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Satellite L500 - touchpad & CD-rom are not working anymore

Question: Satellite L500 - touchpad & CD-rom are not working anymore

Dear Sir

I have Satellite L500 laptop. I have problem with the touch pad and cd-rom both losses the functionality.
Once I click on the touch pad cursor not moving and it button also not working.
Please give me solution on it.

I have try to setup by default setting loading then also it not working.
Please give me solution on it.
Thanking you

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Preferred Solution: Satellite L500 - touchpad & CD-rom are not working anymore

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite L500 - touchpad & CD-rom are not working anymore

Best way to test functionality is to install original recovery image again and test hardware with ?factory settings?.
Please use recovery DVD discs, if you have created them, or use HDD recovery option -

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I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite L500 and all the sudden my touchpad stop working.
I tried check in the control panel the options for mouse but I can not even find it in there.

Any idea of how to solve it.
Do I have to take it to a technical center?


Answer:Satellite L500: touchpad stoped working


Firstly; please check if the touchpad has not been disabled accidently.
Check FN + F9. This function enables and disables the touchpad.

Furthermore you can go to control panel -> mouse -> Device settings
Here you should also check if the touchpad is on or off.

Last but not least an touchpad driver update or reinstallation might help

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I enabled FAST Boot in BIOS on my Satellite L500-1UU.


Answer:Re: Satellite L500-1UU BIOS Splash screen not visible anymore


Why you don?t set the BIOS back to default settings?
Power up the unit, press F2 and then choose Default settings in BIOS (I think you need to press F9).
Save the changes and reboot.

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brand new L500, downloaded a few programmes, all of a sudden, cant use the touchpad at all
i can use external mouse no prob

Answer:Cannot use touchpad on my new Satellite L500

Is maybe touchpad disabled with FN+F9?
Please use this key combination and be sure touchpad is enabled.

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How do I turn off the touchpad on my Satellite L500?
I think he touchpad is interfereing with the cursor and text lineas I type so I want to turn the pad off .

Answer:How do I turn off the touchpad on my Satellite L500?

You can do this using FN+F9 key combination.

Check it out.

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I think he touchpad is interfereing with the cursor and text lines and making them disappear as  I type so I want to turn the pad off .I'm hopeless at trying to use the touchpad anyway and only ever use the mouse.I'm running Windows 7 if that info is needed or makes any difference as to how to disable the pad.I prefer (need) precise beginner type instructions if you want to help as I don't understand a lot of short pc tech talk.In other words I don't want you to waste your time as I very much appreciate all help with my pc problems

Answer:How do I turn off the touchpad on my Satellite L500.

I believe the answer to your question is at

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I have been unable to disable my touchpad with the FN-F9 keys.
My L500 Satellite Pro is loaded with Windows XP Pro and I am using a Logitech wireless mouse. I don't even have to touch my touchpad for my curser to jump around.

If I cannot find an answer the only alternative I have is to cut off my thumbs.
Any help out there?

Answer:Cannot disable touchpad on my Satellite Pro L500


Have you tried to disable touchpad in mouse properties ?

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hi!!! I need help?
Anyone knows how can I uninstall the touchpad of my Toshiba L500-128??


Answer:How can I uninstall touchpad of Satellite L500-128


Why you want uninstall the touchpad?
If you want you can disable this using the key combination FN + F9.
This helps to enable or to disable the touchpad without uninstalling the touchpad driver.

But you can uninstall the touchpad driver in control panel -> Programs and Features

There you will find the installed Synaptics touchpad software.
Otherwise you can uninstall the touchpad driver in device manager -> mouse and other pointing devices.


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I have a one month old Satellite L500-19Z operating on Windows 7 64bit.
Whilst using it to edit some photographs, it began to behave strangely. It was as if someone was rapidly depressing the mouse left button. I was unable to exit any program or use the Start Menu to reboot.

After disconnecting power, and battery, I started it in Safe Mode, but the problem was still there. If I hovered over any icon it brought the window up repeatedly. By disabling the touchpad using Fn+F9, I was able to use a graphic tablet to re-boot and it works as normal. I am reluctant to use the System Recovery or the Recovery Discs that I created when I bought it due to the number of third party programs that I would lose.

Has anyone experienced this problem please? What do I do to enable the touchpad to see if it is now working properly?
Many thanks

Answer:Strange issue with touchpad on Satellite L500-19Z


Can you enable/disable the touchpad by pressing FN+F9 as usual?

In your case I would also update the touchpad driver. You can download it here: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

If an external mouse works but the touchpad still makes problems I think you should use the Toshiba recovery disk to restore factory settings. After this you have the same settings as on the first day where you bought the notebook.

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I am using the touchpad at the moment as my mouse has died. When I am using the touchpad the screen keeps resizing - in the time I have been on this page, the screen has gone from normal to huge to normal to huge and is currently normal size.

It is sooooo frustrating as it doesn't happen when I use my mouse.

Can anyone tell me how to stop the touchpad resizing the screen??


Answer:Satellite L500 - Screen resizing when using the touchpad


Do you mean the Internet Explorer screen or what?

I?m not quite sure what cause this but it could be possible that you have activated a touchpad option which could cause this.

Please check the option in control panel -> mouse -> Pointing Device -> settings (or properties)
There you should find Synaptics options for touchpad

Check if you could find some options which could affect this issue.

Please be aware that FN + Space key combination would change the screen resolution too.
Maybe you activated this.

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I'm interested in buying notebook L500-164.

Can anybody tell me if this notebook has a touchpad with scroll-function?
And if, only page down or also "left to right"?


Answer:Satellite L500-164 - Does the touchpad has scroll function?


Yes, the Satellite L500 supports virtual scrolling.

But therefore you need the touchpad driver, this feature is software based as on other notebook. It?s not a problem because the driver is already preinstalled and additionally you can download it on the Toshiba page. :)

Have fun with a new Satellite L500. Friend of me bought it too and it?s really great and the price is also good.

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I just have a few issues with my L500.

I've only had it for 2 months and I am pedantic about it to the point that it is either always in a bag when not being used or on a desk when it is and I even clean it with a paintbrush.

Despite all this it looks like I've had it for years. There are chunks missing out of the case and scratches all over the thing and the little rubber feet either side of the webcam are coming unstuck and will eventually fall out.

The mouse pad is also doing strange things regardless of the settings I have selected for it. It sometimes will not work on the left hand side of the screen and will flick off to the right and I have to restart the machine to get it to work properly again or I have to tap it several times to get it to do anything at all or it scrolls wildly and I can't get it to stop.

Basically it's under warranty, I'm unimpressed with that fact that it is obviously made of shoddy material and is being damaged when I am taking care of it and I'm wondering if there is anything I can do about it.

I'm thinking abnormal wear and tear is possibly the case here.


