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Satellite L500 - FN keys don't work after Windows 7 upgrade

Question: Satellite L500 - FN keys don't work after Windows 7 upgrade

Satellite L500-PSLJ3E, upgrade to Windows 7 64bit and none of my function keys work with the fn keys. Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility are installed.

Does somebody know how can I solve it?

thank you very much,

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Preferred Solution: Satellite L500 - FN keys don't work after Windows 7 upgrade

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite L500 - FN keys don't work after Windows 7 upgrade


Have you installed the newest tools from the Toshiba page? If you install both VAP must be installed first and then Flash Cards Support Utility.

Furthermore I would try to clean the registry using CCleaner.

Here in forum are already some threads about this issue. You should also use the forum search.

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I have bought a new laptop Toshiba Satellite L500-1EV. Now I am with Windows 7 32 bit OS, and I noticed that some of the shortcuts - espacially the "fn-F8" - for switching on and off the wireless adapter and "fn-F9" for toggling between mouse and touchpad input don't work. After I press FN-F8 the wireless adapter is still working and the indicator still lights. After pressing FN-F9 the system keeps on receiving input from both mouse and touchpad.

Am I missing some driver?
Thank you !

Answer:Satellite L500-1EV- Some FN keys don't work on Windows 7


Have you installed Windows 7 yourself or was it preinstalled on your notebook?

As far as I know for the FN keys you need Toshiba Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility. In your case I would try to reinstall both of them, VAP firstly and then Flash Cards Support Utility.

Check the Toshiba website where you can find both tools! :)

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I have a laptop Satellite L500-1UU, I installed on Windows 8 but, don't work all F/ keys on windows 8.
How it works?

Answer:Re: Satellite L500 - FN keys don't work on Windows 8

Maybe stupid question at the beginning of our discussion but have you checked if your notebook is supported for Win8?
I mean which drivers and Toshiba specific tools and utilities you want to install if your notebook is not supported for Win8?

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Good afternoon,

I have just upgraded to Windows 10 on my Satellite L500 and have noticed that none of the FN keys are working.
Is there any driver which; A is available and B where can this be downloaded.

Thank you

Answer:Satellite L500 - FN keys not working after windows 10 upgrade

Usually the Win 10 drivers can be downloaded here but only for Win 10 supported units

Unfortunately, the L500 isn’t listed a Win 10 supported notebook model.

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Just got one of the new core I3 powered Satellite with Windows 7 64bit OS. All seems fine and I'm impressed with the machine but the Fn keys do not work.

I went back to the shop and tried the display model which was OK. Before I phone up Toshiba helpdesk (I so don't want to be sent round in circles by a foreign call-centre operator working from a script) is there a simple answer to this?

Answer:Satellite L500-1XC - FN keys don't work

Hi nixi,

I had the same problem on my Satellite L500. I have a little bit searched here and did the following steps

1) Download newest Toshiba Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility.
2) Remove the old versions of both Toshiba tools and restart your notebook
3) Use CCleaner to remove still existing keys in registry and restart again
4) Install VAP firstly and then Flash Cards Support Utility. Make the last restart.

Normally the FN keys should start working again. Can you confirm this?

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I just bought my new laptop (L500-1EN, windows 7 64 bit), and none of my function keys work.
Does anybody know what may be the problem?


Answer:FN keys don't work on new Satellite L500-1EN

Hi Roni

You have installed 64-bit version after first start, I mean original Toshiba recovery image? Do you?

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Satellite L500-128 - FN keys don't work using Windows 7 x64 OS

Answer:Satellite L500-128 - FN keys don't work Win 7 64bit


The Sat L500-128 belongs to PSLJ3E series.
The Toshiba European driver page contains all drivers for this unit.

Beside the Value Added Package installation you will need to install the Flash Cards Support Utility v
The Flash Cards controls the FN buttons!

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I have updatet my Toshiba Satellite L500-20X to Windows 8.
Unfortunately, since this update my WLAN Switch no longer works. All function keys work to F7, only F8 (WLAN switch) and F9 (touchpad) no longer work.

What can I do?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

Answer:Satellite L500-20X - WLAN switch doesn't work after Windows 8 Upgrade

Satellite L500 is not Win 8 upgrade supported? so I think the problem is a missing driver or software?

As far as I know in order to use the FN buttons the Value Added Package for Win 8 needs to be installed.
Check other driver area for Toshiba notebook series supporting the Win 8.
Maybe you could use the VAP released for other series.

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Hi Everyone,

I have a Satellite Pro L40 PSL4BE and have just upgraded to Windows 7. Since the upgrade I can no longer use the function key and the up and down arrows to control the volume. The F6 & F7 keys still control the brightness so I know the Function key is still working.

Does anybody know if this is a driver problem or does anyone know how to fix this?



Answer:Satellite Pro L40 - After upgrade to Windows 7 the FN keys don't work


You have to install the Value Added Package for Satellite Pro L40. This package contains all necessary drivers for FN keys. So please install it or update VAP if you have already installed an older version.
Here you can download it: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Can you confirm that FN keys are working with installed VAP?

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I?ve upgrade my L670 from Win7 to Win10. After upgrade the Fn-Key don't work. Is there a way, to recover the functionality of these buttons in Windows 10.


Answer:Satellite L670 Fn keys don't work after Windows 10 upgrade


Each notebook function requires special tools and utilities.
In case of FN keys, Toshiba software controls this functionality.

But as far as I know the Satellite L670 will not get any Windows 10 utilities so probably this keys will not work running Win 10.

Here details about the Windows 10 upgrade:

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I have recently upgraded my A200 to Windows 7 32bit. Since the upgrade my FN key aren't working anymore. I can't find the proper driver.

Anyone with the same problems? Or anyone with a solution?


Answer:Satellite A200 - FN keys not work after Windows 7 upgrade


> Anyone with the same problems? Or anyone with a solution?
You must be kidding! ;)

I have used the forum search for this problem and I can find a lot of threads about this. The solution is pretty easy: Just install Toshiba Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility and that?s all!

You can download all on the Toshiba website.

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Function keys do not work after upgrading to Windows 10
I know I need two drivers (Flash Cards Support Utility) and (Toshiba Function Key Utility) but on the download page Toshiba is not adapted for Windows 10.
Does anyone know when and whether he will be available?

Answer:Satellite P855 - Function keys don't work after upgrade to Windows 10

I’m also waiting for Win10 stuff and don’t know for sure when Toshiba will start with Win10 support. I hope this will happen soon.

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I have found and installed all drivers I need for this laptop using Windows XP. My problem is that I can only activate Wireless on this laptop by pushin FN+F8 key, I have installed the Realtek Wireless drivers and they are installed fine, but I can't get Wireless to work because of the FN keys. When I push the FN+F8 key, a blue led should turn on next to the volume controller, but it doesn't...

I've searched for the Hotkey Utility in the Toshiba India site, I downloaded and tryed it but I get the error "This software utility does not support this system", the Common Modules gives me the same error too.

I've tryed installing other Hotkey Utility driver for another laptop, and it doesn't give me that error, but it doesn't work either... I actually leaves my laptop freezing a second, every 5 seconds... and the FN keys still don't work.

Anyone know where I can find a working Hotkey Utility for my laptop using XP?

Or maybe is there a way to activate Wireless without the FN keys? I don't need the other keys... I just want a way to activate Wireless.

Thanks for your time

Answer:Satellite L500 - Can't find drivers for FN keys for Windows XP!


That?s very strange buddy because the point is that XP is the past and newer notebooks doesn?t support this OS.

What you can do is to download the utilities for another Satellite L notebook, e. g. Satellite L300. This supports Windows XP and maybe the tools from that notebook are working on yours.
Check this!!

In worst case you have to live with this issue or you upgrade to Windows Vista. That?s all what you can do.


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I needed to reinstall Windows 7 on a Satellite L500 but I can't get the FN keys to work. Would anyone here be able to give any ideas on how to get this to work?


Answer:Satellite L500 - How to get FN keys working on Windows 7 64bit?


It's pretty easy. Go to the [Toshiba driver page|] and download Vap utility and Flashcard support. Then, install Vap and restart your laptop. After that do it for Flashcard support.

