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Satellite C660-1JH: USB Device issue - software not successfully installed

Question: Satellite C660-1JH: USB Device issue - software not successfully installed

Having had several attempts at trying to install various software, Microsoft Fixit program has scanned and found that my PC has faults with USB points.

The screen read: "Device driver software was not successfully installed. Please consult with your device manufacturer for assistance getting this device installed".

It also listed the following...
"Intel(R) ICH9 Family USB Universal Host Controller 2936"
"Intel(R) ICH9 Family USB Universal Host Controller 2939"
"Intel(R) ICH9 Family USB Universal Host Controller 293C"

Any idea how I can fix this please?

Computer is Toshiba C660-1JH Satellite.
OS is Win 7, 64-bit.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite C660-1JH: USB Device issue - software not successfully installed

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite C660-1JH: USB Device issue - software not successfully installed


Try to remove the USB ports and hubs from the device manager.
Reboot the unit and wait until Windows OS has reinstalled all USB controllers once again.

If this does not help, update the chipset driver because chipset driver controls the USB controller.

Here you other thread about chipset driver;

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So i've just took of windows 10 and put windows 7 on instead, im sure you know why. And since then none of my usb devices will connect and install their drivers. my usb mouse and keyboard essentially do not work. I've been at it for hours trying to update drivers and such but nothing is working. Im not a genius when it comes to PC's so I do need help with this. i'm currently using a borrowed ps/2 mouse and keyboard to type all this and would love to get my peripherals back soon!

Answer:Device driver software not successfully installed.


By which process did you remove Windows 10 and reinstall Windows 7?

Hopefully, you used the Windows 7 install disc which came with your custom built desktop computer to reformat and reinstall Windows 7.


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My system just recently getting this error message from Windows 7. All my keyboard and mouse are disabled due to this error. I tried all usb ports and once I plug in the device, it displays this error message, then stuck. I can once use my ps2 keyboard to access the windows, but now the windows locks up all my input devices.

Does anyone experience this before?

I used Malwarebytes to scan, nothing found.
I used Xfrot to scan for virus, nothing found.

Other than re-install the windows, any suggestion?

Answer:Device driver software was not successfully installed

Have you tried going into the device manager and looking for any yellow marked items? Something similar was seen with Vista as well with usb drives. USB Drive Problems with Vista

Either right clicking to uninstall followed by a full restart or to have Windows perform an automatic search won't always work. A manual search by selecting the device from the list of devices will often see Windows install the correct generic driver where you end up with "Windows has successfully installed your new hardware" type message.

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I installed windows 7 Ult on my Toshiba satellite l50 laptop (which had no operating systems installed at the time). No programs were installed and 7 drivers weren't recognised.

I used the same installation CD to install Windows 7 on VMware (on my desktop) and the drivers were successfully installed and had 2 programs installed(excluding VMware).

Ubuntu on the other hand was able to recognise the drivers when I booted it from the live CD meaning there must be a problem within windows 7 not my laptop.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

Answer:Device driver software was not successfully installed.

You need to go look for those drivers!

Your laptop and desktop would require different drivers.
Ubuntu and most Linux disrtos' are pretty good with drivers these days; so I guess you got lucky with that.

Start on the manufacturers website for the laptop; you'll probably find everything you need there.

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Had a problem (user profile), so reverted to last usable configuration. Now I get a message that "device driver software was not successfully installed." That would be easier to fix if I knew which device was meant.

Device Manager shows two USB devices with exclamation marks, each marked "unknown device."

First one's status said "Windows has stopped this device beause it has reported problems. (Code 43). Searched for drivers and, after a long search, I got a message that "The best driver software for your device is already installed."

Second says "This device disabled because the firmware of the device did not give it the required resources. (Code 29). " Another long search, and I'm told the same thing?

Should I uninstall these drivers and trust them to reinstall themselves?

Answer:Device driver software not successfully installed--OK, but which?

First thoughts would be the external hardrives.
Secondly W7 does not have any generic USB3 drivers.

The firmware problem will definately require a visit to the problem devices home page as firmware updates are not MS updated.

post the device id codes (unknown device), see screenshot


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Most times when I start my machine or just turn on my monitors (the Windows Display setting is set to turn off at 20 minutes, sleep is set to Never), I find that Windows is installing software. Sometimes it's successful, sometimes it fails.

I see others have had this issue, but the offered remedies (reinstall drivers) did not work (I consider I may not have done it properly).

? How can I get Windows to install the software correctly and then stop attempting to re-install the software?

(Below is the text of the message I get.)
[Window Title]
Driver Software Installation

[Main Instruction]
Device driver software was not successfully installed

Please consult with your device manufacturer for assistance getting this device installed.

Bluetooth Hands-free Audio
Bluetooth L2CAP Interface
Bluetooth Remote Control

Answer:Error: Device driver software was not successfully installed


The hardware for your model is described as:

802.11 a/b/g/n PCI Express x1 wireless card & built-in Bluetooth wireless USB module for PCs

Check the Device Manager first:

Before trying to install the Bluetooth driver you need to check whether the Bluetooth device is
added to the Hardware list in your Operating System. You could check this by verifying the
enabled Bluetooth option in the Device manager on the Control Panel. If it is not enabled,
Operating System would not detect the Bluetooth Device in your system and you would not able
to install the driver using automatic update option.

You can find the drivers here, I suggest you try the driver found under "Original"

First select your operating system.

The version you want is Dated 2010-01-08 Size 1.85Mb

"Original driver for the Atheros 802.11 a/b/g/n Dual Wireless Network Module"

There are instructions (under more info) how to install and heres the link:

I would uninstall any previous drivers you have installed.

Hope this helps


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Yesterday I upgraded hardware from:

AMD Athlon X2 4600+ & Mobo


Core i5 3570K and Asus P8H77-I mobo.

I think it's since then, that I can't install some drivers. I first noticed when I was going to use Daemon Tools Lite, there weren't any drives so i clicked "Add device" in D-tools but got "Device driver software was not successfully installed" from Windows. Same happened when I tried other emulator software, as well as some Intel Drivers for my mobo. But, most other drivers for the motherboard worked fine, same for updating gfx drivers.


Answer:Device driver software was not successfully installed, Daemon T, more

Editing the registry solved it.

Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs

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i have windows 7, and my query is regarding windows 7 drivers, that when i put my pen drive on pc. pc says DataTravler 2.0 no driver found

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I receive a message....
Device Driver software was not successfully installed .
PCI memory Controller...failed

Is this a problem with my laptop or some recent software that was loaded. Now on Windows 7 32bit from Vista

Answer:Qosmio G40-10S - Device driver software wasn't successfully installed

Hi spudcam,

That means for PCI memory controller is no driver installed?!

Well, it?s hard to say what driver you need exactly and Windows 7 is official not supported on Qosmio G40.

As far as I know PCI memory controller is Intel Turbo Memory module? Therefore you would need ?Robson Package? driver from official Toshiba website.
Now I looked on Toshiba page and guess what, it?s available for G40 and Windows 7. :)

Check this!!!

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Hey guys,

Just made a thread a short while ago regarding file associations being messed up after an SSD clone in the file associations forum.

Long story short, formatted the SSD and did a fresh install of win7 home premium 64bit.

Install completes with no apparent problems, but upon startup I find there is no internet connection, and my local area network isnt recognised.

I went into devices and printers/troubleshooting, and what I found was that the following devices had the error Device driver software was not successfully installed, with the problem appearing to be 'no driver found'

- SM Bus Controller
- Ethernet Controller
- PCI Simple Communications Controller
- USB Controller
- USB Controller

I then tried to get the drivers to search the install disk, same problem.

I then checked these devices on my wifes computer, copied the driver files to a portable stick, plugged that into a usb port (it found the stick drive immediately) and tried to install from the stick drive, same problem.

I then copied the complete driver file from my wifes comp (also a win7 home premium 64bit comp) and tried to get it to search from there, but still it says no driver found.

Im really not sure where to go from here, I even reformated the drive and did another fresh install, exactly the same problem, drivers didnt install.

After 3am now and Im getting super frustrated and angry, would really appreciate any advice you guys have on how to possibly fix this problem.

Thanks a... Read more

Answer:Device driver software was not successfully installed (fresh install)

Hi Zurt, We really need to know the make/model of your PC/Motherboard to help you further, In the meantime if you know these details go to the mobo website and download the chipset drivers and reinstall them

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Hello everyone,

When trying to install my USB cable modem (Scientific Atlanta DPC2100R2), I'm always getting a popup message that says "Device Driver Software was not Successfully Installed." I don't even get a "Found New Hardware" message beforehand. I just switched over to Windows 7 Professional 64-bit from Windows XP today, and the modem was working fine earlier (when I was using XP).

When I put the Setup disk that came with my modem, AutoPlay will play it, but I can't set up anything that way. If I go through Device Manager to try and update the driver, I get a message along the lines of "Windows could not find updates." I even get this message when I manually direct it to my D: drive where the disk is.

I've even tried uninstalling the driver from Device Manager, unplugging the USB from my PC, restarting it, and then plugging the USB back in, but I still get the same error.

It really shouldn't be the modem, as it was working fine earlier and I am even using it right now as I type this on my other PC (that runs Windows XP) and it's working fine. Would anyone happen to know how to remedy this? I've run out of ideas, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Device Driver Software was not Successfully Installed for Cable Modem


Upon checking on the Manufacturer website for your cable modem, I suspected that the driver for your device is not compatible with Windows 7. I also went to the Windows 7 Compatibility Center, and could not find your device listed on the site.

Here is the site, for your own research.

Windows 7 Compatibility: Software Programs & Hardware Devices: Find Updates, Drivers, & Downloads

My solution is to find if there is a generic driver for your modem, on the Cisco website, simply download the driver that best suits your modem's series.

Cisco DPC/EPC2100 Cable Modem - Support - Cable Modems - Consumer - Cisco

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After upgrading my Satellite L510 from Vista to Windows 7 by following toshiba upgrade tool, encountered "device driver software was not successfully installed" error when startup Windows 7. Driver details: Realtek RTL8192E Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC

Now I loss my wireless connection. Any idea how to fix / download the right driver?


