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Satellite M40: Recovery procedure hangs on restart after using recovery CD

Question: Satellite M40: Recovery procedure hangs on restart after using recovery CD

Hi all

I have a customers Sat M40-197 which was badly messed up with malware so I did a full recovery using the supplied disc which has the product number PMR400490EN0. After restart the system just hangs in normal mode, and on safe mode I notice that the last line logged is Mup.sys but even in that mode the system still doesn't start. I've tried using Ghost in advanced mode not resizing the partition but no matter what I try I can't get it to start.

Before I take what I think is my only option of using a standard OEM XP Home disc and installing using the supplied product key I was wondering if anyone had any solutions to this?

Thanks in advance.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite M40: Recovery procedure hangs on restart after using recovery CD

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite M40: Recovery procedure hangs on restart after using recovery CD


sounds first like some Recovery CD error. I mean it?s possible that the CD is physically damaged or whatever and then some data may be corrupted.

If not then I would assume the following reasons:

- HDD is not properly formatted -> reformat it completely and create one BIG partition
- HDD is faulty -> check the HDD with some special HDD tool from the manufacturer (in most cases you can download it from the manufacturers website)
You can also download "UBCD4WIN" (just google for it) and check your HDD with the integrated tools
- The memory could be faulty -> use the "UBCD4WIN" and check the memory with "PI" or "SuperPI"

Thats it..


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Hello, I was given the laptop minus the hard drive, I istalled a suitable HDD, but the CD-ROM external drive, it is the correct one, is not recognised.

I followed these instructions:

All goes well, but after step 8 I get the prompt A : \>_ with the last symbol flashing I entered C then U but I get the message: bad command.

Could anyone help?
Thanks Richard

Answer:Portege 3500 - Hangs on step 8 during the recovery procedure

Hello Richard

Have you created bootable floppy disc using downloadable exe file?
Step 8 means you must start your notebook using floppy disc drive as first bootable device. To force notebook to use external FDD as first bootable device you can use U button on keyboard at start up.

When notebook starts and you press U button the disc in connected FDD will start to read inserted disc. Is that exactly how it happened?

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Hi All,
I am having a problem with my Toshiba Satellite P10-304, the problem is that I can not factory recover it, It wont boot up to windows xp so I need to recover it, Anyway. When i put in 1/2 Recovery disc it works fine. recovery comes up asking...

"1...Recover Entire Hard Disk
2...Expert Recovery Mode

I choose number one, once i have pressed one a similar screes comes up saying...

The Contents of the hard disk will be deleted

Again i press number one for continue. Now once i press this the screen goes black and a message reading...

"GDISK (E) No Suck Fixed Disk --1
GDISK (E) No Suck Fixed Disk --1"

Teh screen goes blank again and toshiba screen flashes up for less than a second and goes blank again, with the words


Press Any Key To Continue"

Once i press any key the screen remains black with this message now on the montior.

"Date :Mon Aug 1 12:51:36 2005
Error Nmber : (11030)
Message: Invalid Destination drive

[PgUp]/[PgDn] [ESC]"

once i press esc this screen comes up and this is were i can not go any further.



This is were i am stuck and can not get this far. I dont think when recovering this it is meant to go this far but it has, Is there any other way to reset the laptop maybe a reset button under one of the panels underneath or somewere ... Read more

Answer:Satellite P10-304 and recovery procedure

I am sorry to say that this sounds like a junked HDD.

Can you boot from a FDD and see the HDD at all. If you can then I would suggest trying to format the disc this way and then trying a recovery.

If not then you should get a new disc.

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I have a problem with the power saver on my Satellite M70, every time i run my toshiba it took around 10 min at windows startup and then it shows an error message and it is really annoying.

I tried reinstalling the power saver but nothing changed. I couldnt find a solution so I decided to use the CD recovery. The problem is that I have very important files around 50 GB on my D: Drive, and all the system files are on the C: drive. It is really hard to copy them on dvds. so can I do the recovery only to C: drive?

If so, Please give me a fast procedure.
Please reply as soon as possible and thanks in advance...

Answer:Satellite M70: Question about the recovery procedure

If you want to recover the OS with the recovery CD and will not loose the data and files on the D: partition so you have to use the expert recovery procedure.
This expert mode allows you to choose the partition where the OS should be installed.
In this case only the data on the C partition will be deleted.

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Some months ago, I purchased a Toshiba Laptop Model No L450D-13X !( Old mode)l!complete with the recovery disc ! ? Having a few problems I decided to use the Recovery Disc , only to find that ' D ' partition which should contain data, was 'empty' ?? I understand from a friend that I can obtain assistance from Toshiba at cost.! Perhaps someone will kindly advise me on the procedure ? Many thanks for your time

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I recently bought Recovery Disc's for my laptop.

However after the first disc finishes it tells me to insert the second recovery medium wich should contain the next part of the recovery (15535xsp9.swm).

To bad this does not work and I hope someone has a way to figure this out.


Answer:Satellite C670D-19E - Recovery procedure cannot be finished


Problem is that there is nothing you can do about it and it is not possible to ?force? recovery procedure to finish properly. Either it works or not.
I presume something goes wrong with recovery disc creation and my opinion is that you must contact Arvato if you have order it there and explain the situation. They should send you new recovery disc.

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I have just brought a Toshiba Satellite A300-1j1 laptop, and at the same time got the upgrade to Vista Ultimate disk at the same time.

Straight out I went to do a soft upgrade to Ultimate, which failed, and the laptop restored to Premuim.

Stupidly I then immediately went for a hard install to Ultimate which 'worked', but obviously the drivers to run the laptop was not installed, so I decided to go back to Factory settings, and try getting Ultimate on again.

However using F8 on boot up is not giving me the option to restore, and I have since learnt that I should have make a set of recovery disks, which I did not do.

The installation data is still on the 'E' drive, so is there anyway I can still use it to make these discs, or what should I do?

Thank you for your help,


Answer:Satellite A300-1J1: Cannot use F8 to start the HDD recovery procedure

>?.and I have since learnt that I should have make a set of recovery disks, which I did not do.
That is your biggest mistake.
>The installation data is still on the 'E' drive, so is there any way I can still use it to make these discs, or what should I do?
There is nothing you can do to create recovery DVD. if you want to have original recovery DVD you must buy it.
For this check please

Sorry buddy :(

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I have a toshiba Satellite U500 with windows 7 home premium

Just had a toshiba HDD recovery everything went smoothly except at the end where you get the please wait screen saying fishing will take several minutes...etc

It have been retarting the computer for over 10 times now with sign of ending this insanity.

So should I wait a little more or this is taking too long
Sorry for any errors I'm using my cell phone

Answer:Satellite U500 - Recovery procedure take very long


Don?t worry? the recovery process takes some time and in my case it took more than 1 hour.
I?m not quite sure how often the notebook restarted during the recovery but it restarted several times?
You should wait simply until the recovery process has finished.

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I have a Satellite A30 and have just done a complet reinstall from the product recovery discs. My question refers to how much hard disk space should be taken up aftre the reinstall.
My hard drive is 4.95gb full following the procedure which is a lot higher than I'd have expected.

Also having analysed the drive with defragmenter I seem to have twice as much of the drive taken up with green, unmoveable files as blue, contiguous files. Should the unmoveable files be there and if not how to I remove them?

This is where I would guess the extra hard drive space is being lost if it is being lost?


Answer:Satellite A30: HDD size after recovery procedure and defragment


It?s not easy to say exactly how much space should be taken after the recovery procedure.
I far as I know on the Recovery CD you will find the whole Windows XP OS, the Toshiba driver and utilities plus the additional software like OneNote, WinDVD, etc?
This additional software could take the most of the space on the HDD apart from the OS.

The blue unmovable files belong to the Windows OS and therefore the files are placed together.

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I am doing a recovery procedure on the C660D and disks load and set up but then as system starts to coordinate the features it appears to lock on the Realtek Audio set up. Is there a revised procedure that sorts this. My recovery discs came with the machine so are a few years old now. Can I download an improved procedure? Any help will be appreciated.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite running WXP home edition. Ran the recovery CD last night, have run it before and had no problems. But this time... after running it with no errors, it asks at the very end to remove the CD and hit any key to continue.

Which I did. The system then boots up show the Toshiba splash screen, and then goes to a small blinking cursors in the upper left hand corner of screen. Cannot mover cursor, screen is black in background.
CTRL+ALT+DELETE doesn?t work.
Hit the power button same scenario.
Ran the recovery CD again, same scenario as above.
Then booted up from Linux CD, shows my HD and contents etc. Ran chkdsk from the Linux CD.
No problems.

Is the recovery CD flawed?

Answer:Re: Cannot finish recovery procedure on my Satellite notebook

Which Satellite do you have exactly?
While recovery installation runs hast you saw usual activity on the screen?

I think problem is Linux. Try to rewrite MBR before you start recovery installation.

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I got problem in my Satellite A300-y00, which are virus, trojan or more threats.
I want to ask if is it possible to resend back to Toshiba to reformat as a new one again?
I mean that will they install the same software with included everything such as a new one in order to delete all threats.

Will it cost more?

Answer:Can I send Satellite A300-y00 for recovery procedure


As I?m not mistaken the A300 was equipped with the HDD recovery option.
This means that you can recover the notebook and set it to factory settings very easly and without usage of the Recovery DVD!!!

