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Satellite C660 - Touchpad RH click does not contain save option

Question: Satellite C660 - Touchpad RH click does not contain save option

Satellite C660 running Windows 7 64 bit OS.
When clicking on a picture / image, the RH click context does NOT contain option to 'save as backgound' to desktop even though the Windows 7 instruction on changing your desktop say that this is how one does it.

I've run XP previously and this option was always there,
Any ideas how this can be remedied?

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Preferred Solution: Satellite C660 - Touchpad RH click does not contain save option

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite C660 - Touchpad RH click does not contain save option

And when you open certain photo using Windows photo viewer is this option available with right mouse click?

By the way: I use the same OS on my Satellite notebook and this option is available.

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Hey Guys,

I've been having an on and off issue with my touchpad for at least a couple of months now. I've tried doing the function +F9 thing with little effect. I also re-downloaded the synaptics driver which seems to make it work for a little while but then it started working only sporadically.

Currently my touchpad works some of the time, if it fails at first pressing Ctrl Alt Del and then Esc seems to make it work for a little while longer but after that it simply stops working. I'm a student and not having a fully functioning laptop is often a great hindrance so any help would be great.



Answer:Satellite Pro C660 - on and off issue with the Touchpad


My first question is: when did you notice this touchpad issue.

I mean, the Sat Pro C660 is an older notebook and if this issue did not appear from first day of purchase, then something has affected the touchpad functionality in the past.

The question is: is there something wrong with software or maybe touchpad module.
I think this can be answered only settings the notebook back to factory state.
If you recover the notebook using Toshiba recover disk, you will get exactly the same state like at the first day of purchase.

If touchpad would still not work properly, well then there is some hardware problem

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I have a problem with my Satellite C660 with the Synaptics touchpad V7.2 sensitivity. The cursor keeps highlighting everything it goes over and dragging the files or programmes or opening them.

It's driving me mad and restoring it to a previous date doesn't stop it, nor does clicking the tapping function off in the Synaptics properties box or reverting to default.

Anyone out there able to help?

Answer:Satellite C660 - Touchpad highlighting everything it goes over


Try to install the Synaptics latest driver from the Synaptics driver page:

Furthermore you can adjust the touchpad settings in control panel -> mouse -> device settings -> settings button

Here you would find lot of different options which would improve the touchpad functionality.

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Hoping for some help ASAP.  I work alot with images sent to me as email attachments.  On my first HP with Windows 7, I could easily download w/a right click and "save as" option.  Very easy!  Now, I have only a "copy" option on a right click, with no option to save.  I found a pc forum from May 2016 stating it can be done in a very cumbersome way.  Please, please share an efficient way to do this.Thanks! 

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My OS is XP Pro with all updates applied.

Outlook Express Problems:

1. When I click on GIF & JPG attachments, they open without prompting me even though I have "Confirm open after download" checked.

How do I get the "Always ask before opening this type of file" back"

2. I used to be able to click on GIF & JPG attachments, a dialog box would open prompting me to Open | Save | Cancel. When I clicked Save a Save As dialog box would open and I was able to edit the file name before saving the file. I no longer have the Save/Save As an option.

How do I get the Save option back?

Thanks, Nancy

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Hi I'm new and this is my first post so please be gentle!

I have a Satellite C660 with windows 7 purchased as a factory refurb it is my 1st laptop, i have a problem when after startup and everything seems loaded on my desktop it seems if i use my TouchPad too soon it freezes, it has done this since i bought it but i thought it was me being not used to a touchpad and the 'bloatware' at startup the only way i can get the pointer to move is if i finger over the up down scroll line on the right of the TouchPad horizontally or diagonally it will move sluggishly until i can either open and close a browser window, file or even the start window then it will act as normal eventually and never freeze again for my whole session, if i leave it for 5 mins on startup it works fine, sometimes it will also freeze coming out of sleep or hibernation but not always.

Ok i thought it was maybe the driver needed updating i checked in device manager and it said it was working properly but obviously thats when the pointer is acting as it should, in device manager if i go to touchpad/driver/update driver and search the internet it tells me i have up to date drivers, if i choose browse for driver on my computer/let me pick from a list of device drivers i have the following:-

PS/2 Compatible Mouse
Synaptics PS/2 Port Compatible TouchPad
Synaptics PS/2 Port Compatible TouchPad
Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad

should i have all those showing? can someone with a similar spec check that for m... Read more

Answer:Satellite C660 - TouchPad freeze at startup

If anyone could just please check what drivers they have on theirs and if i should have the duplicated one it would help!

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My touch pad functions are not working:

- I can't use it to scroll up and down
- I can't use it to zoom.

What should I do to fix it?

Answer:Satellite C660-17L - Some TouchPad functions are not working


Firstly: Could you please post a notebook model number?

Did you install the touchpad driver?
If yes, then the touchpad settings can be found in
control panel -> mouse -> advanced -> advanced feature settings

Here you should find ?Setting? button which would lead to the touchpad settings.

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I am having this problem for over a month now, the touch pad stops working suddenly and it starts to work after a restart and sometimes after a couple of restarts.

The frequency of this issue is at least twice an hour. I am really tired of restarting all the time.
I have tried system restore but that has not helped and the function keys are not working either.

OS: Windows 7 - 64 bit
Warranty: Expired 03/2013

Answer:Re: Satellite C660-1LD - Touchpad stops working

> I have tried system restore but that has not helped

What do you mean exactly by system restore?

Did you use the Toshiba Recovery DVD or Toshiba HDD Recovery procedure to set the notebook back to factory settings?
In case you did not try that, I recommend doing this!

Fact is that this recovery procedure should fix the system/software issues and in my opinion it looks more like a software as a hardware problem.

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I have problem with Toshiba Satellite C660-1CN PSC0QE.

Touchpad don't start with Windows 7 Home Premium.
All drivers are updated.
Bios - lastest.

After log on I need to click *twice* "FN+F9" and after this is OK until next reboot.

I tried:
several Synaptics drivers - no change.
reinstall Windows - no change.
Windows XP mini from Hiren - no working.
BIOS defaults - no change

After I installed "toshiba value added package" I can't turn on touchpad at all.

Answer:Satellite C660-1CN - touchpad do not start with Windows

To be honest I never heard about such issue. According notebook specification your notebook was delivered with Win7 home premium 64bit. With factory settings touchpad should be enabled after OS start.
As I can read you have reinstalled Windows. Have you reinstalled with original recovery image and tested it with factory settings?

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In an attempt to get the FN key working again, I installed the latest 'Flash Cards Support Utility', which has made the problem considerably worse. No keys on the keyboard work (there is still power going to it, as the number lock light is lit) and the touchpad doesn't respond either, along with its buttons.

I'm guessing it was something to do with what i just installed but i don't really know where to start. I have a usb mouse and a spare keyboard so am able to use the laptop but would be very grateful for any help fixing it.


Answer:Satellite C660 - Keyboard and Touchpad failing

Before we start the discussion one question: do you have problem with FN keys only or you cannot use whole keyboard?
What is with touchpad? Is touchpad maybe disabled? Have you installed Synaptics touchpad driver?
It is really not easy to say what is going on there but maybe you should install recovery image and test functionality with ?factory settings?. I mean with clean OS installation everything should be OK. If not there must be some hardware problem.

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I've just done a windows update and the touchpad has stopped working.i've uninstalled it and rebooted but it hasn't helped.Under hardware tab in the mouse properties it say's "this device can not start code 10"

Can anyone help please?

Answer:Satellite C660-1F1 - touchpad has stopped working

Have you tried to install Synaptics touchpad driver offered on Toshiba download page?

You can find it on
Lease test it and send some feedback.