Answer:Satellite L510 - Device driver wasn't successfully installed


I think you have only to reinstall the driver for the notebook. You can download the driver on the Toshiba page or alternative from European Toshiba WLAN portal:

The driver for Realtek 8192 WLAN card is Windows 7 compatible so it should work normally. Just start the setup.exe file and follow the screen instructions. After restarting your WLAN card should work again.

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Hey everyone,

Today I got myself a new webcam for my PC. Unfortunately, I am unable to get it to work. It is a TeckNet HD720p Webcam, and is supposed to be simple to set up -- you're supposed to plug it in and it's ready to go, but instead I see the above error message.

The lights on the webcam instantly light up, so I do know that there is power being supplied to the webcam. It also came with a disc, which contains an .exe file. When I follow the steps and hit Install, however, it comes up with the following message:

"Please plug-in UVC VIDEO CAMERA device".

I should point out that, as far as I can tell, this software isn't necessary for the webcam to function; I believe it's simply a means of recording. There is nothing else on the disc; no drivers, or any such important files.There is also nothing on the manufacturer's website.

In Control Panel's Devices and Printers, "TeckNet" appears under the Unspecified category (with a yellow warning symbol). When I attempt to "Update Driver" through Properties, I get this:

"Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.

USB Composite Device

Access is denied."

I don't think the problem is specific to this device, either. The exact same problem actually applies to a memory stick owned by one of my relatives, at least when I put it in my machine. I p... Read more

Answer:Windows 7: "Device driver software was not successfully installed"

Hello Wonder Reece. Welcome to the forum.

In your google search did you find and try this solution:
Windows 7 will not install new USB Drives - Microsoft Community

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Windows 7 Ultimate/32bit. iTunes 9.0
Each time I dock my iPhone, I get a pop-up message "device driver software was not installed successfully". I want to stop this message appearing.
In fact, Windows 7 *is* locating the correct USBAAPL driver (which is seen to load in Device Manager) and iTunes works fine.
However, since the detail on the error message relates to "MTP USB device" it seems that Windows is triggering the error too soon.
I recently reinstalled Windows 7 from scratch and latest iTunes etc (for other reasons) but this problem remains.
If I delete the driver then the default that Windows looks for is the MTP driver (which fails) and then I manually point it to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers and it reinstalls the USBAAPL driver it had before.

Answer:Plugging in iPhone generates "device driver software was not installed successfully" message

Try go to Device Manager, if there is any “Unknown MTP device”, uninstall it,  then plug in your iPhone and scan for hardware changes to let Windows Update automatically find and install the correct driver.  
BTW, I found the following similar issue for your reference:
iPhone and Windows 7 RC don't work - DELL USB Chipset Issue
Topic : iTunes 9 on Windows 7 x64 Has Problems with iPhone
Please note: we provide the third party link for technical use only. There may be some changes without notice, Microsoft doesn’t guarantee any accuracy on contacting information.
Best Regards

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This is what I get at every startup in the notification area: "Device driver was not successfully installed"
When I click on the message I get a window that says:
"Device driver was not successfully installed.
Microsoft WPD Enhanced Storage Password Driver ---- Failed"
All attempts by Windows 7 troubleshooting just try to fix it. I just want to get rid of it.
I have found the registry entries for this but have no idea what to alter to stop this driver from trying to run.

(Yes, while trying to fix a USB problem I mistakenly clicked to install this.)

Windows 7 Home Premium

Answer:Device driver was not successfully installed

Have you tried going into the device manager and looking for any yellow marked items? Something similar was seen with Vista as well with usb drives. USB Drive Problems with Vista

Either right clicking to uninstall followed by a full restart or to have Windows perform an automatic search won't always work. A manual search by selecting the device from the list of devices will often see Windows install the correct generic driver where you end up with "Windows has successfully installed your new hardware" type message.

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This all started when I finally bought an external hard drive (seagate 2TB go flex).. Plugged it in and little notification popped up saying device driver not successfully installed. This also happens when I plug in my 16GB micro cruzer. Installed drivers from Scan Disk website still not working. Ran trouble shooter and it found drivers but encountered a problem installing them. USB 2.0 ~ CRW. Generic- multi-card usb device. and keyboard filter. I've updated chipset from along with many other updates through windows update. Listened to a friend and updated BIOS from HP. Start computer and notification window pops up saying "device driver software was not successfully installed"
PCI data acquisition and signal processing controller
HP wbcam-101
unidentified device
unidentified device
unidentified device
Generic Multi-card usb device
unidentified device
All failed with a big red X

I used hp recover and reinstalled Realtek usb 2.0 card reader and realtek PCI-E fast ethernet NIC driver with no change.
I'm thinking of using the recovery disks i made when pc was new to reinstall windows... Will this work??
PS. My 2 other jump drives do function normally. but i recently loss the use of my wireless mouse
Thanks in advance

Answer:please help Device drivers not successfully installed

Check for driver updates from here:
Product search results

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Hi, every time I booted up my pc, it automatically attempts to install Broadcom xD Picture card Host controller and Broadcom xD Picture Bus Driver but the installation fails every time. I use DriverPack Solution to install and update my drivers and when I checked if all the drivers are installed, it's all there. I tried using the Windows automatic driver search but it fails also.

By the way, I'm using Acer Aspire 4752g.

Answer:[SOLVED] Device driver not successfully installed

I don't recommend (and neither do the moderators If I recall correctly) the use of driver-locating software like DriverPack etc, especially when your laptop brand has excellent manufacturer's support on the web.

You should download drivers manually direct from the Acer Support website as that's the only way to be sure of what you are downloading & that they are the correct drivers for your model.

Select your Windows version on this page & wait for it to refresh:

United States (default): Acer Support: Downloads & Support Documents - Notebook / Aspire / Aspire 4752G

If United States is not the appropriate country, click the link at bottom left of page.

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I am not able to find the one of the Drivers. In Device Manager when I check details of the 'Unknown Device' it says 'TOS6205/ACPI compliant'.

I have tried searching for the 'Bluetooth stack' Driver for my model in the Driver Download pg. But i dont seem to fine one.

Details of my laptop:-
Model :C660-A275
Short Model :PSC1NV (got this from Part No)
OS : Windows 7 Ultimate version 6.1.7600 (build 7600) (i guess it is 32 bit). (laptop is x86)

Please suggest some solutions at the earliest.


Answer:Satellite C660 - unknown device tos6205 in Device Manager

goto drivers page

enter everything except PSC1NV

take & set up
Bluetooth Filter Driver Package
Bluetooth Stack

that's all

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I have a Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit OS on my PC Desktop.
I have a SmartBro Internet connection broadband.

I was just using my PC yesterday and when i opened it today it had an error message that says "Device Driver software not successfully installed"
so I tried opening the device manager..
I found out in the "Other Devices" when i clicked it it oped a sub option that says "Ethernet Controller" and that Ethernet Controller has an Exclamation point on it on a Yellow triangle backgound...

because of this I cant connect to the internet..
right now im using my aunts laptop..

Please... Help me with this.

I've tried searching the internet about this error message, its just difficult finding the solution about this.

Answer:HELP!!! Device Driver software not successfully intalled

Save the new driver to a thumb drive, on another computer

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Today i decided to reset my laptop to factory
It's just finished, but now it dosnt have the wirless adapter installed?

Anyone know what to do?

Answer:Satellite C660-2EM - after recoveryinstalla WLAN is not installed

>It's just finished, but now it dosnt have the wirless adapter installed?
How do you know this? Have you checked WLAN entry in device manager?

Generally speaking something like this cannot happen. Original recovery image contains all necessary drivers and every hardware component must be installed properly. With other words it must be the same situation as on first day after unboxing your brand new notebook.

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Dear reader,

I am struggling for days now with my Satellite C660/C660D 1FH (SN: 2C092277K).
I did a clean install of a legit Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) and installed the drivers in the correct way as maild to me by the Toshiba customer support.

But when I install the ATI videocard drivers it says "installing" but after that nothing is installed.
My laptop is still using the standard VGA adapter and my maximum resolution is 1024x768.

I called tech support several times but all they tell me is "install in the right order".

I did a clean install 3 times (4 in total) and followed their guide, but nothing. Is there anyone who can help me out on this matter as I am getting a little bit frustrated *lol*

Yours sincerely,


*All date lined up:*
Toshiba Satellite C660/C660D
Serial number: 2C092277K
Sticker says: Dual Core and AMD Radeon Graphics
OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit
Model no: PSC1YE

Answer:Satellite C660/C660D 1FH - GPU driver cannot be installed in any way

Have you tried to install this driver?

After AMD display driver install AMD AHCI driver.

Test it please and post some feedback.

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When I plug in my ipod to any of the USB ports I get "Device driver software was not successfully installed."

I followed all the itunes / ipod troubleshooting and no luck. I updated drivers and unintalled them and still no luck. I am getting this error with two seperate ipods, i restored one back to the factory settings and still nothing. All other devices (camera, thumb drive, etc.) work in these USBs.

I have a 32 bit windows seven.

Any help appreciated

thank you

Answer:When plugging in iPod "Device driver software was not successfully ins

Please note that it is only iOS devices (such as the iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone) which need drivers installed on your PC in order to be recognized.

You must follow very closely this Apple-provided guide on how to uninstall and reinstall your iTunes in order for the drivers to be correctly installed:

Removing and reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows Vista or Windows 7

If you do not want to install iTunes on your PC, you can use an alternative method for installing iOS drivers required.

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Hi all,

I have just intsalled WinXP on Satellite C660-12V PSC0SE. I installed already all drivers, but still I have problem with one item:
What is it? I cannot find any drivers.
It is new C660 without operating system

Please help

Answer:Satellite C660-12V and WXP - unknown device

For unknown device identification use

Put TOS6205 into ?vendor search? option and you will find out which device must be installed.
If you need more assistance please let us know.

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Hey guys!

I basically just need to know what kind of cable I would need to plug my laptop up to my television.
I have a Toshiba Satellite C660-1k9 laptop and my tv is make by Samsun.


Answer:What cable do I need to connect Satellite C660-1K9 to TV device?

