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Satellite C655 - new keyboard doesn't work properly

Question: Satellite C655 - new keyboard doesn't work properly

I have relatively new Toshiba Satellite C655 and after spilling a (tiny) amount of soft drink on the upper left keyboard, the keyboard quit working completely.

After installing a new keyboard, most keys work except for the P, R, V, T, [, and Space keys. External USB keyboards work flawlessly. I bought another new keyboard and carefully replaced it, but the problem persists. After this, I tried updating the BIOS to no effect.

Is anyone familiar with this, and know how to fix the problem?

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Preferred Solution: Satellite C655 - new keyboard doesn't work properly

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite C655 - new keyboard doesn't work properly


I guess this issue did not appear in the past before the soft drink has been spilled on the keyboard. Right?

This means that this fluid is the reason for the keyboard problem.
I guess, both new keyboards are OK.

In such case the problem can be the motherboard or you used both keyboards which are not fully compatible. But I guess this isn?t really a problem.

Possibly you motherboard is affected?. :( but this is just an suggestion

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I know, it is a very old Notebook, but i have a big problem, maybe someone of you can help me. I have bought the notebook only for wrighting reports. But the main problem is, when i try to write for example following sentence:

i have learn much about ....

the Notebook makes following:

i haive leairn muwech aibouwet

(In Word or the text program of Windows)

It is Windows 95 installed, i have tried to take an other keyboard driver, it only helpes for a while, after the next booting, the same problem is existing :(
Now it is so far,that the change of the driver has no more effect.

To Format the Windows 95 is not possible, cause the notebook makes "formait" :( And Linux is not Solution for me...

What can be the problem? What can i do? Has somebody else a driver or anything else what i can install to solve the problem?

In hope to find a Solution

Answer:Keyboard doesn't work properly on my old Satellite Pro 420

Hi Nadine,

From what you have descibed, it seems as if the problem is with the keyboard itself and not with the drivers themsleves. Is it possible that there is something trapped under some of the keys, maybe a small fragment of something, especially under the "e" and "w" keys? Maybe also some liquid has been spilled on the keyboard causing the laptop to believe that sometimes these keys are pressed when they are not.

I would try cleaning under all of the keys, you may need to remove the keyboard to do this. Remove the power adapter and battery before any cleaning to prevent damage to the laptop. You should be able to find instructions for removing the keyboard in the owners manual.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!


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Hello everybody!

I got a Problem with my keyboard. If I write any text under Windows, some letters are missing, most notably if the same two letters come one after the other (really annoying if entering a password...). I have to press the keys really hard to avoid missing letters.

Under linux I do not have these problems writing texts so I assume that the Windows keyboard driver is some kind of sh...! I deinstalled the driver already and also replaced the touchpad driver with one for my Logitech mouse, but this all did not really help me...

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
Alexander Roos

Answer:Keyboard doesn’t work properly on my Satellite L10-100

Hi Alexander,

Please check in your 'accessibility' options whether you have any of the items selected for use relating to your keyboard.

One of the options is designed to prevent duplicate or mutiple key depressions from registering (to help people with muscle spasm problems from constantly hitting the same key inadvertantly).

I can't think of any software problem which would cause you to have to press the keys harder than normal in order to register. Each key is a simple on/off switch so the amount of pressure is irrelevant.


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About a month ago I spilt pepsi on my laptop and had it sent for repair. I got it back today and it had a new keyboard installed, among other things. But, the new keyboard is not functioning correctly.

A bunch of the keys type nearby letters instead. E.g typing "a" gives "aq1", "b" gives "bgt". It seems to type the letters vertically above. Some work fine.

Is the new keyboard faulty, or does it need calibrated or something? My laptop model is L500-19X.

Answer:New keyboard on Satellite L500-19X doesn't work properly

My advice: don?t waste your time on forum expecting some help. How to give you proper answer to your questions?
I have only one answer to your question: no, keyboard doesn?t need to be calibrated.
Contact service provider as soon as possible and ask for help.

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I've bought a Toshiba L670-1dg for christmas, in France.
I have used it only 1 day, and the keyboard is already getting me mad.

When I type, some letters are missing, and sometimes they appear twice.
It is almost impossible to type a complete sentence without a missing space
or a doubled "e".

Is there any setting in windows to correct this problem ?



Answer:Satellite L670-1DG - keyboard doesn't work properly

Hi Simon

Unfortunately there is no such setting.
Please check this forum and you will find several threads about this theme. Maybe you will find some good advice there.

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I bought Toshiba P100-465 last month and found out that if you press its any key (specially spacebar or enter)from the top-right corner, it doesnt work.
I never saw such problem anywhere in any laptops. Please confirm me if this is the case with all or should I get my keyboard replaced.

Answer:Keyboard doesn't work properly on Satellite P100-465

If some buttons don?t work mostly the whole keyboard must be replaced!
The P100-465 seems to be a new notebook and the warranty should be definitely valid.
Why you waste the time and don?t contact the authorized service provider in your country for a keyboard replacement??
Everything should be done for free!

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Hi professionals and Toshiba fans,

I have a problem with CTRL button. Pressing of this button results in activation of the function CAPS Lock and the functions CTRL-C, CTRL-V, CTRL-F etc. can not be processed respectively. It happened after my son's playing some computer games. I will really appreciate any advice.

Thank in advance

Answer:Satellite Pro M30: CTRL button on keyboard doesn’t work properly


Try to connect an external keyboard. If the problem stills the same, so it is not the hardware malfunction.


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I have installed the tool from MS MSKLC 1.4. on Toshiba Satellite L300, and Vista32. This tool is for generating an own Keyboard Layout.

I wanted to implement Gujarati Signs for a friend. For this, we put signs/letters on three "levels" in this keyboard layout:

1. Standart like "a,b"
2. Shift like "A,B"
3. Altgr + key

The first two levels with letters are running fine, but the last one not.

We tested it in Open Office 3.1 and MS Works Words. Both programms do not accept Altgr + letter-key.
Open Office has no special functions for altgr+keys.

In an editor, which comes along with MSKLC 1.4., also the 3rd level works fine. NO problems here!

How can this happend? What do I have to do?


MSKLC 1.4. is available:

Answer:Satellite L300 - Keyboard layout creator MSKLC1.4 doesn't work properly


What do I do, to enable all 3 states to work on the UK-Toshiba and on all editors?

The Toshiba Laptop Satellite L300, inclusive of Vista32 Home Premium were bought in the UK!

The MS MSKLC 1.4. Keyboard Layout Creator was installed to create a Gujarati (Indic) Keyboard.
This was downloaded from the official MS pages. (US?)

I implemented the Gujarati Letters on three "shift states" of the keyboard layout.

altgr (alt+ctrl)

The first two states work well on the UK-Toshiba laptop.

The 3rd state (alt+ctrl) does not display Gujarati Letters, - it displays Latin Letters instead.

An external keyboard behaved in the same way, as described above.

On a German-Toshiba A50 laptop with XP,

ALL THREE states display Gujarati letters.

An external keyboard ALSO displays Gujarati letters in ALL THREE states.

On the UK-Toshiba, the inbuilt MSKLC Editor displays Gujarati letters in ALL THREE states.

On other editors, the first two states work, the third (alt+ctrl) does not work.

Please, what do I do, to enable all 3 states to work on the UK-Toshiba and on all editors?

With kind regards,

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The problem started a few days ago. My toshiba satellite c655 wouldn't boot. It hangs on the boot screen showing the windows logo and would beep 4 times then start again. I ran the utility to diagnose the problem and it said it couldn't find anything. I can enter safe mode and eventually my computer will stop beeping and will work normally. Yet, every time from then on my computer will hang on the windows screen and beep before it starts. I 'd like to the solve the problem before my computer completely refuses to turn on. I can't find the p.o.s.t. codes for my bios. I am wondering if my keyboard is the cause of this problem because most of the keys aren't working. I am using an external keyboard now.

System Info:
System Manufacturer TOSHIBA
System Model Satellite C655
System Type x64-based PC
Processor Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU B940 @ 2.00GHz, 2000 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date INSYDE 1.20, 8/1/2011
SMBIOS Version 2.7
OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium

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My Sat Pro 6100 has just been away for the usual motherboard and power board replacement with Toshiba, but now I have a strange keyboard problem.

When I turn it on, all the keys work. After a few minutes, '3' doesn't work, then 'r' fails, then '5','7','8','9','0' stop working. At this stage I can feel something getting very hot under the middle of the keyboard. A reboot and no keys work. Another reboot with an external PS2 keyboard, and the internal keyboard is still faulty (some keys work, others don't) but the external one works correctly.

Now if the pc didn't get so hot under the middle of the internal keyboard, then I would conclude that the keyboard was faulty, but for it to fail slowly and sequentially like this, and it fails the same way every day (Since the Toshiba rebuild!).

Maybe, internal keyboard controller overheating?
Does anyone know what this might be? :-(


Answer:Keyboard on Sat Pro 6100 doesn't work properly after remedial work

Right under the keyboard of your pro 6100 is the VGA graphics controller (the keyboard cable plugs into the same card). It is normal that this part becomes warm during usage.

