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Satellite L750-16Z - DVD ROM click sound at startup/Upgrade OS

Question: Satellite L750-16Z - DVD ROM click sound at startup/Upgrade OS

Just bought this laptop and it's a relief to have something new at last.

I was wondering if it's normal that the DVD Drive goes on before the BIOS screen comes on. It sort of makes a small click/starting sound, which I have heard in some Toshibas and not in others. From F2 the boot menu order is 1.HDD, 2.USB, 3.ODD, 4.FDD, 5.LAN.

Just also wondering what to do in terms of upgrading to Windows 7 Professional as I have a copy that I bought when Win 7 first came out, but it is not SP1, and this laptop is SP1, so I am concerned that upgrading with my version may cause me a problem.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite L750-16Z - DVD ROM click sound at startup/Upgrade OS

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite L750-16Z - DVD ROM click sound at startup/Upgrade OS

Just adding to this after looking at some other blogs. I am wondering if the (almost starting) noise at start up and dvd light briefly on the dvd drive is just the Power on Self Test Sound?

I have compared this to an A500-1GL (no noise) and an older Portege 4000 (noise), so what is the norm?

NB. The drive itself is working fine. Also, the laptop is brand new.

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Installed 10 yesterday and immediately lost my wireless connection. Solved that by rolling back Wireless Network Adapter driver in Device Manager.

Second problem - no sound from internal speaker, but Device Manager reports no problems with Sound Controller...

'My Toshiba' app reports L750 not supported for Windows 10 ???

Can anyone help to solve the sound problem please?

Answer:Satellite L750-1E5 - no sound after Windows 10 upgrade

Forgot to mention:

Upgraded from problem free Windows 7 Home edition

Checked 'FN-F8' not muted, and System tray icon not muted.

'Troubleshoot Sound Problems' detects no problems...

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I've a L750-1ME satellite.
This is a new one, I bought 2 weeks ago. Everything is fine but cd/dvd rom "clicks" in every 4-5 minutes.
Not open but click. Why? I scan with antivir, nothing...

It's a hardware failure or run something in background?


Answer:Satellite L750-1ME - CD/DVD in every 4-5 minutes click....

Does it happen only when a Disc is in the drive?

Does the drive door open if you press the button on the Drive?

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I recently bought a new Toshiba Satellite Pro L750 laptop. I plugged it into the AC power and started the laptop. The instruction said initial start up may take up to 2.5 hours however it has been over 8 hours and nothing has happened. Also the screen is not the fake black used when the screen is on, it is the 'off' black.

Please help.

Answer:Initial startup not working on new Satellite Pro L750

In my opinion you should do as follow:
Switch off the notebook and try to start it again. If the same will happen again bring it back to your local dealer and ask for replacement.

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Hi Guys,

I have Toshiba Satellite L750 just under 2 years old. It has developed an intermittent problem, upon boot up it comes up with white/grey screen and would disappear when the log in screen is ready. Some times tapping the top left of screen resolves this. Other wise I have to keep rebooting. I have checked the cable connections from screen to mother board and they seem fine.

I have also connected my laptop to an external display whilst it shows the grey screen and the external display shows up fine. The screen is not cracked either.

Please help. Thanks

Answer:Satellite L750 - Grey screen on startup

Googling around you can find many threads on different forums about similar issues and many different explanations why something like this can happen. On this virtual way it is not easy to say what can be wrong with your notebook but it is definitely hardware related issue.

In my opinion you should either continue to use your notebook until it can be possible and later when the issue becomes worse search for solution or contact nearest Toshiba service and ask for help.

Usually warranty is 2 years (depends on country) but if you have opened it on your own warranty is canceled now.

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Hello there,

After instaling new windows10 on my L750 the overall sound became to low. I allready udated the latest sound drivers, but the problem remains the same.
The smartaudio app does not open anymore " failing initiating SmartAudio. This app will be closed"
Does anyone knows how to solve this problem?


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I have Satellite L750 (PSK2YA)

Sound was working fine.

Now, I am getting no sound.

the speaker icon on windows toolbar has a red cross next to it.

If i right click that speaker icon, select playback devices, I get the feedback "No audio devices are installed"

Any help would be great thx

Answer:No sound on Satellite L750


Have you checked sound card status in device manager?
Try to reinstall sound driver.

Unfortunately I cannot search it for you because I don?t know which operating system do you use.

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Hi, guys... I am happy owner of L750 with i3-2330m CPU... as I would need some more CPU power, I would like to upgrade the current i3-2330m to i5... Would You please be so kind and advise, would it be possible to advise me on specific i5 model I can go with, as I cant find any cpu supported list on cpu model and last bios version I have just also updated to... thank You very much for Your help in advance ... king regards from Croatia...

Answer:Satellite L750-1PT - CPU Upgrade

Originally Posted by nenoxx

Hi, guys... I am happy owner of L750 with i3-2330m CPU... as I would need some more CPU power, I would like to upgrade the current i3-2330m to i5... Would You please be so kind and advise, would it be possible to advise me on specific i5 model I can go with, as I cant find any cpu supported list on cpu model and last bios version I have just also updated to... thank You very much for Your help in advance ... king regards from Croatia...


You should be able to upgrade to any socket G2 Sandy Bridge CPU that matches power draw with yours, including dual core I7. See here:

Not sure about Ivy Bridge.

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I have a Satellite L750,Windows? 7 Home Premium 64-bit,Intel? Core? i3-380M Processor,640 GB in hard disk,4,096 MB DDR3 RAM (1,066 MHz),Intel? Graphics Media Accelerator HD.

I'm sure by now you know why i want to upgrade my graphic card,everything is good except my graphic card,this is like a nightmare to me because now i can't keep on playing the games i used to,which are so many,so if an expert reads this thread,please help me.

Is there anything I can do?
Any advice or suggestion would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Is it possible to upgrade GPU on my Satellite L750?

GPU upgrade is not supported and cannot be done. Due to specific design and hardware configuration hardware upgrade is very limited.
Graphic card with more power produce more heat and that is the main problem by mobile machines. Cooling system designed for your notebook is optimized for certain graphic card.

By the way:

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I have a little problem with my computer, Toshiba Satellite L750.

Whenever I turn on the computer, the sound will only work for 4 or 5 minutes on internal speakers.

After this its cut off. But what's weird is that the gauge keeps moving, doc there has sound does not come out. For the moment, the sound works fine when I connect headphones or external speakers.

I tried a lot of solutions. I even installed Linux on another partition. Anyway the speakers will shut down after a while.

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Answer:Sound issue on Satellite L750

On this virtual way it is not easy to say why this happen. If there is no problem with headphones or external speakers somehow I think there must be some technical problem.

Maybe sound cuts off due to defective cable connection.
Tis case must be investigated so I think best solution for you is to contact nearest Toshiba service and ask for help.

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I have had this problem for a about 5 months now but I just ignored it. Now it's got so bad I can't even use my laptop.

I have a toshiba Satelite L750-22Z and whenever I play a sound or watch a youtube video the speakers on my laptop start screaming with static sounds like broken lead in an amplifier.

Before, it used to be a little sound bu recently it has started screaming and when it does that, my computer lags and I can't use the mouse any longer so I have to restart.

I need urgent help with this issue.
The same problem through headphones, I've tried changing sound cards, default formats of the speakers for nothing works.



Answer:Static sound on Satellite L750-22Z

Hello Jamie

It is very bad situation now. I really don?t know what you can do with this but what you should try is to reinstall original recovery image and test functionality with ?factory settings?.
If possible do this and post some feedback.

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I've bought this laptop a month ago with Windows 7 Home Premium x64 installed and since then i have a little problem.
I think the CPU is over-used... the usage percentaage varies from 5% to 50% or more. Today i've downloaded another gadget(All CPU metter) and the clock speed with programs like yahoo messenger,skype,mozilla(with few tabs), aimp3, utorrent and the programs from Toshiba opened is 792MHz. I have a desktop with AMD Athlon II x4 2.6 GHz , 2Gb RAM 1033 Mhz and the CPU was never used like this one wich is an i5 ... I don't get it .. where is the problem?

Sound ...
After a while, specially on youtube the clip starts but no sound ..or if i skip through the clip it stops ... or i hear some weird noises ...this happens with aimp3 and bs player too (but not so frequently)..i think this is beacuse of the CPU usage

I have problems with Adobe CS 5.5 ...slow loading ..freezes at some tasks...runs worse than on my desktop ..

Why i have this problems ??

LE: Can heating be the cause of my problem with sound??

