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Satellite L300-1A3 - CPU upgrade question

Question: Satellite L300-1A3 - CPU upgrade question


I have Toshiba Satellite L300-1A3.
Its performance good.
But the futre if i change cpu, how is supported Core2Duo series?

Thank you very much.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite L300-1A3 - CPU upgrade question

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Answer: Satellite L300-1A3 - CPU upgrade question


The CPU upgrade is not supported by Toshiba and nearly all other notebook manufacturers.
Generally you should know that the notebooks components like CPU or GPU are not upgradeable.

In most cases the graphic card is soldered on motherboard. The CPU upgrade is more complicated and tricky because of different reasons.
The main reason would be the heat dissipation. The stronger CPU produces more warmness which can affect the notebook functionality.
In other case the CPU could be not supported by BIOS and in worst case the notebook would not boot up?.

So if you want to upgrade the computer components in the future with new CPU or better graphic chip then you shouldn?t buy a notebook but a desktop PC!

That?s my personal opinion

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I wanna upgrade the RAM memory on a L300-1cz. Do I need to buy specific Toshiba memory or can I use [ Kingston Value RAM KVR800D2S5/2G|] (Standard 256M X 64 Non-ECC 800MHz 200-pin Unbuffered SODIMM (SDRAM-DDR2, 1.8V, CL5) )

Best regards....

Answer:RAM upgrade for Satellite Pro L300-1cz


I think you can use the memory modules from different manufacturers.
But you should choose the right modules with right specifications;

As far as I know the RAM module should support this spec:
*DDR2 800MHz (PC2-6400) 200-PIN SODIMM*


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Hello I have a 32bits TOSHIBA Model: Satellite L300 (PSLB8E-01200PGE)
And i wanted to know what cpu could i upgrade too.?

and also the RAM default now is at: 3GB.

Thank you

Answer:CPU and RAM upgrade for Satellite L300

> And i wanted to know what cpu could i upgrade too.?

CPU upgrade isn?t official upgradable part.
What does this mean?

This means that notebook manufacturers (no matter which one) don?t support such upgrade.
Notebook manufacturers don?t provide any details which CPUs are 100% supported and compatible.

I guess the PSLB8E-01200PGE model number belongs to the Satellite L300-1A3
The RAM can be upgraded up to 4GB but your 32bit system supports only 3.2GB RAM
Therefore the RAM upgrade does not make any sense in case you will still use the 32bit operating system.

Regarding the CPU upgrade:
The CPU needs chipset and BIOS support.
The notebook seems to be equipped with the Mobile Intel GM 45 chipset

Under ?compatible products? you can check the CPUs supported by the chipset.

But even if the chipset would support new CPU, the BIOS could not provide such support.
Therefore the CPU upgrade is always tricky.

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I have Satellite L300-22L notebook. Can you tell me which is the best RAM for my system in speed and capacity?

Answer:Satellite L300-22L - Which RAM for upgrade?


The Satellite L300-22L belongs to the PSLB8E series and is equipped with Intel GL40 chipset.

That means for upgrading the RAM you need modules with the specification DDR2 667MHz to a maximum of 4GB.

Theoretically you can buy modules with these specifications from every manufacture but I have good experience with Kingston modules. I use them always for upgrading my notebooks and never had problems.


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I have Satellite L300-110 with 4G RAM, and I want to upgrade its HDD from 160GB SATA HDD to be 500GB SATA HDD.
I just would like to know is valid, and if not is 320GB SATA HDD is valid?

Appreciate your answer.

Answer:Satellite L300-110 and HDD Upgrade

Yes, you can upgrade HDD on your Satellite with SATA HDDs up to 500 GB.

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I was wondering if the laptop L300 - 20D.
Can get a ram upgrade. It has 1024 MB RAM 800MHZ. And i need 1500 MB .

Answer:RAM upgrade on Satellite L300-20D

Your notebook?s RAM can be upgraded up to 4 GB.

For upgrade you can use follow RAM modules:
512MB DDR2-667 - PA3511U-1M51
1GB DDR2-667 - PA3512U-1M1G
1GB DDR2-800 - PA3668U-1M1G
2GB DDR2-667 - PA3513U-1M2G
2GB DDR2-800 - PA3669U-1M2G


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Decided i would update my RAM. However i've never previously owned a laptop, i've been using a desktop since day one.

Just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some RAM thats compatable with my L300-1BW.

Prefferbly 3-4GB RAM Would be really decent. Thank's

Answer:How to upgrade the RAM on Satellite L300-1BW

Hi dude

If this is your first notebook then I would recommend reading firstly the user manual which is stored on the Toshiba notebook.
I think this should be the first step before using a device for the first time.
I did it with my new Full HD LCD too? Before using it I read firstly the user manual.

Why I?m suggesting checking the user manual? Its very simple.
There you can find ALL information?s. Check Chapter 8 ?Memory expansion?.

The notebook can be upgraded up to 4GB (2 x 2GB) and you can use the PC2-5300 modules. If the notebook supports GL960 Express chipset then the PC2-5300 modules would run as PC2-4200 due to a lower FSB speed of GL960 Express chipset.

Note; The Windows 32bit recognize ONLY 3.2GB of RAM. Just only 64bit OS can handle more than 3.2GB


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I bought the above, mainly for gaming but also to use with music software, at the end of 2008, but found that the graphics card is a big drawback... Is there any way of upgrading the graphics card to an up-to-date GeForce or NVIDIA one?

Also, there's an Intel Core Duo processor... is there any feasible way of upgrading this to a Quad Core?

Cheers in advance!

Answer:Satellite L300-1AS - Can I upgrade the CPU and GPU?


Upgrading a CPU or GPU is not possible on the notebook and it?s not offical supported from Toshiba.

The GPU on a notebook is soldered on the mainboard and that means I can?t be exchanged.
Theoretically you can exchange the CPU but nobody is able to say if the BIOS and mainboard supports the newer CPU. The hardware parts are only designed for the current CPU.

I think you should read this useful Toshiba document:


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my laptop is a :

Toshiba Satellite Pro L300-152
Model no. PSLB1E-01R015EN
Celeron 560 2.13GHz

Can someone tell me which CPU I can safely upgrade this with, I use it in a fairly cool environment and would like just a few more 100mhz from it.

