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Satellite L775-15Q - Battery Charging plan for long battery life

Question: Satellite L775-15Q - Battery Charging plan for long battery life


I just purchased a Satellite L775-15q and I want to know the best plan to charge my battery, so it can last as long as possible.
Should I leave the laptop always connected on the charger power cord, no matter if it has full battery or not? Should I always let the battery drop to 10% and then charge it up to 100% and then remove the cord? Or should I do that from time to time and not every day?


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Preferred Solution: Satellite L775-15Q - Battery Charging plan for long battery life

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite L775-15Q - Battery Charging plan for long battery life


I think the best that you can do is discharge the battery two-three times a month not everyday.

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I just purchased a Satellite L775-15Q. It seems to have problem with charging. Even though the hint in the windows icon displays "Charging" after half an hour the percentage shows 0% and the windows indicator DOES NOT this bar battery filling effect.

That?s all according to the manual
Am I missing something?

Pls HELP..

Answer:Satellite L775 - battery charging issue


Is everything OK with your notebook now?
As I can see your posting is few days old. What have you done in the meanwhile?

Please post some feedback.

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Hey, I really need help. I'm having problems with my laptop. It's a dell inspiron 7559 and was bought around January. Recently I have seen that the battery has no longer been as hot as it used to be when I first started using it. Along with the sleeve on the tip of the screen power adapter (below the part where the adapter lights up) has started to come off, exposing the wires. The battery has continually dropped down its percentage rate ever since I bought it, and it won't go back up. It is currently at 0% battery life and it says when you highlight over the battery icon ( plugged in, not charging). It also happens to show the BIO setup when I start the computer and shows that the batteries wattage and type cannot be determined. In the BIOS setup, the ac adapter type is unknown. The battery has not been through any harsh conditions along with the laptop. I have tried removing the battery, starting up the computer with the ac adapter (which is 130 watts), then adding the battery back, and ac adapter, then turning it on, but it had no effects. If I remove my ac adapter while my computer is on ,it instantly turns off. If someone can support me with this issue, it would be gladly appreciated. Thanks.

Answer:Laptop battery not charging, battery not identified, 0% battery life

It sounds likely the charge circuit on the mainboard is damaged.  Contact Dell to have the mainboard replaced under warranty.

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First of all my laptop warrenty has run out a while back, so i cant send it back unless i can and have to pay the costs
but recenetly my laptop battery life has somewhat died in recent months, it can last about an hour tops

But i have recently found out that it will charge to 86% then start discharging even still with the AC adapter is plugged in
Any ideas?? I am thinking of replacing the battery but was wondering if it is anything else that is causing the problem


Answer:Satellite Pro A30 - Battery life and Charging

If the battery is 3 years+ then it may simply need replacing.

However it could be caused by other things, the power circuit or DC IN plug on the mainboard might have a problem.
I would send the laptop to an ASP for a quote.

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I am thinking about buying this laptop for ?299.99 from
However there is no mention of battery life, and I really need to know what it is if i am going to purchase this laptop.

I will be using it for surfing net, msn and dvds :-)
Thank You.

Answer:How long is the Battery Life of a Satellite L30-113?

Hi there,

I know that machine, but primary the battery life depends on the battery capacity. Like I know there are two sizes: 2000 mAh and 4000 mAh.

If you just use it for surfing and etc. you will have a battery life of about 2 hours with the 4000 mAh.
But be warned: should you have more applications running in the background or opened, your battery life could be shorter. (more system loads means shorter battery life)

And last but not least your battery life depends also on your powersaver settings, so you will have to figure out the configuration which fits for you (performance vs. battery duration)

Hope I could help you


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Does anybody kow if there is a long life battery available for this model?

My battery is PA3534U-1BRS 10.8v 44wh

Answer:Need long life battery for Satellite L450-114

I?m afraid for your L450 Toshiba offers just one 6 cell battery.

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Hello Toshiba-users,

I bought the "Toshiba Satellite M60-154" but I want to use it most of the time on AC Adaptor.

I have read the manual but they don't say anything about the battery-life for people like me who will use the laptop on AC Adaptor the most of the time.

I want to know if :

1) it's better to put the battery inside when I use the laptop on the AC Adaptor for long time (they say it's not good for the battery-life when it's full charged and when it is still charging...)

2) it's better to take the battery out when when I use the laptop on the AC Adaptor for long time and to check the battery out each week e.g. to see if it's still charged or not (they say that it's good for the battery-life when the battery is out of charge once a week)

In fact, what should I do to be sure the battery will have a long life knowing that I rather always use the laptop on Ac Adaptor.

Thanks for advices

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Answer:Toshiba Satellite M60-154: What's the best way for a long life of a battery?


your info is right. Only put the battery in the notebook, if you want to charge it or work without AC power, to make sure your battery has a relative long life.


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I got my T110 last week and I have since then only charged 3 times. However, I have the feeling it takes far too long charging it. It takes more than 4 four hours to make it full. It would be the slowest computer I have ever had in this aspect. Is it my computer or it happens to everyone?


Answer:Satellite T110 - Long battery charging time

Hi Comodoro,

Are you using original Toshiba battery and AC/DC adapter or any 3rd party part?

To be honest I can?t say how long it takes until T110 is fully charged because the most time AC/DC adapter is connected so it?s always fully charged.

Furthermore it?s depending on a lot of difference things how long the battery will be charged but I think it takes at least 2-3 hours.

Check also your user manual maximizing battery operating time and charging tips.

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I just start with my new L775 Notebook.
Everything is working fine and the nottebook is pluged in for about 2 hours.

Then my little nice pluged it out and it stops immidiatelly.
When I now check the battery status is still 0%.

Is this normal at the beginnig? did it only charge when system is off?

Thank for your help

The Doc

Answer:Battery did'nt load on new Satellite L775


What is the full model number? You should see the model number on the base sticker, something like PSL???-?????

If you disconnect the battery and AC, let the notebook sit for a few minutes, then plug in just the battery, does it power on?

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I recently bought a new battery for my Toshiba Satellite L775-11N.

When I plug the battery in, the battery led stars flashing (according to the manual, it means the battery has no energy anymore and is not charging).

When it is plugged, I cannont start the computer, I have to take it back and put it after.

What can I do to make my battery work?
This is the second i buy, from two different websites, the modele number is strickly the same.

Thanks in advance, sorry for my bad english (french is my mother tongue)

Answer:Satellite L775-11N does not power ON with new battery

I recently bought a new battery for my Toshiba Satellite L775-11N. When I plug the battery in, the battery led stars flashing (according to the manual, it means the battery has no energy anymore and is not charging). When it is plugged, I cannont start the computer, I have to take it back and put it after.
What can I do to make my battery work? This is the second i buy, from two different websites, the modele number is strickly the same.
Thanks in advance, sorry for my bad english (french is my mother tongue)

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My battery is currently saying 'consider replacing your battery' as it doesnt hold a charge completely. Had the laptop just over 2 years so I guess a replacement battery is needed.

Problem is I cant seem to find one compatible, or I am doing something wrong?
The first one i bought, the website clearly indicated it was for my laptop model, however when I connected it up the orange battery light would flash and the laptop wouldnt switch on. I charged it overnight, and same thing.

The second one I bought, again website clearly indicated it was for my laptop model, and again did the same as above.
Is there something I should be doing that I haven't done or have I just been unlucky with the batteries I have bought?
Laptop batteries aren't easy to return 'cos of Royal Mail restrictions so any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite L775-13D - battery replacement issue

> Problem is I cant seem to find one compatible, or I am doing something wrong?
Why not? When you remove eh battery there you will find part number. All you must do is to order new one following this part number. And of course I recommend you to buy original Toshiba battery and not some cheap no name product.

