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Satellite L675-10T stucks in a black screen after new RAM upgrade

Question: Satellite L675-10T stucks in a black screen after new RAM upgrade

Hello all,

I recently decided to upgrade the Memory in my lovely laptop.
I went online, found suitable RAMs and ordered.

What i got are 2 of these:

Installation is very easy, but as soon as i turn on my laptop, it stucks in a black screen with a white underscore upright.

I guess its a incompatibility problem ?
Could you please help me out?

Thank you.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite L675-10T stucks in a black screen after new RAM upgrade

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite L675-10T stucks in a black screen after new RAM upgrade

I think you are right? it looks like the modules are not fully compatible even if the online dealer page says they are?
You can remove the new RAM modules just to check if the notebook would boot up properly? I guess the unit will power up correctly?.

Solution??? Use another RAM modules? I made good experience using Kingston modules? they could be a little bit expensive but I think they should work properly.

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Hello all,

I recently had some overheating problems with my L675-10T, even when i was using a large cooling fan for gaming.

I realised that the problem was caused from blocked exhaust and dust, and for that reason , after reading and watching numerous tutorials i opened my laptop successfully and cleaned everything.

The temperature was dropped 20 C and i was happy.

The following night though, took my laptop and headed to the living room, and it shut down.
Black screen, and nothing going on. So i ran to the internet and found this solution, that worked btw .

1. Turn off your computer
2. Disconnect every wire from it (including power)
3. Disconnect the battery from the bottom of the computer.
4. Re-plug in the power wire. (the battery should not be in the computer)
5. Turn on the power. The screen will work. Choose start windows normally. (if you get that screen)

The thing is , that the same thing happened to me this morning as well.
Twice in 2 days, and im kinda worried i did something bad when de-assembling the laptop or something. Any ideas ? Or should i keep carrying with the above solution?
Seems like a power mess up of sorts.

Thank you all in advance.

Answer:Re: Satellite L675-10T black screen issue after disassembling


I assume this issue did not happen before you have disassembled the notebook. Right?
To be honest such similar issue happened to me to. The notebook did not power up (black screen) after I entered the sleep mode. However this happened only one time to me?

It?s difficult to say why this happened to you?it?s not impossible that you have damaged something during disassembled procedure.

However, fact is that your warranty is not valid anymore because you opened the notebook. Therefore any approaches (especially part replacement) to fix this would cost money.
So finally it?s your decision: visiting an technician downtown in order to check the hardware parts or to keep staying with the ?workaround? mentioned above.

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Dear supporters,

Model: Satellite L775D-10W
OS: Win7 64 bit
Problem: The booting procedure gest stuck after "Windows loads data" and a progress bar undertitled with "Microsoft Corporation", resulting in a black screen and a moveable mouse cursor.

The same problem occurs everytime...
pressing F8 >> all options (icluding safe mode) >> boot gets stuck
Booting from Win7 64-bit DVD >> boot gets stuck
Booting from Win7 64-bit DVD >> all options >> boot gets stuck

Is it likely that the graphic card is broken or that the corresponding driver is not fitting anymore?

Thank you for your time in advance!



Answer:Satellite L775D-10W - Boot stucks: Black screen + mouse cursor visible

Graphic card problem might be possible but in such case the POST (power on self test) would not be passed and in my opinion it would not be possible to access the BIOS.

However, this is just a theory?
Try to boot the notebook using some Live CD like Linux

I would also recommend you to start the advanced boot menu. (pressing F8) and to choose Repair my Computer option.
Then choose ?Toshiba HDD recovery?

This option would recover the notebook back to factory settings.

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How to upgrade display drivers - AMD Radeon HD5650 to the the newest.

On AMD the new is 11.11 on Toshiba website to download is 8.712.2.1. Some new games have run better on the newest Radeon drivers

Answer:Satellite L675-10R - How to upgrade display drivers to the newest?

Please don?t forget that you have notebook and not desktop. There is big difference in support for mobile units and desktops.

Generally speaking graphic card manufacturers doesn?t support mobile machines and the whole responsibility is on notebook manufacturers. Due to specific design and limited cooling capabilities it is not possible to use latest drivers that you can find on graphic card manufacturer?s page.

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I and my wife have same toshiba satellite laptop. Her laptop screen suddenly started showing white and some colored disorted lines on half screen. Yesterday I took at my laptop screen and replaced on her laptop and display worked fine.
So is it that i have to replace whole lcd or it could be some part like I remember there is a cable attached to screen.
Any help will be appreciated

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L675 LCD screen

When this happened on a granddaughters Toshiba it was due to a make up spray "wicking" through the rim. A new screen was needed as there was a bit of "shorting" on th circuit board concerned.

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I don't know if it's an OS problem or idk anything at all just everytime when i try to boot it up i only see the logo (i can enter BIOS) and then everything turns black, i neither know how this happened or when? i just wokeup and couldn't start my PC. im running windows 10 pro on my machine

I think it's an OS problem. please help me out, i really need the PC running

intel core 3

geforce gt 640

4gb ram

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This is an interesting problem. The computer is not even a year old. Every once in a while (about every 3 hours) the computer screen will turn all white. Literally, ever pixel on the screen will be white.

Please note, the computer is lying perfectly still and the screen is not being pushed or pulled in either direction. I am thinking it is either a graphics driver related issue or possibly hardware related.

Any input on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Answer:Satellite L675-S7040 - White screen flash

Sounds like there is a loose connection of one of the components are faulty.

I would send the notebook to a Toshiba Service Center for repair. There is an ASP list on the Toshiba website.

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Hello to everybody,

I'm italian, I've a Satellite A300 with Vista Home Premium, I payed 30 euros for the free upgrade to Windows 7 that reached my house yesterday. I received 2 DVDs:
- 1 to "make ready" my laptop : *TOSHIBA UPGRADE DVD*
- 1 to upgrade the O.S. : *WINDOWS 7 HOME PREMIUM UPGRADE DVD*

+The first step:+ to use the first DVD: all right, "the system is ready to install Windows 7, please insert the second dvd". When I insert the second one, I accept the license and after that, the first step of istallation: *"system compatibility check"*
*This steps is my problem.*

I restated more than 10 times the praxis but it jams at that step, I left laptop at this step all night long but today morning it was still there, no advances, it's obvious that there's a problem, but I cannot understand if it depends on my laptop or on the DVD.

I tried to start the laptop with Windows 7 DVD inside, the system start by the DVD but it ask me to format the partition in which are vista files and this is not an upgrade. I bought an upgrade just to not delete previous programs and to not format the first partition of my laptop's disk.

How to do, whom can i turn to?
Does anyone have the same problem?
Does anyone know an escape?

thanx 4 your replies

Dread One

Answer:Satellite A300-1RZ - Windows 7 upgrade stucks on first step of installation

Hi Dread One

That?s strange because I didn?t have a problem with my upgrade disk from Toshiba. Everything worked fine! :)

I don?t know if you read this but here is a step by step upgrade instruction:

As you can read before upgrade you have to remove some programs if they are installed on your computer.
Check this!!!

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Hi guys. Apologies if this had already been raised but I need to get my laptop working.
I cannot get past Toshiba welcome on Windows 10. I am not able to work due to health issues so money is tight but have been quoted early ?100 to repair. Anything I can do myself, please??

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When trying to start up the camera screen appeard with message: looks like there us something wrong with your camera....etc.
I cannot get pass that screen even if I click on the unlock icon. When shutting it down it does not seem to shut down and brings up the same screen over and over again.
i cannot log on at all!? Brand new laptop too!

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I have a Satellite Pro C850-1FN and for some reason it gets stuck in a Preparing automatic repair screen on bootup. It will sit with the text on the screen and then after about 8 minutes a blue screen will show talking about a problem and then the PC re-boots.

The cycle is then continued.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Answer:Satellite Pro C850-1FN stucks in Preparing Automatic Repair screen


It looks like the automatic repair isn?t possible.
Did you try another option ? HDD recovery?

The HDD recovery procedure would start new system as well as driver installation and would set the notebook back to factory settings.

I think if system repair isn?t possible, your next step should be the HDD recovery.
In case the HDD recovery would not work too, then you should use the Recovery disk.

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Have recently upgraded to Win 10 but after a few sessions now have a completely black screen (except for pointer).
What can I do to restore normal system screen?