It's strange that your problem appears after a while and not right away.

It might be just an improper reseating of the keyboard cable (it's a thin layer like a photo film-negative) that easily pops out, but... it can be something more serious, too. (Especially since you had the upgrade done where hardware had to be changed)

I would consult the service center once again and ask for instructions how to deal with this. Don't ignore it (by using an external keyboard instead of the malfunctioning internal) as it might end up into something more serious soon...



P.S. Please keep us updated on your steps

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Hello i have a problem with my keyboard, some keys doesn't work, keys like the letter <i> and some numbers. Could you please help me??  i called the line support but they said to me that the warranty expired but i bougth my laptop on february 2016 using your websde and also when i check that on your websde also said i have 3 more months remainng. Thank you ps. i dont speak englsh well so i am sorry for my bad englsh 

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I spilled drink on it, busted. Weird. numbers and. symbol2s appear when I type.

Not paying £29 for new k1eyboard...

How d.o I fix?

btw.. Need Mac Keyboard... thus pricy

Answer:My keyboard doesn't work properly

Try this:

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Hi,i purchased a T61 about a year ago and now i have a problem with the ö - key. It doesn't respond at once and i have to hit it rather hard before i get the character. i never spilled any liquid over the keyboard, so i have no idea where that comes from. is there a way to clean the keyboard, especially under the keys? i.e. can i just remove a key just as on normal keyboards without destroying the keyboard? Thanks for your help! julius

Answer:Problem with keyboard - key doesn't work properly

you can take te key off, by gently pulling on it. Do you have warranty still?? If you do then if the cleaning don't work, you can call up the warranty department and see whether they can replace the keyboard for you. 

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Hi Folks

Just bought a Tecra 540cdt second hand and the keyboard is a bit strange - The A key doesn't work and some of the keys seem to do odd things -SHIFT prints a question mark and the END key operates caps lock etc. I am not sure if this is a knakckered keyboard or whether same strange keyboard setup has been done. If it is a knackered keyboard will installing a replacment solve the problem???

Also, is it possible to replace the CD drive with a DVD ROM drive. From the looks of it all of the DVD drives I have come across seem to be model specific.



Answer:Tecra 540 CDT: keyboard doesn't work properly


Maybe your OS has wrong country keyboard settings.
Check it in the control panel settings. But for me it sounds more like a keyboard or keyboard controller malfunction.
Maybe also looses keyboard cable.
I'm not sure if only a new keyboard will solve the problem. I think the detailed diagnostic test is needed.
If you want to upgrade your notebook with the DVD drive so you have to check firstly if it's supported and compatible. If you install not compatible drive so you will get a IDE error and the BIOS will not recognize the drive.

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I recently purchased my laptop G20 but I am not very satisfied with the keyboard of it, since I am university student and I need to do a lot of project typing and whenever I use Microsoft office to type my documents the keyboard keeps jumping to 2 sentence above suddenly , I was wondering what could be the result ? Can it be FN button on keyboard is there any possibility I can disable that button while typing my documents?
And my other problem is my touchpad mouse sometimes gets stock and it needs to load for like 1 or 2 second before starts moving, what can be the problem?

Please keep me informed.

[email protected]

Answer:Qosmio G20: Keyboard doesn’t work properly


The reason your cursor is jumping is because you are touching the mouse pad while you're typing this has the effect of clicking the mouse button and moving the cursor to where your mouse pointer is! If you want to put this to the test press Fn+F9 to turn the mouse off then type and you wont have the problem.

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Can anyone please tell me why my DVD-Rom can only read audio, video and data CDs but not any kind of DVD-rom. I can hear the lens moving but rather in jerks as if trying to find something and when I double click on the DVD- rom drive in my computer it shows an empty DVD with no files. Further when I check the properties for the DVD it gives an unknown file format. I have a satellite P20-S103 a very old driver (2001). PLEASE HELP. I am desperate!!!


Answer:Satellite P20 – DVD-rom doesn’t work properly


Well, it seems like the beginning of the end. Mostly such issues occur if the drive has a hardware malfunction. Maybe it?s a lens calibration problem. Usually only the drive replacement can solve such issues.
But first of all you should check if the drive removing from the device manager will help.
Please remove the drive and reboot the unit. The OS should recognize the drive again.
Check if after this replacement the drive works properly.

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Hi All

Please bear with me - I'm a newbie to this !

I have a Satellite M30 and have problems with the integrated DVD ROM S6112 drive.

It plays bought audio cd's fine and rips OK. Doesn't appear to play bought DVD's either. Cannot burn to blank CD-R's or RW's or copy any data files to it. Does not seem to recognise any kind of blank disks - clicking noise once disk is inserted.

I have had to buy an ext hard disk (non-Tosh) which works fine on all above - but it is not practical for me to carry the hard disk around in my job !!

Can anyone help pls. ?



Answer:Satellite M30: CD ROM doesn't work properly


Generally such drive issues occur because of wrong lens calibration.
In this case there is nothing to do and mostly only the drive replacement can solve the problem.
But firstly you should try to remove the drive from the device manager. After the new rebooting the OS should recognize the drive again.
You can also try to run the Troubleshooter in the drive properties.

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Can't hit the space bar b/c the screen zooms in instead of giving me space in the text  - Can't use space bar at all Can't use the letter T either. Various other buttons don't work either (I actually had to cut & paste the spaces and letter "t " into this post!) Please help!!

Answer:keyboard problem- spacebar doesn't work properly + much more

And now that  have full use of my keyboard, let me explain more.. This problem happens randomly, usually when the computer has been on for more than an hour and generally I will have put it to sleep and I discover this problem when I resume my windows session (I'm running vista). Wihtout NumLock on the 9 letters on the right side of the keyboard act as their corresponding numbers, th spacebar causes the screen to zoom in as if I was holding in the blue Fn key, and none of the arrow keys on the bottom or home keys on the top right will work. I have no idea how this resolves itself, I generally just restart it and leave it alone for several hours (note that restarting alone will not help). If anyone has any ideas as to how to correct this problem, I am open to suggestions. The only thing I can't do is wipe my drive b/c I have a program for the Bar Exam in July that I cannot re-register so if I delete it, I'm S.O.L. Thanks!! 

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I have an Asus R510D laptop, which originally came w/ Windows 8 installed. I downgraded to Windows 7, and the very first time I booted, everything was fine. Ever since then, after boot, at the login screen, the keyboard does not allow me to type my password. However, I am able to use the function keys, which is the workaround I've found for this issue.

After booting and reaching the login screen, I must put the keyboard to sleep, then awaken it, for the keyboard to function properly. I've tried updating the driver, but it doesn't solve the issue. I was wondering if anyone had come across an issue like this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Answer:Laptop Keyboard Doesn't Work Properly After Boot

You did mean R510DP right? That laptop does not support Win 7. Have you tried installing the Win 8 drivers in Compatibility Mode

Asus R510DP Driver & Tools Just a thought.

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my keyboard starting to act wierd for about a month ago. my keyboard sends multiple keys to my laptop if I press the a button, the tab,esc,caps and the 1 key. for example: if I press a, I get a axcfn,./; alt is also active. as this is quite ennoying, the tab sends me to sleep mode, and esc activates flightmodus (great when gaming online). somehow I got to fix this temporary when rebooting or gently smashing into the keyboard (I tried to vacuum clean it, but that failed too).well, this morning have these keys decided stop sending anything to the laptop.  has anybody any Idea of what could happen and how I could fix it? thanks in advance Peter


Go to Solution.

Answer:Keyboard doesn't work properly on Acer Aspire V3-7...

Hello Peter, 1- You can check it on the Acer system information page (Acer-Justin's info).2- I would try to ""Load optimazed defaults" or "Load default settings" in the bios setup utility [F2]3- NX.M8SEH.018 - Aspire V3-772G-747a121TMakk (NL model?)

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I have an Asus R510D laptop, which originally came w/ Windows 8 installed. I downgraded to Windows 7, and the very first time I booted, everything was fine. Ever since then, after boot, at the login screen, the keyboard does not allow me to type my password. However, I am able to use the function keys, which is the workaround I've found for this issue.

After booting and reaching the login screen, I must put the keyboard to sleep, then awaken it, for the keyboard to function properly. I've tried updating the driver, but it doesn't solve the issue. I was wondering if anyone had come across an issue like this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Answer:Laptop Keyboard Doesn't Work Properly After Boot

You did mean R510DP right? That laptop does not support Win 7. Have you tried installing the Win 8 drivers in Compatibility Mode

Asus R510DP Driver & Tools Just a thought.

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My DVD-Rom does only recognize DVD?s but no CD?s!
I?d sent my notebook in to Toshiba and they installed a new DVD-ROM, but now there are these problems!

Does anyone else have this problem and can help me?

i don?t want to send it in again!

sorry for my bad english!!!

Answer:DVD-ROM SD-R2412 doesn’t work properly (Satellite Pro A40)

Hello Andre

I assume that the drive should works properly if the unit has a new one. Maybe is the problem caused by CDs that you use? First of all you must try to use original CDs or DVDs. You are not precise in your posting and you didn?t mention which kind of media you use. I can imagine that there is problem with self burned CDs.


