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Question about HDD upgrade on Satellite M40X-184?

Question: Question about HDD upgrade on Satellite M40X-184?


I want to ask if there is an option to insert a new hdd in my toshiba. As far as I know there is no official support for this??

There is an access to the place where the disk is placed on the side of notebook. S
o my question is
1. is it possible to place a new disk (faster and bigger)
2. is it possible without loosing warranty
3. what disks do you suggest

Thanks Szczepaan

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Preferred Solution: Question about HDD upgrade on Satellite M40X-184?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Question about HDD upgrade on Satellite M40X-184?


you can replace the HDD. Warranty should not be affected.
I know 80GB will work, but I think 100GB will also do.
The interface is Enhanced IDE (ATA-6).

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I have read that my satellite pro m40x can be upgraded _up to 2 Gb_ of Ram, but I see just one expansion slot.
The internal memory is 512 Mb.

How is it possible to get 2 Gb totally? Is there a 1,50 Gb module?


Answer:Satellite Pro M40X upgrade 2 Gb

First of all, no there are NO 1,5 GB modules existent on this planet. And I mean the whole planet. :)

The trick is, that the second module is under the keyboard which means:

If you want 2 Gig of RAM then you must remove the keyboard and exchange the modules. Thats all, but don?t ask me how to exchange it.

I don?t know. ;)


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I would like to upgrade my RAM by adding another 1GB. I cannot seem to find the right memory for the model of my laptop M40X-231(Model PSM4XE-03D01WDU).

When I search the Kingston site it tells me I need part No. KT3311A/1G .. However the picture of this model is incorrect (location slot is in centre of chip). I found that KT3311A-1G-AA seems to be the correct piece (the locating slot is between pins 40 and 42) but it is not available in Kingston brand. I have found it in other brands but they are not recommended by Toshiba.

Can anyone tell what the right RAM is for me please?

Answer:RAM Upgrade on my Satellite M40x-231

According to Toshiba specification compatible RAM modules for your model are:
PC2700 512MB (PA3312U-1M51)
PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G)

Listed modules are tested and must work properly.

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For several seasons I want to replace the 80 GB (Toshiba MK8026GAX) harddisk on my Sat Pro M40X model PSM4YE .

I encountered the problem that the new disk a *WD Scorpio WD1200BEVE* (120 GB enhanced IDE) is not recognized in the BIOS.

Any solutions to my problem ??

Answer:Harddisk upgrade on Satellite Pro M40X

Hi there,

sometimes a BIOS update helps in such situations. DId you already checked if you have the latest BIOS on your machine?

The other point is: not ALL HDD?s are compatible so maybe it would be good for you to take another disk and check it with that one.
Perhaps it?s just an incompatibility between your machine and the HDD?

This would be some kind of troubleshooting and I would appreciate it to hear some feedback from you. :)


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I have a Satellite M40x-112, it is almost 3 years old and the hard drive (TOSHIBA MK8025GAS ATA) is having problems, I need to change it, but I don't know a lot of this so I'm asking for help and advise on what hard drive should I buy for this laptop.

I have searched and read but I don't get it yet.... I see there are a lot of interfaces like PATA,SATA, ATA, then I have seen ATA-2,3,4,5,6,7,8 , also Ultra-ATA/100, EIDE,IDE, etc etc.... so I'm really confused........

What interface does my laptop use? What interface should the new hard drive use?

And which 2.5" hard drive is good?? There are a lot of companies also, which one makes the best hard drives for laptops?
My current hard drive is 80 GB big. I would like to upgrade to 160 or 250, what do you guys recommend??

Thank you all very much for your help,

Answer:Satellite M40x-112 - need advice about HDD upgrade

I understand you very well? the different HDD interface titles confuse the most people? me too in the past ;)

So I would try to clarify some things;
There are two important differences between the HDD interfaces; SATA (S-ATA) and IDE (ATA, PATA and also called EIDE).

ATA-5, Ultra ATA/66 means Ultra DMA 3, 4 (44.4, 66.7) means UDMA/66
ATA-6 means Ultra ATA/100 means UDMA 5 (100) means UDMA/100
ATA-7, Ultra ATA/133 means UDMA 6 (133) means UDMA/133

and so on? ;)

Your notebook supports Enhanced IDE (ATA-6) HDD interface and you should use the IDE HDD (NOT SATA)

I?m not sure about the max HDD size because Toshiba doesn?t provide any official info about the max supported HDDs but a 100GB maybe 120GB HDD could be possible.

Best regards

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i want to upgrade my ram.. its 512MB now, but not enough, now its using 468MB, i close the unused backgorund programs, still 468MB at using.. also i have good virtual memory settings. Using virtual memory not good at all. On playing games RAM shares memory with graphics chip as you many know.. Will it matter if i upgrade 1GB RAM at memory expansion at the back panel on my laptop? I don't know what RAM to upgrade, DDR or DDR2 works? How much MHz? What pin?

shortly i have to know what's the capability of my memory expansion module at the back of my laptop?
if i add DDR2 will it work with other main ram that's under the keyboard box..?

Thank you a lot from now :)

Answer:I am confused about RAM Upgrade for Satellite M40X-119


you have to use PC2700 DDR-RAM. DDR2 will not work in your notebook.
Have a look here: oshibaShop=false&selCategory=4700&tab=1#1


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I am looking forward to upgrade the RAM in my Satellite M40x-183. The laptop came with 512MB RAM. From the specs, I learnt that it can be expanded to 2GB.

I am not sure which type of RAM (DDR1/2) and what frequency will be supported on m40x-183. Please help me with the type of RAM and the frequency supported by M40x-183.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite M40x-183 - Memory upgrade


According to the product specifications: 05812&DISC_MODEL=1

standard : 512 MB
maximum expandability : 2,048 MB
technology : DDR RAM
Front Side Bus : 533 MHz

So, you can upgrade up to 2 gb DDR (533 MHz)

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I need to upgrade the memory of my Satellite, but I can only find one memory slot... isn't there another one ?
I had 1 Go, now, I have 1,5 Go (replaced one 512 with 1024) and I'd like 2 Go (replacing the other 512 with another 1 Go)
can anyone help me ?

Answer:Upgrade Memory for a Satellite M40X-299


Well, there are two memory slots but only one is upgradeable.
As far as I know the 512MB was standard and the max memory what you can use is 1536MB (512MB + 1024MB)

Unfortunately, you can use 1536MB and more is not possible

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I'm trying to insert the RAM module (256MB) from my old 1410-604 into my new M40, however when I do, the computer appears to forget what it is. It issues about 9 beeps, tries to access the DVD drive, and then nothing happens from there. Machine stays on, but no response from anything.
Is there any way for me to put this RAM into my new laptop and expect it to work?

Thank you!

Answer:Satellite M40X-205: RAM upgrade from 1410-604


As far as I know your old 1410-604 works with PC1600 SDRAM and the M40 with PC2700 DDR-RAM module. In my opinion they don?t work together without any errors, because these are two different parts. You need two similar memory modules.


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hello I've recently noticed that when I use normal or long life mode the screen of my noteboook make some quiet noise
and i wanna ask you guys is that normal.

Thanks a lot


Answer:Satellite M40x -184 question about screen

Hi Tom

Believe it is normal and you can hear it just in pretty quiet ambient. I have noticed the same on my Tecra. I am not technician but I believe that power voltage must be reduced by some electronic part and it produces this sound.

If the LCD brightness is set to maximum level the sound disappears.

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I bought it about 10 months ago, it works well, But now I have two questions:

1) the original RAM is 256M, may I add another one to 512M?

2) The original OS is in Czech language, may I get a English Recovery DVD?, for I will go to another country next month.