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Answer:Re: Satellite L750-1LC - sound and CPU issues

ok..problbem with CPU myself ... there was a power plan problem :D ...but still i have problems with the sound

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Been having a lot if issues with my laptop regarding sound, the sound keeps cutting off and is easily activated by going onto sound settings and switching between playback and recording. i have insurance in place but it only covers hardware and not software which engineering seem to state it is a software issue. i was advice to buy a recovery media disc as was informed my recovery partition was corrupted and once reset back to default the problem should be fixed. just recovered laptop today from disc which i bought from Toshiba ( not a knock off ) and still having this issue.

i dont know what to do anymore as i am left with a laptop which the sound keeps cutting out on and my insurance wont cover this surely if its a software issue that is not my fault any advise would be grateful

Answer:Sound Issues on Satellite L750

It's a hardware issue ; faulty transistor that controls the speaker cut-out on the headphone jack.

If you plug and unplug a cable into the headphone jack the speakers will come back on.

Search the forum you will find many more reports of the same problem, including users who were advised they had to replace the motherboard to fix the issue.

My L750-201 developed the same problem after a year. As it was outside the warranty I bought some external speakers instead for ?10 as they're much better than the internal ones.

If anyone tells you it's a software problem they don't know what they're talking about (I'm a software engineer).

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I got an L750 recently and when I plug headphones into the jack, no sound comes through them.

It cuts off sound from the speakers so it recognises that i've plugged them in. But no audio comes through.

Answer:Satellite L750 - No sound through headphones

do you connect a headset or a sound system with speakers? Your headset is working?

try it to update the current audio driver, and look at the audio config maybe is your audio output/headset muted.

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In the last couple of weeks I bought a brand new Satellite L750-201 (PSK6ME-026004EN) from PC World in the UK which has an i3-380M 2.53Ghz with front-side bus 1,066Mhz.

Compared to my 6-year old Toshiba laptop it's lightning fast and I'm generally very happy with it, however post-purchase I was dismayed to find that the CPU is a first generation Intel and not 2nd-gen like most of the others on Sale.

The i3-380M has a Passmark CPU mark of 2337 and along with the 6GB of RAM is sufficient for my current needs, especially now I've installed Ubuntu Linux as dual boot with Windows 7.

In the future though I may wish to upgrade the processor and almost wish I had held out for an i5.

Question: What are my options for upgrading the CPU? Obviously motherboard spec comes into play there.

I'd like as much technical info as you can give me as I'm a software engineer with some hardware knowledge/experience.

Thanks in anticipation.

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Answer:Satellite L750-201 - Processor upgrade

> Question: What are my options for upgrading the CPU? Obviously motherboard spec comes into play there.

The CPU upgrade might be possible but you have to use the CPU which is supported by chipset on the motherboard.

But there would be still a question about BIOS?nobody can say if new CPU would be handled by BIOS properly and in worst case the notebook would not run stable after the CPU upgrade

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I?ve seen written in the Intel web site that my i3 -2310 can cope with 16 GB of RAM ddr3 1333mhz but on Toshiba site they say that the max ram is 8 GB so my question is:

Is it possible that my laptop can e upgraded from 8GB (currently installed) to 16 GB?

Answer:Can I upgrade my Satellite L750-11W with 16GB RAM?

RAM upgrade depends on mainboard support and not on CPU support.
Your notebook can handle with 8GB RAM only and you cannot upgrade it with 16GB.

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Hi have a Toshiba Satellite L750 with a 1366x768 screen, the GPU is a Intel HD Graphics 2000 (device id 0106).
The max resolution should be 2560x1600 according to

Yet when I try with a 1920x1080 screen it looks as if all green pixels are on max all the time.

I wrote a page about it here:

The reseller of the 1920x1080 screen says that the screen is OK.

Answer:Satellite L750 upgrade screen

The reseller of the 1920x1080 screen says that the screen is OK.

What shall I say: maybe the reseller isn’t right… could be interesting to know if another screen would work properly …

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I heard that updating the bios to 3.60 will enable to support more memory ??? So I updated it, but when I tested on the Crucial's website, it shows only 8gb max ram.

My cpu is a i3 2330m and on the intel's website 16gb ram is the max.
Can I buy a memory kit 2x8gb? Will this be compatible with my laptop?

Thanks advanced,

Answer:Max Memory upgrade for Satellite L750-1RJ

As far as I know BIOS update will not increase RAM possibility and it depends on the chipset. According notebook specification your notebook can be upgraded up to 8GB and not more than that so usage of 2x8GB memory modules will not work.

If you have one 4GB module inside just buy another one with part number PA3918U-1M4G and you will have max 8GB RAM in your machine.

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Hello, i have this laptop (Toshiba satellite L750-114 PSK1WE)


Intel i5 2410m
Ram 4 gb DDR3 1333 Mhz
Hdd Toshiba 500 gb

My question is about to upgrade the cpu, which is the max upgrade that i can find for my laptop?

Basicly i am using it usually without battery, so connected to AC with cable is how im using it.

Btw my bios is 3.60 and im in Windows 10.

Which CPU is the max upgrade for this?

Help please.

Answer:Satellite L750-114 PSK1WE CPU UPGRADE


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Hi, my L750 has been having this freeze on startup issue frequently in the pass few days (almost 2 out of 3 times), it just stopped loading just before the windows logo would show up. at first it would continue running after I moved the mouse or hit a key, but today these tricks wouldn't work.

I have to press the power button to force restart it, and it show a window repair option, which I chosen, then it freeze after the process bar disappear (hence, blank screen and nothing, no harddisk or processor light), force restart again and it boot up ok this time.

Any idea what could be the issue here?

Answer:Satellite L750 - Win7 freeze on startup screen frequently

We don?t know what are you doing with your notebook and what the OS configuration is so it is not easy to say what the problem can be.

If this issue is occurring since few days only, try to start OS in safe mode and roll back OS few days back using system restore tool.

Please test it and post some feedback.

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My OS is Win 8.1
I have such a weird sound problem. Sound disppear after 1 minute from starting up
but when i plug a headphone it works. I've updated all my drivers , changed my OS to Win 7 but the problem still exist.

Satellite L750-1V0 - (PSK2YE-0M8015GR)

Answer:Satellite L750-1V0 - sound disappears 1 min after OS start

And the same problem occurs even when you install original Windows7 64bit Home Premium that you got with your machine?
But with connected headphones/headset everything is OK?

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I have a Satellite L750/L755. I have had it for the last three years!!!

I have recently been having problems with the sound. When I switch my laptop on, I am able to play audio for about 30-40 mins and then it just switches off. I have clicked on the speaker icon and it seems like it is working ok, but there is no sound. When I play around with the playback audio, I have sound again but then it last for about another 5 mins and its gone again :/

Please help... its getting annoying now!! My work revolves around my laptop and would really appreciate any help!!!

Thanks x

Answer:Satellite L750/L755 - sound problem


I've what appears to be the same problem.

The bad news is that it hit about nine months ago, and that I've not found a fix. I've long since reckoned it to be a hardware fault. I believe the audio card on the mainboard became flakey as a consequence of stress introduced at the headphone socket.

Anyhoo, there is good news.
I've the L750D, and it has both USB & Bluetooth options available, and I use both.
Also, in my case the headphone socket itself does still work..

The problem is still a damned nuisance, but workroundable.....
The hastle of the various workarounds is more than compensated for by the happy fact that the audio you're then presented with is a vast improvement over that produced by the original laptop speakers.

Also, there's DLNA. So you can dongle-up and cast to your TV wirelessly.
Also there's HDMI for a wired option.

Your choice...!!!

All the best from NZ

One more "also" .... a USB FM transmitter is a tidy solution.

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I have an awesome and weird sound trouble: *sound play well a while then suddenly stop*.
+*Well, it stops only for integrated PC speakers*+.

My sound driver is Conexant, and I've downloaded it from [here|].
What I've tried for now to get him back:
When video/music plays:
- _stop/pause video or music after 4seconds press play again_
- _move to another application with audio (for example: if sound stoped in media player, go to youtube and ay some video.) it will work_

From [this|] driver download support I saw that for my device are 2 types of drivers. I tried both of them. --Nvidia driver didn't work for me.--

--I have updated my Conexant driver with one from [here|]--

_They came back to "life" if I plug and unplug headphones_

_underlined_ - means it works.
--stripe-- - it doesn't work

Note: I cannot send my PC to Toshiba in order to verify what problem is because I've purchased my device from Italy about 2 years ago, while I'm originally from Moldova, Republic of. So, guarantee details I cannot provide.

Note 2: I've searched almost all the web and didn't found a solution.
_The only successful results was [this|].
_ But it seems this guy have no... Read more

Answer:Sound trouble on Satellite L750-1HR (PSK2YE)

Can you please tell us more about your machine and how did all this starts?
Which OS do you use? Do you use original OS that you got with your machine or some own OS version?

I mean your machine is two years old. Since when have you noticed this sound issue?
> Well, it stops only for integrated PC speakers.
Does it mean using headphones or external speakers everything works properly?
> They came back to "life" if I plug and unplug headphones
In jack in port is placed small switch that ?detects? external device and disable internal speakers.
If I?m remembering well in Conexant audio manager you can find option to enable/disable it.
Check please all options there and test it a bit.

