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Satellite L650-12p touch pad scroll function does not work always

Question: Satellite L650-12p touch pad scroll function does not work always


i wonder if anyone has come across this problem.
I am on Win7 64 bit OS i have tried everything but every so often the scroll function on my touchpad ceases to work and i have to restart the PC for it to work again.

Does anyone else have this prob and have they found a soloution?
I have tried uninstaling and reinstalling drivers i have tried also generic drivers always the same problem.
This is very annoying and i would really appreciate any assistance

thanks for reading.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite L650-12p touch pad scroll function does not work always

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite L650-12p touch pad scroll function does not work always

i guess im the only one with this laptop or this issue hehe

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After installing Windows7 the scroll function doesn't work anymore.

New driver are installed - doesn?t work
I tried to install driver of vista - doesn?t work
FN + F9 are activated.

I don?t know what the problem could be.

Any ideas?

Answer:Satellite U400 - touch-pad scroll function doesn't work

> New driver are installed - doesn?t work
Have you installed Synaptics touchpad driver?

Open Synaptics properties and check if this option is activated properly.

By the way: FN+F9 has nothing to do with this specific option. Using this key combination you can just enable/disable touchpad in general.

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I have a Satellite L650 ,,, I am unable to enable/disable the touch pad with the touch pad on/off button which is right above the mouse pad in the L650.
I've tried enabling/disabling the touch pad using the F9 key and it work fine. But i cannot with the on/off button. plz help

Answer:Satellite L650 - touch padON/OFF buttom doesn't work

Was any Toshiba software uninstalled? Sounds like you need to install the Toshiba Value Added Package or update the BIOS.

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Everything but my scroll on my touchpad works suddenly it did end work anymore.

Can someone tell me what the problem is?

Answer:Satellite A300 - Scroll function does not work


In your case I would first update the touchpad driver. As far as I know the driver supports this function so it should be updated.

Check the Toshiba website for an update:


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Toshiba Satellite A200 SKU PSAF6A-02Q01N Synaptics Touch pad issues, scroll doesn't work.

Operating system Win7 x64, re-formatted and upgraded from Vista x32, after having initial problems installing drivers and getting everything to work smoothly (for at least 2 months now), i was successful. Today out of the blue the scroll on the touch pad stopped working.

I read on some forums what to do, most said try uninstalling the driver using CCleaner and reinstall.
Tried to uninstall and re-install driver from Aus Support > Drivers, did this but got error, (something about) not recognising the OS.

I went to the Synaptics website found a driver which was recognised, installed it but not really wanting to restart the pc before i get some advice first. As there is a warning about specific drivers for specific Manufacturers and Models..

Help required, please.

Answer:Toshiba Satellite A200 Synaptics Touch pad, scroll doesnt work.


Uninstall the existing touchpad driver and install this one:

Recently, it has been already discussed about the touchpad malfunction in this thread. But unfortunately, it didn't help him

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I have notebook Satellite P300-18M and the primary operation system was Windows Vista but I change it with Xp Prof. After I installed all drivers all seems that working properly but I have a little problem with special function touch buttons.

For example I touch the mute button and it doesn?t muting ..... the play button or forward they are working.

Answer:Satellite P300 - Special function touch buttons don't work


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I am running windows seven and my laptop (a 10 inch acer aspire one) shut down to load some changes after an auto up date. It automatically shut down without prompting me and after it restarted I could no longer use the scroll function on the side of my touch pad. Now I cant scroll at all but half the time I get the little gray circle that signals that the scroll part of the pad is in use but it still does not move the bar on the side of the page. I am not familiar enough with W7 to know where to look to fix this problem. Please help or let me know if there is any other info needed to help me fix this problem.

Answer:problem with touch pad scroll function after auto updat

Hi Phil.
You will have to go to and find the support for your netbook.
I'm guessing it is an AOD250 with a 10.1" screen. That is what I have.
You will need to find the software for your touchpad and rein stall.
Here is the information I think you will need.
TouchPadSynapticsTouchpad Driver14. MB2009/12/08

They have 2 versions from 2 different manufs but I think this is the one one you have. Just download and run.

Let me know how things workout.

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I have a new Toshiba Satellite L650 laptop and have set Outlook up in exactly the same way as my old Samsung laptop.
When I run Send/Receive it takes a long time saying 'preparing to send and receive' and the I get an error message

Receiving' reported error (0x8004210A) : 'The operation timed out waiting for a response from the receiving (POP) server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).'.

This doesn't happen every time, but most times.

If I put the two laptops (this one and my old one) side by side and run send/receive on my old laptop the emails arrive without problem every time, which makes me think it must be a problem with the Toshiba.
Please, has any one got any suggestions.

Thank you

Answer:Re: Irregular email function on Satellite L650

Hi Jane

I cannot imagine that old Samsung and new Toshiba have the same Outlook version and maybe same internet settings.

It is not easy to say what is wrong there.
Do you have access to internet?
Do you use LAN or WLAN connection?

In my opinion there must be some problem with settings.

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Hey, I got a Satellite L650 recently and had no problems until yesterday. I am unable to enable/disable the touch pad with the touch pad on/off button which is right above the mouse pad in the L650. I've tried enabling/disabling the touch pad using the F9 key and it work fine. But i cannot with the on/off button.

Can anyone please help me out on this? Thanks!

Answer:Satellite L650 - Touchpad on/off button function

Hi buddy,

If you did notice this problem until yesterday, I would recommend a system restore to an earlier point. Maybe you have installed or uninstalled some important drivers or tools and so it doesn?t anymore.

If this doesn?t work, try to reinstall Value Added Package and touchpad driver. Both you can download on the Toshiba website.

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I'm interested in buying notebook L500-164.

Can anybody tell me if this notebook has a touchpad with scroll-function?
And if, only page down or also "left to right"?


Answer:Satellite L500-164 - Does the touchpad has scroll function?


Yes, the Satellite L500 supports virtual scrolling.

But therefore you need the touchpad driver, this feature is software based as on other notebook. It?s not a problem because the driver is already preinstalled and additionally you can download it on the Toshiba page. :)

Have fun with a new Satellite L500. Friend of me bought it too and it?s really great and the price is also good.

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I use the auto scroll feature on my mouse frequently to browse web pages. Before upgrading to win 7 (and ie8) when activated I could scroll using the arrow keys on my keyboard. Since upgrading the arrow keys no longer work. You can only scroll by moving the mouse itself. That function is very important to me as it allowed me to keep my hand off the mouse reducing the aggravation of carpal tunnel syndrome. Any fixes? I am not sure if this is an IE8 problem or win 7 as I only use the function when browsing the web.

Answer:arrow keys don't work with auto scroll function with wi

Is it the same with other browsers ? Check if its the same with other browsers like firefox or safari . Is it that you are unable to scroll arrow buttons only with IE or even with windows explorer ?

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I've just bought a lenovo Z50-70 and have no idea how to scroll...

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I just downloaded windows 10 today everything was going good until I wanted to scroll down but it didnt work or when I wanted to click using my touch pad didnt work also so i went back to windows 7. I have a Gateway laptop its only 3 years old.

Answer:My touch-pad doesn't work or scroll for Windows 10?

Same for me :( any ideas to fix it?