Answer:Satellite L500 case, scratches and touchpad issue

> Despite all this it looks like I've had it for years. There are chunks missing out of the case and scratches all over the thing and the little rubber feet either side of the webcam are coming unstuck and will eventually fall out.

Hmm? strange? what to say? my L505 is some month old but it looks like purchased at the first day.
No scratches, nothing! Of course I?m careful with this notebook and use a microfiber cloth in order to clean this. I don?t use it ?on the road? and I think this is the reason why it looks so nice? the plastic covers looks like other common covers used in other notebooks models? so don?t see any big differences.

> The mouse pad is also doing strange things regardless of the settings I have selected for it. It sometimes will not work on the left hand side of the screen and will flick off to the right and I have to restart the machine to get it to work properly again or I have to tap it several times to get it to do anything at all or it scrolls wildly and I can't get it to stop.

Regarding the touchpad;
I think you should take a look into touchpad configuration settings: control panel -> mouse -> device settings -> settings (or properties)
There you can configure the settings provided by Synaptics driver.
Note; touchpad uses both drivers: Alps and Synaptics?
If you have some issues then an update might be recommended.

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Satellite Pro L500-19X running windows 7.

The machine boots ok, then at the login screen neither the touchpad or keyboard works.
The only way I can overcome this is to go back to a previous restore point.
After this, the machine runs fine until I power off, on powering up again, I get the same issue.

The machine has the latest updates applied.

Any pointers welcomed.



Answer:Satellite Pro L500-19X boots ok but touchpad and keyboard fail

Can you use both devices in ?safe mode? or when you enter BIOS settings?

If possible run HDD recovery installation and test functionality with ?factory settings?.
I know, it is most radical method but best way to test hardware functionality.

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Hi there,

I reinstalled Windows 7 (from a Windows 7 disk not the Toshiba recovery files).
And everything was working fine, but after restarting once after some updates the mouse and keyboard stopped working!
I found I could get the keyboard to work by pushing the power button to send it to sleep then waking it up, but then the mouse still didn't work.
I can push F2 on the keyboard to get into the BIOS, but can't navigate in it (but can with a USB keyboard.)
Mouse and keyboard don't work in safe mode even.
USB keyboards and mice work fine all the time.

The laptop is a
Satellite L500D PSLT0C-00F002

I really don't understand would could cause this all of a sudden!

Answer:Toshiba L500 Touchpad Keyboard not working (odd)

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Hi all

I have recently bought a Toshiba Satellite L500.

I have noticed that when typing, I have missed keystrokes here and there.

When I hold down a key the letter runs as normal then stops then runs again. It is happening intermittently and is a pain.

I also realised that the touchpad is having the same problem - it intermittently stops for a split second then works.

Has anyone else had the same problem?


Answer:Satellite L500 - missed keystrokes & touchpad intermitently stopping.

I should also note that when I connect an external mouse, the cursor problem disappears.

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Yesterday when I connected my Notebook L30 to a projector , the windows hanged and after that the Pointing Device on the Touch Pad isnt working, I tried to install Synaptics also but no gain from it.

Please Help me !

Answer:Re: TouchPad on Satellite L30 does not work anymore

Hi there,

did you already tried the key combination FN-F9?? This key combination reactivates the touchpad in case of deactivation.
Otherwise, backup all you important data and recover your machine since it would be the last solution to make the touchpad working again.


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Hi all,

I have a new Satellite C55-C-1LU since two days and the touchpad does not work any more. Pressing F5 does not have any effect.
Windows 10 is preinstalled on this laptop.

Can you please help me ?


Answer:Satellite C55-C-1LU - touchpad does not work anymore

Does the touchpad work in the BIOS?

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The touchpad on my C55 does not work anymore.

After restarting the touchpad works until i signon to Windows. After that, all functions stop.

A few days ago, i think that some Windows updates were launched.

Does anyone else had this problem and can you provide me a solution please ?

Answer:Satellite C55 - Touchpad doesn't work anymore

Also, immediately after entering Windows, it still works but after a while it stops. Does this ring a bell ?

The driver for the touchpad seems to be ok.

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My touchpad doesnt work anymore. Windows 8.1.

New drivers can't be installed. ELAN: error message wrong touchpad. Synaptics: obviously empty zip file after download.

Any idea where I can get the working zip file?

Are there any function keys that enable/disable the touchpad?

Thanks for any hints!

+Message was edited: Model number added to the subject+

Answer:Satellite C70-A-15D - Touchpad doesn't work anymore

many answers but we cannot answer if we don't know which notebook model do you have so please post exact model name of your Satellite notebook.

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Hi all, i have some problems with my FN keys, my touchpad doesnt work anymore, in addition to this, when I push the FN key, I dont see any icon on the top of screen.. Two days ago all of this was working properly.. An error is given by the program called Tossiba assist, its written exactly so: this system cant use accesibility.. Could you please help about this problem?
My operation system is Windows vista 32 bit (service pack 1)

Finally, sorry for my English, if I make any mistakes, it is not my native language..

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite A350-212 - touchpad doesnt work anymore

Try to restart flash cards.
Start > All Programs > Toshiba > Utilities > Restart Flash Cards

After doing this press FN button several times to see if Flash Cards are shown on the top of the screen again.
If you will see Flash Cards again use FN+F9 key combination to enable touch pad again.

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Hi, My TouchPad buttons are not working anymore. I don't know if the problem is a hardware failure or that the buttons maybe have been disabled by mistake.I have checked the UltraNav settings in the control panel as reset the values to default without any luck.Furthermore I have checked the bios settings which were set to the default values. I'm not using a mouse or any other pointers. Does any one have any suggestion before I return the T410 to the dealer for repair. The T410 is 2 weeks 'old'.

_______________________________________MolsenThinkPad T510 : 8GB : Intel Core i7 : Win7 Pro 64

Go to Solution.

Answer:TouchPad Buttons not working anymore

Does the touchpad itself work? but not the buttons?

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The scroll bar on my touchpad is no longer working. I went to the file to launch reinstall but it says that the file "SYNTPEnh.exe" on the Synaptics Driver Installation Disk is needed.
I do not have the installation disk??? Also my antivirus "quarantined something from the touchpad file and said it was a trojan...What can I do to get the scroll feature working again?

Answer:Scroll bar on touchpad not working anymore

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Recently my laptop was repaired because the display was not functioning correctly. When I got my laptop back I reinstalled windows completely. Using HP Support Assistant I updated all my drivers. Everything worked fine except my touchpad is not working anymore. I reinstalled the Synaptics driver(version multiple times but my touchpad still not works. Besides that the touchpad is not listed in Windows device manager. I don't know what to do to solve this problem. Hope someone can help me! Kind regards svdsande  

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My notebook have a built in camera, and this camera thos not inicialize,

I ave done a HDD recovery, and after that the web camera software was not installed. I downloaded de this software an the camera drivers and instaled it in the laptop, but the camera, but the camera doesn't work any way.

There are some way to fix it?

