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Satellite C650 - USB slots working for 1 minute only

Question: Satellite C650 - USB slots working for 1 minute only


My USB sockets went intermittant on Sunday night for no reason. 1 min they were working the next they are not. They seem to work when I turn on the laptop then they stop for no reason.

I have

1 removed and reintalled drivers in Driver Manager
2 installed latest chipset update
3 rebooted PC

Any one know why this would happen, the slots are secure, sometimes they work then they just stop for no reason!


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Preferred Solution: Satellite C650 - USB slots working for 1 minute only

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite C650 - USB slots working for 1 minute only


What operating system is installed at the moment?

Usually such problems with USB ports can be solved due a chipset driver update and removing the USB ports in device manager but it seems that you have done this already?

Do you see something unusual in Windows event viewer?

In your case I would also loading the default settings in BIOS (press F9 key). Have also a look on Toshiba website if there is a newer BIOS version available.

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In my Satellite C650-1CG (PSC14E-00G001AR) with XP*86 bit, "FN" key not working. I saw a lot of solutions here but unfortunately for Windows 7 i didn't see yet..

pls help me

Answer:Re: Satellite C650 - FN key not working

as i know, the vap utility and flashcard support are responsible for ,,fn,, key working. it looks like these utilities are not available for Xp, for win 7 there are

You can try from other laptop models if works. unfortunately, i don't know what exact laptop model may be compatible with yours.

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My laptop is Satellite C650-1CG, (PSC-14E) purchased in Dubai UAE.
It has Windows-7 Home Premium (64-bit) Operating System.

Lately I realized that the Web-cam is not working. Not shown so in the Device Manager.
No "Toshiba" folder under "All Prorams" too.
So I installed the driver, by searching at Toshiba Europe web-link & downloading from there.

Installation ended with OK & brought "Toshiba/Utilities/Web Camera Application" under "All Programs".
However, not reflected so in the Device Manager. Running "Web Camera Application" was no use. Apparently nothing happened by running it. No Error Message too.

Kindly help. Trust this will not need re-installation of Windows OS. Thanks in advance.

(PS: The shop that sold the laptop to me must have purchased the bare unit from Toshiba & must have installed its own Windows OS thereupon. This I realized by feeding the serial number from the label into Toshiba web-site.

The shop did not give me any kind of CD / DVD with the unit. Also they refused to entertain my complaint about the web-cam problem - using the excuse of delay in my complaint - 14 months unfortunately)

Answer:Webcam not working on Satellite C650-1CG

>(PS: The shop that sold the laptop to me must have purchased the bare unit from Toshiba & must have installed its own Windows OS thereupon. This I realized by feeding the serial number from the label into Toshiba web-site.

This seems to be the reason why the webcam software was not installed? possibly other tools and utilities are missing too.

> Running "Web Camera Application" was no use. Apparently nothing happened by running it. No Error Message too.

Starting the webcam application an webcam control bar should be visible on the display while moving the mouse cursor to the one of the following areas: left, upper, right or bottom area.
Check it.

But guess what? If you don?t have an recovery disk, you could order this here:

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I have a Satellite Pro C650-18D on which the USB ports are dead.
So far, I have updated the chipset and the BIOS - but they remain dead. There does not seem to be any power either. I have a USB pen drive with LED and this does not light.

Any ideas ? This is under warranty and so unable to try anything wild !

Thanks for any help

Answer:USB ports not working on Satellite Pro C650-18D

Hi Jim

I recommend you to install OS again and test functionality with ?factory settings?. Test it please with several different USB devices. If none of them will work you should contact Toshiba service provider in your country and let them check notebook?s hardware.

Do you know how to find addresses and phone numbers?

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My Satellite Pro C650 heats up and shuts down automatically within 20 minutes of start up. I have checked the CPU fan and noticed that it does not turn up even though the laptop becomes very hot. I tested the fan with a 9 volt battery and it is working perfectly.

Can anybody tell me exactly what the problem is? And how to resolve it.


Answer:Satellite Pro C650 - cooling fan is not working

>Can anybody tell me exactly what the problem is?
On this virtual way nobody can say for sure what the problem is. We can just speculate what the problem may be.
Usually cooling fan starts immediately after notebook start-up and slows down and offer optimal hardware temperature. After reading your posting I didn?t understand how it works. Does it run or there is no sign of life?
Problem may be power supply.
Cooling fan will be controlled by temperature sensors and activity depends on hardware temperature but if cooling fan in your machine doesn't work at all I can imagine that there is no power supply.

What do you think?

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Toshiba Satellite C650 series , reinstalled Windows 7, problem with keyboard, some keys are not working normally, few keys are the @ sign is located above right side shift key but now types from the '2' key i.e. the shift functions of these keys are interchanged....similarly with other 2-3 keys...what is the problem? how to solve?

Thanks & Regards

Answer:Re: Satellite C650 - some keys are not working normally

Have you preinstalled Windows using original recovery image you got with your notebook (Toshiba preinstalled Win7)?
I ask this because I want to know if keyboard layout is compatible with OS language.

Have you tried to change keyboard input language?

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My wife and I were watching a DVD on the computer and were unaware that the plug socket was not switched on, and consequently the computer shut down. When we restarted it after the power ran out the sound stopped working, and I have been unable to restart it. I have restarted the computer, checked all of the very mute buttons etc., and I have uninstalled/reinstalled the driver. When I have tried using headphones on the laptop the sound is fine, but it doesn't work in normal contexts, when nothing is plugged in.

Hope someone can help!


Answer:Satellite C650-16U speakers not working after battery ran down

Open sound properties > playback devices.
Is option ?Speakers? listed there?
If yes please be sure it is enabled and set as default device.

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built in microphone did not work after three weeks. I tried to install new driver software from Toshiba website, but did not help. External webcam with microphone works well.

Yesterday microphone worked for ten minutes but then mute again.

Answer:Satellite C650-010 - Built in microphone not working


> I tried to install new driver software from Toshiba website
What driver software you have installed?
The microphone belongs to internal webcam so you have to reinstall the webcam driver if internal microphone doesn?t work properly.

> but then mute again.
Does this mean the internal microphone is muted? Please check the Windows sound settings if the microphone is listed properly under recording devices and set as default device.

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Hi all..I have a C650 - PSC09E-00501PMP er # 7A267273Q

Over the past weeks on odd occasions I noticed the audio thro' speakers failing..but on a reboot was ok..
However today I am unable to get any audio thro speakers at all.... although its ok thro headphone O/P.

Nothing muted and the audio level is showing , and varies when speaker icon(mixer ) is activated.

Conexant CX 20671 shown working Ok in Device manager ....Driver

Tried a system restore......

All seems correct under Control Panel/Sound tab

Would appreciate any advice...Thanks in advance..

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro C650 - Audio stopped working


Just installed conexant driver update 119.0.61

Still no sound thro speakers!

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Webcam has stopped working, does anyone know how to fix this???

Answer:Satellite Pro c650 - webcam stopped working


How about reinstallation of the webcam software?
The software can be downloaded from the Toshiba European driver page?

By the way: would be nice to know more details about the problem?

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I've had my laptop for about 6months and have had no problems with the sound until now.

I have recently done a windows update and a few hours after my sound has stopped working completely.
I have updated the driver (Conexant Cx20671 smart audio hd) after that failed i un-installed and reinstalled the driver off the toshiba downloads, after restarting again no sound.

When i have media player on, the sound mixer recognizes there is something playing but there is no sound coming out the speakers

_*please can someone help!!!*_

Answer:Satellite C650 sound has stopped working

Hi mate

>When i have media player on, the sound mixer recognizes there is something playing but there is no sound coming out the speakers

Just one question: Did you check if the sound is not muted?
Please press FN + ESC to enable or disable the mute.

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I recently updated my laptop satellite pro c650 to windows 8.1 pro.i updated and installed my drivers with the help of drive booster software.All the other drivers are working fine but my inbuilt webcam is not working,it has failed online webcam tests.I tried to find the solution online but to no relief.My microphone is also not working eventhough it is seen in control panel>sound>recording.The green bar is not going up.I have installed conexant hd audio.
Kindly help!

