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Satellite C660/C660D - Webcam colour or black and white?

Question: Satellite C660/C660D - Webcam colour or black and white?


I was just wondering if the web camera on the Satellite C660/C660D is colour or black and white?
If its colour, how do I change it to colour?


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Preferred Solution: Satellite C660/C660D - Webcam colour or black and white?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite C660/C660D - Webcam colour or black and white?


Of course it?s color cam.
It?s a common webcam? Do you have just black/white webcam picture?
In your case I recommend checking the webcam software options.
Start the Camera Assistant software and in the Properties you could find the option called ?Backlight Compensation?. Check this option.
Furthermore in the ?Image? tab you will find some controls like: brightness, gamma, hue, saturation and sharpness. Play around with these settings.

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I recently got the Toshiba satellite c660/c660D laptop for my 21st birthday in July. It says there is an integrated web camera but I can't see it or find it. Also when I try to use the video call on Skype it says there isn't any web camera connected.

I was just wondering how can I get the web camera working? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Answer:Satellite C660/C660D - Webcam is not working

Which operating system do you use?
When you open device manager check please if web cam is listed there. You can find it under imaging devices.

Check also BIOS settings. I’m not sure but maybe is webcam disabled there. Check it out.

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Having purchased the Satellite C660/c660D less than a month ago.
I am disappointed to see the shift key (left) as well as the CTRL key causing the screen to go black intermittently when typing my blog...

Pretty sure not blogger as tested in word too.
Any ideas as this is poor given the reviews and price..
HELP..dosnt do it every time but much of the time. Not happy!

This is a fault i wouldn't expect from this brand

Thanks for any help

Answer:Satellite C660/C660D - shift key causes the screen to go black


> I am disappointed to see the shift key (left) as well as the CTRL key causing the screen to go black intermittently when typing my blog...

What does this means exactly? Pressing SHIFT and CTRL button disable the display and you are not able to see anything on the monitor?
Is this right?

Did you check if this happens using an external USB keyboard too?
If not, I would assume that your keyboard malfunctions and needs to be replaced.

A friend of mine has had a issue with my keyboard. The cursor jumped around and some characters were displayed twice? this could be solved by BIOS update?I?m not sure if your notebook uses the latest BIOS but you could check this too.

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So this morning after trying to power up my Toshiba Satellite C660/C660D I was met with a black screen.

The power lights both work and light up, the fans whirl when I power up but nothing ever comes up on the screen, I was wondering if anyone could help here?

It's less than 3 months old.

Answer:Satellite C660/C660D will not boot up (black screen)

To be honest I really don?t know how to help you.
Remove battery, leave notebook for a while and try to start notebook with AC power supply only. Try to do it several times with and without battery. If nothing helps there must be some hardware problem so I recommend you to contact Toshiba service and ask for help.

Warranty is valid so there is no reason to be worried about it.

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C:/Program Files (x86) TOSHIBA/TOSHIBA Web Camera Application/TWeb Camera.exeThe application has failed to start because its side by side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail.What is the application event log?Why would this occurr?How can I fix it to access the application? Easy step by step is appreciated. I run on Windows 7 Home Premium.

Answer:Toshiba Satallite C660/C660D Webcam Help

Hi there,you can try downloading your camera software, then re-installing it again. It's supposed to work after that.You can find drivers/software for your model from!

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I cant get my webcam built in to work on Satellite C660D/C660. Do I need to switch it on or download a driver?


Answer:How to activate web cam on Satellite C660-C660D?

Which OS do you use?
If you use Win7 you must download webcam driver.

Can you please post exact notebook model?

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Dear reader,

I am struggling for days now with my Satellite C660/C660D 1FH (SN: 2C092277K).
I did a clean install of a legit Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) and installed the drivers in the correct way as maild to me by the Toshiba customer support.

But when I install the ATI videocard drivers it says "installing" but after that nothing is installed.
My laptop is still using the standard VGA adapter and my maximum resolution is 1024x768.

I called tech support several times but all they tell me is "install in the right order".

I did a clean install 3 times (4 in total) and followed their guide, but nothing. Is there anyone who can help me out on this matter as I am getting a little bit frustrated *lol*

Yours sincerely,


*All date lined up:*
Toshiba Satellite C660/C660D
Serial number: 2C092277K
Sticker says: Dual Core and AMD Radeon Graphics
OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit
Model no: PSC1YE

Answer:Satellite C660/C660D 1FH - GPU driver cannot be installed in any way

Have you tried to install this driver?

After AMD display driver install AMD AHCI driver.

Test it please and post some feedback.

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There is no option to disable it on this laptop, I have searched for the answer online but nothing, there seems to be no way to do it on this model of laptop. I tried downloading the new touchpad driver from this site but had absolutely no effect and gave me no more options to disable it, it changed nothing. Completely stuck now and its driving me crazy!

The mouse also clicks on its own randomly even when Im not touching it, always seems to get bad when im gaming.

I still want to use the touchpad to move the pointer around, just don't want to use it to click.

Answer:How do i disable tap-to-click on Satellite C660/C660D?

On my Satellite S50-B is installed ELAN software and tapping option can also not be disabled.

Explanation: one finger tapping always performs Point/Click/Select function, which is equivalent to clicking the left mouse button.

It is really strange that this option doesn't exist.

Anyway, if you don't need touchpad in general you can enable/disable it using Fx button (don't know exactly which one on this notebook model).

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Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement space bar for my C660/C660D in the UK?

Answer:Need replacement space bar key for Satellite C660/C660D

As far as I know you cannot buy single key. If something is defective you can get new keyboard only.
F you search plastic cover only try to buy some cheap and already used keyboard on ebay and replace keypad.

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I cannot get my HP Deskjet F4500 Series printer set up to connect with my new Satellite C660/C660D-125 Laptop.
I am given to understand from other internet forums, that there are Windows & compatibility issues.
Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite C660/C660D-125 - HP 4580 Printer Set Up

Hello Mick

If there are some compatibility issues HP must know about that. Call HP support and ask for assistance. They are familiar with own products and can offer best support.

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My Mum bought a Tosh Sat C660/C660D about 5 months ago. From day one,it has been slower than a snail with a cold.

When you click on the start button, it can take a good 10 - 20 seconds for the menu to pop up. When you select say MS Word, that can take 30 - 40 seconds to load up. Even opening IE can take a good 30 second, and then theres the time for the website to open on top of this.

System monitor shows (CPU between 3% & 7%), (Physical memory (84% Used) : This is when system is at rest, not doing anything, no programs running.

Laptop has Celeron 1.5ghz, 1gb RAM and Windows 7 (64bit). I know its not like the BEST laptop out there, but I think is stud react a little quicker than it is doing.

Dont have a lot installed, mainly MS office. No games or graphic programs.


* Done the Toshiba, build in system recovery. (Several times)
* Reg Clean, System Clean, Defrag
* Updated BIOS & Chip Set

Any Ideas????????

Answer:Super slow Satellite C660/C660D

>System monitor shows (CPU between 3% & 7%), (Physical memory (84% Used)

In my opinion you should upgrade the RAM.
84% is already used by system therefore it takes much longer to start other application.
Your notebook use 1GB RAM running Win7 64bit?dude? I don?t not wonder that your notebook is running slow.

I recommend updating the RAM to 2GB or better 3GB or 4GB RAM

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I have a satellite C660/C660D laptop and, having been nagged for months by windows pop-ups which said that my machine is suitable and eligible for an upgrade to windows 10, I finally gave in and clicked to receive the upgrade to windows 10.

