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Satellite M30X-181 - turn on take more than 20 minute

Question: Satellite M30X-181 - turn on take more than 20 minute

Notebook after power button push, take 20 minute for turn on. Screen do not up 10 min, no some recognize from HDD (one blink only from HDD LED). May be anybody seen in this problem?

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Preferred Solution: Satellite M30X-181 - turn on take more than 20 minute

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite M30X-181 - turn on take more than 20 minute


Does the notebook boot up into windows or what happens after the 20min???

Long booting procedure can be caused by faulty HDD? you said about problems with HDD recognition?
Maybe the HDD is faulty? this is possible and maybe this affects the booting procedure?


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Need Help!!!
My satellite M30X-127 does not turn on. When I push the power button, it's LED turns on. But nothing comes on the screen. there are no sounds and the fan does not start. I took it to a repair centre and they told me the mother board is fried and it will cost me 400 pounds to fix it.
The guy over there offered my 100 pounds to buy it from me.
Please some one help. What should I do?

Answer:Satellite M30X-127 does not turn on


I can't tell you, what you should do.
Just compare the costs:
repairing your old notebook = 400 pounds
buying a new one (maybe a better one) = ?-100 pounds
Look around in the internet and see what a new notebook will cost.
Then make your decision.


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I've installed the Recovery CD and Windows XP works fine. But if I switch the WLAN on I get a Windows blue screen:

If Iboot the notebook and WLAN is on the notebook reboots every time. If I boot in save mode without network all is fine. If I boot without WLAN on all is fine.

So what can Ido? I can't find any drivers for my notebook. The notebook is clean like the first day after I installed the recovery version.
Please help

Greets Spike

Answer:Satellite M30x-211 - BSOD if I turn on WLAN

Hi Spike

I think it?s not easy to say what the reason is of this problem but I would recommend updating the WLAN driver and BIOS. Please check the Toshiba website for driver updates: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

The Satellite M30x is a little bit older so it?s moved into *Archive* area. That means you have to choose Archive on the first box ?product type?.

Did this solve your problem?


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My computer has just started shutting down every time the computer gets tilted but not turning off properly, the power button is still on and it doesn't always turn on properly when you try and turn it back on it the POWER comes on but the harddrive doesn't boot.

Any ideas that DON'T involve paying for someone to pull it apart *g*

Answer:Satellite M30X-129 doesn't turn off and power on properly

Have not idea why this happen but try to use your notebook without ?tilted it?. Maybe the HDD react on it.

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hi guys,
i just got the Toshiba Satellite M30X - 111 (UK model) and although the specifications on the toshiba website state that this laptop was the ATI Radeon Mobility 9700 with 8x AGP bus when i go to the Display Settings it says that the max AGP is 4x. Anyone knows why is that? Anybody in here has the M30X, can you check in the display properties whats your max AGP bus, is it 4x or 8x ?

Answer:Satellite M30X has 8x or 4x AGP bus?

Yes, I'm from Italy and my M30X-113 is AGP4x too. On the toshiba site, they say that it has an AGP8x bus connection. Maybe the bus is 8x capable but the GPU is only capable of AGP4x. But it would be strange to me that a 9700Mobile GPU doesn't have an AGP8x capability. Anyway, I'm a little disappointed of this thing.

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i?m looking for a new motherboard for my Satelite M30X-134! I was offered one with the Toshiba number K000019680 with the advice that this one is for all M30X notebooks. I?m a little irritated, because my thoshiba trader told me, that I need one with the number K000019210. Could someone tell me, if the K000019680 goes also fine with my notebook?

Best regards


Answer:Satellite M30X-134 - I'm looking for a new motherboard


It looks like you can use both of them but maybe is better to use K000019210. on this way you will be on safe side.

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I have a [Intel Pentium M Processor 725 1,6 Ghz|], I want to know if my notebook is capable to support this CPU [Intel Pentium M Processor 765 2.10 GHz|] , and if it's worth in terms of performance? I also have the latest build of the BIOS v2.0 released on 11/02/09.

I'm also aware that generally speaking CPU upgrade is not supported and not advised.

Thanks for your answer

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Answer:Satellite M30X-113 - CPU Upgrade


Theoretically the new Intel Pentium M Processor 765 2.10GHz should be compatible with the motherboard but the point is that nobody can say it the notebook would functions properly after such upgrade.

One main problem could be the heat dissipation. Stronger CPU develops more warmness and this can affect the notebook functionality.
Furthermore the BIOS was not configured for other CPUs? so this could be a problem.

Last but not least as mentioned in the Toshiba article the CPU upgrade is not supported. So everything can be done just only at your own risk!

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Hey, I'm from Belgium and the language on my notebook is Dutch so I gonna try to translate the errors in English

This is my problem:
The last couple of days my notebook is very slow and more and more he crashes and shows me this blue screen with this error:

errorcode; 0000007a, parameter1: c03e1948, parameter2: c000000e, parameter3: f8652302, parameter4: 1304e860.

errorcode; 00000077, parameter1: c000000e, parameter2: c000000e, parameter3: 00000000, parameter4: 02b62000

Yesterday I got a new blue screen: Unmountable_boot_volume
I did avg scan, Ccleaner and atf cleaner nothing was found!

Now they said to me, it could be some problem with your HDD, so reboot with Windows XP cd and repair with chkdsk /r!
I tried and i got this message: station not found or no cd-rom in the station!
After that i taked the HDD out and put it back in his place!
Again i reboot with WXP cd en did chkdsk /r, then i got this message: One or more irreparable faults found!
After that i could not start windows XP at all! It stay on the windows loading screen!
Then i tried to format en reinstall everything with the Toshiba recovery cd!
When he tries to install i got this message:

PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
Invalid partition table

Now I'm desperate!

Bios boot now: HDD - CD-ROM - Removable Devices - Network boot

I hope someone can help me!!

Thank you!

Answer:Satellite M30x-102, big problems!

Replace HDD with new one and everything will be OK.
I am 99,9% sure the HDD is defective.

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I have four bad-pixels (black colour) - Toshiba Satellite M30X. The display resolution is 1280x800.
Maybe somebody knows if I can reclamate it?

Answer:Satellite M30X with bad pixels

You mean dead pixels?
Well, in the forum you will find many postings about such dead pixels.

Check these postings:

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Has anyone installed Windows 7 on an M30X? People keep telling me that Windows 7 gives a new lease of life to older laptops, but it looks tricky to find the right drivers in the absence of Toshiba support.

I would be interested to hear of people's experience on the M30X or similar, both the performance they get with Windows 7, and also any tips about pitfalls to avoid during the installation!

I have an M30X-129 with memory enlarged to 1.5GB, otherwise as originally configured, running XP. I plan to do a clean install of Windows 7.

Answer:Satellite M30x - Can I use Windows 7?

Hey mate,

Theoretically you can install Windows 7 but as you already wrote it could be a little bit difficult to find all Windows 7 drivers for this oldie. Furthermore I doubt that Windows 7 will run faster as Windows XP. Faster as Vista but XP is still the best OS for old computers.

In your case I would be happy with preinstalled OS from Toshiba. Everything works with these settings and so you can have fun with your notebook. :)

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The notebook has a Pentium with 1.6 GHz and 1 GB RAM which I would upgrade to 2 GB. I want to change the OS from Win XP to Win 7. I know Toshiba don't support drivers and software for Win 7:

But when I delete the hard disk, install Windows Vista and later upgrade to Win 7 could this be a way to use Vista drivers and software from Toshiba, especially the software for the function keys. I think the third-party software should come via Win 7 update.

Some devices are:
Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection
Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC
ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9600/9700 Series
ENE CB710 Cardbus Controller
Realtek AC97 Audio
TOSHIBA Software Modem (not important)

Some software are:
TOSHIBA ConfigFree
Alps Pointing-device Driver
ATI Desktop Component
TOSHIBA Utilities

Answer:How to install Win 7 on a Satellite (S)M30X-165

Long time ago I had Satellite M70 that was WXP machine too. It was not supported for Win7 but I have installed it to see how it will work. My problem was to find display driver but I found it somewhere on the net and machine was OK. I could use it but without specific Toshiba tools and utilities.