According notebook specification your notebook has as video-out port on the left side placed 15 pin VGA port. Using this port notebook can send video signal to external device. Please note it is for video signal only.

It is not the best option to connect your notebook to the TV but there is no other option. Check please if your TV has such port on the back side.
If yes, you need VGA cable for connection.

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I just purchased a Satellite C660-11H with Windows 7 64bit.
When I connect a USB mass storage device, Windows initially mounts the device. After a couple minutes though, the device is unmounted, then remounted - this continues indefinitely. When unplugging the device to attempt re-plugging it - the same problems occurs straight away. This does not happen with an external harddrive or when transferring information from a Blackberry.

I have tested several USB devices - they work fine on other laptops. A colleague from work has the same laptop and is experiencing the same problem. Could it be that my USB device is not compatible with the laptop or Windows 7 64bit?

Thanks for your comments & suggestions


Answer:Satellite C660-11H - USB device unmounted after a couple minutes

Hi Brigitte,

What device is it exactly that you want to connect?

To be honest it?s hard to say something about this but you could try to update the chipset driver from official Toshiba website.

Do you use the preinstalled Windows 7 from Toshiba or your own Windows installation?

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I'm using a Satellite C660 32-bit laptop.
After uninstalling and deleting a lot of unnecessary programs to free up disk space i found out that my touch pad don't function correctly anymore.

It don't wanna scroll up and down, left and right anymore.
So i don't know if i deleted this program by mistake. Cannot do a system restore either because that's also been deleted.

Please help...

Answer:Satellite C660 - Synaptics pointing device does not work

I assume that you haven't disabled the device or damaged the installation of Windows - the mouse is as fundamental as the keyboard and would need some clever deleting to "remove" it.

Have you checked the status of the touch pad in Device Manager?
Have you got a small button near the touch pad that disables it?
If just the driver is missing then you have 3 options

1. Click "Support my product" near the top of this page and follow/complete the pages to find the Toshiba touch pad driver

2. Go to synaptec's site and download the driver

3 Go to, a synaptic site and download the driver - more features than either 1 or 2

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First, thanks for any help. I know nothing about the inner workings of computers, so please, explain things to me the way you would to an infant! Here's the problem: my Satellite C660-IHK is a month old. I haven't used it much, nor have I had any problems with it. Until last night. I turned it on, the logo appeared as usual, and then it went to a screen that told me to "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key". I've no idea what that means or what I need to do now.

On another try, I pressed 'Set Up', which was located at the bottom of the screen when the logo appeared.I went to 'Boot'. Here's the info:

LAN Realtex PXE

On this page, I'm also told to 'Select the priority for booting the computer'. Again, I don't know what that should be. Any help would be much appreciated.


Answer:Satellite C660-IHK - "Reboot & Select proper Boot device"

Do you see this message every time when you start your notebook?

It is a bit strange.
Start notebook and press F2 to enter BIOS settings. Use F9 and set it to default settings and check if the problem persist or not.

If yes restart your notebook again and press F12 to enter boot menu. Check if HDD is listed there. If yes choose it and press ENTER button. Does Windows start properly?

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I have a Satellite C660 series laptop. the web cam was working fine with the old driver installed..
I work away quite a bit and use Skype to speak to my wife while stuck in a hotel room...

I logged in as normal but skype couldn't find the camera, i opened the camera manually using the side browser bar on the desktop and got an error message "Device is locked by other application" I shut all other programs down which may be using it but still got the same message.

Still couldnt get it working so looked in the task manager and process tree to see if anything was running (didnt really know what i was looking for in the processes.)

I then updated and reinstalled the driver - this is the latest version of the driver and changed the appearance of the camera home screen - still got same error message.

Tried numerous times to install driver but nothing... yet the face recognition screen comes on and uses the webcam.... so i know the camera works but it wont open manually or with skype

Please help

Answer:Satellite C660: webcam message - Device is locked by other application


I think you cannot use the cam in connection with the skype because the webcam is blocked by another software? I assume its face recognition.

I recommend doing this:
Uninstall webcam software
Uninstall face recognition
Reboot the unit
Install webcam software
Install face recognition
?and then test it with skype.


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I bought Toshiba Satellite C660-a9k notebook.
I found all drivers & set up Windows XP SP3.

Cannot find FN keys support software for this model for XP.
I tried common module+controls from C650. It doesnt work.
There are no Value added package for XP.

Also the computer does not wake up from sleeping.

Please advice.

Answer:Re: Satellite C660 - need software for FN keys for XP

>I found all drivers & set up Windows XP SP3.
That?s very interesting. I found support page for your notebook model and when I click on drivers and choose WXP as operating system almost nothing is listed.

This notebook model is not supported for WXP and full WXP configuration will be very problematic.

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I dropped the laptop today literally a few inches from the floor, it slipped from my hands as I was placing it on the floor. It fell flat.

I am now seeing the message "reboot and select proper boot device"

I have tried a few different options that I have read, and I can see the HDD in the F2 BIOS thing...or whatever it is called. So it is being recognised, but I can't seem to get around the message. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

PS I will need clear instructions, I'm not stupid, but I need things explaining. I do understand some bits and pieces.


Answer:Satellite C660: message: reboots and select proper boot device


I think that your HDD is damage.
I think you did not check this correctly in the BIOS.

Please go to BIOS once again pressing F2.
Now on the first page you will see date, time, CD/DVD drive details and you should also see the HDD details (size, name)
Can you see this?

If not, the HDD is not initialized by BIOS and this means that due to the drop the HDD has been damaged.

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The webcam works properly when using skype etc. But I have no acces to it from Windows, so I can't change any options or take a pic without using skype.

At the first day all was working great, and now after few months I can't even find an application (don't remember exactly the name, but pretty sure I tried everything and googled any other possibility). No, I'm not so dumb- I didn't deleted the shortcut from the descopt.
Windows can't find any application, nor there is any option in Windows control panel (just an adnotation in Device Manager saying that I have a Chicony USB2.0 built-in camera, it's working and there are drivers installed- installed originaly, I didn't changed anything.)
I tried to reinstall the drivers, no change at all (as it was easy to prefigure).

Then I googled that some C series Toshiba laptops have a Camera Assistant Software, which I didn't remembered to install on the first day (yep, I had bought "blank" laptop and installed Windows and drivers manualy). I thought it can be what I'm looking for, maybe I just deleted it accidentaly.
Didn't work too, when I try to run it it says that the camera is off (it's active) or not working properly (oh, rly?).
Maybe that is because the version of software is not good for my model (which can't get a technical support, there is no model like mine to choose from the list. Funny, isn't it?).

Thanks for any help.

Answer:Webcam software usage on Satellite C660- 1M2

What you need is ?Web camera application? and it can be downloaded from Toshiba download page.

Please visit and choose your notebook model and OS. Your notebook is Satellite C660 with part number PSCJ1E.

You will find ?Webcam driver? there. Install it and try to use preinstalled software. Before you start it be sure Skype is off.

Does it work for you?

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i am having a kind of software glitch on my laptop. when i turned it on, it showed a message with options either to launch startup repair (recommended) or start windows normally. i chose the first option as that seem to be the recommended option and i thought this might repair if there was any damage. however, after the repair process was completed, it showed an error message with steps to install Windows. i am getting this message now everytime i turn my laptop on!

Since i have the software pre-isntalled on my laptop, i do not have the Windows 7 disc with me. this is really strange as i am unsure why this happened.

Although my laptop is covered with the warranty, i am not sure if it covers the software warranty too?

Please can some one advise me on the best way out of this problem.

its really very painful and irritating to deal with this, as its been just 5 months since i bought this laptop.

Answer:Windows 7 issue on my Satellite C660-1F1

> however, after the repair process was completed, it showed an error message with steps to install Windows. i am getting this message now everytime i turn my laptop on!

Looks like something has gone wrong with the installed OS.
Not sure why but it seems that you need to reinstall the windows once again.

> ince i have the software pre-isntalled on my laptop, i do not have the Windows 7 disc with me. this is really strange as i am unsure why this happened.

You did not receive any disks because the notebook supports the HDD recovery and additionally there was/is a option to create a own recover disk.
You could use the Recover disk creator software in order to create such disks?
But not sure if this would be possible now because of the error?

So would recommend starting the HDD recover as described here.

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Hi there,

I have purchased a Satellite C660-17J and occasionally when I turn it on (holding the power button for 2 or three seconds and then releasing) - it doesn't seem to power on properly eg - fan starts - power light comes on - but not screen. If I hold the power button again it goes off. Then if I try again it will come on but the date and time resets itself to 2008.

Any ideas or will I have to send it back to Amazon as faulty? (could do without doing that!).

Answer:Satellite C660-17J - Power on issue

Hi ebarnyard,

When you connect an external screen, can you see something on it or is it still black as internal screen?

> Then if I try again it will come on but the date and time resets itself to 2008.
Do you mean the time of Windows or BIOS?

Generally speaking I must say this is no normal behavior and in my opinion it?s something wrong with hardware itself. So I would contact an authorized service provider in your country and ask the guys to check your notebook what?s wrong with it because hardware repair is for free due warranty time ;)

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Apologies if this is the wrong subforum:

Being the idiot I am, I changed my WIndows Login password and since I use very long passwords, I have no idea what I changed it to. Guessing is out of the question.

So I powered on my laptop while holding the 0 key, which brought me to the Windows Boot Manager screen. I pressed F8 on Windows 7 for advanced options and opted for 'Recovery Mode' as I have used this in the past to install the OS from scratch.

It asks me to select a keyboard layout and then enter my username and password to procede with HDD Recovery. It is this lack of password which is the reason for recovery.

Any advice on what I can do?


Answer:HDD Recovery Issue on C660 Satellite

>It asks me to select a keyboard layout and then enter my username and password to procede with HDD Recovery. It is this lack of password which is the reason for recovery.
On this step you must enter your Windows login name and login password. Without right password you will not be able to start HDD recovery installation.

There is second option to install recovery image. You can do it now using recovery DVD. Have you created it using preinstalled Toshiba recovery disc creator?

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When my wife got off the plane a baggage handler helped her by pushing her mother in the wheelchair and dragging one of the bags behind him allowing my wife to take care of the rest of the luggage. Unfortunately the laptop that was sitting on top of that bag decided that it didn't like the ride, it jumped off the bag and tried to enter the terminal under its own battery power.