(The machine came with windows 7 and had worked fine for me)

After the "upgrade" to windows 10 things like email and internet searches worked fine and so (apart from having to find my way around the screen anew) I was happy. Just recently though I tried to use interactive graphs on some of the websites I use and, instead of the graphs that I usually see, I got a rectangle with a chequered pattern and nothing else. The next problem was with my disc player, which was not even recognised.
A friend who is more IT savvy than me suggested that I should check that I still had Javascript (needed for the interactive stuff so he said). I found that Java was missing completely and so downloaded it again; after this the interactive graphs worked for a day. The next morning the interactive stuff had disappeared and Java was once again missing from the listed programmes.
My friend suggested that I have a disc in the player and then start the machine; this worked and I got my sound back - - - but no picture. My friend suggested I update Adobe Flash, which I tried resulting in a string of links each of which suggested that Adobe Flash has serious security issues.

The next problem is that Youtube and other video sources will n... Read more

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hi ,i want to take my pc back to factory settings but dont have a clue how this is done. anybody heilp please.

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Hello admin,

I would like to know if my Toshiba Satellite C660/C660D supports 3D video. I played one of the sample video on YouTube and use one of the simple 3D glasses (which I received free when went to cinema watch 3d movie) but that seem to be not working, or could it be my laptop which doesn?t support 3D.

Please explain in details. Many thanks

Answer:Does Satellite C660/C660D support 3D videos?

There is nothing to explain ?in details?. I don?t know which Satellite do you have exactly but it is not known to me that any of Satellite C660/C660D has 3D capability.

Which model do you have exactly?

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On the manual stayes that I can upgrade my dedicated video ram till 4Gb but I do not find this option in Advanced Option, neither in Bios, I have a Satellite C660/C660D.

By the way, my CPU is supporting 16 Gb and my motherboard also, Why can't I set on it 16?, because in the manual it is said only 8!



Answer:Video RAM upgrade on Satellite C660/C660D

I don't know which model do you have exactly but video Ram cannot be upgraded ?directly?. All you can do is to upgrade RAM. With more RAM more memory will be used for graphic operations.

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hello people i have a quick question about my laptop which is a Satellite L650-12P.

When I bought it, I am sure the webcam had colour but now it has turned black and white. I have tried various settings but cannot get the colour back. Why has this happened and what can I do?

Someone please help.

Answer:Satellite L650-12P - Black and white colours on webcam


Usually the webcam shows more colours as just white and black.

I think it?s just something wrong with webcam settings. You should check this article from Toshiba about different webcam settings:

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Hello Toshiba community

I'm a new Toshiba user, I have a new laptop of Toshiba as model of it's Satellite C660 / C660D, I'm using my new laptop for 6 months and I'm kind of having a lot of time on my laptop. Sometimes I keep it open for more than 10 hours.

My problem is like 3-4 months ago at the right-bottom of the screen a warning came out like "There is something wrong with your hard-disc, you should give it to any Toshiba service for the guarantee".
But that's happened because I played on the users, I mean the users option for windows, not something about hardware, just changing the current user's name caused this and it now has weird name when I reversed the name change; it turned to something like TOSH~1 etc.

After several time, I mean like 1 month ago my computer got very slow. I was playing video games with their high resolution but now the laptop lags even I put them at low resolution.. I didn't change any hardware or touched it. But it's frustrating to see that I can't do the things that I used to do anymore.

Another thing is, I'm scared from laptop's heat. Is it normal to have 49-50 degrees? Because when I play games it's around that degree. I live in a hot city.

Some people offered me to use HD Tune to check if I have a bad sector on hdd, I did it. Didn't work either.
I deleted some of my files to get free space on my HDD also, likely 150 gigs at total. I even wiped the empty area in my HDD via CCleaner. I often do the registery-fix w... Read more

Answer:Re: Overheating and lagging issues on Satellite C660/C660D

It is not easy to say what is wrong there. Generally speaking you should think about upgrading RAM to maximum level. With more RAM notebook should have more ?power? and different operations should be done much faster.

To make my notebook better and faster I?ve upgraded RAM to maximum level and also changed HDD to SSD. There is so big difference and now notebook runs as rocket. Think about RAM upgrade.
>Another thing is, I'm scared from laptop's heat. Is it normal to have 49-50 degrees?
From my point of view this temperature is normal and definitely not too high. When you use your notebook place it on the desk and be sure cooling fan and cooling grill are free and not blocked.

Don?t open your notebook. You cannot do anything anyway, except to cancel your valid warranty. RAM upgrade can be done by notebook owner and it will not cancel your warranty.

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Sorry for such a dum question but I have dial up internet (living in rural France).
Could someone tell me what I need to buy to be able to use my dial up connection (there doesn't seem to be a built in modem).

I would also like to be able to use the wifi internet at MacD's what do I have to do to be able to do this ?

Thanks for any help ;-)

Answer:Satellite C660/C660D - Dial Up Modem and Wi-Fi Question

Hi LaVidalerie,

To setup an dial up internet connection you need an external modem like [THIS|] one. You can connect it to your computer via USB port and then you can plug in the phone cable.

Regarding the WLAN connection: I don?t know what you mean with ?MacD?s? but you should ask the local system administrator how to setup the WLAN connection and what settings are required.

Check this!!!

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I?ve lost the disk which u restore with. Is there any other way to restore it.

Answer:Satellite C660/C660D - lost restoring disc

Toshiba notebooks can be restored to ?factory settings? on two ways:
1- Using Toshiba recovery DVD
2- HDD recovery installation as described on -

If none of these ways work for you, you must order new recovery disc on

If you have more questions you are welcome.

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I just wanna ask if it?s possible to change my wireless card on this laptop, (satelliteC660/C660d)?

Answer:Can I change WLAN card on Satellite C660/C660D?

You can exchange the card but question is which one do you want to use.
The same one if original card is defective or you want to upgrade it?

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Satellite C660/C660D: Trying to load any image from whatever source fails, with the error message 'an internal error has occurred'. I have tried all the procedures in control panel; none allow a change of background image, although colours can still be altered, as well as themes.

Microsoft advises this is a manufacturer issue, as my OS is OEM.
Can anyone help identify this error and suggest how to fix it?

Answer:Satellite C660/C660D - Desktop background image not loading

I?ve never heard about such issue.
Can you change standard background pictures offered by Windows?

When this problem occurs do you want to use some private pictures?

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So is the data on D safe if I use recovery?


Answer:Re: Satellite C660/C660D will using recovery erase data on D partition?


From my knowledge using Recovery Disk would format the whole HDD and all partitions would be created again during this process.
This means that your data on D partition is not safe.

But from my experience the usage of HDD recover would format only the system (C) partition? not quite sure if this applies to all the Toshiba notebooks so possibly you should test this first time? in such case would recommend backup the data in case D partition would be erased.

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I'm trying to fix this laptop for a girl I know, I've built machines and fixed many before and this is my first time needing help but I am stumped.

Basically she told me her hard drive had stopped working, this was verified by a third party. I told her what hard drive to buy, she got it and I installed it.

I initially tried to install windows 7 from a USB, it was recognised in the but I was getting a failure.

I assumed something was up with the USB so tried to install from CD which is also failing:

[ CD/DVD&nbsp;&nbsp; TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L633C] is failed<br><br>The hard drive is recognised.

