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Satellite L500 PSLS6A-00X013 - cannot install LAN and VGA drivers

Question: Satellite L500 PSLS6A-00X013 - cannot install LAN and VGA drivers

I have just replaced my hard drive and have installed Windows 7 Pro 32 bit on my L500 (PSLS6A-00X013),

I downloaded all the drivers from "My" and everything went well until I tried to install the Realtek Lan driver and the VGA driver all the other drivers work fine but it won't accept these two drivers.

The L500 is an Intel i3 4 gig ram any help would be appreciated.


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Preferred Solution: Satellite L500 PSLS6A-00X013 - cannot install LAN and VGA drivers

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite L500 PSLS6A-00X013 - cannot install LAN and VGA drivers

_Regarding the display driver:_
What driver did you choose?
On the Toshiba driver page you can find two different drivers (AMD/ATI and Intel) and a comment: +(For Supported Model Only)+
This means that you should check the GPU and should use the right driver.

Your notebook is equipped with Intel graphic chip. So DON?T install AMD/ATI driver!

_Regarding LAN driver:_
What?s the problem exactly? Do you get any error messages?
Can you please provide more details.

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try as I might, I cannot find a link to drivers for client's machine. Suggestions welcome.


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What is it with Toshiba? The part number is clearly printed on the label on the underside of the laptop but the corresponding part number appears nowhere on the Toshiba support pages. This seems to occur with most Toshiba laptops that I have ever had anything to do with. Trying to find drivers, BIOS etc is a real PITA. I'm trying to find downloads for a Satellite L500 PSLS6A-00X013 but it doesn't show up any where. The serial number search is as useless as the part number search. Am I missing something?

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Can anyone tell me if there is any drivers for a satellite laptop L500-1EK for windows 10 x64 cuz I looked everywhere and I didn't find any.
Thanks, George

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I would like to ask for your help in the following problem:

I bought a Toshiba L500-14Z (PSLJDE-001007G3) and I would like to use it with windows XP.
I read that I must find the drivers manually for my hardware-s, but I am not sure...
Which models have the same Chipset, LAN, Soundcard, Videocard, WIFI?

I found only this information, and it was not enough for me:
(I mean it is not too specific about the given hardware parts...)

- T6500 Intel GM45 Express chipset
(Any other GM45 Chipset driver can be used, or should I search for one with the same processor?)
(Is the soundcard included in the chipset driver? If not... what sound driver should I use? - I didn't find any specification about the soundcard.)

- Intel WiFi Link 5100 network adapter
(Is it LAN + WIFI?)

- ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570

I would really appreciate your help!

Answer:Satellite L500-14Z - Need XP drivers


As you said the notebook supports the Mobile Intel(R) GM45 Express Chipset.
The driver can be found here:

The Wlan card is Intel WiFi Link 5100AGN and the drivers are here:

The graphic card is a ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570.
I think you will need to check some 3rd party pages for a compatible driver because I didn?t find anything on the Toshiba page?

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Hello fellow Toshiba users..

i had vista on my Satellite L500-12E and i installed XP while im waiting for W7 to arrive since it will take 60 days....

Can someone please point out which drivers i need to get these functions to work...

-Multimedia keys the ones beside the power on button ( sound on/off is the only one wich works).
-FN keys.
-Ethernet output.

Thank you in advance

Answer:Satellite L500-12E - Need some XP drivers

Go to and download the xp drivers , if you put your pc serial number it will indentify it automaticaly and give you the drivers , then just choose the ones you want , did you got any problem on installing xp? I got a L500 13W and i already got a BSOD on windows 7 , so i was thinking on installing xp...

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Can anyone tell me if there is any win 10 drivers and how can I update bios if I don't have a running battery , I keep the laptop plug in and I get a error message because I don't have more then 10% on battery

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hello every body

I really need drivers for Satellite L500-14F. I just bought it and I did format for it then it asked me for drivers update. The shop doesn't gave me any CD for it. Is it right for this model without drivers CD if it is why they made without drivers update?

Please answer me I'm waiting.

Answer:Satellite L500-14F - Where can I get drivers?


What OS have you installed?

The L500-14F belongs to the PSLJTE series so you can find all drivers on the Toshiba page. I?m wondering that you didn?t find them. > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

And yes that?s normal that Satellite L500 doesn?t have a recovery DVD because you have to create this disk yourself. Therefore you have to start the Toshiba recovery disk creator on preinstalled OS but now it?s too late because you have already installed another OS. If you want a recovery disk you have to order a new one from Toshiba directly.

At the end I can only say you should read the user manual first if you buy something new. You shouldn?t use the notebook if you don?t know anything. ;)


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I just instaled Win XP on my L500-13Z but I cant find any driver for my motherboard card. It seems that it is a Toshiba motherboard called KSWAA 1.00 but I didnt find any XP driver...
Hope I'll find some help here.

Thank you


Answer:Need drivers for Satellite L500-13Z with win XP


As far as I know newest notebook models will not be supported for WXP anymore. At some point WXP must be history and you should use newest hardware with newest OS.
Anyway, your notebook model has Mobile Intel GM45 Express Chipset and if you need WXP drivers you are on your own. Google is your friend! ;)

I just hope you have created recovery installations DVD before you installed WXP.

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Apologies if this isn't the right forum. Not sure if this is purely for those laptops upgraded through the official Update programme.

But anyway, I have a Satellite L500-1ZR which isn't covered by the official programme so I went and updated my laptop directly through Microsoft. Everything works perfectly so far. However, Windows has installed its own drivers for my Radeon Mobility HD 4500 series and I would prefer to use the ATI drivers. As is normal, I can't install the drivers directly from the ATI website but when I try to install drivers through the Catalyst Install Manager that is on the Toshiba website, as I've always done in the past, it claims that it can't find any installable content.

Is there any way around this or is it a matter of waiting (and hoping) that Toshiba release Windows 8 drivers?

Answer:Satellite L500 - Windows 8 GPU Drivers

Here is a nice thread about Win 8 supported notebook series:

Check if your series is listed.
If its listed, it will get Win 8 drivers

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Recently I have bought Satellite L500 with Windows Vista. I hope Toshiba make the Windows 7 drivers soon so I can install Windows 7 Professional on my laptop. Why does it take so long?

Would the drivers come I an few weeks or must we wait till next year?

Greats, from the netherlands!!

Answer:Satellite L500-128 - When can I get Windows 7 drivers?


I think i have found windows 7 drivers for the l500 serie.
My laptop have almost the same specfication as the usa Satellite L500-ST2522 !

Follow this link and press downloads: rpn=PSLU0U&modelFilter=L500-ST2522&selCategory=3&selFamily=1073768663
I go to test it soon!!



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Windows 7 officially launched today and I was wondering if the drivers will be available for my L500 laptop any time soon.
The reason I ask is because I bought the Windows 7 Ultimate and want to implement it on my laptop.

I've been using Vista drivers but ofcourse some bugs occur every now and then. Especially the Toshiva Value Added Package / Flash Card Button support giving me a hard time.
There aren't any drivers for the ATI Mobility Radeon 4570 since it's a new chipset so I editted my own driver by rewriting the INI file inside the driver folder. Setting it to my hardware ID.

But anyway, when I bought the laptop it had some kind of folder with it stating that I can upgrade my laptop to Windows 7. Allthough no drivers are available yet.

I'm probably asking the obvious but is there a date set for the drivers to be available ?

I'm sorry if this post has been answered elsewhere. I didn't manage to find an answer.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite L500-128 and Windows 7 drivers

Your laptop model will definitely be supported for Win7 and I am pretty sure drivers, tools and utilities will be available soon.
I don't believe anyone here can say for sure when exactly but I think next days they should be available for download.

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My Satellite Pro L500 is playing up!. Device Manager tells me I have problems (hence I write on a different laptop).

I will list what the problems are, and hopefully someone can tell me which drivers I might need.

a) Realtek PTL 8101 Family PCI-E Fast Ethernet NIC (DDIS60). It asks for installation disc. I did not get one with the laptop, I only have a Restore Disk I made. Will that be okay?
b) SM Buscontroller (code 28) No Driver
c) Network Controller (code 1) Not configured correctly.