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite L500 - Web Cam is not working

The question is: is cam hardware recognized and detected by the system or not?
Can you see it in device manager?

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Earlier, when I pressed my FN key some options were available on screen such as wifi, screen brightness, etc. but now, when I press FN, these figures don't appear. I can't turn on my wifi.

Plaese help. Thank you!

Answer:Satellite L500-1XC - FN key not working

Hi buddy,

Usually the FN keys are controlled by Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility. I don?t know what OS you have but for Windows 7 and Vista you need these tools that you can download here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

First remove both tools and then restart your computer. Now install VAP and at last Flash Cards Support Utility.

Check this!!!

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Hi there. I've recently started having touchpad problems with my beloved HP EliteBook Folio 9470m.  The issue:The Synaptics TouchPad and its 2 buttons (located just below the touchpad) do not work at all. However, the TouchStyk and its 2 buttons (located at the top of the touchpad) do work perfectly fine. How it started:I factory reset the ultrabook using the Windows 10 menu and when it started back up, everything was cleaned, but the touchpad and its 2 buttons (located below the touchpad) didn't work anymore. External mice do work when plugged. Common solutions that didn't work for me:-The orange light at the top-left of the touchpad is not lit up-Reinstalling the official drivers for Windows 10 ( different versions of drivers and even some for other brands of laptops-Resetting Windows 10 many times-Running driver scanning programs (DriversCloud, DriverScanner) Further notes:No matters which driver I install, the touchpad is always missing in the "Mouse properties" window. The last tab of the window should (if I am not mistaken) have both the Synaptics TouchStyk and TouchPad listed, but only the TouchStyk shows up. It appears as if the driver updated and might have corrupted something, or maybe it's overlapping with the old one and it didn't properly overwrite it (I'm running out of ideas...). Someone told me it might h... Read more

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My Satellite L500 screen is not working. I can connect laptop to a monitor and use ok but the screen on the laptop is blank.

Have I done something to cause this?

Answer:Screen is not working on my Satellite L500

I don?t think so.
If you cannot switch back to notebook?s display using FN+F5 I?m afraid there is some hardware problem.

Either is the problem with display cable or display itself. Fact is that notebook must be disassembled and all this must be checked.
You can contact nearest Toshiba service and ask for help.

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Recently got a Satellite L500-1DT for my Mum who's learning to use a computer for the first time and everything works apart from the built in webcam, of which was a big part of the decision in buying it.

The blue light comes on and it records sound but not any images. It also doesn't take the photo shot either, and in both cases just shows the cloudy sunset image that appears to be a defualt shot on the program. I've tried troubleshooting for her but there's nothing in the help guide that tells you how to fix it if it's not working.
The software was already preloaded when it was bought (we got it online) and I don't want to uninstall it as I don't think we have a disc.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Webcam is not working on Satellite L500-1DT

Hi buddy!

I?m not quite sure but in my opinion you should try to reinstall the webcam driver. Just check the Toshiba page for an update:

But before you install the newest version, remove the old one first and restart the notebook.

Regarding the disk that you mean, as far as I know Toshiba notebook will not delivered with ?recovery disk?. That means you have to create it yourself using Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator. This disk contains an image about ?factory settings?. This is the same version as you have started the notebook the first time.

By the way: Normally after the first start you should get a message like this. Can you confirm this?


+your system is equipped with hard disk recovery system. if you need to repair+
+your computer by restoring it to original factory state, you can do it directly+
+from harddisk (press F8 when you boot your computer, choose "Repair your computer"+
+and follow the menue instructions) or create a bootable Recovery Disc Medium for this purpose.+

+Toshiba recommends you to create Recovery Disc Medium using the "Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator" to ensure+
+hat you are able to restore your computer to the original factory installed state, even if your computer+
+gets seriously damaged+

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My built in web cam doesnt seem to be working, I discovered this last week and i've tried a few solutions such as uninstalling then reinstalling the driver but that work.

Also I delete my system restores to save space so I can't really go back to when it did work.
I don't think that i've installed any webcam drivers lately so I don't think it was that.


Answer:Satellite L500-1WG - Built in web cam is not working

Hmmmm.....what can be done now?
Generally speaking webcam driver reinstall should help but you have tried it already.

Which operating system do you use?
Try to remove web camera application again, clean registry and all entries there, restart notebook and try to install right webcam driver again.
I really don?t know what else you can try.

By the way: what is the webcam status in device manager?

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I have an L500-19Z running Windows 7. Up until yesterday the HDMI output socket was working fine.
However, now, when I plug a cable in the screen keeps goes blank and then returning to normal.
This continues for a few minutes and then when I try to output to eg a TV it shows as not connected.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what might be causing this?
Device Manager says that the device is working OK and I've checked that the driver is up to date.

I'm now stumped!
Any replies can also be directed to [email protected]

Answer:HDMI not working on Satellite L500-19Z


Did you try the Fn + F5 option?
This switch the video output to external monitor or TV.
You have to press this several times in order to choose TV.

Set also BIOS to default settings and test it again

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As above the webcam will not usually work with any program or website. I just got it going with skype and the light came on but the picture was terrible. Now i cant get it going again... Any ideas?


Answer:Satellite L500-1D1 - webcam is not working

Does cam work with preinstalled Webcamera application?

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For some reason my space button in my keyboard has stopped working. PS/2 keyboard driver seems to be up to date. I have tried to re-install the driver without any luck. Could somebody please help me to resolve this problem?

Thank you in advance!

Answer:Keyboard is not working in Satellite L500

> I have tried to re-install the driver without any luck.
Which driver? Where you can find driver for keyboard?

On this virtual way it is not easy to say what is wrong there. Start notebook in safe mode and test it again. If the same happen again and again I presume keyboard must be exchanged.

As far as I know there is no way to ?force? one single keyboard key to work again.

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Hello Everyone

I have a problem, suddenly, without doing anything, my *FN keys stop working*. First the luminosity adjustment still worked without appearing the bar on the top of the screen, but when I reboot the computer not even that works, nothing related with the FN key works.

My biggest problem is that my computer is a Toshiba Satellite L500-13W and *i can only activate Wireless pressing FN+F8*. I can't stay with this problem much more. I already looked in this forum and in other sites but none of the solutions have solved my problem.
I hope you can help me.

Thanks in Advance.

(Sorry for my bad English) :|

Oh I forgot to say, I am using Windows Vista 32 bit

Answer:Satellite L500-13W - FN Key Stop Working

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the Toshiba Value Added Package.

A BIOS Update may also help/

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My Satellite Pro L500 keyboard has sudenly stopped working, how do i get it working other than a remote keyboard?

Answer:Satellite Pro L500 Keyboard not working

> keyboard has suddenly stopped working

You didn?t post many details regarding the keyboard issue but I think there could be a simple hardware malfunction which can be solved only by replacement of internal keyboard.

