read over the web, and in this forum too, that Toshiba laptop need to update Intel Rapis Storage Driver to be updated if you change HDD, I've done it with the ones delivered at Toshiba website (installed) and also tried Intel driver (installation aboterd, platform unsupported), but no way, Windows Update still does not work.

Any idea?

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Hello Everyone,

My problem started after updating windows 8.1 to windows 10, of course!
First the touchpad just stopped working, for no reason.

My solution was to uninstall the drive and restart the laptop. And from time to time I had to do this proceed. Two weeks ago windows updated, and the touchpad issue's gone. . Unfortunately, another one appeared.

The feature "mousekey", which is turn it on at ease access to use the numeric keys to use them as a mouse, It's turning itself on. And doesn't matter how many times I turn it off, few seconds and it's on again.

I've tried uninstalling the drive, which after windows the last updating was "ELAN".

Then I replaced by the Toshiba drivers, which is "Synaptic", and uninstalled the drives ,the problem is the same. Because of that, I can't use my numeric key, which is annoying!! If anyone can come up with something I will be grateful.

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I just received a refurbished Lenovo g505s laptop, and I've been having trouble with the keyboard. The entire left side of the keyboard flexes a lot with even the slightest touch, and there's significant movement when typing. I opened it up, and it looks like there are three screws for the keyboard, and they're all tightened. Typing on this is getting a little annoying, so is there any way to fix this?

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can anyone help,

I have trawled the web to no avail.
I can no longer project the laptop screen to my plasma,

I have tried the Win + P buttons and nothing happens, turned on amd off with the hdmi cable connected etc.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite C850 - HDMI out no longer working after Windows 8.1 upgrade


As far as I know on this unit you can change the video output (between the internal and external display) using the function keys: FN + F4

Did you try this key combination?
Do other the function keys work properly?

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My numpad started going crazy. All I can use are these "0.369*-+ home button end button PGUP and PGDN "

The numpad light is on and I can?t turn it off. whenever I do this it?s like I?m pressing the FN button and whenever I press numpad 1 it always type gibberish words when I press numpad 2 it does what F12 button does and so on for numpad 4,5,7,8

This all happen after I updated my BIOS and never has been a liquid spill on the keyboard.
Any insight about this freaking problem?

Answer:After BIOS update numpad on my Satellite C850 is not working properly


I cannot imagine that this issue could be related to the new BIOS version.
Maybe it?s a simple ?bad? luck that this keyboard problem appeared after the BIOS update.

From my point of few, it looks like keyboard hardware malfunction.
But to confirm this diagnosis, you should try some workarounds.

*1st* workaround: First of all enter the BIOS and set it to default.

*2nd* workaround: disconnect AC adaptor, remove battery, press and hold power button 30 sec long. Finally connect both devices again.

*3nd* workaround: connect external USB keyboard and test the functionality.

In case the USB keyboard would work properly, the issue is related to internal keyboard fault.

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I have Toshiba Satellite C850-B763 windows 8 single language.

When I try to run sleep and charge utility I get the message "cannot get hardware information".

And after clicking ok, I got the Sleep and Charge control panel but the boxes are disabled and the battery bar is working fine.

Can you assist please?

Answer:Sleep and charge utility is not working on Satellite C850-B763.


First of all you have to check if notebook?s USB port would support the Sleep & Charge functionality.
The USB ports which support the Sleep & Charge are marked with a small flash sign.

Here a nice Youtube clip about "Sleep & Charge" feuture

In case the notebook supports this feature, you should go to next step and should check if Sleep & Charge is enabled in BIOS.
To access the BIOS, press F2 while powering ON the unit.
Note: the unit should be powered OFF (hybrid shut down has to be disabled)

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My notebook came with windows 8 and the card reader was working
but I installed windows 7 64-bit , downloaded all required drivers to my notebook , but the card reader is not working now .

I downloaded a driver called card reader controller but it didn't work as well
I don't know if there is a problem or there is a driver that I should install and I don't know .
please help me solving that problem .

In my windows device manager these devices isn't recognized :
*PCI simple communications controller
*SM Bus Controller
*Unknown Device

I tried to search in my drivers download page in Toshiba website but couldn't find these
please help me making my card reader working again.