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Hi can anyone cast their professional opinion over a current problem I am experiencing with my

Satellite C650 15Z
Windows 7

There are 2 USB ports which are now both inoperative - There seems to be no power coming from them(ipad/phones don't charge) and any flashdrive I insert does not show up as a drive in My Computer
nor do I hear any audible alerts or message pop ups after inserting. As I don't know what I'm looking at in Device Manager I thought someone may be able to assist on here?
Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite C650 15Z Both USB ports have stopped working / charging


In device manager you can try to delete and remove the USB host controller and USB hubs.
All these devices are responsible for USB ports functionality.
After you have deleted the USB host controller and USB hubs, reboot the notebook.
Usually the Windows OS should recognize the deleted devices automatically? after that you can check if the USB functionality has returned.

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As the title, I tried to use the my microphone that comes inbuilt on this model (integrated VGA Web Camera with built-in microphone) and found its not working. Tried to plug in an external microphone via the mic jack and still not recording.
I cant seem to find the drivers for the inbuilt or the jack anywhere.

Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite C650-197 Built In Microphone and Jacks not working


> I can?t seem to find the drivers for the inbuilt or the jack anywhere.
Such drivers don?t exist. The sound card driver controls everything.
I think you should firstly start the webcam software and should test the mic because the internal mic is a part of the webcam.
The webcam software provides an tab; settings and properties. In one of these tabs you would find settings for audio.
There you could increase the mic volume and could record small audio session.

Additionally I recommend checking the settings in control panel -> sound.
Be sure that mic volume is set to max. Don't forget to check hidden and disabled devices there...

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I bought this laptop last month in November.
Anyways, around a week or two ago, the sound suddenly wouldn't work.

It started making weird noises when I put in headphones, and the speakers just made no noise at all ever.
I did lots of weird things -- such as system restore, re-installing sound drivers but nothing worked until I updated the bios then everything went fine and the sound worked again.

However, today, the sound just suddenly stopped working again. I tried to re-install the current bios but InsydeFlash says, "The version of the ROM file is the same version of the BIOS" and just closes.

I searched the internet for an older version of the bios but when I try to install it, InsydeFlash says, "The version of ROM file isn't newer than version of BIOS" and of course I know that but then it closes too!

I'm not really good at computers or anything so any help at all would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite C650 - sound just suddenly stopped working


I recommend checking some options firstly;
- check if mute is not enabled
- check if all volume controls are set to higher value
- check if sound would appear using headphones

If this would not be successful, then you should reinstall the sound driver.
Firstly go to device manager and uninstall the sound driver. Reboot the unit
Then download the sound driver from Toshiba page and install it again. Reboot once again and test the sound.

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I have
I?ve got the Satellite C650 with BIOS version 1.20 ? on Toshiba Homepage is a newer version, 1.50. When I try to update it tells me something like ?Insyde BIOS _ Map region not found?. The BIOS version is for universal language use, so I cannot see the problem. Anyone has tried it already?

Answer:Satellite C650 - BIOS Update from 1.20 to 1.50 not working (Map region)

Is there some problem with your notebook or you want to update BIOS just to have latest one?

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I have used a Western Digital Elements USB Drive (250gb) for about a year as a backup to my Satelleite C650. About three weeks ago when I plugged the drive in it started flashing off and on, then giving a message that the drive was unreadable and prompting to format the drive. Drive contents are not available.

I bought a new cable in case the cable was faulty. No change.

This WD Elements USB drive works okay in work computers and my home computer so the problem is only on the laptop.

I am not sure if the fault coincided with either a) an Toshiba Bios update and/or b) acquisition of a USB mobile braodband dongle for the laptop only.

Answer:WD Elements USB Drive Stopped Working in Satellite C650

Have you noticed some similar problems with other USB devices?

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Can any one help - my slash keys, arrow keys, z and question marks have stopped working.
I have seen several other posts on various forums for exactly the same combination of keys.

I have a Satellite Pro C650.

Answer:Satellite Pro C650 - arrow, slash, and z keys are not working

Sounds like a keyboard malfunction.
Can you use the external USB keyboard properly?
If you did not notice the same problems using external keyboard, then I would recommend replacing the internal keyboard.

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I have problem with my external mouse and external keyboard. It started about 3 weeks ago. They freeze, jump or shutdown, most annoying is mouse, I need to reconnect it usually. It will work well about 1-5 min and again. Touch Pad works well.

I have installed newest Windows updates, also downloaded and installed drivers from Toshiba web. I set up default BIOS settings. Nothing helped.

I don't have recovery disk to try that. Is there any solution other then recovery/reinstalling system?

Someone had such problem?

Answer:External mouse and keyboard are not working properly on Satellite Pro C650


It is not easy to say much about this issue.
Do you use wireless devices? Are batteries OK?
Have you noticed the same problem using other USB devices?
I presume both devices uses USB port on your notebook.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite C650 which has a built in microphone. I logged into yahoo chat and Skype and discovered the mic has suddenly stopped working. I have looked at the Toshiba site but got nowhere. Can anybody please help me?

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I have a toshiba Satellite C650 that has recently come up with a disk read error. I want to access the command prompt to try some potential solutions that I have read about on the internet.

I have made a Windows 7 recovery disk using my other acer laptop which also has Windows 7 64-bit installed. When I use the recovery disk and it has loaded the files etc it just brings up a black screen and the cursor.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?
I tried booting my acer laptop from the recovery disk and it worked fine.

Also does anyone have any suggestions as to why I am getting the 'disk read error - hit ctrl, alt and delete to restart' message?

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

Answer:Satellite C650 - Disk read error and recovery disk is not working

On this virtual way it is not easy to offer exact diagnostic but obviously there must be some problem with HDD. Can you obtain second one for testing purposes and exchange it. Just to be sure if HDD is ?troublemaker?.

But there is one another thing:
>I have made a Windows 7 recovery disk using my other acer laptop....
Sorry but I don?t understand this. Can you please explain to us what have you done exactly?

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Hi All

i have great love for Toshiba but i am having great doubts on the product quality of the cases/shell i have a
Satellite L650-1DG and a Satellite C650-15W and both of them have broken cases/shell on the same area were the hinges open and close.i have purchased 1 case of ebay and it didn't have the correct holes for usb port although it was stated that it was the same laptop as mine. i have seen so many complaints about the faults but no conclusion.I am prepared to purchase new cases from Toshiba but cant find any place that sells them any help would be much apretiated



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Hyphen key on my Satellite C650 does not work.

What might be the problem and how do I correct it?

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Ive damaged my hard drive for this machine and need to get a recovery CD to rebuild a new drive, as I cannot use the old drive, how do I go about getting this CD , can such a thng be done ?

Answer:Recovery CD for Satellite C650-182

You can order original recovery disc for your notebook model under

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Sorry if there is already a thread to this question, I did look but couldn't find one. I have a C650 and the volume is very low even when all the volume controls are set to maximum. On some applications it can be ok but mostly it is too low, especially on the internet. My sound driver is up to date and I cannot find a way to increase the volume. If there is anybody out there that can help me with this, I'd be really grateful. (Using Windows 7)


Answer:Satellite C650-15U - low volume

Hi buddy,

I don?t know what to say but even Satellite C650 is not the best entertainment notebook the sound volume should be still ok and I can?t imagine it?s too low for you.

Is the sound level in Windows set to 100%?

When you connect external speakers or headphone is the sound level ok or still too low?

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Has anyone had a problem with toshiba media controller on win7-64. I have downloaded and re-installed 6 times with the same results. When I open media controller it finds my blu-ray player but no settings or preferences come up, the help button does not work and it won't allow me to drag and drop.

Answer:toshiba satellite C650-034

Go to
Download, let it gather the information, export to text and paste the contents here.

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I have a Satellite C650D-12C and when I connect up to my TV it automatically disconnects then reconnects about every 5 mins or so which is very annoying as TV turns itself of also when no signal is found from the disconnect!!
Any help gratiously received, Thanks

Answer:Satellite C650 Disconnecting TV

Which connection do you use, I mean which cable?

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So today my computer froze,couldn't do anything so as normal I restarted it by the power button.
I went to turn it back on and the normal start up. Noise had a wierd clicking from the bottom right hand side.
It then went onto this black screen and said couldn't load boot disk press any key when loaded.
So I restarted it a couple of times and now it doesn't even do that. It just shows a black screen with a small white line, ad that's it nothing else. Still with the clicking noises.