Answer:Question about upgrades on Satellite Pro M40X

Hello David

1. Your unit can handle with max 1,5 GB of RAM. You can add follow modules:
PC2700 256MB (PA3311U-1M25)
PC2700 512MB (PA3312U-1M51)
PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G)
Those modules are compatible and you will not have any problems.
2. As far as I know you can not get recovery CD on other language but it is not important at all. To install OS on other language you can
use Microsoft installations CD (full version). All necessary drivers, tools and utilities you can find on Toshiba download page.

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I currently have 512MB RAM and want to upgrade. The RAM board has two screws, should I take this out and replace with an upgraded RAM, or leave the original in and put the new one in the slot on top?


Answer:Equium M40x-149 - Question about RAM upgrade

Hi RareOz,

How much RAM you want after upgrade?
If you want a maximum of 1GB RAM for example, you can leave the original RAM in and buy an additional 512MB RAM.

But as far as I know M40x supports up to 2GB RAM and therefore it would be necessary to install 1GB RAM module in each slot. Therefore you need two new modules.

Specification is PC2700 DDR-RAM SO-DIMM.

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i want to replace the slow 40 GB travelstar 4k40(hitachi) with a travelstar 7k100. I have read some threads about BIOS compatibility but no concrete answers. have anyone tried this before on a M40X?

in case I got the new HD, what will happen to the genuine windows xp home edition on the original HD? I thought the recovery CD will do the job of reinstalling the OS on the new HD but it is mentioned that the CD is bundled with the original old HD. Does this mean I cannot have XP on new HD?

I didn't know how to get into the HD but it was pretty obvious in M40. i just want to know after sliding out the old HD from the side, do i need to unscrew only the small housing around the HD and put it on new HD?

thanks guys,

Answer:Upgrade a HDD from 40GB to 100GB on Satellite M40X-142


you need an HDD with ATA-6 interface.

The recovery CD should also work with another HDD.

About assembling the new HDD you are right.


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I have an M40x Laptop. I took the CPU out of it to replace it with another to test the computer booted up fine so I shut down and took it out and put it's original CPU back in, and it would not boot. Now it will not boot up at all with either of the CPU's all. When I turn on the power all I get is a white screen for a few seconds and the laptop shuts itself back down. Both the CPU's are good because I have since tested them in other computers to make sure that was not the problem.

Anyone have any ideas on what is causing this??

Answer:Satellite M40x will not boot up after CPU upgrade test

I?m not surprised.
As far as I know Toshiba does not support any CPU upgrades and it's not advisable to do something like that.
It?s a fact that the CPU replacement on the notebooks is not easy and mostly not recommended.
The processors used in portables are connected to the system board using a process called TCP (Tape Carrier Package). This is a permanent connection method and is used in the interests of miniaturization and heat dissipation.

Did you assign the new heat paste? It?s necessary and important if you want to connect the CPU again.

So possibly this is a reason for the no booting.
I think more details you will get from the service guys in your country?

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I am working on a customers M40x and the hard drive has crashed and I would like to replace it and I have a few options and wondering if they will work.

currently there is an MK6025GAS in it thats fried. The options I have are below.

1. MK6034GAX
2. MK8032GAX

Can I use a Maxtor? If yes what models?

Thanx HUGE :)

Answer:Question about hard drive on Satellite M40X

Hi dude

You can use the HDDs from every manufacture. It?s no matter what HDD manufacture it is. The HDD specifications are important!!! So you need an HDD which supports the enhanced IDE (ATA-6) interface!

The SATA HDDs are not compatible.

The MK6034GAX 60GB HDD and MK8032GAX 80GB HDD looks like support the ATA-100 (ATA-6) interface. So in my opinion the HDDs should be compatible and should run


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Hi !

Does anyone have this notebook ? Is it WiFi ready ? I am thinking about buying this model. So does it have mini pci slot and internal antena ? Can anyone help me ?

Answer:Question about WiFi card for Satellite M40X-159

M40X is a low budget model and probably (my M40X-105 is has NO mini PCI slot) it has no mini PCI slot. But don't worry just buy PCMCIA WiFi card. It's cheaper and works fine :)

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Hi folks just a few quick questions.

1. can a second hard drive be fitted to the afore mentioned notebook? came with a 60gb HDD
2.can a graphics card such as an ati or geforce mobile/go be fitted instead of the onboard graphics?

any answers would be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Equium M40x-189: Question about the HDD and graphic card upgrade


It is not possible to upgrade or to replace the graphic card. The graphic card is a little chip which is fixed on the motherboard. It?s not the same technology as on the desktop PCs.
The upgrade of the HDD is something different. It?s possible to replace the HDD at to put another one. But before you replace the HDD you have to check if the HDD is compatible and if the BIOS will recognize it.
Sometimes BIOS cannot recognize the bigger HDDs.


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Hello i have Toshiba Satellite M40X 184

When no program is running my hard disk works from time to time making annoying noise from time to time its not loud but I am curious is that normal ?
could anybody tell me

Answer:Satellite M40X 184: Is my HDD ok?

Hi Tom,

If you are running Windows XP then it is quite normal for your hard disk to show activity from time to time. You will have several active processes running which will periodically access the hard drive.

You may also have background tasks which will periodically kick into life and cause some disk access activity.


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I have M40x-119. On Toshiba's site I found USB FDD PA3109U-1FDD. But it's not compatible with this PC model. At one internet-shop I found USB FDD PA3109E- 1FDD. May be this FDD is compatible?

Message was edited by: sergalex

Message was edited by: sergalex

Answer:USB FDD for Satellite M40x-119

Hi Serg

You are right. FDD with part number PA3109U-1FDD is compatible with your unit.


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I have a problem with my notebook. Since I shut down it last time when the akku was empty I can?t start the notebook again. I get a signal from BIOS. 1-3-3-1 is the beep-code. So I think, I have a fault with one of my two 512MB-RAM.

Yersterday I opened the cover of the notebook at the undersite and removed the 512MB-RAM. Then I have tested the notebook again - but the beep-code was the same.

Today I have searched for the second 512MB-RAM under the keyboard, but I didn?t found the second RAM.

Can anybody tell me, how I can reach the second 512MB-RAM?

Thank you for your help!


Answer:Satellite M40X-129: where is the second RAM?

Hi there,

a friend of mine has a similar machine and we exchanged both modules. If you got no warranty on that machine then it?s no problem to do that what I tell you:
You?re right the second RAM is under the keyboard but after removing the keyboard you have to unscrew a little cover which appears after raising the keyboard. Remove that little cover and the second RAM will appear.

good luck

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Hi all.

I have a Toshiba Satellite M40X-161 (PSM4XE) laptop.

I have had this problem with the computer fan running all the time and making an awful lot of noise since I bought it a few years ago.
Once I had the fan cleaned in the service shop and it was ok for a few days, but then it started all over again.

Is there any solution for this problem? I've read that Toshiba has issued newer BIOS versions that fix this problem, but for laptops with ATI/nVidia video adapters.

I have an Intel adapter. Is there anything for my model, and has anyone fixed this?

Answer:Satellite M40X - fan noise


This is not a problem buddy.

The cooling modules should be cleaned from time to time. It?s not enough to clean the fans only one time? the dust will appear again? So it?s necessary to clean the cooling modules regularly.

You should also take a look into the power options of the Windows OS.
In most cases it?s possible to control the CPU performance and cooling performance which would reduce the fan activity and noise.

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I need the drivers for my Sattelite M40X 295. WHERE FROM ???

Answer:Need drivers for my Satellite M40X


Check on .
Chose your unit and you will find all drivers that you need.


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I have bought recently a Toshiba laptop but,I can not type @ using the functions on the keyboard. Can any one please explain to me how to type @ ?

Answer:Satellite M40x-115: Keyboard use


normally you have to type "AltGr" + "Q/@". If this doesn't work, maybe one of the keys is faulty.


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I?ve got a problem with my old M40 Notebook.