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I am using a Surface Pro (original). Some web pages will not scroll with touch, including the Bing search results page. To scroll, I must use the stylus to create and manipulate a vertical scrollbar for these pages or connect the keyboard and use page up/down. I believe that this behavior has just begun with the Bing search results tab, but has been ongoing for some other pages. Other web pages in other tabs in the same Edge instance work fine.
Any suggestions?

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Satellite L750/04K laptop intermittantly looses abiliy to scroll with touchpad but remains ok for movement around screen.
Scrolls ok if I use external mouse.

Can fix with a restart. Has been working ok for about 4 months previously. Any suggestions appreciated.

Thanks, Mooky.

Answer:Satellite L750/04K - Touchpad intermit loss of scroll function


As I understood you message: the touchpad is working properly but only the scroll function does not work. Right?

In such case I would recommend checking the option in Control Panel -> Mouse
Here you will need to switch to last tab and go to Advanced Settings.
Usually, there you should find the settings for touchpad:

<img src='' border='0' width=550px/>

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My touchpad (Alps Ver. 7.0.302.8) looses the scroll function periodically when switching between web sites in Firefox.
Under "mouse properties" the graphic shows no activity for the scrolling activity.

It usually highlites the graphic when I touch the scroll area of the touchpad. I am at the latest driver ver., but have not tried removing & reinstalling it yet. Anyone know if this is likely a Vista (Vista Home Premium SP1) issue or an Alps driver issue?
I also occasionally lose my pointer settings, like speed, when awaking from sleep. Not sure of exact conditions when this happens though.

I have seen an issue with my wireless adapter not being recognized after after sleep.
For this, I must restart the computer & the device is reinstalled.
The problem with the touchpad did not occur for the first 2 weeks of use, but the wireless adapter problem started from day 2 or 3.

Oh, BTW, I also have a Logitech mouse (Ver. installed & Wacom ( driver installed.
I can do without the Wacom being installed at start, but I do want the Logitech mouse driver installed.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, kev

Answer:Satellite P305-S8828 touchpad loosing scroll function

Hey kev

We can discuss about this just if you use recovery image or ?factory settings?. You have installed third part driver and the Toshiba responsibility stops there. Nobody knows if there is some negative influence to Toshiba preinstalled driver.

If you want to have full touchpad functionality, use Toshiba stuff only. But if you want to use some external device with own driver or software you must live with it.

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I have just brought a new A500/026 laptop and when I play music from my ipod I get a small pop static sound on regular intervals during the song... this happens on all my music. I accidentally scroll horizontally across my touhpad and my screen minimises or maximises. I try to locate how I did it but can never seem to get it back to its normal state. There is obviously some kind of function here, can anyone help me with what this is? I have installed the x64 bit version of windows 7.



Answer:Issues with sound and scroll function on touchpad on my Satellite A500/026


The touchpad settings are placed in control panel -> mouse
There you will find the additional tab which would allows you to access the touchpad properties.

As far as I know the touchpad properties contains a lot of different options which allows you to configure the scroll function, to enable and to assign different actions to the touchpad corners, etc?

Check it!

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How do I activate the scroll feature on the touchpad of my Satellite M35X-S163 laptop?

Answer:Satellite M35X-S163 - How to enable touchpad scroll function?


The scroll feature of the touchpad can be enabled in control panel > Mouse.

There you will find the option but don?t forget that the driver for the touchpad must be installed and you can find it on the Toshiba website:

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Please can anyone tell me why I can no longer scroll using the edge of the touch pad.
This seems to have occurred since I had to reinstall Vista following a problem with some faulty Ram.


Answer:Satellite P series - I can no longer scroll using edge of the touch pad


One reason can be a missing touchpad driver.
But if the touchpad driver has been installed, then you should check the settings of the touchpad.

In control panel -> mouse you will find the touchpad properties. It should be the last tab.
There you can check enable and disable and configure many options.


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Im having problems with the function key. Since it doesn't work I cant easily alter changes such as screen brightness, print screen etc. Some other Toshiba software do not work either such as ReelTime.

I beleive I might have to reinstall the Toshiba utilities but since it came pre-installed im not sure how to do this or fix the problem.

Any help appreciated.

This is for the Satellite L650-19W

Answer:Satellite L650-19W - FN key and ReelTime don't work

Hi buddy,

The FN keys are related to Toshiba Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility. Both tools can be downloaded on official Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Toshiba ReelTime is also listed on the same page so you can reinstall all these tools they don?t work anymore. After reinstallation everything should work again :)

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My satelite L650-12N usb port does not work. I did all I could and it doesn't work.
It show a yellow exclamation mark on my system.

I have try so many ways including troubleshooting, formating and system auto recovery it couldn't work.
Under the USB is giving an error of code 43 which I don't understand.

Also the webcam and wireless card does not any more,
This problem start after a thunder storm in my area some time ago.

Please can some one help.

Answer:Satellite L650-12N USB Ports does not work


> This problem start after a thunder storm in my area some time ago.

Because other devices don?t work properly and because the recover procedure didn?t help you to solve this issue, I think the problem is related to hardware malfunction? possibly the motherboard has been affected by lightning strike? this would explain the issues?

I think you should ask the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country to check the motherboard.

But in my opinion the warranty does not cover environmental impact issues? maybe your household insurance could help you?

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Hey there,

I've a big prob. For about 5 days my HDMI connector won't work anymore.

If I connect my Satellite L650 through HDMI to a TV, the laptop detects the TV and identifies it as Phillips, what is absolutely correct, but I don't get a screen on the TV. I tried several cables and several TV's, tried to activate HDMI through pushing "FN" + "F5", changed resolution, nothing helped.

When I connect the HDMI cable to my laptop, I can hear that sound when a new device is connected. By pushing fn + f5 i can choice between vga and hdmi connector. My operating system is Win7 64.

Can anybody help? Thanks.

Answer:Satellite L650 - HDMI to TV won't work

Hi buddy,

Here is a similar thread about HDMI issue:

You can also check the forum for similar threads, you will find enough and it?s the same on every notebook so use the forum search.

If you have more questions you can post again :)

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Hello everybody!

I have a problem with my notebook. I have install on L650 Sattelite pro Windows XP and then drivers and hotkey utilities. But hotkey buttons does not work. (fn+f5 and others)
What shoud i do?

Answer:WXP on Satellite Pro L650 - FN hotkeys don't work


I think installation of Hotkey Utility is not enough?
As you can read in other forum threads you have also to install Toshiba Common Modules.

So please check the Toshiba website again and download/install Common Modules. Then test FN keys again.

I hope it works :)

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I have a problem with the sound of my computer. It doesn't produce any sound at all. On the symbol of the volume it appears a red cross above, and it shows the message; "There are no speakers or headphones connected."

Thanks in advance for any attention given and sorry for my English :)

Answer:Satellite L650 - Soundcard doesn't work


Can you please tell us which operating system do you use?
Do you use original OS that you got with your notebook or own OS installation?

Is sound card listed in staled and listed properly in device manager?
Have you tried to reinstall sound driver?

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(originally posted this to the US forums which sent me here)


I'm having a bit of an issue with my laptop's DVD drive. If I put a DVD in it, it spins up and runs for 2 minutes, but it doesn't actually read anything (read: I don't hear the lens motor running).

Now, in this era of digital distribution it's less of a problem then it used to be, but it's still kind of annoying.
It's also not an OS-related issue because when I try to boot from a Windows 7 DVD it also doesn't work.

It's out of warranty, so I can't send it in without it costing me money.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:DVD drive on Satellite L650-12Z doesn't work

It sounds like an optical disk drive hardware problem.
In some cases if its only an laser lens issue, you could solve this by cleaning such part.