I have tried changing the SATA controller mode to compatibility, which is the only other option from AHCI

Somewhere it pops up Media Test failure, check cable but very quickly so I barely can read it, but CD, hard drive and USB's are all recognised.

Any thoughts? I've had this laptop for a couple of weeks now, she is getting understandably impatient, please help :/

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My computer is a Toshiba Satellite C660D-10D with Windows 7. I bought it 6 months ago and in the beginning, my webcam was working properly, with the 640 resolution. Now, the image of the webcam is very blur, the resolution is only 320*240 and I can't change it, because this is the only option. I re-installed the driver, but the problem is still the same.

What can I do to fix it?

Answer:Satellite C660D-10D - Low resolution of webcam


The notebook supports a 0.3M Pixel web camera and the supported image sizes are:
160X120, 176X144, 320X240(QQVGA), 352X288, 640X480(VGA)
You can also record the movie in 320x240 and 640x480.
So as you can see the hardware supports the higher resolution.

I?ve no idea why the other values are locked? possibly something wrong in the registry or similar?

I though new webcam software installation could fix this? maybe you should uninstall the webcam software firstly and then should clean the registry using CCleaner and then could install the software once again? otherwise in worst case you will need to reinstall the OS

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my C660 is 2 weeks old and the webcam has suddenly stopped working, the window where the camera image should show has been replaced with an image of a flower.
Face recognition was working fine up until today but this also has stopped working. I have checked all the settings and everything to my (admittedly limited) knowledge seems to be as it should be.
I have tried a system restore and this has made no difference.

Can anyone help?
Thank you.

Answer:Satellite C660D-14W - webcam stopped working

Start web camera application and there you will find option ?Effect?. Open it and go to third tab called ?Screen Cover? and be sure it is set to OFF.
This should remove this flower that you see.

Restart you notebook and check webcam application again.

Please send some feedback.

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I bought my laptop 2 weeks ago and have only started using my webcam today.
It is very poor quality and is flickering.
This is happening during the day in good light as well when it is dark outside with the light on.

My os is windows7 x64.
Yes the film of plastic is off of the front of it i have checked.
I have reinstalled the driver twice and is still the same poor quality.
I have restarted the process in device manager as well.

Please help i cannot think of anything else i can do.

Answer:Satellite C660D webcam very poor quality

I don?t know which notebook model do you have but Satellite C660D in general has not HD cam but 0.3M Pixcel Camera only. And with such cam you cannot expect excellent picture.

There is nothing you can do. If the cam driver is installed properly you can just try to change cam settings in hope the picture will be a little bit better.
When I compare 0,3M pixcel cam on old L300 and now 1.0M (HD) Pxcel Camera in my new P500 the difference is simply huge.

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Hi all,

got this new laptop a few days ago, there's an integrated webcam on it, but I am having no joy and finding the settings for it, normally on Toshiba laptops I've seen a little box pop up on the desktop at the side where it shows a link to start it up....would welcome ANY help !!!


Answer:Cannot find settings for Integrated Webcam - Satellite C660D

Hi Emma

If you use original preinstalled OS this should be shown. By default ?Web camera Application? starts with OS. What you can try is to start it manually.

Start > All Programs > Toshiba > Utilities Web Camera Application.

Please try to start it on this way.

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after an HD crash I was forced to re-install the Windows 7 x64 operating system. Unfortunately I haven't the system disks so I re-intalled from an original Microsoft disk Windows 7 and download the various drivers for my model from the Toshiba Support site.
The only driver not working has been the Webcam one.
My Satellite is the model C660D-11C part. n? PSC0UE-00C006IT
The Webcam onboard is the model C2PB1P (from Chicony I think)
Before the HD problem occurred the webcam was perfectly working.
The official webcam driver available for my model and OP was:
- Version
I also download and try the following drivers available for other, similar Satellite model and same OP:
- Version
- Version
- Version
No one driver was able to find the webcam.
Can anyone hel me?
What can I do now?

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hope someone can assist me this is new computer, a splash screen came up saying that the screen colour was set to high and that uses CPU power or you can set it to lower or not see this screen and you can change in effects.

Were or how can I get this back to change the setting?

Hopefully could be kind enough to set me in the right area

Thanks in Advance

Tony Miller

Answer:Satellite C660-1J2 - Changing the display colour

Hi milleras,

Sorry but that?s just confusing? Do you really mean the screen colour and not the screen brightness? Can you post a screenshot of this message?
What operating system you have?

The screen brightness you can change with FN+F6 and FN+F7 key combination but it has nothing to do with display colour.

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Is there any software available which transforms old colour photo's into colour.Cheers

Answer:Black &White to colour

do you mean black n white to colour?

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I have recently purchased a Satellite C660D-14W, and when activating the webcam application, I cannot increase the image size from 160*120.

The image size (i.e. the image of myself that I see when activating the webcam) used to be much larger, but when I select the drop-down resolution menu to see I can enlarge the preview image, the only option I am given is 160*120.

A couple of times before this problem started, when I booted the laptop I got an error message saying that the webcam application couldn't be activated; I have uninstalled and reinstalled the webcam driver, but no luck.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Best wishes,


Answer:Satellite C660D-14W - Webcam Query: Can't Adjust Image Preview Size


Even if the webcam driver reinstallation didn?t help you, I would still recommend checking this once again.
You should uninstall the webcam software firstly!

Then you should clean the registry because the registry still contains some entries.
You can use the CCleaner? it?s a good software to keep the registry and OS clean.

After that reboot the unit several times and then download the webcam software from the Toshiba page? then install this and reboot the unit.
Now check the webcam functionality!

Note: installed 3rd party software (skype, etc..) might affect the webcam functionality so check the webcam before you would install the software.

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How can I change a b/w photo scan into colour?
Can someone advise a free image editing program that will do this if possible?
Thanks,OS is
Windows 7 64bit

Answer:black and white to colour photo

Nice tutorial looks good just need a free program that will do the same

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Does anyone know where I can find software to convert an old black and white photo to colour


click here+

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Answer:TV out black & white or colour twitchy

Alright all! Was having problems playing certain dvd's on player (using power dvd 3.0)error code: fd41436. Had old drivers for geforce 2mx 400, got told to try different drivers. Have tried said drivers, still no joy, B&W with ntsc, colour with pal-i but the t.v. screen twitches. Got f***ed off after about 5 hours, trying different drivers. Re-installed old drivers but they now have the same problem!!! Can anybody help? Am tearing out wot little hair i have. simon

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is it possible to make old black and white pictures colour?

Answer:black and white pics to colour?..can it be done

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I bought a new screen for my computer.
But i have a problem....after i set on the new screen, my screen is totally black.

Any one have any ide what can be wrong?
the computer name is : TOSHIBA SATELLITE c660d-1c7

Answer:Satellite C660D-1C7 - black screen

Sorry mate but could you provide more details?
What screen did you bought?
Did you replace the internal display? Or did you purchase an external monitor and have connected it to the notebook?

When did you notice the black screen? Can you see Toshiba splash screen?

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My black and white prints have a magenta colour cast. I am using a Canon Pixma iP2600. Any ideas on how to cure this please?

Answer:Black and white prints have colour cast

Chances are that the printer is also using the colour cartridge to create Black. Either remove or disable the colour cartridge when printing B&W prints.