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Satellite C660-28H

Win7 64bit

antivirus Kaskpersky deleted "system32/driver/cekbfilter.sys" file for keylogger reason (Kaspersky Support said It is mistake of Kaspersky antivirus, file is not virus or virused), and after I restart OS I find keyboard and touchpad not working at all.

Also I already asked about this at [US Toshiba Forum|] and there was advise to ask here too

I can not use Windows recovery (do not have recovery point) , and I do not want to do full recovery to factory default - there are many soft and personal data stored.

So Is here way to recover drivers? As I already said at US Toshiba Forum - I already tryed delete touch pad driver and instal from Synaptic official website, and I not changed anything.

Also I think antivirus may delete not only file, but do some fixes to remove "wrone" driver

Answer:Re: Satellite C660 - keyboard and touchpad are not working

Huh it is very stupid situation now. I never had such problems but it will be interesting to find solution to this.

Have you tried to connect external mouse, just to see if this can work? I mean it is much easier to use windows with mouse and choose different options.

If this works try to open device manager and properties for keyboard. There you can find option for driver update. Check if some driver update can be found. Fact is that keyboard uses standard Microsoft driver so f you are online maybe some driver can be found.

Of course best and easiest solution for you is recovery installation. If you don?t want to do this try to find right drivers using such driver update option.

One more thing: if you have so important stuff saved on HDD you can remove it from your notebook and connect it to other PC/notebook as external device and make backup. After doing this you can install recovery image and problem is solved.

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Hi All,

First time poster here.

Have had my Toshiba C660 PSC0LE-00500JEN now for the best part of 18 months, and now looking to extend its capabilities.

I dont really have a LAN at home, but have a WLAN, so am looking to implement "Wake on Wireless Lan".
I have the "Realtek PCIe FE - RTL8188CE Wireless LAN 802.11n adapter, and when I viewed the settings of it, the box to allow it to "allow this device to wake the computer from sleep" seems to have been greyed out.

I am looking to see if this adapter will allow the laptop to wake from sleep, or if it can only be done on the LAN cable...


Answer:Satellite C660 PSC0LE - Can i enable the "Wake on WLan" option?


I think this is not possible.
As far as I know in BIOS the ?Wake Up on WLan? is not supported and the Wlan works only if the system has been booted up.

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The mousepad on one of our C660 laptops is acting almost like the mouse pad is constantly being tapped.
If you hover over an icon it'll open that file several times.
If i disable it and plug in a USB mouse the issue stops.

I've tried:
scanning for malware
system restore
driver update

Nothing helps.
I dont know whether this is related or not but i cant get any network connectivity either.
Connects happily to wireless but thats where it ends..

any advice!?

Answer:Satellite C660 - Mouse pad constant click


I think its touchpad related setting.
Go to control panel -> mouse -> Last tab (Advanced) -> Advanced feature setting button

Here you can see the area: Delay after last key is hit. Try to set this to ?LONG?

Furthermore in Pointer speed and tapping settings click on Setting button.
Here I recommend changing the touch sensitivity level to LOW

Last but not lease you can also disable the tapping. In such case you will need to use the left touchpad button to click in the icons..

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There is no option to disable it on this laptop, I have searched for the answer online but nothing, there seems to be no way to do it on this model of laptop. I tried downloading the new touchpad driver from this site but had absolutely no effect and gave me no more options to disable it, it changed nothing. Completely stuck now and its driving me crazy!

The mouse also clicks on its own randomly even when Im not touching it, always seems to get bad when im gaming.

I still want to use the touchpad to move the pointer around, just don't want to use it to click.

Answer:How do i disable tap-to-click on Satellite C660/C660D?

On my Satellite S50-B is installed ELAN software and tapping option can also not be disabled.

Explanation: one finger tapping always performs Point/Click/Select function, which is equivalent to clicking the left mouse button.

It is really strange that this option doesn't exist.

Anyway, if you don't need touchpad in general you can enable/disable it using Fx button (don't know exactly which one on this notebook model).

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I have a Compaq laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit. I has a pentium dual core processor with 3.0 GB RAM. I am not sure what other information is needed.

I somehow turned the click option off on my mouse touchpad and now have to actually click the keys on the mouse. I have gone through everything I can find in the control panel but cannot seem to figure out how to turn it back on. I would greatly appreciate any help with this.


Answer:Need help turning the click option back on my touchpad


For Vista touchpad

How to Adjust Vista Laptop Touchpad Settings |

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My Satellite C660 zooms webpages etc in & out from the mouse touchpad.
I have been trying to get used to it but its been a year & i have had to buy a wireless mouse as i can get on with it.

Can i switch off this fucntion so the mouse touchpad doesn't zoom in & out any more & just does the normal move mouse pointer & tap to click functions?

Answer:Satellite C660: How to disable touchpad's zoom in/out function


I think you are talking about the pinch zoom.
Yes, this can be disabled.
Go to control panel -> mouse -> device settings (I think its last tab it could be called Advanced too)
Here click the button Advanced settings
Here you should see all available options. I guess the option should be available there.

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I bought this laptop 5 weeks ago and now have issues with right click on mouse does not work. Sometimes left click brings up left click functions and leaves me unable to close programmes or shut down, double clicking in pad or enter does not work also.

I have tried to do a system restore to factory but I cannot click on the next to take me throught the restore and end up having to shut down via main power switch.

Any ideas please?

Answer:Satellite C660 - Mouse click doesn't work


Do you have the same problems with an external mouse or just the touchpad?

If an external mouse works properly you can use this one to make a recovery installation. This can help you to solve the problem if it?s just software based.

Last but not least did you already try updating the touchpad driver? You can find it on official Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Check this!!!

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Recently occurring problem, seems to happen more frequently the more i use the touchpad such as playing games etc.

Laptop continues to left click.

Have deactivated the touchpad tapping and it still happens, can't see any physical problem.

Have run anti-virus and spyware programs, happens in all programs and also whilst on the desktop.

Any ideas short of a reformat?

Answer:Satellite C660 - randomly clicking and continuing to click

It is not easy to understand your problem.
Clicking sound can be caused by HDD. Can you hear this clicking noise when HDD LED blinks?

Can you hear it when you leave notebook for a while without your activity?

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I have a c660-2tm laptop and I formatted it. At first I couldnt find "Unknown Device" and I searched it on internet. It means ACPI driver. How can I find driver?

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite C660-2TM - display dim (power save) doesn't work

Wait a moment.
Have you installed own OS version?
Why you don?t use original WIN7 64BIT that you got with your notebook?

Which OS have you preinstalled on your machine?

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My son has just purchased a Satellite P850 laptop to use for school work and gaming and has noticed a problem with the behaviour of the touchpad.

When using the touchpad, if you have one finger in the area of the touchpad used for mouse movement, and then try to click the right hand mouse button, the laptop behaves as if you clicked the left mouse button. If you click the right hand mouse button when you are not touching the mouse movement area, it behaves correctly.

We have tried changing various touchpad settings but have not been able to correct this problem. We have also updated the drivers for the touchpad to the latest version from the Synaptics website, but the problem still exists.

Is there a particular driver or setting that gives the correct behaviour of the right hand mouse button whilst still touching the touchpad with the other finger?

Answer:Satellite P850 - Right click on touchpad acting like a left click

> When using the touchpad, if you have one finger in the area of the touchpad used for mouse >movement, and then try to click the right hand mouse button, the laptop behaves as if you clicked >the left mouse button
Sorry but I use touchpad too but in moment when I use one of the touchpad buttons I don?t touch touchpad area at this moment. I have two Toshiba notebooks and I tried to test this on both of them but none of them react on the way described in your posting.