I cleaned the laser lens using cotton wool tip and alcohol.
Some people recommended this and in my case it helped too.

Of course this could be an solution only in case your laser lens is dirty.

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In the past I have created the image of my good installation with all updates and my programs installed.
After yet again L650 started playing up I have reloaded it and now my fn keys do not work and Health monitor does not start but displays an error "can't get the bios type".

Not sure what else is not working there.
Reloaded as per factory and all OK, but now I have to reinstall updates and my programs.
What a pain. Anyone knows why "my image " has problems?

This machine had 2 hard drives replaced, has graphic problems with some 3d walk throughs and randomly freezes first with mouse not working and then black screen. Still under warranty.
What an absolute rubbish.

I will reload as per the factory and see when it will pack up again so I can get it repair.
Unfortunately problems are of random nature and difficult to prove.
This is worst laptop/computer i have ever had - very disappointed.

Answer:Satellite L650: Created new image but FN buttons don't work


Fn keys are controlled by VAP and Flash Card Support Utility.

In most cases it helps to restart the tool Flash Cards Support Utility.

You can find this in the *All Programs -> Toshiba -> restart Flash Card Support*

If this will not work, a reinstallation of VAP and Flash Card Support Utility should work


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I'm having trouble with my touchpad and I've tried everything I'd be gratefull if someone here helped me...

My problem is that I can't left click with my touchpad, the button doesn't work neither does taping, although the right button works.

I on the internet when suddently it starte failling and draging everything i clicked, then it just stoped working.

Also I went to the mouse options and switched to left handed touchpad, and when I click with the right button the left button works, but then the right click (that's now on the left) won't work neither does tapping.

Answer:Touchpad left click does not work on Satellite L650

So this means that touchpad hardware (touchpad buttons) are ok.
You should check if new touchpad software/driver installation would help you to get rid of this annoying issue.

In device manager you should firstly remove the touchpad device. Reboot the notebook and then install the touchpad driver once again.

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i donot have esata devices. but as i know i still can use that combo port to connect usb devices. however, i tried mu esternal hd (2.5') and usb key, and usb receiver (for mice and keyboard) and some other usb cables for iphone and sgs2. none of them worked!!!

can anybody help me with this issue? is it a hardware problem, or just that i missed something.

Please help.

Answer:Satellite L650 - eSATA/USB combo port not work

Hi alwayseric,

What operating system do you use?
Have you checked the device manager for yellow exclamation marks?
If you connect USB devices to normal USB port does it work?

I would recommend a chipset driver. It?s worth a try and you can download it here:

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<h3>Satellite L650-1KU</h3>Part number
<h3><span class="partNo">PSK1LE-01700MRU</h3>
I have install Windows by myself - this laptop haven't any OS from factory.
Installed Windows 7 x64, all drivers and utilites from Toshiba driver site for windows 7 x64 accessible for my laptop model.

I have no any unknown devices in Windows Device manager, all drivers installed and all hardware components woks fine i.e. wifi or bluetooth or web camera.
But I still can't use some of keyboard combinations with Fn button. Not all, just five combinations do not work: Fn+F2 power modes, Fn+F4 hibernate, Fn+1,2 zoom and Fn+F8 wirelles devices.
From search I have found only mentions about Fn+1,2 zoom - this funtion provide some util named Toshiba Zoom but on download page no any Toshiba Zoom for my laptop model and W7.

Looks like there must be installed some additional utils from vendor for handling this combinations but I cant find any additional info or soft on driver download page.
May be there are some utils what shold be located in lists of drivers/soft for 32 bit windows and it will be fine for 64 bit one?

All combinations which works fine like volume +- Fn+3 Fn+4 or mute Fn+ESC does not shows any popus at moment of pressing, just <span class="short_text"><span class="hps">perform <span class="hps">its <span class="hps">function <span class="hps&qu... Read more

Answer:Satellite L650: Some combinations with the FN button do not work on W7x64

Have you installed the Toshiba Value Added Package?

Have a look on the Toshiba support/downloads website. Ensure you install the Win7 64bit version of TVAP designed for the L650 series.

Updating the BIOS may also help.

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I'm not willed to pay 1,50? per minute for Toshiba's hotline to get direct help with my problems with a product i once payed (not a few) money, the Toshiba Satellite L650 (PSK1JE) Notebook, so I try this way and hope, that I get help.

Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Germany and haven't found a German board here (I wonder what other costumers do / are forced to do...)

To make a long story short: I need the current drivers for my graphic card ATI Radeon Mobility HD 5650.

- if I download them at ATI, I download the Catalyst Center. The installation fails because the program tells me, that the graphic adapters don't match. I don't know why.
- so I downloaded the drivers from the Toshiba homepage. The results: They are installed, but now I can configure the resolution just to 1024*768. So i re-rolled my system to get rid of this joke.

What are the possible solutions for this problem? How can I get the drivers for my graphic card that really work?

I'd appreciate any help, thanks.

Answer:Display Drivers don't work on Satellite L650 PSK1JE


The resolution depends on the display?
If the display does not support higher resolution, you will not be able to choose it?

But as far as I know the L650 supports an 15.6? 16:9 ration display and the max available resolution would be 1366 x 768

Take a look into this document:

there is an tool which allows you to set the max supported resolution.

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i've recently noticed that my dvd driver on my toshiba does not work.
It does not even apper in "My Computer" folder.
And when i put cd or dvd in the drive it does nothing.... Here is the screen of "My computer":

It had worked before, but i didn't use dvd drive for a long time and when i tried yesterday it didn't work....

Answer:Satellite L650 - DVD Driver does not work and not visible in My Computer


You have to remove the upper and lower filters from registry.
But before doing this, please delete the CD/DVD drive in device manager.

Then start registry (regedit) and then remove upper and lower filters from this key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

Then restart the notebook?

I think this should help you?

Good luck

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Hi all

I have Toshiba notebook Satellite L650-1PE system (psk1je) & windows 7 32 bit & i updated the BIOS to ver. 2.40 .. then I can't set the windows to " Hibernate" mode .. the screen turn off then it turn on again !!

Is there any update or what can i do ?

Help please.



Answer:Hibernate mode doesn't work on my Satellite L650-1PE

And how do you set it?
Do you use option in power options?
Can you put notebook in hibernation using FN key combination (FN+F4) or using start button > hibernation?

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i hope anyone can give me a solution.............. if i play games i dont use the touch pad... but i do use the keyboard.... i would like to turn it off but the function keys wont work................ the other keys seems to be ok.... any suggestion?

Answer:my function key to lock my touch pad doesnt work

Welcome To Lenovo Community
We are really sorry to hear about the issue you are facing,  
Based from what i read in your post, seems like your hotkey drivers are not working
Please try installing Lenovo Energy Management drivers from the support website
Restart the system and check
Do give this a try and let us know  
Hope This Helps
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Have just got a new XPS 13 touch for business travel after using & liking the XPS 15 touch for almost 2 years.  The speech and @ keys sometimes work and sometimes do each others function - I have checked the language settings - these are OK.  Any suggestions as is really annoying & only 3 days in?

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I have Windows 7 Home Premium edition (64 Bit) in my Toshiba Satellite laptop (L650-12Q) and after a fresh start the Windows stopped working. I have a recovery disk which didn't load (I ended up with the pointer in a blank screen) and the windows 7 installation disk wouldn't work either (same thing). Safe mode doesn't work either.