There is no visible damage to the laptop as it was inside the laptop bag and no cracks or anything on the screen. When the laptop turns on, the screen can remain blank, flicker or it will display the log on and desktop but instead of showing white it displays a pinkish purple, only white is affected not off white. Other colours display correctly although they do look as if the display is set to 256 colour or using the wrong driver.

I connected an external monitor to it and that works fine with full colour. If the laptop screen flickers a light tap to the back of it will get it to stay on but the colour isn't corrected. I am thinking that it may be just a loose connection or broken wire between the screen and the motherboard but not sure if the change in colour would be caused by this.

Satellite C660 (PSC1LA-00J001) looks brand new but I don't think it would be worth taking in to get fixed.

Any ideas on what the problem might be?

It took me 2 1/2 hours to post this exact same message because somewhere in there is profanity or inappropriate language. :(

Answer:Satellite C660 - screen issue


On this virtual way it is not possible to say for sure what is wrong there. Your notebook must be disassembled and all must be checked. Graphic card seems to be OK so there must be some problem with connectors, cable or with the display itself.
>Satellite C660 (PSC1LA-00J001) looks brand new but I don't think it would be worth taking in to get fixed.
Why not? Even display exchange is not so problematic. Googling around you will find many online stores where you can order new display, if necessary. Even on eBay you can get it for reasonable price.

If you don't have experience with this stuff I recommend you to contact nearest Toshiba service provider or some independent IT service and ask for help. Check which options are available and how much you must pay for repair.

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Hey Guys,

I've been having an on and off issue with my touchpad for at least a couple of months now. I've tried doing the function +F9 thing with little effect. I also re-downloaded the synaptics driver which seems to make it work for a little while but then it started working only sporadically.

Currently my touchpad works some of the time, if it fails at first pressing Ctrl Alt Del and then Esc seems to make it work for a little while longer but after that it simply stops working. I'm a student and not having a fully functioning laptop is often a great hindrance so any help would be great.



Answer:Satellite Pro C660 - on and off issue with the Touchpad


My first question is: when did you notice this touchpad issue.

I mean, the Sat Pro C660 is an older notebook and if this issue did not appear from first day of purchase, then something has affected the touchpad functionality in the past.

The question is: is there something wrong with software or maybe touchpad module.
I think this can be answered only settings the notebook back to factory state.
If you recover the notebook using Toshiba recover disk, you will get exactly the same state like at the first day of purchase.

If touchpad would still not work properly, well then there is some hardware problem

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Hi all!

I have Toshiba Satellite C660-1GK for about year and a half. After 6 months my hard disk drive died.

First the laptop got really slow and then started the famous clicking sound from the disk.
I've made backup and checked the drive with Hirens tools. Toshiba diag won't even read it, S.M.A.R.T. said that his health is poor (30% or so), bad sectors started popping out.. so I've took the laptop to my ASP.

They replaced the disk and then, 13 months later (a week ago) the same story! Disk health went even lower (was at 11%) and bad sectors started jumping out like maniacs.
Again a trip to ASP.

I've got my laptop today with a new disk. After reading posts on this forum, I'm worried that it's or motherboard/power supply problem or we're just all with bad luck with drives.

I just can't accept that disks randomly die every 4-12 months as an answer. My last disk on HP laptop lasted 4 years! I have about five more months of warranty and I'm really not happy with situation. This laptop is on my work desk, has it's own station with a nice, big fan so it's not overheating - basically I've took it out of house last September.

I'm careful with it! But if this drive dies before end of year, maybe it's time to get a new laptop.
Not Toshiba this time :(

Please, do you have any thoughts, advices..?

Answer:Satellite C660-1GK - HDD partition C issue


Some years ago i purchased an notebook from another manufacturer.
My first HDD died after more than 2 years of usage. I bought another one, replaced the old HDD and the new HDD died after 4 month of usage.

Any HDD will die sooner or later because its expendable part? it?s a matter of HDD usage and matter of how you handle the unit.

In my opinion it?s a bad luck? of course its always pity if an HDD start to malfunction but I?m afraid there are no many options to prevent it.
Of course you could switch to an SSD drive which is much stable in use. I did it some month ago? I purchased the 250GB SSD drive and replaced the internal HDD

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i have this notebook just about 2 months, so the solution of this problem cant be that my notebook is old and inside is dust..
if am i just surfing on internet, temperature of notebook is about 40-60 degress, but if am i gaming it goes quickly up (65-75)
- maybe after 2 hours gaming temperature goes up and i must quit game.
If temperature is about 75 degress, computer started to be noisy and i think it goes down..

What i have to do?

Answer:Re: Satellite C660-11W - overheating issue

After reading your posting I don?t know what the problem is. The temperature you mentioned in your posting is not on critical level so I think there is no reason for panic.

When you want to play the game, close all useless applications, switch to high performance power plan and be sure notebook is placed properly on the desk. Cooling fans should not be blocked and notebook must be able to ?take a breath?.

Until there is no ?unexpected switch off? there is no reason for panic.

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Hi I have just recently been provided a Satellite C660 for my further education, though I do believe in my haste to get it set up how I like to set up my computers I might of turned off the hot-keys now reading about on this forum I have found that to make them work again I will need to allow TOSHIBA Button Support to run at start up, but no matter how hard i try to find it on msconfig it no longer seems to be there, any one have any ideas about where I could find it on the C drive?

Though one of the strangest things I have noticed about this problem is that the volume hot-keys still work perfectly its just the rest of them.


Just to let other people out there know I think I have solved my problem, here is the process I used to fix the hot-key issue.

Start menu - -> write msconfig in the search box on vista or windows 7 (if using XP type it into the run box) --> go to start up --> look for KeNotify Application and select it to run at start up.

There you have it it seemed to fix my issue so I hope it helps you out.

Message was edited by: Sneblot

Answer:Satellite C660 Hot-keys issue

Just to let other people out there know I think I have solved my problem, here is the process I used to fix the hot-key issue.

Start menu - -> write msconfig in the search box on vista or windows 7 (if using XP type it into the run box) --> go to start up --> look for KeNotify Application and select it to run at start up.

There you have it it seemed to fix my issue so I hope it helps you out.

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I am having an issue with the keyboard on my Satellite c660 laptop, part number: PSC1LE.
The best way I can describe it is as a stuttering problem because it comes and go's (fine for a few hours, then not for a short while).

The problem is that for reasons unknown to me I keep encountering a problem where the A, N and Enter keys do not work when pressed. Occasionally pressing the key repeatedly (they aren't jammed) just makes the letter come out, but I can't keep pressing the key five or six times to get one letter. Just to mention, I have not spilled anything on the keyboard.

I have done full anti-virus and spyware scans but have found no issues.
I have this evening done all of the windows updates available to me, however it doesn't seem to have done the trick.

After restarting the device following the updates all worked well for about 15 minutes, until the same three keys stopped working again. On this occasion it lasted only for a couple of minutes, and now I am writing this with the same keyboard.

Note: I am not using the original keyboard. I changed the board due to minor material damage but had it done privately.
However this was done the better part of a year ago and has worked perfectly since being installed, until this new issue occurred in the last few weeks.

If anyone has any further recommendations or suggestions as to what may be the cause or any solutions then please share them.

Answer:Satellite C660 - Keyboard issue

I think you would understand that nobody is able to say why your keyboard malfunctions.
Only if the notebook hardware has been checked/scanned, it would be possible to say what?s wrong here?
But generally speaking there is a good workaround to diagnose the problem.

You could connect the external USB keyboard to the notebook and could check if the same problems with the mentioned buttons will occur.

In case the external USB keyboard would work properly, I think that your internal keyboard is the troublemaker? in such case you would need to replace the keyboard once again.

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Hi Guys....any help appreciated...this is the message I sent to Toshiba support but they are taking their time getting back to me:

Important information: Satellite C660-1F1
Key Features
- Genuine Windows? 7 Home Premium 64-bit (pre-installed, Toshiba-HDD recovery)
- Intel? Core? i3-380M Processor
- DVD-SuperMulti +-R (Double Layer)
- 2048 MB DDR3 RAM (1066MHz)
- 39.6cm (15.6") TruBrite? HD (1366 x 768) High Brightness display with LED backlight with 16:9 aspect ratio

Hi... I purchased my laptop about a month ago from Argos and it has a 2 year warranty. I have one big problem - the 2 main graphics editing programmes that I use do not work. Both Corel Paintshop Photo Pro x3 and Adobe CS5 can both be installed and opened but as soon as I try to save a photo or edit a photo both of the programmes crash and i have to close it down by using end task in task manager.

This happened when I installed the full versions of both programmes which I purchased and it also happens when you download the trial versions from both the Corel and the Adobe download sites. I have been on so many help forums for both adobe and corel and the most helpful pointer came from one of the designers at Adobe - a Chris Cox.

He very logically stated that as it happened in both of these 2 graphics editing packages that it was most likely a problem with the graphics card drivers or the actual graphics card hardware. I purchased a 64-bit operating system to handle precisely these 2 progra... Read more

Answer:New Satellite C660-1F1 windows 64-bit -cant use graphics editing software

Hello John

Have you already got some answer from Toshiba?
What to say my friend? In my opinion the best advice you can get from Corel and Adobe. They have best experience with own product and have probably tested them on different hardware platforms.

Notebook manufacturers offer different notebook models with different hardware configurations. Some of them are cheap and offered with average hardware. The performance is not the best but good enough for ?every day? activities like internet, office, mailing and so on.
On other hand there are notebooks with excellent and powerful hardware. Very often such notebooks cost twice as much as ?cheap low budget products?.

Please don?t understand me wrong but your C notebook is not the best one for usage with such powerful software.
I really don?t know what Toshiba can do about it. I can imagine that you need other graphic driver but graphic driver support for mobile computers is pretty limited and I don?t think you can do much about that.

What you can try is to download and install driver from graphic card manufacturer but you must do this on your own risk.

Sorry friend but I don?t have any other advice for you. I just think you?ve bought wrong notebook for such complex graphic operations. 2 GB RAM? I don?t know.