Unfortunately on this forum we don't have enough info about such upgrades on old machines. I can only say: install it, test it and post some feedback.

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i am looking for Windows xp and Windows 7 drivers for my notebook Toshiba Satellite M30x-125
in the toshiba website, under the download section, my notebook is not recognized, neither the serial no.

where can i find drivers?

Answer:Need Win XP and WIn 7 drivers for Satellite M30x-125


The drivers for Win XP can be found here: -> Support & Downloads

in the driver download form you have to choose Archive ->Satellite -> Satellite M -> Satellite M30X

Unfortunately, this is a oldie and Win 7 drivers are not listed there? in such case you have to collect drivers at your own hand.

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Γεια σας.
ΕΧΩ στα χερια μου ενα παλιο υπολογιστη ο οποιος δειχνει να μην ειναι ταλαιπωρημενος. ΘΕΛΩ να τον καθαρισω με ενα φορματ απο τις συσσωρευμενες αμαρτιες των ετων που περασαν. ΜΟΥ λειπουν ομως οι drivers για να τον φερω σε λειτουργικη κατασταση. Στην υποστηριξη δεν διατιθενται πλεον οι οδηγοι... Read more

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My Satellite M30X laptop will not boot.
Power is on, battery is charging but the screen will not activate.

Answer:Satellite M30X will not boot


Your issue description is not very helpful to provide some useful hints but first of all you should try this;

- remove the battery and disconnect the AC adaptor
- wait 30min then insert the battery and connect the AC adaptor again.
- try to power up the machine

This short procedure helped me in the past? maybe you are a lucky man and it will help you too.

And of course, some feedback would be appreciated.


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My computer is a Toshiba M30X Laptop...I have recently purchased a Video copying device (Dazzle Digital Video Creator 90), which appears to require USB Port connections of 2.0....I have connected the device to all three ports on the computer and they all seem to only have 1.1 power. I am prompted of this on every occasion by the device's software.

Apaprently, according to the computer's own information, I am supoposedly able to connect to a high speed port via the USB Root Hub (whatever and wherever that is...).

Can anybody assist me please ? Can I "upgrade" my existing ports by changing some settings ? If so, how does one go about this exercise ?



Answer:USB Ports - Satellite M30X


For a long time I have read about this issue. Generally depending on the USB 2.0 devices used, theses devices may connect and / disconnect automatically.
Some USB2.0 devices, e.g. HDD, have been known to disconnect during data transfer. Other USB 2.0 devices sometimes connect only at speed of USB 1.1 standard. The solution is BIOS update to version V1.90 or later.

It is very important to make sure, that you apply the correct BIOS for your machine (Intel 855GME or ATI Graphic chip).

Be careful about that.

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How can I get a new recovery CD for my Satellite M30X-145 laptop?

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite M30X-154 - How to get new recovery CD?

Sorry, the model is SM30X-154

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I am planning to get my memory module upgraded from current 2 X 256 (DDR 166 MHz). I wanted to know what are my options. Can I install DDR2 RAM module each of size 512 MB.
I am not sure if DDR2 is supported for my notebook.

Can anybody please help.

Thanks a lot.

Answer:Satellite M30X-113 - RAM Compatibility

I have found follow information:
Your notebook can be upgraded up to 2GB RAM.
Compatible memory modules have follow part number:
PC2700 512MB (PA3312U-1M51)
PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G)

DDR2 memory modules are used with newer notebook models and I believe you can not use them with your older Satellite M30X.

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the task manager tells me that rundll 32.exe uses 99% of my CPU.(Computer is a M30 X 165) What does this mean? Do i have to change this and how would i do this?
Thanks for your help.

Answer:Satellite M30x-165 - rundll 32.exe uses 99% CPU

Hi Anurakta,

Rundll32.exe is a Windows system file but it can also be associated with the Whisper B virus.

I would not expect it to be using almost all of your CPU in this way. I suggest you run a full virus scan on your system.


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First of all forgive me my english because I'm from spain and I'm not perfect at english...
I have a M-30X an I've been searching for a way to burn double layer dvd (DVD9) with it without finding anything. The problem is that when I try to write one with NERO (it crashes with any burning software and I use the latest versions) it stops and tells that there's been an internal target error at the DVD writer (the MAT****A uj 831s). And this is the only type of dvd itdoes not write because it works perfectly with dvd-r and dvd+r
I don't know what to do because I have searched a lot and nobody hasbeen able to ive me a valid solution. I've also written to the mail of support that is on this page an they have not answered me yet.
Can somebody tell me a way to burn DVD DL in this computer?? Because It's not very normal to buy a computer that is told that can burn dvd dl and once you have it you notice it'simpossible to do that.

Please answer me !!!


Answer:Is there any way to burn a DVD-DL with my Satellite M30X???


Are you sure that this drive support double layer DVDs?
As far as I know this unit was delivered with the a super multi drive (single layer) and

In this case I propose to check the user manual. There you will find the supported CD/DVD medias


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Hi, I want to replace the old HITACHI 80GB hard disk in my Satellite M30X-165. I bought SEAGATE Momentus 5400.3 120GB but it seems that it can't be recognized by BIOS. Does anybody know what to do or what kinds of disks can be used in this notebook? Thanks for help.

Answer:Satellite M30X-165: new HDD does not work

Hi there,

Sometimes a bios update solves many issues regarding the installation of new hardware.

BUT please note: The Bios has an HDD size support limitation. Not all sizes are supported. I assume the 120GB are too large and therefore you cannot use it!

You should switch to a smaller size. Check it with a 80 or 100GB HDD


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does anyone know which HDDs I can install in my M30x?
Currently I have a toshiba 40GB drive. I would also like to know if BIOS supports drives over 80gb.

Answer:HDD Upgrade for Satellite M30X-102

As long as you get the right size hard drive (2.5" I believe) then you shouldn't have a problem replacing it. Just one note: speed makes a big difference. Pay attention to the RPM of the hard drive and the amount of cache it has.

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Can the M30X models CPU & display chip be upgraded and to what?
Thanks Pete

Answer:Re: Satellite M30X - Can the CPU and GPU be upgraded?

Hi Pete!

I don?t have good news for you...
The CPU can theoretically but upgraded but Toshiba doesn?t support this. The point is that the BIOS could maybe not recognize the new CPU.
Furthermore the graphic chip can?t be upgraded because it?s soldered on the mainboard.

For more informations check this:


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Dear sirs/madams,

I have just bought (yesterday)a notebook Satellite M30X-161. The installed operating system is by default Windows XP Home.
Now I have 2 questions:
1) Do I need any Windows XP Service Pack?
2) I own Windows XP Professional too. Is it possible to change the operating system of my notebook from XP Home to XP Professional? If so, is it easy? What should I do? Formatting the HD? Is it risky in terms of drivers loss?

thanks for the eventual answers


Answer:Satellite M30X-161: From Home to Pro


1, when you are using the WinXP Home Edition from Toshiba you don't need a Service Pack. SP2 is installed yet!

2, When you bought the notebook you got a Tools&Utilities CD which contains all drivers and software!
So you can install WinXP Prof. at your M30X.

You must only insert the WinXP Prof CD and boot the notebook while pressing "C" for CD-ROM or "F12" and choose the CD-ROM in the boot menu!

then you only have to install XP Prof with the install wizard. When you finished you can install all drivers and tools from CD (Home and Prof. drivers are the same).

Attention: At the tools CD you will find a html file with the intallation order.

When you finished the install session you should install the MS Service Packs.

Bye Rudi

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ich have a Satellite M30X an today i tried to show a Video DVD von my Notebook, but wenn i want to open the Drive it always replies cannot open Drive D:\ - I/O-Error!
Does anybody know where this problem came from? I tried to clean the DVD-Drive, but it won?t work. I can?t imagine, because it?s less than a year old and it hasn?t used often.



Answer:DVD Drive donīt work on Satellite M30X

Hi Andi,

If your notebook is less than a year old it should still be covered by the warranty, in which case I would recommend contacting your nearest Toshiba Authorised Service Agent. A list will be available from your local Toshiba web site.

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This is unusal I guess; I have bent the cd-rom tray on my Satellite m30x. When the tray was opened it got bent upwards slightly. Its not really broken but slight bent so that it no longers will close and if closed will unlikely open again.
Is it possible to replace this part of the laptop?