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Hi all

I bought this brand new laptop in September. When using the mousepad I find that rather than the cursor always moving as expected, it sometimes magnifies the screen, I.e, it zooms. I have to press the escape button to make the cursor move again (after pinching the touchpad to bring the screen back to size). I thought maybe it was just me not being used to the touchpad but my wife says it annoys her too. I've hardly used the laptop so do you think it's faulty? Would this be covered by the warranty? It is very, very annoying.

Thanks in advance for any help


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I have a Satellite SM-30. I am able to receive files from other computers (through infrared transfering) but when I try to send files it says "WIRELESS CONNECTION ERROR. NON VALID DATA WHEN TRYING TO TRANSFER THE FILE." Both computers recognize each other, but I can't send any file. The other computer has an older Window OS. (dont know if that has something to do with the problem)

Answer:Satellite M-30: Infrared doesn’t work properly


Sorry but I have never hear about this error. Usually there should not be any problem. The only thing can be that you want to send the file that can be already in use and can not be removed to other unit.

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Since I bought my laptop Satellite C70D-B-300 i still having some problems:
1) I cannot turn off the laptop,(the screen turn off but laptop still running), even I cannot close session
2) Start menu and windows apps sometimes I cannot open (if I click nothing happen)
3) 3/4 times a day the laptop get in crash, I cannot do nothing, I need to shut down with power button (press for 10sec) even with ctrl+alt+del doesn't work
4) new problems with windows 10, i cannot open store, sometimes cortana and star menu doesn't work so I need to restart...but I guess is windows problem not toshiba

thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite C70D-B-300 doesn't work properly

There are too many problems.
In my opinion you should reinstall original recovery image and test notebook functionality with “factory settings” again.

Is this an option for you?

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I have a C series and it was working fine yesterday. This morning i turn it on and you can hear it starting as usual and then the first screen (Toshiba screen) is visual and then it goes black with a hash mark at the top left corner and stays like it and wont move forward.

Any hints on how to get it working right?

Answer:Satellite C655 - Windows OS doesn’t start anymore

Enter BIOS settings please and check if HDD is listed and recognized properly. If yes set BIOS to default settings and try to start your notebook again.

Is result the same as before?

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i currently own a Toshiba Satellite L755-1ED and sound is not working as it should for some weeks ago. When i try to play an audio file or a video, offline or online, sound works well for the first minutes and then suddenly disappears. I use Windows 7, and when that happens, sound is still being recognized for the system as you can see it in the volume control, but any sound comes from the speakers. However:
- If i pause the video and replay it in like 30 seconds, sound usually comes back. Also if i go to Sound Settings in +Hardware and Sound+ in the +Panel Control+, and then try to check if it works, it usually does after the first or the second attempt.
- If i use a headset sound always works perfectly.

I've already installed the last updates of my sound card and i don't know where the problem might be. Some help would be welcomed.
Thanks a lot and sorry for my English (it's not my native language).

Message was edited by: BleuHiver

Answer:Satellite L755-1ED - Sound doesn't work properly

> If i use a headset sound always works perfectly.
That?s very interesting. Speakers port has small switch inside that helps notebook to ?recognize? that headphones are connected and when you connect headphones internal speakers will be disabled and sound comes through speakers only.

On some machines it is possible to switch between internal and external speakers manually

When you open control panel is there ?Realter HD audio manager? available or maybe ?Smart audio??

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After my windows Vista system crashed on Dec 16 2011, I had the recovery done.
After that, I didn't find any webcam driver on the whole laptop. On the support page of Toshiba I finally found version 1.7, but that doesn't work at all!

It always shows up: Webcam driver open fail, please restart camera or computer. As it is a built in camera I tried it with the restart of the computer, but that didn't help at all. So I tried it with the option to repair the driver with Install Shield Wizard. The program has done something, but without any success.

So I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it didn't help at all!

Has somebody an idea?

Answer:Webcam on Satellite A300-1MX doesn't work properly


Found a Toshiba knowledge base article which describes this error and provides a solution to this issue.
+Why does the error message display: "Webcam driver open fail. Restart camera or computer."?+

But its related to Portege M600, and Satellite U300 only.
However, you should also try to perform a BIOS update. After that set the BIOS to default settings and save the changes?. Then try to reinstall the webcam software once again.

You should also check the device manager. Here in device manager the webcam should be recognized as a USB device? if this is not the case then this means that the webcam has not been recognized by OS and this means that there could be an hardware issue?

As far as I know the webcam is connected to the USB controller on the motherboard. If the cable connection is lose, then the webcam would not be recognized in device manager; neither as USB device nor an unknown device.

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I opened some time ago following thread:

I installed the driver. It worked for some time.

After a few restarts - the same error is back.

No scrolling (no matter with 1 or 2 fingers), or other special functions of the pad were more possible. :(

Can someone tell me why the problem occurs? And why again and again if I did it once fixed?
What can I do to ensure that the problem is solved for every time?

I hope, you can help me.. ;) Thanks!!

Kind Regards,

Answer:Touchpad doesn't work properly on Satellite A500


The touchpad special functions can be configured in the control panel -> mouse -> device settings -> settings button
There you can enable and disable all possible touchpad features like scrolling, tapping, etc?
Of course the touchpad driver has to be installed properly.

I don?t know why this happened again, but in most cases different updates (Microsoft updates) or other preinstalled software could cause this?

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Hi all,

I have commited the mistake of flashing my Satellite A200-22C (PSAE6E ) old bios to the new 2.60 version.

Since I've done that, the keyboard doesn't work on the bios screen, so I'm unable to manage anything in the BIOS.

When Windows Vista 32b begins the first time, the keyboard doesn't work. If I close the session and then I begin it again, it works properly.

The touchpad is lost and I have to use a USB mouse. Is not a driver problem cause all drivers are updated and working properly.

The question is: ?Why Toshiba doesn't let users download old version of BIOSes? ?Where or who I must contact for get the original BIOS? ?Why the flashing utility make a backup of the OLD BIOS and then doesn't give you the option of recovering it?

Please, help me to recover the original BIOS in order to recover my touchpad and my keyboard because I can?t find any mail or anything to contact with tech support in this web.


Answer:BIOS 2.60 doesn't work properly on Satellite A200-22C

Which version was old BIOS?

By the way: you can contact Toshiba service. They have access to BIOS archive and they can provide you old BIOS version.

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Hi there,
I have a Toshiba Notebook Satellite 5200-902. When I registered it it tells me that it is 5200-802. My problem is that my DVD-RAM which is Masthista UJ-810 used to work fine and everything but a couple of days back it stopped opening virtually any data or music CD.

It doesn't recognize that anything is in it. When I double click on the drive icon it tells me that there is an "I/O device error". The funny thing is that sometimes it may open the CD sometimes it doesn't. I tried to find an update for the driver which I didn't manage to so I reinstalled the driver and it didn't help. The device manager is telling me that the device is working fine.

I would also like to enquire about the posiibilities of updating the graphics card in the laptop "GeForce GO5600 FX" to another card with a memory of 128 or 256 MB and if the model is designed for updating the Virtual memory from 512 to 1GB RAM.
Thanks in advance for your reply.



Answer:Satellite 5200-902: DVV drive doesn’t work properly


the difference between the 802 and 902 model is only the HDD size and the CPU speed.
802: 60GB, 2.2GHz
902: 80GB, 2.4GHz
I don't know why it is not registered correctly, but I think that's not so important.

About your DVD drive I think the error message indicates a hardware fault. Should be checked by service.

Upgrading the graphics card is as far as I know not possible for notebooks.

But you can upgrade your system memory up to 1GB with two 512MB modules(DDR RAM).


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Hi, very new to wireless laptop usage. bought a m500. trying to go thru manual is very tiring as cannot distinguish areas. having constant problem with:

using sattelite. walk away for a moment and screen goes black. learnt this is hibernation. should come back by simply touching touch pad or moving mouse. this does not happen. all freezes and have to force shut down. have done this a million times in the past two weeks. contacted supplier as touch pad would not work at all, advise to download drivers but found out simply disabled touchpad in error with button below space bar and "fn and f9" together ables it again. please advise if you can.

toshiba was also contacted and they tried to tell me to do a back up and reset to factory settings as a software issue could be doing this. the only thing we have on this is itunes. all else is standard folders and applications.

also,have never done a back up b4. how long does this take and can you use sattelite whilst backing up.?

Answer:Satellite M500 - Doesn't work properly and need general help

Hi chucky,

To be honest your posting is not easy to understand and one information I miss like your operating system.

Theoretically it could be a software problem, maybe a virus or something else so it doesn?t make a difference how many programs you have installed.

Satellite M500 doesn?t seems to be a European model so I don?t know how HDD recovery works exactly but let me give you a word of advice: Just take your Toshiba recovery disk. This disk contains an image for factory settings and with these settings everything should work properly.

