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Satellite L500D - SSD and RAM upgrade question

Question: Satellite L500D - SSD and RAM upgrade question


Who are you? Ttime for some upgades for this great laptop and some few questions and I will be pleased to answer to me.

1.Is there any empty space to install a second hard drive SSD?

2.If there is not can I put off the DVD hard drive and in the empry space to fit a ssd drive? I will need something like that? ----> fb4d
This is an adapter.

3.How much max memory RAM support the Satellite L500D? I have already installed 2GB and I have an extra socket and I want to install a single 4GB RAM and total 6GB RAM

Its sounds this idea good to you? Thank you very much and have a nice day

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Preferred Solution: Satellite L500D - SSD and RAM upgrade question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite L500D - SSD and RAM upgrade question


As you can see on bottom side of the notebook it doesn?t support a second HDD because there is no second HDD bay on bottom side.
The adapter that you posted is not an official one so nobody can say if it?s compatible part or not. As far as I know for Satellite notebooks there is no CD/DVD bay adapter but you can ask an authorized service provider for further details.

The maximum RAM capacity is depending on your exact notebook model. L500D was delivered with different hardware so you must post your exact notebook model number.

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Hi all, I have an L500D with board nswae and dual core AMD Athlon II m320 cpu .
I have a quad core 2.2 phenom II N970 CPU that I would like to install but I cannot find any info of wether or not the it is compatible. Is the BIOS able to run a quadcore and if so will it overheat?
All or any help appreciated

Answer:CPU upgrade for Satellite L500D

CPU upgrade is not supported and Toshiba doesn't offer any kind of support. Toshiba doesn't offer any info or BIOS update for such purposes.

If nobody here can offer any help you can try to call nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.

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I've received my Toshiba Windows 7 upgrade DVDROM today.

The upgrade process stops after checking the system saying system is not applicable for upgrade.

I was under the impression that this laptop was upgradeable to Windows 7. (purchased 2 weeks ago)

Has anyone come across this problem? Any assistance would be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite L500D - Upgrade assistant will not let me Upgrade to Windows 7

Hello Nik

Just one question: have you got two DVDs (component and upgrade DVDs) or just one?
BTW: what is exact model name (L500D-xxx)?

Satellite L500D is newest notebook model and it must be Win7 upgradable.

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Last week I deicde to reinstall windows to give the laptop a clean.
I rebort it to out of box sitting to Vista. Now i trying to upgrade to window 7 with Toshiba upgrade disc but i get "windows could not load required file the file maybe corrupt"

How can I fix??
I have use the disc once to install window 7 never got the error before
Also I have booked it in with Toshiba Mobile care (waiting for it to get sent to them)

Should I just wait for them to fix it??
Or is it easy for me to fix it?

Or could I just go out and buy window 7 upgarde and pop it in the laptop and install well it work??


Answer:Satellite L500D - Cannot upgrade from Vista to Win 7

I don't think a Win7 upgrade Disc from the store will work, you need an OEM version such as the Toshiba Win7 upgrade disc.

Send the Upgrade Disc to Mobilecare as well. They might be able to replace it if its faulty.

Have you tried cleaning the disc? A Microfiber cloth would be ideal since other materials can scratch the disc.

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I own a L500D-13C notebook equipped with a Realtek RTL8191SE PCI-E NIC wireless Fast Ethernet card. My question is simply if it is possible to replace the current card with a new one with Gigabit capabilities?

Thanks in advance.


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I can't see any expasion slot on the chassis so it appears as if there are no external way to insert a new card in this notebook. Can I get around this in some way? Do I need to buy an external USB-card?

Answer:Network card upgrade in Satellite L500D-13C

Such kind of upgrade is definitely not supported and if you are not happy with original hardware configuration I recommend you simplest way to do this. Pick up info about USB WLAN sticks and use the best solution for you.

Installation and usage is not complicated and you will not have technical or compatibility problems.

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I upgraded to windows 8 pro 64bit I'm wondering if Toshiba will update there drivers to windows 8 well all drivers are running fine apart from graphic drivers there is no win 8 driver.
Apart from the windows update it can play games but doesn't like OpenGL.. I emailed AMD about this but no reply. The graphic board is ATI Mobility HD 4500

Answer:Satellite L500D PSLT9E - Win 8 graphic card driver update question - OpenGL

The standard ATI driver shipped with Windows may not support OpenGL so try installing the Win8 AMD driver from the AMD website.

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Toshiba Satellite L500D turns on the first two light nothing there, other three light are on.
Could it be hard drive?

It was going Okay I turn it off, went to turn it on and it turns on plug in power cord that is green and the amber light is on as well but the first two lights nothing at all
fan is going DVD is working as well

Answer:Satellite L500D first two indicators are OFF

Sorry Anne but your posting is totally confusing for me. Problem description is one endless sentence and I cannot find some clear meaning there.

Are you just confused with LEDs or there is some other problem?
Maybe better problem description will help us for better understanding.

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Okay I have two questions.

On my Hard Dive there is 4 existing partitions, and I am looking to create a new one to dual boot Windows XP. I currently have Windows 7.
I can create a new one, but when I try to format it, it says there is too many existing partitions. The 4 partitions are a 1.46GB Recovery, 435GB C drive, 17.86GB, and a 10.60GB.
What are the 17GB and the 10GB ones for? Is it safe to delete them to make room?

My other question is where can I find drivers for my laptop?

Answer:Two questions about Satellite L500D-00F

I don't know where you purchased your notebook model and this partitions structure is not known to me.
Googling around I found some info and presume you have Canadian notebook model. Can you confirm this?

Anyway, Canadian download page you can find under

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I can't find any driver for XP. Are there any drivers web cam, audio, graphics etc. Can anybody help me?

Answer:Re: Satellite L500D-164 Driver for XP

> I can't find any driver for XP. Are there any drivers web cam, audio, graphics etc. Can anybody help me?

What's your short model No? On the Toshiba driver page, I can see drivers for Winxp:


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Hy Guys,

I was thinking to buy this laptop with Amd M500 processor and ati 4650 graphics when I checked the support site.
I can only see three drivers!!! Bios, Bluetooth and some other thing I don't remember. No audio, chipset, VAP etc. drivers as all other models.

Does anyone have this model and know where to find the drivers?

And something else, what do you feel about the vertical view angles of L500D ? I had for 10 days a L650 which I gave back because the view angles were disaster...I only had to incline my head down a bit and the blacks from the top of the screen changed a lot ! Now I'm on a Acer5740G which is pretty OK BUT has a nasty screen grain effect when displaying moving images (LCD inversion effect I found out).

Answer:Satellite L500D-16K - almost no drivers


You can use drivers for PSLT9E. It is the same notebook model.

I cannot help you much about vertical view angles on L500D. I don't have it.

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Yesterday I got Satellite L500D-12P, brand new with Free DOS. I'd like to install Win XP, so when I put installation CD of XP, came some blue window, something like BSOD, error screen, with some kind of information that there is no space, memory to install. Then I accidentally heard that laptops usually can't register hard disc, so I'll need USB floppy and some SATA or something like that controllers (don't know what means that!).

So, I wonder how to install Windows XP on L500D 12P?

Thankful, best regards!

Answer:Re: Can I install WXP on Satellite L500D-12P?

Before you install WXP on your new notebook check if this notebook model is WXP supported.
I mean if you cannot find WXP drivers and all important tools and utilities there is no sense to start WXP installation.

By the way: have you created recovery installation DVD?

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This is the problem:
it spins the cpu fan a little bit then it turns itself off. Still it doesn't power down the laptop until I do because 2 LEDs on the front are still on. So when the fan turns itself off I can hear a quiet sound like a high pitch squeak. This all happens with the screen turned off. So no I can't go into the BIOS.

I tried:
removing the dust from CPU fan and heatsink and reseating the processor.

I think this is the correct model of my laptop
If not, mine is the one with a Athlon X2 64 QL-67 CPU, 4GB of ram and 400GB hard drive.

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Hi, everyone!

So, it seems that a CD got stuck inside my laptop and when I mean inside, I think it's actually the part were other components like the motherboard are. So, to remove it, what's the best choice? Use the warranty (I still have one year), or in case the incident voids it, open the pc and remove it?