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like recommended by tempro, I updated BIOS from ver.2.1 to 2.2 (windows-Version). After rebooting, touchpad incl. tips doesn?t work anymore. In bios touchpad is enabled, in system it says unit is working properly. FN/F9 makes no effect. Reinstalling synaptics drivers - no effect - still dead.

Satellite L300-26K
Using Vista 32bit home

How can I restore BIOS to 2.1 again? (if i try the windows-bios utility from V2.1 it says it is still installed - so I cannot downgrade by this easy way)

Please help - I need my notebook without external mouse (this works)



Message was edited by: enigmo

Answer:Satellite L300-26K - After BIOS update the touchpad doesn't work anymore

Hi enigmo,

I can?t imagine that this happened due the BIOS update. Have you tried reinstalling Windows by using Toshiba recovery disk?

This BIOS downgrade can only be done from an authorized service provider. The technicians can install every version because they have such special tools to make a downgrade.

On the Toshiba website you can find a list of them. Just give the guys and ask for that. They will help you! :)

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I bought my Acer Aspire E1-472P-6860 about a month ago, and while the laptop is great, Im suffering from the same issue. My touchpad and gestures were working fine up until about 4 days ago, rougly around when I got another series of updates from microsoft for windows. My touchpad still works, but my gestures are long gone and I have no idea on how to get them back. I've tried downloading the ELAN drivers from the drivers page acer provides, but that didn't help at all, and now my tray icon just looks like this: In addition to this, whenever I try to go and look at my mouse settings in control panel, the options pane for my ELAN options comes up blank, like this:I'm at a loss for what to do I'm literally fuming to try and get my gestures back after I JUST figured out how awesome they are, and I could realy use some help on this matter as I don't want to factory reset just yet. 

Answer:ELAN Touchpad, Gestures not working anymore ( Acer...

If your laptop came with 8.1 and you didn't update from 8.0, try reinstalling the driver from Recovery: 

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Hi guys Today I had a little problem with power cable it slided inside a little bit so opened the laptop and push it out.That's fixed. But when I wanted to use touch pad and touch keys (on the top right hand side) none of them working.I did not touch anything else. Everything else is fine.This is what I did so far:1-  Download the driver, install it, no help.2-  Try to uninstall the driver for touchpad, could not find it in the Device Manager.  I am not sure, if the touch pad and touch keys(as their light are not working) has been physically damaged. So not sure it is a software or hardware issue? Could you please let me know if there is a soluton, or if you have same problem. P.S: I have a cross on the ELAN- smart pad Icon!! when I clicked on it, just a Copyright message popping up. Thanks 

Answer:Z560 touchpad and touch keys are not working anymore

Hi again, Solved! Open the Laptop, and find out the touch keys and touchpad cables have been disconnected somehow!  This video helped me a lot.  Thanks 

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Hi Guys,

I got Satellite L500, webcam quality is very poor, especially @night time. But suddenly it stop working while I was on windowLive messenger with Window 7.
I tried few settings but doesn't work. It display the light but in window have only green scenery.

Could you please anybody help me out?

Answer:Webcam on Satellite L500 has stopped working

hi Rozer,
deinstall the webcam in the device manager, reboot and install again.
this procedure helped me on a other machine (asus eeepc900)

if you have more than one application that accesses the camera at the same time... bad no one wins ;-)

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Good Morning,

I noticed that my Satellite L500-19X's hard disk was on it's way out so I have bought a replacement. I used the tool on the machine to create 2 restore DVD's to re-install the system.

The restore seems to run ok, working through both disks etc. It finishes, asks me to remove the media and the machine reboots.

The Windows 7 startup begins, but get's to "Setup is applying system settings" and I get a message stating "Windows Setup could not configure Windows to run on this computer's hardware."

Does anyone have any ideas? I've run the restore a couple of times with the same result. I'm rather surprised that the restore CD's are essentially useless.

Answer:Satellite L500-19x - Restore disks not working

Is this first time that you have used recovery discs?
If your old disc still works somehow try to reinstall OS using HDD recovery procedure - [] - just to see if the same will happen again.

It is not easy to say what is wrong there but maybe by disc creation some bits were not saved on the right place. Who knows? ?:|

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Plese help,
The wireless adapter on my L500 1xj seems to have vanished from device manager.
FN+F8 gives nothing.

I want to re-intall the driver but don't know what adapter it is as its not there
Have updated BIOS but still no joy.

Answer:Wireless stopped working on Satellite L500-1XJ

According notebook specification your notebook has Realtek RTL8191SE WLAN card.
Please visit Toshiba WLAN portal and try to install latest driver.


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No disply on my toshiba satellite L500,power supply led is getting on .

Answer:Toshiba satellite L500 not working, No disply

If you still get lights on the edge of the laptop & you can hear the fan spinning and harddisk clicking a bit but nothing at all is appearing on the display then it's either the screen or the power inverter that have gone. Either way it's not really something you can do yourself, take it to a technician to sort out. If you are not getting any lights, fan or clicking sound then it is a power issue - the LED doesn't necessarily mean that the power supply is ok. Again, not much you can do yourself, take it to an expert."I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us..." Pink Floyd

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The HDMI output on my Satellite L500 seems to have stopped working in the past few months.
I've tried different cables but it is still not working.

Any ideas?

Answer:HDMI output not working on my Satellite L500

When you press FN+F5 key combination while notebook is not connected with HDMI cable, you will see one option (LCD) only. When you connect HDMI cable can you see other additional options like LCD, LCD+HDMI, HDMI and so on?

Please be also sure that right HDMI port on your TV is enabled.

By the way: which OS do you use?

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The built-in Web Camera on my Satellite Pro L500 has stopped working with the following message:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Toshiba\Toshiba Web Camera Application\TWebCamera.exe

The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail.
The Event log points to microsoft.vc80.openMP.......

Could someone please tell me how to fix the web Camera. I very rarely use it so I do not know exactly when it stopped working.

Answer:Satellite Pro L500 - Webcam has stopped working


What do you think about reinstalling the webcam software? Maybe this will work?

Please check the Toshiba driver download page: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Just search for your notebook model and available downloads. If you find it, download newest Camera Assistant Software but before you install it, remove the old version first and restart your computer.

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My USB boards stopped working so I got another board for an L500 and suspect it is incompatible. The board fits fine but once a USB is entered it has trouble reading them. A iPhone or an MP3 will charge for example but you wont be able to open the devices folder and edit/see content.

I have tried disabling the drivers and completely removing them and turning off the computer, waiting 15mins and then turning back on but I keep getting "device malfunctioned" messages. I am going nuts trying to sort this as it has rendered my laptop almost useless to me. Anyone that could help I'd be eternally grateful!!

I suspect the only hope left would be reinstalling windows but my CD is scratched so can't even do that.

Answer:USB replacment board not working on Satellite L500-1XC


I don?t see many options here:
Either the USB board is compatible and would work properly or its not compatible or faulty and it will not work as it should.