Could someone help me? Thanks
And my laptop is a:
Toshiba Satellite C650
I could really use with some help, thanks.

Answer:Re: Satellite C650 does nothing at start up


Is the noise coming from your hard disk?
Go to BIOS. Is your hard disk shown there?

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What other similar models of motherboards will approach to a laptop C650-14W??

More info:

PN: 1310A2355202
IEC S/N J004M102FM
DATE CODE: J0044 REV:1.00
LAN MAC 00266C6E9416

IRC S/N RK7400J82LY42H
SPS: P000528920 6021B0140102

Answer:Satellite C650-14W - need new motherboard

Similar models? Hmmmm ..... for me it is wrong question. If you check Toshiba download page you will notice that Toshiba offers Satellite C640 with 4 different platforms. Differences are mostly some hardware components like CPU, chipset or graphic card but also all these mainboards probably doesn't have the same ports like video out port. Due to this it is not so easy to say which one you can use with your PSC12E model.

In my opinion you should try to obtain identical mainboard and replace it.
Please note: original recovery image (original OS) is designed for your PSC12E model and it contains right drivers. Different mainboard may have different hardware components and recovery image will not be the right one anymore.

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I have Satellite C650 laptop and I am trying to connect my laptop to my TV, I am using a VGA-HDMI cable but have had no success. I have went through the *control panel/ appearance and personalization/ connect to an external display* options screens but I cant seem to find the TV anywhere.

I only have one option of *mobile PC display* and cant seem to alter from the *Generic PnP Monitor* choice.
I can get to the intel graphics control panel which tells me that monitor and tv settings are not supported, does this mean that it is not possible to connect to a tv with this particular laptop, or can I download a driver that would perhaps allow me to do so?

Answer:Connecting Satellite C650 to TV

Generally speaking every notebook with video out port can be connected to the TV. All you must do is to use proper video cable and be sure it can be connected to your TV.
If your notebook doesn?t have HDMI port but VGA and your TV has ?PC-in port (VGA/RGB)? than use this cable. Using your VGA to HDMI I presume your notebook doesn?t recognize TV at all. It is sometimes problematic with such cables.

Has your TV such ?PC-in port??

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My HDD is dead apparently (even though being only 6 months old and never receiving any shock).

What I want to know now is what hard drive do i need to buy to replace it,in order to avoid buying a non compatible hdd.

Answer:Satellite C650-15U: What HDD is compatible


You need 2.5? SATA HDD.
Size is no matter because SATA controller is not limited to a specific size

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Hi All,

I bought a new Satellite Pro c650

It has 2gb ram (ddr3 1066)

If i were to upgrade my ram myself, would it void my warranty?

Also.. Toshiba site says it is upgradable to 8gb. If i was to install a 4gb (to go with my current 2gb) would that be alright?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Re: Ram Upgrade on Satellite Pro C650

I should probably mention that i am from Australia (if that makes any difference to warranty) :)

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I'm an happy user of Toshiba labtop but i actualy have a problem with Windows 7 restorationon my Satellite C650-17N.
WhenI bougth my computer I had made my revory DVD but I didn't test the recovery process.
Today my hard driver crashed and I tried to launch the recovery process with the DVD but It block a little time after the begining.
In the dos mode, the system tried to copy 'warn HTML' from the DVD but the file doesn't exist.
So I tried to download the recovery from the website of Toshiba but it's impossible because my labtop model is to old.....

Has anyone got a solution ?


Answer:Need Recovery dvd but Satellite C650-17N is too old


I have an old satellite C650 (This is what the Toshiba website says....) and I have a problem with Windows 7 restoration. My hard drive crashed and when I receved the new one I tried to restore Windows 7 with the recovery DVD but It didn't work. At the beginning of the Install the directory copy fails at the 'warn html' copy. If I read the DVD on another computer this directory doesn't exist. But during the install windows try to copy this folder and ask me to 'insert the DVD recovery'..... the install can't continue.....
Has anyone the same problem ?

(I have tried to get recovery files from Toshiba website but it says that my computer is too old....)

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I would just like to know what the upgraded model of this laptop is and roughly how much it would cost.

If anyone can help that would be great.

Can't seem to find the information anywhere.


Answer:Upgrade on Satellite C650-1CP

What do you want to upgrade exactly?

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I have had a Satellite C650 for some years and the volume has always been low on some youtube films.
I've turned it up to maximum in Control Panel/Sound, but still find it hard to hear, is it because it's been recorded improperly or a fault with my sound card?

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Low volume from Satellite C650

> the volume has always been low on some youtube film
> , is it because it's been recorded improperly or a fault with my sound card?

I guess the low volume issue has nothing to do with your notebook or sound settings.
In my opinion it depends on the movie.

To check the sound availability, you should play some sound CDs or DVD movies which were recorded professionally.

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Please tell me what model keyboard to search for Toshiba Satellite *C650-15G* Model-Part Number: *PSC10E-00M004G5* Serial Number: *5A484213Q*
*Thank you in advance*

Answer:What Keyboard for Satellite C650-15G

Is your keyboard defective or what?
I mean if original keyboard is defective contact Toshiba service for replacement. If your notebook is registered and still with valid warranty it will be exchanged for free.

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Hello, i have a Toshiba Satellite C650 laptop and i put a used hard disk in it with windows 7 previously loaded in it from another laptop. Now when i put a windows 7 cd in my dvd drive and turn on the pc it goes directly to old used windows. I tried F12 and selected CD/DVD but still not booting from cd and goes directly to old windows 7.....can anyone help me out?

Answer:Satellite C650 not booting from CD

Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite C650 and put a used hard disk in it with Windows 7 pre-installed in it. Now when I try to format it and reinstall Windows 7 fresh in it, it doesn't boot from the DVD rom and goes straight in windows 7. I tried booting from F12 still same problem. I also tried using an external DVD rom still same problem. I can boot into BIOS. Can anyone help me out?

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I've scouted around several forums but haven't been able to find anything to fix this problem yet.

Earlier today the sound stopped working from my laptop's headphone jack and on-board speakers. I generally use external speakers when listening to music or watching TV and if I connect the external speakers to the headphone jack no sound comes through, but if I connect them via a USB connection the sound works fine. I've tried the sound in several programmes (iTunes, Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player) and there's no sound in any of them.

Here's what I've tried so far:

1) Updating sound drivers using the latest packs from the Toshiba web site
2) Disabling and re-enabling my sound device
3) Testing and disabling the speakers from Control Panel (tests report everything working fine)
4) Using Troubleshoot on Audio Playback from Control Panel (no problems detected)
5) Muting and un-muting the system using Fn Esc
6) Checking Volume Control to ensure nothing is muted,

The device in question is a Conexant CX20671 SmartAudio HD with driver version

I was listening to some music reasonably loud before I had this problem but I wouldn't say louder than I have on occasion in the past and the volume levels on my actual laptop weren't anything out of the ordinary, I just had it turned up louder on the external speakers.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Answer:No Sound on Satellite C650


Are the speakers set as default device?

Go to control panel -> sound -> playback tab

Here you will see the devices responsible for playback.
Please check if the speakers / Conexant device is set to default.

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Long story, please bear with me

A friend of a friend has a Toshiba Satellite C650 laptop she bought new less than year ago with Windows 7 on it and a few weeks ago she had problems with a virus/spyware and paid somebody ?40 who said they would sort it out with her. When she got it back all it would do is attempt to boot up in XP and then the blue screen of death as XP tries to boot. All attempts to contact the person who did this ?Fix? has since failed.

Knowing that I have a Satellite and a reasonable working knowledge of computers my friend asked me if I could have a look at it and try and do an install that would work for her and I agreed thinking along the lines of using my Vista Satellite Recovery Disc, boot of the CD, Install Vista then upgrade to Win 7 using the product key she has on her machine so going into the bios I set it to boot from the CD, insert the CD, switch on and the drive spun up but it still tried to load XP before the dreaded blue screen of death again :( Seems like there are no drivers there for the CD drive :(

So, I copy the files onto a blank external HD I have, set the boot menu to boot off the USB, plug the HD in and switch on and instead of booting off the external HD it again attempts to load XP before the blue screen yet again.

