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How To Enter Bios On Toshiba Satellite L505-13E

Question: How To Enter Bios On Toshiba Satellite L505-13E

How To Enter Bios On Toshiba Satellite L505-13E?

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Preferred Solution: How To Enter Bios On Toshiba Satellite L505-13E

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: How To Enter Bios On Toshiba Satellite L505-13E

Did you try pressing F2?

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Hey, I have a new laptop - Toshiba Satellite S50-B-12Z.
I want to knpw how to enter to the BIOS?
I have win 8.1


Answer:Toshiba Satellite S50-B-12Z - How do I enter to the BIOS?

Press and hold (or tap) the F2 key when powering the machine on.

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I just bought a click mini. I am trying to enter the BIOS.

In the manual and everywhere else I've read, it says to restart or power up pressing FN + F2.

I have tried holding them whilst powering on. I have tried powering on then pressing these. I have tried powering on, holding them for a second then letting them go, exactly as it says in the manual.

Whatever I do, it goes straight passed and into the windows login.

Someone please enlighten me how you're supposed to get into the BIOS.


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I have disk with 32 bit system recovery but my x64 partition got deleted.

I cant order recovery x64 becouse my laptop is too old and they dont have this in offer.

Maybe Toshiba Support have my version of system/ or drivers alone in archive and they can send me it ?
I would be happy with drivers alone for x64 becouse there are just few of them on website.

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Hello all, I've been messing with and Googling this problem all day and am stumped. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

My laptop:
Toshiba A105-S4134
MCE 2005
Intel T2400 Duo Core

1. Two days ago I had a glitch - a bunch of browser windows were open and the system just sort of froze up. I ended up doing a hard restart. The PC then took a longer than normal time to boot back up.

2. That made me nervous, so yesterday I made True Image images of both partitions on the HD, that is C: (OS and apps) and D: (data).

3. This morning I decided to run a memory diagnostic disk (I had memtest86+ and Windows Diagnostics CDs on hand). I set boot priority to CD/DVD ROM using Start > All Programs > Toshiba > Utilities > Toshiba Assist > Optimize > Toshiba Hardware Settings > Boot Priority

4. When I restarted the PC, I heard the CD Rom drive spin for a few seconds, but the screen stayed lack and didn't boot. After some time passed with no activity, I hit control/alt/delete a couple of times and XP then booted form the HD.

5. I unsuccessfully tried multiple times with three bootable CDs (that worked on another Toshiba laptop), including the Recovery and Apps disk that came with the laptop. Same result. I re-checked boot order a few times and the setting priority was still as I had set it.

6. I then found that I was unable to get into either safe mode or BIOS, or to get the PC to boot from the CD ROM during startup using any of F12, F8, F2... Read more

Answer:Solved: Toshiba: Cannot boot from CD or enter Safe Mode or enter BIOS on startup

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My L505 ( GS5035 ) had come with win 7 home recovery in a 10 GB partition whicj is invisible within windows/my computer that recovery/default windows version was working properly .. and i have recovered it 2 times with F8 Toshiba recovery wizard
But i decided to set up win 7 ultimate CD .. but i didnt like it
Then i want now to set up the the original win 7 home recovery with all toshiba software using F8 is not helpful bcoz after installing the win 7 ultimate CD .. F8 is not showing Toshiba recovery wizard in the list.

The recovery partition [ 10 GB ] isnt damaged or formatted or empty
( when i insert any windows CD it shows me all the hard disk partitions/spaces and i see the status of the recovery partition = 10 GB with free only 600 MB of its space )

But i cant open the recovery partition from within my computer and F8 is not helpful now .. after installing the win 7 ultimate CD .. F8 is not showing Toshiba recovery wizard in the list.
What should i do to re install the original win 7 home/with toshiba software ?

Answer:I can't do the Toshiba recovery on Satellite L505-GS5035

dont anyone know how can i do it ?

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So my Toshiba Satellite L505 wont shut down when I go to the start menu and click shut down nothing happens, screen does not change and I can still use the internet and any other program I want to I have avg free downloaded to the computer so I don't think I have a virus, I had another laptop that had the same problem and I forced it to shut down my holding the power button and now that one wont come out of safe mode. don't want the same thing to happen to this one Thanks in advance

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Laptop was on for some time. Suddenly screen was sky blue with a pattern all over the screen and was frozen.
pressed power button to shut down then pressed again to restart.
computer first two greens lights came on and stayed on and fan worked.
the battery orange led came on and went off as battery is kanckered.
the hard disk green green light came on shortly and went off.
The display shows nothing. I can press caps lock and green led on it lights up.
i can eject the cd. Can hear some more fan niose. Tried black screen power test but no response, any help please

there are two x2gb ram sticks. Took out each in turn and no difference. Swapped them over no effect.

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For sometime now, when i turn it on and am surfing the net, or playing music or doing any other activity on the screen, before am aware, the screen light will blink briefly and go blank or black. strangely enough, the activity am performing will be ongoing on the desktop, upon a closer look with flashlight. Am very worried about this. what should i do?Please help me out. Thank you.

Answer:I have toshiba satellite L505 laptop. It is 8 years old.

If the system is running and the LCD is showing progress when you light it up then the monitor or its contact to the cable or cable itself is bad and your back light (LED) is quitting on you. You can try the almost closing the laptop to see if it lights up again which would indicate a bad cable at the hinge. You can open the laptop (or get service) to see if the ribbon cable is properly seated at the motherboard and behind the monitor. If neither then the monitor may be bad.You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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Swapped motherboard in this laptop because the old one had died. After plugging everything in and double checking all of my connections, here are the symptoms I am having now:

When the machine boots to windows I have no keyboard or touch pad. I have keyboard function at post long enough for me to hit f2 and get to the CMOS settings, after that I lose keyboard, except for using the function key and f4 to change monitors,

On boot up I can turn number lock on and then nothing again. I have tried resetting the CMOS, o have tried pulling all the cards like wireless and modem, tried different sticks of ram and even pulling the hard drive. If you have any thoughts or have seen this before please clue me in,



Answer:Toshiba Satellite L505 keyboard and touchpad not working.

What prompted the mobo replacement?

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After making clean install of Windows 7 x64 Home Premium on my Toshiba Satellite laptop i faced problem with drivers. I would like to ask for help with installation order.

Here is the list of all tools and drivers :

Bulletin Board
Bulletin Board Assistant
Card Reader Controller
Chip Set Utility
Config Free
Display Driver
Eco Utility
Face Recognition
Flash Cards Support Utility
HDD/SSD Alert Utility
Hardware Setup
LAN Driver
Modem Driver

Modem Region Select Utility
PC Health Monitor
PlayReady PC Runtime
Registry Patch
SD Utilities
Service Station
Sound Driver
Storage Manager
Supervisor Password Utility
Tiles for Mobility Center
Touch Pad Driver
Value Added Package
Webcam driver
Wireless Lan Driver

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Two months ago I bought Toshiba Satellite L505-10V, but my laptop can?t be recognized on Toshiba support site.
Product number PSLS3E-01Q014Y4. Does anybody have similar problem?