In my opinion if you get the advice for restoring factory settings from Toshiba ASP, you should do this! ;)

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When I turn on the computer about twenty minutes is quiet. Than fan starts like a hurricane, slows down and stops. It lasts few seconds. The fan works in this way regularly with one minute intervals.
Is there any possibility to switch the fan on continuous work in slow motion?

Answer:Satellite L20-182: fan doesn't work properly - one minute intervals


If you go to toshiba power saver you should be able to turn your up or down. Once you open this program from control panel, you have the option to change how much your processor runs as well as how much your cooling modules work. Turning either one down will make the fan not come on as much. Then you might want to try and use a vacuum cleaner to suck the air intake grills to clean any dust that could be clogging it up. Dust can make the fan run more because the lack of cool, fresh air entering the system to cool the cpu. Hope this helps.

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In my Satellite U940-108 I open Tempro but if I click anywhere windows show me a screen TEMPRO don?t work and have to be close

Answer:Satellite U940-108 - Tempro doesn't work properly

Do you use original preinstalled OS version?
I ask this because I have U940 too and Tempro works perfectly.

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My TouchPad doesn't work properly, it stops working after some seconds after the start. Can anybody help me?

Answer:Satellite L50D-B - TouchPad doesn't work properly

To be honest it is not easy to help with such problems.
What happen exactly? Is touchpad completely off? I mean is there any kind of reaction?

Have you tried to enable/disable it again using F5 button?

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The issue is that also if i set on disable the option of hard drive stand by, after 2 minutes the hdd stops working until i do something like change page or use some program. Is it a bug of Toshiba's utility?

Answer:Satellite M70 power saver doesn't work properly


Sorry but your comment is a little bit confuse.
You can set the HDD power OFF to different steps.
This function reduces the power consumption of your PC by stopping the hard disk rotation, provided that data is NOT read from or written onto the hard drive

You can also use the stand by mode. This function must be enabled and the time must be set. The notebook goes into stand by mode if you don't use the notebook several minutes or hours. It depends on the time setting.

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When the power button is pushed the power and wireless lights come on, the fan whirs for a moment then nothing more happens. If I take out the battery and leave it for 30 mins then it boots fine when the power button is pushed. Currently away from home, but have internet access.

Running Windows 7.

Any and all suggestions welcomed!

Answer:Satellite T110-107 - Reboot doesn't work properly

Hi buddy,

Since when do you notice this problem and have you changed something on hardware configuration?

It?s hard to say why it happens but fact is it must be a hardware issue? Have you installed newest BIOS version for Satellite T110? You can download it on official Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

But before you start the update, close all running programs (also AntiVirus and Firewall).

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Hello, i have been having problems with my cd drive, it wont read anything in windows, but it will read my system restore CD in DOS and restores my whole system. I called a person at the help desk and he said to try and restore the system and see what that does and it still hasnt made a diffrence, please help!!!!

Answer:Satellite 1100 - CD Drive doesn`t work properly


I think your Helpdesk staff had run the Win XP System Restore to restore the OS! If this doesn't work, you can try to reinstall the DVD/CD standard driver at the Device Manager!

If this doesn't solve the problem I think a full system recovery should be done! Then it will work!


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the last month my dvd-burner works very bad.

I have tryed differnt kinds of media (platinum/sony dvd+r) but everytime it went wrong in the last part of the dvd.

Sometimes he finished a dvd but in a stand-alone player it will shock.

Maybe new firmware will work but i can't find it I have now a Ts-Lo802a with t035 firmware.

Answer:Satellite P200-1ay - DVD burning doesn't work properly


You should take a TDK-R DVD.
I mad a goo experience with this kind of DVD disk.

I had a similar issue. My burned DVDs didn?t work in one of my DVD players.
One player could read it but the other didn?t.

I tested the DVD-R from TDK and it worked on both players

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I have the problem with my new Toshiba Satellite A500-132.
After one week of using, right speaker has started be more silent than left, I often hear crack, sometimes right speaker dosn't play anthing (only silence).
Did you have same problem with your Satellite A500?

I would send laptop to service for fixing this issiue.

Answer:Right speaker doesn't work properly on Satellite A500-132

You are right. Contact nearest Toshiba authorized service provider and let them check your notebook and speakers functionality.
If there is some hardware problem warranty will cover repair costs.

Since last week I have Satellite A500-11G and everything works well. No problems at all.

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My laptop doesn't power on after I do a windows shutdown.

After it completely closes, when I try the power button nothing is happening (neither a led, neither the screen or the vent. it doesn't start)

After I take out the power supply and the battery for one minute and put it back, when I try to power on - it starts.
I changed the RAM memory with good ones, same thing. I cleaned up the laptop and put high quality thermal paste on the processor.

The model is: Toshiba Satellite C655-S5128.
This thing it happens since I cleaned my laptop.
(I mention that I do clean up for laptops everyday, so I know how to do it)

Answer:Satellite C655-S5128 doesn't start - power on problem

The unit doesn?t power up since you cleaned the notebook?
Hmm? these sounds like something went wrong during the cleaning procedure.

I believe you that you have lot of experience in notebook cleaning and you know how to do that but obviously this time you made some mistake? sorry to say this?.

In my opinion the issue is related definitely so some hardware problem? I don?t know who you cleaned the unit and what parts (beside the CPU) have been removed during this procedure but probably one of these parts have been affected or don?t function properly.

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My ancient Satellite 1100 has been working perfectly, but suddenly the letter 'B' and the space-bar do not work at all. I have cleaned under the keys without making any difference. Is it worth checking the connection to the motherboard? (Why this should suddenly fail I do not know).
I have plugged in an old keyboard via an adapter to the USB port, but this hardware is not recognised (although the keyboard lights up). Can I download a driver for my old keyboard from somewhere?
Any other suggestions?
Thanks for any assistance.

Answer:Satellite 1100 keyboard does not work properly

Hi there,

first of all, there is no driver for the keyboard, because it?s a core component of the machine and it?s connected over PS/2. So a keyboard which is connected over a PS/2 (and even in a notebook internal PS/2 port) won?t never ever need a driver.

And regarding the two keys: you can try it. There are just some screws under the keyboard cover which should be unscrewed ;), and then you check the cable. If you did not get some success after
re-adjusting the cable, then the keyboard is probably faulty. In such case, it would be good to check e.g. ebay for some parts.
Usually the partnumber of the keyboard should be printed on a sticker on the bottom of the keyboard.

Please give some feedback, when did it..


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The problem with my computer is: the keys m,j,u and 7 (on the line) don?t work properly. Have to press the button for 20 times to get the reaction. Sometimes it`s fine, sometimes it?s awful, expecially when you starting the computer and have to put your password in. No chance!
Have the problem since a couple of weeks. Have Win10 since the beginnig of August- there were no problem. Bios should be fine, it`s 1.50 for this model.
What would be your suggestion?

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After upgrading my Satellite P55-A5300 to BIOS 1.6 the function key 11 no longer turns sound on and off.
Instead F11 now removes the the top lines of my browser making more area to view the text window.
If you hit F11 again it returns the normal browser size window. Useful but not what I want.

Also after the upgrade my fonts in quicken changed slightly to be softer. I am on windows 8.1 which works fine.

Anyone know how to change the function key settings?

Answer:Satellite P55-A5300 - after BIOS 1.6 upgrade F11 doesn't work properly

At the beginning just one question: have you noticed the same problem if you change ?Function keys mode??
Try to change it to ?Standard F1-F12? mode and test how it reacts again?

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I had use my notebook Toshiba Satellite model 1800-911 for about 3+ years and it's great and i don't had some problems. But now after installing Windows XP Professional SP2 I have one big problem. When I set to stand by mode the notebook it's going to standby mode and it's great. But the problem is when I like to go on with my work from standby mode the HDD on the notebook is activated but the display is still black and I must to reboot the system. I can't use my PC and all of my work is out... Please help

Best regards,
Nikola Todorovski
[email protected]

Answer:Satellite 1800-911: Standby mode doesn't work properly

Hello Nikola

I assume that the Windows XP SP2 update is responsible for this issue.
Well, in this case you should update the Power Saver Utility.
This you can try on the Toshiba website.

Maybe it?s also important to upgrade the BIOS.
Please check if your unit has the newest BIOS version.
Here you can find the BIOS.
If you decide to update the BIOS please check the update procedure on this unit.

Good luck


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Hi there,

My sound drivers do not work properly on Windows XP SP3. I have five speakers in my Satellite X200-252 notebook but only two are detected by the OS. When running on Windows VIsta there are no problems.

I downloaded XP sound drivers from the Toshiba website so they should be up-to-date.

If you know how to solve this problem, I would be grateful for any advice.

Answer:Satellite X200-252: sound driver doesn't work properly on Win XP SP3

Man you want install ok your sound while u use sp3 from beginning.
Install XpSp2 , then install kb888111 , and the drivers for your high definition audio !
It worked perfect for me !
I had the same problem.
good luck.

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The Lights is working but keys is not.
What can i do?
I have windows vista 32 bit.

