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Satellite L300D-01N - Need original BIOS version

Question: Satellite L300D-01N - Need original BIOS version


had a bad bios flash when trying to apply PSLC8-PSLE8-180-WIN.exe (Ver 1.80, 10/27/2009) bios update to my Satellite L300D-01N, model # PSLC8C-01N019

now the unit doesn't come on at all - I am trying to restore it to working but can't find a copy of the updated bios file (from the self extracting windows enabled bios updating program from Toshiba) during it's setup
(I have tried to extract it on another pc as the original laptop is a brick now but still no luck)

I have been able to confirm that i can get the laptop system in CRC mode, but i need a copy of the *original* BIOS that came with these units so i can reflash.
did anyone make a copy of the original bios from this unit before applying this update (ver. 1.8 10/27/2009) ?

Please note that i did not myself attempt this BIOS update, so i don't have a copy of the original anywhere.

Can you send me a copy please?

Thnaks a lot

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Preferred Solution: Satellite L300D-01N - Need original BIOS version

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite L300D-01N - Need original BIOS version

Hi lostboy77,

BIOS reflash can only be done from an authorized service provider. If the BIOS update filed, you can do nothing. :(

I know it?s hard to hear but you must understand that BIOS update is always a little bit risky and if it wasn?t flashed properly, your notebook will not start anymore. So it?s not so easy a Windows Update?

Anyway, here you can get fast and professional help: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

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Sorry, this is a repost of an earlier question, but this time I'll keep it very short.
I didn't get any response and it might be because my message was way too long.

Every time I download anything, my L300D tells me that the file is corrupted. Unless I can find out why and remedy it, I'm going to have to run the inbuilt repair utility to get the system back to factory settings. My concern is that the Program Files folder is on the same partition as the operating system, and the utility warns that everything on that partition will be wiped.

I don't know if this matters. Maybe restoring to factory setting reinstalls the programs (I'm referring to the original Toshiba-installed programs - I haven't been able to install anything much). If you've used the repair utility, can you clarify this for me please?

Thanks for any advice.

Answer:Will repair utility wipe original programs on Satellite L300D?


I mean you are speaking about Toshiba HDD recovery option or Toshiba Recovery disk?

Well, the usage of HDD recovery option will format only C system partition and will install the OS again.

The usage of Recovery disk will format the whole HDD and will create all partitions again and will set the notebook back to factory settings.

Do you need more details?

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Looking for any updated info on blind flashing the above model with a MS-DOS/Win98 boot disc and the 1.8 raw BIOS file extracted from the 1.8 EXE.
I've been following the guide but none of the key combinations I've tried seem to work (F, Fn + F, R, B, Fn + B).

I've confirmed my Windows 8.1 laptop boots to the USB key I created and I have the BIOS file named BIOS.FD

If anyone has had any success with this in the last 2 years, your info would be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite L300D - 1.3 to 1.8 BIOS upgrade

As far as I know BIOS update offered by Toshiba is WIN version only. With other words BIOS can be updated under running preinstalled Windows operating system.

It is not known to me that you can download files for traditional BIOS update. such update was used long time ago, I think before Vista OS was offered on the market.

More about BIOS update on Toshiba notebooks you can read here -

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I'm trying to update my 733mhz PIII to a 1 ghz PIII, but I need to get the latest version of the bios to support it. First I dl'd the latest version that intel says was for my board, but it said "wrong version" or something along those lines when it ran. I think thats because the bios has to be at least version 9 before upgrading to version 11. I learned this too late. I found the version 11 somewhere else and sort of forced it to update. It said update succesful, but the bios version never actually changed. Now I'm trying to upgrade to version 9 first, but it won't. My problems are one of two. Either 1) I don't have a virgin IBM Formated 3.5" like neccesary (though my moms's friend says they are, which who knows?) or 2) Forcing that update before somehow corrupted certain files, so now version 9 will no longer update correctly.

As I cannot go to the store at this hour, I was wondering if there was a way to restore the BIOS to it's orginal version? (so I can start from scratch)

Answer:How to Restore Bios to Original Version?

if it said update succesful, then it did just that, it wouldn't corrupt files, if there was something wrong in the bios, it wouldn't start up, you'd basically get a blank screen with no posting. You should look on your mobo and see if you can figure out the model that it is, etc.. or even look for your computer manual or ask the company you bought it from..

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My name's Mohamed Elwekil, i bought Toshiba Satellite L50-A Laptop few months ago, and i lost all data and everything was in this laptop, now i want to have this Oem again to be able to download it once again because every time i try to install another Oem laptop tells me it's not correct OEM for this laptop

So please what i should do.


Answer:Need original OS version for my Satellite L50-A

I don't know which notebook model do you have exactly (full model name) but I presume you have got it with preinstalled operating system. Can you confirm this?

Anyway, when you get new notebook with preinstalled operating system you can create bootable recovery media that you can use to reinstall original OS version. I’m afraid you don't have it, right?

Now if you have lost everything you have two options:
1/ to install own OS version
2/ to order original recovery disc on

At the moment I cannot say more than that. If you need more info please post full model name.

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I had to update my bios & it seems that the wrong one was downloaded about 3% into installing the laptop just died & won't go back on.

There are no lights & there is no noise from the laptop at all.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?

The laptop is a Toshiba satelite L300D

Answer:Satellite L300D - Won't load after BIOS update


Well, if BIOS update crashed you can do nothing because the ROM module must be reflashed. This can only be done with special tools and only an authorized service provider has such tools.

So please contact nearest Toshiba service and ask for help :)

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Hello guys

I'v just installed Windows 7 32bit on Toshiba Satellite L300D-23D , I didn't install the BIOS update but everything is working just fine .
Do I still need to update the BIOS?
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Windows 7 and BIOS update on Satellite L300D-23D

If everything works well I don't think you need an BIOS update.
I have Satellite A300 with old BIOS and use Win7 too. No problems at all.

Until everything runs well I don't even think about BIOS update.
Don't touch well running system. ;)

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I need your help to fix my laptop since BIOS is not included in the warranty.

What happened:

I was downloading all drivers from Toshiba website to make a drivers CD-ROM in case I need it.
I accidentally clicked the BIOS update when I was doing drag and drop to a new folder and the BIOS begin without asking anything and freezz at about 50% I wait 30 min because I know BIOS is critical but after all this time I have no other choice then to power off the computer.

Now when I power on the computer I have no image the disc try to read and that it.

Now what I want to do is a CRISIS recovery since its the only option I have for now.

What I need is the BIOS file not the stupid .exe but a .rom or .bin I think and instruction on doing it on this particular model.

Thanks for looking to my post and I hope some one can help me here because a 80$ repair for a budget notebook is big.

Answer:Need you help to recover from bad BIOS flash on Satellite L300D-01P

I doubt you could be able to repair this notebook by yourself.
The point is that the ROM module was flashed not correctly and I assume it must be flashed again using an traditional BIOS version.
Such BIOS version is NOT available on the Toshiba page. Only a win based BIOS version.

Therefore you will have to contact the ASP in your country for a BIOS module flashing.

Sorry mate but I don't see any other solution for you problem.


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Where can I learn about the original BIOS version for ThinkPad X201-3626-HGS ? I did a system update that involved a BIOS update to 1.37 verssion. However, after that  the fan became noisy. It does not shutdown even when idle. Unfortunately I have not recorded the original BIOS version, so I tried few older versions of the BIOS, but that did not help to silense the fan. Any clues?

Answer:original BIOS version for X201-3626-HGS

There is no record about the BIOS firmware version that is shipped with the machine.

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Hi to all,

after flashing the BIOS from the original default 1.10 to the last 2.10 BIOS, my netbook have a big problems with ubuntu 9.10, hang and frezee, touchpad dont work the tapping and with very low sensibility. The pc is un-usable!

i have re-flash with 1.60 the only old bios i have found. and i have put a new ubuntu 10.04! now the touchpad work fine, but the pc have again small frezee.... my pc work better only with the original bios???
Where I find the original bios? I hope the 1.10 version...

Best Regards, and i'm sorry for my bad english...

Answer:NB100-11R - Where to find original BIOS version?

Hi maxresti,

Normally you can only download the newest version of BIOS. That means you will not find any older versions on the Toshiba website.