Also don't ask me how it ended up in there, cause I only remember of putting it on the DVD-drive and when I oppened it again (10 seconds later, since the OS wasn't detecting it) the CD wasn't there.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite L500D-118 - CD inside


Sorry but I really can?t imagine that there is a CD ?inside? your notebook. Maybe you have forgotten it to insert and so you thought it?s now inside the computer.

I believe if you insert now another disk, everything works properly. Isn?t it? ;)

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One night last week, when I logged off I had the usual Microsoft/Windows Update. Then the next day I was unable to Print, with a message stating that it doesn't recognise the USB or Driver.

I've checked that the Printer is switched on and the USB is connected -since it makes that 'guitar' sound when I insert it.
Can anyone please help?

Answer:Can't print using my Satellite L500D

Have you tried to roll back OS to earlier time using system restore tool just to see if you will be able to print again?

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My Toshiba Satellite L500D won't start.

When I start my laptop the three lights on the left light green, the two on the left are not green or red. I hear the coolingfan, no beeps at the startup. When I start the laptop with a systemdisk it's the same, nothing happens.

I contact the supportdesk and they said that it could be the harddisk, this sounds a bit strange to me because I can't start it with a systemdisk.

I hope someone can point me in the right direction


Answer:Satellite L500D won't start


Unfortunately on this virtual way it is not easy to say for sure what the problem can be.
It will be interesting to know what you have done with your notebook last days.
Have you installed some update or anything else that can be responsible for described issue?

BIOS update maybe?

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Hi, i have problem with FPS in game.

No matter which game, ill run, when i play 2-3min,i have 2-3FPS for 5 second and after this again is normal FPS 30-50.
And that so every 2-3min that low FPS is back. I think its that core have too high temperature, but i dont know how to fix it. When i shutdown my notebook, and i clear fan, all games went good 50-60FPS, but only for one day.

Any1 know how to fix it? Or only i can send it to guarantee?

Answer:FPS issue on Satellite L500D-10R

Is maybe some background running process active that can be responsible for this? Some HDD scan application or something similar? Maybe some update runs in the background.
Is your notebook laced on the desk while gaming? Are cooling grills free and not blocked somehow?

Have you tried to disable all useless background processes and switch to high performance power plan before you start the game?

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Can I run XP Pro on a L500d that is cureently running Win 7

Answer:Can I install WXP on my Satellite L500D?

Yes you can do this. I have checked Toshiba download page on and L500D is supported for WXP.

Before you install WXP create recovery DVD. One day if you want to have original OS again you can use this created discs and install Win7 again.

If you have more questions you are welcome.

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Tell me please where you can download the driver for the processor AMD Turion Dual-Core Mobile M500.

Operating System Windows 7 32bit

Answer:Satellite L500D - Driver for processor

Hi buddy,

For CPU there is no special driver on Windows 7. It?s already a part of Windows 7. You need CPU driver only on Windows XP.

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My L500D sceen overnight gained extra markings.. in vertical pattern 2cm across all the way from top to bottom there are small lines in random order 4mm long ( vertical and horizontal) they are all dark.
And they remain static.

I have noticed another similar pattern starting from bottom.
Has anyone else seen that sort of thing?

Answer:Little lines on the Satellite L500D screen

I saw something similar on friend?s old Satellite notebook. Display was defective.
Do you see these lines from the moment when the notebook is ON?

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I have a Satellite L500D when I login in the web cam app pops up and say web camera initialization failed. Please check your camera device and restart application or computer.
I press ok and the app closes down so I checked the device manager and there were no camera devices.
I downloaded the driver twice and still can`t see the driver in the device manager area.

Answer:Web cam is not recognized properly on Satellite L500D


That?s pretty strange.
Is your notebook preinstalled with original Toshiba recovery image (factory state)?

Everything is possible and it can be defective cam but best way to find it out is to install OS again using Toshiba HDD recovery installation. After doing this you will have factory state again.
With factory settings every hardware component should work properly.

Do not install any additional software. After finishing OS installation check webcam functionality to see if the same will happen again. if there is the same situation contact nearest Toshiba service and explain the situation.

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I bought this Satellite L500D several months ago and sometimes the screen goes black. It tends to happen when the charger is not plugged in, but the battery is 100% charged. The 'system indicators' (the lights that are on when the laptop is on) are light and so is the numlock key, but whatever button I push, the screen will not light up until I turn it off and on at the power button.

Apart from this, sometimes when I do have to recharge the battery, I plug in the adapter but the laptop will continue to beep or messages will pop up saying that it is plugged in but not charging. It will also take it about 30 seconds to recharge.

Any ideas??

Answer:Satellite L500D - Screen blacks out sometimes

Hi nic256,

Can you please tell us which OS you are using?

If you use the preinstalled OS from Toshiba, I think that?s a hardware problem and you need help from an authorized service provider. The technicians can check your notebook and repair it that should be covered by warranty on this new notebook.

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Really hope someone can help me. My new dog managed to chomp through the power supply to my laptop (whilst the laptop was turned off but plugged into the mains). I managed to get the laptop to start on battery power and all was ok. I have a new power suppy (official Toshiba replacement) and when I plug it inthe power light comes on and the battery light is stable orange/red but nothing happens. I have tried all the usual, remove battery type stuff but she just wont start.
I would have thought I had done something major if it wasn't for the fact that it did work fine until the battery was low.

Would really appreciate any suggestions, she is only 14 months old so I hope its not a case of the great laptop scrapyard in the sky :-(

As for the dog !?!?!

Answer:My Satellite L500D wont start


What is the Voltage and Amperage of that new Adapter? Is it the same rating as on the Base of the notebook?

What happens exactly when you press the power button?

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Hi every body...

I can not find drivers for XP AHCI SATA Toshiba Satellite L for my Satellite L500D ...
Someone can help it m?
thank you

Answer:Satellite L500D and WXP - need SATA driver

If I?m remembering well SATA driver was often offered with display driver.
Download WXP display driver from here and check if you can use SATA driver saved in SBdrv > SATA.

Please send some feedback.

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I have a similar problem with the microphone. Suddenly it turned on, resonating with the loudspeakers. When skyping this didn't work anymore. I have a SATELLITE PRO L500D-11J. What to do?

Is the microphone indeed intergrated with the webcam? How can I put of the microphone while keeping the loudspeakers on?

Answer:Satellite L500D-11J - How can I turn off the microphone?


Theoretically the microphone can be turned off in Volume settings of Windows. Therefore you have to select the input devices and disable it there? That?s all! :)

Furthermore the microphone is a part of the webcam and therefore you can update the webcam driver. Normally the microphone will be turned on if you use the webcam.

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I welcome, I have the question, or what? How to order DVD recovery for Satellite L500D-149?
Will they send me version of Win 7 HP 64 bit or only WIn 7 HP 32 bit, or can send me both versions?

Answer:Need Toshiba DVD recovery for Satellite L500D-149

If you have European notebook model you can order it under
I am pretty sure you can order DVD for HDD image > 64bit version.

Visit this page and you will see what can be ordered there.

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When i start start my Satellite L500D 164 , fan is working but Display stays black. Cant start Desktop on external screen as well.please advise.thank you

Answer:Satellite L500D-164 - black display

Hi Deborapn.thanks for the reply. The answer appear in korean letters. Can you please write in english.thank you.

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My Satellite L500D-14W was turning off occasionally and next time whenever I started my notebook was turning off with hdd click even before windows logo. I open HDD cabin, took away HDD and reinserted + reinserted RAM. Now problem is some how my LCD is turned off and it does not turned on even many times restart. I took battery and power away and pressed power button for 60s and then put power cable in and turned on computer but nothing happened.

Can any one give me hint what has happened and how can I turn LCD on.



OS: Windows 7 32 bit

Answer:Satellite L500D-14W - LCD screen turned off


Can you see something on an external screen? So you can check if the internal monitor works properly or not.

Otherwise try this:
Remove the battery and disconnect AC/DC adapter. Now wait at least for one hour or overnight and then install the battery pack and connect AC/DC adapter. Before you turn it on make sure the battery is fully charged and tries to start your notebook.