By the way: follow batteries are listed as compatible

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hi, i can't update the bios of my laptop L775 psk3we because i don't have a battery, how can i update via some command line or another, the winflash ask me that there is no more security for installing the bios update. thanks

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Question: battery long life

What is the best way to make sure the battery has a longlife?The battery is unable to be taken out of the laptop.I mostly use the laptop plugged in as I need it on for about 12 hours. Sometimes I need to use it on the go without being plugged in.Should I let the battery run down to a certain percent before I charge it up or doesnt it matter.I have an Acer Extensa 2508.  

Answer:battery long life

With the battery builtin, there isn't much you can do. I wouldn't go below 10% just because of laptops that won't start after the battery goes dead.You probably wouldn't have that problem, but better safe than sorry.When you use it plugged in for a long time (months) it wouldn't hurt to occasionly discharge and recharge.

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Does Acer Laptops are good in terms of Battery Life?

Answer:which is the best laptop with long battery life

This from a Which? report for an asspire 5336
Battery Life
Sadly, battery life is poor. In our tests, the 4400mAh cells only managed two and a half hours of video playback from the hard drive or web browsing before they needed recharging.
...and for a 5553
Battery life
It's not such a great laptop for use on the move, for the simple reason that battery life is awful. Expect just two and a half hours of video playback and only just over two hours of web browsing using wi-fi.

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does anybody know or have laptops with very very very very long battery life that would last way more than 3 hours?

Answer:Laptops with long battery life

I don't have one, but you will be looking at 'netbooks' or laptops with slow processors and small screens. Usually 15.4'' or smaller. Keep in mind the faster the processor and the larger the screen equates to most power consumption, lessening the battery life.

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Answer:i wonder how long the battery life is on the acer ...

The only real answer we can give is that your computer's battery life may vary depending on product specifications, computer settings, and applications or features launched. All batteries' maximum capacity will diminish with time and use. Here are a couple articles we created regarding batteries that might help:
How do I conserve battery power on my notebook?
How do I calibrate my battery?

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I wanted to how to avoid this battery damage. This is my second experience with this issue. One was with my first laptop Toshiba bought in US, which when using in EU and charging it with the same charger + adapter, the battery life decreased significantly. The battery would only last 20-30min or so. Where as before it was about 1h to 2hrs. The second one is with my current Macbook also bought in US and now using in EU. Same thing. I just changed the removable adapter on the charger and again full charge only gives me about 1h or so where before it would be 2-3hrs. Any ideas how to resolve this problem?


Answer:Battery life decreases after charging in EU using US charger.

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I've turned off Wi Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, a few apps & it's still the same - took it off charge this morning at 5.30 & was down to 12 % battery by 4pm. I only used mobile data for about 5 minutes today - no calls or anything ! Is there something I'm missing or do I have a bad phone or battery ? Please help !

Answer:Had the new Lumia 550 a week now, battery life is so bad I'm charging it twice a day !

Check for updates... You should have some hotfixes waiting.

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I recently purchased a new battery for my laptop. Its charging upto 92/93% and then the battery icon shows that 93 % available, plugged in, not charging like this..

so.. I have tried charging it for a very long hour to see if it exceeds 93%, but that didn't work. There is no such power plan option in my laptop which limits the charging percentage.
Note that this was the same issue with my first battery. And after using it for a while, it automatically started charging to 100%.
So, should I be worried?

Second question, I keep my laptop on for most of the time. So how should I discharge and recharge it while using it? Or should I just keep it plugged in for 24*7 since it doesn't charge beyond 93%? What should I do?(Note that my battery is hardwired, its inside the laptop, removing it requires disassembling the laptop)

Third question, My laptop battery wear level keeps changing(I checked it using almost all the softwares like HWinfo, HWmonitor). When I bought it, it was 1 %, then it went to 7%, after next reboot, it was 5%, and now its 9%)

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can someone recommend a very long life batter for toshiba satellite pro A60 . and the cost please. thanks!

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Hi -- I got my U410 Ultrabook today and thus far have been extremely happy.  The internet isn't spotty, the touchpad and keyboard work great, and it looks beautiful.  The only concern I have is the battery life.  Lenovo advertises 8 hours but I expected five or six realistcally.   I started mine up right off the bat and it was at around 80%.  I did some hardcore downloading and was using it constantly and it died in maybe 2.5 hours (to be generous).  I'm charging it right now and am hoping to get a better result off a full battery. What's everyone else's actual batery life experience?  What are you usually averaging from a full battery?  I figure if I turn down the brightness a lot and don't download a lot I can probably max out the performance. Honestly I'd be happy with five hours on a full charge.  

Answer:How long of battery life can you actually get on your U410/U300?

Got mine 2 days ago from the Microsoft Store online (free xbox 360 student deal).I'm getting around 2.5 hours on a full charge as well. Someone else said that the battery life improved after the first week to around 5.5 hours in this thread:

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I'm looking for an inexpensive commercial system with an extra-long battery life. I don't really care about the processor speed. 100 MHz is fine. It just needs to support a minimal Linux installation, a few usb ports and ethernet.

Any ideas?


Answer:System with long (>12 hours) battery life?

I don't think its possible to do. Panasonic are preparing one, but it hasn't been released yet.

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When I check the bettery life it does not show the remaining time for the bettery operation

Answer:how to know how long battery life remaining in Spectre 360 c...

As we have properly understood your issue you are facing issue in battery chekc up: Make sure you have the latest drivers. Especially graphics driver and BIOS. To do this, make sure Windows Update is fresh, and check HPSA for BIOS updates.Screen brightness has the single biggest impact on battery life. Of course, this is all about personal preference, but a couple clicks down on brightness will often help battery a lot, and might even be a bit more comfortable if you?re using for a long time.The apps you?re using can make a big difference. Playing video with the optimized Xbox Video app will give better battery life than other players. Internet Explorer gives better battery life than Chrome. Always helpful to close things you aren?t using. Things like ads loading on webpages in the background can mess with battery life.nitin singh guleria 

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i buyed dell i5 3443 just 3 days ago and it has just 2 hours battery life and doesn't charge up to 100% it charges only upto 97% .
it has a problem that when the battery life becomes 61%  it goes down to 7% in a second and shutdown the laptop........................... i have warranty but i am in mountain area in nepal please help me with it...

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This is my statistics from lenovo settings regarding my battery. I would be glad if I can get your opinion regarding whether this is normal or not. Whether it is going down too fast. Remaining Capacity: 39.75 WhFull Charge Capacity: 42.19 WhCycle Count: 30Manufacturer Name: LGCManufacture Date: 8/19/2015First Use Date: 9/18/2015Design Capacity: 50.22 Wh Do you think that my battery is degrading a bit too fast considering it has only seen light amount of charge cycles and it has only been one year? I am surprised that the full charge capacity is now only approximately 42.19/50.22 which is only 84% of total design capacity. Is this somewhat normal in terms of battery degredation? I have an old thinkpad T510 where according to its power manager it still has like 90% charge capacity of the designed. Maybe it is because in the old power manager it had the charge threshold and the new thinkpad x1 with windows 8/10 did not. Fortunately there was an update which allowed for Charging Threshold so that should help increase the battery longevity....but alas it came too late haha... 

Answer:Battery Life Charging Capacity on Thinkpad X1 Carb...

User88888888 wrote:
This is my statistics from lenovo settings regarding my battery. I would be glad if I can get your opinion regarding whether this is normal or not. Whether it is going down too fast. 

