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Re: Satellite L450D-11W- Question about upgrade

Question: Re: Satellite L450D-11W- Question about upgrade


I have had my Toshiba Satellite L450D-11W Laptop for about a year now and I play alot of gaming. It has AMD Athlon x2 Dual Core, 4gb RAM and Windows 7 Pro (32) but it tends to create a lot of lag and slow loading for the games I want to play. I was wondering if it was possible to upgrade my laptops processor into AMD Athlon Quad Core or Phenom Quad Core.

The thing is, would it be compatible? Would it make a lot of difference? Where can I buy Laptop processors products? I would appreciate it for some answers or advice.


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Preferred Solution: Re: Satellite L450D-11W- Question about upgrade

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Re: Satellite L450D-11W- Question about upgrade

Please check this Toshiba document at first -

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Hi. I've got a Satellite L450D-11V and I was wondering which processors could I be looking at as a possible step up from the dual core AMD that's already in there? Can I even change the processor or is it soldered to the motherboard? I'll be throwing in some extra RAM as well just for good measure. Maybe even a small SSD hard drive?

I've started to get a bit frustrated with my laptop as it is a bit too slow for me these days and I don't have the money needed to get a new laptop so I want to make some upgrades where possible.

Thanks in advance

Answer:CPU upgrade on Satellite L450D-11V

Check please
There you can find some useful info about CPU or GPU upgrade on Toshiba notebooks.

My personal opinion is that CPU upgrade is not necessary. At first this step may be pretty risky and secondly some performance boost will not be noticed. Another important thing is that, due to specific design, every notebook model has optimized cooling system. More powerful CPU means more heat that could be risky for the mainboard.

There are other steps to make notebook more powerful but without any risk. You can upgrade RAM and exchange original HDD with very fast SSD. Such upgrade is supported by notebook owner and you can do this without any risk. As last step you should optimize preinstalled OS and I?m pretty sure you will be very satisfied with your notebook.

I?ve done the same on my 5 years old machine. Windows 7 starts in 35 seconds only and performance is .... simply great.

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Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible to upgrade the CPU on the L450D-113:

It currently has a single core AMD Sempron Si-42 2.1 GHz:

and I was wondering if it would be possible to upgrade to dual core.

I realized there is slightly better model, which is the L450D-128, and this has a dual core processor.

The laptops are identical so would it be possible.

It has the AMD Athlon QL-45, and the 2 processors are very similar so would it be possible?

Thanks for any help,

Answer:Satellite L450D-113 - Possible CPU upgrade?

Hello Aiden

Have you tried to calculate how much upgrade will costs?
Do you want to do this alone?

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Hi all,

I have a problem with my laptop, self inflicted which makes it all the more annoying! I have been trying to upgrade my laptop cpu from a sempron core to a turion core (others have reportedly done before with no issue) luck with the turion core but when I put the sempron core back in the computer boots up with a black screen :( . Below are the steps I took to get to this stage:

1. Swapped out the sempron for the turion, turned on the computer... black screen after boot up... turned off the computer.
2. Put the sempron back in and it booted up normally, screen working fine.
3. Put the turion back in but this time reset the cmos by taking out the battery for 5mins before booting screen after boot up.
4. Put the sempron back in, again reset the cmos by the same method but this time I got a black screen after boot up with the old processor!

At no point did I try updating the bios as I didn't want to take the risk of bricking my laptop, I was under the impression that resetting the cmos was relatively risk free (obviously not the case).

When I turn the laptop on I can hear the laptop fan coming on.
When powering off I have to hold the power button down for 5 seconds before it powers down which makes me think the laptop is booting but just not showing the information on screen.

I'm pretty confident I haven't physically damaged anything when swapping things over.

At this point I don't care about getting the new processor wor... Read more

Answer:Satellite L450D - need some help with CPU upgrade


I have no another advices for you as to take the notebook to a technician who would check the part like motherboard.
I?m afraid you damage something by removing the BIOS (CRT) battery.

I came to this conclusion because everything worked properly before you removed the battery? even after the CPU has been removed (and plugged again), the notebook booted up properly.
So I think the issue is related to the motherboard now.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L450D-12X and was wondering what 'Dual Core' processors support this laptop for a CPU upgrade?

Having a read of other peoples threads, it is possible for the laptop to have an upgrade however I am not sure what ones actually support it. The most common dual core would be the 'Turion' dual core however there are many processors that go under the name 'Turion'

I was also wondering if all Toshiba L450Ds have the same motherboard etc.. as they contain the same housing and graphics card (mostly)

Many Thanks

Answer:Satellite Pro L450D-12X - CPU upgrade

I presume you have already read that Toshiba doesn?t support CPU upgrade and some public document about compatible CPUs doesn?t exist.
You can just hope that someone has identical machine with identical hardware platform and can offer some info about such upgrade.

To have better performance you can start with RAM upgrade. Have you upgraded RAM to max level?

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I recently purchased the Satellite L450D-113 and I was wondering if it is possible to upgrade the CPU.
It currently has the AMD Sempron and its single core, so how would I go about upgrading it to dual core. Also how much is it going to cost and can I do it myself?

Can someone help me out and tell what I need to do to to upgrade, or where I can buy a dual core CPU which is compatible?


Answer:Satellite L450D-113 - Is it possible to upgrade CPU?


I think this Toshiba FAQ could help you.

There you can find the info that the upgrade is not easy and possibly it?s not advisable.
You can remove the CPU but there is no warranty that the CPU will be compatible with the BIOS.


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Hi guys I'm new to this forum,

I'm having a problem with my laptop, I want to purchase RAM for my computer but I don't know what make to buy, can someone point me in a direction?
Apparently according to crucial my laptop holds DDR2-PC6400 800MHz ram, just wondering what brand to get so it works with the Samsung 1GB Dual channel mode, of anyone gets me?
i just want to buy a 1GB ram for it to dual channel and it will recognise ASAP please!


Answer:RAM upgrade on Satellite L450D-12X

Your notebook model can be upgraded up to 4GB RAM and I think you should upgrade it up to maximum level. The performance will be simply great.

I don?t know which modules and how many RAM is now inside but compatible RAMs for your notebook have part number:
1GB DDR2-800 - PA3668U-1M1G
2GB DDR2-800 - PA3669U-1M2G
4GB DDR2-800 - PA3670U-1M4G

I strongly recommend you to use high quality RAMs. In my opinion Kingston is the best brand for RAMs. Just don?t buy some cheap no name products.

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Hi guys,

I have recently picked up a cheap Satellite Pro L450D-12X, I'm happy enough with the graphics card as I only play out dated games anyway, but I plan to bump the RAM up to 4GB from the 2GB it currently has, also it only allows 1.75 of RAM to be used and I believe that's down to the version of windows it runs?

But im also not happy with the processor
type : AMD Sempron? Processor for Notebooks SI-42
clock speed : 2.1 GHz
2nd level cache : 512 KB

I was wondering what is a better compatible processor, hopefully something duel core that wil go straight in,
any replys welcome,
Thank you

Answer:Processor upgrade on my Satellite Pro L450D


You can use ONLY AMD CPUs since the notebook supports the AMD M780G Chipset.
But even if you would find an compatible CPU for AMD M780G Chipset, there is a still question regarding the BIOS support.

The point is that CPU upgrade is not supported by any of notebook manufacturers? you can do something like that only at your own risk?

The RAM upgrade is supported and you can upgrade the RAM up to 4GB RAM using for example DDR2 800MHz modules

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L450D-113 with a sempron Si-42 processor S1G2 socket. I am looking to upgrade the processor to something more powerful but I am having trouble deciding what processor to use.
I was looking at something like the turion ultra zm-80 and was wondering if this would work and could a S1G3 socket processor fit.

The laptop is going up for sale and this is quite important.


Answer:Processor Upgrade on Satellite L450D

Hi Harry

CPU upgrade can be pretty complicated on mobile machines and it is not supported on Toshiba notebooks.
Before we start discussion about CPU upgrade check please official Toshiba document about CPU and GPU upgrade -

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Trying to download W7 SP1 to upgrade via Toshiba or Microsoft. Both tell me the following;-

Unsupported Product

The product key you entered appears to be for software that was pre-installed on a device. Please contact the device manufacturer for software recovery options.

Computer details are as follows: Satellite L450D-11V

Yes, the W7 software was pre-installed. Toshiba never provided a disc.
How do I download Windows 7 Service Pack 1?

