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Satellite L500-131 - WLan driver for Win 7?

Question: Satellite L500-131 - WLan driver for Win 7?


i have a question:
There are no Wireless Lan Driver for Windows 7 for the Satellite L500 (yet).
Do the Vista driver also work?


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Preferred Solution: Satellite L500-131 - WLan driver for Win 7?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite L500-131 - WLan driver for Win 7?

Hey Andy,

Yes, normally the Vista drivers are also work on Windows 7 so it's worth a try! ;)

What WLAN card you have exactly? Maybe you can find a driver directly on the manufactures website, e. g. Intel or Realtek.

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I just read bulletin boar for upgrade


Data di ultima modifica 07/05/10

Tipo Wireless Lan Driver

Please sugget upgrade or not ?
I have nothing proble wit wirless connected to Vodafone Statio at this moment....

Answer:WLAN Driver upgrade on Satellite Pro L500 (PSLS4E-00C00HIT)

WLAN upgrade is OK and you can do this anytime you want.
For this visit Toshiba WLAN portal under

There you can find latest WLAN driver.

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I currently own a l500-128 with windows 7 32 bits and I would like to know how you can turn off wireless in Windows instead of BIOS. Because I am using a clean installation I don't have any tools installed from toshiba so I don't know which software I need to use.

Second, I am wondering what the last 2 bios updates included. I have seen no improvement in performance so far, so I would like to know what was fixed.

Thank you in advanced.

Answer:Satellite L500-128 - How to turn off WLAN?


1)May I ask you if you did read the user manual?
You can turn off WLAN using the hardware switch on the notebook. You can also disable WLAN using FN+F8 key combination but therefore the Value Added Package must be installed.

2)I never noticed that BIOS updates improve the performance. Normally they fix only some problems and if you can?t find a change log on the Toshiba website there is no available.

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I have the Toshiba Satellite L500 and it has Windows 7. It has an internal wireless switch or something and I?ve asked several people and they all say the same thing you can turn on the wireless with BIOS or using FN+F8 but I turned it on in BIOS and the light on the front of the laptop indicating wireless on is not lit and when I try the Fn key and F8 every other tab shows up except the wireless.

This is getting me angry I almost want to take the laptop and bring it back although it is a great laptop but without wireless I am not interested.

Please help me solve this problem!

Answer:How to turn ON WLAN on my Satellite L500?

Please check device manager and be sure WLAN card is installed and enabled properly.
If the card is enabled properly all you must do is to use FN+F8 key combination.

Please note: if no wireless communication device is installed, no dialog box will appear using FN+F8.

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This problem started earlier today and I cannot seem to find a way to solve it.

When I use the FN key on the laptop the function menu will no longer appear so I am unable to turn my wireless back on which is the only thing I use the function menu for..

Are there any solutions to this problem or simple a way to turn on my wireless without using the function menu?


Answer:Function Key on Satellite L500-1dt - Cannot turn WLan on


Try reinstalling the Value Added Package. Also install the Flashcards Support Utility if it is listed on the drivers page on the Toshiba Website.

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I have little issue with client T. Satellite l500-1ek model. I change orginal wifi card to BCM94321MC wifi mini pci card (rev 6). Card works fine - all is ok - driver installed ok.
But I cannot turn on wifi led with FN+f8 button - Windows.

This isn't software issue - this button should work before start any kind of system but don't work. I tried everything including BIOS update. Card works properly but cannot turn on wifi :(.
Anyone can provide other solution than changing card?

I reinstaled Value added Package and Flash card support utility - fn panel works but buton f8 is gone.
I tested with another mnipcie card and have same problem - cannot turn on wifi - fn+f8 did not work

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Answer:Satellite L500 - Can't turn on new WLAN card

Hi Ipcur,

Why you have exchanged the WLAN card with another model?

Does it work with preinstalled WLAN card from Toshiba?

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Hello and thanks for your answers!

I wont buy a new WLan Mini PCI Adapter for my Satellite L500 -19E to use 300 Mbps with my new FritzBox 7390.

Works the following adapter with my L500?

TP-Link TL-WN861N WLAN N Mini-PCI-Adapter
Intel Centrino Advanced - N 6200 Wi-Fi Adapter MiniPCIe 2.4 / 5 GHz
Intel Centrino Advanced - N 6230 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth -Adapter with Dual-Stream (2x2), Dual-Band (2,4 / 5 GHz)

Thanks for all help


Answer:Re: Satellite L500 -19E and WLan Mini PCI Adapter

According notebook specification your notebook has Realtek 802.11bgn RTL8191SE MiniCard and using standard n you should be able to reach very good data transfer speed and I don?t think WLAN card replacement is necessary.

Have you checked all WLAN settings and tested WLAN functionality with your new FritzBox 7390?

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The wifi card died in my toshiba satellite earlier this week, its out of warranty and the toshiba shop wants $200 to replace it with a standard 2.4ghz card.

I have been looking at upgrading it to a 5ghz capable card anyway.
I have found a card which looks good.
I am wondering if my laptop will support it?

The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite L500-o1u012 and the old card was a Realtek RTL8191SE Wirelss LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC half size mini pcie card.

Answer:New WLan card for Satellite L500-01u012

The description says:

+Killer Wireless-N 1103 adapters support dual bands (2.4 GHz and 5GHz), 3-Stream MIMO and IEEE standards-based 802.11a/b/g/n in a half-size mini-PCIe form factor.+

So it?s a mini-PCI card and in my opinion, the WLan card should be compatible? theoretically?

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Should my WLAN indicator be glowing orange on my new laptop? Nothing in the manual tells me what colour it should be, but my instincts naturally assume that it should be green like the other indicators. The wireless connection is fine to the netrouter, but I would like assurance that this is OK.



Answer:WLAN led indicator on Satellite L500 is glowing orange - is this OK?

Yes, my WLan led is shining orange too and my notebook is Satellite U400.
I assume is ok because there are no different led colors which could provide different WLan status? either it?s on or off?

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Hi there,

i recently acquired this laptop, and i installed win7 64 bits prof. The first problem was that wireless card was not installed, but i go to toshib website and downloaded the new one, next to that i can't activate the card with the fn + f8 key, thats the only way to activate the card,

i already downloaded some drivers and utilities and i can't activate the card, the hotkey don't work and there's not another switch, software won't work either

Any help will be welcome

Answer:Satellite L500-13W: How to switch on Wlan with Win 7 - hotkeys don't work


Hmm?. the Win 7 drivers are not released yet? but I found some beta drives on the Toshiba US page:

Maybe you will find some Win 7 drivers for L500/505 series?

Otherwise I would recommend to check if you could enable the WLan in device manager -> Wlan card properties -> Advanced tab?

There are some additional options? maybe the Wlan On/Off would be there too.

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The Windows 7 RC's device manager doesn't recognize my Wireless Network Adaptater (e.g. : Atheros, Intel, or Realtek). I tried to install all the drivers from Toshiba support, but none of them work :

After installation, they ask me to plug the device on my computer (of course it is yet on the mainboard !).

=> Is there a way to know what is my Wifi adaptater ?

that one failed : (it's only say "network adaptateur" with a yellow exclamation mark).

=> Does anybody know when Windows 7 Drivers will be released on the website ?

Answer:Satellite L500 13z - Windows 7 doesn't recognize WLAN adapter


Before you start to install all WLAN drivers that you can find on the Toshiba website you should make sure that WLAN card you have exactly. You can check this in device manager => properties => Details of WLAN card.
There you should an information like PCI\VEN_XXXX & DEV_XXXX

If you have founded this information you search with these terms on this website to determine the exact WLAN card:

After this you can download the correct driver for your notebook. Before you install it you should uninstall all other versions and restart the notebook.
Make also sure that WLAN is enabled with the hardware switch and FN+F8.