Thank you for your support

Answer:CPU upgrade of my Satellite Pro L300-152

Before we start discussion about CPU upgrade check please this Toshiba document -

My personal opinion is that CPU upgrade will not help much and you will not realize some big difference in notebook performance. In my opinion you need more RAM or better and faster SSD. This brings better and more performance than some CPU with 100mhz more than old one.

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Hi, i wanted to know if i could upgread the GPU?

Answer:Satellite L300 - 129 GPU upgrade

Check please.

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Can anyone help me work out my system capabilities. Was looking to upgrade to win 7 64 bit and was unsure if my pc is capable.
My system reads as follows:

processor - Intel (R) cpu 585 @2.16GHz
Memory - 1.00GB (RAM)
Graphics Mobile Intel (R) 4 series express chipset family
Gaming graphics - 286MB total available graphic memory
Hard Drive - 500GB
Processor cores - 1

Currently running vista hp 32 bit. Have printed out performance information and it states 64 bit capable. Am confused as i thought win 7 64 needed 4GB ram for optimum performance. If i need to upgrade RAM does anyone know if I can upgrade to 4GB in this model or where i can obtain the relevant information. Have read through users manual on memory and am a bit lost. The information reads as follows

PC2-5300 512 MB, 1 GB or 2 GB memory
modules can be installed in the two memory slots
of all models.

PC2-6400 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB or 4 GB memory
modules can only be installed in the two memory
slots of below models:
Mobile Intel? GM45 Express Chipset model
Mobile Intel? GL40 Express Chipset model
ATI Radeon? 3100 Graphics model model
ATI Radeon? HD 3200 Graphics model

Maximum system memory size and speed
depend on the model you purchased

Any help would be much appreciated

Answer:RAM upgrade for Satellite L300 - PSLB8A

Can you please post exact model name and model number?
I don?t know which L300 - PSLB8A- do you have.

THIS one maybe?

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Hi to all.

I have Toshiba Satellite L300-11M, but my video card is very slow and i can't play games good. So I wanna upgrade it trought buy new video card. But i don't know is my laptopl support AGP slot or only PCI? So what;s best video card from N-VIDIA who support?

Please help me. Thank you.

Answer:Satellite L300-11M and Hardware Upgrade


I hope follow document can offer answer to your question:
Is it possible to upgrade the CPU/GPU of a Toshiba Notebook

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I'm looking to upgrade a L300 running Vista to SSD. Has anyone tried to do this and what SSD to they recommend?

Answer:Satellite L300 - can I upgrade Vista to SSD?

In my opinion you should make update with Win7 32bit on SSD. Long time ago I’ve installed Win7 32bit on friends Satellite L300. The notebook runs much better with Win7.

SSD upgrade should not be problematic. You can obtain Toshiba SSD or SSD from some other manufacturer.

If you need some help or assistance please let us know.

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Hi everybody,

I just own an Satellite Pro L300-24L and wish to upgrade the VGA card Intel 4500M to a Nvidia Quadro for 3D & CAD applications, eventually for gaming now an then.
Is this possible and which card can fit my L300-24L ?

I'm really a noob in laptop, so your guidance will be heartedly welcome.
Specs: CPU T3400 - 4Gb 800Mhz - 250Gb HDD - Vista Home Premium 64bits

Answer:Satellite Pro L300-24L and VGA card upgrade


I want to say clearly that notebooks technology and design is not the same as on desktops and if you have good experience with desktops you will know that graphic cards upgrade is not so problematic but on mobile computers the situations is quite different.

Notebooks design and constructions doesn?t allow such flexibility for upgrades, so the graphic card upgrade is not possible.

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I've already upgraded the laptop from a T1600 (Celeron), to a T3200 (Pentium Dual Core). But does anyone know how far I can upgrade in the 478 P range of processors?

If so, could you supply the processor numbers?

+Message was edited: Model number changed in subject+

Answer:Processor upgrade on Satellite L300-1BV

Satellite L300D-1BV is not know to me. Is this model number correct?

However, generally you should check the chipset compatibility.
In case the chipset is compatible and would support the CPU, you have good chances to get it running.

But I'm not quite sure if BIOS would be able to handle the new CPU properly.

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I have an L300-1A3 with 4Gb Ram. Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. I would like to know if I can upgrade memory to 2X4Gb modules ?

Answer:Memory Upgrade Satellite L300-1A3


You can use max 4GB RAM. This means that you can use 2 x 2GB DDR2 RAM (800 MHz) memory modules.


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I purchased a satellite L300 in august 08 in Australia. It came with a single 1Gb memory module which is now inadequate.
I obtained 2 x 2Gb modules but cannot get it to work with both fitted. Bios reports 4Gb fitted but Vista reboots the first time then blue screens. Ubuntu Linux hangs after loading HAL.

If only one module fitted it works OK and it does not matter which module is used.

Any info on this would be most appreciated.

Answer:Memory upgrade on Satellite L300

There is no some special info you can get here.
With RAM upgrade is important to use 100% compatible modules and also high quality products from Toshiba or Kingston.

Many people have reported about same problems using some cheap no-name products.
Compatible 2GB RAM has part number PA3513U-1M2G.

Check it out.

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Attempted to upgrade my Satellite L300 laptop (running Office Home and Student 2007) and got as far as the final Driver installation "Realtek High definition Audio Driver" at which point the upgrade froze, so I could not progress to inserting the Windows 7 Home Premium DVD. I managed to reboot after some difficulty and then Restored my system to the pre-upgrade point.

When I now insert the Toshiba Upgrade DVD, I am confronted with the screen relating only to the Realtek driver upgrade.

Any suggestions how to get passed this hurdle. My computer is still functioning on Vista

Answer:Satellite L300 - Can't upgrade to Windows 7

Have you tried turning of Vista's UAC, and uninstalling the AntiVirus, and Microsoft Live apps?

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Hello all people,

I just bought a notebook Satellite L300-17L.
Who can tell me how many hours I must let the battery to be formatted?

