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Satellite L650-10M produces rattling noise with delay

Question: Satellite L650-10M produces rattling noise with delay

My laptop often produces a rattling noise (from the speaker or from the headphone)from any sound output device with 2 to 3 sec delay.I dont have this problem all the time but certainly any time couldnt say.This problem occurs even when i m not running any applications like media player.But during this delay i ve noticed that the hard disk is running in full speed as hard disk led light in my laptop indicates. I also noticed that this delay time varies from time to time sometimes 1 sec sometimes upto 7 sec.I fear this could be a hardware problem.My laptops warranty ends by this july if this problem can be recovered by warranty how can i explain this problem to the service provider.I have no proof to produce to the service provider .only possibility is by recording the incident but that s impossible because as i said no one can expect this problem at a very particular time.

I tried reinstalling my windows using the recovery media but still i have the same problem.
I tried running memtest and it say s no problems or error was there.
I tried running analyse disk and even defragmentation but there were no errors found.

Before 6 months i had the same problem but one day this rattling noise stood for a long time and finally lead to a blue screen and that marks the end of my that instance i tried re installing windows using recovery disk but at that time an error came out saying disk is having problem at raid 0 also i cant even login to my laptop at that time and strucks at with a black screen.i took my laptop to the service provider and got my hard disk replaced.Now with the new hard disk the problem still continues.

How can i explain this problem to the service provider???
suggestions please

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Preferred Solution: Satellite L650-10M produces rattling noise with delay

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite L650-10M produces rattling noise with delay

Hi buddy,

If you are running the preinstalled Windows version with all drivers and tools from Toshiba you should check the tool ?HDD protection utility?. I had a similar issue that during music and video playback the notebook ?freezes? for 1 or 2 seconds and this was caused by this tool because the HDD head was moved to safe position.

You can change the sensitivity in this tool and I chose the lowest value that did solve the problem :)

Check this!!!

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I don't know how to describe it, but I hear this faint "rattling" sort of noise when my laptop (L650/E08) is in use.
I've heard that this is normal, but I'm not so sure.

I don't hear the noise all the time, but I want to make certain if it's nothing to be concerned about.

Answer:Satellite L650/E08 - I hear small rattling noise

me too have the same problem in my L650-10M

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I've had this laptop for a year and a half now, and it has never made this noise before. I turned it on this morning, and a strange rattling-type noise began.
It does not constantly make the noise, just for a few seconds every few sounds like it is coming from the fan but I am not sure.
Has anyone else had this problem or know what it could be?


Answer:On my Satellite strange rattling-type noise appears


What?s has you for a Model Type?


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I have a new Toshiba Satellite C850 laptop from Argos and it?s great apart from the fact that it seems to put out a high pitched nose for good length at a time.
It?s not feedback noise from mic / speaker. The sound is causing my ears to hurt now even when I?ve turned off laptop.
My ears keep ringing for days after using laptop.

Anyone have similar probs or solutions ..... cheers !!

Answer:My Satellite C850 produces high pitched noise

In the past I have used several notebooks including Toshiba notebooks but I?ve never noticed something like this so, for me, it is not easy to understand what happen exactly.
Can you tell us what could be source for this high pitched noise? Where it comes from?

Problem is that some ?options? to fix this are very limited due to fact that probably some hardware component produces this noise.
I presume your notebook still has valid warranty so maybe you should contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They can inspect all this and fix it.

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I bought the Laptop back in February 2011 and the noise of the fan got worse over time now. I have read many threads in this forum and elsewhere regarding this problem and I guess that my issues are basically the same.

Now that I have read some posts stating that the new BIOS released in september apparantly fixed the issue, I did a BIOS update myself (Version 2.3) only to encounter the same Problem again.

The fan stops as soon as the temperature is below a certain threshold, in my case according to CoreTemp this seems to be at around 50-55?C. At this moment the fan turns itself off, which is also confirmed by the Health Monitor showing 0% fan speed.
This leads to the CPU temperature rising until the fan kicks in at about 55-60% fanspeed.
This process repeats itself every 15-20 seconds and is very annoying.

It gets worse though if I actually start doing something like opening an application, starting the web browser - nothing serious really, I won't even start complaining about the noise while gaming/watching movies.
The Fan speed will be at 70-75% as soon as the CPU gets some work to do.
The resulting noise is unacceptable for about 20-30 Seconds.

The noise is a major factor for me. In University I can't use it anymore as my fellow students are too distracted by its noise. At work my colleagues started to complain about it as well.
As I only use my Laptop while being out of my own office/home it is basically useless to me by now.

Has anyone else stil... Read more

Answer:Satellite L650 1NC - fan noise


The cooling module performance depends on the internal temperature.
If the temperature arise to a higher level, the fan needs to rotate faster in order to prevent the hardware from overheating? this is an usual behavior.

But you can try to change some settings in Win 7 power management.
This will decrease the CPU performance and the heat dissipation and this should slow down the fan activity too.

Here is instruction how to modify the Win 7 power management.
+How to handle the power managment features of Windows 7+

Interesting are the options in TOSHIBA Power Saver Settings: Cooling Method and Processor power management

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Hi guys,

I bought a satellite L650 notebook and right from day 2 i noticed there's a high pitch noise (you can check the link ) coming from somewhere underneath the touchpad when browsing the internet. It is very annoying and since i noticed it first, very hard to ignore, unless there's music playing in the background.

I can hear it almost anywhere if i put my ear over the keyboard, but it is most intense right over the touchpad. If i close the browser, the noise stops ( so i don't think it's because of the C-states of the i5 CPU, because when idle, the noise stops and when running multiple programs or games, the noise isn't there also ).

I took it to the service, still having aprox 6months warranty. At first, they said it is because the fan was full of dust. Of course, it wasn't the case. Then, they changed my motherboard and cooler. This didn't fix it either. Third time they changed the hdd (because of bad sectors, they said).

Did anybody have the same problem? What do you suggest I should do? Take it back to service again? It seems like they don't know how to fix it either. I also had an argue with them because at first they refused to repair it, saying it is not a malfunction, so I worry that they will just give the laptop back the way i took it, after the 4th time being in service for this problem.

Any information or advice is useful!



Answer:High pitch electric noise on Satellite L650

I went through a clean install later today, after posting my questions. I'm using the older version of IE that came with windows7 cd and the noise isn't there anymore. I can still hear something if i come close to the keyboard, but it isn't that noticeable as it used to be.
I'm afraid now to use firefox or chrome thinking i might trigger it back :-)

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Question: Rattling noise

I can hear a rattling noise in my pc whenever my fan spins fast. What is this coming from? Is it something I have to worry about? (I have backed up everything recently and I barely make software changes to computer and I am also getting a new PC soon anyway)

Answer:Rattling noise

If it only happens when your fan is spinning I'd say it's a good bet the bearing in the fan might be on the way out. It it's the CPU fan, you might want to think about replacing it as if it fails your CPU temps will go up very quickly, and your PC would not be happy with that.

If it's case fan, and you're getting a new PC soon anyway, if the temps are hardly affected with the fan disconnected mybe you can live with it. But generally speaking, you need at least one working case fan to assist with cooling.

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After about a month of getting a X200 tablet, the fan has recently started to make a rattling/gurgling sound--a bit like an idling engine. Do I need to send it in for repair, or is it possible that this might be a software issue (BIOS/power management)? Thanks  sam bowie  

Answer:rattling fan noise (X200T)

The fan rattling... it shouldn't rattle for a new laptop, the X200's fan is pretty slient, maybe you should get it looked at.  

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  noise in cd drawer

Answer:rattling noise in cd drawer


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Originally posted by Scott Andrew
I recently had to reinstall windows 95. Since then I have not been able to get my sound back. I have tried to reload the audio drivers, but still there is no sound. I have the ess1878 sound drivers.

When I try to get sound, I get the 'No active mixer installed' message. What can I do? Click to expand...


Answer:cd rom makes rattling noise

Hi raj_rajas2411, welcome to TSG.

I've split your posting into your own thread. It's always a good idea to open a new thread for your individual problem.