Answer:Satellite L450D-11V upgrade to Windows 10

Toshiba does not provide any disks… you have to create such disk using the preinstalled software called Toshiba recovery Medium Creator…

This tool creates the recovery medium which allows you to recover the notebook back to factory settings…
The system is already activated and does not require any keys…

If you installed clean OS you need an valid key from MS.

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Well my problem is yesterday I checked the RAM in my Toshiba as I have an extra 1GB coming soon, then I put the battery back in and the cover over the ram thing now I go to turn it on and all that shows up is the green light indicating power but the screen is just blank nothing there I can hear everyting going round the fan makes a noise at start up then slows down and keeps trying to do it again.
You would be a lifesaver if you could helpme on this one

thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite L450D-12X - Will not start after RAM check/upgrade


Do you have already installed the new RAM module or what exactly?

Well, maybe you have not installed the RAM correctly. Try to remove the RAM and install it again. Maybe it?s just a connection problem between RAM module and slot.

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I want to up grade my Pro L450D -12x with a new memory.
Could some one more knowledgable than myself confirm, or not that
this is the correct module.

2GB,200-pin SODIMM, DDR2 PC2-6400

Answer:Memory module upgrade on Satellite Pro L450D -12X

You can upgrade your notebook up to 4GB.
Compatible 2GB Ram has part number PA3669U-1M2G. It is SO-DIMM DDR2 800MHz.
Check it out.

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*+Toshiba Notebook Satellite L450D PSLYSE+*

*+I just delected (accidentally) the "window media player icon and the the title of this program" which located on the ALL PROGRAMS list (somewhere inside the start up menu)! Any experts here can show me how to create the new one back to that list?+*
*+If Negative, where can I find this programs and redownload it?+*

*+Thank you all very much indeed.+*

Answer:Windows Media Player Question on Satellite L450D PSLYSE

If you need it very often I recommend you to make shortcut on desktop or taskbar.
It is not important to have this shortcut everywhere.

Open Windows Explorer and go into Computer > Windows C > Program Files > Windows Media Player and there you will find file called ?wmplayer?. Move it with right mouse button on desktop or task bar and create shortcut (desktop) or pin to taskbar.

That?s all.

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Good day from a newbie.

I have bought a Satellite L450D and the touchpad is worn plus the left button is knackered.
I want to replace the whole palm rest complete with pad and buttons from ebay but can only see Satellite Pro L450D examples on offer,

Are they interchangeable?


Answer:Satellite L450D-113 vs Sat Pro L450D-13x - touchpad issue


Satellite L450D-113 PSLY5E-00J01LEN and Satellite L450D-13X PSLY5E-01Y01LEN belongs to the same series: PSLY5E
So touchpad module used in both series should be the same.

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Yesterday I downloaded the Windows 10 upgrade (64-bit) having checked to ensure that my laptop was compatible and eligible.

I downloaded the upgrade to my machine (not a USB - could be the mistake I made right there?) and started the upgrade which seemed to be going well.

It rebooted toward the end of the install and came up with a screen saying that the BCD couldn't be found (error 0xc000000f) and will only show this screen on startup. I have the Toshiba recovery disc and put this in the machine, however it doesn't give an option to repair, just to reformat the partition and reinstall Windows 7. The only thing I have on the machine is about 11GB worth of photos which I am desperate not to lose as they are of my baby boy.

The Data (D: drive) partition has a number of folders on it, the most recent being from 2013 as I have not used the laptop much as I am mainly a Mac user at home now. Would the photos possibly be saved on this partition as part of the Toshiba backup service? If so I will then be happy to reformat and reinstall Windows, but obviously I don't want to do that if they are not there as I really can't lose these photos.

Happy to provide more info if needed.

Please help.



Answer:Satellite L450D upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10

Have you also checked if your notebook model is supported for Win10 (Toshiba specification)? Probably not, right?

Recovery image is for clean recovery installation and it has nothing to do with OS repair, especially not with newest Win10. Using recovery disc you can reinstall original recovery image only and start to use your notebook with factory settings again. Using recovery disc all your saved data may be deleted.

To save your stuff you can remove HDD and connect it as external device to other PC and copy all your data (back-up). After doing this put it back and reinstall original recovery image using recovery discs.

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Good Evening

I have a a TOSHIBA Satellite L450D-119 Laptop which I am trying to get return to Factory Settings, for a friend.

Unfortunately the Recovery CD is not available - which makes the task of returning the device to Factory Default somewhat more difficult that it should be.

Is there anywhere on the TOSHIBA UK site - or is there anywhere on the Internet - where I can download the Factory Default files? The laptop is in a pretty bad way TBH - I'm unable to get Wifi working at all, I've even tried a wired connection direct to my router - but still no joy. This is why I would like to take the device back to Factory Settings, in case something has been installed on the laptop that is causing the issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help.

Kind Regards

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Hi guys, since I changed from windows 7 to windows 10 the DVD/CD player does not work?

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Going to try a hard drive from a desktop pc in this, will it work or do laptops have different hard drives?

Answer:Satellite L450D - What HDD can I use?


Desktops have larger 3.5" drives, which won't fit in Notebooks since they use smaller 2.5" hard drives.

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Hi people

I have been using Windows 7 on my Toshiba Satellite Pro L450D-12X. But because it?s been running very slow I decided to put windows xp on it.

So I have put the disk in two set windows xp up and when it gets two the part were I need press enter a blue screen comes on. I have checked the laptop and its all okay I have even took the HD out set windows xp up with it on some over pc and it works fine.

But as soon as i put the HD back in my laptop it won?t load up are anything... IF someone can help me with this it will be a great help.

Thank you very much for taking the time two read this.

Answer:Cannot install WXP on Satellite Pro L450D-12X

At first I must say that your notebook is designed for Win7 and maybe you should continue to use Win7. Problem is that notebook with factory settings is pretty slow but it can be changed. What you need is to optimize preinstalled Win7. Check this forum and you will find many threads with good and detailed description what can be done about it.

According notebook specification your notebook is delivered with WIN7 32BIT PROFESSIONAL & XP DVD.
Do you have problems when you try to use this WXP DVD that you got with your notebook?

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Please, please, please help me if you can!! :(

I have a Toshiba Satellite L450D-113 which is abour 18 months old. I have had no problems with it at all, however today, it suddenly turned off without warning. It had full battery charge so i knew it had nothing to do with the battery left in it.

I turned it back on and a screen loaded saying that a disk check needed to be carried out, so i left it, and it started automatically. The message on screen at this point was:

Checking file system on C:
The type of the file system is NTFS.
One of your disks needs to be checked for consistency, you may cancel the disk check but it is strongly recomended that you continue.
Windows will now check the disk.

I don't know if that bit is any help to you :S

So the disk check has started, and the computer keeps turning off before it can complete. I have tried this around 6 times now. Some times when i turn the computer back on, it will turn off within 5 seconds.

It gave me the option of starting Windows normally, so i have tried that. Windows then opened as usual, but the laptop soon turned off within a few minutes.

I have tried taking out, and putting the battery back in, but it has made no difference.

If anyone knows anything about this then please reply, because i have no idea about computers :|

Thank you guys

Miss Godolphin

Answer:Satellite L450D-113 keeps turning off in mid-use


The notebook turns off automatically because the temperature is too high.
The notebook?s temperature sensor shuts down the notebook to prevent the hardware from damage.
I think you should clean the cooling vents using compressed air spray.
This helps you to get better air circulation and to decrease the temperature.

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I'm trying to re-instal windows XP onto a satellite pro L450D after a nasty virus incident but even though I have changed the boot priority in the BIOS to be CD/DVD first, the windows disk in the CD drive is not seen.
I've now noticed that the DVD drive has an exclamation mark next to it in the BIOS but I'm not sure what this means?


Answer:Re: WXP installation - Satellite Pro L450D


> I've now noticed that the DVD drive has an exclamation mark next to it in the BIOS but I'm not sure what this means?

maybe, you are talking about device manager but not Bios.

> I have changed the boot priority in the BIOS to be CD/DVD first, the windows disk in the CD drive is not seen.

was cd/dvdrom working before a virus attack? are you sure that you insert a bootable windows disk?

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I?ve tried getting hold of new usb ports for my Toshiba Satellite Pro L450D I?ve phoned Toshiba up and they said I have to put it in for repair but the thing is it aint no longer in warranty so I can?t do that and sending it to Toshiba to repair.

for me would cost loads I?ve asked Toshiba to supply me the usb ports for my laptop but they won?t so I would like to know where I can get these parts from as any of my usb ports don?t work due to my daughter breaking them in the first place and all the insides of the usb ports are broken.