Thanks in advance!



Answer:Satellite L505-10V is not recognized on Toshiba support site

Where you have bought your notebook?
Which page you visited exactly?

Do you need some drivers?

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Hey All,

Been a long time.

I got a Toshiba Satellite L505-ES5018 laptop and I am having trouble finding drivers for this laptop. Rubbing XP-Pro,

I have yellow marks by

Ethernet Controller
Network Controller
PCI Device
SM Bus Controller
Video Controller

P have looked all over the Web. Went to Toshiba's web site and couldn't find any drivers that I needed. Help, please !!


Answer:Toshiba Satellite L505-ES5018 Drivers Needed !!

yes... the problem is probably related to the fact that the computer is built for use with windows 7.. perhaps find out what components you have installed and check with the manufacturer of those parts individually... or upgrade to win7... best of luck

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I'm having a problem with a Toshiba Satellite L300D. After I reinstalled the HDD it would beep. To solve this I went into BIOS to look and see if the board had some sort of intrusion setting. When I exited the BIOS and restarted I know get the Enter Current Password (with a blue background on a black screen) with continuos beeps. The thing is it seems to auto enter in 10 characters (*) and then stop. There are no other options.

I have searched unsuccessfully for any info about this and I cant even find where the CMOS is located which I think is soldered onto the board.

Has anybody had any similar experience like this?
I would really appreciate any help its driving me crazy.

Answer:Bios Password 'Enter Current Password' on Toshiba Satellite

Your thread is closed. We do not help with password problems. This is clearly stated in the rules section.
Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with forgotten passwords and/or bypassing them. As there is no way to verify the actual situation and/or intentions, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.Click to expand...

Please read and follow the rules when posting.

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Hello Guys ,

I need some help from you people .....

I have a bios crash problem in my Laptop .The blue screen message is quotted below,

Your BIOS is not fully ACPI Compliant,Please Update your BIOS.

STOP:0X000000A5(0X00001000,0X00000000,0XBE298C98,0 X00000303)

My system configuration
Intel Core i5,4GB RAM,ATI Radeon 1GB Premium Graphics

My current bios vertion :: BIOS 2.10

I searched Toshiba website for an updated bios verson ,But could find only my present version ,
Somebody please help me find a new vertion for the BIOS ,

OR if there is any methord to rectify this problem

Please Help me ..

Answer:Satellite L505-13W and BIOS error

have you changed anything on your machine or in the Bios? Before the error message is come did you have problems?

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What's new in the BIOS Update v2.00 for Satellite l505-144


Answer:What's new in the BIOS Update v2.00 for Satellite L505-144

Hi mate

As far as I know Toshiba European driver page does not provide any details what has been changed in the BIOS.
But I found some details on Toshiba US page.
It seems that Fn+N+1/2/3/4 debug function has been removed in BIOS 2.0 to avoid keyboard abnormal behavior.


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I updated my bios to 2.10 few days ago everything was fine but now im getting video_tdr_failure crashes. It started with Win 10 64 bit only while playing games everything other was fine expect few pixel problems like broken colored pixels on videos, i thought the problem might be Win 10 64 bit. I changed OS to win 7 32 bit and it is worse now i can't even use firefox or chrome my video card stops right after i open them. I think it is a bios problem or my video card is dead. Changing bios back to 1.80 might help but i couldn't find it anywhere, please can you share Satellite L505 1.80 bios link?

Answer:Satellite L505-11E - need to download BIOS 1.80

I changed OS again now i use win 10 32bit and im getting tdr crash if i upgrade my gpu driver, i think it is because resolution after upgraded resolution changes to 1366x768 and i get tdr crash. While i was using win 7 i was able to set resolution 1366x768 but i wasnt even able to use firefox, watch videos insta tdr crash. Right now i didn't upgrade my gpu drivers it is still ''Microsoft basic gpu'' so resolution is 1024x768 and i can use every program or watch even full hd videos but there are a lot of artifacts. I have no clue my video card is dead or it is bios problem?

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Indicated by TEMPRO software delivered with my Satellite L505-138 I updated the BIOS version but halfway the process stopped and fan kept running at high speed and nothing happened anymore. After one hour the only option I had left was to disconnect power and remove the battery. The laptop does not do anthing anymore now and refuses to startup.

Who can advise me what to do?


Answer:Re: Satellite L505-138 - Nothing happens after BIOS update


Usually if after BIOS update the notebook doesn?t start and the update wasn?t installed successfully the ROM module must be reflashed. The problem is this can only be done from an authorized service provider because they have special diagnostic tools especially for every Toshiba notebook.

So I would recommend contacting the guys and ask for help. I believe this problem can be clarified very easy: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

Good luck! :)

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Has anyone ever come up with a (cheap or free) solution to this? It happened to my L505-13Z a few days ago.

Sent it for service, but I'm afraid it's gonna cost me :S

Answer:Re: Satellite L505-13Z - Nothing else happens after BIOS update

Hi Cvalda,

If something went wrong during BIOS update you can do nothing to reflash the ROM module because special tools are necessary. This can only be done from an authorized service provider.

So it was good to sent it for service but let?s wait what the guys say. ;)

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Indicated by TEMPRO software delivered with my L505 laptop (1.5 months old) I updated the BIOS version but halfway the process stopped and fan kept running at high speed and nothing happened anymore. After one hour the only option I had left was to disconnect power and remove the battery. The laptop does not do anthing anymore now and refuses to startup. I assume the BIOS needs to be reset.

Who can advise me what to do?


Answer:Satellite L505 - BIOS update failed


Ohhh, that?s not good news, buddy :(

I think you have only option at the moment and this is the authorized service provider. The technicians can try to reflash the ROM module but hopefully it?s not completely destroyed now.

If you don?t know where the nearest ASP is you can search on the Toshiba website for them. Give them a call and they will tell what to do now.

Good luck! :)

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i have a problem in my battery charging (plugged in , not charging) throw online reading no action can fix it until i saw post says that BIOS update will restart my laptop and fix the problem , i download the latest BIOS update in Toshiba support and drivers when trying to install it to update i get an errror message says .

there is an error occured, please check below items bios version above 210.
battery capacity more tahn 10%
AC is attached

i got to say after my lots of previous ways to fix the main problem my battery charging is 0 %
what can i do to make my bios update?

Answer:Satellite L505-13T - BIOS update error

I guess the battery charged properly in the past even if the BIOS was not up to date…
Therefore I’m not quite sure if it’s really a BIOS issue.

Anyway, try to uninstall the ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery.
This can be found in device manager -> battery

After that, check if the battery would start the charging procedure.