So power up the notebook, press the F8 button and choose the option called ?Repair my Computer?.
Then a new screen should appear and there you will have to choose the last option called Toshiba Recovery or something like that.
Then follow the instruction on the screen.

The whole HDD should be formatted and new OS with all the drivers should be installed

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I've failed with bios update which I had taken the bios file from toshiba's official support page. I'm sure that I had chosen the right bios file. But something is wrong and my laptop is bricked, now.

I'm trying to recover the bios with Phoenix Crisis Recovery. I've tried 2-3 variety of the Crisis Recovery.

I have old, stable bios backup, so I'm trying to recover with this old bios file. I've tried Win+B, FN+B, Win+F, FN+F, Fn+Esc, U key combination for crisis recovery.
By the way, I'm using 1GB FAT formated usb drive for this purpose. The machine beeps every time, and I'm waiting for 10 mins or more after the beeps.

I've put the bios file to usb disk with a lot of names "bios.wph", ".fd", "bios.fd". Also I've tried to use usb floppy, but the bios file is 2MB, so I couldn't do that.

I've also tried insyde recovery solution. I don't know the right file name for the recovery.
I've looked the bios file with a hex editor, but I haven't find the file name (for example bios.fd or something)

Please *don't* suggest for sending laptop to service solution. I have to fix this in *1-2 days* and the service is so far from me and they work slow. If I send to service, I won't take the laptop for 2 weeks.

What can I do, What is the working procedure? If toshiba allow us to update bios, they must support for recovering it, too. ASP is not a solution for everytime.

*Any help* will be appreciated.

Best Regards.

Answer:BIOS Recovery procedure for Satellite U400-138 PSU44E


You should visit this site:

There was the user, who could recover his a500 reading above mentioned forum.

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I have the some error-code, but my cd and the notebook (SATELLITE P200D-11MX) are both new.
The "first-start" Installation already failed, then I tried the recover Option and got this error.

What is the Problem?
And: Can I Install Vista again if I formate the whole HDD? And how to do this?

Thank you for help.

Answer:Satellite P200D-11MX: Question about the recovery procedure

Hi Philipp

It is very stupid situation. I have Satellite P200D too and have recovered my notebook several times. Everything works well and I am really confused now. Can you please write what happen exactly when you try to install OS using delivered recovery media?

You can install Vista any time you want. Why you want to format the HDD? You don?t want to use ?factory settings??

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Two problems really

One my CD / DVD drive is playing up.

I can not record dvd'd / cds on it.

I can however watch DVD's / CDS on it.

I have tried different brands to cds but doesnt solve this.

So i decided to restore my computer to default to see if this solves it however i get the message


and it wont let me restore the default settings

Any help much appreciated


Answer:Recovery procedure starts with error message - Satellite L10-333

And you use delivered recovery media? Is this first time you try to use it?

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I am trying to perform a complete system recovery. I get to the part that says "Output A:\GHOST.ERR?"

If I do Y or N the message says "Cannot read from file". If this problem persists, please contact TOSHIBA support center or contact symantec support.
Then the recovery fails.

Any clues?

Answer:Satellite M45-S269 - Output A:\GHOST.ERR while Recovery procedure


It looks like it?s not possible to read from the inserted recovery disk.
How did you perform the recovery procedure?

You have inserted the right recovery disk and have booted from this disk. Right?
Usually the recovery should start and the installation should run smoothly?

If this is not the case then the Recovery disks could be damage, scratched, etc?

Just one question; is it possible to boot using other bootable disk like original Win XP CD or Linux disk?
Check this because this would help to discover what?s wrong exactly?

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I just had a bit of trouble installing a piece of software which, in the end I was able to sort out with a system restore. This process caused me some concern at the time as I couldn't get the software uninstalled correctly (I had to download a program from the maker to uninstall it!)

At one point I considered restoring my Satellite P100-188 notebook with the product recovery disk, the thing is I have never done this before and was wondering if someone could tell me the best sequence to do this for future reference.

I have a standard Windows Media Centre Edition OS, a product recovery disk, an Express Media Player disk and a Drivers and Tools CD which I created when I got the notebook.

I have a printout saying to restore Express Media Player before Windows, does this mean I have to insert this disk, install Express Media Player, then insert the product recovery disk to install Windows?

Does the Express Media Player disk format the drive? This isn't clear to me and I don't want to run into problems when I eventually do have to re-install my Operating System.

I've searched this forum in order to see if this information was already posted and couldn't find any relevant information, all I can find are problems with using recovery disks and missing disks.

If it has been posted before could you supply me with a link, and forgive me asking for the information again.

Answer:Satellite P100-188: How to perform the product recovery procedure?

Hello Gary

If you want to have clean preinstalled OS the best solution is to use delivered recovery media. If the Express media player works well leave it as it is and use the recovery DVD only for clean OS installation. That?s all!

Tools and Utility CD can be used if you need it to reinstall any of Toshiba designed tools or if you want to install your own OS using Microsoft installations CD. If you have more questions please post again.

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I am trying to re-install my notebook (Satellite 2550CDT), but pushing the C won't start the recovery cdrom's which I have. I am following the instructions. What do I have to do to re-install the notebook?


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Answer:Satellite 2550: Pushing 'C' won't start the recovery procedure

Hi Jasper,

Normally you just need to press and hold the 'C' key during the initial power-on until the notebook issues a series of beeps. However you can also press the F12 key during the inital power on to enter the BIOS device selection menu from which you can select your CD-ROM drive as the initial boot device.


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I want to reboot my Satellite 1100 using the recovery CD. Unfortunately I put in the wrong CD and the keyboard has frozen. When I start up I can press F2 for 'start-up' but cannot do anything after that.
Any ideas how I can unfreeze things and get back to normal?

Answer:Keyboard on Satellite 1100 froze during recovery procedure


Put recovery CD into CD/DVD drive, switch notebook ON and press C button immediately. Keep it down for a few seconds and this will force notebook to boot up choosing CD/DVD drive as first booting device.

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I'd be very grateful if someone could offer me a solution or advice with reinstalling Windows from the Toshiba Product Recovery DVD. After getting the motherboard on my Toshiba M60 (code PSM60A-0C7OOD) replaced I get the Wrong machine message when I try to reinstall Windows.

I've read through the threads about updating the DMI but after trying to run the boot CD I got error saying that "no matching platform id was found" and so am unable to get it to work. I'm not sure if this is because the Toshiba M60 is not supported by the dmi updates...

I've noticed that in System Information the system model is listed as 0000000000000000000. Am I right in thinking that is the problem and if I was able to change that to the correct model number the Product Recovery DVD will work correctly.

Many thanks, Mike.

Answer:'Wrong Machine' message on Satellite M60 during Recovery procedure

Hello Mike

I am not expert but, as far as I know, a WRONG MACHINE message will appear if the DMI string and label on the image don?t match. In my opinion you should contact service again and let them write DMI information. Obviously they have forget it.

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Hi my name is Kanwar. I live in Toronto, Ca.

I purchased A300 toshiba laptop 3 month back, and made recovery DVDs the same time :-)
But i faced some problem and did tried to do recovery and i erased all data after taking backup, but while using my 1st DVD i faced a problem that PREINST2.SWM file is missing after about 12 minutes.

My DVD is brand new, without any scratches.
Also while creating the recovery discs, there was no issue, it got 100% successful.

What can i do now?
I need the laptop in my studies very urgent and its .....
I left message on 1-800- Toshiba also, but got no response :-(

Help me
u may reply here and forward on [email protected]

Answer:PREINST2.SWM file is missing while recovery procedure on Satellite A300


Did you try to use the HDD recovery procedure (if possible)???

Press F8, while notebook powering up. Choose repair my computer.
Then a new window will open. Then you could start the recovery from HDD.
But this would be possible if the HDD recovery folder has not been changed.

If HDD recovery is not possible, I recommend formatting the HDD using an Windows XP CD.
Then try to boot from the Toshiba Recovery DVD again.

Check it out

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I'm in trouble... I used the recovery CD last week after my laptop developed problems. After the recovery procedure, when i turn on the pc, it loads directly into 'Owner' mode - the internet driver did not load, Norton AV that came with the pc did not load. Basically it's a shadow of its former self!

And when i try and retry the recovery process it does not does not read the disc.
I know that the recovery process did not work properly cos when i look at C: it still shows that 60 Gb of data is present on the hard drive, so the recovery did not clean the hard drive at all.

The only way i can describe it, is that the pc is in some sort of limbo. I can't access the original accounts that i created.

The recovery disc is still okay as i have 'explored' the disc on another computer and it contains all the data.

Please help.

Answer:Satellite A100 doesn't load the OS correctly after recovery procedure

Sounds a bit like the problem I'm having with an A100 recovery disc. Mine formats the PC, unpacks
a load of stuff and then freezes up.

Like you, I can read the DVD in another PC. I wonder if there is a duff batch of recovery DVDs?

I think I'll try installing XP from another installation disc. It'll be a bit of a pain in the neck
because it'll not authenticate with MS, but at least it'll prove whether or not the laptop hardware is duff.

I'll post back here when (if) I get anywhere.

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Hi there,
please help me!!

I tried to recover my Laptop with my original Toshiba recovery cd, but at decompression 14 % i got an error.., named :
Windows - Delayed Write Failed
Windows was unable to save all the data for the file\Device\Harddisk\volume2\I386\OEMBIOS.Bl_. The data has been lost.
This error may be caused by a falure of your Computer Hardware or network connection. Please try to save this file elsewhere.