To get the old version you should contact an authorized service provider in your country. The guys can reflash the old version in few minutes.
On the Toshiba website you will find a list of them where to find.

Good luck! :)

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Hi All,

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L300D running Windows Vista Business, it's only four months old, recently it started crashing and each time it did I got a message stating the BIOS needed to be upgraded.
So I went to the Toshiba Site and I downloaded an update to the BIOS yesterday and installed same today, during the install the PC frooze,
I left it switched on and it stayed like that for four hours, then it switched itself off.

Now when I switch it on all I get is the fan running nothing else.
The powerlead was connected to the Laptop the whole time.

Have you any ideas as to what I can do, I have loads on the Laptop that I'd hate to loose.

Model is PSLC9E Satellite Pro L300D

Answer:Satellite Pro L300D PSLC9E - BIOS Update Failure

The case is clear buddy? the BIOS update procedure failed?
Maybe the BIOS could not be updated properly because the notebook crashed before the update procedure could be finished.

Well, I can tell you that you will be not able to fix it yourself? this is a serious issue and ONLY the ASP (authorized service partner) would be able to help you!

Therefore contact the ASP technician and ask for the further handling!!!

Good luck

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Hi, everybody. I already asked about logo on startup, but knowbody answered for now.. hope somebody will. But have another short question? which is stated in the subject. If I you Recovery cd on my laptop will it affect bios?

Answer:Will recovery CD return BIOS to original state(version)

Hello Andrey

Recovery image has nothing to do with BIOS settings. Recovery procedure format HDD and install OS with all necessary drivers, tools and utilities.

After doing this notebook has ?factory settings? again.

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Hello, I have had some issues with my BIOS and Vista Activation (EDIT: after a clean installation of Vista), and would just like to know what the original BIOS was that came with my Windows Vista Business preloaded 3000 N100 laptop. The model is 0689-E5U. Thank you, AdamMessage Edited by fatpolomanjr on 06-20-2009 10:17 PM

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Hi, I've just updated my BIOS version to 5ecn96ww of my laptop; However, I consider it's unstable and I want to downgrade to the original version - 5ecn41ww(4.0). Links of this BIOS version has been removed from websites? Is there any alternative links to download it? That would be awesome

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Hi there,

I installed the BIOS update 3 days ago, I did have a couple programmes open at the time and also an external USB mouse in at the time. The hard drive crashed and then blacked out, but the power was still on with the fan working at full pelt. I attempted turning the computer off by the power button, but it wouldn't, so I let it run out of battery. Since then the computer seems to turn on but the screen has been blacked out ever since, so I cannot see what state the hard drive is in.

Any ideas?

Answer:Re: Installed BIOS update to my Satellite Pro L300D and now screen doesn't work


Oh buddy, this sounds like that your ROM module is damged due a faulty BIOS update :(

Normally a BIOS update should *not* be done with running background programs (also antivirus). I think this was the reason why the update wasn?t successfully.

However, you can do nothing. You will need help from a notebook technician that can try to reflash the ROM module. On the Toshiba page you can search for an ASP: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider


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Ok. So, my fan was going on high speed constantly, and I know upgrading the BIOS is a fix for that. So, I updated my BIOS to version 1.80, which on Toshiba's website for my model said it was for ALL models of L300D. The update went fine and my laptop rebooted back into Vista great. BUT, now my wireless won't work. It shows up in the device manager as OK, and is enabled.

When I try to connect to a network, it says it's unable to find any more networks. It doesn't even show ANY wireless networks anywhere anymore. I logged a ticket with Toshiba who escalated it to 2nd level, but have yet to get a call back from them. I can't seem to find the original BIOS revision file to try flashing it back either or I would try that figuring the BIOS 1.80 rev has issues. I have NOT tried reimaging yet, and don't wish to do so unless that's my last alternative. Before anyone asks, yes the wireless switch is ON the front and yes it is enabled with Fn+F8.

Has anyone had this same problem? If so, did you have a fix for it?

Update, I noticed in the BIOS that there is NO settings for the wireless network. There is now only a selection for Embedded Network. Seems Toshiba removed it from this BIOS update. Now, I need to roll back the BIOS BUT I can't find the file! UGH! Does anyone know where I would find the BIOS version 1.6 for this model?

Message was edited by: stesch72

Answer:Satellite L300D (PSLC8C-06T01R) - BIOS 1.80 Upgrade stopped my wireless


Resetting the BIOS to default settings.
Ensure the Wifi switch on the side is turned On.
Uninstall the Wifi driver, download and install the latest driver from the Toshiba website.

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Hi can anybody please email me a copy of the Phoenix BIOS for my Lenovo 3000 G530 TYPE 23U . I did a Bios update from the lenovo driver link and now my laptop has a 1 mintue start up delay.I should of left the BIOS alone and now I can;t find it anywhere. The original BIOS is 6GET17WW version 1.08,I have this version 1.15 now which is not good email me please at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Thank You and happy holidays
Mod edit:  Removed email address to prevent the spambots from getting it.

Answer:NEED LENOVO 3000 G530 type 23U ORIGINAL BIOS 6GET17WW (version 1.08)

Hi namor, You probably installed the wrong bios.Have a look at the knowledge base there: and follow the steps. Vince.

__________________________________________________________________________________Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information on it.ThinkPad T510 4313-CTO Windows 8 x64 - Intel Core i7-620M - NVIDIA NVS 3100M - 8GB RAM - 240GB SSD- Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 - Gobi 2000.ThinkPad Helix 3697-CTO Windows 8.1 x64 - Intel Core i7-3667U - Intel HD Graphics 4000 - 8GB RAM- 256GB SSD - Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 - Ericsson C5621gw

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I have a problem, I bought a Satellite C850-B763 Laptop with win 8 Pre-installed and suddenly my pc stopped working like normal I don't know if it's because virus or it's a windows problem, anyway I had to format my disk but I forget that I didn't got a win dvd with my Laptop.

I had to use a win 7 and I want to have windows 8 so is there any way to get back my original Pre-installed Win8?


Answer:Re: Satellite C850-B763 - I've lost my original Win8 version

To be honest you have big problem. Please don't understand me wrong but I don't understand why you don't read user?s manuals document and pick up some info about your product. There is clearly described that original recovery image is saved on HDD and you can reinstall it using recovery option.

There s also option to create recovery media. It can be DVD or USB. This recovery media can be used if there is some problem with HDD recovery installation or HDD itself. Now you have really big problem. I presume you didn?t create this recovery media and after Win7 installation you don't have ?factory settings? anymore and HDD recovery installation is not possible anymore.

If you want to have original Win8 version for your notebook you must order original recovery disc. It can be ordered on

Bye and good luck

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Dear my friend,

I am very sad to have a fail on BIOS update. Now, my machine (Satellite A210 MS5) couldn't start. I am trying to reflash it using the Crisis Recovery Disk method. I need the original BIOS Version.: 1.00. Does anybody have this version and send to me? Many thanks! My email is [email protected]

Do you have some experience on this issue? How can I recover my BIOS?

Thanks again

Answer:Re: Satellite A210-MS5 - I need the original BIOS

Hi buddy!

Sorry but I haven?t good news for you. On the Toshiba website you can only download the newest BIOS and older BIOS versions are only for authorized service providers available.
Furthermore a BIOS downgrade can only be done from an ASP.

So in your case I would go to the nearest ASP that you can find on the Toshiba website and ask for help. The technicians can help you: => Support & Downloads => Find an authorized service provider

Good luck!

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Is there any way that someone have stored ore could save and do an original bios backup of toshiba satellite z930-154 ,i need the original because my bios is corrupt,and i could not find it any where else,i tried to download from toshiba website they only have the update not the original and is only 108 kb and my original bios have almost 7mb

if anyone can help me with an original bios backup i appreciate very much,thanks, and sorry for my enghlish

Answer:Satellite Z930-154 - need original BIOS backup

On Toshiba download page you can find latest BIOS for each notebook model. I recommend you to update BIOS to latest version.

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I was updating Toshiba Satellite C850-B237 insydeh20 bios, but after restarting laptop its bricked.

Now I need Original bios (not updates) to boot from USB might work. To whom should I contact for oraiginal bios?