Answer:Satellite A300-24z - VAP - buttons illumination doesn't work properly

What you can try is to reinstall Value Added Package. This package contains Toshiba Button Support utility.
Remove preinstalled VAP, restart the notebook, install latest version from Toshiba download page, restart notebook again and test buttons functionality.

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Sorry about my English.

I have notebook Satellite A300-24z, Model number PSAG8E and Vista 32 bit.

I try to setup this driver and keys up the numbers are not having light.
I try to do this 3 times and still is not working.
Can somebody help me?

Answer:Satellite A300-24z - VAP - buttons illumination doesn't work properly

VAP is not driver but package that includes 7 different tools and utilities. One of them is buttons control and when the VAP is installed it should works properly.
Is your notebook delivered with preinstalled Vista or you try to install it on your own?

I mean if notebook was delivered with preinstalled Vista everything should be OK. have you done anything that can ?disable? this option?

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I bought a L500 six months ago and now it's almost useless. Trying to operate it by starting it normaly is impossible, taking more than 40 minutes just to start up. Getting any program running or any window open takes many minutes more, if at all.

I have tried restoring the computer to a previous date but it only goes back to two weeks ago and is still facing the same problems. I have checked for bad sectors and not found any. I have also tried doing a CHKDSK but it eventually freezes after a couple of hours during stage 4 of 5, in the following file:
Users\DANIEL~1\AppData\Local\MICROS~1\Windows\TEMP OR~1\Content.IE5\FIA7RO0V\combo[1]

I can operate the computer in Safe Mode most of the times, but when moving information it tends to freeze or slow down a lot. I have been backing up my information and many times it freezes during the process.

I have been using Microsoft Security Essentials but it has been deactivated. I can?t get it back on, although I have been constantly using USBs changing information between computers and no virus have been detected in the my other computer.

I do remember that one of the things that first started working strangely were WMP and VLC, as movies saved on the disk and some music albums would start freezing up after 5 minutes of being played, then playing again for a while and freezing later again.

What do you think the problem is? Is it likewise this will be a problem covered by the warranty?

Please let me know w... Read more

Answer:Satellite L500 doesn't work properly even on Safe Mode

Hi buddy,

> Is it likewise this will be a problem covered by the warranty?
It?s only covered by warranty if it?s a hardware malfunction but if it?s just a software or driver issue it?s no warranty and you have to pay for service.

Anyway, it?s hard to say what the problem is but theoretically it could be software related only and even in safe mode you have several issues I would try reinstall Windows from Toshiba recovery disk. This can restore the original factory settings (out of box settings) and with these settings everything should work properly. Then you can make sure it?s no software or driver problem because the recovery image is pretested by Toshiba.

If you still have problems after recovery installation contact an ASP!

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Hello Friends,

I set up WXP on C660, no '?' marks in DM, but when close LCD the notebook makes screen black but still
running. Then I cannot return it from this sleep mode. Only when I press power button for a long time it turned off.

Please help me to have correct sleep mode.

Answer:Satellite C660 and WXP - Sleep mode doesn't work properly

>...but when close LCD the notebook...
With other words you use standard Windows settings for stand-by mode, right?

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I have used my Fast Track USB on new Toshiba Satellite L40 and I never had problems with it. I could set low latency and I did few songs with it.

Yesterday I bought another notebook, thinking of home recording studio. It's used Toshiba Satellite Pro L20. It doesn't work properly with my interface. When I listen music on Winamp or do anything on Fruity Loops I hear loud clicks, pops, noises. They introduce samples, or they appear during playback or after a sample is stopped.

I noticed, drivers for Satellite Pro L20 are a problem. Its not supported by Toshiba anymore?! The only drivers for chipset are very old and you can download em only from Toshiba website. The chipset is ATI Xpress 200M. Its drivers are with graphic card. Recently I noticed you can download "ATI Catalyst Legacy Display Driver for Windows XP - Motherboard/IGP Drivers 9.11" and CRACK IT to make it possible to install on mobile unit such as L20. Yep its funny but its impossible to do otherwise!

things I have tried and they still not help:
# drivers replacement, original were released in 2004. I installed recent version.
# driver settings, low latency, high latency
# asio and different settings
# pluging the interface to another usb socket.
# trying what happens when I use battery and when I use adapter
# updated bios
# turned off onboard units such as wifi card, sound card
# checked IRQ list

pops still appear.

my config:

Toshiba Satellite Pro L20
Win XP Home SP3
... Read more

Answer:Satellite Pro L20 doesn't work properly with USB Fast Track audio i.f.

At first I am wondering you use old L20 notebook now. You don't have L40 anymore?

You must understand that Satellite Pro L20 is pretty old notebook model and also not the best choice for such operations. This notebook is probably designed for simplest everyday operations like internet, mails, office, a little bit multimedia and that?s all.

I don't want to say this oldie should not work with your external device but you will be lucky if someone has the same external device and the same notebook model and write about own experiences.

Do you use ?factory settings? or you have installed own operating system?

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I just recently purchased the Belkin PCMCIA USB card FSU222 card to upgrade my 1900-303 to USB 2.0, as I have an external USB 2.0 DVD/RW drive. I am running XP pro SP2, I plugged in the card and install it without any errors, and when I plug in the Dvd/Rw drive, it installs without any problems.

The DVD burner reads DVDs with no problem and very fast, but when I insert a blank DVD to record, the drive reacts really slow. I let it sit there for 150 min and no progress and my pc freezes. With my web cam plugged in to the card, it?s even worst! It freezes my pc immediately! I downloaded the most recent driver from the Belkin website but problem is still not resolved.

I read in other forums, people with same problem as me! Is anyone with problems here? Is there a more compatible card to upgrade my pc?

Many thanks

Answer:PCMCIA USB card doesn’t work properly with Satellite 1900-303


It is really not easy to say what the problem is but I assume that there is some problem with PCI-Cardbus. In my opinion ypou can try to make a BIOS update or even try to check if chip set utility update is available for your unit.

One guy at other forum recommends using a small tool called ?chipinfodemo1.1.5?. This tool allows cardbus identification and you can try to reinstall the cardbus controller driver.

Sorry but I have no other idea.

Good luck!

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When I shut the lid on my laptop it indicaes that is in sleep mode by blinking the green light but when I lift the lid up, it says that windows were not shut down properly.

I have checked all the settings and they seem ok. What could it be?

Answer:Satellite Pro L300 - Sleep mode doesn't work properly

Hi Lop,

What settings did you check exactly and which OS you are using?

I have Satellite L300 and Windows XP. I?m using TOSHIBA Power Saver and there I can set what happens if I close the lid, press the power button, etc.
Check this!!

Furthermore on XP make sure that TOSHIBA Power Saver Profile is chosen in Windows power options.

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I have one problem with my Satellite P100-222 notebook. Seconds do not vary. Even if you come in BIOS time is at a stop (though seconds should go). I had to install the special program for time synchronisation: ( it is terribly inconvenient.

Can someone help to solve this problem? I think that the battery (BIOS) can be responsible for it.
#I don't know how to change it.

Forgive for my English. I use the translator.

Answer:Clock synchronisation doesn’t work properly on Satellite P100-222

Help me pls)

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Hi all,
I just bought a Satellite M40 laptop which purpose will be to be used as a mobile audio system.
For that, USB audio devices are a great solution.

Unfortunately, although it was working properly while recording (sound is perfect with all USB Audio compliant devices I could test), there's an issue in Playback as I got lots of clicks and pops.

After lots of tryings and google searches, I fixed the problem by switching from ACPI computer to Standard PC mode.
That's a workaround.

But this way, I don't know anymore what's my battery status, and my laptop do not shutdown automatically.
In fact, my laptop is no more managed as a laptop :(

I suspect a very serious issue in one of the Toshiba components management. Especially, I would not surprised to be told that power management leads to some regular short system freeze, and thus the 10ms USB audio buffers fall into underrun.

This would not bother me so much if I was not part of the technical support team of a company that is also launching some new USB audio products that will fail to work properly with laptops.

My question is :
Is there any driver / bios update that gets rid of this issue ?
If someone from the Toshiba technical support wants to handle this issue directly with me, I would be pleased to help him, as I'm concerned professionnaly and personnaly.

Thanks in advance.

[Edited by: admin]

Answer:Satellite M40: USB Audio doesn't work properly in ACPI mode


I don?t know which USB audio device you use but the most USB audio devices cannot use the USB power supply. These devices need an external A.C power supply and mostly this external power supplies are delivered with the USB audio device.

Furthermore I have read on some websites that sometimes the pops occurs because of un-synchronistic of different buffer modules or/and parallel usage of some applications.

The changing from ACPI computer to Standard PC mode is one of many solutions and proposals
You can check for some Microsoft fixes. Check if all Microsoft updates are installed.
Also change the performance options in the system options to ?Adjust for best performance?.
Disable the Windows messenger.
The Virtual memory should be set to custom size and Initial size and max size should has the same value (ie. 512/512)
In the system.ini the ?vcache? should has also the same value: MinFileCache=16384, MaxFileCache=16384
Disable the additionally devices like scanner, printer.

Like you see such issues could occur on all computers (desktop and notebooks) and it?s not a Toshiba problem. You should also contact the manufacturers of the external audio device for support and detailed informations.

