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Need latest BIOS update for my Satellite M40

Question: Need latest BIOS update for my Satellite M40

Which the last version of bios with ati?

My laptop
M40-231 ( PSM40E) ati x600.

Michel Marinho

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Preferred Solution: Need latest BIOS update for my Satellite M40

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Need latest BIOS update for my Satellite M40


The Satellite M40-231 = PSM40E.
This number you should find at the bottom of the unit. Check the label.

For BIOS you should check this site:

I have checked it and it?s a BIOS v1.7

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I have an A660 (PSAW3A-07P00R) and am having trouble with later NVIDIA drivers under linux.

There has been some suggestion that the problem that I am having might be addressed by a BIOS update.
I currently have BIOS firmware version 1.9 Is there a later update for the A660 PSAW3A-07P00R?

If so, where might I obtain it?

Answer:Re: Need latest BIOS update for my Satellite A660

Latest BIOS updated are always offered on official Toshiba support page so if you cannot find it there probably it doesn?t exist.

As far as I know Toshiba doesn?t offer any kind of Linux support so all offered stuff is for Windows. All offered BIOS updates are WIN versions so it can be started under running Windows OS and I don?t know how you can do it using Linux.

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My computer is a Satellite L10-PSL10E.
The Bios is Phoenix V1.60 dated 21/12/04.
There is a new Bios (v2.80-WIN dated 8/7/07) available on the Toshiba web site .
What is new in that version?
Does it allow to boot on an usb external hard disk or an usb key?

Is it recommanded to install updates if everything is working fine on the computer?

Answer:Need some info about latest Bios update for Satellite L10

If everything works well you don't need new BIOS. Be happy with well running operating system.

If you want to bootup from external HDD to use other operating system it will not work.

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First of all why are there so many BIOS updates in a short time? I get my brand new L40-17S (20/05/08) with the BIOS 1.70, the Tempro software from Toshiba give me the warning to update it to 1.80 that works fine, after a few day's a new warning update it to 1.90 and now 2.00 in June! The problem is that I can't update anymore above 1.80, when I click on the winflash.exe only a short screen and then nothing.

Operating system Windows Vista 32 without SP1

I really want to have the latest BIOS before I install SP1.

Answer:It is impossible to update the latest BIOS for Satellite L40-17S

> First of all why are there so many BIOS updates in a short time?
Who knows? seems Toshiba releases the drivers and BIOS like the Microsoft own Windows patches? do you known a ?Microsoft patch day?? ;)
I think it?s something similar?

Another question;
Is there something wrong with your notebook?
If not, so why a BIOS update?

I?ve got a notebook which is about 3 years old and there are newest BIOS updates for my notebook but I have never done a BIOS update.
It?s not necessary because the machine runs troublefree

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Hi, can anybody tell me which is the latest possible BIOS version for Satellite L300 11M? The drivers page only gives me v.1.50 as an option, but I see that other L300 models have ver. 2.20. Can I use 2.20 for L300 11m or download some other version from somewhere?
The reason I ask is that I want to try to update my CPU. Yes, I know it's not recommended, but as long as it is possible, I want to try. However, I've been told that my laptop model BIOS will only recognize CPUs with up to 3MB cache. That's why I need more up to date BIOS.
Any ideas?

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I started BIOS update from TEMPRO.
After 39% updateing it just froze for hours.
I rebooted and now i have black screen, no activity at all!
Keybord lights work and also powwer button, but nothing more!!
Anyone with same or similar problems?
I suspect my BIOS is crashed and i needv to reflash or re install somehow.
Can't find anything about recovery BIOS disk or some kind of help from INSYDE or TOSHIBA!
Anyone with same problem or similar that have some ideas what to do?

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HI every one

i have laptop
Model A660-17M
Version PSAW3E-06P00WAR
Bios version 2.30

And every time i run bios agent plus program he show me that there is a newer bios update
and when i check Toshiba drivers he show me the same bios update that i run it now

Look to this photo i took it from bios agent web page

i hope you can give me the latest bios update

Answer:I need the latest BIOS update for Satellite A660 PSAW3E

>And every time i run bios agent plus program he show me that there is a newer bios update

The ?bios agent plus program? is an 3rd part software and not Toshiba certified application.

Furthermore the all latest BIOS updates for Toshiba EU notebook models can be downloaded from the Toshiba EU driver page.

I checked this page and the BIOS 2.30 is the latest BIOS released for this model and this means that your BIOS is already up to date.

Lat but not least Toshiba provide own sofware called Toshiba Service Station and this tool notifies you about the real latest updates

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Due several problems encounter with update Satellite P100-221 (PSPA6E) Toshiba launch on internet second BIOS update. I download it and I solve problems with my video card and missing keyboard stroke. After a short period they put on drivers page 3 rd BIOS update.

I try to find what ever they change with this new update, but I didn???t found anything. So I decide to update my BIOS again. Now like result my system crash very often when I shut down & restart my computer (blue screen).

Microsoft advised me to reduce video acceleration from video setting.
Maybe someone can explain me why I have this issue?
I use same drivers and software same like in second update
Can I find previous BIOS to rewrite it again, because that one works great with my laptop?


Answer:After latest BIOS update Satellite P100 crashes with BSOD

Which one you uesd before, 1.7 or 2.1 version? I think you can down them in search engine. The lastest version is 2.4.

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I have Acer Aspire 5750G. My current BIOS version is 1.07. The latest version is 1.12.

There are a few versions in between. Should I do incremental updates and reach 1.12 or should I just go direct to 1.12?

Many Thanks!

Answer:BIOS - Incremental updates to latest vrsn or direct update to latest?

Bios updates are cumulative, so you only need the latest.

You also don't need to update the bios unless there is a fix in it/them that fixes an issue you may be having. For the most part updating the bios is as easy as updating a driver, only if a bios update goes wrong you can't roll back to the old and you basically end up with a nice paperweight.

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Please I need help somebody know what is the latest version of BIOS for Toshiba Satellite A10 netbook.
Thank you

Answer:Need latest BIOS for Satellite A10

According Toshiba support & download page latest BIOS version for your Satellite A10 is 1.30.
Can you find it on Toshiba download page?

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I have Thinkcentre A52-8113-Y7G and i have installed new 945 PentiumD but it is giving me messege after POST "processor BIOS update not found" although i have updated my bios with latest update available but still i am getting the same message i upgraded using winphlash provided on site but i have created the bootable CD using ISO image but that CD is not working at all!!! (i think there must be a problem in my creating processor) is there any way to solve this problem? any one help

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Hello everyone

I wanted to know as to which title was the latest bios for notebook Satellite C855-1U4.

Thank you.

Answer:What is the latest BIOS for Satellite C855-1U4


You can find the latest BIOS on the Toshiba EU driver page.
The Satellite C855-1U4 is a part of the PSCBYE series and at this time I can find the BIOS 1.60-WIN

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Hi everyone,

Could someone please tell me which is the letest BIOS version for my laptop since I have never upgarde it?
Also how do I install it and how do I check what is my bios version now?
Thank you in advance

Answer:Which is the latest BIOS version for Satellite L30-113 (PSL 33)?

First of all the BIOS update is not necessary if your notebook functions correctly.

But back to your questions;
On the Toshiba European driver page you will find all available drivers and also the newest available BIOS. At this time it seems to be a 3.10-WIN version

How to find out the BIOS version?
This is very easy? you have to access the BIOS and then you could see the BIOS version.
To access the BIOS you have to press the F2 button immediately after notebook was started.


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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for the latest BIOS for my Sattelite A300-1g2 (PSAGGE) I can't find any BIOS at the dl page.
Maybe someone is able to help me.


Answer:Re: Cannot find latest BIOS for my Satellite A300-1G2

Latest BIOS you can find on BIOS download page -

Check it out.
By the way: is there some reason for BIOS update? Do you have some problems with your machine?

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My bios version is J01 V02.24 When I check on the HP bios downloads I see there is a v02.29 available. But when I try to download and install the install assistant says it may not have installed, try again. When I try again, I dont get a message at all. But if I check system bios is still shows v02.24 I dont understand how to flash the bios and am apprehensive about messing the bios up. Is there a utility that checks and updates or any other way for the novice to upgrade bios without blowing the computer up? Appeciate any help or advice on this. Below is my system bios settings, if that helps any. 