Maybe is this small switch a real troublemaker.

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Just started using my laptop to play DVDs and music, and experience jerking of pictures and jittering sound, music and DVDs are local but this persist whilst streaming also.

I suspect it is caused by drivers, I updated all drivers but still the problem persist. Not sure what to do, uninstall the drivers or just buy myself a mini hi-fi?

Answer:Satellite L750 Jittery sound on any playback

At first tell us please which notebook model do you have and which OS do you use?
Do you use original OS that you got with your notebook?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L70-1DR laptop with Logitech speakers.
A few months back the volume from the speakers reduced slightly.
I simply increased the main volume and that of each player (Itunes, Spotify etc) to sort it.

Then a few weeks ago the sound decreased again. First I connected my speakers to my daughter's laptop and they worked fine.

Then I ensured that the speaker levels in Speaker properties was increased to 100 and I also increased the equalizer in Windows Media Player.
This worked ok although it I was a bit concerned at why it was happening.

However yesterday the sound got even lower and while its listenable if you're sitting beside the laptop its way too low compared to what you'd reasonably expect.
The sound level when I plug in my headphones is fine.

I've been through the troubleshooting procedure and "Microsoft Fixit" no avail.
I've reinstalled the sound drivers - no change.

I've tried switching the different enhancements in speaker properties - disabling all enhancements works best but not good enough!

And I've changed exclusive mode on and off but no change there.

Can anyone out there provide any further advice? Many thanks!

Answer:Sound from external speakers too low on Satellite L750-1DR

> Satellite L70-1DR

Satellite L70-1DR is not known to me.
Is it real notebook model number?

Generally speaking, if you have any sound problems, you should firstly try to update the sound driver.
The latest should be available on Toshiba driver pages.

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I have a strange sound disconection randomly on my laptop Satellite L750-1KU.

I have read on the forum but it seems there are no one solution for this.

My question is if there is planned some solution for our problem.

PD: the serial number of my laptop is YB233977W

Answer:Strange sound disconnection on Satellite L750-1KU


I have found a thread on US forums when explain how fix the problem:
But this explanation is for other model, could someone help me to locate L4519 conector on satellite L750 ?

Thanks a lot.

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Hi all,
I am facing performance issues with my laptop. The laptop model is Satellite L750-X5317 (Part Nr:PSK2YG-0E8026). It has become very slow after running applications like Ansys and Comsol. The current configuration has only 4GB of RAM and I want to upgrade it to 8GB. As I don't know the exact part number of the RAM to buy it online, I request some help in this regard. It would also be very helpful if someone could suggest a good brand available here in Germany.

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after upgrading my Satellite L750 to Windows 8 I can't access my CD/DVD-unit anymore (error-code 19 invalid invalid or not complete registry entry). Same error occurs when I connect my USB BD-writer.

Who can help?


Answer:CD/DVD doesn't work after Win 8 upgrade on Satellite L750


Start registry (regedit in search) and remove the Upperfilters and Lowerfilters values completely from the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control Class {4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318

After that reboot the notebook

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I discovered after a windows 10 upgrade there was an X over sound icon in taskbar highlighted read no audio output device installed. This was comfirmed in device manager as not listed at all.

Answer:no sound after windows 10 upgrade on toshiba L750

me too. how do you fix it???? any body???

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I have a single HDMI cable to a new Samsung TV. The image is fine but there is no sound. The TV HDMI Cable is combined visual and audio.

I have tried Control Panel and Sound etc. but cannot find the HDMI function.

thank you

Answer:Satellite L750 - no sound on TV connected to HDMI port


You can to go to Control Panel -> Sound -> Playback tab and have to choose digital output as an default device.

This change should fix this

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Hello, please can you help me solve this problem.

Suddenly, in the last few days days the sound just cuts out if I am watching iPlayer, YouTube etc.

If I reconnect to the content the sound is fine but then a few moments later it disconnects again.
It was all working fine until now.

I am elderly so please explain simply as I am not used to technical stuff, pathetic I know but I am trying hard!

Best regards.

Answer:Satellite L750 - sound keeps cutting out every couple of minutes

Does sound cut out completely or you can hear it every few seconds?
Have you installed some updates or done anything that can be responsible for this?

Of course, on this virtual way it is not easy to say why this happen. Try to roll back OS to earlier time, just to see if the problem will persist.

Do you know how to do this?

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I'm not sure whats wrong with my speakers, but ill be watching something and the sound will just cut out, unless i plug headphone in then unplug them.

Answer:Satellite L750 - sound cut out unless plugging and unplugging headphones

I found another thread about the similar issue:

Someone said that this might be related to Microsoft update which could affect the Conexant sound driver… not quite sure about that but ensure that Windows 7 system is up to date.

Maybe you could also get an update of Conexant sound driver…

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Good Morning, i have one question
it's normal DVD reader make a sound without any DVD inside?

I'm ear every time the sound

Answer:Satellite L750/755 - DVD reader make a sound without any DVD inside

I hear this sound in every 5 minutes....


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my laptop suddenly started cutting off the sound on it's own from several days i tried everything to fix it on google but no chance,

the sound suddenly cuts off randomly and i have to log off then log in again to make it work so any help please ?

Answer:Satellite L750 suddenly started cutting off the sound

>i tried everything to fix it on google but no chance,

hmm?. I?m not quite sure what you have tried to solve this problem exactly but first of all the notebook should be test using the Toshiba factory settings.
This is simple: some 3rd party software, updates or setting changes which have been made in the past, could cause such sound problems.

I guess this issue is software released because after an system reboot the sound appeared again.

Of course, you could try also some common workarounds like new sound driver installation or you could clean the system using the freeware software like CCleaner but to me at this moment the Toshiba recovery procedure looks as the best workaround.

By the way: did you check if there is an difference using the headphones?

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I'm having troubles with the sound in my laptop since a few months. At first I thought it would go away with updating drivers, making some system restore solutions or changing to high definition audio device drivers from Win 7 yet I cannot find the solution to this problem and today is getting worse. Right now I cannot get any kind of sound from the right side whether headphones or external speakers. Also my sound goes away after 15-30 seconds of being active from the laptop speakers. I checked the forums and blogs about this problem, but still not finding a good solution to me.

My model is:

*Satellite L750-1VW*
*Code : PSK1WE-0U500ECE*

I checked on other systems the headphones and the external speakers. So my guess is the jack has the problem or I don't know. Yesterday I remember getting a windows update download and then from there my sound started to have the static on right side of the speakers and headphones.

*First problem*: No sound after 15-30 secs of being active while watching videos (vlc, wma, youtube, etc)
*Second problem* (recent): static, crackling noise, from right side of external speakers or headphones

Any solution to this?

I bought this laptop last year around May or April, cannot remember the exact month. Thank you.

Sorry my bad english.

Answer:Satellite L750 - No sound on right speaker or headphones - Static

In my opinion your options are very limited and all you have done until now is right. You can check software settings, test it with ?factory settings or use preinstalled PC diagnostic tool.
Have you used this tool? There will be checked wave sound on both speakers. If not do it.

Anyway, I don't want to speculate but somehow I think there is hardware problem and I think you should contact nearest authorized Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They use special software for hardware test and can say for sure what the problem is.
Is warranty still valid?

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I just bought a new Satellite L750-A057 laptop, and found a very stupid design issue that it is has no volume controller ! ONLY WINDOWS one, so If I'm in a middle of any full screen application, I must exit or switch to desktop to lower the volume !! and same for any other situation !!

So, any recommendation about how could I control the sound volume with function keys for example ?

Answer:No sound volume controller in Satellite L750 Series

>So, any recommendation about how could I control the sound volume with function keys for example ?
If something like this is possible it must be described in "User's manuals" document.
Have you checked it already?

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I have been searching all over the forums but nothing that works.

When I plug in my headphones, nothing happens. The sounds keeps playing music through the speakers.
My laptop doesnt "notice" that I plugged in headphones. (headphones work on other devices)

I've re-installed the drivers for sound.

In the program SmartAudio I cannot press the headphone button for any settings
Is there anything I can try or is my jackplug broken?

Please help

Answer:Satellite L750 - No sound through jack plug, only through speakers

Usually after connecting headphones notebook should detect it automatically and ?SmartAudio? (Volume Mixer) will detect it too. In place where you see graphic of your notebook it will be shown graphic of connected headphones.

There is nothing to switch between headphones and build-in speakers. It works automatically.
When you connect headphones there is small switch that helps notebook to ?recognize? if external device is connected. Theoretically it can be defective.

Since when have you this small problem with headphones?
What you can do is to visit your local dealer or PC shop and obtain small USB headphones adapter .
It can be small work around and temporary solution for you.

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After upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10, Wifi internet not working. Wifi not recognised. Seems that the driver for wifi does not work with windows 10. Any ideas please?