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I have updatet my Toshiba Satellite L500-20X to Windows 8.
Unfortunately, since this update my WLAN Switch no longer works. All function keys work to F7, only F8 (WLAN switch) and F9 (touchpad) no longer work.

What can I do?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

Answer:Satellite L500-20X - WLAN switch doesn't work after Windows 8 Upgrade

Satellite L500 is not Win 8 upgrade supported? so I think the problem is a missing driver or software?

As far as I know in order to use the FN buttons the Value Added Package for Win 8 needs to be installed.
Check other driver area for Toshiba notebook series supporting the Win 8.
Maybe you could use the VAP released for other series.

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Hi All!

I have noticed that Intel have released new drivers for their 4500MHD graphic card, however, the one's released on Toshiba's site for my Satellite L500-1KK are older and are never updated as frequently as those released on Intel's site, my questions are:

1. Is it safe to use the new drivers from Intel for their chipset or should I stick to the ones released by Toshiba?
2. What possible differences are there between these Intel drivers and Toshiba's? ?:|

Thanks all!

Answer:Satellite L500-1KK - Which driver to use?


You see, dude, If everything works fine don't touch the system with any driver update. I still run my laptop with the old drivers and satisfied.

> 1. Is it safe to use the new drivers from Intel for their chipset or should I stick to the ones released by Toshiba?

Yes, you can use intel chipset drivers and shouldn't be worry :)

> What possible differences are there between these Intel drivers and Toshiba's??

As I know, they are pretesed by Toshiba.

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Where can I get the driver for the FN key?

Answer:Re: Satellite L500-1XZ - Where to get FN key driver?


You can download all drivers and tools here: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

You need Value Added Package and Flash Cards Support Utility.

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Hi, I have reinstalled my OS Windows 7.

I have already got some drivers in the download section but I cant find the driver for FN keys. They all work although without displaying the control bar in the upper part of the screen which I don't mind at all - but with one exception: the Wifi on/off toggle. And that is why I need the software which I hope will solve the problem.

Does anyone know what driver it is and tell me the name or post a link to download it?
Thanks, Josef

Answer:Need a specific driver for Satellite L500 11V

Hello Josef

FN functionality is controlled by Flash card utility and it is part of Toshiba Value Added Package.
Have you already installed this package?

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Hey guys,

I need some help in form of find the right Driver. My graphic card is a: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 and I have the Satellite L500 120 PSLJ3E
I need to have the Driver for my ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 but I cant find the right one....
Can someone help me maybe?

Is this the right side for the driver? when yes wich driver is it?
[URL] erOS=&action=&selCategory=2&selFamily=2&selSeries= 178&selProduct=857&selShortMod=890&selOS=26&selTyp e=all&country=12&language=17&search=

hope someone could help me fast....


Answer:Satellite L500-120 - Where can I get the display driver?


You can get all drivers on the Toshiba website for your notebook. I have checked this and the website show a new driver for your graphic card.

Check this: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

If you search for Satellite L500 and PSLJ3E you will find the right one. ;)

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Hi All,

Ive been pulling my hair out trying to reinstall a driver that i accidentally uninstalled during a system clean up.
It relates to the 'modem device on high definition audio bus' which now appears as a ?! under the device manager. It is also seems to be interfering with my web browsers.
Ive been into the Toshiba sites and download and installed the modem device and realtek audio drivers, nothing seems to work.

Im a part time computer user so any friendly advice is welcome



Answer:Satellite Pro L500 with WXP: reinstalling driver

If uninstalling and reinstalling those drivers doesn't work then the next step is to do a System Restore to restore the registry back to a previous date.

If that doesn't work, then Windows may be corrupted beyond repair. You may need to backup your important data and run Recovery to restore Windows back to it's factory state.

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okay so i got this Toshiba Satellite L500 with Intel.. its installed with Windows Vista Home Premium....

The first trouble i had with it was that the Toshiba programms stoped working and reformating the drive and reinstalling it then i "solved" that part....

The second now is that RUNDLL32.exe stops working after the pc has started up complety and the computer stops responding or gets slow...
I tryed to format the drive but the problems still occures.. .plus the toshiba programms are faulty...

After the reaserch i have done its seems to have occures from Vista so i asked myself to upgrade to windows 7 and then i also got some questions: ?:|

1.Is it possible to get all the Toshiba programms on windows 7, flash cars,webcamera etc

2.Does windows 7 run all the programms vista does?

3.Is it so great i heard?

THANK YOU! for your help i really do need some help...thank you :8}

Answer:Satellite L500 - Can I get all Win 7 driver and tools?


I don?t know why you have software issue with the preinstalled Vista OS but my Toshiba tools and utilities work fine! One time the control buttons stopped working but I could fix it installing the VAP again.

Back to your question:
Yes, you can get all Win 7 drivers and tools for the L500 series. Why not?
If you would take a look on the Toshiba page then you would find all the stuff for download!!!

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Laptop: Satellite L500
Part Number: PSLS9A-025012
Screen: LG Flatron E2350V, using a HDMI cable

Operating system: Clean install to Windows 8.1

Screen shows a 1cm black band round the edge of the "window".
According to various web searches, it is something to do with the OS thinking I am using a TV instead of a monitor.
I need to update drivers etc.

WHERE are the drivers for 8.1 for an L500?
I looked at the 8.1 update page, but the L500 is not listed.

Answer:Driver updates for Satellite L500

> WHERE are the drivers for 8.1 for an L500?
You must check if your notebook model is supported for Win8 or not. Please visit and check Toshiba Compatibility Matrix

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Hi, I have a Toshiba Satellite L500-22R with a ATI Mobiliti Radeon HD 5145.

I want to install new drivers for my card, but Toshiba doesn?t upgrade the driver since 2009 (version 8.653.0.0) and the oficial driver version for ATI is 13.1. The problem is that i can install from AMD page because there is a compatibility problem with hardware.

Someone can help me? I want to upgrade my driver version and i can?t understand this situation.

Answer:Satellite L500-22R - ATI driver upgrade


Here is a AMD page providing this info:

+The following notebooks *are not compatible* with this release:+
+? Any notebook launched after this driver release+
+? Toshiba notebooks (please contact the notebook OEM for driver support for these notebooks)+
+? Sony VAIO notebooks (please contact the notebook OEM for driver support for these notebooks)+
+? Panasonic notebooks (please contact the notebook OEM for driver support for these notebooks)+

In some cases its possible to install such driver but you will have to do that manually from device manager. There you have to click on graphic card, have to choose the Advanced installation procedure which helps you to point to the driver folder which you downloaded from the AMD page. The driver folder should contain dll and ini files. Such files are needed for driver update.

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I would like to ask for your help in the following problem:

I bought a Satellite L500-14F (PLSJTE) and I would like to use it with windows XP, but I failed to get the sound driver.

I would really appreciate your help!

Answer:Satellite L500-14F - Need sound driver for XP


The Satellite L500 doesn?t support Windows XP so you have to search on external websites for drivers.

In your case I would search on the manufactures website of the sound chip. Normally there you can also download the sound driver.

And don?t forget to install SP3 before you install the sound driver. SP3 contains 2 Hotfixes for High Definition Audio cards and you will need it!!!

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Hi !

Im looking for best gpu driver for my ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500 series

Drivers which AMD offers right now are super bad and driver which is connected with my model on toshiba website seems slow too. The best one i saw is the microsoft driver WDDM 1.1.

If you mind telling me is there any better driver for my GPU than the ones listed above?

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Has anyone managed to install xp64 on a satellite l500-1dt.