Answer:Question about battery for Satellite L300-17L


I don't know what you mean. You cannot format a Battery.

A battery should take an hour or two to Recharge.
Have a look at the Users Manual, it has information about the Battery Usage.

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Hi guys

I have a L300 motherboard that needs replacing.

Does it have to be the same as the code on the motherboard or can I use different one from same series

Part number =13100a2170208
SPs =v000138040

The one I want to replace it with is this code

Part number: 1310a2264916
SPS: V000138700

Much appreciated

Answer:Satellite L300 - Motherboard Question

In my opinion you should exchange it with identical motherboard. After doing this you can be sure that you can use original OS that you have got with your machine.

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Hi everyone, firstly this is my first post.

Also I am a bit of o geek when it comes to computers etc, I can use one but im not a tech wizz kid so only basic use of one im afraid.

I have a Satellite L300 laptop.

My question is this,, my laptop does not have a HDMI port, but it does have a VGA port.
i have a digital tv with numerous ports inc USB, VGA, HDMI etc.

I am downloading films and burning them to dvd but this is very time consuming, so i wonder if i can connect the laptop to the tv to use the tv screen as the monitor? so i can either watch the dvd's on the tv, and or to stream direct to the laptop then to the tv.

I have connected a vga lead to the necessary ports between the tv and pc and although the tv confirms that a pc is connected, there is just a blanc screen? so i assume i cannot connect in this manner.

Is it not possible to connect using the usb ports ? or any other ideas as whether i can or cannot connect this laptop?

kind regards


Answer:Question about connecting Satellite L300 to TV

Hi Bob

When notebook doesn't have HDMI port the whole thing is a bit complicated. Generally speaking you should be able to use your TV as external monitor. When you connect your notebook with VGA cable to your TV and enable this port on TV use FN+F5 key combination and switch desktop to the TV.

If your TV is properly detected when you use FN+F5 you should see several options. Problem is that VGA connection is for video signal only and you will not hear any sound on your TV. You can transfer sound but you need separate cable and connect headphone port on your notebook and sound ports on TV or even Hi-Fi receiver if you have one.

It is a bit complicated.

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Purchased laptop 3 months ago, my son has homework on it (40 pages). Laptop suddenly stopped working. When I try and boot it up it tries to start laptop in repair mode, loads files, goes to load up vista then I get grey screen saying (System recovery options) installed programme cannot start turn off computer.

Gone through every single f8 routine and the only one of interest is disable auto restart on system failure where I get error message : Stop oxoooooo24 (ox00190444,ox85a6bdeo,oxc0000102,0x00000000).

Didn't create recovery disc so phoned Toshiba have received put in and loaded file up It eventually comes to a point where to continue it will erase all data on disc. Which is what I don't want. Then took disc out, but it had loaded enough drivers to enable me to have a look in dos. When I look for the C drive, come back with a messagesaying unreadable. When I look in the D drive there are files including one saying HDD recovery. (i assume vista automatically partitions disc)

Anyway any suggestions? There is one file I need which is a works document (wps). Is there anyway I can recover from the d drive in HDD recovery through dos? any suggestions?
If I run the recovery disc will it delete both partitions or just work on C: and then through D: I maybee able to recover document?

Answer:Question about HDD recovery on Satellite L300


As I can see you have tested all options using F8.
Does it mean you have tested ?safe mode??
Can you start notebook in ?safe mode??

If your work is saved on partition D you can start recovery installation (F8 ? Repair my computer) and Vista will be installed again but all data saved on partition D will be there again.
- When you use HDD recovery option - partition C will be deleted only.
- When you use recovery DVD the whole HDD will be formatted.

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I heard that when lap top is on adapter power there is no need for battery, you may take off from lap top and to stand just on adapter without battery.
Is this true?

Answer:Question about battery on Satellite L300

If the AC/DC adaptor is plugged in you don?t need the battery, that?s right but you must no remove it.

For example I often work with AC/DC adapter but I never remove the battery.

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I'm needing to restore to factory settings and have SOMEHOW managed to delete my recovery partition...
After some little playing around and reading i figured it best to just order a recovery CD from the Toshiba backup media thingy.

Now, while reading around there were quite a few people who said that their recovery CDs didn't work because they had no recovery partition.

So, before i start throwing ?30 around i figure it best to ask :

*Will the recovery CD restore my laptop back to it's factory settings WITHOUT the recovery partition?*

Thanks for any help :D

Answer:Satellite L300 - Recovery CD question

> Will the recovery CD restore my laptop back to it's factory settings WITHOUT the recovery partition?


If you have the recovery DVD then you could use it in order to restore the notebook to factory settings.
Many people deleted the HDD recovery image on the second partition and were NOT able to create the recovery disk. But if you have such disk then the HDD recovery files are not needed to perform the recovery procedure.

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I would like to share my L300 the Wlan adapter for a new one because I want to have the N standard.

Do I consider it something `?

This I have here:

and this here I would like to have:

Will that fit? And where exactly is seated properly because the map?

Answer:Satellite L300 - upgrade of WLan card to 802.11 N

> Do I consider it something `?

Yes. 802.11 N standard needs three wires Wlan antenna.
Possibly the L300 was equipped only with two wires antenna which is ok if you use Wlan cards which support 802.11 A, B or G standard.

So possibly you could not use the 802.11 N miniPCI WLan card due to not available tree wires antenna.


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I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether the Satellite L300-1G5 (short model: PSLB8E) has an MXM slot?

I want to try and upgrade the graphic capabilities of it.

Now I know that upgrading the integrated graphics is impossible but I've read somewhere that nVidia and a selection of manufacturers were working on getting MXM into laptops that supported full PCI express functions and Toshiba were listed as working with them. I have the Intel GMA 4500M and its obviously not built for games and i really want to play Modern Warfare 2 but cannot warrant forking out for a new laptop just for 1 game

Any help would be much appreciated thanks

Answer:Satellite L300-1G5 - I want to upgrade the graphic card

Hi buddy,

I think an upgrade isn?t possible. The graphic card is soldered/fixed on the mainboard and that means you can?t exchange it. Here you can find more informations about this:

I can understand you but Satellite L300 isn?t designed for gaming. I use my Satellite L300 for Internet and Office and for games I bought Qosmio F50. :)

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Sorry going to try this again as my original thread isn't showing anywhere.