Last evening it just turned out. First I thought it was overheated, like sometimes before, but until this morning it won't boot again. If I push the boot-button it starts booting (I hear the HD) but only for 3 seconds, then there is no noise and nothing on screen, but the light around the boot-button is still shining. Weird.

I tried to start without the battery, only by cable, but that won't work either. There where NO smell like something was burned or so, I don't know what happened. But I need my data.

Would be cool if someone knows help!

Answer:Satellite M40x-112 won't boot

Try to remove the battery and disconnect the AC/DC adaptor from the notebook. Wait at least one hour and connect the AC/DC adaptor and battery. Try to start the notebook again and maybe it works.

By the way, so save your data you must start the laptop. If you have an external USB case you can put your HDD in it and then you can save the data on an other computer or notebook.

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When I see .avi movies (MediaPlayer or WinDVD) the images are vertically pixelated.
The icons are not completely correct. It seems that some vertical lines have no color information.
Anyone can help? I downloaded the last display driver from Toshiba.

Answer:Satellite M40X-309 LCD problem


It would be very interesting to know if it occurs only if you watch .avi files or any other files (mpeg) and DVDs?
Did you try to install some codex?


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I've got a Satellite M40X-112 lapptop and I want to update my intern drive from 80GB to 160 GB.
How know is it possible?! (The Toshiba hotline cannot give me an answer-only a 80GB drive was testet with these lapptop!). Have anyone experience with that?

Answer:Satellite M40X-112: Can I use the 160GB HDD

I read several statements here in the forum about HDD upgrade on the M40X and it seems there is a BIOS limitation.
The BISO will not recognize the 160GB HDD and therefore you will be not possible to install an OS or you will be not able to boot from this device.

Please use the 'advanced search' of this forum to find the threads about the HDD upgrade.

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i have m40x satellite...

i have 2 partations in its hard disk... i just want to format or recovery partation (c)not the hard disk how i can use the cd recovery,,it gives me three options which one i can choose plz help me???

Answer:How can I use Recovery CD on Satellite M40X


I hope this Toshiba created document can help you

Please read it carefully. If you have more questions please write again.

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I have Satellite M40X-112. Where can I find the second RAM slot?
Thanks for help.

Message was edited by: ADMIN

Answer:Satellite M40X-112 - second RAM slot

If you can not find second RAM slot at the bottom side usually it is placed under the keyboard.

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I have a big problem.... I cannot find the drivers for my Toshiba Satellite M40x-267 (PSM4XE-03401UFR).
PLEASE I need these drivers (for all... mother board etc and especially for the display driver).

Thanks, if it is possible one mail to [email protected]

Answer:Re: Need drivers for Satellite M40x

All drivers you can find on Toshiba download page under > Support & Downloads but under "Product type" choose option ARCHIVE.

That's all!

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dear friends,

my laptop has worked for 3 months without any problem.these days when I put a CD in DVD rom It is not recognised and a failure message appears on the screen that says no cd is in the drive.could it be a software problem or it is definetly a hardware malfunction.I'm seriously looking forward to your instructions


Answer:My Satellite M40X: DVD Rom has got serious problem

Did you installed some burning software, burning plugins or something similar? In most cases such programs are the troublemakers. Try to deinstall all your burning stuff, and maybe its a good idea that you download a benchmark-cd (like ultimate-boot-cd; Link: or memtest ( and try to boot from the cd. When the CD is booting correctly, then you know that is something with your software-configuration.

Just try it :)


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Cannot find other computer in workgroup when connecting with other computer through crossover cable.
All settings are properly inserted.
What should be a problem? (firewall is disabled)

Local area connection status is connected, but without Packets activity (send/recieve=0)

PS: in local area properties I have AEGIS protocol (IEEE 802.1x) v2.3.1.10 - what is this?

Answer:Satellite M40X - Can not connect with other PC (LAN)

i found the problem in notebook, the ping doesnt work. data flow is disabled.
what should be a problem?

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I have an old satellite M40x-163 with a broken keyboard. I found some keyboards for my laptop but im not sure if they are compatible.

*My keyboard:*
Moden no. NSK-T470L
DARFON PN: 99.N5682.70L
K/B K000026030 WK 533K

I would like to know if it is compatible with the following keyboard:
(i can't find my product number on this one, and the photo looks exactly like my keyboard)

TOSHIBA Satellite A 10 A 15 A 20 A 25 A 30 Series Keyboards Black

Compatible Numbers:
K000029390 UE2024P135, P000349000, P000405490
T4001-US, 48.N 5601.001A (Ribbon Cable Model Number), K000001600, K000016050, PK13CW10200 (MP-03433US-698), G 83C 0000E510, P000377360, G 83C 0001K210, K000011870, NSK-T4001, G 83C 0003G 110, NSK-T 4A 01, V000040140, 99.N5682.A01, MP-03433US-930, NSK-T4301, G 83C 0000EA10, V000011350-R, WLJ-5528W, PK13CW10100, N860-7630-T101 -03A , NSK-T4D01, K000009780, PK13AL00000, PK13AT10600; 99.N5682.701, NSK-T4701,NSK-T4101

the link is this one:
[ sh=item3379ccb1e6]

Thank you

Answer:Re: Need new keyboard for my Satellite M40X-163

The keyboard on ebay page seems to be compatible.
Generally speaking all Toshiba parts can be ordered from Toshiba service partner available in your country.

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Hey Folks,

my M40X turns off sometimes. I dont know what it causes. I dont know why. I dont think its dust in the fan, because i have it just 2 months. I got the latest bios from september and the lastest chip set drivers, i think.

what can i do?

Answer:Satellite M40X turns off sometimes


You said that your notebook turns off ?sometimes?.
Does this issue occurs only if you use a especially software application or it?s a generally problem?
I ask it because sometimes 3rd party software could has a bad influence on the OS.
But it could be also a overheating issue.

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I am thinking of upgrading my toshiba Equium M40X-189 Ram, The one i need is KTT3311A but i have found few others on ebay with model KTT3311 (A is missing) and wondering if they both are same?


Answer:Equium M40X-189 - Which RAM for upgrade?


I have checked the Kingston website because there you can search for compatible modules on Equium M40X-189.
Did you do this too?

It shows the following compatible modules:
KTT3311A/512 512MB SO DIMM (915)
KTT3311A/1G 1GB SO DIMM (915)

Son in your case I would buy these modules! ;)

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i have Equium m40x-189 notebook with Intel Pentium M 730 processor(1.6/2M/533). I want to upgrade my CPU with Intel Pentium M780 processor(2.26/2M/533). Is it possible?

Answer:Equium M40X-189: I want to upgrade the CPU?


Please don?t be mad on me but I think that forum is not the right place to pick up this kind of information. CPU exchange is very ?sensible? area and I think you should contact service or some independent hardware upgrade store.

Basically CPU upgrade is not possible because of so-called permanent connection method. I don?t want to say it is definitely not possible but CPU upgrade can but for result it can have some negative aspects like higher power consumption and much shorter running time with battery power supply, cooling will not be as before and I am afraid that cooling vent will run constantly.

What to say about performance. I believe you will not see much more difference because CPU on this unit is good enough and better, cheaper and without risk solution, is to upgrade RAM to maximum.

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I am thinking about upgrading my laptop memory.

I am wondering if i can use Kingston KTD-INSP5150/1G instead of KTT3311/1G? They both are PC2700 200 pin DDR SODIMM 333 MHZ but KTD-INSP5150/1G is mostly used for other laptops.

Someone is selling KTD-INSP5150/1G on good reasonable price but not sure if it is compatible?


Answer:RAM upgrade for Equium M40X-189

Hi momer79,

First of all the Equium M40x can be upgraded to 2GB memory. You need DDR-RAMM SO-DIMM modules with specification PC2700. You can use up to 1GB in each slot.