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Satellite L500-1WP

After update from Windows 8 to 8.1 my external USB 3.0 disk do not work.
Windows message: "Device not recognized".

Answer:Satellite L500-1WP: after Win8.1 upgrade external USB 3.0 disk doesn't work


I guess you are talking about external HDD which supports the USB 3.0 standard.

Did you try to connect the external HDD to another USB ports?
Do the USB ports work properly in connection with other USB devices?

Does the USB 3.0 device support Win 8.1?

You should check this.

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I have a toshiba satellite l500-02f and I have windows 7 32bit intalled.

I have programs such as adobe premiere pro cs5 and adobe after effect cs5, but I cannot install them because I have windows 7 32bit.

So I would like to know if it's possible to back up my files and programs in my laptop, then upgrading windows 7 32bit to a windows 7 64bit in the toshiba satellite l500-02f ?

Thank you.

Answer:Can Windows 7 64-bit work on Satellite L500-02F?


I found your notebook on Canadian support page and it is supported for Win7 64bit. With other words you can download drivers from download page -

Check it out.

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I've a little problem... I wanted to install my Windows 7 Upgrade but after choosing my language I should choose the Model name of my notebook and the modell Satellite L500-N14 is not in the list.

Can anybody tell me what I have to do or what can I do now to go on with installing my Windows 7 Upgrade???

Answer:Satellite L500-14N - Windows 7 Upgrade


I can remember that month or two ago someone asked the same question but with Satellite L500D.
Can you please send us exact model number and offered numbers on upgrade DVD?

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After install SP1 on Windows 7 64bit does not work setting the display brightness! Installing Toshiba Value Added Package 1.4.1 for Windows 7 64-bit not helped!

Need help!

Answer:Satellite L500 - FN+F6/F7 not work after Windows 7 SP1 installation


Let's try to find out what can be the cause by checking general behaviour:

- Pressing FN only should partly light up a small lamp on the keyboard AND if TVAP was installed with basic configuration should also put some images in the top of your screen. Please explain what happens in your case concerning the lamp and the visual feedback on the screen when pressing and holding the FN button only.

- Pressing i.e. FN + F5 should give You a possibility to switch between display outputs which is visualized on the display with some nice pictures. Let us know what happens when You do this please.



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I've upgraded my Windows Vista to Windows 7 Utimate 64 bit (Upgrade not clean install) for my Satellite L500-126.

Everything works fine except the hotkeys (FN+F keys), the hotkeys worked fine in Vista before upgrade. I want to reinstall the drivers or applications for the hotkeys but the downloads page confuses me a lot. Which driver and applicantion I should download for that hotkeys?


Answer:Satellite L500-126 - Hotkeys doesn't work on Windows 7


For the FN keys and all other ?special function? you need only the Toshiba Value Added Package. It contains all drivers that you need for these functions: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

I have installed Windows 7 on my Satellite A300 and Qosmio F50. After the installation of Value Added Package I can successful use the FN keys. :)

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I have just bought a microsoft camera as my other older version Trust webcam is not compatible with Windows 7. Surely I would have no problems with a Microsoft webcam? Wrong!

Whereas before on Vista, my trusty trust webcam worked fine on yahoo messenger, I now find that I can go My Webcam - File - Preferences - Camera Settings and then Device Settings, but Camera Controls shows only Exposure. All the other options on Camera Controls are greyed out, including Zoom which I always used on my previous Toshiba Vista laptop. Very frustrating!

Any suggestions?

Many thanks

Answer:Satellite L500 - Microsoft webcam not work on Windows 7

ps The laptop is a satellite L500

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I recently purchased a Satellite L500 notebook computer with a Vista operating system. When I use the keybord when I press the @ key it types " and vica versa.

This is a bit annoying. Is there a reason for this or is it a faulty with the computer.


Answer:Satellite L500 - reversalof " and @ keys

Your keyboard layout has been changed from the default English-US, to English-UK.

This is a common issue, because I believe most people change the layout believing it will also change the way the machine interprets US/UK spelling. ie Organize instead of organise.

To change the layout, go through to Control Panel - Regional and Language Settings - Keyboard

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Since I bought my laptop (Satellite L500-1XU) I have a problem with my keyboard wich i can't figure out.
It happens that without +Toshiba Value Added Package for Win7-32bit+ ([this version|]) some FN combinations work (such as ESC, F1, F3, F5, F6, F7) but the rest of them don't work.

So I install TVAP and now none of them is working. If i mouse-click on any flash-card it does its job, but the key commands refuse to work.

My guess is that the TVAP version I use is incompatible with my laptop model:
But I can't find the right version. So I'm asking for your help.

If you have any ideas please hit reply.

Thank you in advice!


Answer:Satellite L500-1XU - FN Keys Problems


Your notebook belongs to the Satellite L500 PSLJFE series.
Go to the Toshiba European driver page and download the VAP and Flash Card support utility for Satellite L500 PSLJFE.

This should help!

Otherwise you?ve got some registry problems and in such case you should clean the registry using CCleaner for example?
This free tool cleans the OS? After that you should install VAP and Flash Cards again.


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I received my copy of the win7 upgrade today. having gone to install it, once it checks what type of computer i have, it tells me it isn't supported. clearly it is, otherwise i wouldn't have been able to order it to begin with.... anyone have any suggestions for me?

when i look at the properties of my computer, it just lists the model name as 'Toshiba Notebook', i figure this may have something to do with it, but i have no idea how to fix it

can anyone help?

Answer:Satellite L500 telling me it isn't supported for windows 7 upgrade


I have a sattlite l500-128 laptop and im running windows 7 without any problem it detects al hardware automatic!
Can you start an clean installation? or is it not possible with a upgrade of windows 7?

which laptop do you have l500-*** ?

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I have a Satellite L500/01F and completed a clean install to windows 7.
Everything is fine, except I can't get the FN keys working.

Is there a certain driver I can download for this issue? Thanks

Answer:Satellite L500/01F and Win7 - can't get the FN keys working

Have you installed Value Added Package for Win7 offered for your notebook model?

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Just bought a Satellite P50-B-11L and made a downgrade to windows7 64bit but now the FN keys dont work.
The drivers in the support page for the windows 7 are few and there are any for the FN keys.

Answer:Satellite P50-B-11L - FN keys don't work using Windows 7


I have checked Toshiba download page and, as I can see, your notebook model is not supported for Win7 64bit.
Drivers, tools and utilities are not offered for download.
What you can try is to download Toshiba specific tools and utilities offered for other notebook model – maybe for P50-A. Test it.

I hope you have created recovery media (DVD or USB) before you have installed Win7. Other way you will not be able to install original OS version that you got with your machine.

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Why the FN keyboard not work after upgrade to Windows 10?

Answer:FN Keys don't work after upgrade to Windows 10

FN keys are controlled by special Toshiba tools and utilities. Usually after Windows 10 upgrade, the some parts of the preinstalled Toshiba software must be upgraded to Windows 10 compatible and supported version…

You did not provide any info about the notebook model therefore I cannot say for sure whether your unit is Windows 10 supported or not…

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Just bought Satellite L500/01K upgraded to window 7 (32 bit).
Only Fn (F6 F7) key don't work.

Tried to uninstall TVAP and Toshiba flashcards support utility and reintall them, restart the computer and still don't work.
The Toshiba ECO mode utility also don't work but i think this could be because the screen brightness can't be adjusted.

Could anyone help on this matter. Thanks

Answer:Satellite L500/01K - Fn (F6 & F7) don't work


That means all FN keys work without the FN keys for screen brightness control?

It would be interesting to know which versions of TVAP and Flash Cards Support Utility you have used for reinstalling. On Windows 7 you need the newest versions as far as I know, both must be released for Windows 7.
Check this!!!

If you reinstall the applications, remove all old versions first. Restart your notebook and then install TVAP firstly. After one more restart you can install Flash Cards Support Utility and all FN keys should start work.

Last but not least ECO mode utility should also be reinstalled. ;)

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Hello there,

please excuse my poor school-english ;)

I've bought a A210-S14 notebook and downgraded it to Windows XP, because i own components which do not run under Windows Vista.