These words are just as they appear when I click the yellow triangle.
Can anybody help me sort the problem?

Answer:Missing drivers for my Satellite Pro L500

All missing drivers you can download from Toshiba download page -
Please check it and install all missing drivers. If you still need some help you are welcome.

Restore disc cannot be used because using this disc you can reinstall whole OS only. It is not possible to use it for certain drivers installation.

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i want to download all the supporting drivers for Satellite L500-21T laptop.
i tried to find this model on toshiba website but i didnt find.
so can you suggest where i would find all these drivers.

if possible please reply me at my emial id - [email protected]
i will be grateful to you.


Answer:Cannot find drivers for my Satellite L500-21T

I presume you know where you can find drivers but here is the link -

When you search drivers for your notebook you must choose right part number and your notebook has part number PSLJHE.

Please check it again.
If you still have problems to find the drivers, let me know.

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I have been searching a lot for drivers, but I cannot find driver for: ACPI\TOS1900\2&DABA3FF&2

I have Windows 7 and in Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Devices and Printers, the laptop has exclamation mark. Another problem I have is that the function button F8 does not work.

Please help me to find solutions.

Answer:Satellite L500-1XZ - Cannot find all drivers


I have a little bit searched using Google and this could be the card reader of your notebook. All drivers you can download here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Function button F8 means that key combination of FN+F8 doesn?t work, right? Well, for all FN keys you have to install Toshiba Value Added Package and Flash cards Support Utility. Both tools can be downloaded on Toshiba page too.

Check this!!!

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I just bought this laptop, and if I knew that it does not support XP, that it has only drivers for Vista I doubt, better yet I know that I would not take Toshiba.

There's no warning thas says "Vista only" or something similar, at least not in my contry and it was unpacked.

The problem is that I have only XP and I do not like VIsta at all, so is there any drivers for XP?

I couldn't find any drivers for XP, there is no drivers even for Win7, only for Vista.


Answer:Satellite L500-12P - Where can I get Windows XP drivers?


In my opinion Windows XP is pretty old OS and is the past. Vista is the future and in few days it will be Windows 7.

So you should be happy if your notebook runs properly with preinstalled Vista. The notebook is fast enough for this OS and with new SP2 it runs faster as without SP. Furthermore you can switch to classic mode and then it looks like XP.
Have you check this?

If you really want XP you have to collect drivers yourself on external websites, like Intel, Realtek and so far.


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I gonna upgrade my system to windows 7 64 bit, however the windows 7 64 Bit drivers are currently not available for L500-126.
I noticed that the windows 7 32 bit drivers have been available since last week, I am wondering when the win7 64 bit drivers would be ready?


Answer:Satellite L500-126 and Windows 7 64 Bit Drivers

For my L500-164 I used all Vsta x64 drivers for windows 7. They work.
You could give it a try.


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What about Drivers for Windows XP (32-Bit)?

On the Toshiba Driver Site for this product there are only drivers vor vista 32 bit and vista 64 bit...

where can I find drivers for Win XP??? Or do the Vista drivers work for Win XP, too??

I cannot test it now because I first want to ensure that it will work with win xp, after I wanted to install it..

Answer:Satellite L500-164 Drivers for Windows XP?


The Satellite L500 doesn?t support Windows XP, it supports only Vista 32bit and Vista 64bit. Windows XP is pretty old OS, it? the past. Now it?s Windows Vista or Windows 7.

If you want to install XP you have to collect the drivers by yourself on external websites, like Intel, Realtek and so far.

But to be honest be happy with preinstalled OS. All new notebooks are fast enough for Vista. ;)


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I have a satellite L500-02F with windows 7 and I would like to downgrade to Windows XP, but on the Toshiba web site there is only driver for windows 7.
I have found a web site where I can download or buy a cd with the driver for it, but I'm not sure the driver will be good.

Thank to help me if you can

+Message was edited: Link has been removed - not allowed+

Answer:Satellite L500-02F - Drivers for Windows XP?

It seems that SATELLITE L500-02F PSLS0C-02F012 belongs to Toshiba Canadian series.
Indeed, there are only Win 7 drivers.

But you can check the Toshiba European driver page.

There you will find different L500 models and there are some Win XP drivers which could work in connection with you L500 series.

Some single missing drivers you could collect at you own hand?

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My new laptop is Satellite L500-1KK and I can not find WinXP drivers for it. I hope to find a good help


Answer:Satellite L500-1KK - Need Windows XP drivers


The Satellite L500-1KK belongs to the PSLJTE series and therefore you can find all drivers on the Toshiba page: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

I have checked the page and it seems that all XP drivers are available.

But why you want to change the OS? Are you not satisfied with the Toshiba preinstalled OS?


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Hello everyone!

I just purchased a Sat Pro L500-196 which comes with Windows7 installed.

However for the use of older software which I need for my work, I want to install the Windows XP from my old laptop.
I want to setup a dual-boot environment so I can use Win7 for most of the time but be able to boot into XP whenever I need to.

The support page for this model lists 96 drivers for WinXP for this modell.
Which of these drivers do I really need?
And are there any instructions in which order install them? Or can I download/order a cd (or cd-image) with all drivers for WinXP

As far as i know, after installing WinXP on a second partition, I need a Windows7 installation-DVD to repair the boot manager.
Otherwise only WinXP sill start.
My laptop came without such a DVD, there is just a recovery partition.
Is it possible to use the recovery-system to make Win7 start again or do I really need a Win7 DVD?

Thanks in advance,
Juergen from Germany

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro L500-196: Which drivers for Windows XP

>The support page for this model lists 96 drivers for WinXP for this modell.
>Which of these drivers do I really need?
There is no special installation order needed?
But I would start with common drivers like:
Display driver, LAN driver, Wlan driver, Modem driver, Card Reader Controller, touchpad driver, etc?.

The Controls driver should be installed before Controls (utility)?.
Try it simply?.

>As far as i know, after installing WinXP on a second partition, I need a Windows7 installation-DVD to repair the boot manager.
This is right?. I had the same issue with Vista and had to boot Vista DVD in order to repair the Vista boot manager

>Is it possible to use the recovery-system to make Win7 start again or do I really need a Win7 DVD?
No because it?s not the same.
The recovery image will format the HDD and partitions and will erase the installed Win XP.

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Hello, I have L500-1XP Model: PSLJFE-00300CHU, has been sell no OS, now I cannot find drivers for Windows XP, tried to look in downloads, for my model its shows me thousands drivers from varios vendor, but which is my?
Tried Intel, doesn't work.
Please help me to find all drivers for my laptop...


Answer:Satellite L500-1XP - Need Display & Sound drivers

As I can see your notebook is not supported for WXP. It is fully supported for Vista and Win7 only.

To be honest I recommend you to install Win7. It will run perfectly on this notebook model. Is this option for you or it must be WXP?

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No this model on toshiba site at all and all that I need is to find drivers for Windows XP for this model. Yes L500-1WR comes with preinstalled Windows 7 but I cant find drivers even for Windows 7!

Can anyone give me link to XP drivers?

Answer:Satellite L500-1WR - Can't find Windows XP drivers


Google says that L500-1WR belongs to PSLS9E series. Go to the [European Toshiba Driver Page|] and check for your laptop drivers:

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I just bought Satellite L500 PSLJ3E notebook and i want to use it at work.
So i need to downgrade to XP PRO but i cant find XP drivers for this notebook.

Where can i find it?


Answer:Satellite L500 PSLJ3E - Where to find XP drivers?


The Win XP drivers for this notebook model are not released.
It?s a new model on the market and only vista drivers are available.

But of course you could install the Windows XP.
Many Toshiba notebooks are equipped with the same devices? therefore another Win XO drivers should run in different notebook models?