Answer:Need original BIOS for Satellite C850-B237

I can imagine that Toshiba service provider in your country can help you with this. They must have access to Toshiba database and also access to all previous BIOS versions.

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Hello everyone!

long time unsuccessfully looking for original BIOS for my Sattelite A210-1AO PSAELE-03Q00FRU (Vista32bit preinstalled).

Unfortunately i updated it and laptop lost possibility to disable.
VERY noisy DWD-ROM (TS-L632H) via BIOS (but it definitely worked with original BIOS)
It is also impossible to switch it off via device manager (tried several times).

I have looked for BIOS everywhere i could (yes, i tried Toshiba Support & Download for Europe, USA, Canada, China, Russia - NO Sattelite A210 PSAELE BIOS in the lists, the same for A200 PSAELE).

Wrote to Toshiba Russia support - no result. the point is i do not know original bios version for my model, so i have tried BIOS versions 1.1, 1.4, 1.5, 1.8, 1.9, 2.0, 2.3 - no result.
The last idea is to remove DVD-ROM physically but it is rough solution.

So where can i find that BIOS? or can you recoomend a really customer friendly toshiba support office?
thanks in advance!

Answer:Need original BIOS for Satellite A210-1AO PSAELE


The Toshiba US driver page provides all BIOS versions for Satellite A210/A215 (PSAEGU/PSAELU)

Toshiba US Satellite A210/A210 PSAELU is the same series like Toshiba European Satellite A210 PSAELE series

[BIOS versions for Satellite A210/A215 (PSAEGU/PSAELU) | rpn=PSAEGU&modelFilter=A215-S4697&selCategory=2756709&selFamily=1073768663]


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Where do i get original BIOS file. I've got 1.00 version of BIOS and the support site says there's no available bios updates. But i still want original BIOS file V1.00.

Answer:Satellite C660-168 - Where to get original BIOS file?

> Where do i get original BIOS file. I've got 1.00 version of BIOS and the support site says there's no available bios updates

If you couldn't find ot on the toshiba driver age

it means no update available

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Have anyone Toshiba Satellite U500 Ducati Edition original bios with ducati logo?
Send me email [email protected]



Tomas Muikku

Answer:Satellite U500 - need Ducati Edition original BIOS

Hi Tomas

It is not easy to help but please be so nice and post exact part number of your machine. I would like to check something on Toshiba download page.

Is it maybe part number PSU5EE?

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My bios crashed. I am looking for bios file for Toshiba Satellite U400-18E (PSU44E). Toshiba site only offers me bios update, but I need original bios file. There is no information what kind of motherboard inside my Toshiba. According to information about motherboard I can search for bios file.

Answer:Satellite U400-18E (PSU44E) - Searching for original BIOS file

Hi pkerk,

Why the BIOS update crashed and why you did an update?

Anyway, everything what you can download on Toshiba website is newest BIOS version with Windows based update program. I never saw other BIOS versions only and it would be useless because newest version is most stable and fixes the most problems.

Maybe you can get the original BIOS file from an authorized service provider so get in contact with the guys.
Normally they can also reflash the ROM module for you because they have professional tools. :)

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Hi everyone!

I have an issue to submit to you.

I'd like to buy a SSD (250 GB) and to substitute the original HDD which gives me a lot of problems in terms of percentage of usage and so it slows down the notebook.

In the Internet I found a lot of issues about my Notebook (Satellite L50 series - L50-A-1CU) and SSDs, particularly for BIOS version which could not recognize properly the SSD.

Has anyone installed a SSD on this Notebook? Which BIOS version is needed for the proper installation? I have BIOS version 1.90.

Thanks a lot,


Answer:Satellite L50-A - BIOS version and SSD

Can you please tell us which SSD you want to buy? I mean model and manufacturer.

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I'm looking for these versions of Satellite M30-742 BIOS: v.1.40 or v.1.60.
I need the .iso files in order to install them from a bootable cd.
Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!

Answer:BIOS version 1.60/1.40 for Satellite M30-742

Hi photo

I read you other topic and it is very good news that the problem is solved after BIOS update.

Hopefully you will not have this problem again.


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I have a P25 which has lost its screen and dvd.
Screen is black with a dim light (graphics control problem I am told by Toshiba repair - requires motherboard change = USD1000).

The DVD (Mat****u UJ-809?) makes sounds but is not recognizable by Windows.

So I now use it as a desktop with external screen, keyboard and DVD.

As with all Windows installation things got clogged up so I now had to reinstall the Windows MC that came with the machine. However, running the Recovery DVD from an external DVD reader does not work.

As it boots I get a DOS message that there is no DVD and a A> prompt.
I can install a new XP version, but then I miss all the MC features and have to install all P25 drivers manually.

I would be very grateful if anyone could assist.

(If somebody would have a clever idea about the screen as well, please let me know)


Answer:Satellite P25: How to reinstall original software without original drive working?

I can not say what tests your service repair ran, but the screen problem could likely be an Inverter issue. As for the dvd problem. I have heard that Toshiba laptops need the Toshiba external CD/DVD to boot or otherwise it will not work. I have not ever tried so I can not attest to this, but it could very well likely be that. Assuming that your CD/DVD is listed in hardware manager with a yellow exclamation mark do this, start->run->regedit then do the following.

go to hkey_local_machine, then system, CurrentControlSet, Control, Then class.
{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} This is your cd/DVD. Once there in the list to the right verify a component called UpperClass filter, click on it, hit delete, and delete it. Then do the same for lowerfilter. Delete both filters, then right click on My computer, on your desktop. Go to properties->hardware->Device manager. Right click on your cd/DVD and click disenstall. Then go to the top and click find new hardware. It should find your cd/DVD and reinstall the driver without any conflicts. Hope this helps.

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Does anybody know what's now in bios version 2.20?
I just found it on the support site, but I can't find any details about it? I's funny, that there's no information about these upgrades....

Answer:Satellite A300 - What is new in Bios version 2.20


I didn?t find any details on the Toshiba European driver page?
But I visited the Toshiba US driver page and there you could find the details of BIOS versions for A300 for example;

According to the Toshiba US page this is the change history of BIOS version 2.20 - 2010/01/19

? Blocked the eSATA boot function.
? Changed the HDD password algorithm.


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Hi everyone,

Could someone please tell me which is the letest BIOS version for my laptop since I have never upgarde it?
Also how do I install it and how do I check what is my bios version now?
Thank you in advance

Answer:Which is the latest BIOS version for Satellite L30-113 (PSL 33)?

First of all the BIOS update is not necessary if your notebook functions correctly.

But back to your questions;
On the Toshiba European driver page you will find all available drivers and also the newest available BIOS. At this time it seems to be a 3.10-WIN version

How to find out the BIOS version?
This is very easy? you have to access the BIOS and then you could see the BIOS version.
To access the BIOS you have to press the F2 button immediately after notebook was started.


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i have some issue with keyboard on my satellite pro L670-1L0.

where can i find the last bios/firmware version of this laptop ?



Answer:Need last BIOS version for my Satellite Pro L670-1L0


Latest BIOS version for your machine you can find on Toshiba support page -

By the way: what kind of issues do you have with the keyboard?

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I have a Satellite A6-692, Model : PSA60E.

I find on your site the link for many BIOS for this notebook.

I try each url but every url are dead!

Could you repair these links? (

Any body have saved this BIOS?



Answer:Where can I find BIOS version 1.9 for my Satellite A 60?


Probably is known to you that companies as Toshiba do from time to time planned maintenance with servers and all saved data. I am pretty sure it will work again very soon.

As alternative you can visit follow page

Bye and good luck!

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Hey guys been reading the forums trying to find a fix for my problem. After I reformatted hardrive with the original CD everytime you reboot computer the wifi will drop even though the switch is in "on" position and won't come on untill you manually switch off and back on again.

Last time I fixed it by updating BIOS to 1.70 (newest) this time I cant reflash BIOS as it's window based flash and it checks that I already have 1.70. I reinstalled newest drivers and software for everything. I also searche a lot for older BIOS files if anyone mind sending over older 1.60, 1.50, for this computer would be greatrly apriciated it's M40 (PSM40E) it's the model with Nvidia 6600 video card.
Or any idea how I can reflash 1.70 again?