This probably means that the partition has a problem am I right? - I have used Ubuntu Live CD which confirmed that c:\ cannot be mounted although d:\ can.

The problem however, is two fold: a) I'm not sure whether aspects of my data are accessible or not (I can't check this) and b) I can't re-install Windows, as the Windows 7 installation process doesn't work.

Any ideas please on what to do next? I would like to access the partition, have searched the internet (even tried with a Windows 98/XP boot disc) but didn't have any luck as the partition is written in a newer way, which isn't detected by them...

Thank you in advance.

Answer:Satellite L650-12Q - Windows 7 recovery procedure doesn't work

> I have a recovery disk which didn't load (I ended up with the pointer in a blank screen)...
Do you use it for the first time?

Anyway, try to start recovery disc following these steps:
-Start notebook model and when you see Toshiba welcome screen press F12 several times to enter Boot options
-when the boot menu is shown put recovery disc into optical disc drive
-in menu choose CD/DVD drive and press ENTER
ODD should start reading recovery disc.

What happen when you do this?

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Hi all,

The fan doesn't work when restarting from sleep mode, but does after a complete shut down.
What causes this, and how can I fix it?
Toshiba L650 - 170 system unit


Answer:Satellite L650 - Fan doesn't kick in (work) after sleep mode

Some few questions:
Did you notice this fan behavior running the Toshiba preinstalled system?
Did you notice this from first day of purchase?

The Satellite A660 is a little bit older and already discontinued model and therefore it would be interesting to know if something was changed in the past?

Anyway, there are different sleep modes (Sleeping is divided into four states, S1 through S4)

S1, Power on Suspend (POS): All the processor caches are flushed, and the CPU(s) stops executing instructions. The power to the CPU(s) and RAM is maintained. Devices that do not indicate they must remain on, may be powered off.

S2: CPU powered off. Dirty cache is flushed to RAM.

S3, commonly referred to as Standby, Sleep, or Suspend to RAM (STR): RAM remains powered.

S4, Hibernation or Suspend to Disk: All content of the main memory is saved to non-volatile memory such as a hard drive, and is powered down.

Using the command Powercfg you will be able to check this sleep mode and could change it too.
Details here:
It would be interesting to know what sleep mode you exactly use and if the fan would kick on using another sleep mode

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Hi there

I have a L650 Psk1je yesterday i updated my bios from 2.20 to 2.40 and since then my laptop doesn't work good
can someone please tell me how to downgrade my bios to 2.20 again

Thank you

Answer:Satellite L650 doesn't work good after BIOS update 2.40

BIOS downgrade can be done only using an traditional BIOS version
Such versions are not available for download.
You can download only the latest win-based BIOS.

But why you say it does not work properly?
What?s wrong?

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I have satellite L series laptop L40t

After upgrading to 8.1 the touch stopped working
I upgraded to windows 10 and that did not solve the problem

I tried Linux and the touch was working
But it does not work with windows

Such a strange problem
So I thought a recovery to default would help
Somehow the recovery part of my laptop is gone So I could not do a recovery to default
So I had to buy a media recovery which costed me more $50
And to get shocked, the touch function is not working

What is the solution please ??

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How can I do, Eventhough I try to in stall ISD Driver or anything else. Anyone can give me the recommendation?

Answer:Please help I just unpacked X220t but the Finger Touch Function is not work

did you get a X220t with Multitouch?

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Hey there, Just had an cracked screen on my Yoga 2 Pro and paid for a replacement. As the screen was cracked, I had to disable the HID-compliant touch screen in my device manager because otherwise I couldn't use the Yoga 2 Pro at all - because of the crack it was like touches like everywhere on the screen at the same time, but I was able to disable it in "device manager". Yesterday, my screen has been changed and everything works fine - except the "touch function"! If I rotate my Yoga 2 Pro nothing happens, too. If I open the device manager, my HID-compliant touch screen is not visibile. If I press "show hidden devices" and select the HID-compliant touch screen (it is shown then), it is listed as "not connectet" - error code 45. But the screen itself is working. If I search for drivers, it says everything is fine. But the HID-compliant touch screen is not connected...?! How in the world I can tell my Yoga 2 Pro that there is a touch function in my new screen?! So, I am a little confused about what to do with it! How I can start my HID-compliant touch screen again? Thanks for every hint!! And excuse me for my bad English!! 

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Hey there, Just had an cracked screen on my Yoga 2 Pro and paid for a replacement. As the screen was cracked, I had to disable the HID-compliant touch screen in my device manager because otherwise I couldn't use the Yoga 2 Pro at all - because of the crack it was like touches like everywhere on the screen at the same time, but I was able to disable it in "device manager". Yesterday, my screen has been changed and everything works fine - except the "touch function"! If I rotate my Yoga 2 Pro nothing happens, too. If I open the device manager, my HID-compliant touch screen is not visibile. If I press "show hidden devices" and select the HID-compliant touch screen (it is shown then), it is listed as "not connectet" - error code 45. But the screen itself is working. If I search for drivers, it says everything is fine. But the HID-compliant touch screen is not connected...?! How in the world I can tell my Yoga 2 Pro that there is a touch function in my new screen?! So, I am a little confused about what to do with it! How I can start my HID-compliant touch screen again? Thanks for every hint!! And excuse me for my bad English!! 

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I just got P50T-A01C yesterday, at first touch screen was working fine.
But somehow it does not work now.
Would someone kindly teach how to enable touch screen function on again?

Thank you!


Answer:Satellite P50T-A01C - how to enable touch screen function?

I don?t have this notebook model and cannot help you about it but it must be described in user?s manuals document.
I also saw that this notebook has preinstalled TouchScreen Software. Play a bit with it and in worst case try to reinstall it. On Australian download page for your notebook model you can find version 2.01.0020.

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I can't get the mouse wheel to scroll in any application using an external mouse - the touch pad scrolls ok.

I have tried many different mice. The wheel button brings up a display of all the programs I have open (Windows 7) but moving the wheel does nothing. I'm currently using a Microsoft cordless mouse but I have tried it with corded mice as well. Nothing seems to work.


Answer:Satellite L500 - Mouse Scroll doesn't work

That?s really strange.
Have you maybe installed some application that you got with this Microsoft mouse?

I have two notebooks and two external devices. One is Logitech and the second one some cheap no name mouse and both were recognized properly on preinstalled Win7.

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I am using a A300D-16C notebook. I have this wiered problem with the mouse pad. The right side of the mouse pad, which is used for scrolling on the page, stops functioning. This has happened many times and very often. But I am not able to trace out what exactly causes this problem. Each time it stops working, there are different activities.

A restart of the system will solve the problem and it will start working again. But I could not find out exact reason for the problem.

It is very annoying one the scroll function stops working. All the settings of the mouse pad are same and has not been altered.

Does anyone know this problem with A300D and have a solution?

Please share it with me.

Thank You,

Answer:Satellite A300D - Mouse pad scroll funktion does not work


It?s not easy to say what is wrong but you should make a update from the touch pad driver.
You can download it on the Toshiba driver download page:

By the way, do you have the problem only with the touchpad or an external mouse too?


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I bought my Satellite A200 (psae3e)3 months ago with Vista. I sent my computer to a lab and asked them to install XP. Everything seems to work just fine besides the scroll function on the touch pad.