I've a Satellite L300-1AQ and have just got hold of the Toshiba Win 7 upgrade disks - Vista Home Premium to Win 7 HP.

Can I actually use this to perform a clean install of Win 7 64-bit?

What does the other Disk in the pair actually do? Is it just drivers or does it install [email protected] too?


Answer:Satellite L300-1AQ and Win7 upgrade - some questions

Here is very useful document for you >

You will get two discs: composite and upgrade discs.
Start your notebook and put composite disc and follow the menu on the screen. I think you will not have problems to understand how it works.

Clean installation? I don't know if this will works but note that after clean installation you will not have valid activation key and you will probably have 30 days version only. key at the bottom will not help you for regular activation.

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I upgraded my new Satellite L300-11g from 1GB to 2 GB and it's working OK,

But the video RAM still 256 MB since it's written in the manual that the Video RAM is 384MB upon upgrading to 2 GB.

Answer:Satellite L300 - Video RAM upgrade Problem

358 MB is Total Available Graphics Memory. That means the video card can use so much MB for video purposes but it is not ?constant ? value.

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I have a Satellite L300 that I want to upgrade the memory to at least 2Gb.
In searching for appropriate memory suppliers, I am confused by the variety of suffixes added to the L300 category.

My label reads Satellite L300 System Unit.
The Model number is PSLB8A-01F004.

Can anyone suggest a suitable supplier in Australia?

Answer:Satellite L300 PSLB8A - Memory upgrade


You an use 2 x 1GB RAM modules.
The part number is *PA3512U-1M1G*

You can use this module or another from another company which supports the same specifications.


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Have a Satellite Pro L300 with a 120GB HD, running Vista Home, the drive is split 50/50 and Vista does'nt like to move the partition, (Partition Magic doesn't work) ....

So would like to change to a bigger HD, .......Q/ Can I do this, and how hard is it? even with the Recovery files on the Partition and If I purchased the Recovery disks from Toshiba, surley when the drive is changed the disks would not reconise the bigger drive as I found out in the past using Norton Ghost.

Answer:Hard Drive upgrade at Satellite Pro L300

The hard drive upgrade should not be the problem.
HDD is placed at the bottom side under HDD cover. HDD cover is secured with two screws. Remove the screws and then HDD cover. Please do this gently. After doing this remove the HDD pack by pulling on the tab attached to the pack, following the direction of the arrows.

According the notebook specification you need SATA HDD and it can be upgraded up to 500 GB.
After HDD upgrade use recovery DVD for operating system installation.

More questions? ;)

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I am running a Toshiba L300-129 and I want to know if I can upgrade my processor.

If so, what upgrade options do I have? I am not using my laptop for games, rather I need extra CPU for the music producing software that I am using. (Cubase5) Will upgrading the processor make a significant performance increase for my software?

The software works fine, but I am limited to the amount of plug-inns (VST's)
I can use before the program crashes due to processing overload (ASIO).

Would appreciate help.

Answer:Satellite L300-129 - CPU upgrade (NOT for better gaming performance)

> I want to know if I can upgrade my processor.
Well, CPU can be removed from the motherboard and can be replaced but it?s not official supported. This means that nobody can guarantee that notebook would run stable after a upgrade.

> Will upgrading the processor make a significant performance increase for my software?
No, definitely not. Of course a stronger CPU would provide more power but you will not notice an performance boost. Furthermore you have to know that stronger CPU produce more heat dissipation which leads to higher temperature and this can affect the notebook functionality.

Generally speaking the new CPU has to be compatible with the chipset on the motherboard.
So if you really want to upgrade the CPU (what I don?t recommend) then you have to check what chipset your notebook support and have to check the support of other CPUs.

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I would like to buy Toshiba Satellite L300-11G but it has only 1GB RAM.
Will I loose warranty if I open the computer's casing to put the additional memory?

Andrzej Hull

Answer:Would RAM upgrade affect my warranty on Satellite L300-11G


I don?t think that you would lose the warranty after memory upgrade.

The memory slot should be placed at the bottom of the unit and it?s secured with one screw only.
You have to remove the plastic cover to get access to the RAM slots.

I think the details and some picture regarding the memory upgrade should be placed in you preinstalled user manual.

My user manual contains such upgrade instruction which is very useful.

So don?t worry about you warranty validity. If you will use the Toshiba recommended and compatible RAM modules then you warranty will be not canceled ;)


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I`m thinking to buy Toshiba Satellite L300-21W but i wat to play some games on it like Cod2 but I think that her serial graphic card is weak so my question is:
" CAN I REPLACE GRAPHIC CARD WITH BETTER ONE OR NOT( and with which one if you know)!?!?!??!"

Thank you!

Answer:Is graphic card upgrade on Satellite L300-21W possible?

As far as I know graphic card on mobile computers cannot be upgraded. This is also described in follow document -
So if you want to play different games with your notebook pick up info about models with better graphic cards.

I can recommend you to check Satellite A300/A350 notebook models.
Talk with your local dealer.

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I have a Satellite L300-15v , with celeron processor 560 i think :(
Wanna ask u if I can upgrade the processor or replace to a core 2 dual ,
This processor is so lazy :(

Many thanx ...

Answer:Satellite L300 - Celeron processor upgrade

Hi, I found this article, have a read:

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My Satellite crashes after I upgraded BIOS. The old version of my Satellite L300-110 (PSLB0E) BIOS was 1.40 and I upgrade to 1.50.
From that point my system crashes over and over again.

Any help please. I can't install Office Enterprise 2007, can't defragment all of my drives.
Is there an option do rollback the changes to my BIOS?

Answer:My Satellite L300-110 crashes after BIOS upgrade

Did you load the default settings in the BIOS after the update?

Can you reinstall Windows with the Toshiba recovery disk? First of all save your data because the HDD will be formatted and then start the recovery installation.