So i dont know what to do..
Is the problem that my harddisk is broken? but i dont think so because when i install with Windows XP Home Edition OEM i come up to 91 % and then comes another error :((

Please help me , does anyone know what i can do?

Please answer fast.. I need my Laptop tomorrow :*(

Greets, Tobias Erdmann

Answer:Satellite A100-153: Error message appears during recovery procedure


I assume you have used you original Recovery CD which was shipped with this notebook. Therefore I don?t think it?s a CD problem but possibly with your HDD.
Did you try to format the whole HDD? Please delete all partitions and format the HDD before OS installation?

If the OS installation will not works or will break up in the middle of the procedure then the hardware should be checked. The A100 is not very old unit and therefore the warranty should be valid. If a new HDD is needed you should get it for free.

Good luck and please report if you know more details?

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I have Windows 7 Home Premium edition (64 Bit) in my Toshiba Satellite laptop (L650-12Q) and after a fresh start the Windows stopped working. I have a recovery disk which didn't load (I ended up with the pointer in a blank screen) and the windows 7 installation disk wouldn't work either (same thing). Safe mode doesn't work either.

This probably means that the partition has a problem am I right? - I have used Ubuntu Live CD which confirmed that c:\ cannot be mounted although d:\ can.

The problem however, is two fold: a) I'm not sure whether aspects of my data are accessible or not (I can't check this) and b) I can't re-install Windows, as the Windows 7 installation process doesn't work.

Any ideas please on what to do next? I would like to access the partition, have searched the internet (even tried with a Windows 98/XP boot disc) but didn't have any luck as the partition is written in a newer way, which isn't detected by them...

Thank you in advance.

Answer:Satellite L650-12Q - Windows 7 recovery procedure doesn't work

> I have a recovery disk which didn't load (I ended up with the pointer in a blank screen)...
Do you use it for the first time?

Anyway, try to start recovery disc following these steps:
-Start notebook model and when you see Toshiba welcome screen press F12 several times to enter Boot options
-when the boot menu is shown put recovery disc into optical disc drive
-in menu choose CD/DVD drive and press ENTER
ODD should start reading recovery disc.

What happen when you do this?

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I tried to run the recovery CD i received on my laptop. the process runs perfectly, (I have only one CD, I don't know if I need a second one). At the end of the process I get the option to insert the second CD, or skip.
Since I only have one CD i press skip.

I am told that the installation is complete and I can restart my system.
So I removed the disc and I tried restarting the system. The system goes to a black screen (on which it indicates that Microsoft is loading) and then hangs. This was the problem I was facing before recovery.

Basically the recovery process has not worked. I don't think I did anything very wrong, unless I need a second CD. What could be the problem?

Help me please!!

Answer:Satellite A100 system goes to a black screen after recovery procedure


The A100 is a one of the newest notebooks series and as far as I know the Toshiba image was placed only on one recovery CD (DVD).
I think the message and the option to insert the second CDconfuses a little bit.

In my opinion the black screen and the freezing has nothing to do with the Recovery procedure and the new installation if Windows OS.
Due to the fact that this issue happened before you have installed the OS from the recovery CD, I presume there must be something wrong with the hardware.

But it?s very interesting to know if the same problem appears after the clean Windows installation from the original Microsoft CD.

It's worth a try.

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I have Satellite laptop which I bought with Vista Home Basic recovery CD two years ago. Unfortunately, because of some viruses came up I had to format it and install windows XP. In same time I have lost the original CD recovery which is came with the laptop.

Later, I wanted to come back to the original CD recovery mode. I requested once on (Toshiba Europe Backup Media Online Shop) to get the original recovery CD and I have received from them the recovery CD based on my laptop model number.

Now, When I run the recovery CD and complete the formatting and insulation steps and turn on the laptop it will always hanging (stuck) in the black screen where windows Vista is loading

What is reason of this problem? Could this because the recovery CD was wrong? Or because I should do some steps before formatting the XP and installing Vista? How I can contact Toshiba Europe Backup Media Online Shop to get help?

The product information:

Device name: A200-1CR
Device number: PSAE0E-02G00YAR
Serial number: 47464396K
Product Group: SATELLITE

Toshiba Europe Backup Media Online Shop: []

Answer:Satellite A200 - Recovery hangs


Have you tried to use the recovery disk again? Maybe something goes wrong during the installation.

Furthermore I have founded this on the Toshiba that you should check:

Are you able to install Windows from a Microsoft disk? So you can determine if the notebook works properly without hardware problems.


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I have had to do a windows re-install on my satellite laptop but I have lost the disks that came with it. I have another copy of Windows XP and am trying to use it to reinstall but it hangs where it says "Setup is starting windows" I presume this is a driver error.

How can I get a disk that will let me re-install windows XP on my laptop.


Answer:Satellite P10-304: OS installation hangs - Where to get the recovery CD?


Well, it's possible that your other Windows version doesn't include a SP1.
However, if you have lost your Toshiba recovery CD so you can order it from the Toshiba service partner in your country.
It's not expensive.

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I have an A300-21i and it wont boot. It wont recover using the image as the image seems to be corrupt and it wont re-install with the recovery disks it always hangs at around 52% whilst unpacking the OS from image X.

I have however proved that it is not the machine as I have managed to install Win XP Pro on it and everything is fine. BUT I would like to return it to factory condition as I would like to sell it.
I would appreciate any thoughts on this

Many thanks

Answer:Re: Satellite A300-21I - Recovery hangs at 52%


I have never noticed a problem with my Toshiba recovery disks but have you tried to format the HDD before you use the recovery disk? Therefore you can use a Microsoft XP disk to format the whole HDD.
After this boot from Toshiba recovery disk again and follow the screen instructions.
Does it work?

Furthermore it would be interesting to know if it?s possible to install Windows with a Microsoft disk. Can you please check this?
Maybe the Toshiba recovery disk is scratchy or it?s a HDD malfunction and so it always hangs during the installation.


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I've been running my Satellite Pro L20 for two years now, quite happily. Unfortunately, in the past 3 months it has started to misbehave. The startup time stretched to 5-10 mins by that I mean the time spent in the 'black' screen between the initial XP boot up logo and the Windows startup light blue screen. Playing sound/media crackled and stuttered badly through the speaker. So, being reasonable technical I read various forum items tried MSCONFIG tweaks here and there, removed all viruses etc no avail.

I was beginning to suspect an HDD problem. Chkdsk didn't show any errors. I finally resolved to backup my data and try a full recovery. (virgin!)

Unfortunately, this didn't go to plan. 90% way through completion the Toshiba Recovery Utility ver I think, started making subtle beeps and stopped on the 'X:\03596002'.GHS file. The green HDD activity light desisted from its reassuring blink. Nothing.

Any tips suggestions out there? Currently I'm in the state where it can't boot up (no NTLDR found).



Answer:Satellite Pro L20 - Recovery utility hangs and does not complete

chkdsk is not really good for checking bad sectors. You should use a proper HDD testing tool such as Hitachi DFT (bootable cd or floppy). Run the Advanced test to check for bad sectors.

Also give the memory a test. (also a bootable cd or floppy)

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The recovery disk supplied does not work. After installing all the files, it goes into a loop from booting up with "Installing Windows for the first time, through "Please wait", to flashing up the home screen then logging off and rebooting.

Is there a fix for this?

Answer:Satellite L450D-11G - Hangs after recovery installation

And, as an added entertainment, the disks I made to restore the 64bit Windows 7, using the Recovery Media Creator, exhibits the same problem! So, now I have one totally useless laptop

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While using Product recovery disc to repair my Laptop it hang after displaying Language page.

Meaning when it displays language select ,I select language and press next ,no action further it remains there.......I can move only pointer.

Can some assist how to solve the problem.

Answer:Satellite L40 hangs while using product recovery disc

> Meaning when it displays language select ,I select language and press next ,no action further it remains there

maybe, your recovery disk is corrupted. What if you try with Windows copy disk?

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A few days ago out of the blue, my laptop began to take a very long time at the login welcome loading screen. Even after that, it gets stuck at a black screen with only the cursor (which you can still move around).  This all takes about 15-20 minutes, after which the desktop loads.  The happens when I shut down the computer and restart it, but not after awakening from hibernation. So for a while I only used hibernation instead of shutting the computer off.I eventually got tired of this and decided to try to restore the laptop to factory default using the built in one key recovery.  The problem is that when I try to get the computer to boot into recovery mode, either through restarting from the application or booting from shut down by pressing the one key button, it still hangs like before and just loads windows. I'm currently running Windows 7 (what was originally on the laptop). I'm also wondering of there is a way to boot into the one key recovery environment from a USB instead, maybe that could be a solution around this. If anyone could kindly provide steps on how to go about doing this, I think that it would be worth a shot!Anyone have any other ideas for how to fix this? Help is greatly appreciated.

Answer:Lenovo Y570 hangs when loading desktop; One key recovery not booting to recovery mode

Do a boot time analysis using event viewer by following this tutorial: I think there's no way to boot to the One Key Recovery that is stored on a USB. However, you can clean install Windows 7 from a USB boot by following this Don't forget to make a factory reset discs using OKR software within this location C:\Program Files\Lenovo\OneKey App\OneKey Recovery\OneKey Recovery.exe (at least 3 are needed when I did mine).