I tried everything from installing the sinaptics and alps driver again to digging into any configuration. I could find related to the mouse in the control panel. Also tried the FN key + f12 (supposed to turn the scroll on and off) with no success.
Any help is appreciated.


Answer:Satellite A200 - scroll functions doesn't work in WXP


the FN + F12 is not for the Scroll function of the TouchPad. This is like the SCROLL LOCK key on a Keyboard.

And you don?t need to install the driver from Synaptics and ALPS. Only install the driver for your Touchpad.
After installing the right driver, I would go to the Properties for the Touchpad and maybe there is a function to activate and deactivate the scroll function.

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When I change my windows from xp to w 7 my scroll dosen t work.
What should I do?

Sorry for my english....

Answer:Re: Satellite A200 Touchpad scroll dosnt work after Win 7 installation


You should install a compatible touchpad driver.
Choose Satellite L500 on the Toshiba European driver page.
Here you will find the 2 Win 7 touchpad drivers; Alps Electric and Synaptics.

Both have to be installed!!!


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The F11 key where I can switch the sound on/off doesn't work!
The other keys are working fine.

Anybody knows how to give back it's function?

Answer:Satellite Pro C50 A-153: F11 function key does not work


Are you using the ?Special function mode? or ?Standard F1-F12 mode??
The ?special function mode? allows you to use special functions without pressing the FN key.
This means that if special function mode is enabled, you need to press only F11 to turn the sound on and off. In case the special function mode is disabled, you have to press FN+F11 to turn the sound on and off.

You can enable or disable the special function mode in:
Desktop -> Desktop Assist (in task bar) -> tools & utilities -> Function key

But I'm wondering if the F11 button works using other software?
For example: pressing F11 button while using Internet browser (internet explorer) should enable the Full-screen mode. Can you check this?

Maybe the F11 keyboard button is faulty and therefore the sound ON/Off function does not work

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The Funtion Key (Fn) does not work on my computer
And I do not know how to solve this problem

It worked once (with all F1, F2 etc) but it doesn't work now



Answer:Function key does not work on Satellite A50-109

If you press the FN-Key, does a LED under the F-Keys (F10,F11,F12) lights up? Did you flashed your bios or changed something on your bios-configuration?


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Hello All,

I have a old M30-107 which i recently reinstalled and updated the OS on.
The Function keys controling the screen brightness, volume etc do not seem to be working.
I believe I have updated all the drivers for the laptop.

Is there a specific driver ( ie chipset driver pack) I should be looking at that controls these function keys or should they work with out ant intervention from driver packs etc bios related???

Sat M30-107 XPHome edition SP3

Thanks in advance.. C.

Answer:FN function keys don't work - Satellite M30-107

Satellite M30-107 is a part of the PSM30E series. Is it right?
You could check this number if you would look at the bottom of the unit. There should be a label with such model number.

Go to the Toshiba European driver page and search in ARCHIVE area.

Choose +Archive -> Satellite -> Satellite M series -> Satellite M30 -> Win XP+

You have to download the *Common Module*

This Common Modules must be installed at first!!!
Then you need to install additional software like Touch Pad On/Off Utility, Hotkey Utilities for Display Devices.

These programs will enable the Fn buttons

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I've bought a new notebook " toshiba satellite L50-b-1Q0" and I've changed the SO Win8 64bit -->Win 7 64bit.
I've installed all the drivers and the pc works, but the only problem is the function key.
The driver value added package is installed, but is there another way to resolve this problem?

Thank you

Answer:Function key doesn't work on Satellite L50-B-1Q0


Please check if you can change the settings regarding the special function key mode in the BIOS.
Usually this option allows you to use the function keys without pressing the FN button.

Play around with this setting and don?t forget to save the changes in BIOS.

Furthermore ensure that BIOS is already up to date and the VAP was installed properly.

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Help me!

I have a Satellte T130, yesterday I run an unknown software and after that the BIOS has been changed. Now FN+F* funtion can not work, so I can not use projector. I have already run BIOS update version bios-20100531110112 but it still not work.

Some body who know please help me?

Answer:Satellite T130 - FN+F* function not work


Which unknown software you started exactly?

I assume nothing is changed in BIOS because it doesn?t control FN keys. Therefore you have to reinstall Toshiba Value Added Package. It contains the driver for FN key combinations.

You can download it here: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

Check also the forum for similar threads, you will find enough!!!

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I need Drive FUNCTION KEY please

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Hi there.

Only the 2nd function keys work on my keyboard. As in 'P' when typed produces an '*' does anyone know how to turn the fn off?

Thanks in advance!

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I recently purchased TuneUp Utilities 2012 to help speed up my laptop and switched off a number of running programs, including some from Toshiba that were included with my laptop.

Problem is that the FN key no longer brings up a display of what my F keys do, and the F keys don't work (so I can't hibernate with F4).

Does anyone know which utility is responsible for the F keys?

Answer:Function keys don't work on my Satellite Pro L series

Fn buttons are controlled by Flash Card Support Utility.
In msconfig the Flash Card Support Utility should be enabled!

Furthermore the Flash Card Utility can be found in All Programs -> Toshiba
Here you can restart this tool.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 running on Windows XP SP2.
I got a slight problem with the hotkeys/function keys. When i press the FN + F5 (display output) nothing happens,
I fixed the wireless FN + F8 combination now. The FN + F5 still won't work. I installed the common modules and the wifi hotkey utility
I installed the Toshiba hotkey program but that won't help.

Anyone got any tip or something?


Message was edited by: boinkie

Answer:Function keys don't work on Satellite Pro 6100


Please install Toshiba Hotkey for Display Devices Ver. and test FN+F5 key combination again.

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I recently Reinstalled Windows on my Laptop because of a Virus. As i was done with instaling drivers i saw that the Fn-Key and the Softkeys did not work any longer. So i was looking for the reason and discoverd that some drivers would not install properly. Is it because i now have 32bit instead of 64bit?

Is there a version for 32Bit? And which driver is the one for the Fn-Key and Softkeys?

Ch S

Answer:Function Keys of Satellite P775-11P do not work

>Is there a version for 32Bit?
Sorry mate but have you checked which operating systems are supported before you?ve started OS installation?
I?ve checked Toshiba download page on and Win7 64bit version is supported only.

Do you have recovery discs? Install original OS that you got with your notebook?

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I am having problems with the Function Buttons on my Satellite P300-1FN Laptop.

I recently installed Vista SP2 and flashed the BIOS and now the buttons have stopped working and LEDs lighting them won?t turn off when the Mute or LED On/Off button is pressed. I have installed the newest Value Added Package but that has not helped. I have had this problem before without SP2 or the new BIOS installed and found that going in the BIOS and resetting it to default would work but it hasn't this time.

Answer:Function Buttons donít work on my Satellite P300-1FN

If I am remembering well in ?Toshiba HWSetup? tool must be one tab for this button.
Check please what options is defined there.
Try to change it.

Please post the results.

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I am using Win 10 Home x64 for my Toshiba Satellite L55t-C5288

The Windows Hello function does not work

Why and what can I do to make it work?

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Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite A100-499 PSAA9E.

I formatted my laptop and installed XP with SP3. I downloaded and installed the drivers (in the correct order) for that OS from the and all goes right except Fn+F8. It's supposed that this combination has to activate or deactivate Wifi & Bluetooth. When I have the lateral switch in "off" position and I push the keys, appears a message saying that I have to switch it to "on" position but when I have the lateral switch in "on" position and I push Fn+F8 it does nothing.