Answer:Broken CD-ROM drive on Satellite M30x


As far as I know it?s not possible to remove or to replace the single CD/DVD drive parts.
I never disassembled the CD/DVD drive but as I?m not mistaken the whole ODD (CD/DVD drive) must be replaced if any ODD part was broken.

So in my opinion you should replace the whole CD/DVD drive with the compatible one!

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Hi all,

I've got a Toshiba Satellite M30X with WinXP.
If I try to boot from the WinXP-CD, I'll get the
message "Check hardware configuration" and then a black screen.
So I cann't boot from the CD.
Could the new bios be the problem?
Before the bios-update, boot from the WinXP CD was no problem.

Thanks for your help

Answer:WinXP-Installation on Satellite M30x


you can try to enter BIOS with pressing F2 during startup! Then load default settings!
Also no additional hardware should built in the notebook (like add. RAM module)!


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My USB 2.0 hubs are seen in system as USB 2.0 however a current speed is equal USB 1.1 (f.e. if I plug USB 2.0 flash
disk into the hub).

I have installed WIN XP ENG Pro SP2. SP2 was included in installation files.

Do you have any idea what it is wrong?


Answer:Toshiba Satellite M30X USB 2.0 problem

Hi Lubomir,

did you updated the USB driver after installing SP2? Also the Toshiba SP2 Update specs. should be read!

go to - Support & Downloads - Download driver

Bye Tom

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My Toshiba Satellite M30X notebook, more than 6 years old, running with Windows XP (service pack 2) crashed.
After starting the system, the boot ing starts up (TOSHIBA,touch tomorrow, and press F2 or F12 some thing like that) then comes error message, saying, A disk read error, and ask me restart with, ctrl+alt+Del, which is not bringing up OS..

I have removed the hard disk and cleaned dust, re inserted to check if it can solve, but not!
I tried what I can to wake up my operating system, but fears that hard disk is can one check what the problem is, and whether I can buy a new harddisk of the M30X model notebook from Toshiba..

Thanks alot for your help,

Answer:Satellite M30X with Windows XP is not starting

Sounds like the HDD is faulty and needs replacing.

You can use any 2.5" HDD (determine if you need Parallel ATA or Serial ATA first).

You can also test the HDD using HDD utilities. Google for "Hitachi DFT". Its a bootable CD.

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What can I install as RAM extension on my notebook model?
I now have 2 x 256 MB (default factory equipment).
I would appreciate any help regarding my question:
Type, frequency, maximum capacity for each of the 2 slots?

Many thanks.

Answer:Question about RAM extension on Satellite M30X-163


According the notebook specification your notebook can handle with 2 GB RAM and compatible 1GB RAM has follow part number - PA3313U-1M1G. Put this number in Google and you will find info about this compatible RAM module.

To avoid some compatibility problems I recommend you to use compatible RAM only.

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Hello out there!!!

WHAT TO DO! I need help,

I bought my Toshiba satellite m30x in september 2004 and now already it is messing around and shutting off abruptly. I was so in love with my laptop so far and I was considering of buying an additional toshiba, however now that this happened I researched on this forum, other forums and websites and it seems to be a common toshiba shut down problem due to the way the laptops are built so that dusts gets collected or the usb gets all funny, etc.

That is so horrible. It cannot be that a laptop just lives for 13 months and that is it .... it should last a lot longer! I bought it in Germany and I believe I have two years warranty, am I right or not? But can I only take it in to German repair place then? Or how does this work.

I do not want ppl to mess around with the laptop to just make it work for another couple of months, what is advised to do in this situation. I am dependent on this laptop and now it does not work! I am really disappointed and mad!

Please help me!!!! ADVISE ME!!!!!

Best wishes and regards,

Petra. :'(

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Answer:Satellite M30x shutting off abruptly

Hello Petra

I can understand you very well but you know, the notebook is a high tech machine.
It seems that you notebook overheats. This issue occurs if the cooling ventilators are dirty. The fans can?t work properly because of dust. During the notebook usage the fans sucks a lot of dust. In this case you have to clean it. Please use the vacuum cleaner to clean the cooling ventilators.
It is a simply fact that after so long time of 13 moth of usage you have to clean up the fans.

Now about a warranty: As far as I know Toshiba proffers many kinds of services for example a extended warranty (3 years)
I believe the normal standard warranty in Germany is about 12 Month.
Please check this page and ?Service?. A//

If there is something wrong with hardware so you can contact the Toshiba service partner. If you warranty is valid so all should be done for free.
The ASP you will find under ?Support & Downloads?

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Hello everybody,

I have a problem with the USB connectivity at the Satellite M30X. I bought a M30X and had problems with connecting differnet devices at one of the USB ports.

I tried to solve his problem and but nothing solved it.

Bye Meier

Answer:USB connectivity problem at the Satellite M30X


I found a solution for this USB connectivity problem at the Satellite M30X. A friend of mine bought such a Satellite M30X and had the same problems.

I tried to solve his problem and the solution is a BIOS update! I updated the notebook with ver. 1.90 from and now it works fine!

Bye Rudi

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Hope someone can help. The above drive will not now recognise any inserted media. It whirrs for a while then stops. I have cleaned the lens and also run through the support and diagnostic tests and they cannot help me any further.

I have also reinstalled the driver but no joy.
Does this mean a new DVD/cd drive is required?
Is it removable from the laptop and easily replaced?
Where would i get the part - M****a DVD ROM UJ- 82OS ?

How much would this cost?

Thanks to all for any suggestions???


Answer:Satellite M30X: DVD/CD rom drive does not work

It sounds like a simple hardware defect?
So what is the solution??? I think only a device replacement?

I think different drives are compatible with this notebook. So I can?t give you and advice how much does it cost but the best answer you will get from the Toshiba service partner in your country?

But the slim notebook drives are generally a little bit more expensive as the common drives for the desktop PCs

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Hello All,

I planning on upgrading my Satellite M30x-154.
I was wondering if you guys would know before upgrading it if the things i want to buy for it would work.

I would like to change my Hitachi 60GB to a Seagate 100g (link as follows) would this work?

I have bios version 1.90.

I planning on install Vista on this. Will i be able to use a OEM copy?

I have currently on order 1gb of Corsiar memory i'm planning on putting to 2gb in it
Will this still work fine?

Robert Knight

Answer:Some questions about upgrade of Satellite M30x-154


1. HDD upgrade. I think it will work because some Sat M30X models was also build with 100GB directly from Toshiba.

2. OEM Vista will not work because the OEM version of Vista needs a special BIOS for activation (VISTA BIOS). You can install it but needs activation after some days.

3. The Sat M30X is 2GB max memory that means it is possible to install 2x 1GB Memory modules..but I can not say if the Crosiar memory will work but normaly they have to work. The original Memory partnumbers for a 1GB module is PC2100/PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G)

I hope this will help you.


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Hallo Ladys and Gentleman,

I need information about the HDD of the Satellite M30x-134. The point is the laptop of my girlfriend need a new hdd and im not staying at the same city. i found no information at the toshiba site. If somebody knows a site with information or know from experiance, please tell it. so i can baught a new hdd before visiting her and repair it fast.

Which size has the HDD
Which connection is used
Which voltage the hdd need
and / or
Part number of an replacement hdd

many thanks beforehand

Answer:Information for replacement HDD for Satellite M30X-134

Hi there,

you need an 2,5" HDD with an IDE-port. The maximum size of the HDD should be around 100 Gig but it could be that the machine can handle more.

It does not matter which brand you use, I would prefer Toshiba drives since they are know to work well in almost all machines.

If you got still any questions, just ask...

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I am experiencing problems with power supply and the notebook failing to start up or crashes. I had the same problem in Oct 05 when the dc supply jack plug seemed to be a little loose resulting in non charging of the battery/ an irregular supply of dc power with the notebook switching between battery/dc supply and running the battery down.