Lenovo Y470: i7-2670QM | 8 GB DDR3 1333 MHz RAM | Nvidia GeForce GT 550M | 500 GB 7200 RPM Seagate HDD | ASUS PCE-AC56 802.11ac Network Adapter | Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

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My daughters laptop. She wanted me to restore her computer to factory settings. It is running Vista Home Premium 32 bit. I have tried the restore disks 4 times now with pretty much the same results. It will get all the way to the "Applying Final Configuration where it installs the User Manual and the Desktop Links and then just sits there. After reading several posts here with the same issue, I decided to let it sit all night. This morning it had timed out. I clicked the mouse button to wake it up. It goes to the logon screen. It shows the Admin logon and says that the Admin account has been locked, Please see your system administrator. How can that be? It will not let me in! My only choice is to restart the system. After restarting, it brings up the AFC screen and reinstalls the same two files User Manual and Links and then just sits there.

I can minimize the AFC screen which I did and then I changed the power settings to never time out. I have the WiFi button turned off as requested by the AFC screen as it will not install the User Manual and the Links file with WiFi turned on. I don't know what else to do.

Anybody have some insights on this? How about if I was to totally format the HD and then try to restore? Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite L355D-S7825 - Hangs during recovery installation

Hi Poppi,

What you mean with ?AFC screen??

Well, if recovery installation doesn?t work properly it?s either hardware or recovery disk malfunction...

Can you install Windows from a normal Microsoft disk properly?

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Product recovery disc will not work, hangs on step 2 of setup.

Help appreciated

Answer:Satellite L300 - Product recovery disc hangs on step 2 of setup


Do you mean you cannot create the Recovery disk or do you mean that you cannot finish the recovery installation procedure???

If you cannot finish creating the recovery disk then you should test different disks from different manufacturers. In most cases this helps?

I?m using Verbatim DVD-R?

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I have got a problem recovering SATELLITE P500. I had made the recovery disks. It boots ok from the recovery disk and formats the hard drive and copies the disks to the hard drive. It then starts windows setup and reboots.

Then it goes to a loop
1) Start up and says "Setup is preparing your computer for first use"
2) Toshiba banner saying please wait... Finnishing installation may take several minutes. Pleae do not interupt or shutdown the computer!
3) Windows logo
4) Shutting down...
5) restarts and goes to 1)

It would be great if some one could help me with this.

Many thanks,

Answer:Satellite P500 - Restart loop after using Toshiba recovery disk


I have noticed the same on my Satellite P500 but I must say it?s not an issue, it?s absolutely normal. The notebook will restart several times (10 times or more) to finish the installation.

You must know that a lot of drivers/tools will be installed and certain restart must be done to configure everything properly.

So don?t interrupt the recovery installation, just wait a little bit longer and drink a coffee. Everything happens automatically and your notebook will be reinstalled with factory settings. :)

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Im attempting to do a full factory restore on my T420. Im able to boot up with the recovery media and use FR disk 1 to get to the point of copying the file \recovery.ini. The Overall Progress bar shows a little under half way. At this point the system asks for FR Disk 2. The option to burn this disk when creating the media was not present and the create recovery media ended successfully while burning only the 2 disks (boot disk and FR disk 1). Ive done factory restores on tons of T500's and x220's for work and typically when you get to this point you can select NO when prompted for disk 2 and recovery continues and finishes successfully since disk 2 contains elements not essential to the factory restore. Ive clicked NO and it goes back to the recovery progress window...... and just sits there. No error messages, the system is not locked up, but no HD activity, no progress meter movement and the optical drive is silent. Ive never seen a recovery like this. Ive waited for an hour or so with no activity. No error messages... but no activity. All the buttons at the bottom are grayed since its in the middle of the process so the only option is to wait..... Anyone else ran into this?

Answer:Product recovery hangs at recovery.ini

Hi enforcer,
I don't have anything useful to suggest - except this one random thought.  Can you minimize the window when the install is "hanging"? (sorry, I don't recall if this is even possible during a restore...)  I've seen a few cases when a popup window pops up _behind_ the main window.  You can't see the popup to click "done" or whatever, and the main window is locked until you do.
Just tossing *stuff* at the wall,

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Had to use Recovery disc recently only to discover, too late, that I had lost the two media creator discs to completer the reboot.

Can't find them on the basic home page - help!

Answer:Satellite C650 - Cannot find recovery discs to perform full recovery

Recovery disk cannot be downloaded.
You can order it for a small fee.

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Hello all, I have a Satellite L675. In the recovery wizard, there is an option for "Erasing the internal hard drive". According to the user manual, I am given the following warning: "Erasing the internal storage drive will delete all data on the drive, including the partitions",

Will this recovery wizard option actually delete the hidden recovery partitions (sda1 and sda3), wiping the entire hard drive, or just the user-created partitions (sda2, AKA C

Thanks for clarification on this.

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I have a Satellite U400 (few years old), and I never created the recovery DVD.
Now I want to do it, but for some reasons, when I launch Toshiba recovery disc creator, nothing happens...
The partition with the recovery files is there, as well as the folder HDDRecovery. I did add some files to this partition, could this be the problem ?

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Satellite U400 Impossible to create recovery DVD with Recovery disc creator

>I did add some files to this partition, could this be the problem ?
No. if you didn?t change partitions structure this should not be the problem.

Question is: does Toshiba recovery disc creator start or not? If you cannot star this tool it has nothing to do with recovery files.
Can you find this file - C:\Program Files\Toshiba\TOSHIBA Recovery Disc Creator\TRORDCLauncher.exe ?

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I have a Satellite L670 PSK3EE-xxxxx

When I launch Toshiba Recovery Media Creator I have two errors :
Unxcepted error, please close the app and relaunch :


Then it displays the soft and ask for 3 DVD...
Any idea why ?
Where Could I download a new version of Toshiba Recovery Media Creator ?

Thanks by advance

Answer:Satellite L670 PSK3EE - Recovery Recovery Media Creator ERRORS

Toshiba recover creator asks for 3 DVDs because three empty DVDs are needed in order to create an Recover Disk!

PS: I found Toshiba Recover Media Creator for download on this Toshiba Australian page:

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I get a message that Windows failed.
Status: 0xc000000e
Info: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible.

It instructs me to insert the windows installation disc, restart, and run "repair your computer".  However, I did not receive an installation disc, only a utilities disk (which does not boot)
What do I do now?

Answer:Inspiron M5030 recovery boot issue. Recovery disk does full restore and starts Win7, which operates fine. But on restart, windows will not boot.

1. Reseat the hard disk drives, reseat the controller and monitor. 2. Perform chkdsk /r on the RAID volume. 3. Run diagnostics on the hard disk drives and controller and replace as necessary.
Additional Information:
Event ID 1001 is logged in the System event log. Log Name: System Source: Microsoft-Windows-WER-SystemErrorReporting Date: 12.08.2013 11:23:04 Event ID: 1001 Task Category: None Level: Error Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: Description: The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x000000f4 (0x0000000000000003, 0xfffffa800644ab30, 0xfffffa800644ae10, 0xfffff80001be07b0). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: 031214-68266-01 Review of the memory dump files using Debugging Tools for Windows will result in output similar to the following.BugCheck 7A, {fffff6fc40040128, ffffffffc000000e, 6454cbe0, fffff88008025000} Probably caused by : ntkrnlmp.exe ( nt! ?? ::FNODOBFM::`string'+36c1a ) Debugging Details: ------------------ ERROR_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc000000e - A device which does not exist was specified. DISK_HARDWARE_ERROR: There was error with disk hardwareBugCheck F4, {3, fffffa8006332b30, fffffa8006332e10, fffff80001b8e7b0} ----- ETW minidump data unavailable----- Probably caused by : csrss.exe CRITICAL_OBJECT_TERMINATION (f4)
Look below for more details
Source :

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Hello, I need to restore my friends Toshiba Satellite L650 labtop using the factury software restored image on the HDD, the question is do I need any multi disks doing this operation? He can't find any CD/DVD's that probably came with his labtop so I'm wondering if I need any....

Answer:Re: HDD recovery procedure

Hello, you can restore your computer with a GHO image file if you made one by installation of Win7. Use system restore program. I am not sure I have answered your question...

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Im trying to initiate the HDD recover using this tutorial:

and uptill now ive never been able to get past the keyboard layout seletion as my hard drive isnt working proeprly but finaly today ive been able to get past it twice in a row but instead of a log on screen like the tutorialshows i get a box with a red circle and white X and it says somthing along the lines of i must log in before i can use this feature and to contact my system admin press ok to restart. So how do i make it so im automaticaly logged in before i reach this stage is there somthing i can do in the bios as i can access that no problem without it crashing.

Thnx, Ross

Answer:F8 - HDD recovery procedure, cant log on

The whole HDD recovery procedure has nothing to do with BIOS.

Your story is pretty confusing and I don?t understand this with ?red circle and white X?.
I have done recovery numerous times and have never saw something like this.
I can just imagine that recovery image is missing and due to this you get this message.

Can you please tell me on which step you have problems? Can you maybe make a photo?

On step 2 just click on NEXT.
On step 3 be sure your user name is right one (the same as on Windows login). If you use login password put it there but if not just leave it empty and click on NEXT.