If I want to deactivate the wi-fi I have to do this with other methodes: the function key doesn't run properly.

Any clue?
Thanks in advice (and sorry for my English).

Answer:Satellite A100-499 - Function Key for WiFi doesn't work

When WLAN switch is in position ON is orange LED also ON?
Can you scan area for available networks?
Have you tried to use WLAN without using FN+F8?

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I had to do an entire OS reinstall on my Toshiba Satellite C55, which I did, or thought I did. After updating it for hours, last night it said it needed to install upgrades to 8.1, so I clicked for them to install, and I went to bed. This morning, when I went to turn on my laptop, it will not recognize my password.

It is the correct pw, and won't verify, and shuts down. I came to another computer to reset my Microsoft account pw, and it won't take it. So I then removed the battery, tried to restart in safe mode, tried f12 for a workaround, tried F2 to get to Bios, and NOTHING.

I can't get into my computer at all!

Answer:Satellite C55 - Password not recognizable and function keys don't work

Have you created recover media?
If yes install original recovery image again and set it back to “factory settings” again.

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Yesterday I hav epurchased P300-190 laptop but my Function buttons do not work properly! :-(
Do you know what can be a problem and how can I resolve it?


Answer:Satellite P300-190: Function keys do not work properly

What is wrong with the buttons exactly?

Try reinstalling the Value Added Package (TVAP). You can get the latest version from the Toshiba Website

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Dear sir

my system is SatelliteA200-1CR.
I was changed vista to WXP SP2 but *_function keys not working_* thats donot change any properties.
Please can anyone help for me?

I will wait for your replay.
Thank you for your information.


Answer:Satellite A200-1CR changed Vista to WXP SP2 - function key not work


Have you update BIOS to WXP version? Check please Toshiba support page under > Support & Downloads and check please if such BIOS is available for your notebook model.

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The alternate functions for the function keys (vol/wireless/numlock/etc) no longer work - I've deleted the drivers somehow.
Can anyone tell me how to make them work again?

Answer:Function Keys do not work anymore Satellite L30 - Vista

What model laptop do you have?

Is it XP or Vista?

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I have Toshiba Satellite L850-13N with Windows 7 x64. The problem is that my function keys doesn't work. Could someone write me which drivers i need to install ?

PS. sorry for my english :)

Thanks for the help.

Answer:Satellite L850 - 13N - Function keys ("FN") doesn't work


Do you use original os that you got with your notebook?
What you need is Toshiba Value Added Package. Try please to reinstall it.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite C855-1GN that I received as a gift for Christmas.

I just it for all my college work but I noticed my function keys had switched round.
Usually when I hold FN, it's for the f1-f12 but suddenly it's the other way round and it's for whatever the key is (e.g. brightness, etc).

Now this seems simple, but I found that hardly the case..

I've been into the BIOS and I have checked the settings and changed them multiple times but even set to special function settings, it fails to work.

I've been on the HWsetup and checked them but again, even set to special function, it's failing to work.
I've tried various keyboard shortcuts suggested by people 'cause of the fn key being 'locked' or however they described it but still i cannot seem to figure out what happened and how to change it back.

I can't stand my laptop being like this as i just got used to it and use the other keys a LOT more than the F keys.
Please can someone help me?

Answer:Function keys failing to work on my Satellite C855-1GN


Could this information help you?
+*Function key changes in Satellite and Qosmio 800 series*+

Please give some feedback

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I have a strange problem with the using of the function buttons. When I turn on the laptop all the functions work well. However, after 30 seconds of standing on the desktop, they stop. The only fuction buttons that work after that are for the volume (up and down). The brightness, the muting button, they all stop working.

I have no idea what is the reason for that and I'll be grateful to have your help.

MODEL NAME: Toshiba Satellite C660-1MU
PART NUM: PSC1SE-00600283
OS: Windows 8.1

Answer:Satellite C660 - Function buttons don't work properly

As far as I know function keys are controlled by Toshiba system driver and Toshiba function key utility and they must be active in the background (start-up).
I have checked Toshiba download page and, as I can see, your notebook is not even supported for Win8.1. Which drivers have you installed?

Anyway, you can try to reinstall them.

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Hello guys!

I have a problem with my Toshiba Satellite A300D - 13 Y - PSAK4E.
Since I have uninstall some Toshiba programs, my function keys (stop, play, break, silently, etc)
do not work any more.

I hope you can help me.

Sunny greetings from Germany
Jeane Wendy

Answer:Satellite A300D - the function keys don't work anymore


If you use Vista reinstall VAP (Value Added Package) and I hope it will work again.
Please let me know if this will help.

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I have been researching for almost two hours now and found no solution.

What I would like to do is to be able to use the Fn Key for the hotkeys on the F0-F12 buttons, such as Fn+Esc to mute sound, or Fn+F6/F7 to adjust brightness on my screen. I am running Windows XP, that information is needed. The things I have tried so far was installing some of Toshiba Utilities, such as the Fn-Accessibility and Fn-esse, but they are still not working.

I have no idea why they haven't been working since I first got my laptop. Please help! Thank you!!!

Answer:Why doesn't any of the Function/Hotkeys work on Satellite Pro A200?

In the whole story most important info is missing: which notebook model do you have?
Please send exact model number.

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Hello all, I'm Sylvain and I am french so sorry for my english...

I have got a Toshiba Satellite M70-170 and I've got a problem with the program "Touch and Launch" (1,2,9,0)

I see the icon next the clock and I can change parameters, but when I touch the pad the mouse work but not the Touch and Launch...

Can you explain why?

I love this utilities and I want to know why it doesn't work.

Answer:Satellite M70-170 - Touch and Launch does not work

I don?t know why the touch & launch is not working but I would try to reinstall it again.
The Touch & launch is placed on the Toshiba European driver page.
At this time it?s a v for Win XP.

Uninstall firstly the touch & launch and after new reboot install it again!

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Hi I have a Satellite C50D-B-11X, I upgraded to windows 10 and now the touch pad does not work , the cursor just sits in the middle of the screen, can anyone help .

Answer:Satellite C50D-B-11X - touch pad does not work

Please check if the touchpad would work again after uninstalling the touchpad driver from the Programs and Features which you can find in the control panel...

I’m not quite sure about the touchpad driver developer but either its Synaptics or ELAN touchpad driver… you may need to check this…

After the touchpad driver has been removed, please reboot the system.

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Function keys do not work after upgrading to Windows 10
I know I need two drivers (Flash Cards Support Utility) and (Toshiba Function Key Utility) but on the download page Toshiba is not adapted for Windows 10.
Does anyone know when and whether he will be available?

Answer:Satellite P855 - Function keys don't work after upgrade to Windows 10

I’m also waiting for Win10 stuff and don’t know for sure when Toshiba will start with Win10 support. I hope this will happen soon.

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I just setup a windows Vista & I install the driver after download it from the net but i found that;

1- the switch between the screen & s-video (fn + f5) doesn't work but the other function (fn) work

2- when i put my finger in the right of the mouse pad it must scroll the screen & in the bottom of the pad it must scroll left & right the screen but it didn't work

So plz tell me the solution if it is a program or driver issue.
Plz give me the direct link


Answer:Fn+F5 function and touchpad doesn't work correctly on Satellite A series


What notebook do you have?