The USB drivers are part of the system and cannot be installed separately.
You need to install the windows to check how the USB board would work...,

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I have a Satellite L500/01F and completed a clean install to windows 7.
Everything is fine, except I can't get the FN keys working.

Is there a certain driver I can download for this issue? Thanks

Answer:Satellite L500/01F and Win7 - can't get the FN keys working

Have you installed Value Added Package for Win7 offered for your notebook model?

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The title says it all...My play button is not working. All the other buttons on the panel is working..Such as Power, next song, previous song and mute.
I am using the Satellite L500-12E, which I have had for 3 years now, without any problems till today.
Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Answer:Play button is not working on Satellite L500

Which player do you use? Windows media player maybe?

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i have a toshiba satellite and on the back it says the model name is satellite l500-1dt.
i am new to this website and using forums, the message that comes up on my computer is

system warning
Warning:a problem with the cooling system has been detected. please turn off the computer immediately, and return it for service.

i am currently working in the alps and do not have an english speaking computer shop near by.
could any one help me and advise me what to do, i do not know much about taking a laptop apart to clean or change parts.

Answer:My Toshiba Satellite l500 cooling fan has stopped working

I would purchase a can of compressed air or use an air compressor (with a light gentle nozzle) and blow the dust out of the inside. If you have a failed cooling fan, then it will need to be repaired or replaced. That model I think is rather old, it may not be worth it to repair.

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Both the CTRL buttons have stopped working on my Toshiba L500, I think they may have inadvertently been turned off as all other keyboard buttons are in perfect working condition.

Is there a way to turn on/off the CTRL buttons?

Answer:Satellite L500 - CTRL buttons has stopped working

Try please to press ALT+CTRL+FN and check if this helps.
Please post some feedback. I would like to know if this will help.

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Good afternoon,

I have just upgraded to Windows 10 on my Satellite L500 and have noticed that none of the FN keys are working.
Is there any driver which; A is available and B where can this be downloaded.

Thank you

Answer:Satellite L500 - FN keys not working after windows 10 upgrade

Usually the Win 10 drivers can be downloaded here but only for Win 10 supported units

Unfortunately, the L500 isn’t listed a Win 10 supported notebook model.

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I needed to reinstall Windows 7 on a Satellite L500 but I can't get the FN keys to work. Would anyone here be able to give any ideas on how to get this to work?


Answer:Satellite L500 - How to get FN keys working on Windows 7 64bit?


It's pretty easy. Go to the [Toshiba driver page|] and download Vap utility and Flashcard support. Then, install Vap and restart your laptop. After that do it for Flashcard support.

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About 2 weeks I have a new L500-19E with Windows 7 and it worked fine. But since a few days I have trouble with my microphone, no matter if I use the internal or an external headset/mic. The issue is that it seem to work for a few seconds only, e.g. trying a call via skype, teamspeak etc. but people only hear my hello and a few more words, then they only hear me very quite. The settings all seem to be fine and I already downloaded/installed the newest realtek drivers but nothing helps.

Does anyone has an idea what the issue can be and how to fix?


Answer:Satellite L500-19E - Microphone stops working after few words


Really strange, stammann. Have you also tried to update the webcam driver? I ask this because the microphone is a part of the webcam so you should also update this driver. Just check the Toshiba page for an update: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Have you also activated Microphone boost? You can check this in Windows sound settings.

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Some of my drivers won't install givin message 'DMIcheck application has stopped working' or similar message for pInfo application...

Same Windows 7 64bit installation on another laptop didn't have any problems like that.

How do I solve this?

laptop model is L500 (short model no. PLJSHE)

Answer:Satellite L500 - DMIcheck application has stopped working


For me it sounds like that the DMI information is missing and so you get this error message...
Are you using the drivers from Toshiba directly?

Usually the DMI information is missing if the mainboard was exchanged and the technicians have forgotten to re-write this information.
In this case contact the guys again and they will do this for you! :)

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Hey guys basically I reinstalled windows 7 ultimate 32 bit onto my laptop and my function (FN) key stopped working so I installed TVAP and flash card support and a few others from the Toshiba website but here?s my problem...

When I press FN nothing shows up on the top of the screen like it used to but I can use F6/F7 to change the brightness F5 to change the display ect all still work bar F8 therefore I cant turn my wireless on which is a real pain.

Any help would be very muchly appreciated,
Regards Ross.

Answer:Satellite L500-PSLS9A-02C012 function F8 not working

>... I reinstalled windows 7 ultimate 32 bit onto my laptop and my function (FN) key stopped working...
You have reinstalled Win7 using original Toshiba recovery image?

Generally speaking all you can do now is to reinstall TVAP or flash cards support utility.
Have you tried to restart flash cards? Do this and press FN button several times.

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Answer:Wireless not working in toshiba satellite l500 in windows 7

For a start, turn off CAPS LOCK - it's considered to be shouting & many will ignore you.Did the laptop come with Windows 7 or have you installed it later? Are you sure there are drivers available for the wireless card - check the manufacturer's website if necessary. Some Toshiba laptops have a separate wireless switch on the front edge - if it's there make sure it is in the 'on' position. The usual key combination, as far as I recall, is Fn and F8 pressed at the same time (not F8 on its own) - there should be an LED that lights up on the front edge of the laptop when the wireless adapter is on."I've always been mad, I know I've been mad, like the most of us..." Pink Floyd

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Front volume control does not work. Volume is set to max and can only be controlled by mouse and slider control.
Can anyone help?

Answer:Re: Satellite L500 iCQ Rotary Volume Control is not working

To be honest I don't think anyone will be able to help you with this.
As far as I know this is not mechanical volume control as used on old notebook models but electronically part controlled by software so only thing you can do is to test the functionality with ?factory settings? and see if the problem will be the same.

What else you can do? I don't know. Maybe BIOS update but I really don't think this will help.

Do you use original preinstalled OS you got with your notebook?
Have you made some changes or anything that can have negative influence to this?
Since when you have noticed this strange behaviour?

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I have got a problem with Windows 7 photo viewer as when I click on a picture to view it through photo viewer ( to play slide show feature ) , it just freeze on the first picture without moving to the next picture and no feature of Windows photo viewer like shuffle and Loop work there !!! even when I right click on the photo , it just doesn't do any thing ....

my laptop operating system is W 7 - 32 bit (L500) , so I don't know what I should do about?

could you share your knowledge with me about this matter ?

thanks in advanced

Answer:Satellite L500 - Windows 7 photo viewer is not working

How are you opening the picture? From the folder directly?

Did you try clicking on the Arrow buttons?

Is there more than one image in the folder?

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I have a Satellite L500 running Win 7 64 bit. I have recently installed the last windows updates and have noticed that I can no longer select multiple items by holding down CTRL and left clicking. This applies to files in explorer as well as e-mails in outlook. When I try it just hangs for a few seconds but fails to select multiple items. Has anyone else come across this or have any suggestions as to a cure?