Message was edited by: domaking

Answer:Satellite C850-B635 and Win7 - card reader is not working

To me the case is simple and the reason why the SD card reader does not work is that an compatible driver isn?t installed.
My theory seems to be correct since the SM bus controller and PCI simple communications controller appear in the device manager and I guess one of these devices belongs to the SD card reader/controller.

I think you should simply install this Realtek Card Reader Controller which I found on the Toshiba EU driver page

Furthermore you should install all other Win 7 drivers as well as Toshiba tools available for Satellite C850 series.

Very important is the chipset driver, USB 3.0 driver (Win 7 needs this driver to control the USB 3.0 port), display driver?. etc?

Not very essential tools are Bulletin Board, Online Product information, Reeltime, etc? such additional tools don?t improved the notebook performance? so its up to you if you want to use these software parts

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I am having problem with brightness control.

When I restart or start my laptop, brightness control works fine (fn+f2 to decrease, fn+f3 to increase)

When I sleep laptop and resume laptop, the brightness control stop working and brightness of lcd remains to high bright.

i-e- when pressing fn+f2 or fn+f3, brightness is not decreasing or increasing.

It was working before two days. I didn't install or update any display driver and driver from toshiba download site is installed from the day first.

Answer:Satellite C850-B735 brightness control stop working

Toshiba page says this unit was preinstalled with Windows 8 64bit.

Do you have this issue running Windows 8 system?

It looks like there is something wrong with the software.
Setting the system back to the early time point (2 days ago???) might solve your problem

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I noticed that the backspace key and ]bracket key and + =equal to key ,enter key is not working. It was not working when I bought the pc.

These keys were not working from the moment i bought the computer. It is an inconvenience as I cannot use the backspace.
How to enable these keys in this laptop?

Answer:Some keys are not working in Satellite C850-B374 purchased in april 2013

> It was not working when I bought the pc.
Why do you keep laptop if there is some problem? In such case you must ask for replacement and exchange it.
Anyway, contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They should check keyboard functionality and in worst case exchange the keyboard.

To be honest I cannot imagine there is some software related problem. All you can do is check if new BIOS update is available or reinstall OS to check if this will help. In my opinion you should not do this. Notebook is new with valid warranty so Toshiba service should fix this for free of course.

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Hello Lenovo Community, I recieved my Flex 2-14 about 2 weeks ago. Right after I took it out and began using it I noticed the keyboard was really "flexing" when typing, especially in the middle and left side. Also, when typing, sometimes the keys won't register which causes letters to be missing in words. In almost every sentence I type there are letters always missing. I noticed that I have to press in the exact center of keys or else they will not register. Even if I press a key all the way down on the sides, nothing happens. This is a really disappointing keyboard from Lenovo, definitely the worst I've used. Is anyone else experiencing either of these issues? What can I do to get this fixed? Thank you.

Answer:Flex 2-14 keyboard flexing in the center and left. Keys not registering.

Hi, yes having exactly the same issue syptoms as you hve described. Took it back to PC World - advised that was the design!

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I'm having problems with my All-in-One Keyboard on Windows 8.1(64 bit): it doesn't accept input both from keyboard and touchpad at same time (can't walk in a FPS game while looking with mouse, for example).
Is this a product's limitation or should it work?


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on win 8.1 keyboard and pad are not functionning anymore, maybe was a auto driver update. i tried to remove battery, reinstall drivers. i am writting this with visual kb, annoying. usb works well.

what can i do ?

Answer:Satellite C70-A-119 - keyboard and touchpad out of order

Does keyboard work when you start your notebook and use F12 to enter boot menu?
Have you tried to roll back OS to earlier time using system restore option? Test it please?

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I apologize in advance if this has been answered elsewhere. I have Satellite a105-s2194. The keyboard and touch pad stopped working after I edited my registry to fix my dvd burner. I've tried a usb mouse. It shows up but also doesn't work.I can't do a system restore without a working mouse or keyboard so I'm kind of stuck.
I checked the BIOS and everything is as it should be. Keyboard works in BIOS and system utilities menus.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank!

Answer:Satellite keyboard/touchpad unresponsive

BIOS provides USB support before Windows starts which is why it works in BIOS but not Windows.