Please help

Answer:Need new USB ports for Satellite Pro L450D


At first I must say that Toshiba service doesn?t sell such small parts like USB ports. USB ports are soldered on the mainboard.
Where to get new USB ports? Good question.

I don?t know where do you lve but maybe you should use Google in your country and check if you can find some ?independent? notebook repair shop and ask for help.
I?m afraid it will not be so easy to find new ports.

What you can try is to buy defective mainboard in hope USB ports are OK and try to replace them.

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I have a Satalite L450D and have been told there is a problem with the mother board, my warranty has recently run out , can anyone tell me what can be done to fix it and what it might cost?


Answer:Satellite L450D - Motherboard

You can send the notebook to a Toshiba Service Center and get a quotation, I don't think anyone here can help you with prices.

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I have just been given a Satellite L450D-13X laptop without handbook and I want to know if it has bluetooth as I want to download photo's from out Nokia mobile which has got Bluetooth
if it has not can I buy a adapter and software.for it.
And what is the difference between Bluetooth and Ovi?
Any help will welcomed.

Answer:Has Satellite L450D-13X Bluetooth or not?

No. This notebook model doesn?t have Bluetooth module. You can buy BT dongle and use it for data transfer.

Sorry but I don?t know why OVI is. Probably some Nokia stuff (software).

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I have a Satellite L450D-13G which was working fine last night. When I started it up tonight only the power light comes on, no HDD LED flashing to say it's booting up. I would be grateful for any advice as to what the problem may be.


Answer:My Satellite L450D-13G is not booting up

Enter please BIOS settings and check if the HDD is listed there.
Set BIOS to default settings and try to start your notebook again.

Post some feedback please.

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ime steve and real novice to computers.
Two or so years ago i purchest 2 toshiba's mine is the toshiba satellite L450D-13P runing windows7!And my partners is the toshiba satellite pro runing windows 7 also!

The problem is that my hard disk is scrap,so i purchest a new 500gb HDD,instaled it put in the disc i got with it and nothing?
Hope some 1 on here can help me

many thanx steve!

Answer:Satellite L450D-13P cannot boot with new HDD

When i had the same problem I asked a lot and nobody answered, so I had to spend 2 days trying and trying again and again, I also called "THE TOSHIBA TEC SUPPORT EXPERTS" and the "EXPERTS" did not have any fu... idea......

But finally I made the partition with the software "Partition Table Doctor" and I could use the whole disk in just one partition with NO PROBLEM, It was so fast and surprinsingly worked perfectly and you don't need to be an expert , all I can tell you is you can find it in

I think I won't be able to respond again, good luck

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Yesterday the screen on my L450D when blank and then the machine closed down.

Now it will not start at all.

There are no lights on display when the power cable is attached.

When the start button is pressed all that happens is there is a momentary flash of the On light (not sure if that's the right name) and the DVD light.

You can also hear the fan starting up but that immediately goes off.

That's all that happens.

I've tried without the battery, tried discharging the battery.

Has my laptop just died?

Is there any hope or should I just move on?

Answer:Satellite L450D-13U will not start at all

Disconnect AC power supply, remove the battery and press power button for few seconds. Leave notebook for a while and try to start it with AC power supply only. If the same problem occurs again I?m afraid you need professional help.

You should contact nearest Toshiba service provider, explain the situation and ask for help.

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my Satellite Pro L450D-12X randomly cut out on me while just doing work on it.

I plug the charger in and no light what so ever turn on and it won't power on. I have taken the laptop apart cleaned it BIG TIME and searched the mother/logic board for any see able signs of failure but nothing!

I need some help I don't want to pronounce it dead yet.

Answer:Satellite Pro L450D-12X randomly cut out

I?m afraid we cannot help you much with this. If there is no reaction when notebook is connected to AC power supply it can be due to defective power supply electronic placed on the mainboard.

Test it few more times but if always happen the same I?m afraid notebook is dead.

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I am having problems with my laptop powering on. I plug in my AC adapter and the charging light comes on I then try to power and the power light will come on and then just go off. When I have opened the laptop it seems the fan doesn't kick in at all.

I have tried the following:

Different charger
Took battery out and held power button
Checked ram
Disconnected keyboard/CD drive/ hard drive
CMOS battery
Cleaned fan (making sure it will spin properly no dust blocking)
New thermal paste

I have no idea what to try next, any suggestions would be great.

Answer:Toshiba satellite l450d

What's the complete model number of that Toshiba Satellite L450D laptop?

There should be a dash and another series of numbers and letters after L450D


How old is that laptop?

The battery doesn't last forever and will lose holding a charge.


Is that replacement charger the correct wattage and voltage?


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I have a Toshiba Satellite L450D-13U laptop with 2GB RAM, and no hard drive.
My problem is the screen won't come on. I have tried all the well known tips and tricks like taking battery out, holding power button down etc but nothing seems to work.

Can?t even connect to a external monitor. Is there a part I could change that may help this problem?

Many thanks

Answer:Satellite L450D-13U - screen won't come on

Without any serious diagnostic it is not easy to say what the problem is. Maybe is display defective.
By the way: what happen exactly when you press power button?

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Computer beginner here.

I've got a Satellite L450D-11V.

Last week I dropped it and ever since I have been getting a PXE-E61 error. Below it states something about Realtek Ethernet and then the error message appears below that saying media cannot be detected.

What does this mean? and what do I have to do to resolve the error?

Answer:Satellite L450D-11V - PXE-E61 Error

Notebooks have several bootable devices like hard disc drive, optical disc drive and network card.
In BIOS settings it is possible to define which device can be used as first, second or last bootable device.

If first bootable device is not detected notebook tries to use second and at least third bootable device. In your case for some reason hard disc drive and optical disc drive cannot be detected as bootable devices ant it ends trying to use network card. Due to this you can see this PXE-E61 error.

I cannot say for sure but I?m afraid there is some serious technical problem with your HDD and it cannot be used as bootable device anymore.
What you can do is to enter BIOS settings and check if HDD is listed and recognized properly.

Try also to start your notebook and press F12 to enter boot menu. If HDD is listed there choose it and press ENTER button. What happen when you do this?

Please post some feedback.

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I bought this laptop a couple of months ago and im having major problems!
First of all my first problem was that when i first tried to activate my mcafee trial it said it had expired even though i only started up the laptop! But this problem didnt matter anyway as i have had further problems.
Well anyway since that, every now and again my laptop seems to sort of crash and freeze up andit will say windows explorer isnt responding so then i have to restart the laptop and then a thing comes up from windows saying it has to check for "consistency" and it does this often! whatever the problem is i dont know and also incase you think its viruses or spyware or anything like that, its not! because i have had Norton 2010 on my laptop, then removed norton and tried AVG and still nothing was found. I have also done a scan with malwarebytes and nothing has been found!.

Now as of TODAY i have had another problem.
I started up the laptop and it said windows was not genuine when it clearly is genuine because it was bought from Argos and i even went into the system props and it says it is activated and genuine but i was getting messages saying it wasnt genuine!.

Ever since i got this laptop i have had problems with it and im starting to think it is faulty because i have wiped everything out before because the sytem wasnt starting right so i used the data used in disk D.
Even when i done a clean install it still gives me problems!! I think its a fault guys, what c... Read more

Answer:Different issues on Satellite L450D.


To be honest it is not easy to say what to do in this situation.
When you have several different issues with the notebook it is always best idea to install OS again and test it with ?factory settings?. OK you have done it already but I don't know how you have done this. Maybe you have started to install some favourite software and suddenly it started again and again.

This activation with McAfee is already reported in this forum but obviously there must be some problem with server connection by McAfee. So this issue has nothing with Toshiba. In my opinion you should remove McAfee immediately after clean OS installation. I recommend you to use
It is free and great antivirus that uses less system resources and run extremely stabile. I use it for years now.

These freezing issues can be result of many different things and it is not easy to say why this happen.
# Enter BIOS and set it to default settings
# Try please to install OS again using recovery image.
# Remove McAfee and install Avira antivirus
# Remove Tempro from the system
# Use clean preinstalled OS for day or two to see if all these issues will occur again

Let us know if all these bad issues will happen again.

BTW: which notebook model do you have exactly?

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Hi all,

Last night, I logged off my laptop as normal, and when I came back to it an hour later, it wouldn't boot up.