Answer:Satellite L500 CTRL + left click not working in win 7 after the last update

There's nothing lost in trying this Vista solution since there are no registry hacks etc [You cannot use keyboard shortcuts to select more than one item in Windows Explorer after you install certain applications on a Windows Vista-based computer|]

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L500 PSLS0A-019002 with Windows 7 Home Premium pre-installed that I received two months ago as a gift.

Apart from disliking some the quirky and useless (to me) Windows Vista / 7 features, as the desktop is loading I get the error message "Toshiba Service Station has stopped working" which proceeds to find a solution, but apparently never finds one because this condition repeats itself every time I boot.

On another thread in these Toshiba forums, someone suggested downloading the independent utility called Toshiba Service Station and reinstalling it. I do not see such utility listed on the downloads page for my Toshiba model. Since I don't even know what the Toshiba Service Station does (unless it goes by another name - Toshiba Bulletin Board perhaps?), I have no idea what is causing the error or how to correct it.

Does anyone have a more precise solution?

Answer:Toshiba Service Station has stopped working - Satellite L500 PSLS0A


Service Station is not currently active in Australia, so you can simply uninstall it.

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I replaced the original realtek wireless card with an Intel 6230 but it is not working.
After power on the wireless control led on the front remains blank.

In windows ( 7 professional 32bit) the drivers install fine, but said:
"radio hw switch is off"

fn+f8 not working, in bios wireless com sw is enabled.

The card is fully working in another laptop (samsung r528 (same chipset))

Is there any solutin, or will there be a BIOS update for it?

Answer:Satellite L500 (PSLJTE) - Intel Centrino Advanced n 6230 not working.

Sounds like the notebook is not compatible with the radio switch in the 6230, and the additional Bluetooth feature may also be causing an issue.

I doubt support would be added for Wifi cards not supplied from the factory so you may need to use an earlier Intel card such as the 5100 or one of the other cards used in the PSLJTE range.

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i wanted to start my notebook. it isn't doing anything. I have a black screen. there is a little green light that goes on and off all the time. And the fan is making a lot of noise..
I can't do anything. i can't set it out..

does anyone know what's wrong??

Answer:Satellite A50-110 isn't working anymore

HI Ellen,

Do you see the normal Toshiba splash screen during the initial Post and BIOS load ?. If you do then the flashing green cursor in the top left hand corner of your screen indicates that there is a problem with your hard drive and the system cannot boot the operating system correctly. You will need to try to restore your OS from the recovery CDs and if that will not work then you may need to replace your hard drive.

If you do not even see the Toshiba splash screen or the BIOS settings then you may have a faulty main board in which case you will need to refer to an Authorised Service Agent for your notebook to be checked.


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Type C70-A-17C
SerieNr PSCEEE-008006DU
Windows 10

The two USB ports on the right suddenly stopped working.
I get message: Unknown USB device needs more power as the USB can deliver.
I now use one USB port on the left site for the mouse.

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Hello ! I bought my Toshiba Satellite L70 the 10th January 2015 (or around this date) and now, the Graphic Card (AMD Radeon R7 M260) seems to have a problem... When I open a game with it, my fps drops and I have a lot of freezes. I don't know what is the problem with the Graphic Card and if I can send my computer to the support to get it repaired...

If you have these answers... Thank you !

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Does anybody knows why is my mouse not working ? or even the USB? I hear a voice when I plug it in but I can see it in my computer .and the mouse is not moving ,,the roll is only working
I have a Satellite M105.

Answer:Satellite M105 - Mouse is not working anymore

Uninstall any Logitech or Microsoft or keyboard mouse drivers, or any other drivers that may be conflicting.

Also try removing and reinstalling the mouse device from device manager

Also try Fn+F9 to toggle the mouse

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I'm using Windows 7 Professional on my notebook. If the notebook changes from stand by to active mode the fan is not working any longer. The notebook overheats and shuts down.

How can I solve this Problem?

Answer:Satellite A300-22F - After standby the fan isn't working anymore


Just one simple question: Can you notice the same issue with ?factory settings??

I ask this because Windows 7 isn?t on the market as yet and so I assume that this problem will be caused from Windows 7. It would be nice to know if the same happens with preinstalled OS (Vista?).

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My touch Screen suddenly did not work anymore. I can only use the Laptop by Keyboard and mouse. Can it be that I switched it off accidently by some Keyboard combination?

How can I solve this?

Answer:Satellite U920 - touch screen is not working anymore

From my knowledge there is no keyboard shortcut or combination which would enabled or disable the touchscreen.

But try to calibrate the touchscreen (digitizer). You need to go to control panel (Windows key + X -> control panel). Here you will find ?Tablet PC setting?.

The first tab called Display contain some options like ?Configure the pen and touch display?. Here you should be able to start Setup and to identify the touchscreen.

In display options the ?1 internal LCD? should be chosen.
Additionally you could calibrate and reset the settings for this internal LCD.

Check if this is possible

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I have a Satellite Click 2 Pro since March 2013 (actually, it's property of my employer). I've been using it on an external monitor through the HDMI port in the docking station, connecting with an HDMI-to-DVI cable to a 24-inch Dell monitor.
The first year this worked perfectly and to much of my satisfaction, but then the port started not working sometimes, as the monitor lost "connection" to the computer and would go black and idle for some seconds. This slowly became more common and now it never shows anything.
I don't know if it's a hardware or software problem, but I'd guess the former.

I'd like to get the computer fixed. Cleaning the port didn't solve the problem.
What could it be?

Being localized in Bologna or Rimini, Italy, where could I get the computer fixed? I need a repair shop who's willing to work, in terms of repair order and payment, with the public administration, as the computer is property of the University of Bologna.


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I just upgraded my Skype to the last version and now my integrated webcam USB2.0 UVC doesn't work anymore. In fact she seems to light (blue light appearing next to it on my screen) but the image stays black with a searching grey circle turning in the middle.
My PC is a Satellite U500-1DZ.
To be honest, not been using my webcam since 3 months before that but last time was working perfectly With older Skype version

At the same time, my Toshiba Tempro advice me to update my display driver and my BIOS
I have been trying to do it few times but It's not working.
For the BIOS I'm just able to download 44% of it and then it just stops. Same thing for the display driver.

Could those 2 problems be linked?
What can I do?

Thanks in advance for your help and answer

Answer:Satellite U500 - USB2.0 UVC webcam is not working anymore

It is not easy to say what is wrong there but what you can try is to reinstall webcam software from Toshiba download page and check functionality again.

If there is no other problem with your notebook I think there is no reason for updates, especially BIOS update.

Anyway, latest versions you can find on Toshiba download page -
Check it out.

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I have a Satellite P50-C-11V laptop. I cannot adjust screen brightness using keys or settings. Even the slider in the mobility center does not change the brightness. I can move the slider but nothing changes. This happend 2 or 3 days ago. Before it was woking perfecly. I cannot understand what caused this.