The XP-installation ran quite well, i found apropriate drivers for every component, except the fn-Keys.
I couldn't get those hotkeys ( Fn + F1-12 ) working, no matter which drivers i tried to use.

The "Hotkey-Utility" i can download from the Toshiba-site can't be installed because it says, that itdoesn't support my Windows-Version.

Searching for a solution, I read a lot of google-pages and in a lot of forums and summing up I understood, that I need various driver-parts.
Concerning the most pages, I need the "Hotkey Utility", the "Toshiba Component driver", the "Toshiba Controls" and the "fn-esse".

The problem is, I can't find any hotkey-utility or fn-esse which is working with my laptop.
Every fn-esse version i tried, couldn't be installed, because the bios-version couldn't be read.

The keys theirself are working.

Could someone please post some links here, where i can download an apropriate version of fn-esse?

Does somebody have a solution for me, how to solve my problem? Do i need to install the drivers in a special sequence?
Which drivers do i definiteley need?

I thank you very much in advance.

Tobias F. | StarGeneral

Answer:Satellite A210-S14 - FN Keys not work on Windows XP

I would try installing the other Toshiba drivers. Maybe you need to install the Toshiba Common Modules?

A BIOS update may also help.

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Hello people:)

I have some problems with my new Satellite A500 138.

After upgrade form Vista to Windows 7, my function (Fn) key dosent work, when I push it and for example F6, my Satellite dosent answer on it.
Before upgrade, I dont know if this key work, because I dont try it.
Which drivers is to this function?

Second problem is with d3dx9_31.dll file, I cant find any good solutions on Windows 7.

Best Regards:)

Answer:Satellite A500-138 - FN keys not work on Windows 7


May I ask you if you have reinstalled Toshiba Value Added Package? This package contains the drivers for FN keys and other special functions so in this case I would suggest reinstalling it. Here you can download it: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

Regarding the d3dx9_31.dll error, I also don?t know what to do. You didn?t post any informations about this, e. g. when you get this error.


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I made the mistake of upgrading to Windows8 with the special offer included with my Satellite R830.

When I got it all working, my Functions Keys (Flash Cards) worked.
I use these a lot to adjust brightness, turn on and off Bluetooth (though how that works I have never really fathomed - I just keep pressing until I get the result I want) adjusting volume etc etc.

Something happened and I lost the Function Keys.
I ran the Toshiba Upgrade Assistant which was a ridiculous procedure downloading massive amounts of data and taking forever.

I have searched and searched and tried any "solutions" I could find.
I downloaded and installed Flash Cards but that does not seem to be accessible.
I have downloaded and installed the Value Added Pack (from the Windows 8 "drivers" window).

But there is no mention of Flash Cards in that.
I have downloaded and installed Function Keys but that only enables four keys, none of which I use.

I find this, my first Toshiba, to be one of the most frustrating PCs I have ever owned.
The "bloatware" is unbelievable in its volume and content.

Each item seems to be have been designed by a committee.
The problem is, each one seems to be a different committee. Baffling and mostly unusable.

My hair is thin as it has been torn out so many times with this laptop.

I hope someone can help me get my Function Keys to work with Windows 8 x64.

Incidentally, on the matter of Bluetooth:- I was experien... Read more

Answer:Satellite R830 - Windows 8 - Fn Keys don't work


Let?s hope my advice would be able to help you.
First of all you can find Win 8 driver on the Toshiba EU driver page.
You have to choose the Satellite R830 ? PT32LE - Windows 8 Upgrade section

Now you have to download and install:
- Value Added Package 1.6.0130.640205 (this one is for 64bit)
- Toshiba System Driver
- Toshiba Function Key Utility

Finally reboot the unit and test your function keys

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Not show you where to get the correct procedure for installing drivers downloaded from the official site (keys not working FN)?

Put the Common Module, overload the laptop, then put Controls, but Controls reported an error: "your computer does not have common modules TOSHIBA"!!!

In the end not working FN keys (under Windows XP). BIOS not updated, because Last 1.50

Answer:Satellite L300 - FN keys not work on Windows XP


Have you restart the notebook after Common Module installation?

I have installed XP on my notebook and had a similar issue. After searching a little bit here in forum I used the following installation order for the Toshiba tools and this worked for me:
TOSHIBA Common Modules
TOSHIBA Hotkey Utility
TOSHIBA Utilities
TOSHIBA Power Saver

Can you confirm this?

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I have installed newest official Toshiba value added package (1.2.28) on Windows 7 32-bit but don't function combination FN key + F1-9 on Satellite P200d-11l.

Can you help me? thanks

Answer:Satellite P200D-11L - FN keys don't work on Windows 7


Can you please explain what you mean exactly?
?don't function? ? What does this mean? If you press a FN key, can you see the Flash Cards on the top of the screen?

Btw, please install ?Flash Cards Support Utility? too. You can download this tool if you search for Vista drivers but it should work on Windows 7 too.
Check this!!!


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After installing Windows 7 my 'FN' key doesn?t work anymore. The big problem is during the Windows 7 upgrade, I turned off my touch pad using 'FN+F9'. Now that my FN key can?t work and I can't turn my touch pad back on.

Is there a way to turned it back on without using the 'FN' key? And is there a way I can fix my FN key? The Accessibility from Start> All Programs> Toshiba> Utilities >Accessibility doesn't work. Is the somehow related? What can I do?

Feed back and help is greatly appreciated.

Answer:Qosmio F50 - FN keys not work after Windows 7 upgrade


Here is a similar thread about Qosmio F50 with Windows 7 where the FN keys don?t work:

So you have to install Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility but you should choose a version that is released for Windows 7.

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I upgraded (not clean install) my thinkpad x230 to window 8 pro for windows 7 pro. I hated windows 8, so I wanted to rollback to windows 7. I treid pressing f11 keys to recove from my recovery partition on HDD during boot up, it did not work. I have recovery discs, but still I want to know what went wrong that messed up my recovery. and if there is way to restore that functionality in windows 8, so that I can use my HDD recovery partition for rollback. Any suggestion?

Answer:F11 keys wont work after windows 8 upgrade

Hi, nerraj_schrody
Have you checked to ensure that your recovery partition is still intact? You can check the size of the this parition by going to Disk Management in Control Panel ? Administrative Tools ? Computer Management. If the drive is still intact and the proper size, then I would try to press Enter a few times at POST and see if you can bring up the recovery menu here. 

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Recently my soft touch keys stopped working. My laptop is only about 4 months old. Had been working fine up to this point. No new software had been placed on the laptop in the week prior to the soft touch keys stopping work. I tried to use the FN and function keys but they did not appear to do anything.
I tried rolling back to a previous system restore with no result. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the value added package as suggest several places in this forum and the most that has achieved for me is to kill some internet bandwidth and my time.

Is there a solution for this or am I going to have to send this in as a warranty repair?

I've noted searching the web that this appears to be a common problem across all Satellite series Laptops. Is there a common error here?

All Help appreciated.

Answer:Satellite P750 - Soft Touch Keys no longer work nor do FN Keys


Beside the VAP installation, the Flash Card Support Utility has to be installed too.
The Flash Card Support Utility control the FN buttons?

If this does not help, you have one other option: you can recover the notebook to factory settings? of course this is ridiculous method because the HDD would be formatted in such case? so before doing that, backup the data first.

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Hi I have this laptop and I want to know if I can do hardware upgrade (cpu , gpu , memory etc.)

Also I want to ask if i can put this cpu " i3-330M 2.13Ghz socket PGA98A " its from another L 500 but I don't know more .

Thanks .