I presume your notebook was delivered with XP and now you want to use it with Vista OS.
Please note that you need to install the Toshiba Vista Value Added Package to use all the notebook features.
Very important is the Components Common Driver and the TOSHIBA Flash Cards.
The Flashcards provides the Hotkey function and the launcher function that starts the Hotkey function.
Please reinstall it!

The additional touchpad functionality must be configured firstly!
This can be done in control panel -> mouse

There you should look for the touchpad settings and could configure the touchpad scroll areas again.


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The C40 C10Q is already a tight squeeze with only a 32GB eMMC drive. I therefore did a clean install of W10 and everything is great, with plenty of space to spare now - EXCEPT - some of the function keys don't work such as the blank screen, while outside Windows, using a boot CD, none of them work. Do I need to download a Toshiba Utilities driver? Can't find them anywhere!

Answer:Satellite C40 function keys don't work outside Windows after W10 clean install

Win10 drivers can be found here

Install the Toshiba System Driver, and Toshiba system Settings.

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I bought a windows XP cd and installed it over W98 on my Satellite Pro 6000. The standby function does not work now. I probably need some software from Toshiba. What do I need? Where do I find it? What is the installation order?

Answer:Satellite Pro 6000; standby function doesn't work after upgrade from W98 SE to XP


All WXP drivers, tools and Utilities you can find on Toshiba support page under > Support & Downloads. You have older notebook model and because of that under ?Product type? please choose option ARCHIVE.

Installations order is as follow:
-Windows XP
-Display driver
-Audio driver
-Toshiba Common modules
-SD Card Host Driver
-SD Card Driver
-BlueTooth Stack
-BlueTooth Easy Connect
-Mouse driver
-Modem driver
-LAN Driver included with WinXP
-Infrared driver
-Toshiba Power Saver
-Toshiba Utilities
-Toshiba Mobile Ext.
-Toshiba Console Ver.
-Toshiba Hotkey for Display Devices

I hope you will be able to install WXP successfully.

Good luck!

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Answer:Wireless switch and function buttons don't work on Satellite A660

as i know, the Vap utility and flashcard support are responsible for such functions. You can try to download and install them

Note, firstly you should instal vap utility and restart the lap and flashcard support utility, then

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I have installed my Satellite A200-19l new with Vista Ultimate from an microsoft dvd.
It works fine but the FN Keys (like Email , Volume etc ) do not work on my Touchpad.

I have installed the Value added package and the other FN Keys on the F Buttons work.

Thank you for your help.

Answer:Satellite A200-19l: Touchpad FN function don't work Vista Ultimate

Satellite A200-19L belongs to the PSAECE series.
The Toshiba driver page provides two touchpad drivers;
One from Alps Electric and one from Synaptics

The Synaptics driver allows you to set the properties and functions for Touch Pad control.
The Alps Electric driver allows you to set the properties and functions for mouse control.

Check if both are installed properly

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My touchpad is not functioning properly. It suddenly would not allow right click function, and i no longer can scroll up and down. I have tried updating and restarting , it still has not worked. Also the right hand side of the touchpad seems stiff, it is not clicking as it used to. Please help, as i have no one hear or in my visinity who knows how to fix lenovo laptops.

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Hi Guys, I recently knew from my older brother that there's an option to disabled the touch pad, while using the laptop with the mouse. Because my touch is extra sensitive that when I'm working at times my palm touches it, and it transfers the cursor anywhere. But I like the sensitivity though because when I don't have a mouse, I can tap lightly twice and it opens the files or the links. But since using Fn+F6 for a week, I lost the sensitivity on my touch pad. I need to press hard once to click or open links or files. I tried modifying the touchpad sensitivity option, but no avail. Please help me, I'm a freelance worker and at times I don't work with a mouse.  Thanks,Brent

Answer:Using Function F6 disabled the the light touch sensitivy of my Z480 touch pad.

brentmausisa wrote:Hi Guys, I recently knew from my older brother that there's an option to disabled the touch pad, while using the laptop with the mouse. Because my touch is extra sensitive that when I'm working at times my palm touches it, and it transfers the cursor anywhere. But I like the sensitivity though because when I don't have a mouse, I can tap lightly twice and it opens the files or the links. But since using Fn+F6 for a week, I lost the sensitivity on my touch pad. I need to press hard once to click or open links or files. I tried modifying the touchpad sensitivity option, but no avail. Please help me, I'm a freelance worker and at times I don't work with a mouse.  Thanks,BrentTry uninstalling and reinstalling the driver.

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I update my OS from Win7 home edition to Win7 Unlimited SP1, installed all drivers, but some of touch buttons don't work. (ECO, progrm button and light on/off).

I have reinstalled VAP but it doesn't work. May be Your can help me.

Thank You.

Answer:Some touch buttons don't work in Satellite P750-112

And when I installed Win7 Ultimate without SP1 and VAP - all buttons worked.
May be it's problem with SP1?

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I upgraded my 8 month old Toshiba Satellite laptop to Windows 10 and now I can't use the touch pad to move the cursor. The arrows work, but only allow me to go up and down the menu screen. I can't do anything. Ive tried restarting my laptop, but that doesn't help. So, it has rendered my laptop useless. How can I get my laptop to qork. I was able to use the keyboard to log into my side of the comouter, but that's it. Please help!

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Dear People on this forum,

Recently, around 3 weeks ago i opened up my computer and i cleaned it, took the dust out because it was overheating.

around 2 weeks before I noticed that my touch pad is not working and the top buttons are not working, there is no light (wireless multimedia sound buttons) I cant turn them off/on or I either don't know how. I am not sure if the problem is because I cleaned my laptop and did not connect some wires back but I am including this detail because I don't use those buttons so I did not notice if they were on. but 2 days ago I am not sure how my wireless went off ant when I press fn+f8 (wireless) it says wireless communication switch is off, which is one of the buttons that is not working (at the top next to of/on switch including with my touch pad)

I have tried the following:

windows update
turn off computer take out all wires and battery and wait for around 30min. Then hold then on button for 30s
reinstalling the flash cards support utility, hw setup and value added pack
and finally a Toshiba out of the box recovery using the 2 product recovery cd's

I am not sure what to do next. it is either:

try something else
or is there a wire is connected to both touch pad and the buttons at the top and i should open up my laptop again and connect them.

please answer as to my next step to recovering my wireless.

Your dear member of the forums, kaujis

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Answer:Satellite A660 - touch pad on/off and other buttons don't work

Please don?t understand me wrong but I don?t know how to help you now. Notebook disassembling is for authorized people only and if you do this on your own there is always a risk that something can be done wrong or maybe damaged.

OK I must also say that I have also disassembled my machine too but I was lucky and everything is OK as before.
I don?t know how A660 looks inside but the principle is always the same and I cannot imagine you have damaged anything.
You know very well that we cannot say much about your problem. What you should do now is final functionality test and install original recovery image that you got with your notebook. Test functionality with ?factory settings?. If the problem is still there, I?m afraid you must open notebook again and check if everything is connected properly.

Last option is to contact service and ask for help.

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Hi All,

I am an owner of a Toshiba Satellite C670D-10C with Seven Ultimate (64 bits) installed OS.
To enable the touchpad I made many things, I updated the BIOS, I reseted the BIOS, I downloaded Synaptics Touch Pad Driver and installed it .

Still now, and having registered my laptop, I am not able to use my touchpad.
Does Toshiba activate it on line? Or How to enable it?

Many Thanks.