That does seem a bit fast. Below are the stats from a 2nd gen X1 Carbon with an older battery and higher cycle count.
That said, battery deterioration depends on many factors like temperature, recharging protocol, manufacturer, etc. It can vary from battery to battery. This is like how brake and tire wear can differ based on automobile driving habits.
As far as I know Lenovo considers a battery to be defective if the Full Charge Capacity becomes less than 80% of Design Capacity in the first year. Seeing as your battery is close to that threshold I'd contact Lenovo to see how flexible they are. Also ask if they've seen significant differences in premature battery wear between LGC and SMP batteries. 

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I leave my phone charging for 8 hours but when I come back it is drained already though I left it charging. It's been like this since last month. What am I suppose to do?

Answer:My Nokia 1320 is charging but my battery life is not increasing.

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question I leave my phone charging for 8 hours but when I come back it is drained already though I left it charging. It's been like this since last month. What am I suppose to do? common sense dude!! go to a nokia service store\ microsoft store and get things sorted. OR spend a few bucks and buy a fresh battery as it seems yours is finished.

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Hello , I got a lenovo flex 14 last september so it's very new.The battery lasts only 2 hours 45 when charged  fully.  I find it too short considering the computer is new and the battery is supposed to last between 5 to 8 hours on a lenovo flex 14.I am very average user. i am listening to music, typing word document, searching on the internet.. I have already checked in task manager and no application seems to be running and "" eating" the battery. Do you have a similar issue to mine?Thank you for your help. I am wondering if my battery is defective...

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Latutude 5x80 spec sheet mention 68 WHr Long Life Cycle Polymer (Summer 2017) as one of battery options.
What is exactly Long Life here? What differentiate this battery from other 68 WHr Polymer battery?
Link to spec .pdf :

Answer:Long Life Cycle Polymer battery option

The biggest trade-off is that the long life cycle batteries take longer to charge - they cannot be express charged.
This is what reduces stress on the battery and prolongs its lifespan.

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I've been looking around for laptops with longer battery life.

Other than the eee 1000h, which has roughly 6 hours, the cheapest laptop I can find over 5 is the Thinkpad X series, which is on "sale" for around $1100 on their site.

Does anyone know of a laptop that is both cheap and has long battery life?

Answer:Laptop with long battery life that isn't outrageously expensive

If you don't mind going second hand you can find a Toshiba Portege R100 or R200 for $500-600 on ebay. With the secondary battery you're looking at around 6 hours of battery life.

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Hello, can you suggest me a laptop from Ideapad series only! 13.3 - 14 inch IPS screen.With battery life 5 hours and higher.. I need a thin light laptop max 1.7kg! for watching movies and some web surfing..  Thank you!

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Does anyone sell these?Thank You.

Answer:Ideapad Z575 Long Life Battery - 9Cell? 12 Cell?

hi archlab7,
Upon checking  the lenovo spare parts website ( and other battery merchants via google search, they don't seem to carry the 9cell / 12cell high capacity battery for the Lenovo Z575. This is most likely due to the fact that although higher battery cells will fit and be 100% compatible, they are much larger in size and the battery may lift or stick out at the back of the laptop as the battery compartment is designed only for a 6-cell 4400mAh.
Best regards,

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Im uninstalling the uneeded program because i will take laptop tomorrow for journey tomorrow to WeyMouth. I need my laptop will work for like 2 hours before 10% of battery flat.

Also i will install 2 games to play on my lappy.

I think stating HJT will helps you to find a uneeded programs for me to remove.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 21:27:16, on 29/07/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16473)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccProxy.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\ALUSchedulerSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Belkin\F5D7051\WLService.exe
C:\Program Files\Belkin\F5D7051\WLanCfgG.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\DJSNETCN.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\VS7DEBUG\MDM.EXE
C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\NAV\navapsvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\NAV\IWP\NPFMntor.exe
C:\windows\system32\sv... Read more

Answer:Decreasing Procossing Item Will Increase Battery Long Life?

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A while back, we discovered the battery maintenance error, where the "stop charging at 90%" feature would cause the battery to only charge partially to like 50% but read that it was fully charged, and then it would turn off early. This was the thread. I know it's a BIOS issue, and I will update eventually, but the partial charge happened to me again, and it got me thinking: Do I really need the Power Manager? I use the Power Manager to configure Turbo Boost clock speed and all that, and I suppose the Turbo+ button does crank up the fan, but I can use TPFancontrol to manually control the fan, and I found that Windows power settings by itself allows me to set the clock speed however I want, using a percentage. Setting all the numbers at 45% parks the clockspeed at 1.2GHz, a good compromise for battery life and performance. The best Power Manager can do is to cycle between 700Mhz all the way up to 2.7Ghz, which throws battery life out the window. So, will I lose anything by just uninstalling Power Manager?

Answer:Life without Lenovo Power Manager: Any thoughts? [battery issue, charging error]

Technically the answer is no, Power Manager is optional.  However, it is a good option for Windows 7 users. It does expose more power management to the user than the power settings under Control panel. Until they release the Windows 8 version and I run it for a few weeks, I won't know what to say about that environment.  

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Hello everyone i made some tests with my lenovo and found out that battery needs 5 hours to charge fully, is there any way to fix battery charging time ?  i was going to make gauge reset but as i read in some threads  its not recommended to do it as it might damage motherboard, so is there any other solution to fix this issue? P.S i am running my laptop on windows 10  and i am facing another problem which is telling me the wrong time of charging time. right now my battery is 36% and it tells me that in 3 minutes it will be fully charged which is incorrect.

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I had this 3 months whit this phone and is frustrating that's not working anymore

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Dear All,I have Lenovo Thinkpad T460S purchased almost a year ago. Today I suddenly faced problem in charging battery. Charger is plugged in and battery icon is showing "plugged in, charging" but actually it is charging very slowly. Normally battery is charged in one hour or so but today it took more than one hours to reach only 24% or so. Furthermore, soon after plugging in, battery icon shows "filling in process" for few seconds then stopped i.e no filling in process. Furthermore, after whole night charging, battery is now 94% charged, battery 2: 100% charged, fully charged; battery 1: 0% charged, not charging (please attached images).Please guide how to get rid of this problem?Thanking in advance. Shahid

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Battery power only lasts 1 hour tops. Is this normal, laptop only 2 years old.

Answer:Satellite M50-164 and Battery life

For me it is normal. With my old Satellite M70-159 I can also work about one hour on battery power supply.

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This may be a stupid question but I have a Satellite L40-139 laptop and the battery only lasts for just under the hour, is this correct.
In the power plan I have selected Power saver. I used to have another mobile system and it could last 2-3hrs. Any responses would be great.

Answer:Question about battery life of Satellite L40-139

The notebook uses Vista. Am I right?
Well, I don?t wonder that you can run the notebook only for about one hour.
Vista needs more resources as an early OS. Furthermore there are some Vista bugs which have a bad influence on the battery performance!
You can search in the internet for the Vista and battery issue on notebooks and you will find many information.
The same notebook with XP runs two times longer on battery as with Vista.

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Hi all!

Description of R630-145 says that it`s battery can be active for more than 8 hours. But battery in my notebook (i bought it 30.12.10) works for 4 hours in most economic regime and discharge even when R630-145 turned off.

Is this battery defective and i should go to service center with request to change it?