Will the cd drive read any cds at all? Or does it just make a bad noise?

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I recently bought an Aspire R14 laptop and it makes a terribly annoying rattling sound when I type. The touchpad seems to be loose. If you tap anywhere on the base of the laptop there is a rattling noise.  The noise is driving me and the students around me insane. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Does anyone know how to fix the problem or if Acer has helped with the issue?   Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Answer:Rattling Noise when typing

We suggest you contact Acer repair center, it sounds like a hardware issue.

Links Importantes: Páginas de Suporte Global | Artigos da Base de ConhecimentoRemember to mark posts that resolved your issue with Accept as Solution.

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I recently bought an Aspire R14 laptop and it makes a terribly annoying rattling sound when I type. The touchpad seems to be loose. If you tap anywhere on the base of the laptop there is a rattling noise.  The noise is driving me and the students around me insane. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Does anyone know how to fix the problem or if Acer has helped with the issue?   Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Lately my T5500 has been making rattling noises. I'm not sure if the front fans or the PSU is the culprit, or perhaps a loose cable. It may even be a hard drive, but I really hope not.I've got a few questions about the fan assembly and the one in the PSU.Are the front fans 120mm? Is it possible to replace individual fans, or should the whole assembly be replaced? Is there any way to control the fans in VMWare ESXi 6.0?Does the PSU even have a fan? I've heard conflicting reports on that. Any tips for cable management? It's more crowded in the T5500 chassis than I'm used to.

Answer:T5500 rattling noise; fan/psu questions

Hi Imrazor,
T5500 front fan is a assembly and you have to buy them both there is no seperate part.
The Psu also has a fan inside it to outlet the hot air.
The specification for the fan is
Dell CPU Dual Cooling Fan Assembly For Precision WorkStation T5500 Systems Fans
specifications: FOXCONN / Modell: PV123812DSPF 01 / DC12V ~ 0.90A / 150CFM NN495-A00 2 Ball Bearing / 5 Pin Connector W/4 Wires.
Nothing much can be done on cable management as most of them are in use.

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With the pc, there is a cdr-drive an a dvd-drive. I haven't used the pc for a few weeks, and I shut all power off. I just turned on the power on. Now and then, when using (opening or just reading disc) either the cdr-drive or the dvd-drive, a loud rattling noise starts. Both drives still can read any disc, and the LED-lights also are let. This noise stops when rebooting.

Win xp, AMD Athlon 3500+, 1 gb ram, geforce 7900gt

Answer:cdr/dvd-drive: loud rattling noise

I'd check my cables inside the system. A lot of times when the system speeds up the wires start vibrating against casing or other things and creates noise. Tighten things up. If the system works and you can live with the noise I don't think it will hurt anything. If it bothers you you'll need to be looking around for a new drive. Jazz

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Hello ...  My custom built HP Envy Phoenix Desktop was shipped to me about three weeks ago.  All has been running smoothly, however, 2 days ago, a rattle started in the tower, and continues most of the time the computer is on.  It kind of sounds like a CPU unit running loudly.  I'm not sure if it's the water cooled fan, or something loose.  It is not being caused by the air fan towards the top of the computer ? the noise comes from the bottom portion of the tower. I have not opened the tower to look for anything loose, as I do not want to void the warranty.   I figure if I call HP, they are going to tell me to box up the tower, send it to them, and I won't see it for a few weeks, which is really irritating after transferring everything over to the new computer and using it daily now.  Does anyone think this could be a simple "screw loose" that I should open the tower?  I took a breif video of the noise, but do not know how to embed it in this message, or attach a link. Thanks in advance for anyone's opinion out there!   

Answer:Rattling noise in new HP Envy Phoenix

Hi mate! If I was u I´ll send it back soo the can fix it dont open... its my opinon... Best regards Ozzy

Best regardsOzzy

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Over the past couple weeks, my laptop occasionally started making a sort of "rattling" noise. However, I was always able to stop the noise by lightly hitting the side where the fan is. However, a couple days ago it has became worse. I am in college and i'm worried that its becoming a distraction to other students. Now, when it starts to make the noise, I will lightly hit the side and the noise improves, but hardly goes away. After a couple of seconds, the rattling noise returns. I do not know much about the hardware of a laptop, and I have searched solutions on the internet. No one has mentioned that the sound stops after tapping the top left side of the laptop (side with the fan).  Does anyone know a solution? Preferably one that doesn't involve me opening up my laptop. Thanks for your time!

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I've used a couple of Toshiba's the last couple of years but find that the new Tecra S3 is producing much to much noise. This noise is generated by the fan. Even when running in dynamic switching mode, the fan is on constantly, even after running idle for a while. The temperature of the CPU is 47C.
Is it normal that a notebook produces this lot noise?

FYI: The machine already has been back because the graphics board was defect, generating heat that even made more noise.

Eddy Kleinjan

Answer:Tecra S3 Produces lot of noise!


I don?t think that it?s a fault or a hardware malfunction.
It?s a simple fact that the cooling module must runs because of overheating issue.
If the temperature goes up so the ventilators runs quicker and are noisier
Nevertheless you can try to change some settings in the Power management. Please check this possibility


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I just got a brand new t440s and and the trackpad sounds a little loose. When I tap on it, I hear a minor rattle. In the center of the trackpad, it's not as bad, but towards the edges, it's definitely louder. It's not a huge noise, but after using it for an extended period of time, the noise is maddening. It just sounds like something is not tightened or dampened correctly. I'm not sure if this is just the normal build for the t440s or if it's an isolated incident with my laptop. Has anyone experienced this? I spoke with sales and tech support. It was recommended that I return the unit, which I did today, but to order a replacement would take the same time as ordering a brand new unit. It would have been nice to have been offered a faster replacement. Background info:I ordered my t440s on November 25. And then a credit card hold was placed on my order even though my shipping and billing address were the same. Had to call Lenovo to straighten out their mistake. And then after numerous shipping delays, my t440s was scheduled to arrive on 12/27. (Yes, I was offered the 5% credit for missing the holidays). BUT Lenovo didn't give the apt. number to UPS (even though it was listed on my email confirmation) which made me spend my morning talking to UPS to fix Lenovo's error. And then the noisy trackpad. And to top it off, the computer would hang on every reboot, forcing me to do a hard shutdown. I finally fixed it after doing a factory re-install. Doesn't seem like Len... Read more

Answer:T440s trackpad rattling noise and other issues

I had an issue with a trackpad on a CTO model I purchased.  I purchased two other TopSeller units and they trackpads on those were okay. See my post about this here: I posted a video of what I described as a "clunking" sound from the bad trackpad versus a properly working one (which is still not that quiet but isn't such a jarring sound to ones ears).

__________________________________________________Current: ThinkPad Tablet 2 | 64GB // ThinkPad T440s | i7-4600U | 12GB | 512GB SSD | FHD MTPrevious: ThinkPad T420s // ThinkPad T410s

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I have a Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 5 On the bottom right corner of the keyboard, there is a rattling noise when the laptop is shaken or moved. I opened the back cover to try to discover the source of the sound but I can't seem to find it. The laptop was purchased around 5 months ago, and I just discovered this issue. From what I can tell, the issue doesn't seem to affect performance but just poses a simple nuisance. The sound appears to be originating from the vent on the bottom of the laptop. sounds like there is either a small object moving around or perhaps a cable hitting the chassis. any insight on the origin of the issue or possible solutions would be appreciated.

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I bought a HP 850-065SE tower(Product #MOK57AV#ABA) in August and upgrade WIN7PRO to WIN10PRO soon after. Lately it starts to make annoying noise almost constantly, but the PC seems to run fine, except it slow down somewhat on line. What is going on? How can I check? It sounds like something rattling, but too sure. PLease advice! Thanks. Jim

Answer:Rattling Noise inHP 850-065SE tower

Hi, Open up the PC and see if you can find the source of the rattle,

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A noise is coming from my new HP Pavilion x360 laptop (it's not coming from the fan, its coming from the right top corner). I've exchanged the product but it still has the same noise so I'm guessing all the laptops have this problem. It's really irritating to listen to especially in a quiet room. Does anyone else have this problem and is there any way to get rid of it?   