All my drivers are up to date (maybe this is the problem )

Answer:Satellite P50-C-11V screen brightness control not working anymore

After a few sleepless night i fixed my probem. If you are experiencing the same problem, all you need to do is to go device manager - monitor - teamviewer monitor driver
and uninstall it. Reboot your laptop. That's it.

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Hello @ all,

after installing Win7 on my new bought Satellite A500-15h the keyboard backlight is not working anymore.
I dont know if it was working before with vista... but hopefully.

In Bios the illumination is enabled. Furthermore the Features (on F1-F9) controlled with Fn are not working and the beep which was normally heard by using the function-buttons for turn down/on the sound can not be heard anymore, even if the beep is enabled in BIOS.

Hopefully someone may help
Thanks in advance

I already installed the value added package and the BIOS update.
In Linux the keyboard is also not illuminated.

Answer:Satellite A500-15h - keyboard backlight is not working anymore


First of all you have to get the FN buttons working again.
In order to do this you have to install the VAP and the Toshiba Flash Card support utility from the Toshiba European driver page.

Regarding the keyboard backlight;

Not all notebooks support the keyboard backlight.
You should check the Z button.
If the Z button would contain an tiny keyboard sign then the notebook has been equipped with keyboard backlight and it should be possible to enable this using FN + Z key combination.


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I have a Toshiba Satellite P50t-B-11D and suddenly my brightness is not working anymore.
More exactly, when I press FN+F13 (increase brightness) the icon appears on the screen, but the cursor is not going up, and brightness is not increasing. Same with the decrease (FN+F12).
Now, brightness is stuck somewhere at 60%.
This behavior is the same with the computer plugged-in or not.

Please anyone can help with this? Thank you!

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I have a problem with my Toshiba Satellite P50t-B-11D. Suddenly brightness is not working anymore. Anyone can help? Thanks!

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I just got a Satellite P500 and am running Windows 7. I downloaded all of the latest drivers and updated the system bios to version 1.70 (from Toshiba's support website). Now, my number pad on the keyboard is not working.

The numlock light is on and when I hit the "6" key on the number pad, it turns the light on/off but the behavior of the other keys does not change whether it is on or off. The "-" key enters a "6" but none of the other keys (except "enter" does anything.

I removed the keyboard driver and restarted to re-install the keyboard driver but that had not effect. The keyboard did work for a few days after I flashed the bios but seems to have stopped since I started using a USB mouse. I tried uninstalling the USB mouse driver but that did not do anything either (it was a Logitech driver).

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite P500 - After BIOS update the number pad isn't working anymore

What is the model number of the P500?

Have you tried setting the BIOS to its default settings?

If you boot from an MSDOS boot disk, does the numpad still do the same thing?

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Dear Masters,

since 1 Week i?ve encountered Problems using my Dockingstation
Satellite Click 2 Pro P30W

After the Last Windows Updates the Dockingstation will only be recognized after disconnecting the Tablet, than disconnect all devices connected to the Dockingstation.
Than can reattach the Tablet-Unit, Keyboard is recognized, than attach Power and the external devices. Everything is Working.
Power On is via Button not possible when attached to the Dockingstation.

All this occurs after the Last Toshiba Updates and Windows 10 Updates comes up.
I really need Help to fix that Issue.

Answer:Satellite Click 2 Pro P30W - Docking Station not anymore Working after Windows 10 Nig

really good to see that there is no answer from toshiba.I think my company will never buy again toshiba products.

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I have problem with multi touchpad, doasn't work. I think I just delete by mistake my drivers and I can't fund another one to dowland.
Thx for any help

Answer:Touchpad is not working on my Satellite S50-B-12Q

I think I just delete by mistake my drivers

Are you sure?
What have you done in the past?

Usually you could roll back the system to the early time point and this would help to get the driver back.

Please try it out… use the Windows own internal option “Backup & Restore” to set the OS back to early restore point.

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Since several days my touchpad is not working well. It has nothing to do with the touchpad on/off key on the F5 key.

The touchpad is most of time not responding and something a little bit but I can't use the touchpad at all right now.

When I attach my external mouse to my notebook I can use my notebook otherwise I can't use my notebook.
I already restarted my laptop several times but it doesn't help at all.

Hopefully someone can help me!

Answer:My touchpad is not working well on Satellite C55-A-1ND

You said this issue has nothing to do with the touchpad?s On/Off function.
So what?s exactly wrong with the touchpad? Is it disabled or enabled?

Did you check the settings in control panel -> mouse -> last tab (Device Settings) -> Settings button?

Did you already try to reinstall the touchpad driver/software?
If not, do that.

By the way: what notebook model and what system do you have?

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Hi I have a question

We have just bought a Satellite L50-B-211 but the touchpad is not working properly.
Moving the pointer around is no problem but the buttons don't work.

Using the buttons does nothing, left or right click has no effect?
If i want to get the properties of a file the right click does not work?
(two fingers press works)

The hardware is properly installed, there are no problems in the device config.

Do i have to return the device (before i install our software / config the device to our needs)
or is this a software bug?

Answer:Satellite L50-B-211 - Touchpad is not working

According notebook specification your notebook was delivered with preinstalled Win8.1 so all necessary drivers are installed and all hardware components should work properly.

Try please to check all touchpad settings and check if settings change has positive effect.
What you can try to do is to reinstall original recovery image and test it one more time with ?factory settings?. If the result will be the same I recommend you to contact your local dealer as soon as possible and explain the situation. Ask if you can get new machine.

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Hi All,

I have purchased my Toshiba satellite i5 on 26/12/2010. Unfortunately it was stopped while working on 05/02/11.
I went to repair centre and they checked my laptop and told me hard drive was corrupted.
They took 12 days to fix my laptop.

I got my laptop on Friday and from Saturday its mouse pad is not working.

Could you please advise what should i do now?



Answer:Touchpad of my Satellite is not working


Probably the touchpad is just disabled and so it doesn?t work anymore?

Have you tried FN+F9 key combination? With this key combination you can enable/disable the touchpad so I would test this.

If not try reinstalling the touchpad driver. You can download it on Toshiba website :)

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For no obvious reason, the touchpad on my Satellite L70-C-13C stopped working
The mouse still works.
I've powered down and back several times without success... any ideas? The laptop is about 2 months old

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I bought this new laptop in December and everything was working fine. Updated to Windows 10 soon after unboxing and were able to use the DVD player on a daily basis until two days ago. Now the device is detected to be working fine but no matter what disc I put in including the one I was actually watching the day before, nothing is readable.

I have tried system restore, revert back to windows 8 and upgraded again to windows 10 but nothing seems to be working..

Can someone please advise what I can do before I take the laptop into the services center?

Thank you very much.