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Hi all
I have a Toshiba Satellite C 70 And have recently upgraded to Windows 10. This went fine

, but the next upgrade caused my screen to go blank.
I have checked all the hardware – all okay.

I have downgraded back to Windows 8.1 – No change

Having plugged into an external monitor (my TV) – hey presto– it’s all there.

I have reset to factory settings – no change.

I have updated the Intel Graphics driver – No change.

I have checked for Lucid MVU – Not installed.

I have updated the Video driver – No Change.

I have checked the brightness, etc – All good.

There is power to the screen, but no picture (Not even SafeMode, or a mouse) on the laptop screen.

I have searched forums after forums, but with no success.Please can someone advise if this is repairable, and if so how?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite C70-A - Windows 10 upgrade caused black screen

Originally Posted by mazudazuk

Hi all
I have a Toshiba Satellite C 70 And have recently upgraded to Windows 10. This went fine

, but the next upgrade caused my screen to go blank.
I have checked all the hardware ? all okay.

I have downgraded back to Windows 8.1 ? No change

Having plugged into an external monitor (my TV) ? hey presto? it?s all there.

I have reset to factory settings ? no change.

I have updated the Intel Graphics driver ? No change.

I have checked for Lucid MVU ? Not installed.

I have updated the Video driver ? No Change.

I have checked the brightness, etc ? All good.

There is power to the screen, but no picture (Not even SafeMode, or a mouse) on the laptop screen.

I have searched forums after forums, but with no success.Please can someone advise if this is repairable, and if so how?

Thanks in advance

Same here - works ok only on attached VGA monitor.

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Hi can anyone please help

trying to upgrade the ram on my C660, presently has 3GB - spoke to Toshiba and they told me the type to get and said as im running 64bit windows I could go to 8GB - so bought the following

DDR3 1066MHz sodimm - x [email protected] --- from ( ?64 )

When I fitted it and switched back on the screen is just black.
Anybody got any ideas please as im in the middle of my assignments aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!

And any help would be really appreciated


Answer:Satellite C660 - black screen after memory upgrade


Sounds like not compatible or faulty module.
Can you boot the notebook properly using the old modules?
If yes, then the new memory should be replaced with another one.

I recommend Kingston modules? in my opinion they make good quality?

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When I open Google Maps, I get the street view photos at the bottom of the screen, but the map itself is a black screen in both street map and satellite settings.

Any ideas?

Thank you,


Edit: Latest Win10 64 drivers are installed; Nvidia GeForce GTX 750Ti

Answer:Google Maps is black screen on Map or Satellite Setting Since upgrade

Exactly the same with me, all other online maps work fine. I posted this 2 days ago and no takers. You have same card as me too!!

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When I open Google Maps, I get the street view photos at the bottom of the screen, but the map itself is a black screen in both street map and satellite settings.

Any ideas?

Thank you,


Edit: Latest Win10 64 drivers are installed; Nvidia GeForce GTX 750Ti

Answer:Google Maps is black screen on Map or Satellite Setting Since upgrade

Exactly the same with me, all other online maps work fine. I posted this 2 days ago and no takers. You have same card as me too!!

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Relevance 68.06% screen is black no monitor led......i was downloading driver and i mistaklny clicked on bios exe file....and it installed with out warning my bios is dameged .........i need help to know how to flash back my original bios version whats the recovery process and combination keys for my labtop and how to rename rom file or wats inside that exe bios version bios210.exe .......and whats my bios phoenix or insyde

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I have a Satellite U50D-A and when I turned it on thismorning it starts on the "Toshiba leading inovation screen" with Preparing Automatic Repair written on the bottom. I've googled it but everyone else has the same problem but stuck in a loop...mines just frozen on that first screen. Now been 9 hours and am starting to doubt it will automatically repair

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I have a Satellite U50D-A and when I turned it on thismorning it starts on the "Toshiba leading inovation screen" with Preparing Automatic Repair written on the bottom. I've googled it but everyone else has the same problem but stuck in a loop...mines just frozen on that first screen. Now been 9 hours and am starting to doubt it will automatically repair

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I have a FN key issue that i can not find a solution for.

All of my flash cards appear and work except for F8.
I've updated and restarted the flash card utility, updated my TVAP and all sorts of things, but the F8 flash card still will not appear.

Goes straight from F7 to F9. I also can not add that key to the flash cards.

No idea what to do.
Please Help!!

Answer:FN + F8 does not appear on Satellite L675


What happen when you press FN+F8? Usually when you press FN button flash cards will be shown and when you press F8 only WLAN card will be shown on the screen with additional options at the bottom or info that card must be enabled. Can you see WLAN card only after you press F8?

What is the status of WLAN card in device manager? Is card installed and listed properly?

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Is there a slot on the motherboard for a msata ssd? Is it compatible?

Motherboard Manufacturer TOSHIBA
Version 1.00
Chipset Vendor Intel
Chipset Model Havendale/Clarkdale Host Bridge
Chipset Revision 02
Southbridge Vendor Intel
Southbridge Model HM55
Southbridge Revision 05

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My toahiba satellite l675 is not booting up at all . It goes straight to " this product is covered by one or more of the following patents us5 etc " realtek pcie fe family controller series v1.20 ( 01/26/10) pxe-mof: exiting pxe rom
Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot devices and press a key . Please help !!!

Answer:Toshiba satellite l675 please help !

Toshiba ***

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Maby the battery transformer from my Satellite L675 is defect.
Its a19V 3,9A transformer.
Can i us an old tansformer from my Sateitte A50?
It's a 19V 6,3A transfomer.

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I am having problems in finding drivers and applications for satellite L675-10V. For 32 bit systems there are only 3 items to download without any applications while 64 bit system has complete listing.

If there are drivers for 64 bit there should be also for 32 bit.

Answer:Need Win 7 - 32bit drivers for Satellite L675-10V

If that model doesn't have a 32bit option during Recovery, then I doubt Toshiba will upload the 32bit drivers on the website.

What drivers do you need specifically? You can probably install 32bit drivers from other models.

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Is there a slot on the motherboard for a msata ssd? Is it compatible?

Motherboard Manufacturer TOSHIBA
Version 1.00
Chipset Vendor Intel
Chipset Model Havendale/Clarkdale Host Bridge
Chipset Revision 02
Southbridge Vendor Intel
Southbridge Model HM55
Southbridge Revision 05

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Hello there,

Last night my laptop seemed to have suffered a power surge. Here is what happened:

I was on skype on my laptop, as well as using a program to capture footage from my Hauppauge HD PVR. A friend and I were playing X-Box in order to record a dual commentary for youtube, and suddenly my laptop just turned off on me. As it happened, the Hauppauge light blinked at the same time as the laptop shutting down. I turned my laptop back on and I was given the choice to run Windows normally or to run it in the variety of safe modes.
I let my laptop cool off for a bit, then turned it back on. Upon turning it back on, I was given this message:

*"Unable to get disk information, cannot use the alert feature."*

I still get this message as a bubble, and I have done a system restore and checked for errors in the drive.

What can I do? What exactly is wrong? If I got a power surge, did it just mess up the hard drive? I keep a regular back up, so losing anything won't be that big of an issue, and anyhow, it's just stuff. I am literally using the laptop to type this message out, so if something is wrong, it isn't wrong to the point of no use yet.

Any help would be appreciated!

Answer:Satellite L675-- Disk Troubles

>I still get this message as a bubble, and I have done a system restore and checked for errors in the driv
Do you mean that you have installed the system using the HDD recovery or the Recovery disk?

Could it be possible that this message is coming from some 3rd party software which you have installed on this notebook?

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I am having problems in finding drivers and applications for satellite L675-10V.
For 32 bit systems there are only 3 items to download without any applications while 64 bit system has complete listing.
If there are drivers for 64 bit there should be also for 32 bit.

Answer:Win 7 32bit drivers for Satellite L675-10V needed


Try the Win 7 32bit drivers which are released for other L series.
Try driver for Satellite L655?
Otherwise try to install the Win 7 64bit drivers? in many cases they could run on 32bit OS.

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Good Morning,

my daughter's L675 hangs during BIOS load.

Yesterday the system first failed to start with an error "Boot Failure" as the HDD could not be found.

I restarted and went into BIOS - the HDD was registered and shown as first Boot Source. Upon rebooting, the system failed again with the same error.