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Hi all,

New here but i know i'll be in the right place.

I recently installed a few updates as suggested by temppro. Now whenever my compy boots up into Windows 7 64 bit i get the following message.

There was a problem starting C:\Users\Ems And Swift\AppData\Local\prtwst.dll

The specified module could not be found.

I would post the pic of it, but don't know how to paste image.

If any one could give me an idea of what to do i'd really appreciate the help.. I've tried re-installing the bios and deleting the other updates.. But still this msg appears..

Thanks in Advance


Message was edited by: kochney

just a quick note, everything seems to run fine, just this error msg, which does my nut in :D

Answer:Problem after bios update on Satellite L505-144

Have you tried removing or reinstalling Tempro?

I can't see prtwst.dll in google, are you sure that filename is correct?

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Hello, I have two issues with my laptop.

First is related to keyboard. It started few days ago, laptop has shutted down because of low battery, when I turned it on again, I've received a malfunction of keyboard.
The key problem is that when i typing for ex 4, it appears on screen as r4, and so on for some other keys.
I'v searched through web that it possibly can be because of BIOS. And decided to update current version.

And here comes second problem:
I've downloaded bios update from toshiba site, and tried to install it, but it stops on last step, something about region.
Could somebody please help with issues?

Answer:Keyboard and BIOS update issue on Satellite L505-13V


> I've received a malfunction of keyboard.
What message you received exactly? Was this message Windows based or what exactly?
Of course it could be a keyboard malfunction but software malfunction as well. Easiest way to check this is connecting an external keyboard.

> I've downloaded bios update from toshiba site, and tried to install it, but it stops on last step, something about region.
Where did you download this update exactly? Was this update especially for Satellite L500-13V and PSLJ0E model series?

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Relevance 72.57% screen is black no monitor led......i was downloading driver and i mistaklny clicked on bios exe file....and it installed with out warning my bios is dameged .........i need help to know how to flash back my original bios version whats the recovery process and combination keys for my labtop and how to rename rom file or wats inside that exe bios version bios210.exe .......and whats my bios phoenix or insyde

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I have acquired an old Toshiba Laptop - model 540CDT. It has no OS so I need to enter BIOS to get it to boot from CD. But I've tried a few options to no avail. Anyone know how?Thanks.

Answer:Toshiba 540CDT Laptop - enter BIOS?

Maybe one of these? click here

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HI, Satellite L70-A-13P

I setup a user and supervisor password. Works fine. However I can't anymore enter bios. If I press F2 as usual, i have the box "enter password" (the same as for normal boot). After typing the supervisor password, the computer continues to boot and don't enter bios!

I keep F2 key pressed but nothing works.
I also tried Esc, F1, INS, F12, 0.


Answer:Satellite L70-A-13P - can't enter BIOS after setting BIOS password?

Are user and supervisor password the same?
Have you been able to enter BIOS in the past?

Perform complete shutdown and start notebook again. Then try with F2 or F12. When you will be asked put supervisor password and I hope you will be able to enter BIOS settings.

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it's seems to be locked.
it only displayes the camera screen, and it has to be unlocked.
when i touch the unlock button on the screen the computer turns off/sleep state.
because when i touch the touchpad i get the screensaver.
then i can enter the camera screen by going from above to under on the screen,
and by going from under to above it turns off/sleep state.
the windows button on the keyboard and on the ipad don"t respond.
so to me it seems the unlock button doesn"t function correct and
i can"t enter the windows/desktop screen anymore.

maybe u know the solution for this !

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Why do i get a enter password screen on my Toshiba Satellite laptop on start up, how do I unlock it, I got this laptop from a lady and when I turned it on it was locked with this screen and I don't knoe how to unlock it, can some one give me a solution, and why did this happen.

Answer:Why do i get a enter password screen on my Toshiba Satellite laptop on start up

To unlock the laptop, you type the ladies password. Once unlocked, create your own login with your own password.
TSF cannot help you with password circumvention. Read the rules

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Hi Guys!

Just bought Toshiba C50-B, This is ****test laptop I ever see, no recommend to anyone, avoid this brand at all.. 15 day I tried to enter in to BIOS ad still nothing this completely useless, even no cd-rom in it!

Answer:Re: How to enter BIOS on Satellite C50-B

I presume you are not informed enough how all this works and your opinion is, unfortunately, based on low level of information about Win8/Win8.1.

At first you must perform a complete shutdown in Windows. How to do this you can read in

After doing this restart your machine and press F12 to enter boot menu.
There you can choose bootable device and also find option setup to enter BIOS settings.

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I said , I found these instructions on the Internet to enter the bios legacy on windows 8.1 (On Youtube ) :
- From the right sidebar press " settings" , - Choose " Change PC settings" , - "Update and recovery " - ?recovery?

- ?advanced startup?

- ?restart?

On restart press on :

- "Use a device",

- " EFI USB device" ...

The following message appears :

?System doesn't have any usb boot option. Please select other boot option in boot manager menu.?

- Press enter : boot menu appears .

- Choose Enter Setup : you enter the BIOS Legacy !

End .

Unfortunately for me it just happens that you restart Windows 8.1

Could you give me a hand ? Thank you

Answer:Satellite L50-B-1M1 - enter Bios legacy from Win 8.1

I’m wondering what you want to do exactly.
Do you want to access the BIOS?

If yes, you have to press the F2 button after powering ON the notebook.
The F2 should be pressed several times to ensure it was registered correctly.

Note: in case the notebook has not been shut off completely, please check this workaround:

Perform a complete shutdown in Windows 8 / Win 8.1

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I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro NB10-A-100 laptop and I want to enter to BIOS configuration and I can't.
What is the button combination to get in?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:How to enter BIOS on Satellite Pro NB10-A-100?

Perform a complete shutdown in Windows 8 -
Restart your machine and try to use F2 or F12. If you use F12 there should be option to enter notebook ?setup? settings.

Please test it and send some feedback.

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I enabled the Quick Boot Function which skips the Logos and only boots from HDD, but now I need to install a 32bit Windows for School, but I can't enter or reset the Bios.

I tried every button combination I can think of.
Is there any way to remove this feature again without taking it apart?
The existing Windows is not the Original one, so no toshiba software is installed.

Thanks for help.

Answer:Satellite C660-2C3: Cannot enter BIOS


Did you try pressing F2 button while powering up the notebook?
Press F2 several times in the row? if this will not help press firstly "INS" key and then F2 to enter the BIOS

Good luck

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I have a sat pro 2100, I cant find anything in the manual at all about entering the bios, I have tried a few F keys but without luck, what am I doing wrong? how do I get in the bios???, also I get a sharp beep from the inside of the laptop beeeeep, whats this? its not overheating?

thanks for your time.

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100: How to enter the BIOS?

try ESC and then F1

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How can I see the BIOS in my computer? I try in the begining but I can?t do it.