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I was having a rattling/clicking sound with a new GIGABYTE? GeForce GTX 1080,
when the fan speeds were set between 60-75%.Upon further inspected of the card.
I noticed a small space,
(about 1 to 1.5 mils) between the plastic fan mounting brackets and the heatsink. This is to say,
that the rattling/clicking sound was being produced by the fan mounting brackets,
making contact with the heatsink.
To remedy this,
I used a small piece of adhesive-backed felt,
folded in half, (adhesive sides of felt folded together).You can use something other then felt,
but it needs to be soft and fit snugly between the brackets and the heatsink.Without causing any undue stress on the brackets.
This is why I chose to use felt.
This small piece of soft felt folded onto itself,
was just thick enough to add the right amount of pressure against the mounting brackets and the heatsink,
without causing any dislocation of the brackets themselves,
or putting the fans out of level.
Doing this creates a small wedge of soft felt,
between the plastic mounting brackets and the heatsink.There's also no disassembly required,
other then removal of the GPU to preform this operation.I used a hobby/X-acto knife,
to gently slide a small piece of felt,
between the fan brackets and heatsink of each fan.
Only 3 small pieces of felt,
as described above.
Was use for this processes.After doing this,
there's no more clicking/rattling sound,
at any fan speed coming from the GPU.

Below is a graphic I p... Read more

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Hello,The fan on the side of my HP Envy Notebook right near the power button randomly started making rattling sounds. It basically sounds like there is a loose piece that is stuck inside the fan and when the laptop is shifted forward or backwards, it makes this awful crunchy, rattling noise and even spits out some dust as well. The reason I'm soo surprised is because I've never dropped or damaged my laptop and I keep it in very good condition. Basically I started using it and out of the blue it started making that noise. Even if you don't shift the position of the laptop, it will still periodically make this noise. If anybody could help I would seriously appreciate it.

Answer:HP Envy Touchsmart: Fan makes rattling noise

Hello @Gmech314, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I have read your post on how you heard a grinding noise coming from your computer's cooling fan, and I would be happy to assist you in this matter! To correct the sound coming from the fan, I recommend following this document on Reducing Fan Noise. This should help with the grinding noise coming from your computer. If the issue persists, please call our technical support at 800-474-6836. If you live outside the US/Canada Region, please click the link below to get the support number for your region. hope this helps!Regards  

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Hi,  For past couple of days my laptop has been making weird rattling noise. My laptop starts correctly . But, when I move my laptop , the rattling noise starts. I have to slap the bottom of the laptop near the fan to make it quite. The noise is Loud and can be heard by anyone in the room.  I went to the it service center in my school and he said that it might because of blockage.he tried to vacuum my fan. After sometime again the noise started.  I bought this laptop in India. Now, I live in US. Is there any idea how to solve? I'm also not able to find a replacement spare for the fan.  Thanks. 

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I am hearing from my laptop a hissing/rattling noise, like you might expect from a conventional hard drive or something. It is not the thermal module fans (it occurs when they fans are stopped) and it is not the noise people refer to when moving their laptop (the hinge pieces). It is relatively quiet, but I thought it sounded like perhaps a dead or  dying fan, however it seems to be coming from the back middle of the laptop, where the mainboard is. Any idea what this might be?

Answer:Yoga 900 - rattling noise (not hinges, not fans)

The only thing I can think of is the battery. This is in the middle of the laptop, and may make noises when charging. Does this occur when it charges, or does it occur all the time?

I'm a Lenovo advocate, part of the Lenovo INsiders program. I'm a volunteer; I don't work for Lenovo.

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Hello everyone, This week I bought a new notebook, the HP Pavilion 15-bc075nd. It is a great notebook and I've been loving it so far, however there is one small problem that bugs me. Whenever I change the volume of the speakers or whevener there is a sudden change in sound (for example when I'm watching a YouTube video and a skip a few minutes ahead) there is a slight rattling noise from the speaker.  At one point I was playing a song on Spotify, and I changed the volume around a bit quite fast. The sound then got stuck and there was basically a large rattling noise. I had to mute and change to a YouTube video to get it back to normal. The rattling itself is not a huge problem for me, it's just that I am afraid that there is something wrong with the speakers, and that someday I will turn my notebook on only to find that I have no sound at all. Does anyone know if there is a way to fix this and/if I should be worried about the possibiliy of my speakers being defect? Thanks in advance! Jesper

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Hello, I recently bought a 320 with 12GB RAM and i5 7th gen processor. I noticed that every time I start up the computer the disk is being used at 99-100%. This figure eventually goes down within 15 minutes of use. The other issue is that there is an annoying rattling while the disk s being used at that amount, what could this be? 

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Relevance 66.83% That is my laptop. It makes a slight rattling noise as soon as the CPU is on. I bought it 9 months ago, used it for 2, then had a screen problem. The middle third (vertically) of it was sort of pixelated and wasn't displaying properly. I returned it to geek squad just 2 weeks ago, and they fixed the problem, but I'm afraid to use my laptop again. I suspect it had something to do with the fan.

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I operate my new Qosmio X70 without the battery but i hear a strange noise that stop or is reduced if i light up the keyboard....

Do you have any idea what it might be?

Answer:Qosmio X70-A-12W produces strange noise

I?ve never heard about something like this and I think you are the first one who reports about such issue.

Have you noticed it from the first day or later?
By the way: why do you use your Qosmio without battery?

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Hello, I've recently bought a brand new HP laptop, it's been with me for like 3 weeks now so it's still on warranty, and I've noticed that there is a rattling noise coming from inside, below the numpad area. It's not very loud, however at night when it's quiet, it becomes a bit annoying. I don't know if that's normal or not so that's why I'm asking ( Please state whether the noise is normal or not) . I've recorded it through my phone ( PS: The sound is exaggerated because I placed the microphone directly on the area where the sound is coming from. ) Link: in advance!

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So my laptops fan started making this really loud rattling noise. It makes me very self-conscience about me when I'm in public, so I just don't bother bringing it along. But I really need my laptop with me. The sound usually comes out at random. I've searched the HP Part Picker Store and under the fan section it just lists the fan pad, which isn't what I need. I do believe that I need to completely replace the fan at this point (I've tried fixing the problem from cleaning the fan out from dust to checking it for any damage, but can't find what the problem is). Would anyone know where I can find a replacement fan for my laptop and would I need to buy it with the whole heat sink and thermal compound? I'm pretty experience in computer repair so I have some confidence that I can do it, plus my warranty expired in 2014 so I won't be voiding that anyways. If it helps any, the product # is A3E83AV.

View Solution.

Answer:Fan making loud rattling noise, need replacement part but ca...

The noise is usually caused by a failing fan motor bearing. You were at the wrong item name. What you need is the discrete thermal module, which contains the fan an heat sinks for the CPU and video. The part number for your notebook's product number is 682061-001. It is on the following HP PartSurfer web document. 

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Since a couple of months my dell starts making very loud rattling noises, I checked for dust & temperatures, they were all good & nothing exceptional.

I made a video where you can listen for yourself:

Answer:Dell Inspiron 17R SE 7720 very loud rattling noise

Up, its still not fixed :(

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My fan produces a grinding noise at first startup only once a day.what can be the problem?? Is there any issue with my fan or something else??My notebook product is hp15ac120tx

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I recently bought a Toshiba Qosmio x870-13Z from

I'm fully satisfied by this model, but I noticed something "strange" related to the DVD player. Something new for me I never noticed on others pc or Toshiba models. It works fine, since I mastered the Rescue DVDs too... What I mean as "strange" is a noise similar to what you can usually hear when the player checks for a dvd just inserted. This noise turns up on odd time lapses, even if no dvds are inside the player. I would like to know if this behavior is normal.

Did any one of you noticed the same noise?

Thank you, best regards

Message was edited by: Ansl72

Answer:Qosmio X870-13Z - BD/DVD Player produces strange noise

Hi all

I think I've guessed the source of that "problem". I had some suspicious on Toshiba Health Monitor software (TPCHSrv.exe) running in background.