A rollback to the older BIOS version is not possible, because on the Toshiba website is only the newest BIOS (1.50). Only an ASP (authorized service provider) can make a rollback.
You can search for an ASP here: => Support & Downloads => Find an ASP

I?m not sure but did you make a backup from the old BIOS? Maybe you can flash it back.

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I have an aging Satellite laptop I was considering to upgrade. Unfortunately I can't find reliable information about it. I tried to find the model in different Toshiba european websites using the automatic search, the serial number and the manual searching to no avail.

My model doesn't appear in the support sections nor the discontinued products sections, although I cand find pretty older models in the latter.

These are the model, part number and serial numbers I have:

Model: Satellite L300-10Q
Part Number: PSLB0E-00901VCE
Serial Number: 38212076Q

The "closest" model I've found is the "Satellite Pro L300-10P" in the Spanish website

It has the same hardware specifications than my laptop, the only difference I found in the description is the OS version. It seems that this model is limited to 2Gb of RAM at max (already preinstalled).

Do you think that my device could have that same limitation? Is there any other site to look for my laptop specifications?

I mean, a reliable one (I can find my model using Google, but the results are all prehistoric advertisements of vendors that copypasted the (who knows its origin) same information.

Also, is it possible to replace the original HDD with a SSD? I think the interface is SATA (150 MB/s), maybe it's not worth it.

Thank you in advance... and excuse my poor writing skills in english.


Answer:I need to identify my Satellite L300-10Q in order to upgrade it

Hi again,

I've checked the BIOS updates and it seems that there is a common update for all the L300 series. Can this update increase the maximum supported amount or RAM? I guess not but who knows?


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Hey guys,

I have had a quick search, but I'm sorry if this has already been asked and successfully answered... But anyway.

My girlfriend has easily filled up her 120GB Hard Drive and wants to expand. I see that it can be upgraded to two other sizes (including 360GB), but is that the maximum? Am I able to upgrade to a hard drive say 500GB/1TB in size?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite L300 - Hard Drive Upgrade


Satellite L300 supports SATA HDDs and that means there is no capacity limits. So you can also install 500GB or 1TB drive that should be no problem.

SATA interface has no capacity limits anymore as old IDE interface so don?t worry about the size. Just buy a model that you think it?s ok. It?s only important that it?s 2.5? HDD with SATA interface.

Furthermore the exchange is described here:
[Satellite L300 - How to replace defective HDD?|]

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Hello !

I'd like to upgrade my ram, but on the Toshiba site, the specs indicate that the max ram is 2048.
Is that correct, or can I replace my 2x1024 putting i.e. 2x2048 ?

I'd like to upgrade the processor too. Is it possible ?

Thanks in advance !

Answer:Satellite L300-12K PSLB0E : hardware upgrade

> Is that correct,

Notebook Satellite L300-12K PSLB0E supports the Mobile Intel GL960 Express Chipset
Here you can find chipset?s specifications:

As you can see this chipset supports max 2GB RAM. This means that you can use 2 x 1GB RAM modules

> I'd like to upgrade the processor too. Is it possible ?
Such upgrade isn?t officially supported by notebook manufacturers. Therefore its difficult to say if new CPU would run properly.

Fact is that such upgrade depends on the chipset support and BIOS support. In case the CPU would not be compatible with one of the mentioned parts, the notebook will not function

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Have just upgraded from 32bit Vista to Windows 7 32Bit but keep getting BSOD(Blue Screen Of Death) when using the laptop. Problem event log file as below and everytime it fails is same error code apart from BCP2 may change to different Hex value.

Have used Toshiba's upgrade disks and uninstalled all programs that it asked me to do before Windows was installed. Model is L300-215 and Laptop was working OK before Windows 7 upgrade. Have tried audio and graphics drivers from Toshiba website(older version than what was on laptop after upgrade) but still same issue :-(

Any help would be appriciated if anyone else seen this error before?

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 2057

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 4e
BCP1: 00000007
BCP2: 000B458A
BCP3: 00000001
BCP4: 00000000
OS Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1

Answer:Satellite L300-215 - BSOD after Windows 7 upgrade


When do you get this BSOD exactly? Does it happen immediately or if you start a certain application?

Have you checked the device manager for yellow exclamation marks? Maybe a driver isn?t working properly anymore and you have to update it.

Make also sure that your BIOS is up to date. You can download the latest version on the Toshiba website.

Last but not least blue screen are often related to drivers or faulty RAM modules. Latter you can check it by using Memtest86.

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i have a problem i bought the Satellite L300 (windows vista home premium was installed , i had to buy the windows upgrade 7 from toshiba which i did and installed with no problem at all .

But now after having to use the recovery cause i got a virus on my machine it went back to windows vista .

Now when i try to run the upgrade 7 cd it gives me a message (the model does not support windows 7 upgarde ) how could that be since i already had it on this system before ?

Can someone help me tp fix the problem or give me an explaination on why its doing that ?

thank you .

Answer:Satellite L300 - cannot upgrade from Vista to Win7


I found an Toshiba document about upgrade from Vista to Win 7:

+Windows 7 upgrade: Step-by-step Upgrade Guide+


+Which upgrade path does exist from Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows7 to Windows7?+

Here also some useful info from Toshiba US about Win 7 upgrade:

Check this and post some feedback!

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I'm new here, so do not beat. I have a problem with Laptop Satellite L300 on the GL960. Now the factory has a T2390. I replaced the T7100 processor. Unfortunately, only a few seconds running at peak performance.

After a few seconds, thereby decreasing the FSB frequency and CPU have 800 MHz. I tried to disable speedstep, but without effect. Temperatures are also fine (up to 60 * C). The fan did not even accelerate to full power. Latest Bios: 1.50.

What is it?

Answer:Satellite L300 - upgrade to Core 2 Duo 7100

You know very well that CPU upgrade is not supported so playing with such stuff is on own risk only.
It is not supported and due to different reasons CPU upgrade it is not recommended.

Please don?t understand me wrong but I really don?t know what do you want to read now.