I have three green lights to indicate that it is fully charged and connected to the socket, but when I press power, it attempts to boot up for a couple of seconds and then stops, plus nothing appears on the screen. The three green lights remain on. When I hold down the power button for five seconds, you can hear it shut down, as you would if anything was working correctly.

I tried taking the battery out, and putting it back in etc, but still nothing.

Does anyone have any ideas? I presume it is a simple case of the motherboard breaking, but was curious to see if anyone thought it might be something else.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Re: Satellite L450D-11G won't boot up

Does the same happen when you remove battery and try to start it with AC power supply only?

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Satellite Pro L450D running win 7, working fine saturday evening, shut down in the correct way, go to start up sunday morning no luck.

It gets so far into boot, displaying win7 animated logo, then quickly a blue screen flashes (too quick to see) then goes back to start again, Tried repairing, using the win 7 disk, gets so far and goes black screen with cursor.....Tried a new install, gets to loading files and then reverts to black screen.

No ideas, Nothing changed what-so-ever in hardware or software. Bet this is going to be expensive.

Would apprciate some pointers

Answer:Satellite Pro L450D No bootening


Looks like hardware problem but it?s difficult to say what part could be affected exactly.
I think you should firstly check the HDD.
Download the tool called Drive Fitness Test and run some HDD tests.
Furthermore you should check the RAM modules.
You can remove one module from the memory slot and could test the notebook using just one module.

I think this is everything what you can do? for further hardware diagnostic test the Toshiba ASP should be contacted.
The guys could test the notebook using some diagnostic software and tools and could say exactly what?s wrong here?

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first time laptop user
I recently purchased the aboe laptop on windows 7, and unfortunately i need to recover system and don't have a disc to do

So was wondering if you could help please
total novice here.

Answer:Need to recover the Satellite L450D-14V

Hi Kristy

If you would check the [Toshiba Product Recovery|] area here in this forum, you will get a lot of threads about this theme

The notebook can be recovered using HDD recovery or Recovery disk which you could create using the preinstalled software called Toshiba Recovery Media Creator.

As I said above: more details could be found in different threads an in user manual.

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So yesterday i posted a thread about my laptop turning off without warning, i then discovered this was due to the temperature of my computer.

Today it is turning on but occasionally turns off when its been running for a while.

I noticed that the fan wasnt working, there is no sound or vibration near the fan, so i can only presume that it is that which has stopped.

Does anyone know what has happened to this? Im thinking maybe the motor has burnt out or something?! and this could be the reason my computer is overheating? but i really have no idea :p

Please help guys!! :)

Thanks again


Answer:Satellite L450D-113 - fan failure

On this virtual way it is not possible to offer some precise diagnostic and say for sure why this happen.
Suddenly switch-off is typical behaviour when the notebook hardware reach critical temperature. To avoid hardware damage notebook switches off automatically.

It is pretty difficult to say why this happen and you can get right answer after detailed investigation.
Therefore I recommend you to contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.

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My satellite L450D won't start up. It shut itself down and when I turned it back on, it brings the boot menu up, if I select repair, it just goes to a black screen. If I select start as normal, it goes to the windows logo but gets stuck there. I've also tried to start in safe mode but it says loading files and gets stuck there.

I've tried pressing 0 on start up and this doesn't work and I've also tried the recovery disc and this also doesn't work.
Any ideas would be appreciated

Answer:Satellite L450D will not boot

>I've tried pressing 0 on start up and this doesn't work and I've also tried the recovery disc and this also doesn't work.
If you have European notebook model 0 at start up will not help at all. You must use F8 at start-up to enter advanced boot options. Is option ?Repair my computer? available?

Anyway, OS is probably screwed up and clean OS installation may help. Enter BIOS and set it to default settings. After doing this start notebook again and press F12 to enter boot menu. When the boot menu is shown on the screen put recovery disc into optical disc drive, choose CD/DVD device in menu and press ENTER. This will force ODD to start read recovery disc.

Let us know if this works for you.

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hello everyone,

i have this problem on my computer:
when i shut down my computer, before leaving home early in the morning, all the led are off, and the computer is unplugged from the wall socket.
the battery is not full charged every time.

when i come home at night, the computer is at the same place, in the same state as i've leaved it .
the led for sector presence (the 2nd from the left) is sometimes on (green light fix).
no one use my computer during the day.
what could make light on the led?

thxs for answering

Answer:Satellite L450D - voltage led on

See the BIOS, power on settings.
Some systems have features in the bios that will power on the unit if they get a signal from the network.

Message was edited by: Hino

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Battery is charged and good. The power adaptor is good.

The machine will not POST. The display remains black and no beeps are heard. The Power, ON, & Battery LED's are green. The cooling fan is heard for a short time after the power button is pressed.

I have removed the RAM & hard drive but the machine still will not show any sign of life (expect the short sound of the CPU fan)

I have tried the no battery, no power, hold down the power button for 30 seconds trick without success.

I assume that the motherboard is dead. Has anyone else had the same symptoms? or can anyone suggest a repair?

Answer:Satellite Pro L450D-12X will not POST

>I assume that the motherboard is dead. Has anyone else had the same symptoms? or can anyone suggest a repair?

Indeed, it looks like an serious hardware problem? possibly motherboard or maybe the CPU? what to say? to fix this you need to replace the parts and this will be a costly affair if your warranty is not valid.

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This morning my L450D hung while I was playing a game forcing a hard reset, while the computer was starting up again it hung once more.

Now when I try to turn it on the furthest I can get is to an almost blank screen with "Starting windows" on it, the startup usually doesn't get that far.

Any clues as to what might be going on and/or how to fix it?

Answer:Satellite L450D does not start up

> Now when I try to turn it on the furthest I can get is to an almost blank screen with "Starting windows" on it, the startup usually doesn't get that far.

If you can see the ?Starting Windows? display then this would mean that the POST (power on self test) has been passed properly.
Maybe it?s just a software issue?

Are you able to boot into safe mode? Check this. Press F8 while powering up the notebook. Then choose Safe Mode and check what happens.

If safe mode will not work then you should try to boot from the recovery disk and should check if it would be able to reinstall the OS.

Otherwise it could be an hardware problem like RAM or HDD for example?

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I've had the machine a few years, and its recently been going a bit slow and there was a warning message about some audio software crashing when I started it up. I ran the back up process and all my information was backed up to another partition. I then started the computer, pressed F8 and ran the recovery software. This software was running fine and then appeared to stop. The computer now cannot boot up, when I turn it on it displays the message

"BOOTMGR is missing"
Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart

Any ideas?

Answer:Recovering a Satellite Pro L450D-11V

Recovery installation was interrupted for some reason and result is missing bootmgr.
At this stage you will probably not be able to start HDD recovery installation again.

Have you created recovery discs following Toshiba?s instructions about that?
Now you can install OS using recovery discs (factory settings) or Microsoft OS installation disc to install own OS version.

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Hi All,

After reinstalling Windows 7 SP1 on my friends laptop the Fn + F8 function is not working. Wireless stays on from boot and won't switch off. Other Fn key combinations work fine, ie screen brightness and sound.
I can switch it off or on from the BIOS, but that kind off defeats the purpose.

Can someone please advise me as to a rebuild or, driver pack or, some other solution.

thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite Pro L450D-12X - No function of FN+F8 key

Hi Colin_B,

Is the WLAN card recognized properly in device manager or there is yellow exclamation mark? The newest WLAN driver can be downloaded here:

Generally speaking for FN key combinations the Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility must be also installed and can be downloaded on official Toshiba page.

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I have a L450D-12X in for repair that the customer says the battery gave out and the laptop went off, and it's been in hibernate ever since.. Apart from the fact that I doubt very much that a battery failure would make the laptop go into hibernate, the touch pad had a key busted off and slipping inside the laptop, so think it MAY have taken a whack.

But I have tried to investigate anyway.. What happens is the power and HDD lights come on, fan and HDD power up and that's it.

Have tried:-

Removal of battery & AC and pressing power button for 30-60 seconds, then powering on AC only
Leaving the battery and AC disconnected for 3 days
The reset method mentioned on these forums using the power button.
Tried plugging in an external Monitor
Tried 5 different Sodimms (Each which work fine in another laptop)
Unplugged everything from the motherboard

The motherboard doesn't have any obvious damage, so I don't want to pronounce it dead just yet, so does anyone have any more suggestions, it doesn't matter how daft they sound, at least I can say everything was tried .