*Since the moment I disabled it, that strange behavior of the DVD player didn't appear anymore (that is it checks sometime if a DVD support is inserted).*

Thus actually I don't know if I can consider it as a bug software or not.

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I received my laptop as a gift in August (bought the day that I received it) and immediately noticed a clicking noise when I started it up. I thought it might stop, but it continued intermittently. I brought up the issue in the HP Chat support, and the laptop was collected and sent for repair. The Drive was replaced, yet the clicking/rattling noise is still there, even louder than before. It also beeps randomly. I have barely got a chance to use it at all because of this, and when I do it is extremely irritating to have to listen to the constant clicking. It is totally unlike even my 6-year-old laptop, which has a fan that can get loud at times, but I have never experienced a problem like this. So far it seems everyone says a hard drive making a clicking noise is a sign that it is failing - I am concerned I have been given a defective replacement and that the issue will only get worse.To make things even more difficult, when I tried to start a HP Support chat session again, after entering the details including serial number etc, I was told that this product is no longer serviced by HP. What can I do about this?Hope someone can help me figure out what next steps to take!Emma

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Hi,just read two totally different reviews regarding noise emissions from edge 13 fan: So,can anyone give me from the first hand his opinion how silent/loud this edge 13 with amd 1.5 is? Thanks

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My Satellite L350-170 laptop is making a kind of rattling sound when the hdd light is flashing.
Is this normal as this is a replacement one but the other one i had did not make any sound.

Answer:Satellite L350-170 - rattling sound coming from the HDD


It?s very hard to say why this sound appears.
I?ve got two notebooks. On one notebook the HDD clicks and creates strange sound but since 4 years it has been running properly.
The other HDD doesn?t create any sounds?

So as you see it?s not really easy to say what could cause this rattling sound but I would recommend creating a file backup.
In worst case your HDD could die and therefore a backup is always recommended.

You said that the HDD has been changed?well maybe you should ask the ASP for further details and maybe this HDD will be replaced again.

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Hi, any one help!

I bought a A350 3days ago from ebay retialler, and the AC adaptor is sound like "Wiiiiii............." when charging , it just begin tonight, is that normal?
And how can i know how long is my laptop warrenty period left??
Thaks for any one help!

Answer:Satellite A350 - AC adaptor produces strange sound


> I bought a A350 3days ago from ebay retialler, and the AC adaptor is sound like "Wiiiiii............." when charging , it just begin tonight, is that normal?
No, it's not normal. It must work without any .,,Wiii... sound. It is a AC adaptor transformer issue.

> and how can i know how long is my laptop warrenty period left?
I think, for AC adaptor is 1 year and laptop is 2 year warranty if not extended.

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I purcahsed a new Toshiba Satelite U500-10N laptop computer just before two month. Now I installed Windows7 on my laptop. After that it is showing some problems for its sound.

That is when I am accessing the internet it is starting to make big noice.........very irritative..................... when I mute the speaker it is continuing........

Also when I am connecting the headset it is hearing through headset. Only after restarting the system it is stopping.

Pls let me know the problem and a good solution.

Thanks in advance.
Abdul Majeed N

Answer:Satellite U500-10N on Win7 produces strange noice


Such a problem is not known to me, I never heared about this...
But I?m wondering that you can hear the sound through headset too.

Anyway, are you running factory settings? If not I would recommend reinstalling Windows from Toshiba recovery disk!
Check this!!!

Make also sure that the latest BIOS version is installed. In worst case you it?s a hardware malfunction? :(

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My A200 is 20 days old. OS is Vista Home OEM.
From time to time, my touchpad produces left clicks, which can be very annoying if I am writing something.

I know that it is left click, because if I have large text, my cursor appears from time to time in line where pointer is located at that moment.

I tried with uninstallation/installation Touchpad drivers, but it did not solve my problem.


Answer:Satellite A200-1YX: Sometimes Touchpad produces left clicks

Hey Dragan

Please don?t be mad at me but I don?t think that an touchpad could create left clicks automatically.
I think you have touched accidentally the touchpad surface while typing and therefore the cursor switched to another position.

Try to disable the touchpad using the key combination FN+F9 and check if it happens again?

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Hi All

i have great love for Toshiba but i am having great doubts on the product quality of the cases/shell i have a
Satellite L650-1DG and a Satellite C650-15W and both of them have broken cases/shell on the same area were the hinges open and close.i have purchased 1 case of ebay and it didn't have the correct holes for usb port although it was stated that it was the same laptop as mine. i have seen so many complaints about the faults but no conclusion.I am prepared to purchase new cases from Toshiba but cant find any place that sells them any help would be much apretiated



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I have an R630-11L.

Inconsistently, a sound similar to what you hear on tv when there is no signal (hissshhh) comes out from it. It porduces this sound every few days but when it comes it sticks for several hours but on and off. Restarting does not solve the problem.

Later on, I figured out if I mute the speakers, the sound goes away. Apparently it is coming through the left speaker of the laptop

It is annoying, especially when you want to concentrate on work or when you want to play an audio file while this sound is active.

I also noticed the left side of the laptop is where most of the heat is concentrated and the fan. Not sure if this is related or not.

My PC Health Monitor says everything is ok, Tempro shows no updates, and actions in the Action Center. So I believe everything is up to date on my machine.

Anyone with similar problem? Any suggested solutions?


Answer:Left Speaker on Satellite R630-11L produces weird sound

Is Toshiba diagnostic tool preinstalled on your Satellite notebook?
Please use it for hardware check. This tool makes also speakers check. Please tell us if the same will happen again.

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Question: Re: satellite L650

Where to order recovery disk from India for satellite L650-12P ?

Answer:Re: satellite L650


you should check here if it's available:

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TOSHIBA - L650-14G Satellite ded K210 <Does anyone know about this laptop> I searched everywhere but i cant find it, in Toshiba site.

Answer:Want to buy Satellite L650-14G

hey i need quick answer, coz im going to buy it tomorrow

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Please tell me what CPU does L650-1CH have... I was convinced it has i5-450M, but the [product page|] says i5-450M in one place and i5-430M in another... ???


Answer:Re: Satellite Pro L650-1CH - What CPU does it have?


> what CPU does it have?
Intel? Core? i5-450M Processor

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Had my laptop for a few years and my hard disk just died. Bought a new hard drive and all is well...except I never created a recovery DVD (I know, stupid, wont make the same mistake again).

The laptop came with a recovery disk that installs Win XP, but i cant seem to install Win 7 and all the standard Toshiba software and drivers, it just doesn't seem to work. I have tried downloading all the drivers on a seperate PC, but I have no idea of an install order, or what I really should be installing if I'm honest.

I read online that it is possible to pay a relatively small sum and get a new boot disk sent to me that would answer all my issues, is that possible, and is that the best way to sort my issue?


Answer:Satellite Pro L650-1CG - corrupted HDD

Yes. This is possible and, in my opinion, best solution for you.
Original recovery disc for your machine you can order on

Using original recovery disc OS installation will be very simply. You don't need to install all drivers, tools and utilities. Preinstalled Windows version will be activated and you can use it anytime you want and so often you want.

Please check this option.

If you make decision to install own OS version and need some assistance please let us know.

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I'm owner of Toshiba Satellite L650-1KU, PSK1LE laptop for roughly 5 years.
I've decided to upgrade its RAM, because it became slower and slower each year when using browsers.

I've bought Kingston 4GB 1600MHz 1.5V DDR3 CL11 SODIMM KCP316SS8/4 RAM .
Physically it should be compatible with laptop, because originally used RAMs were 2+1GB :
1) 2GB DDR3 PC-8500 1066MHz MT16JSF25664HZ-1G1F1
2) 1GB DDR3 P000527760

in other words, everything, except maximum operating frequency, matches.
After I installed new RAM into slot, my laptop continue to work until "Windows starting..." screen. This text is visible for 0.5-1 second, and then blue screen appears.

I've updated BIOS and chipset driver to the latest version, available at toshiba driver download section. Same result;
Could you advice, how to launch this RAM with my laptop?