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I bought a Qosmio G20-109 in France one week ago.
It works perfectly except the TV.
When I launch the Tv set, the first channel is in white and black.
If I change the channel, the next ones are in colours.
The drivers are ok;

Have you an idea to fix this problem ?

Thanks a lot;


Answer:Qosmio G20-109: First tv channel in white and black, then in colour

Hi Chris

Your problem is one country specific problem. It is not easy to say what the problem can be. The only thing that I can suggest you is Manual Channel Programming. Maybe you will able on this way to find a exact frequency of this channel.

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i am new to this and need to change a picture i have been sent into black and white.has anybody any ideas (idiots terms pls) on what i need to download to do this or if i have it already on my pc.. i am running xp home on broadband .. thankyou in advance for your help guys

Answer:how to change a colour picture to black and white

Download Irfanview click here if you don't have another graphics package. Open the picture in Irfanview and go to Image > Convert to Greyscale. Other packages will have a similar function, carlinglover.

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so the printer settings are set to black and white on the server, the PC and on Adobe but when I try to print PDFs they still come off in colour!! What else could be set to do this? Thanks.

Answer:PDFs printing in colour even when black and white is specified

Hi lolalou, try PDF Creator

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this is my first post and I hope I am posting in the correct area.

I have been looking for an answer to this and am still stuck after a couple of days.

I have pc with windows 7 home premium 64 bit and an LG flatron E1940S monitor, I am just moving on to this pc and intend to use photoshop on it.
The problem is that moving my images from my xp system, the colours are not right. Black and white shows as sepia as an example, and there seems to be a brownishness to everything.

I have tried adjusting the monitor.
I have looked at the colour management in windows and set to srgb.
I have tried windows calibration and there was a slight difference but not a good enough correction to replace the original settings.
i have installed the updates for the nvidia.

Any help appreciated please?

The monitor did not come as a bundle but was purchased with the pc and I just had to plug it in, I don't know if I need (nor where they are to be found) a driver/colour profile for that.

thanks for any help

Answer:colour management black and white is sepia

Are you using a VGA cable? It might have a loose connection ...

Try resetting your monitor to factory settings. Check if the "temperature setting" is around 6500K, this is supposed to be the correct one (this should be set in NVidia Control Panel).

Hope this helps!

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Just bought during yesterday but then vendor not said that this notebook is motherboard fault.
I press the power button and the fan spins for 2 seconds then powers off-
I remove the battery and DC cable. Then i press the power button for 20 seconds but nothing.
Any ideas greatly appreciated.

(I think the bios is weong. Really i don't know the reset this cmos.)

Answer:Satellite C660D-17H - black screen won't start

>... but then vendor not said that this notebook is motherboard fault.
If the motherboard is ?fault? we don?t need to discuss much about it. Your notebook must be repaired.
I presume BIOS chip is screwed up.
How old is your notebook? Is warranty still valid?

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Satelitte C660D 15F

Hi guys,

I have a big problem with my laptop. When I started it - from standby mode - two days ago, I heard the computer start normally but the screen remained black. No mater how often I tried to restart, the screen shows nothing, no message no image. The normal operating light on the side remains on but the lights on the keyboard stay off. I can hear the computer run normally (fan etc.).

I tried hitting shift F8 start buttom on the first night and the image was back on the first attempt when I started the machine and everything seemed normal again ! The next days though, I had a black screen once more and the trick never worked again, no matter how often I tried.

Can somebody please help me out of this mess ? Has anyone encountered a similar problem ? How did you solve it ?

My machine is now exactly four years old.

Thank you so much for your ideas ! I really need to access some files on there !

Answer:Satellite C660D 15F - black screen after start


Disconnect AC power supply and remove the battery. After doing this press power button for about 30 seconds and try to reset your machine. Leave it for a while and try to start it with AC power supply only.

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I have a logo which is a black image on a white backgound. I want to add this image to my website (being developed in Serif Webplus 7) I want to change the white background so that either the background is the same as the block it is alongside or remove the background or make it transparent.

Answer:Changing background colour of a black & white image

You need an image editing program which can select either the black image or the back ground and make the background transparent. I use Serif Photoplus.

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It let's me log on then after a couple of seconds it turns to a white screen

Message has been edited: info has been added

Answer:Satellite C660-220 turns to a white screen

Do you really think that someone will be able to provide you some good tips and troubleshooting without any details about the notebook and the system?
How about a detailed issue description?

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hello everyone,

i am new here and dont know how to make a post at the site so i am writing here!

i have a toshiba satellite c660-1fv and just made a format at the laptop
i install all drivers except th webcams because i cant i try a lot of time a lot of webcams drivers for my model but nothing,
it tell me not webcam detected, i check at the device manager and there is not the cameras one

please help

Answer:Satellite C660-1fv - no webcam

Originally Posted by klausikuka18

hello everyone, i am new here and dont know how to make a post at the site so i am writing here!
i have a toshiba satellite c660-1fv and just made a format at the laptop i install all drivers except th webcams because i cant i try a lot of time a lot of webcams drivers for my model but nothing,iit tell me not webcam detected, i check at the device manager and there is not the cameras one please help

If you go to this page there is a link at the top to "post new thread", this will allow you to post your own threads.

Clearly your webcam has not been detected, is there any chance that the wires from the webcam are damaged? was the laptop screen replaced?

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I just got a problem with my laptop. It seems like there is a loose connection between my screen and the light emitting diodes: Only got white stripes, a mirrored screen, a white screen or a flickering screen right now so i can't even move my mouse cause i don't see anything.
Some pictures: [1|] [2|] [3|] [4|] [5|]
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite C660 - White stripes, mirrored screen, white screen

This hardware related issue should be checked and repaired by authorized service provider. Notebook must be disassembled and checked.

Is your notebook still under warranty?

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I need your help for solve the problem that i have...

I have Satellite C660D-1D3, I was update bios and appear ecran as black but LED on, ventolidor work and open and close leitor dvd...

any idea what is problem? And how solve?

I wait.


Andr? Pedro.

Answer:Satellite C660D - screen is black after BIOS update

I’m afraid the BIOS is screwed up and BIOS update was not successfully. It is not easy to repair it.
On this forum I found similar thread so you can read it and maybe solve the problem.
Check it out.

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I download the Bios on Toshiba by writting my Serial Number of my laptop.
I checked first my current bios and it was 1.5 I think. The new one was 1.60. I flashed it on WIN 7 64bit
First it verified, it erased and then it wrote after the wrote process, the laptop did a restart automatically. But after the laptop closed and powered again, It stucked at blank black screen. Fan, CD Rom, Keyboard were working. I think USB too because when I connect my phone to laptop, my phones battery is loading. Please I need help. I'm out of warranty.

What I tried so far:
Pull battery out
Plug Power Cable out
Hold power button about 1 minute
Plug Power cable back
Press Power Button
Solution: Same; Blank Black Screen

Satellite C660D-1F2 (PCS1YE)

Answer:Satellite C660D-1F2 - Black Screen after BIOS Update


I?m afraid something goes wrong with BIOS update and now BIOS is ?screwed up?. Usually in this case you need professional help from Toshiba service but it can be pretty expensive.

On this forum you can find many threads where people have described the same problem. Some of them have been able to fix this. one very interesting thread you can find here . Check it out please.

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Just bought this laptop, the built in webcam seems very fuzzy when I am using Skype. Does anyone know how to set the focus on it?