Answer:Satellite R630-145 - Low battery life


> But battery in my notebook (i bought it 30.12.10) works for 4 hours in most economic regime

try this:

Unplug the computer from the AC adapter and turn it on. Let the computer run under battery power until the computer turns off, indicating that the battery is fully discharged.
Remove the battery pack.
Using a soft cloth, wipe off the battery packs connectors and the AC adapters connectors.
Re-insert the battery pack.
Plug the computer into the AC adapter
With the PC turned off, let the battery charge full
Unplug the AC adapter.
Remove the battery.
Wait 30 seconds and re-insert the battery.
Plug the AC adapter back in.
Let the battery recharge until the battery icon displays 100%.

> and discharge even when R630-145 turned off.

Mine is also discharges even if the laptop off. it's nothing strange

> Is this battery defective and i should go to service center with request to change it?

if above mentioned don't help you, you may contact the service center.

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Does anyone have any experience of excess battery drainage due to a problem with Windows XP Home ?

Answer:Satellite L20: battery life question

Hi Griff

Do you have a problem with the batter?
Can you please explain the problem detailed?

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Hello everyone!

I have a new Satellite L755-18E i5 buyed on 5th september. 3 days ago...!

My laptop is very nice....but i can work 2 hours with te battery full-charged. Medium brightness and working with wifi.

I?ve read that should work around 3,5 - 4 hours. 2 hours seems poor for me. Is the third complete charging, from 100% to 3%.

Is this normal or should i change my laptop??

Sorry for my english...

Thanks so mach to you all for any ansewer

Answer:Satellite L755-18E life battery

> I?ve read that should work around 3,5 - 4 hours. 2 hours seems poor for me. Is the third complete charging, from 100% to 3%.

Battery working time demands on the notebook usage. So if you run high performance games or other software and use a lot of hardware performance then the battery would discharge much faster!

If you want to extend the battery working time, then you should check and change the settings in windows power management

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I have a Satellite P100-160. The battery life is only 2 hours. I thought it would be more. Does anyone else?s battery give them the same life or more?

Answer:Battery Life on Satellite P100

Sorry but I really do not understand you. 2 hours for this ?big? notebook is for me fantastic battery running time. As you know battery running time depends on notebook usage.

If you want to have longer battery running time reduce power consumption in power saver management (display brightness, CPU activity) or simply use already created power profiles.

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I've bought this m/c secondhand (production date 8th Feb 2005) and wondering if I should invest in a replacement battery. After a full charge it shows a duration of about 1hr 20min but this decreases very quickly with use and don't think I get more than an hour operation out of it.

The battery is an 8 cell Li-ion 14.8V 4300 mAh

Should/can I expect something better?

Answer:Battery Life on one charge Satellite Pro A60


I think it?s not easy to say how long the notebook should runs only with a battery.
The battery working time depends on the notebook usage. You know, it depends on the applications and devices which run on the notebook. Heavy software like games or videos needs more graphic performance as the Office software. If the drive or HDD spins all the time so the battery performance will also decreases much faster.

But you could also try to buy a battery witch better performance. On the Toshiba page I have found a battery for Satellite Pro A60 and it?s a Battery Pack Li-Ion, 9 cell, 4500mAh. As you can see this battery supports 9 cell and 4500mAh and should be better as your first old battery.

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I have checked the spec of this notebook but cant find the average running time on a full battery.
Although this would depend on usage, but, what about general use? Say, surfing the web, emailing or word processing?

Does anyone know this information? Or suggest what it might be?

If so, pls reply. Many thanks!


Answer:Satellite Pro L300-128 and Battery Life

I've got one, and I'd say that on "full power" (i.e. constant use, web surfing for example) you're looking at an hour and a half. You can improve this by using the Toshiba Power Manager function to shut down the CPU, hard disk and screen during periods of inactivity, but if you're constantly using it then 90min is about your lot.

Looking on the net, this seems par for the course - although this is with the standard 7-cell (I think!) battery; I believe you can buy a high-capacity 9-cell version.

Hope this helps.

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Hi All,

I've had my new notebook for 2 months now and overall I'm satisfied, the only 2 points of clarifications I need for help help are the below:

1) When I fully charge the battery and then click on the battery icon on the bottom right the battery life remaining is 1 and half hours....!
I thought the average standard was 3 hours? Does it mean my battery is faulty? If anybody else has the A300-1MC what is your barrey life?

2) When I start up the unit it takes around 1min and a half...I have uninstalled all startup applications and disabled un-needed applications in the device manager, is there anything else I can do to speed up the start up?

Any help & suggestions would be appreciated.


Answer:Satellite A300-1MC and Battery life

Hi, I have a P300D-13j
I have/had the same problems like yours - especially about the loading time - initially it was about 1:30 - 2 mins. What fixed it was a fresh install of the OS and manually install of all drivers and utilities.
The second problem with the battery - unsolved. I have and other problem with the display so i took it to the service - they changed the battery with a new one. The problem with the display is still the same and the battery life is about 1 hour and 20 mins.

Previous I had a one non-Toshiba notebook with 17'', 2.5GHz CPU (Intel Core 2 DUo), 3GB RAM and so on, the battery life was about 2:00 - 2:10.

P.S. the times that i write are based on the indexes of the battery indicator of the windows when i do something on the PC.
P.S. 2. Search the net, there are some programs that check the battery. Try some of them but my opinion is that a 15.4'' display (like yours) should hold for about 2:00 - 2:30 at least.
Hope I helped in some way. Have a nice day.

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I have recently aquired an L20 and am amazed at the incredibily short battery life of between 60 and 90 minutes which means nearly always being connected to the mains and thereby defeating the laptop's portability. Is it possible to upgrade to a longer life battery?

Answer:Satellite L20 - Short Battery Life


Well, t would be very interesting to now how old is this battery?
As far as I know you can charge the battery about 500 times. Then the battery loose performance. Furthermore you should always remove the battery from the unit if the AC adapter is plugged. If the battery is plugged and you use the AC adapter too so this procedure has a bad influence to the battery performance.


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How come the satellite A660-141 has a 6 cell battery as many other toshiba models, but has a maximum life of 4h15min !!!!!! How come?

Answer:Re: Battery life of Satellite A660-141

Over 4h on Satellite A660. It is great!!!
I have older Satellite A300 and I can work on battery power supply max 2,5 hours. It is quite enough for such notebook but a little bit more time will be better of course.

How is your experience with Satellite A660? To be honest I think about exchange my machine with this new model.

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I've had my Satellite L775-119 since 2011. Recently I've noticed it will crash when I'm charging it when booted up into Windows, especially when play video online, when I disconnect the charger, the fan will slow down and act normally.

I'm thinking that Windows may need wiping and re-installing, its seems to do it when I?m trying to do too much multi tasking, any one had the same problem or can offer any advice please?

Thanks David

Answer:Satellite L775-119 crashes when charging

I?m confused about your message.
When does the notebook crash? Only when the AC adaptor is connected or also while running on battery power?

Since its not clear for me if its an software or hardware related issue, I would recommend you to test the notebook using the factory settings. I mean you should recover the notebook back to factory state using recovery disk.

Perform some tests and post some feedback.