I'm trying to get it to dual boot with windows 7 (installed first).
Have installed xp but missing wlan drivers amongst others.

The wlan chip/card is the RTL8187B.
There are drivers on both toshiba and realtek website apparently for xp but they don;t seem to work with xp64.

Anyone have any words of wisdom?

Answer:Driver XP64bit for Satellite L500-1DT required


You are right? the WLan card is from Realtek and the chip should be RTL8187B.

What to say buddy? the Win XP 64bit was not so popular like Win XP and most manufacturers didn?t release any Win XP 64bit drivers?

You last chance is google?
You should google for Win XP 64bit RTL8187B drivers?
Maybe you will be successful? I keep finger crossed?

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On AMD Website stand's this Information about AMD Catalyst software suite 13.1:

The following notebooks are not compatible with this release:
?Toshiba notebooks (please contact the notebook OEM for driver support for these notebooks)

Can nevertheless use the Version?

When does the Toshiba update come?

Thanks for any answer!

Answer:Satellite L500-19E: Can I use AMD Radeon Catalyst 13.1 driver?

> Can nevertheless use the Version?
You can install it but the usage is your own risk.
From my knowledge the Toshiba drivers are modified and designed for mobile usage.

> When does the Toshiba update come?
I noticed that Toshiba release the new notebook models very often and the drivers will be released for such new series. So in cases the new notebook model uses the same ATI graphic series, you could use the same driver.

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My problem is that I'm looking for new drivers for the ATI Radeon HD 5165. When I install # 1, these drivers do not work just do not see any results of work. These drivers seem to be old and some games just do not work on them.

Thanks for your help.

Answer:Satellite L500-1Q9 - Update for display driver


Is it really a display driver issue that you need a new version? If you need a newer display driver for games you should update the DirectX version first and have a look if the game is compatible to your graphic card.

If you can?t find a newer display driver for Satellite L500 check other notebook specifications. Other models like Satellite L650 also have an AMD graphic card and there you should find a newer version. :)

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I have a new Satellite L500.
I have installed XP and i don't find display drivers.
Display is an ati mobility radeon hd 4500.

I only found drivers for vista.
Did someone find that xp drivers?

Answer:Satellite L500 with XP - Where to find display driver


You are right. The Toshiba European driver page does not provide any Win XP drivers for this notebook yet.

But I think you should not worry? many notebooks are equipped with the same GPU chip.
I recommend checking the previous Toshiba notebooks series and trying to install such driver.

In worst case you will have to google a little bit for a Win XP ATI mobility Radeon HD 4500 driver.

If you will find such driver then you could install it in device manger using the Advanced installation procedure. This will help you to point to the driver files which you have downloaded and stored on the HDD. This installation works nearly everytime?

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I have a Satellite Pro L 500 with Windows Vista but I?m unable to connect to the internet wireless.

I know that the problem is that there is no wireless driver installed. I?ve tried to update it from the device manager but it doesn't work.

What else can I do ?

Answer:How to install wireless driver on Satellite Pro L500?

I don?t know which model do you have exactly (L500-xxx) and cannot say which driver do you need exactly but latest WLAN drivers you can download from Toshiba WLAN portal -

Check it out.

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I bought my notebook last year from Turkey ;

First I have very important Keyboard ( delay issue ) abd Graphic card issue.

My graphic card supposed to be an ATI RADEON HD 5145.
I try to download drom toshiba web site, it has also no suitable driver for my notebook .

Then i tried to recognize my notebook with downloading pc-recognize program so maybe i just picked wrong model of notebook . The PROGRAM that i installed did not RECOGNIZE my notebook !!!!!!

*It means , Toshiba didn't recognize it's own notebook model !*

I updated my driver from Windows Update , but windows update just recognized my graphic card as HD 4500 ?? and always it gives me blue screen now. !

If Toshiba does not want to support my notebook why they not making announcement for that issue ?

Answer:Satellite L500-1UU: What graphic card driver can I use?


As far as I know this notebook is equipped with the ATI Mobility Radeon? HD 5145.

Here are the details:
[Satellite L500-1UU Part Number: PSLS9E-01N00DG3|]

Not sure why your Win 7 recognize the card as HD 4500 but I recommend checking this in DirectX
In RUN (or search) type DXDIAG and check what info would be available for this GPU.

The graphic card driver?s ini file contains more graphic card chip model numbers so the same driver is compatible with different graphic chips!

Be sure that you have downloaded the right version Display Driver v 8.653 (32bit or 64bit)

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My notebook has not modem/fax analogic. Because I need send fax, please send us factory and model *WIN7 driver compatibile* for send fax.


Answer:Satellite Pro L500 - Need modem/fax driver for Windows 7


For sending a fax the modem must be installed properly and therefore you can find the driver on the Toshiba website: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

There you can download the modem driver for Windows 7 32bit and Windows 7 64bit. :)


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Just reformatted laptop, went from windows 7 64 Bit to windows 7 32 bit. Reformatted with the disk which came with the laptop. I have no sound at all, the sound was working perfectly before and it keeps saying i have no sound card. I tried to install the sound drivers but i can't find the right ones on the site with my model.

I have a Satelite L500-1DT with PSLSOE model.

Tried to install the drivers available and i just get an application error once its installing

any idea how to fix or where to find the right drivers?


Answer:Satellite L500-1DT - Where to find sound driver?

Hi buddy,

To be honest I don?t know what problems you have with the sound driver but that?s the correct place for all drivers: > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers
Notebook > Satellite > Satellite L Series > Satellite L500 > PSLS0E

But before you install the latest version, remove the current version firstly and clean the registry using CCleaner

Check this!!!

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Hi all,

I'm newly joined here in the forum and I am looking for a sound driver for my Satellite L500-1EJ model laptop which I bought last year here in Doha.

I am really surprised that the model number is not available in Toshiba driver download website!! ??

Can anyone help me please?? I am using Windows XP, service pack 2 now.


Answer:Satellite L500-1EJ - Looking for Windows XP sound driver

Hi shihabuhashim,

Why is the model number not available on Toshiba website? Where have you searched?

I have checked the Toshiba website and I can find it: > Support & Downloads > Download drivers
Notebook > Satellite > Satellite L Series > Satellite L500 > PSLS0E > Windows XP
(Satellite L500-1EJ belongs to PSLS0E series)

Now download the sound driver that you need but it?s recommendable installing Service Pack 3 before you start with driver installation because it contains important updates.

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had complete hard disk failure, no recovery cd's had been created, reloaded windows 7, looked up and downloaded drivers from Toshiba, BUT there are only two video drivers listed, amd and Intel both marked "for supported model only" its an Intel machine so I tried the Intel driver but it doesn?t install, it just closes, which I gather if the matching hardware is not found is the default action for these drivers.

However I am stuck with "standard VGA graphics Adapter" all the other drivers loaded perfectly, ( I installed the Intel chipset driver first and rebooted, so it should be ok but it?s not)

Any ideas?


Answer:Satellite L500 - cannot install Intel video driver

Which Satellite L500 do you have exactly (L500-xxx)?
Do you use 32 or 64 bit OS?

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I can't install the drivers for my graphic card on my computer. It's a satellite L500-1C7.
You can see her configuration here :
fabricant : Intel
model: Mobile Intel GMA 4500M

On the intel's website, they said to download the drivers on toshiba's website but here the drivers doesn't install.
During installation a message saying:

"Ce syst?me ne poss?de pas la configuration minimale requise pour l?installation du logiciel. Le programme d?installation va s?arr?ter."

I could traduct it by "the system doesn't have the minimal configuration requiered for the program's installation. The installaion program is going to stop.
I've download this drivers :
Chip Set Utility
Intel Windows 7 - 64 Bit World Wide

I'm sure this is the good drivers, so what could i do in order to install this drivers what i need?