Furthermore I have checked the Kingston website because there is memory configurator. If you search for Equium M40x-189 you will get two compatible memory modules:
KTT3311A/512 (512MB SO DIMM)

So in your case I would buy one or two of these modules because they seem to be compatible with your Equium notebook. ;)

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I have a Satellite M40X-183. I tried to install Photoshop CS2 and it installs everything but the help files and I wait for hour to finish the setup but it doesnt. Before it took me a long time to install everything but after I updated my software from toshiba it did show some changes and installed faster but still got stuck at the helping files part. It seems like it is installing but it actualy doesn't install anything bout the help files and I did install Photoshop CS2 to my Desktop from the cd it works fine.

I have similar problems with running some other proggrams.
Is there anyways that I can instal photoshop? has anyone else had the same trouble like I have?

Answer:Satellite M40X-183: Can't install photoshop CS2


It is really not easy to say what the problem can be. You will be very lucky if someone has exactly the same problem and can give you some explanation. I have installed and tested lot of different software on my Tecra and till now everything works well.

Problem is that Toshiba is not responsible for non-Toshiba software and if nobody can help you try to contact Adobe support.

Sorry but I don?t see any other solution.

Good luck!

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Very often but not always, when I boot the portable (Satellite M40X-186 Windows XP SP3) , after a while, the window Windows Media Player pops-up. I shut it but it reappears etc...very often also there is an erratic behaviour : the keyboard is inoperable or the letter which appears on the screen is not related to the key etc...or the cursor moves in an irrational way.
I have scanned all files for viruses (Avast tool) I have reinstalled XP, updated the ATI driver... but that does not seem to have solved the problem.

Any idea what is the cause of this malfunction ?
Thanks if you can help

Answer:Re: Erratic behaviour on Satellite M40X

When you start your notebook and enter BIOS settings, can you use keyboard and go through settings?

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I recently acquired the Satellite M40X-184. Preloaded software. WinXp. I am experiencing a delay on the keyboard. Tried disabling the touchpad. No success. Have the latest BIOS update. Drivers seem to be fine. Not that I know too much about that.

Any assistance in resolving the problem will greatly be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite M40X-184: delay on the keyboard

I have the same problem with a M60/170, purchased three weeks ago.

If no simple solution, then it's back to the drawing board for a keyboard replacement..

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Hello All,

I want to upgrade my memory from 512MB to 1.5GB. I bought 1G RAM and when I plugged in screen became white and Laptop is not working. RAM is fine. I contact the technical department of Seller and as per them I need to remove the old 512MB RAM and plugged there my 1GB RAM so my Laptop can recognise the new RAM.

To do this I open my keboard and beneath this I can only find WLAN in the middle in the left there is another LAN. and the extreme left I can see my DVD-ROM. On the right PC card and that's it. I don't know where the the 512MB RAM slot is. It's definately there somewhere.

Is there any one any expert who can tell me where can I find RAM slot for 512 MB?

PS: I even call Toshiba support and they said sorry as per policy we cannot tell you.
So experts non-experts Legends please help me fix this issue.


Answer:Satellite M40x - Where is the memory located?

I have checked the user manual of Satellite M40x (it can be downloaded on the Toshiba website) and if you look on page 8-7 you can find a description how to upgrade the memory.

In my opinion the 512MB that you already have is an integrated RAM that can?t be upgraded because on the bottom side of the notebook is only one memory slot.

However, I think it?s not a problem to use an additional RAM module but maybe the new RAM is not full compatible with your notebook.
What type of memory did you bought exactly? Maybe you should try it with another one.

I hope I could help you a little bit.

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Had a malware virus (Katushka I think) on my M40X - safe mode worked then didn't.
Tried reformat with OEM discs, didn't work. Runs thru process, but nothing at the end.

Then tried various boot disks, last was AVG Boot disk - found out there were two partitions...must have zigged when I shouldn't have because now I have "no volumes found" message.

Can I recreate "volumes"?

Is there any hope to get my laptop working again?

I am newbie to this but willing to try.
Have a Win XP software disc (SP3) ...not OEM but Win XP, a copy provided for purpose of trying to get computer running again.
Intend once Win XP is working to reformat laptop if possible with Toshiba OEM disc.

Feel like such a dummy, please help....

Answer:Satellite M40X - no volumes found

When you say "it doesn't work", what happens exactly?

If you have important data on the HDD, you can use software to recover the files.

The best solution is to order an M40X Recovery Disc from Toshiba.
Installing a generic version of Windows can be a headache.

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I hope that somebody can help me. I bought this Toshiba second hand and it was on WXP so I formatted HDD and installed Win 7 Ultimate. I have trouble finding missing drivers such as
-Ethernet controller
-mas storage controller
-PCI serial port
-video controller

Laptop is working much faster now then in WXP but Wi-Fi isn?t working. I tried about 25 drivers from Toshiba support bud non off them is working and my laptop doesn?t have option Win7 on support site. Any ideas?

Tank you for help and sorry for my English, I am from Slovenia and I learned my self , so it is what it is

Answer:Need Win7 drivers for old Satellite M40X-263

This old notebook model is not supported for Win7 so you will not be able to find any driver or Toshiba specific tools and utilities.

Long time ago I had newer M70 but with the same problem. These models were designed for WXP OS. What you can try is to use Linux.

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im having a problem w/ my dvd. i tried to burn my movies, music and my files into a dvdr or cdr, i even tried dvdrw and cdrw but everytime i do it gives an error "d:\ is not accessible incorrect function". but when i try to watch a dvd movie or play my music cd, it does work. it reads. does this mean that my dvd drive can only read and not write?

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Answer:DVD drive not writing - Satellite M40X-175

Hi there,

I think Satellite M40X is new enough to have CD writing feature. Seems to me a HW issue but you can try:
1- clean the empty CD with a dry cloth
2- blow to the lens and be sure there is no dust
3- you can uninstall its driver from
control panel-> system -> hardware -> device manager -> DVD-RAM -> (right click) properties -> driver -> Uninstall -> restart your laptop.

If they do not help you can contact an Authorised Service Partner of Toshiba. You can find the nearest one from

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Hi everybody,

I got the problem, that I had to reinstall my notebook and I couldn't find my driver cd.

So I had some problems getting the drivers.
After a long search for the drivers I found close to all of them but I still could not get all.

At the moment I still cannot use the usb ports, the lan controller is still not installed, the local area connection is already working, but I have no chance to activate WLAN.

And also I couldn't find a driver for the mass driver controller.

I installed close to all drivers from the Toshiba homepage.
Does anyone know where I could get thist drivers and make my notebook work.

Maybe that in this forum was allready an question like this, but I couldn't find it, also I didn't find anything in the FAQ



Answer:Satellite M40X-112 drivers not found

Hi there,

where did you downloaded your drivers? From this site here?

I have a little hint for you, try the canadian Toshiba site, maybe you can find some drivers there:

Hope it would be useful for you.


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My laptop has got ridiculously slow and I want to return it to its factory settings to see if that sorts it.
I have a Satellite M40x product recovery dvd-rom, but an unsure what that will do.

Specifically, will using it leave me needing to reinstall windows (i don't appear to have any windows cds)?
The laptop has a sticker on it that says it came bundled with Microsoft Office OneNote2003, but I'm not sure what that means either and whether it makes any difference.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Answer:What Recovery disk for Satellite M40x will do?


The product recovery disk contains the image file.
Image is a package which contains the Windows OS, Toshiba drivers, tools and additional software.

So using Recovery disk will format the notebooks HDD and will set the notebook back to factory settings. The usage of recovery disk is a simplest and fastest way to get installed a fresh OS!


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I am using Toshiba Satellite M40X series and wondering what is the limit of extending RAM on my laptop?

According my laptop Manual 1DIMM slot can extended upto 1GB but i don't know how many slots are there.