Answer:How to enter BIOS settings on my Satellite M40?


As far as I know you must keep down ESC button after you start the unit.

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I'm using Toshiba Satellite A40-151 that the DVD for it broken but thats not the trouble.
The trouble is that i can not enter the setup (BIOS) to boot from another boot device or i do not now how to enter.

Please help


Answer:Satellite A40-151: How to enter the BIOS settings?

After switching the notebook ON press and keep down ESC button. So you can enter BIOS settings.

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I wanted to enter BIOS to select boot sequence in Satellite C50-A006 running with Win8, but I was unsuccessful. I tried pressing F2, F8, F12, ESC and DEL but no luck. Also tried googling, also no luck.
Please help.

Thank you!

Answer:How to enter the BIOS in Satellite C50-A006


At first you must perform complete shutdown. After doing this you can start machine and enter BIOS settings.
How to perform complete shutdown you can read on -

Try it please.

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Hi everybody,

I want to set my Satellite M50D-A-103 to boot from USB. I have set USB as the first boot device using the Toshiba system settings utility in Windows 8. Doesn't work. Now I want to enter the BIOS, but I never get there. I have tried all imaginable ways of pressing the F2 and ESC keys (hold while turning on and keep holding, hold while turning on but release after 1 second or 3 seconds or once the Toshiba logo appears, press after turning on, press once Toshiba logo appears, keep pressing it or just repeatedly press it...), but I never get into the BIOS.

I have even tried to open the laptop to remove the BIOS battery to reset it, but even with all screws removed I cannot seem to remove the plastic laptop bottom.

Any suggestions?

Best regards,

Answer:Cannot enter BIOS on my Satellite M50D-A-103

>I have even tried to open the laptop to remove the BIOS battery to reset it, but even with all screws removed I cannot seem to remove the plastic laptop bottom.
Hey what are you doing? Do you want to lose your warranty? Don't do such stupid things. Removing BIOS battery you will not reset BIOS. It is not desktop machine.

Please perform complete shutdown - - and after doing this start your notebook, press F12 and you will enter boot menu with option to enter BIOS settings.

By the way: before you do anything create recovery media using preinstalled Toshiba recovery media creator.

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Just bought today.... I am anxious to install other operating systems but can't figure how to enter BIOS to enable it to boot from CD.
Any help appreciated


Answer:How to enter BIOS on new Satellite L300?

Have you read the User Manual? I think it will be somewhere in the book. However, for this gen, you can access BIOS by F2 and boot up list with F12

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Sorry for my english.
But I need a help:

How to enter the BIOS on my Satellite Pro A120

Answer:How to enter the BIOS on Satellite Pro A120


If I?m not mistaken the Satellite ProA120 supports the Toshiba BIOS and therefore you should be able to access the BIOS pressing the *ESC* key immediately after notebook starting

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I have a L50-A PC with win 8 on board.
I have lost the password for Win 8 and I have only users (myself = admin)!!!
The lost session is closed in normal mode (ibernation) and now I cannot logging into windows for make a total shutdown.
How I can access at BIOS for boot from CDROM or USB???

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I have Satelite l500, and i want to ask how i can enter to bios and change agp aparture size.


Answer:How enter to bios on Satellite L500


as i know, you can enter Bios pressing f2 on startup. But I don't think that there is option to change gpu aparture size. (allocate gpu memory)

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Hello from Norway . I have a SP6000 and i have a corrupt windowsinst. I have tryed to access the Bios settins by pressing esc and then the F1 key , but it switches right back to the Toshiba welcome screen and says press f12 to select boot order....

Is there any way to get to the bios settings ? Hmmmmmmmmmm :-) Thanks in advance

Answer:Cannot enter Bios on Satellite Pro 6000


I know some models can enter BIOS by pressing F2 on startup.
Maybe this works for you.


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I want to see the BIOS system on my notebook,but which key is this for?

I am try with keys: Del,F1,F10,F2, "," but nothing happened!

sorry with my english.

Answer:How to enter the BIOS on Satellite Pro 440CDT

I don?t know what BIOS was preinstalled on this very old unit but generally you have to press the ESC and then F1 immediately after notebook starting. This will work if the unit uses the Toshiba BIOS.

But if the Phoenix BIOS was installed you have to press the F2 to enter the BIOS system?

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I have recently bought a *Satellite C55-A-19D* notebook with no OS preinstalled, so I have installed Windows 8.1.
My problem is that *I can not access to the BIOS menu*.
I turn the computer on, but I can not see any invitation to "press the F2 key to enter setup". I am only receiving a screen that just has the +Toshiba Leading Innovation >>>+ notice, and then the Windows 8 spinning dots...
I can tap or hold F2/F12/ESC/DEL but nothing is coming up. I have also tried to press Fn+F2 combination.
What should I to get into the BIOS setup?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Satellite C55-A-19D - How to enter BIOS settings?

Perform complete shutdown as described here -
After doing this start your notebook again and press F12. There you should have option to enter BIOS settings.

Check it out.

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Help me pls!! How to enter the BIOS settings? I do not know, and Google does not help me =((

Answer:How to enter the BIOS settings on my Satellite L50-A-k4W?

At first you have to perform an complete shutdown.
Here an HowTo:

The point is that Win 8 does not shut down the notebook but the unit performs hybrid shutdown to boot faster. So unit needs to be shut down in order to access the BIOS.

Start notebook again and press F12 to enter boot menu. Thee you can find option for BIOS settings. You can also try with F2 at start up.

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i have a c850-f1f and i want to get in to the bios, can anyone help me?

Answer:Cannot enter BIOS on my Satellite C850-F1F

If you use Win8 perform a complete shutdown like described on
After notebook restart you should be able to enter BIOS settings.

Test it please.

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Dear Sirs,

allthough no one set a BIOS Password on my mums Satellite a100 (new bought) it wouldnt let me enter.
Is there any standard pass set on the bios?

Ive allready made a BIOS UPdate. perhaps there was went something wrong.
Is there a possibility to reset the PASS if there is no other solution?

HOpe someone can help me

Best Regards

Patrick Odenbreit

Answer:Can't enter BIOS on Satellite A100

I don't have a direct answer to your question.
However, notice that you ought to be able to access (as I usually do) bios settings from within windows xp by toshiba console utility.
As long as it works with you it can help you out in bypassing your problem and make adjustements to your settings.
(I own a different satellite, but I believe tehir are similar on this feature)

Bye, Ricardo

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I've got a Satellite pro 6100 notebook, en I was trying to make it boot from an external USB HD. When I enabled the second hard disk option in the BIOS it stopped booting all together en I can't even enter the BIOS Setup anymore. All I get is the "TOSHIBA in touch with tomorrow" screen with the icons to select the preferred boot method manually after that it's just blank screen with a blinking cursor in the top left corner.