After several attempts, even this failed. now only a black screen, cursor in upper left blinking appears. warm start works but no other keys seem to cause a reaction. I am unable to lauch the BIOS Setup.

I removed the HDD and attached it to my PC. It was recoginized and I am able to read/write to it. A W7 disk check completed sucessfully and some problems were "fixed". But when I reinstall the disk in the laptop, it still will not boot.

I have double checked that the disk & the Memory Modules are firmly inserted.

Any ideas what I can try?



Answer:Satellite L675-11R - hangs on BIOS load

Well, the blinking cursor in the left upper corner is a typical sign of HDD malfunction.
I think you should format the HDD using other computer. Delete all the partitions and insert this HDD into the L675 again.
Then try to install the Windows system on this unit.

Additionally you could try to check this HDD using an 3rd party software.
Drive Fitness Test is a free tool which can help you to test the HDD fitness.
If some errors would be detected, then a HDD replacement would be advisable.

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I recently obtained a new Satellite L675 and am stuck with problems.

I am running *Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit SP1* and it has a HD Mobility Radeon 5650.

Since I received the laptop, it would crash when doing anything that contains a bit of graphics, ie Running the Windows Experience Index, Opening some excel docs and even open games.

The laptop was running windows 7 64bit Home Premium (where the problem already occurred), and decided that a fresh installation would sort it out. However this is not the case.

I have the latest video drivers, which can be found [Here| =2&selFamily=2&selSeries=178&selProduct=5414&selSh ortMod=988&language=13&selOS=30&selType=11&yearupl oad=&monthupload=&dayupload=&useDate=null&mode=all Machines&search=&action=search&macId=&country=all& selectedLanguage=13&type=11&page=1&ID=74607&OSID=3 0&driverLanguage=42].

On a side note, when running dxdiag, it says the system model is L670 and not L675 as the label below states. Not sure if this is normal, however the display drivers work for both models.

Also I have sent it back to where It was purchased and they did hardware tests and there is nothing wrong with the hardware.

Message was edited by: JohanD

Answer:Satellite L675 crashing when doing anything graphics related

> Also I have sent it back to where It was purchased and they did hardware tests and there is nothing wrong with the hardware.

Can you replicate this issue or does the notebook crash occasionally and only once in a while?
What happens exactly? Do you get an BSOD?

I think that if you are not able to replicate this issue, it would be really difficult for the tech guys to check the hardware?
However, it really unusual that running any application causes the crash? so possibly its hardware issue? in such case I recommend asking Toshiba ASP (service) for assistance.

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I was doing the initial installation when we had a power cut (well, the UPS failed the selftest) - the installation did not seem to complete properly, so I tried to repair/continue the installation.

However, all my googling etc. has only led me to the advice: power on, press F8, choose "Repair Computer". Well, I don't have the "Repair Computer" option. Instead I figured I could restore to factory settings and just start over.

How do I restore to factory settings?

Answer:Re: Satellite L675 - How do I restore factory settings?

Hi buddy,

What advanced boot options you have if you don?t see repair my computer? Usually this option is always available and exact recovery process is described here:

If it doesn?t work your only option is Toshiba recovery disk but I doubt you have it if you have done the initial installation because the recovery disk can only be created after successful recovery installation.

Your only chance would be ordering a recovery disk here:

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We recently bought a number of L675s with Windows 7 Home Premium. I've installed them all with language=German, but a couple of our staff have now come back and asked to have English instead. The machines came with four languages (English, German, French, Italian), but once installed, it doesn't seem to be possible to change the language. Not even using the recovery disk. What do I need to do to achieve this - buy the recovery disk media from Toshiba?

Answer:Satellite L675 - how to change to a different language (Windows 7)?


As far as I know it?s not possible to change the language after you have chosen the language while Setup procedure.
So either you will upgrade the Win 7 to Enterprise or Ultimate and will install an multiple language package (this is available for Win 7 Enterprise and Ultimate version only) or you would purchase the Toshiba recovery disk from here:

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I install all drivers for my Windows 7 Enterprise 32bit (with some problems), now everything work ok. But, Aida64 says that I use 8.14/8.17 (ATI Catalyst 10.3) (I don't have Catalyst icon) ategory=2&selFamily=2&selSeries=178&selProduct=540 8&selShortMod=995&language=46&selOS=29&selType=all &yearupload=&monthupload=&dayupload=&useDate=null& mode=allMachines&search=&action=search&macId=&coun try=all&selectedLanguage=46&type=all&page=1&ID=780 86&OSID=29&driverLanguage=42

But, when I want to download new drivers from ati and install it, I got message "Finish" and ATi C. cant be downloaded due to incompatible hardware/sw. Please contact your notebook manufacturer for a graphics driver update.

And question two, why only Bluetooth is enabled when Windows starts, I switch to off every time, it remembers it for wi-fi, but I cant disable that(switch off) in start.

Answer:Satellite L675-11Z - Can't install display driver


> But, Aida64 says that I use 8.14/8.17 (ATI Catalyst 10.3) (I don't have Catalyst icon)
Is it important to have the Catalyst icon?
Aida64 is 3rd party tool and maybe it shows you wrong information.

> But, when I want to download new drivers from ati
You shouldn?t use the ATI drivers because they are not designed and pretested for your notebook. So use the original Toshiba display drivers. If you have already installed another version remove it and then install the Toshiba drivers.

> why only Bluetooth is enabled when Windows starts, I switch to off every time, it remembers it for wi-fi, but I cant disable that(switch off) in start.
Have you already tried to reinstall Bluetooth software and Value Added Package?

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Hi all!

I have problem i bought 675 like 7 months ago for 1099?. Since it was the top "gaming" laptop and as time pass i updated my Bios. Since then everything going wrong and i updated my Bios like half year ago after 1 month when i bought laptop.

Like i sayed, as the time passed i start geting like lag spikes if i watch videos, playing games, lisening music.
It put like frezze noise, like pc frezes for 2sec and squiks realy anoying.

Don't know how to fix.
I guess its problem of procesor i5 or cuz bios.

Then when i tryed to updated my Display driver there is no freaking way to updated its just mission impossible.

Toshiba didn't care a bit to make updated drivers for costumers even if i tryed to download it from AMD official site.

It says cannot updated driver since its not suported and it says that i go to toshiba website for new drivers and there are no new drivers for my pc.

So i stucked and new games need new drivers like few games dont wana start cuz i dont have updated my drivers.
Its ridicules.

I hope that u will be able to help me up with my drivers to update. If not... oh well altest i know why not to buy another toshiba laptop if they dont care about costumers.

Thanks and sry for my bad english.

0101 - Operating System : Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit (6.1, Build 7600) (7600.win7_gdr.120305-1504)
0102 - Language : Slovenian (Regional Setting: Slovenian)
0103 - BIOS : InsydeH2O Version 2.40
0104 - Processor :... Read more

Answer:Cannot update Video Driver on Satellite L675

The only thing that i think of is to find newer drivers from other satellite laptops with similar graphic card.

I searched a bit and find [those|].

Select Satellite C Series:

Display Driver
Windows 7 - 32 Bit

Display Driver
Windows 7 - 32 Bit

You can also try downloading 64 bit drivers. There is a possibility that they include 32 bit as well.

Display Driver
Windows 7 - 64 Bit

Satellite L Series:

Display Driver
Windows 7 - 64 Bit

It's a longshot, but you can try.

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Hi guys,

my friend just bought new laptop from US (Satelitte L675-7052), and he would like to install Windows 7 from USB. His BIOS is AMI v1.4. USB legacy is enabled in BIOS but USB boot option still doesn't appear in boot menu.
Does anybody have solution for that BIOS (laptop model) , please? He sent me some screenshots as well:


Thx for any reply :)

Answer:Satellite L675-S7052 - USB boot option available?


Why you want to install Windows 7 from HDD?
Windows 7 you can only buy on CD/DVD, never heard about any HDD versions?

Anyway, I think USB boot is not available. According the Toshiba page you can boot from following devices:
Primary HDD,
Optical devices,

So it seems booting from USB HDD is not possible.

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I tried to make a bios update, it started and suddenly pc crash.
Then i press button to open it again but nothing happens only blank screen and shutdown, anything to do?

Answer:Satellite L675 - BIOS update crash

You have big problem now. Obviously the BIOS is screwed up now and in such case only authorized service provider can help you with this.
What you can do is to check this thread and try to follow advice described there. Maybe you will be lucky and bring your notebook to work again.