Answer:Satellite Pro L450d-12X isn't powering up

>so does anyone have any more suggestions

I don?t see any other way as to check the motherboard.
Of course it?s hard to say if the mobo is affected but I think if the memory modules are ok then the next step should be motherboard and CPU check?

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I wonder if anyone can help me.

My Toshiba Satellite L450d-113 won't power up at all.
I've tried taking battery out and holding power button for a while but nothing seems to work.

I have very important university stuff on it and I really need help.
When I plug charger in the power light blinks for a moment then nothing.

Any help would be really appreciate.


Answer:Satellite L450d-113 not powering up

First of all a good news:
Your university stuff on the HDD does not seem to be affected because I think that the HDD does not malfunction. Therefore you could remove the HDD form the notebook and could connect it to another computer using an external USB 2.5? HDD caddy.
In such case you will get access to the personal data.

Now back to the notebook problem.
It looks like a hardware part malfunction and I guess parts like motherboard, CPU or RAM modules might prevent the unit from powering up.

RAM modules can be replaced very easy but I don?t know if RAM is really the troublemaker.
Maybe you could visit some of the notebook specialist downtown in order to check the modules.

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Hi Guys

I have a Toshiba Satellite L450D-11H with the following specs

- AMD Sempron Processor SI-42
- DVD-RW SuperMulti drive (Double Layer)
- 1024 MB DDR RAM (800MHz)
- 15.6" TruBrite(1366 x 768) High Brightness display

I was wondering if there is anyway to downgrade from my current Windows 7 to Windows XP..

Thanks Guys

Answer:Satellite L450D-11H - Can I downgrade to Windows XP?


I have checked the Toshiba website and for Satellite L450D it shows only drivers for Windows 7.

Of course you can install Windows XP but in this case you have to collect the drivers on external websites because Toshiba provides only Windows 7 drivers.
To find Windows XP drivers you should ask Google, maybe you can find some drivers they will work.

But I?m wondering that you want to downgrade XP. In my opinion windows 7 runs pretty well and I?m satisfied with new Microsoft OS.

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My Satellite Pro L450D running Windows 7 started to freeze quite a lot. I re-installed from Restore DVD as trying to restore from hidden partition failed.
Install seemed to go OK but when running laptop continued to freeze occasionally.
I ran HDD tests, memory tests & CPU tests from Toshiba diagnostics & from ultimate boot cd, no problems reported.

Event Log shows "the driver detected a controller error on IDE port 1, Event ID 11." This event is repeated every few minutes.
I downloaded and installed the latest HWSetup files but no difference. I then entered BIOS and changed SATA controller from AHCI to Compatibility. This seems to have prevented these error messages but from what I read this setting is incorrect for win7. I still get a few error messages on shutdown/restart but no mention of atapi.

The messages now are
SCRegset ValueEXWcall failed for Failure actions with the following error: Access is denied.
Display is not active
CPLIB-General-Invalid Parameter
WLan Auto config service has successfully stopped.
Windows detected that your registry files are still in use.

I would welcome any advice on where to begin with sorting out my problem

Answer:Satellite Pro L450D started to freeze quite often

Situation update. I put bios back to AHCI. I then used recovery dvd to reinstate pc.
Left it running for a while and got "the driver detected a controller error on IDE port 1, Event ID 11." every 2 or 3 minutes.

I then went to device manager and disabled the DVD.
Since then no errors.

I was quite (pleasantly) surprised by this, events were being reported with no dvd in drive so I had assumed it had to be related to the HDD.

I have left it running, showing a film off iplayer as I thought this would put a load on it, and no errors.

Does this point to a faulty DVD or is it that I have freed up resources and therefore masked the problem.


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Yesterday my laptop had trouble booting up and when it did, it said driver error.

Today I tried it and it comes on but the keyboard will not work.
Any suggestions?

Answer:Satellite L450D-11G - keyboard is not working

>... it said driver error.
Just driver error or is maybe written which driver exactly?
Please start your notebook in safe mode (F8 at start-up) and check if the same keyboard problem occurs again.

Be so nice and post some feedback.

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Hi guys, since I changed from windows 7 to windows 10 the DVD/CD player does not work?

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I have a laptop I'm fixing for a friend.
According to toshibas official specification there is a HDD recovery partition wich is hidden.

For some reason unknown to me, holding down 0 (zero) doesnt work. F8 does not work either and windows system restore doesnt seem to get me there either.

Can someone kindly explain to me why this is happening?
No one has ever touched the hdd recovery on the supposed hidden partition wich is according to toshibas official specs 100% there...

Anyone share some ideas with me here please

Kind Regards,

Answer:HDD Recovery not working for Satellite Pro L450D-12x


The HDD recover partition is not hidden
In my case the image files where placed on the second partition in Toshiba HDD folder.

However, fact is that the HDD recover could be started pressing F8 button, then choosing option called Repair my Computer and in new window the option ?HDD Recovery? should be chosen.
If this is not possible, then you will need to recover the notebook using the Recover disk.

I assume such disk has not been created in the past. Right? You could create the disk using recover disk creator which is preinstalled on all Toshiba notebooks.

If this is not possible then you have to order the disk here:

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Ok so i'm in desperate need of help.
I did a clean install of windows 7 on my laptop, i tried to re-install some drivers but does it have to be done in a paticular order because a lot of things are not working at the moment. Most importantly my wifi is not working i can only connect to the intenet via ethernet cable which is an absolute nightmare.
someone please help. I'm a techno novice so a step by step guide would be really helpful.

Thank you

Answer:Re: Satellite L450D-13X - driver installation


Here is the right install order for your notebook:
TOSHIBA Extended Tiles for Windows Mobility Center
Realtek LAN Driver
TOSHIBA Network Device ID Registry Setting Tool
AMD Display Driver
TOSHIBA Supervisor Password Utility
TOSHIBA HW Setup Utility
TOSHIBA Flash Cards support utility
TOSHIBA Value Added Package
Realtek Audio Driver
Synaptics Touch Pad Driver
ALPS Pointing Device Driver
Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba
Realtek Card Reader
TOSHIBA SD Utilities
TOSHIBA Software Modem
TOSHIBA Software Modem Region Select Utility
Wireless LAN Driver
TOSHIBA Web Camera Application
TOSHIBA Face Recognition
TOSHIBA eco Utility
TOSHIBA Service Station
TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor

Please check this list and install missing stuff. In worst case install Win7 again and continue installation following this list.
Please post some feedback.

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I have lost my Satellite PRO L450D-12x recovery disc.

Does any one have idea how can I get it or can I order it from anywhere?

I need it urgently .

Answer:Need recovery disc for my Satellite Pro L450D-12X

You can order recovery disc on

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Following malware (Win 7 Anti-Spyware) asault, got rid of it but have lost all windows updates and security, Microsoft error reports every time I try to install any manually since having to go back to "system image". All restore points were gone, cannot create back-up disks nor restore points as windows requests installation disk, which I haven?t got.
Daughter?s computer from XMA on home access programme.

Have installed spyware terminator for temp protection and restore point creation but computer is slow and unpredictable, internet is a nightmare, and I?m a complete novice on a learning curve!!

Any answers/help greatly appreciated.
Or is professional (expensive) help the only answer?

Answer:Satellite Pro L450D-12X - Have lost all updates


If your computer is affected with lot of malware and viruses you should do a recovery installation from Toshiba recovery disk. That?s the only way to get 100% rid of all this stuff.

So backup your important data on an external drive. After this boot from Toshiba recovery disk and follow the screen instructions to restore the original out of box settings.

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I can't install any os on my toshiba laptop i have scanned the hdd for errors on my desktop but it says that it is in 100%perfect shape i have reset the bios to default settings insterted the toshiba recovery media and it froze on the starting windows screen same for windows xp - vista- 7 - 8 - 10 - Linux the only thing that seems to boot to a gui are the bootloader CD's i have and the GParted (on windows only BSOD and on linux apart form gparted weird artifacts (GPU and CPU and RAM and HDD are fine ))

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Laptop is 5 weeks old and already there is a white patch about the size of pea appearing on the touchpad, just like the paint is wearing off, if that's possible.
Is it going to cause me problems? should I back to Curry's or report it under the warantee ?


Answer:Satellite L450D-13x - touchpad wear

> just like the paint is wearing off, if that's possible.

yes, it can take place.

> should I back to Curry's or report it under the warantee ?

As I know, the warranty doesn't cover this issue, but you should contact the service center and ask them about it.