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Hi all,
I've owned my Lumia 920 for 3 years now, purchased brand new and always looked after it. I've had no issues until yesterday, except for about 2 months ago the side-camera button stopped working to load the camera app and take photos (app tile and on-screen capture button now).
The night before last, I put my phone on charge whilst I went to sleep and when I woke up in the morning I found that the battery was showing as being in saver mode. I thought the lead had come loose so I let it charge again and confirmed it had the charge icon. When I took out the lead 30 mins later it had even less charge.
I thought the phone might just be going screwy so I did a soft reset (held volume down and power until the screen went off, and then the phone vibrated and reset). When the phone came back to life, it had 100% power.
Within 3 hours I was down to about 50% when it had just been sat on the desk, idle, next to me. I turned the phone off and on again, and the battery life was back up to about 98%.
This continued through the entire day; three times it entered battery saver, but when I reset the phone the battery life jumped back up to it's "real" value but then resumed falsely draining fast.
I thought I'd just let the phone run out of juice but I think it hangs at "5%" (false) battery and won't actually turn itself off. It was at 5% when I went to bed last night, and 8 hours later it was still at 5%. I reset it and it went back to 41% (having not been charged in just over 24 hour... Read more

Answer:Lumia 920, 3 years old, battery drains 4% / hour with no use, but resets battery life when restarted

Hi all,
I've owned my Lumia 920 for 3 years now, purchased brand new and always looked after it. I've had no issues until yesterday, except for about 2 months ago the side-camera button stopped working to load the camera app and take photos (app tile and on-screen capture button now).
The night before last, I put my phone on charge whilst I went to sleep and when I woke up in the morning I found that the battery was showing as being in saver mode. I thought the lead had come loose so I let it charge again and confirmed it had the charge icon. When I took out the lead 30 mins later it had even less charge.
I thought the phone might just be going screwy so I did a soft reset (held volume down and power until the screen went off, and then the phone vibrated and reset). When the phone came back to life, it had 100% power.
Within 3 hours I was down to about 50% when it had just been sat on the desk, idle, next to me. I turned the phone off and on again, and the battery life was back up to about 98%.
This continued through the entire day; three times it entered battery saver, but when I reset the phone the battery life jumped back up to it's "real" value but then resumed falsely draining fast.
I thought I'd just let the phone run out of juice but I think it hangs at "5%" (false) battery and won't actually turn itself off. It was at 5% when I went to bed last night, and 8 hours later it was still at 5%. I reset it and it went back to 41% (having not been charged in just over 24 hour... Read more

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So... I was trying to search that problem (many of us has troubleshooting with battery) but I think I must write that post.First: since month I have error from my Windows 7 (64bit, professional edition): Consider replacing battery, bla bla bla... Is that a problem with my drivers or witch 3 years old battery?Secondly: to that trouble i can add that yesterday my charger has broken... So today i was testing my laptop with other searching some troubles on main board. Tension was not stable until battery was fully charged. Then after 5 minutes (time needs to drop battery level under 60% from 93%) i was again not stable (+/- 1A). So I think it is problem with battery, I'm right?Last thing: is there any software to format battery for Lenovo Y530? I mean I want to try repair my battery if this is possible. I wanted to format battery from my BIOS but there is any option to do this. Is there any software which allows to format battery manually without BIOS? Or just I must upgrade BIOS? Can I get link to download new version of BIOS? Thanks for reply  Ahh I forgot...Is that important in which order I'm trying to install drivers? I bought computer with Vista later I bought Windows 7 and then was troubles with battery and others... So that is important which driver I install first (I mean: "first you must install that driver then that later this and on the end that one")?

Answer:"Consider replacing battery", broken charger and low life on battery power on IdeaPad Y530

See this thread

Ishaan Ideapad Y560(i3 330m), Hp Elitebook 8460p!(i5-2520M) Hp Pavilion n208tx(i5-4200u)If you think a post helped you, then you can give Kudos to the post by pressing the Star on the left of the post. If you think a post solved your problem, then mark it as a solution so that others having the same problem can refer to it.

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Despite the manufacturer's claim of 7 hours battery life on my Lenovo Ideapad 320S-14IKB - 81BN (S/N: MP1CHQTJ), I only get around 3-4 hours. This is with light usage, Reddit, a little bit of youtube etc. CPU usage was mostly around 0-5% the entire time. This was with the max CPU state in power settings reduced from 100% to 85%. However, I do have the screen at 100% brightness. As a different test, I tried doing (almost) nothing (apart from keeping the screen bright), and got 6 hours out of the battery. Is there a simple solution to increase this? It's only a 30 Wh battery (2 cell). Maybe in the future, a 60 Wh (4 cell?) one will come out for this model?

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Hi all

I?ve got the Satellite A210-1as , and it has a battery life of about 20 min. Lappy is a couple of months old and this week is the first time I?ve actually used it without power ...(well tried ).
Should I just tell Toshiba or is it just bad batts for these lappys..


Answer:Short battery life on Satellite A210


In my opinion you should contact Toshiba (Authorized service provider). 20 minutes is definitely not ?real? battery life time and something is wrong there. I hope you will get new battery.

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I just bought notebook.. I noticed that is battery life is only 1 hour 30 min if I charge it full well my old A205 notebook had 2 hours battery life.. tell me why is that and is there any 9 cell battery which fits A300 and makes the battery life upto 7 hours or more?

Answer:Satellite A300/U01 - short battery life

You can try updating the BIOS of your can do this in
i hope the problem get solved....if dont, need to check some things!
When you charge by first time the battery how much time did you charge it!
Nice notebook by the way!

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I want to get a long battery life...
How to improve the battery life???
I have Satellite A300-1PH.

Answer:Satellite A300-1PH - How to improve the battery life


Do you want to extend the battery working time in order to use the notebook longer with battery power?

Well, in order to extend the battery working time you should check the Vista power settings.
There you could assign some settings like display brightness etc? which would save the battery power.

For more details check this How to document:
+How to handle the power managment features of Windows Vista?+

If you want to know wow to get the most out of the battery pack then check this Toshiba FAQ:


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is it possible to show the battery life not only in percent but also in hours and minutes in the taskbar? (Windows 7 64bit)

Power Saver doesn't support Windows 7, I think. Is there any other utility which can show battery infos?

Answer:Satellite L500-14N - Is it possible to show battery life?


> battery life not only in percent
That?s a feature! ;)

On Vista and Windows 7 the battery life will only be displayed in percent. If you want it in hours and minutes too you have to install an additional tool like ?Notebook BatteryInfo?. Use Google to find this program!!!

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my daugther's satellite L735-11f battery life last only for 3 hours..
is that a problem or do i need to replace the battery or just change some settings?

Answer:Satellite L735-11f battery life last only for 3 hours

Hi Fred

3 hours is really a good value for battery working time.
Don?t think that something is wrong with the battery.
You should know that battery working time depends on the notebook usage.
The battery would discharge faster if the notebook run with higher performance.

Of course you can change some values in Win 7 power management to optimize the settings for battery mode.

Here more details:
+How to handle the power management features of Windows 7+

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I've just bought a C650D/006 notebook and was wondering what the best way to maximise the battery life is. That is, if I am using it with the AC power cable plugged in will keeping the battery pack installed the whole time result in a reduction in the battery life or does it not make a difference?


Answer:Satellite C650D-006 - How to maximize the battery life?

Hi buddy,

You can maximize the batter life if you always remove the battery if you don?t need e. g. at home where you can work with AC/DC adaptor.
Furthermore the battery should always be fully charged and only be charged if it?s empty.

By the way, I found a very interesting article for you in FAQ section:
[How to get the most out of the battery pack? |]

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Hi there,

I'd like to maximize the Toshiba battery life. I read the user's manual. Following the instructions the PC hybernates when the battery level is still 3%.I tried to change the Critical Battery Level but it doesn't allow below the 3%.

What should I do to discharge completely the battery?

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Satellite Pro C650 - Maximize the battery life


Why you want to change the battery level below 3%? In my opinion that?s useless because new lithium ion accumulator doesn?t need 0% discharge to maximize the battery life.

Just read this interesting article about useful battery tips:

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my notebook is supposed to have a battery time on 3 hours. i bought it a year ago but now it can only work for 30 minutes. should i go and complain about it where i bought it or conntact toshiba?? dose anyone know where i can by a new one?? has anyone had the same issue and knows what's best to do??
I have a satellite L10-146.
thanks for the help!!!