As far as I know such behaviour can be result of ?confused? touchpad.
>... when you are not touching the mouse movement area, it behaves correctly.
In my opinion it is the right way to use touchpad correctly. I don?t think you can change anything using some other touchpad driver. Preinstalled driver is tested and I think the right one.

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I have had my Toshiba C660 11H for just over a week now, and the touchpad is already showing some cosmetic signs of wear, of which has occurred after a year or so on previous laptops.

I was wondering if this is a common problem and if it is/not whether or not the part is replaceable under warranty when it gets really bad.

Thanks / Ryan

Answer:Touchpad shows some cosmetic signs of wear on Satellite C660-11H


Does anyone have any information on this at all?

Thanks / Ryan

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Hi Guys!
I own a Toshiba Satellite C660, (Of course :P) Anyways. Today I was just doing what I usually do on my laptop,
when suddenly the left mouse button stopped working. (Bare with me, this is very weird to explain xD!) Also I cannot "Left click" On my touch pad. I can still move the cursor around with the touch pad, and right click with the right button.

I've tried lightly shaking it incase of crumbs, or something. Although I never eat around my laptop. It's not hard to push like there would be something under it, it just doesn't work!

In a sum up, I can't left click. But I'm able to move the cursor and right click, Odd!

At the moment I have my USB mouse plugged in from my computer and it works fine, but is very annoying!

Sorry if I didn't explain it too well!

Please help!

Answer:Satellite C660 Touch Pad/Buttons left click does not work

On this virtual way it is not easy to say what is wrong there. It is not easy to say if the left touchpad button is ?defective? or disabled somehow.

At first you should check all settings for touchpad. If your notebook has preinstalled Synaptics software check all settings related to touchpad buttons.

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Hey there,

The laptop I've got is a satellite pro C660 2JE. I've had my laptop for a year (ish) now, and it's constantly had this 'issue'.

The touchpad has the 'pinch' capability which allows the user to zoom in or out when using 2 digits on the touchpad (i.e. move fingers together to zoom out).

Unfortunately, the touchpad recognises 2 digits as being present when I only use one finger, but only when I use the right hand side (or the two-thirds of the pad starting from the right).

This made me think that perhaps it was dirty, greasy etc so I cleaned it and nothing has changed. I tried uninstalling the driver, reinstalling/ updating... nothing. The odd thing is that it seems to work for about 1 second after I apply pressure to the left hand side in a rubbing motion and then use the right hand side. This leads me to believe that the left hand side is *constantly being recognised as in use even when it isn't*, but I don't know why.

Is there anything that I need to do that anyone can recommend?
Open up the laptop and clean?
A defected part that needs replacing? Some software update?

I'm at my wits end with this laptop, and this is the only issue... it's just so constant now that the pad is almost unusable (it worsened over time, but wasn't a big deal at first).

Thanks in advance,

NOTE: if there is any technical information required, please treat me like a caveman/ technological invalid. I'm somewhat competent but I'd... Read more

Answer:Satellite Pro C660 - Synaptic Touchpad pinch zoom partially is not working

Maybe your described issue isn?t related to an touchpad malfunction but to the fact that the touchpad supports dual mode feature.

+How to enable or disable the dual mode of the Touchpad+

Check if there is a difference using the touchpad with enabled or disabled dual mode

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Dear Support,
I have a Dell VOSTRO 3560 laptop that has an Elan Tech SmartPad touchpad. I like its responsiveness very much.
Unfortunately, I recently spilled a bit of coffee and some of that went under the touch pad left and right buttons. The buttons stopped functioning but the touch pad itself is still very good.
Even before the spill I rarely used the buttons. I always used the touch pad to tap to click and two finger tap to right-click.Strangely though, after the spill when the hardware buttons stopped working, the tapping on the touch pad also stopped working. I made sure that the touch pad still can do tap clicking by uninstalling the Dell TouchPad driver and reverting to the Microsoft Mouse PS2 driver. In that case I can use the tap to click feature but only for 1 finger tap. I do not get any other feature as the driver is the simple generic MS one.
My question is would it be possible to still use the Elan tech provided (Dell TouchPad) driver and somehow configure it to accept the tap to click and two finger tap to right-click? This in addition to all the remaining scrolling and gesture support that the driver implements? I tried all the Dell Touchpad settings applet but nothing changed. Perhaps a registry value setting in the section for the elantech?
What seems to be happening now is that the driver is doing some hardware diagnostics, determining that the hardware buttons left and right are not working, and consequently completely disabling left and right click comm... Read more

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I have A300-u01; it has ATI RADEON 3650 graphic card.
Well i had Sat A205 which had intel graphic card.
When I use to right click on desktop there was option for Intel graphic card but on my Sat A300 i don't have the same option with right click on deskop.

I saw one Sat A300 in market and it had ATI card and also had ATI Option with right click on desktop.

Answer:Satellite A300-U01 - Don't have a ATI option using right click on desktop

one more thing, the A300 i saw in market had 2.40 hours of battery time and mine is just hardly of 1.35 hours with full charge..

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I have Toshiba Satellite A100- 13O purchased in Slovakia (I guess they have different numbering over here, as I have not found this model on your website) with Vista and Synaptics touchpad.

After one of the regular updates, the "disable tapping" option just disappeared from touchpad menu. When I go to the mouse properties and try to set the touchpad it gives me only right/left button options, but no "disable tapping" anymore. The Fn + F9 combination does not work either anymore.

I tried to uninstall and install the Synaptics drivers again, but nothing has changed. The touchpad is working fine, only the tapping is quite annoying. I am using mouse most of the time, but I do not want to disable the touchpad completely, because I need to use that sometimes too. I tried to search for an answer everywhere but it looks like nobody seems to have come with an answer to my problem. Thank you for your help!


Answer:Satellite A100- 13O - option for Disabling tapping on touchpad is gone

Are you writing about regular Microsoft updates?

To be honest on my notebook I check the list of all offered updates before update starts and there is also listed ?*Synaptics ? Input ? Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad*? option. Logically I disabled it because I don't need any update for it.

Have you tried to roll back OS to earlier time using System restore tool?

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I own a Toshiba L500-A-1EF and although the touchpad works properly, cursor moves, one tap acts like a click, etc, the click itself is not working.
I've tried updating the Synaptics drivers and playing around with the touchpad settings but sadly with no results.
Can someone help me?
Many thanks.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L50-B-1NL running on Windows 8.1. I am trying to disable the tap to click option on the track pad, as I find it is way to sensitive causing increased frustration.

I searched Google and it says there is an option to turn of track pad, but when I go into my settings the turn off option is the only one missing? Is there a way I can turn off tap to click as it is driving me mental.

Answer:Satellite L50-B-1NL - How do I disable tap to click on touchpad?

If I understand you right you want to disable whole touchpad, right.
You can do this using FN+F5 key combination or using F5 key only.

Please open user?s manuals and check page 58. There you and find very useful info about usage of F keys.

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I have the X1 Carbon Touch thinkpad with Windows 8 and I just noticed that I need to click on the touchpad real hard for the click to register. Tapping works fine but clicking requires me to apply a lot of pressure. I have restored the default settings of the touchpad and still have this problem.Are there any known issues with Touchpad click issues and requiring a hard presss?

Answer:X1 Carbon touchpad requires a hard touchpad press and click for click to register

Hi, vtjiggy
Does this apply to the entire TrackPad? Do both left and right-clicking require a great deal of force? You could also try installing the latest Synapatics driver and see if that helps at all. Synaptics is the company that develops UltraNav, which is installed on all ThinkPad systems by default. The latest driver can be found here.
Good luck. Let me know how it goes,

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Hi there, first-time poster/toshiba user here.....

So I got my click mini about 2 weeks ago......but from day one the battery doesn't seem to charge right.

The tablet battery would charge fine and would do so till a full 100%.