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Hi everyone,
I've got some trouble to launch the game SuperMeatBoy so i decided to check out my Satellite L300's drivers.
Using Toshiba Tempro : nothing new, "your laptop is up to date"
But when i check Intel's website for any new firmware for "Mobile Intel? 4 Series Express Chipset Family" (the graphic chipset on Toshiba Satellite L300) there's something interesting : my current driver is and there's a driver available since 10/23/2010... It could be great for me. But when I want to install it, a error window says that this driver is not signed by Toshiba and cannot be installed...

Here's the driver i want to install : ang=eng

Ad what i get when a use Intel's autoupdater : "A customized computer manufacturer driver is installed on your computer. The Intel Driver Update Utility is not able to update the driver. Installing a generic Intel driver instead of the customized computer manufacturer driver may cause technical issues. Contact your computer manufacturer for the latest driver for your computer."

What can i do ?

Thanks .

Answer:Satellite L300 - Cannot upgrade the graphic drivers

> But when I want to install it, a error window says that this driver is not signed by Toshiba and cannot be installed...

Try to install this driver via device manager.
There you have to choose advanced installation procedure and have to point to the driver files stored on the HDD.
This will force the OS to choose this driver.

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I'm going to be looking into options to upgrade or downgrade for this laptop due to Vista's general slowness compared to other Windows operating systems.

They have Vista Home Premium SP2 but are looking at changing the operating system. Now that Windows 7 is out I'm looking into a few options. Have decided to leave the existing system alone and remove the original HDD while testing - this I will definitely do as I can't afford errors on an upgrade in case something goes wrong.

So the option is to do one of the following, after buying a new similar HDD for testing:

1. Install the existing operating system again through Toshiba recovery disks. I have bought Win 7 Pro (full version), but I'm not sure this would work as an upgrade from Vista Home Premium? Otherwise I would have to buy Win 7 Home Premium upgrade (another expense).


2. Do a clean install of Windows 7 Pro


3. Do a clean install of Windows XP Home

Looking into the drivers and installation issue, how complex will this be for (2) or (3) above - how easy will it be to install these drivers or is there something available that can speed up the process rather than doing this one driver by one from your downloads site?

What do you think the most advisable route now?

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Answer:Satellite L300-1DN: upgrade or downgrade options

im sure you can upgrade from a full version disk as you could with windows vista disks, so i would vote go with windows 7, but at the end of the day, if you are unable to upgrade from vista to 7 you could alway back up all your data then go for a fresh install as 7 is a million times better than vista and that would also clean your computer 100% so you have a fresh working environment with all your old files etc, but the coice is yours :) hope this helped

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My Toshiba is not equipped with card reader. But is there any possibility to mount card reader in it ? and if it is, where can I find any instruction how to do it.

Answer:Card reader upgrade in Satellite L300-11I

hi nuda_veritas,
how about using a usb-card reader . this should be the easiest way.
the other way is to use the pci-socket on the left side inserting a cardreader - as far as i know not as cheap as the usb versions...
i dont think you can find a instruction to "mount card reader in it "... therefor you have to open the case and i dont think there is much space left to get one in...

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My laptop is a Satellite L300 PSLB8A-047004. I purchased a kit of 2 x 2GB modules and inserted carefully following the instructions (they clicked into place). On restart the Power light was lit, the fan was on but no further activity, and the display remained black, no disk activity. Originally there was 1-off 1GB PC2-6400S module installed and I?ve checked that the new ones are PC2-6400S. I took them out and put them back in but same result. When I put the original module back in it worked fine.

I then tried just one of the new modules in place of the original one but no luck so the original module is now back in and all seems OK.
Any suggestions please? If there was module damage from being handled then the original 1GB module should also be damaged as its the one that?s been handled the most.


Answer:Memory upgrade problem on Satellite L300

This is typical behaviour by compatibility problems. Which modules you have, I mean who is manufacturer?

I recommend you to use high quality products from Kingston or Toshiba. For more info about compatible modules for your notebook visit

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Hi there

I have an Equium L300-146 which is running Windows Vista Home Premium. I currently have 2GB ram installed.

I am thinking of installing Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit which appears to be possible.

My question is, can I installed more ram (4GB) if I do this or will I still be limited to 2GB?


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Hello,woner if someone can offer some advice, I've recently had my laptop repaired due to dropping it.

However I'm told the operating system needs installing. Confused as was on there but instead of sending back going to do this myself.
I'm running or was Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium is it a case of buying these discs and running them, no idea about computers, not sure if there is another way. I did creat restore discs, but upon using them constantly had message saying waiting for drive to become available, now it just says insert installation discs.

Any help advice be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite L300 - Question about restore discs

Hi tarajanes,

To be honest I really don?t have an idea what you mean exactly because your posting is not very clear.

Do you use Toshiba recovery disk to restore Windows? If yes you have to insert this disk and boot from it. Then follow the screen instructions.

In case you get an error message: What message you get exactly?

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Hi I own a L300-1bw which, is badly damaged (I'm going to scrap it) I had a HDD password set.

Now a friend has an C660-26G, which I'm hoping to use to remove the password (which obviously I know) .

Now I plan to install it in the C660 and go into the Bios to remove my hdd password, I shall then put it it an external USB caddie.

Does anyone know whether this is likely to work.

*Just to make it clear this is my hard-drive and I know the password.*

Answer:Satellite L300-1bw - Question about HDD Password removal


I read in this thread that someone tried to remove the HDD password using an notebook from another manufacturer and this did not work. But he was able to remove the HDD password using an Toshiba notebook.

Usually the HDD password is stored and encrypted on the HDD so theoretically it should be possible to remove an KNOWN HDD password using the C660.

So I would simply test this?

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I have two main questions:

1- I just would like to know what type of chipsets is in use in the Toshiba Satellite L300-110, so i shall know whether to enable RAID/AHCI or AHCI only?

2- I used to have some software bundle with my ready installed MS Vista OS, but when i installed MS Win7 i couldn't find these software any where, the most important for me are:
-Toshiba Camera Assistant Software
-Toshiba DVD Player
-Ulead? DVD MovieFactory? for TOSHIBA
-Toshiba Face Recognition
So i appreciate if anyone can tell me where to obtain such software again, as i really need it?

I don't need the full software bundle, and i couldn't find it in Value add software in driver download.

Thanks for support.