Answer:Satellite L10-146: Battery life decreased to 30 mins


it's normal for batteries to decrease their run time after some time of usage. But it's definitely not normal that its run time decreases from 3 hours to 30 mins in one year. So I think if you still have warranty you will get a new battery from Toshiba service.

Anyway to get a new battery (for free or not) you should contact a service partner of Toshiba.


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Hi everyone!

I've been looking for this quite a bit and all I could find are conflicting answers and some confusing instructions... :)
Even the PDF file for my U405 has some conflicting tips (is it recommended to fully discharge it or not?)

Let's say that I don't want to remove it and store it with a 40% charge in a low temperature location (?) because I also want to trust it as a UPS (power failures are common where I stay).

So, in short, what is the best way to prolong my battery life to its maximum? Should I fully discharge it once a month or only half way through? Should it never be fully charged or that's actually a good thing?

Thanks in advance for any wisdom anyone can offer on this!


Answer:Satellite U405 - What is the best way to increases battery life

The best way would be indeed to put it out of the notebook, but you already said, you won't do this.
So, I would say to fully unload the battery once in a while and load it to a maximum.

This is all I can tell you right now, but don't know how much this will increase the battery's life.

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I have a problem: my laptop works only 1hour unplugged to electricity, so my battery is dead after 55minutes working (I mean watching photos or typing in WORD). Is it normal? How long is average battery life?
My model is SATELLITE A210/1AP (4000mAh) (my laptop is new; I bought it a week ago)
Please write how long does your battery work maximum.

Answer:Satellite A210 - question about battery life

It is not easy to discuss about this theme. With the similar activity I can use my Satellite A200 about 1 hour and 15 minutes. I do not know how you use your notebook but I recommend you to use all power settings that can make the battery life a little bit longer.

Check cooling method, power profile, reduce the display brightness, and disable WLAN if you do not use it and so on.

You must also understand that Vista needs much more resources than WXP and the battery life under Vista is not the same as using WXP.

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I recently bought Satellite T230-11P. Once I took it out from the package I plugged the AC adapter and used it for a while and kept it until it fully charged. But life of the battery last for 4 or 5 hours. In the manual it says life of the battery last for 8 hours.

Please help me with this problem. Should I replace the battery with a new one or is it normal?

Answer:Satellite T230-11P - Battery life only 4 or 5 hours

The life of the battery will depend on the use that you make. It is not the same to be running applications like a wordprocessor or playing a computer game. The battery will last much less if you are making a demanding use of your laptop.
If your battery does not last long and the CPU and memory usages are low and you have the eco mode on... then you should worry and take your computer to the technical service.
I hope this helps.

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Hi everyone!

Yesterday I bought my new laptop and put it to charge straight away over night without using it.
Today, when I switched it on, within 15-20 minutes, the battery life went down to 89%.

My question is, is this normal battery life?

I have already adjust power savings, brightness etc so as not to waste the battery life.
This is my first laptop, so can somebody please advise me?


Answer:New Satellite L850-142 - battery life very short!

10% for 20 minutes is for me OK. I presume you will be able to use your notebook up to 2 hours on battery power supply. Of course it depends on power settings and way how do you use it.

Don?t worry and just continue to test your new piece of hardware.

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My laptop works for about three hours when not plugged in.

Is this normal, cos it seems low?

Many thanks

Answer:Satellite C660-1LTD - Low battery life - only 3h


3 hours are ok?I mean the battery working time depends on the notebook usage and well, it varies.
If you want to extend the battery working time, I recommend to decrease the display brightness and changing some settings in Windows 7 power option to more ?battery friendly? level.
For example the CPU, cooling modules and GPU performance can be decreased to get longer battery working time?.

Check also this:

Here you can see an configured power plant called ?power saver?? this is Battery life prioritized over performance (low power consumption).

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Hi guys,I am very happy user of Lenovo T520. I have upgraded to Intel 520 SSD disk and ram to crucial 2x4GB DDR3 and laptop is performing very well ! When I bought my T520, I bought one replacement battery- 9 cell battery(laptop came with 6-cell). I have used it about 10-30 times only and kept it always only 80% charged in cool place(actually at room temperature 22C approx). After one year of no-usage I wanted to start using this replacement battery again. I am very disappointed and confused. I have inserted my 9-cell battery with only 20 charging cycles and it has very low capacity and runtime. Please help me? What happned with my nearly 3 years old, but never used battery??? My 6 cell battery(about 200 cycles) is like new and performing very well(3 hours runtime and 95% capacity) See attached Many thanks for any useful advise

Answer:Lenovo T520 battery life with unused 9cell battery only 40%

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On windows 7 this mode on Energy management software limits the charge percentage to 60% on Z580 But the charging doesnot stop it keeps charging and discharing to keep the level stable at  60%. Does that not void the whole point of running this mode?

Answer:Optimizing battery run time and battery life Faulty setting

Welcome to the forum toxicdevil.
     The Energy Management for Win 7 is behaving normally. There is a 5% range, for when the system will initiate the charging sequence. It should begin charging when the battery gets down to 55%, and stop at 60%. If your gauge does not stop charging at 60% (Plugged In, Not Charging) you could have a problem.
      Also, I noticed in your other post, you had upgraded to Win 8.1.
EDITED: Here are the Energy Management drivers for the Z580 under Win 8.1:

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My old T42 had an option to only start recharging the battery once it fell below a specifiable threshold - like 75%, using the battery maximizer tool. This reduces the number or cycles on the battery, and extends life if you frequently unplug your computer for only a few minutes at a time. I can't seem to find the same option in the lenovo energy management application. HAs anybody else seen, or know of a way to achieve this?

first os: dos 5

Answer:s10-3 control battery recharge threshold to improve battery life?


Even though I don't own an IdeaPad, but still I'm certain such an option doesn't exist on these consumer note/netbooks, sorry.

Hope this answers your question. 

------------------------------------------------------------Maliha (I don't work for lenovo)ThinkPads:- T400[Win 7], T60[Win 7], IBM 240[Win XP]IdeaPad: U350Apple:- Macbook Air [Snow Leopard]Did someone help you today? Compliment them with a Kudos!Was your question answered today? Mark it as an Accepted Solution!   Lenovo Deutsche Community     Lenovo Comunidad en Espaņol Visit my YouTube Channel

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Anyone had this issue?

My battery indicator (Windows and also the Toshiba PM) don't show the remaining battey life in minute but only in percentage.
is it correct or there are some strage settings in power setting menu?


Answer:NB200 - Battery indicator shows only battery life in percentage

Mine does the same, thats just how it is in XP. But I believe the Vista power saver shows the remaining time.

I think you will need to download a battery utility from the Internet to display the remaining time.

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Hi There!Some Questions:1) Is the CPU of the Z510 on a socket so I could upgrade it?I saw a dissambling video, that looked like you could do that.And if one can do that: If you place a i7 on that board will the cooler be strong enough and is the battery able to keep up with the power needed from that i7?And if I'd go totally crazy and replace the i5 4200, upgrade that thing to 16gb ram and change the hard drive to an ssd: Will the battery just vaporize? SO: Is it possible to upgrade the 4cell battery installed in my z510? Thanks for your responses! Regards from Germany,Ruforion

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Hey there,
Yes you read it correctly: I have just received mine, which I purchased because of battery life and overheating and fan noise issues on the Dell XPS 13 i7 7th gen. The 8th gen was supposed to have solved all the issues the previous version was plagued with...
Well... I unboxed it, loaded all of my softwares, installed all the WIndows updates, Dell drivers, you name it. Charged it and started using it. When I unplugged the power cord, first estimate was 4hrs on the Windows battery indicator. Then I installed BatteryBar to have a more reliable estimator. Same.
Later on, I discovered a very strong and very loud fan. Unsurprisingly, the underneath was burning hot.
Got the support team on the phone, whilst I was talking with them, the fan kicked in and I even could give them a glimpse of how loud that was over the phone.
Has any of the lucky owners of the XPS 13 i7 8th gen come across similar issues? 
Sometimes, I am just baffled by the world there is between the promise and the reality....