I?ve done the same with Hirems on the disk and yet again the same, all it will do is attempt to load a version of XP from somewhere and then crash into the dreaded blue screen :(

Any ideas what can be wrong... Read more

Answer:Satellite C650 - Won't boot via USB


A little bit confusing your posting? You have used another recovery disk from your Toshiba notebook, right? Well, if it?s not the same mode it will not work because every notebook model has its own recovery installation with different drivers and tools. So there is no recovery disk that works for every notebook model.

Easiest way to restore a clean and working Windows installation is recovery disk for this notebook model. If you don?t have it can be ordered from Toshiba directly:

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Please can someone help me!

My daughter got her new laptop in July. Last night night she said she switched it off as normal - tonight it won't start. It won't reboot - repair whatever - it goes to load and recover and then the white mouse pointer appears on a black screen and nothing else?

Answer:Satellite C650 won't reboot

Hi Khartley,

Can you be a little bit more detailed and what happens now exactly?
Can you access the advanced boot menu of Windows and start it in safe mode? Is it possible to start the HDD recovery?

In worst case you must reinstall Windows from Toshiba recovery disk.

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Hi, hope I can be helped here,

I have a satellite C650-166, it ran out of battery while doing a standard windows update, now it wont re boot. I don't mind resting the laptop to factory settings, as I was planning to do so anyway.

I've followed the on screen instructions to launch startup repair, but whenever I do this it loads its files then goes to a black screen with just the cursor.

I've tried the, hold 0 way to repair and I just get the same every time, I hit the 'repair your computer' then it doesn't make it to the system recovery options...

I am using an external monitor, but I cant see this being the problem as I wouldn't be able to see the cursor.. surely?

Any help is much appreciated and thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite C650 won't run recovery

Generally speaking HDD recovery image installation works as described in follow document -
So please try with F8 at start-up. Does it works?

By the way: I presume you didn't create recovery media, right?

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Hello All,

This is my first post and first experience with Toshiba notebooks :D.
So here is the thing, I bought Satellite C650/01M few days ago and I noticed that the fan is a bit noisy, its like a "bee noise" or "house fly noise" lol, but the computer temperature is fine.

So I was wondering if that's normal or I should return it ? Any experience with that particular model ?
btw, here is the link of the laptop :


Answer:Satellite C650/01M noisy fan


I don?t have Satellite C650 but normally it should be possible to change the cooling method Windows Power Management. You can change between ?Battery Optimized? and ?Maximum Performance?.

I have set Battery Optimized option and this has reduced the fan activity and the notebook was much quieter. :)

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Got a new Satellite C650 two weeks ago. Everything on it runs very slowly.

Gave up entirely on Internet Explorer and switched to Google Chrome, which helped but it is nowhere near as fast as it should be. I use a wireless broadband connection that works fine on other laptops in the house. I have read that I should look at disabling some start-up processes that are not needed but which ones? Toshiba has loads of them running and I haven't a clue what they are.

I should add that I also installed BitDender antivirus software and it is the only addition I have made.

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite C650 - Is slow from the first day

Hi buddy,

To be honest it?s always hard to discuss about such problems that a notebooks runs slow because nobody knows what you did exactly and what additional programs you installed.

Fact is if you have installed another antivirus software, make sure that the preinstalled McAfee from Toshiba is removed.
If you have two antiviruses installed, they will slow down the performance.

You can also defragment the HDD. This can also increase the performance.

Last but not least it?s always advisable using the forum search. You will find a lot of threads about this question.

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I recently had to replace my charger, I purchased exact same one from a reputable store, however even though it charges, my laptop won't run unless it is at 100%. I then bought a new battery & another new charger but the problem is still there. So basically I can only use my laptop with battery only or wait till it's a 100% charged?

Can anyone please help?

Answer:Satellite C650 won't run while charging

Can you use and start notebook with AC power supply only when the battery is removed?

Have you bought original Toshiba part with Toshiba name on the sticker?

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I brougth a Toshiba laptop satelite pro C650 with win 7 preinstalled, I have tried to insert a faster SSD harddrive and here comes my problem:
The preinstalled win7 cannot format the harddrive and reinstall WIN7, I need the cd, so what do i do?.

Answer:Satellite Pro C650: Win 7 cannot format new SSD

If you look in your user manual there will be a system recovery options in the index detailing how you create and use recovery DVD's. As far as I know it will allow you to reinstall W7 if your hard drive had failed so I'd try the recovery disc route but I wouldn't have you current "master" hdd connected so that If it fails nothing has been lost.

I would expect that Acronis backup software would allow you to back up W7 and write it back to a new hdd. EaseUS home backup is free and claims "such as one-click restore system to dissimilar hardware " - external usb HDD also needed?

(don't forget you must know a username/password that has admin rights)

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I was wondering if it was ok to connect the C650 laptop to HDTV using a AVG to HDMI cable.

Does this work?


Answer:Satellite C650 - how to connect to HD TV


First of all this notebook does not support HDMI nor DVI port.
It seems to be equipped with an VGA video out port which can be used in order to connect an external monitor.

Now everything depends on your LCD TV.
I have no idea what ports your TV supports but you should look for a cable or adaptor which would connect the notebook?s VGA (RGB port) and video in port of your TV.

But it?s not possible to connect VGA to HDMI. But maybe you could connect VGA to DVI (if DVI would be supported by TV)

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I bought an s video cable a few days ago as my TV has an s video slot but my laptop doesnt so I got a converter thing that you plug one end into TV then one end into this converter then its got a VGA conecter on it and when I connect it to my laptop nothing happens.
I have looked around settings etc nothings wrong.

I'm wondering if you guys know somthing that will work or a way to find out why my ones not working. My TV has s video my laptop doesnt its got VGA. It's Satellite C650 and my TVs a sony plasma its not HD its just got an s video/ scart slot. I hope someone could help me


Answer:Satellite C650 - Connecting to TV

Hi joshuafalls,

So that means you are using an S-Video to VGA converter to connect your notebook to TV, right?

Well, when you connect the cable you have to use FN+F5 key combination to switch between monitors.
Furthermore check the display driver settings. You can switch between PAL and NTSC TV but that?s depending on your TV.

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What is the maximum HDD capacity that this note book can support taking into account both the BIOS and the OS (in this case Win 7 Home Premium)
The original HDD was 320GB but I have a choice of either 500GB or 1 TB with little difference in cost.

Has anyone any experience in using GParted to create a new HDD for this notebook by copying from the existing HDD (320GB which is getting full) . I plan to use the facilities of a desktop PC that has sufficient SATA ports to make the copy.

Many thanks

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I was wondering if I could upgrade the processor in the Satellite Pro C650-10Z for better performance in games. Is it possible to change the processor in this laptop?
And if it is possible, will it support the AMD Phenom II X4 840?

Thanks :]

Answer:CPU upgrade on Satellite Pro C650-10Z

Hi buddy,

> I was wondering if I could upgrade the processor
It?s official not supported and if you do this you lose the warranty. In your case I wouldn?t do this becaue it?s too risky. In worst case you damage something and then you have to buy a new notebook.

> for better performance in games
Gaming performance is mainly depending on graphic card and not CPU but graphic card upgrade is also not possible on notebook. On notebooks there are no easy CPU or graphic card upgrades as on desktop computers.

> will it support the AMD Phenom II X4 840
Just for your information: The Phenom II X4 840 is a desktop CPU and not for notebooks. ;)

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Satellite Pro C650 Model Number: PSC09A-01V021

Smart Disk reports a unspecified HDD problem & recommends backup (done) & HDD replacement.
It runs so slow it is unusable. Warranty has expired so I wish to replace the HDD myself.

The faulty drive is a Toshiba 320gig MK3265gsxn.
I'm looking at a 500G WD 16M 7200RPM SATA 2.5Inch Scorpio WD5000BPKX as replacement/upgrade.

I assume the new drive will be detected/setup by BIOS but I don't know if the recovery disks will work with this Western Dig, larger & faster drive. Can anyone advise please?

Recovery Disk questions.
When I made the recovery disks using Toshiba Recovery Media Creator the program suggested marking the first few disks as Recovery Disk 1, 2 & so on. I assume these disks are my user data backup. Yes/No?