Answer:What chipset does Satellite L300-110 uses & software question


Regarding the question:

1) the notebook supports the Mobile Intel? GL960 Express Chipset. The motherboard supports an SATA HDD controller only and RAID is not available!!!
In BIOS you can change the SATA controller mode to AHCI or compatible mode. Compatible mode allows you to install an windows OS without an installation or SATA driver!

2) Ulead? DVD MovieFactory? is an 3rd party software. This means that you cannot download this software. such software is only a part of the Toshiba image (recovery) which is preinstalled on the Toshiba notebook.
All other applications (Toshiba DVD Player, webcam software, Face Recognition) can be downloaded from the Toshiba European driver page.


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I've just bought a display Model L300-1FS, discounted to ?300 because the charger, and all other materials are missing.
The shop replaced the charger with a genuine
Toshiba 19v 1.58A charger, but on the tech spec for this model amps output should be 3.95A....

Could this drop in Amps be the cause of my intermittent charging?

The laptop does charge, but every 10 seconds or so the charging icon stops and the mains lead green light goes off, then flicks back on again.
Could this be the low Amps or could it be something else?



Answer:Satellite L300-1FS: question about AC adptor compatibility

Hi mate

Usually the Ampere value can be different. Important is the Volt value.
It should be the same like the old AC adaptor.

However, the 1.58A looks for me a little bit too low? please check this again (don?t mix this with 100-240V (1.58A).

I?ve got two AC adaptors; one with 4.74A and the second with 3.95A. Both at 19V and I can use both with my notebook.

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I've got a L300 (model number PSLB0A-08H022) that came with 1x2GB ram . All info I can find suggest that it can accept 4GB.
I installed a second 2GB stick of Geil DDR667 and the system came up with a memory failure and failed to boot.

I then exchanged my single stick for a matched pair of the same, but I get the same result.
Any one of the three sticks works by itself, but no combination of two works.

I ran memtest with the two Geils installed and it resulted in a corrupted display.

Can anyone help?

Answer:Satellite L300 doesn't boot up after memory upgrade

Is the CPU a T23xx series?

If so, then its limited to 2GB.

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Just done an upgrade and cannot find the CD/DVD burning software.
What should it be and where can I find/re-install it?

I think it was Roxio. TIA.

Answer:Satellite L300: Cannot find burning software after Win 7 upgrade


The additional applications from different manufactures which were preinstalled on the Toshiba notebooks cannot be downloaded because of the licence issue.
You can download only the Toshiba software.

I found the Toshiba Disk Creator on the Toshiba Canadian driver page:

Here you can choose an Satellite L500 for example and you will find the Toshiba Disk Creator for Win 7 32bit and 64bit.


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Hi everyone,

I have a question about this issue. I have a Toshiba L300 with Intel GM965 chipset. I have been working fine with this laptop after using the Bios v1.40.

However, recently, after an upgrade of the Bios to v1.50, I started to get BSOD (quite often) in Vista which I had had in bios v1.30.

If you have this problem and have found the solution somewhere, please let me know. Very much appreciate.

By the way, there are some issues about BSOD caused by GM965 chipset which have been discussed on Dell website and Intel website. Most people say that it is because of the Vbios (video bios). The fact that after upgrading my bios to 1.50, the Vbios of my toshiba is still 1436 (newest from intel is 1572).

If you have a newer vbios version, please let me know when you bought your laptop. Much appreciate.

Here are some discussion from Intel and Dell site:

By the way, for those who cannot upgrade the driver from Intel website, please uninstall the previous driver and install the new driver from setup file (or have to do it manually). Contact me for more details if you need.

I am looking forward to having good and clear answers from you. I don't like made-up and non-experienced answers.( I am not an idiot).

Thank you

Answer:Satellite L300 - After BIOS upgrade BSOD appears


I am still looking for your answers about Vbios issue. Hope can hear from someone here.

Meanwhile, I would like to use this thread to discuss about GM965 chipset and issue you may encounter with it. Obviously, the driver supported by Toshiba is an old version and it lacks of many functions. Some people say it is not safe to use other drivers but it is wrong. There is nothing wrong if you use the original from hardware makers as they know more than 3rd companies do.

Intel has just released a new driver from chipset GM965-X3100 at:

Release note:

with many fixed bugs ( Including for extended monitors).

To get the best performance from the new driver. You need to uninstall the current driver on your machine by doing so from the Device manager manually. Then you can run the set up.

Don't forget to add T&L SW lighting for some software to improve their performance. (Search for how to improve x3100 perforamce on this support site or reply me and I will show you how). For x3100, SW mode will let you have some more frames rate and you can play your games better as well as do your graphical works.


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I upgraded from Win Vista to Win 7, and my webcam stopped working.
It says there is an error. On the support page it says that this model isn't planned for Win7, so I installed drivers from Win Vista.
Because the driver for Win7 is unavailable, the link is down.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Satellite L300 webcam stopped working after upgrade to Win 7


For me it sounds like you have not installed the right webcam software and therefore you cannot get the webcam working with installed Win 7.

What Win7 version did you install? 32bit or 64bit?
Toshiba European driver page provides the webcam software for Win 7 32bit for Satellite L300?
It?s version

I found it choosing: Notebook ? Satellite ? satellite L300 ? webcam driver
In such case you will get listed all webcam drivers for L300 series

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My girlfriend's L300 was lagging terribly so we decided to format C:. We did this with the accompanying XP restore disk.

Then we had to upgrade the drivers. We started the installation of the BIOS upgrade from the Toshiba driver website, went away for a while and when we came back the computer had restarted of itself.

It was stuck in a cycle of the "windows loading" screen and the one with a bottom bar that says press F2 for this or F12 for that. Tried all options in the boot menu, not even safe mode works.

We tried to reformat with the previous method, by inserting XP CD and holding down the 'C' button while starting. We get the familiar 'Windows Setup' screen, and it seems to load all the windows setup files from the CD. But when we get to the installation, we get a blue screen error message. 'A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.....Technical information: ***STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF78D254,0xC0000034,0x00000000,0x00000000)

Nothing seems to work, please help! We really want to save the images, on the D: disk partition.