P.S.> I suspect, that if I could manually set RAM frequency in BIOS, this could solve the issue, however insydeH2O BIOS doesn't have such feature... - RAM field is inactive =( (except specific BIOS version, mentioned here - link).

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Sorry bit of a newbie here,
I have looked around and can seem to find the answer....
I have a Satellite L650 running windows 7 64 bit. until about a week around the HDMI socket worked fine. I dont think I have installed anything that would effect it but now its stopped working. The TV picks up the fact a cable is plugged in but not signal. the Intel software says it does support duel screen. The FN + F5 has stopped working as well as the FN +F8 ( not sure if this is connected) other FN buttons seem to work OK. I have looked for the software for the Hotkeys to re-install. but dont seem to be able to find it for the windows 7 64 bit.

Any help comments or points welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:FN + F5 is not working on Satellite L650

Did you uninstall any preinstalled Toshiba software?

Try installing the Toshiba Value Added Package and Hotkey for Display Devices (if available on the Toshiba website in the downloads page)

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I ordered a laptop of a online website, it was stated I believe as brand new, but I've seen some videos on youtube when they pull of a screen cover I didnt have that, all I had was a plastic wrapper, also battery and everything was in the laptop and cables were not in a wrap, and the screen had like very faint smudge marks on it like it has been wiped, just wondering if this is normal?

Thank you also my laptop is L650-1CJ

Answer:Satellite Pro L650-1CJ - Is it really brand new?


Maybe it is refurbished?
Is there a non-factory sticker on the Base?

Enter your Serial Number on the Toshiba Website (link: )

It should have a 12 month warranty.

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After upgrading Windows 10 and bios,

My Laptop (Satellite L650) continuously freezes after connecting to wireless network (Router).

It freezes after sometime, connecting to network. It freezes randomly.

I have to shutdown by Power button. Mouse and keyboard totally freezing.

Help Someone Plz.
sorry for the lengthy query.

Answer:Satellite L650 freezes

Did the notebook freezes before the Win 10 upgrade?

It could be possible that the WLan driver or any other preinstalled software part isn’t fully Win 10 compatible.

What do you think?

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I have a toshiba L650Q laptop. Its been working fine since 1.5years now..
Just a couple of days back I closed the laptop ie closed the screen ( typically it puts the same in sleep mode).

After about 10 min when I tried to open & start up the laptop simply does not startup :(
I can see the battery & power adapter LED glow, but when I press the start button, it simply does not start..
there is momentary glow of the power on button, i hear the fan trying to start up & then it dies down in abt 2 seconds & laptop simply does not start up..

I tried the below troubleshooting steps but no success

1) I removed the battery & tried starting using the adapter, it dint start up
2) I put the battery out for like 1 hour & then tried again, it dint start up

Please advise the troubleshooting steps or any pointers as what could the problem be & how can i resolve it..

Message was edited by: dhiru23

Answer:Satellite L650-12Q does not start up

Try this:

- Remove the battery and disconnect the AC adaptor.
- Press power button 30sec long
- Connect battery and AC adaptor to the notebook
- Try to power up the unit.

If this fails, check the memory modules.
Remove one module and try to boot the notebook using one module. Run the test for each slot and module.

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Satellite L650 frozen at boot up. despite mc fee, a virus has stopped boot up. Stops at flashing cursor top left. can boot from recovery cd. BUT restore / recovery wont complete to any selected restore point though it goes through all the motions and then says at end, cant complete with error.

No toshiba hdd recovery option (ie to factory settings) is available in recovery console, or with recovery disk.
D Drive has all the recovery data ok as I can move aroud from c> prompt in dos to alldrives/ areas. Dont have own burned recovery disks. This happened quick .

NOW installed win 7 (64bit) in frustration from 'a' disk, works but all installed s/wareand toshiba drivers now useless . Bottom line, is there a patch to install or a work around that will allow access to reset to the factory settings with the data stored on disk/drive D. Normal methods of starting this process are not available

Answer:Can't restore HDD on my Satellite L650-18M

Can you please tell us which error was shown at the end of recovery installation?

Anyway, now after OS installation with non-Toshiba disc there is no way to start HDD recovery installation again and recovery image can be installed with Toshiba recovery DVD only.

> NOW installed win 7 (64bit) in frustration from 'a' disk, works but all installed s/wareand toshiba drivers now useless
To be honest your posting is a little bit confusing and I don?t understand what you want to say with this sentence. If you have installed clean OS you must install all drivers and Toshiba stuff additionally. All of them are available on Toshiba download page.

If you have more questions please be clear and ask one by one so it will be easier to give answer to each of them.

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I own a [Toshiba Satellite L650-14E|] laptop that is running 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate.? It's about one-year-old.

I'm not an avid game player, but I did play some relatively demanding games on it, including the last Prince of Persia and Fallout. It worked with no problems, but it's been about half a year sice I played anything.

Most of the time the laptop is connected via HDMI to my 22'' monitor (1680x1050). I'm mentioning this because In the last couple of months I've experienced overheating accompanied by forced shutdowns. It happened on two ocassions. One time while playing a regular Xvid and doing some intensive CPU process in the background and last night while playing a 720p mkv video with GPU hardware acceleration.

In the second case the laptop was even raised of my desk with the help of a book so that it has enough space to blow off the hot air. It's been like this since the first overheating incident.

Now, I doubt this is normal behavior. Can anyone share similar experiences and what they did? Should I use the warranty to have it looked at? I have a five-year no-matter-what warranty, but I'm not sure how they handle this sort of issues. What do you guys think/suggest?

Answer:Satellite L650 - overheating


High internal temperature is a common notebook issue? The point is that many devices (CPU, GPU, HDD, cooling modules, etc?) are placed on a small area and all these devices produce a lot of heat dissipation.
Therefore it?s very important that the cooling fans and cooling modules would work properly.

I noticed a similar issue on my notebook after some time of usage. The temperature increased to t higher level which and this affected the notebook functionality.
I read in different forums that this could be caused by dirty fans and cooling grilles.

I had to clean the fans and cooling grilles using a compressed air spray. This helped to get rid of dust and debris which prevent the fresh air from circulation.
So I removed dust and this helped.

Now I repeat this from time to time if its necessary.

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Hello to everybody!

I have spent two weeks, maybe more, in finding a good notebook for my purpose and then decided for the SATELLITE PRO L650-15P, the first time I use Toshiba. I have not bought it yet, since I would like to be sure about all components.

Here my questions:
Where can I get the driver for the graphic card ATI Radeon HD5650 ?
If you find any, does it support Win 7 64-Bit and 32- Bit and any Linux-derivate, and which one?
Does this driver support - as indicated by AMD - OpenGL 3.2 ?

-> It is - as far as I see - not availabe in the Toshiba Download pages.
-> The original AMD driver cannot be used for Toshiba notebooks.

Please, if you know definitely something about it, let me know. I am quite frustrated at the moment. Thanks a lot. A.S.

Answer:Satellite Pro L650-15P - Where to get drivers?


Generally speaking all drivers and tools can be downloaded on official Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

As you can see if you search for Satellite Pro L650 downloads, everything what you need is available for Windows 7 32bit and Windows 7 64bit so both systems are supported.

On Toshiba notebooks there is no official support for Linux. The computers are designed for Windows only.

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Yo, after a fatal HD crash i need a backup from Toshiba. The problem is... the serial is rubbed from the bottom - so i got no idea what the number is...

Its the Satellite L650-1N8. So if anyone have a idea what can i do... i would be happy. ;)

Another prob - when i tryd to install Win7 x64 the Winkey is "invalid".. so i have no chance to install the OS without to by a new one.



Answer:Which serialnumber has my Satellite L650-1N8?

There are some Toshiba specific tolls that can inform you about serial number from your machine.
Install own Win7 and install most of drivers, tools and utilities. When you install Toshiba value added package one tool included n this package is Toshiba PC diagnostic tool.
When you start it check ?Basic information? and there you will find serial number. Using this number you can order original recovery disc on -

You are right about windows key. You have windows key that belongs to the original recovery image and cannot be used for activation if you try to install own OS version.

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Hello everybody!