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I have a Satellite A200, I use a USB wireless mouse all of the time. My touch pad used to work even when I had the USB plugged in but now it has stopped working altogether. I cannot find the lcoation to see if it has been disabled in some way. Can someone help me?

My A200 is also turning itself off at any time while I am using it. I read some early treads that said it can overheat. I have my unit plugged into mains all the time and have the battery still in as well. I also leave my laptop on most of the time as well. I have notieced that the side vent area can get extrememly hot as is the touch pad area. Would overheating cause both issues? Please need some advice soon as I am ready to toss Toshy away.

Answer:Satellite A200 - Touchpad isn't working

Hey mate,

First of all the touchpad can enabled/disabled using FN+F9 key combination. Check this!!!
I also using an external mouse all of the time but this key combination only works for the internal one so it?s worth a try! ;)

Regarding the turning off problem if could be an overheating issue of course. The notebook should be cleaned from time to time and I do this every 3 months for example because I use my notebook every day. I?m always wondering how much dust come out if I clean it with compressed air spray. I followed the instructions in this document:

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My touchpad has stopped working. The little mouse light in the top left hand corner is off. When I attach an external mouse the pointer reappears and all is fine, when I remove the mouse the pointer goes away again.

I have accidentally switched it off in the past by pressing F5 but that doesn't appear to be the issue this time.

I recently upgraded to windows 8.1 from windows 8 and am not sure if this may be a factor

Any advice gratefully received

Answer:Touchpad is not working on Satellite L50t-A-131

Let us start with basic stuff. Is touchpad properly recognized and listed in device manager?

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Hello guys,

I have a problem with the touchpad of a Toshiba Satellite Pro R50-b pssg1e - basically, I can move the cursor, but I cannot use it to scroll or anything else.

I have encountered this problem firstly on windows 8.1 and I thought there wasn't yet a driver for the touchpad. Now, I have installed Windows 7 64bits and still the same problem. Idon't understand the problem, I have installed all the drivers from the website including "touch pad driver made by alps electric".

In device manager, the mouse is recognized as just a Ps/2 compatible mouse. And, in the mouse settings, I don't have an advance tab where I can enable the extra functions of the touchpad.

Ps. the touchpad is enabled, so, no, the solution isnt fn+f5.

Thank you very much in advanced!

Answer:Satellite Pro R50-B - touchpad functionality isn't working

I think I have zeroed it on the problem - the touchpad driver from is not installing.

I've tried it a number of times - at the end of the installation process, it says that the installation is successful, but I cannot find anywhere on the computer.

Any other place where I can find a working driver for the alps touchpad for toshiba satellite pro r50?

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Can anyone please tell me why the touchpad has suddenly stopped working. I have done FN F5, it is enabled. Thanks in advance.

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Have inadvertently disabled the touchpad.
How can I enable it please?
Have re-installed touchpad drivers, but no joy.
FN + F9 does nothing.
Am using Windows 7 pro 32 bit.

Answer:Satellite Pro L300-1AD Touchpad not working


The touchpad can be enabled in control panel -> mouse -> device settings
In some cases there could be an tab called touchpad ON/OFF

However, take a look there? it should be possible to enable the touchpad somewhere in control panel of the mouse.


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I just turned on the laptop and as was trying to set up wifi connections the touchpad stopped working.

I tried the Fn+F9 but nothing changed. I turned the laptop off and then back on without any results.

I can work connecting a usb mouse, but the touchpad is still not working.

Do you have any solution or do I have to take it to be repaired?

I bought it one week ago and I just had office and antivirus installed and was working perfectly well up until now.

Thank you

Answer:Satellite Z30-B-100 - enabled touchpad not working

Does the touchpad work in the BIOS?

If not, it may be a hardware problem, or it is simply disabled in the BIOS.

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The touchpad on my satellite 1110 no longer works.
I have re-installed driver from website - and made sure it is enabled - but still nothing in device manager and still not working.

I am running XP Home

Answer:Touchpad not working on my Satellite 1110


On this way it is not easy to say why this happen. In my opinion you should check all settings in mouse properties and try to reinstall the driver. If there is no success it can be some hardware malfunction.

In my opinion there are two solutions. You can use external device or contact service partner and let them check the unit.

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A couple of days ago the Touchpad, and left and right click buttons stopped working.

The computer works fine with a USB Mouse. I have tried everything even restoring back to factory state with no luck. When I look under device manager it tells me that the synaptics pointing device is working properly, when obviously it isn't.


Answer:Satellite L670 - touchpad not working

Try pressing Fn+F9 to toggle the touchpad.

Also try resetting the BIOS to default settings (press F2 during POST to enter the BIOS).

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I own a Toshiba L500-A-1EF and although the touchpad works properly, cursor moves, one tap acts like a click, etc, the click itself is not working.
I've tried updating the Synaptics drivers and playing around with the touchpad settings but sadly with no results.
Can someone help me?
Many thanks.

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I purchased a new satellite C50-A laptop but touchpad has stopped working.
I tried updating driver but says I have the latest driver.

It works for a few seconds after switching on then freezes.
My usb mouse works.

Don't know what to do.

Answer:Satellite C50-A touchpad stopped working

Hi mr Hassle

Did you check if you just switched it off by accident?
Try press F5 once and see if it comes back.

BR Tom

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To start off, I seen another thread about the TouchPad not working but this is a slightly different situation.. First off, it's a really new computer and I'm dual booting windows 10 and linux. Anyways, the TouchPad only works in windows but it randomly stops working every once in a while and I have to go into the mouse settings and re-enable it but what I thought was really weird is that when I go to the efi firmware settings, it doesn't work either.. The mouse cursor is stuck on the left side of the screen and i have to use the keyboard to navigate, even a Bluetooth mouse won't work there.. That tells me that is not a windows issue but that also tells me that is not a hardware issue either because it works in windows when i enable it in the settings.. I also have to use the bluetooth mouse for linux as it doesn't work at all.. I'm not a noob by no means, i fix pc's for a living and i usually have some kind of idea on how to fix issues but this one, i have no idea.. Any help would be great! Thanks!

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Answer:Toshiba Satellite TouchPad not working

Did u try putting your USB mouse in another USB slot?
Does your mouse even turn on?

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The touchpad on my U400 has stopped working.

I have tried to have it re-install at least twice by first picking the Uninstall option, where it then requests a re-boot to complete un-installation.
Upon re-boot, it actually detects it and installs the driver and only at this point does the touchpad work again.

But, it requests another re-boot to complete the install, after which it doesn't work again.

Could this be a hardware issue? What else can I try if it is not?

If it helps, I have used two older wireless mice with it, but removed them at the un-install stage.
I'd already exchanged one, and I don't think the other laptop had this particular problem.


Answer:Touchpad not working on Satellite U400

Can I delete this thread...?

I just came back from seeing a tech from where I purchased from. Didn't know that Toshiba itself overrides the hardware regardless of how I have set the touchpad software; now I do....

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