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Talk about confusing. Does anyone know how to get a Toshiba C660 working after the HDD has failed and the owner has stupidly NOT followed the instructions to make a recovery disk. Will the recovery disk ( if you purchase one from Toshiba ) rebuild the new HDD along with a new recovery partition and install windows 7 (original OS ) and accept the product key printed on the Windows License attached to the base of the laptop. I have read a number of suggestions but these have been deemed incorrect by others.

Surely Toshiba must have a way of sorting this problem.

Do they read these posts ?

Answer:Satellite L660-12Q - Would recovery disk rebuild the new HDD along with a new recovery partition

Hi buddy?

I don?t think that this is really complicated? I could find all info regarding the recovery procedure in the user manual?

The recovery disk has to be created at the first day of purchase? its recommended to create one in cases something would be wrong with the HDD.

The recovery disk contain an image?. Image is a package containing Win system, drivers, tools and all the stuff preinstalled on the notebook.
You purchased the notebook and the system was already activated so you don?t need the key placed at the bottom of the unit.
Furthermore the usage of recovery disk formats the whole HDD (partitions too) and set the notebook back to the same state like at the first day of purchase.

There is also another option to recover the notebook called HDD recovery. This HDD recovery does not need recovery disk. Usage of HDD recovery would format ONLY the C (system) partition.

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I just buy a new Satellite L50-A-161 with 6 Gb Ram.
When i try to create the recovery disks (3 of 4.7Gb DVD) with Recovery Media, during the verify, after writing the first disk, I receive this error message:

Cannot read file:
D: \EFI \ microsoft \boot \bcd
(error code: 02014F - 20-00000000)

and the process stops.

Is there anyone thath can help me?

These are the spec of my notobook:
Satelliete L50-A-161, 6 GB Ram, Intel Core I7 3630QM-2,40GHz,NVIDIA GEFORCE GT740M 2GB RAM, S.O. W8 64bit.
Ask for more, if nedds.


Answer:Satellite L50-A-161 - Recovery Media fails in creat recovery disk

Hmmmm.... there must be some problem with recovery image.
When you open recover disc creator and if there is option for USB media creation please test it.

Maybe you will be able to create recovery USB stick.

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I just purchased a brand new laptop and have realised that it didn't come with a recovery disc or a recovery partition on the hard drive.

Just wondering if my hard disc crashes how am i supposed to reinstall windows?
The laptop i bought is a Toshiba satellite L500 and is only a few weeks old.

If anyone could help on the subject would be very much appreciated.

Answer:Satellite L500 - No recovery disc or recovery partition - How to reinstall?


Normally if I buy a new notebook or other product I read the user manual firstly. So I would recommend that you should the same before you ask different questions.

The point is that you have to create a Toshiba recovery disk yourself. Therefore start the recovery disk creator that is preinstalled on your notebook and follow the screen instructions. I recommend a high quality DVD-R medium to create this disk.

Furthermore you can reinstall Windows using the HDD recovery option. On the second partition you can find this folder that contains an image of factory settings and you can start this feature if you go in advanced boot menu and select ?repair my computer?. This is not a special partition, only a folder where the image is stored.

HDD recovery procedure is the same as Toshiba recovery disk. You get back factory settings too but the recovery disk wipes the whole HDD. The HDD recovery only the first partition.

By the way: Normally you did get this message:

+your system is equipped with hard disk recovery system. if you need to repair+
+your computer by restoring it to original factory state, you can do it directly+
+from harddisk (press F8 when you boot your computer, choose "Repair your computer"+
+and follow the menue instructions) or create a bootable Recovery Disc Medium for this purpose.+

+Toshiba recommends you to create Recovery Disc Medium using the "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator" to ensure+
... Read more

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Hello, I've used the recovery media creator to create a USB flash drive recovery media.

If i then use that to restore the Windows 7 installation onto a new hard drive (as SSD) will that drive itself have the recovery media partition on it?

So if I then lose the USB stick could I restore again by holding down zero when powering on?

Or does it recover the Windows partition and nothing more?

Thank you

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I recently bought a Satellite Pro L850-1UJ with Windows 8

I've created a new partition (so i could use it as data room)
i.e. C: the windows system AND Z: my data

after that, i could NOT use the RECOVERY MEDIA CREATOR to create the recovery dvds
BUT the partition still exists and i can see the inside files from windows

IS IT a way to extract the files from the recovery partition or any other clue how i could fix the partition scheme so the RECOVERY MEDIA CREATOR could recognize it

Many thanks for your time...

Answer:Satellite Pro L850-1UJ: How create recovery DVDs from recovery partition

After changing HDD partitions structure it happens that ?Toshiba recovery media creator? cannot find recovery files. These files are marked with special markers that in your case cannot be found anymore.

I?m afraid now is too late to do or change anything. You are not the first one with this problem. We always write here that first step should be recovery media creation and later you can do whatever you want. You can even delete it.

Now you can just order new recovery disc at

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I have Satellite M305D-S4830, and try to restore the factory settings, the computer brings two DVDs, which were read well, but at the end of the second one generates the error with number 10-FC12-0241 and asked to press a button to turn off the computer. So far I have not been able to restore the system and nothing to boot the computer.

Please, help me fix the problem


Manuel Fajardo Benitez

Answer:Re: Satellite M305D-Recovery factory defaults for Vista using the recovery


Bad memory can cause Recovery problems.

Go to and download Memtest. Its a bootable Floppy disk or CD that will test the memory for errors.

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My two-year old Satellite C75-A-14X suffered a major hard drive crash a few weeks ago. My data has been backed up, but I've been unable to repair my PC, and as I hadn't created any recovery media, I bought a system recovery USB stick from Toshiba. I received the USB stick today and attempted to restore my laptop to its factory default settings. I left my laptop to perform the recovery for about an hour or so. When I returned, the screen said that there was an error (I didn't make a note of the error code) and the recovery had failed. Now, when I restart my laptop I get a blue screen with the following text:


Your PC needs to be repaired

A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed.

Error code: 0xc000000f

You'll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media. If you don't have any installation media (like a disc or USB device), contact your system administrator or PC manufacturer.

Press Enter to try again
Press F8 for Startup Settings
Press Esc for UEFI Firmware Settings"

When I press Enter or F8, my laptop remains on the blue screen with the above text. Pressing Esc is the only option at this screen that works. How can I re-attempt restoring factory settings from the recovery USB stick?

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I have SATELLITE L350D-212 notebook with windows 7 home premium OA.
It started to complain that there was something wrong with the harddisk so I went and bought another harddisk of same size.

I have created the recovery disk when the computer was bought and have backup of all the data in external harddisk.

After I changed the new harddisk to the notebook and tried to boot from recovery disk nothing happens eventhoug I can see that there seems to be everything Ok with the disk.

Any ideas on how to get the recovery to run for the new harddisk?

I have the old harddisk attached as external disk via USB but can't boot from that too. It just stops at some point and says to shutdown.

Answer:Satellite L350D-21 Problems using recovery disks to recovery to new HDD


Usually the recovery disk should format the new HDD but I would recommend to attach the new HDD as an external device to another computer and to format this new HDD before trying to recover the notebook.

After the HDD has been formatted, connect it to the L350D and boot from the recover disk?

Good luck

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I would greatly appreciate advice on the following.

My Sat Pro M70-220 (PSM75E-00D008G3), laptop has 4 partitions created by Acronis Disk Director Suit v9:

C: OS-Win XP Pro SP3
D: Programs
E: Data& Downloads
F: Backups

After booting the laptop into Win XP, I inserted the Toshiba Product Recovery CD into the DVD-RAM drive
and navigated to BMP folder, R:\G_INST\BMP, where I found the file "menu.bmp" which gives 2 Recovery

*1. Recover entire Hard disk*
Warning . All stored data o your computer will be lost.
Factory pre-installed software will be installed.

*2. Expert Recovery Mode Warning:*
This is for PC experts only.
Factory pre-installed Software can be installed onto an existing partition.

My questions are with respect to using the "Expert Recovery Mode" :
- will I be able to use the "Expert Recovery Mode" of the Recovery CD to reinstall the Win XP Pro (factory pre-installed software) onto my C: partition, whilst not affecting the D, E & F partitions ?
- will I be able to format the C: partition, using the "Expert Recovery Mode", without formatting the other partitions ?
- what is the exact "Expert Recovery Mode" procedure ?
- where can I find further info on the "Expert Recovery Mode" procedure ?

Thank you


Answer:Re: Using Expert Recovery Mode in Product Recovery CD for Satellite Pro M70-220

>will I be able to use the "Expert Recovery Mode" of the Recovery CD to reinstall the Win XP Pro (factory pre-installed software) onto my C: partition, whilst not affecting the D, E & F partitions

Yes, this should be possible. Using the Expert Recovery Mode you should get the Ghost window in which you could select the partition where the OS should be installed. In such case only this partition would be formatted.

> will I be able to format the C: partition, using the "Expert Recovery Mode", without formatting the other partitions?

Yes, theoretically this should be possible.

> what is the exact "Expert Recovery Mode" procedure ?
As I mentioned above, this mode allows you to restore the OS on a certain partition and only this partition will be formatted.

> where can I find further info on the "Expert Recovery Mode" procedure ?
How about searching here in the forum?
I found this thread:

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I need to try and do a system recovery on my Satellite U400-146.
However i don't think it came with a disc.
Does anyone know how initiate the system recovery on this laptop?