You will have to collect the drivers at your own hand? this is not comfortable but I?m sure you could use the notebook with Win XP

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My Satellite Pro L500 has Win 7 reinstalled but now the Realtek audio manager isn't launching when a headphone jack is plugged in.
Therefore not stopping onboard speaker from working-sound still comes out disturbing others.

What driver do the Toshiba motherboards use to detect the jack plug in?

Answer:Satellite Pro L500 - audio jack drivers

Did you reinstall Windows using the Toshiba Recovery Disc or a generic version of Windows?

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With all do respect its not normal that not only that you can't get any new drivers by support but also that the motherboard menufacture won't let you install updated intel graphic cards at all claming your drivers must be manufacture specific!!!

All the MANUAL install trough the device manager people sujjesting won't work as well giving you the same messege when you try to install it manually with advanced installetion wizzard....

Altough my laptop l500 1r3 sepused to be an Hd laptop and i have my hdmi port,movies that i watch through Tv won't stream smoothly.
The movies keep playing faster or slower like robotic movments from time to time every couple of seconds and while connecting the laptop through the hdmi port i got red lines showing up the whole time of the movie in diffrent places!!!

Since there's no drivers update im basiclly stuck and i almost regret i bought this laptop.

I never tought for a second that a lap top with t4400 proccesor,4 gb ram of ddr 3 in 1066 mhz and intel latest display graphic card WON'T be able to stream movies trough tv smoothly....The funny thing is that my friends 10 years old computer with old geforce 4 mx graphics card older proccesor than my own and 512 mb of ram ddr 1 DOES able to play movies through the tv smoothly.

It's a SHAME!!!!

Answer:Satellite L500-1r3: Why there are no new intel display drivers??

Have you tried another HDMI cable?

Does DVI or VGA output work fine?

Have you installed the latest BIOS version?

Have you tried uninstalling the existing Intel Display Drivers before installing the newer drivers?

Is the factory Windows installation installed? Or is a generic version of Windows installed?

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HI Guys,
I hope someone can help me. I have a Satellite Pro L500 that has been completely wiped clean, how can I install the operating system and all the drives back on it without the original cd disks

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Hi There, To EveryOne .

Can Any One Please Help Me To Find The Drivers For My *Toshiba Setellite L500-14F* For *Windows 7* .


Any Can It Be Possible To Downgrade This Notebook To *Windows XP Pro* ? and Where Can I Found Drivers For This ?

I Will Be Thank Full if Any Body Help Me Regurding My Questions.


Answer:Where To Find Windows 7 Drivers For Satellite L500-14F?

I?m really wondering you cannot find the drivers alone.
WXP and Win7 drivers you can find on Toshiba support and download page under > Support & Download

Your notebook belongs to PSLJTE group so be sure you choose the right notebook model and right short model number.

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To me are necessary the driver for L500-1en. On a site has not found. If it is fashionable to use the driver from other model write from what.

To me are necessary the driver on Windows XP, Windows 7.

Answer:Satellite L500-1EN - Where to find drivers for XP and Windows 7?


I have a little bit searched on the Toshiba website and it seems that your model belongs to the PSLJTE series and therefore you can download all drivers for XP and Windows 7 here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers
Notebook > Satellite > Satellite L Series > Satellite L500 > PSLJTE

Check this!!!

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I have found and installed all drivers I need for this laptop using Windows XP. My problem is that I can only activate Wireless on this laptop by pushin FN+F8 key, I have installed the Realtek Wireless drivers and they are installed fine, but I can't get Wireless to work because of the FN keys. When I push the FN+F8 key, a blue led should turn on next to the volume controller, but it doesn't...

I've searched for the Hotkey Utility in the Toshiba India site, I downloaded and tryed it but I get the error "This software utility does not support this system", the Common Modules gives me the same error too.

I've tryed installing other Hotkey Utility driver for another laptop, and it doesn't give me that error, but it doesn't work either... I actually leaves my laptop freezing a second, every 5 seconds... and the FN keys still don't work.

Anyone know where I can find a working Hotkey Utility for my laptop using XP?

Or maybe is there a way to activate Wireless without the FN keys? I don't need the other keys... I just want a way to activate Wireless.

Thanks for your time

Answer:Satellite L500 - Can't find drivers for FN keys for Windows XP!


That?s very strange buddy because the point is that XP is the past and newer notebooks doesn?t support this OS.

What you can do is to download the utilities for another Satellite L notebook, e. g. Satellite L300. This supports Windows XP and maybe the tools from that notebook are working on yours.
Check this!!

In worst case you have to live with this issue or you upgrade to Windows Vista. That?s all what you can do.


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Please help. I didnt install the sound / audio drivers of my Toshiba Satellite L500, can someone please tell me where can i download the PCI sound drivers no. 82801IB/IR/IH
Its an intel chip.

Answer:Satellite L500 Where can i download the PCI sound drivers no. 82801IB/IR/IH

What is the model number of your L500?


And what OS did you install?

XP or Win7?

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I formatted my Satellite L500-1ZP (PSLS9E) and thought idd install win xp instead of win7 (dont have the backup disk/partition)
now when i start it up with the windows XP cd in it the blue screen "windows setup" starts but when its finished loading it gives me an error code:
"*** STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF78DA63C, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)"

I've read somewhere that I need to download SATA drivers for my laptop and make a windows xp installation disk with the SATA drivers on it???

I've tried searching these drivers but i dont know wich ones i need and how to make the installation disk
Do I copy my original windows XP home cd and put the drivers in a folder somewhere on the disk?

I hope someone can solve my problem because the laptop is just one year old and I dont really want to buy a new one...

Answer:How to install WXP on my Satellite L500-1ZP?

I just hope you have created recovery DVD before you have started to install own OS. After own OS installation you will not have access to recovery data anymore.

You are right. For WXP installation you need SATA driver. How to install WXP on newer notebook models you can read on

At the end I must say that your last sentence is pretty confusing for me. You have bought notebook designed for Win7 and you want to use old WXP on it. Do you really think you must buy new notebook if you want to install WXP?

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Hello To Every One.

Dear All.

I Have *Toshiba Setellite L500-14F* Model and Currently i am Running Windows 7 On it ,As It Did Not Came With Any OS So i Install Windows 7 on it.

So Now I Want To Install Windows XP on it , As I am Facing Some Problems to Work With Some Software Which Are Not Supporting and Having Compatibility Issues With Windows 7.

I Had Allready Downloaded All Drivers For Windows XP For This Notebook.
By Reading and Searching The Forums I Found Out That I Need To Upgrade They BIOS Also So I Did That But Invain.

So Please Help By Guiding Me That What Steps Do I Had To Take To Successfully Install The Windows Xp on This Machine. As I Am Faild Twice A Time.

Thanks in Advance

And Best Regards

Answer:I want to install Win XP on Satellite L500-14F


if you want to install Xp on your computer, you need to change Sata Controller in Bios ,,Compatible,, otherwise you will meet a blue screen during installation. It's because of AHCI drivers Then after installation, you can download and install Storage Manager and return AHCi mode in Bios. You can also integrate them into Windows disk.

you can read here:

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I've just bought 2 satellite L500 1xl/1xj second hand with a view to re selling one and keeping the other.

Problem is both have the HDD pulled from them and I have no installation CDs to re install Windows 7.
How can I do this without the CDs or original HDD?

Answer:Satellite L500 - how to install Windows 7 on new HDD

> i have no installation cds to re install windows 7, how can i do this without the cds or original hdd ???

Get Windows copy disk and install, all drivers are available on the [Toshiba driver page|] You can also buy a [Recovery disk|] I don't see any other options to do.

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Hello everyone,

I need some help regarding Windows.

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro that came with Windows 7 pro preinstalled and the recovery DVD to downgrade to Windows XP Pro.
I had to change the hard drive so I try to reinstall Windows 7 from the recovery CD but it doesn't work. It say that it is not possible to install this on this machine.

So I tried with the recovery CD of Windows XP and no problem
I prefer to have windows Windows 7 but I don't know how to get it back
One last information, the recovery CD of Windows XP came with the laptop as the one for Windows 7 was made by the shop that sold me the computer.