Answer:XPS 13 8th gen i7 16GB RAM QHD+ Battery Issues 4hrs battery life tops

A brand new system may have an unusually high level of background tasks running simultaneously, such as Windows and other applications checking for and downloading updates, Windows monitoring your usage to optimize technologies such as PreFetch for your usage patterns, etc.  You might want to conduct a battery test after things have settled in a bit more.  The QHD+ display takes 2-3 hours off of the expected battery life, but you should still get 7-8 hours under normal use.  Then again, if you're heavy on WiFi and max out display brightness, you'll get less than that.  The fact that the fans are kicking on also suggests there's an unusually high level of background activity running, so check Task Manager to see if you can find out what's responsible for that.

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When I put the mouse on the batery symbol right down, appears a message: "Batery 8% available(connected and no charging)", but my ac adapter is connected.

Sometimes it charges, sometimes it doesn't. I've tried disable and enable Devices admin/bateries/Microsoft CA Adapter and Devices admin/bateries/Baterie with control method...ACPI of Microsoft. But the problem persists. When I get the batery charging it only arrives to 70-80%.

Thank you

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I have Satellite M50-A-110 / windows 10

Battery is not charging. Battery level is 0%
If I remove Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery from the Device manager it starts to charge for cca 5 seconds right after reboot.Than it stops.

It is clearly a SW problem. The solution as described on other sites is uninstalling that ACPI, removing the battery and rebooting. than it should work.

But the problem at my Laptop is, that battery is not removable!

Is there any other solution?
It has to be something software related..


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Any tips on how I can get my battery to charge. Laptop says charging and 100% full, health check says battery charged and in good health, should be as laptop only 4 months old. Taken the battery out and pressed the power button for 30 seconds, restarted, but problem remains, as soon as unplug it immediately shuts off. I think there should be a light on the front that should be illuminated and it isn't.

Do you think the battery is faulty? Would this be covered under the warranty?


Answer:Satellite C50 - battery is not charging

Notebook is only 4 months old so if there is some problem with the battery you should get new one.
You can contact nearest Toshiba service provider, explain the situation and I hope technicians will help you.
They can check board power supply and find out what the problem is. Do it.

Addresses and phone numbers you can find on

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since this morning i'm having issues with my laptop battery.

Even with the DC plugged in, the battery stay at 0% without charging and after few seconds Windows goes to sleep by itself.
I've tried to boot Windows in safe mode and the battery seems to work without DC plugged in even if at 0%.

Now i'm using the laptop without the battery and only with DC power supply.

Is there something i can do to resolve the problem?

Thank you!

Answer:Satellite L50-A-19P - Battery on 0% and not charging

Try to uninstall the ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery.
This can be found in device manager -> battery

Once the ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery driver has disappeared (uninstalled),click the “Action” menu at the top of the window and select Scan for hardware changes.

This should install the removed driver again…

But if it doesn’t fix the battery issue, keep the ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery disabled.

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I have purchased a brand new Toshiba Satellite S50-B. The first time I charged the battery I had no problems.

The second time, it doesn't charge at all.

Answer:Satellite S50-B - battery is not charging

What happen when you connect your notebook to the AC adapter?
Is the power symbol changed from battery to the AC status?

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new to this and not a technical person, please bear with me! My laptop is not charging the battery. the laptop works fine whn plugged in the mains. I also bought a another battery and still not charging. when I clik on th battery info it says unknown remaining. The orange light is constant flickering, when I take the battery out and put in bag in (did turn off the laptop first) the orange light stays on (without flickering) for about 5-10 minutes and then starts flickering again. Any idea what I can do to get my battery charged and be able to use it on battery?


Answer:Battery on Satellite Pro L20 is not charging

Hi mate,

sounds like you charging electronic is defective. You said you have already bought another battery and it won?t still charge. I can tell you it?s a technical problem on your mainboard and it would be better to contact some technician or authorized service partner because they will have to fix it.

If you need some technical help then go please on the [Toshiba website|] -> Support & Downloads -> Support Homepage -> Repairs and Servicing - Find an authorized service provider

There you can find the nearest ASP in your country. Contact them and let them check your machine.


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I just bought a new battery for my Toshiba Satellite s70-a-10c as my previous one stopped charging.

The new battery charges but won't go about 70%. Can anyone help?


Answer:Satellite S70-a-10c - new battery not charging about 70%

For some reason I can't edit my post to correct a typo and add this screenshot so I'll post it here. It has gone upto 71% now but it always says something like "1 minute till fully charged" but it won't ever be that quick.

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M50-A-110 / win10, by battery is not charging. Shows 0% - not charging
is it dead or software issue?

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i am having problems with my notebook. While off, the battery is loading. Switching to on, the battery stops from loading and the battery is getting empty after a few time.

where is the problem ?



Answer:Battery is only charging when the Satellite P10 is off


are you using the right AC adapter?
If it doesn't feed the notebook with enough power, this can happen.
Or maybe the AC adapter is not working properly.


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I've used Toshiba eco utility and battery lifecycle saving mode (power icon in tray reported it half-full and not charging).

Recently I've been forced to reinstall Windows which also removed all drivers and Toshiba software.
Now II'm having problem with battery not charging, power icon in tray reports battery at 0% and not charging even when DC main is plugged in.

I notice that laptop often turns off during boot or restart.
I guess it's because of empty battery state.
In another words I can't reactivate battery charging.

Turning off battery in BIOS and two sequential restarts don't seem to fix the problem.

Answer:Satellite L50-A-19N battery on 0% and not charging


How and what system did you reinstall?

Did you use the Toshiba image (Recovery medium DVD or USB memory) or maybe the HDD recovery? Or did you install the system using clean Microsoft Windows disk?

In case you used the clean Microsoft Windows disk; did you install all Toshiba drivers and tools from Toshiba EU driver page?

Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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I have a problem with my new M70: the battery will not charge at all, does not matter is the laptop running on AC, or completely turned off. The orange battery LED up front turns un only for 3 sec, and will turn off.
The battery remains on 2% charge, and I can not get it charged?

Also I have an older satellite laptop from Toshiba, and it is acting the same about a year ago!

Any recommendations?


Answer:Battery not charging on Satellite M70

If you have another M70 near check to see if the battery from it will recharge. If it does, your battery is dead and needs to be replaced. If it stays the same way and fails to charge, then chances are your motherboard needs to be replaced. Hope you fix this.

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I had a problem with a Toshiba Satellite M70 - 340 laptop harddisk, but everything else was working perfectly, and it was possible to run it on battery. So i sent it to a maintanance shop where they changed the hardisk and installed a new fresh copy of Windows XP. After i received it back i found that I'm not able to turn it on except when it is plugged to the electricity, and after a bit or looking around I discovered that the battery is not charging.

In addition to that, when i first plug the laptop to the electricity while it is turned off, the battery yellow/orange LED turns on only for like 3 seconds. And while it is turned on, the LED is always off, and the battery icon on the tray states that the laptop is running on AC, and does not say that battery is charging, it keeps saying 1% remaining.