Check it out.

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Hello all,
I have a TOSHIBA laptop for 2-3 years now, and i am very happy with it in general.
I have noticed though that there have not been any new updated drivers for my ATI graphics card.
After running DxDiag my display driver's info are as follows:

Card name: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650
Driver Version: 8.712.2.1000
DDI Version: 11

One of the videogames that i have installed, suggested to update my graphics driver.
After checking with the Toshiba website , the latest update was on : 24/02/11 ...

Is there anyway to get the most recent updates for my graphics card please?

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite L675-10T - Display Drivers Update

By the way my laptop is a : Satellite L670, PSK3EE

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Just want to know is it possible to install clean version of Microsoft windows 7 64bit casue preinstalled version just slows down my computer and has a lot of programs that I don?t use....
Model is Satellite L675-122 and has certificate from Microsoft.

Thanks for answers in advance!

Answer:Re: Is it possible to install clean version of Windows7 on my Satellite L675?

Hello Mario

You are right about Toshiba applications. On new notebook you can find a lot of Toshiba specific stuff and they can slow down your notebook and reduce notebook?s performance but nobody force you to use them.
All applications you don?t like or you don?t want to use you can remove from the system. Some of them you can disable at start-up. This will reduce start-up time.

To be honest you should use original Toshiba recovery image but you should optimize this preinstalled version. Please note: this preinstalled version is activated and you can use it without any limitations.

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I have a Satellite L675 pre-loaded with Windows7 64-bit, because it was very slow so I decided to recovere it to the factory default out-of-box.
But it has now been locked in a loop of "configuring system" with several reboots for more than an hour - does that make any sense?


Answer:Satellite L675 is locked in a loop of "configuring system"

If recovery procedure is not at the end it does make sense. Recovery procedure can take up to 2 hours.
Just don?t interrupt installation and wait until recovery image installation and configuration will be finished.

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Hi, i need help.

I lost a recovery that was on my hard disk due to virus.

I have instaled ubuntu now , but i would like to restore my windows home premium, i have cd key and coa that came with laptop.
Ive tried to order recovery disk from Toshiba, but it says my laptop is too old or not from my region....

What can i do?

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I've got permanent overheating problem with my notebook when running heavy tasks on my laptop (even playing h264 1080p file is such task).

So, with average CPU load ~50% temperature goes to ~ 80-90 degrees celsius and at some point goes to 100 and notebook shuts down automatically. I've used several tools like SpeedFan and AIDA to monitor fan speed and temperature and it seems strange to me, that fan always spins at about 4000 rpm regardless of temperature. It can speed up when I reset PC, basically before OS load, but then speed quickly drops down.

My bios is at latest available version - 2.30. I'm using Windows 7 Professional on my notebook with device drivers from toshiba web site. Also using cooling mat and it does help but only on maximum cooling and it just keeps temperature at ~90 degrees. Cooling system is pretty clean, cleaned it at service 5 months ago.

So my main question: why cpu fan doesn't speed up when temperature grows?

Answer:Satellite L675 - Overheating running heavy tasks

> So my main question: why cpu fan doesn't speed up when temperature grows?

Its difficult to say: fact is that fan table is stored in the BIOS and BIOS controls the fan activity.
Fan table contains info about the temperature level and how the fan has to run if an temperature level has been reached.

But to be honest I don?t think your BIOS is corrupt.
In my opinion you should go to BIOS and should set it to default.

Also change the cooling method in Control Panel --> Power Options --> Change plan settings --> Change advanced power settings --> TOSHIBA Power Saver Settings --> Cooling Method to maxim performance

I recommend also to set Intel Turbo boost Technology: Disable. This can be done in BIOS or in TOSHIBA HW Setup

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For some reason, there always seem to be a second delay on the keys on the keyboard, including the numeric keypad. Many times, either a character was skipped or the character showed up twice.
Vey frustrasting as I always have to go back to add or delete a character.

When I run a word program in safe mode, it works fine. Someone told me it may be a software issue as the problem does not occur in safe mode.
I am very careful with the laptop as I am sure there was no spill.

Any comment is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite L675: characters show twice and keyboard delay while typing


Try a BIOS update.
I read here in the forum that this solved the keyboard issue similar to yours.


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Hi all,

I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite L675-11H and was trying to transfer files from a USB flash drive on my Toshiba hard disk. The files have been previously transferred from my old laptop (HP - XP) to my USB flash drive.

My new laptop can't access the USB flash drive at none of the USB ports I connect the flash drive to. What might be the problem here? Thank you for your help or any helpful advice!

Answer:Satellite L675-11H - Can't access and/or read files on USB flash drive

Hi Rush,

Can you post more detailes about this behavior? What happens if you connect the HDD to your notebook, do you see that Windows installs drivers for new USB device or do you get an error message? If you have connected the USB drive check the disk management of Windows if it?s recognized there (Control panel > system and security > Administrative tools).

Have you already tested other USB devices such as USB mouse? If they don?t work too the problem could be related to USB ports. In this case you should remove all USB ports from device manager and restart your notebook. Also update the chipset driver could help.

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Photos or video or any dark graphics flare blue when viewed. I am at a lost what to look for to adjust or to know if it is a fault in the monitor?

Answer:Satellite L675 - Monitor seems to flare blue in dark sections

Have you changed colour settings?
Have you noticed this from the day 1?

Have you tried to reinstall OS or display driver?

Can you please write more than a one sentence?

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Hi all,

I am turning on my computer, pressing F8, the boot menu appears (Safe mode window), I choose "Safe mode" and click enter.
The display shows that it is "Loading windows files", then it stucks on a black screen.

I tried it many times but it's the same. I was waiting even 30 minutes but nothing helped.

Anyone knows what could be the problem?
Is the System recovery. startup repair Tool could help me in this case?


Answer:[HELP] Can't boot in Safe mode(Stucks, displayed black)

Have you checked the hard-drive light to make sure that nothing is happening?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L675-11J and after upgrade to windows 10, FN buttonand touchpad lock/unlock button don't work.
Please help!
Best regards

Answer:Windows 10 - FN key and touchpad lock/unlock button problem Satellite L675-11J

Fn keys require special Toshiba software which controls this notebook feature.

But the Windows 10 drivers are not published for this Satellite L675 series because its not Win 10 supported.

From my point of few this means that you could use the notebook in connection with Win 10 but without the functioning FN buttons.

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Earlier today the electrics in the house blew while my satellite c850 was in charge, turned it in an had a media fail message, tried the whole power on holding zero , takes me to the recovery blue box but when I select "yes" it freezes, the laptop didn't come with back up discs and I didn't make a back up, I take it it's really really broke 😥

Answer:Satellite C850 stucks

Try a fresh windows installation.
If you want to save some data screw out the hdd
And youse it as a secondary hdd / slave on
A other system and save some data
Try swapping ram leave 1 out
Untill its not freezes maybe 1 of the 2 is broken becouse
Of the electricale problems
Or try a toshiba rescue cd/dvd

If your lucky its just the hdd try replacing it

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Hi there,

I'm hoping someone can help me or knows what to do. I have Satellite C660-15r it was turned off properly but when put back on it came up with start windows normally as if it has been interrupted, I clicked ok to that but instead of loading it has gone to do some sort of recovery only it hasn't been able to complete this and instead has said there is nothing to recover.

It is know stuck at this and will not go any further says to get system admin to log in however its not allowing to log in or do anything apart from shut down and restart, I have been trying to factory reset but it will not work at all I have tried many attempts with 0 and other options i have been told this doesn't work but I can get up f2 and f8 on load up all that works ok but I cannot find any option to be able to factory reset. it gives me options to recover but they take me to the same screen with no improvements and safe mode will not work.

I hope someone can help me I will be so grateful.

Thank you in advance.

Shell :)

Answer:Satellite C660-15r stucks and no recovery possible

At first I must say that recovery option is available if notebook has ?factory settings?. After reading your posting I don?t know if you still use original OS installation that you got with your notebook or maybe OS preinstalled on your own.

I presume you didn't create recovery media (DVD) using preinstalled Toshiba recovery media creator, right?
In your situation usage of recovery disc could be easiest way to fix this and install original recovery image.

Can you please post exact notebook model?

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My Satellite L50-A is stuck in a reboot loop. I have powered the computer down and emptied the battery.