I have a big problem!
I bought myself a Satellite L650-1k5 2 weeks ago. I have Windows 7 Professional x64 installed on it.
The problem is that somehow it restarts itself. When starting it requests a bootable disc of windows to restore the system.I tried,it does not,shows some mistake.

Than I tried reinstalling Windows several times,even installed the x86 version of Home Premium,same problem.
Please help!

Answer:Re: Somehow my Satellite L650-1K5 restarts itself

Wait a moment.

Have you created recovery DVD?
Can you install original Win7 using this disc?
Can you use preinstalled recovery image?

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Hello again guys,

Unfortunately, after my sucess with my laptop the other day, after about half an hour, it started being really slow again, then later on in the evening, it was pretty close to unusable.

Now, it's just that. The Toshiba 'splash screen' displays, followed by a cursor that blinks in the top left of the screen, then it just goes back to a black screen and eventually restarts itself. I've had it for 10 months, the TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor showed the Hard Drive status as 'good' when it was working, but now, it's absolutely useless.

My next step will be to try and install Windows 7 from a CD and do a clean install, if that doesn't work, then a friend has suggested resetting the CMOS, and several other hardware related things.

Do any of you have any other tips I could try?
Do you think doing a clean install from a disk would solve the problem?
I would be really grateful for any tips/advice you may have.


Answer:Satellite L650-1MC won't turn on

> The Toshiba 'splash screen' displays, followed by a cursor that blinks in the top left of the screen, then it just goes back to a black screen and eventually restarts itself.

In most cases the blinking cursor appears because the notebook cannot find a bootable device or WinOS is damage.

So check if you can install the Win 7 again? if the Win 7 setup would not see the HDD, then this means that your HDD is affected and needs to be replaced.

In my opinion the CMOS battery is not the reason for this issue so try Win 7 installation?

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I have a L650. My cooling fan constantly cools at 90%, exept if I turn on the computer after a standby, then the fan does start at all! So for me its either 90% or nothing!
I have the newest BIOS, so that not the problem, and changing power management settings doesn't help either

Anyone have any ideas or is it just sending the computer back for repairs? The damn thing is only 5 month old :(

Answer:Satellite L650 - Fan constantly at 90%

Hi mbfab,

Are you using the preinstalled Windows from Toshiba or did you install your own version?
Have you updates any drivers?

Normally you can change the fan activity in Windows power management if you change the cooling method from Maximum Performance to Battery Optimized.
I have tested it and I can notice a difference.

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My new L650-10G, running Windows 7 64bit, has disappointing sound. I can live with that but what is a problem is that the peak output is poor. In other words at peak volume it's not loud enough. This is surely fixable, as I'm sure the speakers can output at a higher level even though they aren't very good.

I've got the latest sound drivers. Any suggestions - apart from using external speakers?

Answer:Sound is too low on Satellite L650-10G

If the speakers are not Harmon Kardon, then the sound output is not really designed for loud multimedia playback. I think its a safer idea to use external speakers instead, rather than risk hurting the internal speakers.

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Hi there,

I have a few questions on the Toshiba Satellite Pro L650-167 i am about to buy. This is the model with an i5 430m, 4gb drr3 and the ati 5650.

1) Will the laptop motherboard support upgrading to an i7m processor like the the 620m for example? I can find these on ebay for good prices. Also can you actually open up the L series laptops to replace cpu's? You can in dell's for instance. I know this will void my warranty. Finally all the i series cpu's are all 35w so there should not be power issues?

2) Can you easily swap out the hard-drive in the L series or is it not accessible?

Thanks alot!

Answer:Questions on Satellite Pro L650-167

Here is my opinion for you:

CPU upgrade is not supported and I don?t think anybody here will be able to offer some precise info about that. Every laptop can be opened and disassembled so there should not be problem but if this is reasonable decision is other question. If you need notebook with more power than pay a little bit more money and buy more powerful notebook but don?t change anything and have it with full warranty time.

Generally speaking design on most Toshiba notebooks is the same and access to HDD is not complicated. All you must do is to remove HDD cover placed at the bottom. Then you can remove original HDD and eventually upgrade it with new one.

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Hello everyone. I have a L650 116(i5 430m,ati 5650,4gbram) and i want to upgrade my hdd to WD Scorpio Black 750 GB and 7200rpm. I want to know if my laptop can support that hdd because i heard somebody that his notebook(not a Toshiba) with this hdd had an Controller error.

Answer:Satellite L650-116 HDD upgrade

The notebook supports common 2.5? SATA HDD.
Since SATA controller is not limited to an max HDD size, the 750GB SATA HDD should work fine.

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It wont switch on. New power supply. Power n battery leds come on. Press power n wifi lights come on than turn off. Wats the problem??

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I have L650-10H PSK1JE 00400GH2 with 4GB 1066
i want to update it to 8GB 1333
this module support it?
dose the laptop have 2 slats for ram upgrade or more?

and one more thing is that i cant find any data on that module in this site
when i try to auto detect the module from your software in my laptop it cant find it

Answer:RAM upgrade on Satellite L650-10H


You can update the RAM up to 8GB but as far as I know the FSB (front side bus) is limited to 1066Mhz

Even if you would use the 1333Mhz modules, the FSB would clock down the speed to the 1066Mhz? so its not worth to use 1333Mhz because this seed would not be used.

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I've got problem with my ventilator. Until i turned on my computer it's working on 95%! I don't play games or something. It's just turned on. 2 days ago it was fine.
The ventilator was on about 40%. temperature of procesor is fine.

Answer:Satellite L650-1NC - ventilator on 95%

Have you tried to reduce cooling fan activity changing cooling method settings in power management (advanced power options ? Toshiba power saver > cooling method)?

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My L650, despite leds and fan coolers aparently work well, it dont display nothing on the screen... I tried to connect it by hdmi and vga, but the result was the same.

Can you give me some help?

Answer:Satellite L650 No display

- disconnect AC adaptor
- remove battery
- press and hold power button 30-40 seconds
- connect battery and ac adaptor
- press power button.

If not, try new good working RAM modules.
If RAM doesn’t help, the notebook developed serious hardware problem… I guess that in such case only service engineer could help you

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I am using windows 7 on a Toshiba.

Can I use the Toshiba recovery media creator to change the system from an accidently installed - 32 bit system to a 64 bit system.

What step would I need to take to make sure this is successful?
Thank you,

Answer:Re: Satellite L650/0ed: Switching from 32 bit to 64 bit

Is your notebook delivered with one OS version only?
Notebook specification is not known to me but if you got this notebook with one version only there is no way to switch between 32 and 64 bit OS.
You can install 64 bit but on your own using Microsoft installation disc.

Check also Toshiba AU support site and be sure this notebook model is supported for 64bit Win7.

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Satellite L650-14G yesterday its works fine, no display at all, fan works fine.

Can someone help me?

Answer:Satellite L650-14G - No display at all

Hi shanefarcry,

Can you see a picture when you connect an external monitor?

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I bought the laptop Satellite L650-10h
Do i have bluetooth?

How can i update my hd5650 card?

thank you very much,i am new here at the forum

have a good day

Answer:Do I have bluetooth at Satellite L650-10h?


Satellite L650-10h does not support the Bluetooth module.
I think you will not find any BT labels at the bottom of the unit.

> How can i update my hd5650 card?
Do you mean the graphic card driver?
If yes, then you can find the driver on the Toshiba European driver page
If you meant the graphic chip upgrade then I have to say that an upgrade is NOT possible

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Hi guys!

Please help me! I have a L650-1k2 laptop.

- Intel? Core? i5-460M Processor
- DVD-SuperMulti +-R (Double Layer)
- 4096 MB (2048 +2048) DDR3 RAM (1066MHZ)
-ATI Mobility Radeon? HD 5470

3 months ago, the motherboard was burned. so i been told to buy a replacement one. this is the information for my motherborad:

----P/N: PSK1JE-0CY00TEN
----sps: v000218030

I can not find an exactally same one online, but the seller told me that as long as the sps no. is same that it will fit in my laptop.

so here is my question
1. Does the seller tell the truth?
2. That ATI graphic card come with the motherboard or I need take off from my old one?