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i have satelite series L500-14X and i'd like to upgrate my processor unit. I'd like to tell me about their compatible processor recommended

Answer:CPU Upgrade on Satellite L500-14X


I investigated a little bit and it seems that your notebook supports the Mobile Intel GM45 Express Chipset

According to the Intel page:

the chipset supports the:

? Intel? Core?2 Extreme Processor X9100 (6M Cache, 3.06 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor T9400 (6M Cache, 2.53 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor T9600 (6M Cache, 2.80 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor P9500 (6M Cache, 2.53 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor P8600 (3M Cache, 2.40 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor P8400 (3M Cache, 2.26 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Celeron? Processor 575 (1M Cache, 2.00 GHz, 667 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Celeron? Processor 585 (1M Cache, 2.16 GHz, 667 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Extreme Processor QX9300 (12M Cache, 2.53 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor T9800 (6M Cache, 2.93 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor P8700 (3M Cache, 2.53 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Quad Processor Q9100 (12M Cache, 2.26 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Celeron? Processor T1700 (1M Cache, 1.83 GHz, 667 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor T9550 (6M Cache, 2.66 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Celeron? Processor T3100 (1M Cache, 1.90 GHz, 800 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor P9600 (6M Cache, 2.66 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Celeron? Processor T1600 (1M Cache, 1.66 GHz, 667 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo ... Read more

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Im looking to upgrade my Toshiba L500-1ZP
Upgrade includes 2 x 4GB DDR3 1066Mhz a SSD 500GB and changing out the current i3 330M with an i5 580M (tdp on both is 35W)

The only problem im walking against is Bios support for the i5 580M
Did Toshiba make 1 bios version for ALL L500 series laptops?
ifso can any one tell me if there is a toshiba l500 series laptop with a i5 580m cpu?

Thanks in advanced?

Answer:RAM upgrade of Satellite L500

not sure about the bios, but you might wanna make sure that the i3 die is the same as the i5 die (in shape and size). It should be because mobile i3/5/7's are basically all the same 2c4t with different clocks and cache amounts

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I have an 4-5 years old Toshiba L500-128 and I'd like to upgrade the CPU. Atm I have a Core 2 Duo T6500. I know that I can put a T9500 in it, but if possible I'd like to put even a better one. So I have a few questions:

1) Can I put a CPU with 1066 FSB speed and will it work? T6500 has 800 FSB.
2) Can I put a CPU with 44 or 45W TDP? T6500 has 35W.
3) If answer is yes to both previous questions, can I put a CPU with 1066 FSB and 45W?

Is possible I'd like to put something like T9900 or even a Quad Core.

Thanks in advance :)

Answer:CPU upgrade for Satellite L500-128

>1) Can I put a CPU with 1066 FSB speed and will it work? T6500 has 800 FSB.

In my opinion you should check the chipset compatibility and the CPU support.
As far as I know the notebook?s motherboard supports the Mobile Intel GM45 Express Chipset

On Intel Ark page I could find the Intel mobile GM45 chipset specs and compatible products:

However, fact is that new CPU needs to be supported by the chipset and BIOS.
If one of the parts (chipset or BIOS) would not support the new CPU, the notebook will not boot up.

Additionally you should also know that notebook manufacturers don?t support CPUs upgrade.
What does this mean exactly?

This means that even if the chipset would support new CPU, the BIOS could be the troublemaker and would not support the upgraded CPU. From my long experience, there are no information about the BIOS support. Therefore the CPU upgrade is always an risky procedure. Maybe it will work, maybe not?

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I have a Toshiba L500-13w (PSLJ3E-00X01G03) problems with the keyboard. The keyboard does not work. Already tested on windows, or even to access the bios.
I bought a new keyboard, and changed. It does not work. Any way to solve this problem?


Answer:New keyboard does not work on Satellite L500-13W

What happened with the notebook exactly?
Did you spill some kind of fluid on the keyboard maybe??

The keyboard is connected to the motherboard with an flat cable?
If the keyboard controller on the motherboard has not been damaged, then new keyboard should work

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I have a Satellite L500 and the FN key does not work for connecting to a wireless network or to the F10 key and previously worked?

Help is urgently needed.

Answer:Satellite L500 - FN key doesn't work


So if your FN keys don?t work anymore, I would recommend reinstalling Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility. These tools are controlling the FN keys. > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

On this page you can download both tools. Just download and install it, after this you should be able to use FN keys again.

Check this!!! :)

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Hi all,

I recently reinstalled Windows 7 64-bit on my *Toshiba Satellite L500/050* which had the same system earlier.

But somehow I managed to mess up my backup partition and I had to try and reinstall all the drivers from the internet but the problem is it is giving weird results.

For the first part the Fn key does not work even after I installed and reinstalled TVAP countless times and the other thing is that my LCD brightness increases when I decrease it and vice versa. (0% had highest brightness 100% has lowest, when brightness is dimmed by the computer it actually increases).

There may be other such problems I don't know for sure now but I think my laptop is not running as well as it used to.
Can anyone give the list or step by step instructions on how to uninstall and install all my drivers for this.

Thanking you inadvance.


Answer:Re: Satellite L500/050 - FN buttons don't work


It seems that your notebook model belongs to Toshiba Australian series.
Please check this Toshiba Australia driver page:

Here you can find the necessary driver for FN button.

As far as I know you need to install the VAP (value added package) and the Flash Card Support Utility.


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Hi everyone

I have this model for about 3 yrs now.

It stopped working and its not AC problem since I checked with a new one as well..
Although there IS a green light when connected to the mains. Battery doesnt charge as well.

Shall I say it goodbye? ;(

Answer:Satellite L500-1R1 doesnt work on AC

Did you check the RAM modules?
Faulty RAM would prevent the notebook from booting up.

Since its very easy to replace the RAM modules, I would recommend trying this out.
Otherwise it might be a serious motherboard problem and I guess in such case the notebook repair might be very costly affair.

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I have recently installed Windows7 ultimate 32bit to my pc but the FN function button is not working. I have installed the latest VAD version 1.4 (for windows 7) as also the flash card utility (for vista as windows 7 does not have them) like suggested to other threads but the button still refuses to cooperate with me. The flash card are running ok but only with mouse. at msconfig all my startup programs are running ok and i also try restart flash card several times.

What other driver must I try?

After my configuration is finished (i hope shortly) with which way can I make I recovery disk so I will not have to pass all these torture?

Answer:Re: Satellite P200D - FN functions keys not work on Windows 7

Seems to me, you have tried everything to make it work. What if you try to install Vap for Vista (not for win 7, as you installed)?

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I have installed Windows 10 64 Bit (original was Windows 7 64 Bit)

My FN-Keys won't work after Windows 10 installation.

There is no possibility of a Screen-Switch, as well as Brightness control and Touchpad activation...
Do you know any help

Answer:Satellite L555-10K - FN-Keys won't work after Windows 10 installation


I think your notebook model is not supported for Win10.
Check please

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I installed Windows 7 x64 on my Satellite A350-ST3601 laptop and I have a problem with Fn keys.. Simply they don't work no more..
I updated the BIOS via ACPI Flash BIOS version 2.20 to latest BIOS, installed all hardware drivers from Toshiba Support page and installed the Toshiba Value Added Package (TVAP) for Windows 7/Vista (64) v1.2.27_64 and nothing.
I uninstalled TVAP and installed it again and nothing. I even tried with Utility Support Driver and Registry Patch for Devices And Printers and nothing again.
I even tried "Restart flash card" solution with no result.

Can somebody help me plz? I am desperate about this problem because I use Fn keys a lot?

Answer:Re: Satellite A350-ST3601 - Fn keys don't work on Windows 7


After Value Added Package installation you have also to install ?Flash Cards Support Utility?. Please search on the Toshiba page for this tool.
You can also search for other notebook models but it must be released for Windows 7, as far as I know the old version for Vista will not work.

Check this!!!

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I own a Satellite Pro A200-PSAE7E and a retail license for Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit (with SP1) installed on it.

Before installing Vista, I upgraded the BIOS to the most recent version available on the Toshiba site ([]).
BIOS version is now 2.20-WIN32 contained in this file: []

After the successful installation of the operating system, I installed the "Value Added Package" ([]) which contains the "Flash Cards Utility". In my understanding, the installation of the "Value Added Package" should enable the Fn keys usage.
This doesn't seem to be true or not completely true.

Here is what happens.

- Before the installation of the "Value Added Package" all the Fn keys didn't work.
- After the installation of the "Value Added Package", if the TCrdMain.exe process is running, all the Fn keys don't work.
- If I remove the TCrdMain.exe from the startup and I reboot the PC, only some Fn keys work (Fn+ESC, Fn+F1).

There is no way (or I didn't find a way) to make all the Fn keys working.