Thanks Daniel

Answer:Satellite M40 - How to reflash BIOS with the same version?


Reflashing the BIOS with the same or older version is not possible. Therefore you must go to an authorized service provider.
The technicians can relfash it with the same or older version.

If you don?t know where is the nearest ASP you should look on the Toshiba website. There you can search for it.


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Hey guys,

I have just installed BIOS v.3.50 and it works like a charme. Hope there will be more drivers soon or at least updated drivers; especially the Flash-Cards do not work properly they always crash.

With BIOS 3.50 I think I got a little more performance, but maybe it is just an impression, check it out yourself ;)

Answer:A new BIOS version 3.50 is out for Satellite U200

Sounds good, my neighbor has a similar machine, and I will tell him as soon as possible.



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Can someone please provide me with an older version of the bios for my laptop (L30-113 a.k.a PSL33E).
Now I recently upgarded to version 3.10 from the toshiba's site and now my laptop seems to be generating a lot more heat than before. Also some of my USB ports stopped working properly. The version I was before was 3.00 I guess or something like that.
Also look what I?ve found: 02132008 .

That's not so because exactly the 3.10 version causes it to overheat. The thing is that I could not find an older version of this BIOS so I am asking you guys to help me.

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Need older Bios version for Satellite L30-113 PSL33E

When newer version is offered the old one can not be downloaded anymore.
I believe older version you can get from authorized service provider. I have checked several Toshiba support page but without success.
Sorry but I do not see other way to get older BIOS version.

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Hello there!

I wondered about the function to protect the harddisk in the bios with a password. Is this just another "If-password-correct-go-on-booting"-function or does it really encrypt the harddisk and protects me from data-stealing, even when the harddisk is being adapted into another notebook, which doesn't have the password?

best regards

Answer:Satellite A100-691 - BIOS Version 1.70 - HD Encryption


BIOS password is not the same as HDD password. HDD password will be saved on HDD directly and there is no chance to do anything without this password. BIOS password will block notebook usage and nobody will be able to start your notebook but on this way the content of HDD is not 100% secure.

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Toshiba assistant adviced me to install Bios Update at my toshiba L40-12x PSL40E,

Can somebody tell what version of bios should I install if i have windows vista installed and i wanna have XP
This Bios is only compatible for Notebooks with Windows XP!!!,

And this Bios is only for models with Modelnumber PSL48x, PSL49x, PSL4Bx or PSL4Cx) or (This Bios is only compatible for Notebooks with Windows Vista!!!
This Bios is only for models with Modelnumber PSL40x, PSL41x or PSL43x).

Btw: Dont write here about adding HDD drivers to install diskc of windows.
I did evrything what I could seems something is wrong with laptop. Now i just know what Bios should i install.


Answer:What Bios Version should i install on Satellite L40-12x PSL40E?


>Can somebody tell what version of bios I should install if I have windows vista installed and I want to have XP
At this time Toshiba European driver page doesn?t provide any drivers and BIOS for the XP OS.

>Don?t write here about adding HDD drivers to install disk of windows. I did everything what I could seems something is wrong with laptop. Now i just know what Bios should i install.

Of course you need the SATA driver installed firstly if you want to install any of the windows OS (Vista or XP)
Many people have already installed XP on the L40 PSL40E and they didn?t update the BIOS!
It was able to install the XP with the Vista BIOS on L40 PSL40E

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I have a Satellite 5200 system unit that I bought in Hong Kong, when I search on the Toshiba site for the upgrade I am asked for a model number, eg; 5200-701 or 5200-801 etc.. Looking on the base of the unit it does NOT dispaly a model number in the way it asks on the website.


Answer:Help with correct BIOS version - Satellite 5200


The model number should be placed ant the bottom of the unit.
There you should find a label which the serial number and the detailed name of your unit.
Please check it.

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Answer:Satellite A105 - Where to find the new BIOS version?


Satellite A105 is probably US model. All you need you can find under


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Is there any way I can download the original version 1.10 bios for the Satellite P10-804/

Also the backward slash key is not working. How can this be rectified?


Answer:Satellite P10-804: Where can I download the orginal BIOS version 1.1


All BIOS for all Toshiba units you can download from the Toshiba website:

But you can not downgrade the BIOS for example: from version 1.2 to 1.1
This can be only done by Toshiba ASP.
In this case if you want to downgrade the BIOS you should contact the service partner.

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Does anyone know what is a default version of BIOS in my Satellite pro A300 PSAGDE 1NT ? I bought it in 2008. I've found only an update version of it on technical support, what is insyde 2.20 WIN.
If anyone have the same previous type of BIOS, will it be possible to make a recovery file for me? This of mIne is already corrupted and there is nothing i can do.


Answer:Need default BIOS version for Satellite Pro A300

Hi, I don't think there is a default version preinstalled. It depends on when the notebook was manufactured. Later batches would have a later BIOS version preinstalled.

The only solution may be to send the notebook to an ASP for a quote.

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I have a Satellite Pro L300. I updated BIOS from 1.9 to 2.1. Since then the ventillator works much more, with much more noise as well.

How can I stop it, or dowload the bios back to 1.9?

Answer:Satellite Pro L300 - Where to get older BIOS version?


Older BIOS versions can?t be downloaded on the Toshiba website. They are only available for authorized service providers.

But I doubt that BIOS is the reason of that. You should try to clean your notebook using compressed air spray. This could blow out the dust from the cooling ventilators.
Check this!!

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I have the Toshiba Satellite P100-324 with BIOS version 3.30. I need to downgrade BIOS to version 2.40 because it help with stuttering problem when playing games on Windows Vista. But the problem is the version 2.40 is unavailable at Toshiba Europe website (I'm from Russia). I have found this version (one mate gave it to me), but it is for P105 models (US version).

The question is - can I use US version of BIOS 2.40 for my european P100? Is it compatible?

Answer:Satellite P100-324: How to downgrade BIOS to version 2.40


>The question is - can I use US version of BIOS 2.40 for my European P100? Is it compatible?

No, as far as I know the BIOS from the US website is different and cannot be used on the European notebooks. The risks are too high that the notebook can be damage.

I think the BIOS downgrade can be done only by an Toshiba authorized service provider.
So if you want to downgrade the BIOS try to contact an authorized service provider in your country.

But I don?t understand the connection with the BIOS and game running?!
In my opinion the game performance has nothing to do with the BIOS.

So in my opinion your statement about the 3.30 BIOS is a little bit adventurous.

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They've posted new Bios updates on the download page!

5.20-WIN : This Bios is NOT compatible for Notebooks with Windows Vista!!!

1.80-WIN : This Bios is ONLY compatible for Notebooks with Windows Vista!!!

But I don't really know how to use this. Because I have currently XP installed. Let's assume I update the bios with the XP version. What if I decide later to put back the Vista? That would be impossible, because I have BIOS for XP. And couldn't install the Vista BIOS neither, as i have XP installed...

Any ideas?

Answer:NEW BIOS version for Satellite A200 PSAEC!


it?s not so tragically if you have a XP bios and vista installed. It will work but with many limitations and it won?t work stable, so it?s better to have the version which is intended for the operating system you currently use.

Thanks for posting this news, I assume that many uses with that machine appreciate some good news. :)


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I was looking at the Toshiba utilities download part of the website and did a search for the updates that could be downloaded for my Satellite Pro 4340 and noticed a BIOS update was available. Question - how can I find out what version of the BIOS is already present on my machine?

Answer:How to find which version of the BIOS is on my Satellite Pro 4340


You can discern the version if you enter the BIOS.
Turn on you machine and press ESC and then F1.


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I have a Satellite C870 (model number PSCBAE).

I am trying to determine if I need to update the BIOS (trying to resolve a continual blue screen of death issue).

My current BIOS version is 6.10 (09/24/2012). On the driver upgrade page I am told that a BIOS upgrade is available, with the upgrade to version listed as 1.60-WIN.

I have downloaded and tried to install but get the error message "This bios is not for your notebook pc...".

Does anyone know what the latest BIOS version is for this machine?


Answer:Satellite C870 - correct BIOS version

You are right about BIOS version. Version 1.60 is the latest for your notebook model.
To be honest I don?t think BIOS update will be magic solution for your problem.
If nothing helps back-up all your data and reinstall OS using HDD recovery installation.