Answer:Satellite L750 - WLAN is not working after Windows 10 Upgrade

Dear Jolgas,

it seems like driver problem. you should installed WiFi driver for window 10.


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I upgraded to Windows 8, after a short while I found the DVD wasn't displayed in windows explorer and devices. I had seen this before on another laptop and installing the Win 8 SATA drivers seemed to cure it.

I have gone to the driver section on the Toshiba site for this model and there are none for SATA. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a fix or the Win 8 SATA drivers for this model please?


Toshiba Satellite L750-1E8 (Short Model Name = PSK1W8)

Answer:Satellite L750 - Windows 8 Upgrade - DVD Drive Missing

*Why does my CD/DVD Drive not work after upgrading to Windows 8?*

You will need to uninstall the Toshiba programs:
? TOSHIBA Recovery Media Creator
? TOSHIBA Disc Creator

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L750 1XK, my laptop is approx 18 months old now

The problem I have been having is that the sound works for a minute or two and then cuts off! I have seen ALOT of people in this forum have the same problem but I'm yet to find a thread where the problem was actually resolved.

As with most people with the same problem, I can plug in headphones and remove them and it works again briefly but then cuts out again. I have tried everything I can think of. I don't know much about laptops but I have tried to reinstall the drivers, I checked the device manager to see if there were problems in there but everything seems fine.

I then thought maybe my computer has too much on it and, removed everything and defraged etc and cleaned it up but still didnt work. Then I decided to go one step further and actually restore the laptop to factory settings, it wiped everything off and did a clean install of windows and its still doing the same thing.

I really have no idea what to do now. Is this a hardware problem, if so, will it be an expensive fix?

Answer:Satellite L750-1XK Sound problem - works for 1-2 mins then cuts off

> As with most people with the same problem, I can plug in headphones and remove them and it works again briefly but then cuts out again

Had the same issue with my other notebook equipped with an Realtek sound card and i coudl solve thsi installing the newest sound driver update from Realtek driver page.

But it seems that your Satellite L750-1XK does not support Realtek sound chip but Conexant sound chip.
Therefore the solution might not be useful for you.

However, I guess there are two possible reasons for that:
1) sound driver malfunction
2) sound chip malfunction.

In case of sound driver malfunction, I recommend you to google for Conexant SmartAudio HD driver and to test the newest available driver version. In internet I could found the Conexant SmartAudio HD Driver version for Win 7/ Win 8 / Win 8.1

In order to manually update your driver:

1. Go to Device Manager (right click on My Computer, choose Manage and then find Device Manager in the left panel)
2. Right click on the hardware device you wish to update and choose Update Driver Software
3. Choose to select the location of the new driver manually and browse to the folder where you downloaded the driver

In case of sound chip malfunction you could try to use an external USB sound card.

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Ive always noticed something strange about the sound when using the laptops speakers and while using headset.

The sound is more powerful on the left side. I checked the sound balanced and it is balanced. I mean it is set at the same amplitude for the right speaker and the left one .....

When testing the speakers with the sound software from windows (tested the speakers one at a time) the left one is more powerful than the right one and another strange thing is that when testing the right speaker that peeping sound (testing sound) is lower in amplitude for the right speaker and it isn't complete...

The sound is about 2 sec and on the right speaker this is what happens: the sound is lower and it can be heard for 1 sec and after that the rest of the sound can be heard on the left speaker (the sound is more powerful )

The sound driver is up to date

I just found out what was my problem. It was the 3d immersion option from smart audio. *I disabled it and the sound is normal now* .... but there is a question why does the 3d immersion to that ?

Answer:Satellite L750-11W - sound is more powerful on the left side - SOLUTION

> I just found out what was my problem. It was the 3d immersion option from smart audio. I disabled it and the sound is normal now

Great! Thanks for the feedback!

> but there is a question why does the 3d immersion to that ?

Smart Audio provides different settings which changes the audio properties? I mean this is kind of feature which helps you to modify the sound.

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Hello, I would like to upgrade my cpu in Toshiba Satellite L750-PSK6RE
from Intel core i3 - 370m to Intel Core i7 - 640m I think my socket is G1

I found out in cpu upgrade that the maximum similar cpu to my i3 is i7 640m

Anyone tried this upgrade before? Do you know if it will work?

Genuine Intel
Arrandale (Core i3)
Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU M 370 @ 2.40GHz
Cores: 2
Logical CPUS: 4
Total Logical CPUS: 4
Family: 6
Model: 5
Stepping: 5
Ext Family: 6
Ext Model: 37
CPU Clock: 1066 MHz
CPU Clock BY OS: 1066 MHz
CPU Clock BY IC: 2392 MHz
CPU Clock Measure: 2393 MHz
Mark TSC: 1676
Mark SYS Clock: 0
L1 Data: 32 KB
L1 Instr: 32 KB
L2 Cache: 256 KB
L3 Cache: 3072 KB
L1 Assoc: 8-way
L2 Assoc: 8-way
L3 Assoc: 12-way
L1 Cacheline: 64 bytes
L2 Cacheline: 64 bytes
L3 Cacheline: 64 bytes
SSE Size: 128 bits (non-authoritative)
Board Vendor: Intel Corp.
Board Version: Base Board Version
Board Name: Base Board Product Name
Board Asset Tag: Base Board Asset Tag
Bios Vendor: INSYDE
Bios Version: 2.30
Bios Date: 03/23/2011
Chassis Vendor: OEM Chassis Manufacturer
Chassis Version: OEM Chassis Version
Chassis Type: No Asset Tag
Chassis Asset Tag: SATELLITE L750
Product Name: SATELLITE L750
Product Version: PSK6RE... Read more

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Well, this is my second problem.

Running flash videos on my browser causes the sound of those videos to distort.
Also, sometimes I get BSOD.

I have tried disabling HW acceleration which seemed to prolong the time of getting a BSOD. Anyway, I have updated the gfx drivers to the latest version and did not get a BSOD (so far).

Though, the sound distorting problem is still there.
Deleting cache data from Flash Player on Control Panel fixes it temporarily.
Though, it comes back after watching other videos.

What?s causing this? Is this a software issue, driver issue, or the gfx card itself.
Also, I have noticed frame dropping problem while playing games on max settings.

What causing that?
Thanks a lot. I hope you can actually help me with this cause I am really frustrated.

Answer:Re: Satellite L750-A218 - distorted sound while watching flash videos


I would like to know if you noticed this issue with the system preinstalled by Toshiba (factory settings).
From the other threads which you have posted here, I know that you have changed the system from Win 732bit to 64bit version? so it would be interesting to know if this happened before changing the version.

> Also, I have noticed frame dropping problem while playing games on max settings.
Mostly this happens because of high requirements to the hardware?
Possibly the game would need stronger CPU and GPU in order to run smoothly at highest resolutions and all graphic details.

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Ok, I bought this Satellite L750/L755 Refurbished and ive had it for nearly 2 months now.

Ive been putting up with this problem so far because everything i tried originally had no effect.
So now im coming straight to the toshiba forums in hope of a solution.

Ok so like the subject line says, there is a problem during media playback. Any media. YouTube streaming, DVDs, games etc. It is hard to describe what happens more than a Stuttering/ Buzzing sound, which seems to lag for about a second and then be fine again.

However this can happen anywhere up to 10 times during a single song on YouTube. But it is not localized to sound. As the sound lags, so does the video but not to the same extent.

The video just usually stops and then cuts back in after. The sound seems to just get stuck for the second, buzzing the last sound it was playing.

Another thing i noticed was that this buzzing was accompanied every time by a huge spike in my CPU usage. sometimes to 100%. but the task mannager shows nothing using the CPU at these moments.

So now to the solution and what i have tried

While i was shopping around i noticed that -Dell- owners seemed to be having a similar problem that was being caused by a faulty driver in the Intel Rapid storage system files, but i didnt have that installed so it couldnt have been that.

I noticed that Toshiba had released new drivers to solve a problem similar to this caused by the Atheros WLAN adapter, which my laptop has. I did d... Read more

Answer:Satellite L750 - suttering lagging buzzing sound during media playback


> Another thing i noticed was that this buzzing was accompanied every time by a huge spike in my CPU usage. sometimes to 100%. but the task mannager shows nothing using the CPU at these moments.

I think this is the key? it looks like this buzzing appears due to stressed CPU.
I found an interesting thread about the similar theme about media lag

Using ?DPC Latency Checker? and ?LatencyMon? you could check what driver / service cause this.

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i have a problem with my sound card. while i play a game or watch a movie, it stops. the only way to enable the sound again is to disable and enable the speakers. my laptop model is L750-1LC and i have downloades the conexant sound driver fom the site of Toshiba.

can anyone help me with my problem please.


Answer:Satellite L750 - while playing a game or watch a movie sound card disables

The thing that I want to add here, is that the sound does not crash if I use my headphones.