Thank you for your help

Answer:Satellite Pro L500-1W4 - Cannot install Win 7 Pro after changing the HDD

As far as I know there is no some kind of limitation and if there is no problem with original recovery disc for Win7 you should be able to install it on any HDD that you use with your machine.
I have upgraded HDD to SSD on my machine and recovery image installation worked without any problem.

To be honest it is not easy to say what is wrong there but this Win7 installation disc is somehow suspect for me. I don't know which notebook model do you have exactly but somehow I feel you didn?t get original Win7 disc. Best evidence is WXP recovery disc. The prinziple with Win7 is the same and it must works.

When you use this disc you should have menu as described on

This document explains how it works with original recovery installation disc.

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I have just purchased Satellite L500 (PSLS6A-00X013) and have some surround sound speakers that I want to attach- please could somebody explain how to do this.

I also would like to know do you need to unplug the computer after you have shut it down?
I ask this as I wondered if this was then taking it's toll on the system and it would be better disconected from the power- something I never did with my desktop- but may need to do with this laptop.
Thanks in advance- Wilma

Answer:How to install external speakers on Satellite L500?

It will be interesting which speakers do you have exactly.
Anyway, exact notebook specification is not known to me but as far as I know you can connect usual PC speakers (2 speakers + 1 subwoofer) using audio out port.

Please let us know which speakers do you have exactly.

One more thing: for digital audio output notebook must have SPDIF port with optical port.

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I have a Satellite Pro L 500 with Windows Vista but I?m unable to connect to the internet wireless.

I know that the problem is that there is no wireless driver installed. I?ve tried to update it from the device manager but it doesn't work.

What else can I do ?

Answer:How to install wireless driver on Satellite Pro L500?

I don?t know which model do you have exactly (L500-xxx) and cannot say which driver do you need exactly but latest WLAN drivers you can download from Toshiba WLAN portal -

Check it out.

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I can't install the drivers for my graphic card on my computer. It's a satellite L500-1C7.
You can see her configuration here :
fabricant : Intel
model: Mobile Intel GMA 4500M

On the intel's website, they said to download the drivers on toshiba's website but here the drivers doesn't install.
During installation a message saying:

"Ce syst?me ne poss?de pas la configuration minimale requise pour l?installation du logiciel. Le programme d?installation va s?arr?ter."

I could traduct it by "the system doesn't have the minimal configuration requiered for the program's installation. The installaion program is going to stop.
I've download this drivers :
Chip Set Utility
Intel Windows 7 - 64 Bit World Wide

I'm sure this is the good drivers, so what could i do in order to install this drivers what i need?

Sorry for my bad english !

Answer:Satellite L500-1C7 Cannot install Intel graphic driver

Generally speaking it is always recommended to use Toshiba drivers only. Toshiba drivers are tested and adapted to work with graphic card placed in notebook. There is also ?mechanism? to protect graphic card from overheating and damaging.

If you check this forum you will find many users with same problem. graphic card manufacturers write on own download pages that for mobile PCs it is strictly recommended to use drivers from notebook manufacturer.

I believe you think it is good driver but do you also think that Toshiba?s driver is not good or not good enough?

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had complete hard disk failure, no recovery cd's had been created, reloaded windows 7, looked up and downloaded drivers from Toshiba, BUT there are only two video drivers listed, amd and Intel both marked "for supported model only" its an Intel machine so I tried the Intel driver but it doesn?t install, it just closes, which I gather if the matching hardware is not found is the default action for these drivers.

However I am stuck with "standard VGA graphics Adapter" all the other drivers loaded perfectly, ( I installed the Intel chipset driver first and rebooted, so it should be ok but it?s not)

Any ideas?


Answer:Satellite L500 - cannot install Intel video driver

Which Satellite L500 do you have exactly (L500-xxx)?
Do you use 32 or 64 bit OS?

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I have a Notebook Toshiba Satellite Pro L500-1T8 and its hard drive has been damaged, so I cannot recover the special partition (I've tried also with the 0-key bootup).

I haven't create a restore disk from windows 7 because nobody told me to do so!

I'd like to re-install my windows 7 licensed copy (at the moment I've installed an ubuntu linux).
How can I do?


Answer:Satellite Pro L500-1T8 - How to install Win 7 if recovery partition is damaged

No way to recover a genuine Toshiba laptop? Is it true?

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I have recently Installed Windows 7 64 bit onto my Mother's Laptop (L500 - PSLJ0A-01E013) and from downloading either version of flash cards from the support site ( [here|] )

Results in (from what I can tell) only kenotify.exe and the relevant install info being created. Using the other one results in the original one being uninstalled, and then the same thing happening. While kenotify is running, noting happens if I use FN-F6 (brightness down) or FN-F7 (bright up) or any of the other ones.

Also, Toshiba support station doesn't seem to find any "updates" for the software, and it doesn?t even want me to download the BIOS update which I haven't got.


Answer:Trying to install flash cards on Satellite L500 - Win7 x64

Your posting is somehow confusing for me.
Do you have problem with SD card driver installation, keynotify.exe or FN keys functionality?

Have you installed own OS version?

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I have attempted to install a Canon MP640 printer with USB connection on both Satellite L500 and A300's - after software installation I get the message "USB Device Not Recognised" - the L500 runs Windows 7 the A300 runs Vista - the printer *does run* on an old Desktop PC with XP - so the cable and printers settings are good!

I have downloaded latest Canon drivers, re-installed, etc - when I plug the USB in I get the message - "USB Device Not Recognised"

I did run a Canon MP270 successfully on both L500 and A300 previously.

Answer:Cannot install Canon MP640 USB printer to Satellite L500

> software installation I get the message "USB Device Not Recognised" - the L500 runs Windows 7 the A300 runs Vista - the printer does run on an old Desktop PC with XP - so the cable and printers settings are good!

Are you sure that the printer software which you have installed on both notebooks (with Win 7 and Vista) is Win 7/Vista compatible and supported?

I mean you tried the software on computer running Win XP? that?s ok but in your case I would ask the printer manufacturer if the printer software is 100% compatible with Win 7 and vista OS.


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I've tried to reinstall Windows 7 on Satellite L500-19x but it won't complete - every time I boot up laptop a white splash screen appears saying "preparing to install...may take a few minutes" but this never disappears...can get out of this screen by starting task manager and hitting escape a few times.

When get as far as desktop things seem to be in order except for command prompt running Syswow64/sysprep/...access is denied on continuous loop, also there is a window saying "TUPIT 2" which seems to have failed as there is a "requested registry access is not allowed" in front of it.

Would really appreciate if somebody could tell me how to fix this as it is extremely frustrating and seems to be so close yet so far to being successfully completed!

Answer:Satellite L500-19X: Win7 install won't work - stuck on syswow64 loop?


This message is very strange. Had read in internet about similar issues but the issues were always related to the registry problems.
In most cases the error message appeared trying to repair the Windows OS.

Did you try to make a clean installation?
I think you should format the HDD firstly before trying to install the Win 7.
Hopefully everything would be erased from HDD before starting the setup installation?

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I need a new keyboard for my L500 and found out, that the keyboad of the P200 (and some other models) seems to be the same (105 keys, num pad, 2 win keys). Are those keyboards 100% compatible or do they just look the same?

Answer:Satellite L500 and Satellite P200 - compatible keyboards?


In my opinion this question is for Toshiba service and not for user-to-user forum.

Anyway I think that both keyboards are not the same and you should order 100% identical keyboard designed for your notebook model.

Question is: why do you look for keyboards for old notebook models if you can order new one for L500.
On eBay you can get it quite affordable.

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hi there!!

i had a toshiba satellite a300 that unfortunately died... i want to take the hard disk drive from it an put it on my cousin's toshiba satellite l500 laptop...
I siply put it to l500 but it stacks at a point that shows again and again something about media test and more...

What i'm supposed to do?
Te strange (to me that i'm not very computer guy) is that at bios setting shows the model of the hard disk...
I mean that the l500 recognises the drive...please help me...

thanks in advance..