Eventually the whole thing wasn???t consistent in powering up /charging/ & kept shutting down until it just died. Toshiba replaced the motherboard on that occasion under warranty (10 months old). Same problem has re-occurred again (replacement motherboard now 6 months old) out of warranty now. But have complained to Toshiba and am currently awaiting their call back. Has any body experienced similar problems? Thanks

Answer:Satellite M30X-129 - power problems


Unfortunately I have no explanation what is wrong with your unit. The fact is that you have warranty for all new parts. Please contact technician again and ask them how long is the warranty for replaced motherboard.

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Greetings my wifes laptop in its 4th year and heavy use, the background screen has turned has turned completely red and I am unable to change, done a dianostic test which failed due to no green bit map, is it the srceen or the chip or is it something else?

Any advice on the best way forward?

Had to buy a new laptop and my intention is to find the most cost effective way of repairing this one!

Look forward to any replies

By all means contact me direct [email protected]

Thanks Pete

Answer:Screen failure on Satellite M30X


it?s definetly a hardware malfunction because such an error could only be the screen or in rare cases the graphics chip on the mainboard. Unfortunately no one can say just by reading your posting which part is defective. You will have to take the machine to an Authorized Service Provider (or at least some toshiba technician which is familiar enough to make some diagnostics on this machine) and let them check the machine on which hardware is malfunctioning..


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mx30 1280x800, can't select

Answer:Satellite M30X: 1280x800 can't select


I don?t know which exactly notebook you has but the M30X was delivered with 2 graphic cards, Intel and ATI.
The max display resolution on units with the Intel graphic cards is 1024x768.

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I have a Satellite M30X-124. It has stopped charging from the mains when the laptop is on. The batteries seems to be OK and the charging lights goes on online when I play around with the charging cord at the back of the computer. I tried a different charger and it is definitely not the charger or the charge cord. The problem seems to be at the back of the laptop when the main power entry point is.

I mentioned this problem to the a Toshiba authorized service outlet and they believe the problem is the motherboard and I should replace it (they have not seeing or inspect the laptop). The only problem is that the replacing the motherboard is as expensiveness buying a new laptop. Any ideas?
I believe the problem must be that he connection between the charging cord and the main power entry is not working and maybe there is something loose that can be fixed. I would prefer to do something myself rather than spending big bucks.

Any ideas please.

Thanks for your help

Answer:Charging problems on Satellite M30X-124

Hi there,

I wouldn?t recommend you to do it by yourself but could try it. I heard that such phenomenon comes from a loose AC jack which has to be re-soldered to the PCB.
Here?s a site which should help you in your mission:

If unsure then I would suggest you to buy a new machine rather than spending some money for your old lovely paperweight. ;)


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What is a BIOS re-flashing right procedure for Toshiba Satellite M30X-118?

Answer:BIOS recovery on Satellite M30X

Visit and check ?Notebook BIOS FAQ? section

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I have 4 fault codes displayed in hardware, 1 Network Controller, 2 & 3 PCI Flash Memory (twice), and 4 Video Controller (VGA compatible).

These are all driver problems but I can not find the neccessary drivers on the Toshiba driver site. I have mislaid the original software that came with the PC.

Does anyone have any good suggestions. I cannot use my wireless internet connection, nor play DVD's I have tried downloading as much as I can to help, but nothing repairs the fault.

All have fault code 28 displayed.

Answer:Cannot find necessary driver for Satellite M30X


I have checked Toshiba download page and there are listed all necessary drivers, tools and utilities for Satellite M30X.

I just hope you have installed them in the right order. Like you can see there are two display drivers (Intel and ATI). Be sure you have chosen the right one. LAN and WLAN drivers are also there. just start with setup.exe file and follow the installations instructions.

CODE 28 means - The drivers for this device are not installed.

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Can somebody help me to redefine the keyboard of Satellite M30X?

Unfortunately my native language (i.e. Polish) extensively uses the right Alt to produce some unique signs. There are many schools, but I prefer to use the right thumb to press it. In contrary to other laptops I used this key on my current Toshiba is far right, making it impossible to strike by the thumb. There is an empty key just next to the space bar. In my configuration it is equivalent to \, and I would like to make it another right Alt.

Thank you in advance


Answer:How to redefine the keyboard of Satellite M30X?


at the beginning of this forum we had also this discusion.
If you use extended search you will find a freeware tool (I had forgotten the name) with this feature!


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My notebook crashed seveal times in last two days, the disk space is above 12 GB free, even not running any program, it repeatedly crashed. This happened after I installed a new O2 Router Connection Manager software, which I would need to configure a DSL network to use with WLAN.
Is that the newly installed software creating problems or anything else could have been the problem.
How can I keep my computer functioning normal again.
thanks for the help

Answer:Satellite M30X, XP operating, OS crash often

What do you mean by "Crash" ?

Do you see a Blue Screen error? What is the 0x000000xx error code?

Or is it a general application error dialog within Windows?

You can use System Restore to revert Windows back to a previous condition. Go back to a date before you installed that O2 software.

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I have got a little problem with my Sat M30x and Vista system. I need to change the cooling method to slow down the CPU fan as I did in WinXP using Toshiba Power Saver.
Unfortunately, the utility does not seems to be available for Vista.

I have tried to search for some solution which might be Toshiba Valued Added Package. It is supposed to add the method change option into Vista power settings, but I am unable to install the program - ends with an "ID-ERR-NOTINSTALLTVALTZ-MESSAGE" error.

General advice is a bios update, but the latest version I have found - 1.90, ATI video - is already installed.

Please, is there any way to get rid of the noisy fan without downgrading the OS?

Thanks a lot.

Answer:Satellite M30x: Cannot install the VAP - ID-ERR-NOTINSTALLTVALTZ

I wonder where you have found the VAP (Value Added Package) for this notebook model.

I checked the Toshiba European driver page and found some drivers for Visa 32bit in Archive area?
But there is NO VAP!!!!

Therefore I?ve got only one explanation why this error occurs; you have tried to install this software which is NOT compatible with Sat M30X!!!

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Just a few weeks ago I bought a M30X-174, but I'm very disappointed with the level of noise. The fans turn on with 3 minutes interval, which makes it impossible to use in the class- or livingroom.
This happens, when the powersettings are set to "low".
The fan is on almost all the time, when the settings are "normal or high"

Is this a normal problem, or something you can do something about?

Answer:Satellite M30X-174 works noisy


You know that the unit has got many high-tech parts (i.e. graphic card, hdd) which produce a lot of warmness. If the power settings are set to low, the unit doesn?t work with 100% performance and the warmness is less. In this case the fan needn?t run all the time.
In my opinion it?s not a malfunction.


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I need to change this keyboard ---> COMPAL P/N PK13CW10180 - Darfon P/N 99.N5682.30E - MODEL NSK-T430E - K000016100 WK442K - ITALIAN LANGUAGE
but, on the internet, the only models I found they have these features ---> MODEL MP-03436I0-698 - P/N PK13CW10280 - K000016100 WKA16K - ITALIAN LANGUAGE

The only difference I've seen looking at the pictures is the flat that connects the keyboard to the motherboard.
My doubt is on functionality and if they are hardware compatible.

Can anyone help me in this choice?

Many Thanks for all


Answer:Keyboard type on Satellite M30X-130

Satellite M30X is pretty old notebook model so I think you should not have big problems to obtain new keyboard. I had similar problem on my old Satellite M70 and I bought new keyboard on eBay.

At this time keyboards were pretty similar and one keyboard could be used on few notebook models. eBay is good place to find keyboards and different hardware parts for old notebook models.
Unfortunately I cannot help you with this keyboard check so if you find specification that says it is compatible with M30X you can buy it.

Don't spend a lot of money for it. as I wrote before on eBay you can find keyboards for reasonable price.

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I have problem with Fn-F5 key's, doesn't cycle through the available monitors. (I lost the other monitors and i don't have signal for other devises as TV).

Any ideas how to fix it?
The notebook is a Satellite m30x-115

Thanks for your help.


Answer:Satellite M30x-115: Fn-F5 doesn't work


As far as I know the ?E-Key? driver is responsible for the available monitor changing.
Did you try to reinstall the E-keys?
If not, try it.
The newest driver you can find on the official Toshiba website.


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My Satellite M30X doesn't start-up normally anymore. When I press the power-on button, it lights up, the fan starts, but nothing happens. Or sometimes, it takes almost 5 minutes before the Toshiba logo appears, then, it starts-up.