Answer:Satellite U400-146 - How to start recovery without the recovery disk


The Recovery disk was not provided with the notebook because there was a tool called Toshiba Recovery disk Creator which allows you to create a recovery disk!
Please check if you can create a recovery disk using this tool!

If this is not possible, then you can check if the HDD recovery is available.
For more details check this HOW TO:
[How to recover a Toshiba notebook with the HDD recovery procedure?|]

As last option you can order a recovery disk from here:

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Stop 0x000000001A *Memory_Management* Blue Screen during recovery.
Please help.

Answer:Satellite L500-12T System Recovery from Recovery Disks

First recovery or first notebook start?
HDD or DVD recovery?

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Dear all,

I delete all data in C:\ drive and I do a format c:\

I don't create a Recovery CD, and now I can't restore with F8, but I show that I have a recovery partition on D:\ drive.

Please, how can I restore it ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards,


Answer:Satellite C670 - formatted C:\ and no Recovery CD but recovery partition


Maybe this thread about a similar theme would be useful for you:

If this is not helpful or if you will not be able to recover the notebook using the method mentioned there, then you will need to order the recover disk from here:

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Hi  I've try many different procedures that I found over Internet. Nothing really worked for me, and I think nobody really published correct.  Here is well described procedure but didn't worked for me: somebody verify that procedure is correct, or pass correct one? Recovery procedures for s10, mini, ... didn't work also.  

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This build was done by an A+Certified builder. I ask for a recovery plan but received no answer from builder. I did receive 1 answer and the reply was return to shop for fix. Affordability is for me to be informed as how to recover my desktop if it crashes. Other builders have said to reinstall OS. No one tells me the procedure. Help?

Answer:Self-build recovery procedure

Have look at those tutorials:
System Image Recovery
Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
Restore Backup User and System Files

Also ask the builder for the OEM install DVD.

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I have a Windows XP laptop that froze last night and will not now boot to the Desktop.I do not know if the hard drive is too badly damaged for me to be able to get the machine to reinstall the factory settings.CHKDSK stops at 9% saying "File record 56308 is unreadable                                              "File record 56309 is unreadable"When I try Safe Mode I get a page of .sys files - white text on black background in the style :"multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(o)partition(1)\WINDOWS\System32\Driversand then nothing further occurs.Am I likely to be able to proceed with this laptop or is it "dead" ?If I *can* reinstall the operating system from the special partition on the C: drive (I have no CDs pr DVDs) should I install anti-virus software as soon as the factory settings (from about 2007) are restored - or should I download all the Service Packs and updates that have been issued over the past few years FIRST?

Answer:Windows XP Recovery Procedure

This should answer your question re the installation of the anti virus software (plus many other aspects).

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Ok I have only basic knowledge of a computer. The other day I had to do a system recovery. I did this and put the product recovery disc in all going stopped at 89% and wouldn't go any further but insisted on leaving a message saying it couldn't unlock a compressed file?

So I switched the laptop off and I ended up with a black screen...this is what it read.... please install <Windows root>\system32\hal.DLL does anyone have any idea what this means, there is nothing at all happening with the laptop its just a black screen with this message every time I switch on!

My bro in law tried to install Windows XP with the computer repair and it wont let him do that either...hope you can help or advise.


Answer:Recovery procedure stopped at 89%

HAL.DLL probably means the OS is missing files.

You need Recovery to complete successfully, otherwise Windows wont boot.

Is the disc dirty? Does it have fingerprints on the surface? Use a non-scratching material such as Microfiber to clean the disc.

If that doesnt work, you could try copying the Recovery disc to another disc using a different PC, and run Recovery with the new disc.

Use a quality disc such as TDK or Mitsubishi or Verbatim. The cheap no-name discs have cheap dyes and are not good for keeping data 100% intact.

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After a virusinfection I used my product recovery cd (only the first CD) and the laptop is functioning again.
I have 2 recovery CD's, in the recovery process there was asked only for CD 1. (I did not have to use CD2)one. Now I'm afraid that the recovery is not completed.
Thanks for an answer


Answer:Question about recovery procedure


I don?t know where exactly your problem is. Is your system working properly? Was Windows installed and does it boot up? If yes then don?t worry about the second CD. I think it?s purpose is special, so if it would be requested then you?ll know whats up.

Greets and nice weekend

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When you come to use your recovery disks do you format the hardrive first or go directly to the the start up disk ? I should add this is a image procedure. Thanks

Answer:Macruim recovery procedure

None that I have seen require formatting. If the apps need it they will do it themselves.

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Hi all, I am having severe problems with my Evesham pc and I want to use the supplied system recovery cd but I can't remember the procedure. I seem to remember putting in the cd and upon reboot pressing a key which gave me an option to boot from recovery and reformat HDD and reinstall windows cleanly. I just can't remember the details - please could someone possibly advise me as to how to do this before I have to resort to calling Customer Services?Thanks in advance.

Answer:Evesham Recovery procedure?

"I seem to remember putting in the cd and upon reboot pressing a key which gave me an option to boot from recovery and reformat HDD and reinstall windows cleanly"Yes but you're missing the first part. You need to enter the BIOS and change the boot sequence. Set it to boot from the CD-RM first...To enter the BIOS keep tapping the DEL key when the computer is starting.

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Hi, I have just purchased the toshiba recovery dvd for my qosmio f10 laptop, i put the dvd in and it goes through the recovery process and completes 100% it then tells me to remove the dvd and then press CTRL ALT DELETE to restart the computer.

Upon doing so it gets to the screen were it tells me windows is starting then the screen goes blank and flickers a couple of times, then the laptop re-boots and keeps on doing this, I press the F8 key when it restarts to go into save mode, but when it goes into save mode it tells me that windows is not fully set and won't go any further and tells me that I need to run set up again.

I do not have a windows cd only the dvd from toshiba which should put my laptop back to factory settings.

Can aynone help me before I ring toshiba?

thank you.

Answer:Qosmio F10 doesn't run after recovery procedure


It?s not easy to say why it happens. Usually the Toshiba recovery CD should works properly and after whole recovering procedure the notebook should run without any problems.
You have suggested that you have ordered this recovery CD from the ASP.
Did you get the right recovery CD? Check the CD description.

The other possibility is that the unit has a hardware fault. In this case you should contact the Toshiba service. Sorry but this is all what I can suggest.


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I realised that my machine is old but I thought I'd ask the question anyway.

The disc crashed on my R100 and I've just bought another one (waiting for it to arrive). Only then did I realise that even though I've got the recovery discs I need a way to read them into the machine. Being an R100 my DVD drive is an external unit manufactured by LG (Model GCC 5240P) with a CardBus adapter.

I heard somewhere that some machines will "boot up" because a basic driver for the DVD drive is held elsewhere not on the hard drive. I'm not sure if this is the case for the R100 and if not how do I boot the machine??
Anyway I'm looking for some help on how I might be able to get my machine restarted with XP.

Any help would be gratefully received. By the way I'm not a computer professional, so if anyone out there does reply, KISS (Keep It Straight and Simple) would be a good maxim to use.
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Recovery procedure for a Portege R100

I believe you need a special Bootable Floppy Disk with the CD Drivers on it. You can download it from here:

Connect the External CD Drive and External FDD Drive to the R100
Insert the bootable Floppy Disk and the Recovery Disc
Turn on the R100 and boot from the FDD and select the ODD in the list. It should start the Recovery Process.

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I have a tecra m3 760, and I want to know if it possible to restore my notebook with the recovery cd without installing the aditionnal software like norton internet security, windvd etc.
I want to install only windows and drivers. I know i can uninstall the software after installing, but I prefer try to install with out this software.

An other question, do you know where aI can find a manual of the recovery cd?

thanks in advance, controlaltdel

Answer:Tecra M3-760: Question about recovery CD - procedure


On the Toshiba recovery CD you will find a image file. This file includes all drivers and utilities and it?s not possible to install this image without the Toshiba stuff.
Like you say after the recovering procedure you can remove all not important applications.
Well, the other possibility is to install a fresh original Microsoft Windows and then to install the Toshiba drivers. The drivers you will find on the delivered Tools & Utility CD.
It?s important to install the drivers in the right order.
Chipset utility, common modules, graphic driver, etc?

You can follow the order on the Tools & utility CD.

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i have a toshiba P20, when i have buy it, i have made 2 partition, C to OS and program and F to my personnal data.

i have use the toshiba restoration tools in order to restore my windows XP OS, but the restore tools has also reset my partition table and i don't know if i can restore my personal data.

All is done in one step and i have not seen of warning to say that my partition table will be reset?

It's a really format which has been done or just a fdisk /

Can i use a tools to restore the data of my lose partition ?

i hope that there is an acceptable solution to this problem and in a near future i will buy an external HD to perform backup.

Answer:P20: Can I recover data after recovery procedure?

Hello Alex

If you want to preinstall the unit with recovery media you can do this on two different ways:
- standard mode ? the whole HDD will be formatted and after recovery procedure on the HDD is just one partition.
- expert mode ? using this mode you can create partitions if the HDD has just one, and you will be able to install OS on first partition (the second one stays)

Obviously you have done it using standard mode and now the whole HDD is formatted. I am not 100 % sure but in this case just fast format is done before the installations procedure begins. Try to find out (Google) if there is any tool that can help you to check if all data are gone. Using recovery media there is no way to do this.

External HDD is good solution for data saving.