Sorry for my bad english !

Answer:Satellite L500-1C7 Cannot install Intel graphic driver

Generally speaking it is always recommended to use Toshiba drivers only. Toshiba drivers are tested and adapted to work with graphic card placed in notebook. There is also ?mechanism? to protect graphic card from overheating and damaging.

If you check this forum you will find many users with same problem. graphic card manufacturers write on own download pages that for mobile PCs it is strictly recommended to use drivers from notebook manufacturer.

I believe you think it is good driver but do you also think that Toshiba?s driver is not good or not good enough?

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Hi All,

I have a new Toshiba Satellite L500-1EV and I use Windows XP SP2.

I can not found driver for "Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus"

Please, help!

Thanks in advanced.

Answer:Satellite L500-1EV - Need driver for high definition audio bus


You only need the sound driver for your notebook and that?s all!
Did you install this driver already?

Before you can install sound driver for high definition audio cards you have to install two Hotfixes firstly:

Don?t forget to use the forum search! You will find interesting threads! ;)

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I need the update for the Toshiba L500-1CQ graphics card driver. I cannot find it anywhere I tried on one of the toshiba websites to find it but they didn't have the 1CQ series.

So please I really need this driver update.

Answer:Satellite L500-1CQ - graphics card driver upgrade

But they should have PSLS0E model.
Check it again please.

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I have a Satellite L500 - 19X and an Deskjet F4500 printer.

Recently had problems printing & the printer icon had disappeared from the devices & printers window of the control panel. Deleted all the programs & reinstalled the printer from the original CD.

Printer is now working fine & Icon has reappeared. However Laptop Icon on devices & printers window shows yellow warning triangle & says Laptop needs troubleshooting.

When I do this it says printer driver not installed, apply fix. When I try this it says device not successfully installed no driver found.

Surely the driver must be installed as the printer is working fine.

How can I get rid of the indication that the Laptop needs troubleshooting?

Any help would be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite L500 - message: Printer Driver not installed

In the whole story I see one problem: Toshiba doesn?t support third part hardware and software so when you have such problems you must contact HP support and clarify this with them.
HP has created this software and they know what to do in such situation.

If you have problem with notebook ports or anything else than you are on the right place here.

All we can say here is to remove preinstalled software, clean up the registry and install it again.

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I bought a Satellite L300D without OS cause I've a vista home premium 64-bit.
I was a little bit astonished that no driver disc was delivered.

Okay - I found the driver download page for this laptop ( and a wlan driver from Realtek was offered (I believe this is THE driver - rest could be downloaded directly from the laptop - if it would work...) .

In the appr. WLAN knowledge base I should refer to a How-to-built.xxxx to find out the correct wlan hardware of the laptop. But I couldn't find this doc....
Okay - so I installed from CD (or better: I tried) after download - run the setup of the realtek semiconductor - but nothing happens. The LED of wlan is still orange (I believe should be green). Device manager of Vista tells me no unknown device - shows really nothing.

After booting the system tells me, that Ethernet controller is missing. Pls insert driver etc......

So now my questions:
Does anyone know which wlan driver I do have to download for this laptop?
Or did I make something wrong?
Is there a collection of all needed drivers for this laptop?
And at least: Is this correct, that no drivers were delivered (carton was sealed by Toshiba)?

Please advise - thx in advance

rgds toelle

Answer:Satellite L300D/PSLCGE: Driver, esp. WLAN-Driver

Hello - I found out the following: Vice versa the description I downloaded the atheros driver and it works. Once having a connection - things are easy....except th e driver for the FN-Keys. Which one is it (Name? description?).

rgds toelle

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My DVD player is not working.

There is power to it. The motor fires up when I eject and reinsert it. The Control Panel Troubleshooting for Hardware and Devices says it is a driver problem but cannot fix it. Problem with driver.

I have reinstalled it from Toshiba site.
Is it saving to the correct place?
I'm running Windows 7 64 Bit and chose the correct driver for this.

Should I be using the 64bit?
I only have 3MB RAM which was the spec when bought.

If I wanted to change to the 32bit how do you do it without the CD/DVD player?
Is there any point in doing this?



Answer:Satellite L500-1CQ PSLS0E - CD/DVD drive does not work - Driver problem?


To be honest I?m a little bit confused.
Are you not able to boot from ANY disks; Windows disk, recover disk, Linux disk???

If it?s the case, then this means that you CD/DVD drive is faulty.
Why? Because CD/DVD drive is recognized and controlled by BIOS while booting from CD or DVD.

When Windows operating system has booted up, then the CD/DVD drive should use the common Microsoft driver which is a part of the Windows OS.
This means that you don?t need to install ANY drivers in order to get the CD/DVD working.

If you can boot from any disk but if the CD/DVD drive is not recognized in MY Computer, then I recommend checking this:

Before you would delete the upper and lower filters from the registry, delete the CD/DVD drive from device manager and then go to registry and remove filters. Then reboot the unit.

Good luck

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I have Satellite L500-13W and install Windows 7 32bit. I download all drivers.

Which installation order for my model?

Answer:Satellite L500-13W - Which driver installation order on Windows 7 32bit?

Install the Chipset Driver first, then the Display Driver, then the Toshiba Value Added Package. The order of the rest of the drivers are not too important.

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I have upgraded my laptop L500 pslkoa-00r009 to windows 7 and i now cannot acess the internet its showing that i have no driver for my network controller i can not find the driver to download

Where do i download the driver??
Is this all i am going to have to do to fix this ??

thanks in advanc e


Answer:Satellite L500 pslkoa - Network controller driver missing


try to install this lan driver:

wlan driver:

You can also make a search yourself:

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i have a concern regarding an error in my pc ......

the error is "display driver stopped responding and has recovered"

i had been reinstelled the windows as well as search for apdated inter display driver

but i didnt work .....

i appreciate for any advice and instruction regarding this problem....

thank you very much

Answer:Satellite L500 - display driver stopped responding and has recovered

Something like this happen on my machine but not so often, mostly when I want to see some video content in browser.
The reason why this happen is not known to me but I don't care about it until driver is recovered and I can use my machine as usual.

Have you noticed if there is some special situation when this happen?
Does t happen pretty often or just from time to time?

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I?m unable to start wireless. I tried different drivers, but fail to make it work.
OS: Win 7 32 bit. Can you give me a link please?

+Message was edited: posting has been translated+

Answer:Need WLAN driver for Satellite C55 A-146

I don?t know which operating system do you use but drivers for your notebook model you can find on

Check it out.

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Hi all,

I can't install Windows 7 RC.
I've a Satellite M70 but i can't find a working driver for network adapter or wlan so' i can't connect to windows update to take the others missing drievers too.

I tried the Vista drivers but don't work. I try on but i can't find anything that works

Help please:(




Answer:Satellite M70: Need LAN & WLan driver for Win 7 RC

The Win 7 is not released as final version and therefore you will not find any Win 7 drivers. In most cases you have to search and test?

The LAN chip seems to be one from Realtek therefore you should search for Realtek LAN driver? maybe the driver from the Realtek page would work.

The Wlan chip should be a Atheros one? therefore search for WLan Atheros WLan driver which could be compatible with Win 7.