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Hello everbody,

I'm looking for the last bios version for Satellite Pro L100 (PSLA1E).
I cannot find it on Toshiba website because this is a discounted product.

Answer:Cannot find latest BIOS version for my Satellite Pro L100

BIOS download page is
All older models you can find if you use option ?Product type > Archive?.

Your Satellite Pro is listed there and latest BIOS version is 3.00 WIN.

I don't know if there is some problem with your notebook but if everything works properly and stabile don't change anything.

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i want your help because i can't download the latest Bios for my notebook from toshiba-europe support page.
Either internet expoler 8, either firefox can't open the Bios download page.
Why is that problem? Is thre anyway to fix it?

Does anyone has the same problem with me?

Note: I'm using windows xp and the version of the bios is *3.10*v dated +30/4/2009+.

Thanks in advance and sorry for my english, mike.

Answer:Satellite Pro A300D-161 why i can't download the latest Bios from Toshiba


I checked the Toshiba European driver page and I couldn?t download the BIOS too..

Seems there is something wrong with the server?

However, I think Toshiba will fix it in the next time?

So I recommend checking this page later?

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What is the latest *Toshiba Satellite P755 PSAY3E* BIOS version? and is there a way to get it other than the Middle East support site? because somehow it +does not+ show any driver software files at all.


Answer:What is the latest BIOS version for Satellite P755 PSAY3E

Start here []

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I keep getting the following error message when it is installing the Bios Update:  C2-Error:  Region is write protectedAnyone know how to fix this problem?

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i have the same notebook DV6700 entertainment....FF751EA#ABU
have windows 10 32 bit running ok....does the same caveat apply to windows 10 as 7 re bios update ?
andBIOS TypehoenixBIOS Date:March 22nd, 2011BIOS ID:F.34BIOS OEM:F.34Chipset:Athlon 1100 rev 0SuperIO:UnknownMake/Model:Quanta HP Pavilion dv6700 Notebook PC
Have F34 also, are there any newer updates, also can't find driver downloads for this notebook under vista..
if if I can and do decide to reflash the bios, is there an emergency USB boot I can make to reflash the orig bios in case it fails

Answer:Latest bios update help (dv6700)

Hi, @Reddwarf4ever : Yes, I would imagine if the BIOS update bricks the notebook on W7, the same would apply to W10 as well. You already have the latest BIOS installed which is F.34, so you don't have to be concerned.  

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hi, i'm new here.. n i'm planning to buy this netbook. i just wanna make sure one thing. is the latest bios update for s10-2(ver. 1ACN21WW) has SLIC 2.1 in it ? coz i want to reinstall it with win 7. i read in internet, win 7 needs SLIC 2.1 in it's bios. pls gimme feedbacks about it.. n pls, anyone who had managed reinstalling it with win 7 share ur experience here.. hopefully, like a tutorial.. thx.. EDIT:i'm asking about this, coz i think i have to update the bios, if i want to install win 7.

Answer:[ASK] S10-2 : SLIC ver. in latest bios update

Hi and welcome to lenovo forum,the latest BIOS for S10-2 machine is 21 thats correct ...i prefer to Backup before you install other OS if you want to go back to factory install,after this you can easy install all OS you want ... all works wellWindows 7, or  Vista (iam not really prefer)  ... Linux in many variations ... and naturally XP ... sincerely KalvinKlein-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Want more ? For further information to get the most of your S-Class machine Lenovo Energymanagement  Backup Windows 7   Install help Windows 7 Official Driver Clean XP Install XP Startup Small WebCam Guide Lenovo Easy Capture 

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Right... So here I am trying to perform miracles with a XFX/NVidia board again. I'm running out of hair to pull out, but I can't afford to get another one right now.

I'm sure the whole world knows that XFX and NVidia aren't buddies anymore, and I know that XFX skimped on the processor TDP ratings to 'save money', but I'm not sure if this problem is a faulty BIOS from XFX or if my chip is failing.. Anybody else still running this board? Perhaps someone can give a second opinion here...

Currently I'm running the v1.6 BIOS, the latest is v1.7. My PC doesn't have any problems with 1.6, I was just trying to see if I could get a Phenom II 740 BE to work on this board. The BIOS flashes without any problems, no errors or warnings or suspicious beeps.. But then the two-digit diagnostic LED on the board goes haywire with 1.7, with 1.6 it shows normal alpha-numeric codes, but on 1.7 the lines are completely mixed up and don't make any legible numbers or letters.

I must admit, other than that, I haven't found any problems.. My 740 BE still didn't work, but I'm not sure if that was also because of the BIOS or not. Has anybody else perhaps tried this BIOS yet...? If not, and you're comfortable with it, could you try it and see? I had no issues flashing back to 1.6 after trying 1.7, so you don't have to worry about being stuck on it if you don't like it...

Answer:XFX 750a SLI - Latest BIOS Update

I just flashed my motherboard (xfx 750a sli) to latest version 1.7 and I am having the same problems with the LED. I also think that my SATA devices have been disabled. Only my IDE drives are recognized. I created a support ticket on MOBO site but no response yet. I was wondering if you could send me the 1.6 ISO so I can reflash my system. Thanks.

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I'm reinstalling my operating system and would like update the whole laptop, but I cannot update my BIOS. I downloaded the latest release (B2.90-WIN-EC1.90) but it keeps telling me that this computer is not supported. What can I do?

I used the notebook detection tool on the website and 'm currently using Windows 7 Pro x86 with BIOS v2.30.
Toshiba Tecra A11-11J (PTSE1E-00E00EDU)

Answer:Re: Tecra A11 - Cannot update latest BIOS

Thread can be closed, I solved the problem by installing the Value Added Package. Which enabled the BIOS setup to execute.

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I have a V5-122P with BIOS 2.02.  I would like to update the BIOS but must first update to version 2.06 but cannot find a file to download.  Any Suggestions as to where I can get version 2.06?

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Hello I would like to ask:I updated my BIOS last night to the latest version. I am on Windows 10, HP Envy x360. I updated it sucessfully and I am not facing any issues as of now. I wasn't facing one before I updated. Everything was going smoothly but I saw in the HP Support Assistant that I have numerous things to update so I clicked it all & updated. When the BIOS finished installing the computer restarted and I continued updating the others (which included the BIOS internal) but in the middle of the update, I stopped it. And it said it's not applicable anymore. I clicked to update again & the other 3 (there was 4 of them including the BIOS internal) updated succesfully. I even contacted support at that same night to let them do the manual update to give me a peace of mind. The technician said I updated it correctly. But what I read on everyp site on the internet that not to update the BIOS. So I am worrying & scared right now because my laptop might encounter problems that weren't there before the update. I am regretting my decision, I am not a techy person and I don't understand the computer world very well yet I decided to update without knowing first what it was. I am very scared of what might happen because of my carelessness.My questions are:1. Will updating the latest version of the BIOS without any problems in the hardware or anything (it was running smoothly, I just recently purchased it) harm the laptop or give problems to the laptop?2. What can I do to... Read more

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i have bios version f.22 Rev.A already installed on my notebook. However i was wondering if i can install the latest verison provided by hp which is f. 63 Rev.A on my notebook. The supported version in drivers and download for my product is f.22 but i wanted to know if i can install the new bios on my notebook.  here is the link for the bios that i am talking about:  

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Hello, I have recently upgraded my OS to Windows 7 on my Pavillion Notebook, which is a dv6700, with product number KW097EA#UUW, and with an AMD processor. Its bios version is F.34, and I would like to know if it's the latest bios. Unfortunately I cannot find my computer model on the website, so I'm needing your help. Also, will the latest bios allow me to install more ram? I currently have 2GB.


View Solution.

Answer:Latest bios update help (dv6700)

Hi: Yes, F.34 is the latest BIOS version and if you have that installed, good. I am going to save you from having to strip your notebook for parts and tossing it in the trash if you try to flash the BIOS after you installed Windows 7. DON'T FLASH THE BIOS IF YOU HAVE INSTALLED WINDOWS 7. There will be a 100% chance of totally bricking your notebook if you do. Below is the link to the support and driver page for your specific notebook model. As long as the BIOS in your PC is at F.27 or newer, there is no reason that you can't install 4 GB of memory in your notebook right now. I have a dv6810us with the same hardware as yours and I am running W7 64 bit with 4 GB of memory (2 x 2GB of PC2-6400), and it works just fine. If you ever need to flash the BIOS (which you shouldn't ever need to), you will need to reinstall Vista, flash it, and reinstall W7.