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I am an A+ Certified PC Technician a client brought this Notebook (Satellite P10-304) to me after she had taken it back to place she bought it. They told her she needed a new hard drive. I inserted the Recovery DVD for the A60 (that's the only recovery DVD she brought in with it) and imaged the notebook when it went to boot it would go to load windows but would crawl taking 30 minutes to boot. Something is up with the hard drive transfer rate.

I am thinking it's the Hard Drive controller OR there is some chipset driver that's not getting loaded from the recovery DVD as it's the wrong recovery DVD. I used Windows XP Home OEM CD as well but the same problem occurred.
Any suggestions would be helpful.

Answer:P10-304: Strange Recovery procedure issue


In my opinion you try to recover the unit with a wrong Recovery CD.
Like you said you have a Recovery CD for a Toshiba notebook A60 and the unit is a Satellite P10-304. These are two different notebooks and to recover the unit you need exactly the right Recovery CD.

I suggest to contact the Toshiba service partner. There you can order the right Recovery medium.


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I changed my hard drive there from that 15 days because it showed anomalies, so I bought a new hard drive of the brand Seagate Western with the same technical characteristics as the existing hard drive (Product for product).

I was then on TOSHIBA HDD RECOVERY to burn to CD the system recovery discs, then I proceeded to replace the hard drive.

After the change, I raised my PC with System Restore CD.
The procedure is carried out successfully and the guest commands asks me to remove the disc and restart the PC.

I raise the PC, everything goes well, launch windows, installation of system registers perfect then comes the stage of installation and system parameters here following error message:

"The Windows Setup could not configure Windows to run on the hardware of the computer."

Then he asks me to reboot and then it comes back each time on this message, I'm stuck on this step.
I tried to change the mode of the source hard drive "compatibility" instead of "AHCI" but this is even worse, it completely free Bugge error message.

Thank you kindly give me an explanation of this phenomenon.



Answer:Cannot finish recovery procedure after HDD replacement

Did you try to repeat the whole recovery procedure once again?
If not, do that.

I would recommend you to format the whole HDD and to create one NTFS partition.
Then boot the notebook using the Toshiba Recovery disk and start the recovery procedure.

I read about similar HDD issue in the past and mostly creation of NFS partition has helped to fix such issues.

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Getting the black screen/no post problem.What is the CORRECT hotkey/procedure for the bios recovery?Anybody done an SPI flash using ROM_RECOVERY_HEADER? 

Go to Solution.

Answer:Z5771 Bios Recovery Procedure

Fixed it myself, done SPI flash using ROM_RECOVERY_HEADERThanks for your help

View solution in original post

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Getting the black screen/no post problem.What is the CORRECT hotkey/procedure for the bios recovery?Anybody done an SPI flash using ROM_RECOVERY_HEADER? 


Go to Solution.

Answer:Z5771 Bios Recovery Procedure

Fixed it myself, done SPI flash using ROM_RECOVERY_HEADERThanks for your help

View solution in original post

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SatPro NB10-T-106 came pre-installed with Win 8 and I successfully upgraded to Win 8.1.
Have created DVD Recovery discs (set of 3) and disc#1 appears to work when PC re-booted with f12 held down. It is very different to previous 'restore' routines of Win Xp and Win7.

QUESTION 1: How is it possible to select a partion (Disc C:) in order to prevent data deletion on other partions? (I have two other partions).

QUESTION 2: Product ID (formerly Product Key) sticker does not exists.
My machine is a Toshiba Refurb so is this the reason? System Summary lists a peculiar Product ID ending with AAOEM. The string is not the normal 25 digit code, but only 20 digits commencing 00191. Where do I find to Win 8.1 Product ID?

Answer:NB10-T-106 - recovery procedure questions

Used Belarc Advisor to determine full Product ID.
The 20 digit ID appears to be a generic Toshiba number.

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I have two original recovery DVD's from Toshiba with my P300-18M laptop.

Do I still need the HDD recovery image on my labtop drive F: ???

Can I use that disk space for other issues

Answer:Satellite P300-18M: Do I need HDD recovery image if I have Recovery DVD


If you have crated the Toshiba recovery DVD and if it?s working properly then you don?t need the recovery image on the HDD because you could reinstall the OS using the created DVD.


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Hi all,

here is my GOAL: I want to reinstall the original Windows Vista as it was when we bought that laptop.

My PROBLEM: we never succeeded to create that recovery DVDs (just after the purchase), always gave an error... today and to my surprise, I cannot find any recovery tool from the OS either...

1- At power off/on: I tried the "0" key (as read in internet) but did not do anything special..

2- I tried then from this options menu (after F8 at reboot): REPAIR YOUR COMPUTER
Then (after choosing spanish language and logging as user) I tried to lo launch the WINDOWS COMPLETE RESTORE but it said that no CD/DVD found ....(no current issue with this CD/DVD player = working fine)

3- I tried then the other interesting option : HHD RECOVERY (More or less like this, as I have it in spanish version)...Just a pop-up opened (maybe about the recovery DVDs) but without any buttons to follow the process....

Trickier situation now, isn't it?

4- INFO:
I could find the hidden partition and unhide it. It contains folder and files: a 'source' folder, 'boot.sdi' file if I remember well..and maybe more..
=> I copied them on a USB key and recorded as well on a new DVD (and the image.iso of them as well) and repeat the above points 2 and 3, but nothing changed...(the content of this DVD is read without any problem on another laptop)

- This folder and files (found in hidden partition) means that the recovery is still there?
- Is there a sp... Read more

Answer:Satellite A100-999: Recovery process (without recovery DVD/CDs) ?

I understand now that these files (in hidden partition) are those used for showing this special menu (after clicking REPAIR MY COMPUTER) with WINDOWS COMPLETE RESTORE, HHD RECOVERY, ...

Is that right?

Then I suppose that I should have a RECOVERY folder somewhere..but I read in some posts that comment type :"the A100 series has not been equipped with the HDD recovery partition"

If not available then, I'm already then on this last-chance-step explained above? this means to order the recovery DVD on [|]

anyway, I'm waiting for some feedback from you guys...

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Well, for the first time in 8 years I had to do a system recovery using the disks i created when i first bought my l300-13s using the Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator.
I had inadvertantly deleted the HDD Recovery partition when i set out to do a clone using a bigger HDD.

What I want to find out is instead of making recovery disks to DVD can i make a recovery USB flash drive?



Answer:Satellite L300-13S - Recovery USB instead of Recovery DVD Disks?

When you open Toshiba recovery media creator you can see options which media can be created. I?m not 100% sure but I think on old L300 there was option for recovery DVDs only so I think you cannot create recovery USB.

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Hi again,

I have been having trouble with my equium a100-147.
i tried a recovery but the disk was scratched so i phoned the ASP and he snet me a new recovery image.

I have tried the new recovery disk and am now getting errors when i boot from the disk.

error is

"internal crc error at file :\WINDOWS\$NtUninstallKB895200$\msdtctm.dl"

all suggestions are welcome. getting really annoyed with my machine as my warrenty has only expired about one month


Answer:Equium A100-147: I get errors during recovery procedure

also forgot to mention when i boot up from harddrive i get the message

windows could not start because the following file is missing or corupt:
<windows root>\system32\hal.dll.
pleas re-install a copy of the above file

look forward to hearing from you

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Dear all, yesterday i flash the new Bios  "LM30_0128 / 38CN11WW" into my S10-3S (Memory compatibility Bios)under Windows 7-Home 32Bit.The Bios routine runs and after a while, the Ideapad booting self. But now, i only see a black screen afterPowerSwitch on. No Bios beep. No Infos. Nothing ! Only the 3left LEDs are white ! The Screen is death ! So i research the Lenovo Forums about to fixing this.I found a lot of Informations about the BIOS Recovery Procedure and try different versions about that.I create the "Crisis" Emergency Floppy /USB Stick with the Files inside the "LM30_0128.exe". No Problems !I try USB Floppy and USB Stick but nothing happens if i press the different Keyboard Combinations:FN+F, FN+R, FN+ESC, FN+B, Windows+F, Windows+R, Windows+ESC, Windows+B . No accessto floppy or USB Stick ! No Boot Process. Nothing ! Knows anybody the Keyboard Code to go inside the Bios Recovery Process ? Thanks you very much SkyHawk

Answer:S10-3S: BIOS Update issue -> Recovery procedure possible ?

i suggest you to contact lenovo suppot line and ship your laptop back to service.

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I have Qosmio G30 - 148 which have Windows XP MCE, when trying to download some programs system crashed and make automatic restart.

I then used a RECOVERY CD to recover my all system and followed the instructions on the CD but when finished and rebooting the system a famous blue screen displayed tell me there's a problem in my system and windows must be restarted.

When reboot in safe mode there is a message tell me that the system is not fully installed. Please run setup again.

Could any body help me in that problem because it's a strange problem?

Note: I tried to install Windows XP from external CD but system did not know the hard disk.

Answer:Qosmio G30 - system problem after recovery procedure

What is the BSOD 0x000000xx code you are seeing?

Did you add extra RAM lately?