Then the keyboard battery would start charging and indicate that it is charging but it would only stay that way, the percentage levels for the keyboard battery would not go up.

The batteries combined would have a total percentage level of 51% and never higher. And when I unplug the charger the battery level in the tablet would start depleting. The keyboard battery would always show 0% whether plugged in or not.

I have updated to BIOS 1.6, did windows update, reinstalled to original settings and even tried out the 24hr continuous charge suggested here and also suggested by tech support but nothing has changed.

I'm kinda at a wits end with this as since I am living in Singapore I can't send it sent in to be repaired as its not under warranty here(they don't even have the hardware/software for it apparently) plus it'll cost me $150 just for them to look at it.

I was told by tech support when I first discovered the problem that BIOS 1.6 would solve the problem. But it has not.....and kinda weird too that they removed BIOS 1.6 update just a few days after releasing it.

Kinda frustrated coz I really like the laptop(perfect for on-the-go/travel).

Another thing I would like to ask is does this model have a hibernate option? I looked into the user ma... Read more

Answer:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - battery problems + hibernate option

Ah ! Thanks ! So I am not crazy... I bought the Click Mini recently and checked the drivers/bios prior receiving the pc. Then I saw the 1.60 Bios and... it disappeared from Toshiba site. Still have it, though, but not sure it is recommended to try...

Regarding keyboard charge, it seems to be charged only after a full charge of tablet - but, so far, it charges correctly here. Although I did notice sometimes it says plugged/not charging - and suddenly becomes plugged/charging - don't know why.

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Hello all

I have had my new Toshiba Satellite C50D-B-11N laptop for a few days now and I like it a lot.. However I do NOT like the touchpad clicker. Is there any way to turn the click function off on the touchpad as it clicks things whilst I?m moving my finger across the touchpad and it is really annoying me seriously and there is no setting that I can find to resolve this issue!?

I have looked in mouse and touchpad settings and there is no setting to turn the touchpad click function off. Can anybody help please?

Thanks very much

Answer:How to disable touchpad click on my Satellite C50D-B-11N?

To be honest such issue is not known to me and I heard it for the first time now. Usually if something should be ?opened? you must use tapping option.
With other words, so long you have permanent contact with touchpad surface nothing should be open and click option cannot be active.

Anyway, check please if you can find tapping option in mouse properties and disable it just to see if problem persists.

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I have a problem with the mouse volume - everytime I tap the touch pad it is like I am clicking the mouse and its very noisey.

How do i turn it off?

Thank you

Answer:How to disable touchpad click sound on Satellite L


Usually the touchpad does not create any sounds.
I assume you have installed an USB mouse and the sound appears due to the usage of this mouse.

I have no clue what mouse software this is but I think you should check the settings inside this tool.
Otherwise you have to check the control panel -> mouse
There are some options which are available to mouse and touchpad.


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on my childs satellite click mini L9W-B-102 the touch pad dosnt work and no mouse pointer can someone please help me

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hi users,

i bought a new toshiba Satellite L50-A111X, i dont that there is a problem or weither right click on its touch mouse pad isnt available at all.

please help.
thanks in advance

Answer:Re: Satellite L50-A111X - issues with right click on touchpad

Sorry it sounds maybe stupid now but I didn?t understand what do you mean exactly.
Can you use touchpad buttons? What is the problem with the right one?

Open please touch pad settings and check the settings for touchpad buttons please.

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I have a new U920t-102 which I am very happy with, but I have this issue with the mousepad's right click (meaning the 'button' the user is able to press on the bottom-right side of the mousepad): sometimes it actually works as a right click, sometimes it works as a left click.
This is annoying especially during web navigation: I'm used to right click on links and open them in a new tab, but when the right click acts as left, I loose the current web page.

I tried to figure out what this behaviour depends on, looking at the animated synaptic icon in windows' tray bar while playing with the left and right click; if I continuosly press the right click button on the mousepad, after some repetitions it will consistely and correctly work as right click, but if press the left click once or more than once, the right click button works as left click for some pressures, and then 'corrects' itself and start again to work correctly.

Any idea/suggestion? is it a hardware problem?


Answer:Satellite U920t-102 touchpad right click issue

Usually the touchpad right / left click can be configured in the Synaptics settings.
Right click on Synaptics icon in tray and point to devices properties.
In buttons tab you will be able to choose right handed scheme or left handed.
Here you could choose the scheme appropriate for you.

You can also try to uninstall the Synaptics touchpad driver and could test the touchpad functionality without the usage of additional touchpad software.

But if this doesn’t help, your might have hardware problem

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Hi all,
I have a Satellite L350-156 and cannot figure out how to get the double click working from the large pad, without having to use the buttons,
Thanks for your help

Answer:Satellite L350 - how to use double-click with touchpad?

any hint, would love to get some answers...tx

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heya there, i'll try not to make this too lengthy, but as my title suggests, basically whenever i try to right click and save target on a click, the save screen appears, then vanishes straight away!! its very strange and i don't know whats going on or what is wrong, but whatever it is its affecting my IE, and i dnt want the same to happen to my what kind of spyware/adware program or anything do i have to download, if one at all!! i'd really appreciate your help as soon as possible...i might take it in to pc world for a health check but if it can be resolved from home, then even better!! hope you can help me out!!

i have windows vista on a toshiba laptop if that helps at all! lol



Answer:when i right click on links to click on 'save target as' the save screen comes then vanishes!!

Tazzy ? before you take it in to be looked at, I?d suggest running a virus scan with whatever security you?re running. If you aren?t running anything, I?d suggest downloading a new security suite, preferably one that?s recommended by Microsoft - what that comes up with. If things come up clean, I?d suggest maybe you uninstall and reinstall your Internet Explorer 8 and see if that changes things. Here?s the link to the download: those (in order) and see if anything helps.Cheers,

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Having just bought a ClickMini to replace my trusty Libretto 100 there are a couple of things that I hope other users or forum experts can help me with.

1) does anyone know how to TURN OFF tapping to click on the ALPS 'mouse pad'. Having been used to a 'nipple' and proper click bars this 'feature' does not work well for me, giving false activations more often than I would like. Note that I have looked at the pad properties in Control Panel and, it appears from this, that tapping either is not active (which it is) or that it cannot be changed. Note also that the ALPS driver is up-to-date having downloaded from the Toshibs website without effect on my problem.

2) how can I display the status of both the battery in the tablet section and that in the keyboard dock? Several folk refer to doing so, or seem to, in the threads below but I cannot find any way of doing so. Your help and advice will be valued.

Finally, although new to this forum and with a new machine, I am far from a Newbie in PC computing terms having bee using compurters in various guises since before the IBM PC was invented. So I am far from being inexperienced and unable to read between the lines of an instruction manual, indeed I have written many myself!

Hoping someone out there can help, yours aye

Answer:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - questions about: touchpad and battery

> 2) how can I display the status of both the battery in the tablet section and that in the keyboard dock? Several folk refer to doing so, or seem to, in the threads below but I
> cannot find any way of doing so. Your help and advice will be valued.

Go to the classic Windows desktop (not the modern Tile-GUI), locate the battery indicator in the task bar in the lower right corner, double click it to expand it and it shows the status of both batteries.

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I'v just bought a toshiba u400-15.
It seems to have a problem in a key of the touchpad.

After pushing the left key, it makes a sort of "click" when it goes up.
The right key doesn't make this sound. Is it normal?

Thank you.

Bye. Valerio

Answer:Satellite U400-15h - touchpad key makes a click noise


It looks like a mechanical touchpad button issue.
I think in your case only a touchpad button replacement would be a real option ?

What do you think about this opinion?

I think the ASP help is needed and therefore you should contact the ASP in your country for a touchpad test?