Every time I plug it back in I see the opening Toshiba screen (with no invitation to press F2 to enter set up) then it goes back to the rebooting screen.

I have tried using a bootable recovery on a flash drive but t doesn't work.

What is there else to do?

Answer:Satellite L50-A stucks in reboot loop

> I have tried using a bootable recovery on a flash drive but t doesn't work.

I presume you have tried to reinstall original recovery image. This should work.

Enter BIOS and set it to default settings. after doing this restart your notebook and press F12. Choose USB device as bootable device and try to start recovery image installation again.

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Hi I have a Satelite P 70A.
It has gone into Bitdefenders "rescue Mode".
I can get to the boot menu but can't get to change the UEFI to change the boot sequence to the Windows boot mgr.
I have tried Kaspersky help (as I run KAS) Bit Defender No response.
I don't run Bit Defender.
Any help would be appreciated.


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i need some help... I have a new Z830-10J. During the first
setup the Notebook crashed and rebooted. I always get
the error

"The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered
an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install
Windows, click "OK" to restart the computer, and then restart the installation."

After the restart i get the same error again and again... Pushing F8 does not bring
the repair options. Every option (Safe Mode, Debugging and so on) only leads to the
same error.

What can i do?

Best regards,

Answer:Satellite Z830-10J stucks in a installation loop

meanwhile i have an bootable USB stick with win7, but the
repairoptions does not find a backup to repair... but i see
3 partiions, besides the normal system theres a backup and
a boot partition.

Im going to download the Win 7 Home Prem. trial version and
will install that one. Do you think i am able to "restore" the system
after the installation? Otherwise the whole software from tohsiba
is lost :(

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Hi everyone!

I have a "M30X-124" which normally runs on 1,6GHz, when I use it with my power supply.
No matter what I change on the processor speed in that Toshiba tool, it still runs on 591MHz!

I didnt used it for 2years. Now I saw that problem.
My mainboard was changed before i stopped using it. I read in some forums that its a processor/mainboard communication problem... and that there is a microcode update (or whatever) on CD which fixes the problem. I tried that microcode fix from another notebook, but without success .

Do someone knows about that problem?
Where can I find that fix-CH?

Thanks in advanche!
Toshiba Satellite M30X-124
Celeron 1,6Ghz

Answer:Satellite M30X-124 stucks at 591MHz (Centrino 1,6 Ghz)


I doubt you could solve this.
The microcode must be updated by Toshiba service technicians?

This is needed after the motherboard exchange otherwise the CPU will stuck at 600Mhz.

Get in contact with the ASP in your country and ask for the help!

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I am experiencing an issue with my Toshiba Satellite A300. I had burned linux on a usb and i tried to boot from usb.So when the laptop opened i inserted the usb and pressed F12. The pc just stuck on Toshiba - Leading Innovation Screen.In the past i was doing the same thing and it was working just fine.

Now,i can't boot from usb.
Can anyone help me please?
Thanks in advance!

Answer:Satellite A300 - My laptop stucks on BIOS when USB is inserted

Set BIOS to default settings, restart notebook and when notebook starts press F12. When the boot menu is shown put USB stick in your Satellite notebook.

In boot menu choose option USB and press ENTER.

What happen when you do this?

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Since one of the windows update couple of months ago, my Sat A200 began having problem with the keypad.

After using for couple of hours, the key E of the keypad seems stuck up i.e. I cannot key in anything as the key e appears continuously.
I have to re-boot the computer to overcome this.

Anyone have similar experience and what can I do to prevent this from recurring.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite A200 - keyboard issue - E button stucks

I didn?t notice any such similar issues.
But it would be interesting to know if this is a mechanical issue with the E button or if this could be related to the software (Vista update) issue.

To be honest I can?t believe that an Vista update could cause such issue.
I?ve got 2 notebooks and Vista was preinstalled on both notebooks.
I updated it and something like that has never appeared.

If you want you can check if the same issue would persist after the Recovery procedure.

But in my opinion there could be an issue with the keyboard and maybe it?s advisable to contact the ASP for keyboard check and for a keyboard replacement if necessary.


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I'm trying to help someone. When he first ran his Toshiba Satellite C875 laptop (bought in the UK), he reckons he must have selected Norwegian, and now everything is Norwegian.

Even if I run the recovery partition by booting with F8 pressed - everything is Norwegian.

Anyone know if there is some way of doing a factory reset, so the laptop boots in an out-of-factory condition?

Answer:Satellite C875 - System Langauge stucks in Norwegian


Maybe this document could help you:
+Windows 8 Recovery & Repair+

I recommend you to choose the option called Reset Your PC.
This would set the system back to factory settings. As far as I know you should be able to choose another language.

But I remember in the past (Windows 7) that such language could be chosen only one time.
After that the other languages were deleted from the partition and it was not possible to choose another language.

However, recommend checking the +Reset your PC+ option

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Hi All, I have a g560 laptop which i bought just a month ago and use it for my study and entertainment purpose. I have noticed that sometimes when im using the laptop for more than 2-3 hrs. It starts giving me white screen. Lets say for ex. when the screensaver is supposed to come up, I get a white screen or when I am shutting down the white screen flashes for two times or when I turn the pc off, Its stuck at the white screen even though the laptop is off. The only way I can get the screen is off is by taking the battery out and then put the battery back in. In the past one month I've got this issue multiple times. Any help would be really appreciated. I work for a branded computer manufacturer myself but bought a LENoVo because my brother has been using a lenovo since the last three years without an issue.Thanks in advance

Answer:Stucks at white screen

Maybe you need to update your BIOS. BUT WAIT!! If you do that, do it under DOS.
Please, look from this:
Also, you can call Lenovo's support.

moderator edit: link corrected

IPnaSh First Spanish Community Guru - Colaborador ad honorem

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I have tried every known cure I could find on the internet to fix this issue, apart from trying to reflow the dual graphics chips that are onboard this machine, which in my mind is a design fault by Toshiba as the heat sink only covers one of the two Graphics Chips on this model of the Toshiba L850D, and to me this seems totally wrong due to heat transferrence and multiple issues I have come across with the Graphics Chips overheating from other manufactureres, even though they have heatsinks covering their graphics chips.

I've researched the internet for well over a week and, so far, nobody has provided an answer to anyone who is/was or had this issue, which seems to relate to other models as well.

I found a thread from January 2014 detailing this exact issue, but there was no answer provided to correct.
I'm not sure if this is allowed, but the relevant thread to this exact issue is provided : -

The actual model I have here is the Toshiba Satellite L850D, being model number PSKGEA-003001 and motherboard specific number is H000052650 WKC-51 Revision 2.1 or 7054D2745F87.

These seem to be so hard to find (or maybe should be extinct) even on eBay, so am wondering if it is a Toshiba FU that they no longer use Dual Graphics chips without a heat sink over both?

Have found similar style boards on eBay, being a H000051780 WKC29 and H000050830 WKC32 but all others seem to be back to one onboard Graphics or what appears to be on onboard Processor???.

Tried start-... Read more

Answer:Satellite L850D: Black Screen - No Boot, No POST, No external screen

Just checking to see if anyone has any ideas on possible cause, fault or problem solving I haven't considered. I understand that I have only had 97 views since listing my question (novel) and details of action I have taken to date, but was hoping someone may have offered a suggestion, even whether or not either of the mentioned replacement boards will suit. Appreciate any feedback. Thank you. Daryl.

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My laptop (Satellite A300) has recently a big problem after when i turn it on.
When I turn on my laptop, after big logo of Toshiba in red i should go to Windows but it just stop and i only see a black page and nothing happens after that, even if i wait for ages, that black page stays same.

I don't know what to do?

Answer:Satellite A300 doesn't boot - black screen afer Toshiba splash screen


What happens if you press F8 at the beginning?
Can you see the Advanced Boot Menu?
Are you able to access the BIOS?