Good luck.

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When I try and run the face recognition software I get a window saying to contact my administrator - I have administration status on the the Satellite C660 laptop.

Forum searches I have found have not helped in that any time I try and follow advice I still get the same message. The laptop is new.

Answer:Satellite C660 - Cannot start Face Recognition software


I think this tool is muddled up in some way. therefore the first thing which would need to be tried is a new software installation. I would recommend uninstalling this tool firstly.
You can do this is control panel -> software

After uninstallation it would be recommended to clean the registry. This can be done using an software like CCleaner.
After that download the face recognition software from Toshiba European driver page and install it again.

Good luck

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I cant find graphic drivers for my tosh. I try search it on intel site but they send me here

plz help

Answer:Satellite C660-1KW - graphic drivers issue

Yes, you should use driver offered on Toshiba download page. This driver is tested and adapted for your notebook model.

Check please Toshiba download page on
There you can find all drivers for al supported operating systems.

If you need help anyway let us know.

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Last year I purchased a Satellite C660-1G3 laptop from UK; even today, I am using the factory settings, and running the originally installed Windows 7 OS. The following is the issue that I started facing yesterday onwards:
- Even when the battery is well-plugged and the laptop running, the Power Meter indicates a falling charge level, with the "Plugged in, Not Charging" notification. The orange LED keeps blinking

- However, when I completely shut-down the laptop, without touching anything (not even touching the adapter or the power cord), the orange LED indicating battery charging process stops blinking and becomes stable

- On re-starting the laptop, for about 1 minute or so, the battery appears to be charging (orange LED not blinking and "Plugged in, Charging" message). However, soon the orange LED again starts blinking and the nuisance message again comes up

A couple of things:
- the battery seems to be working fine and charging properly when laptop is shutdown (in fact, till a couple of days back, the battery used to show 2:30 hours of time available on 100% charged level)
- is there some issue with the Operating system? no idea on that

can experts help me in resolving this issue? I do not really want to approach the Service Center due to long distance involved.

- Biren

Answer:Re: Satellite C660-1G3 - "Plugged in, Not Charging" issue

Hi Biren

Not sure if I can help you but I would like to provide you some tips.

1) Check if your BIOS is up to date. If Toshiba European driver page provides newer version, then update the BIOS. Additionally set the BIOS to default pressing F9 and save changed pressing F10.
2) Try to calibrate the battery. To calibrate the battery you should discharge the battery completely and charge the battery again. Repeat this procedure 2-3 times in the row.
3) Remove the battery and AC adaptor and press power button (30 sec long) then connect both parts and check if the LED would start blinking again.

Finally I think that the notebook should be tested using new, good working battery. But if the issue would still persist, then I would assume that your motherboard might be affected.

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Hi all

I was updating BIOS on TOSHIBA SATELLITE C660-13R from windows 7 64 bits. Downloaded driver from toshiba web. Half way the installation laptop freezes. I have left it for 40 mins to run but it did not get back to normal state. As motherboard fan has started to move on high speed I decided to take battery out. In result when I power back my laptop I have 1 beep from the motherboard and black screen.

Can some one help me please ?

Answer:Satellite C660-13R - BIOS update issue

Obviously the BIOS update procedure has failed. Something went wrong during the update process and it looks like the EMRPOM module has not been flashed properly.
This is the reason why the notebook does not work anymore.

Possible solution?
Well, if EMPROM isn?t damage, it should be possible to re-flash the BIOS module once again using special BIOS version and BIOS crisis disk.
Usually the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country should be able to re-flash the module using such crisis disk.

I read also in this forum that some people managed to re-flash the EPROM module using some 3rd party crisis disk found somewhere in the internet? but this did not work always?
So probably the ASP will be your last resort?

However, use the forums advanced search option to find related threads about the BIOS crisis disk? could be interesting for you

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I have been using a foldable keyboard and a remote keyboard and have been having problems:

1.Characters not showing when typed.
2.Cursor jumping from typing position to another place usually outside the box that I am typing in.
3.Characters repeating while typing.
4.Actions ie Backspace not operating.

These problems do not seem to happen in Gmail and are not happening as I type this.
The problems have occurred so far in Google Calendar,a text doco and login to a site.
The problem did occur with the on board keyboard once so I am wondering if it is a malfunction or a virus.

Any ideas ?.

Answer:Satellite C660 keyboard typing issue


In this forum you could find a lot threads about similar theme and the solution is easy:
You have to update the BIOS.
New BIOS version would solve the issue? this was also confirmed in the forum.

Good luck

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Good day, fellow Toshiba notebook owners.

I have a little trouble upgrading my BIOS to a "newer" (according to Tempro) version.
I just installed the Tempro application, and it detected that my BIOS needs an upgrade, so I naturally downloaded the "new" BIOS. Everything went fine, but when I tried to install it, a message popped up in the install window:

"*The program will be closed!* There is an error occurred, please check below items. Bios version above 190. Battery capacity more than 10%. AC is attached."

No matter what I do, I get the same error, over and over again. I looked the problem up before I posted this thread, and other people encountered it, but, unlike my case, advices like "Close all background applications", "Charge your battery", or "Make sure the AC is attached" really helped them.

I tried closing everything, my battery is always fully charged, as I rarely disconnect the AC adapter, and, of course, the AC connection issue is not the cause, since it is almost always plugged in.

I checked my BIOS version in +msinfo32.exe+ and it is 1.90 already, but I remember upgrading it months ago (sooner than the release date of this last version), and if, hypothetically, I have the last version already installed, why doesn't Tempro acknowledge it and keeps alerting me over a non-existent issue?

Maybe there is something wrong with Tempro, but I just need to be sure before... Read more

Answer:Satellite C660 - 1C7: BIOS upgrade issue


Tempro notify you about new uploaded drivers or BIOS?
The Toshiba European driver page provides all the drivers and BIOS files and the latest BIOS version 1.90-win has been uploaded at 04.06.2012 and therefore you received this notification by Tempro software.

Who knows why they uploaded this file once again.. but fact is that your BIOS is up to date and therefore you cannot update the BIOS once again using the one and the same version.

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A problem with the cooling system has been detected please immediately turn of the computer and return it for service

This message has recently appeared, pc working fine and only purchased last month, is this a software isssue and how can I fix it.

Answer:Satellite C660-125: Software message: cooling system problem


It looks that this is a software bug. You should recover the notebook using Toshiba HDD recovery or Toshiba Recovery disk which you could create using the Recovery disk creator?

Usually the message should not appear in the future?

But don?t be afraid? if you didn?t notice an higher temperature and if the notebook does not shut down automatically, then everything should be ok!

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New to this forum so dont know if this problem has been covered.

Have installed Photoshop elements 11 and premier elements 11.
The elements program runs ok but cannot get get premier elements to open new project. Adobe advised trying to update drivers which I have tried without success.

When running driver update on laptop it says latest driver installed.
On checking Toshiba update site it shows later version
Have downloaded this ,I then unzipped it and it says will start automatic installation when finished but nothing happens.

Have tried several times but once unzipped it will not install.

Any help would be appreciated and infact confirmation of latest driver.

Answer:Satellite C660-23M - graphic driver update issue

It may be software related by the sounds of it, Have you updated direct x, as this is used aswell as adobe.

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sorry for my English level, I'm French

I have an issue without solution with my Satellite C660 (for the moment i hope!) I downloaded the software google sketchup 8, dedicated to the architecture drawing, but it doesnt work, I always have a bug message informing that it is necessary to update de drivers of the graphic card (According to google support it seems that OPENGL functions should be implemented in the drivers of my laptop)

So I have downloaded the last available drivers for the configuration I have ( Intel HD graphics for pentium, windows 7 64 bits) ;

the link ( french website, the one for Intel is not currently available, it is an .exe document)

I have tried to manually update de graphic card driver with the device manager menu (graphics card > update the drivers button> manual file.exe selection ), but at the end there is no update, I only have a very quick message informing that windows has determinated that the drivers are already updated.

Actually there is no changes on the drivers (still the same date of the pilotes 28/07/2010 in the graphics card properties) and sketchup is still out of work

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite C660 - Intel HD Graphics update issue


What C660-xxx do you have exactly?

If you have an Intel graphic card, you should download the driver directly from the Intel website.
There you should find the latest driver version

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Stellarium (a free application for astronomie) works w/o any problem on many computers of my astronomie club but impossible to use it on my Toshiba Satellite C660-226. No problem during installation but nothing appends when I launch the program.

I run it in compatibility mode (windows XP Sp2) and Intel HD graphics driver is at level as recommended on Toshiba support center.

If I install a lower level of this driver( VGA std graphic carte at level 6.1.7600.16385) ,Stellarium works but very slowly and some functions (like zoom) are bugging.
Stellarium support center recommands to install a more recent level of intel HD graphics driver but I don't find a more recent level working with P6100 processor on Intel download site.
Can you help me?


Answer:Intel (HD) graphics issue when trying to use "Stellarium" on Satellite C660

I've got the exact same problem with a toshiba satellite pro c660-1nv.

I've found a more recent driver on the intel website : ang=eng with the version But I can't install it, I have an error message saying that this driver hadn't been validate by the manufacturer (Toshiba). Do not know what to do...

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I have a Satellite C660 laptop. The keys are driving me crazy! They keep sticking, and miss letters I have pressed.
As a touch typist this is very frustrating.

I'm not very PC litterate - so if someone can give me a simple solution I'd really appreciate it.

Answer:Satellite C660 - keyboard issue - missing letters while typing

You know what?
I think I?ve found a solution to your issue?

I checked the Toshiba Knowledge database which you can find on the Toshiba European page and this document could be interesting for you:

*Keyboard Issues with the Satellite/Satellite Pro L670 & C660 Series Notebooks*

Please perform a BIOS Update in order to solve this issue?

Good luck!

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Last week, I bought my first laptop - a C660.
A few days after I bought it, I noticed that it was typing doubles of characters or missing characters out completely.
Now, it might just be that I'm adjusting to the keyboard, but I was wondering if there's been any problems with the keyboards?