But is this issue really so annoying? I mean the technician would replace this but you will have to send the notebook and should wait a time until this issue could be fixed.

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Just bought my Satellite P50-C-18k laptop yesterday - I do not like having tap to click as it seems to be over sensitive and accidentally selects various links as I move the cursor around.
So a simple task - how to disable tap to click on the touchpad - or seriously reduce the sensitivity.

I have of course gone to control panel and unchecked all of the various multiple finger options etc for the touchpad/Elan. I have also had a look at the mouse options but nothing obvious there. I downloaded the touchpad driver from the Toshiba website but that made no difference.

I noticed an earlier thread where people were messing around with the registry but on a different model so i dont really want to try that on my new laptop but if someone can confirm if thats suitable for use with Windows 10 (anniversary updated) 64 bit on the P50_C_18K I will give it a go.

The website is pretty frustrating - with Yoko offering tips that are not really helpful and no obvious way to make a quick phone call for support.

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Hi again.

Can I configure the clickpad in a way that the two-finger tap emulates the middle (or mouse wheel) click instead of the right click.

I can't seem to find it among the properties of the clickpad.

Thank you very much

Answer:Satellite L50 - Synaptics touchpad: two finger tap - middle click


The Synaptics touchpad can be found in
Control panel ? mouse ? last tab ?Device settings? ? ?Settings? button-

(the tab and button name could be different)

If the mentioned option isn?t available in the Synaptics settings, then the option isn?t supported

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I've updated my Click Mini to Windows 10. I've encountered one problem where sometimes my touchpad isn't working correctly. Instead of making the pointer move up and down when instructed, the pointer will go left and right. When making the movement to make the pointer go left and right, it goes up and down. To avoid the problem I connect a mouse or use the touchscreen, however it's still quite annoying.

After booting up the click mini, this seems to be the case 50% of the time.. I suppose it's a software issue. Is there a fix? Is this a known issue?


Answer:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B: Touchpad is inverted in Windows 10

Also it seems my screen doesn't want to rotate when I turn the tablet around. (No, screen rotation lock isn't on)

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I have a problem with the left click of my Satellite Pro M40 (PSM46E). It has lost the 'click'.
Does anyone have some guidance for taking the top off to repair? What screws and how etc?

Many Thanks

Answer:Satellite Pro M40 - touchpad and left click repair guidance


I think you will not get some guides because only an ASP (authorized service provider) has someone. These documents are not for the public.

I don?t know how to disassemble the notebook but this procedure is tricky. You must remove a lot of screws and parts like keyboard, LCD, upper cover and so far.

*You can try it and try but it?s your own risk*. I think this should do by a notebook technician.

By the way, I founded a maybe interesting article for you:


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When using the touchpad on my new laptop the right click works fine when I am not moving the cursor
however when I have one finger on the touchpad such as my index finger and try to press the right button with my thumb it only ever registers as a left click.

This seems like an intentional function so I hope one of you has a simple solution.

Answer:Satellite P850-02C - right click is not working while touching touchpad


I think you will need to disable the option called Momentum.
This can be done in the Synaptics touchpad settings (control panel -> mouse -> Synaptics tab -> Settings button)

Expand the option called ?Pointing? and remove the mark from ?Momentum? point.

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The left click on my touchpad has stopped working. It works *very* occasionally but mostly it doesn't. It also freezes the screen if I try to click it too often (in a fit of temper usually ;) )

A USB mouse works fine, which is okay when I'm working on my desk but means I can no longer use my laptop on my lap! The tap click does work, but I don't like using it.

I reinstalled the drivers and that hasn't solved it. I turned the laptop upside down and gave it a good shake to get rid of any crumbs etc under the mouse and that hasn't solved it either.

Any other ideas?

Answer:Satellite C650D - left click on touchpad does not work


Could be possible that there is a mechanical problem with the touchpad button?
Pressing the button too often might lead to the system freezing because of the CPU stress and load.

In my opinion the touchpad board or the single button (if possible) should be replaced.

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Hello there, recently I installed Win 7 and the double click on the touch-pad is not responding. I have to use the left button. I re-installed the the drivers various times but the issue is still persisting. I'm using A300. When I go to Device manager settings everything looks like normally - device working properly. Is there any "connection" among Win 7 - VAP - Synaptic? At least I have a wireless mouse and it's working just fine :). Any idea?!

Answer:Satellite A300: Win 7 touchpad double click is not responding


You have to check if the ?double click, double touch? is enabled in touchpad properties!
Please go to control panel -> mouse -> device settings -> settings (or properties???)
There you will get many options related to the touchpad.
There you should find the option related to ?double click?


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I have a brand new Satellite L50 CI3 laptop. However, it seem there is a fault with the left and right buttons on the touchpad.

The right click behaves like a left click i.e. it does not open a menu.

The left click cannot drag and drop, this includes when using scroll bars.

I've reinstalled everything but nothing has changed. Is this a common problem? Is this likely to a problem with the hardware or software?

Answer:Touchpad right/left click is not working properly on Satellite L50


On this virtual way it is not easy to say what is wrong there. Have you noticed this issue from he first day of usage?
I mean when you start your notebook for the first time it has original factory settings and everything should be OK.

If I understand you right there is some reaction when you use touchpad buttons so what you can try is to set all touchpad options to default settings.

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I'm having trouble with my touchpad and I've tried everything I'd be gratefull if someone here helped me...

My problem is that I can't left click with my touchpad, the button doesn't work neither does taping, although the right button works.

I on the internet when suddently it starte failling and draging everything i clicked, then it just stoped working.

Also I went to the mouse options and switched to left handed touchpad, and when I click with the right button the left button works, but then the right click (that's now on the left) won't work neither does tapping.

Answer:Touchpad left click does not work on Satellite L650

So this means that touchpad hardware (touchpad buttons) are ok.
You should check if new touchpad software/driver installation would help you to get rid of this annoying issue.

In device manager you should firstly remove the touchpad device. Reboot the notebook and then install the touchpad driver once again.

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Hi guys,

Just purchased a new laptop and have noticed that the right click key is very loud and hard to press, the left click is normal, quiet and light to press.

This was the most expensive laptop in the store with the 4th gen i7...yet the right click sounds and feels like something from a laptop from 10 years ago. Anyone else have this issue ?

Think I might return it as I just don't enjoy using it.

Answer:Satellite P50T-AO1C - touchpad right click key is oud and hard to press

I agree... visit the notebook dealer, show him the button issue, test the button on another P50T unit and ask for replacement.

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Can someone please help,

I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite C660/C660D for my nephew, We have forgotten the administrator password and we don't have password reset disk is there anyway around this.


Answer:I forgot my administrator password on Satellite C660/C660


I assume you are talking about windows system password and not about BIOS password. Right?
It?s not very big problem if you forgotten the System password but if you mean BIOS password then you are in trouble because the BIOS password can be deleted just by an Toshiba ASP technicians?

So I assume you mean Windows password? so start the notebook and press F8
Now you can choose Repair my Computer and then choose HDD recovery.
This would start a HDD recovery procedure which would reinstall the system? during the setup you can set anther admin password.

Of course there are some other methods but as far as I know this requires 3rd party software/tools or Win 7 DVD? so I think the HDD recovery is the fastest solution.

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Trying to be helpful, I emailed Toshiba to let them know of a broken link to the latest Elan Touchpad Driver for the Click Mini. Obviously not trying to be so helpful, I received an automated email from Toshiba telling me I had to to post this on the forum instead. This doesn't give me a nice warm feeling regarding customer support levels, but hey ho....

The broken link is:

The driver support page points you to this dead link. I cant find the driver file in question anywhere else on the web:



Answer:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - Elan Touchpad - Missing Driver Hyperlink

Obviously something went wrong during the upload...