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Ok ppl once again i have problems with my PC  I had previously began a thread with regards to an overheating PC with i have solved thanks to purchasing a new bigger heatsink.But now i try to run my System Boot Disk and i go through the paces, all the way through to the section which i select 1 C:\Windows (i think) which brings up the C: promptAnd then after a short while its shuts downBTW if anyone can tell me which command to type after C:\ it would also helpThese are the specs of my PC Mobo: SAPPHIRE PC-A9RD480Adv 939 ATI CrossFire (please don't tell me its S**t mobo)CPU: AMD 4200 Socket 939Memory: 2GB DDR SDRAMPower Supply: 750WGFX: ATI 3850Once again i appreciate any help

Answer:Computer turns Off during Recovery Console procedure

Please dont tell me i've caught you out?Anyone?

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Greetings - Our X220i (purchased late August or early September) won't boot up. The laptop powers up, & the screen shows, but no OS (Win7) starts. Hitting the Blue Thinkvantage button didn't appear to do anything initially. However, in the ~5 minutes it took to recover my password & login here,the screen now showed a Rescue and Recovery 4 splash screen. Hopefully what I have as backup will work -- I have a USB drive with these files:LenovoQDrive.exe, AutoRun.INF, bootmgr, winRE.wim & usb.tagAnd two directories -- BOOT (36 files, 17.5 MB) & factoryrecovery (8 files, 7.63 GB). What are the next steps (or where can I find that info?) Thanks,  - Richard

Answer:X220i won't boot - need restore/recovery procedure

Greetings - Our X220i (purchased late August or early September) won't boot up. The laptop powers up, & the screen shows, but no OS (Win7) starts. Hitting the Blue Thinkvantage button didn't appear to do anything initially. However, in the ~5 minutes it took to recover my password & login here,the screen now showed a Rescue and Recovery 4 splash screen. Hopefully what I have as backup will work -- I have a USB drive with these files:LenovoQDrive.exe, AutoRun.INF, bootmgr, winRE.wim & usb.tagAnd two directories -- BOOT (36 files, 17.5 MB) & factoryrecovery (8 files, 7.63 GB). What are the next steps (or where can I find that info?) Thanks,  - Richard

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I have a Qosmio G30 and I want to format it and return it to out-of-the-box state...
Unfortunately the Recovery CD provided with the laptop doesn't seem to be working...

Every time I try to boot from the DVD it says "windows is loading files" and once that's done it shows me the so-called "blue screen of death"...
Is there some way I can get another CD or make this work?

Or remove the RAID protection or whatever it is that is preventing me from installing a fresh genuine Windows Vista?

Answer:BSOD appears on Qosmio G30 during recovery procedure


Of course it?s possible to order a new Recovery CD but I doubt that this issue could be related to a faulty Recovery CD. But this is only my personal opinion and everything is possible.

Do you have a clean Windows OS?
If yes, try to boot from your original Windows CD and try to reinstall the OS.

The G30 Qosmio notebook supports RAID and you will have to include the RAID driver pressing the F6 button during the Windows Setup procedure.
I think it would be helpful to know if an OS installation from other CD is possible.

Second question; did you change any RAID settings in the BIOS?

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I brought an L series today and only just got to turn it on.

I need some help with setting up 64bit windows. I have selected 64bit but on the next screen it says Recovery of Factory Default Software or Erase the Hard Disk including all data and partions.

Which one do I select???

Answer:I want to install Windows 64bit using Recovery procedure

The first one, of course.
You want to have recovery (factory) settings.

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I ran BIOS update program accidentally in my Acer Aspire desktop PC in windows 10 environment, the program started suddenly and run into DOS window then it crashes before completing, not sure what stage was when crashed into BSOD, which needed PC to restart, on restarting, no Acer logo, just black screen and PC beeps one long one short beeps, tried to boot from USB but as long as screen is black I cannot do anything, only beeps become recurring.Not sure how to recover the BIOS, if any one had this issue with the BIOS and manage to recover the BIOS, I very much appreciate their help on what to do.Thank you

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Assume the primary hard drive crashed, i.e.. fatal hardware failure, but your W500 is otherwise unaffected. Also assume you have created the backup recovery and rescue disks for Windows XP as per instructions from Lenovo, you have used the Rescue and Recovery program to backup your applications and data to an external USB hard drive and because you work in remote locations overseas with no computer store within 1000 km you have a spare SATA hard drive for such emergencies. Would someone please confirm the appropriate procedure is as follows: 1. Replace the failed primary hard drive with the spare hard drive 2. Use the recovery DVD disks to installed Windows XP to the new primary hard drive 3. Follow procedure as given by Lenovo to install the  applications and data from the external USB hard drive. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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I need to recover bios because it is infected with virus. I found procedure description on another site. It says: 1) unpack crysis disk2) put bios firmware file as bios.wph there.3) create crisis disk;4) use fn+esc keys combination at startup to recover bios.  Crisis disk containt exe files. I am asking whether it is necessary to put exe files on recovery usb flash? Because they might be infected too(infection of wph file is more difficult i think, correct me if i'm wrong) and i need to use another virus free laptop in that case to create flash. Another reason why i am asking this quiestion is: Bios recovery procedure for motherboards for example requires only bios firmware file on usb flash.

Answer:Acer Aspire 5742G bios recovery procedure

>>>I need to recover bios because it is infected with virus.>>> How do you know the bios is infected? What happens when you tap F2 when the Acer boot logo screen appears?  Jack E/NJ

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hi guys.i got a huge problem.
my hdd broke down and i had to replace it.
i used the recovery cd afterwards and it seemed to work.but after a couple of minutes it said"insert disc two".i did so and then it couldn't proceed but said"single user ...something" i forgot the rest.and i had to cancel installation.i installed a friends windows but have to register in 28 days.
i want to use my recovery
anybody got a clue??

Answer:Recovery procedure - if I insert disc 2 it couldn't proceed

Hi Phil

On this way it is not easy to say what happen exactly. It will be interesting to know the whole error message. If you use the original medias delivered with your unit there should not be any problem, except the media is damaged.

Did you use the recovery CDs before?

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Hey everybody!

I wanted to create a Recoverydisk with the Toshiba-Tool. The Burning-Process crashes at 25% and I dont know why... Can somebody help me or tell me, how i can burn the disk on another way??

Answer:Re: TOSHIBA Recovery Disk burning procedure crashes

This happened to me too? the solution is simply;
Try different DVDs from different manufacturers.

The point is that not all DVDs are fully compatible? I use the DVD-R from TDK and the burning procedure went smoothly? Also the DVDs from verbatim should work ok.

You have to test it simply?.

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On a Protege R830-1GZ

Wiped laptop with Debian install to solve a work related emergency while visiting family.
Return home and realise recovery media I had was for an old Satellite netbook.
After a few attempts realise that the 'Win7 Home Premium' Product Key on the laptop sticker is just wishful thinking.
I bite the bullet and try to buy the Toshiba "Recovery Media" which you retail for over ?40.00.
via :
The only available language option is 'NH' not GB. This is not a new issue, from 2012:

TLDR: I have a wiped Protege R830; The Windows Product Key that I have already paid for is useless; Your 'recovery media' purchase web forms are messed up.

Can any good Samaritan or otherwise stealth Toshiba employee help??

Thank you in advance

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My Yoga 13 has been absolutely solid and silent for 11 months now. I have the original SSD partitions (256GB), and factory Windows 8.0 OneKey recovery untouched.  Since I am thinking of passing this unit to my daughter everntually, it would be nice if I can get OneKey recovery updated to instally a ready to run Windows 8.1 image on recovery. Is there a procedure that would allow me to do this?  I would like to retain the speedy startup also, so Intel SpeedStart has to be retained.  I can strip down everything to the bare OS and working drivers to create an image. What I need is a valid procedure to update the OS used for OneKey recovery. Thanks in advance... 

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I've got an Equium L20 laptop and whats happened is, during a product recovey, it gets to about 25% then beeps an error at me and stops working.

Now when i turn the laptop on i get the Toshiba screen, then nothing.
I've been advised that my disc is probably broken and i now have no operating system but im a complete computer novice so don't know how right this is.

I took the laptop to PC world a few years ago and they run a product recovery but i didn't take my disc so what i want to know is, is there a way to run the recovery without the disc?
(i just seem to remember his pressing a few buttons)

If so how?
And if not does anyone have any suggestions as to how i can restore the computer?

thanks in advance

Answer:Equium L20 - Cannot finish the recovery procedure - disc error


> ?during a product recovery, it gets to about 25% then beeps an error at me and stops working.

As you mentioned, possibly the Recovery disk is faulty, scratched or similar? this might be the reason why the CD/DVD drive is not able to read from the disk and the installation breaks up.

You cannot recover this notebook without the Recovery disk! This is an older notebook series and it does not support the HDD recovery procedure like the other newer notebooks do.

So you have only two possibilities to install the Windows OS; either you would use the Toshiba recovery disk (which seems to be broken) or you would install the OS using the Microsoft Windows XP disk.

If you would install the OS using the original MS disk then you would need to install the Toshiba drivers which are placed on the Toshiba European driver page (look into the Archive)!

PS: maybe you could try to burn (copy) the Recovery disk using another computer.
In some cases different drives are able to read ?scratched? disks.
If you would be successful and if you would be able to copy the recovery disk then you could use the new disk in order to restore the OS on your Equium notebook.

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I donwloaded and installed the recommended BIOS update for my laptop.
After running the exe BIOS update, my XPS restarted and died. The screen had no signal, only the keyboard ligths works.
Can someone please help? Thanks.

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Hello and good day, I have successfully created the free Win10PROx64 recovery media. Unfortunately I am getting the error below at the very beginning of the recovery procedure. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,Massimiliano 

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