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hi all i have an asus crosshair mother board and was told my bios is 2 years old i used the tool asus update but come up no bios updates.
bios at the moment is version asus crosshair acpi bios revision o5o2
just hope u can put my mind at rest

Answer:not a problem as such (latest bios update)

Check the Asus site for updated BIOS's. Or click here and click on BIOS. Note there are two newer BIOS's than your original one.

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intel Houston motherboard GA 6WMM7 bios update so my machine will run win 2000. I see from one of the posts the latest is 3 OY but the link goes to Acer computers

Answer:want the latest bios update mine is 3 OC

Why do you need a BIOS update to run Windows 2000?"intel Houston motherboard GA 6WMM7"The GA should be a dead giveaway. It's a Gigabyte board. Did it come out of a Packard Bell? If it did, do NOT use the Gigabyte BIOS.

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I have updated to latest BIOS 6.70, all in order except web cam is not available any more. Before you ask I have updated the drivers for the web cam however win7 64 I have can not detect the device. It worked fine before BIOS update tho. I have also checked the BIOS setting and web cam is enabled there.

Any suggestions how can I fix it. Is there any way to revert to previous BIOS?

Please help.

Answer:Satellite C850-175 - after updating to latest BIOS webcam does not work


Is the webcam listed in the device manager?
Can you see any webcam entries (Image Device - Toshiba webcam) in the device list?

Please check this since the webcam device should appear even if the webcam driver would not be installed.
In such case you should see an unknown device

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I can't figure out what is wrong: I'm trying to install the latest bios, bios-20090803144625 (64bit), on a Statellite 350 running Windows 7 RC. I get the following error from "Phoenig WinPhlash64": "Failed to receive system Bios information BCPSYS block signature was not found. Error code: -100"
I have also tried the 32bit installer without any luck.

I have tried to install in safe mode, but the installer will only run in "normal mode".

Any suggestions?


Answer:Satellite A350 - error when installing latest Bios (64bit OS)

I believe you need to install the Value Added Package so the BIOS file can detect the hardware properly.

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I bought windows 8 .1 machine from factory. Then I had local shop install 8.1 on larger ssd. I just performed latest bios update and now machine will not boot. I am sure this is uefi related but I am not knowledgable in that area. The boot parameter returned to me by the shop was "legacy only" and secure boot was disabled.


Go to Solution.

Answer:X240 will not boot after latest bios update

When you say "will not boot", can you let me know exactly what happens?
Does green LED on power button come on?
Do you see the ThinkPad logo screen?
Can you press F1 to enter BIOS setup?

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I want to update my BIOS to the latest version but its soo complicated.

The Asus Update tool is the most disfunctional piece of crap i've ever come across and i've been to the Asus site and downloaded the updates ut dont know how to work them.

I havent got a clue how to do it.

Anyway, i've also had trouble determining my currrent BIOS version.

In my BIOS, it says...

Version: 08.00.09
Build Date: 08/03/04
ID: A0058002

It also says at the bottom...

V02.54 (C) Copyright 1985 - 2003, American Megatrends, Inc.

And in dxdiag window, it says...

BIOS: Rev2.00

Now for f*ck sake, what the bloody hell is that all about???

Anyway, could someone link me to the files I need to update my BIOS to the latest version and how?

Thanks in advance :slurp:

K8V SE Deluxe
Windows XP Pro

Answer:How do I update my K8V SE Deluxe BIOS to latest version???

not an answer but after this you'll feel better

I followed the complicated steps.

I'm pretty sure I had the right .rom file, And I'm pretty sure I did everything correctly.

Too bad that the system doesn't start at all...Oh the fans turn on. but screen stays blank.

Now I'm wondering is there anything more I can do...or should I just toss that mobo to trash...

Do-It-Yourself. Yay! :unch:

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I am trying to upgrade the current bios (v1.60) to the latest (v2.10) I downloaded P0054v210.exe but when I try to run it I get the error 'BIOS update is not supported OS....' I have tried XP compatible mode but still no luck. I don't want to have to reinstall XP if possible.

I read elsewhere that installing the Value Added Pack would work but it was already installed. I have now unistalled the VAP and installed it again with no errors reported. Still can't run P0054V210.exe.

However, when I try to run HW Setup from the Toshiba Utilities folder on the Start menu I get "HCI Load Error!!" followed by "SCI Load Error!!" but it then puts up a Setup dialoge box with "General" tab with details of the current Bios version. I have uninstalled and re-installed twice and still get the same problem.

Is this a hardware problem?

Answer:Re: Tecra A9 cannot update to latest BIOS on Windows 7

Hi buddy,

Why you try updating the BIOS?

Is something not ok with your notebook?

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After upgrading to the latest BIOS version FWKT86A provided here; I now recive the following error at every boot; (A7) Me FW Downgrade - Request MeSpiLock Failed  The boot process continues and Windows starts normally, but how do I fix this error message, I can not deploy this BIOS upgrade to all my systems with this error message present. Please provide me with a fix or an updated BIOS that fix this as we are rolling out updates to mitigate the "Spectre" and "Meltdown" issue. What I've tried so far;I've tried to downgrade to the previous BIOS version (FWKT7FA) that I was running before the upgrade, but the issue did not disapear.Upgraded to the latest version again, issue still there.Tried to re-apply latest Intel Management Engine Firmware (, issue still there.

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Talk about confusing. I looked at the latest BIOS update documentation and this is what it says:
 Title: Dell XPS 15 9550 1.2.15 A16 System BIOS
 Subtitle: XPS 15 9550 1.2.18 BIOS
 Version: 01.02.17, 01.02.17
 File Name: XPS_9550_1.2.18.exe
I assume everything should say 18?

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i wanted to reinstall  windows from an usb stick made on my computer but can not boot from usb i have tried setting up the bios first boot on efi USB  but even later of use the boot menu on novo  shortcut do not appear the booteable usb  on boot menu i have tried with 3  usb sticks and do not get the usb  boot and the most strange thing the set ups that  made on the boot  part on the bios do not get saved and     i link this glitch with the fact that recently i  reinstalled windows and also used the lenovo driver  update service which also contained an update for the bios . best regards Francisco

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Hello all, The latest BIOS update looks like it is targeted for units with an i3 6006U cpu: Summary of changes==================General Information:1KCN28WW:1. PCR: new CPU(i3-6006U) support:(1) Fix S4 stress issue2. Checksum: 1KCN28WW.IMC -0x5465E40A- (by sum.exe) Now, since my unit has an i3-6100U, does anyone see any need for me to install this BIOS update? Thanks, newlaptop

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Satellite 100-192.

After the latest MS update I first had the problem with the Realtek sound card driver. I solved it by applying the patch MS provided.

Now the problem is that the disc cleanup utility does not launch. Anybody any idea?

Answer:Satellite 100-192: Issues after the latest MS update...

I just found out that my disc cleanup utility would not work because of a free program called Photo Toolkit. Although it is a nice little program to quickly edit photos, apparently it causes such problems when it is loaded.

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Has anyone with this board tried this bios update? I believe the version # is 2205. Is it mainly important just for upgrading to the new 5th. Gen. processors or, is there benefits for the 4th. Gen. i7 4790k also? Thanks!

Answer:latest bios update for asus z97-a motherboard Questions

I own the Asus Z97-A motherboard and my instruction manual says not to upgrade the BIOS if my system is running smoothly. The manual clearly states to upgrade BIOS only when you have to, thus I have never upgraded my BIOS.

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This post is primarily focused on Fruitbat because he posted the link which has taken me to this point in my saga but anyone is welcome to join in especially if they have a knowledge of Dos.
I followed the instructions in the link you posted and successfully booted from CD and while in Dos told the computer to open the BIOSUPDATE. EXE file. I then got a long list of type which appeared to be lots of instructions for example "update microcode". It finished with a list of four options the last one being: answer YES to any prompt. I presume these instructions were not meant for my immediate use but were part of the update. Then everything stopped. I did not know what to do next. How could I get those instructions up and running? After a while I tried typing 'yes' but it just moved to the next line: nothing happened. So what I need to know is what response do I need to give to make the programme execute all the instructions it listed?
When copying the files onto the boot disc I only copied BIOSUPDATE.EXE. I noticed there was an Autoexec batch file which I ignored. Should I have copied it to the boot disc as well. I just feel I am close to resolving the issue, it is just that I lack the final expertese.
Can you help, Fruitbat?