Answer:Satellite C660: keyboard issue - doubles or missing characters


maybe, there is a keyboard hardware defect. Do you run Os with factory settings? otherwise, contact the service center. they will fix it for free.

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I have a problem with updating the BIOS on Toshiba Satellite c600-28j.
Error: Project ID check fail

Model: C660-28J
Part NO: PSC1NE-01200XRU
Serial: XB063018K
BIOS Version: 1.10
OS: Windows 7 Pro SP1 32-bit

What can you recommend?


Answer:BIOS update issue on Satellite C660-28J - Project ID check fail

Check this thread:

The BIOS from Toshiba Australian page should work

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I recently purchased toshiba Satellite C660 M21G Laptop with windows 7 32 bit installed (not licensed) and I installed all the hardware drivers except the SM Bus Controller and the Nvidia GeForce graphic adapter driver, this because it does not exit on toshiba web site, or by other mean it exist but when I try to install either the Chipset utility or the display driver (VGA driver) an error message appear in both installation indicates that I didnt matched the minimum system software requirments for installing both the Dispaly adapter and the chipset.

I dont know why those requirments does not included in the error message ?

I have more that 12 hours trying to find a way out to install the dispaly driver because the standard VGA driver that windows 7 (32 bit) installed is very poor and i cant running any games or playing video smoothly
I am suffer and I need help

best regards

Answer:Satellite C660-M21G SM bus controller and display driver installation issue

From my knowledge the Satellite C660-M21G belongs to the PSC1SE series.
I?m wondering where did you find the right display driver for this series?
The notebook seems to support the NVIDIA GeForce 315M

I checked the Toshiba European driver page and not all Win 7 32bit drivers are released on the European driver page? I think you tried to install wrong or not compatible graphic card driver and therefore this error message appeared while installing the drivers.

But it seems that Win 7 64bit driver is available for this series therefore I would recommend testing the driver for Win 7 64bit.
The SM bus controller might be the Card reader and in such case you should install the Card Reader Controller driver from Realtek. There is also an Win 7 64bit driver version available on European driver page?

Test it simply?

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Don't know if anyone can help me but I'm losing the will to live.

I've got this laptop, the OS corrupted and basically failed due to a malware infection. I never had the recovery disks so I've clean installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit twice in the space of 3 days because each time, Windows Update will not work. It simply sits on checking for updates and never finishes. I've tried EVERY solution going - ive reset windows update, done all the fix it programs supplied by microsoft to no avail.

As I said, this is a totally clean install, no anti virus, no 3rd party firewall, updates attempted via both ethernet and wifi. Am I missing a driver of some sort? There are no exclamation marks or warnings in device manager?!

It's doing my head in. What am i doing wrong?!

One observation, both installs have required me to activate via phone, it wouldn't work via the internet?! Is this related in any way?
Drivers installed:

I got them off this page:

Is there any that I'm missing that are important?

Thanks in advance!


Answer:Satellite C660 PSC0LE - Win7 64bit clean installation - update issue

Is SP1 already installed on your Windows 7 system?
If not, you could download this from here:

Otherwise I recommend you to check the MS knowledge base regarding the Windows 7 update issues.

You don’t’ use the Toshiba image and therefore this isn’t Toshiba notebook problem but system issue.

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Can someone please help,

I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite C660/C660D for my nephew, We have forgotten the administrator password and we don't have password reset disk is there anyway around this.


Answer:I forgot my administrator password on Satellite C660/C660


I assume you are talking about windows system password and not about BIOS password. Right?
It?s not very big problem if you forgotten the System password but if you mean BIOS password then you are in trouble because the BIOS password can be deleted just by an Toshiba ASP technicians?

So I assume you mean Windows password? so start the notebook and press F8
Now you can choose Repair my Computer and then choose HDD recovery.
This would start a HDD recovery procedure which would reinstall the system? during the setup you can set anther admin password.

Of course there are some other methods but as far as I know this requires 3rd party software/tools or Win 7 DVD? so I think the HDD recovery is the fastest solution.

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I have Dell Studio laptop 64 bit Wndows7 When I turned my laptop on I got this message whats causing this and how do I fix it

Answer:Device Software not installed error

Need to get an idea of what it is? Usually it will recognize it but not have the drivers. Did you plug in something via USB recently?

Start, Control Panel, Device Manager. What has a ? next to it?

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Device driver software not installed

I have a brand new HP Pavilion Entertainment laptop and a brand new Canon Powershot SD750. I installed the Canon software and followed all directions, but when I plug the camera into USB port, a message keeps coming up saying "Device driver software not installed". Ive unistalled it and tried just connecting to the computer and that wont work either. Ive tried all USB ports as well and it still wont work. I had an old Powershot I was using on this computer, and it worked fine transferring pictures. I dont know why all of a sudden its not working anymore. I tried using another computer and it worked! I think Ive pretty much tried everything the manuals said to try and nothing is working. PLEASE HELP!!

Answer:Device driver software not installed?!?!?

This Canon page seems to be saying you need updated drivers and provides a link:
I assume you have Vista, since you didn't say.

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I can't hear any sound from my pc and over the speakers icon there is a red x, saying that there is no exit audio device installed.

Please help me!!! No idea about what to do

Answer:Red X - audio device is not installed on Satellite A


Visit Toshiba download page on
There you can choose your notebook model, OS and download sound driver.

Install it ad check if everything is OK again.

Send some feedback and maybe notebook model name.

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I have a Aspire One. I recently restored my laptop. There are some upgrades that are not working. This Device driver software is one of them. What should I do? 

Answer:Device Driver Software Not succesfully installed.

What's the exact model number?OS version?

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I have recently began having problems with the USB hubs on my computer and have tried several different methods that should have fixed the issue. Unfortunately, none of them have worked.

Problem: Whenever I plug my Kingston DTSE9 16GB USB drive into the front USB 2.0 panel of my computer chassi (NZXT Phantom High Tower) I get the message "USB could not be recognized" followed by "device driver could not be installed." When I try connecting my phone (HTC One) in the same USB I do not get the error message, however my phone is not recognized by the computer as connected. The phone does however start to charge which means it is getting power from the computer. Furthermore, when I open the device manager and check under the serial bus drivers I see that 2 "unknown device" are listed, most likely one for each front USB. It seems the two front panel USB are not functioning as they should.
The USB hubs have worked previously and I have not made any big changes to the computer as far as I know. I really want the two front USB panels to work as they are a lot more accessible than the back ones.

What I've tried so far: I have opened the device manager and uninstalled the unknown devices followed by restarting the computer. I have also unplugged all USB devices from the computer followed by removing the power cord from the computer and restarting. I have used the "check for hardware" as well as "update driver," for the unknown d... Read more

Answer:USB not recognized followed by device could not be installed issue

Do the devices work properly when plugged into rear USB ports (i.e. directly into the board)?

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Hi this is my 1st post here

My friend bought the above satellite with Windows 10 pre installed on it. the accounting software he needs to run on it is not compatible with win 10.

He asked me to help downgrade it to win 8.1. I called Supportand they said yes everything will work but Toshiba will not warrant or offer a downgrade path. ie do it at your own risk.

So he decided to go ahead and we bought 8.1 and I got it installed. now everything is ok except for 1 PCI Device showing as not installed in device manager. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. is it a chipset thing?

Kind regards


Answer:Satellite C50-C023 - Win 8.1 PCI Device driver not installed


I have just recently helped a friend to down grade his C50-C023 from Win 10 to Win 8.1.

All has gone well except now I have in Device manager my PCI Device not installed and no updates to be found anywhere. I have just completed doing all the Win 8.1 updates but still have this issue

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

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Over the last week or so I've been having trouble with my audio.
The first incident occurred whilst I was browsing the internet, all of a sudden some error popped up and turned off my sound. When I checked for audio devices it said there where none installed and when I checked the device manager there were also none installed. I then uninstalled the driver/software from my computer and reinstalled them, but still the drivers were not recognized. Instead there was only a HDMI Output driver which would say it was playing sound, but none was coming out of my speakers.

Then I had just given up hope, and was playing a video (without sound) when all of a sudden sound began playing out of the speakers and all the sound drivers were recognized.

Then the same incident as the first happened again, and now I still can't fix it.

Also errors keep coming up saying 'Soundchanger.exe" is not working.
Any help would be great! I have uninstalled and reinstalled all the correct drivers and still used system restore but still the sound won't work.

Answer:Satellite A300 - No Audio Device Installed

Are you able to backup your data and run Recovery?

The OS may be corrupted, or a 3rd party driver may be causing the problem.

If it still happens with a fresh Windows installation, then it could be a hardware problem.

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Satellite Pro C850, suddenly got res cross on sound icon and no sound. Says audio device not installed. Have tried disabling/enabling and also updating, no joy.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Satellite Pro C850 - Audio device not installed

Fixed it, had to download a driver.

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Hi, I would appreciate some assistance with my Vista 32 bit installation onto my Satellite Pro L20 series.

Installation went smoothly but my sounds icon has a cross with it and when I place mouse over it I see the message: no audio output device installed. I have gone into device manager with full privilagesand see that there is an exclamation mark next multmedia audio controller. I have looked at the general properties and it states: 'This device is not configured properly (code 1)'. I have uninstalled the driver and downloaded Realtek AC-97 ref: 6285_Vista_APO_PG536 driver and installed and rebooted but I still get the same error messages!

Can anyone help me out? I have tried uninstallation and reinstalling so many times now I don't know where to go next!


Answer:Satellite Pro L20 - No audio output device installed


I have checked the Toshiba website for Satellite Pro L20. There I can?t find a Vista 32bit sound driver but there are all XP drivers available and the sound driver is not from Realtek, it?s from Conexant.
So I assume your notebook is not equipped with a Conexant sound card.

I think you should try to use a Conexant driver from another Toshiba notebook because on the Conexant website I can?t find a driver.

As far as I know the Satellite A300 and A300D for example are also using a Conexant sound card but I don?t know if the driver also works on your notebook.
But it?s worth a try! ;)


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Yesterday, my sound system worked normally.
Now however, it claims that "No Audio Output Device is installed".

How has this happened and what can I do to fix it?

Thank you

Answer:Satellite A200 - No Audio Output Device is installed


What OS do you have?