Answer:HDD swop from Satellite A300 to Satellite L500


Satellite A300 supports the same HDD like a Satellite L500. Both use the SATA HDD therefore the inserted HDD should work.
Its good sign, that the HDD is visible in BIOS. This means that HDD is recognized and in good condition.

I?m wondering what you have done after the HDD has been inserted.
Did you try to install the system using Toshiba recovery disk or another disk?
Did you try to format the HDD firstly?

Try to boot form the system disk and format the HDD firstly.
Then follow with system installation

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Dear all,

I have lost my recovery CD for my Satellite A80, and I am newbie in operating laptop.

Could somebody help me in installing driver? It is really frustrating to installing so many hardware such as wifi, modem, smbus, display driver, touchpad and so on...

I have already checked Toshibas site and I have download so many driver but still I do not understand which driver should be installed first.
Please guide me, step by step T_T

Answer:How to install drivers on Satellite A80

Hello my friend

Please do not see this as frustrating. It is pretty normal and I recommend you to make this. It can just help you to have more experience about computing.

You do not need step by step description here. Just download ?Installations instructions? document from Toshiba download page and follow this installations order.

If possible please use WXP SP2 installations CD.
If you need more assistance please write again.

Good luck!

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Have a Satellite M110 - put clean copy of XP on machine and need the install drivers (setup files) for the notebook.
Any one can help?

( chipset, lan, video ,.. _ thanks

Answer:Satellite M110 - Need to install drivers for XP


What is the exact model description of your Satellite M110?
On the Toshiba Australian website I have founded the M110 PSMB0A series. Is it the same as yours?

There I have founded the XP drivers for your notebook.

If you have more questions, please let us know.


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Hi, I bought a Satellite L50D-B-151 laptop in last November, but try as I might, I just can't get on with windows 8.1(64bit)!

So to make the laptop "usable" I have installed Windows 7 64bit, and thanks to Toshiba, everything installed 1st time ...
and the system is working fine, except, the only thing that wont install are the USB drivers!

There must be some reason for this as I have spent 3 days trying to find any reason why the (Toshiba) supplied drivers for
this model, just will not install, what am I doing wrong?

Anybody .. Please!

Thanks in advance


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I have a Sattellite L855-10P.
From time to time, the TEMPRO utility warns me that there is a new driver and gives me a link to download it.
However, when I launch the installer, it decompresses, telling me it will launch after wards, but then the window closes and nothing further happens.

If I go in the folder where the installer was decompressed and launch tinstall.exe, nothing happens. If I launch SMIPlayerSetup.exe, it tells me "Can not find our player in your system. Installation aborted.".

What's happening?

Answer:Can't install any drivers on Satellite L855-10P


Tempro is a tool which notify you about new uploaded drivers.
This isn?t a ?invitation? to update the driver. Its just an info that a new version is available.

Furthermore if download does not functions properly via Tempro, I recommend visit the Toshiba EU driver page and to download the driver from the page directly.

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Ati released 9.2 Catalyst drivers for a Radeon XPress 200M chipset. h

I downloaded this driver and tried to install it on my notebook Satellite L30-134 (PSL33E-00E00WRU), but I got error message "Can't find supported hardware". Can I use ati drivers for this notebook ?

Answer:Re: Cannot install the drivers from for Satellite L30-134 PSL33E


As far as I know Toshiba does not recommend using and installing the 3rd party graphic drivers? On the Toshiba driver page you will find the graphic driver which is compatible and which should be used.

Anyway, the error message: ?Can't find supported hardware? means that the driver which you want to install cannot find the supported graphic chip?
I think the driver which you want to install is not designed for the ATI Radeon Xpress 200


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Hi !

Few days ago bought a new laptop.

Today I did format , and I wanted to ask you , what drivers should I install , because in my opinion all drivers are not needed , but I want to hear your opinion I have already installed Atheros Ethernet driver to get connection to the internet , and I made Windows Update .

What should I do now ?
Please give me an advice

Answer:Satellite P875-10U - What drivers do I need to install

I think I'll also have problems with WiFi , because in program Toshiba PC Diagnostic Tool there is only Ethernet Card , no wifi card ...

Here you are: SS from my PC ...

Please help me

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We have 10 new Satellite PSL33E laptops loaded with vista, unfortunately are equipment software will not run on this operating system.

I would like to run windows XP but when this was loaded the following faults occurred.
Power light stayed ON after shutting down in windows, not turned off fan cutting in.
Function key operating reverse with letter keys.
No sound.

The Toshiba site has downloads for this model but when you check the driver installation order for XP there is 86 steps mostly hot fixes.
How can I download all these hot fixes & load them in the installation order.
Can I purchas a restore CD for XP with this model or how can I build one?
I have product recovery disks XP for satellite pro PSM55E but when I tride this the above faults accurred.
Help would be apreciated.

Message was edited by: antbirds

Answer:Satellite L30 PSL33E: How to install the XP drivers!

Hi Anthony

First of all I would like to provide answer for these questions:

> Can I purchase a restore CD for XP with this model or how can I build one?
No, this PSL33E was delivered only with Vista and the Toshiba XP image does not exists for this L30 unit

> I have product recovery disks XP for satellite pro PSM55E but when I tried this above faults occurred.
This is nothing unusual. The Toshiba recovery CD designed for other notebook series will not run on the L30!!!
You have to use only recovery CD designed especially for PSL33E!!!

In my opinion all issues which appear on the notebook are related to the missing or wrong drivers!!!
As you said all XP drivers are available on the Toshiba European page and should be installed in the order mentioned in the installation instruction!!!
All the QFEs are simply Microsoft fixes and this updates can be installed automatically using the Microsoft update page.

Check this:

Note; Sometimes you have to reboot the notebook several times and have to run this update to install all available patches!!!

Good luck

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Hi, I would like to know, how to install drivers for Satellite L300-19F and what's the order to take for installing drivers ?

Because I have somes drivers that I can't install and I have one componant without driver.

Thanks a lot for your help !

Message was edited by: XatOr

Answer:Satellite L300-19F: How to install drivers ?


Which drivers you can?t install and normally you find all drivers on the Toshiba download driver page.
Did you install Windows XP or Vista?

I have a Satellite L300 too and as far as I know this is right install order:

After WXP installation continue with
Chipset driver
Display driver
Sound driver
Modem driver
Common modules
LAN driver
WLAN driver
And so on with drivers

Continue with tools
Hotkey Utilities for Display Devices
Touch Pad On/Off Utility
Power Saver


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Hi, My Satellite A30 PSA30E had a major crash a while ago, now I have to reinstall everything but I lost my boot disc, I got an XP disc and I kno I have to install the drivers afterwards. I was just wondering what ones are the most important and if I need to install them in any specific order.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite A30: What important drivers should I install


If you want to use all notebook features you should install all available XP drivers from the Toshiba driver page.

You ask for the most important drivers? Well, you should install
- Chip Set Utility
- Display Driver
- Sound Driver
- LAN Driver
- Wireless Lan Driver
- Cardbus Driver
- Touch Pad Driver
- Modem Driver

Other utilities like Toshiba Console or E-Key are needed to use the notebooks features but you the unit will run also without these programs

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I formatted my P100-400's and i download the laptop drivers in the order specified in the install file.
The problem starts when i can't install the most drivers.

For example the sound driver just says: "Could not find the MEDIA device for this driver.".
Another thing is the LAN Driver, that doesn't come with any kind of executable to install the driver.

The computer comes with any kind of CD that provides ful driver's installation?

Best regards.

Answer:Satellite P100-400 - Cannot install some drivers

Why you do not use delivered recovery DVD for OS installation? You didn?t write anything about OS. Which OS you want to install?

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Hi! I have recently bought a Satellite A200-1MD. It had Vista installed. Have switched to XP but there's a little mixup with drivers.

Can any one please do me a list of needed drivers and their installation order?

Have experienced that Modem drivers should be installed prior to sound card... The same situation with other devices.