Hope some can help me out, this laptop is drive me crazy, please help me!


Answer:Need new motherboard for my Satellite L650-1k2

>I can not find an exactly same one online, but the seller told me that as long as the sps no. is same that it will fit in my laptop.

I cannot confirm this but fact is that there are different L650 models on the market which would be equipped with different motherboards? but the layout should be the same?
As far as I know the compatible motherboard with an Intel HM55 chipset for L650-1k2 has a part number: V000218130
It looks like very similar to v000218030?

Regarding the ATI GPU.
Not quite sure about that? you should ask your retailer for that? but fact is that ATI GPU is external so would be removable?

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My L650-12Q graphics chipset is dead so need to replace the motherboard. I know the easy way would be to buy the same board to replace it but its out of my budget atm so does anyone know what other mobo's would fit in the case.

I don't mind having to cut the case up a little in order to use usb ports etc. I just want to have a working laptop.

Answer:Which motherboard will fit Satellite L650-12Q?

>... what other mobo's would fit in the case.
Maybe it sounds stupid now but your question confuses me a bit. Notebooks are mobile units with specific design so you must know that you will not find 10 different mobos that you can use on this certain model. You must use mobo designed for Satellite L650.

If you want to save money you must try to find used or refurbished mobo. Other option is to buy similar model on eBay with damaged LCD and get it cheaper.
Do you understand what I mean?

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laptop L650 keeps turning its self off and have to turn it on after couple of minutes

solution please

Answer:Satellite L650 turns off

Who knows how do you use your notebook? For me it sounds like overheating.
Be sure the cooling fans are free and not blocked. Your notebook must be cooled down properly.

It is also possible that cooling fans are full of dust and cooling grill can be blocked for air circulation. In this case your notebook must be disassembled and cleaned up properly.

Make a short test: start your notebook and enter BIOS settings. Leave it for a while and check if it goes off again.

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I am running windows 7, 64-bit but when i go to the system properties on my Toshiba L650 it says i am using 2.99gb of the 4gb.
How do you make it use all 4gb?
Why only using 2.99?


Answer:Re: Satellite L650 - Win 7 64bit not using all the ram

- doeskin matter work it out.
- you have to go msconfig and then boot advanced options and untick maximum memory.

but then again why does it now only use 3.87gb of 4gb

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I bought Toshiba l650-11r one month ago and I have one problem that became really anoying.

When I press power button (to put computer in sleep status) and close the lid, computer doesn't respond when I try to turn it on again.
I have to unplug it and then press the power button.
When i press power button it starts windows from beginning and I lose unsaved files and informations.

I have:
Windows 7
4 GB Ram
Intel Core i3
ATI Radeon HD 5650
Bios version 1.20

I've also tried [THIS|] (1. reply) , but it didn't work.

Is there any other way to fix this bug/problem or do i have to update bios, which i don't want to update because I read on the forum and lots of people have problems with their computer afterwards.


Answer:Re: Satellite L650 does not wake up

> When I press power button (to put computer in sleep status) and close the lid, computer doesn't respond when I try to turn it on again.
Usually the power button shuts down the notebook.
In order to set the notebook to stand by or hibernation mode, you should click on Start button and should choose either standby or hibernation mode.

However, if there is a new BIOS version, then you should update the BIOS.
Here you can find a instruction how to do this safely.

I would also recommend to update the graphic card driver.

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Guys hope you can assist. My Laptop model Satellite L650 fell out of my hands from knee height. When I wanted to start up again I got below message.
Check cable connection!
PXE-M0F:Exiting Intel PXE ROM
No bootable device--insert boot disc and press any key

Answer:Satellite L650 cannot start-up

This message occurs if the system cannot detect the HDD. Enter BIOS settings and check if teh HDD is listed and recognized properly.

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I have just purchased an L650 wit h 4GB ram, with the installation I'm confused about which OS I should choose 32bit or 64 bit ? What's the difference - all I want to do is to get the new machine up and running. Thanks

Answer:Satellite L650 - What OS I should choose?

Hi roblora,

I would recommend choosing the 64bit version of Windows 7 because it supports the full 4GB RAM and all 32bit operating systems support only up to 3GB RAM.

So if you don?t have some older applications they require 32bit, choose 64bit version and be happy with it! :)

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Have had problems over several weeks with my laptop not booting up. See:

Worked fine for a week or so until last night. Booted up ok, but gadgets did not appear nor did Yahoo Messenger which starts automatically.
I couldn't click on any items on the desktop or the bar across the bottom of the screen. Shut down and was asked if I wanted to force shut down of applications which were still running. I said yes.

Laptop shut down and then when I restarted it came up with the Toshiba splash screen and the starting Windows and the Windows logo but then got the message that Windows failed to start and did I want to start normally or repair. I ran repair, but all aI get after Windows is loading files is the cursor on a black screen.

I've tried switching off and then I get the message when starting back up to say that WIndows did not start sucessfully and do I want to repair or start normally?

If I click on repair it comes up saying Windows is loading files and then I just get the cursor on a black screen. The hard disk light is not lit and nothing seems to happen (I used to get a new window appear).

I've tried pressing F8 at start up and I select the option to Repair Windows, but this just says starting Windows and then I get the cursor on the black screen as above. I've also tried changing the boot sequence so that it boots from CD/DVD first and inserting the recovery disks, but again noth... Read more

Answer:Satellite L650 won't boot

> I ran repair, but all aI get after Windows is loading files is the cursor on a black screen.

> but this just says starting Windows and then I get the cursor on the black screen as above. I've also tried changing the boot sequence so that it boots from CD/DVD first and inserting the recovery disks, but again nothing.

Sounds like HDD is faulty.
You can test the HDD using freeware tool like Drive Fitness Test or similar? but drive fitness test would help you to create an bootable disk which would test the HDD.

I think the HDD should be replaced if errors would be detected? according to the info from the other thread, you have created a recover disk? so it should not be a big problem to reinstall the OS once again after the HDD has been replaced.

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I have Toshiba Satellite L650 laptop.
I bought it about 10 months ago. Since last 1 month its giving a bit of problem. It hangs up (goes into a frozen state and neither mouse nor keyboard works) for about a second or two.

I don't know the reason for this problem.
It would be kind if anyone can help me out with this.

Answer:Satellite L650 freezes


Notebook does not response only for a quick time (1-2sec)??
Sounds like some background processes would lock the CPU and therefore the Windows OS stops for some seconds?
For example an antivirus software which is running in the background could cause this.

Did you try to clean the OS in the past? I think you should do this?
Install the CCLeaner (good freeware tool) and clean the registry and delete some temporal stored files. Furthermore defragment the HDD and scan the OS for viruses.

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Hey all,

i have been having trouble where my computer just freezes.

What usually happens is that i loose wireless connection, then everything slows down if i try to shutdown the computer will just stay on the shut down screen.
The only thing i can do i manually shutdown (keeping hold of the power button).

My Laptop is L650-11f

Answer:Satellite L650-11f just freezes

Hi dude

Did scan the system for some viruses or malware?
Should do that.

Furthermore I recommend cleaning the registry and removing some garbage from the system because it looks like a software issue and registry fix might be helpful.

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If i go to the systeminformationscreen on my laptop (windows 7 64 bit) it shows that the installed RAM is 4,0 GB , but only 2,99 RAM is usable. I read something in the internet that you can change this in the BIOS (memory remapping) but i cant find this in my BIOS.
what should i do?

Thank you very much

Answer:Satellite L650-13M - only 2,99 of 4 GB RAM availible?


Do the BIOS recognize the whole 4GB memory? If yes everything seems to be ok with your notebook.

The memory remapping function that you mean is not available on notebooks. I assume the missing 1GB memory are reserved for graphic card and other devices they need memory and there is no option that you can change.

Generally speaking you can say everything will be controlled automatically and don?t worry about this!

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Hello there :-)

I have a few questions regarding my new L650.

I've never had Toshiba notebook before so excuse me if some of these "quirks" are actually just normal on this notebook. I'd really like to hear opinions from other L650 users.