I have also tried leaving it plugged to AC while it is turned off, hoping it might recharge, but i bite the dust.

So what would cause the battery not to charge if between a day and another (and just by changing the HDD and installing a new copy of windows XP) the battery stopped working?

And I was just wondering, does a BIOS update or a hardware driver fix this? I mean does a battery need some sort of driver or software to function?

Thank you

Answer:Battery of Satellite M70-340 not charging

Hello Zaher

I have Satellite M70-159 and described issue is not known to me. If you are 100% sure that this strange issue started after you get it back from the service I recommend you to talk with technicians again.

Described behavior is not definitely normal. As far as I know BIOS update or drivers have no influence on it and for me it sounds as hardware malfunction.

BTW: remove the battery, connect notebook to AC adaptor and start the notebook. When OS starts properly wait few minutes and put the battery into the notebook. Please post us what happen when you do this.

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Find 14 easy ways to prolong your laptop battery life and find more Laptop, Processers, Hard Drives, Desktop PCs, Anti Virus and User computers at a good price in

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HI all,

i have with me toshiba Satellite A300 notepad.
Bought from UAE. I just upgraded my pc to windows 7 and it seems to have effected my battery life, i guess.

Anybody has idea about hw long the battery last , i mean hours.

Now i can use it only for nearley 30 min... Some blog answered me of updateing the bios.

Is that realley the reason or is the problem of windows 7,or with my battery,experts please advise.

Many thanks,arundev vb

Answer:Re: Satellite A300 - short battery life after upgrade to Win 7


I?m not sure if the BIOS update would help you but if the new BIOS is available for you notebook series, then it?s worth to update it.

But you should also check the Win 7 power management settings.
Please check this Toshiba HowTo:

It?s about vista but Vista power management is very similar to Win 7.

There you should change the options to ?more battery friendly?.
Check this!

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Hi everyone,

I'll be grateful if anyone can help me in answering my question , How can I prolong my battery life ... I don't mean how many hours it can operate my laptop ,but I mean to last many years without change in its performance.

Some of my friends told me to remove the battery as long as I'm using the AC power, actually I heard a lot of talks about that and I really need an accurate answer.

Thank u

Answer:Satellite C660: How can I prolong notebook's battery life?


Do you use your notebook most of time on battery power supply?

95% of working time I use my notebook on AC power supply. To be honest i have never removed battery and battery running time is still almost 2 hours.
From time to time I use notebook on battery power supply. I leave notebook running until battery is almost empty. What else you want to do?

By the way: which notebook model do you have?

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Hi everyone,

I would like to seek advice. Since I have just bought this laptop, I wouldn't want my battery life shorten as fast as my old laptop. Do you all plug in the AC power when the battery is fully charged? Since I am using laptop regularly, 3hrs of battery is not enough for me. Do you all advise me to take the battery out and use AC power only? Hope to get any valuable advice here. Thanks!

Answer:Satellite A100-1011E - How to extend battery life

Hi jimmytee,
Following the available papers, bulletins and my experience, there is no need removing the battery if fully charged when working with AC plugged on. It is only recommended dis- and recharging the battery once a month, not more. You should not work with AC plugged on and removed battery!
By the way, I am struggling currently with the battery in a new unit. The battery was discharging itself very fast with the unit switched off and AC connection removed. Now the Toshiba service has changed the battery. Will see how the situation will be after few days.

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how can we increase the battery life and bettery time?

Answer:Satellite C650 - How to increase battery life time


You should charge and discharge the battery until it would be completely empty.
This should be done always and this helps to calibrate the battery and to increase the battery life time?

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Hi All,

My Satellite Pro A200 laptop is just over 1.5 years old (or young :P) and I have a huge problem with the battery - it only lasts for a total of _26 minutes_ under "high performace" mode in Vista - other power modes increase the time by only 5-7 minutes.

I have tweated the system setup to:
- run as few programs at startup;
- to use as little memory in relation to graphics (as in diabled vista themes, and "fancy" operations such as show contents of window whilst dragging).
- remain on the lowest brightness level.

The programs that do run on startup are my anti virus (F-Secure), and ATI catalyst control.

I have also cleaned the registry of any conflicts and regularly virus scan.

I have used Ubuntu on this laptop as well and the battery life is not that much better, which brings me to the conclusion that the battery is nearing its end.

I was wondering if this battery life time (26 minutes max on high performace) is normal for a laptop after only 1.5 years?* (I don't remember how long it lasted when I first bought it).

Also, I have a laptop from other manufacturer of 2 years and the charge of its battery lasts a minimum of 4 hours (on Windows XP).
Both notebooks batteries are 6 cell.

Any suggestions of how to improve my battery life?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite Pro A200 - Is 26 minutes of battery life normal?

>Satellite Pro A200 laptop is just over 1.5 years old and I have a huge problem with the battery - it only lasts for a total of 26 minutes under "high performace" mode in Vista

The battery working time depends on different factors:

If different hardware parts like CPU, GPU, HDD, ODD, display are running with highest performance then your battery working time will decrease dramatically?
Additionally if you would lose an stronger battery (9 cell or 12 cell) then you should be abele run the notebook much longer using battery power.
Furthermore the battery loses the own performance systematically and after a long time of usage you will have to replace the battery.

However, if you want you could check the Vista Power Options in order to increase the battery working time:
Here is a nice article:

How to handle the power management features of Windows Vista

But in worst case you will need a new, stronger battery?

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Hi All

I have problem that my C50t-A battery life is very short (less than two hours) and usually use laptop for reading, so how to check the actual battery life and if there is problem in my battery. The application of health monitor shows me the battery health is good, but this actually not correct since I need to charge my laptop each two hours or may be less and this very noising since sometimes not easy to get charging in any place. Is there any programm or application to check my laptop battery?

Answer:Toshiba Satellite C50t-A - battery life is very short

Download a program called HWMonitor from to view the wear level of the battery.

Lithium batteries only last about 3-4 years before needing replacement. They lose about 20%-30% capacity every year.

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My laptop doesn't show remaining battery life, only remaining %s.
Is there any solution? I didn't find nothing on the forum...

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro A200-20J not showing battery life time

This is not a problem but fact!!!

Fact is that Vista shows the rest of battery power in percent!

I?ve got a A210 with Vista OS and the battery lifetime appears is percent when I move the cursor over the battery icon in task bar.


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I updated to 8.1 and noticed that the orange battery light now blinks all the time (about 1 per second) and the battery only charges 50 - 60% range.  I have Lenovo Energy Management enabled and set to maximize battery life (power plan=balanced).  Tried running the Battery Gauge Reset - it ran for 10+ hours before I had to cancel it to use the laptop... how long does it take to run?? Any fixes? Anyone roll back to Windows 8.0 with any success?

Answer:Yoga 13 - updated to 8.1 Charges 50 - 60%, battery set to Max Battery Life

Try this: bricot wrote:I updated to 8.1 and noticed that the orange battery light now blinks all the time (about 1 per second) and the battery only charges 50 - 60% range.  I have Lenovo Energy Management enabled and set to maximize battery life (power plan=balanced).  Tried running the Battery Gauge Reset - it ran for 10+ hours before I had to cancel it to use the laptop... how long does it take to run?? Any fixes? Anyone roll back to Windows 8.0 with any success?Open the Energy Manager > click on the "menu" with three vertical lines on the upper right side > click settings and make sure conservation mode it not turned on. If that's not the issue, than you may have a battery problem and I would exchange it is possible or contact Lenovo about warrenty repair.

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