WLAN - Intel, Touch Pad - Alps.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A200-1MD: How to install XP drivers


First of all you have to choose the right drivers for the right notebook series.
As far as I can remember the A200-1MD is a part of the PSAE0E series.
You have to choose this number from the drivers download form!

I have chosen this notebook series and selected the XP drivers and?........ surprise, surprise :)
?. I found the installation instruction which shows the necessary driver installation order!

Please check this document and follow the guide line!!!

Best regards

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Hi, As you can see I'm new to all this.

I have a Satellite L300D laptop with Vista Home Premium SP2.
I want to update to Windows 7 Professional.

I am told that I have to do a clean update which will wipe my hard disk first.
After I have installed Windows 7, how to I get all my drivers back installed please?

I have posted here because I din't know where to start.


Answer:Satellite L300D - How to install Win 7 drivers?

Hi newtoallthis,

Before you start with Windows 7 installation, download all drivers from official Toshiba website and check if all drivers available. I don?t know what notebook you have exactly and if you install Windows 7 32bit or 64bit but you can check this yourself: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

If you have found all drivers you can start with Windows 7 installation. After this install all drivers. Usually the installation order is not so important but a friend of installed Winodws 7 on L300 (little bit other model) and used this installation order:

-Windows 7
-Chipset driver
-Display driver
-Sound driver
-LAN driver
-WLAN driver
-Modem driver
-Value Added Package
-Flash Cards Support Utility

Depending on your model the order and amount of drivers is a little bit different. ;)

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I just reinstalled my notebook. I tryed to install Display driver but reply from pc was "Your computer didn't meet the minimum requirements". Same goes for some other drivers. Furthermore anything i try to open Xp runs Data Execution Prevention.
I installed Chipset Utility
Power saver
LAN Driver
Touch pad driver

I couldn't install Wlan Driver, Display Diver, Blue Tooth, Driver. Any help?
Is there any driver i should have installed first, any driver i missed?

Answer:Satellite A300 - Can't install XP drivers

Where did you download the drivers? From Toshiba?

On the Toshiba website are different A300 models are available so check what Satellite notebook you have exactly.

Have you installed SP2 or SP3 for Windows?

Normally the chipset driver must be installed at first.

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Hi every body,

I have a problem with my new Satellite A665 laptop.

I downloaded TV tuner driver but I can't install it on my computer but every time when I?m trying to install it the computer ask me the security question and I agree on that.

After that the extraction for the installation file happened and suddenly something like owl pic appear for a moment and disappear after that without install anything.

The same thing happened when I tried to install the 3D staff that I downloaded from Toshiba site on my computer.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you

Answer:I can't install the drivers on Satellite A665

Maybe stupid question now but have you got notebook with preinstalled operating system?

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When you install the drivers on a laptop Satellite P100-387 error message.
The operating system was installed from the disc.
The figure shows a screenshot. (

How do I install the drivers for video cards?

You can then write in Russian?

Answer:I can't install drivers on Satellite P100-387

I don?t understand Russian and in this forum you can post ONLY in English! So please respect this!

On your screenshot I can see that you have tried to install a nVidia driver.
You have to use and to install the graphic drivers from Toshiba page!!!
The other graphic drivers from NVidia or ATI are not supported and usually such drivers should be used due to graphic overheating risks.

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My son in law has lost the recovery discs for his A40 so I have re formatted the hard disc and installed Windows XP SP2. I put a call into Toshiba who advised that I download the drivers from their site (done) and that I would find instructions there on the order to install these. Does anyone know either what order to install or where I can find these instructions?


Answer:What order do I install the drivers on a Satellite A40-892


it?s not so tragical how you install them, but if you need a order how to install then you should do it like following:

Chipset Utility
Toshiba Console
Aggressive C3
Display Driver
Sound Driver
LAN Driver
Wireless LAN Driver

and then the other stuff

Thats like I would do it :)


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I have the following problem: after reinstalling licensed Windows 7 64-bit and drivers, which downloaded from the official site, my laptop began slowly execute File Explorer, with indexing for 5-10 minutes the contents of the hard disk (sometimes - with no result).

I think, that probem associated with the mechanizm of drivers installing.
Is this correct conclusion?

If YES, In this regard I have the following questions:

- What drivers I need to install?
- What is the correct serialization of installing those drivers?

Answer:Satellite P750-103 - what drivers do I have to install?


Check this list of drivers and be sure you have installed all the mentioned drivers:

Win7 64bit SP1
Sun Java2 Runtime Environment 1.6.0_20
TOSHIBA Assist 4.02.02
TOSHIBA Bulletin Board 2.1.10
Intel Chipset SW Installation Utility
Intel Management Engine Interface V7.0.4.1197
Intel Display Driver
NVIDIA Display Driver 267.44
Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver
TOSHIBA Supervisor Password Utility
TOSHIBA HW Setup Utility
TOSHIBA Flash Cards Support Utility
TOSHIBA Value Added Package
NVIDIA HD Audio Driver
Realtek Audio Driver
TOSHIBA Wireless LAN Indicator 1.0.3
Atheros Wireless LAN Driver
Synaptics Touch Pad Driver
TOSHIBA HDD Protection
Atheros Bluetooth Filter Driver Package v1.0.4
Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba v8.00.06(T)
Realtek LAN Driver 7.038.0113.2011
Jmicron Card Reader
ENE CIR Driver V3.2
USB3.0 Driver
TOSHIBA Sleep Utility
TOSHIBA Face Recognition 3.1.9
TOSHIBA eco Utility
TOSHIBA Service Station 2.1.52
HDMI Control Manager
TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor
ConfigFree 8.0.37rev.2
TOSHIBA Web Camera Application V2.0.0.19
TOSHIBA Media Controller
TOSHIBA Media Controller Plug-in
TOSHIBA Resolution+ Plug-in for Windows ... Read more

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dear friends

can one of advise me.
I have down loaded updates but i have never used winzip before but my xp wizard did it for me.

I have put them in a folder but have not got a clue how to install them.

I have installed many programs before but not by folder

thanks colin

Answer:Satellite P10: How to unzippe and to install drivers

Hi colin

This is very simple. You have to install firstly the WinZip software. You can use also the WinRAR.
The WinRAR makes the same job as Winzip but in my opinion it?s much better and easier.

So? as said install WinRAR, download the Toshiba driver and unpack the driver folder!
Then you will get a new folder with the driver inside.

Access the new created folder and perform the driver installation.

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I just bought a L500-1XU PSLJFE notebook and I can't find XP drivers? Why? They do not exist?

Answer:Re: L500-1XU PSLJFE xp drivers


If you don't find Windows Xp drivers on Toshiba driver page:

It means, you have to collect them manually or with driver searching programs. But the problem is that many drivers can be not exist at all.

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Hello all!

I have a Toshiba Satellite A300 1G2 Notebook, and on Windows XP , the sound driver is not working. On windows Vista I don`t have any problems. The notebook didn`t had Windows Vista pre-installed. The sound card is Realtek. I tried the drivers found on toshiba website, from realtek site. It doesn`t work anyway.

Can somebody help me?

Answer:Satellite A300 - Can't install sound drivers on XP


If you have a Realtek sound card and Windows XP you should check these Microsoft Knowledge Base articles:

This is a known issue and if you use the forum search you will find a lot of threads about this.


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i am having thoshiba satellite L850- I2110. accidentally erase the drives through partion i reinstalled another windows version...but i cant install any graphics etc... when i try to laptop goes on error..

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How can I install the latest XP display drivers.
I have downloaded the latest version and updated the bios to version 1.60 but when I try to load the display drivers it asks for disk 2 but there is no disk 2. Please help

Answer:Satellite 3000-X4: How can I install display drivers

What?? The driver installation asks for disk 2?
This makes no sense because the driver was downloaded from the page as an file ?:|

You should simply go into the device manager and select the graphic card.
Then choose ?update the driver?.
Then choose ?Install from a list or specific location?
Then choose ?Don?t search. I will choose the driver to install? and select the driver file which you have downloaded from the page.

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i have Toshiba p100 429 laptop, installed with win xp professional sp3. I'am unable to change screen resolution from 640 by 480.