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I have a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge with an Intel I5 processor, 64 bit with no hardware upgrades (stock). I had accidentally stepped on the screen (fell off my lap and then crunch) which was mangled beyond repair, so I have been using it similar to a tower, with a VGA and/or HDMI connected monitor (my HDMI cable went bad, I picked up a new cable but hadn't hooked it up to the second monitor.
I started my free upgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium to 10 last night. I woke up to the black screen/mouse pointer issue which is what brought me to this thread. I tried the recommended fix:
1. Hit ctrl, type in password and enter
2. Win Key + P + Down Arrow. (Win Key + P only seems to do the same thing)
This brought up options to
1. Disconnect projector (Tried this and lost connection to the VGA even after reboot)
2. Duplicate (Screen is still black with mouse cursor, but I saw a little bit of red and blue pixels at the bottom where the task bar should be until I disconnected and re-connected the VGA, then it was back to black screen and cursor)
3. Extend (still black screen and cursor)
4. Connect Projector (still black screen and cursor)
I'm not sure what to do. I must have some OS installed, because I am able to also perform these operations from my USB Keyboard/Mouse. I'm just not sure how to get Windows back on my VGA connection (I haven't tried HDMI because I did not have it connected when I ran the update.) I thought Duplicate displays would do the trick, but apparently not. For a... Read more

Answer:Windows 10 upgrade laptop w/broken screen/blurry toolbar black screen

Nevermind, the whole install was a mess. Last time I'll trust the Windows Update Service to install an OS. Left the laptop off for a few hours as recommended in other posts. Came back and stopped at the boot menu. Only Windows 7 was listed. Making a bootable flash version now. Hopefully that will fix the issue.

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I want to upgrade my laptop from 4GB RAM to 8GB RAM, but wether win7 64-bit nor a boot cd starts.

I see the Toshiba display and can get into Bios, which shows me 8GB RAM, but then comes only a black display with a cursor blinking...

Bios is updatet.

RAM chips are:

Power Ram
DDR3-1066 4GB
204pin,ds, so-dimm CL 7-7-7, PC8500(256x8)

Can you help me please?

Answer:Satellite A660-12E - black display after 8GB RAM upgrade


> Power Ram
DDR3-1066 4GB
204pin,ds, so-dimm CL 7-7-7, PC8500(256x8)

Is ?PowerRam? the brand of these RAM modules?
If yes I never heard about this brand? I don?t think it?s high quality module?

Can you test it with high quality modules from Kingston? Or from an authorized service provider they have pretested modules?

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I use windows 7 ultimate x64 for a long time.
suddenly, after i switch user, screen stucks .This is the screen that it stucks in (for example):

If I change user after a shirt time it doesnt happen, but if I switch after a long use ,it stucks.

What is the reason?How Can i fix it?


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Hello everyone,

I am trying to use the Product recovery disk on my Toshiba Tecra M3, however it does not seem to do anything.

I have inserted the disk, turned off computer > started computer again pressing F12> i get the enter HDD password which i do sucessfully> after which it seem to get stuck a a screen with TOSHIBA and all devices icons. after which it does not do anything....

does anyone have any idea on what to do next? or how to use the product recovery disk?

any help is appreciated. Thanks.


Answer:Tecra M3 - Stucks at the Toshiba screen

Hi nmirza,

Does your notebook always hangs on this Toshiba BIOS screen or only if you try booting from Toshiba recovery disk?

Maybe your recovery disk is scratched and you should try another one?

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My system had issues where I could not get into system restore as it was not showing up
so went to msconfig and I went to advanced startup and chose to start in diagnostic mode and on reboot it now just has a light blue screen.

I can move mouse around and there is no login box?

I tried reboot and hitting F8 but no luck.
Is there another bypass for this?

Please help!

Answer:Portege Z10 stucks on blue screen - cannot log in

Switch on the computer, press and hold the "F12" key while the Toshiba logo appears.
Alternative you can press and hold the "0" key to access the recovery option.
Choose "HDD Recovery" and confirm by selecting "Yes" that you want to enter the system recovery.

More info:

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Hello all, I have a Satellite L675. In the recovery wizard, there is an option for "Erasing the internal hard drive". According to the user manual, I am given the following warning: "Erasing the internal storage drive will delete all data on the drive, including the partitions",

Will this recovery wizard option actually delete the hidden recovery partitions (sda1 and sda3), wiping the entire hard drive, or just the user-created partitions (sda2, AKA C

Thanks for clarification on this.

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I'm new to the forum and have quite a big problem. So any help is welcome and appreciated.

My Satellite Pro A200 goes black after the BIOS screen and a black screen with a blinking cursor. Also just before the screen goes black a bleep can be heard which shows windows is booting.
I can access the toshiba set-up screen but not the safety mode set-up.

Kind Regards

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro A200 - Screen goes black after BIOS screen


You wrote that you can access the BIOS but have you checked if the HDD is recognized properly? Maybe the computer cannot boot because HDD isn?t recognized so you should check this.

If the HDD is recognized I would try a recovery installation from Toshiba recovery disk. It seems that Windows isn?t able to start and if you reinstall the whole system it should help to get rid of this. Just go in boot menu and select CD/DVD drive as boot device.

Check this!!!

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My son has a Toshiba Satelite P205 that he just upgraded from Windows XP Home Premium to Windows 7 32-bit. After the upgrade completed the computer booted fine. The within 20 minutes he got the BSOD and the system rebooted. Now he can't get Windows to fully start. We've tried all of the options from F8 with no success. We have the Toshiba System Recovery Disk but it won't launch. (The Boot sequence has been changed to boot from CD/DVD and then the Hard Drive.)

The Memory Diagnostic from the Windows 7 disk ran fine with no errors.

I'm thinking I might need to re-format/wipe the drive to start fresh but don't know where to obtain a boot CD(no floppy drive on this laptop). Does anyone recommend a software that I can purchase to clear everything without destroying the CD/DVD accessibility so I can then use the System Recovery Disk to put it back to the original factory Settings?

Answer:System goes to black screen before login/welcome screen after Win 7 32-bit upgrade

Toshiba, usually pressing F12 when the Toshiba Logo appears will get you to the Boot device menu. If not then,
Go here Choose the Download Tab, No Login required, That is for the Forums.

Download the user manual and see how to get to the boot from CD/DVD drive.

The Drivers tab will show the Toshiba drivers. They are needed for Windows 7, If no drivers for WIn7, Then don't, as getting all that are needed will be a royal pain.

I've even seen certain model of Toshiba that have a XP Bios and a different bios for Vista.

Good Luck

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Hello all,I have my laptop G580 gets stuck at boot loop, I have to press the power button several times to shut down and start again until it goes into windows one time succeeds each ten trials.I have tried to pull out the battery, but nothing worked.Thank you,

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I recently sent my laptop (Equium A300D-13x) back to Toshiba to be repaired as it was overheating and cutting out.

It came back today and when I turned it on I got the screen where I was asked if I wanted to go into safe mode or start Windows normally.
Then it goes to a screen where it says, *Finishing the installation may take several minutes.

Please do not interrupt or shutdown the computer!*

I've been waiting all day now and I'm still stuck on this screen.

Has anyone had the same problem? And if so, how can I fix it?

Answer:Equium A300D-13x stucks on installation screen


I?ve recovered my notebook many times and the installation went always troublefree.
But of course such installation issue could happen always and I think you should simply repeat this procedure.

If you don?t have Toshiba Recovery disk then try to recover the notebook using the HDD recovery option.
Just press F8 while notebook powering up.
Then choose ?Repair my computer?. Then a new window will appear and you could select the new option called Toshiba HDD.

Check it out!

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Four days ago I installed BB flashback software but due to some problems I had to uninstall it and the installation didn't complete. After that day, whenever I open my Toshiba Laptop the windows vista boots normally but stucks at 'please wait while your system is preparing' screen. After waiting for a long time, I opened task manager, ended that running screen and then my laptops works just fine. I don't know what's that. I tried system restore many times but it always ends up unsuccessful. Later on I even installed BB flashback successfully and a new anti-virus AVG, but the problem persists. Any idea and any suggestions please???