If you have connected external devices such as mouse, keyboard, printer, etc. remove them before you turn it on.

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My L500D is less then 12 months old.. its closer to 8 months old and the Battery will not charge..
I have tried the trouble shooting tips the come with the user manual but the light only stays on for about 5 seconds and it constantly says 0%.

Right now I am an extremely frustrated Toshiba owner and will be annoyed if I have to replace the battery after 8 months of normal home personal use.

Any tips, hints and suggestions are more then appreciated!

Answer:Satellite L500D battery does not charge


Battery issues are nothing unusual? sooner or later every battery would die? it?s only a matter of time? but of course? it?s strange that battery cannot be charged after 8 month of usage?

However, the battery and the notebook are covered by warranty for 12month.
You should get in contact with a local ASP in order to get this fixed?
If warranty is valid, everything should be done free of charge...
Good luck

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plz help!! my laptop just changed the way my programs open.... it changed it to be opened in media center and I don't know what to do..... if you can help.... then do so plz!!!!

Answer:my laptop (toshiba satellite L500D)

In Windows, I usually right-click the icon, and choose a program in the Open With dialog box, possibly under the Choose Program option. I check the Always open with this program option to make it the default.

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My system battery is dead.
The problem is, i dont know the series number or the name of the system battery.
Please help me.
Its not a 2032 like the system battery in a desktop pc.

Answer:Looking for the name of the system battery - Satellite L500D-11P

It is almost impossible to find this information. I presume you know very well that access to CMOS battery is not so easy and whole notebook must be disassembled. Do you really want to do it on your own?

If yes be careful and gently. One small mistake and you can damage some small plastic parts. Best thing you can do is to remove old battery and try to order the same. I don't know where you can do this but what you can try is to contact nearest Toshiba service and ask for help. Maybe they can order new one for you.

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Need WXP AHCI Driver for my Satellite L500d-159


Answer:Need Win XP AHCI Driver for my Satellite L500d-159


The Satellite L500d-159 seems to belong to the PSLT9E series.
Toshiba European driver page provides all Win XP drivers!

The notebook supports an ATI graphic chip and the graphic card driver contains the SATA/AHCI driver as well.

So download the graphic card driver from the Toshiba European driver page.
In the package you will find only exe file?execute this exe file? after the package has been extracted, you will have to go to folder SBDrv\SATA
There you will find the .inf file which is a SATA driver!


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I have a Satellite L500D-11R running windows 7 - its charges fine (steady deep orange light) when turned off but while running it will drop to a flashing amber light and does not charge.

in the task bar windows says its plugged in but not charging - unplugging and plugging it back in repeatedly sometimes cures the problem

Ive updated the BIOS to V1.50 but it still happens

any ideas folks ?


Answer:Satellite L500D-11R - plugged in but not charging

Remove the battery and start your notebook with AC power supply only. When the windows is fully loaded put the battery in place.

What happen exactly when you do this?

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Hi, I am trying to get my wifes new laptop to configure. It's an L500D.

I selected 64bit and all I am getting now is Configuring System. Then it will come up saying it has to reboot to install drivers? has been doing this for about 30 mins now, is there somethig wrong or is this normal;?

This is about the 10th time it has gone and done this.

Answer:Satellite L500D - Always getting configuring system

Hi Ryan,

I have Satellite L500 that is similar to yours and that?s the same. The notebook restarts pretty often until the installation is finished. That?s not unusual, this is necessary to install the whole drivers and tools that you need.

So I hope you didn?t shut down or cancel this installation. Just wait a little bit longer and during this procedure you can drink a coffee and watch TV! ;)

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I'm considering replacing the current HDD (5400 rpm) with a new, faster (7200 rpm) HDD in my Toshiba Satellite L500D-13C. The question is how much it will improve the overall peformance of my notebook.

The second question is if it's difficult to replace the HDD in this notebook. I'm not a computer genious but I'm fairly handy in general so I'm willing to try if it's not to big a risk.

Earlier I was thinking of upgrading the RAM (from 4 to 8 GB) in the same notebook but it seems as if there are no supported RAM's whit 8 GB capacity. Anyone who has had the same thoughts?

Any help or thoughts on this is highly appreciated.



Answer:Replacing HDD in Satellite L500D-13C recommendations

HDD replacement is not problematic and, I think, ?free for customers? so there is no risk for you to avoid valid notebook warranty. Check user?s manuals document. Maybe you will find description how to do this.

My personal opinion is that HDD upgrade with faster HDD is not necessary. HDD will be a bit faster but, from my experience, faster HDDs produce more heat too so it can happen that notebook case where the HDD is placed will be a bit warmer than before.

What is the reason for HDD upgrade? Just better notebook performance?

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I make excuses myself for the insistence, I have followed the way indicated from Tonny, but the driver it is not settled, Xp in compatible way is slowest and I cannot use dual boot with Win 7. I have tried with Nlite+Xp but it continues not to read the fixed disc. thanks

Answer:Still need AHCI driver for Win XP for Satellite L500D-159

Seems you are speaking about this thread:

I don?t understand? the driver is a part of the graphic card driver as suggested by Tonny?
The driver has been found in graphic card driver as well?
Please check and read the readme.txt in the driver folder. Maybe it could provide more details?
Sorry mate but there is no other SATA driver? the SATA driver in graphic card folder is the right one?

Please ensure that your Win XP disk contains at least SP2 but better would be SP3

PS: if you are using SATA driver then the SATA mode should be set to AHCI


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Hello Everybody I just bought the Toshiba Satellite L500D-11P Notebook PSLK3E-00N00TGR with a preinstalled Win Vista 32bit & 64bit. I want to install my own OS Win7 64bit. First of all I hate Vista, second I want to use 4GB Ram on this, so I need that WIn7 64bit OS. But at its Driver Support Page: nes&action=search&teddProduct=856&selShortMod=892

there are no Win7 64bit drivers for L500D-11P. Will there be any in some time, or is there any other possibility that Toshiba itself will fix that issue soon, oder could I just use the Vista 64bit driver instead for the Win7 64bit OS?

I dont know why there r Win7 32bit drivers, but no Win7 64bit available.

The Hardware specification of this Satellite L500D-11P is nearly the same as for those following modells:

Satellite L500D-144,
Satellite L500D-13H,
Satellite L500D-14W.

These 3 NBs have preinstalled Win7 64bit. Can I use their Win7 64bit drivers instead? As I said the Win7 64bit OS is preinstalled, the 64bit drivers so as well, but at the Drivers Download Page there are also no Win7 64bit Drivers for these 3 NBs. How is that possible, if they even have them all preinstalled and working? I am a little confused, maybe more than just a little. But if the 64bit r just preinstalled and working, where did Toshiba get em, or where will I get them and a way much better, where will I get the Win7 ... Read more

Answer:Satellite L500D-11P & Win7 64bit

> These 3 NBs have preinstalled Win7 64bit. Can I use their Win7 64bit drivers instead?
Of course you can do this!

You can try all the single drivers which were released for other series as well.
I mean, in worst case the drivers would not work and you would not be able to install it?
What have you got to lose???

In my opinion you should try it?.

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My Satellite L500D has been repaired four times for various problems. Now it starts to boot up and gets to the home page then decides to boot up again?

Also can see a blue screen with writing on for a split second when it?s doing this. I have virus scanned my computer and used windows security protector and nothing shows up?
So what it wrong and why is it doing this. I tried to system restore at the weekend but there were only a few restore points none a few months ago.

Why does the system restore not keep lots past points like windows xp did. I could have restored it to when it came back from the repairs in dec? What can it be and how can I check my comp is ok?

Answer:Satellite L500D - partial boot up


On this virtual way it is not possible to say for sure what the problem can be.
I don?t know what the service have done with your notebook but if you have this problem again and again best option for you is to check functionality with ?factory settings?.

With other words, backup all your data and install operating system using original Toshiba recovery image or recovery DVD if you have one. Believe me it is the best thing you can do about it.