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hello everybody

Since my upgrade to Windows10 32bit from Windows 7 32bit, I am unable to access the BIOS (UEFI).

I am trying to access BIOS because I want to do a clean install of Windows 10 64bit, from DVD or USB stick.

I did setting -> Update & Security -> Recovery -> Advanced Startup Restart Now -> then I clicked on Troubleshoot -> Advanced Options -> And I can't find UEFI (BIOS) settings.

When I start my computer I lost the option "press F2 or F12 key" to access the BIOS.

Thanks for your help.

My computer: Satellite L750, PSK2YA-0L0802S

Answer:Since upgrade Satellite L750 - Win7 to Win10 I lost access to the BIOS (UEFI)

OK if you are interested about that you can try with clean installation for test purposes but if there are many problems and different issues I think you should install original recovery image again and use your notebook with “factory settings” again.

Can you enter BIOS settings?

Generally speaking you can try to start installation from USB if you press F12 at start-up and choose USB as bootable device. Does it work for you?

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I have a Satellite L750 which was originally installed with Windows 7 and have recently installed Windows 10
. The PC is stating that "System Thread Exception Not Handled".

I have tried updating the display driver which did not help the problem.

Answer:Satellite L750 - Windows 10 upgrade problem - System Thread Exception Not Handled

Try to uninstall the graphic card driver from the device manager and reboot the notebook.
After the reboot, go to device manager again and choose the graphic card.
Then let Windows search for the new GPU driver.

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What is the difference between the L750-10F and the L750-12Q.


Answer:Re: Difference between Satellite L750-10F and Satellite L750-12Q

I think the only diffrence is the processor.
The L750-12Q has [i5-2450M|] and the L750-10F has [i5-2520M|].
i5-2520M is slightly better.

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Hello everybody,
I'm now digging some time arround to find a solution for my problem.

I have a "locked" Toshiba Satellite Click Mini (L9W-B) convertible.

Somehow is there now a "startup password" on it.
Im not sure if it is a BIOS/UEFI but I think so.

The prompt apears right after the Toshiba Logo.

I'm not sure what exactly has happend,
the tablet has layed quite a time arround in my wifes desk.
(And the battery was drained, obviously.)

So I have two theories.

My wife has set accidentally a password ==> (But she said she never has done something like that. And I couldn't remember to set any password...)Or somehow the passord was "enabled" by the power drop
Because on the first time after charging it has brought a message, that the cmos date&time was wrong and are now set to default, or so.
- I couldn't remember the exact words.
But I never heard of this kind of behaivior of a Notebook/PC before.

Can somebody confirm that this is a UEFI password prompt?
Is there a way to clear the bios/uefi?

(Like on Laptops/desktop you can clear it by a jumper or removing the CMOS battery.)

I'm not sure if the Click Mini has a TPM device on it. ==> This would mean the device is now garbage?

I've tried to get into the boot menu (like described for for the other Toshiba Windows Encore Tablets),

but this hasn't worked until now.

(Volume Up(+) or Volume Down(-) and power on with or without plugged AC.

I think t... Read more

Answer:Startup BIOS Password on Satellite Click Mini L9W-B


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I've had a couple of problems with camera and battery on the Click Mini and another tablet from Point of View (Holland).

It occurered that after updateding drivcers etc. upon restarting the old problems would return this was due to the Fast Startup option which is set in nthe bios, but can also be disabled from
Settings > Power Options > Change Ssettings that are currently available > Shut doen settings > Turn on fsat startup [Uncech box]

It seems some applications don't close down properly when using the Shut Down option and hibernate in the Fast start memory.

This doesn't happen if you either use the Restart option of manually switch off with a 10 second press on the manual Power Button

Answer:Windows 10 Fast Startup: Satellite Click Mini and others

A note to say that you can also find the above option via
Control panel > Hardware and sound > Power options > etc.

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I just bought and Toshiba Click 10 Hybrid computer, but after using it for some time the sound starts crackling (will post a video when it happens again). Disabling the device in the playback devices, and enabling it again fixes the problem for some time, restarting the windows also fixes it. Also, it happens in the device speakers and in the headphone jack.

The user in this review, also reports the same problem.

Does anybody knows a fix for this problem.

Answer:Satellite CLICK 10 - LX0W-C-104 sound problem

Here is the promissed video.

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Hi all.

I have a P70-A08S with which is an most pleased.
There are, however, two concerns that have been there since it came out of the box - one is a terrible keyboard which I'm dealing with.

The other is frequent irregular clicks and pops from the sound card.

It is not the speaks because it happens with headphones. It also happens if I take sound out via USB. Is there any software issue that could be causing this - ie, in the drivers.

Is the sound in this laptop on a separate card or is it on the main board?
MIDI processing, sound and video production are among the reasons I have this laptop, so this is significant to me.

Answer:Click/pop from sound card on Satellite P70-A08S

> It is not the speaks because it happens with headphones. It also happens if I take sound out via USB. Is there any software issue that could be causing this - ie, in the drivers.

To be honest I cannot imagine what clicks or sound pops you are meaning.
Fact is that windows system creates and produces different sounds depending on the system event. For example a sound would appear starting windows OS, logging off or even receiving mails, checking for viruses or other events etc?

This setting can be found and changes / disabled in control panel -> sound -> sounds tab

By the way: the sound card is part of the motherboard and I guess its Conexant sound chip.

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I have a problem with the mouse volume - everytime I tap the touch pad it is like I am clicking the mouse and its very noisey.

How do i turn it off?

Thank you

Answer:How to disable touchpad click sound on Satellite L


Usually the touchpad does not create any sounds.
I assume you have installed an USB mouse and the sound appears due to the usage of this mouse.

I have no clue what mouse software this is but I think you should check the settings inside this tool.
Otherwise you have to check the control panel -> mouse
There are some options which are available to mouse and touchpad.


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Hello everybody.
I am new in the forum and i also have to admit i do not have a clue about laptops. The problem:

I have a SATELLITE CLICK 10 LX0W-C-104 with Windows 10. Although i do not have files and the total capacity of any programs that i have downloaded as extra is very small, approximately 5 Giga, i can not download the windows updates. It appears that i do not have enough space. Can i replace the 32 Giga SSD with something of bigger capacity like 128 GB? Someone told me to use a micro-sd card but is this only for files, like documents or images? Or should i just leave the windows not updated??

Any response will be helpfull


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I have Toshiba Satellite P850- A839
Core i7
Ram 8 gb
1tb toshiba hdd
Win 7 64bit

I begin to hear faint soft click sound from laptop
Dont now where it come from
I think it is on the middle to right and slightly down
So I think it near my hdd

Sound appear only after 13min. From start up windows
And then appear every 3-10 sec.
May disappear for a while but return

My laptop performance is excellent
No freezing or hanging or other things like that

I examind hdd by alot of programs but all of them say its ok

Some people say that its normal and if it disappeared your system will be

Please let me know whats is this and how can I make it silent.

Answer:Soft click sound on my Satellite P850- A839

I also think that this sound comes from HDD but it is nothing unusual. When HDD is not in use read heads move on the side in safe position. I can imagine you can hear this soft sound when this happen.

There is no reason for panic. All I can recommend you is to create recovery disc (DVD or USB) and from time to time make data back-ups.

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I'm trying to upgrade my mini click to win10 with :

But I'm facing the "Not enough space" issue with the upgrade tool. I have 17GB free space.
I think the error is not the good one ...

Somebody tried this way to upgrade?

Best regards,

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I upgraded my Click Mini to Windows 10 as soon as I got it yesterday.

All appeared well until I restarted it and it would not boot, reporting there was a drive problem.

Eventually, after using the keylogger to unlock the drive, I reset the machine (asking it to keep my files and it has reinstalled Windows 10 but I seem to have lost the Toshiba programs that were on there.

They don't appear in the program list.

Is there a way of getting them back without reverting the unit back to Windows 8.1 in Recovery and then putting Win 10 back on.
Took hours.

Thanks for any help.

Answer:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - Lost software after Win 10 upgrade

If you have ticked the option “Keep my Files” the Windows 10 would still remove apps and settings but it keeps your personal files like pictures, mp3, movies, docs, etc.

Please check this:
Limitations on Windows 10 Upgrade

and here you would find Toshiba Windows 10 Upgrade Information

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I'm trying to upgrade my mini click to win10 with :

But I'm facing the "Not enough space" issue with the upgrade tool. I have 17GB free space.
I think the error is not the good one ...

Somebody tried this way to upgrade?

Best regards,

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Hi all,

after having downloaded and installed the latest sound driver upgrade a few days ago I discovered that I could no longer use my sound card as recording device. Now I can only choose between the notebook's integrated microphone and the line-in jack.

Does anyone know how re-enable sound card recording, please?