Answer:Satellite C660 - How to set webcam focus?


to be honest, I have no idea about your lap model... Try to update webcamd driver and play with skype video settings.

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Bit of a weird problem with the webcam on my C660 laptop. It works fine on skype no problems at all and captures pictures fine, but whenever I try and record a video, it makes a beeping noise when I press 'record' then completely freezes, the light near my webcam goes off (so I'm assuming the webcam itself is off?) and refuses to respond. I've waiting for an hour, hoping it would catch up but it doesn't. Eventually it has to be closed using task manager as it will not respond.

Any idea what's going on with it or why it's doing that? I've not added or changed any of the stuff it originally came with, I'm not very tech savvy so no idea how to sort it

Thank you :)

Answer:Satellite C660 - webcam is not recording

Have you tested functionality with preinstalled ?Toshiba webcam application??
You have ?Capture? and ?Record? options there.

Please check it and post some feedback.

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Webcam is not working. I tried to uninstall webcam application but unable to uninstall it also tried to upgrade webcam driver downloaded and tried to install webcam driver upgraded on July 2011... dat too cannot be done.

Help me fixing my cam.

Answer:Satellite C660 1-EL - Webcam is not working

How to help if we are missing most important info:
Which operating system do you use?
Do you use original preinstalled OS or own OS version?
Is webcam listed in device manager?


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Hi there,

new to the site looking for some assistance.
I have just purchased a used laptop. It?s a Toshiba Satellite C600-217

I can?t detect a webcam and supposedly there?s one built in.
I have looked in the control panel and hardware device manager but there?s nothing there for a webcam.

I am at a complete loss and would like some help please

Answer:Webcam is not detected on my Satellite C660-217

> I can?t detect a webcam and supposedly there?s one built in.
>I have looked in the control panel and hardware device manager but there?s nothing there for a webcam.

Hi in some BIOS version there is an additional option to enable the webcam.
Please check the BIOS.

If the BIOS would not provide such option? well, in such case I would assume that your webcam module is faulty.
If the webcam module would be OK, then you should see something in the device manager even if the driver/software would not be installed.
You know...

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I own a Satellite C660-1JH that has a webcam that doesnt seem to work.
Any ideas please?

Answer:Satellite C660-1JH - Webcam missing

Hi buddy,

And can you post more details please? This one sentence says nothing. Is the webcam picture black or what exactly?

Have you tried a webcam driver update? You can find it here:

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I can not get my web cam to work at all, I have downloaded the webcam application a few times and it works fine until I restart my laptop as it asked then I receive a notification stating that it was not installed correctly.

Has anyone else has this problem and can help me install it as i have been trying to get it to work since xmas time.

Thank you x

Answer:Satellite C660-19E - Can't get my webcam to work


And what notebook model you have exactly?

Did you also remove the old webcam software before you have installed the newest one?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite C660 - 1D7 and I would like to disable or switch off my Webcam.

Can this be done please?


Answer:Can I switch off webcam on my Satellite C660-1D7?


To be honest I don?t understand your question. Webcam is on if you use it with some application like Skype or preinstalled Webcam application. When the cam is on small blue light near the cam is ON.

When the application is closed cam will be off.

Please be so nice and explain your problem more detailed.

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I have a new Satellite Pro C660. Great computer, but the inbuilt camera is very very grainey. I have tried all the different settings, background lighting etc, but still can't get a decent picture.

Any suggertions please.

Answer:Satellite Pro C660 - Webcam is very grainey


Have you already removed the protection sticker on webcam from factory? Over the webcam there is such a sticker and you have to remove it.

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I tried to update my Bios on my Satellite C660D (psc1YE) notebook last week (big mistake).

Something went wrong during update and now when I switch on I just get a black screen (just LED?s and fan).

After having investigated, the conclusion is I have corrupted the BIOS which now needs to be flashed blind.
So I got hold of a 512MB memory stick, formatted using FAT through windows XP, and used Wincris to create a bootable disk ? having added the bios.rom file (renamed to Bios.wph) which I extracted from the latest BIOS update from the Toshiba site.

My memory stick has three visible files on it ? Phlash16.exe, bios.wph and minidos.
I plug stick into laptop with battery, DVD drive, and power cable disconnected, hold Fn+B down while re-connecting cable?and switch on.

The fan whirs at full speed and the USB stick lights up and then flashes for a minute as if being read. No matter how long I leave on, the fan keeps whirring and the USB light stays on and when I disconnect and re-start ? still a black screen.

I have tried different sticks, (up to 4 GB, with FAT32 format), different boot disk programs (e.g. HP utility) but still no luck.

Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong? I have tried looking for a more recent version of Phlash16 just in case that was the problem, but cannot find one anywhere (mine is 2008 version)

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated?even if its just to tell me I am wasting my time because the pc is un-fixable.

Answer:Black screen on Satellite C660D (PSC1YE) after BIOS update

I cannot say you if you wasting your time or not because I don?t know if the motherboard ROM module is OK or not?

In most cases it should be possible to reflash the ROM module again using the crisis BIOS disk but such disk is available for Toshiba authorized service technicians and as far as I know such reflash method is not always the same?

However, in some cases it could be possible that the mobo could not be fixed by crisis disk? this would be the worst case?

I recommend you to get in contact with an Toshiba authorized service provider in order to check this? the guys would be able to use the crisis disk and could test if its possible to reflash the ROM module?
If it would not be possible?well? in such case you would need new motherboard :(
But lets hope you do't need it...

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My default printer is colour, but the default preferences set it to black and white.  I've changed the default to colour on my Win7 Professional 64 bit PC, things print in colour from Word, Outlook, Adobe etc.  When I open photos in Photo Viewer,
they look fine until you go to print, the print preview is b&w and the print comes out b&w.  If you look at the print prefs through Photo Viewer, it says b&w, even though if you go through Devices and Printers it says colour.
I'm in a corporate environment, this printer is hosted on a print server.  All laptops are seeing this problem, running FixIt is not an option.
Any ideas?

Answer:Photo Viewer prints black and white, print preferences are colour

Please remove the printer from Devices and Printers . Then follow the steps below to install the printer again.
Forum FAQ:How to manually add a printer with shipped driver remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread. ?

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Hello everyone,

I apologize for my English. I'm Italian.

My pc has a very annoying flaw... during normal use of the pixels you see crazy. You see the annoying white pixels.
There are not many but especially for graphics work it's badly.

I already restored the PC once installed the ATI driver from the Toshiba official website but the problem continues.
I also tried the drivers from the amd site but the problem persists.

If you can help the problem becomes much more pronounced after the return of the suspension. In this case, the desktop you see really bad with all the pixels in a mess.

If you need additional information or tell me I can do tests as well.

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite C660-1H6 graphical problems (ATI 5470) white pixels


I?m not quite sure if it?s a internal display issue or maybe a graphic card problem?
Therefore you should connect and external monitor in order to check what?s exactly wrong?

Usually the graphic card is affected if the same pixels would appear on the second monitor.

But if the picture on the external monitor would be OK, then the graphic chip should be ok too? and in such case the internal notebook display is faulty?

But in both cases it would be expensive to fix the notebook because both parts are not cheap.

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I have just bought a Satelite C660, however it didn't come with a web cam or microphone, which I now require.

I note the slot above the screen which should house a web cam - is it relatively easy to buy something to fit in there and install it myself (I'm not very technical and don't have a good range of tools)?

Or, is there a reliable add-on camera / mic combination I should get?