I suggest the best place to start is recovering your files/folders. You can probably just skip to Step 2 for your case See How to recover your folders/files when Windows won?t boot

Then you can comfortably try fixing your computer (which might need a full reformat/reinstall)

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I can't use my touchpad and keyboard together to play browser or light games.
I tried searching it up but nothing help.
Any can help me
Model: L50D-C

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I bought a Toshiba Satellite A80-154

The Keyboard doesn?t work.
I see the light but no key worked. The same with the touchpad.
I can?t go into the Bios.

When I plug a USB mice and keyboard in works fine.
I search for a new one in Ebay. The cheapest offer 24$+6$!

I see in the Windows system the keyboard and touchpad with a !
I don?t know what the problem is but it is not a Windows prob.
it doesn?t work either in Bios.

Thank you for Help

Answer:Satellite A80-154 - Keyboard and Touchpad don't work


It looks like a hardware problem.
If the warranty is valid you could contact the ASP in your country for a hardware check.

If the warranty is not valid you could firstly check if the keyboard cable was connected to the motherboard properly.
If it?s connected properly then a keyboard malfunction is possible and it would be advisable to check if a replacement would help to solve this issue.

The compatible parts can be ordered also from the ASP in your country.

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In an attempt to get the FN key working again, I installed the latest 'Flash Cards Support Utility', which has made the problem considerably worse. No keys on the keyboard work (there is still power going to it, as the number lock light is lit) and the touchpad doesn't respond either, along with its buttons.

I'm guessing it was something to do with what i just installed but i don't really know where to start. I have a usb mouse and a spare keyboard so am able to use the laptop but would be very grateful for any help fixing it.


Answer:Satellite C660 - Keyboard and Touchpad failing

Before we start the discussion one question: do you have problem with FN keys only or you cannot use whole keyboard?
What is with touchpad? Is touchpad maybe disabled? Have you installed Synaptics touchpad driver?
It is really not easy to say what is going on there but maybe you should install recovery image and test functionality with ?factory settings?. I mean with clean OS installation everything should be OK. If not there must be some hardware problem.

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I have a problem with my Satellite L305. Keyboard failed first. I have restored windows and then touchpad failed, but keyboard started working.
When touchpad is enabled in BIOS, keyboard and touchpad don't work in windows. When touchpad is disabled, only keyboard works in windows. In BIOS keyboard works every time. Everything is plugged as should be. Fn+F9 doesn't change a thing. Newest synaptics driver is already installed, but laptop doesn't see any touchpad.
Could anyone help please?

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I somehow lost connection to the touchpad mouse. How can I activate it again by use of the keyboard (I don't have any external mouse)?

Asia ;o)

Answer:Satellite Pro M70 - How to activate touchpad mouse by use of keyboard?


You can enable or disable the touchpad with FN+F9.
Check this!!

But normally you could also find this information in your user manual.


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Hey peeps, how are we all?

I have a funny problem here. the touchpad and keyboard do not work in windows or the BIOS, if I reboot the computer the same happens whether its just on battery or through the mains.

If I take the battery out then replace it and reboot the keyboard and mouse will work absolutely fine until I reboot it next (unless i remove the battery again).

Is there something that gets reset that would stop the touchpad and keyboard working?

Thanks alot,


Answer:Satellite Pro L40 Keyboard + Touchpad inop after reboot

That?s a strange issue.
Did you try to update the BIOS? Check if you use the latest version and update it if a newer version is available.

Generally it?s not easy to say what could cause this issue?
To be honest I never heard about a similar issue?

So check if an BIOS update will help to sort this out? if not I would recommend contacting the ASP in your country for a solution!

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I have just baught my GF a refurbed Toshiba laptop for her 21st birthday from a reliable source, its a Satellite Pro L300.

I started it up did all the setup stuff it told me to only to find that the touchpad and keyboard will not work AT ALL.
The keyboard caps lock key doesn't even light up when I press it,
I've downloaded all the latest drivers for EVERYTHING inc. the touchpad, this has made no difference,

I'm running out of ideas fast and coming to terms with the fact that the keyboard and touchpad might be faulty and as a result ill have to give my GF a faulty laptop for hewr 21st, not happy :(

Does any1 have any ideas?