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I have tried to get my laptop to print to an old HP720C without success, so I bought a new Kodak ESP5250 All in One Printer and tried the wireless then USB2.0 options, but neither of these seem to work.

The computer loads the software fine, says everything is working and when I press print it tells me the document has been sent to the printer - but it never arrives! On the print dialog screen it does not seem to start spooling.

The scan option works both by pressing the button on the Kodak printer and also by the option on the laptop and I have already tried switching the printer spooler service to automatic on the services.msc.

I have also tried deleting the contents of the System32\spool\printers and \drivers and reinstalling the printer but to no avail.

I have already gone through every troubleshooting method on the Kodak site and been talked through by one of their helpline operatives but nothing seems to work.

My daughter has an Advent laptop with Windows 7 and this works just fine with both the old and new printers so I presume it's a problem with the Toshiba.

Any ideas would be gratefully received as I cannot keep saving files to a pen drive and asking her to print them off for me.


Answer:Satellite L450D-13U won't talk to my printer

On this way it is pretty complicated to discuss about such problems. What we can do on this forum is to repeat again and again ?standard? procedure how to get printer working but I think you have done all this already.

Is there no way for you to ask for professional help and ask someone to visit you and check all options?

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I hope someone can tell me how to get the mic line in box to appear when I plug in the mic etc as I wish to use line in to record sound from another source. ie using the tv headphone socket.
It has stopped appearing automatically for some unknown reason. I think it is set on the mic setting as the sound that it recorded was very tinny even listening to it back with my headphones.

OR is there another way to record sound from the tv to the laptop.
Any help much appreciated

Answer:Satellite L450D - Mic/Line in box not showing


Try to reinstall a sound card driver, it should appear I hope.......

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Unfortunately my Toshiba L450D Laptop's hinge keeps splitting when the screen is adjusted. When the screen is put back/adjusted backwards a wide gap appears between the LCD screen and the casing and there is a lot of noise.

When the screen is adjusted forwards (like closing) a huge gap appears on the back of the hinge. It appears that the hinge is not in correctly either and I believe this is happening because the hinge is stuck.

My laptop is out of warranty now as I would have taken it to a service station for the people to fix it.

My system specifications:

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 32-Bit (6.1, Build 7600)
System Manufacturer: TOSHIBA
System Model: Satellite L450D
BIOS: Ver 1.00
Processor: AMD Sempron(tm) SI-42, ~2.1GHz
Memory: 1024MB (1GB) RAM
Display: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
Sound: Realtek High Definition Audio
Input: Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad + Standard PS/2 Keyboard

Is there a manual way to fix this?

I appreciate any help given.

- Michael

Answer:Satellite L450D-11H - Hinge Is Broken. How Can I Fix It?

Easiest way is to bring notebook to nearest Toshiba service provider. They can order broken part and exchange it.

Manual to fix it? you mean maintenance manuals, right? Maintenance manuals is not for public usage and not free for download.

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Satellite L450D

* AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Processor RM-74
* 4096 MB (2048 +2048) DDR RAM (800MHZ)
Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-bit
When I power on laptop it hangs on Toshiba startup screen
I press F2 it says loading but hangs and powers off after 2-3 mins press F12 does exactly the same as F2

Any solutions please
Any help is much appreciated

Answer:Satellite L450D - Boot problems

> When I power on laptop it hangs on Toshiba startup screen
> I press F2 it says loading but hangs and powers off

This means that the notebook cannot pass the POST properly.
POST is the power on self test and if the notebook hangs there then something is wrong with the motherboard or the part on the motherboard.
Did you check RAM modules?

Remove on module and try to boot using only one module.
Then switch the other module and check this too?

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I have a Toshiba L450D-13X and when I press the power button the light comes on for about 4 seconds and then goes off.
Nothing happens on the screen, no fans start up and there is no sound coming from the laptop.
I have tested the hard drive and memory and they are both fine.
I have tried it with the battery in and out on the mains etc. Nothing

Any help appreciated it is only 3 weeks out of warranty.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite Pro L450D-13X wont switch on

> I have tested the hard drive and memory and they are both fine.
> I have tried it with the battery in and out on the mains etc. Nothing

Well, looks like serious hardware issue? possibly the faulty motherboard.
You will need a help from Toshiba ASP? the guys could check the parts?

Good luck

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I'm unable to start Windows. I've pressed f8 and tried all the options. I've tried startup repair which just goes to a black screen. I've tried the product recovery disc, and I just go to a black screen with an arrow. I have my own recovery disc which I made last month, this didn't work either.

Any help would be appreciated.


(The problems started after an error message which I think was about a problem with wmv.dll? I only saw the message briefly so my memory might be faulty on this)

Answer:Satellite L450D-11V - Windows not starting

enter Bios (f2 on startup) to check if hdd recognized

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Hi guys

Right here go's , I have a Toshiba Satellite L450D which would not boot up in fact nothing except the green power on light, so I decided to strip it down to have a look after removing the keyboard & power switch ribbon cable & everything else I just thought I would reconnect the power cable without screwing anything back together & lo & behold the fan started to spin but only for 5 secs, the cdrom made the normal sounds I got another green light showing & the battery light came on.

But NO DISPLY never even tried to boot from the hard drive? Anyway I screwed it all back together & tried to power it up but I was back to square one nothing except again the first green light.
So I stripped it down again & attached power ribbon & I was back to lights , cd rom, fan.

I have left it at that just wondered if anyone can tell me what the fault is plz?
Cheers Guys

Answer:Satellite L450D wont power up

Have you tried adding each component one by one to determine what is causing the POST failure?

Have you added any extra RAM? Or tried booting with just one RAM Module?

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Hi I have a Satellite L300D-10Q and when I press the "fn" button I get a menu on the top of the screen, using which I can lock the touch pad but on the Satellite L450D I do not get this menu. I know the fn button works as I can use fn f5 for extended desktop. Also fn F8 doesn't switch the wireless on and off but the rest of the "F's" do work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Thanks Daniel.b

Answer:Satellite L450D-12X - FN keys don't work

Hi daniel,

The point is that you have to reinstall Toshiba Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility. Both tools controls the FN keys and are necessary because they contain the drivers for these keys.

You can download the tools here:

If you have more questions, please let us know! :)

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I have recently purchased a reconditioned L450D: Win 7 64bit, 4Gb ram, 2.1Ghz AMD dual core, it runs fine much faster than my 1 year old Toshiba anyway.

The problem is, it keeps randomly freezing. When it does the screen looks like the picture in the link, the mouse and keyboard are completely unresponsive but i left it and as the battery went flat it did beep?

<img src= _n.jpg border='0' width='550px' height='500px'>

So far I have only updated windows, it has the Toshiba partition on the hard drive but f8 during boot doesn't seem to do anything and when i tried to write the recovery disk it burnt but then said unable to finde file during the verification stage.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Answer:Satellite L450D keeps randomly freezing


The notebook issue on the picture looks like an problem with an graphic chip.

Possibly the notebook freezes because of GPU high temperature. What do you think that?

Did you notice a higher temperature?

If yes, try to clean the cooling fans using a compressed air spray? you should also try a display update.

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my toshiba Satellite Pro L450D is not working again.
Please i need a link to download another one please.
I have tried several sites but all prooved abortive.

Answer:Satellite Pro L450D - web application not working again

Here you can download all the drivers and software for your notebook model: -> Support & Downloads ->Download Drivers

There you can find also the webcam software.

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I have a Satellite L450D-113 and am looking to upgrade the processor to something more powerful, does anyone have any suggestions.

Answer:Satellite L450D-113 - Upgrading the processor

Hi buddy,

Unfortunately such CPU upgrade is not supported. The only CPU that was pretested and is supported is preinstalled one. So there is no list of supported CPUs and check this article:

By the way: If you still upgrade it, you lose the warranty and everything happens on your own risk.

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Recently I went into my laptops 'synaptics pointing device settings and checked the box:
'disable internal pointing device when external USB device is attached'

I then later unchecked the box but the trackpad continued to be disabled, despite the mouse properties window saying that the trackpad was working properly.

Answer:Satellite L450D - trackpad is not working


try the key combination FN + F9.
This would enable and disable the touchpad.

Does this help you to enable the touchpad?

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Hi Guys,

I would really appreciate some help with my laptop i have a toshiba satellite L450D-113

I noticed it was getting slow and then when i turned it on the other day it will not load up and just says


If anyone has any idea how i could get this back up and running i would appreciate it,
i dont even mind restoring it to factory settings, as there is not a great deal of important docs that i need to save, but dont have a clue how i do it so i would need step by step explanation


Answer:My Satellite L450D-113 wont start up

Start notebook and press F8 to enter advanced boot options.
Can you start notebook in safe mode?