After that, I sometimes get a message that the HD Smart feature has detected a failure in my HD. But this is not all the time.

I have Linux and Win XP on my HD. When I use Win XP, it starts up normally, then, after a few minutes, I get the BOD with message IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. Or sometimes, the system just freezes. If I start with Safe Mode, everyting works okay.

On Linux, the system freezes after about 30 minutes of use.

I'm tempted to think that I just need to reformat my HD (I have a 100gig Fujitsu HD), and everything will be okay. I have to try that yet. And also again, on Win XP Safe Mode, everything runs okay - I can even use WLAN, and I'm writing this Post even! But, if it's just a software or OS problem, why doesn't my notebook start-up normally? I mean, why is it that sometimes it doesn't start up at all (the Toshiba logo doesn't appear), and I have to switch off my notebook, and switch it on again so that it works. Sometimes, it doesn't start up at all no matter how many times I try to switch it on and off. The power on light will light up, fan will start, then, fan will switch off, light is still on, and nothing happens. Or could this be cause by a faulty HD? Is that why it sometimes doesn't start up at all? ... Read more

Answer:Satellite M30X start-up problems


you becomes the error Message by a Problem with a Driver of your Machine (defected Kernel mode Process).

Check this Problem of the Microsoft Knowledge Base =IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.&adv=&mode=s&cat=False

Maybe is this a Help.


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since Tuesday, my m30x shuts down (it`s rather a power off) at a temperature of 30 ?C. Does anyone know a tool to change the setting to someting about 60 or 65?C?

Thanks for your answers


Answer:Shutdown temperature on Satellite M30x


How did you notice that the unit shuts down just on 30 ?C? As far as I know this ?overheating protect mechanism? is temperature indicator placed on the mainboard and it is not possible any kind of ?manipulation?.

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I've had my M30X for a little over a year and had no problems til now - I upgraded WinXP with the latest update a few days ago. I was online and the laptop suddenly shut down and rebooted. I reported the system error to Microsoft and got a message back saying that the problem was caused by Intel Pro wireless 220BG adapter - file w22n51.sys
Where do I find an update for this driver?

Answer:Satellite M30X crashes and reboots


if you want the newest driver for your wireless card, you should look on Intel's driver page. Or you can use the driver from newer Toshiba machines with the same wireless card.


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My laptop boots up fine but the display is out of focus, predominatly red, but still viewable.

I do not have the know how to diagnose, is the screen, dispay inverter, or the graphics chip on the motherboard etc any pointers?
The laptop has just ran out of its 3 years warranty can you believe it!

Many thanks

Answer:Re: Satellite M30X - Display is perdominatly red


Of course you can diagnose this by yourself buddy. Do you know that?

Well, I would try to connect an external monitor to the notebook. If the external monitor occurs the same issue it?s a mainboard and/or graphic card problem.
If the external monitor works fine I think the internal LCD or cable is faulty and must be replaced.
Check this!

Are you using the display driver from Toshiba? Look on the website for an update.


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Hi, I destroyed the plastc thing, with fixed the cable from Keyboard to the mainboard.
Somebody know what is possible?

Answer:Satellite M30X-102 keyboard problem


Resoldering that is near impossible with the tools used. Pretty sure it is soldered onto the motherboard by a robot, so I would say its almost impossible to fix that yourself. Best bet is if the portable is in warranty to have them change the motherboard. Other then that use a USB keyboard. Hope you fix this issue.

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after haven't used the burner for one or two months, i burned two DVDs this week without problems, but now, the drive (Mat****a uj831s) doesn't detect any CD or DVD. Deleting the drive and rebooting (like told when i had the problem the last time) doesn't help. Any suggetions what to do?


Answer:Satellite M30X-165 no CDs and DVDs detected


Maybe is this a Problem with the Properties. Click the CD Drive with the right Button, used the properties, go to the Hardware Proprieties from the CD Drive,activated cd and CD Player.

I Hope this is a Help


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Dear All,

unfortunatelly my screen turned black.

Everytime I start my notebook / laptop my screen (display / monitor) is black.

I can't use my notebook because I can't see anything. The system works.

Why does this happen?
What can I do against it?

I would appreciate any help.

Best Regards

Answer:Satellite M30x-165 - Screen is black

Hi JJ,

Friend of me had the same issue on his Satellite M30x too. He didn?t see a picture on the internal monitor but an external monitor is working properly.
By the way, have you connected an external monitor to the notebook? Can you see a picture on external monitor?

However, after testing an external monitor that does work, he replaced the FL inverter of the internal screen and the notebook works again properly. :)

If you can?t see a picture on external monitor too, it seems to be a hardware problem, maybe the mainboard or something else.
Can you access the BIOS?

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After loading some software my m30x keeps on rebooting itself.
Unfortunately the blue screen of death arrives before I can select my account (in XP) and it goes through the reboot sequence again.

The screen says to press F8 on bootup to get into safemode but that does nothing.

How can I get into safe boot mode and any idea on how to resolve this - if I can load XP then I can perform a restore but that seems a long way off at present.


Answer:Satellite M30x - BSOD on start-up - F8 does nothing


Usually if the ?Advanced Boot Menu? does not start up pressing the F8 button then you will be not able to boot into ?safe mode?.

In your case I don?t see any other solution as to booting from the Toshiba Recovery CD and to reinstall the OS again? :(

Greets dude

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I have satellite M30X-113,i suffered from big problem after I uninstalled the INCD software. I lost connection with my DVD-RAM writer, the widow could not see it. I installed the driver from the Toshiba web site and installed it, but no way.

I tried also to uninstall the driver and install it again but no way, always it gave me an announcement error code 39 which means missed or corrupted files. Do I need to install the window again or what can help me? My laptop is new one, just 1 month old.

Answer:Satellite M30X: DVD-RAM driver not visible for WXP

Hi Waleed1111,

at my desktop PC I had the same problem with my DVD-RAM drive. I called the support hotline and the guy told me to install the INCD software, then it works!

I tried some solutions but it hadn't worked without INCD!


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My Satellite M30X-129 was working well untill I re-Installed The Operating System.
Since Then, The Microphone did NOT work. I installed the audio Drivers from the Tools & Utilities CD, Yet it does not work.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Satellite M30X-129: Microphone does not work

Hello Godwin

Sorry but I must ask you something. Do you talk about internal or external microphone?

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I own a Satellite M30X and its not booting anymore after soldering a new D/C Jack. It turns on and the fan starts working. But the screen stays dark and after 2 seconds the fan stops and everything is frozen (cant turn it off by pressing the power-button). I hope I cant solve the problem by resetting the BIOS by hardware.

Is there any chance to do that?

Answer:BIOS reset at Satellite M30X

>?after soldering a new D/C Jack
And who has done this job? You or service provider?

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Can anybody tell me step by step, how to open the case so, that I can work at the power connector? I tried to open, but I'm afraid of making sth. wrong... I pulled of all bolts and started to open the case, but in the middle and at the back it is knotted with the platine.



Answer:Satellite M30X how to open the case?


First of all if you open the notebook you will loose the warranty.
Secondly before you remove the covers it?s necessary to remove all optional devices. (battery, hdd, dives, etc)
It?s important to remove the keyboard because usually the screws under the keyboard protect the bottom cover. Furthermore the screws at the bottom side of the notebook should be removed.
Well, this is all what I know and if you want to know more details so please ask the ASP.

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Hey there,

yesterday some orange juice ran into the side of my toshiba laptop M30X.
It immediately went out. I handled the laptop with care, held it so that some of the juice could go out again, then I tried to dry it near the heating.

By now: There is one light running, when I try to put it on, but after 5 seconds it goes out again.
So are there things I can do? Is is useful trying to get hold of the hard drive?

I know it was my mistake with the orangejuice, but I would be very thankfal for every tipp you can give to me!

Thanks so much,

Answer:Liquid ran into my Satellite M30x - Now it does not boot up

Something like that happened to my girl friend some time ago.
She spilled a coke and the notebook shut down.
It was not possible to power up the notebook. I could notice the same behavior.
The LED was on but the notebook didn?t boot up.

Finally the notebook technician found out that one of the memory modules was faulty due to the liquid in the memory bank.

After the replacement the notebook booted fine.