Do you use original preinstalled OS that you got with your notebook or maybe own version?

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A friend of mine give me this toshiba laptop in order to fix some trouble.
I decided to update the bios that was 1.6 to 1.9.
I have launched the .exe program and all was good except when the laptop tried to restart : I heard 3 long beep and 3 LEDs (from Caplock, F10 and F11 remains lighted) and the laptop turn off. I have tried many things but without results.

So what can i do now ?

Thanks to answer me, i am in a bad situation in front of my friend who rely on me :S.

Answer:Satellite A60-743 problem with Bios update version 1.90-WIN.

And what happen now when you press power button and try to switch it on?

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I've noticed that a new BIOS version (v 1.90) for Satellite L500 Notebooks. My model - PSLS3A-01301D does not appear in the list of L500 models on the MyToshiba website, and I am very wary of installing the update incase it turns my laptop into a very expensive paperweight. Could anyone give me an idea if this new BIOS update is safe for my model?

Thanks in advance,


Answer:Satellite L500 - Is BIOS version 1.9 compatible?

Hi Evan,

On which Toshiba website you have searched? Notebooks are country specific products and by using Google I have founded your notebook on the Australian page:

If your notebook model doesn?t appear in the compatibility list, I think this update is not compatible to your model.

Furthermore why you want to update it? This update should only be done if your notebook doesn?t work properly. Otherwise it?s not necessary to make a BIOS update!!!

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My Toshiba laptop is SATELLITE C650-12E
I find a new version of bios update 2.10 Win (2/1/2014)

I download it but the version is "bios-Win 1.30"; in Toshiba archive extractor*
then i run it say "the bios is not for your Note Book PC .the version of Rom file is not newer than that of bios".

What can I do?

Answer:Wrong BIOS version for Satellite C650-12E

Yes, you are right.

The version on Toshiba EU driver page is reported as +v2.10-win+ but within the package you can find the +v1.30-win+

I recommend you to check and to download this package in next few days.
Hopefully this small issue will be solved as fast as possible.

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I did a bios update on my Satellite A500-025. I had a BIOS version 1.2 and updated to BIOS 1.5.

Anyone know what the improvements are and is it advisable to always do a BIOS update when a new one comes out?


Answer:Satellite A500-025 - Improvements of new BIOS version


Normally the BIOS changelog is placed on the Toshiba notebook but if you can?t find it, unfortunately there is no changelog available.
By the way: I have noticed that BIOS changelogs are often placed on the Toshiba US page. Maybe you can find it there.

And this update should only be done if it?s really necessary. If you don?t have any problems, forget this update.
Never touch a running system!!! ;)

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I need older bios wersions for my laptop as the latest is crap and it mess with my laptop cooling system.. where can i find older versions, or who to contact for older versions?

satellite c855-141
pskcae 00L00DY4

Answer:Satellite C855-141 - need older BIOS version

Hi Tony,

On Toshiba download page you can download latest BIOS version only. Unfortunately there is no option to fid older versions.
What you can try is to contact Toshiba service provider in your country and ask for help. They have access to BIOS database and they can obtain older version for you.

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Hi, I am using a Windows 7 64bit

I went to the drivers update but it only had 2 drivers update.
1: No OS displayed but it's from 32 bit
2: Windows vista 64 bit.

I tried the first and it didn't work. My BIOS version is 1.50 and I think the BIOS is further.

Could anyone help me?

I would really appreciate it.

Answer:Satellite A350D-20K (PSALME) - New BIOS version


Can you please explain what you want exactly and why you search for a new BIOS version?

If you can?t find Windows 7 on the Toshiba page, it seems that this model doesn?t support it. 32bit doesn?t work on 64bit OS so you can try the Vista 64bit stuff. The most of them should also work on Windows 7.

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My BIOS version is V3.10. Dated 30/11/09.

Can anyone confirm this is the latest one please?

Answer:Satellite P500-12F - Newest BIOS version?


You can check this yourself on official Toshiba website if you have newest BIOS version or not:

May I ask why it?s so important for you having newest BIOS?

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Hi! (and Sorry for my english)

I need to install a previous BIOS version for Satellite A500D-10h (now I have v1.20, updated from 6 november from official site).
The problem consists in thermal options BIOS at which fan too loudly rustles. Or can there was newer version? Before, I so understand, was v1.10. I ask to lay out an image previous BIOS for A500D or prompt, where I can find earlier version?

Installed Vista x64,


Answer:Satellite A500D - Where can I find old BIOS version?


As far as I know BIOS downgrading isn?t possible. You can only download new versions on the Toshiba website but for downgrading you have to go to an authorized service provider. The technicians can downgrade the BIOS.

If you don?t know where the nearest ASP is, you can search on the Toshiba page: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

Good luck! :)

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above machine when running tempro says new bios version is available, link to it is [Satellite U840W BIOS 6.40-WIN| =2&selFamily=2&selSeries=198&selProduct=7570&selSh ortMod=null&language=13&selOS=40&selType=4&yearupl oad=&monthupload=&dayupload=&useDate=null&mode=all Machines&search=&action=search&macId=&country=all& selectedLanguage=13&type=4&page=1&ID=84640&OSID=-1&driverLanguage=42]

But when i go to bios, there is says bios version already is 6.4 - which is strange since release date of that bios version is 07/10/13. And i am sure i did not update bios to that version this month :)

Why does it say new version is available?
Could it be there is some newer version available, only that it links to wrong one?
Even if i do download and try to install it, it says that rom version is the same.

Second question is loud fan, most of time is on very high speed (and due to bizarre design, when laptop is open, fan blows into screen - which gets really hot).
Since no other laptop i used make such noise, could it be that i really need update for bios? But which version?

Health monitor reports fan speed 77% - and i am not playing games or anything, cpu is always bellow 10%, I?m doing nothing, just a light browsing can spin him up to such percentage. What i did notice is that it does ... Read more

Answer:Satellite U840W-10J - loud fan and bios version

I think you should not be confused about BIOS. Maybe there is some problem with Tempro. This process runs automatically and it is possible that there is some technical issue. If you have latest BIOS it is OK so don?t worry about it. Just continue to use your notebook and don?t change anything.

What to say about cooling fan? Cooling fan is controlled automatically and depending on CPU temperature cooling fan runs faster or slower. When you play games you need more performance so use ?High performance? power plan. For ?every day? activities use ?Balanced? power plan. It will reduce CPU usage but it will be good enough for low level activities. What you can try is to change options for ?cooling method?. You can find it in advanced power options. It should reduce cooling fan activity and notebook should run quietly.

Play a bit with these options.

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The BIOS version on my A500 purchased last month is 1.60. Toshiba's latest BIOS available for my laptop is 1.50WIN. Is this older or newer than the version I currently have?

Answer:Satellite A500 - Newest BIOS version?


I don?t know which Satellite A500 you have exactly and where you searched but normally if you already have 1.60 BIOS version, it?s newer than 1.50 from official Toshiba page.

Furthermore BIOS update is not necessary if everything runs properly. :)

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I have some problems after last bios upgrade to version 6.80. First of all, I want to note that HW setup is not functioning for me. I have tried to use this tool to change bios settings without success. This has been also done by running this application with administrator privileges without success.

The initial problem appeared after I wanted to disable "Panel Open -Power On" setting.
This was enabled before the bios update and at some moment I wanted to disable it because it gave me a nightmare while carrying it because it would power on the computer while in a bag.

No matter how many times I tried to disable it, it still appears enabled within HWsetup.
Another function there that I cannot alter is Boot Speed.
It remains on Fast even though I have tried to change that to normal.

I am running Windows 8 x64.
The case right now is this.

HWsetup reports PANEL Open - PANEL On as enabled, while Bios shows it disabled. It is in fact enabled and I have not managed to disable it. I even tried enabling it in Bios and then trying to disable in HWsetup, no change.
Boot Speed in HWsetup reports at "NORMAL" but is in fact "FAST". In Bios it reports its in NORMAL, but its easy to tell its in FAST.