Answer:Satellite P200 (PSPB3E) - Sound driver upgrade disables sound card recording

I'm not sure if i was clear or not.
Actually i can no longer record sound coming directly from my sound card.

I used to do it before installing that new sound driver.
I don't have a restore point for a date preceeding the install and i also remember that the installer warned me that it would uninstall the current sound driver before installing the new one.

So i guess that uninstalling the latest driver will leave me with no sound at all.

So what should i do?
How do i recover the ability to record sound from my sound card ?

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My click mini has been fine and I've watched several programmes via blinkbox, both streamed and downloaded. Last night I was watching a programme and the sound became distorted. I tried another tablet and the sound was fine so it's obviously a problem with my click mini.

Does anybody have any ideas?

Answer:Satellite Click Mini - sound distortion when watching via Blinkbox

Maybe you should simply reinstall / update the sound driver?

But it would be interesting to know whether the sound distortion is noticeable using connected headphones.

In case the sound would appear properly using headphones, the sound issue could be related to speaker malfunction…

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Hi all

I'm new and I'd like to try to resolve some problems with my new laptop *SATELLITE A300-1MZ*(with Vista) and *its hard drive* (a Fj-simens MHZ250BH) .

I've noticed that it's very mechanical in normal usage, in fact, when I turn my computer on, I hear an obvious rattling and mechanic sound from the disk drive at various times also when there should be no drive activity.
*Particularlly each 3-5 seconds* I hear a very strange sound such as a small but very distinguible mechanic "CLACK" (this isn't refer to indexing ordefrag or load cycle count). Idem on my distro LINUX ubuntu.
However the notebook never crashs

_It's appareed from first boot and it's very noise_.
I'd like to ask if this is all normal...This is appeared independently by AC or battery power source.

I've just perform SMART software that don't find any problem but I'm very worried for this problem.
By telephone, I've just say all that to my country Toshiba's center but for them it's all right. The notebook work ok.

Besides I've found that *the hard disk* becomes *very hot* also if there are no programs or process that use it.
It starts at 29-31 and it becomes hot with normal usage (35-36 after finished boot and after 30-40 min it's temperature become more hot-42-46, after its average temperature is of 46-48- You imagine if I turn for exemple an antivirus scan or a video encoding software- It's become very hot: 50-55. (I've always try to not superate this last ... Read more

Answer:Re: Satellite A300 - noisy HDD - strange click sound while booting


I think it?s nothing wrong with your HDD.
I?ve got two notebooks and one PS3 at home.
The HDD in one of the notebooks makes similar click sound. Additionally I noticed the same sound in PS3. Since upgrade to 500GB the HDD makes the similar sound like the HDD in my notebook.
I believe it?s nothing wrong with the HDD and possibly it?s nothing serious.

> Finally i'd like to know if the battery time of 1h30mins (with balanced mode) is acceptable for a new laptop (with saving mode it's 1h40mins max).
The battery working time depends on the notebook usage.
The battery lasts a shorter time when high performance applications would be running on the notebook. Also if the display brightness is set to the highest level, the battery would discharge much faster.
So I think 1.30min is OK for the notebook. Of course you can buy a stronger battery in order to use the notebook longer with battery power.

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Hi All,

What exactly is the difference L750 and L755 . Isnt it the same thing ?

Answer:Difference between Satellite L750 and Satellite L755


There are different notebook models which are part of the Satellite L750 series and there are different notebook models which are part of the Satellite L755 series.
Each notebook model (L750-xxx or L755-xxx) is equipped with different hardware parts.
In many case the hardware specifications are very similar but there are still small differences like different CPU, LAN or WLan card?

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Hello, the Windows 7 setup can not find hard drive after replacing the hard drive.
No driver to use the disk.

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Question: L750 upgrade

I tried to upgrade to windows 10 today via the reserved download everything was going fine and the installation said there was an unexpected error and the installation would restart after a reboot. This happened several times and now it wont go past the win 10 icon splash screen and says The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an error and cannot continue the installation, reboot and reinstall windows 10.
i reboot it does the same thing in a continuous loop.

I cannot enter the bios screen or any other screen at all.
what can I do?

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I have upgraded my Satellite L30-134 from the standard 60GB HDD to a new one 120GB. After that I have the folowing problem:

1) After install XP home form recovery DVD works fine but after 2-3 weeks of normal use instantly the pc freeze and after hard reboot the OP don't start up can do anything but format the HDD. After format can't install original XP and Vista the progres bar show me that the install is compleet but after reboot nothing hapens. This problem persist wery long time. After 3-4 clean installs one after another the pc starts up and works fine about 3 weeks. What is the problem? Any idea?

2)When I install first Vista or Linux than the PC is runing fine but not in the normal parameters. Still freeze but after hard reset runs fine for about 2-3 days. When i install XP first than the PC is useles after hard reboot the only thing that I can make is to format the HDD and make a clean install.

Ps: The HDD is Original Toshiba product.

Answer:Satellite L30-134 - After HDD upgrade PC freeze and don't want to startup


That?s strange buddy but for me it sounds like that these problems are caused from the new HDD that is maybe faulty.

I think you should test the HDD using Hitachi Drive Fitness Test:
With the Drive Fitness Test you can test your HDD. Download the CD image, burn it on a CD and boot from it. Then you can the test HDD.
On the same website is a user guide if you want to know more.

Good luck and give us a feedback what happened! :)

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I bought a Toshiba L750-1RJ laptop and I would like to know what CPUs are compatible with my laptop?

Thanks advanced,

Answer:Satellite L750-1RJ - CPU compatibility


As far as I know the Satellite L750 series was equipped with different CPU units.
The supported CPUs are port of the Intel Arrandale Mobile Processor family.
The supported CPUs are:

Intel Core i7-620M
Intel Core i5-540M
Intel Core i5-520M
Intel Core i5-450M
Intel Core i3-360M
Intel Core i3-350M
Intel Core i5-430M
Intel Core i3-330M
Intel Pentium P6100
Intel Pentium P6000
Intel (988P) P4500

But note: usually CPU upgrades are not supported by any of the notebook manufacturers. So in case you want to perform such upgrade, this is always your own risk.

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Hi! I have a new Toshiba Satellite L750.
Sometimes it happens that my laptop automatically shut down with no cause and automatically restart (low temperature cpu: i know because sometimes it happens when the computer is turned on by a few minutes).

Can I do something or I have to bring the pc on the repairing center?

Thank you so much!

Answer:Satellite L750 - shut down with no cause


Please recover the notebook using the HDD recovery option or Recover disk which you can create using Toshiba Recover Disk Creator.
If the issue will still persist, get in contact with an Toshiba ASP in your country in order to check the hardware.

Good luck!

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Hi everyone thanks for reading me and sorry for my bad english

I have a this L750 for 4 years and everything was great but now i have a big problem since 3-4 months and its becoming really annoying
my computer crash randomly, i mean when i'm playing with it or surfing or watching a movie my computer shut down with a wierd sound and its all black i have to restart everything. but everytime he crash the battery need to be at 100% again so i can use it or it will shut down faster than expected also before the shut down also i noticed that before it occurs Power and Battery Leds start twinkling and my fan run faster and louder . the first time its appears i cleaned my fan and its worked really well for 2 weeks but now it became even harder to use daily my computer without 3 or 4 crashs

I hope you help me fin an answer an thank you for reading this !!!

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Hi, I'm mew to this forum so I apologise if this is posted in the wrong section.

My problem...I have a Satellite L750 ( psk1we - 0D0009EN ),
I decided to have a play about with linux and managed to completely wipe my entire hdd, including recovery partition.

What I want to know is how do I get my laptop back to the way it was when new,

I have windows7 installation disk (legit), I have already tried to reinstall windows 7 but for some reason none of the hardware worked, bluetooth, wireless, ethernet etc, even when I downloaded the drivers from toshiba they didn't seem to work, I foolishly made no backups, Is there anything I can do, Please help..

Answer:Need to recover my Satellite L750


It was a big mistake NOT to create a recover disk as described in user manual
So your last chance to set the notebook back to factory settings is this one:
Purchase the recovery disk and use it to install the factory image

Here a link to Arvato shop:

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This model suffered from a few things which lasted from when I bought the laptop in 2011 until last week:

- Constant clicking from the DVD player (This could only be disabled through the device manager).

- Excessive CPU fan use.

I recently noticed through Speccy that the CPU temperature had risen dramatically. I therefore thought the CPU vent was blocked and sprayed some compressed air into it.

I also reinstalled the operating system but this time and for the first time using a Windows 7 Retail disk and not a Toshiba Recovery disk. To my surprise the boot and shutdown speed is massively fast, the CPU temperature at idle only hovers around 40C and the laptop seems freed from what must have been some malfunctioning software or a combination of software items that created excessive CPU use. I only installed the Display Driver and went through the Intel Driver Update Utility with the Windows 7 Retail disk install. Now it would be good to have an explanation for this....