Have you tried to reinstall the sound driver? You can find it on the Toshiba page: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers
Before you install the new version, remove the old driver first and then restart the notebook.

Normally reinstalling the sound driver should solve this issue.


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I've been searching for a similar problem in the forum but haven't found any that's been solved.
I'll try to explain how my problem came up.

My sound was just fine until when a few days ago I tried to decrease the volume and then suddenly it froze.
A message indicating that sound device has stopped working came up.
I restarted the notebook but it didn't started at all, nothing on the display, just the fan running on a slow speed. I figured it out by removing one of the ram plates and then with the remainig one it started almost succesfuly except there wasn't any indication of a sound, just the message "no audio output device is installed" and a "x" on the sound taskbar icon.

In the device manager there isn't anything related to a sound device except High Definition Audio Controller under the System devices menu.

So what do you think, is it a hardware problem or not and is it fixable.
Hope someone can give me an answer.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Satellite L300D-243 - no audio output device is installed

Did you read this thread:

Open the Device Manager.
Then expand the Sound, video and game controllers, click on the Realtek High definition Audio choose: DISABLE, then ENABLE.

If you will not find the Realtek HD audio device (this is the sound card), then I recommend you to click on View and to choose “show hidden devices”. Maybe the sound card would appear in the list…

Furthermore visit the Realtek driver page and download and install the latest Realtek HD audio driver.

Hope this could fix the issue

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The sounds are working fine when I do the windows update, antivirus update and updated some software like adobe air and adobe shockwave but when I open the laptop the next morning, there is red cross marked in the speaker icon on the bottom right of the laptop and it says "no audio output device is installed".

I could not find the sound, games and controller in the device manager so I get frustrated. Its been 3 days now I'm using the laptop without sound.

Can you please help me in this issue?

My laptop is Toshiba Satellite U300-152
Windows 7 Ultimate but not pre installed (the pre-installed was Vista Home)

i tried downloading the latest realtek high defintion audio driver but still its not working. Tried many restarts, system restore, disabling antivirus but not working again.

Answer:Satellite U300-152 - No audio output device is installed

I?m not sure what the problem can be but fact is that Windows update offers some drivers updates and, generally speaking, you should not install them. With other words, you should use Toshiba drivers only.

What you can do now? Have you tried to roll back OS to earlier time (before updates installation) and check the functionality?

One more thing. Sound driver software should start with Windows so please check MSCONFIG > start-up if sound software is listed and enabled there.

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Dear sir ,

I buy this laptop new , when I start windows for the first time there is no Audio output device installed. So I use the product recovery to install new system but also no thing , I download the driver from Toshiba website but also no sound.

This is the Error Description:

Windows was able to successfully install device driver software, but the driver software encountered a problem when it tried to run. The problem code is 10.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: PnPDeviceProblemCode
Architecture: x86
Hardware Id: hdaudio\func_01&ven_10ec&dev_0260
Setup class GUID: {4d36e96c-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
PnP problem code: 0000000A
Driver name: RTKVHDA.sys
Driver version:
Driver date: 08-28-2007
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 1033

Can you help me with this problem please.
My system: Satellite U300 - Windows Vista 32 .

thank you and waiting for your support .
osama katilo

Answer:No audio output device is installed on Satellite U300


I have exact the same problem. Laptop was purchased in Canada just some weeks ago...
In addition, the operating system has not defined a device automatically and was necessary to add it manually through the Device Manager.

Thanks in advance,
Andrew Molyuk.

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I brought this new *Toshiba T130-11H Satellite* (Windows7/x64) last week and at first it was fine....

Now though I have the dreaded speaker icon with a RED CROSS in the bottom right hand corner of the Screen!
This has become such a pain now - ive never had a problem with the sound with any of the PCs/Laptops ive had before.
The error message is always 'No Audio Output Device is Installed.'

I've tried everything - System Restore, Re-installing everything, Downloading various drivers.....Praying!!
When going to Control Panel/Device Manager/Sound, video and game controllers - I can only see the:

Intel(R) High Definition Audio HDMI

I remember when I first got it I had another "HD Audio Device" in this category - this is the one thats totally gone now and doesn't come back no matter what I do :

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can anyone help!
Is it a hardware failure?
Is there something I have to download?
Is there something special I have to

Will be greatful for any feedback. Thank you so so so much for just reading :)

Answer:Satellite T130-11H - NO Audio Output Device is installed


Go to device manager and in ?View? choose ?Show hidden devices?.
Now you should see all devices which are available on this system.

Now go to ?Sound, video and game controllers? and delete the Intel(R) High Definition Audio HDMI, Conexant High Definition Smart audio, etc?

In System devices delete the Microsoft UAA Bus driver for High definition.

Now reboot the notebook.

After new reboot the Windows OS should recognize all devices again.
Check this!!!

If this will not work download the Conexant sound driver and install it again?

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I have a Satellite U300 running Windows Vista 32. The sound worked fine until last week.
But now I have a red cross over the speaker icon on the taskbar. I have tried reinstalling the driver from Toshiba/Realtek but the sound is not restored.
(At least the Realtek driver now shows in Control Panel under 'Sound' - there was nothing there before.) I have also tried Windows Updates and in particular KB 92 96 85 since this was recommended on another forum. It made no difference. If I go to Device Manager no Sound is listed.

Does anyone have any ideas? It seems to be a common problem with Toshiba Satellites and some other brands and I am surprised there is nothing in the forums here.

Answer:No audio output device is installed on my Satellite U300

Is some unknown device listed in device manager?

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Hello, I've been looking on the Internet for some time now hoping for a solution. But no suck luck.

I have a Laptop which is running Windows Vista 64bit and recently it's had no sound what so ever. Every time I hover over the "Sound" icon at the bottom it tells me there is no Sound Device installed. I've had many solutions to fix this issue by going to "Device Manager" then "Sound, Video and Game Controllers" but every time I go into the "Device Manager" the "Sound, Video and Game Controllers" tab is missing. I've tried re installing Realtek. I've tried looking in the BIOS for the sound controller, I don't know what else there is to do.


Answer:Sound Issue: No Output Audio Device is Installed.

Hi my friend , welcome to MG's :major

What is the model of your laptop ? At the bottom of the laptop a sticker is located with the model :wave

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My English is not the best, unfortunately. Maybe someone can help me anyway.

The following problem:

Have a Satellite L300 ran without problems until now with windows 7 (32bit). I had then risen PC speakers of this Trust came with a USB flash drive that will act as an audio interface for the boxes. This was infected with the first recognized by Win7, installed, and I could use Ihne. But while the onboard soundcard (Realtek HD Audio) is disabled. Now when I remove the USB audio interface I have no more sound. There is a lack of complete "Realtek HD Audio" entry in the audio control.

Also in the Device Manager is not an "audio, video and game controllers" entry appear longer. The interesting thing about it but the HD audio driver is still installed correctly. It is found but no entry for more audio, video, game controllers, and if I was in the taskbar to the speakers look just click on there a red cross when he reports to me "No audio output device installed".

Thereupon, I've tried uninstalling the USB audio drivers (no problems) system rebooted. No sound still same problem.

That's why I completely uninstalled all audio drivers and tried the Windows 7 default drivers. Same problem. I uninstalled all audio drivers, this time I've tried the Toshiba drivers, same problem.

Fact is I can delete all the drivers, reinstall, what goes without problems and error message, then it is even because "drivers have been installed,... Read more

Answer:No audio device installed Satellite L300-28R (PSLB8E-12T018GR)

Hi mate

To be honest I?m not quite sure what the problem could be.
Your posting is also a little bit confusing.

First of all the BIOS is not similar to the BIOS which you can find on desktop PC and as far as I know there is no special option to enable or disable the sound card.

So I think in your case it?s not BIOS issue.
I think its Windows OS which makes some troubles? who knows? maybe the registry is muddled up or similar? fact is that you should see some yellow exclamation marks in the device manager if the driver would be missing or you should see an unknown device in the device list?

The latest Realtek sound driver could be downloaded directly from Realtek page but even if the Realtek sound driver would not be installed, the Win7 standard driver should recognize the sound chip and the sound should be detected while OS installation.

I think that you should try to install an driver from Realtek but if this would not help you, then you should try a new OS installation. The recover would help you to set the notebook back to factory settings and I think this is the fastest solution in your case?

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I bought this new model Satellite A305-S6872 from Best Buy. It came with Vista OS and gives the error - No Audio Output Device Installed. I called Toshiba's tech support and was advised to use the recovery disk since there was no driver in the Toshiba website for the audio driver. However, after the recovery, the problem remained. Please help.

Answer:Satellite A305-S6872 -No Audio Output Device Installed


Is some unknown device list din device manager? How it looks like there?
For me is really strange to get such error after recovery image installation.

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Hey guys,

I need to reinstall all the audio devices back onto my Toshiba Satellite L300 laptop.
What (free/real) website do I go to reinstall them all back...

I had Realtek audio devices. I need ALL the devices back! Does anyone know the exact/proper/unfake/free website to reinstall all sound devices back onto my computer?

I have windows vista home premium. And my model number is: Satellite L300 PSLBOA-08L022.

Please if anyone can help that would be great!
Save me a lot of downloading the wrong things and going to the wrong websites!


Answer:Satellite L300 PSLBOA - No audio output device is installed


For me it looks like a Toshiba Australian notebook and therefore you should use the Toshiba Australian driver page:

Check it out!

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I'm suffering the ubiquitous "No Audio Output Device is installed" error

- Going to control panel does not help, no games controllers or sound devices are shown
- I'm fully up to date on Vista service packs
- I have re-installed the driver

Is there anything else I should try ?

Answer:Satellite U300 - No audio output device is installed - Vista

A little bit more information and an indication as to why this is so annoying

So I flashed my bios and re-installed the drivers yet again - no change

Then I started working, and noticed that the Red X had turned into the normal mute icon.

I un-muted and was able to use the speaker - great I thought.

Then I closed the lid on the PC - put it on standby

Opened the lid - speaker was working but USB ports (mouse and broadband dongle) were not. Much whirring of the disk drive later, USB ports were working - speaker was not.