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I have a problem with my pc the last 2 Days... It starts really slow.. First it freezes at starting window screen for 15 minutes about.. After this when I select the user it stucks again and show the blue background only with the cursor. When I finally press the code it takes another 10 minutes to finally open but I can't use it because it freezes whatever I press! In safe mode does the same thing but it stucks when loaded : classpnp.sys. My computer before 3 days opened in 1 minute.. No program starts with the start up all are disabled exept nvidia sound and my antivirus avast. I have tried everything to fix it but I can't.. Please help if u can

Answer:Windows 7 start really slow and after it stucks in home screen

Quote: Originally Posted by telis80

I have a problem with my pc the last 2 Days... It starts really slow.. First it freezes at starting window screen for 15 minutes about.. After this when I select the user it stucks again and show the blue background only with the cursor. When I finally press the code it takes another 10 minutes to finally open but I can't use it because it freezes whatever I press! In safe mode does the same thing but it stucks when loaded : classpnp.sys. My computer before 3 days opened in 1 minute.. No program starts with the start up all are disabled exept nvidia sound and my antivirus avast. I have tried everything to fix it but I can't.. Please help if u can

Try running the Windows System File Checker (SFC)
Instructions: SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker
If that doesn't help, try doing a full scan with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware: Malwarebytes : Free anti-malware download
Note: Uncheck the checkbox at the end of the installation titled "Enable free trial of Malwarebytes PRO"

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I have a Toshiba Portege Z930-D3S laptop. I wanted to run a system recovery and did everything exactly as in the manual page 4-24, Section System recovery Options. The tool told me that the recovery partition is empty (or something like this) and the recovery cannot be performed. I definitely did not erase it and do not how it can be. Then there was an option to erase sdd and I thought that this might help (don't ask me why) and that the tool would erase everything but the recovery partition. So, I chose it.

Now I have the frozen screen with "Toshiba Leading Innovation" and cannot enter any menu neither by pressing 0, nor by holding F8. I cannon restart the laptop, it seems that it simply fall asleep when I press the power button.

Please, help me to recover the system.

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Hello, when I turn on or restart my laptop (Compaq 6730b, OS Win7 64 bit), it begins to start, but after a few seconds it  stucks on screen with HP logo and label "Press the ESC key for startup menu". After that begin to flash NumLock and CapsLock diods on laptop - maybe two or three times. But nothing happens, although I press ESC or any other key. Only I can do is to turn off laptop and try it again, sometimes many times on an on till OS starts properly. I have permanently plugged in many peripherals - external monitor, external keyborad, mouse, webcam, speakers and I have laptop permanently plugged in charger. Maybe this facts could be cause of the problem, i guess, because when I turn laptop itself without any peripherals, this problem didnt appear. I'll be very thankful for any advice to solve this unpleasant problem. Thanks a lot. Regards miiichal

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My Toshiba laptop, just out of the blue, shows black screen when I power it up. Now, it does not even turn on. It's less than one year old, what should I do?


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I have a P30-145, the screen is virtually black.
I can just about make out the windows logo and figure on a pier, but all else is black.

I think that it is the inverter board, but not sure if it could be the back light or something else entirely? how can I check?

The notebook is now out of guarantee so can't take back and, in any case, i see it as a challenge now!

Answer:Almost black screen on Satellite P30-145

I have had the same problem on my Tecra M1. The notebook is about 5 years old and I use it very intensively (almost 10 hours every day). The display was exchanged. Now is the display much brighter as before.

Maybe you should exchange display too. To be honest I didn?t even ask if the FL inverter also new is.

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Hi my computer screen has gone black. Even when I turn it on and back on it comes on but I can't see anything on the screen, not even faintly.

What does this mean and what can I do?

Answer:Black screen but Satellite T is on

This means that one of the notebook?s parts is faulty.
You can connect an external monitor to the notebook in order to check if its internal display issue? if something would be visible on the 2nd monitor, then this means that the internal display is faulty and needs to be replaced? otherwise it can be an motherboard/graphic card fault or anything else. But in any case you need professional service help?

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After some months trouble with sudden switch-offs finally my Toshiba Satellite M40-185 got a black screen and it cannot do more. I have an external monitor but it also is black.
Should I try to get a new LCD inverter or let the Toshiba service get it and look at the motherboard?
Perhaps its completely dead?

Any help and suggestions welcome!

Answer:Black screen on Satellite M40-185

Hello Dimitris

If the result is the same on notebook?s display and external monitor there is probably serious hardware problem and just service can help. I presume that graphic card is the ?troublemaker? and I am afraid the mainboard must be exchanged.

Of course, I cannot say this for sure. Because of that let the technicians run diagnostic programs to see what is wrong with your notebook.

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A month ago I had a problem with screen, one day it was black screen and I could barely icons on desktop, so I replaced power inverter and everything was fine for a 2 weeks.
After that the same thing happend (black screen). If I connect the monitor it works.

Does anybody know what could be a problem, mother board or screen..


Answer:Satellite M40-JM8 - Black screen sometimes

Do you have the same problem with an external monitor?
Check this!

Furthermore you should check the Toshiba website for a display driver and BIOS update. > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

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I am not sure what is going on here but when the laptop is started the screen is black

the power ilight is on and i can hear the HDD starting but the screen is blank

any ideas

Answer:Satellite L30-101 - Screen is black


Can you see a picture on the external monitor?

If you can see a picture on the external monitor I think the FL inverter of the internal display is faulty and must be replaced.
If the screen on the external monitor is black too it seems to be a hardware malfunction of the graphic card and/or mainboard.

Check this!!
To repair your notebook you can go to the nearest authorized service provider. The technicians can repair it for you.


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Hello, issue is as follows:

1. My machine [Satellite P50-C-18L] was displaying the Windows-10 desktop, the screen then went black. The machine was plugged in and charged.
2. I pressed keys on the keyboard and the power key to see if it would wake up. It did not.
3. I did a soft power reset by holding the power key until it switched off.
4. I pressed the power key. The white light around the power key comes on. The Cap Lock key and the Num Lock key both show green lights. All these lights are steady and not flashing. If I press the Cap Lock or Num Lock key the lights no not go out.
5. The computer does not boot, it stays on a black screen with these lights on. I have left it for an extended period with no change in state.
6. The above happens either plugged in or on battery. I've tried leaving the machine off for an extended period but when I try to power on I experience the same as step 5.

I can see from online searching that other Satellite models have had similar issues and they have been corrected by pressing a hard reset button. I can not see a hard reset hole on this model.

Please could I be given some advice quickly as I need this machine this weekend for work I am preparing for Monday morning. I have spent many years recommending Toshiba laptops and this is the first time I have ever had such a big problem. This is a showstopper for me, and I have only had this laptop for two weeks! I work as an IT and Telecommunications test consultant and am happy to reply... Read more

Answer:Satellite P50-C-18L - screen went black

Did you install extra Memory (RAM)? Maybe you need to re-seat the RAM.

If it still doesn't boot, send it to a Toshiba Service Center.

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Anybody help pleae. Downloaded a sevice pack onto my satellite A60 and it did serious damage to a graphics driver......decided to recovery sysem completely...........Put recovery disk in........restarted, held the c button down and nothing starts up, but no display at all.....machine very quiet although!!!!!!

Answer:Screen black on my satellite A60

Yes, I had the same thing, but with my Sattelite P10 (The blue one), its still very new and I dont think the problem was with the battery etc. since when I charged it, straight after the orange charging light turned into green after a while, indicating its fully charged.

I was just playing an online game when all of a sudden the Laptop closed down instantly (It was on the charger ALL the time, but as I said the trouble is not there) Then I tried to re-open myh Laptop, everything was ok, except the screen, which was black ALL the time, there was no sound which indicated that the Laptop did not enter windows.

And as Raym0nd said, my Laptop was a bit unusually quiet too..

I hope I get professional help on this. Thank you.

P.S : I did realize this, when the Laptop shut down (I was playing an ONLINE game ) that the internet connection was not working anymore since it expired. Did that affect the Laptop, because when your not online and your playing the game, it closes instantly, the game that is.. But I had this situation many times before.. Why is it like this now.. ?

I need help ASAP.. Thank you all very much.

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My screen stays black. I only see the mouse and it is moving but further nothing goes. Does anybody know what to do?

Awaiting you're answers


Answer:Black screen on Satellite C75-A-11J


Try this short workaround:
Disconenct the AC adpator and remove the battery.
Now press and hold the power button 30sec long.
Then connect the battery and AC adaptor and power up the unit.

Check the result.

Otherwise shut down the unit once again pressing and holding the power button 4sec long.
Then again power up the unit and press F12
Now you should see the advanced boot menu and here at the bottom of the unit you could choose the option HDD Recovery.
This option allows you to recover the notebook back to factory settings

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I've had a Satellite A10 for quite along time but now it doesn't seem to work. The screen is just black. When I connect the computer to a monitor I can see the screen as normal however straight as I take the connection out the screen just stays black.