Answer:Extending RAM in Satellite M40X series

I found follow info about Satellite M40x:

- This notebook model can handle with 1536 MB max
- Two slots are available but only one is upgradable ? it must be the slot at the bottom side
- 512 MB in one slot
- You can use additional 1 GB RAM ? compatible module is PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G)

Good luck!

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I've got a problem with my satellite M40. After a problem with a spyware, I decided to format my pc.
I've made a recovery of system with the original cd. At the end of the ghost, I pressed ctrl+alt+del to reboot like it was written.
But, nothing happen, I've only got a cursor at the top left corner of screen and windows won't start. I've made the operation 3 times and it's always the same result.

I don't know what can I do more.

thanks for help.

Excuse me for my english

Answer:Satellite M40X-299: no boot after recovery

It is very strange. Can you obtain Microsoft installations CD and try to install OS? I am really interested if the same will happen again.

Please do not be mad on me because I didn?t wrote some exact explanation but after endless recoveries that I have done in last 8 years I have never saw something like this.

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Hi ..

I have Satellite M40X-119
When I press the power Button , The Blue Led turns on and the fan starts and then Only 4 Beeps
( Beep - Beep - Beep - Beep ) intreval about 1 seconds. and then nothing happens !!!!

I replaced the RAM with new one .. but still the same

any advise ??

Answer:Satellite M40X-119 not booting - 4 beeps only


As far as I know the Satellite M40X has a Phoenix BIOS.

On Phoenix BIOS there is not the code 1-1-1-1 (beep-beep-beep-beep).
I think it is 1-1-2-1 or something else.
Here is a list of the different beep codes:

If you replaced the RAM, I think there is something wrong with the CPU or motherboard.


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I can't find the drivers for my laptop, anywhere. I've got Omega drivers right now but I want to use official ATI drivers. I can't download them from the ATI website because the refer me back to Toshiba. But Toshiba hasn't got anything on their website. They don't even list the m40 anymore.

Why is it, and it's not only Toshiba, that computer manufactures have bad websites? Never heard of web 2.0 or something?

*woops, this had to go in the Satellite forum, not the pro.

Answer:Need graphic driver for Satellite M40x-231


>But Toshiba hasn't got anything on their website. They don't even list the m40 anymore.
I don?t agree with you buddy? you problem is that you didn?t search properly.

The Toshiba European driver page is very clear? Maybe you need a additional help? ;) LOL

Anyway? Toshiba European drive page can be found here: -> Support & Download Center -> Download Drivers

Here you will find a download form.

So now you don?t know what to choose??? ?:|
Hmmm how about this:
Archive -> Satellite -> Satellite M -> Satellite Mx40 -> ?.

Is it soooo difficult??? In my opinion it?s not.


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I have a problem with my Satellite M40X notebook, I'm working when the LCD turn off and I hear two bips. To turn on the LCD I need to restart the notebook but the problem persist after a few minutes.

Anyone can help me, please.

Answer:LCD turns off for no reason - Satellite M40X


Please compare the BIOS version which was installed on the notebook with the published one on the Toshiba driver page.
If you use the older BIOS you could try to update it. Maybe the update will sort out this strange behaviour.

But there could be also an hardware malfunction if the BIOS update doesn't help.

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N Malgas here from Johannesburg South Africa.

I picked up a virus on my Satellite M40X-184 that corrupted my audio device drivers.
Relaoded Windows XP Home and Audio Devices still not working.
Looking for a way to reload drivers.

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Audios does not work on Satellite M40X-184


I think in first place you should check in the device manager if any yellow exclamation marks are visible. This could help you to find out if the sound driver was installed correctly or not.

On the Toshiba page you can find the Realtek sound driver v5.10.00.5740.-T
You have to unzip it firstly before starting the installation. You can perform the sound driver installation also from the device manager?

After successful sound driver installation you should take look into the ?sound and audio devices?. This option can be found in the control panel.

Check if the mute was not enabled and go through the single volume controllers and set it to a higher level.

Good luck

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i've a M40x since two years, it do a buffer keyboard overflow, there is continue beep and if i use the windows notepad, i see a LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, but i don't presse the L Key !!!

I've disconnected the keyboard and it's the same thing !!! How can i solve the problem ?

Where i could find datasheet of the keyboard controller ? I want to repair the motherboard, i love this laptop!

A tech of Toshiba repair center could say me how to do ?


Answer:Satellite M40x - keyboard repeats always L

> I've disconnected the keyboard and it's the same thing!!! How can i solve the problem?
>Where i could find datasheet of the keyboard controller? I want to repair the motherboard, i love this laptop!

Unfortunately, such maintance manuals are not for public usage and from my knowledge only the Toshiba authorized service provider could get access to such docs and manuals.
So simply said you will be not able to find such instructions on the Toshiba page.

But my first thought was a faulty keyboard. If the keyboard replacement will not help then the whole system board must be replaced because the keyboard controller is a part of the mobo!!!!

Sorry, but I don?t think that you will be able to fix the motherboard.
If the board is damage then it must be replaced?

Best regards

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i bought a satellite pro m40x. The dvdram drive can only read dvd but not cd rom and music cd. I already tried with original ones. I up-graded the bios but nothing change. thanks.paolo.

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Answer:DVD-RAM drive can't read CDs on my Satellite M40X


It?s very curious. Try this: Go to the properties of the DVD ram drive (right click).
Somewhere in the properties is a tick box to enable digital CD READ. Make sure this box is ticked.

In ?Autoplay? make sure that an appropriate task is associated with Music CD and not ?No action?.
Load a Music CD and then right click on your CD Drive. There should be a PLAY option.

If the DVD drive does not work after this changes, so I think it?s something wrong with the hardware.
In my opinion you should contact the service partner.

Good luck


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The Notebook comes with WinXP Home. I installed WinXp Professional and now I am looking for drivers, because the Toshiba Site only offers 2 Bios Updates. (Unbelivable, but true)

I would be glad if someone could help me out:
I need to know exactly which Audio and Adapters are built in by Intel so I can look for them on the Intel site.


Answer:Satellite M40x-129 No drivers for download

Hi Philipp

I think the drivers will come on the web shortly. Meanwhile you can use the Tools & Utilities CD to install the driver. All drivers are there. PLease take a look at the CD - especially the startup HTML-file. It tells you what to install and in what order (very important) to make the platform stable and 100% functioning.

good luck


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Hi everybody

Since I bought my Satellite Pro M40X, i found that the touchpad sometimes works (especially but not consistently when the computer is connected to AC power and the battery is full). However, most of time it is not working and the cursor keeps freezing in the center of the screen.

When I use my Genius USB mouse, it works fine.

I've tried all the following but all failed:
1- Checking the control panel, which always says that my touchpad is working fine and enabled
2- Pressing Fn+F9
3- Updating the BIOS and the touchpad ALPS drivers from the TOSHIBA website and reinstalling them
4- Running the computer in the safemode
5- Using the system recovery CD to return to the factory settings

All those trials failed and the problem is still present.

Can anyone help me to fix this problem. It is still a new notebook and I have 1 year warranty. Is it a hardware problem? Please help me.


Answer:Touchpad is not working in my new Satellite Pro M40X

Hello Amir

Everything you done is absolutely right and if the problem persist after recovery procedure there can be some hardware problem. In my opinion you should contact service partner and let them check the unit.

If the warranty is still valid you should utilize it. If something must be changed it will be done for free and valid warranty will cover all costs.


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I'am new user sat. m40x-116. I must use EMS and XMS memory in MS-DOS based programs. But now it's not be. I look with MEM command in dos mode, and my programs messeage is "OUT OF MEMORY". I changed windows xp home to xp pro. But it's negative too. But my all desktop PC and old notebook isn't those problem. I don't understand this problem. I must solve this problem.
Thank you

[Edited by: admin on 09-Jun-05 14:21]

Answer:EMS memory problem on Satellite M40X


Which operating system is installed on your desktop PC and notebook? I have found an interesting article about EMS and XMS memory on Microsoft page. Check it;en-us;95555 .