Maybe my story could be helpful for you!

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has the text by Googel translated hopes for Help.
I have a Notebook Satellite M30X-124 and has the following problem:
My Akku via the power pack with enterprise no more supplies. It's emty completely also with the line operation and load yourself only in from condition.

This was recently still different. The Notebook was loaded with line operation and/or of the Akku was also not unloaded. In addition if the Akku is empty, now switches off the Notebook out despite mains supply and must now again are best completely loaded. Which me still been noticeable is, load announcement (third LED) is orange and thereafter green. If the power pack is attached and I turns the Notebook on, the LED does not shine. Also not if the Akku at power after leave (with the enterprise) only if the Notebook out am, line operation attached and load, shines the LED orange.

If I switch now again begin the whole on again from the front to the Akku am again empty.

Now to my questions:

Should I have to exchange the Akku? I use it since 1 1/2 years.
Does the Notebook have a defect?
Do I have an error with the attitudes during the energy administration? (does not have however there ever which changed) does the mains connection at the Notebook have an error? Or the power pack?

Please answer if possible.
Sorry for the bad english

Answer:Satellite M30X-124: Battery will not charge


Maybe is this a Problem with the battery. Check of the Toshiba Website the Akku Number.


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I have a Toshiba Satellite M30X. I recently bought myself a 200GB External Hard Disc. It has its own Power supply. If I connect it with USB 2.0 to my Laptop it happens to diconnect and reconnect permanantly. Sometimes it works, then I can put Data on the Disc. Then again it diconnects and reconnects many times. I've already tried another USB Port, but there is no difference. It's very strange, because I connected the External Hard Disc to many other Computers (Laptop and Tower) and it ALWAYS works!!! Its only with my Laptop it disconnects and reconnects the whole time. As I said, not always. Sometimes it works for like an half an hour or so then the action starts again ...

Can somebody help???
Greez Lutz

Answer:Satellite M30X: Problems with USB 2.0 external HDD

Hi Lutz

I have no idea why this happen. I use 60GB external HDD without own power supply and it works well on my two notebooks.

At the moment I can just recommend you to check power settings, eventually try to make BIOS update. Please be careful with BIOS update and check the ?BIOS update instructions? before you do this.

I don?t know if this can help but if you check properties for each USB port go to ?Power management? tab and try to disable option ?Allow the computer?.?.

If there is any success please let us know.


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I have a M30X, i just had it serviced for adding some RAM and replacing the dvdrw, and i asked them to clean the fan since i was getting an awful noise when the fan kicked in. I got home tonight and after 2 hours of work it starts to make that awful noise that i even have to shut it down or my mother from the next room will hear it.

Is there any way to solve this without having to get it serviced again ? I don't want to have to put my laptop on the technical support every other day...

Any help would be great!


Answer:Awful noise on my Satellite M30X

Hi Tomas,

I presume your noise is caused by a dry bearing in the fan assembly, so short of replacing the complete fan unit you could try spraying a small amount of electrical contact lubricant into the fan area to try to ease the problem.


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I have just opened my notebook and its monitor is dark. There wasn't any problem the last time i shut it down. I can hardly see the wallpaper and desktop elements on the screen; the screen is like someone has changed its settings and played with its brightness. When I plugged my desktop computer's monitor in to the notebook, the screen on the external monitor seemed ok and bright as usual but the notebook's was still dark. I guess there is something with my LCD? Anyone else had a similar problem? How can i solve this? Thanks.

Answer:Satellite M30x-113 LCD monitor is dark

Hi duyku

It would be very interesting to know, if your machine is running on AC supply or battery power?
If you use battery power, the Toshiba power management changes the display brightness to lower because save energy.
For the first you can check, if it?s possible to change the display brightness with the buttons Fn + F6 or Fn + F7.


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I'm trying to install a new ATA 2.5" internal hard disk in my Toshiba M30X-166. The disk is a Seagate Momentus 5400.3 model, 120 GB. The laptop doesn't recognize the disk and shows no related error message, and in BIOS it shows as "No HD available"

I put this disk in an external USB-IDE box and was detected by my desktop PC, and I could partition and format the Momentus, so I know the disk is indeed working, but my M30X still can't detect the drive.

What can I do to make the laptop recognize this unit? The M30X BIOS is: Phoenix EAL20 version 1.90.

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Satellite M30x - New HDD doesn't work


Have you tried another HDD? Maybe the new HDD is not compatible with the notebook or not working properly.

Normally a 120GB HDD should work because the notebook has a 28bit LBA limitation and so you can only use HDDs up to 120GB.
In worst case the HDD controller on the mainboard is faulty :(


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My laptop has begun to stop dead without warning, even with a battery and while charging from the mains.

No shutdown, no low-battery beeps, no alerts - just screen goes blank and the power light goes off. Any idea what the cause may be, or anything I can run to get more info?

Immediate start after a crash brings up "Windows shut down incorrectly" screen, but "Start Windows Normally" works fine.

Answer:Satellite M30X stops without warning

Maybe overheating! What you think? Satellite M30x is pretty old notebook and maybe it should be cleaned properly. Dust placed on cooling grill stops cooling process and hardware can be too hot.

Suddenly switching off without warning is typical result of overheating.

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My Ati mobility radeon 9700 drivers are from August 2004. Where can I find an update?

Answer:ATI drivers update for Satellite M30X-128

All available Toshiba drivers can be found on the Toshiba European driver page.
If you cannot find a newer driver release as from August 2004 then a newer version is not available.
However, sometimes another Toshiba notebooks are equipped with the same graphic card? try to check another series which were equipped with the same graphic chip and check if an newer graphic driver version is available?

Good luck

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Can someone tell me what RAM (name and number etc.) I need to buy to upgrade my laptop (Satellite M30X) so it runs faster? I have 512 MB RAM right now and that is not enough. I thought about 1 or 2 GB RAM but is there a limit as to the amount to ram I can install on my computer?

I have no idea how to replace the RAM or how many slots my computer has for the RAM. Can someone tell me that also???

Hope someone is able to answer all my questions. Thanks.


Answer:RAM update on my Satellite M30X notebook


According notebook specification your notebook model has two memory slots and can handle with max 2 GB RAM. So if you want to use maximum RAM you must use 2x 1 GB RAM module. The compatible one has part number PA3313U-1M1G.

If you have more questions please post again.


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I've used the M30X for about a month now. With most 3D games I run, the graphics become jerky after less than a minute of gameplay, i.e. once or twice per second, the image stops for about 1/5 second. My video card drivers are up to date.

Answer:Jerky 3D graphics on Satellite M30X

what about DirectX ? Which service Pack in current running ?


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I have a M30X-129 which for the most part works very well. However, when i have a second monitor attached (eg overhead projector) everything is displayed apart from a video clip/movie, which appears black. This occurs whether Windows Media Player or Realplayer is being used. All other images and programs can be seen on the laptop screen and/or external monitor.

I have installed Windows XP Pro over the orig version of XP Home. All drivers have been installed and updated as required. I thnk i have a Raedon graphics card.
Any ideas on how to have clips/movies displayed on the second screen?


Answer:Satellite M30X-129 - no video on second screen


Most Windows applications and video cards do not support the playing of video files on displays at the same time. You can try turning off the video signal going to the built in LCD display and display only through the projector.

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Hi. My satellite pro M30X does not charge when plugged in with the AC adaptor, i have had the laptop for about a year and a half now

Is this problem likely to be due to the charger not working properly? I don't want to spend ?60 on a new charger, to find out the charger works fine, and it is actually something else not working properly anymore!!!

Thank you

Answer:Satellite Pro M30X not charging on AC power

Is it possible to use the notebook only with AC adaptor?
Does the AC LED lights??
If yes so the AC adaptor works properly.
In such case if the battery does not charge either the battery malfunctions or the is something wrong on the motherboard.
But in mostly the battery has a fault.

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When the laptop is plugged in(with the battery in place) the LED's on the front show that there is AC power to the laptop and that the battery is charging. As soon as I try to power up the laptop, the battery light goes out and the power light comes on. However it never stays on, sometimes it makes it as far as windows other times it cuts out during boot up.