But ELAN touchpad driver does not depend on the notebook model.
You can use the ELAN touchpad driver released for other notebook series.

So in case this link doesn’t work, choose ELAN driver released for another Toshiba notebook series.

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Windows 10 Home Version 1607 (Build 14393.187).


all setting options of the Energy save plan have the value "never".
"Screen turn off" and "Energy save modus after", "Battery" und "AC-Adapter",
but if I am reading a Document in Word or a Webpage in Internet using the Browser
after some time of inactivity with the mouse, for example, the screen will be turned off
and the Notebook go to the energy save modus.

It seems, that this probably started happen after the recently Windows Update from Version 1511 to 1607.
I have seen the available Drivers of Toshiba for this model but they are the same since the year 2015
which I already installed after the migration from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 Version 1511.

Could you please help me?.
Thank you.

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While I have sent feedback into Microsoft, I thought I might post here aswell.
In IE9 when you click a download, a pop-up from the bottom asks 'Do you want to open or save from' then gives you the option to 'Open' 'Save' or 'Cancel'
During testing, we found that users would just click 'Save' then not know where the file they downloaded went. After explaining that it was in the downloads, they complained that previously they just chose where to save the file and it saved there. Now they
have to open downloads and copy paste to the location.
We could teach the users to always drop down and select 'Save as' but I can tell you it would be a lot easier if there was a group policy, or a default we can change so the default was 'Save as'
Other than that, I have no complaints :D.

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I purchased a T440s a few months ago. Suddenly I am unable to right click on my touchpad in order to open drop down menus, where they are available,or to right click while highlighting text? I manage to do this if  I click on a specific spot around the bottom, middle of the touchpad, but this takes a lot of fiddling around in order to get the precise spot that happens to work.  It is certainly not a practical solution.  Does this sound like a physical hardware issue, that I need to bring my laptop to the depot for, or might this be something else that can be addressed within my settings or some sort of update?   Has anybody else had this specific problem?   Thanks!    

Answer:suddenly right click not work on t440s touchpad, only awkward middle click

For the sake of troubleshooting, I should add that when I connect a mouse it works fine but, of course, this too is not a practical mobile solution.  A response from someone from Lenovo on this site, in particular, would be appreciated.

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dear community members,since I restaged XP, my touchpad isn't working and is permanently disabled. Symptoms are:a) On ThinkPad Configuration utility, the TouchPad item is grayed and can't be checkedb) when Fn+F8, three options appears: (1) Enable trackpoing and touchpad (2) Enable trackpoint only (3) Enable touchpad only. Even when I choose option (1), the touchpad isn't enabledc) when launching UltraNav wizard, message is: "Touchpad is disabled from BIOS. Please enable it from BIOS or the ThinkPad configuration utility"d) on the BIOS utility, there is no option for Touchpad under Config/Keyboard Mouse BIOS was updated todayTrackpoint works OKUltraNav shows Touchpad disabled (grayed)Device manager doesn't shows any error. Can someone understand what is happening ?Regards 

Answer:T60; Touchpad disabled; No "Touchpad" option on BIOS

? am same ploblem in my t61 do you have any idea or have you resolved this problem
Thanks &Regards

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I'm using the track point for navigation and the touchpad for the mouse click functions, I notice that when I click the touch pad once the laptop registers 2 clicks, this is especially noticeable when using hotmail, i.e. you delete 1 email from the inbox and the next one is also deleted as well. It is as if the de-bounce on the track pad isn't working that well, any ideas what causes this and is there a setting I can adjust to increase the de-bounce period? Thanks J

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The right-click touchpad button on my Lenovo Flex 2/15 is not working: it does nothing.  Left click is okay.  When I plug in a mouse, right-click on the mouse does work.  When I turn on the 2-finger tap, it also does not open a  context menu.  I have Windows 10, but the problem started a week after the installation, so I don't think it is a Windows probllem.  Suggestions?
Mod's Edit: System model added to Subject line to improve visibility / clarity

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I just received a new XPS 13 9350 non-touch Laptop yesterday and the left-click and right-click buttons on the touchpad do not work. I know there is the option for the two-finger tap right click; but, I want the actual buttons to work. Any help will do please.

Answer:XPS 13 9350 Touchpad Left-click and Right-click buttons not Responding

Same here, got the 9350 yesterday, the left and right click only work 10% of the time! ***!

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Can anyone please help me figure out the solution to this? My Dell 14R 5437's touchpad isn't properly working lately. It's right-click button and double-tap to right click function isn't working as intended; the left-click button and single-tap to left click function is working ok. When plugging an external mouse, however, I can right click as normal.
I tried reinstalling the driver from the Dell website and it's still not working properly. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hello community,
I've recently purchases a Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 540 and it worked just fine untill earlyer today (bought it around mid June).While i was browsing the internet, some how my touchpad developed a problem.It only registeres right click where ever i click.I've deleted the drivers, even tho they were the knewest ones, downloaded a fresh .exe and installed it after the reset and what not and it still has the same problem.If i turn off the touchpad in the ultranav software and enable only trackapad, the buttons work like they should, the large area in the touchpad registeres as the left click and the small area in the top right is registered as the right click. Tho i can't use the touchpad for navigation.
So clicking doesn't works, well neither does tapping. I can doubletap normaly, but i cannot tap and drag such as selecting a block of text.
Again, i've already tried a fresh install of ultranav drivers and it didn't work. The problem manifested itself during normal browsing, nothing was installed nor changed hardware vise. It litteraly changed in a second.It's a really strange problem and i have no idea how to solve it since the driver reinstall didn't work.
I appreciate any help, thanks.
Moderator Note; subject edited, system type added


Go to Solution.

Answer:E540 Touchpad only registeres right click, cannot left click

have same problem....very annoying..  inexcuseable in 2014 that computer can't do a simple right click.

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Build 14316
So I came home after a long day to find that my laptop was registering my left clicks as right clicks for some reason.
In case you're wondering; nope I did not install anything recently unless you count a security update pushed by MS, but I doubt that's what caused this, because I installed that yesterday and the laptop was working fine until 30 minutes ago.
Keep in mind that since your mouse/touchpad isn't working properly, you'll be working with the arrow + "enter" keys to do all of this.
Head into settings (win + i key combo) > Devices > Mouse & touchpad
This will open the Mouse options window, but to get to the options you need to scroll down to the last option on the left side of the window ( using the arrow keys obviously) which is "USB" then hit the "tab" key and you should jump to the actual Mouse options.
If done correctly the box under "select your primary button" should be highlighted. So now all you have to do is hit enter and select "left"
Bit of a crude explanation. Hope you can follow it, but if you have any questions go ahead and ask.
Just thought I should post this in case anyone else runs into this

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Hi all,X1 Yoga has an issue that makes me really miserable.When I place my finger over the touchpad and then I click on the left touchpad button it prompts the menu of right click.I hope I managed to explain my issue correctly, I can't place my pointer over a text and drag with my finger over the touchpad because it usually prompts the right click menu.It is extremly annoying and makes the touchpad unbearable to use.I would like to completely disable this option.Please help me to stop this irriated behaviour of the touchpad/mouse.

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Hi all,X1 Yoga has an issue that makes me really miserable.When I place my finger over the touchpad and then I click on the left touchpad button it prompts the menu of right click.I hope I managed to explain my issue correctly, I can't place my pointer over a text and drag with my finger over the touchpad because it usually prompts the right click menu.It is extremly annoying and makes the touchpad unbearable to use.I would like to completely disable this option.Please help me to stop this irriated behaviour of the touchpad/mouse.