Answer:trying to Update Bios without Floppy drive: the latest story


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I recently updated the BIOS on my z30c pt263e as per advice from the toshiba update application installed on my PC.

Since that update, my LAN (wireless) and bluetooth have been behaving abnormally, including:
Connecting to various wireless networks, but not being able to access the internet. In order to do so, I have to do a wireless troubleshoot in windows, which resets the wifi adapter, then it works againIf I switch between networks (say a wireless, to a hotspot wireless on my phone) it does the same thing. Will connect to the network, but not access the internet, necessitating the same resetBluetooth has started to work abnormally at the same time, including saying my bluetooth keyboard is paired, but it won't recognise any input from my keyboard.

I've since downloaded and reinstalled both the LAN and Bluetooth drivers from the Toshiba website. This has NOT fixed the problem.

If toshiba is not aware or not going to do anything about this, can someone please post a link to the previous BIOS version (which isn't available when I search on the EU support site) so I can at least verify if it was the BIOS update causing the problem

Answer:Portege Z30-C Latest BIOS update causing LAN and BT problem

Could anyone post the immediate prior BIOS for z30c PT263E. The one recently released (24 January) seems to have resulted in me having new Wireless networking, and bluetooth problems.

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Hello. I'm trying to update the vulnerable TPM firmware as described here: this package: I've already updated BIOS to the latest 1.87 version for now, but the TPM Firmware Update Utility still shows the following message: "Current BIOS does not support the TPM firmware update. You have to update BIOS to the latest version."The following message is also available in log file: [2017/10/18 19:22:55] TpmUpdt64.exe version = Windows 10 64bitChecking TPM status.TpmFwChk TpmStatus: 1TPM Manufacturer: InfineonCurrent TPM Firmware Version: 7.61Error : Current BIOS does not support TPM firwmare update. Error code = -4 Currenlty I'm using Windows 10 x64 Build 15063.674

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After successfully updating my BIOS with the latest from HP I completely borked the BIOS by fiddling around with the settings. Push 'power on' 6 long beeps no video. Then a thought came back from the dim recesses of my mind from the dawn of time...that is about 5 years ago. I carefully(!) pulled the side cover of the machine and extra carefully removed the CMOS Battery (CR2032) and let it sit for 5 minutes. Reassemble, power on, successful boot. Remember this trick so you can tell your wait they'll be quantum computing by telepathy...hmm.

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There's a BIOS update for my Yoga 720-15IKB, dated 01.08.2017, version 4MCN23WW: The changelog says: 1. Update MCU to M2A906E9_0000005D_0000005E.
2. Modify SAMSUNG MZVLB512HAJQ-000L2 CTLE value.Can anybody tell me what that means? Would be much appreciated! 

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hi, i have a lenovo b590 laptop (20208 type) with i3 3110m and nvidia gt720m and whenever i try to update the BIOS using the latest BIOS version available on the lenovo drivers download page , i get the following error: this is the actual BIOS version on the laptop:  how can i update the BIOS on it? i guess the problem is that the allready running BIOS is H1ETXXXX version and on the lenovo drivers download page is only the H9ETXXXX version which i guess isn't compatible with the 20208 version of the laptop and shows the "machine does not match with this bios" error. forgot to mention that my OS is windows 7 x64 on which i tried to run the bios update.  also will this laptop model gonna receive any new bios updates especially regarding the newly discovered intel security flaws or it's completely abandoned allready in terms of support?

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Hi,The same situation on three computers WITHOUT rear fan.After bios update to latest version (02.46 Rev.A) I reciving on every boot error 512-rear chassis fan not detected.So, the problem is definitely with bios, anybody have similar problem?

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I have a Dell XPS 9550 laptop, and I've recently made two BIOS updates. The one 1.3.something, and now I have 1.4.0
They both had the same terrible issue.
It seems like the processor cooling policy is completely broken.
My laptop's fans never go to silent mode now. They always run, with pretty high speed and noise. Even when CPU is totally idle, or loaded on about 1-5%
Before these updates my Dell never ever turned on the fans with this kind of CPU load, staying completely silent.

If this is BIOS's issue, I'd like to ask Dell engineers to fix it and push new update.
If there is anything I can do myself to fix it, I would highly appreciate any help.
Thank you!

Answer:XPS 15, latest BIOS update ruined the cooling system.

Below are what those two BIOS addressed. I do not see anything specifically dealing with cooling.
XPS_9550_1.4.0.exe9/15/171. Fixes system defense with wireless parameter will cause ME failure2. System stability enhancements3. To prevent user update ME Firmware to blacklist 11.6 ME firmware 4. Correct error message in Excalibur5. Fix Bitlocker issue on Win7 ultimate/enterprise
XPS_9550_1.3.0.exe8/28/171. Enhance dock's audio performance
You can try to down flash to 1.2.29. But, the system may not let you. It might say you have a newer BIOS and not allow it. Give it a shot.
XPS_9550_1.2.29.exe8/1/171. Fixed a potential security issue with Bootguard code integrity chaining enforcement".2. Fixed a potential security issue with the Support Assist PreBoot feature3. Updated processor microcode4. Update Computrace 9575. Support Win10 RS2 Enterprise6. Enhance NVME support and reduce noise

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Few months back I got a Lenovo ThinkPad P40, it has been working just fine untill the latest BIOS update from Lenovo Companion (R05ET72W 1.50).  Since I use it for work, it is connected to power all the time. I have disabled Sleep & hibernation when plugged-in. When I leave the workstation, I usually just lock the machine (Win + L), so that I can access the laptop from home.  After the latest BIOS update, when I get back to work in the morning, ThinkPad does not wake up no mater what button I press. Opening the lid, shows a black screen, does not respond to anything. The red light on the "ThinkPad" logo is lit.  All I can do is hold the power button for 5 sec and re-power. This is horrible, as it will sonner or later corrupt my Windows installation.  I've had to do this now 3 days in a row, after the BIOS update.  I've updated all drivers and ran Windows 10 update. The EventViewer shows only this:"The previous system shutdown at 5:56:01 AM on ?11/?5/?2017 was unexpected." But I ran the force shut-down at 8:30 AM...

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I am wondering how to process clean instalation of Windows Vista after my bios is updated to 1.20-1.01.In the latest official graphic driver update manual it is wrtten to install graphic driver before updating the bios.During clean install in my case I will have to install this graphic driver over bios 1.20-1.01 what is against the previous manual.Any suggestions are welcome. 

W500, 4058 CTO, W7 x64 Clean Install, ATI CC 10.8, discrete graphics only, latest bios and drivers.

Answer:OS clean installation process after latest Bios update

Hi Northmilo,  Read this guide line by line until you understand it first.Then read the Clean Install Guide (Works for 32-bit or 64-bit) yet again then begin. By reading first you will learn how to walk before you can run, by implementing these processes.        I hope this helps youMessage Edited by Manuel_A on 01-29-2009 02:55 PMMessage Edited by Manuel_A on 01-29-2009 03:22 PMMessage Edited by Manuel_A on 01-29-2009 03:23 PM

Lenovo W701 | WUXGA RGB-LED-BL | Intel i7-920XM | Nvidia FX 3800M | 16GB RAM @ 1333MHz | Intel X25-M 160GB MLC G2 | 500GB @ 7200RPM | Compact Flash (PCIe) + Express Card(34mm) | BlueTooth W/ Antenna |Intel Ultimate-N 6300 (3x3) |