I can see the screen a little bit but it is not useable.
Please someone help
Sorry if description of problem not very good


Answer:Black screen on Satellite A10


It?s definitely nothing wrong with the graphic card chip because you can see everything on the external monitor.

> I can see the screen a little bit but it is not useable.
Due to you statement I presume the FL-inverter malfunction. This is a small part which is placed behind the notebook display.

It seems the replacement is necessary to get rid this display problem.
Contact the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country and explain the technician the situation with your notebook.
I?m sure the guys will help!

Good luck

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I have a vaio laptop VGN-FJ270 thats about a year and a half old. I decided to upgrade the ram from 1gb to 2gb. I put the new ram in and tried to reboot but all i got was a black screen. I've already tried putting the cards in the different slots, and putting the old ram back in. Nothing has worked so far. The computer shows the power is on, but it wont boot to any screen and i dont think the leds are even on. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Answer:Black screen after ram upgrade

I think your memory has to meet these specifications, if it doesn't that is probably what is causing your problem.

Installed Size: 2 GB (max)
Technology: DDR2 SDRAM, PC2-4200
Memory Speed: 533 MHz
System Type: Notebook
Voltage: 1.8

Just take a look at your ram and some of this information may be written on it, if not google search your ram for its specs.

Your going to want something like this for your new memory.

Heres a newegg link all of the stuff in that list should work, but just to be sure check its specs to see if it matches the above specs.

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Hello, I have a Yoga 510-14AST which I upgraded to 16gb of ram.It works great and memtest86+ didn't find any problem with the RAM.My bios is flashed to the package that exists in the support center. Now whenever I suspend my computer, when I turn it back on the monitor stays off.If I revert the ram to the previous 8gg stick, the suspend works okay.This behavior happens in windows and ubuntu. On the BIOS I don't have any setting to configure RAM or at least it looks that way. What can I do? Best regards,Braulio Silva 

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Hi, I just installed an AMD Athlon 64 X2 in my computer, the mother board is an ASUS m2n-e. I of course first put the old CPU in (amd athlon 64 X1) and it worked again. did I buy a bad CPU, or should I keep trying?

Answer:Black Screen after CPU upgrade!

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Okay, look I have tried installing ram, I take out the battery and plug out the charger. Then I put back everything together and then only a black screen, I do here my fan and then sits there with only a black screen any clue.

Here are my system specs.


DDR2 PC2-6400 Toshiba

Memory Type: DDR2 PC2-6400, DDR2 (non-ECC)
Maximum Memory: 8GB
Currently Installed Memory: 2GB
Total Memory Slots: 2
Available Memory Slots 1

Also the type of ram im trying to install is

Help will be very helpful so please reply if you no what to do Thanks for your time for reading this,

Answer:Black screen after ram upgrade.

First of all, holy helllllll that crucial link has the ram at 5x the price it should be. You can a set on newegg for MUCH CHEAPER and even cheaper on ebay.

Anyway, that system uses RAM as video memory as far as I can tell. That means as soon as it boots, it tries to grab some RAM and use it to display the initial boot stuff. If it has a problem, everything turns on except you see nothing.

Anyway, your post didn't make any sense. You said
Currently Installed Memory: 2GB
Total Memory Slots: 2
Available Memory Slots 1
and yet
is what you said you're installing. That's not possible. 2 slots with 1 open @ 2GB would be 1x2GB stick, not 1x1GB.

But anyway, your system doesn't like that particular memory for some odd reason. It doesn't like the timing or the brand or something and that's causing your video adapter to receieve no memory allocation which is why the screen is blank. Unfortuantely, you'll have to try other memory I guess. Are you 100% sure that your CPU supports 6400 and not 5300 on down only? Because I have seen that, as well as crucial being wrong.

P.S. do make sure the RAM is seated in the slot securely. Those particular toshibas like to lock the ram into place without them being pushed into the slot sufficiently. Place them at about a 30 degree angle, push somewhat hard towards the slot until the gold contact points on the RAM are barely visible, then push down to lock them into place and try again.

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Hello, i tried to upgrade my ram with a 4gb DDR3L Crusial 1600Mhz but in every start of my laptop i have Blue Screed of Death with different errors. Pauge fault in nonpaged area the most times but other times Bad pool header, Kernel seurity check failure , memory managemet and etc. My first ram is Hynix 4gb DDR3L 1600Mhz also.  i tried to update my BIOS image and i have changed without paging file in the options.  Could someone explain me (or find a real solution ) what is the problem and i have Blue Screen when i upgrade my ram memory please???I have asked too many expert from HP and nobody help me...!

Answer:Black Screen when i upgrade my RAM

Hi, Please try the following parts from HP: 8-GB (PC3L, 12800, 1600-MHz) part # 693374-0054-GB (PC3L, 12800, 1600-MHz) part # 691740-0052-GB (PC3L, 12800, 1600-MHz) part # 691739-005 Regards.

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HP Pavilion dv5000 AMD 3100 789 Mhz

Upgraded Ram from 512 MB (2- 256 sticks) to 2GB (2-1GB sticks) now all I get are the leds (buttons) that come on and the fan that runs for ~3 sec and a black screen. I put one of the old 256 MB sticks back in with a 1 GB and it works fine. I have swapped both 1GB sticks in and out and between slots and each works as long as they are not installed together. I have re-seated the sticks numerous times but cannot get 2 GB to work, which is the maximum RAM that the machine will support. The 1 GB sticks are both Kingston, same speed bought from the same vendor at the same time. Stumped!

Answer:RAM upgrade now a black screen

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Hi everyone,

I just bought my laptop but there seemed to be something wrong with it.
It happened 4 times already, while browsing or watching videos online, the screen just goes blank.

It wont show or do anything even if i press buttons, but i know that the laptop is still on because i can still see the light on the screen.

Is this something normal?
Do i have to change settings?

The computer is not idle so I'm thinking screensaver does not have anything to do with the screen going blank the fact that I'm in the middle of surfing (mouse is moving continuously).

Please help, i need it desperately.

Answer:Screen goes black but Satellite A200 is still on


What notebook do you have exactly?
Does the screen come back after new reboot?
Did you update the display driver and the BIOS?

I agree with you; this has nothing to do with the screesaver? it should not enable while working on the notebook.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L500-19X and the screen keeps going black.

When you boot the computer it briefly flashes up the Start / Boot up screen properly before going black straight away. Occasionally, the picture will be displayed properly for 3 or 4 minutes before also going black.

If you hold / tilt the screen under a strong light you can see a ghost outline of what should be displayed and if you connect an external monitor the external monitor works fine and you can see a black ghost of what is on the external monitor on the laptop screen.

I have tried reinstalling the drivers but it has had no effect.

Do you think I need to replace the screen, invertor board or just reseat the screen connectors?

Many Thanks for your advice.


Answer:Re: Satellite L500-19X - the screen keeps going black


First of all to solve this issue, you would need to disassemble the notebook.
I don?t know exactly the step by step procedure for L500 series but such disassembling procedure isn?t very easy and you could damage other parts.

Back to the issue.
It looks like the graphic card is OK and the issue is related to the backlight.
The Satellite L500 was equipped with an common LCD (no backlight) and FL inverter board.
The FL inverter controls the display?s backlight level and I think in your case this part is faulty.
To solve this issue, it?s necessary to remove and to replace the FL inverter.

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I got this laptop just over a week ago and yesterday when I powered up the screen didn't come on at all. It hasn't been dropped or damaged at all its hardly been used. I plugged it into my TV and it worked on there, I have also taken the battery out, held the power button for 60 seconds etc etc nothing happened.

Any ideas guys?

Answer:Satellite C50-B-15Z - Black Screen at start-up

Have you switched the desktop back to the notebook?s LCD before you have disconnected notebook from your TV?
Connect it again and try to start your machine, just to see if something will be shown on the TV again.

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Hi there,

When I connect S-Video cable to s-video out and link it to my tv with a scartconnector the colors on the screen ain't there. It is black/white. Does anyone know how to fix this?
I have a Satellite L10-193


Answer:Satellite L10-193: black/white screen on TV


As far as I know it?s a TV settings issue.
If you are using a SCART adapter, verify that the S-VIDEO signal from your television is in fact, internally connected to the SCART adapter on the television.
Furthermore some TV SCART connections are not S-Video compatible.
Should these suggestions not solve the issue, please check your TV user manual.


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