My questions are.
1. What can be causing this?
2. How can I reset all values in Bios to see if it fixes anything for a start?
3. Is it possible to flash the Bios with an older version to see if this corrects t... Read more

Answer:Satellite Pro L850-1G8 - Some issues after last BIOS version upgrade

Can you please tell us which notebook model do you have exactly (full model name)?

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Can anybody find somewhere the full description of the bios BIOS Version 1.40-WIN for Satellite L Series that was on toshiba site at the date 01/14/09. Why should I make this update for my machine?

Answer:Full description of BIOS Version 1.40-WIN for Satellite L300-1BB


I didn?t find any details what has been changed in BIOS update on the Toshiba European page.
I presume Toshiba does not provide such infos?

However, if your notebook runs trouble free then I would not update anything? you know?
I follow always this advice; never change a running system?. And this is the best advice I ever heard.

PS: You are talking about Satellite L... what Satellite L do you have exactly?

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I have had my machine about 3 days

Now it is flagging a new BIOS update, version 5.1

The existing BIOS shows up as version 1.0.

C:\Users\Drew> wmic bios get smbiosbiosversion
It seems a big jump for a new machine to require such a large update in the BIOS.
Is there something wrong with this machine.
I want to check with someone with authority before I do the update

Thanks in advance

My device:

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I have two questions:

1. I recently updated my laptops bios version to 2.10 and replaced the harddrive with an SSD.
However, it seems that I cannot enter the BIOS anymore.

I tried multiple buttons but it just won't let me access the laptop's bios anymore.
Which button do I use to enter the BIOS?

2. I would like to upgrade the standard amount of memory from 4GB to 8GB.
Are there any recommended sets of ram I should use in the light of compatability issues?

Thank you for any help in advance.


Answer:Satellite L500-1ZP - Key to enter BIOS version 2.10 and Upgrading RAM

> 1. I recently updated my laptops bios version to 2.10 and replaced the harddrive with an SSD.
>However, it seems that I cannot enter the BIOS anymore.

To access the BIOS you have to press F2 at the beginning of the booting order? immediately after you powered up the unit, press F2 (press it several times in the row)

> 2. I would like to upgrade the standard amount of memory from 4GB to 8GB.
>Are there any recommended sets of ram I should use in the light of compatability issues?

Toshiba Satellite L500-1ZP laptop takes the PC3-8500 DDR3-1066 204pin SDRAM SODIMM RAM type. I would recommend the modules from Kingston manufacturer.
Very good price ? value ratio

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I want to *REFLASH* Toshiba BIOS to *THE SAME* VERSION. In other words, I want to force flash utility to install the same BIOS version despite it's already isntalled (instead of just displaying popup "the newest version laready isntalled" and closing application after this popup).

Is this possible? Is there any way to fool flash utility to reinstall BIOS to the same version? Or to force older version install?

Any workaround is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Satellite C855-12K PSKCEE

Answer:Can I reflash BIOS on Satellite C855-12K PSKCEE to the same version?

If the same or newer BIOS version is already installed, the win-based BIOS update isn?t possible.
You will get a notification that BIOS is already flashed and update process would be interrupted.

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Hello everbody,

I'm looking for the last bios version for Satellite Pro L100 (PSLA1E).
I cannot find it on Toshiba website because this is a discounted product.

Answer:Cannot find latest BIOS version for my Satellite Pro L100

BIOS download page is
All older models you can find if you use option ?Product type > Archive?.

Your Satellite Pro is listed there and latest BIOS version is 3.00 WIN.

I don't know if there is some problem with your notebook but if everything works properly and stabile don't change anything.

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I recently updated the BIOS of my Toshiba Satellite X200 1AA with Windows Vista SP!. After a few days, I made a product recovery using the recovery CD. When the recovery is made, does the BIOS return to the previous version?

Answer:Satellite X200-1AA - After recovery I have the previous BIOS version?


No, the BIOS don?t return to the previous version. The Toshiba recovery disk contains the factory settings of the software on your notebook and not the BIOS. The BIOS has nothing to do with the software on your notebook.

So don?t worry, the recovery disk doesn?t touch the BIOS and you have still the new version.


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I have Toshiba Satellite U945 S4110 and my BIOS version is 1.40 but on website with drivers newest version is 1.30
Can you explain why?

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Just for your knowledge please find below the complete *A660 BIOS version history*:

_[Version 1.80 - 2010-10-01|]_
- Limited the DDR3-1333Mhz DRAM speed to 1066Mhz. on Clarksfield CPU platforms.
- Updated: The SM_SENSE# status is kept during deep sleep mode for the Sleep & Music function.

_[Version 1.70 - 2010-09-22|]_
- Fixed: Background turns blank, and the wrong password won't clear automatically when setting or deleting a User or Supervisor Password.
- Fixed: System will hang when setting a 512 byte owner string.
- Fixed: When Fast Boot was enabled, DMI Type12 had no data.
- Fixed: When Fast Boot was enabled, the system did not ask for the HDD and system passwords.
- Fixed: When PCI LAN was disabled, the boot menu reported a network issue.
- Fixed: When a RAM module's serial number is all zeros, the system will hang.

_[Version 1.60 - 2010-08-03|]_
- Updated the Intel OSB logo.
- Fixed: Shared memory allocation issue on UMA SKUs.
- Fixed: Blurred Toshiba logo.
- EC-1.60: Reduced the sensor button debounce time to 50ms.

_[Version 1.50 - 2010-07-08|]_
- Updated the Intel MRC to 1.3-1 for Warm boot shutdown issue.

_[Version 1.40 - 2010-06-28| Read more

Answer:Satellite A660 - BIOS links and version history


I found the same on the Toshiba US driver page.


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I have upgraded my BIOS to version 6.00 but when my Toshiba Satllite restarts the BIOS show me an error:
"No TPM or TPM has problem"
The ram test has passed but I can't enter setup and the BIOS freeze after the RAM test
Do you understand what the problem is and how I can find solution?

My Model is : PSAA8C-TA402C

I speak and write better in French language .

Thank you

e-mail: [email protected]

Answer:How to restart Satellite A100 after BIOS upgrade to version 6.00?

Was BIOS update done successfully until the end?
Have you may be interrupted BIOS update?
Where you can see the RAM test?
Can you start OS in safe mode?

Is Toshiba welcome screen shown or not?

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I've carshed my P200 PSPBOE by upgrading the bios to the v1.7

I'm looking for an older version V1.6 to recovery my P200 with crisdisk..

Thank's for your reply


Answer:Satellite P200 PSB0EE - Need older Bios 1.6 version


Only the newest BIOS versions are available on the Toshiba European drive page.
The older BIOS versions are not published anymore?

I think only the ASP in your country could help you dude?

PS: Why you started a new topic? You have posted this already here:

It?s recommended and advisable to discuss only in one thread to avoid any confusions

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I'm trying to determine which version of BIOS I have in my Satellite Click Mini, but I can't work out how to do that.

It has been suggested that both the Tablet part and the detachable Keyboard have separate BIOS, and sometimes one gets updated but not the other, and that can cause problems, so I'm trying to see which BIOS version(s) my Click Mini has.

I expect it's easy to determine once you know how.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Answer:Satellite Click Mini L9W-B - How Do I Find My BIOS Version?

You can check the BIOS version within the BIOS settings.
Press power button and then F2
This will allow you to access the BIOS.
There you will see the current version…

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What is the latest *Toshiba Satellite P755 PSAY3E* BIOS version? and is there a way to get it other than the Middle East support site? because somehow it +does not+ show any driver software files at all.


Answer:What is the latest BIOS version for Satellite P755 PSAY3E

Start here []

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Hi folks,

I have noticed a that the fan activity has changed dramatically since I have updated my BIOS to V1.80. Every minute or so, sometimes even more often, the fan starts to work, going from what I believe is probably level 3 of 4 to level 2 and then stops.

This is getting kind of annoying, especially when I?m not working, and there?s only the internet (firefox) wokring on the machine.
Anyone else notice that ?

Thanks, Mike

Answer:Satellite A210-151: more fan activity after BIOS update to version 1.80


Did you check if the BIOS provide some settings which control the Fan/CPU performance?
Check this!

But possibly the fan table was changed/updated in the new BIOS version and therefore the fan kicks frequently.
In my knowledge the fan table is responsible for the cooling module performance and contains different temperature levels and information how the ventilators must run.