Holding down the ESC or F8 key before powering on usually results in fast beeping sounds.
Holding the tilde (~) key before powering on results in the screen remaining blank (not even the toshiba splash screen appears) and slow beepings sounds.

Appart from that I can't really make her do anything at all.
I tried resetting the BIOS by disconnecting the CMOS/RTC battery (hoewever it's called) from the motherboard for a while, with no results.

Powering on without the internal HD results in a blank screen with an "IDE #0 ERROR".
I can always shutdown by holding down the power button, don't bother about the external HD, it gone I don't even want that to work anymore.


Answer:Satellite Pro 6100: Can't enter BIOS and won't boot up

Hi Barrie,

Sorry to hear you are having problems with your hard drive.

To enter the BIOS settings, start the computer and hold down ESC whilst tapping F1. If you hold down the keys, then switch on the power, the computer will see this as a stuck or jammed key on the keyboard, hence the beeping noises.

Once in the BIOS, you should be able to undo the setting you changed earlier.

The IDE#0 ERROR message is where the notebook could not find the internal hard drive on boot up.

I hope this helps, please post again if you need more assistance

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I'v a big problem.
I can't enter to BIOS. Any option. F2 no works. Tried ESC, F12, F1..............any key works.
Apears logo of Toshiba and then 1 message like this

This prduct is covered by one or more of the following patents:
US5, 307, ...........etc

Realtek PCIe FE Family controllers..........
PXE-E61: ............................


and this is all. No start windows. No enter BIOS.
I read in internet, that this is beacause in the BIOS is enable "Quick Start" and i should change this setting, but I CAN'T ENTER TO BIOS, how can i change this setting??????
I press 30seg the F2 button before pres start buton and then another time F" but not works. Not works anything!!!!
I'm desespered!!!!!
Can anyone help me???

Sorry for my poor english

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On my Satellite 4090XCDT i have no chance to come in to the Bios.
Pressing ESC and turn the power on dosn't work. Only the bootlogo "in touch tomorrow toshiba" appears.

Only the F12 key works, where i can update the bios.
I have done this (version 8.20) and the Bios update finished correctly.
I can still not enter the Bios.

Coud it be the CMOS or RTC Battery?

Answer:Satellite 4090XCDT - no chance to enter Bios


Did you try to press the F2 button too?
I?m not sure if this notebook supports a Toshiba or Phoenix BIOS.
If it?s a Toshiba BIOS then you should press the ESC and F1 key to get an access to the BIOS. If it?s a Phoenix BIOS you should try the F2 key immediately after notebook has started

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How can I start BIOS at booting my lap, to boot from cd...
I have Satellite L300-1CM

Special regards


Answer:How to enter BIOS settings on Satellite L300-1CM?

If you want to change boot order you can do this in BIOS (F2 at start-up) or you can also enter BOOT menu at start up.
Start your notebook and press F12 several times.

When the boot menu is shown, use up and down arrows and choose CD/DVD.
Put the CD into optical disc drive and press ENTER.

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For some time when I turn the notebook on the page where it appears the Toshiba logo do not appear and I cannot enter the BIOS.

And turn power back two or three times and then the details reappear.

I tried to reinstall the BIOS but the installation of the BIOS tells me that the version what I'm installing is the the existing one.

Do you have any suggestions?

+Message was edited: posting has been translated+

Answer:Satellite Pro A300-1LG - cannot enter BIOS settings

To be honest I?ve never heard about such problem. It is pretty strange due to fact that you can enter BIOS from time to time.
I don?t think there is anything you can do about that, except to set BIOS to default settings. In my opinion BIOS update is not the solution. BIOS is the first and lowest hardware check level and notebook users don?t have much possibilities to do anything about that.

I?m afraid you need professional help with this.

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I am unable to enter the BIOS on this machine. I have tried (a number of times) by pressing the FN and F2 keys, and the FN and F12 keys while the Toshiba logo is displayed. Unlike the Satellite A500 I have, no prompt for either F2 or F12 keys appears at the bottom of the screen showing the Toshiba logo.

I have tried the F2 and F12 keys without the FN key, but still no result.

I need to be able to boot from the CD drive, but cannot get to the BIOS to add this drive to the boot sequence.

Assistance pls.


Answer:Re: Satellite C850D - unable to enter BIOS

If you use Win8 you must make complete shutdown at first. How to do this you can read on
After complete shutdown start your machine again and press F12 to enter boot menu. There you can chose which device can be used as first bootable device.

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It can look stupid but I'm trying to access to the BIOS menu on my TOSHIBA Satellite Pro S300-EZ1511 and i can't, i searched for that on the manual but i couldn't find anything.

I need to go there so i can change the SATA settings to IDE so i can install windows XP system after i formatted the Vista.


Answer:How to enter BIOS settings on my Satellite Pro S300?

It should be in the Users Manual somewhere.

Turn on the laptop, and hold down the ESC key. Then press F1 when it prompts you.

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I needed to boot on an USB and couldn't do it on UEFI mode, so I changed boot mode to CSM Boot and can't now enter to BIOS by holding F2 and pressing power button later.
Even, in CSM
Boot mode can't do anything, it only shows a screen where the following text can be found:

pxe-mof exiting pxe rom
select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press any key

As nothing works, I thought to reset the BIOS to factory for restoring the UEFI boot mode by removing the CMOS battery for around 30 minutes, but it didn't work, maybe because I can't remove the main battery connector.
I was also looking for the typical jumpers to restore the BIOS but I couldn't find these pins on my model.

Please, I need help for exiting the CSM mode or restore the BIOS, my laptop is now unusable.

Thanks in advance.

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a friend of mine has ruined his Toshiba Satellite 5100.
He erased all partition on the hard drive while the laptop still using the default setting,
so I couldn't boot from cd or enter the BIOS.
Is there any solution for this??


Answer:Can not enter BIOS or boot from CD - Satellite 5100

Hi Veenone,

Erasing the partition on the hard drive would have the same effect as formatting, but you should still be able to boot as far as loading the BIOS (this is normally where the Toshiba screen appears with the boot options), before you see an error along the lines of "HDD:0 .....", although this error may be different according to boot options etc.

You should be able to re-install Windows from a recovery CD.

Could you tell us any error messages you are seeing or any other screens or options etc?

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Dear team,

I have a toshiba that is still on warraty.
Is there anyway you can help me.

It stopped working actually. It does not exceed Bios.
Here i mean you reach the Bios screen but you can't enter Bios settings.

model: Satellite toshiba L310

Answer:Satellite L310 - I can't enter Bios settings

What do you mean exactly saying: ?you reach the Bios screen but you can't enter Bios settings??
Is the BIOS secured by password or what?
Do you see a Toshiba Splash Screen for short time?
Is it possible to boot the Windows OS or to recover the notebook?

Please post more details!

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How can I enter BIOS menu before windows started?
When notebook starts, I push F2 so it give me chose device which need to read.