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Just got my daughter a Satellite L450D-113.

She has suddenly experienced what I would describe as a nasty feedback sound if she turns the volume up at all while listening to any audio playback. I think it may have something to do with the mic, as it sounds as if it is switching on as the volume is turned up. Hopefully it?s a case of adjusting settings, so if anyone can help it would be great if you keep your answer as simple as possible.

I am a total novice.
Thanks, al.

Answer:Feedback sound at Satellite L450D

Can she hear the same noise if she uses the headphones?
Does this happen with battery power supply only?

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I just wanted to know if Satellite laptop L450D series has infrared port. I?m asking because I want to transfer some pictures from my mobile via infrared but it seems that my Toshiba laptop hasn?t got an infrared port.


Answer:Has Satellite L450D infrared port?

As far as I know this notebook model doesn?t have infrared port.
Check user?s manuals document. All available ports are listed there.

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My laptop will not recognize my discs. I can hear it spinning and reading the discs but nothing else happens. I'm aware not every brand of blank discs can be read but it's not recognizing anything, gaming discs, dvd/rw's etc.

I have Googled for a solution, checked to see if the driver is updated and looked in device manager for any conflicts and still come up with no answers.

Any suggestions?


Answer:Satellite L450D-11v CD not recognizing discs

Have you tried to clean up the lens?

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L450D, Windows 7, with a standard soundcard using the Realtek chip running a codec ALC272 and driver version I am trying to use a drumpad trigger interface (Trigger IO trigger-to-midi USB interface) with my laptop, running Toontrack and EZdummer Lite software.

The user guide for the Trigger IO says that it is a plug-and-play device that will automatically be recognised once it is plugged into the USB port; the software should then allow me to select and enable the Trigger IO as a MIDI input.

When I connect the Trigger IO it is recognised and the drivers are loaded OK. Toontrack recognises it as a MIDI IN device (under Options/MIDI Devices) but when I click on the EZD 1 dropdown on the mixer slider, nothing shows when I click the MIDI Device menu option.

Is this a soundcard problem, a driver problem or something else? HELP, please.

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Answer:MIDI on a Toshiba Satellite L450D

In my opinion you should contact support from product manufacturer (Alesis) and ask for help. They can help you with this. Toshiba doesn't support third part devices.

If I understand you right, USB port works properly so there is no reason to contact Toshiba.

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bq. {color:#808080}+"Re: That means that your notebook works with 2GB of RAM. You can expand it to 8GB and make it faster and better. I&rsquo;ve checked specification and found info that you can use 2 x 4GB to have maximum amount of RAM. Compatible 4GB RAM has part number PA3670U-1M4G."+{color}

I'm just about to purchase my memory my question is;
can i combine a 2gb and a 4gb module or do they have to be the same size.


Answer:Re: Satellite L450D-13X -upgrading memory

Yes you can do this. The main thing is that you use 100% compatible RAM modules.
If you have more questions you are welcome.

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My aged parents have bought their first computer - the L450D-11V.

Have started it up but have been asked for a password. Retailer's help line was no help to them so they phoned dutiful daughter (me). I downloaded the manual but it simply says to follow the on screen instructions.

Can anyone who bought this model recently tell me how to get past this?

Answer:Satellite L450D-11V - Asks for password on first use

Hi mate,

Which password you mean exactly?
The BIOS password?
The HDD password?
The Windows password?

Are you sure that you didn?t set or another one?

Anyway, normally a password shouldn?t be set on first usage. You can contact an authorized service provider in your country. The guys can remove every password.

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My L450D has been getting toasty hot lately (~100C) and I need to know how to change the fan speed quite desperately. I am on the latest BIOS v1.33 and still no change.
SpeedFan just doesn't work.

Can I get some help?

Answer:How to adjust fan speed on Satellite L450D?


On mobile PCs cooling fan control is pretty limited and on Toshiba notebooks you have one option only. Enter advanced power options for power profile you use and there you will find option cooling methods options.
Set it please to battery optimized and it should reduce cooling fan speed.

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My toshiba satellite L450D detects and connects to the wireless internet but when i open my internet explorer it says that it cant show the web page. Strangely i can't update my pc using windows update either but i can connect to windows live messenger?

What can i do?

Answer:Satellite L450D - Internet issue

Sorry problem solved, somehow the proxy settings went to manual. . . Had to put it back as automatic xD

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*Satellite Pro L450D-12X screen flashing on and off*

Hi can anyone help?

I have a Toshiba laptop L450D-12x, when booting the laptop, the screen flashing /blinking on and of nonstop.

The screen turns off and on every second and this does not stop, gets faster and faster!

The operating system does load up, I am able to log in , but everything else seems to be fine.

Here is a list of what I have tried,

1. Connected to external monitor - on the monitor the screen did not flash, but on the laptop it flashed!
2. Replaced the screen cable with a new one - still flashing
3. Replaced the inverter - still flashing
4. Replaced the screen - still flashing
5. Reset bios default settings - still flashing
6. Booted up in safe mode - still flashing
7. Installed the latest driver - still flashing
8. Removed ram - still flashing
9. Removed hard drive - still flashing

Please help, I do not want to replace the Motherboard then find out it's not the motherboard



Answer:Satellite Pro L450D-12X - screen flashing on and off

>Please help, I do not want to replace the Motherboard then find out it's not the motherboard

In my opinion its hard to say what?s wrong here.
You said that if you connect the external monitor, the display is OK? this means (in my personal opinion) that the motherboard and graphic card should be ok.

I think you should visit an next technician downtown to get the hardware checked? its much cheaper as to purchase next parts.

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I have a Satellite L450D-113 and was wondering if anyone could recomend a cooling solution. I am currently using a cooling mat but this is no longer sufficient. I was wondering if there was a way to change the internal fan to something more powerful. This is becoming a more frequent problem and any help would be greatly appreciated.


Answer:Satellite L450D-113 - New cooling solution


Why you want another cooling solution? The internal cooling module and fan are enough and designed to cool the CPU and other components well. I don?t see a reason for another cooling module or external cooling module.

Probably dust is blocking the cooling fan at the moment so you noticed an higher temperature. So try to clean it using compressed air spray to blow out the dust.

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Toshiba Bulletin Board advised 1 new message. Downloaded the BIOS update available. Computer totally froze during update and would not respond to anything. Now , computer is totally dead. Power in light comes on when external plug connected but nothing else. All I did was follow Toshiba's own instructions. Pleas advise.


Answer:Satellite L450D - Nothing else happens after BIOS update


It?s strange that BIOS update went wrong because I did it already several times and never had a problem? Did you run some background applications they probably blocked the update?

Anyway, what you can try is to remove the battery and AC adapter for some hours. Then connect it again and try to start your notebook.

In worst case the ROM module must be reflashed but an authorized service provider can help you to get rid of this problem. :)

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my satellite L450D-11X suddenly will not boot up,when i power it on the fan runns for about 3 seconds and the green led at the front comes on then goes out after 5 seconds,
with the power plugged in the green light stays on and the amber light stays on but same result the laptop will not power up

I have tried connecting to ext luck also i tried holding zero while powering joy.

I get no display or anything when i power up and nothing happens,, any help much appreciated..steve

Answer:Satellite L450D wont boot up


Maybe this is the perfect article for you:
[Which steps should be followed if your Toshiba notebook doesn't start? |]

But in worst case it?s serious hardware issue and you need help from an authroiezd service provider.

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When I try to start my laptop it will flash the power on charging and ac adapter plugged in lights like normally but it doesn?t turn on.
The Wi-Fi and ram access and it doesn?t even boot (Not even the TOSHIBA logo)

Please help

Answer:My Satellite L450D-13D notebook wont start

On this virtual way it is not easy to say what is wrong there. Your problem description is very short and we don?t have any basic info that could help us to understand what may be the problem.

Disconnect AC adapter, remove the battery and press power button for about 20 seconds. I don't know if notebook reset will help but you can try it.

What was your last step with your notebook?
Have you maybe upgraded BIOS or upgraded some hardware like RAM?
Please let us know which notebook model do you have and let us know what was your last action.