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Hi everyone,I have a severe problem (I guess) after the latest BIOS Update. Windows 7 freezes during startup.I own a 64-bit Lenovo FLex 2 15D with AMD A6-6310 and R4, 4GB RAM and a SSHD (8GBSSH). I purchased it without OS and installed Windows 7 - which worked fine so far.I yesterday updated the BIOS with version 9FCN23WW (for Win7 and Win8), the latest BIOS update. A mistake, it seems.After Reboot, I first had to disable Secure Boot in the BIOS, because it would not let me boot at all. I figured out how to get into the BIOS-Setup to disable this (press Enter 2x, press Tab when in the Boot Menu to access the "Apps Menu", then "SETUP" - just in case this helps someone).Now Win7 begins to start up, but freezes during the startup process (the splash screen with the win flag freezes and looks a bit strange. I used the "protected mode" Windows Startup and saw that the process always hangs when loading "amdkmpfd.sys".That is basically it.I guess I have to find a way to re-install the previous version of the BIOS, but I have no idea how!Any idea?!.......Now about what I did to fix this (poor, but I tried):If I try to start from a Win7 installation CD-ROM (actually it is one for Dell PCs, but I guess that is not the problem) and press a key to boot from CD, Windows loads files, shows "Starting Windows"  and at a certain point again just freezes. When I -do not- press a key, WIndows Boot Manager shows up and mentions that "Windows failed to start (etc.)" "File: \EFI\Microsoft\Boo... Read more

Answer:Boot Fail after latest BIOS Update on Flex 2-15D

I found our the solution to my problem with the help of SebastianLenovo ... In the BIOS / Boot Mode, I switched back from "UEFI" to "Legacy". That's it. That simple. The BIOS Upgrade routine just did not transfer that setting from the old BIOS to the new. Given the fact that 1. I did not change that setting, so it is default and 2. it would have been easy to avoid, if the BIOS update routine would be well programmed to transfer the current BIOS settings to the new, upgraded BIOS ... Anyway a strange situation that a 64-bit system has a 32-bit BIOS. Actually no Linux distribution (except FatDog and rescue systems) are able to deal with it - Linux only running as a Virtual Machine under Windows. I think this is inappropriate and really taking away a part of the fun if you can not run this laptop as a dual boot system. Thanks to Sebastian and I hope this solution helps someone in the future... Regards, Tristam.

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I am also seeking help but in general I am a novice computer user.

Of late I ve noticed my laptop on a go slow and have put it down mainly to its age and also internet connection as that what its used for mainly.

I decided to do a factory reset and then updated all drivers that Toshiba had on the support page some of which are not directly a part of Toshiba.

Anyway my gripe is that why do you not support Intel drivers.
I have since found that a lot of my internal components are out of date such as the HD graphics, pci and wireless adaptors, sound, chipsets, usb controllers and as far as I can see I even think the bios is out of date..

Wondering anybody compentent on here that knows how I can find a bios update for the Satellite P750 that will detect anything that is out of date as I am finding it hard to source some drivers and do not want to install the wrong intel drivers.

But shame on you Toshiba for not giving your laptops a mention that Intel drivers maybe required or have them on your download page it would really be of benefit...

I been using drivers from 2010 in some cases

Answer:Satellite P750 and latest drivers update

I?m not quite sure what Satellite P750 do youhave exactly but the latest BIOS can be found on the Toshiba EU driver page:
It seems that the BIOS 2.80-WIN is the latest available version even if it has been released in 2012.

As you probably know, the BIOS isn?t a part which will be updated and maintained at regular intervals. If everything is OK, the BIOS does not need any updates.

Also other Toshiba driver or software would be updated by Toshiba in case something would be wrong?
As you know, Toshiba releases lot of notebook series. Many of new notebook series supports same hardware parts like Intel chipset, Wlan modules or graphic cards.

The drivers released for such units can be used also in your notebook. Of course only if your unit supports the same hardware parts.

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My original question was: "Is is absolutely necessary?"; however, see my predicated response below.  Sorry for the confusion.


Go to Solution.

Answer:Latest BIOS Update for Lenovo 110-15ISK Type 80UD

Hello all, I actually was looking at an incorrect BIOS update whick was for a V110-15ISK (shown above); however, I actaully have the 110-15ISK Type 80UD laptop which has a different BIOS update available (dated 01/19/2017): Summary of changes
General Information:

1. Update SATA EQ value of Seagate 2T and Hynix 128 SSD for HW request.

1. Workaround disable ODT training Fix Hynix DDR4 4G can not power on issue form HW&Hynix solution. Now, from the description, it looks like this one may be necessary depending on the hard drive model and/or memory brand that is installed; however, I won't know for sure until my laptop is delivered. Sorry for the confusion. Cheers, newlaptop  

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Hello all,

Since the latest BIOS update fro few days ago my laptop stopped entering to sleep mode, before the latest BIOS update everything was excellent.
I will appreciate any help with this issue.

Thanks all...

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Hi im trying to flash my bios, I need either the wps file or the iso file please help.

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Hi all, after installing the most recent BIOS update via ThinkVantage System Update, the DVI port in my T410s does not work anymore. Nvidia and Intel display drivers are in place, and I also checked the BIOS settings, but to no avail. It appears that the DVI port is no longer recognised by the system at all. Thanks and cheers!

Answer:DVI port not working anymore after latest BIOS update on T410s

Do you mean the DVI port on the docking station?

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Hello. I have ThinkCentre A70-7099-S3A. Flashed the BIOS to the latest from here : Extract it and flashed it with AFUDOSthe command is : afudos IMAGE9C.ROM /p /b /n /c /x flashing donereboot and my pc beeping twice every boot up into first screen (black bios screen)and can't identify machine IDalso show "FFFFFFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFFFFFFFFFF" on UID?? but its fine on entering windows 7 please help me bout thisdid i do something wrong on my flashing? regards.raditz.

Answer:ThinkCentre A70-7099 bios update latest, can't detect machine ID

I think your problem is twofold. You used a third-party non-supported flash utility, and you used the windows flash file. Download the CD rom image BIOs update from the Lenovo webstie, burn it to a disk and reflash your system. It will ask you if you want to update the machine type and serial number, answer yes and enter the information as it appears on the case of the A70.

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I was unable to find any official BIOS update for Lenovo 3000 G410.Only eSupport offers BIOS update for my laptop but for USD 30, and I am not sure they dont request money for nothing.Is there any OFFICIAL BIOS update?  

Answer:Latest BIOS update for Lenovo 3000 G410 needed

A search on the lenovo site seems reveal that BIOS update is not available, see link below. If you have Phoenix BIOS, you can try the Phoenix official website if there is any BIOS update 

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after the last Windows 10 Update (threshold/1115) one of our Z30-A occasionally wakes up from hibernation with the screen off. The only solution is to switch it off by holding the power button and then turning it on again, which is obviously annoying because open files might get lost or corrupted. The other Z30-A that we have doesn't show the seem behaviour.

Does anyone have any ideas? I'd really appreciate any pointers.

Thanks a lot!


Answer:Screen problem after latest Windows 10 update - Satellite Z30-A

Sounds like a driver problem.

go into control panel and uninstall various drivers (sound, display, wireless, etc), then let Windows Update install the latest versions.

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When I push the mute button nothing happens (the little light doesn't turn on) and when I go into "Control Panel"/"Hardware and Sound" and click on "Lenovo - Microphone Mute" I get a message that says "Error - The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion." Any suggestions? Thanks.

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I have been trying to update the bios on my m93 running Windows 10.  I tried manually doing the install, and the using the system update utility.  every time It crashes, saying "afuwin.exe has stopped working" The event log says the following:Faulting application name: afuwin.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x593922fbFaulting module name: afuwin.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x593922fbException code: 0xc0000005Fault offset: 0x000016daFaulting process id: 0x1e08Faulting application start time: 0x01d374e8ff406dd1Faulting application path: C:\PROGRA~3\Lenovo\SYSTEM~1\SESSIO~1\REPOSI~1\FBJYCL~1\afuwin.exeFaulting module path: C:\PROGRA~3\Lenovo\SYSTEM~1\SESSIO~1\REPOSI~1\FBJYCL~1\afuwin.exeReport Id: bd417305-c60a-49c9-9842-356df40e9ef8Faulting package full name:Faulting package-relative application ID: I've tried multiple times, restarting, etc, and it keeps crashing.  Any suggestions?

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I updated the BIOS yesterday and after using it today, i realised that the laptop was heating up, even though i wasn't playing any games. Just watching some videos on youtube using Microsoft Edge. The bottom side of the laptop, the one below the keyboard, felt hotter than usual. Same for the part right above the fan, one where the power button is. Never had an issue before the update as it never used to get hot enough for me to feel it unless I was playing a heavy game. It only gets better if I use the extreme cooling feature, but that shouldn't be the case for regular browsing. Could this BIOS update be the reason for my laptop heating up? Please help. 