Does anybody know how to solve this problem?

Thanx in advance,


Answer:Satellite Pro A200 - Fn keys does not work with Windows Vista

I do not know for sure but it can be because of SP1. I have installed Vista Ultimate on A200 and all listed stuff (drivers, tools and utilities) from Toshiba support page.

Does your installations Vista DVD contains SP1 or you have installed it on your own? If you install Vista Ultimate (without SP1) and all stuff from Toshiba support site following Installations Instructions order.

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I just downgraded my laptop, Satellite A105-s2236 from vista to XP, and the FN keys don?t work.
I have try finding in the internet how resolve this problem but no luck, please help how resolve this.

Thank you

Answer:Satellite A105-S2236 - FN keys don't work in Windows XP


Hi. I can't help you with your FN driver, but am very interested in how your Vista to XP downgrade went. I've got the exact same model and am strongly thinking of doing the same thing. I could use some guidance.

Did you just wipe the hard drive and use an XP install CD? I've got a fully licensed XP Pro installation CD. Was the FN driver the only driver problem you had? Video, sound etc??

Many thanks!


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I have same problems with my new purchased N20...FN keys are not working (at least most of them)... combination of FN and F5, F10 and F11 are working... N20 comes without any OS, so I put WXP and is working great... I need those other FN combination (especially for brightness)!!

Can anybody help?


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Answer:Satellite A300-N20 PSAGUE FN - Keys do not work on Windows XP

Can you please tell us which notebook model do you have exactly?
N20 doesn?t say anything to us.

Have you already checked for BIOS update?

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After upgrading to Windows 10 I find holding the function key down no longer invokes the function key utilities.
Will there be a fix for this?
Is there an alternative means of accessing these functions?

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I installed new Vista Business 32bit and I have problem with FN keys - when I push this key I don?t have up on the monitor option icons.... why?
And 2-nd problem witch touch keys (ECO and key for light off) whet I push eco key - this function is not working and when I push key for light off it?s the same...

Does someone know why?

I installed drivers from Toshiba website...

Answer:Satellite A500-132 - FN keys and touch keys donít work

You don't need drivers only. Have you installed all Toshiba tools and utilities?
Be sure Value added package is installed.

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I have a Satellite L500-1QE and i want to know if i can change my processor to something new, because now i'm using Dual-Core 2.2Ghz T4400.

(I don't know a lot about upgrades thats why i'm asking)

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Processor upgrade on Satellite L500-1QE


You should ensure that new CPU would be handled by the chipset built in the notebook.
I think your notebook supports the Mobile Intel(R) GM45 Express Chipset.

I checked the Intel page for compatible CPUs and it looks like these CPUs would be supported by chipset:
? Intel? Core?2 Extreme Processor X9100 (6M Cache, 3.06 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor T9400 (6M Cache, 2.53 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor T9600 (6M Cache, 2.80 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor P9500 (6M Cache, 2.53 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor P8600 (3M Cache, 2.40 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor P8400 (3M Cache, 2.26 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Celeron? Processor 575 (1M Cache, 2.00 GHz, 667 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Celeron? Processor 585 (1M Cache, 2.16 GHz, 667 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Extreme Processor QX9300 (12M Cache, 2.53 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor T9800 (6M Cache, 2.93 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor P8700 (3M Cache, 2.53 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Quad Processor Q9100 (12M Cache, 2.26 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Celeron? Processor T1700 (1M Cache, 1.83 GHz, 667 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor T9550 (6M Cache, 2.66 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Celeron? Processor T3100 (1M Cache, 1.90 GHz, 800 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor P9600 (6M Cache, 2.66 GHz, 1066 MHz FSB)
? Intel? Celeron? Processor T1600 (1M Cache, 1.66 GHz, 667 MHz FSB)
? Inte... Read more

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is possible to upgrade the i3 processor in the Satellite L500-1WH to i5 processor?

I have an i5 processor from a laptop HP and i want to upgrade the Toshiba, if it is possible.


Answer:Satellite L500-1WH is upgrade to i5 processor possible?


Such similar questions have been posted in the past. If you would use the forum?s advanced search option, you will get lot of threads about this theme.

First of all you have to know that notebook manufacturers (no matter what manufacturer) don?t support CPU upgrades officially.
In case you would like to upgrade the CPU, you can do it at your own risk.

Secondly you should check the chipset which is used in the notebook.
I guess this unit supports an Intel HM55 chipset.

I found info about CPUs which are supported by HM55 chipset (click on compatible products)

But even if you would choose one of the mentioned and supported CPUs, the BIOS might not support it because the BIOS was designed and modified for the L500 and not tested with other hardware parts.

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I have a SATELLITE L500-125, and I asked Toshiba Nl if i can make upgrade from VIsta to WIN7.
The 1st asnswer was as below:

We do not support upgrading a Windows Vista notebook to Windows 7. When you are in possession of a Windows 7 license, you can download the drivers (if available) from our website:

*_*However, we cannot guarantee your notebook will work with Windows 7, since we did not test this.*_*



For a complete and confirmed answer to this question, we advise you to contact our technical helpdesk:

0900 - 1000 100, choose for option 2



Answer:Satellite L500-125 - WIN7 upgrade

Hey if Toshiba offers Win7 drivers this is evidence that you can run Win7 on your notebook.
I have installed Win7 on old L300 and it runs perfectly.

Install Win7, install all necessary drivers, tools and utilities and everything will be OK.

If you need some assistance with Win7 installation let us know.

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Can someone tell me which processors I can upgrade to. Currently I have an Intel T4300 in a Satellite L500-19X running windows 7

Answer:Satellite L500-19X - Processor Upgrade

As you probably know CPU upgrade is not supported so it is not so easy as you probably think, I mean if you want a list with processors that you can use.

More about that you can read on
I just hope someone has made such upgrade and can post report about it.

In my opinion there is no reason for such critical upgrade. You can upgrade RAM to maximum and maybe use faster HDD to get more performance. Everything else can be pretty risky.

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Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite L500-22R with a ATI Mobiliti Radeon HD 5145.

I want to install new drivers for my card, but Toshiba doesn?t upgrade the driver since 2009 (version 8.653.0.0) and the oficial driver version for ATI is 13.1. The problem is that i can install from AMD page because there is a compatibility problem with hardware.

Someone can help me? I want to upgrade my driver version and i can?t understand this situation.

Answer:Satellite L500-22R - ATI driver upgrade


Here is a AMD page providing this info:

+The following notebooks *are not compatible* with this release:+
+? Any notebook launched after this driver release+
+? Toshiba notebooks (please contact the notebook OEM for driver support for these notebooks)+
+? Sony VAIO notebooks (please contact the notebook OEM for driver support for these notebooks)+
+? Panasonic notebooks (please contact the notebook OEM for driver support for these notebooks)+

In some cases its possible to install such driver but you will have to do that manually from device manager. There you have to click on graphic card, have to choose the Advanced installation procedure which helps you to point to the driver folder which you downloaded from the AMD page. The driver folder should contain dll and ini files. Such files are needed for driver update.

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Hi everyone, New on here so I hope someone can help.

I recently bought a Satellite L500 with Vista OS. I upgraded to Windows 7 with a Toshiba upgrade disk. After upgrading I could no longer use the FN keys to turn my touchpad back on.
I had to get a bluetooth mouse to be able to use a pointing device. Can anyone help me to get the FN keys working again.
Thanks in advance. Mickbarker57.

Answer:Satellite L500 and WIn7 upgrade - cannot use FN+F9

Do you have problem with FN+F9 only or flash cards don't work at all?
Have you tried to check mouse properties and use option enable/disable there?

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Hi everyone,

I'm using Satellite A500 which i just did the windows 7 upgrade (32 bit) yesterday, however, i can no longer use the FN key on the keyboard which i'd use it very often.

can anybody help??? much appreciated!!


Answer:Satellite A500 fn keys not working at all after windows 7 upgrade


May I ask you if you have already searched in forum for similar threads? I think this question is asked very often in last few days so normally you should find an answer to your problem.

However, if I read in the forum you should install latest Toshiba Value Added Package. You can download it on the Toshiba page: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Can you confirm that it?s working?