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Sorry Tom for the delay, Did as you suggested, inserting the recovery disc and pressing F8 on start-up, Caption showed repair info but when I tried the recovery procedure, up came the following.. 'Toshiba 'data D' empty::'there is no valid HDD Recovery environment on this computer HDD eco Gui ?. data 'd' blank.'.... So it would appear, that I'm 'snookered Tom . Just can't afford a new laptop, hence the efforts to revive this one Thanks again for your efforts Cheers

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This laptop has run chkdisc spontaneously on startup since I bought it 9 mths ago but now I'm having crashes followed by inability to boot or do anything. PXE-E61 media test failed. Its still under warranty so I wont be doing any DIY hardware. Anyone know what this is or if I should send it back to Toshiba? Its working at the minute but it feels like its dying a bad death.

Answer:Satellite L450D-13G - PXE-E61 error on startup

Well, I'm slightly wiser after the last few hours research.

Seems the Laptop is trying to bypass the boot sequence and boot from a network because it cant find the hard drive. However, the option to boot from the hard drive is still there.

Now it boots after the error message every time, which makes little sense to me, but its better than not booting I suppose.

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How can I find out what battery my brand new laptop takes? The one that comes with it has barely 2 hours on it.

I would like to see if I can get hold of a longer lasting one.

Answer:Battery replacement on Satellite L450D

As far as I know for Satellite L series there are not offered several different batteries.
According the notebook specification you can use batteries with PA3534U-1BRS and PA3534U-1BAS part number but I believe both of them are 6 cell batteries.

Check it out.

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Firstly, hi to everyone.
I have the weirdest problem ever with my satellite pro L450D-12X.

A while ago the laptop didn't turn once when I pushed the power button, a few LED lights come on and the fan kicked in for a few seconds and then nothing.
It sounded like it was on but the screen was completely blank.
I then turned it off and back on again and it worked like usual.
A few days later it did the same thing, but didn't come on until the 3rd attempt at turning it on and off.

As the time went on, it took longer and longer to get the thing to kick in and actually start.
There were no other problems. All of a sudden, I found myself sitting there for about 30 minutes trying to get it to start, powering it off and on, but to no avail. I looked online and tried all sorts of stuff, but nothing worked.

I took it apart to see if I could see any problems but it all looked fine.... but, as I put it all back together, it worked again - I didn't move anything. I got along with the laptop with a few days and then all of a sudden it started doing it again, until it wouldn't turn on at all again (it didn't last long this time though).

I recently took it apart AGAIN and cleaned it a little, and the same thing happened, it worked two or three times and then refused to come on.

What on earth is happening?
Why does it only work for a while after I take all the screws out and look at the motherboard?
It's like it's only happy when I am looking at it - it's like a ... Read more

Answer:Satellite Pro L450D-12X only occasionally turns on

To be honest I don?t think that someone here in the forum would be able to say exactly why this happen. My first idea was that an memory problem could be responsible for this malfunction but since the notebook could be turned on after some time, I guess an motherboard or CPU issue would be the troublemaker.

I guess there is no other troubleshooting method as to replace the affected part(s) and to check if the issue would appear again or could be solved.

Of course, if you want, you could also visit the service engineer downtown just to perform some diagnostic tests.

Sorry mate for this ?general? opinion but it?s really difficult to talk about such hardware problems.

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Some months ago, I purchased a Toshiba Laptop Model No L450D-13X !( Old mode)l!complete with the recovery disc ! ? Having a few problems I decided to use the Recovery Disc , only to find that ' D ' partition which should contain data, was 'empty' ?? I understand from a friend that I can obtain assistance from Toshiba at cost.! Perhaps someone will kindly advise me on the procedure ? Many thanks for your time

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I gave it already an SSD. But it is still far to slow to live with. Windows 10 is fighting and fighting to bring up tomething onto the screen . especialy Internet access by Mocilla Firefox is takeing verry much time . For quick lookups i switch to my smartfone in the same w-lan.
Maybe my L450 is simply overburdened by Windows - and its time do dispose it - is it ??????
I might give it a mem-upgrade from 2 to 4 Gb. But i doubt this will do it.
Can somebody recomend me checks that can give me a hint what to do ?
Or ,maybe, the L450 is still fit for some simpler operating-system .

Thanks for posts

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I've only had this laptop for 3 weeks, and already the dvd drive is making a very loud noise when burning and reading.

Is there any way of fixing this?

Answer:Satellite L450D-11H - CD/DVD drive is loud


I doubt that this can be fixed. It?s also depending on the CD/DVD media that you use. I have noticed that some medias are a little bit louder. I think it?s depending on the circle in the middle of disk.

I don?t know how much medias you have tried but you should try another one. If it doesn?t work you should contact your authorized service provider to get a replacement drive.

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Toshiba Satellite L450D
Ser. No. 9442472K

Problem. Have a problem with Startup. unable to operate, safe mode, safe mode etc etc. (using F12) or alternative start using (F2)

Used System recovery discs created with Toshiba recovery Media Creator.

Now have endless cycle of
Setup for 1st use
Welcome screen
Please wait
do not interrupt shut down.

Computer than shuts down and the cycle starts again ad infinitum.

Please advise what steps I should take.

Answer:Satellite L450D - shuts down and starts again


Does the computer really shut down or does it make only a restart? Latter I think everything is ok with your notebook. If you use the Toshiba recovery disk the computer starts pretty often until the installation is finished, this could happen 10 times.

If your notebook really shuts down immediately, I think it?s a hardware malfunction and you should contact nearest authorized service provider. I believe the technicians can help you! :)

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Hi guys,

I've got a satellite l450d-11g running on windows 7 32 bit.
When i boot it up, it comes up with a message saying that i need to restore it due to a file called: /windows\system32\drivers/msisadrv.sys is missing or corrupt and to insert my disk.

Well i didnt get a disk or anything with my computer and ive tried everything.

Can anyone help me atall? i will be willing to pay, just need to get my laptop up and runninng again.
The f8 and '0' method dont work either.


Answer:Satellite L450D-11G - Won't boot and dont know how to restore

> The f8 and '0' method dont work either.

Usually the HDD recovery option should be available pressing F8 at the beginning of booting procedure.
Then a Advanced boot menu should appear where you could choose ?repair my computer? -> HDD recovery

If this is not possible then you will need to recover the notebook using the Toshiba Recovery disk.
The disk can be ordered here:

Good luck

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I want to use the recovery disc provided to remove the 64bit version of Windows7 and install the 32bit version. I have followed the user manual and created recovery discs (2). When I come to use the product recovery disc to install the 32bit version of Windows7, there is a note on the back which tells that I will have to reinstall additional software provided with the laptop (in this case MSWorks was provided), from separate media.

I presume this means that I will have to reinstall Works from a backup disc. What I am not sure about is weather the back up discs I created when following the manual, will have a back up copy of Works on, or will I have to make another disc?

As you can tell, I'm not too familiar with all this kind of stuff, so please be kind with replies and I apologise in advance if I seem to be talking gibberish!


Answer:Satellite L450D-11V - Have I created a backup disk?

Hello Adrian

All this with recovery image and recovery discs is quite simply.
Every Toshiba notebook is delivered with preinstalled OS (factory state) and when you start notebook for the first time preinstalled OS (operating system) will starts.

You can see that preinstalled ?recovery image? contains operating system itself, all necessary drivers, different Toshiba specific tools and utilities, and additional software like McAffe or Works. When you create recovery installations DVD and use it for OS installation you will have exact the same state again.

I don't know what kind of additional software you got with your notebook (maybe country specific) but if you got some additional software on separate installations disc I presume you must install it separately after OS installation.

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On my Satellite L450D-11V with Windows 7 Premium 64bit, Tempro today indicated there was an important update that replaces the recovery partition with a new one, to get over the problem of an error message on laptops with more than 4GB RAM. Even though I only have 3GB, it says the update is for everyone as you may upgrade to over 4GB in future.

That's all very well, so I downloaded it and tried to run the unpacked .exe, but half way through installation, it stops and tells me the update is only for 64bit versions of Windows 7....which mine is. I've only had it five days, it came with Windows 7 Prem 64bit, and I've definitely not used the 32bit downgrade DVD...and it clearly states "64bit operating system" in My Computer.

Answer:Satellite L450D-11V - Recovery partition update


Which update do you mean exactly? Can you post some informations please like file name, etc.?

Normally there is no recovery partition. There is only a folder called ?HDDrecovery? on the second partition where you can reinstall Windows from this folder. On Vista and Windows 7 there is a hidden partition but it?s the Windows recovery environment and has nothing to do with Toshiba.

Furthermore I don?t use TEMPRO because install the updates manually if it?s necessary.

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