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What Wlan Driver i need for the M70-256?
With the Atheros or Intel Driver i get the Error "no Device"


Answer:Need WLAN driver for Satellite M70-256

hi Homerz,
i guess there should be a intel wlan card in it...

but if you get this error message (using the driver provided at the toshiba download site)
there are some more options what could had happend:
- wlan card was taken out (check if it still in place)
- card is defective (get a new one)
- you are using a reference driver and not the one from toshiba
- you use the wrong driver (intel isnt intel)
- you switch off wlan with the manual switch (does the wlan led light up?)
- hotkey installed? (make sure that the hotkeys are installed) test fn+F8 to aktivate wlan
- config free is installed and you are connected to lan by wire

goto the device manager, deinstall all wlan cards, reboot, let the system determine which card is used, ....

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I format my computer so my drivers has gone and I don't have the installation CD.
I can't connect to the internet using Wi-Fi connection. I guess I need a driver for that. I searched the net and found none.

Where can I find my driver?


Answer:Need WLAN driver for my Satellite A60-122

I am really wondering where you have searched the driver because driver is listed for Satellite A60 on Toshiba support page under > Support & Downloads.

Check it out!

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Hi. I have had to have my notebook rebooted, I have managed to get all the drivers back apart from the wireless LAN driver.
I have looked on the Toshiba website and cant find the driver on here.

Before the reboot the notebook was wireless now there is nothing wireless on here.

Please could someone help or have any idea what?s gone wrong.

Thanks hayley

Answer:Satellite L20-217 - Need WLAN driver


Your posting is a little bit confusing but for WLAN drivers you should also look on the Toshiba WLAN driver portal:


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After upgrading the wlan drivers from intel to version for the 3945abg chip, I sometimes lose visibilityto all wifi access points after wakeup from standby. The laptop is running XP. Losing wifi access is a nasty problem because it occurs intermittently after opening the laptop from standby mode. The only way to recover seems to be a reboot for now.  ( i tried switching the radio on and off, switching to havingWindows manage wifi, logoff and logon, that all does not fix the problem). I have reported the problem to Intel techsupport as well. Sounds to me there is a small bug in which prevents the drivers from seeing any Wifi access pointat all after waking up from standby. Any suggestions?Thanks for your help.  

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External eSATA disk drive works with original driver and/or Intel Storrage driver not. Deinstallation and use of the Microsoft drivers repairs the Problem (Windows 7).

Imitation on your own risk!


Answer:Satellite L500-19E - External eSATA disk drive works with original driver

Thanks for the tip. :)

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I've just installed Toshiba Satellite P850. Could anyone help me how to find submodel after dash, for example Toshiba Satellite P850- *****. I need that to download wireless driver.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Need WLAN driver for my Satellite P850

You can download WLAN driver from
You must just know which WLAN card is inside.

If you send full model name we can help you.

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for first, I would like to sorry for my bad English. I come from Slovenia.

I have this notebook (Satellite L300-17L). I have installed on my disk Vista and XP Pro SP2. Which drivers I need to install for Windows XP? Because my WiFi won't work. In Vista it works fine, but in Xp does not work fine.

Can you help me please?



Answer:Need WXP WLAN driver for my Satellite L300-17L

Hi Mario,

my suggestion would be to check your regional Toshiba drivers website (i.e. Toshiba Europe) for the specific drivers for your system (Windows XP drivers). then whilst running WXP, install these drivers for your WiFi and any other problem areas. this should work.


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Hi all

I hope somebody can help.
I have a Sat. Pro A100-570 (psaa2e). I had to wipe the machine .So I put on Windows Xp.
Got all the missing drivers from the support site but I cannot seem to find the right wireless driver .

There are 2 on the support site which I downloaded but did not work.
Any help would be greatful.


Answer:Need right WLAN driver for Satellite Pro A100

According notebook specification your notebook has Atheros WLAN card.
The driver must be available on
As I can see there is Atheros driver for WXP available. It is version

Download driver end start extraction procedure. Let the downloaded TC00147200C.exe file extract all driver files in some TEST folder on desktop.
After file extraction open this folder and you will find inside folder called XPDrv. Open it and start setup.exe from there.
Can you install the driver with this setup.exe file?

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I just bought this notebook and I have deleted Vista and installed Windows XP. Since them, I cannot use my wireless LAN.

Does anybody know, which wireless LAN chip is on board and where I can find the driver.

Answer:Satellite L40: Need WLAN driver for Windows XP


The Sat L40 must be a new series and not very long on the market because I didn?t find any XP drivers for this notebook.
But I found out that some of the L40 units were delivered with a Atheros Wlan card.

Toshiba provides a useful WLan information portal. There you can also find the newest WLan drivers:

Try to install the drivers from the site above.
It seems these are the newest available Wlan driver versions for Intel and Atheros cards.

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First off all hello to all.

I'm writing because I format my laptop and now I am trying to put the drivers on my laptop again.

The downloads from Toshiba site are very slow, I tried in more than 1 computer and very, very slow. Is something happening? There is another possibility for me.

Prob 1:
I try to search for the WLAN drivers but the only driver that Toshiba site gives me is the Atheros, but I try to installed and nothing, could anyone help me and say what is the right driver?

For the sound driver, do I need to download the virtual sound driver, or only the sound driver from the Toshiba site?

Thanks in advanced,
Nuno Quitrio

Answer:Satellite M70: Need sound and WLan driver

First of all you should check your notebook series and should choose the right one because there are two different M70 series.

Regarding the point 1:
Either your notebook uses the Atheros Wlan card or and Intel card.
Both Wlan driver can be downloaded also from the Toshiba WLan portal:

Regarding the point 2:
The virtual sound is not necessary to get the sound on the notebook. You can install the virtual sound but the sound driver is more important.


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I hope that you all can help me.
I bought recently a Toshiba Satellite S50-B-126
It was with windows 8.1 BUT i installed windows 7 on it.

My question now is which Wireles Lann driver i have to install.

I hope you can help me.

Thank you very much,


Answer:Need Win7 WLAN driver for my Satellite S50-B-126


I?ve checked Toshiba download page and your notebook is fully supported for Win7 64bit so I presume you didn?t have some problems to install offered drivers, tools and utilities.
I?ve checked notebook specification and find out that your notebook has Intel WLAN card inside so please download offered Intel WLAN driver.

You can find it here

If possible post us some feedback how Win7 runs on your machine.
I also hope you have created recovery disc before you have installed Win7 on this new Satellite machine.

Good luck.

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I have just downgraded my Laptop to Xp from Vista and have lost all the wireless drivers. Have tried looking but cannot seem to find them.

Where can I download them from and if there are none for this operating system then can the orginal vista ones be used?


Answer:Need XP WLAN driver for Satellite L300D


you can find alle drivers on => Support & Download =>Download Drivers

I searched for Windows XP drivers for your Satellite L300D and found them.

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I`ve got the p20-304 Notebook and can only handle WEP based wlan connections.

Now i want tu update the driver withe hope to work with wpa or wpa2 afterwords.
No i looked into the driver base and found drivers for atheros, Intel or Realtek,
I look into the drivermanager from Windows XP and there is a driver from Agere for a Toshiba wlan mini pci card

What kind of driver is this or how can i update this one?
Is one of the drivers in the Archive from Intel, Atheros or Realtek compatible with my driver ?!
What can i do to connect via Wlan ??

wbr Daniel

Answer:Updating of Wlan Driver for Satellite P20-304 possible?

> I`ve got the p20-304 Notebook and can only handle WEP based wlan connections.
> Now i want tu update the driver withe hope to work with wpa or wpa2 afterwards.

Listen buddy?. The WLan encryption is related to the WLan card and not to the WLan car driver? It?s a hardware limitation if another WLan encryption is not supported!
WLan driver update will not help you and will not enable other encryptions!

If you need another encryption then I recommend an external solution like a USB WLan stick.

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Have just bought a Satellite L300-11V from Currys and can?t connect it to wireless in House.