In my other pc I push DEL and BIOS is there.

I have Satellite U200. I se software called <TOSHIBA HWSetup> and there write BIOS version 1.10.04/03/2004

There must be key to allow enter BIOS settings.

In user???s manuals I didn???t find information about entering BIOS settings.

[email protected]

Answer:How to enter BIOS settings on Satellite U200?


To enter BIOS settings please press ESC button at start up. After that press F1.

By the way: when you start notebook for a short moment you can see the message how to enter BIOS settings. It is displayer at the bottom left side at start up.

Del button will be used on desktops, not on laptops.


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Hi everybody! I?m using a Toshiba Satellite 5200-701. How can I enter the CMOS/BIOS settings screen during boot-up? What key do i need to press? Many thanks in advance for any assistance! I look forward to being helped.

Answer:Satellite 5200-701: How to enter the CMOS/BIOS?


What key did you test?
Usually the pressing the ESC key allows you to enter the BIOS default settings.
But you can change the most BIOS settings in the Toshiba HWSetup which can be found in the control panel.

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that is, how can I start the BIOS and the boot menu of my Toshiba C50-A-1GZ?
Thank you

Answer:How to enter BIOS and boot menu on Satellite C50-A-1GZ?


At first you must perform complete shutdown. How to do this you can read on

Restart your notebook and press F12. There you should find setup options for BIOS settings.

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Hallo, ive got a Satellite S5200-903 and i have to reinstall my Windows XP. But i'm not able to enter the Bios, please tell me how.

Answer:Satellite 5200-903 - How to enter the BIOS-Setup

The notebook seems to use the Toshiba BIOS. Therefore the ESC and then the F1 key should allow you to access the BIOS.

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I'm searching for Informations how to enter the Bios Setup.

Answer:How to enter Bios Setup Satellite 4030?

To enter BIOS settings use ESC button.

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I've got some problems with BIOS on my L750D.
When I press power button there is no Toshiba logo and I couldn't get to BIOS setup because it starts Windows even when I press DELETE or F2 or any other key.

Any help ?

Answer:Satellite L750D - cannot enter BIOS settings

Have you maybe enabled ?fast boot? option?

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Hi All, how have u been.

It's been 2 months I have bought the laptop Satellite A300-1PH. Yesterday, first time I tried to see my system BIOS by pressing F2, but it required Password to enter onto BIOS but I never put the password as I am very first time opening it.

Can anybody tell me what is the exact problem?

Answer:Satellite A300-1PH - Why I have to enter a BIOS password?

Maybe the shop who sold you the laptop put a Password on the BIOS?

Give them a call and ask if they put BIOS passwords on their laptops.

If they say no, then you should send the laptop to an Authorized Service Center. There is a list of ASP's on the Toshiba website in the support section.

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I own a Satellite 5200-801 and I?ve recently bought a new CD/DVD - rom cause the original just died. The thing is that the drive I bought is from US market and my laptop is European. So I?ve double checked all the serial numbers on it and everything was correct except the manufacture serial number that I suppose makes no difference to be different.

My problem is that when I install it the light indicator flashes normal but when it boots it shoes IDE error boot and windows doesn?t see it at all. Do u know how can I enter BIOS setting to change master/slave cause I believe that there is a difference among them at this point....the original is master and the second is csel.

Also is there a key to enter BIOS because I can?t enter at all no matter key combinations. Finally if I change the reading head of the DVD/ROM and put back the original would make the change I need?

Answer:How to enter BIOS mode on Satellite 5200?

As far as I know you cannot change anything in BIOS but check it again. To enter BIOS settings press ESC button at start up.

Good luck!

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When I start my computer I have to enter a password (BIOS password?).
I do not have this password and don't know how to solve this.
I am not able to get into the BIOS system to change the passowrd. I just simply cannot do anything. Any suggestions?


Answer:When I start Satellite I have to enter a BIOS password

> I am not able to get into the BIOS system to change the passowrd. I just simply cannot do anything. Any suggestions?
Unknown BIOS password cannot be removed.
In such case you have to ask ASP for the help

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Hello team,

I recently updated my Toshiba's BIOS from v3.0 to v3.6 and I am now not able to access BIOS. I do not see a splash screen either. Other than that my computer is working just fine. I have a Satellite L750-1NG and running Windows 7.

Thanks in advance for you help. :)

Message was edited by: welika

Answer:Satellite L750-1NG - Unable to enter BIOS


Did you try to press F2 immediately after the notebook has been powered up?
Press F2 button several times in the row.

Otherwise I recommend start the Toshiba HWSetup Utility. (All Programs -> Toshiba -> Utilities -> HWsetup)
Here you can change some BIOS settings like setting it to ?Standard? (default).
I think you will need to change from ?fast boot? to ?normal boot? because you said you cannot see the Toshiba splash screen.

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Dear all.

Tried several key combinations - such as "DEL" or F" or F12 and so on - but nowhere I could enter to the BIOS setup.

Does anyone have any helpfull information?

Best regards.

Answer:Satellite L750-1DM - How to enter BIOS setup?

F2 allows you to access the BIOS
Press F2 very fast several times in the row after the notebook has been powered up.

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Question: toshiba l505

my toshiba L505d laptop screen wont turn on. I replace the ac power jack . i put the laptop back together and now it wont boot up.

Answer:toshiba l505

Obviously you didn't reassemble it correctly. Or your soldering job messed up something on the board. What do you hope to hear from us?

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I seem to have changed some BIOS settings which cause the keyboard not to work anymore.
If I press ESC when starting the computer, I get to the expected message "Check system. Then press [F1] key."
However, pressing the F1 key does not bring me anywhere. I'm stuck.
If I don't press anything at all at startup, the computer starts normally into Windows, but the keyboard does not work.
Any suggestions?

Answer:Cannot enter BIOS of Satellite Pro 4340 due to non-working keyboard


it would be nice if you could tell which machine do you have since it?s hard to help you with your problem when noone knows which machine is asked.
On the other side: one thing I would do is, if the keyboard doesn?t works, I would connect a EXTERNAL keyboard to the machine, then try if it?s working and then reset the bios to default.

Maybe you should update your bios when you?re able to access your system via external keyboard.


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one of my clients has sent me a toshiba Satellite Pro L300 to fix..
windows completely froze so they turned it off which made windows unbootable.

the problem im having now is that pressing F2 doesnt enter setup and F12 doesnt show the boot menu.
is there any other button i have to press as well as F2 to use the Fkeys to access the bios?

thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite Pro L300 wont respond to F2 to enter bios

ive fixed it.
seems that when the computer was turned off improperly when it froze the laptop got confused. i took out the battery and unplugged it from the mains for awhile then then it turned on and worked fine.

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I have two questions:

1. I recently updated my laptops bios version to 2.10 and replaced the harddrive with an SSD.
However, it seems that I cannot enter the BIOS anymore.