In addition, is there any way that I can extract drivers from the HDDRecovery partition which I have copied elsewhere?

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Please advise where to get the following BIOS
BIOS Version 1.70.04/19/2011
EC Version 1.60

Official Toshiba Computers in Europe site at have no such data.

I own Satellite L750-129 PSK30E-00F008RU


Answer:Re: Need BIOS for Satellite L750-129

Hello Pavel

If you cannot find this BIOS update on official Toshiba page the question is where did you find info about this BIOS update version?

Do you have some problems with your notebook? I mean is there some serious reason why do you need BIOS update?

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Hello everyone,

So i want to format my laptop( Toshiba Satellite L750) and in order to do that, I need to boot from CD, I don't how to do this..

I tried pressing F12 right after rebooting the system, F8, Delete button, and even the C key, neither of that works, i also tried the toshiba utilities software but i never could reboot from CD ?

Anyone could help me please ?
I really appreciate your replies .

Answer:Satellite L750 - Can't Reboot from CD


I?m wondering why you cannot choose the ODD as booting device?
Usually after pressing F12 you should get an boot menu on the screen.
Can you see this?

Press power button and press F12? you can press F12 several times in the row to ensure that F12 has been entered and recorded properly.
Furthermore press F2 should allow you to access the BIOS.
The F2 button should be pressed also very fast immediately after pressing the power on button.

By the way: do you try to boot from created Recovery disk?

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Hello everyone

Recently I fell asleep next to my laptop and I rolled over and my knee hit it, then it froze, restarted and now it won't boot up.

When I turn the laptop on it comes up with the Toshiba loading screen as normal but there are two options at the bottom. F2 or F12. Both of these send me to to screen where I can change my BIOS but I'm not sure what to do here, on pressing each of the loading techniques on the BIOS they all conclude in a black screen.

Can anyone help me please :)?

Answer:Satellite L750-170 is not booting

Problem is that there is no much you can do about it.
What you should do it to enter BIOS and set it to default settings. That?s all with BIOS.
Can you see listed HDD there?

When you start notebook using F12 can you see boot menu with listed bootable devices (HDD, CD/DVD, USB)?

Maybe is HDD defective?

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Hey all,

Just wondering if Satelite L750 (PSK2YA-0S402S) will support a single 8Gig RAM chip?


Answer:Satellite L750 - 8 Gig RAM Question

Good question.
Usually if there are two Ram slots it will be recommended usage of 2 x 4GB RAMs.

According notebook specification your notebook has 4GB RAM inside and one free slot for additional memory modules.
Buy compatible 4GB RAM and use max supported RAM.

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I have a new Satellite L750 that I purchased from PC World about 3 weeks old, for the last 2 weeks when I try to Shutdown it down it gets stuck displaying that its shutting down, but it will not proceed past this point and power off.

The only way I can switch it off is to hold down the on/off button.

Answer:Satellite L750 does not shutdown

I too have this problem. Please look in the device Manager. (Dont forgot turn on showing of hidden units) And look on device with name Generic IO & memory access.(in system devices) You have installed this driver?

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I have a Laptop Satellite L750-114 and I have bought a 3GB external hard disk.

The problem is that Windows only see 746MB and I can?t format the full hard disk.

What can I do?


Answer:Satellite L750-114 see only 746MB of 3GB HDD

You have to format the HDD before installing the system.
The best way to format the HDD would be the usage of external USB-to-SATA- controller (enclosure). Connect it to the 2nd computer and format the HDD using NTFS file format.

You can also boot the notebook using Gparted Live USB stick

Then you should be able to format the HDD and to create single partitions on this HDD.

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So i just bought "TOSHIBA L750-12Z

totally new laptop.
It has not installed any operating system on it.
I totally dont know where to start because its my first laptop.

When i turn it on i get :
"Intel UNDI , PXE -2.0(build083)
Copyright (C) 1997-2000 Intel Corporation for Atleros PCIE Ethernet Controller v2.0.2.3(05/18/10)
Check cable connection!
PXE-MOF:Exiting Intel PXE ROM
No bootable device - insert boot disk ad press any key"
When i put cd with original windows xp it load some drivers and give blue screen error-there is no option to install windows.
So i guess i have to install BIOS and itll go smoothly like on my normal PC.
I want ask you to help me and what should i do step by step now(and if need where get drivers and how to install them) because i want that laptop to work fine and long on windows xp same as my old PC(9years)
I hope you can help me.

Answer:Satellite L750-12Z - need your help with OS installation

Your new notebook is designed for Win7 so I recommend you to install supported Windows 7 64bit version
On Toshiba download page you will find all necessary drivers and Toshiba specific tools and utilities.
Install all stuff following this install order:

Win7 SP1
Intel Chipset SW Installation Utility
TOSHIBA Supervisor Password Utility
TOSHIBA HW Setup Utility
TOSHIBA Bulletin Board V2.1.10
Intel Management Engine Interface
Intel Display Driver
NVIDIA Display Driver
Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver
TOSHIBA Value Added Package
USB3.0 Driver
NVIDIA HD Audio Driver
Conexant Audio Driver
Intel Wireless LAN Driver
Atheros Wireless LAN Driver
Realtek Wireless LAN Driver 2.00.0013
TOSHIBA Wireless LAN Indicator 1.0.3
Synaptics Touch Pad Driver
TOSHIBA Software Modem 2.2.97(SM2297ALS05)
Conexant Modem Driver
TOSHIBA HDD Protection
Atheros Bluetooth Filter Driver Package v1.0.7
Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba v8.00.04(T)
Atheros LAN Driver
Realtek Card Reader
TOSHIBA Sleep Utility
TOSHIBA Face Recognition V3.1.8
TOSHIBA eco Utility
Intel Proset
Intel Wireless Display 2.0.29T
TOSHIBA Service Stati... Read more

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I've lost my HDD and I cant go into anything except for F2 and F12.

Please help

Answer:Satellite L750 - Can't find HDD


That means the HDD is not recognized in BIOS anymore or how to understand that the HDD is lost?!

If the HDD is not recognized anymore you have to replace it and install the OS again. Satellite L750 is pretty new notebook model so I think it?s under valid warranty and if you contact an authorized service provider you can get a new HDD for free. Just contact the guys and ask for help, they will replace the HDD for you.

Do you know where you can find nearest ASP?

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Hey guys,

I have Toshiba Satellite L750-1PP and it won't shutdown.
When I click on shutdown button, it start shutting down and then freezes, after few minutes my toshiba restarts.
I have Win7 Ultimate, and i noticed that bluetooth doesn't work...

What do you think? What should I do? Is bluetooth problem? Or will reinstall of Win7 resolve problem?

Answer:Satellite L750-1PP won't shut down

> I have Win7 Ultimate,
That means you don?t use original Toshiba preinstalled operating system but your own version. Who knows how you have installed and what have you installed on your notebook?
Who knows which applications are running in the background and which one ?blocks? shut down process.

You know, it is not easy to give proper answer to your question. In my opinion original BT software should not be the problem. Maybe some additional application is troublemaker.

If possible try to end some running processes in task manager and check if shut down is OK. Maybe you will find out what is the problem there.
> Or will reinstall of Win7 resolve problem?
Generally speaking yes, especially if you install original OS that you got with your notebook.

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How can I get my Satellite faster, actually is really low , reciently format but it doesnt work properly , is there any sugestion ?

Answer:Slow Satellite L750-1EZ


On this forum you can find many threads with similar theme. In my opinion you must optimize preinstalled operating system. Remove from the system all stuff you don't need, disable all useless applications from start-up and disable automatic windows update. This can be the first thing you can do.

Of course you can upgrade RAM to have more powerful machine.
Do you use your machine for gaming?

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I have a big problem!
My Notebook Satellite L750 makes a lot of trouble to me!
It started about 6 months ago.

Sometimes it boots sometimes it won?t!
To turn it off is not that easy because no one knows if it is in sleep mode or really off.
So I pulled the battery out and also the power supply.

Now if pressing the power on button it seems that the notebook is booting but nothing really happens.
Then I have to cut power again and wait a for about 20 minutes and then it maybe will start!

When it does not start it will not go to bios either!
Then I decided to check the harddisk.

So I build it out and hang it on a desktop PC as a secondary drive.
Then I started scans with HDtune and Crystal disk info and and... no errors were found.
Now I tried to repair windows 7 but everytime during the setup process it hangs up with BSOD 7b or F4 or or.....

Now I decided to bring it back were it was bought because it was at this point 9 months old.
After a week of waiting they told me that the repair would cost me 600?.
But it was still under warranty!!!!

They told me that the at one of the RAM slots one latch was broken and in this case toshiba would not offer warranty anymore.
First point is I just don?t know why one latch was broken?!!!

Second point is that this is not the error source!
Because there are 2 RAM?s built in with 4GB each.