Answer:Touch Pad doesn't work on my Satellite C670D-10C

Usually touchpad should work even when only Win7 is installed without any additional drivers.
Can you use FN+F9 key combination to enable/disable touchpad?

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My touch fn doesn't work with y, 1 , 2, space touchs. But it work with F1,..,F12.

How to fix it please?

Thank you

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Hi to all of you !

I am an Indian Software engineer , have brand new toshiba satellite A205-S5831 Notebook which i brought it from USA- circuit city.

I got it with VIsta Home premium but I Downgrade this by using NLITE Application.

Now have some problem - following

1) Inbuilt - Bluetooth not working and its also have button i also installed Blutooth application which i download from
2) FN - Function keys are not working ....Just working only Volume Mute and Unmute .....not all keys are working ..........Just FN+ ESC key.

Please help me and sugggest me - I need Bluetooth urgent and Fn Keys ......

thank u !

Response me at - [email protected] or [email protected]

Answer:Satellite A205-S5831 - Unable to work Bluetooh & Function Keys !


I assume everything worked properly until you have +?castrated?+ the Windows OS using the nLITE application.
Is it right?

Well?. I don?t know what you changed exactly but it seems some essential files, software parts are not longer available.

Fact is that all your BT module would work correctly if you would install the BT driver (stack) and the FN buttons would work properly if you would install the Toshiba Vista Value added package and the Toshiba Flash Cards Support Utility for Windows Vista

All these drivers and tools can be found here on the Toshiba US page:


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I have computer model no A200-1LA and I changed windows Vista for windows 7 32-bit an now my function button doesn't work.

What should I do now? Maybe someone commend me some drive? Please help me I can?t use my pilot.

Answer:Satellite A200-1LA and Windows 7 problem - function button doesn't work

Do you mean FN key or what?
> Please help me I can?t use my pilot.
My English is also not the best but what do you mean with ?pilot??

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I have a Satellite A135-S4527. But, when I got this computer it was without a recovery disk / Vista Reinstall Disk and the Vista OS that was installed was a bloated mess - it was highly used by a individual of lesser intellect. Anyway, I decided to take out that Hard Drive and put in my SSD with Windows XP Professional SP3.

Thats when the problems started rolling in. Turns out Toshiba does not support Windows XP Operating System - I checked the site and was surprised to see a complete lack of support for Windows XP ( even though Windows XP is the dominant OS and was even more so when this laptop was made).

I managed to get the drivers installed, for everything but the modem. Easiest to find drivers were from Intel for the Chipset / Motherboard and the Legacy Graphical Processing Unit. The thing is, I am not sure whether or not these are the official drivers and I am completely lost on the drivers for the modem. Any idea where I can acquire the -latest and greatest- drivers for all my components?

Also there are a few problems,
- Function Keys For Brightness Do Nothing
- Laptop sometimes does not come out of sleep mode

What can I do about the brightness keys? The monitor is sometimes a bit too bright to be comfortable to use. Yet I am having no luck making those keys actually do anything.

Any help appreciated.

Answer:Satellite A135-S4527 - Drivers needed & Function Keys do not work


From my knowledge this must be a Toshiba US notebook series.
Therefore I visited the Toshiba US driver page to check the driver availability.
And guess what? I found it but unfortunately there are no many Win XP drivers.

There are Vista and Win 7 drivers available but no Win XP.
I guess that this is everything what is available for Win XP.
So what to do????

I think you should try to install the missing tools which are released for other notebook series; for example A105-Sxxxxxx
Maybe you will get the driver working?

Let?s hope?. Otherwise you will have to use the notebook without such functions?

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i believe this is a usual problem, but i haven't seen a solution for it, yet.

The touch keys, on the right of the power button of my Sat. A660-12 X don't work. they used to work, but now they don't. The two volume buttons still work, and i can hear a sound when i press each button, but nothing happens.

i have no idea of since when it stopped working.

I've tried the VAP and other drivers from the toshiba site, but the problem continues.

i've been reading lots of foruns about this, but all goes to the same... reinstall VAP and toshiba utility something... DIDN'T WORK!

Help please...

Thanks in advance...

Answer:Satellite A660-12X - touch/media keys don't work

I really don?t know if this is usual problem. I have two Toshiba notebooks, both with these buttons and they work since day one so I?m asking myself what happen by some people who report about this.

Fact is that these buttons are controlled by ?Button support? utility and this utility is part of Value Added package so it is logic that solution can be VAP installation.
Do you use original preinstalled operating system?
Have you installed some updates?

If I understood you right you have removed original VAP and after notebook restart you have installed VAP downloaded from Toshiba download page. Can you confirm this?

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I am owner of Satellite A500-14L (PSAM3E).
I noticed today that the buttons for switching to ECO mode, or turning keyboard's lights on and off are no longer working, however, witching those settings via Toshiba assist utilities works perfectly.
I did *not* reconfigure the buttons usage. I was wondering if there was an easy way to "restore" their default functionnalities...

Thanks by advance !!

(Already tried shutdown / restart / delog-relog things)

Answer:"Touch" buttons no longer work on Satellite A500-14L


What you can try is to reinstall VAP ? Value Added Package.
This package contains several tools and one of them is ?Buttons support?.

Maybe after clean installation everything will works well again.

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Hello *,

before someone should have the same problem, I wanted to share my problem and my solution here:

Information about my system:
I have installed Windows 8.1 Professional and Scientific Linux 6.5 in Dual Boot on my Toshiba Satellite P50-A-M13.

The Touch Pad suddenly doesn't work below Windows 8.1 Professional anymore, the mouse pointer vanishes after a reboot. You can't deactivate/activate the Touch Pad with the F5 key (without pressing the FN-button) anymore. The white LED of the Touch Pad doesn't work anymore. Another operating system (in my case: Scientific Linux) in Dual Boot doesn't recognize the Touch Pad anymore after a reboot, too. So it isn't working below the other operating system anymore, too. It looks like a hardware defect since it affects more than one operating system.

_*Additional information:*_
If you attach an external USB mouse to your Toshiba notebook, the Touch Pad will work again, you can activate/deactivate the Touch Pad via the F5 key (without pressing the FN-button) below Windows 8.1 again, but the white LED of the Touch Pad still doesn't work and doesn't turn off or on. Same below another operating system in Dual Boot. The BIOS doesn't offer a feature that you can activate or deactivate the Touch Pad there.

I had the problem that the feature "automatic driver installation" below Windows 8.1 Professional was activated. The driver for the Synaptic Touch Pad got replaced by a Microsoft driver in t... Read more

Answer:Touch Pad of Satellite P50-A-M13 doesn't work anymore - Solution

Thank you for this interesting posting.

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I have had a satellite A660 for a few months now, and recently, some of the touch buttons have stopped working, these include the eco utilities, wireless, programmable shortcut, play/pause, lighting and touch pad on/off button.

This makes it very hard to use the laptop as I can no longer use the touch pad as it wont turn back on. I can only use the laptop when I have a mouse connected.

How can I reassign these buttons to their roles?

Thanks in advance.

PS. I've tried installing the value added package with no result.

Answer:Satellite A660 - Touch buttons no longer work

Hi Seraj,

You should try to reinstall Toshiba Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility. These tools are necessary for illuminated buttons and FN keys. The cools you can download on official Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Install VAP at first, then reboot your computer and then install Flash Cards Support Utility. Restart once again and everything should work again :)

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