The purpose of the camera is mostly Skype video conferencing. Might be of interest to do the Face Recognition thing too, but not absolutely necessary.


Answer:Satellite C660 - How to upgrade with internal webcam?


There are different models on the market with different hardware configuration.
Your notebook was released withtout such cam.

You cannot upgrade this notebook with the internal webcam.

I recommend purchasing an simple USB webcam which can be connected to the USB port if needed.


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I have an integrated webcam on my Toshiba Satellite C660 and while trying to use it, it is not working correctly. I mean picture result are dim.

What can I do? Please tell me.

Answer:Satellite C660 - picruew on webcam is pretty dim

Check please advanced webcam settings. Is ?night mode? activated?
Try also to change offered profiles and change brightness settings manually.

Play a little bit with all these settings to find best mode for your cam.

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My webcam and microphone have recently stopped working. Model satellite C660-1F1.

If anybody could help me sort it out that would be great.

Answer:Webcam & Microphone are not working on Satellite C660

do you have updated the current driver for you Hardware? Did you change anything in the system?

Do you become error messages wenn you start the webcame, and is the LED lamp lighting from the webcame?

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Hi all

I have 3 laptops (c660-24G) and all the webcams are like this picture

I installed new drivers and tried win7 (both 32 & 64 bit) and i tried the three laptops and the same problem still


Answer:Satellite C660-24G: Webcam picture not clear


Did you remove the protection foil from the front of the webcam?
A friend of mine has had the same problem and he had forgotten to remove the foil ;)

Check this!

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I only bought my Satellite C660 on Saturday and have just opened the webcam for the first time.
It is REALLY blurry. I can't seem to find an option in the settings to fix it, and i've given it a wipe to check it wasn't just dirty.

I've read the posts about different lights which can affect the quality of the picture however I've just tested it out in different lights and it hasn't made any difference.

Can anyone give me any tips! I'm not really a techie person and I really want the webcam to work so I can use skype!

Answer:Webcam is blurry on brand new Satellite C660

Have you removed protecting sticker from the cam?

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I've had my laptop for less than a year. I've always been able to use Skype without any problems, but my intergrated webcam and mic are no longer working.

I've installed the latest webcam driver from support, but the webcam still does not work and I installed the latest sound driver and my mic still does not work too.

Please, please please can anyone help?

Answer:Satellite C660 - Webcam and microphone not working


And why does webcam and microphone not work? How do you notice this?
I mean is webcam picture just black or what happens exactly? Also what is with the microphone?

The microphone is a part of webcam so it?s enough if you reinstall the webcam driver. Newest vesion can be downloaded on official Toshiba website. If the driver is installed make sure the webcam is set as default input device. You can do this in Windows sound settings.

Is the webcam listed in device manager and does it work if you start the webcam software instead Skype?

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Trying to get this built-in webcam working. Had the laptop for a few years but never used this function before. I have skype that doesn't seem to detect it. Can't see anything in Device Manager relating to webcam or image or anything, and in program files under Toshiba all it has is 'Wireless LAN Indicator', nothing about a cam or mic, its as if it doesnt exist. After searching around I found I might be needing some certain drivers, and so I downloaded something called TC30295700E (which I believe is what I needed), I installed that and no difference seems to be made. Webcam completely undetected by the laptop even though its built-in...been at this for a few hours now, am I missing something here?

Edit: sorry I should specify, I'm running Windows 7.

Edit 2: Should also add that 'Imaging Devices' is nowhere to be found on the Device Manager.

Any help appreciated, thanks

Answer:Webcam/mic on Satellite C660-119 - how to make it work?

According notebook specification Satellite C660-119 with part number PSC0LE-01100JEN does not have a cam so I?m not wondering you cannot get it work if cam doesn?t exist.

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I was recently messing around my USB settings and I've accidentally uninstalled the webcam driver. I tried a driver from the Toshiba support website but it does not install. Within the last year, I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (64-bit) so I think that might have something to do with it. I've also tried running the driver in compatibility mode.

If someone could suggest where I can go next, I would be very grateful!


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I bought a brand new Toshiba Satellite C660-155 only 3 days back. However from the very first day, the quality of the intergrated webcam quality is very very poor.
The picture seems very noisy and only dorts and distortions appears even in full sunlight.

What actions I can take to resolve this issue?

Answer:Camera / Webcam Quality on Satellite C660-155

Have you checked quality with preinstalled Web Camera application or maybe with Skype or MSN?

By the way: have you removed protection sticker from the cam?

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The webcam works properly when using skype etc. But I have no acces to it from Windows, so I can't change any options or take a pic without using skype.

At the first day all was working great, and now after few months I can't even find an application (don't remember exactly the name, but pretty sure I tried everything and googled any other possibility). No, I'm not so dumb- I didn't deleted the shortcut from the descopt.
Windows can't find any application, nor there is any option in Windows control panel (just an adnotation in Device Manager saying that I have a Chicony USB2.0 built-in camera, it's working and there are drivers installed- installed originaly, I didn't changed anything.)
I tried to reinstall the drivers, no change at all (as it was easy to prefigure).

Then I googled that some C series Toshiba laptops have a Camera Assistant Software, which I didn't remembered to install on the first day (yep, I had bought "blank" laptop and installed Windows and drivers manualy). I thought it can be what I'm looking for, maybe I just deleted it accidentaly.
Didn't work too, when I try to run it it says that the camera is off (it's active) or not working properly (oh, rly?).
Maybe that is because the version of software is not good for my model (which can't get a technical support, there is no model like mine to choose from the list. Funny, isn't it?).

Thanks for any help.

Answer:Webcam software usage on Satellite C660- 1M2

What you need is ?Web camera application? and it can be downloaded from Toshiba download page.

Please visit and choose your notebook model and OS. Your notebook is Satellite C660 with part number PSCJ1E.

You will find ?Webcam driver? there. Install it and try to use preinstalled software. Before you start it be sure Skype is off.

Does it work for you?

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hi guys.. from 3 day.. i have update to windows 10.. all good except from drivers of webcam.. i can see that the pc recognise the webcam but not see the drivers.. i can't use it!! plesae let me know wht i have to do.. ;-)

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I have notebook Toshiba Satellite C660-15K. It have integrated webcam Chicony. Webcam is working in all programs but image from webcam is mirrored. If I run Toshiba WebCam Application i can adjust settings and fix mirroring issues but it works only in toshiba app while in skype image is still mirrored. I tried to install another drivers for Chicony webcam and add keys to registry

CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{6BDD1FC6-810F-11D0-BEC7-08002BE2092F}/000/Settings Flip=1
but nothing changed.

Operating System is Windows 7 Home Basic.
What I should do to fix this issue?

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Webcam image is mirrored on my Satellite C660-15K

Check please one more time advanced settings in webcam application and don?t use ?Flip? option.
I have tested it with Skype. When the pic is mirrored in webcam application than is mirrored in Skype to. When disabled, than is in Skype OK too.

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I have an integrated webcam on my Toshiba c660d and while trying to use it it is not on focus.
The focus can't be set (it is disabled) either in the software settings or in the Skype video settings.
I have the most recent driver installed.

How can I focus it?

Answer:Satellite C660 - Integrated webcam not on focus

I?m not quite sure if I have understood your issue correctly.
The zoom option is available in webcam software but it?s disabled? Right?
In such case I recommend uninstalling the webcam software and removing this completely from the system. Then you should clean the OS using the Ccleaner.
After that reboot the unit several times and install the webcam software.