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Got the official upgrade from Toshiba and installed Windows 7 over Vista Home Premium utilizing Toshiba upgrade assistant but now am left with an annoying glitch when filling in forms(keeps resetting every second) and pages around their outer edges flickering on explorer and other programs.

It?s like it is trying to access/open/close an application in the background but I?m stumped as to solve as it shows no problems on Toshiba monitors.

Any clue helpful thx.

Answer:Windows 7 glitch on Satellite L500D

Try updating the BIOS and Display Driver from the Toshiba website.

Also remove any applications/drivers that you dont use, and update the apps/drivers you do use.

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Just got my new you bueat laptop. It's got AMD CPU and all that and is perfect. But I need to fit a new hard drive to install XP as I prfere that over Win 7. I couldn't get it to dual boot plus I like to do a clean install minus all that factory installed junk.
I need the XP drivers for the lot. The Australian Toshiba site is not vey helpful and ascomprehensive as the US one and I am finding it hard to find anything.

Yes I do like XP as it has given me trouble free PCing for a long time. Win7 is good but I need to do a complete OS install and I don't want to wipe WIN 7 either.

So if anyone knows where I can get the drivers let me know. I'm not sure which ones to get off the US site as their model codes are different.
I build my own desk tops so I like to have full control over everything even this one.

Answer:Where can I find WXP drivers for Satellite L500D?

Can I have your laptop model nomber and part number?

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i saw the sim card slot behind the battery and put in a sim card, but now i have no idea how to get it back out.
Can someone please help?

Answer:Re: Satellite L500D - How to remove my sim card


> i saw the sim card slot behind the battery and put in a sim card, but now i have no idea how to get it back out.

Check in your ,,User's manul,,, , there should be described how to insert and remove sim card

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I have a new L500D but my touchpad does not work.
My computer diagnostics tells me that there is no problem, I have a mini mouse USB plugged in, would this be causing a conflict??
Can someone please give me some advice.

Thank you

Answer:Satellite L500D-16L - touchpad does not work.

Try pressing Fn+F9 to toggle the Touchpad. Also have a look in the BIOS, the Touchpad may be disabled there. Also try uninstalling the Mouse Software for your USB Mouse (if you installed any), this software can cause a conflict.

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my laptop wont turn on.
When i press the power button the light comes on as if it would to turn on and nothing happens the light goes off after 5 seconds. i plug the charger in and it does charge the battery and all lights work! but still it doesnt turn the laptop on ive tried taking the battery of and power cord and pressing the power button to reset it but that didnt work has anyone else had this problem at all?

its a toshiba sat l500d m16 laptop

Answer:Satellite L500D-M16 wont turn on


Check please follow Toshiba document -
I hope it will help you.

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I have a Satellite L500D.

When connecting external speaker s(Logitech z 10) via USB-port, the sound is just dreadful, with scraping etc. I have installed the latest drivers.
These speakers have their own soundcard and works excellent with every other pc I've tried them on.

Anyone have a clue about what's the problem here?
Would be grateful for any input what could fix the #?&%&?.

Answer:Cannot use Logitech z 10 speakers with Satellite L500D

hi plutopus,
which drivers have you updated?

make sure that that the following steps are done:
- latest usb driver for your machine
- latest sounddriver for your machine
- latest driver for your logitech speakers
if have have some "enhance sound" software installed such as realtek or nvidia sound enhancer try to deinstall
maybe they are "fighting" each other and your sound is worse...

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I have a Satellite L500D model PSL T6A-015003. (lap top)

Recently I placed a CD into the DVD RW drive and the CD did not play.

When I removed the CD, the black centre disk that hold CD etc. in place had broken off from the drive. The black disk was stuck in the CD I took out and a small piece and spring also fell out.

Can I get a replacement black centre disk or do I have to buy a replacement DVD RW drive. If I have to buy a replacement drive ,can some one please tell me where I can buy one, I am in Toowoomba , Queensland , Australia.

I have some detail for the drive ,these are:

HL Data storage
Super multi DVD re writer
Model GT20N (ATAK 7C7)
Serial Number BOCRGTB831062

I appreciate any assistance with this matter

Answer:Satellite L500D - DVD-RW drive replacement

In my opinion you should buy new ODD and of course identical one. You have all important data about this piece of hardware so use Google and check if you can find some online store in your country where you can order it.
In worst case contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask if they can order it for you.

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This computer used to run quite well (it's a dual core Athlon).

Now it's slow as a wet week.

I've turned off everything that can possibly be turned off.

I've even down graded it to WinXP (from Win7)... on the assumption that it might be some piece of software I couldn't find.

It's still slow.

That makes me suspect it's a hardware issue. The obvious likely culprit is the Hard drive.

So far none of the tests I've run suggest the drive is running slowly.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to diagnose it or to fix this slow down? Or is anyone else having the same problem?


Answer:Satellite L500D slow downs

BTW: It's been this way for a LONG time. I only just got it from my brother who somehow was willing to put up with it. I think he should have contacted Toshiba a long time ago... but he didn't.

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I have a laptop Toshiba L500D. Since about two weeks something happens with my laptop. Laptop is on, and when I open the lid, or closed, the screen flashes, colors change, you can see the different stripes in black and white or color, generally the screen is distorted.

This happens when the lid is at an angle from 0 to 90 degrees, when there are more than 90 degrees then it does not happen.

Probably something is wrong in connection with the laptop screen, in the hinges. Only way out is a service?

This is a movie in which this problem is shown.

Please reply

Answer:Screen flashing in Satellite L500D


Yes, I agree with you? possibly there is something wrong with the connection.
But it?s not possible to say what?s wrong exactly.
It can be something wrong with the sensor which enables and disables the display backlight or maybe something wrong with an cable?

There is no other option as to take this to the service? If warranty is available (it should be valid 2 years long if the notebook was registered) then the notebook should be fixed free of charge.

Good luck

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Hy guys,

When I bought my Satellite L500D-16K, I complained in the forums that the dedicated page for this notebook contained very few drivers. After a while, a week or so, it "suddenly" populated with drivers for everything. Now, after not checking for some time, the model simply dissapeared from the model list! There is no L500D-16K there!

The autodetect tool, which worked before, now says your model was not found. Even if I search by serial number, the system can not find it! This is not professional at all.

Any idea where I should search in order to see if new updates appeared?

Answer:Satellite L500D-16K - Where to find new updates?

Hi Glady,

On what Toshiba page you have searched exactly?
As far as I know Satellite L500D-16K belongs to European notebook models and therefore you must search on this page:

On the European page click on Support & Downloads > Download Drivers. The following page you will find:

There search for Satellite L500D and PSLTHE series and you can find new updates for it! :)

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I own a Satellite L500D-13C laptop and I'm considering upgrading the RAM memory from 2 x 2GB to 2 x 4GB. According to a model-specific list on compatible accessories this 4GB PC2 DDR2 (800MHz) memory, item # PA3670U-1M4G, is recomended by Toshiba.

What I would like to know is whether this specific memory module (with item # PA3670U-1M4G) is the only compatible module for my laptop or if I could search for and buy corresponding (and hopefully less pricy) memory modules with same spec (800mhz, etc.) without damaging my PC?

TI would appreciate some advice on this.


Answer:Upgrading memory on Satellite L500D-13C


You can also buy other memory module with the same specification. Fact is that some cheap and no-name modules can be responsible for compatibility problems at start. It can happen that on start-up notebook?s display will stays black.

Due to this fact I strongly recommend you to use high-quality modules and Kingston is one of the best memory modules manufacturers.

I understand you that you want to save your money but you buy this now and it should work properly.

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Have an (old) Satellite L500D, running windows 7 home premium, and just want to check/update drivers, but apparently my system doesn't exist.
The id on it says:
Satellite L500D
Part no: PSLTOA-00D001 (not sure if any/all of those are 0-Zero or alphabet o??)
Serial no.: 9924etc....

Can anyone point me in the right direction for drivers?


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I'm attempting to install Windows XP on the L500D-16L. I've used Nlite to slipstream the si3112 drivers contained in the display driver SATA folder that is listed for this model as well as the smbus driver which was suggested elsewhere.