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I have a toshiba Satellite M40X-115 laptop with XP. My cursor starts moving and won't stop. For example when I try to log onto the laptop and click in the password field. the cursor starts moving, fills up the space, I try to clear it, but the cursor continues to move. When searching the web, if I click the down arrow, IE starts scrolling down and won't stop. If I open word, the moment I click on the page, the cursor starts spacing.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Satellite M40X-115 - cursor won't stop!

It is not easy to understand what is wrong there but have you noticed this problem when you disable touchpad and use external mouse only?

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I want to install a new HDD for my Satellite M40X.

I tried to use a 160 GB HDD, I copied the partitions, but the HDD will not boot.. To verify the copy procedure, I copied the C partition to an older 30GB drive and that drive is able to boot.
What is the maximum supported HDD size by the BIOS?

Answer:Satellite M40X Maximum HDD capacity


As far as I know the Satellite M40x is equipped with a IDE HDD and so it has a 28bit LBA limitation. That means it will only support HDDs up to 120GB.
About the LBA limitation you can read more here: []

So in your case I would bought a 120GB and it should work fine. Check this!


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Hi guys

I?m new to this forum, looking for some help with my laptop. I have been using my laptop for a gd while now but 2 nite I powered it up and was going ok then the screen just went black.
The hard disk is running and as the DVD drive but the screen still remains black.

Any reply will be greatly appreciated.

Answer:Black screen on my Satellite M40x

Do you have an external monitor?
Can you see the image on the monitor?

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I would like to use my laptop (satellite pro M40x-115) as a DVD-player. But when I connect my laptop to my TV, I only get a black and white view. I tried to solve this by installing the latest driver for my graphics card but it didn't change at all.

How can I solve this?

greetz El Mariachi

Answer:Satellite Pro M40x-115: How to get color view on TV?


Did you check the graphic settings? The TV settings should be set to PAL (most of Europe).
Furthermore you should check your TV unit if it?s able to receive the S-Video signal.

Check this:


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Is it possible to switch from Windows XP to Windows 7 on my Toshiba Satellite M40X-183?

Answer:Satellite M40x-183 - Can I switch from XP to Windows 7?


Theoretically you can do everything but you know how old your notebook is? In my opinion Windows 7 isn?t the first choice for this oldie. It?s designed for Windows XP and you should be satisfied with this OS.

In my opinion Windows XP is the best choice for old notebooks they are not designed for Windows 7.

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The CD/DVD driver of my notebook has always worked properly but since a few months it doesnt anymore.

Most of the time an error message pops up telling me the DVD or CD cant be read. Occasionally it does work properly and sometimes it does work but very slow or stuttering. It doesnt matter which CDs or DVDs I use because I have all used them before and it has also happened that one day a CD does work and the next day it doesnt.

Does anyone have any idea what might be the problem? (I haven't used updates for the driver or anything)

Answer:Satellite M40x-250 - CD/DVD drive works only sometimes


At the moment it?s not easy to say why your CD/DVD drive doesn?t work properly anymore.
Maybe there is something dust on the lens of the CD/DVD drive. So try to clean the lens using a microfiber cloth. This doesn?t scratch the lens so don?t use other things.

Furthermore I would recommend removing the CD/DVD drive from device manager and restarting the notebook. After this the will be recognized again and then you can test it again.


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i?ve got a stripe in the middle of my laptop screen. How can I remove it?

Answer:Satellite M40X-295: Stripe on the screen


Try to update the graphic driver. The newest one you will find on the Toshiba website.
Furthermore please check your display resolution.
If the problem still exists I assume it?s a hardware malfunction. Then you notebook needs a service. You should contact the ASP.


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Well, I have updated my M40X to VISTA, though it is not mentioned on the compatility-list.
Well, actually installed it on a freshly formatted partition.
Works smoothly, RAM is sufficient, slowest component seems to be the CPU, well, fair enough.

Obviously I am not able to get the cardreader (the SD, xD, smartcard combo) nor the USB ports running.
Both is listed in the device manager, the USB hub as well as the sd client. Furthermore there is a mass storage device with a driver error in the list.
Whenever I insert well tested cards, USB HDs mp3 players or whatever in the slots the computer sometimes makes some ping-noise but doesn't show any device in the explorer or a new device letter.

I reckon this is some kind of driver problem, but didn't find any solution. Not even after dayandnight searches on forums and stuff.
Cardreader is 'Texas Instruments PCIxx21 Intergrated Flash Media Controller' as i understand.
Well, i would be more than happy and greatfull if anyone could recommend a solution for these problems, pref with links to the drivers.
Am really down.



Answer:Questions about SD and USB under Vista on Satellite M40X


As you know this notebook model is definitely not Vista supported and Toshiba will not design any Vista drivers for this notebook model. I can imagine that Vista runs fine but without right drivers it is not easy to use some hardware components.

I recommend you to use WXP. WXP runs very well on this notebook. For all tests you can install Vista on second partition to see how it works. I believe just after few weeks you will remove Vista and use WXP as before. ;)

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I have a laptop M40X-112. I enabled the HDD password in BIOS. How safe is this? Can the HDD be read in another PC? Is the data encrypted on the HDD? Whichever method is used?

This text was translated by Google, I hope it is correct ...


Answer:Satellite M40X-112: HDD Password in Bios


HDD Password is stored in the HDD unit itself.
So even the HDD unit is removed from one computer and attached to another, the HDD password is required to access it.

_Here are some details:_

+What is A HDD Password?+

TOSHIBA HDD Password summary

Note: you will not be able to access the HDD if you forget the password! So be careful with that!

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I have notebook specified above with that screen white remain if one it start.

Everything ran off in such a way, the screen has again and again times diagram problems remained sometime shown only still a side a strip,
the equipment then in Italy repairing left, those has the display exchanged thereafter went it again.
Arrived at Germany the display indicated only still a grey strip to me down.

I have then the equipment taken around to apart look whether vlt a cable am the matter, have in the back at the display the cable taken off and again purely, but remains the whole display now only still white that other display which me giving remains also only white has thus both tested.
If I attach my monitor external go everything, only the display at the notebook remain white.

Can it be the inverter? or nevertheless only does the cable vlt?
By the way originals the display in the shop and it is tested heals.
Thus I exclude now times display, diagram map.

Can help their me vlt?

Answer:Satellite M40x-112 White Screen

hi Klinsmann_1,
your english is hardcore...
if i got you right the internal screen stays white when operating and the external screen shows everything right.

back to your question:
the inverter is ok, because you see light otherwise the screen stays black

it seems to be a hardware issue on the grafics adapter means videocard...
or a broken wire but therefor the colours have to change if you move the screen...

i think there is no other way to ask a servicepartner for assistance
or you try to get a new grafics card and exchange it by yourself... bad job if never done before...

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I've recently bought a Satellite M40X-309 in Portugal. I am very happy with my new laptop except for one detail: I'm brazilian and accustomed to use brazilian or US keyboard. The Satellite M40X-309 keyboard is different and I can't get used to it, no matter how hard I try.

Someone could tell me if I can change my keyboard to a US or Brazilian one? If so how can I buy it? Anyone knows which keyboards are compatibles?

Thank you very much

Answer:Satellite M40X-309: Changing keyboard


Keyboard exchange should not be problem. It is easy to do and you can do it alone but in this case you can lose the warranty. You can try to contact Toshiba service partner in Portugal and ask them if they can order one US keyboard for you.

Other way you can Google a little bit and order one from some laptop parts offerer. I have found out that US keyboard has number V000052760.

Good luck!

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I have a Satellite M40X-250 notebook. Since 3 days I couldn't get connection to my router. LAN Card is Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC. I've also installed Linux OS and he did. I'm using Win XP Pro.
- I've also installed new driver of the LAN Card.
- Firewall is disabled

Somebody can help me ...