Usually this is necessary because the new-age notebooks are equipped with high-performance GPUs and CPUs which produce a lot of warmness.
As you know the high temperature could have a bad in influence on the notebook performance and could lead to the overheating issues?
In my opinion the fan table was changed to prevent the hardware from damage?
However, this is only my personal suggestion and we can only speculate.

Best regards and Happy New Year.

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Hi all,
I have a problem with my bios, i cannot enter no bios by pressing F2 button. The other problem is my CPU stuck at low speed (Mhz) when need full speed slowing the system.
I have Windows 10 Fall Creators version with lastest bios version 1.60.
My question is, how i can reflash the bios? I tryit but the AMI flash software says its have the same version cannot flash.
I know the bios had a corrupt block...

Best regards

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hey every body

I think I got problem after I had downloaded BIOS update
The performance of my laptop become slow and week. Now i want to know how can i delete this bois update

Answer:Satellite L750 (PSK2YV) How to get back to previous BIOS version


First of all you cannot do that because the Toshiba European driver page provides always the latest BIOS version? furthermore the BIOS is windows based and needs to be executed from running system. So even if you would have an older BIOS version, during the update you would get an notification that newer BIOS version is already installed.

But what do you mean by ?become slow???
I cannot imagine that BIOS would slow down the unit?

I recommend accessing the BIOS pressing F2 and then set it to default.
Save changes F9 and exit BIOS pressing F10

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Hello from Czech Republic, I have also problem with noisy fan on my new Satellite A500-1E4 (PSAR9E) (i430M, GT330M) on 64bit Windows 7 during standart office work - see .

Today I updated bios to 1.60 (from 1.20) and there has been no change. When is notebook powered up from adapter in all modes fan run at 60-70% (sometimes at 90% - my desktop is is perhaps quieter :-(). When is notebook powered up from battery in normal and high performance mode fan run at 60-70% (its noisy) and in economic mode at 80% (very noisy). It crazy that in economic mode produce more noise than high performance mode. CPU temperature is cca. 37-43 C, GPU 48-57. Fans of course never stops and everything is it in standart office work. Not intensive work or games. I can not imagine in the games.

Can someone help me please, I am really helpless. Or this only fixes bios 1.30 and following version not?

Answer:Satellite A500-1E4 (PSAR9E) - noisy fan never stops (BIOS version 1.60)

Hi buddy,

I think it?s really hard to say why this happens but in my opinion you should offer more details about your OS and drivers.
Are you running factory settings from Toshiba or have you installed another OS?
Sometimes high fan activity is also caused due another display driver. Have you installed the latest display driver form Toshiba (NOT nvidia)?

Older BIOS versions you can get from an authorized service provider?

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I'm trying to re-image this laptop, but the script I use is on a thumb drive, how can I boot from this device?

Answer:Satellite R10 - ACPI BIOS Version 1.30 can't boot from USB Thumb Drive

>... the script I use is on a thumb drive
Sorry for the question but what do you mean with ?script??
Have you created recovery USB media?

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My notebook is a satellite 4100XCDT with windows xp and i want to install linux.
Have bootable linux cd(tested on other computers) but notebook didn't boot form cd so i updated the bios with version 8.20 from the toshiba support site.
Tried 1.44 and 7.20 formatted disks as recommended in manual for 4xxx series. Bios was updated successfully

Result: after pressing the power switch the usual Toshiba screen appears, after that the harddisk led flashes for a few seconds then the windows save modus menu is displayed. After i made my choice (tried them all) a few seconds later(and hard disk led burning) a blue screen flashes (not long enough to read the message) and the machine is restarted. When starting up from bootable dos diskette i can't reach the C(hdd) and D(cd rom) drives
But in my opinion the windows save modus menu is called upon from the harddisk (so i think the harddisk still works)

Answer:Satellite 4100xcdt doesn't recognize HDD after updating BIOS with version 8,20


Well, in my opinion the bootable partition or a part on the HDD could be corrupt.
You are right, if the Windows save mode appears so HDD was recognized by BIOS and the HDD is bootable.

I think there must be something wrong with the data on the HDD.
Something similar has happened on my notebook several weeks ago. After using the chkdsk /r I was able to run the OS again. But then I have installed everything again.

On the Toshiba page I have found the companion disk.
The Companion Diskette is able to detect your CD-ROM drive on the
Toshiba computer during the boot process. If you need to access your CD-ROM
drive, then remove the word 'rem' out of the following lines in AUTOEXEC.BAT
and CONFIG.SYS on the Companion Diskette.

rem if exist toscd001 a:\mscdex /D:TOSCD001 /M:10 (AUTOEXEC.BAT)

rem device=a:\toscdrom.sys (CONFIG.SYS)

Hope it helps

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I've bought a Toshiba L30-134 PSL33 notebook one week ago in Hungary. I've registered at Toshiba for the international guarantee, so I saw that my notebook was made on 19.10.2006.
My friend bought the same notebook (Toshiba L30-134 PSL33) too (also in Hungary), two weeks ago. His machine was made on 19.12.2006.
It's already funny, but this is not all.
My notebook has a serial number starts with X, and my friends machine has this start with Z. That's OK.
But here it comes...
I have a BIOS version of 1.3 and my friend has a BIOS version of 1.9! 0.6 difference within two month??? Why?
The other thing. I have a DVD writer called Mat****a UJ-841S and my friend has an LG 4082! Again: why???
If you search at Toshiba for BIOS update you find nothing! It's very interesting. There must be BIOS updates, because I read here at another topis that someone has a BIOS version of 1.4. But there is 1.9 too.
Each notebook was brand new when we bought them.
Any idea?
Tell me when you have bought your notebook, which BIOS version it has, and which type of DVD driver it has.
I'm wainting for the answers, because I'm really interested!


Answer:Satellite L30-134 PSL33 - Question about BIOS version and DVD writer type

Hi Marcell!

I?m from Hungary too, but I think I should speak english on this forum ? :) So, here is my notebook, I?ve bought it on 24.12.06.:

Type: L30-134 PSL33E
Machine was made on: 19.12.06
Serial: starts with Z
DVD drive: LG
BIOS version: 1.9

You shouldn?t be nervy about the drive, the Mat****a is Panasonic, and I think that?s as good as LG. Why are they different? I don?t know, maybe Toshiba had that type at the time. In the specifications I didn?t saw anything about the drive type, so I think that?s not relevant. I didn?t found another BIOS version for this model, so I don?t understand too why and what are the differences between the versions. But if you don?t have a problem with your machine, you don?t need to change the BIOS. This is not a PC, so you haven?t many options to change in the BIOS.
If you want to discuss about the notebook on hungarian language, I recommend you the Toshiba topic on

Best Regards

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I have a Satellite P100-478, the fan is running too. I want to reinstall the older version of BIOS but how please? I have now v4.20.
Has someone the same problem as me? The fan disturbs me. Is this because of the BIOS?
Please friends, help me because I have a lot of work to do and I want to work in silence.
Thank you.

Answer:Satellite P100 - the cooling fan issue, want to install older BIOS version

Hello Simo

If nobody can help here contact nearest service provider. They have all older BIOS versions and they can flash BIOS with older version.
Problem is that on Toshiba support page older version are removed if the newest one is offered.

Bye and good luck!

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What's the difference between the original version of a program and the portable version?The portable version can make the same things like the ''original'' version??? *sorry for my english

Answer:Original version vs. portable version

As a rule, the difference is that the original version needs to be installed on a computer and the portable version does not, and can run from a usb drive. What program are we talking about?And your English is fine

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My first day with my Satellite. The computer with Windows Vista 32-bits, only run the mcaffe antivirus, the everest program say 68?C for each CPU.
Is it normally?

Can lower the temperature of the notebook CPU?


Answer:Satellite L300D-22k is very hot 68C

Can you please test it again but with balanced power plan und when you set cooling method (advanced power settings) to minimum level?

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The instructions with my new laptop say that new memory modules should be installed in boot mode.
What is boot mode and how do I get in to it?

Answer:How to upgrade RAM in Satellite L300D?

The boot mode -> this confuses most people.
If the notebook is shut down (not standby and not hibernation) then you can speak mostly about boot mode.