The last disk made was called Windows Recovery Environment-64bit. This is the factory default backup & is to be installed first?
Will it transfer the Recovery Partition & install Windows on the new disk?



Answer:Satellite Pro C650 - HDD issue - need new one

Now when you need to exchange HDD I recommend you to exchange it with SSD. It costs a bit more but believe me notebook?s performance will be much better. I?ve made the same and I?m so happy.
Notebook starts faster and operate much better.

Recovery image disc is back-up of original recovery image and it has nothing to do with your personal settings.
When you install it notebook will have ?factory settings? again and it will be identical situation when you have started your notebook for the first time.
In my opinion there should not be any problem to use created discs with new HDD. Generally speaking there is no some limitation and you can use different HDDs.

Anyway, think about SSD.

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I have the possibility to acquire a new processor that should be compatible with the socket on laptop's motherboard however I wonder if it will even work on the laptop. Laptop is Toshiba Satellite C650-107, it comes, orginally with i3-330M but I can acquire i5-530M. Intel webiste confirms that both processors uses the same socket as well as have same TDP so cooling shouldn't be a problem. Can anyone tell me if BIOS will handle the upgrade or the laptop won't even work with the processor?

BTW Hardware is out of warranty so that's not a thing to be worried about.

Answer:Satellite C650-107 - CPU Upgrade

Okay, since I had some spare time, I took C650-107 apart and replaced the CPU. I've made a mistake, it was i5-560M, not 530M. It works like a charm, if anyone wondered if it will even work, It does work, no problems what-so-ever. I just put some stress test to make sure it works without overheating and maximum temparature I've noticed was 80 degrees celsius so it's within Intel's specification.

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Ok, around 4 days ago i managed to pick up a virus. so, obviously the first thing i did was removed it. the following day i noticed that when my laptop loaded there was no start up tune or Log In tune. Now i cant play any sounds at all. the driver is installed and i just don't understand anything. can someone help please?

One more point. when looking into things like properties and tryin to reset to default, a message appears saying;
"This Deivce Is Being Used By Another Application. Please Close Any Devices That Are Playing Audio To This Device And Then Try Again."

Please Help!!!

Message was edited by: Jaymie.93

Answer:No Sound On Satellite C650

At first try to roll back OS to earlier time using ?System restore tool?.
Check also ?task manager? (processes) and list of all running processes. Be sure there is no some player listed as running application.
It will be also interesting to know which applications are set to start with OS. You can check this in start > run > msconfig > startup.

Check all this at first and we can see what to do as next step.

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I have a C650 - 15C with windows 7.
How can I either remove windows 7 to install windows XP or overwrite 7 with XP?

Answer:How to install WXP on Satellite C650?

What is your real problem?
Do you have WXP installations CD?

Have you tried to install WXP on your machine?

I hope you know what you are doing. Please don?t come here later and cry about missing Win7 recovery image.

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I just wanted to ask a question about my graphics card in regards to gaming.

I just recently found out that integrated graphics chips arent that good for gaming so i done a little reading into the subject and found something saying that there is a possibility that you can send the laptop to the manufacturer and purchase a chip upgrade or pay to get a better one installed.

Is this possible? and if it is, what sort of price would you be looking at. My laptop is a C650-1CP as i said in the title.



Answer:Satellite C650-1CP - Is it possible to upgrade the GPU?


No, this is definitely not possible.
There are plenty of threads about this theme and GPU (graphic card) upgrade is definitely NOT possible.

Please check this Toshiba doc:
+Can I upgrade the CPU, graphic card or mainboard in my Toshiba notebook?+

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Hi everyone

I would like my Tosh Satellite C650 PSC12E Window 7 OS from 32 to 64-bit, is it possible?
If yes how?

Thank you all in advance.

Answer:Re: Can I switch from a 32-bit OS to a 64-bit with a Satellite C650 (PSC12E)?

You cannot ?switch? but you can make clean Win7 64bit installation. I have checked Toshiba download page and your notebook model is supported for 64bit Win7. All necessary drivers, tools and utilities you can find and download from there.

What you must do? Obtain Microsoft installation disc, install 64bit version and later install all drivers, tools and utilities. If you need some help with it let us know.

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Please please help I am currently studying lectures via online and after I had virus - known as rogue virus, I had to restore PC at earlier time. After I did that, the sound disappeared and I cannot hear anything online!

What I did already:

-Checked the volume mixer - fine
-Checked the sound card installed, checked and updated the sound driver (connexat ) fine
-downloaded the adobe flash 10 - fine
-checked the register - mapewaver thing is there.

What else can I do?

Thank you in advance

Answer:Satellite C650-154 - No sound on web pages

Hi mariamuk,

May I ask you if the speakers are muted only? You can mute/unmute the speakers pressing FN+ESC key combination.

Does this happen with all Internet browser? You should test it with different browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox.

What OS is installed?

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Just bought a Satellite C650, got it home and my son decided to stop the set up whilst it was running.

Now we get the below error:

Check cable connection!
PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel PXE ROM
No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key.

We received no disks, nor a manual with proper instructions and can't find anything on the web to help.
Toshiba shut for the day.

Hoping this forum could give me some insight.

Answer:Satellite C650 cannot not boot - PXE-M0F error


PXE error appears because the notebook tried to boot from LAN.
Why it does not boot from HDD but switches to LAN?
I think the HDD is defect.
Possibly its also not recognized in BIOS.

Power up the unit and press F2. This lets you access the BIOS where you could check if the HDD is recognized. I guess it should be mentioned on the first page.
If it?s not there, then this means that HDD is dead and needs to be replaced.

I guess the warranty is still valid; therefore you should get in contact with Toshiba ASP in your country to get it replaced.

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Can you help please? How can I disable boot from USB?

Answer:Re: Satellite C650 - Disable boot from USB

Hi bailonijunior,

As far as I know it?s not possible to disable some boot devices.

You can only change the boot order in BIOS. For example you can set the HDD as first boot device. That means the computer will always boot from HDD even a bootable USB device is connected.

Check this!!!

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Do any other owners have problems with their battery?
Even when fully charged - then unplugged and neither on the internet, I'm getting less than an hour's life out of it.

Was using MS Word in the last few days - and had to plug in the laptop within an hour!

Answer:Does anyone have problems with Satellite Pro C650 battery?


You have to change and have to optimize the settings for battery usage!
This can be done in power management.
You can decrease the display brightness and can change other option which can be found in Win 7 power management.

The point is that battery power depends on notebook usage and you will always notice different battery working time because of usage of different software and different settings.

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Evening all,

I need to replace a faulty HDD (250gb 5400rpms) on my Toshiba Satellite Pro C650-18D. My question is can I buy any make/model of a SATA 2.5" HDD? Would another make/model fit in the HDD caddy or will it need to be a Toshiba SATA Drive?

Thank you

Answer:Satellite Pro C650-18D - Can I install any 2.5" SATA HDD?

Hi haverer,

> can I buy any make/model of a SATA 2.5" HDD?
Yes you can buy every SATA 2.5? HDD. There is no limitation to a certain brand or size, you can buy a HDD with 500GB or more. Just make sure it?s a model with 9.5mm height, then you can install every model with this height.

Do you have more questions?

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For the past 48 hrs have been really struggling to get my USB ports to work,,
Lappy is Toshiba SATELLITE PRO C650 running W7..Has only 2 usb ports.

A couple of days ago I bought a new memory stick ..Sandisk 16gb Cruzer Blade..Stuck it into lappy and nothing at all happened apart from my attached wireless mouse stopped working.
Since then the ports have been completely dead. (stick now shows up on anotherPC)
This is what I have done so far, after searching thro web for possible solutions..

Device manager show ports all OK with no exclamations....
When I insert any USB device confirmation sounds from PC and Dev Mgr doesnt flinch...
Tried uninstalling port/hubs and letting W7 reinstall them..Still dead...
Tried powering down removing battery and mains supply for ages then re booting..Still dead....

I am thinking my last resort is trying a factory default system re install .. but a have a mountain of astro stuff that will need to be saved and can only be done via many many disks.
I really want to be sure Ive tried everything before doing that.

Could I have really damaged the MB.??
I am now going nowhere fast so if theres anybody out there got any suggestion please shout...