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I really F***ked up my computer. I was messing about with themes and got a really cool looking one for my pc. But now for some reason when i Click "save as" or when i go File>open in programs like Itunes, the section of the explorer window that lets me choose the folder (where you can see music, pictures, documents and drives etc.) is completely blank. I reset as much as i could back to normal but its still the same. Can someone please tell me how to get the computer looking the way it did? I have windows 7 64bit. All help is appreciated. 

Answer:I cant choose a folder to save in when i click "save as". HELP!!

I was messing about with themes and got a really cool looking one for my pc. < Remove all apps / folders that contain these "really cool looking themes". Chances are that you installed a Non-compatible, or infected App.
As from the image you posted we note you are running a lot of cracks this often bring with it malware we dont support the use of cracked software
Thanks -

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My dual core celeron laptop on Win7 has a problem with the built in mouse right click button. When used in a program (Pretty Good Solitaire) it only works 90 to 95% of the time. Is this a Win7 or a Toshiba problem or something else?

Answer:toshiba C660 loses odd mouse right click

If it works well in other programs like word or your browser, it is the program that is the problem. In this case, uninstall and reinstall the program if you have the disk or installer saved.You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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Hi looking for some help. I have a Sattelite C660-21Z and over the last few days the keyboard started to play up, some keys wouldn't work at all and the touchpad only worked occasionally.

After trying afew different suggestions and uninstalling the last updates etc I still had no luck, so I tried updating the BIOS when it went to restart it powered up and then nothing it's just sitting with the power light on and the fan running and has been like that for about an hour!

Help please!!!!

Answer:Re: Sattelite C660-21Z - keyboard and touchpad started to play up

Did you interrupted the BIOS update or did the BIOS update finished properly?
It could be possible that something went wrong during the update?

Try to remove the battery and disconnect the AC adaptor.
Wait some time 30min and then press power button for 30sec? then connect battery and AC adaptor and try to boot the unit? good luck

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Running Win10 on an Acer E5-511-C46Y.
I have an Elantech touchpad which every so often (maybe weekly) decides it's no longer going to do tap to click (my preferred setting) and is going to behave as though I am clicking and dragging the whole time. So I have to click instead of tap. It's mighty annoying.
I have done all the obvious things - driver up to date, BIOS version is the latest, settings are fine and disabling/enabling has no impact. The only cure seems to be turning the computer off and on again (who knew?!)
Acer say reset, but suspect that's the recommendation for every unsolved issue.
Is there a way to restart touchpad and reload all the drivers (essentially, to do what the laptop would do when rebooting) but without restarting?
Many thanks in advance...

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my laptop left click and touchpad click are not working
when i disabled the left click touchpad click started working
when i swap left and right click
left click(which is now become right click) doesn't work
is it hardware problem or software issue
please guide me

Answer:left click n touchpad click not working

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Model: Dell XPS 15 9530.After a recent motherboard replacement my touchpad doesnt click (as in you cant physically press the buttons) and doesnt register that im pressing the touchpad down. I was wondering whether this is an easy fix or a common issue. Posting from New Zealand but the support over here is pretty attrocious and havent received an email reply for a few days so thought id see if anyone else had similar issues. Was done by a professional so I am wondering why it doesnt work and maybe if he just didnt screw some stuff back up right.

Answer:After motherboard replacement my touchpad doesnt click and doesnt register that im pressing the touchpad down.

Thank you for writing to us!
We would suggest you to first uninstall the touch pad driver and then restart the system install the latest drivers from the Dell site .
Use the link for the latest drivers
Once the drivers are update check if works fine.
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.

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Have recently downloaded Opera browser & find the Synaptics scroll function no longer works !
All other funtions seem OK & scrolling is still fine with MS Explorer
Can anyone tell me if this can be fixed ?
[Using a Satellite 5200-902]

Also Touchpad light goes out after 5 seconds.[This is normal]
Does anyone know if it is possible to find the code & change this to say 60 seconds ?

Any help with the above would be appreciated

Answer:Satellite 5200 - Touchpad scrolling in Opera / Touchpad backlight

I?m not sure but I think the Opera explorer doesn?t support this option.

But if the Opera supports this option so maybe you have to enable it only in the Opera settings?
But sorry I don?t use the explorer and therefore I can?t give you a exactly instruction hoe to do it.

But play around with the settings or visit some Opera support sites

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I am new with this forum, hope i will welcome here

I want value added package for working FN button properly with software

My OS is windows 7 32 bit
Toshiba C660-A041
Part Number : PSC1NV-026019AR

Thanks for help me

dB :)

Answer:Need VAP for Satellite C660

I?ve checked Toshiba support page for available drivers and your notebook model is not supported for Win7 32bit.

Try please to install available VAP for some older supported model.

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Hi all,

I crashed my MBR against a standard MBR.
Do you have a C660 MBR so that I found the recovery?

Thank you in advance :)

Answer:Satellite C660 - I'm looking for an MBR

> Do you have a C660 MBR so that I found the recovery?
If I understand you right you cannot start HDD recovery installation, right?

Have you created recovery DVD?

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I dunno know what's going on but I can only use FN + 3/4. It's crazy, 'cause I've got this computer only few weeks...

Answer:Satellite C660 cannot use all the FN key

also interested in this problem
updated windows and fn panel ceased to appear
only works fn +3 fn +4
do not tell that to establish a panel to fn resonant work?

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I was wondering what CPU's the C660/01m can take. It's an i3 but can it take i5 or i7?
Is there a list of all its technical info?



Answer:Satellite C660/01m What CPU can I use?

Have a look at the other C660 models, if they have an i5 then your model should be able to take the same CPU.

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My model is Satellite C660-1LD .
I want to add 4 GB RAM to my laptop.

There is now 4GB RAM DDR3 *(1066MHZ)* on my laptop.
Can I add, or is it better to add 4GB RAM DDR3 to the second slot with *(1333MHZ)*?

And what frequency my computer will work? (1066mhz or 1333mhz).
What better RAM to add( brand, frequency) you think?

Also the RAM I found is Unbuffered, what it means?

Thank you!

Answer:Satellite C660-1LD - I want to add 4 GB RAM

> Can I add, or is it better to add 4GB RAM DDR3 to the second slot with *(1333MHZ)*?
This depends on your chipset.
If your chipset supports 1333Mhz then the RAM will work with full performance, otherwise it would be clocked down to 1066Mhz.

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I have the very annoying problem of key lag on my laptop which is a satellite C660 1-f-1 .

I've had the laptop for around 3 months and have tried the keyboard settings on all settings to no avail. I paid ?350 for this laptop and I'm getting increasingly aggravated !

I've read that the problem has cropped up with other models and that removing and then replacing the battery helps.. but I can't keep doing that mid conversation or e-mail !

I keep reading about these update download bios but have no idea what that means . Could somebody please explain in a plain English non-tech speak style please ?? !!

Answer:Key lag on Satellite C660-1F1

Hi Helenuk1963

A BIOS update is something that makes the main brain of the laptop smarter but this does not 100% mean it will fix it the normal fix is to run a recovery of the unit via the HDD by pressing F8 non stop on startup and selecting repair your computer then login and select Toshiba HDD recovery but before you do this make sure you have backed up all your data and created recovery disks via the toshiba recovery media creator in the start menu.

if you do want to run a BIOS update best thing to do is call Toshiba direct who can walk you though it and at least if something goes wrong it will be covered.

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Question: Satellite C660-23M

My laptop wanted to do 3 updates last night when I shut it down - don't know what updates - but after bout 30mins of doing nothing I turned the power off. It's now npt doing anything!! Power is on & initially got a Boot Menu box with info on but now the HDD/SSD info that was showing has disappeared. I'm a real non tech person so haven't a clue what's happened or how to sort it. Wasn't having any problems at all until the laptop tried to update last night. Can anyone help??