Thanks :)

Edit: OK, very odd, right after i sent this message i tried the keyboard one more time and it works fine?
Could it be something 2 do with the downloading of the VAP package?

The touch pad is still knackered even when i try the fn + f9 combo?

2nd Edit: Ok now the keyboard has stopped working again!


Answer:Satellite Pro L300 - Keyboard and touchpad issues


Looks like a keyboard issue?. who knows why it doesn?t work? looks like something would be wrong?
I recommend visiting your dealer and asking for replacement?
Otherwise you could contact the ASP in your country for a fix?

I think this is everything what you could do?

Good luck

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I have problem with keyboard and touchpad. Laptop is Satellite A300-1G5

I have Vista home premium and when I power computer on, I must put password in user box then my keyboard and touchpad don't work.

In Bios my keyboard working but when Vista starts it does not.

How I solve this problem?


Answer:Satellite A300-1G5: Keyboard and touchpad do not work


First of all please check the device status in the device manager.
Please check if the keyboard and touchpad are listed correctly without any yellow exclamation marks.

But you should try to reinstall the drivers again even though the keyboard and the touchpad were recognized properly.
In this case I would recommend removing the keyboard and the touchpad from the device manager and then you should reboot the notebook once again.

After Vista has rebooted the both devices should be recognized again and should work.

Please check this!

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my touchpad stopped functioning properly half a year ago. Additionally it blocks my keyboard as well. If I go to sleep mode then start the notebook again then the keyboard starts functioning but not the touchpad. Then at some days touchpad comes back to life and works for a while perfectly.

Also, the notebook has started to heat up recently, especially around the touchpad's place.

I have my drivers installed so I guess that it should not be a problem. What can be?


Answer:Satellite A300 - Touchpad and keyboard issues

Hi buddy,

Maybe you should update the touchpad driver. You can download driver updates on official Toshiba website:

There you should find a newer version of touchpad driver.

Regarding the keyboard it would be interesting to know if the same happens with an external one. Can you test this please?

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I have a lots of problems with my Satellite A300D-11S (for Adriatic region).

I have Windows 7 Ultimate with installed all drivers from Toshiba site. Everything works perfectly .... but..

When I first time power-on notebook, graphic driver cannot initialize, keyboard doesn't work, and touchpad is froozen. In this situation I can use external USB mouse and keyboard, Internet (WLAN,LAN), Sound. When I reebot the system, Windows 7 loads and works perfectly and I can work 3-4 hours. After turning off notebook and power-on after 30 minutes, 1 hour, or 6 hours, problem is still present again :(

Then I reinstalled all system from zero, use newest drivers update and problems is still present. I tried this 3 times, but I havent got idea what to do. Sometimes when I close lid of my notebook, and later when resuming from stand-by touchpad and keyboard are frozen.

Notebook have warranty but last time, service replaced mainboard and Cpu. Maybe notebook is defective?

Thnx, and sorry about gramatic errors

Answer:Satellite A300D-11S - Keyboard and touchpad freezes


> graphic driver cannot initialize, keyboard doesn't work, and touchpad is froozen. In this situation I can use external USB mouse and keyboard, Internet (WLAN,LAN), Sound.
For me it sounds like that just the internal input devices (keyboard and touchpad) don?t work anymore and they should be replaced.
What do you think about this?

You can contact your authorized service provider. They can exchange both parts for you.
Check this!!!

Regarding your display driver issue you should update the driver and install latest BIOS version.

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This is the second time this has happened to me
However last time a system restore fixed the problem, this time system restore didnt work.

I can use my keyboard on startup and in safe mode but that is all.
I am currently using a USB keyboard and mouse.

I have tried almost all of the suggestions with no joy. please help.

Answer:Keyboard and Touchpad wont work on Satellite L


There are no many options which could solve this problem.
It can be a hardware problem or software related issue.

Can you use the internal keyboard within the BIOS?
Check this.
If this would not be possible, I assume the hardware is faulty.

Additionally I recommend testing the keyboard and touchpad using the factory settings.
Recover the notebook and check if the keyboard would functions?. Otherwise you will need an helps from an notebook technician in order to replace the keyboard and touchpad

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