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Hi to all,

after I've upgrade my pc to windows 8.1 i can't use special keys without use FN key.
In the Toshiba HW Setup utility i set the right option in keybord tab.

Someone can help me?


Answer:Satellite L855 - can't use Function keys after Windows 8.1 upgrade

Before we start discussion tell us please have you upgraded your machine following instructions from Toshiba support page?

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Would a sata2 ssd drive work with my Toshiba Satellite L500 - 11d

Thanks in advance!

Answer:Would SATA2 SSD drive work with Satellite L500-11d

I don?t see any serious reasons why this should not work.
The HDD controller is SATA capable and the SATA2 is down compatible which means that you can use SATA 2 HDD or SSD drives as well.

Please post some information after the SSD upgrade. It would be interesting to know how the notebook would run using SSD drive

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newbie here, pleased to meet you all.
I have been given a Toshiba L500 19X that has a problem, the keyboard does not work, at all.

This happened after a liquid spill, or so I'm told.
I have sorted out a few laptops that have been subjected to liquids, but this one is different.
In this case the laptop is working brilliantly, not a problem except for the keyboard not working.

I have attached a external usb k/b and it works perfectly. I have stripped the laptop down to the mobo and there is no evidence of a liquid spill.
I use a large magnifying glass to inspect the board, usually find something jumping out, but not in this case.

Regardless I have cleaned the mobo and all looks well. But the k/b will not work at all.
I have come to the conclusion that the problem MIGHT be a bodged bios update, or corrupted.

I have d/loaded the latest Bios, 2.10 win, but when I go to install it I am told that the current bios is equal to or newer than the one I've d/loaded and flash will not go ahead.

I come here cap in hand, for help if possible, and to see if anyone has had the same problem.
Possibly point me in the right direction.

The bad news would be that there is a problem with the motherboard.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

Answer:Satellite L500-19X does not work after spilling liquid

> In this case the laptop is working brilliantly, not a problem except for the keyboard not working.
>I have attached a external usb k/b and it works perfectly

So you got a big luck? looks like the motherboard is ok and the keyboard controller works too.
Why should be this a BIOS issue? The notebook worked perfectly in the past?
So in my opinion you should contact the authorized service point in your country and should replace the keyboard.
In my personal opinion its internal keyboard problem

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on my Satellite L500-1UR ce two DVD I created and the Windows 7 home premium 32bit given with the PC don't work ..
In both cases, the restauration process seems to work correctly but the finishng phase never ends .. boot, reboot, rereboot .. and so one.

Reinstallation using a "standard" Windows 7 32 bit seems to work .. but .. I am afraid I could have lost something.

How to get "correct" DVDs ?
Thanks for help

Answer:Recovery DVD Creation does not work on Satellite L500-1UR


Please check if you could create the recovery disks using another DVDs from different manufacturers.
I had the same issue in the past. I tested some DVDs from Verbatim and TDK ?R and could create the recovery DVD.


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try to install the value added package 1.2.28 from the driver DVD (delivered with my laptop and newer as the driver on toshibas website).
The installtion works well and after the reboot the hotkey doesn't work.
Even I try the older driver from the website 1.2.25 it doesn't work also.

After this I try to install a part of the driver. I find this comment:

+For using the FN keys you have to install Toshiba Value Added Package and Flash Cards supports utility. Make sure that both versions are released for Windows 7 64bit already. If you choose a Vista version it will not work!+

+Here you can download all:+
+ > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers+

+Value Added Package must be installed firstly. ;)+

But the flash cards utility is a part of the value added package and I was not able to deactivate the flash cards utility under Windows 7 32bit.
This utility seem to be used for other utilities.

Has someone a solution to activate the hotkeys?



Answer:Satellite L500 FN buttons don't work using Win 7 32bit

> But the flash cards utility is a part of the value added package and I was not able to deactivate the flash cards utility under Windows 7 32bit.

There are two applications which can be downloaded:
*Value Added Package v1.2.34* and *Flash Cards supports utility v1.63.0.4*

Please install both applications again!

If both were already installed, then remove it from the system firstly and after new reboot install the both drivers again.

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I have Vista L500 with a dead keyboard. This machine has not been dropped or had anything spilled on it. I have plugged in external USB keyboard which works. The laptop keyboard does not. I have flashed BIOS, updated drivers, held shift key for 10 sec (read on another forum), reset computer, checked Windows Vista updates and ran 3 Virus checks.
Everything is perfect, just no Keyboard?

What else should I check? Could it be a motherboard problem?

Thanks for any help given :)

Answer:Satellite L500 - Keyboard doesn't work


Can you enter the BIOS (F2 key) with internal keyboard?
If not the internal keyboard seems to be defective and needs replacing?

I don?t think you can do more. I mean you tried everything what is possible and if an external keyboard works the OS installation should be ok.

The keyboard can be ordered and replaced from an authorized service provider. Do you know how to contact the guys?

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Answer:Satellite L500-1XL - keyboard doesn't work


Get in contact with your Toshiba ASP in your country and ask for the keyboard replacement.


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I need your help to sort this problem out my accessibility key does not work, when i press on FN key to switch my wireless on it does not work.
As when i go to program files>Toshiba>utilities>TACSPROP.exe a warning alert shows up telling me it cant be used in this operating system.
And for your information i have Windows 7 32bit.

So you are highly appreciated to tell me what to do with this issue.

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro L500-1VX- accessibility (FN key) does not work properly

Did you install Windows yourself? Or is it the preinstalled Windows from the factory?

Go to the Toshiba website and navigate to the Support/Download section. Download and install the latest Value Added Package.

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I have an L500 -1PU Toshiba, running on 32 bit Windows 7,
The webcam is working wonderfully but the internal microphone is not working properly.

I had an external microphone so i hadn't noticed this problem when i got on skype, but i've recently discovered that when using the webcam the person on the other end can hear faint noises from my computer when i'm playing music or watching a video clip.

How can i solve this and get my microphone working properly such that i can control the volume and actually get full service from my otherwise decent notebook?


Answer:Re: Satellite Pro L500-1PU - internal microphone does not work


Possibly this Toshiba FAQ could help you:

+Whistling sound on the Satellite L500+

It?s a matter of the settings.
This issue occurs if the microphone volume in the speakers properties is enabled.
After disabling this point the issue with acoustic feedback does not appear anymore.

Hope this helps!

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optus modem crashed computer and would not be recognised as being plugged in,wireless switched on and been told by telstra also that there modems are non compatible with windows one including toshiba seem to know blaming new windows 7,had computer 3 weeks and cant use it!someone help me frustrating.thanks

Message was edited by: shanestar
i,m sure there must be a wirelss modem that is compatible and a servers programme to run that works.

Answer:Satellite L500 - Can't get wireless modem to work

> wireless switched on and been told by telstra also that there modems are non compatible with windows 7.
Sorry mate but I really don?t understand your issue?
The WLan card which is installed on your notebook is fully compatible with Win 7 and the drivers can be found on the Toshiba WLan portal.

If you are talking about an 3rd party modem, then I have to say that your are wrong here? if you have problems with any 3rd party devices then you should get in contact with the manufacturer? in your case with the modem manufacturer?

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The C40 C10Q is already a tight squeeze with only a 32GB eMMC drive. I therefore did a clean install of W10 and everything is great, with plenty of space to spare now - EXCEPT - some of the function keys don't work such as the blank screen, while outside Windows, using a boot CD, none of them work. Do I need to download a Toshiba Utilities driver? Can't find them anywhere!

Answer:Satellite C40 function keys don't work outside Windows after W10 clean install

Win10 drivers can be found here

Install the Toshiba System Driver, and Toshiba system Settings.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A300, model PSAG4E. I have installed all hotkey utilities that I could find at drivers download page, but multimedia keys don't wok.

Anyone can help me?

Answer:Satellite A300 PSAG4E - Multimedia keys don't work on Windows XP

hi ElMonoHervido
make sure that you have all drivers installed (download at the toshiba website pls)
you have to install also:
-common modules

after reboot it should work as desired.