I tried multiple buttons but it just won't let me access the laptop's bios anymore.
Which button do I use to enter the BIOS?

2. I would like to upgrade the standard amount of memory from 4GB to 8GB.
Are there any recommended sets of ram I should use in the light of compatability issues?

Thank you for any help in advance.


Answer:Satellite L500-1ZP - Key to enter BIOS version 2.10 and Upgrading RAM

> 1. I recently updated my laptops bios version to 2.10 and replaced the harddrive with an SSD.
>However, it seems that I cannot enter the BIOS anymore.

To access the BIOS you have to press F2 at the beginning of the booting order? immediately after you powered up the unit, press F2 (press it several times in the row)

> 2. I would like to upgrade the standard amount of memory from 4GB to 8GB.
>Are there any recommended sets of ram I should use in the light of compatability issues?

Toshiba Satellite L500-1ZP laptop takes the PC3-8500 DDR3-1066 204pin SDRAM SODIMM RAM type. I would recommend the modules from Kingston manufacturer.
Very good price ? value ratio

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Can someone please tell me how to get into the bios on Satellite P50T-A01C
I have tried fn f2, f10, delete, no go...

Does anyone know how to get in?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite P50T-A01C - how to enter BIOS settings?

If you use Win8 you must perform complete shutdown and then after new start enter BIOS settings.
Please check -
Try it please and post some feedback.

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I got a sattellite pro L300, width a partitioned HDD, C with Win XP installed and D with Windows 7 installed, the problem is the follow:

To days when i switched on my laptop, the OS Boot screen doesn't appear, the startup process stop on the Toshiba logo.
In addition i can not enter the BIOS using the button F2 or the boot manager using F12 button.

Please help.

Answer:Satellite Pro L300 doesn't start - Cannot enter BIOS

>the startup process stop on the Toshiba logo
This would mean that the notebook cannot pass the POST (power on self test) correctly and this would mean that an hardware problem has been detected on the motherboard.

Remove one of the RAM modules (check both) and try to power up using only one RAM module.
It could be possible that one of the RAM modules is faulty?

It could be also possible that the motherboard malfunctions? as you see, it?s hard to say what part could be wrong but everything looks like an serious hardware malfunction?

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Hi all, i cant enter bios/boot menu on my satellite and i get pretty nervios so far so i decide to search here for help, will be very greatfull for any assistance at all !

Message was edited by: Kaloian

Answer:Cant enter BIOS/BOOT menu on my Satellite notebook

If the problem is solved let us please know which notebook model do you have and what was wrong there.

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P305 wont boot starts up nand goes past the toshiba screen and then gray sceen? Everything soiunds like it iss working fan cd drive

Answer:Satellite P305 wont boot but can enter BIOS


Are you abele to access the BIOS?
Can you boot from Recovery disk or other bootable disks like Win XP, Win 7 etc??
Check this!

Maybe it?s not a serious issue and new OS installation could solve this.

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Ok I have a Satellite 5205t -S503. I want to boot using CD so it can install my WXP disc but it will not let me boot from the CD and I can?t get to the BIOS.

I tried the ESC F1 and it just says: set value (Y/N)

When I type Y it just restarts and goes right back to the Toshiba screen.
When I type N it says: NTLDR is missing press key to restart.

When I also try the ESC with the power button it does the same thing.
How can I get to the bios /and or boot from CD ?

Answer:How to enter BIOS settings on my Satellite 5205-S503?


As I?m not mistaken the Satellite 52xx series was equipped with the Toshiba BIOS and the ESC button should works to access the BIOS default settings.

Anyway, there is also another possibility to boot from the CD drive.
You can press the F12 button immediately after notebook starting and then a boot menu should appear. Then you could choose the ODD as a booting source.

But back to the error message ?NTLDR is missing press key to restart?

It looks like an HDD malfunction?
I have searched a little bit in the forum and found these useful threads:

Hopefully it helps?
Please report if you were successful?

Good luck

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Computer is a satellite pro C660-29W PSC1ME-00U00KEN

I've set a BIOS supervisor password (no user password is set). I know the password.

If I hit F2 it enters the text editor but does not give any opportunity to enter the password, and so whilst I can view everything there is no way to change anything.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Satellite Pro C660-29W: BIOS won't let me enter the supervisor password

Can this be helpful?

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I have a Satellite L300 that will not get past the POST or the Toshiba Splash Screen. It states to press F2 to enter setup or F12 for boot sequence, but pressing either button does nothing and nothing more happens --- it just stays there. the HDD activity light blinks for a few seconds and then stops.

I have tried new RAM and a different HDD, both with power connected and only battery to no avail!

anyone have any suggestions?

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro L300 - Unable to enter BIOS or boot

Hi jhilton0105,

Hmm? I think you have already tried everything what you can do and in my opinion it seems to be a hardware malfunction. Maybe it?s related to mainboard, CPU, ROM module or something else?
I think your notebook must be checked from professional people to get rid of this problem.

You can find a list of ASPs here: > Support & Downloads > Find an ASP

Good luck! :)

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Toshiba L505, Vista premium, Intel Wifi link 5100 AGN, Realtek RTL8102/Family PCI-E FE NIC. My Wifi works fine always, and the LAN works for a few seconds then stops says local access only. The lights on the modem and LAN port are going crazy but no info is being xfered according to the task mgr. Driver's are updated for hardware and vista. I've tried turning off the wireless card to no avail. any suggestions?

Answer:Toshiba L505 Lan problems

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My Windows XP has broken down. I can not start up even in safe mode. That's no problem for me. Now I'm trying to start the computer with the Win XP disc but the computer does not boot from cdrom/dvd player.

Big problem is also that I can't access BIOS to change boot sequence. How can I get in to BIOS settings or how do I get the file in WXP that is missing in to the computer?

Answer:How to enter BIOS settings or get missing WXP file on Satellite 1400?

HI Mikael,

The normal way of accessing the BIOS boot sequence is top press the PF12 key during the initial power on sequence until the boot sequence is displayed.

You may also be able to force the notebook to boot from the CD-ROM by holding down the 'C' keyt during power on.


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I can't enter bios with F2 or change boot order with F12. It always prompt for a supervisor password that I never set.
The only thing I can do is to hit F11 to enter bios with limited functions where I can't modify anything.
The notebook was brand new and it is working well with W8.1. The problem arose when I tried to boot from a backup dvd to restore the system.
How can I get rid of this problem?
Thanks for any help

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I was able to enter XP MCE by pressing Enter key when on Welcome screen. Now I can't and must click on small image picture. Does it due to BIOS 3.8 which I set up recently or not? Can i make this option work again? Thanks a lot.