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Hi.About half a year ago, I bought the Lenovo ideapad 720S-14IKB. Since day 1, I noticed this problem where the mouse becomes invincible for a few seconds after I open a new tab in the webbrowser or start a new program. Here is a video of it: Futhermore, after installing the latest BIOS update (4VCN41WW), the laptop has started to freeze for a couple of seconds on me every once in a while.  Are these, things that can be fixed by myself? Or should i talk to the store where i bought it about sending it to repair? I live in Denmark, so I have 2 years warrenty. 

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Hi there again!

Now with a new and weird matter.

We all know that old say... "If it is not break, don't fix it". And if you put it into more informatic terms, "specially if it is a BIOS".

Yes, we all know that the BIOS is something quite dellitate to handle. For some reason we normally feel like if we were handling something like nitro-glycerine, or some radioactive product. And this is because we all know what is being put in risk in that moment: our (or sometimes others) computer, the full system could end as dead as some pieces of metal, plastic, and wires.

Well. I passed through all of that more than ten times in my life, and only once it went wrong. But since that old motherboard was already dead, It was not important. But I allways was EXTREMELY care. I allways cross checked everything before doing anything, allways got a backup and a way to restore that backup... and allways did this in COMPAQ systems, that were prepared that way. Updating a BIOS was just about preparing a disk, turn on the PC with the disk in the diskette drive, and wait. And if you didn't like the results, you simply click "return to previus BIOS" and that was it... very nice. And easy.

Few days ago, a friend brought me a Toshiba Satellite 1410-604 to solve some issues that were driving him crazy. After removing an expired Norton Internet Security, install avast and scan, I found more than one hundred files infected with a wide variety of virus, malware, t... Read more

Answer:Satellite 1410-604 - BIOS update > Incorrect BIOS update in the web?

Hi Fenix,

wow... it tooked very long time to read your post....

Maybe I can help you.

The Bios in the Web is the right one. So you have downloaded the correct version of the Bios.

The Askiris you have used is from Toshiba America which has most times not the exact models as Toshiba Europe.
That should be the reason, why the readme does not contain the European modelname.

I would try to make a fresh Bios update using the traditional Bios update.

Copy the files to the diskette, put it into the FDD, press and hold the Tab key while power on the notebook.
After the notebook has shut down, press and hold the key on the left side of the space-bar while power on the notebook again and wait until it powers off again.

If your notebook does not power on anymore, maybe the RAM is defect?

So, if the use of the traditional Bios and/or changing the memory does not help and your notebook is still dead you should go to an ASP, but this will cost money.

I have my fourth Toshiba notebook now and I had never problems with the Bios updates.

The 1410 is very old I think, so before going to an ASP, I would buy a new one ;)

best regards,


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Hi, After updating the Bios to the latest version (30CN71WW), Im facing issues with the Laptop. Most of the time, it will stuckup with the Bios Flash Screen. I need to press and hold the power button for few seconds and turn it off. Then It will stuck up with Windows Loading screen. Again I need to press and hold power button for few seconds. It will load windows correctly on the 3rd attempt. It is happening for few days after updating the bios. Request your help to resolve the issue.  Note: Laptop is still under warranty.Model Number: 59-051028 Thanks

Answer:Boot issue after installing Latest Bios Update(30CN71WW - Version 71) - Y560

latest bios is 71. re-flash the bios update.

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Hello, dear Lenovo users. Today, a few hours ago, I decided to update my bios via the following: After updating, the computer restarted and then suddenly something very unusual displayed on the screen: "Loading files.." with a progressbar, then afterwards the Lenovo logo showed up trying to boot into OneKey Recovery. I assure you that I had all the programs closed, and encountered no issues when I first ran this update. It automatically caused me to restart and began updating. How do I fix this issue? I have really important files in this laptop and I do not want to restore my data to its initial state. I do not mind restoring everything to the very beginning but I need my data for work.

Answer:Z510 - Latest Bios update caused automatic booting to OneKey Recovery

Oh dear. I managed to access the bios by spamming my F2 key, changing the boot mode from UEFI to Legacy, exiting saving changes and then it stopped looping into OneKey Recovery. Afterwards I restarted my computer and entered the bios, changed the boot mode back to UEFI and it still worked. Unusual, but at least it worked. Just incase if anyone encounters this issue as I did, this might help solve it.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite P200-144, (PSPBGE-01C004EN) laptop bought in 2007 with Windows Vista installed.
All of the software updates for Windows, MS Office, MS Security etc. have been downloaded automatically.
However, none of the Bios, Firmware & Toshiba Drivers etc. have been updated and most are still dated as last modified in 2006.

I have upgraded to Windows 7 and am having minor issues such the Webcam not working (temporarily fixed by loading MS USB Video device driver) and Sound from right speaker is much lower in volume than the left speaker etc.
On the Toshiba Support Driver Download pages, (<>), in the 'Driver Download' section for 'Archived Files > Satellite > Satellite P Series > P200 (PSPBG) > PSPBGE > Windows 7 - 32 Bit > All > United Kingdom > English' - and SEARCH, 18 Drivers are found.
As I have never previously applied any of the downloads my questions are as follows:
1) The Driver Files are listed alphabetically in the results - But should they be applied in a specific order?
2) For the 3 'FIRMWARE' updates - How should they be applied and in which order?
3) For the 2 'REGISTRY PATCHES' updates - How should they be applied?
4) For the 'CHIPSET UTILITY update - How should it be applied?
5) For the Drivers 'DISPLAY', 'MODEM', 'SOUND' and 'WEBCAM' - Are they applied normally by running their unzipped 'Setup.exe' files?
6) For the TOSHIBA programs '... Read more

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I downloaded the new version of flash cards for my computer (the update was dated for the 8 August 2007), when I installed the update and rebooted the laptop, flash cards worked but my Fn button that started them earlier doesn't open them any more ... Please help me!

NOTE: I downloaded all available updates on the 9th August 2007, My OS is Vista HP also fully updated!!

Answer:Strange issue after latest flash cards update on Satellite E200-14E


one little suggestion: remove the FN-key software and install a downloaded version. Make sure that everything from that FN-key software was properly removed from the system, so you can be sure that nothing will disturb the newly installed version.

Maybe it helps, please give a feedback if it works...


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My last BIOS update has failed and now my laptop Satellite PrU400 PSU45E is out of order.
I want to use the Crisis Recovery Disk with an USB floppy drive but I don't know the key combination to run the boot-block.
Is anybody can help me?

Best regards

Answer:Satellite Pro U400 BIOS update failed - What is BIOS Boot-block access


I wondering what Crisis Recovery Disk do you have ?:|
In my experience the special disk is needed which is available only for ASP technician.
Therefore it?s necessary to contact the ASP in your country in order to reflash the BIOS.

In my opinion you shouldn?t not try any ?Crisis Recovery disks? which you fond in the net? this can lead to mobo damage?

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Whilst updating the BIOS the system froze at step 7 of replacing the BIOS code, needless to say the laptop will not boot as the BIOS is now corrupt.

I have the BIOS.BAK but need advice on how to restore the BIOS. I copied the BIOS.BAK to a usb stick and plugged this into the laptop and then powered on the system (I've tried holding down F, F2 and together). I can see that the usb stick flickers initially but clearly does not progress with the restore.

I hope someone might be able to advise how to use the BIOS.BAK file to restore the BIOS.

Answer:Satellite C660 - BIOS Update Failed, help needed to restore BIOS.BAK file

Unfortunately I cannot help you with this but check please this interesting thread -

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Hi All ! Excuse my poor english because i'm french.

A friend gives me his Notebook (a Satellite 4090CDS exactly) because he had a probleme.
In fact, the problem is that when I switch on the computer, i have one and only one message(not even the red toshiba logo) which is "Ready for BIOS update. Place the BIOS update diskette in the drive, and press any key when ready to proceed."

So I go on french toshiba website, in the BIOS download, i find that i have to download this update:

Ok, i download and unzip it to a diskette and i boot the notebook with the disjette, it said that the update was made successfully and automatically reboot.
This time, the red toshiba logo appears, but next i have a black screen with a message:

**** Bad check sum (CMOS) ****
Check system. Then press [F1] key.

And after that, i can't do anything, not even press F1. If i reboot the notebook, i meet myself one more time with the first message "Ready for BIOS update..." and it is still and still the same.

If anyone could help me to understand what is the problem, it would be very nice.