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I upgraded my *portege M800* bought in *Canada* to *Windows 7 64 bit*.
Everything is right excepted the keyboard. it's a canadian bilingual keyboard with 86 keys with 13 function keys and a console buttons with 6 keys(mute, cd/dvd, play, stop,previous,next).
I didn't update any drivers because it works fine with Windows 7 drivers.

The problem is:
- the hot keys (Fn + ..) don't work anymore
- the console buttons with the 6 keys (play, pause, etc) don't work anymore

What I did:
- checked the driver of the keyboard in the device manager: its a microsoft driver
- tried to update it with a toshiba driver but *I didn't find it in the driver list for windows 7 or vista on the toshiba website*: []

So, I don't know if it's a driver problem or anything else???


Answer:Portege M800 - After Windows 7 upgrade the FN keys don't work anymore


These special functions of FN keys and multimedia buttons have nothing to do with the keyboard driver. Furthermore for the keyboard there is no driver update. There is only the Windows standard driver that can be used.

The point is that you need Toshiba Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility. If you have bought the M800 in Canada, I assume it?s a Canadian model and therefore you can download all drivers here:

Check this!!

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My laptop is Satellite L500-13T

I did upgrade to WINT from VISTA using official TSB upgrade disk.
It looks something was wrong. WIN7 installed correctly but unfortunately all installed programs and settings are gone.
I also see that during the upgrade $directories on partitions C: and E were created; the older programs and files are there.

Few questions:

1. Is there a way to return the programs back?
2. How to create the recovery disks now under WIN7 because there is no TOSHIBA RECOVERY CREATOR anymore ?

Answer:Satellite L500-13T: all programs & settings are gone after Win 7 upgrade

Hi mate

Did you read the manual which was delivered with the notebook and with the Win 7 upgrade disk?

After a Win 7 upgrade you have to put additional the disk with the upgrade tools which came with the Win 7 upgrade disk.

> 2. How to create the recovery disks now under WIN7 because there is no TOSHIBA RECOVERY CREATOR anymore?
This is not possible since the recovery disk should be created at the beginning running the OS preinstalled by Toshiba.

As far as I know this cannot be downloaded.

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I have a Satellite Pro L500-1DO and would like to know if I can upgrade the Graphic Board (now an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4600 1024 MB) to at least a 2 GB one.

Is it possibile and which model is suggested?
Thanks a lot


Answer:Satellite Pro L500-1DO - Can I upgrade graphic card?

This was discussed many times here in the forum and no, the GPU replacement / upgrade isn?t possible.

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My L500-1kk came with the following memory specifications:

Memory standard : 4,096 (2,048 + 2,048) MB
maximum expandability : 8,192 MB
technology : DDR2 RAM (800 MHz)

Expansion 2 ? memory slots (1 to configure)

1. Now I need to upgrade my system to 8GB, since it says that my system has 2x memory slots, and that it is (2,048 + 2,048) MB, does this mean that I need to replace the original modules with 4GB modules?

2. What does (1 to configure) mean? is this an empty slot where I can add a 4GB module?

3. What else do I need to know about adding memory to my system?


Answer:Satellite L500-1KK - Memory Module Upgrade


If you want to upgrade to 8GB RAM, you have to remove both (current) 2GB modules and buy two 4GB modules.

As you already wrote in memory specifications, you need DDR2 RAM 800MHz.

You can buy new memory modules from an ASP or you check some online shops. Kingston makes also good RAM modules.

Interesting information about RAM upgrade you can also find in your user manual!

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after upgrating my laptop to Win 8 the battery stops charging...
the message says..."pluged but not charging"....

Any suggestion........exept to reinstall win7...??

Answer:Satellite L500-14X - Battery does not charge after upgrade to Win 8


Usually there is no big difference between the Win 7 and Win 8 so I really don?t understand why this battery issue should be related to Win 8.
In my opinion its not Win 8 problem and I think even if you would install Win 7, this issue would not be solved?

Try this:
Disconnect the AC adaptor and remove the battery
Now leave the notebook disconnected for a longer period of time (10 hours)
Then press and hold power button 30 sec long and then connect both parts.
The Ac adaptor should be connected for a longer period of time to allow the system to pre-charge the Battery

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I need help.
After trying to upgrade ram, my laptop refusing to turn on.

Answer:After RAM upgrade Satellite L500 doesn't turn on

I presume you use non-compatible memory modules.
Can you please post exact notebook model and RAM that you use?

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Hi there,

i recently acquired this laptop, and i installed win7 64 bits prof. The first problem was that wireless card was not installed, but i go to toshib website and downloaded the new one, next to that i can't activate the card with the fn + f8 key, thats the only way to activate the card,

i already downloaded some drivers and utilities and i can't activate the card, the hotkey don't work and there's not another switch, software won't work either

Any help will be welcome

Answer:Satellite L500-13W: How to switch on Wlan with Win 7 - hotkeys don't work


Hmm?. the Win 7 drivers are not released yet? but I found some beta drives on the Toshiba US page:

Maybe you will find some Win 7 drivers for L500/505 series?

Otherwise I would recommend to check if you could enable the WLan in device manager -> Wlan card properties -> Advanced tab?

There are some additional options? maybe the Wlan On/Off would be there too.

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OS: Windows 7 / 64Bit.

I'm trying to connect my Satellite L500 to A-Link WNAP 802.11n WLAN AP 3G ROUTER via Network adapter (Intel 82567) without succes.

Device manager in General tab indicates "This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)". Then I updated driver -> Windows has determined the driver software for your device is up to date. Still same message coming in General tab.

Has anybody same kind of problem?


Answer:Satellite L500-1WG: Network adapter does not work - Code 31

Hi mate

What device doesn?t work correctly? Is it WLan or LAN card?
I?m a little but confused?

As far as I know the notebook support LAN and Wlan card from Realtek.
Therefore you could download both drivers from Realtek page directly.

Please set the BIOS to default settings before you would reinstall the both drivers.

I hope this will help you!

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About a month ago I spilt pepsi on my laptop and had it sent for repair. I got it back today and it had a new keyboard installed, among other things. But, the new keyboard is not functioning correctly.

A bunch of the keys type nearby letters instead. E.g typing "a" gives "aq1", "b" gives "bgt". It seems to type the letters vertically above. Some work fine.

Is the new keyboard faulty, or does it need calibrated or something? My laptop model is L500-19X.

Answer:New keyboard on Satellite L500-19X doesn't work properly

My advice: don?t waste your time on forum expecting some help. How to give you proper answer to your questions?
I have only one answer to your question: no, keyboard doesn?t need to be calibrated.
Contact service provider as soon as possible and ask for help.

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I have problem with my wireless switch. Take a look at this [picture|]. It says "bryterstatus: p?" which translates (poorly) to "switch status: on".

Although, when I press Fn + F8, nothing happens. All the other FN + "random button" hotkeys work though. In other words, I can't connect to my wireless. I know that it works, because I can connect with my iPhone. There's also nothing wrong with the connection, I've tried to deactive / active on and off. Tried to restart my laptop. I've even downloaded new drivers. Nothing seems to work. How can I turn on the switch?

Best Regards,
Miguel Rodrigues

Answer:Satellite Pro L500 - Wireless button doesn't work

Hello Miguel

Has your notebook ?factory settings? or you have changed something?
Have you installed own operating system or notebook still has original preinstalled operating system?
Is WLAN card installed and listed properly in device manager?

WLAN usage is so simple and by ?default? it must work properly. The same principle is on all Toshiba notebooks same. When you want to use WLAN you must move WLAN switch to position ON and use FN+F8 key combination to enable WLAN card. That?s all.

What you can try is to reinstall Value added package?

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Now I have wanted to connect my Laptop to my TV again (I have done this before by using an HDMI cable and FN+F5, however not anymore.) but now for the first time I have noticed that the FN key does NOT bring up the menu it used to bring up when I pressed it before and I have no idea what is causing this.

I have tried using google ect to find a solution and the thing I noticed is that when I go in Start>All Programs>TOSHIBA>Utilities other people seem to have "Flash Cards" and "Flash Cards - Setting" now all I have is Flash Card Help, Restart Flash Cards and Settings for Flash Cards. I am just saying this to see if this has to do with the problem anyways moving on.