Answer:Satellite P100: After BIOS 3.8 update I cannot access MCE by pressing Enter


I don?t know if you can restore this option again but you should access the BIOS and try to set it again t the default settings.
Don?t forget to save the settings if you will leave the BIOS ;)

But I really don?t understand why you have updated the BIOS. If the notebook runs without any problems a BIOS update is not necessary!!!
So never change a running system? you know? ;)

By the way As far as I know the P100 units were not delivered with Microsoft XP MCE but with XP Home and Express Media Player or Vista

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I enabled the Quick Boot Function which skips the Logos and only boots from HDD, but I can't enter or reset the Bios.

I tried every button combination I can think of.
F2+power on not work.
F1, F10, F12, del, ESC, INS - all not work

BIOS updated to 1.50-win.
Help, please.

Answer:Satellite C660-1TM - cannot enter BIOS due to Quick Boot Function


To access the BIOS you have to power up the unit firstly (press power button) and then press immediately the F2 button. You can press F2 several times in the row to ensure that the button has been activated.

By the way: The Toshiba HWSetup is preinstalled on most Toshiba notebooks.
This utility provides BIOS options and settings. So you can change the boot order in using this tool too. You can find it in Toshiba Assist ->Optimize tab

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i have a tosiba L505-ES5011 and it says i have a worm i need to rest it back to factory setting. How do i do that?

Answer:i need to restor my toshiba L505 ES5011

Boot it & press F11How do you know when a politician is lying? His mouth is moving.

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I have a Toshiba L840/020 (PSK8LA-020007) notebook. I recently installed an Intel 330 Series SSD and Windows 8 Pro RTM 6.2.9200 MSDNAA on it and enabled Fast boot option in the BIOS (Boot speed > Fast).

Now I can not get into the BIOS no matter what I do. I tried pressing power button while holding down F2 (as suggested by few other forums) , up on failing that I tried all F keys and Esc, but nothing works. I also tried repeatedly pressing F2 while booting, connected an external USB keyboard and pressed F2 on that , but no matter what I do I cannot get into the BIOS.

When I go to Download section of Toshiba support > Windows 8 64bit, I can also see a BIOS update for my notebook, but when I try to install that I get the following error :

Flash process will be terminated!
Current platform have secure boot feature, it must provide NV storage location by IHISI interface.
Please contact OEM BIOS engineer to add the feature.
Without this IHISI interface, the authenticate variables will be modified or cleared by flash process.
If you understand the risk and still want to flash.
You can add the following setting in platform.ini to ignore error.

I didnt change platform.ini and flash, without first seeking help from the community.

Please let me know how to get into th... Read more

Answer:Satellite L840/020 - Cannot enter BIOS after enabling fast boot option


Try firstly INS button and then F2 button.

Then you should be able to access the BIOS? I recommend disabling the fast boot in the BIOS if you could successfully enter the BIOS.

Regarding the BIOS update.
I checked the Toshiba AU driver page and it seems that the BIOS v6.20 is the same like for Win 7.
I think that the BIOS update should be done running the Toshiba preinstalled system since Win 8 is not officially on the market yet and from my knowledge there are some big restrictions updating the BIOS running Win 8

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I was wondering if someone can recommend to me how I repair the Lan connection in my Toshiba L505 Laptop. Windows kept shutting down suddenly and my laptop was feeling warmer than usual, so i thought the fan needs to be cleaned. I went in and I was able to remove the keyboard and lifted the area underneath the keyboard high enough to use an air spray to clean the fan. It seemed to work. but when I turned on the machine, i noticed there was no internet connection. I went into the device manager and there were yellow highlights on all the items related to the Lan and wiredless connections. I had the laptop confiqured wirelessly. the machine could not detect any wireless connections. I also connected the laptop directly with a wired connection and it did not work either. I obviously disconnect something or permantely damaged it.

I was looking for a service manual for the laptop but couldnt not find one online. Does anyone know where I can find something that visually shows me where the connections are and what they look like. I can try to reconnect this way.
Many thanks

Answer:Solved: Toshiba L505 - Lan device issue

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Toshiba satalite l505 freezes up on factory restore?
I'm trying to do a factory restore on my friends laptop. The internal hd restore would freeze up during the 3rd or 4th configuration system screen. So I ordered some disks and did a format on the hard drive and did another factory restore with the disks. It still freezes up at the same spot. Even after leaving it all night while I sleep.

Ever time (tons of times both with the internal restore and disks) it freezes up at the same spot. When you restart the pc it goes into the login screen and only shows admin available with no usable password and can't get into it saying that the user isn't set up or the sort. Forgot exactly what it said.

I thought it might be the hard drive so ordered a new one. Still freezes at the same spot.

Please if you know how to fix this tell me. I called customer support and all they want to do is order another disk. But I doubt the new disk they sent me and the internal hard drive would both freeze at the same place if it was the disk.

I've also tried searching the net and so far no solutions. just more people complaining about it doing it to them also. I know there's gotta be a solution somewhere.

Answer:Toshiba satalite l505 freezes up on factory restore?

What is the reason for the restore? The original problem is often the same reason restoring won't work. You may well have a hardware problem.

Are you sure the disks you are using are for that exact model of machine?

Are there any known or past problems with the optical drive that could make reading the disks a problem?

Is memory OK?

How did you "format" the drive? Formatting a drive before installation has not been needed in Windows since 2000. Most formatting tools would create incorrect partition or file system types (formatting is technically only for file systems, but some tools also partition). It wouldn't be a bad idea to delete the partitions and install to an empty drive.

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Satellite C850-F0055 laptop

I am trying to figure out how to access the boot menu at power on.
I have tried f2 & f12, f2+fn & f12+fn, tried holding the keys, tapping the keys
holding for 1 second etc, I have tried all the f keys as well, tried esc, backspace
ctr+ del nothing works.
what happens when I boot up, within 1 second 'Toshiba Innovation' screen appears
and then proceeds to load Windows 8.1.
I can access BIOS/UEFI via charms-pc settings and navigate to UEFI and get in that
way but that won't help if I need safe mode.
My settings are:- ODD/USB/HDD, boot speed set to 'normal', Secure boot disabled
I have a dual boot system with Windows/Linux.
If I put a boot disk in and power up, the boot option is totally ignored but with the disk still in
and Windows loaded and I access UEFI via the above route, enter UEFI and exit again
immediately the disk bursts into life and loads the disk as is supposed to happen at start.

I have not sure where to go now so any help will be appreciated

Cheers Rozzer

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Have a laptop as above but the user has forgotten his password and the machine will not boot without the bios password, or an engineers password, any help would be appreciated even if i am better of getting an external usb floppy and trying a new bios flash as a last resort i would do this but i was hoping with all the techie's available here i would make this my first port of call.All help greatly appreciated Billyhl

Answer:Toshiba Satellite Pro A60 Bios Password

BIOS Passwordsclick hereclick hereclick here

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Hey, I can't find bios drivers for my device - Toshiba c850d-dsk, need a help (

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