I've also tried using a virtual floppy drive on a memory stick to add it using F6 during install. First attempt was the sil3112 only. I'm getting a blue screen of course when I try to install or boot in AHCI mode. When I boot in compatibility mode the controller listed under device manager is a standard pci ata controller that won't allow update to the sil3112 driver.

The only conclusion I can come to is the driver contained in the download package is incorrect for the controller. Can anyone help?

Answer:Satellite L500D-16L - How to identify the AHCI controller?

Hi Goober,

First of all it?s not possible to install the AHCI driver after installing Windows. You can?t change between AHCI and Compatibility mode in BIOS if Windows is installed. You will get a bluescreen and it?s not possible to install this driver.

Anyway, if you created a new installation disk using nLite and you get a blue screen it seems that you used the wrong SATA drivers. Please check this again!!!

Furthermore use the forum search. You will find enough interesting threads about this.

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I have 2 x L500D's.
One of which no longer charges with the power plugged in. It was still running on batteries. Until they went flat.

I tried swapping the power supplies between the laptops and it didn't help. The same laptop failed to review power and the second machine started charging correctly. (So... not the power supply then I'm thinking)

What else can it be? The laptop does work (on battery) but doesn't accept power.

I've checked the input plug and it looks fine. (Nothing broken, etc)

Answer:Satellite L500D doesn't seem to notice DC power

Sounds like the Mainboard may have a problem. If both Adapters don't power the notebook then you may need to send the notebook to a Toshiba Repair Center for repair.

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When I got my I downloaded the user manual on to my HD but I now cannot find it anywere !! How do I download another copy, ? {I have looked on the Toshiba site but no luck }...cheers Alan

Answer:Cannot find User Manual for Satellite L500D/006

Have you tried to search user?s manuals on Australian support page - ?

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I have a big problem with the Display Driver. I reinstalled the Windows now i cant install the Toshiba or any other modified driver. I cant use the old Display resolution 1366x768, only 1024x768.

Windows Device Manager shows only Standard VGA Graphic Card

I tried so many ways to fix this problem.

Answer:Cannot install Display Driver on Satellite L500D-14W

> I tried so many ways to fix this problem.
Which ways?
Which Windows version do you want to use?

As far as I know Toshiba offers tested drivers for all supported operating systems so I don?t understand your problem.
According notebook specification your notebook was delivered with preinstalled WIN7 64bit HOME PREMIUM & 32bit DVD. Why do you don?t use one of these original recovery images?

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I bought this laptop 2nd hand in the last two days with the factory default reset. However, I could only burn the 1st 2 out of 4 recovery discs using Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator.

I am running Vista Home Premium SP2 32bit. I booted to F8 reset to factory "out of the box" settings which went fine. I did this in case there was a glitch when the previous owner restored the factory settings.

As it had SP1, I installed SP2. I have upgraded the BIOS from 1.1 to 1.4, the latest. I have also installed the latest version of Recovery Disc Creator for L500D, after uninstalling the old version.

Downloads have been from

I have changed to another brand of blank DVD. I have ticked and unticked "Verify" in the Recovery Disc Creator. I also have the latest Toshiba Disk Creator software version installed. I have tried burning discs 3 & 4 separately from the whole set

I get no error message, only that the 3rd disc progress bar never quite finishes to the end. The previous owner never created a set of factory restore discs. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite L500D - Can only burn the 1st and 2nd recovery disk


to be honest, i don't have nay idea why t it doesn't burn it. I can suggest you:

1. Use a high quality medias like verbatim Dvd-R

> I have also installed the latest version of Recovery Disc Creator for L500D, after uninstalling the old version.

2 Maybe, it doesn't want to burn it with updated Toshiba disk creator software. Restore the factory settings again and try with the older Toshiba disk creator version.

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Hi all,

I have a Toshiba Satellite L500D laptop. I am trying to connect my laptop to my surround sound using an Audio wire (one end has the 3.5mm jack and the other end has the red & white jack) but there is no sound coming out, I have the Realtek HD Audio Manager, when i go to insert the 3.5mm jack into the headphone port it will ask me what device have i inserted and i click >Headphone< but still no sound comes out. I have also tried with my Logitech 2.1 computer speakers and still no sound. what could possibly be the problem here. I am a learner DJ and would love to get this sorted. Thank You:confused:;)

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Dear experts,

I have erased old partitions and tried to install Windows 7 on my empty disk. When I come to the point where I enter my product key, I get the invalid key error. I am using the Windows 7 image that came with the laptop in the temp-file on C. I am entering the product key on the tag on the bottom of the machine.

Can someone please tell me what to do to get out of this nightmare? satellite L500D

Answer:Satellite L500D - Windows 7 invalid product key


The product key on bottom side of your notebook belongs to preinstalled Windows version from Toshiba. This key can?t be used with normal Windows 7 disks because it?s an OEM key. If you install Windows 7 from a normal Microsoft disk you have to use the key that comes with this disk.

>I am using the Windows 7 image that came with the laptop in the temp-file on C
What Windows 7 temp-file on C you mean?

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About a fortnight ago my DVD drive stopped playing/burning DVD's and now only plays/burns CD's. I followed the guides for removing the Upper and Lower filters and reformatted my laptop to the factory state and the DVD drive didnt work.

I bought a new replacement drive and this doesnt play DVD's either so im presuming my original DVD drive worked but there is something wrong with the laptop hardware itself?

I bought the laptop in Nov '09 so is it still in warranty or is there anything else i can try?


Answer:Satellite L500D - Can't read/write DVDs

Hi mitchello,

> and reformatted my laptop to the factory state and the DVD drive didnt work.
If you have tested it with factory settings and it still doesn?t work it?s hardware malfunction but it?s strange why it doesn?t work with a new drive?

What program do you use for read or write DVDs? I can recommend VLC media player for playing all multimedia content and CD Burner XP as burning program. Both programs are freeware and working perfectly. Never had a problem with these tools.

Did you buy a new drive from an authorized service provider? I ask this because not all drives are compatible with all notebooks due different pin assignment. If the new drive is not working you can return it to get a replacement.

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Hi, I just bought a Toshiba Satellite L500D-00F shipping with Windows 7 Home Premium and my OS doesn't work well so I need to boot on the recovery partition but I can't find any way to do so...


The first boot launched the hidden recovery partition and I followed procedure to install the computer's OS.

At one point it would ask me if I wanted 32 bits or 64 bits version of Windows 7, so I just chose the default option (32 bits) because I couldn't find anywhere in the merchant's L500D specifications that is was a 64 bits processor.

After the computer installation, it booted up Windows 7 correctly and I could hear the startup sound, see my desktop for a second and the screen went black, nothing worked at all and I discovered my computer was in fact a 64 bits unit, so that's probably why the video driver won't work correctly, I guess. Everytime I boot my laptop, I see my desktop for a second then it goes black and freezes like that.


Anyway... I want to launch that recovery partition again and reinstall my OS using the 64 bits version.

How can I boot from the recovery partition on my L500D-00F... AND PLEASE don't tell me to hit F8 at boot time, I already tried this and NO I do not have any "Repair" option. The first one is "Safe mode" and there is no such "Repair" or "Recover" option.

By the way, in the disk m... Read more

Answer:How can I access recovery partition on my Satellite L500D-00F?

After calling Toshiba support line, they simply told me to press the zero key on the keyword while booting up :-)

Same way you would press F8, but instead it's the zero key (0)... weird that this issue is not discussed anywhere. Toshiba users, try it! Worked for me :-)

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today i installed windows xp home on my Satellite L500D-164.
I alredy installed all the drivers. I just need the display driver for XP graphiccard: hd3200

Please help me!!

Answer:Need WXP display-driver for my Satellite L500D-164 notebook


Try to install THIS driver.
It is for older notebook model but it must work on your too.

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Hi i have a L500D satellite and very often blue screen appears......
I have win7 64 bit...........

Any help?

Answer:Satellite L500D blue screen problem

look also this

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Tried connecting the audio output to my hifi and the signal gets output OK and sounds good too. However, the laptop speakers are still outputing sound as well which detracts from the nicer hifi sound.

Is there any way of getting the speakers to cut out when jack is inserted into headphone socket?