Answer:Satellite Pro C650 - USB ports now DEAD

>I am thinking my last resort is trying a factory default system re install .. but a have a mountain of astro stuff that will need to be saved and can only be done via many many disks

Even if it?s really painful to get all the stuff installed again, I would recommend recovering the notebook using the Toshiba Recovery disk or HDD recovery.

>Could I have really damaged the MB.??
Well, its difficult to say before trying the recovery procedure.
If the USB ports would not work after the usage of Recovery disk (or HDD recovery) then of course: the mobo could be affected? therefore in my opinion the notebook should be set to factory settings.

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I just purchased a C650/01M for my parents. When I tried to find the model number it doesn't seem to exist. There is a similiar model on Canada and europe site but not the exact model. It was a D*ck Smith 'exclusive'. Perhaps that is the problem?

The model (SKU) is PSC12A-01M00T

I would really appreciate any ideas where to find. And what do I do for warranty if the model doesn't exist??

Answer:Satellite C650/01M - Question about model


I have a little bit searched using Google and it seems that?s an Australian notebook model. I did found it on Australian page:

So for warranty cases you properly need help from an Australian ASP.

But all drivers and downloads available on this page. :)

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Does anyone know if SAMSUNG M471B5773CHS memory is suitable for this laptop.


Answer:Satellite Pro C650 - New memory module

I don?t think anyone here can confirm this for you. Call Toshiba service provider and ask them. They can check it using Toshiba database.

If you want to have list of all compatible modules send notebook model and part numbers.

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I have a Satellite C650-198 running Windows 7 (64bit) and notice that the drive size of 250GB is divided into two main drives of 116GB each (I accept that the remaining 18GB is the system recovery section and have no problem there).

I have reinstalled Windows 7 from the Recovery Media on DVD and would like to know whether it is something I have done which sets up the two drives or is it quite normal and intentional?

Answer:Disk Drives on Satellite C650-198

When you use recovery DVD for OS installation the procedure is always the same:
-the whole HDD will be deleted
-existing partition removed
-HDD will be formatted
-two new partitions will be created
-recovery image copied
-OS installed

It will happen again and again whenever you use recovery DVD.

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Hi. Is there anybody out there who can inform me about battery replacement for satellite C650. (model part no.: PSC14E-002001AR), with battery model number: PA3816U-1BRS , PABAS227?

I can't find the battery exactly by this model number. . . .is there any compatible battery ? -----------what i got on amazon is the following: HOKKG ....if you have an experience with this replacement, please advice me.

Thank you in advance!

Answer:Need new compatible battery for Satellite C650-129

Unfortunately I could not find any other compatible battery so I strongly recommend you to use original battery.

What you can eventually check is compatible batteries for C650D:

Google a bit around and check if you can use them with your C650. At least you can contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They can help you with this.

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okay so for about 8 or 9 months my satellite c650 has been showing me the boot menu on power up. this appears just after the toshiba screen where i can press f2 or f12. without pressing either of these it takes me straight to the boot menu.

from here i have 5 options i generally choose '1. HDD/SSD' this will then take me to a black screen with a white dash in the top left. The laptop then bleeps continuously for about a minute. it then proceeds to load windows. and turns on.

I new this was odd but had no issue at the time as it turned on. Recently the laptop after bleeping would take me to the windows screen and freeze i could never get past this window. i tried windows recovery and repair both of these end up freezing. also launching in safe mode from the advanced boot options would result in a crash.

I did a complete reset wiping everything. This worked the laptop turns on but still takes me to the boot options and bleeps continuously before start up. I am worried that the laptop will stop getting past this point again and i will have to wipe my laptop again. so really after my life story im just wondering if anyone knows about this issue and if there is anything at all i can do !

any help will be greatly appreciated..


Answer:Satellite C650 - power up issues

>from here i have 5 options i generally choose '1. HDD/SSD' this will then take me to a black screen with a white dash in the top left. T

This is typical sign of HDD malfunction ?
It could be possible that faulty HDD is the reason for this notebook freezing?
Try new HDD and check if it has solved the problem?

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Hey Guys,

I purchased this laptop less than a week ago, and it's already giving me grief.

It first started with non-stop BSOD with various errors, for example driver_irql_less_or_not_equal and system_service_exception being the most repeated of the two.

I updated all drivers I could between the BSOD's - but gave up and decided to just do a fresh reinstall due to not having anything important saved to the HDD as of yet.

Install went through fine - until just before the initial setup was complete - BSOD happened again with a BIOS error this time.

Upon restarting the machine - I keep getting BOOTMGR is missing, Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart.

Restarting brings you to a never ending loop.

Entered boot options and booted from the CD drive with the recovery disk, where windows startup repair claims the problem is resolved and the machine will restart.

Once it restarted (AGAIN) I'm still getting this BOOTMGR is missing, Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart error.

Tried booting from the CD drive again - but it stalls three quarters the way through.

I'm literally pulling my hair out in frustration now - any ideas what I can do from here??

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite Pro C650 - BOOTMGR is missing


In my opinion only logic step for you is clean OS installation again.

Please do this and wait until OS installation will be finished. Configure OS and try to use it for a while without installing any additional software. Install Microsoft updates only. Please disable automatic update installation and choose option ?Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them?.

When updates will be available install important updates only. Do not install optional updates, especially not driver updates.

Please send some feedback what have you done exactly.

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My laptop TOSHIBA SATELLITE C650-152 has gone black.

Now I need to reinstall Windows with an installation media. For that I know if I have een32 bit or 64-bit laptop. I can not find in the manual or on your site.

and for Reacte b.v.d.

Hans Painter

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I am having some problems with the charging of my Satellite C650 laptop.

When the charger is connected to my laptop, the battery shows "Plugged In and not charging".

However, when I remove the power cord after it has been connected for several hours the laptop stays on for at least 2 hours!

When I turn it all off then try & turn on my laptop the following day nothing happens.

I assumed that the battery has finally packed in (it is almost a year old).

I purchased a new battery & put it in my laptop & left it to charge several hours until green light came on. I removed the power cord & the laptop powered off straight away!

I have heard that updating the bios might be a solution. However, I tried updating from version 1.60 to 1.90 but kept getting the error message "Error region MAP not found".

Please help me sort this.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Thank you .

Answer:Satellite Pro C650 - Charging Problems

Is this new battery original Toshiba battery with Toshiba logo on it?

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1st post but here goes.
Owned Satellite Pro C650 for a year now and a wek ago just started smoking then went off.
I checked with my warranty & ran out on Sep 30.

Now my problem is i cannot seem to find info on the mobo that is inside.
I have not open or anything but where you put RAM chips you can see clearly a little square chip burnt.
So i would like to ask is this a common fault.

Also the model number of mobo so maybe i could get a replacement.

Think thats all
thanks for any replies

Answer:Satellite Pro C650 - motherboard is dead


> I checked with my warranty & ran out on Sep 30.

This is really a bad luck? It?s pity that your warranty ran out just before the motherboard died.
It sounds like an overheating issue?
What to say? in your case the motherboard needs to be replaced and a new part could be ordered from Toshiba ASP in your country.
But new motherboard is expensive?it?s one of the expensive notebook parts beside the notebook?s display? so not sure if it?s worth to replace the mobo in your case?

However, you can ask the ASP technician for a opinion? maybe you could get an second hand part?

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I am no computer expert but I kind of thought that setting up the internet on my new laptop would not be too much of an issue.... I have got the Satellite C650-110. My net connection is a hard wire Virgin Medis broadband connection and I currently connect to the internet vis USB as my old desktop doesnt have an ethernet port. I have tried plugging the USB into the laptop and it doesnt work. I have also tried it vis the ethernet port.

I have tried setting up new connections in control panel, i have downloaded driver from this website, I have phoned Virgin who say that the broadband is fine but there is no LAN network on the PC. Is it possible to buy a new PC without a lan network installed???

Has anybody got any suggestions??


Answer:Internet Connection with Satellite C650-110

Your notebook has LAN and WLAN cards inside so there should not be any problem connection it on Internet.

At first check please ?device manager? and be sure LAN and WLAN cards are listed under ?network adapters?. Can you confirm this?

I really don?t understand what you are doing but LAN connection is so simply. Take LAN cable and connect your notebook o the router. After few seconds you should be able to access internet.