Good luck

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My C660-A046 version PSC1SV have a numpad problem: Miss behave

by numpad when type:
1 it's type 16
2 it's type 2+
3 it's type /3
4 it's type 49
5 it's type 5-
6 it's type 16
7 it's type 7*
8 it's type 8.
9 it's type 49

I tried to download bios but no bios in driver section for PSC1SV ... how to fix it ??

NB: sorry for bad English

Answer:Re: Satellite C660-A046 - numpad doesn’t work properly

I?m afraid you will not be able to fix it. My advice for you is to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. In my opinion keyboard must be replaced.

How old is your notebook? Is warranty still valid?

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Dear All,

I have problems with my recently bought Toshiba Satellite U940-11X, serial no. 2D015354K.

1. With every restart of the laptop my keyboard settings are not accurate and Function buttons and symbols do not work properly. Therefore it is also not possible to enter the bios via F2 after reboot.
I have to press CTRL + SHIFT to have my keyboard properly working. I have to do this every time I use my laptop.

2. The touchpad (Synaptics SMBus TouchPad) is not working after a few minutes. The only thing I can do is plug in an external usb mouse. I have also tried to use FN+F9, does not work.

Please, can anyone help me out on this?

Jeroen Raijmakers

Answer:Satellite U940-11x: Keyboard + FN buttons don't work properly

>Therefore it is also not possible to enter the bios via F2 after reboot.

I see the notebook uses Win 8.
You have to perform an complete shut down to access the BIOS.

Check this document. It provides info how to change the settings in order to access the BIOS:

+Perform a complete shutdown in Windows 8+

> I have to press CTRL + SHIFT to have my keyboard properly working.
Did you check the keyboard layout settings?
For me it sounds like you are using wrong keyboard layout settings. The usage of the key combination CTRL +SHIFT changes between the keyboard layouts.

How to change this?
Go to Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options
Clicked "Keyboards and Languages" tab then clicked "Change keyboards" button. Then in the "Installed services" tree list, select the keyboards you don?t want and click "Remove.

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I have Toshiba Satellite L50-B-17C. After upgrading BIOS to the newest version, some of regional polish characters do not work.
I am not sure that just a rootcause is update BIOS, perhaps is also possible that any other software use the same keys combination.

Keys which work well with alt together: "e"; "o", "a", "l", "n", "s"
Keys which *do not work* with alt: "z", "x", "c"

Anyone could help with this problem?

Thanks a lot!

Answer:Satellite L50-B-17C - Regional keyboard chars do not work properly

I already read about this keyboard problem and it seems that this is caused by BIOS.
You have to wait for new BIOS update. Keep an eye on Toshiba Service Station update messages.
In case new BIOS would be available, you should receive an update message.

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I have recently bought a A210 series with integrated cam and I am having problems with the keyboard as when i start typing it starts to jump about in different areas of the document or sentence is there anyway to rectify it, it is operating windows vista and office 2007

Answer:Keyboard on Satellite A210 series does not work properly


does this problem appear immediately after buying the machine? Maybe it?s a good idea to recover the machine, perhaps it could be a software issue.

On the other side it sounds a little bit like a hardware related problem so if the recovery doesn?t brought you joy then you should contact a local service partner for help.
Here you can find the nearest ASP in your country (just click on the link and you will find some):

Nice weekend

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I have an issue with my P200-144, when I am typing very fast it misses keystorkes this does'nt happen on other keyoards.
Also my Down arrow is very stiff.

Answer:Some keyboard keys do not work properly on Satellite P200-144

For me it is nothing strange. I have older Tecra M1 and the buttons are ?softish?. On new A200 (similar keyboard as on P200) it is not the case. The pressure must be stronger as on Tecra and if I typing very fast some keys are missing.

Maybe you should type a little bit slower.

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My daughter's Toshiba Satellite Pro A100 has developed a couple of faults.

Firstly, the keyboard displays random characters such as a stuck key would. eg, if in Google or Wordpad the system will at random type a single character over and over again even when no key is pressed. Occasionally it will also open windows or programs as if the 'enter' key has been pressed, or cycle through desktop icons.

Secondly, the touchpad is non-responsive and cursor operation isn't possible from the touchpad or buttons. I don't know if the two are related.

She assures me she hasn't spilled anything on the laptop, so any help would be appreciated to rectify these faults.


Answer:Satellite A100 - Keyboard and Touchpad don't work properly


Can you notice the same issue with external input devices?

If not it?s time for an authorized service provider. I think the keyboard and touchpad must be replaced and the technicians can help you.

On the Toshiba website you can find a list of authorized service provider.

Good luck! :)

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I have installed Windows 7 Pro on my Satellite P300 and when ever I try to use the mute button etc it starts the button setting assignment program but no options are available to select.

Has anyone come across this and a fix?

Answer:Satellite P300 - Quick launch buttons doesn't work properly

Hey Jones,

Can you please tell us what version of Windows 7 you have exactly? I mean the 32bit or 64bit version and did you download the Value Added Package especially for Windows 7? The Toshiba website shows also different P300 models, what model number you have?

Have you already tried to assign the different functions to the button? For example there is a mute.exe file as far as I know in Toshiba folder that must be assigned to the mute button. Check this!!

Maybe reinstalling the VAP could also be useful.

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I have the following problem with my Satellite M40X-112

After an update with Windows XP SP2 I lost the possibility to use the 1280x800 screen. There is only an 1024x768 monitor identified by the display driver. The effect is that I now get the screen displayed as an 1024 x 768 screen leaving the bottom 32 lines with random data and the right half black with one random line of the 1024 x 768 screen .

I refreshed the display driver with the recovery cd with no effect. After that I took the newest driver from Intel, but there was again no effect!!

Now I ask myself, if there two possible failure reasons:
1. a hardware defect or
2. is there a special display driver installed on the Toshiba that is not included on the recovery cd?

One additional hint: I tested also the bios stretch function, also with no result.

Can anyone help, please?

Answer:Satellite M40X: after SP2 update the widescreen display doesn’t work properly

To see if ,as you say, the problem is due to SP2, uninstall it. :-)
But I can hardly think that's the reason because so far I've never heard of SP2 causing display malfunctionality!!! Indeed, SP2, being an update, it should not cause problems.

In the recovery CD there are all the driver your notebook needs....

One question: where did you get SP2? From the original Cd or elsewhere?

Message was edited by: photonics

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Hi Toshiba team,

Recently bought a new notebook.
However the microphone or sound driver (connexant pebble high definition ) doesn't work properly when using skype. Also read about this matter in various forums such as the skype forum.
People encountered similar problems such as:

We can usually talk for a bit longer than 20 seconds, however the call will drop at a random time between 1 and 15 minutes. The strange part is that sometimes the quality of the call is good, but more than often my friend can only hear *half of what I am saying* while I usually do not have a problem hearing what has been said. The video will work so my friend can see me talking but can simply not really hear what I am saying.
Before the drop the call will usually freeze for a couple of seconds and then skype sometimes crashes. We have tried talking together without the video, however the problem remains.

I also found a suggestion by the toshiba service, just to simply increase the volume under control panel etc, but it doesn't work either..

Can you please help me on this one?
Cannot use skype at all as it just to annoying for everyone I talk to.. Quality is just to poor!!

Many many thanks

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Answer:Satellite P500-127: microphone or sound doesn't work properly using skype


I?m Skype user too and to be honest? everything is working properly!
I can use my internal webcam as well!
But I?m using the Win XP with Skype?

I assume you are using Win 7 and Skype?

To be honest, I doubt it?s Toshiba notebook issue?
If it would be a notebook (sound driver) issue then you would notice the same problems recording and creating audio files... but I doubt this will happen...

Therefore it must be an software issue? possibly an combination of Skype, Win 7 and Conexant driver?
Who knows?

But as I said above? my Skype is running fine with Win XP!

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I bought this laptop for a great deal less than a month ago but the return policy was the first of January. On the 8th I spilled a water bottle by accident from doing some school work and not paying attention to how close it was. I know that it is a horrible choice to eat/drink around technology. I quickly turned it off, took out the battery, tipped it upside down to get some water out, then i took the keys off and dried it all underneath them, next i waited about 6 hours and was so worried i turned it back on and everything was working fine until I tried typing =( I knew i should wait longer so i turned it back off and waited 30 hours and it still wasn't typing right i.e press k kj90 comes up. Then I decided to just use a usb keyboard and do the rice thing to the actual keyboard. Now I am still using the usb one which can get annoying but I can live and it has been over 4 days since the accident occurred. Is it possible that it's still drying out some keys work but some of them type other letters that are close by it? Could I buy a similar model keyboard and replace this one? I called Toshiba and they said it wasn't covered and would cost $180 to get it replaced but I don't have that money. I have also checked online for the same keyboard replacement but I didn't find any but similar one's. Thanks

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I have a Satellite M40X and I had update the Bios to v. 1.60 and now the keys u, m, 7 and the arrow up are not working properly. The problem is that there is not other Bios version to use.

How can I resolve my problem?
Can I recover the old bios version?