Model involved is Satellite L500D-16Z

Answer:Re: Satellite L500D-16Z - Speakers still on when headphones plugged in

> Is there any way of getting the speakers to cut out when jack is inserted into headphone socket ??

It should cut out itself when jack is inserted......... Try to reinstall/update a sound card driver from [Toshiba Driver Page|] Hope, it will help you

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I apologize for my English, I am a Pole:)

Hi I have a big problem, (I installed XP SP3 on L500D-149 PSLT0E) and now most importantly, I can not find drivers for:

- System management bus controller
- Video controller (ATI Radeon HD 3200)

Not approached by my keyboard shortcuts, for example, Fn + F8, etc, (which I can not turn the wireless card ... Please help because the manufacturer's web site does not have these drivers for my model ... Extend a link where to download the controls.

Answer:Satellite L500D - Missing drivers for Windows XP

Hi buddy,

Are you sure that you can?t find drivers for these devices? I have checked the Toshiba website for L500D and Windows XP but I could find the display driver: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Regarding the System management bus controller you should check the vendor and device ID of it. At the moment I don?t know what device it could be but maybe the chipset?

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I installed a purchased version of Windows 7 (not knowing I could get it free here !!grrr) and then installed all the drivers shown on this site. The useable screen has shrunk so that is a black panel about 1.5 inches wide down right and left sides. When I hook it up to a monitor the screen on the monitor is degraded - looks a little like safe mode on the monitor.

If no-one has a fix for this and I restore back to before Windows & will it still be an issue?

Answer:Screen hasshrunk 1.5 inches each - Satellite L500D

Can you please tell us which notebook model do you have?

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Hi guys,

helping a friend with a laptop, thing was really slow had vista on it, so formatted it and installed win7 x64. its a toshiba satellite l500d pslk0a-00r009 . dual core 2.2ghz. 4 gig ram. (did a fresh install not an update)

Even on a vanilla install, just running windows update alone is lagging the heck out of it. cpu is sitting at 100% but looking at processes they are all sitting at zero. So i cant see what process is causing this.

Opening web browser is really lagged it will freeze up and say not responding then come back after a while.

temperatures are good (50deg C). power profile is fine. Even turned off all animations. still same issue.

RAM usage is less than 20%.

There is definitely an issue with the CPU, I ran the windows performance index score, everything rated in the mid 4s except the CPU which rated as 2.0!!

I have updated all the drivers etc. What else can I try and do to fix the cpu issue?

Answer:Satellite L500D - High CPU usage all the time

I have found the problem, but not the solution.

The CPU has downclocked itself to 500Mhz. I have used multiple different tools and all confirm this.


I have updated the bios, updated all the latest drivers from website. It seems as if this CPU shouldnt have any downclocking ability. As there are no settings in the bios for this, the only settings are, in the performance control panel in windows I have set the minimum and maximum cpu speed to 100% on both power and battery. This has not helped though. CPU is still showing as 500mhz. 50degrees C.

That screenshot provided, I had prime95 running in the background, so cpu was fully loaded and should not have been down clocked, yet the screenshot shows freq is still 500hmz.

Please can someone help me explain how to fix this. If I need to open the laptop and reseat the cpu and reapply thermal paste I will do it, but I dont believe this will hep as the laptop doesnt think its over heating therefore shouldnt try and downclock.

What else can I try, catalyst control centre also does not have any options for cpu speed. Im really out of ideas here :(

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thanks for helping everyone.

Hope my problem is simple. I have L500D - part PSLK0A-00U009 had old battery PA3534U-1BAS that appeared to die. Bought new Toshiba battery PA3534U-1BRS which is supposed to be compatible.

Booted up laptop on AC mains, laptop found battery and reported 100% full.
Shutdown laptop and pulled AC out. Dead. Laptop can't connect with battery power.
Booted again off AC and while Laptop on I pulled AC out - it went dead. Ystem allows me to change from "balanced" power to "eco" so i assume the battery is seen.

Wrong battery?

Answer:Re: New battery doesn't run on Satellite L500D PSLK0A


I think this issue is related to the new battery.
It?s really strange the system reports an 100% battery charge even if the battery was plugged at first time? usually new batteries are empty and needs to be charged for the first time.

Therefore in my opinion this is battery issue.

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I have found a slot( i think it's memory slot) under battery in my satellite L500D. What kind of slot is that?(It looks like for MicroSD card, but sign says it's WIS slot - I have searched but I haven't found what does it means)

Does it work in my laptop or it's for other models?

Answer:Satellite L500D - What kind of slot is under the battery?


Memory slots are placed near the batter bay.
But the slots are not placed under the battery.
It would be interesting to see the slot on the picture.

As far as I know the notebook does not support the 3G therefore I don?t think that this is a slot for a 3G card.

Of course the notebook supports an Bridge Media slot which handles the SD Card, SDHC Card, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, MultiMediaCard but this slot is placed on the front of the notebook.

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Purchased a Satellite L500D from a Toshiba factory sale. I have recovered using the instructions on the Toshiba support pages.My question is, *How many times does the laptop reboot when installing drivers.*

So far it has rebooted about a dozen times. I wiil be leaving it over night, hopefully it is just rebooting after each driver, not stuck in a loop.

Answer:Satellite L500D - Number of reboots during recovery?

Hi shr3k,

Don?t forget that during recovery process all drivers and tools will be installed automatically that makes your notebook ready to use after this process. No drivers or tools you have to install yourself after that.

From my own experience I can say that recovery installation takes a long time that?s right but it?s normal behavior. So don?t worry about this, drink a coffee or do something else. After that your notebook should be finished (wait 1-2 hours).

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Hi everyone,
my touchpad's touch function (to emulate left-clik by tapping the touchpad) is not working any more. I can move the mouse with the pad.

Also the left button below the pad is not working - the right one is.
I've already tried :

-Updating the driver
-The touchpad settings - the "touch" function is enabled
-The Toshiba hardware test - passed

but with no success.

Not sure whether it's a software issue or a hardware one.
Any suggestions?



Answer:Re: Satellite L500D - Touchpad "touch" not working


As far as I know the option is called ?Tap to Click?
You should check if this enabled in the touchpad settings.

>Also the left button below the pad is not working - the right one is.
Maybe this has something to do with the fact that the left click by taping is not working?

It?s hard to say what could cause this?
As I said; the options should be checked once again in control panel -> mouse -> device settings -> settings (or properties)

If all the settings would be ok, then a touchpad hardware issue might be possible?

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Cant get FN, or PRTSC keys to work.
I have Satellite L500D with Win7 Home Premium.



Answer:Cant get FN/PTRSC keys to work on my Satellite L500D

Hello Alan

Sorry but you didn?t post any relevant info that can help us.
First of all: do you use original OS that you got with your notebook or own OS installation?

Has FN worked in the past or how to understand this ?non working FN keys??
Anyway, what you can try at first is to reinstall Toshiba Value added package.

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Toshiba Satellite L500D-164
Part. No. PSLTOE

I need Chipset drivers for WinXp and cant find them.
Do anybody know where i can find them?
Do anybody know which board Toshiba built in the notebook and which Chipset driver i need?


Answer:Satellite L500D-164 - Chipset Driver needed


Chipset on Satellite L500D-164 is AMD M780G (RS780MN).
The same chipset has Satellite A300D (PSAK8E) and it is supported for WXP.

So you can try to use THIS chipset driver.

Please let me know if this will help you.

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my dvd driver is not working it said driver may be corrupted or missing (code 39) i have had it for 3 days new

Answer:DVD drive on Satellite L500D is not working - Code 39

read here:

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After a clean install of Windows 7 64bit on the Satellite Pro L500D the drivers vor the Radeon 4100 can not be installed.

Just take the Windows 7 32bit drivers from Toshiba Support and everything works fine.

I spend my afternoon to find a solution to this, and though I found a lot of people with the same problem there was no answer except "install windows from the recovery CD" - wich is absolutely no solution!
Then I tried everything I could imagine and taking the 32bit package was the salvation.

This should also work on other Laptops with the same graphics adapter.