Just shut down the notebook, disconnect battery and AC adaptor and then try to upgrade the RAM ;)


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I'm trying to fix a friends Toshiba. The harddisk crashed and he has no recovery cd. Have put a new harddisk in the computer and installed Vista x64 from a clean vista DVD with no Toshiba stuff on it. everything is fine except both the ethernet and WLAN drivers who are missing / not working.
I can't go online with the computer and find drivers automatically and I can't find drivers for Vista x64 on the Toshiba homepage.
Would be really helpfull if you could point me to a link where i can download those drivers!

Thanks in advance!

Answer:LAN drivers for Satellite L300D-11A


A wlan driver you can download:

The Lan for European models

For Australian models:


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Please help.
I have bought my new Toshiba (and very nice it is) but I am unfamiliar with partions i.e. the auto setup of the laptop has created two Hard drives; one is called Vista at 56 GB and another called Data at 54.5 GB.

Everything seems to saving to the Vista drive (C) and this is nearly full.
My question is; How do I access the Data drive is it just a case of opting for E:/ instead of C:/ when saving programs or can I simply remove the partition?

Answer:Re: Satellite L300D-18D partition


The HDD is partitioned in two partitions;
C: partition -> here you can find the OS Vista
E: partition -> here you can find the HDD recovery folder and you can store also other files like pictures, movies, etc.. on the Data partition (E).

But one fact is important; don?t delete the HDD recovery folder on second partitions.
This folder is important and necessary if you would like to crate a recovery DVD.

Anyway, you should definitely create the Recover DVD using the Toshiba Recovery Disk creator software. This DVD is your last rescue if something will go wrong with your HDD and OS.

> How do I access the Data drive is it just a case of opting for E:/ instead of C:/ when saving programs
Yes, this is one difference. Instead of C:/ you can choose E:/ and all files will be stored to the second partition.


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Hi, I have a problem with my Satellite L300D.

Upon start up after about 15/20 seconds it shuts down not reaching any display. I took it to a reputable PC repair company and after a couple of days they in formed me the graphics card had packed up and needed replacing for the sum of ?70. Being told this I sort a second opinion and spoke to an I.T. friend of mine who said you cannot just replace the GPU as it is part of the motherboard and this would cost in excess of ?150.

Could anyone on here advise/ tell me whom is right, the laptop is roughly 4 years old. Any help is greatly appreciated

Many thanks

Answer:Can i replace GPU on Satellite L300D?

Generally speaking your IT friend is right. On mobile notebooks graphic card is fixed on mainboard and cannot be replaced or upgraded.

In such case service order new mainboard and replace it. Problem is that new mainboard is pretty expensive.

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What can I do to prevent that thunderbugs get *under* the display?
How do they get there?

Answer:Satellite L300D-22R - Prevention

How can I understand what ?thunderbugs? means?
Can you please explain to me what do you mean exactly?

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I have a Satellite L300D-01N notebook and need to downgrade to XP Pro. Does anyone know where I can find the drivers, I would like to start with the Chipset drivers.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Need WXP drivers for Satellite L300D-01N

I am afraid you are not so lucky. According Toshiba Canada support page this notebook model is not WXP supported.

What you can do is to search for drivers on hardware manufacturers support pages.
Have you the hardware specification?

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Hey I have a Toshiba Satellite L300D-11V and their seems to be a problem the battery seems to be dead and won't boot up also when I plug it into the mains it dosn't boot up either.

Please could someone help in to whats causing the problem?

Many thanks,,

Answer:Satellite L300D-11V does not boot up

I doubt there is a battery malfunction because the notebook doesn?t boot up even the AC adaptor has be plugged in.
I think you should try this workaround:
Remove the battery from the notebook and disconnect the AC adaptor.
Then wait about 20-30min and then connect both parts again.

If the notebook will power up I would recommend updating the BIOS.
If the notebook will not power up then you have to contact the ASP in your country!!!

Best regards

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Hi there,

I've just installed an SSD in my Mum's aging L300D-12L, hoping to give it a nice performance boost.
It installed and cloned from the original drive just fine, but I was surprised to find that it now takes about 5 seconds longer to boot than with the old mechanical drive!

Further investigation found that the SATA controller is set as a Dual Channel IDE controller in Windows, therefore giving no AHCI support, but I don't seem to be able to get it to use an AHCI compatible driver. There's no option in the BIOS to toggle AHCI on or off and manually forcing the driver to the Microsoft Standard ACHI 1.0 Controller does nothing, though it does let me do so for the secondary controller.

I've considered re-installing Windows from scratch but I'd rather not if I can avoid it, and I'm not convinced it'll make any difference anyway.

Is there any way at all to get this machine to enable AHCI mode? From what I can tell, the ATI/AMD chipset is supposed to support it...

Thanks a lot for any help.

Edit: Should probably mention this is running Windows 7 x64 and all drivers and the BIOS are up to date.

Message was edited by: MaximumFish

Answer:AHCI possible on an Satellite L300D?


The L300D-12L support the SATA HDD so it must be a SATA controller.
Some BIOS supports an additional option to switch the SATA mode between compatible (IDE) and AHCI mode (SATA).
If the BIOS does not contain the SATA mode option then the AHCI (SATA) is already chosen.

Furthermore this notebook is equipped with an AMD controller and the ATI graphic chip and therefore the Intel driver does not work here.

As far as I can remember the SATA driver was always a part of the display driver.
In the package there must be an folder containing the SATA driver files.

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I am stunned by the Toshiba attitude against the buyers of their Satellite notebooks. I unfortunately bought the Toshiba Satellite "L300D-10B" and found out that they are ment to be for windows vista only! I went in their site and they only have drivers for Vsta.

Are there any drivers for windows XP? If yes then please someone send me an e-mail telling me where to get them. I am not sure if I'll enter this forum and even so if I'll be able to see my thread. So if someone has an answer please send it to "[email protected]" and I'll definitely see it.

Thanks again, I will not make mistakes in the future with Toshiba

Answer:Need WXP drivers for Satellite "L300D-10B"


I think this notebook was equipped with AMD CPU. Is it right?

I noticed that for non apparent reason the Win XP drivers don?t exist for notebooks with AMD CPU.

I?ve got a A210 with AMD CPU and the XP drivers were also not released for this notebook model.

But don?t worry buddy; I?ve noticed that most notebook series have been equipped with the same devices like WLan, LAN sound card, touchpad, etc?

I could reinstall some single XP drivers from the Toshiba page. The drivers were released for other A210 series but they are working on my A210.

You could do the same like me? check other drivers!

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Hi ,

i wan't to by me an Satellite L300D .
My question is , are there all XP drivers avaible?

I need to install XP, because i must use some programs are only running under xp .

Thanks for help

P.s.: I hope you can read my question , besause i'm German and my English is not very well

Answer:Re: Are XP drivers available for Satellite L300D

Why you don?t check the Toshiba European driver page?
I think the XP drivers are available?. ;)

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Contemplating this laptop priced at 349 at currys. Main use is word processing, music. I player some video downloads. eBay and general browsing. Picked this one because of availability and its built in webcam and mic.

New to all of this....... are there any downsides I?ve heard Vista slows these down but you can?t get it with XP?
Is the price right? Any comments info please.
There were so many variants on the Toshiba site I got a bit bewildered!

Answer:Need your opinion about Satellite L300D-11V

I'm not 100% sure but I think the Satellite Pro's come with an XP Downgrade Disc, so perhaps choose one from the SatPro range. Check the brochure first, it should tell you if it comes with a second OS.

Otherwise you would need to install XP yourself using a retail version of XP, and install the Drivers from the Toshiba website.

ps. Vista should run ok if the laptop has 2GB or 3GB RAM. If it doesnt, you can buy Memory (RAM) very cheap these days.

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I do have a Toshiba satellite L300D-10B and i need to replace the broken hdd to my laptop.
it is a hitachi 160GB at 5400rpm SATA.

Is there a way to move to higher capacity (500Gb) and a bit faster(7200rpm).
has anyone had any success with any particular model?

Answer:Satellite L300D-10B - Need to replace the HDD


In my opinion it should not be a big problem to use a faster and higher capacity HDD.
The notebook supports SATA HDD controller and such controller should be able to handle such HDDs.


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