I would like to know how to fix this problem I already tried to install the Value Added Package but it did not help at all and this problem was probably caused due to me fiddling around with my laptop. Thanks in advance.

Toshiba Satellite L500 (Part Number thingy: PSLS0E) Windows 7 64 bit.

Answer:Satellite L500 PSLS0E - FN Menu doesn't work

Hmmmm..... Usually Toshiba Value Added package reinstallation schould help.

Try please one more time to remove VAP from the system, restart your notebook and install latest version from Toshiba download page.

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I can't get the mouse wheel to scroll in any application using an external mouse - the touch pad scrolls ok.

I have tried many different mice. The wheel button brings up a display of all the programs I have open (Windows 7) but moving the wheel does nothing. I'm currently using a Microsoft cordless mouse but I have tried it with corded mice as well. Nothing seems to work.


Answer:Satellite L500 - Mouse Scroll doesn't work

That?s really strange.
Have you maybe installed some application that you got with this Microsoft mouse?

I have two notebooks and two external devices. One is Logitech and the second one some cheap no name mouse and both were recognized properly on preinstalled Win7.

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Hi there,

I was wondering if someone could help me out here. I have inbuilt webcam and that is not working but would like to get it working again. I'm not sure if the software has been removed.

Does anyone know what brand these webcams are i.e. Logitech?
I do not have any CD's when I purchased this laptop (not sure if I have thrown them out - silly me)

Could someone point out to me what software I need to download? Much appreciated

Details of laptop
[PC Information]
Model Name Satellite L500
Part Number PSLS0A-08P002
OS Version Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1

Answer:Satellite L500 PSLS0A - internal webcam does not work

>Does anyone know what brand these webcams are i.e. Logitech?
As far as I know the internal webcam module is Chicony.

Your notebook seems to be an Toshiba Australian series.
Therefore the drivers and other Toshiba software like webcam software are on the Toshiba Australian page ;)

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Hi everybody,

I'm trying to start an application by pressing an assigned shortcut key combination, but nothing happens.
Maybe it has something to do with some of the TOSHIBA utilities installed on the laptop?

Answer:Shortcut keys doesn't work on Satellite L755-18Z - Windows 7 64bit

Can you please tell us which key combination and which application you want to start?

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I just recived this bullettin....

FTP-URL frmwre-20091217163803.html

Data di ultima modifica 05/26/10
Ragione Sociale Toshiba
Tipo Firmware Update
Sottotipo TS-L633C / TS-L633Y
Taglia - Dimensioni (Kb) 2
Versione TO03 - TF03
Lingua Universal
****one World Wide
Descrizione TF03/TO03: It was updated for the countermeasure against the distorted audio sound issue on CD playback under Windows 7
TF02/TO02: It was updated for the countermeasure against the issue that the recovery disc can not be created correctly with Toshiba Recovery CD creator.
Modello Satellite L500, Satellite L555, Satellite L550, Satellite Pro L550, Satellite L505, Satellite Pro L500
Sistema operativo Windows 7 - 32 Bit

What means? Do you suggest upgrade?

Answer:Re: Upgrade firmware for Satellite Pro L500 PSLS4E-00C00HIT

> Do you suggest upgrade?
No. If everything works well don?t change anything.

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I need the update for the Toshiba L500-1CQ graphics card driver. I cannot find it anywhere I tried on one of the toshiba websites to find it but they didn't have the 1CQ series.

So please I really need this driver update.

Answer:Satellite L500-1CQ - graphics card driver upgrade

But they should have PSLS0E model.
Check it again please.

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I have just received thir bulletin


Data di ultima modifica 06/29/10
Ragione Sociale Toshiba
Tipo BIOS Update
Sottotipo windows-based
Taglia - Dimensioni (Kb) 2679
Versione 2.10-WIN
Lingua Universal
****one World Wide
Descrizione This Bios Update adds increased functionality to your system.

Plese suggest upgrade bios ? It'dangerous? now notebook works OK

Answer:BIOS upgrade on Satellite Pro L500 (PSLS4E-00C00HIT)

If everything works well and if you didn?t notice some serious problem there is no reason for update.
It is OK to be informed about available updates but the question is if they MUST be installed.

Generally speaking BIOS update is not dangerous but for some reason it can be screwed up and then you will have big problem.
My advice is: do not touch well running system.

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After a successful BIOS Update to 2.1 two of my three USB Ports aren't working anymore. Is there a way to downgrade to previous BIOS? Or what else could cause this problem?

System is a Satellite L500-153 (PSJ3E)

Message was edited by: koocho

Answer:After BIOS upgrade USB Ports not recognized on Satellite L500


Have you tried resetting the BIOS to default settings?

Power on the notebook and press F2 to enter the BIOS, then set the defaults (It is key F9 I think).

Also try other USB devices such as a USB Mouse or Keyboard, maybe your USB device is drawing too much power or has a problem.

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I successfully upgraded Windows 7 from my OEM Vista yesterday.
What if in the future, I need to reinstall the whole system?
Can I re-activate Win 7 after the new installation?

PS. My OEM Vista is 64 bit version and my win 7 is the ultimate 64 bit upgrade version


Answer:Satellite L500-126: Win7 upgrade -can I re-activateit after new installation?

I hope I understand your question right so here is what I know about it:
When you upgrade original preinstalled Vista you don't need to activate Win7 but if you make clean Win7 installation then you must activate preinstalled version.

With other words to have activations-free Win7 you must install Vista at first using Toshiba recovery DVD and then upgrade it to Win7.

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I am using windows 7 ultimate x64 on L500-126, the new win7 x64 drivers have been available since yesterday.....

However, the Flash cards (Fn Hotkeys) still doesn't work after the installation of the new VAP. The flash cards is able to show up at the top of my screen, I can click them by mouse, but the Fn combinations does not work at all!

I've noticed that there is a downloadable driver called "Flash Cards support", even I installed this application the problem still remained.

Then I uninstalled VAP and kept "Flash Cards support", to my surprise, the combination of Fn+F6 and F7 (Adjusting brightness) worked! however, without VAP I could not use other combinations.

Are there still problems with the new VAP for win 7 x64?

P.S. The new "Hardware setup" seems to be a problem as well, I tried to change some configurations in this application but after re-boot all the options went back.

Answer:Satellite L500-126, Flash cards (Fn Hotkeys) still doesn't work

Please don't create different threads about one and the same theme!
Follow your first thread:

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I bought a L500 six months ago and now it's almost useless. Trying to operate it by starting it normaly is impossible, taking more than 40 minutes just to start up. Getting any program running or any window open takes many minutes more, if at all.

I have tried restoring the computer to a previous date but it only goes back to two weeks ago and is still facing the same problems. I have checked for bad sectors and not found any. I have also tried doing a CHKDSK but it eventually freezes after a couple of hours during stage 4 of 5, in the following file:
Users\DANIEL~1\AppData\Local\MICROS~1\Windows\TEMP OR~1\Content.IE5\FIA7RO0V\combo[1]

I can operate the computer in Safe Mode most of the times, but when moving information it tends to freeze or slow down a lot. I have been backing up my information and many times it freezes during the process.

I have been using Microsoft Security Essentials but it has been deactivated. I can?t get it back on, although I have been constantly using USBs changing information between computers and no virus have been detected in the my other computer.

I do remember that one of the things that first started working strangely were WMP and VLC, as movies saved on the disk and some music albums would start freezing up after 5 minutes of being played, then playing again for a while and freezing later again.

What do you think the problem is? Is it likewise this will be a problem covered by the warranty?

Please let me know w... Read more

Answer:Satellite L500 doesn't work properly even on Safe Mode

Hi buddy,

> Is it likewise this will be a problem covered by the warranty?
It?s only covered by warranty if it?s a hardware malfunction but if it?s just a software or driver issue it?s no warranty and you have to pay for service.

Anyway, it?s hard to say what the problem is but theoretically it could be software related only and even in safe mode you have several issues I would try reinstall Windows from Toshiba recovery disk. This can restore the original factory settings (out of box settings) and with these settings everything should work properly. Then you can make sure it?s no software or driver problem because the recovery image is pretested by Toshiba.

If you still have problems after recovery installation contact an ASP!

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