Answer:Satellite Pro L500D - Solution for HD4100 drivers

Hi Eroghor,

Thank you for sharing this information with us. It?s very useful! :)

But why is recovery disk no solution? It?s best what you can do. You get factory settings back with all drivers and tools. So you don?t have any problems with driver installation and you can have fun with the notebook. :)

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I just buy new Toshiba Satellite L500D computer, and I installed 64bit Vista but then I realised that some of programs and games dosent work in 64bit version of windows.

Can I still chance it if I recover this windows or if I order Windows 7 (free one, I just pay that they send it to me) can I chance it then? Or can I make clear installation and chanse it to 32bit then or install Windows xp and upgrade that to Windows 7?

Answer:Satellite L500D - Can I recover 64bit Vista?

Hi buddy

First of all if you burn the Toshiba recovery disk using Toshiba recovery disk you can always restore Vista 64bit every time that you want. This disk contains an image of factory settings and can be restored if you boot from this disk.

Your question about the different Windows versions (upgrade etc.) is pretty complicated but theoretically you can install what you want. An upgrade to Windows 7 is only possible if you are using Vista, upgrade on XP isn?t possible. Furthermore you can only upgrade to the same version, that means Vista 32bit can only be upgraded to Windows 7 32bit, and 64bit only to 64bit.

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please help.

I need to install Windows XP on a Satellite L500D-16K on AHCI, not compattible mode. I can't find on toshiba support or amd the AHCI controller needed for this notebooks mainboard, I can't even find the mainboards name anywhere.

So i can use it on a stick during xp installation. pls help with a link or an advice

Answer:Satellite L500D - AHCI driver for Windows XP

Hi buddy,

I don?t know what Satellite L500D model you have exactly but I can really recommend reading the forum threads firstly before you start a new question. This was already discussed 100 times before?

The AHCI driver you can find in display driver package on official Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Check this!!!

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Recently replaced screen on Satellite L500D-16M and was working perfectly.

Closed lid but didnt shut laptop down. Next morning, totally blank screen.

Have removed the battery, powered down, and all the usual self help, all to no avail.

Have tried connecting laptop to TV using HDMI cable and TV shows no signal. Wanted to do this to check if replacement screen was faulty.

Fan is working and two green lights on front of laptop and one amber but absolutely no display at all.

Any help, greatly appreciated.

Answer:Re: Totally blank screen on Satellite L500D-16M

Do you see HDD activity anyway (Windows load)?
Can you hear Windows sound?

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I have a Satellite L500D and all 3 lights are green on the front edge of laptop. I can hear the fan is working and the computer is obviously loading but the screen is blank. I can not get the laptop to show anything on the screen. Have tried removing battery for 60 seconds and turning back on but no success.

Can someone please help me?

Answer:Satellite L500D - Blank Screen at start-up

>? and the computer is obviously loading?
Can you hear Windows start-up sound?

What you can try is to connect your notebook to external display to check if you can get something on the screen.

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Ok so I own this brand new Satellite L500D and as soon as I login in the web cam app pops up and says web camera initialization failed. Please check your camera device and restart application or computer.
I press ok and the app closes down so I checked the device manager (took me a while my old laptop was xp this one is Windows 7) and there was no camera devices but an unkown device.

No CDs came with my laptop for Windows or programs or drivers or anything and there no toshiba folder in the c directory. I even tried a like.. system restore but that didnt help. I really need some one to give me a hand here...


Answer:Satellite L500D - Webcamera initialization failed

If device manager doesn't detect the camera, but just unknown device, that's probably camera... did you try to instal the camera driver?? i think this could slove your issue...

[Drivers download page link|]
just fill the form with proper information, and find Webcam driver.


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Am trying to re-install windows 7 on Satellite L500D. I'm having all sorts of problems with the computer since it got infected by malware or virus, not sure which. I have already backed up all my documents, pics and pst file to an external hard drive.

I hold down "0" when powering up then got following options.

First option is 32 or 64 bit,
I chose 32 as it currently has 32 bit installed.
Next option is Warning, I selected yes.
Next option is Recovery of Factory Default Software (Recover to out-of-the-box state). or Erase the hard disk, I chose Recovery of Factory Default.
Next is 3 options,
1. Recover to out-of-the-box-state (System Recovery Options are include),
2. Recover without changing the hard drive partitions, or
3. Recover to custom size partition. I thought I choose Option 1, but it says all partitions will be deleted and you will lose all data on the hard drive.

Does this mean I will delete the windows install partition?
Should I choose option 2?
Option 2 says "The first partition will be deleted and you will lose all data on the partition." I'm thinking option 2?

On a separate issue, could I install the 64 bit version of Windows, if so would there be any benefit?

Answer:Recovery image installation on Satellite L500D


Detailed explanation about recovery image installation you can find on

Please check it and I hope you will find al info you need there. I always use ?Recovery to out-of-box state? option > System Recovery options are included.

Your system is obviously infected and you need complete reinstallation so don't make the whole thing so complicated. Back-up all your data and install recovery image using option 1. Who cares what will be deleted and what not. Whole HDD should be cleaned up.

I recommend you to use 64bit OS version.
Very nice article about 32 and 64bit OS versions you can find here .

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Hi all,

I have a Satellite L500D, which has Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit.
The recovery CD I have is only 32-bit, however, and I need to reinstall Windows.

I'm assuming this disk can only install the 32-bit version, and doesn't give you the option - so after it is installed, is there still a partition on the HDD for the 64-bit version?

If possible I would like to still use the 64-bit edition.


Answer:Satellite L500D: 64bit Win recovery disc is 32-bit - can I restore 64 bit?


Did you create this disk using the Toshiba Recovery Media creator?

If yes, then the preinstalled Win 64bit should be part of the image which you have created using this software.

Usually while booting, you should get the option where you could choose between 63bit and 32bit system.

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I was having trouble with an error "(not responding)" while I was on IE8 so I searched a couple of forums which all suggested I go to the manufacturers website and upgrade the drivers for my machine.

So I logged onto the Toshiba Australia site, put in all my model number details and a list of upgrades came up.
Great I thought.

The 1st one was a Bios upgrade, so I clicked on the link and let the machine do its thing.
Now I can't boot up my machine.

How do i fix this ? Can I downgrade my bios back to what it was ?


Answer:Satellite L500D PSLK0A does not boot after Bios update

When you turn it on, is the machine displaying the Toshiba Logo?

If you are seeing a 0x0000007B BSOD, try changing the SATA Mode in the BIOS.

Try resetting the BIOS to default settings.

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It all began when i was using my laptop and the screen suddenly went black for no apparent reason. it didn't look the screen turned off because it was still lit up. The next day when i was booting up my computer the same thing happened, but it happened while i was booting up. So I held down the power button to shut down and turned it on again but this time nothing came up on the screen.I doubt it's a hardware issue as the screen sometimes shows up, even if i don't move the laptop an inch. But each time the screen still turns it self off.After some googling I found this post which was somewhat similar to my problem but im not too sure.Any help would be much appreciated

Answer:Black screen while booting Toshiba Satellite L500D

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Hi everyone,

I have a L500D (I've had it for about 2 months now) and yesterday I realised that my webcam was not working properly anymore even though it was working just fine a couple of days ago.

Here's the problem: when I switch it on (through Skype or through the toshiba web camera application), the colours are all inverted: it's exactly as if I had added an effect on the image such as "posterize" or "threshold". Everything is bright, grainy, saturated ...

I tried in both low and high light and the night mode is not on.
I couldn't fix the problem with the webcam settings but whatever I do, I can not get anywhere close to a normal image.

I spent quite a lot of time browsing the web but couldn't find a solution (nor someone with a similar problem actually). I have windows 7 64bit.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I handle my laptop with a great deal of care which makes it even more upseting when something goes wrong ... Thanks in advance!


Answer:Satellite L500D - Inbuilt webcam is not working properly

Hi mate

Didn?t find any similar threads about a described issue? it seems you are the first one who has reported this?

Did you try to reinstall the webcam software?
Try this.
Remove firstly the webcam software and then after new reboot, install the new downloaded webcam software.

PS; did you remove the thin foil/film securing the webcam lens?
Check this!