First of all, the moment i turned it on I saw thin gradient (1-2 millimetres) along right edge of the screen that goes from bottom to top. Maybe "gradient" is not the right word, but it seems like the last two or three pixels are kind of fading or loosing brightness/sharpness towards the edge along the whole right bezel. It's not really that visible, looks like colours are a bit desaturated there or brightness is lacking a bit. It can be seen everywhere (bios or any colour in Windows, but better in brighter background).
The left side (or any other) seems ok, just this along right edge is somewhat suspicious. Can someone compare? I'm not sure if this is something to worry about or it's just supposed to be like that.

The other thing I've noticed is heating of the CPU (Intel i3 330M) and GPU (ATi Mobility Radeon 5650). It's pretty hot here at the moment (I'd say temperature is around 28 degrees Celsius where notebook is being used). It's seated on the hard surface (table) and nothing is blocking vents.
However, when "idle" (web surfing & usual light stuff), average CPU temp hovers around 58? C. It usually goes from 45 to 62 in few minutes after booting and then I can hear and see (Toshiba... Read more

Answer:Satellite L650-11R - Few questions about it

2.)Temps of around 70 +/- for a CPU are ok. I suppose 75 would just be cause for concern. Mine usually sits around 60/70 on full load. As do desktop CPUs nothing to worry about really.

Message was edited by: Dev.

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I bought the above mentioned laptop two months ago and while using it a few days ago, it suddenly went slow and crashed with a blue screen error. It said it was going to restart and when it did, it couldn't find the hard drive. I've been into the BIOS and it's not listed there, I've tried it in another laptop and it didn't work, I've tried placing it in a caddy and that didn't work and I've tried a couple of bootable CDs (including Ubuntu Live) and none of them could see the HDD. Are there any alternative methods I could use to try and fix it?

As it's still relatively new and under warranty, what would the process be on sending it back to Toshiba and how thorough are their checks on the drive? I don't know how confident I am of a stranger possibly rooting through the details on my hard drive from things I've heard in the past!


Answer:New Satellite L650-108 HDD Died

>Are there any alternative methods I could use to try and fix it?

For me its very clear issue and don?t think you need other methods to check the HDD.
If the HDD is not listed in BIOS then this means that the HDD is dead and needs to be replaced.

The notebook is under warranty so get in contact with Toshiba ASP (authorized service provider) in your country to get new HDD.

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Hello guys

I have a Toshiba Satellite L650-1MC with 4Gb DDR3 PC3-10600 (2x 2Gb modules) and an i5 480M CPU. Today I got a 4Gb DDR3 PC3-8500 module to upgrade the RAM to 6Gb. I put this new module in and it wasn't recognised, maybe because it was PC3-*8500* not *10600* like the original other two modules.

However, when I tried to place one of the original 2Gb DDR3 PC3 10600 modules back in again, it wasn't recognised either! I then left the second slot empty, with nothing in it, and it recognised the 1 2Gb module in it. Do you reckon the PC3-8500 module has 'corrupted' the memory slot, or has it not been placed in correctly, as it seems to be slotted in fine; it won't move about.

I would really appreciate your help


Answer:RAM is not recognised on Satellite L650-1MC

Hello Tom

There must be some compatibility problem. Forum is full of similar reports. You should use compatible and tested modules only.
I strongly recommend you to use Kingston modules.
The compatible RAMs for your notebook model you can find on

If you need more help you are welcome.

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hello, im gonna upgrade my HDD, i know its a 2.5 harddrive, but i dont know whats the thickness (9.5 or 12.5).
My question is, which 2.5 thickness in this Toshiba L650-11F series and if the answer is 9.5, will a 12.5 hdd will fit on it?

thank you

Answer:Satellite L650-11F - HDD upgrade - 9.5mm or 12.5mm?


As far s I know you can use both HDDs; 9,5mm and 12,5mm


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I just reinstall the system to window 7 ultimate 64 bit and already install wlan driver and value package.

In device manager, the wlan card 'broadcom network adapter' is working fine,but it cant find any available wireless network since 'fn+f8" is missing or not working.

Anyone no how to fix it??

Answer:FN+F8 not working for Satellite L650


Do other FN buttons work properly?
As far as I know you need to install VAP and Flash Card Support Utility to get the FN buttons to work!
Please check this!

Additionally the WLan driver has to be installed in order to get the FN +F8 key combination.
Usually this is everything what you need?

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Hello again ^^

The DVD Drive wont open. Any Idea?
Thought the Eject-mechanism are out of work...

Thanks in regards

Answer:Satellite L650-1N8 - ODD wont open

Can you open it using eject button in some player if you use one?

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alright. so im kinda the repair man here trying to fix this Laptop. here's the story. my friend was using her laptop when she spilled lemonade on it, which the computer kept working after wards. she used the computer for about another 45 minutes before she shut it down. After turning the computer off she claims it wouldn't start for her no more. WHen i looked at the computer it wouldnt do nothing until i plugged the power adapter in. At that moment the computer turned on but had a blank display. I turned it off and then on again and the same thing. Now once again like she said, it wont do NOTHING. the power lights still show it charging but wont turn on. is there a way to clear bios maybe or something to get it to at least post? thanks for the help. No idea on specs sorry.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite L650 will NOT power on

i have taken the computer apart and there is NO decay from the drink, only the keyboard is dirty. so what is the issue?

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Hi my dear ,
please can anyone help,

I have my Satellite L650-15G, I bought it on 1-10-2010. I have a problem that happens only with battery, when I press power button, I hear the fan starting, the wirless lamp, the power lamp lighting then but not the hard disk lamp, after 2 to 3 seconds the laptop shut down. If I pressed power button again after that or I pressed again it during that, the hard disk lamp light and it start normally. This never occur when I connect charger with battery or when I use it with the adapter only.

I changed battery from the Toshiba, but no way. I changed power plans, made adjustements in the power managements of bios (1.8 version after I updated ), made disable, enable to some features in device manager but no way.

The most strange thing that many times it starts normal and other times it makes so. Also this can be manifested sometimes by long boot time, which means that sometimes I hear fan, see wirless, power lights and after 10 to 15 sec the hard disk lights and starts.
Please help me

I went to Toshiba warranty center in cairo and they checed it on tester then said nothing abnorml with processor, hard, rams

Answer:Satellite L650-15G - HDD starts after 10 to 15 seconds


And what does the guys from Toshiba warranty center say it could be? Is it a hardware problem or not?

To be honest it?s really hard to say something about this but at the moment for me it sounds like a HDD or mainboard issue.

Did you also load the default settings in BIOS after update?

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My inbuilt webcam does not work. Have just bought the laptop a months ago. Tried everything including re-installing the driver , but no luck. any one has experienced the same before and if what to do????
I want to try it myself before i approach the service center just to save on time.



Answer:Satellite L650 - Webcam is not working

Hi Uday

Can you start web camera application?
What happen exactly? Is there some error message?

When you check device manager is camera listed properly there?

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Please would you recommend a battery that lasts longer than three hours for my satellite L650.

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I got the l650 1k2 with "Toshiba Bass Enhanced Sound System met Dolby? Advanced Audio" but how many watt are the speakers?

Answer:Satellite L650-1k2 - How many watt are the speakers?

Hi mate

There are no details about the speaker watt.
I found just the notice that these are stereo speakers

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I have 2 toshiba satellite pro l650. first one i did a ram upgrade to 8GB 1 year ago (Kingston 2x4GB DDR3 1066MHz) and work. Now i would like to upgrade the other laptop. I bought "HyperX Impact HX316LS9IBK2/8 2x4GB 1600MHz DDR3L CL9 SODIMM 1.35V" but don't work! I thought they were defective and i bough "QUMOX 8GB (2x 4 GB) 204 pin DDR3L-1600 SO-DIMM " but also these don't work on my toshiba! Why don't they work? What can i do?

Answer:RAM upgrade on toshiba satellite pro l650

I presume there is compatibility problem. Best thing you can do is to use two identical RAM modules.
Can you please post full model name of your notebook so we can check which RAM modules are 100% compatible.

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