I thought initially it was mabey a problem with the battery. So I tried taking out the battery and powering up. The green light is stays on showing that the laptop has AC power but the power light just switches on and then off again straight away. So it's not a battery because the laptop should still run without it.

Then I thought that it must be something to do with the power adaptor. But the green light on the front shows that it is getting power ok and apparently the battery is charging. I've also tried checking the power cablw with a meter and it showed that it is getting a 19V output(correct according to the power pack).

So the battery is ok power pack is where else could the problem be??

Answer:Satellite M30X - Power Issues


There could be something wrong with the power supply electronic.
In this case you should contact the ASP in your country
because he can check it and starts some diagnostic tests.

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I need to replace the screen on my notebook but I can't find the references on the one is on. Is it possible to have this references or the references of a standard compatible model, and of course, an easy to find object :o)
thanks for tour help

Answer:Satellite M30X-115: I need to replace the screen


As far as I know the Satellite M30X was delivered with a 15.4" (1280x800) Wide View TFT color display.

Only the display dimensions are important. So if you want you can search for a 15.4" screen.
By the way; the display is one of the most expensive notebook parts. Maybe a second hand M30X or a second hand display would be a better solution as to buy a new screen for about 300$.


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I've have the new windows Vista business installed on my notebook Satellite M30x!
Now I do have a problem with my SD card reader...sometimes I have notices that if I put an SD card in but most of the time nothing happens. So there aren't any drivers or firmware till now.
I don't know what I shall do because there aren't any compatible drivers for my digicam too...
Out of that I just want my SD card reader working probably under vista!
Can someone please help me? Would be great!!

Nice greetings

Answer:Satellite M30X and the new Windows Vista


I assume you need a compatible cardbus driver for Vista.
I noticed that Toshiba provides the Vista driver not for all Toshiba notebooks.
At this time the Vista drivers are provided only for several notebook series.

I found this Toshiba document on the Support homepage and it seems Satellite M30X is not listed in the Microsoft Windows Vista driver support index ;(

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How i'm supposed to install Catalyst 7.9 driver i get a official driver from Ati and it say it can't be run on my computer. The driver on toshiba site is 7.71 (atitool profile 7.71) but Sisoft sandra 2008 gives info the driver is 6.14, when it's gonna be up-dated???

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Answer:Satellite M30x-143 - ATI Catalyst 7.9 cannot be installed

Hi Rudinho

If you check graphic cards manufacturers download page you will find instructions that for mobile computing the drivers are provided by notebook manufacturers. Unfortunately graphic drivers can not be updated so often as on desktops.

The reason is simply. With new driver the graphic card will be forced to run on the limit and the result is high temperature. High temperature can be responsible for suddenly shut downs or even for hardware damage. Because of that notebook manufacturers must deal with great care. Can you imagine what will happen if Toshiba offer some driver and result is graphic card damage?

Satellite M30x is pretty old notebook and I do not believe the driver will be updated. The same situation is for my old Satellite P20.

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Hi All!

I have a little problem:
Unfortunately there is a BIOS-Password on my Notebook. I've bought the Notebook two months ago and I can't remember that I've ever set a password. It must have been there from the beginning. Now I want to delete the password and set another one. Can anyone tell me the backdoor password for it? I know that there is one.

Thanks in advance!


Answer:BIOS Password for Satellite M30X-122


Unfortunately there is no backdoor password for the bios , if there is a password the only way to get it unregustered is to take it to an ASP so that they can just reset the password.

Sorry :(

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I have a Satellite M30X-166 bought in Portugal on April 11th 2005, running Windows XP Home edition.

I have two partitions on the hard drive, one for the SYSTEM, the other for DATA and all sort of backups. I need to reinstall the system because is vey unstable, mainly due to lack of Toshiba assistance, in general, where I am.

RECOVERY CD. (restoring or re-installing the OS)
1 - I'm confused and due to the lack of information regarding this matter I need to know if I select option 1 or 2 on the recovery CD in order to preserve/keep all data I have on the DATA partition. I understand about computer systems, installing OS(s) etc, so be shy in telling me advanced stuff.
2- If I decide to go for a non Toshiba Windows XP CD installation, for instance with Windows XP Professional, do I have any problems with it? How about keyboard functions? Drivers... etc.

3- Could you please direct/point me a Toshiba web place where I could find UPDATED drivers for my machine? (on my researches I see a couple of Satellite M30X but not exactly my model and even those the drivers are almost all from 2004).

4- I'm having problems (since we bought the notebook) playing/reading CDs recorded on another computer, in most situations the disk not being detected by the system. I would like to know if this is a known issue and how to solve it.

5- I'm losing keyboard plastic caps. Started with key "A", now also key "E". The interior brackets of the... Read more

Answer:Satellite M30X – need assistance with different issues


1.) Option 1 - only Partition 1 will be formatted
Option 2 - all Partition's will be formatted

2.) No, you should get no problems if you install "normal" Windows XP. You must only have a look at the right Installation of the Driver's (they must be installed in a right sequence).


There you have to select Satellite M30X - that's all. Here you don't have to select one model.

4.) I've heared about such an issue in another posting. May be there is a firmware upgrade available (therefor you should have a look at the device manager - for the exact ODD model).

5.) mhm, therefor i would recommend to go to an ASP - but if you have no warranty, i think you have no chance to get it from an ASP (new keyboard?).

6.) i would recommend also to go to your responsible ASP, but this is quite strange ....

Hope this will help.

br, Ben

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Simple question...

I have a Satellite M30X and I am going on holidays to South America. I am aware in the different plug type and I know in there they use different voltage (120 instead of 220 in UK)
Do I need any voltage converter or the Laptop has one incorporated internally?

Answer:Satellite M30X: Do I need a voltage converter ?

Hi Alvaro,

Your notebook works on a fairly low DC voltage which is supplied by your AC adapter (15V for your M30X)

It is quite normal for the AC adapters to offer a range of input voltages (usually 100 - 240) and this should be displayed on the label on your adapter. If you adapter is a multi-voltage unit then it should work just as well in South America on 120V as it does on 220V.


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Hi there,
on my Satellite M30X-165 I get simply no sound output, if I look in the Device Manager I see the Realtek AC97 Sound Drivers installed but if I look at the "Sound and Audio Devices" Menu in the Control Panel I see "No Audio Device", I am using the Realtek Drivers which you can get from the Toshiba Homepage, the file is called anyone got an Idea? It's a freshly installed System not more than 4 Application installed at all (not even Office installed yet)

If it's of any help I have 2 unknown devices "PCI Flash Memory" and I don't know what it might be from I have no pcmcia cards connected or anything else except Lan and mouse / keyboard.

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Answer:Satellite M30X-165 Win XP Pro SP2 Sound not working

Did the sound appear on the installed Toshiba recovery image?

If yes so I assume you have installed the OS from the Microsoft CD and the Toshiba drivers and utilities in the wrong order or some drivers are missing.

But possibly the sound doesn?t appears because of the installation of SP2.
I have read in the Sp2 installation documentation (found on the Toshiba driver page) that possibly the Yamaha AC-XG sound driver should be installed.

Anyway, please check this possibilities.

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I'm hoping someone can help...

I have a satellite M30X and I've started getting errors when trying to read CD's and DVD's.
When trying to read a disc i get the error "The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error"

I haven't installed anything recently, the error has just randomly started occuring.



Answer:I/O Error on Mat****a DVD Drive - Satellite M30X

It seems to be a simply medium reading malfunction.
Either the drive lens cannot be calibrated properly and the drive cannot read the CD/DVD or the CD / DVD are not supported and compatible.

I would say the first? Maybe the gently lens cleaning will bring help you but if not you will have to replace the drive device :(

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I have a notebook Satellite M30X-144 and I am having a problem with my DVD player(Mat****a DVD-RAM UJ-8315).

I can read CDs but when I put any kind of DVDs in it, it does not read anything.

What can I do to solve it?