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Back again with this issue and this thread started afresh as it appears the initial thread has been 'locked' ~ been awhile so that's aceptable.

I believe that the TSST TS-L633C DVD/CD RW on my system is actually dying slowly, now I cannot even use Toshiba DVD PLAYER to view DVDs. See for history.

Using the Windows 'FixIt' tool on a blank DVD got all the green ticks OK but when I went to play DVDs ~ Nothing!

The way the drive 'hunts' when I put any DVD into it, and then fails, suggests that the drive has been failing bit by bit and I ought to be looking for a new one. Shame really, 'cause I have not used this much at all, hence the long times between my replies to this forum.

So OK, where to from here.

The nearest service centre is 5 hours drive away and I'm not going to sent this laptop, to busy getting other stuff done and my financial resourses no longer allow me to simply replace this system and start from scratch.

I am prepared to buy another drive but cannot locate any online (new) and am not aware if there are any other brands / types that would be suitable.

Toshiba Satellite L500D PSLKOA-00U009 - TSST TS-L633C DVD/CD RW

Any ideas anyone?

Answer:Re: Satellite L500D - Cannot get Optical disc drive to work

To be honest the whole situation is strange to me and I think you spent too long time with all this.

In my opinion you should handle quick. The fist question is: is ODD defective or not?
The reasons why it doesn?t work with Toshiba DVD player is not relevant at all. You can test it with ?VLC media player? to see how it works.

So I recommend you to do follow:
You must not change your preinstalled OS that you use for work or anything else. Try to obtain other HDD. Exchange it and install OS again using recovery disc. Test ODD functionality with ?factory settings? to be sure the problem persists or not.

At the end, if you are ready to exchange the drive check user?s manuals and there you will find the list of all compatible optical disc drives you can use with your notebook model.

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I downloaded new BIOS version (v1.4) from official Toshiba website to update my computer Satellite L500D (PSLK0A - 00U009). But after update, Windows 7 cannot boot, the Windows logo displays for a while then it restarts automatically. The Windows then goes to Repair mode. I followed the instruction given on the screen to fix it. But it doesn't work.
When I reinstalled Windows, the computer worked fine until Windows Update told me to restart the computer. The computer dies again.

I think this BIOS version has a problem. I wonder if there is any way to downgrade the BIOS to older version. I found some instructions on net to use Phoenix Recovery disk but I don't have Floppy and BIOS file.
Please please HELP, very appreciate.


Answer:Re: Satellite L500D - Booting problem after BIOS update

Try to install OS again using original Toshiba recovery image. After doing this disable automatic Microsoft updates installation. When you get the message about available updates check them at first and install important updates only.

Check this one more time to see if the same will happen again. Post the results.

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

my PSLT6E-007004GR is almost a year old.
Earlier this month there was an update - possibly from Microsoft - and since then popt always at startup in Windows 7 this window and look for solutions:
Catalyst Control Center. Host Application has stopped working, it is searched for a solution.

A new installation of the graphics card driver and Catalyst Control Center did not change. Instead, a standard graphics card driver from Microsoft is installed.
Resetting the system to the month of October also brought nothing, for after fresh updates, the problem occurs again.
So it is reproducible.

Have already reported more customers or am I the first?

What can you do to the problem?



Answer:Satellite L500D-144 - CCC Host Application has stopped working


> Resetting the system to the month of October also brought nothing, for after fresh updates, the problem occurs again.
Do you get this display driver update from Windows Update?

If yes restore the system to an earlier point and disable this display driver update and choose only the important updates from Windows. That?s enough.

Otherwise you could try to run CCleaner. It can clean and fix registry problems.

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I have an Satellite pro 500d and the system can?t find the build-in microphone. An external microphone could?t be found too.
The problem occured, when I deinstalled the microphone because of problems with Skype. The sound is still working properly.

Yours sincerely Achim

Answer:Satellite Pro L500d - system cant find the build-in microphone

I recommend you to reinstall sound driver at first to see if everything will be OK again.
Please do this and let us know if this will help.

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I bought a "German" Toshiba L500D -13H with *Windows 7* in Germany but want to use the Voice recognition program IN SPANISH, what can I do?

I have the same problem with another Toshiba Satellite M40-276 *XP*, it's in German and I want to use the Voice Recognition in Spanish.

Thanks in advance!!


Message was edited by: Cacho1

Answer:German Satellite L500D-13H: Needs to use handsfree program in Spanish

In Control Panel -> Speech Recognition -> Advanced Speech Options, what languages do you see in the list?

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the problem is that I installed yesterday Windows 7 Proffesional 64-Bit. Before I was using Vista Home Premium 32-Bit, so it got to be a clean install. I dowloaded all of the drivers for my model of notebook (Satellite L500D-10R) from Toshiba's site. The problem now is that not all of them can be installed because with several I get the error message, e.g. with Chip Set Utility I get the error of "this system doesn't meet the minimal requirements...", besides, when trying to install Eco Utility I get an empy message and the installation stops. What can be the problem here?

And what's with wireless connection. When I plug the ethernet cable in the Internet works properly, but when I'm trying to connect to my router (ofc ethernet cable unplugged) it can't identify my computer and gives me an error of the network interface controller and says the reason is 0x00028001.

Here's the error message (sorry for the language):
+Information removed - non-English language+

Answer:Satellite L500D - Can't install all drivers for Windows 7 64bit

Hi mate,

Regarding the Intel chipset error message I can only suggest installing this dirver manual via device manager. I had the same problem and so I could install the chipset driver!
Check this!!!

Regarding Eco Utility you should install all driver firstly and then the tools. Value Added Package should be the first Toshiba tool that you install.

Have you installed a driver for your WLAN card?

Maybe you should restore factory settings if you are not an expert with driver installation? ;)

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I'm fighting with my issue for two days but I'm not able to resolve that... Maybe you will able to help me...

...I bought HDMI cable to connect my laptop to TV. I've got the video but no sound. I tried to re-install drivers -audio and video- from Toshiba, Realtek sites, also tried install AMD Catalyst (looks like ccc is not fully supported by my laptop) but no success... (maybe I've used incorrect drivers..)

...In sys tray I can see HDMI device as default so everything seems to be fine. However if I try to test HDMI device in "Control Panel/Sounds" I've got message: "Unable to play testing signal" or something like that..

...tried to find anything about Audio in BIOS but there is nothing about that.

I believe it's a driver issue but I'm not able?? to find the correct ones.

Adding few pictures how it looks like now (I have Slovak win so not all words are eng )

TV: LG flatron m237wd
Laptop: Toshiba Satellite L500D-149 (with ATI HD3200)
OS: win 7

Answer:HDMI sound issue on Satellite L500D-149 (with ATI HD3200)

As I can see everything seems to be OK.
Is volume on the TV set to proper level?

And when you start some movie on the laptop you can see the pic on TV but no sound, right?

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I have Satellite L500d PSLT0A, with error 22% available (plugged in not charging).

? Laptop won?t work on battery alone
? When ac adaptor unplugged laptop shuts down
? Battery light is not on even when ac adaptor plugged in
? Battery light comes on for a few seconds if you pull out ac adaptor plug and put it back in

_I have done the following_
1. Removed battery and AC plug and held power button for 20-30 sec and then replaced battery and ac adaptor
2. Uninstalled ACPI and re-installed it
3. Removed battery whilst still powered up and replaced after 3 min
4. System restore to out of box state

I have done the above several times, none of which work...any suggestions? BIOS update???


Answer:Satellite L500d PSLT0A: wont work on battery power


Yes, the BIOS update might be useful if new BIOS version is available.
It?s interesting to know if the BIOS update would help?

The issues looks a little bit like a battery problem but just one question:
Do you have this issue from the first day of purchase?
When did you notice this?

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Where I can find details about the hard drive in my Satellite L500D-13C?

I'm considering a replacement of the internal hard drive but I'm not sure of the requirements, ie the specs, interface etc. The product details on the Toshiba web site only reveals rotation speed (5400 rpm) and storage capacity (500 GB).

Thanks in advance.


Answer:Satellite L500D-13C - Detailed Hard Drive specs

Hi saint

Do you want to exchange HDD due to malfunction or you want to upgrade it?

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