But I?ve got another Toshiba notebook series, and in my case the Zoom is not available as webcam feature.

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can anyone give me some advice please?

I&#8217;ve got a problem with my printer as soon as it runs out of one colour it will not print anymore, this is fine however all I want to do these days is print black ink only, im not interested in colour printing or photo printing.

Initially I bought the printer for photos colour etc and I do like the printer and it prints good quality documents and quite fast, but I only need black and white for 99% of my needs.

Its there a way to configure it to use the black cartridge only and to ignore the other cartridges?

I have changed the setting in the printer software to print greyscale only but, it&#8217;s still the same, as soon as one colour goes the printer fails to print and tells me to change colour cartridges.

I would be happy if the only cartridge I ever have to change is the black one.

Im working with Vista.

Ive searched the net to try and find a solution but getting nowhere, Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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I?ve had my laptop for several months and all was well until yesterday when the internal mic stopped working then today I have come to use the webcam and it is saying that it has failed and needs to be restarted (I have done this multiple times).

I then endeavoured to download the latest driver which I have on my pc. I run the file but nothing happen afterward i.e. no setup wizard nothing.
Am I doing something wrong, do I have to delete the existing application?

What is wrong here?

Answer:Webcam and internal mic has stopped working on Satellite C660-1D7


The webcam should be listed under the point: Imaging Devices
There you should see USB Video device.
Can you see this?

If can see this, then uninstall the driver in device manager.
Then go to control panel -> software and uninstall the webcam software.
Then clean the OS and registry using the CCleaner.
After that reboot the notebook and download the latest webcam software from Toshiba driver page.
Install the webcam software and reboot the notebook.

After the notebook has booted up, start the webcam software and check if the webcam can be used.

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my doughter recently bought a Tochiba Satellite C660-1NW.
This laptop has a webcam on board.
When using Facebook webcam chat the webcam does not work.
The led indicating webcam is active does come on, but the facebook app stays blue without webcam screen.
Audio is working.

Using skype the webcam is working.

I have updated the drivers but still no go :(

Please help to get facebook webcam active


Answer:Satellite C660-1NW - Webcam is not working with facebook chat

if Facebook doesn't recognize your webcam right away when you want to share a video, click the Look for Cameras Again button.

Your Adobe Flash Player settings will pop up.
From the tab, make sure you select the correct type of camera you are using with your computer.

From the tab, you may also need to "allow" Facebook to access your camera and microphone.

If adjusting your settings does not work, try uninstalling Adobe Flash Player from your computer and download the most updated version of Flash-Player.

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I have a Satellite C660 series laptop. the web cam was working fine with the old driver installed..
I work away quite a bit and use Skype to speak to my wife while stuck in a hotel room...

I logged in as normal but skype couldn't find the camera, i opened the camera manually using the side browser bar on the desktop and got an error message "Device is locked by other application" I shut all other programs down which may be using it but still got the same message.

Still couldnt get it working so looked in the task manager and process tree to see if anything was running (didnt really know what i was looking for in the processes.)

I then updated and reinstalled the driver - this is the latest version of the driver and changed the appearance of the camera home screen - still got same error message.

Tried numerous times to install driver but nothing... yet the face recognition screen comes on and uses the webcam.... so i know the camera works but it wont open manually or with skype

Please help

Answer:Satellite C660: webcam message - Device is locked by other application


I think you cannot use the cam in connection with the skype because the webcam is blocked by another software? I assume its face recognition.

I recommend doing this:
Uninstall webcam software
Uninstall face recognition
Reboot the unit
Install webcam software
Install face recognition
?and then test it with skype.


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I went on Skype to talk and I found that it could not detect a webcam, and the other person couldn't hear my voice. I checked the device manager and no imagery or recording device was found.
The camera and the microphone are both integrated. They have worked before.

There is another problem which may be linked. When I first got the laptop, when I pressed the fn key, a bar at the top of the screen would pop up which showed me what all the different f keys did. This no longer appears.

Also, when I first got the laptop, if I were to plug in headphones or an external microphone into the line-out sockets, a message would pop up. This no longer happens, and the laptop isn't receiving any input from a headset I plug into it.

I have tried reinstalling the webcam drivers but to no avail. According to the device manager it doesn't exist. If this were the only problem then I may put it down to damage, but the other problems give me a feeling it has something to do with some kind of software I may have accidentally disabled or deleted, that has control over the webcam/mic and the line-out, which also produced user-interface elements such as that of pressing the fn key.

I cannot pinpoint a time when this stopped working as I have only just noticed the webcam and the microphone not working as I have not used them in a while. I have noticed, however, how pressing the 'fn' key no longer brings up the respective information on the screen.

Model: Toshiba Satellite Pro C660-... Read more

Answer:Satellite Pro C660-24k: Webcam/Microphone and user interface issues

>There is another problem which may be linked. When I first got the laptop, when I pressed the fn key, a bar at the top of the screen would pop up which showed me what all the different f keys did. This no longer appears.

The FN button menu which appears while pressing the FN key combination is controlled by Flash Card Support Utility.
Try to restart this software which can be found in All Programs ?> Toshiba -> Flash Cards

If this does not work, reinstall the Flash Card Support Utility.

> Also, when I first got the laptop, if I were to plug in headphones or an external microphone into the line-out sockets, a message would pop up. This no longer happens, and the laptop isn't receiving any input from a headset I plug into it.

It seems that the notebook supports Realtek sound chip. Therefore the Realtek HD audio manager should be preinstalled and placed in Control Panel.
Go to control panel -> Realtek HD audio manager
In the top right corner, there's a little yellow folder called "Connector Settings" in my version.
There, I could finally reactivate the setting "Enable pop-up dialog, when device is plugged in".

I?m not sure about the webcam issue.. maybe the system is muddled up? the Skype and face recognition software uses the same cam so maybe you should uninstall webcam software, skype and face recognition software and should reboot the notebook. After that install webcam software, face recognition software and skype aga... Read more

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Today morning when i opened skype, and went to Tools, Options, Video Settings, it gave message 'No webcam found'.

This was working fine till yesterday.

When I check in DeviceManager, Imaging Devices, 'Chicony USB 2.0 camera' is listed there. When I rt click on it and say properties, under General Tab, it says this device is working properly, In The Driver tab, driver date is 6/26/2006 and driver version is 6.1.7600.16385. Will updating the Driver resolve this issue ?

Answer:Satellite C660 - webcam not detected in Skype, was working fine yesterday

Is webcam recognized properly in device manager?
Does it work with Toshiba webcamera application?

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Hey all. So I've run into yet another problem with my new L540. I was using the webcam for something today and it was working fine. Then suddenly, after stopping recording and starting it again, the camera is only displaying in black & white now. I've tried multiple webcam applications and checked the settings but there is no black & white only mode. I was running the latest webcam driver available from the support site but I uninstalled it and reinstalled just to be sure and that hasn't helped. A cursory glance is finding a lot of people with this webcam (which appears to be made by Vimicro) having the same problem and not finding a solution. This is the third major issue I'm having with this unit, only one of which has been sorted so far. I paid over $1,500 for this laptop and I'm having issues with it I'd more commonly experience in a $399 model from Acer. Anyone know a quick solution to this before I file a case with Lenovo? I'm approaching asking for a refund if this kind of stuff continues. Thanks!


Go to Solution.