Actually i tried to download display driver from toshiba site but after installing driver it give blue screen with error message NV4_mini.sys error.

After this i can not even start my laptop.
I am presently using external monitor ( sync master B2230). I have also tried to download drivers from Nvidia website but that does not work either.
Resolution on my screen is still low. thanks for your help

Answer:Satellite P100-429 - cannot install display drivers for Win XP SP3

Have you tried to install THIS driver?

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I want to install XP but i need the SATA drivers because the hardisk was not recognize...
Where can i download SATA drivers for this model?

Thank you very much

Answer:Re: Satellite A200-23V: Need SATA drivers to install XP


The SATA driver is a part of the Intel Matrix Storage Manager.
The Storage Manger can be downloaded from the Toshiba European driver page or directly from the Intel page.

Check it!

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Hey there

I have some trouble installing any drive. It seems Vista gives me "not a valid installer" or ?a problem ...".
Even the drives from the Toshiba site are no go.

Anyone a idea what I?m doing wrong?

Answer:Cannot install Vista drivers on Satellite A300-1FW

You expect a help from forum users but there is a lack of details?
What notebook model do you have? What drivers did you try to install?

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Have a Satellite U405D-S2852 and need HDD drivers (press F6) to load XP Professional on this.

Currently it has Vista on it and I want to wipe/reload with XP Professional. I do not have the Toshiba recovery CD's or Vista CD's. Called Toshiba and searched there website for f6 HDD drivers to load on startup but they advised to search on the web for a 3rd party driver. Cannot find anything. Need drivers to load so that the OS sees the Hard drive.

Answer:Satellite U405D-S2852 - Need HDD drivers to install XP


I think you mean the SATA drivers to install Windows XP ;)

As far as I know the Satellite U405D is equipped with an AMD or ATI chipset and that means you can find the drivers in the display driver package.
On the Toshiba website I can?t find the display driver package for XP but maybe you find a driver for another notebook model with the same chipset that also works on your Satellite U405D, for example A305D or A300D from the European website.

Good luck!

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a have a satellite L650-18X and I tried to instal windows 7 seveeral times ... (different x64 editions) without succes, i managed to install a clean windows 64 edition, works great but I have an issue , can't install drivers for fn keys; coomon module instal runs ask for restart but after restart when i want to install the other drivers for fn keys "common module not found" error dispayed..

i want to know what operating sistem u recomand me and if is windows 7 how can i find driver for sata, o i already serch the forum how to do that on l series but couldn't find nothing

Answer:Satellite L650 - OS recommendation and can't install drivers


> I tried to instal windows 7 seveeral times ... (different x64 editions) without succes, i managed to install a clean windows 64 edition
Where is the difference between Windows 7 64bit and Windows 64 edition? In my opinion it?s the same?

Anyway, best OS recommendation is preinstalled Windows version in my opinion because it?s configured from Toshiba with all drivers and tools that you need. Your notebook is ready to use and no further installations are necessary.

Generally speaking for FN keys you need Toshiba Value Added package from Toshiba website.

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Can anyone, please, help me? I couldn't install the driver for dvd player. I have vista ultimate 32-bit now, made a clean installation from what was preinstalled in my new lappy X200 series.

Almost all the drivers had been successfully installed but for dvd player it always ends up by saying "this application cannot be installed in this computer. Setup will be aborted now."

Can anyone please help me, what could be the reason? And also if anyone could provide the list of software that were preinstalled in the lappy would be appreciated. Thank you


Answer:Cannot install the drivers for DVD player on Satellite X200

I'm on the same boat.

what I could install HD DVD player (part of)

when I put in a DVD or HD DVD it says that it cannot display on an external device press Fn + F5 after closing the application.

It is getting really frustrating especially that I bought Transformers on HD DVD, which had a tie in with the movie.

even worse I rebuilt the laptop using the recovery disk.

I hope Toshiba take not that I have heard a lot about issues with the HD DVD playback.

any help or a better built software would be appreciated.

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Good evening,

I would like to know if there's any possibility to give me any link with SATA Drivers for the laptop i specified on the Topic's subject.

I ask for this because i would like to change from Windows XP MCE, to Windows XP Profissional SP2, and to do this i want to format the hard drive and than install the OS.

Btw, some days before, i checked my laptop's CPU temperature, and when it is 90% Load it reaches temperatures like 90-100?C !
It this normal, so high temperatures? I checked with CoreTemp, i heard that it's a good software to use with Core2Duo processors..

I'll wait for news,
Best Regards.

Answer:Satellite P100-400: Need SATA drivers to install the Win XP


As far as I know you do not need any SATA drivers. Put installations CD in your notebook and start OS installation. Using installations CD you can format the whole HDD and create own partitions. After finishing download and install drivers, tools and utilities from Toshiba support page. That?s all!

About CPU temperature I can not tell you much but if the notebook works well you should not be worried about it. Just be sure the notebook is placed properly on the desk and the cooling vents are free.

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I bought an Toshiba Satellite S50-A-10P, part number PSKJQE.

I installed Windows 8 x64 and everything is working fine excepting the Bluetooth adapter.
I have found that it is a combo adapter from Atheros, but I can't manage to get it working.

Can you guide me please on solving this issue?

Thank you so much!

Answer:How to install Bluethooth drivers on Windows 8 - Satellite S50-A-10P

[Enable Bluetooth functionality after a clean installation of Windows 8|]

If a clean installation of Windows 8 has been performed, Bluetooth is not present and does not work on your notebook. It is necessary to install two driver components manually to activate the Bluetooth functionality.
- Toshiba System Driver
- If your notebook is equipped with an Atheros or Realtek WLAN card with Bluetooth, you have to download the Atheros or Realtek Bluetooth Filter Driver
- If your notebook is equipped with an INTEL WLAN card with Bluetooth, you don't need to download any filter driver

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Hello all;

I bought a Satellite A50-111 notebook...I formatted it but I can not install sound card and wireless connection. The drivers which are on Toshiba internet download site can not find hardware and they are not working correct.

Is anyone knows something about this models? How can I do? Please emergency because I need notebook urgently.

Answer:Cannot install sound und WLAN drivers on my Satellite A50


May I ask what drivers did you try to install?
Are you speaking about the XP drivers?

Listen dude? The Toshiba driver page provides some useful documents. First of all you should take a look into the Toshiba installation instruction. This txt file describes the whole way how the drivers must be installed!! Please follow the guide lines?

Secondly you have noticed the Microsoft Windows XP SP2 Update information on the page;
According to this page some applications must be updated after the SP2 was installed.

Last but not least all the Microsoft QFEs released on the page are necessary and need to get the operating system working!!!

Follow the guidelines!!

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I can only find visa drivers on the download page. I do not like vista. I installed xp pro sp2 but I have no lan no wireless, they are not installed and I can not find the drivers to install.

Where do I find all the drivers for this serie? Does this mean that I can only use vista with this laptop?

Answer:How do I install the drivers for XP on Satellite A100-095 (PSAAR)


Check the XP drivers from the Satellite A100 PSAA9E!!!

I?m 99.9% sure that these XP drivers are compatible and will run!
Please report about your work and results of the installation procedure.

good luck

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Hi all

I have a L300 that I have downgraded to XP. It is running with the SATA controller in compatibility mode and as is reported here a lot, it is slow.

I read about needing the intel drivers for it and so I downloaded them and ran them and got an error "your computer does not meet the minimum requirements"

Tried it in safe mode as well and got the same error.

Now I could try using nlite and I have used it before, but the file I have is an executable and not a inf and associated files for a driver so i do not know how to add it to nlite. I would prefer not to re-load again if possible.

So the simple question is how do I install the AHCI SATA drivers so i dont have to run in compatibility mode.



Answer:Re: Satellite L300 - How to install SATA drivers?


I think you should use the forum search. You will find enough threads how to install the SATA drivers?