Answer:Satellite 4090 BIOS issue - "Ready for BIOS update..." message appears

It sounds as if your CMOS chip has a problem. It?s possible that the CMOS battery has failed and your BIOS settings are being lost.
Maybe the RTC battery is empty. In this case you should plug the AC adaptor to charge the RTC battery.
Please note that the RTC battery (CMOS battery) will charge after the notebook main battery was fully charged. In this case the charging procedure could take several hours.

But if after this long charging procedure this message appears again so I assume the battery is dead.
I suggest you contact your nearest ASP to get your notebook checked.

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Well, I have used the BIOS updater listed on the drivers/bios updates section of Toshiba website, on Windows vista x64 and offcourse I have used the x64 executable.
Strangely, when I reboot it, it requests a bios password that I have never inserted. So I suppose the update inserted a password automatically. Now I can't boot from any device so I cant use the laptop.

What do you have to say about this?

Answer:After Vista x64 BIOS update Satellite A200-1KB PSAE6 requests BIOS password

Hello MC

Have you founded some answers? Nobody offered here real explanation what can be wrong there. Have you maybe contacted authorized service partner in your country. They have contact with Toshiba and I am pretty sure they can help you about that.

If you will find out something regarding this password issue please let us know.

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Ever since updating my BIOS I have had issues with all my USB connected Diskdrives, these include thumb drives IOMEGA devices as well as a SSD in a drive toasted. ALl worked before the updates BTW, all of these device work in other machines also. I have tried different ports I have connected them to the ports on the docking station as well as the PC. THe USB ports work they just do not like disk drives at this time. I have tried all of the following: WIthin Device manager delete all of the USB devices , reboot and let them get re built. Witihin device manager do as above then delelte infcache.1 file from windows/system32/driverstore and then reboot, this requils the infcache driver still no good. Now I am considering usinag a older USB driver from the Lenovo webbiste. Mabe someone on this board can offer some additional suggestions, one that is not a option is re-install windows.  

Answer:W530 latest BIOS and other driver update issues specifically Error COde 10 on all USB disk drives

Try checking in a bootable Linux environment to see if it happens there. If it does, it's probably the BIOS, which you can revert to an earlier version. If it doesn't happen, try installing the latest Intel chipset package as found from Intel's Download Center.

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Like a complete idiot I upgraded my bios (to 1.80) for Satellite A30 (PSA30E). I've noticed two problems.

a) during boot I no longer get any welcome screen, and cannot access the bios or boot from other devices - so if I want to boot from CD now I can't - e.g. impossible to reinstall OS in the future

b) the battery suddenly wasn't fully charged and hangs persistently on 99% (apparently)

c) who knows what else could be going wrong

I'd dearly love to undo what I've done, but it doesn't seem possible. How on earth do I fix this, since clearly the bios update is flawed. Can I find an earlier bios update file (and how to use it)? Can I fix this one?

Anyone any thoughts?


Answer:Bios update Satellite A30 - can't access bios and no full charge light


Firstly may to ask why you have updated the BIOS. If everything works the BIOS update is not necessary.

Ok, how did you try to access the BIOS? Usually the F2 button should be pressed immediately after notebook starting. You can try to press several times.

But you can boot from ODD on different ways. You can press C button and the notebook will activate the booting from the drive or you will press F12 and you will choose the ODD as booting source.

I don?t know why the battery power freezes at 99% but you could try to remove the battery and wait several times. Then connect it again and check the battery status.

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Toshiba 5205 - Serviceman / Call Bios - Need some help.

I flashed my bio's and the laptop locked up in windows and didn't shut off after the flash.

Now when I turn the laptop on, I get no picture and the front of the laptop has a remote lcd display that says: Serviceman / Call BIOS.

I have already remove the laptop's battery and let it sit a full day to killthe bios, but I get the same error and still no picture.

How can I fix this? The bio's should be dead by now. Am just using the ac-power pack for power. I tryed plugging the battery pack back in and I have also put the bio's battery back in. and I get the samething error message on the remote lcd.

There must be a way to get around this, if anyone knows please let me know.

Answer:Satellite 5205 - After Bios update - Serviceman / Call Bios message

Hi Jim,

Unfortunately removing the battery will not reset your BIOS. The BIOS is maintained by a separate battery on your motherboard (the CMOS or RTC battery) and you will need to dismantle your notebook to access this battery. Even removing the CMOS battery will not reset your BIOS since it will be held in a non-volatile area of the CMOS chip.

You will need to take your notebook to a Toshiba Authorised Service Agent to have the chip reflashed with a new BIOS.


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Hello, I have updatet BIOS of my notebook sattelite A100.

After updating I cannot start my notebook and BIOS doesn't start.

Answer:Satellite A100 - Windows and BIOS doesn't start after BIOS update

Do you see the Toshiba logo?

Was there a power failure when you updated the BIOS?

Try removing the battery and AC Adapter, and leaving it for a couple of hours. You could also try reseating the RAM.

If that doesn't help, you may need to send it to an Authorized Service Center for repair.

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I have used the Toshiba support download page to identify my model A205-S4629 Satellite laptop and downloaded the following BIOS update utility sa200f0v520.exe.

After building the IOS install disk and running the Phoenix Phlash16 utility I get the following message "File has different BIOS part number".

The utility is using the following image file MW10M520.ROM.

Any input is appreciated,


Answer:Satellite A205-S4629 BIOS Update Fail - File has different BIOS part number


As far as I know the BIOS package downloaded from the Toshiba US driver page contains the WinRAR 32-bit self-extracting ZIP file which includes both Windows-based and diskette based BIOS update installation options.

Did you try to update the BIOS using Win-based BIOS?

What OS do you use?

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I'm having trouble flashing my bios.
I have a Satellite Pro L40-15A.

The Toshiba winflash tool that comes with the bios file tells me that the 'Old BIOS can't recognise EEPROM'

I was recommended to use AFUDOS on another forum but that tells me the bios has an invalid boot block.

AMI flas for dos tells me the flash rom is write-protected??? There is no option in bios to disable it and I don't think anyone would be dumb enough to put a hardware Bios protect jumper on a laptop.

Please help


Answer:BIOS update issue on Satellite Pro L40-15A - Old BIOS can't recognise EEPROM

Dear Bruce

Can you please tell me what you want to do and please explain to us your steps to update BIOS on your Satellite Pro notebook?

I have done BIOS update over 20 times last month and I am really wondering what you want to say with terms like EEPROM or AFUDOS. Which BIOS update version you want to use? I presume 5.10. am I right?

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I got Satellite L300 notebook and I want to update it's BIOS (current v1.50), so I've downloaded bios update v1.60-WIN and when I run extracted PS10160M.exe file - I get a message that "That BIOS is not for your notebook PC".

What I'm I doing wrong?

ps: that BIOS update was automatically suggested after registration on Toshiba website via serial number.

UPD: seems like autosuggestion fail: Manual search shows that 1.60-win bios update not suitable for Satellite L300 PSLBCE model. :-(

Answer:Satellite L300 BIOS update problem: "That BIOS is not for your notebook PC"


You used wrong BIOS!!!!!

The Toshiba European driver page provides an BIOS for this Satellite L300 PSLBCE series and the latest BIOS at this time is 1.50!!!!

At this time your notebook uses the latest BIOS!!!

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Hello, i'm in deeep trouble.

I tried to update my bios but something went wrong
during the process and now the laptop won't boot at all.
(when I try to turn on the satellite, nothing happens)

Do I need to desolder the bios and replace it with a new one ?

Is there any easy way to just erase it ?

Please help me !

Answer:Bios update failed on Satellite Pro A60 - how can I replace the bios chip?

Sorry but I just want to ask you something: how familiar are you with notebook and BIOS technology?

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I am trying to get this Yoga 14 up to date.  First, I was surprised that runs Windows 10 home vs. pro but that is what it is. However here is my question. The bios on the unit as shipped is 1.2 and is from the JFET43WW family. The latest bios listed is 1.3 from the R05ETxxW family (per the readme) and the filename is r05uj03ww.  Perhaps this is Lenovo's way, but all the prior bios history for that family is under JFETxxWW. Is this the right bios? The latest NIVIDA/Intel driver listed states that " *This driver can be only used on ThinkPad S3 Yoga 14 Broadwell(BIOS ID:JFETxxWW)". So.....can the latest video driver be used with the latest bios which per the readme (and filename) is NOT from the JFETxxWW family? Hopefully I am posting in the right place.  I have been underwhelmed with phone support where "hardware" support will only answer hardware questions and "software support" is "premium" and they want you to pay when this system is only a week old.  Not sure where else to go for answers.  Also have issues with expresscache as....well..they shipped it with windows 10 and with an SSD and no expresscache.  But that is another post.... Thanks, BJB  

Answer:Yoga 14 latest NVIDIA driver not compatible with latest 1.3 bios?