My old laptop does it perfectly. I just searched in Google and it appears Toshiba have been shipping laptops without the appropriate drivers installed.
Can someone help me? I don?t understand drivers and am doing to take this back to currys for a refund and buy another brand if this can?t be fixed quickly.

Toshiba technical helpline is 1.50 a minute and I can?t afford to pay when the fault is one of Toshibas own making. Would rather take it back for full returned is there anything I can do to activate the wireless driver?

Any help greatly, greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Answer:WLAN driver for Satellite L300-11V

Can someone give me step by step instructions please?

So I can find out what is missing ? some people say make a factory reset but the machine didn?t come with a disc.
Other say search the drivers but I don?t know how and can?t get the machine online anyway in this current state.

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I've just installed Windows XP in my laptop, and installed all toshiba drivers. The problem is that the wireless LAN drivers don't seem to do anything, because it still doesn't recognise the wireless LAN card.
I've tried installing Atheros drivers, Realtek an Intel but got no luck.

Windows XP actually throws one of those 'New Hardware Installer' but can't find any drivers.

Any ideas why does this happens?


Answer:Satellite A300-1ID - Need XP WLan driver

Hi mate,

could you please go into the "Device Manager" then click on the device with the exclamation mark and check under the tab "Details" the point "Device Instance ID"?

Please post this entry here and maybe we can find out which card is installed. If you would like to do it on your own then just write this entry or just till the second slash into google and youŽll maybe find out which network device is installed..


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My LAN have suddently stop working.

I tried to uninstall driver and install new one from the website but it didn't work. Both LAN and wireless didn't work.
When I tried to install the driver, a message said it found the right driver but the file is missing. Also, there was a message when I restart: install protocol driver.

Anyone could help me please? I'm trying to solve this for 3 days.

Thank you! :)

Answer:Satellite A200 - Can't install a driver for LAN and WLAN


First of all you should tell us what Satellite A notebook you have exaclty and what OS do you use.

Furthermore can you please explain what you mean with your LAN and WLAN didn?t work? Do you have yellow exclamation marks in device manager or can you connect to the router?

I always download newer drivers on the Toshiba website. Did you do this too? => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

Before you install a new driver you should remove the old version first. Then restart the notebook and now you can install the newest version from the Toshiba website.


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I have just installed windows 7 on my Toshiba laptop (PSPB3C-LD803C and I cannot find the wifi drivers for the laptop as it was originally installed with Windows Vista. Does anyone know where i can get the wifi drivers for Atheros CJ6PA3613WL?

Any help here on this is greatly appreciated.

Failing finding the drivers where can i get windows Vista to install the original windows as i have the serial Number on the bottom of the PC.


Answer:Need Win7 WLAN driver for my Satellite P200-LD3

Check please Toshiba WLAN portal on
You should be able to find it there.

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I need a wireless lan driver for winxp
Satellite Pro L40 PSL43E
i can't find any.

or what must i do that my wlan works with winxp?



Answer:Satellite Pro L40 PSL43E wlan driver for winxp

I think the notebook supports the Atheros 11b/g WLan card so you will need to install the Atheros Wlan driver.

Check this Toshiba WLan portal:

Best regards

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it comes to the above laptop.
I have reinstalled Windows and then I get up and gradually all the drivers.
The only thing that is not working now is the WLAN.
As my device manager shows me that you can see hope in the screenshot I've appended.

Have a driver found by Intel which has also been installed. The program says that everything is installed and working.
But that does not change the, the device manager standing, Ethernet controllers.

Oh, and the hardware switch for the Wi-Fi I have to, of course.

Can you help me?

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I have put Windows Xp on Toshiba Sattelite Pro L450D Laptop with drivers....The only driver i`m not 100% about is the Wlan driver for xp so I can use it wireless...
Could someone please send me the correct link please....I`m using a driver now but i keep losing connection now and again....
What wlan card would be in this laptop as well....Thanks in advance...

Answer:Satellite Pro L450D -Need correct WLAN Driver for XP

WLAN drivers you can download from Toshiba WLAN portal -
I cannot help you with WLAN card identification f you don?t send exact model name (L450D-xxx).

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I bought a new Satellite C55-B1063 Part Number: PSKT6V-01100HAR, am using windows 7 ? 64 bit.

I am facing a problem in downloading wireless adapter, the download button is not working, can you please help on this regards.

Am using link, after select the filter feildes then cleck search button, rows retrieved correctly but when you try to download by click on download button it is not working.

Bashar Khoury

Answer:Cannot download WLAN driver for Satellite C55-B1063

You are right about download buttons. It is really strange.
Can you please tell us which WLAN card is inside (manufacturer) so we can try to find it on European download page.

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Hi all,

In traditional fashion, I've joined the forum because I have an issue but was unable to find a helpful solution.

I have a Satellite T110-11U that I purchased years ago while in the UK. As I'm about to upgrade I'm preparing it to give to a friend who currently has nothing.

The original HHD gave out a while ago forcing to fit new and load Win7 64bit independently. I'd like to say I have the reload disks but they never worked!

I've loaded up all the latest drivers but the WLAN driver doesn't work. Toshiba's website says I need an Intel driver (wlesslan-20150928095045) but I'm pretty sure it's a realtech interface.

I've connected the laptop to the internet via the LAN interface and done a search through device manager. Nothing. Still shows up 'other devices'.

Can anyone share a link to the driver I need or offer any handy but not too technical hints as to what I can do.



Answer:Satellite T110-11U Won't Locate WLAN Driver


I eventually found it here:

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I have satellite L300-254 pslbge notebook and have problems with drivers. This computer was emty (no recovery or drivers disc) then i bought it.

I installed Win XP SP 2 with disabling AHCI. Instaled Common Modules, Chip Set Utility, and when i try installing Controls drivers ( for Fn keys). It says that i haven't installed Common Modules.

Tried installing Wlan drivers (realtek, but i dont know if wlan hardware is realtek), but in device manager its not recognised (? ethernet controller), Lan works good.

So please help me with wlan and Fn keys problems

Answer:Re: Satellite L300-254 - Need Win XP driver for WLan and FN keys

Hi buddy!

I?m using a Satellite L300 too with XP and I can?t notice any problems. It runs properly and the Toshiba website shows all drivers and tools for it.

However, first all you should make sure that you have installed all drivers for your notebook. The Toshiba website shows only Realtek driver for WLAN so I assume you have Realtek WLAN card. Can you run the setup.exe to install the drivers or you get an error message?
If you are not sure, you can also check what WLAN card you have on this website :
The vendor and device ID you can see in device manager => Properties of WLAN card.

About the Toshiba tools for FN keys I can only say that you have to install Common Modules first and then all other Toshiba applications. Common Modules are necessary to get all Toshiba applications working. So remove all installed Toshiba tools and use this installation order that I have used successfully on my Satellite L300:
Toshiba Common Modules
Toshiba Hotkey Utility
Toshiba Touchpad ON/OFF Utility
Toshiba Utilities
Toshiba Controls
Toshiba Power Saver (not necessary, but very nice tool).

I hope I could help you a little bit.


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Cannot find a wifi driver for my C850-1d2 PSCBWE

PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_8723 & SUBSYS_072310EC & REV_00
PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_8723 & SUBSYS_072310EC
PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_8723 & CC_028000
PCI\VEN_10EC & DEV_8723 & CC_0280


Answer:Satellite C850-1d2 - Need WiFi / WLan driver

Please help me find this driver

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Hi all.

I am purchased Satellite A300 1MT at 12 may 2009.
After first turn on, installated Windows Vista.
But Device Manager have a one ininstalled device with name "Ethernet card", but WLAN card no.

I am down load drivers from toshiba web site. But any drivers doesn't fits.
Can you advise advise something?