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I recently sent an email to [email protected] to try and sort out a possible battery / battery reading problem on my Toshiba Satellite C650 that I have owned for under a year (is therefore covered under warranty).

Yesterday, I received a follow up call from the Toshiba computer technical support number and was asked to conduct a few tests to see whether they would resolve the problem:

1) Check whether the BIOS version was up to date, which it was (_BIOS version 2.00_) as confirmed by clicking F2 on start up.

2) Uninstall the old version of the program "Toshiba Value Added Package" then go to the site, enter the laptop model/part number and _download the latest Value Added Package_, followed by a reboot.

I was provided with a reference number to call back with in case these tests didn't fix the problem, however, I do not have a fixed phone where I am and rely on calling with a mobile phone (which is quite costly, especially when being put on hold). I was hoping to receive some sort of help on these forums.

*As the tests did not fix the problem I was encountering, where do I go from here?*
Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Here are some of the finer details regarding the problem: {pasted from an email I sent to customer relations}

"From what I can tell, the AC adaptor (charger) works fine since it is able to charge the lithium-ion battery that the laptop came with and the orange light at the front of t... Read more

Answer:"Consider replacing your battery" - Satellite Pro C650

>I have also read that users with this problem, in some cases attempted to fix the notification of "Consider replacing your battery" by following the notifications advice and buying a new battery fitted to their exact laptop model but apparently it did not resolve."

Well, in my opinion you should definitely try a new battery.
If all the updates (BIOS, VAP, etc?) didn?t help then a new battery should be tested. Of course it would be better to test this before purchasing a new battery? so maybe you have to get in contact with an ASP in your country and have to clear this in direct contact with agent.

You said that the warranty is valid therefore the notebook should be fixed free of charge. But you should consider that battery is covered by warranty one year long.

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I'm sorry if this ques has been posted before, but I am having trouble getting my DVD tray to open without having to stick something in the small gap. When i try and open it normally, a little light next to the button just starts blinking orange.

How do I solve this?

Thank you

Answer:DVD tray won't open on Satellite C650

Is some CD or DVD placed inside when you try to open it?

Almost every player has ?Eject? button to open optical disc drive. Have you tried to use this option in your favourite player? Does this works properly?

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Hi there,

I have a Satellite C650-152 laptop, recently bought 3 weeks ago. Have been suffering from blue screen a number of times (unable to read why goes off quickly).
Yesterday I shutdown the laptop and a blue screen appeared "Bad Pool error? then it rebooted.
I have not put anything on the laptop since acquiring it apart from MacAfee internet security suite 2011.
Any suggestions please?


Answer:Bad pool error on Satellite C650-152

Hi Jeff

Try to start with this article and registry cleaning procedure.

Please send some feedback.

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Laptop is 18 months old, with Windows 7. Has had normal home usage. In the last few days, when battery has run low and I've plugged in the AC charger, the green LED battery charging light comes on as green (battery fully charged). And the message I get when I hover over the battery icon is, say, battery 14% available, plugged in, not charging.

I googled the problem and found uninstalling the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery, and removing the battery, does work but only for that battery charge. It reverts back to the green LED light, as soon as I plug in the AC charger, even if battery is only on 10%.

Hope someone can help me with this. I'm not a techie so please bear that in mind when replying.

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite C650 - Battery is not charging


Maybe it?s time to change the battery.
After 400-500 charging cycles the battery starts loosing own performance and early or later the replacement is inescapable.

I think you should try a new battery? but it would be recommended to test new battery before purchasing? so maybe you can visit an dealer downtown and test a new battery

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I have had my C650-ICP for several months but have only just got around to trying Skype.

Internal mike not listed in the options for speaking. I was told when I bought the laptop that it had an internal microphone but no webcam.

However I cannot get the mike to work if there is one, so am wondering A. does this laptop version have a mike? and B.

If I have accidentally removed the software what should I be looking to install?

Answer:Satellite C650-ICP Does it come with an internal mike?


> does this laptop version have a mike?

I cannot find the notebook model Satellite C650-ICP.
Are you sure the number is right? What is the full number of this notebook model?

Generally speaking the internal microphone belongs to the webcam so I think the internal mic is not available if the webcam is not available.

> However I cannot get the mike to work if there is one
Usually the Skype should recognize the mic automatically.
In Skype settings you should be able to choose the microphone; external or internal one (if available). If this is not possible, then I assume the notebook has no internal mic.

By the way; in control panel -> sound -> recording tab you should see the available microphone device

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The laptop will not go into sleep mode. The display switches off but the PC does not sleep. I can force sleep using the function keys, by closing the lid or the start menu.

I have two Satellites with the same applications, one works perfectly but the new one does not sleep. The old PC is running Windows 7 32, the new PC is running Windows 7 64 with Toshibas own power management utility.

I have tried changing the power management settings in Windows 7 and this has not resolved the problem. The computer will not sleep in mains or battery mode. The PC is a C650-1CN, bios has been upgraded to 1.5 and it has 4M of RAM.

Spoils a very nice machine that is good value.

Answer:Satellite C650-1CN will not go into sleep mode

> The laptop will not go into sleep mode. The display switches off but the PC does not sleep.
>I can force sleep using the function keys, by closing the lid or the start menu.

Did you try to change the different time for sleep mode?
How about processes running in the background?
Such running processes can prevent the notebook from accessing the sleep mode.

As you can see here on this screeshot, it?s necessary to configure the power plant.

Furthermore you have to be sure that this power plant has been set as default!

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My Satellite C650 looses power, there is a loud click from the speakers and then the screen goes black. Sometimes the computer can be restarted, the screen, when it restarts, says that the computer was shut down incorrectly and there are several options for the restart - diagnostic mode, normal etc.

It will sometimes restart then crash again in less that a minute sometimes it will go longer but if I wait for an hour or so it will usually reboot ok. This started in the summer and I thought it was getting hot but it has started again recently (winter).

Can anybody help?

Answer:Satellite C650 looses power

>My Satellite C650 looses power, there is a loud click from the speakers and then the screen goes black.
Does it mean notebook is powered off or the screen just stays black?
On this virtual way it is not easy to say what is wrong there. You must make some basic tests.
For instance start notebook, enter BIOS settings and leave it for a while to see if notebook will switch off from alone.
Try also to start OS in safe mode to see if the same will happen again.

You can also try to back up all your important data and reinstall OS using recovery image just to see if the same problem persists with ?factory settings?.

Test all this and post some feedback.

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Hi there,

My 2 yearold laptop has had HDD detection and HDD errors over the last month or so.

Thinking it was the HDD (As stated by the computer, and the amount of HDD faults stated in online forums), so last week I replaced the HDD.

It took ages and done well over 100 windows updates. Any way to cut a long story short, the same errors are happening again, but now total failure to boot and cannot detect hdd? both old and new HDD's work on another computer via a usb caddy.

Sometimes I get, welcome to windows recovery other time it just doesent boot, then other times it boots up but displays 'windows has detect a HDD problem'..........

I'm now thinking HDD controller on the motherboard? common issue?

Are there any further checks to help confirm actual fault, as some time it does load up.?

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

Regards, Stephen

Answer:Satellite C650 - HDD or Motherboard Issue

Hi Stephen

On this virtual way we can just speculate what the problem can be but if there is problem detecting HDD in BIOS it can be serous issue with HDD detection on the first level and it can be mainboard issue.

What kind of errors you can see in Windows?

By the way, do you use original recovery image that you got with your notebook?

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I have a 6-month old C650 laptop. Recently I am having USB problems.

1. If i turn on the laptop and insert USB, it works fine. If i remove it and insert it, it doesn't work.
Or if i insert another USB at the same time.

2. The first time it works, it gets disconnected during operation.
Like when copying file, it gets disconnected.

I already formatted it with XP and windows 7 but got nothing.

Answer:USB not detecting unless restarted Satellite C650


You said you have installed Win XP and Win 7 and the issue still persists.
But did you test this with a Toshiba preinstalled OS?
I mean you should test the USB ports immediately after the notebook has been recovered.

Did you create a recovery disks? I hope you have crated the recovery disks because you need such disks in order to recovery the notebook.

Furthermore I recommend checking the BIOS. Update it to the latest state and then set it to default pressing F9.
You can also play a little bit wit the USB legacy settings in the BIOS

Good luck

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Hi there...