Exactly which ThinkPad Yoga 14 do you own please; 20DM, 20DN or 20FY? There are some different BIOS versions depending on which model you have and this may also have a bearing on other components.

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Does the BIOS update flash the BIOS or does this require a different file. I updated a Satellite A60 BIOS to 1.9 but am not sure if this flashed the BIOS as well.

If not where could I get a file to flash the BIOS for a satellite A60-106?

Answer:Satellite A60-106: Question about BIOS update and BIOS Flash


Sorry but you question is a little bit confused.
The BIOS update flashes the ROM module. I don?t know what version was installed before the BIOS update but if after the upgrade a new BIOS version appears then the procedure was successful.

The right BIOS and how to update the BIOS information you can find on the Toshiba page.

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Hi, i just bought an Satellite Pro L40 laptop and im trying to figure out why the bios has no memory settings.
If i look at the ram using a system info tool (cpuz or aida320) it shows that it is not running at the advertised speed of 667mhz but at 533mhz.

As you can see from this screenshot the actual speed the memory is running at is lower than the maximum the sticks are rated at.

Its running at 266mhz (533mhz ddr) when it should be running at 333mhz (667mhz ddr).

I've also noticed that with this laptop the fan never seems to come on, is there a way to turn the fan up?
Everytime i have the laptop on for longer than 30 minutes it becomes very very hot.

Answer:Satellite Pro L40: Bios update needed - no settings for RAM in 1.90 Bios


> if i look at the ram using a system info tool (cpuz or aida320) it shows that it is not running at the advertised speed of 667mhz but at 533mhz.

What is your FSB?
If the notebook was equipped with the PC2-5300 memory modules then they could run at 667 MHz but only if the FSB would supports 667 MHz! I think the FSB supports only 533Mhz.
So I can say it?s nothing wrong!

> i just bought an Satellite Pro L40 laptop and im trying to figure out why the bios has no memory settings.
Why do you think that an BIOS update would enable the memory settings in the BIOS?
Please don?t mix the desktops with notebooks! The notebooks cannot be overclocked!
The notebooks BIOS is not the same like a desktop PC BIOS!!!

> I've also noticed that with this laptop the fan never seems to come on, is there a way to turn the fan up? Everytime i have the laptop on for longer than 30 minutes it becomes very very hot.
Did you notice any automatically shut downs or any other strange notebook behaviors like OS freezing for example?
If not then the notebook runs properly and doesn?t overheat.
The notebooks support an overheating protection which would shut down the notebook automatically to prevent the hardware from damage?

So lean back dude and enjoy your nice toy ;)

PS: are you Carlos Santana fan? ;) I ask it due to your nickname ;)

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I just bought this notebook and update his BIOS. After update done computer shut down automatically. Then I turn them on, he asks for password, which I never gave any of them in BIOS.
What is the password?

Answer:BIOS password after BIOS update on Satellite A210-131

Hello Jhonson

I do not know what the password is but please call the authorized service provider in your country and they will help you. They can remove the password and you can use your notebook model as before.

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I got problems with upgrading Bios on my laptop.
I can't install windows xp bc.
I got BSOD "The bios in this system is not fully ACPI compliant"

Yes i tried F7 and didnt help !!!! The only bios i found on here is 1.70-WIN and that works only within windows. So i can't install it also what i did i install windows 98 on it and my system is up but i tried to install Bios i got error. So i cant start it update it.

On this forum i saw there is 1.70 trad update if toshiba support team can send it to me on the email so i could update the bios my bios is 1.0 !

Thanks in advance for any help !

Answer:Cannot update BIOS for Satellite M40-135 - The bios is not ACPI compliant


First of all Toshiba Support team is not here in the forum? its user to user forum.
Secondly the win-based BIOS can be updated only running Windows OS? the best would be the usage of the Toshiba preinstalled Windows version in order to run BIOS update.

By the way; I found BIOS versions on Toshiba US page? there you can download the traditional BIOS which can be updated using diskette.
Note; US Toshiba notebooks have different model numbers.

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Hi guys

i went to the local computer shop with my satellite A40 because i only have half of the bios !!!
I sent an email to the german toshiba technical support and they said try a bios update (which baring in mind i still dont know how to do)then we sent my laptop to a local computer shop and told them the problem they told me not to update bios on a cempron processor.

Why not? What are the risks in need to know.

please help me because i want to in the future possibly upgrade to vista??

Answer:Satellite A40: How to update the BIOS because I only have half of the Bios

Hello Daniel,

I?m a little bit confused about your message.
What do you mean with ?only have half of the bios??
What?s wrong with the BIOS?

The Toshiba support said -> try a BIOS update.
On the Toshiba page you can download the BIOS for the Satellite A40.

It seems you didn?t check the download page detailed because on this page you would find this instruction: IOS&FID=TRO0000000b07

The BIOS update was detailed described in this document and you should follow these guide lines to update the BIOS.


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I have a Toshiba Satellite SPA10 model num PSA15-E=09VYL-EN. I searched everywhere but can not find BIOS update and drivers for this notebook model.

Please supply me with link.

Answer:Need BIOS update and drivers for Satellite Satellite Pro A10

Hello Yakoob

Satellite SPA10 does not exist. Either you have Satellite A10 or P10. Please check it on the label at the bottom side of your notebook. Identify your notebook model correctly and you will find all you need on Toshiba download page.

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Hi folks,
When windows 10 was first released I downloaded it and burned to DVD using the media creation tool from Microsoft.
As windows 10 has now had a major update, and I want to create a DVD with that update on it, without having to reinstall it later, as I have other partitions on my computer to update to 10 as well.
So my query is, does anyone know if I was to download windows 10 32 bit from Microsoft again (using the media creation tool from Microsoft) will it include the latest major update to 10?
Thanks for any help

Answer:Is windows 10 latest big update included in latest media creation tool

Microsoft has made available a download able iso for win 10 1511. If you don't see download link on win pc then try on some other device.. like an android phone or tablet. That's how I got it downloaded and had clean installed. Hope this helps.

EDIT link: Windows 10 ISO

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Hi folks,
When windows 10 was first released I downloaded it and burned to DVD using the media creation tool from Microsoft.
As windows 10 has now had a major update, and I want to create a DVD with that update on it, without having to reinstall it later, as I have other partitions on my computer to update to 10 as well.
So my query is, does anyone know if I was to download windows 10 32 bit from Microsoft again (using the media creation tool from Microsoft) will it include the latest major update to 10?
Thanks for any help

Answer:Is windows 10 latest big update included in latest media creation tool

Microsoft has made available a download able iso for win 10 1511. If you don't see download link on win pc then try on some other device.. like an android phone or tablet. That's how I got it downloaded and had clean installed. Hope this helps.

EDIT link: Windows 10 ISO

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I bought a Dell XPS 8900 about a year ago and have had 0 issues with the setup. Tonight, the SupportAssist Dell App popped up saying my system needed critical system updates. Listed was a BIOS update (don't recall the version number). I let it install and update the BIOS but now my computer goes from the black and white DELL logo screen to a support assist white screen that appears because I have removed a fan in order to install a Radeon Fury X. I usually have to hit escape from that screen to load windows but instead the boot process starts all over again and I go back to the black and white DELL logo screen and the process stays in this endless loop. I have loaded the BIOS options and it says 2.1.10 as the BIOS version. I have tried to both use BIOS restore and Downgrade BIOS but nothing works and my system refuses to boot Windows. Is there an older BIOS version I can manually flash to correct this issue? I have had no issues with anything prior to updating the BIOS so can only assume that is the culprit. Perhaps an incorrect or corrupt BIOS upgrade? I let the computer do its thing and had no power outage, <profanity> thing just refuses to boot Windows. I cannot even get safe mode to come up (if I am using the proper keyboard command that is).

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