Answer:DVD-RAM of Satellite M30X-144 cannot read DVDs

Hi Joao,

you have a problem with your DVD drive? I suggest you the following:

Remove the drive in the "device manager" of windows, let windows reinstall it, test if it works. If the same problem persists contact a local ASP (authorized service partner)
because then your drive is probably faulty and your machine needs to be checked by an technician.
Here a site where you can find the nearest ASP:

I hope I helped you a little bit with the problem of your Satellite M30X. ;)

Greetings from croatia

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I have a question. I have the Satellite M30x and my dealer will sell me Toshiba PA3205U-1ETC Optical Wireless mouse. In information it says it is for specific notebook models only.
Can I use it with my notebook? Has my notebook this specific wireless adaptor?

Sorry for my bad English

Answer:Can I use wirless mouse with my Satellite M30x?

Why not.
I use a wireless mouse at home. The moue station is connected to the USB port and the mouse communicates with the station wirelessly.

I don?t see any reasons why you shouldn?t be able to use such mouse.


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My Satellite M30x recently stopped recognizing any USB devices that were plugged into it, being a super huge computer biff I can only assume all my USB ports are totally knackered.

If any one has any other theories id be more than happy to hear them...thanx :)

Answer:Satellite M30x not recognizing any USB ports


Something similar happened on my notebook. The notebook stopped to recognize the external USB device (USB HDD). Someone told me it happened because I did use the ?safely remove?. Usually if you want to disconnect for example the USB HDD or USB memory stick you have to use the safely remove before disconnecting the device from the notebook.
I have simply removed all USB ports from the device manager and after notebook reboot the OS recognized every USB port again. Additional I connected my external HDD and it worked!

I don?t know what external USB devices you use but sometimes the devices cannot be recognized because the USB ports don?t provide enough power.
In such case you can disable the power safe mode in the USB hub properties in the device manager.

Good luck

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2 years and some months after I bought the M30X-165, the hard disk drive has some corruptions (its a Hitachi drive) and the manufacturer tool for checking the consistency shows some errors. Hitachi gives a warranty for three years for these HDDs (Travelstar).

1. But I guess it's not possible to get the drive replaced (because I bought it with the Toshiba system). Correct?
2. What would be a good replacement for the drive? Is [] one?

Answer:Satellite M30X-165 - broken HDD, need replacement

> 1. But I guess it's not possible to get the drive replaced (because I bought it with the Toshiba system). Correct?
From my knowledge the notebook is covered by warranty for one year. If you register the notebook on the Toshiba page you could get an one year extra warranty (in total 2 years).
If any hardware parts will die after the warranty has expired, then you have to pay for the replacement.

> 2. What would be a good replacement for the drive?
The notebook supports the IDE interface so you have to buy and IDE HDD.
Furthermore you should ensure that the HDD size is supported by BIOS.
In my opinion the 250GB are simply too much. Try a 120GB. I think it should be compatible.

Best regards

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When I connect my Satellite M30X to power it sometimes shows the power light and the battery light. It can then be switched on and will boot and run.
Most times the power light flashes and the battery light stays out: it will not switch on.

When it does switch on it will run for a period, from a minute or so up to about 4 hours, and will switch itself off at random.
At this time the power light begins to flash again and continues to flash while it is connected to power.

Answer:Power problem with Satellite M30x

There must be some problem with power supply electronic. Strange is that this problem occurs from time to time.
Sorry but if you want to get rid of it you must contact Toshiba service and let them check your notebook.

To be honest it can happen that
Whole motherboard must be exchanged and it can be pretty expensive. Maybe is time for new notebook. Satellite M30 is really old one.

What do you think about all this?

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Hello all!
Since I installed XP Pro on my comp (XP home were preinstalled), the on-screen display of functions has been missing. For example: if I pressed Fn+ESC (Mute ON/OFF), or Fn+F7 (brightness) a small sign has appeared over my screen showing a speaker with sound/without sound, or a simbol of a sun (FN+F7).
I installed all the drivers+software that was on Toshiba CD, but I cannot find this option again. (The Fn+ESC, +F7,.. works OK, but the notification sign is gone!)

can anyone help me?
Thank you!

Answer:Satellite M30X-102 - On screen of FN display gone?


could you check if you had installed the toshiba hotkey utility and FN-esse and then check if on the toshiba webpage is a nweer version to download!

Check this and then post the result

Bye Tom

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Relevance 54.94%

Dear Friends;
I guess my computer is hijacked. Whenever I turn it on, a window shows up saying it will turn down in 1 minute, and 1 minute later the computer is turned down and then restart. The cycle continues and I cannot do anything in one minute.
I need this computer to work on dissertation this summer and your advice will be very much appreciated.

Answer:hijacked and turn off in 1 minute

It's kinda hard to work blind (no logs), but I'll give it a shot.

If you're infected, it sounds like you have an unpatched version of Windows, as these symptoms are for an old worm.

I assume you're posting from another machine.

Please read this, and print out the information:

Then, you should go here:

And download to the clean system the Malicious Software Removal Tool. Save it on the system you're using to post this message, and carry it to the infected machine via USB stick drive, floppy disk or CDR.

Back at the infected machine.....

When you get the shutdown message, do this:

Go to Start>Run and quickly type in

shutdown -a

Then press Enter.

This should prevent your system from restarting.

Now copy the Malicious Software Removal Tool from whatever device you used to transport it to your system and run it.

Then, get all critical updates (Except Service Pack should not be installed on an infected machine).

When you regain some control of your system, do this:

Please download HijackThis - this program will help us determine if there are any spyware/malware on your computer. Double-click on the file you just downloaded.
Click on the "Unzip" button to install. It will by default install to the directory - C:\PROGRAM FILES\HIJACKTHIS\

Double click on HijackThis.exe to run the program.

1. If it ... Read more

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Hello everybody how are u All i hope you all are fine im new here just before a minute i register here i have a problm if someone can help me. I have a leptop of accer i did not use my laptop from few months may be one or two months.after that when i try to open my laptop i press many times the power button but my laptop could not turn on then i put my laptop in sunlight for half hour after that when i try to turn on i was successful but after going on desktop its auto turn off and then again i press the power button and again it were on but again its off after a minute .one more thing is the place where im living is very cold temperature always below from 10? so please do anyone know whats the problm and please help me what should i do???

Answer:why my laptop turn off after minute?

Hello.... I am having a hard time following what your sharing for information. English might not be your first language. If you struggle with english you can type in your native language into a Google translator and have it spit out English at the other box then copy paste that usually understandable english to the forum for help.Please share system Brand and Model NumberPlease share symptoms of how long the computer runs for before it shuts off, its critical to know if it runs for 10 seconds and shuts down or 5 minutes and shuts down.Please also share any know damage the system has taken such as any known drops or spills etc.

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Hi, I have just installed WINXP pro +Sp2 on my M30X-124.
I would like to install the tool Config Free. Anyone knows where to find it ?

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Answer:Satellite M30X-124: Tool Config Free

i had the same question. I wanted to reinstall it but the updated version needed for SP2 is not available on the website and the CD has the previous version.

It was quite easy though, just went to the download page for the Satellite M30 instead of the M30X and there it was!

just click on the link and download. :)

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Firstly Sorry for this being such a long post on my first go!!LOL

My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite M30x-128

For the last few weeks i have been charging my battery and then running from the battery until it needs charging again.

This is due to the mains connection on the back being a bit dodgy and needing to be wedged in to get it to charge.

Then the other day the DC connector in the laptop came off altogether (dry joints finally gave up). Prior to this the battery worked fine but had just gone down to about 8% power.

So I have now taken the laptop apart and resoldered the DC connector back onto the mainboard. The computer now runs perfectly via the mains.

The battery LED showed amber(as in charging) then after a few hours as normal it went green. Great i thought and so i switched the laptop off and tried to power it up via battery with no mains connected.

The laptop did not power on. Here are fault the conditions i have:

With no battery in it runs fine from mains.

with battery in runs fine from mains.

with no mains in does NOT run from battery.

Battery is seen by windows and when i remove the battery windows also recognises this and also shows as being fully charged.

basically everything looks like it should be ok and work ok but it doesn't

Answer:Satellite M30x-128: Runs on mains but not on battery

Anybody with any clues?

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I am having a propblem when typing in all applications.
The cursor jumps all of a sudden somewhere else within the text and what l am typing is written there .
Any ideas please , because it really is disturbing .

Thanks replies

Answer:Toshiba Satellite M30X - cursor jumps around

I had the same problem. Visit and you'll find the solution. I hope so.

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