Have now re-installed drivers and rebooted several times - still not working

I cannot try to solve this in the usual way because the PC genuinely thinks there's not sound devices at all. No hardware error though because the speaker was working albeit briefly.

Grrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!

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The blueray DVD player - Mat****a BD-MLT UJ240ES device drivers have gone wrong. After uninstalling device and restarting the laptop the device drivers fail to install correctly with a very unhelpful Windows message:

Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52)

Tried downloading and installing the Toshiba device driver from the web site but the install fails.

Any bright ideas. Apart from this machine is fine.

Answer:Re: Satellite P500 - DVD device driver not installed correctly on Windows 7

Hi buddy,

I?m wondering where you did find the DVD drive driver because it?s just a part of Windows and there is no update or newer version in the Internet?

Anyway, maybe it?s problem with upper and lower filters in Windows registry. That means you have to delete them because all CD/DVD related software installs such filters.

I would recommend reading this article:

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Recentely my laptop make some sound of loud beep ,

The first times i just did restart and it was o.k but on the last time i did restart and it also stopped but now the symbol of the loudspeaker near the clock is signed with X and there is no sound, "no audio output device is installed."

What can it be? What should I do?


Answer:Satellite T135-S1305 - no audio output device is installed


Did you try to install the sound driver?
Mostly this is a solution!

The Satellite T135-S1305 is an Toshiba US notebook series.
The driver can be found here:

The installation of Conexant Sound driver should help you.
Here is also an nice youtube video but instead Sigmatel driver you have to use Conexant driver

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the laptop satellite c50-a-1jm does have a sd card reader but there is no software installed to recognize it. How should i proceed?

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Good afternoon all,

Can you please help with the below?
I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro R50-B-12U laptop.
It was purchased in December 2014.
The hard drive has failed completely so I have had to fit a new one. This was a little disappointing as the laptop is not very old.

I have re-installed Windows 7 64bit pro from a recovery disc which is what the laptop came preinstalled with but on trying to enter the product key which I have obtained from the laptop using a software recovery solution, I am unable to register it with Microsoft. I am led to believe that this is due to the fact the key is an OEM key used by Toshiba.

The laptop was delivered without any Windows recovery/ installation cd’s.

Please can you assist and advise on how to get this operating system registered with Microsoft?

I would rather not have to puchase a new W7 product key as the above is a legtimate issue.

Many thanks

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Good afternoon all,

Can you please help with the below?
I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro R50-B-12U laptop.
It was purchased in December 2014.
The hard drive has failed completely so I have had to fit a new one. This was a little disappointing as the laptop is not very old.

I have re-installed Windows 7 64bit pro from a recovery disc which is what the laptop came preinstalled with but on trying to enter the product key which I have obtained from the laptop using a software recovery solution, I am unable to register it with Microsoft. I am led to believe that this is due to the fact the key is an OEM key used by Toshiba.

The laptop was delivered without any Windows recovery/ installation cd’s.

Please can you assist and advise on how to get this operating system registered with Microsoft?

I would rather not have to puchase a new W7 product key as the above is a legtimate issue.

Many thanks

Answer:Satellite Pro R50-B-12U - new HDD installed - OS issue

When installing vanilla Windows 7 Pro, simply leave the product key blank. Windows will activate using the OEM key in the BIOS.

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The little icon in the bottom right hand corner that normally enables you to control the sound settings now appears with a red X next to it, and when I hover the mouse over it I get the above message "No Audio Output Device Installed". I have absolutely no idea why this is suddenly happening, but I noticed it a couple of weeks ago, and then a few days later when I turned the notebook on, the sound was back to normal.

Now I have this message again - it appears that it is random .. sometimes when I turn the machine on it is ok, other times I get the message above. I don't touch any of the settings ever as I'm a non-technical person, so have no idea why this is suddenly happening. I've tried simply restarting the machine but it doesn't work (today).

My machine is a Satellite notebook. If you ve any suggestions as to how I can simply get my sound back to normal (i.e. in the background, something not to even think about, it simply works as one would expect), please post a reply. The warranty hotline was going to charge me for their time. I'm sure its a very simple solution and I would appreciate greatly any help you can give me.

Thank yo very much for your time in reading this.


Answer:Re: Satellite A series - "No Audio Output Device Installed" error message

1) Which laptop moel do you have exactly? Tell us the PSAxxx-xxxxxx model number on the base sticker of the laptop.

2) Are you using XP or Vista? Is it a Toshiba Windows installation? Or did you install your own street copy of Windows? Also tell us the Service Pack installed (right-click MyComputer and choose "Properties")

3) Did you install any sound related devices recently? USB Speakers? Mobile phone software?

4) Go to Device Manager, and look under Sound Devices. Is the sound card reporting that its working ok? Or is there a yellow exclamation mark (!)?

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I'm not sure exactly where to ask this, so I'll try here. I have installed (or so the Update History page tells me) IE 9 (Win 7 Home Ed 64-bit). The history says the installation was successful (actually, more than once). The list of Windows Features shows IE9 running. But when I click on any IE icon that I can find, I'm still getting IE 8. There is no IE in my Start Menu, the only IE files I can find in Program Files (x88) on my boot drive are version 8 (right click Properties on iexplore.exe). If IE 9 is installed and "running," where do I find it to start it up?


Answer:IE 9 Installed Successfully But MIA

Is there a reboot cued for Shut Down? Check the Shut Down button in Start menu now.

If not I think I would uninstall it in Windows Updates>View Updates>Installed Updates then when it shows up again install it alone.

Other steps for Windows Update - Reset - Windows 7 Forums and
reset Windows Update components .

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Recently bought the Satellite A500-17x with Windows 7 pre installed. Manual tells me under all programs -> toshiba->utilities there should be a web cam application.

Sadly there is no such thing. Toshiba website has been no help to me, I've been enragingly filling out search forms for bio and driver updates over and over.
So if anyone knows how they can help me please do


Answer:Satellite A500-17x - No camera software installed

There should be a Toshiba webcam utility, if you can't find it, then download it from the Toshiba website and install it.

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Following a Trojan installing (IS2010 after a false UPS mail) I would like to reinstall XP Home from my Toshiba recovery CD (or my XP official key)
Is it possible to re-install XP "over the previous" keeping my documents or some stand alone exe without re-format my HD?

I accept to be obliged to reinstall Office, Corel, MS Visual Studio as I have the original CD.

For now my Satellite is not able to start. Impossible to start the Trojan remover (Loaris)


Answer:Satellite A100: Can I reinstall WIn XP and keep installed software?


As you probably know, the Toshiba recovery disk is not the same like a original disk from Microsoft.

The recovery disk contains an image and the usage of the recovery disk will format the whole HDD and will delete all the data stored on the HDD.

So you cannot keep the data on the HDD using the recovery disk because you will lose it.

I think you should backup the important docs before using the recovery disk.


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Ok. So I upgraded my Toshiba Satellite U300 laptop from Vista to 7 in October - mainly to end the issue I was having with the audio output device not working. My issue was resolved and I have had no problems until today. I turned on my laptop and there was that ominous red X over the speaker symbol in the lower right hand corner and when I mouse over it, it says, "No audio output device is installed."

I ran the troubleshooter and the results of the scan for hardware changes comes back with little yellow caution signs with exclamation points in them telling me there are problems but not giving me any help as to how to fix them.

I went to the Toshiba site and downloaded and ran the Realtek audio driver for windows vista/7, restarted the laptop and found no change.

Then I downloaded and ran the Conexant audio driver for vista/7, restarted the laptop and found no change.

When I go to Start, Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, Device Manager, there is NO Sound/Audio Driver in the list.

Is there anyone out there who can help me at all? I'm beyond the point of frustration over this.

Answer:Help! No Audio Output Device Is Installed - Windows 7- Toshiba Satellite U300 laptop

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I upgrade XP to Vista and also Upgrade my BIOS for Toshiba A105-S4274 5.60v and ACPI \TOS1900 The drivers for this device are not installed. What the problem?

Answer:Satellite A105-S4274: After XP to Vista upgrade device ACPI \TOS1900 is not installed?


Please visit Toshiba US download page under and install follow drivers and utilities:
- TI Card Reader Driver for Windows Vista - driver_card_reader_ti_25311C.exe
- Toshiba Supervisor Password Utility for Windows Vista - util_su_password_25399C.exe
- TOSHIBA Value Added Package for Windows Vista - util_tvap_25649A.exe

I am not 100% sure but obviously the password utility is some kind of a link between Vista and the BIOS, and it is necessary to be installed. Test it please and let us know if everything works well.

Good luck!

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I installed XP after 7 successfully .. but there is just one problem that just doesnt go away ... In 7 (basic OS of my laptop) windows is installed on Drive 'C', all my data is on Drive 'D', next is recovery Drive 'F', and Windows XP on Drive 'G' .. but when i log into Windows XP, all partitions work fine .. only the Drive 'D' (of windows 7) shows as an empty drive .. i have over 250 gb data on this partition .. but nothing shows .. i am able to open it but cant see anything (when logged into windows XP) .. when i hover the mouse over it, it doesnt even show the partition size and used and free space etc .. Plz help with this ..

Answer:I installed XP after 7 successfully .. but there is just one problem

Hello dyedcorduroy, welcome to Seven Forums!

Does the partition have a drive letter in XP?

Before we make any specific recommendations will you please post a snip/screen-shot of the entire Windows disk management drive map with a full description as to which drive/partition is which, so we can see what you have going on as there may be a fairly simple way to resolve the situation.

In the Windows start menu right click computer and click manage, in the left pane of the "Computer Management" window that opens click disk management and post a maximized snip of that.
How to Upload and Post a Screenshot and File in Seven Forums

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Has anyone successfully installed the 10 upgrade? And if you have, was the install glitch free?

Answer:Has anyone successfully installed the 10 upgrade?

Wife's PC smooth as silk, mine is a swine.

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Dear friends,
I wish to share with you a good news! Windows 7 SP1 has been released to the public and i have just finished downloading and configuring the SP1 pack!

The download to my desktop was via Windows Update.

Kindly read the following article before download: It is important!


Answer:Windows 7 SP1 successfully installed!

I installed SP1 from Windows Update last night....Went without a hitch.

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