Furthermore that?s an interesting step by step article:

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I have Satellite A500-13F with ATI Radeon HD 4650 graphic card.
Can I install drivers from ATI downloaded from their site? I'm asking because theres a note on the downloading page saying the folowing:

*The following notebooks are not supported in this release:*
*Toshiba notebooks (please check with your notebook OEM for driver support for these notebooks)*

What does this mean? Should I install these drivers, will they work?

Thank you

Answer:Satellite A500-13F: Can I install drivers from ATI page?


You always should download the drivers from the Toshiba driver page because they are pretested. Talking about the graphic card driver, it 's modified and has the overheating protection. So, I don't advice you to use original ATI drivers. You can use them but at your own risk.


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There are new display drivers for ATI Radeon? HD 3600 Series: 14&lang=us&rev=10.9&ostype=Windows%20Vista%20-%2032-Bit%20Edition

But they are not listed in "Toshiba Download drivers" section. Can I install new display drivers on my laptop?

Answer:Satellite A300D-213 - Can I install new display drivers?


No, you can?t install this display driver from AMD because it doesn?t support mobile graphic cards, it?s only for desktop cards.

I you search for newest display driver, use the latest version from official Toshiba driver download page for A300D. This driver is pretested and works properly. :)

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Some drivers do not install software, why? Drivers are listed on Toshiba alerts.

Thak you

Answer:Satellite A200 - some Vista drivers do not install

Can you please be so nice and explain your problem using more than one sentence?
Which drivers make problems?

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I have just recently acquired a Satellite C850 PSCBWA-009L001 to work on and I am installing Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit , I need to know the correct order to install the drivers as I have had issues in the past with other Toshiba laptops not working correctly due to not installing the drivers in the right order.

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I bought toshiba satellite L850-1V6 , and i have problem with wirelles and bluetooth drivers installation , all the other drivers are working . Wirelles and bluetooth driver I can t install on and then wirelles doesn t work .

Answer:Re: Satellite L850-1V6 - cannot install WLAN and BT drivers

Which operating system do you use?

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I have problems with installation of sound driver on my Satellite X205 sli1. I have tried to install drivers from realtek website, but they doesen't work. Next I have tried to install fixes "kb835221" "kb88811" and than drivers but still nothing.

On toshiba website I can't find those drivers. I checked in everest my audio device is - Realtek ALC268 @ Intel 82801HBM ICH8M - High Definition Audio Controller PCI.

Please help me !!!!!

Answer:Satellite X205 - Can't install sound drivers

Hi buddy,

In my opinion the easiest way is installing Service Pack 3 for Windows XP. It contains the Hotfixes for high definition sound cards and other important security fixes. You can download it on the Microsoft website.

But SP3 or Hotfixes must be installed *firstly* and then the sound driver. Otherwise it will not work.

So my recommendations are uninstalling the sound driver and clean your system using freeware tool CCleaner. Restart your notebook and make sure and install SP3 if it?s not done. After this install the newest driver from the Realtek website.

Check this!!!

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I have a SATELLITE A60: pentium 4 HT 3Ghz, 512MB RAM, HDD 40GB, LAN/WAN/WIDI, irda,

I want to know if I could install windows Vista ultimate edition, and where can I find the appropiate drivers of devices for Windows Vista,


Answer:Satellite A60: Can I install Vista and where to find drivers


Of course you can install the Vista on your notebook. I have installed the Vista on my old A50 and it works. Ok, I?m not able to use the additional features like Aero for example but the OS runs.

The driver situation is a little bit tricky? simply said, there are no Vista drivers published? I have found some singles Vista drivers on some device manufacturer?s sites but at this time there are no Toshiba drivers for this notebook.

PS: on the Toshiba Canada website I have found single drivers for some newer Toshiba notebook:

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I've just bought a Satellite A350 and as the Adobe Master Collection doesn't install properly on Windows Vista I would like to install Windows XP on the notebook.
Allas, the drivers on this site for the A350 are only for Vista?! Can't I install XP on it at all, and if I can, where do I find the necessary drivers?

Thanks for the help!


Answer:Can I install Win XP on a Satellite A350 & where to find drivers?

Of course you can install the Win XP on this notebook.
But drivers for Win XP are not available for this notebook series and in such case you will have to search for the drivers at your own hand.

Many notebook series use the same devices and therefore the drivers should run too.
I recommend checking some other notebook series like Satellite A300 or another and to try the XP drivers released for these models.


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Hi everyone!

I need your help... Here's my story.

There was a time when I need to reformat the Sat L100 laptop and an XP cd is used instead of the recovery disc since, I'm too dense to know about it.
When I've found out about the use of the recovery disc, I've tried to boot from it, and I've already seen the menu which gives me the chance to restore the laptop's configuration, but I did not move forward since I really do not need to reformat way back then.

After some time, (again) I need to reformat but the problem is, the installation from the recovery disc is asking for toshiba raid drivers.
What has happened?????? and what should I do?

I've read some forums and they are suggesting to change the SATA mode in the BIOS options, but I cannot find it in the laptop, thou I'm seeing it in other toshiba laptop. How can I change the SATA mode in the L100 laptop?

I've also read that I raid drivers must be copied in a floppy disk, wherein I dont have an external floppy drive.
Is there a way that I can install it without pressing F6 or something, i.e. on Windows desktop? Or can I save it on USB flash drive?


Answer:Satellite L100 - Need SATA drivers to install the Win XP


First of all the SATA mode option is not available in the BIOS of L100 so you could not change this to compatible mode.

Secondly you don?t need the floppy disk drive to install the SATA drivers.
If you would read more threads here you would find out that you could also use the software called nLite which would help you to include the SATA drivers into the Win XP.
This application creates the new Win XP with SATA drivers and you could use this CD to reinstall the windows XP.

I wonder why the Intel Storage Manger has not been placed on the Toshiba European driver page in the driver download L100 area? however? as mentioned the Intel Matrix Storage Manger contains the SATA drivers and you need this package.

You can search in other notebook series for such the Intel Storage Manger or you will search on Intel page and would download it.
Then as I?ve mentioned use the nLite and include the SATA drivers.

More details about nLite you will find on the nLite page:


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Just download IMSM, I did nLite but still can't install XP.
I need right Intel Matrix Storage manager for Mobile Intel 45 Chipset or SATA drivers.

Please help me

Answer:Satellite L300 - Can't install XP and need SATA drivers

Go into the BIOS, do you see an option to change the SATA Mode?

Use Compatibility / IDE mode if its available. That way you dont need to use F6 SATA Drivers.

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Dears all,
Sorry if this subject is duplicated.

I have a laptop U400-138, with Win Vista. I installed XP prof. and downloaded the drivers from the Toshiba Website. I tried to install the Display driver but always give me that this driver can't be installed in this PC.

Please anyone can help or advise if anything is wrong.


Answer:Satellite U400-138 - Can't install display drivers on XP


The Satellite U400 belongs to the PSU44E series and therefore you can find all drivers on the Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

If you can?t install the driver with the setup.exe file you should try to install it manually. Go in device manager and select the graphic card. Then choose ?update driver? and use the advanced installation routine to choose the driver by yourself.


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I've been trying to install a copy of Windows XP onto a Satellite L45-S7423 but, everytime I try to install it I get this message:


Now, I've tried following the directions listed on this webpage


But, I still end up with the same message everytime. What can I do to get XP installed?

Answer:Satellite L45-S742 - Cannot install RAID drivers

Does the Satellite L45-S742 support the RAID functionality?
I doubt!

The L40/L45 are equipped with SATA HDD controller and you don?t need the RAID driver but SATA driver!!!

Check here some threads regarding the Intel Storage Manger and the SATA drivers!


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I have a Satellite L500-02C and I install Windows 7 32bit from original version of 64bit to run application that wouldn't work on it. I have installed all drivers for the 32bit, but I am having trouble getting the drivers for the touchpad (synaptic) also the driver for the function keys. I have tried the Toshiba web site download from there but they don't work.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Re: Satellite L500-02C

Download and install the 32bit versions of the Toshiba Value Added Package and the Flashcards Support Utility from the L500 drivers page. 64bit version may not work.

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