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Question: Satellite C660

My brother has a Satellite C660-1H6 laptop. Unfortunately his HDD went bad.
I installed a new HDD and reinstalled Windows 7 Home Premium, which was originally installed on the laptop.
Setup accepted his product key and installation went relatively smooth, only problem is that after installing the drivers, I cannot connect to wireless network.
Laptop uses an Atheros wireless card, model AR9285.
Things I tried, following forum suggestions:
-Allocate a MAC address instead of "Not present" to the wireless adapter.
-Changing various drivers, including the one from Toshiba page and some from the Atheros page.
-I installed ALL the drivers, I don't have any unknown device or exclamation mark in device manager
-Installed ConfigFree, Flash cards support utility, Value Added Package, Wireless LAN indicator (some users select that some of these are needed)
-I ran Windows troubleshooter
-I did a factory default reset in BIOS
-Although I did not change the antennas before, I also tested the wireless with the 2 antenna connectors replaced the other way on the wireless card.

Fn+F8 works, I can enable/disable the wireless. I can see a list of available networks, including mine. When is try to connect, it asks for password. My router is using WPA2-PSK authentication and AES encryption. I type the password, it tries to connect, but I get the following error message:
"Windows was unable to connect to XXX" (I replaced the SSID of my network with XXX)
After that... Read more

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Hello all,

Yesterday all of a sudden, the laptop screen went blank. Upon turning it on several times, the screen still doesn't turn on. By connecting the monitor to a external monitor via VGA (my TV), the TV does show up the screen, but has several flickering horizontal lines showing, thus obscuring part of the screen ( - ignore the windows behind, I was testing the sound - and it works).

I have tried several solutions on the web (like removing the battery and AC cable and pressing the power button, and interchanging the RAM card in the slots), and not surprisingly, nothing worked as I think my problem is not similar. Windows 10 just boots to a blue screen with a sad face and a QR code (I don't even know...), while Linux Mint does boot and gives a message of "running without hardware acceleration". I couldn't get any diagnosis on Linux to check if it's a problem on the graphic card or the motherboard, so I am turning to these forums to check if anyone had any similar problem.

Thank you.

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Question: Save As option?

I'm sitting here scanning photos, with only 2 or 3 thousand to go, and started wondering: when the Save As dialogue box comes up, is there any way to set a default format in Save As boxes? The choice that comes up is .bmp, and I'm saving all these as .jpegs, so I have to drop down the list, etc. Is there a way to get it to come up with .jpeg as the first choice? I noticed that of the 105 that I've done so far, twice the Save As box opened with JPEG as the choice, so I'm assuming I did something to cause that. Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Save As option?

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Question: save option

The "save" has disappeared when I click on the diskette symbol all I get is a list of WP documents. I suspect save is at the bottom but doesn't show. Howdo I get the save option back??

Answer:save option

diskette symbol
WP documents

What are they, what program are you using that you see these in.

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when I fype info in forms from irs etc or type something from scratch and wish to transfer it to a flashdrive that option simply is not available. this was not a challenge in any of the previous os even when I had an option to transfer to a cd or other plug in. what am I missing ??? I just do not believe this is not an option any longer.

Answer:option to save to usb

Is the Form a .PDF file? If so, there may be password security on it from the sender that will not allow you to copy the file. You would need to know the password to unlock it.
This shouldn't be a problem with a Word document. Make sure your USB Flash Drive is not set to Read Only mode. Try saving your document to another location.

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G'dayI have a website which has some RAM files (RealOne Video Files) embedded into the page which I want to save onto my HDD. For website link click hereThe website has protected the links so that people cannot disseminate the files in such a way that the organisation involved cannot be the result of misinterpretation etc. A reasonable and sensible idea. However, the video file itself is wanted by one of the members of the organisation to show to put on a public information computer in one of their halls for the whole group to view (as not ALL people have web-enabled computers).I personally built the PC which we want to put in on and know that it is not & will not ever be web-enabled so I wish to save the files as RAM files and put them on there for public viewing.As I have said, this is public information and so I am not trying to do anything dodgy or dishonest, just want important public information to be available to all.Do you know how I can extract this information?RegardsBA

Answer:Getting around no "Save As" Option (Web)

Jet Audio is a free media player that can play Real files. It also has a 'record' option to capture streaming content. That may work for you.Otherwise, will they not email the file to you?

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Hello Everyone,

My problem started after updating windows 8.1 to windows 10, of course!
First the touchpad just stopped working, for no reason.

My solution was to uninstall the drive and restart the laptop. And from time to time I had to do this proceed. Two weeks ago windows updated, and the touchpad issue's gone. . Unfortunately, another one appeared.

The feature "mousekey", which is turn it on at ease access to use the numeric keys to use them as a mouse, It's turning itself on. And doesn't matter how many times I turn it off, few seconds and it's on again.

I've tried uninstalling the drive, which after windows the last updating was "ELAN".

Then I replaced by the Toshiba drivers, which is "Synaptic", and uninstalled the drives ,the problem is the same. Because of that, I can't use my numeric key, which is annoying!! If anyone can come up with something I will be grateful.

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Question: Touchpad Option

Toshiba Satellite--Windows 7 Ultimate

The F9 key will not bring up the Enable/Disable Touchpad window (use to), all other F keys still
work, can go to Start / All Programs / Toshiba / Utilities / Restart Flash Cards and bring it up, but
that's a lot of clicking.

Answer:Touchpad Option

I have a Toshiba Laptop and that option is in the mouse folder.

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My Satellite C660D-1EN has its USB port thats not picking anything up but the things it wont pick up work on a different computer an also my left mouse button is not working.
It's acting as a right click.

Answer:Satellite C660D-1EN - USB don't work /left click acting as right click


How about deleting the USB ports/hubs and controllers from device manager?
Did you try that?

In device manager expands the USB controllers and delete all devices available there.
Furthermore you need to reboot the notebook to ensure all USB devices would be recognized again.
I had some problems with USB ports too and this method helped !

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HI, I got my new Satellite C660-1ME sevral days ago and i installed the most of drivers, but still have problem with two. I still have PCI Simple Communication controoler SM BUS Controller with yallow mark.

All the communication are working well but I don't know what's the simple communication controller appearing in device manager also when pressinf FN + F8 the computer rebpot with blue screen.

Would you please suggest me what to do?

thank you

Answer:Satellite C660-1M - Need some drivers

Hi TronicBrain,

You can identify the devices if you check the vendor and device ID. If you don?t know how to do this check this interesting link:

PCI Simple Communication could be the LAN or WLAN card and SM Bus Controller could the card reader so download the card reader driver.

Check this!!!

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Recently bought this Laptop from Tesco's without a battery!
We era desperate to purchase one but cannot find one compatible with our machine from or Amazon. Please help.

Apollo Mulira

Answer:Need battery for Satellite C660-1G3


The notebook would support the 6cell battery and the part number is: *PA3817U-1BRS*
At the other hand you could get in contact with an Toshiba ASP in your country and the guys could help you to order a compatible part.


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I wonder if someone can assist, the compter has bios win-1.90 issued feb 2012, looked today and they have issued new bios 1.70 dated 1/06/2012.

What gives there is no record of 1.90 version and I guess 1.70 is much earlier ??? and if one does a search on web (non Toshiba site) it shows toshiba 1.90 as latest.

Before anyone ask why do I need need Bios, some times have improvements

Tony Miller

Answer:Re: Satellite C660/1J2 and new BIOS

I?ve checked Toshiba support page and you are right. Offered BIOS version is 1.70. I don?t know why lower version number is offered as latest BIOS update.

Anyway, check Toshiba page next days. Maybe newest version will be offered.
But let?s be realistic, if your notebook runs well you don?t need BIOS update. If you don?t have some serious problems don?t change anything.

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