I have recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite C650 T3300 / 2Ghz laptop which is running Windows 7. When I put any USB memory stick into the either USB ports the laptop recognises it for a few seconds and then rejects it. It will not open the content. I am wanting to transfer some music from my old laptop onto this new one. I have tried two flash sticks and both will not work.

Any suggestions on how to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated.



Answer:Satellite C650 - Rejects USB devices


Have you checked in device manager if all USB ports recognized properly?

You could try to update the chipset driver? It also controls the USB ports as far as I know. Just check the Toshiba website for newest chipset driver:

By the way: Have you tried it with performance mode in Windows power management?

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same brand new Satellite C650 says printer Canon IP 90 and HP 470 non compatible with him

What could I do?

Answer:Satellite C650 - Printers not compatible?

Hi kako,

In my opinion this has nothing to do with Toshiba... Normally every printer is compatible to every printer. The only important point is the operating system because you need special drivers from the printer manufacture.

I don?t know what operating system you are using and what drivers are available but you should get in contact with the printer manufacture and check the website.
For example if you use Windows 7, you need Windows 7 drivers. Some older printers may only support XP but that?s depending on the model.

Check this!!!

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I just purchased a Satellite C650. The specifications indicated 320GB hard disk, however the system diagnotic is indicating the hard disk space is 286GB (free capacity is 261GB).

Please advise why this could be the case.

Answer:Satellite C650 - Question about HDD capacity

Hi 12345,

It is normal that you lose disk space after formatting the drive. 286GB is the normal capacity for a formatted 320GB hard disk drive so everything is ok with your notebook.

If you want to read more about capacity on HDDs and need some more technical info why you have ?only? 286GB you can read this interesting Wiki:

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Since getting my new Toshiba laptop in October I have had endless issues. This is going to be giant but I assume relevant to the cause of the problem.

My first problems with it came from uninstalling McAfee. I was able to do a full restore (it was new so had nothing to lose except time) and got a tool for getting rid of everything McAfee.

All fine for a while, using AVG free for antivirus. That was until December when AVG did an update that causes Windows 7 to crash, usually when logging off. I wasn't using the machine much over Christmas and it seemed to work ok if I turned it off, went into safe mode, shut down normally then loaded windows normally. At this point I didn't realise the problem was AVG. But due to start work again I needed to get it functioning properly so I spent some time looking online (on my PC) and discovered the AVG issue. It had got so bad I could do nothing even in safe mode. Clicking on any AVG related icon or file crashed the whole system. I found a fix to prevent AVG running by renaming a couple of exe files exe.bak. This worked and the computer was running normally but I needed to get AVG removed which proved impossible as I still couldn't get anything AVG related to do anything at all.

I installed a free trial of an uninstallation programme, RevoUninstaller. It took most of the day but eventually this removed everything. One of the steps is to run the chosen programme's uninstaller where it paused for hours and the next step of showing... Read more

Answer:Cannot repair Windows 7 on Satellite Pro C650-18U


Yes, you can use the Windows XP disk to install Windows XP on your notebook but then Windows 7 is deleted and you can?t use it, expect you install Windows 7 again.

Did you create the Toshiba recovery disk on installed Windows 7? Using this disk you can restore Windows 7 to factory settings. That means HDD will be deleted and Windows 7 with all preinstalled driver and tools will be installed automatically.
Just check your user manual to get more information.

But the problem is if Windows doesn?t boot anymore you are not able to create this disk?
Can you use the HDD recovery feature as described here:

If not and you want factory settings back you can order a new Windows 7 disk here:

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problem started on wednesday. laptop runs fine until i try to play facebook flash based games then i get a blank screen. power lights are still on, no warning. have checked that graphics drivers are up to date. flash is also newest version.

running windows 7 sp1. AMD V120 processor 2.20 GHz. 3 gb ram. 64 bit OS

only recent change was a Definition Update for Windows Defender - KB915597 (Definition 1.151.1061.0)
Installation date: ?28/?05/?2013 07:24
Installation status: Successful

this update cannot be removed

used the laptop successfully all day with no problems until i tried to play a game.

the screen is completely black, it's not the back light. it's like a crash because even though the lights are on you can do nothing. numlock light stays on but pressing the key does nothing. ctrl alt del does nothing. pressing the power button doesn't turn it off, just causes it to restart back to black screen. to turn it off completely after it happens i have to unplug and remove battery for a few minutes. the first time it happened i was playing pyramid solitaire saga and yesterday i was playing candy crush, both flash based games but my flash player is up to date.

laptop was fine all day yesterday apart from after i updated my graphics card driver, i tested it on candy crush after the restart but no joy. if it was happening randomly i'd be thinking some other type of hardware failure but i'm thinking the graphics card is on it's way out. the g... Read more

Answer:Satellite C650 - black screen


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Hi, i made a bad bios flash and don't know if i can recover it ? Can someone help me ?

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Hi all,

I bought my C650 toshiba laptop almost 3 years back from sweden. Its AC adapter has stopped working now.
Currently i am in india and waana buy a new AC adapter.
Output Voltage.: 19V
Output current: 3.42 A.

I could see many cheap adapters selling online (eg. in ebay). But i am just worried about the pin size of the chord of my AC adapter. Is the pin/tip of all C650 AC adapters have same size ? Most of the C650 laptop adapters i saw had a pin:tip size of 5.5 mm X 2.5 mm. Before buying, I just want to confirm whether all C650 laptop models have the same pin size , mentioned above.

Thank you.

Answer:Pin size of Satellite C650 AC adapter

I cannot say for sure but I?m pretty sure all of them have identical pin size. As far as I know construction of all C650 is the same. by the way: if you buy one in the store test it and if there is some problem simply bring it back and exchange for new one.

I have old A300 and use it with universal AC adapter that I bought by eBay.

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I recently got my laptop for christmas and a couple weeks ago I noticed that everytime I opened the lid I had to turn it back on. It woul say computer shut down unexpectedly. Then you choose safe modes or regular. You hit one and it would send you to Start Up Repair.

What do I do to get it back normal where I can close the lid and then reopen it without having to restart and wait over seven minutes for Start Repair.
Also I have gotten the blue screen.

Do I have a virus or is there another way I could fix it?

Answer:Satellite C650 shuts down when I close the lid

Wait a moment. In the whole story I don?t understand one thing: in power options on the left side (blue color) you can find option ?Choose what closing the lid does?. Which option is set there?

What should your notebook do as you close the lid?

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Can I downgrade to Windows XP from Windows 7 on this model Satellite C650-191?

many thanks for any help

Answer:Satellite C650-191 - Downgrade from Windows 7 to XP?


Theoretically everything is possible because it?s your notebook and you can install what you want :)

Such a direct downgrade from Windows 7 to XP is not possible, therefore you have to do a new clean installation. Downgrade is not supported.
So you have to remove Windows 7 and then you can install XP.

I have checked the Toshiba driver download page and it seems your model supports XP. That means are all drivers available: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Check this!!!

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hi, I'm trying to recover a friends Toshiba laptop, it does have a recovery partition but unfortunately I cant get it to work. I've tried to start the HDD recovery procedure by turning the laptop on and holding down either the 0 key or F8 but neither work, after the Toshiba logo it just gets on the next screen and continuously bleeps

any other ways to start the recovery?

Answer:Satellite C650-17Z recovery problems


If the HDD recovery does not work, then you have to use the Recovery disk.
But it seems that recovery disk has not be created in the past? right?

Well, in such case you can order the disk here:

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Have read through forums but can't see a particular mention of my model of laptop. Short Part PSC13A.

Have just bought Windows 8 Pro with intention of upgrading from Win 7.
Has anyone else with this model managed to do successfully?
Should I download a driver update first? Or install Win8 first and then update driver?

Have run Upgrade Assistant and looks mostly ok apart from "Your PC's firmware doesn't support Secure Boot so you won't be able to use it in Windows 8.".

Is this anything to worry about?

Cheers for any help you can give a geeky mum. =-)

Answer:Windows 8 Pro upgrade possible for Satellite Pro C650?

Secure Boot is a new feature in UEFI Firmware. UEFI replaces the BIOS on notebooks that ship with Windows 8..

Windows 8 will work on PC's that have a BIOS, you dont need UEFI / Secure Boot.

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