Answer:Satellite M40X-250 LAN Card does not work

Hi Erguder

Firstly you should enter to the device manager and check if there is a yellow exclamation mark.
If not, so I assume the LAN driver was successfully installed and there must be another reason for the LAN malfunction.

Please check then the LAN properties. In the ?general? tab you will find installed protocols. Please choose the TCP/IP protocol and click on the properties.
All settings (IP, DNS, getway, etc) should be set to automatically.

The other possibility is that there is something wrong with the router. Try to reset the router and check the settings.

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When I play a game on my toshiba notebook (sattelite M40X) it gets overheated after about an hour. I wonder if somebody else also has this problem and if I can do anything about it other than take iet to the store?


Answer:Satellite M40x overheats while gaming

> I wonder if somebody else also has this problem and if I can do anything about it
Don?t wonder about this issue. This is nothing unusual after 1 or 2 years of notebook usage.

The problem is that all notebooks parts and devices run with full performance and produce a lot of heat while gaming.
I think the cooling modules are blocked and the fans cannot rotate with full performance!!!
This leads to temperature rising and to automatically shut downs.

The notebook shuts down automatically because it supports an overheating protection to avoid from the hardware damage!!!
It?s a feature not a bug ;)

So what to do?! It?s simply.
The cooling modules must be cleaned professionally. Usually the simply compressed air spray should help to clean the ventilators.
In worth case you should contact a notebook technician who could clean the notebook inside.
Then you should get rid of this little but annoying trouble ;)

Best regards

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Changed the OS from Win XP to Win XP Prof. and installed the ATI Driver in the wrong order,
therefore I can not change my display rate anymore.

Is there someone who knows what to do?
If anyone uses the same machine (with ATI Radeon Mobility X600 SE), it would be great if you could tell me the name of the Display Driver File (*.inf)!?



Answer:Satellite M40X - 295 Display driver


Well, I found on the Toshiba website the ATI display driver version 8.111.
It seems this is a newest version. But which display rate would you like to you change?
Did you mean the ?Screen refresh rate??
As far as I know it?s not possible to change this setting. It?s a firm setting and it's always set to 60 Hz.

If you want you can check this topic:


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With many of new 16x speed DVD-R or DVD+R i have problem to burn it faster then 4x speed.
I search update for the very old Firmenware for this Mat****a Mat****a UJ-831S burner.
I read in many other Forums about the same problems which have user they use the same burner.

Answer:Satellite M40X - I need Firmenware for Mat****a UJ-831S


You should know that no all medias are compatible with all drives.
Sometimes there are compatibility problems.
As far as I know in the user manual which should be preinstalled on you notebook you will find the list of compatible and tested medias.
All this medias are tested and should works properly.

However I have found on the Toshiba driver page in the Qosmio F10 section the Firmware update for the UJ-831 drive.
Check this:

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How to clean up the hardware, the ventilation from cooling system is dirty,and its so fast overheat, is that allowed and possible and how to open the casing? if i do that, is that mean i broke the sealed and dont have warranty/garanty from Toshiba anymore?

Answer:How to clean the fans on Satellite M40X-129


Yes it?s true. If you will open the notebook or remove the covers to clean the fans inside you will lose the warranty.
I clean the fans on my unit with the vacuum cleaner. This is a very simple procedure and I don?t need to open the notebook.
But if you will try this, so please be careful.

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I have a Satellite Pro M40X which I bought 4 years ago. It has been working well until some weeks ago.

I tried to turn it on but nothing happen, nothing at all, no lights, no sound at all, completely dead.

It is connected to the AC power and the power light is on, (the light of the battery doesn't work since a lot time ago). I have tried to take off the battery, unplug the power cable and after several hours even days, try to turn it on and I obtained the same behavior.

Only the power light it is on (the power light when you connect the AC power) but when I push the button "turn on" of the laptop nothing happen.

My laptop is no more under warranty, so if some one could help to find a solution it would be great!!!

Thank you

Answer:Satellite Pro M40X doesn't TURN ON


I read your issue that is related to the hardware malfunction. It looks like motherboard is dead, probably, the southbridge. Anyway, you should contact the service center:

Note, the motherboard is one of the most expensive part of lap and don't know if it's worthy to replace it It's better to buy a second-hand or a new laptop.

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Hello all,

I spent my whole day to find a built in RAM to replace with new 1 but unluckily and unfortunately I can't find built in RAM.
I removed the keyboard but there is only wireless card I can see here. Apart for it I cannot find RAM. Can someone help me to replace my RAM please?


Answer:How to find RAM slot on Satellite Pro M40x?

As far as I know some notebooks have just one upgradable RAM slot and it is placed at the bottom under the RAM cover. Other module is always placed under the keyboard. On your notebook must be the same.

The WLAN card must be placed in the middle but RAM is probably on the left side. Maybe it is under the small plastic cover (not fixed with screws). Check it out.

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For a long time now I am having a problem with an old laptop, the Toshiba Satellite M40X-250.

When I try to boot this laptop, the lights turn on, I can hear the harddrive and the fan starting, also I can hear (if I have one in there) the cd station read the cd/dvd.

But nothing else happens, the screen remains black and there is no way I can get it running.

I know quite something about desktop computers and laptops myself, so I disassembled this laptop completely, and cleaned everything thoroughly, and after that I reassembled it again, but that didn't have any effect, I still can't boot the laptop.

There is however another odd thing, it's very rare, but sometimes I do get it to boot, but at a certain random moment (very quickly, because I cannot use the laptop really) it gives me a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) with an error code, I think it was 0x000000EA. Anyway, it meant a driver problem with the graphics card. It gave me an ATIDVAG error.

But most of the time I am not even able to boot it.

Now, it is a very old laptop and I tried everything,
I tried to boot it without battery (disconnected) and only on power, no result.
I tried to boot it only with battery, no result.
I tried to disconnect power and the battery and press power button for 60seconds, no result.
I tried several rescue cd's, a linux install cd, a windows install cd, it resulted in nothing.
[EDIT] I also connected the laptop to an external monitor, but that didn't work either, no r... Read more

Answer:Boot problem on Satellite M40X-250

> I think it was 0x000000EA. Anyway, it meant a driver problem with the graphics card. It gave me an ATIDVAG error

In my opinion it looks like graphic card problem.
Black screen means that either the display is faulty or the graphic chip.

But if the internal display would malfunction, then you should still be able to use the external monitor? but I assume this is not possible? therefore I think its GPU problem

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Hi there,

I have a similar problem with my M40X-112. After pushing the power button, th sbutton turns blue, the fan starts
rotating and after some seconds the fan stops and nothing happens (no bootup, no sound, nothing).
In one out of 30 trials I can see the startup screen and also made it to the bios setting twice, but after
some seconds the screen turns black and everything stalls. At all times the blue light of the power button
glows and all three green LEDs in front of the laptop are on.

Is the CMOS battery empty ? Why should removing the battery and AC power help in this situation ? Does charging
for 24 hrs with laptop turned on help (see ?

Thanks a lot in advance for any hints,


Answer:Satellite M40X-112 does not boot up properly

> Is the CMOS battery empty? Why should removing the battery and AC power help in this situation? Does charging for 24 hrs with laptop turned on help
I don?t think that the CMOS battery is empty. Your description does not sound like a battery issue.
If the CMOS battery would be empty then the notebook would boot up but only the time and date would be set to the default value?

Therefore I think the issue could be related more to a motherboard issue as to CMOS battery issue?
I think we can discuss about the malfunction and can assume what part could be wrong but finally this would be only a assumption and will not really help to find out what?s wrong exactly?.

Therefore I would say you should ask an ASP for an hardware check?

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I have a Satellie M40X-250 notebook. Now the mainboard is defect and out of warranty. Someone is selling a Satellite M40X-123 because the screen is defect.
Can I use the mainboard of M4x-123 on my M40X-250?