When I pull the one with the broken latch out of the slot the same errors are occurring.
I think... Read more

Answer:Satellite L750 - Sometimes it boots sometimes it wont


This sounds really crazy mate.
I mean the notebook is 9 month old and the warranty is still valid.

In my opinion the described notebook behavior is not software related issue?
Therefore I see just one real option for you:
Get in contact with an authorized service provider in your country.

Here is a database with all ASPs worldwide:

Pick the one responsible for the your country and explain the whole story and issue.

I can tell you about my issue with notebook from another manufacturer.
I bought it and BSOD appeared only if the AC adaptor was connected and only if an html page has been opened... crazy!!! I could not believe that.

So asked the service for help? they checked everything and finally say said it was a mobo issue? well, replaced the part and after that it was ok.

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I now need to buy a new internal HDD for my laptop and would like to buy one which is at least 1TB. What is the maximum capacity drive that I can buy for this laptop and are there any restrictions on manufacturers/makes that I should buy? Are there any good internet sources for this?

Also I would imagine that most laptop HDDs are SATA now.

Many thanks for any advice.

Answer:Satellite L750-16Z, need new larger HDD

No one answered this in 2015. Does anyone know the answer please?

Is a 1TB SATA HDD good for my model of laptop (Satellite L750-16Z)? Can I get an even larger drive? Is SATA the right one?

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This follows up from the post "Satellite L750-16Z DVD Drive erratic behaviour".

The endless dvd drive clicks for no reason were resolved by disabling the Toshiba PC Health Monitor from startup in msconfig.

Now, if I go into Windows Media Player and play a saved .wmv file, the DVD Player will click when a .wmv file is played normally just the first time. I think this may have something to do with the settings in Windows Media Player as VLC appears OK. Any ideas?

I could try to completely uninstall the PC Health Monitor - but before doing this I noticed that my version is but the one on the Toshiba site is and there does not appear to be a to download for my model in case I wish to reinstall at a later date.

As an interim measure I have disabled the DVD drive in device manager. I am also wondering if it is possible to disable the DVD player from the BIOS? This isn?t an ideal solution, but should save the drive in the long term.

Answer:Satellite L750-16Z DVD Drive again

>This follows up from the post "Satellite L750-16Z DVD Drive erratic behaviour".
> The endless dvd drive clicks for no reason were resolved by disabling the Toshiba PC Health Monitor from startup in msconfig.

Seems you are talking about this thread:

>Now, if I go into Windows Media Player and play a saved .wmv file, the DVD Player will click when a .wmv file is played normally just the first time. I think this may have something to do with the settings in Windows Media Player as VLC appears OK. Any ideas?

Not sure about that but it could be related to WMP if this appears only using the WMP.

>I could try to completely uninstall the PC Health Monitor - but before doing this I noticed that my version is but the one on the Toshiba site is and there does not appear to be a to download for my model in case I wish to reinstall at a later date.

I assume this is the same version? however, on the Toshiba driver page you will not find older version than preinstalled on the notebook. so you will be able to download always the newest version?so don?t worry about that? you can uninstall this tool ;)

PS: DVD drive cannot be disabled in BIOS

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My laptop fell to the ground. HDD was damaged. No bootable.

I only could recover HDD recovery folder from L: (partition recovery). Did a copy of HDD recovery folder on another PC and then the HDD was completely unreadable

I do not have recovery discs.

How can I recover OS from HDDrecovery folder ? (Already bought new HDD)

Thanks for your help

Answer:Need help with recovering Satellite L750


Unfortunately you cannot start recovery image installation from folder. It works a bit different.
All you can try is to read and check if you can somehow create recovery media following the instructions described there.

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I have recently acquired a Satellite L750 laptop which has an issue where it will not power on but annoyingly it teases me by working perfectly on rare occasions to it seems to me as though there is some hope for it. When I press the power button the power LED will turn on for a second or 2 then go off again, the fan does not spin up at all and neither does the hard drive.

I first got it working by holding the escape key while pressing the power button, I was able to access the BIOS menu but I left it overnight after that. In the morning it failed to turn on again, this time it stayed powered on (i.e. fan, HDD and lights were on) but it didn't seem to POST correctly as there was no hard drive activity or anything on screen. This was fixed by relocating the only RAM module from one slot to the other, after this it was working perfectly again and I was able to use it for about 4 hours with no signs of any problems what so ever until I shut it off.

24 hours later the laptop is back to it's original problem where only the power LED will turn on for a second then the whole thing shuts off again. I have tried the escape key thing as before, relocating the ram several times, removing the CMOS battery for a few minutes but nothing works. I have removed each component one by one and tried powering on but the problem remains. I have swapped the RAM module with a known working one. The power supply appears fine even when under a 10 ohm load. There does not appear to be a... Read more

Answer:Satellite L750 will not power on

Firstly I thought it could be a memory problem since the first attempt to relocate the RAM module has helped to get the notebook back to life. But since the usage of new good working modules did not solve the problem, I think the issue is related to motherboard fault.

This is of course only my personal opinion but I think you know that only some few parts could cause such problems. It could be an faulty motherboard, CPU as well as graphic card.
Possible RAM issue has been already excluded? so probably it?s a affected motherboard?

What do you think?

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Hi guys,
Does anyone know if the Toshiba Satellite L750-1MC laptop support 5.1 speakers? I've tried to look over the internet and into the manual but I could not found any useful information.


Answer:Satellite L750-1MC and 5.1 speakers

As far as I know only notebooks with digital audio output (Audio Line out Jack S/PDIF) support 5.1 speakers system.
I think your notebook doesn?t have it.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L750 laptop. I am trying to install the Value Added Pack i downloaded from Toshiba for this laptop. However i keep getting a message "" It is not compatible with the version of windos i am running""

I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit.

Any help please.


Answer:Cannot instal VAP on my Satellite L750

Please post exact notebook model. Toshiba offers 11 different Satellite L750 models.

Which VAP version do you try to install?

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I recently bought Toshiba laptop L750.

When started it up, I had mistakenly closed windows 7 64bit.
during the recovery loading process, i decided to click on cancel button.

After 10mins or so, it didn?t do anything (seemed froze),
and then press the power button to force shut down.

When I turned it on again,
the screen showed a window saying like "loading Toshiba recovery software, please wait".
its been displaying that for over 5hrs.

I tried reboot it again with holding on the 0 button,
but when it turned on, screen went blank,
and it creates a loud BEEP noises from the laptop.

After that, I shut it down and never turn on again.

I?m just worried my action on cancelling the recovery n force shut down,
might be cause the problem.
If there?s a way to fix it, please help.

Thank you

Answer:Satellite L750 is not working

You have made big mistake and I don?t understand why you have interrupted OS installation. Now the access to recovery image is screwed up and I?m afraid you will not be able to fix this.

One more thing: after reading your posting I?m thinking you didn?t even read user?s manuals document. Have you?

Recovery image installation can be started with F8 and not zero button at start up. You can try to start it again but I doubt it will work.

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I have an Satellite L750-11W and every 4-5 min the DVD-rom clicks... I am more than sure that the DVD clicks for the simple fact that the sound is similar to the sound when closing the DVD-rom and the sound comes from the right upper corner (DVD-rom).

The HDD is in the lower left corner and it is annoying.
I don't know why it is clicking.

Answer:DVD-rom clicks on Satellite L750-11W

a question: have you installed Daemon Tools on your system?
another q: how long your battery in min?

thank you

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Does anyone know how I determine if my new Toshiba Satellite L750-03C044 supports the enhanced speed of USB 3.0?

It has three USB sockets - two on the right of the case and one on the left by itself. All three sockets are coloured black, not blue as I might possibly expect for USB 3.0 support.

All three sockets are marked with the USB trident logo. The one on the left is additionally marked with a lighting bolt log.

Can someone please advise. Many thanks.

Answer:Satellite L750 - Support for USB 3.0


I?ve checked specification and there is written that your notebook has 3 x Hi-Speed USB 2.0 ports so I?m afraid there is no support for USB 3.0.

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I recently started having problems with the sound on my laptop which is 5 months old.

It makes a crackling sound on startup and also when playing videos, it sounds like interference at times and is more noticeable at higher pitched sounds.
I have uninstalled/reinstalled the audio device and drivers but to no avail.

The sound is the same when played through TV or headphones aswell.

Does this sound like a trip to the shop where i bought it is needed as its still under warranty ?

Answer:Satellite C660-117 - crackling sound on startup

Hi buddy,

Do you use the preinstalled Windows version from Toshiba or have you installed your own version?

Generally speaking everything what you have tried is correct and the only option you still have is recover your notebook back to factory settings using Toshiba recovery disk. The disk will restore the original out of box settings with all drivers and tools so you have the same settings as you purchased the notebook.

If this still doesn?t work you must contact an authorized service provider because it looks like a hardware malfunction but it?s covered by warranty ;)

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