Answer:Re: Satellite A300-1MT: Where to find the WLan driver?


Did you try to install the Atheros WLan driver?
As far as I know it should be the right one because from my knowledge the Atheros Wlan card has been installed in this unit.

Please check the Toshiba WLan portal:

Here you can find the Atheros driver for Vista!

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After the installation of Win XP I need urgently the called (WLAN + LAN) drivers.
Unfortunately, here on the homepage I could not find this.
Can one help me?? Have despaired.

Greeting Stefan

Answer:Need LAN and WLAN driver for my Satellite A100-02B (PSAARE)

Hello Stefan

WLAN drivers you can find on Toshiba WLAN portal -
Which OS you have installed? Most people need drivers for WXP and they can be downloaded from Toshiba support page. Have you maybe installed your own Vista OS?

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I bought a *Toshiba Satellite Pro Model L50-B05D psktaa-05d001*.
I needed a new machine as I was starting a new job the next day.

During an install off office 2013 the machine in one of its reboots had a catastrophic error.. and refused all recovery attempts. around 19:00 at night...

I needed an operational machine for work...the next day

I pulled out my Windows 7 and proceeded to reconfigure machine and install Windows 7.. The Machine is operational BUT I cannot get the Wireless LAN functioning... for the Model I have there does NOT appear to be a Wireless lan driver...

The network card functions BUT not wireless LAN..

Can anyone please advise what is the correct Wireless LAN driver for the machine...



Answer:Satellite Pro L50-B05D - need WLan driver for Windows 7


Your notebook Satellite L50-B05D belongs to the PSKTAA series and this series was released in Australia only.

But the similar notebook series Satellite L50-B PSKTAE was released in Europe.
Therefore the drivers from Toshiba EU driver page should be compatible.

Visit this page:
Here choose.
Satellite L
Satellite L50-B
Win 7 64bit

Note: there are three different Wlan drivers: Intel, Atheros, Broadcom

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Driver downloaded from product's page does not match device.

Device Manager: Network controller (yellow color)
PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_4220&SUBSYS_27418086&REV_05\4&167 93A72&0&20F0

System: XP Home, just installed

All other drivers from Toshiba website for this model are OK.

How to fix this problem?

Answer:Re: Satellite L10-193 - Win XP WLan driver does not match device

Have you tried to install THIS driver?

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Any ideas which driver I should be using?
I'm presented with a list of three and no idea how to figure out which hardware I have.


Answer:Need Wlan driver for Satellite Pro U400-13K PSU45E

The notebook should use the Intel WLan card.
Check this Toshiba WLan portal. There you can find the compatible WLan driver:

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Hallo people.....

I need help for my friend....
We have here a laptop Toshiba Satellite A300-1GN (PSAGCE) and in Toshiba driver page, for each card has two or three companies....

For example for wireless LAN, has Realtek, Atheros, Intel....which is the right??
Where can i see that???

I must also refer that when I am trying to download one of wireless LAN driver, I see a message, that I don't have the permission to view this page....

What can i do????
Now as a result, I have 4 yellows in device manager.
Three basic system things and wireless lan......

Please help!!!!!!! Thanks in advance.......

Answer:Re: What WLan driver do I need for Satellite A300-1GN PSAGCE


As I?m not mistaken the Satellite A300-1GN supports the Wlan card Intel 802.11 a/g/n and you could find the WLan drive on the Toshiba WLan portal:


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Satellite A100-036: Need WXP video, LAN, WLAN driver
[email protected]

Answer:Satellite A100-036: Need WXP video, LAN, WLAN driver


The Satellite A100-036 is a part of the PSAANE series;
Go to the Toshiba European driver page and choose the A100 PSAAN.

There you can find all drives for your notebook ;)


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Why i didn't find any information about this one? i need the wi-fi drivers but i even find the info abour this portatil to know the model of his wireless card, some one can help me?

Answer:Satellite 2455-SP295: Need WLan driver


I assume it's a US Toshiba notebook.
You will not find any WLan drivers on the Toshiba European driver website.
I would recommend checking the device manager and then you can find out the details about the Wlan card.
Then you can use the Wlan cards manufacture drivers.

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Hi everyone,

I own a
Satellite M40X-112
and while having displaced my Recovery CD I want to install XP nonetheless.

Last thing I need is a network controller driver - probably the WLAN driver.

If I want to download it, it gives 4 options:

+Intel® PRO/Wireless 2100+

+Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200/2915+

+Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945/4965+

+Atheros Wireless LAN Adapter+

How do I find out which the correct one is?

Many thanks


Answer:Correct WLAN driver for Satellite M40X-112?!

You don?t have to find out. I already did for you. :)

Install the driver for "Intel? PRO/Wireless 2200/2915".

Thats the right one.

Nice weekend.

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I have this Satellite L45-S7423 and im having a really hard time to make the wirelless work.

Im using the Windows Vista - Home Premium. (Its a version in Portuguese - BR)
The problem is, i had to re-install this windows and i don't have the note intalaltion CD - ROM anymore.

I tryed all drivers i could found in this website but i can't make it hapen.
Pls help me if someone now what to do.


Answer:Need Vista WLan driver for Satellite L45 -S7423


I think you have searched on the wrong website.
Did you search on the Toshiba US driver page? Not?

You should do this because as I?m not mistaken this Satellite L45 -S7423 belongs to the US series.

So please visit the Toshiba US page:

Choose the notebook model and reinstall the compatible WLan driver again.

Best regards

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Hey, I did a downgrade from win8.1 to win 7. now there are do devices not installed, WLAN-Driver and an USB-device.

I tried all Driver fron the download Support Center. But no one works or is accepted. Can anyone help me to get the right drivers.


Answer:Need Win7 WLAN driver for my Satellite Z930


What Satellite Z930-xxx do you have exactly?
From my knowledge the units were equipped with three different WLan modules; Intel, Atheros or Realtek are possible? so would be useful to know the model number?

Also the USB drivers are available on the Toshiba EU driver page.
I guess you did not install the USB 3.0 driver and therefore the unknown USB device appears in device manager.

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I am trying to update my WLAN driver of Satellite M30X series, (I*ntel Pro 2200BG Network connection*).
I downloaded *version*, after unzipping I see the version as, which indeed is same for Intel Pro 3495.

When I use setup.exe of the above, there comes a message that its not compatible and installation may kill the hardware.
what to do, pls let me know..

thanks alot.

Answer:Satellite M30X XP OS - WLAN driver installation


Do you know this Toshiba WLan page:

Here you can download the WLan driver for Intel PRO/Wireless 2200/2915 Wlan chip.
Current XP version is

First of all download the driver, then unzip it, go to device manger, mark the WLan card, use driver update function.
Then use the advanced installation procedure and then point to the driver files stored on the HDD.

This is a manually installation process?

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Hi all,

I have bought a new Toshiba Satellite P855-312 laptop (what I already regret!!!!).

The Win7 was preinstalled, and I wanted to partition the HD and reinstall everything new the way I wanted, but now I can't find a driver for the wireless device.

I found these Realtek Network driver for the Ethernet device, but the driver for the wlan device from the Toshiba support site doesn't work.

I searched desparatley for hours in the net now, but I can't find a driver to get my Wifi running.
I do not even know how to figure out what wireless device I have.

Does somebody know if there is a driver package existing somewhere in the net which makes all the necessary updates to the driver necessary on my laptop?

OS: win7 64bit German
Laptop: Thoshiba Satellite P855-312 pspkbe
serial number:8c013833k

I hope somebody can help me on this issue!

Thank you very much!


Answer:Need Win7 WLAN driver for my new Satellite P855

This Satellite has Intel WLAN card inside.
Driver can be downloaded from Toshiba WLAN portal -

Check it out.