Answer:L540 Webcam Suddenly Went Black & White

So I got fed up with trying to solve this on my own and called Lenovo Support. The very nice gentleman and I figured out the issue and I'm stunned by it. If the light in the room is too low (and by too low, I mean anything less than either having the sun or a bright halogen light at your back), the camera automatically reverts into some kind of "night mode" where it goes to black and white and boosts the contrast. If I sit in front of my desk, turn my halogen lamp on and point it at the webcam, the image goes back to colour. If I turn the light off or even turn it so it doesn't face the laptop, it goes black and white again. All this while a bright overhead light is also on. There is no way to toggle this automatic switch to black and white. The Vimicro webcam in this machine is garbage and I'm frankly shocked a company with the quality reputation of Lenovo would use such a shoddy product in the ThinkPad line. I'll be contacting Lenovo to try to get the cost of the camera upgrade refunded. I love this laptop otherwise but this webcam is absolutely useless when it works this way. Vimicro should be ashamed for selling it without a toggle for that and Lenovo should be using something better. Not pleased.

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Product Name: HP Pavilion g6 Notebook PC Product Number: QG827EA#ABVOperating System: Windows 7 64-bit ? Hi, I bought my laptop on mid of last month and whenever i tried to open the webcam it displays the video in Black and White, while the video comes up, initially for a second it displays in color and immediately within fraction of seconds it goes fully white and starts displaying in B&W.  Kindly let me know if its a hardware fault as i have an international waranty which will take care of it.  Regards,Sawood Alam

Regards,Sawood Alam

Answer:Video in webcam is getting displayed in Black and White

Hi, Have you tried this (under webcam application): Webcam > option > video Capture Filter, click color?Regards,

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When i turn on my laptop, C660, the screen is black. It is the same when i try with an external screen?

It is a brand new laptop - only benn used a few times.

Answer:Black screen on Satellite C660

Remove battery and disconnect the AC adaptor.
Now press and hold power button 30sec long?
After that connect both parts again and try to power up the unit.

If this does not help, get in contact with Toshiba ASP in your country to check the hardware? if the notebook is new, the warranty should cover the repair

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Hi guys,

I had this morning a problem with my toshibate c660, my screen was black and not reacting when turning on the computer.
However my computer still turned on and you could see the led light lighting on and hearing the computer starting.

Now I fixed the black screen by a tutorial, the tutorial goes like this:

'First turn your computer off by pressing and holding down the start button. Next unplug the computer and then remove the battery. Press and hold down the start button for about 60 seconds.
Release the button and plug in the computer. Press the start button and the display should return. Replace the battery. If this does not work, try it again up to four times. No results usually indicates a bad mother board. Hope this helps.'

I did it 4 times because the first 3 times it didnt work, and too my surprise the 4th time worked.

Q: Can someone explain why this works?
I hold the start button when their was no battery in the computer and it wasnt plugged in. I just cant understand this works when the computer isnt under power.


Someone with insight care to explain?
I almost think voodoo is real :))

Answer:Re: Satellite C660 - black screen

It?s not easy to say why the issue appeared.

But as far as I know such ?black screen? problems can be related to memory issues as well as to power failure.

Anyway, it?s very important that the workaround described in your posting worked properly.

The same power issue happened to me some month ago? and the same workaround was helpful to get the notebook working again?.

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Hey everyone.

I recently changed my HDD and did a fresh reinstall, as the previous one was damaged. What happens now is that every time I plug or unplug the power cable the display goes black for a second. There are no real negative consequences from this, I would just prefer if there was an option to make this not happen.

So, give out a shout anyone if you know how to deal with this.

Answer:Satellite C660-1J2 - Display goes black for a second


> I recently changed my HDD and did a fresh reinstall
Have you installed Windows from Toshiba recovery disk or normal Microsoft Windows disk?

For me it sounds like that you have forgotten to install the display driver. Also check the device manager for yellow exclamation marks or unknown devices.
Make sure that correct display driver is installed. You can download the newest version on official Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Check this!!!

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Hello all,

Yesterday all of a sudden, the laptop screen went blank. Upon turning it on several times, the screen still doesn't turn on. By connecting the monitor to a external monitor via VGA (my TV), the TV does show up the screen, but has several flickering horizontal lines showing, thus obscuring part of the screen ( - ignore the windows behind, I was testing the sound - and it works).

I have tried several solutions on the web (like removing the battery and AC cable and pressing the power button, and interchanging the RAM card in the slots), and not surprisingly, nothing worked as I think my problem is not similar. Windows 10 just boots to a blue screen with a sad face and a QR code (I don't even know...), while Linux Mint does boot and gives a message of "running without hardware acceleration". I couldn't get any diagnosis on Linux to check if it's a problem on the graphic card or the motherboard, so I am turning to these forums to check if anyone had any similar problem.

Thank you.

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I am having a problem with a friends Laptop, windows boots as normal and then after the loading screen everything just goes black with the cursor (arrow) on screen, I can move the cursor around but nothing else can be done.

Has anyone had this problem before and knows a possible solution for it?
Thanks for any help

Answer:Black screen on Satellite C660-2JD

>So are there possibilities to return to windows 7?
Yes. If you have created recovery disc use this disc for recovery image installation.

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Hi everyone. Im new here and was wondering on, how do i get the screen back, as I've just changed the screen ribbon on toshiba c660 as my old ribbon had broken wires. Everything works and can hear the fan etc but no screen. I noticed though that if i shine a light on the screen i can see the background. Im not computer minded but need help. Thanks

Answer:toshiba satellite c660 black screen on xp

Hi mw_86 and welcome to TSG.

Have you tried an external Monitor ? I would do that first if possible and if it's display is good carry on below.

With those symptoms if that model has an Inverter I would try switching it with a known working one.
You should find some on Ebay. (I've had good luck even with used ones).

If it does have an Inverter it could be the backlight instead but that's usually much more difficult to replace.

If it's an LED model (ie no Inverter or Backlight) I would guess either the LEDs have failed or they aren't getting power from the motherboard.

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I bought a VGA cable to connect my laptop to my TV in order to mirror what ever is on my laptop screen. My TV did not pick up anything when I checked the Sources.

I opened the "Action Centre" on my laptop and selected "Project". I changed the current setting of "Duplicate" to "Second Screen Only", this caused my laptop screen to go black when the VGA cable was connected. When I disconnected the VGA cable my laptop screen came back on. This frustrating because I want to change it back to "Duplicate" but it is impossible to navigate while the VGA cable is plugged in because of the black screen.

note that when i changed it to "second Screen Only" my TV still did not pick up my laptop.

any solution for this?

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hi, i have a Lenovo G580, when i turn it on, it shows me a black screen and the white light webcam is on.Can anyone help me ?Thanks.

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Hello,After update my Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E520 to windows 10, I have my webcam in black & white and flipped.I have installed the official driver but same problem. Cordialy,Iaina Randrianarivony 

Manager Mada Society Network

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Answer:Disk error and black screen on Satellite c660-21z


It looks like an problem with HDD.
Please check if the HDD is recognized in BIOS. Power up the unit and press F2.
Usually this should help to access the BIOS.
At the first BIOS page the HDD should be mentioned? is it?
If not then this means that HDD is dead and needs to be replaced?

By the way: you did not post the notebook model? but if it?s 3 weeks old, then you have to get in contact with an Toshiba service if the HDD would be faulty? you should get a new one free of charge because the warranty should be valid.

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