Answer:Satellite M40X: After Bios update keyboard keys don't work properly

Hi there,

no you won?t be able to recover the old BIOS. The only two options are:

1. Retry the BIOS update and check if it?s working
2. In case of no success, please visit the [ASP Locator|] to search for the nearest ASP in your country and to ask them for a hardware checkup and repair.


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My satellite pro C850 1HE keyboard intermittently stops working properly and starts opening programs e.g pressing F will open file search, C opens computer that sort of thing

is there a permanent fix to this problem?

its not anything to do with programs installed nor is it anything to do with browser settings.
restarting the computer works for a short time but is time consuming this is really annoying as i use this for work and study!

Answer:Satellite Pro C850 keyboard wont work properly and opens multiple programs

> is there a permanent fix to this problem?

The question is what causes this problem? Is it hardware related or software related issue?

Why you don?t connect an external USB keyboard just to check if the same would happen?

In case the USB keyboard would work fine, I would assume that the internal keyboard malfunctions? and the solution would be an simple replacement of faulty part.

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I have a serious problem with my A60: the keyboard doesn't work any more. I have tried a lot of solutions and the last one, recovery with the Product Recovery DVD-ROM doesn't work, because I can't use the keyboard!!

When the screen with the 3 choices appears, I have no possibility to answer!!
Have somebody an idea???

Thanks a lot for your answer.

Answer:Satellite A60: keyboard doesn't work, recovery DVD can't run

They keyboard might not be the problem or it might not be connected properly to the motherboard the best thing to do is take it to a service centre it shouldn't cost you anything, if it is still under warranty...but if it is just the keyboard and your laptop is out of warranty then it should cost you more than 100-200....can't say how much exactly because I have no idea.

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I have a really strange problem. One day suddenly my keyboard stopped working (doesn't matter if in windows or on boot). I thought maybe some how the cable between keyboard and notebook disconnected and opened the keyboard to check this and realized nothing special.
When I started the notebook the keyboard works fine but at this moment I didn't built-in the keyboard again but had it loose connected to the notebook.

So I found out that when the keyboard has NO contact to the notebook (except from the connection cable) it works fine. But when it is built-in (or just placed thereon) it doesn't work (?).

Has somebody a explanation for that problem?

Answer:Keyboard doesn't work on my Satellite L when built-in

I have no explanation for that? i mean only one cable connects the the keyboard to the motherboard. But maybe the cable is broken or the connection is loose if the keyboard is plugged in?

Just an assumption?

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I have problem with my keyboard. I install Windows XP from recovery CD and make updates form Windows Update. Sometimes when I write something ex 1234567890, I see on the screen 123567890 or 123456790.
I took the laptop to the service and they said everything is OK, but for me it`s not!!
What is wrong with it, can someone tell me ??

Answer:Satellite L10 - keyboard doesn't work correctly


Compare the BIOS version which is installed on the notebook with the BIOS which is available on the Toshiba page.
If you use the older version so you can try to upgrade the BIOS.
I have read that sometimes a new BIOS could help.

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Answer:Satellite L500-1XL - keyboard doesn't work


Get in contact with your Toshiba ASP in your country and ask for the keyboard replacement.


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I have Vista L500 with a dead keyboard. This machine has not been dropped or had anything spilled on it. I have plugged in external USB keyboard which works. The laptop keyboard does not. I have flashed BIOS, updated drivers, held shift key for 10 sec (read on another forum), reset computer, checked Windows Vista updates and ran 3 Virus checks.
Everything is perfect, just no Keyboard?

What else should I check? Could it be a motherboard problem?

Thanks for any help given :)

Answer:Satellite L500 - Keyboard doesn't work


Can you enter the BIOS (F2 key) with internal keyboard?
If not the internal keyboard seems to be defective and needs replacing?

I don?t think you can do more. I mean you tried everything what is possible and if an external keyboard works the OS installation should be ok.

The keyboard can be ordered and replaced from an authorized service provider. Do you know how to contact the guys?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite 3000-100 Notebook. It worked without any trouble. But suddenly the keyboard doesn't worked! The other buttons are still working. What can I do?

Thanks, homer108 (from Germany)

Answer:Satellite 3000-100: keyboard doesn't work

For me it looks like a keyboard fault.
In such case you will have to replace the old keyboard with the new one.
The replacement is not very difficult. The keyboard is connected to the motherboard with the small, flat cable. To remove the cable from motherboard you will have to open both small latches at the connector?s sides and to lift out the cable.

However, firstly you have to order a compatible keyboard from ASP which is responsible for your country. And if you have no experience with any replacement procedures I would recommend asking the notebook technician for the help.

Best regards

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Sorry but my english is not too good

I want to cange the xp, want to Vista, but the keyboard is stupid.
The fn with some buttons isn't work, the fn with some butons always on /if I want to read this button with no fn, need push fn/.
It is very useless.

I read this line without fn button, you will see how it is work:
5 read th5s 35ne w5th64t fn b4tt6n, y64 w533 see h6w 5t 5s w6r2

Please help me.
Thanx for all help

It is an Satellite L30, the vista is enterprise.

Answer:The keyboard and Vista doesn't work on a Satellite L30


Satellite L30 is Vista supported and if there is no hardware problem Vista should run well on your notebook.

Just one thing I am interesting for: have you keyboard problems using it with original WXP OS? I just hope you writing about internal keyboard and not external.

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I am trying to fix a Satellite L450-181 for a friend.

I have had to replace the hard drive as a friend tried to load Yahoo messenger and when the laptop rebooted a screen came up to say a file was either missing or corrupted but we were unable to access any of the keyboard except the mouse and touchpad.

I replaced the hard drive and reloaded windows 7 64bit from a Microsoft disc as we were unable to find the Toshiba recovery disc. Everything works fine after downloading all required drivers from Toshiba except the entire keyboard. The keyboard shows up in the device manager as working fine with no conflicts but I cannot get any function from the keyboard at all.

I suspect my friend has locked the keyboard in some manner or there is a setting I need to enable but I am at a loss at what to try next as I have reloaded the flash card utility, the vap utility, tried the Fn/ F11 and the Fn/F10 combinations to no avail.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Answer:Keyboard doesn't work on Satellite L450

> Everything works fine after downloading all required drivers from Toshiba except the entire keyboard
Wait a moment. Has keyboard worked after clean OS installation and before you started to install Toshiba drivers?
Can you use keyboard in BIOS mode (arrows to change BIOS options)?

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My laptop keyboard dosn't work after the windows 8.1 update (11-06-2015) So I cannot login on my laptop.
What can be the problem and more important: How can I solve this problem?

Answer:Satellite P70-A-11N: Keyboard doesn't work after windows 8.1 update

If I understand you right you cannot use keyboard in Windows only.
When you enter BIOS settings, can you use keyboard to move through all available options?

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I installed Windows XP on this laptop. The keyboard *Fn+F8* ( Wireless switch controll) don't work.?
Any idea? Thanks

Answer:Satellite Pro L670-16Z and WinXP - Keyboard Fn+F8 doesn't work

You need some kind of utility to enable the custom Toshiba functions.

Usually in Windows Vista and 7, its the Value Added Package, but for XP you need Common Modules and/or a Wireless Hotkey utility.

XP is being phased out by Microsoft this year, so it may be difficult to find compatible XP drivers for the new Models.

Is there a reason you need XP?
Windows 7 has an "XP Mode" that runs XP inside of Win7 using a virtual machine.
You can use XP Mode to run programs that have problems running in Win7.

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I recently bought this P50t a-125 and the backlit keyboard doesn`t work.

I looked in Bios and the "LED illumination" feature is missing (i have bios 1.70),

Also the feature is missing from Desktop Assist.

Thanks in advance for help

Answer:Satellite P50T-A-125 - backlit keyboard doesn`t work

The backlight keyboard feature can be enabled and disabled using the key combination Fn + Z

Did you already try this key combination?

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Hello everyone.

I have Satellite A660-156. Recently put a backlit keyboard (replaced old one without light after liquid damage), but the lights did not work. FN + Z ? no result.

Perhaps there is any utility or driver?
How to get it work?

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Answer:Satellite A660 - illumination doesn't work on new keyboard

> I have Satellite A660-156. Recently put a backlit keyboard (replaced old one without light after liquid damage), but the lights did not work. FN + Z ? no result.

Did you connect the new keyboard to the additional connector which controls the backlight?
As far as I know not all Satellite A660 motherboard supports such connector and this means that backlight keyboard is not always supported!

In case the additional connector isn?t available, the backlight keyboard upgrade is not possible.

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I turned on the Toshiba Satellite A200-1GM, a display is almost completely darken and try to lighten it, but it fails Fn ...


Hospital keyboard should work outside the windows, so that ?!... so it may be a hardware fault?

Please check what I could fix it, I'd probably reinstall everything in terms of software Satellite A200-1GM

drivers: MP_RESULTS_PAGE&partNumber=PSAECE-02C004CZ&serialNumber=87324302k&USER_ACTION=Serial %20number

Thanks in advance for advice ...