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I made dual-boot with Vista and XP on my PC. Everything went right except WLAN driver. I looked for WLAN model in device manager on Vista and there is written - Intel PRO/Wireless 5100. So I found dirver for XP, but when I launch installation - install windows appers, but soon it blinks orange and disappears. If to install PROset, this application installs well, except error message at the end - driver is not installed.
Please, help me to find solution.

Answer:Satellite A300-1GN - can't install WLAN driver for XP

You are right? It seems the notebook supports the internal Intel 5100AGN WLan card.

But if you are not 100% sure what WLan card it is then you could use the Intel Wireless LAN Identification Utility to identify the internal WLan card.

Here is the Intel page:
[Intel Wireless LAN Identification Utility|]

Furthermore you can find the Intel WiFi Link 5100 on this page? There is also a Intel WLan driver for the 5100AGN WLan card

Check it out and post the results.


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What wireless software should i download to make my built in wireless work.
I have downloaded almost all of them but they install and i see no wireless there :S

Help please?

Answer:Satellite Pro A100 PSAA3E: What WLan driver should I use?


The Satellite Pro A100 were equipped with the different WLan cards; two different Wlan cards are possible; Intel and Atheros.

All necessary WLan drivers can be found either on the Toshiba European driver page or on the Toshiba WLan portal.

Check both drivers. One of them will work for sure!


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i got a new Satellite L305D-S5895 and downgrade to Win XP for software requirements.
The sistem can't recognize the Wireless LAN adapter, and I got tree unrecognized devices in device manager:
SM bus controller, Ethernet controller (but in a fact I'm ethernet conected now) and modem device.

How can I install de WLAN driver?

Answer:Satellite L305D-S5895 WLAN driver for Win XP


Ethernet controller means two devices; LAN or WLan. If LAN card is recognized then the Ethernet controller can be only a WLan card.

I don?t know what WLan card this notebook supports but you could install an hardware diagnostic software like Everest home edition and could find out what Wlan card is installed. Then visit the WLan card manufacture webpage and download the driver.

Mode device -> you could try to install dome modem drivers published for other notebook series. Maybe it will work

SM bus controller -> I presume this is a card reader. The same procedure like with modem device. Check some drivers published in other series

By the way; This is a US notebook model so you have to search on Toshiba US page

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i've installed Windows XP on a Satellite A100-289 PSAA9E, but i can't install the network and WLAN driver from the drivers-page.
I always get the message that no suiteble driver was found (I've manually selected the directory with the downloaded drivers)

Can anyone help me?
Where can i get the Correct drivers vor the Network-Controller and the WLAN-Card?

Answer:Can't install LAN/WLAN driver on Satellite A100-289 PSAA9E Win XP


As far as I know the Sat A100 PSAA9E series supports Intel 3945ABG WLan card and also a Intel LAN card.
Wlan driver can be found here:

On the Toshiba European driver page I could find drivers for Sat A100 PSAA9E series.
But note; you have to choose the Archive in the product type because it old series.
There are two different LAN drivers;
- LAN driver v 9.2.24 for Ethernet Pro1000
- LAN driver v for Ethernet Pro100

So check both!

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My Wireless LAN is not working.
In Device Manager under "other devices" it show network controller has no drivers - installed a number without success.

Any ideas where I can find the correct one (Vista Biz OS)?


Answer:Satellite Pro A300 PSAGDE - Vista WLan driver


As far as I know the notebook should be equipped with the internal Intel WLan card.
So usually the Intel WLan driver downloaded from the Toshiba WLan portal should help you.

Choose: Intel PRO/Wireless 3945/4965/5100/5300

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I can't find the drive for my computer.
So the wireless can't use and the hardware "modem device on high definition audio bus" also not find the drive.

Please help me!

Thank you

Answer:Satellite Pro L300 PSLB1U - Cannot find the WLan driver and


I think this notebook model belongs to the Toshiba US series and therefore you have to search on the Toshiba US page for WLan drivers?

If you will not find the driver on the Toshiba page then you have to check your WLan chip and then you could download it from the chip manufacturer website.

Then modem device on high definition audio bus need firstly the MS hotifxes like *KB835221* and *KB888111.*
Then you have t install the modem driver and then the sound driver.


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I have formatted my laptop and booted it on a regular XP cd. Don?t ask why - I just have :-)

Therefore I am looking for drivers to the system. This is much more complicated than I thought

Especially am I looking for the devicedriver for the Wireless Lan. When I install the driver I find on the website (The Atheros setupfile) it only installs a helpprogram to the wireless device and does not enable the Wireless card.

Does anybody have a good idea?

Kind regards

Answer:Cannot find driver for WLAN card on Satellite M100-149

Hello Hans

You are right. WLAN driver is for driver installation only. Is now WLAN card installed properly? What is the WLAN card status in device manager?

If the WLAN card is installed properly you must enable WLAN card using FN+F8 key combination. Before doing this switch WLAN switch to position ON.

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Hi, can anyone tell if this is known issue or not.

This is "Out-of-the-box" condition.

1) the rightmost wireless communication indicator lamp is always off regardless the status of internet connection. Typically, wireless internet connection is not detected upon boot-up, therefore FN+F8 and "All-on" step is required till I get internet connection be established.

2) In this situation, if I try to switch on Bluetooth (for me to be able to use Bluetooth mouse), it starts installing Bluetooth driver but is terminated in the half way saying that "Bluetooth can not be powered on, turn on button on the side of the unit"- obviously there is no physical button or switch on my laptop corresponding to this statement.

To make matters worse, if I try to update BIOS to the latest version, the file contains trojan horse virus (as of 3 Dec 2012, 10pm, New Zealand time) and I was unable to update.

I updated the third party wireless lan driver (64 bit) but it doesn't seem to fix the problems.
Thank you

Please can anyone help me?


Model: PSK2YA-0T102S

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Answer:Satellite L750: WLan LED is OFF / Bluetooth driver not installable


What system are you using? Win 7 or Win 8?
Using Fn + F8 switches the Wlan and BT on and off.
Using Win 7 you can enable and disable WLan or BT but using Win 8 the FN + F8 would disable Wlan and BT at the one and the same time.

I have no idea what WLan card you have but I think that one module contains WLan and BT functionality. So if you want to install BT stack you have to install firstly the Bluetooth filter (i.e if you have Atheros Wlan card you have to install Atheros BT filter BEFORE BT stack).

It looks like the unit is from Australian so I recommend checking the Toshiba AU driver page to get all the drivers

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I can't install WLAN driver on my Satellite C660-168 after Windows 7 installing.

What's the problem?

Answer:Can not instal Win7 WLAN Driver for Satellite C660-168


Maybe you used a wrong WLan driver?.
The notebook support BROADCOM 802.11(B/G) BCM94313-HMC WLan card.
Here you can download the latest driver:

Check the Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver

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Further to an update to windows 10 that totally screwed my laptop, I had to reinstall windows 7 (from another disk than original) and then to re install all the drivers.
I downloaded all from the sites :chipset, lan, wifi.... And everything was ok but the wifi : there is no wifi card regonized by the system
i have only a "!" on the driver (network controller)
help would be most appreciated and thanked
Kind regards

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Hi guys,

I just got Satellite U500/01c few days ago, and I was installed clean Windows 7 32bit, and download drivers from Toshiba au website.

The driver for WLAN is not working, and ECO as well

Anyone know what problems for that?

Already upgrade the BIOS, just the WLAN can't be install.


Answer:Re: Cannot install Win7 WLAN driver on Satellite U500/01c

I don't know which WLAN card is inside but try to use drivers from

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