Answer:Mainboard replacement on Satellite M40X-250


are you really sure you have a M40X-250 ??? I have a M40X-185 and its the latest type of that series, so I wonder how you could have a -250..

Please check again, which type of machine do you have... maybe its not a m40x than a m40 and the type is 250.

Would appreciate some feedback, because it will be easier then to help you with your inital question.


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I'm trying to fix a laptop that recently stopped working for no apparent reason.

The screen doesn't turn on. When I leave the battery in and press power, everything (minus the display) fires up, then there is a loud beep, then after a (very) long pause it repeats (over and over). When I remove the battery and just start it with the AC adapter it turns on then almost immediately shuts off. I've tried jiggling the power cord, that doesn't appear to be the problem...

I've tried removing everything that's (easily) removable (cd-drive and harddrive - it has onboard system ram).

I've tried following the manual but I get to the part where it says to try an external display which I'm unable to as I don't have the wire for it (nor a tv that supports such). The manual doesn't mention the beeping.

Heres the manual: m40x.pdf

If anyone can find me the motherboard manual - that should help.


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I bought a new satellite pro m40x yesterday and that day everything worked well but today the dvd and cd rom is not recognized anymore. I do not know anything from notebooks, what can I do? I do not want to send it back to Toshiba and wait for 4 weeks to get it back.
My son need the notebook next week for school.

Answer:Satellite M40X - DVD drive is not recognized

Hi Filiep,

PLease check in Device Manager to see if there is anything showing against your CD-ROM device. If your CD-ROM is still shown you should be able to run the Troubleshooting process against it to check for any errors.

If your CD-ROM is no longer listed then run the 'Scan For Hardware Changes option' to see if this detects your CD-ROM.


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Hi there,

I have a problem with my Satellite M40X
Sometimes the fan makes odd sound, something like it had problem with moving
something like 'wrrrrr' and then it stops making the noise and works normally
What can be wrong ?

I also noticed that if I close the windows abnormally and restart it the fan is working full speed all the time
no matter how busy CPU is,
What can be the reason ?

Many Thanks

Answer:Fan of Satellite M40X makes sometimes odd sound

Hi mate,

doesn?t sound very healthy. I assume that your FAN has a serious problem and I think before starting a long discussion about it would be the best that you contact a authorized service partner in your country and send your machine to them since your problem is really hardware-related.

To find the nearest service center in your country follow this link:


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After update (BIOS 1.60) my pc don't work properly.
I need an old BIOS image. Please send it to me if you have.


Answer:I need a old BIOS for Satellite M40x-123 (PSM4XE)

I have V1.2 for you.

Windows Version

DOS Version


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the secondary IDE channel is in PIO mode, is that normal (shouldn't it too be in DMA mode?)and can that be the source of the problem?

when dvd-rom is working not only the computer is slower but the usb transfers become almost impossible... bytes per minute

Answer:Mat****a UJ-831S DVD-ROM slows down Satellite M40X-118

On my notebook both IDE channels (Primary and secondary) are set to ?DMA if available?.
It?s a ?auto? setting. But I can choose between ?PIO only? and ?DMA if available?.
I assume you should be also able to change it.

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I use a Satellite M40x-192 and would like to know if the notebook has a 32 MB 3D grafic card?

Does anybody know this, or can give me a hint how I can find out?

Thansks for your help.


Answer:Satellite M40X-192: How much MB has grafic card?


I didn't find the specs for your M40X-192, but I looked at about 10 other M40X models, they all have 64MB or 128MB video memory with 3D Graphic Accelerator. So I think you should have that, too.


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the subject sais all...

Answer:Satellite M40X: Im looking for a Ethernet driver


Did you search on this page?

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I have Toshiba Satellite M40X-119
I am confused about whats my mainboard chipset name ? its confusing because it says 915GM/GML/915GMS something like this

Answer:Satellite M40X-119: What's my mainboard chipset?

Hi buddy, I really understand you? the whole titles are confusing.
The notebook was delivered with a Mobile Intel 915GM Express Chipset AlvisoGM graphic card
and as far as I can remember the Mobile Intel 910GML Express Chipset with CeleronM or Mobile Intel 915GM Express Chipset were used in this notebook.

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Can someone recomend most suitable FaxVoice software for this maschine ? I try FaxTalk Messenger Pro but have modem (Toshiba Software modem) initialize problem. Other software (Mighty Fax) work fine but don't have voice option.

Answer:Satellite M40X-159--Fax Voice software


I?m not very familiar with this kind of software because I don?t use it.
Furthermore there are no public documents about a supported fax programs.
Nevertheless I found this webpage with some informations about Fax software.

I think the best way is to download the demo or a test version of this programs andtst them on the notebook.

Good luck


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Hii everybody,

Hope you guys can help me. I have an old Toshiba notebook (Satellite M40x-250).

I dont remember how old exactly, but i think around 4 or 5 years. Ive never had any trouble with it, but right now its acting weird. Lately i was typing something and suddenly it just turned itself off.

I waited about five minutes before i restarted and it worked perfectly again.
Same thing just happend half an hour ago.

Right now its working again, without any loss of information.
Is my laptop just getting old or could it be another problem that might be solved?


Answer:Satellite M40x-250 turns itself off without any warning


In my eyes it?s typical overheating issue?
As you said it?s an older notebook (4 5 years) and I assume the cooling fans have not been cleaned since first day?
I think there is a lot of dust and debris which prevents the cooling modules from working with full performance? this can lead to an higher temperature and to shut downs.

The notebook shut down automatically to prevent the hardware from damage?
Clean the fans using compressed air spray!!! In do this from time to time and it helps!


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Satellite Pro M40Z - developed keyboard malfunction in the sixth month I purchased the notebook. Any body facing similar problems with Satellite Pro European version?

Answer:Satellite Pro M40x: Keyboard issues

Its M40X, and not M40Z

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I wonna install a LAN with my notebook and my home-pc. There is just this one problem, that my M40X don't like it. I connectet my homepc and the toshiba with a cross-over calble. It worked at my home pc. Both winXP. The toshiba one shows me "cannot find network-cable".
I installed the driver u can get here in the page, nothing. all firewalls are down.
I know that there is a patch for win2000 but not for winXP.

can someone help, please.

Answer:Satellite M40X - cannot install the LAN driver


Are you sure that the cable is plugged solid?
Did you try to connect the unit with different cable?
In my opinion you can try to run the Toshiba Pc diagnostic tool and ConfigFree and check the result.
Sadly, I don?t have any informations about some patches


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I tried to update on Windows 7. Now I am looking for a driver for audio, network and massstorage. Is it generally possible to install win7?


Answer:Is it possible to install Windows 7 on my Satellite M40X?

I can imagine that Win7 installation is possible. Problem is that this old machine is not supported for Win7 but it is supported for Vista. If I?m remembering well many Vista drivers, tools and utilities can be used with Win7. You must simply test it.

I recommend you to make clean Win7 installation. After dong this start to install Vista drivers. Check also Windows update. Many drivers will be found automatically.

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Memory upgrade

I have an Equium M40X-230, most documentation indicates that it is expandable to 2 GBytes of RAM.
On the underside it has one memory expansion slot that will take a 1 Gbyte SODIMM, giving me a total of 1.5 G bytes of RAM.

Is there a way to add the other 500 Mbytes. (I am experimenting with Virtual Machines and databases)

Answer:Equium M40X-230 Memory Upgrade

In case anyone is interested!

There is a 500MByte memory module located on the top side of the motherboard. Unfortunately this is mounted internally within the case.
It is located underneath and slightly to the right of the centre of the keyboard.
However the top cover moulding of the Notebook covers the electronics and so it cannot be accessed by simply removing the keyboard. the top cover has to be lifted which also involves removing the screen.

Otherwise the module is mounted in exactly the same socket type as the one underneath the machine.

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