Answer:Brightness FN keyboard (F6-F7) doesn't work on Satellite A200-1GM

I am clueless, I've installed just about everything for Toshiba A200-1GM and
Nothing has changed at all just now when I press FN and the light exiting the panel, F6 and F7 works, but the brightness is still fully diluted hardware, not software ....

link to my TVAP:

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Recently had a minor spill incident on my laptop. I quickly removed the battery and power and let it dry for a few days.
After two days I tried starting it but with no success. I then carefully opened the laptop and very carefully cleaned and dusted it all the way down to the motherboard. Amazingly it started working perfectly again, except for the keyboard, and I don?t know what to do.

I?ve tried making sure the strip is correctly inserted into the motherboard countless times, and tried to uninstall and reinstall the keyboard drivers but both have been no to help. What I want to know is; if there are any of you who have had the same problem, and if there is a way to check whether it?s my keyboard or motherboard that is busted.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite L505-119 - keyboard doesn't work after spill incident

> ... if there is a way to check whether it?s my keyboard or motherboard that is busted.
In my opinion there is only one way to check this: keyboard replacement. You must test functionality with new keyboard to see if everything is OK.

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i have a problem with my laptop, the touchpad and the keyboard doesn't work.
Any one can help me what's the possible cause?

thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite W30T-A378 - touchpad and the keyboard doesn't work


I assume that you checked if the tablet has been connected properly to the keyboard docking.

Did you try to disconnect and connect the docking again?
Note: there is a release latch on the left which you have to move and hold in order to remove the tablet.

Maybe there is some connection problem.

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Hello everybody!

I have a Satellite P10 with WinXP(SP1) for ca. 1 year.
Symptoms: It's about the internal keyboard. I've used the pipe key <|> indeed not everyday, but it worked. And suddenly I see that it's not doing anymore: it's "dead", whereas all other keys are working properly...

My following steps:
1) I've deinstalled the standard keyboard driver (101/102 keys) or Microsoft Natural Keyboard (PS/2), and it was successfully found after Windows starting up. There is no hardware conflict according to the Device Manager or System Information, the driver is running properly...

2) The keyboard layout is German. But I've tested already the English (US) one too: the result is the same.

1) Is the key physically damaged?
2) If not, what can I do to fix the problem? Where can I get maybe a newer driver?

Thanks in advance!

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Answer:Satellite P10, internal keyboard: The pipe key doesn't work anymore

Hello Mischa

If you can not use the button at all I assume that the button is defective. It is not known to me that driver update can has influence on just several buttons.

If the unit is about 1 year old the warranty is still valid. You can contact service partner and let them exchange the keyboard.

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If my computer goes to sleep the backlight most times does not work. CTRL-Z doesn't do anything at all.

I have reset back to defaults and still no luck. I need to reboot to get it working again.

I can see this was an issue for others:

Answer:Satellite U940 - Backlit keyboard doesn't work after sleep

It looks like you created several post about the same theme:
Recommend following one thread to avoid misunderstandings.

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Hello Everyone.

I am just new to this forum. Im so sorry for my bad english from now. I hope i can explain my problems.
I just bought a laptop from United States with a bargain price. It is an awesome laptop but there are 2 problems and they r big problems for me.
It is Toshiba Satalite P305D-S8828 which is not available in europe, only is sell for USA.
Thats the link :

Laptops keyboard looks nice, soft and good at typing, but especially on a msn messenger box or forum reply page, when i am typing, it miss some of my typings??? I mean i normally use my keyboard fast, but it is like it doesnt press all the buttons but i really press the letters. So the things i write are mixed, not understandable cos of missing letters.

This is not my first laptop. I used a few more before but nothing like this happened before.
It doesnt happen always but generally happens.
I dont know what to do and this really do my head in.
I am using Vista Ultimate Turkish. Do you think this is an OS problem? Or maybe the bios? Its the latest one (v1.90) I heard the same problem happened to some Fujitsu Siemens laptops but with a bios upgrade it was solved. I hope you understand my problem and someone help me.

My second problem is my FN+F9(function key) doesnt work. But some of them working, like FN+F1, FN+F2, FN+F3... work but FN+F9 DOESNT? :(
I want to turn the touchpad off when i plug my usb mouse but i cant do it by u... Read more

Answer:Satellite P305D-S8828 Keyboard missing my typing and FN+F9 doesn't work

Go to the Toshiba US site and download the latest BIOS. Having the latest BIOS is important on new models.

For the Touchpad issue, download and install the latest Value Added Package for the P305D, and reinstall the Touchpad driver.
If you installed drivers for your USB Mouse (for example Logitech or Microsoft drivers), remove them. They may be conflicting with the Touchpad

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I have to reboot the computer when it comes out of sleep!
One day old PC. Not happy!

Any hints?

FN-Z does nothing.

Answer:Satellite U940: Keyboard backlight doesn't work after sleep mode

Can you please tell us which notebook model do you have exactly?
Do you use original preinstalled OS that you got with it?

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Hi, everyone!

My system is Vista home premium 32 bit (German), and I changed the system language as Chinese,
After that I installed some Chinese software.(i don?t know if this caused problems) keyboard is OK after.
I have done this, even I restart or shutdown my computer keyboard works well.

But after some hours or a night, there is no response with my keyboard any more, and hardware manager can not find new hardware.

(PS: Keyboard works until I see the vista logo, because I try to press the CAPS-LOCK key, this light on).

So every day I must delete the driver of Keyboard and restart -- F2 - BIOS - default setting ? save ? exit - restart, then I get my Keyboard back.

Can some one help me please?


Answer:Satellite L350: keyboard doesn’t work after changing to Chinese language


>I changed the system language as Chinese
Can you please tell me how you?ve done this?
Does keyboard works well in BIOS settings or when you start OS in SAFE MODE using F8 at start-up?

I don't believe anyone here will be able to offer exact answer to your issue. Who knows what you have done and which software you have installed. It is known that some bas programmed third part software can have bad influence on OS stability and hardware functionality.

Maybe you should use your notebook with ?factory settings? and with tested software.

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I have no idea what my sister and her friends were doing on the comp for a couple of days that i decided not to use it, but now:

- a few programs take forever to load or don't load at all, but they do show up under the processes tab in the task manager
- after pressing Ctrl Alt Del, the task manager icon appears in the system tray, but the thing only shows up a minute later
- my system recovery is "not able to protect my computer," and restarting does nothing
- actually, when restarting or shutting down Windows, it stops at where it only shows my desktop background and cursor [which is still able to move] and nothing else after that, so i have to hold the power button and force it to shut off
- when I right click the desktop and click on "Properties..." [or something similar to this action] it doesn't show up at all, and whenever I try to open any application after that, they don't even load at all either

Things i've tried to get rid of these problems:
- Virus scan with avast!, a couple viruses found and fixed, but nothing changed.
- disk clean up, nothing changed
- registry clean, nothing changed
- CURRENTLY defragging my C drive, hope something changes..

Anyone know what the heck's going on!?
Anyone got any suggestions on what to do next?
Anything helps and would be greatly appreciated!

Answer:Apps not starting properly, sys. recov. doesn't work, can't shut down properly, etc..

no replies yet?

anyway, just stopped by to say that when shutting down, it takes forever to get to the "Saving your settings..." screen, and that's where I decided that it stops and nothing else after that.
Defragged my C drive, still no results besides the computer feeling a bit smoother-running o_o

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Well I only noticed this now, when I tried burning the Windows 10 ISO on a DVD. The setup doesn't work, it returns an error. I also tried using Alcohol 120% to burn the image but it also fails with an error. I had a rewritable DVD lying around so I put it on my laptop, tried erasing it but that also fails.

Basically the only thing I can do with the laptops DVD-Rom/burner is reading CDs/DVDs and nothing else. This didn't happen before? I'm really bummed, as I don't know what could be causing this issue. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Well I only noticed this now, when I tried burning the Windows 10 ISO on a DVD. The setup doesn't work, it returns an error. I also tried using Alcohol 120% to burn the image but it also fails with an error. I had a rewritable DVD lying around so I put it on my laptop, tried erasing it but that also fails.

Basically the only thing I can do with the laptops DVD-Rom/burner is reading CDs/DVDs and nothing else. This didn't happen before? I'm really bummed, as I don't know what could be causing this issue. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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I have just bought a Qosmio F20-137 and when I set up the (DVB-T) TV Tuner I had no problems. However when I try to watch TV on Media Center it frequently stutters and loses its signal (about once every 2/3 minutes). I've tried a couple of different (DVB-T) ready aerials but the problem persists.

I thought this was due to the Freeview signal not being strong enough. However I recently bought a ?45 Freecom (DVB-T) usb for my desktop and this rarely if ever stutters or loses its signal. The USB device doesn't work on the Qosmio so I couldn't try it on that.

Does this indicate that there may be something wrong with my Laptop? Or can anyone suggest a possible solution to the problem?


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Answer:F20-137: TV Tuner doesn't work properly on MCE


Well, it?s a strange issue.
Did you try to watch TV via Qosmio player?
In my opinion you should check if this issue occurs with the Qosmio player.
Please check it.


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