Answer:Satellite L300 refuses to boot after BIOS upgrade


Try to set the BIOS to default settings.
You have to access the BIOS and there you could set it to default.
Please check if you can install the OS using the SATA mode -> AHCI and compatible.
If you use AHCI then you have to include the SATA drivers. If you use the compatible mode, then SATA drivers are not needed.

If you want to get access to the HDD before installing the OS in the C partition, then I would recommend booting the notebook using a Windows Live CD like WinPE or BartPe.
Both are live cds which don?t need a installation? you have to boot from such disk only to get access to the content on the HDD.

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I have the following laptop

Toshiba Satellite L300
Model No. PSLB8E - 15W007EN
Serial No. 99086404Q

I am trying to upgrade to windows 7, it completed the whole installation process but when I boot up, the laptop does a continuous loop off beeping (sounds like it a 22 beep loop ... if thats any help ), and then shows a blue screen about if you have installed any new hardware etc. Then I have to go into system repair which fails, please could anyone help me.



Answer:Satellite L300 - Loop of beeping after Windows 7 upgrade

Hi Welshie_1,

Usually such beep codes mean that there is a hardware malfunction detected?

Can you boot into safe mode?
Do you notice the beep code when you go into BIOS too?

Can you install Windows from Toshiba recovery disk or do you get a bluescreen too?

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Dear all,

I need to know that I have "Satellite"L300 .Windows Vista Home edition installed. Its HDD contain only one partition.
How do I install Windows XP pro as a dual operating system?

**"This reason I would like to install in I want to install ?WINDOWS VIRTUAL PC" on my LAPTOP.**

Please guide in details.


Answer:Question about dual boot installation on my Satellite L300

It is not necessary to write too much about that. What you must do is to create second partition. On the first you can leave Vista and on second install WXP SP2. There should not be any problems.

Important is follow: when you install WXP you will not be able to start Vista again. Because of that you need to install Boot manager that offers you at start up choice to start favourite operating system.

That?s all!

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I have Toshiba Satellite L300-17l, Short Model No: PLBSCE, with video card Intel GMA X3100.
Its memory is 256MB, how can I upgrade it to 358MB ?

My RAM is 2gb.

Will be glad if you give me answer :)

Answer:Satellite L300-17l: How to upgrade Intel GMA X3100 from 256MB to 358MB


This is not possible! I mean you cannot change this manually.
Everything is controlled by display driver and would functions automatically.

By the way; graphic card is not upgradable because it?s a part of the motherboard.

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I recently upgraded BIOS to 2.2 and the webcam has stopped working. It disappeared and there is one unknown device in the device manager in the universal serial bus controller.

I tried everything even with new clean fresh Vista OS but nothing like there is no webcam I installed the drivers but not recognized so I would like if I can to downgrade BIOS to 1.5 and to fix the webcam. If I can cos I need it. Is that possible?

Answer:Satellite L300 - webcam doesn't work after BIOS upgrade

I have Toshiba Satellite L300-19F model PSL8BE

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I upgraded my Satellite Pro L300 from Windows Vista to Windows 7 a few months back, I've now noticed the DVD player no longer works! All ok in device manager but won't read anything.

I didn't use a Toshiba Windows 7 upgrade disk which might be my problem. I used the Windows 7 upgrade advisor and a Windows 7 Ultimate disk.

I've tried downloading and installing the latest Windows 7 32bit Toshiba DVD drivers but still no joy.

Can anyone advise procedure I should follow to fix, whether I need to downgrade to Vista again, hope not!


Answer:Satellite Pro L300 Windows 7 Upgrade - DVD Player no longer works

Is optical disc drive listed properly in Windows Explorer?
Do you have problems with some specific discs?
Are original music and movie discs readable?

Which player you use for watching movies?

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Hello all,

After a Windows 7 Ultimate new install on my L300 PSLB0E, I have lost use of the keyboard and mousepad.

I performed the install with a usb mouse, which also functions now. I downloaded all drivers related to my machine using the virtual keyboard, rebooted after every drivre install, still not working.
I have also upgraded the BIOS, from 1.3 to 1.5, still not working

The strange part is that at startup I can acces BIOS using F2, or the startup sequence using F12, navigate the BIOS, so the keyboard works, but does not anymore when Windows 7 has booted.

I tried putting all settings to default in the BIOS, no change.

HELP!?! >.< Going crazy over this!!!

Answer:Satellite L300 - No keyboard and mouse response after Windows 7 upgrade


Have you installed additional drivers or tools for these external input devices? If yes you should remove it, just check the software list in control panel.

Normally the touchpad can be enabled/disabled with FN+F9 key combination.

Furthermore it would be interesting to know what happens on ?factory settings?. I mean the preinstalled OS from Toshiba.

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After a BIOS upgrade made under windows,my system doesn't reboot any more.F2,F8 keys are ineffective at power up time.The screen remains black and there is only some permanent accesses to the CD/DVD reader.

Can somebody explained me what has happended and how to repair if possible? Must i reflash the BIOS or something else.

Thanks a lot

Answer:Satellite Pro L300 doesn't reboot after BIOS upgrade from TOSHIBA Site

In my opinion something went wrong during the update and the ROM module has not been flashed properly.
According to people here in the forum, only an Toshiba service agent can help you.

But I found an interesting thread here in the forum which might be helpful to you.

Check the advice posted by user ale210 ?

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Hi Everyone,

I?ve created the Toshiba Recovery Disc (s) and think I need to use them now. My Satellite L300-1AQtaking AGES to load when I power up, it sometimes freezes for no obvious reason (It's telling me memory is OK, so not a RAM problem) and does other odd little annoyances.

Should I use the Recovery discs do you think? Is it straight forward? Does it give step-by--step instructions please? OS is Vista.

Many thanks


Answer:2 Years old Satellite L300 started playing up - Recovery Disc question

Yes, you should use recovery discs and make clean OS installation. After 2 years of usage I think the OS should be ?refreshed?.

After clean OS you will see that notebook will run much better than before.
Please optimize also OS: remove all useless stuff from the system and configure Windows start-up. This will make start-up much faster.

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Hi all,

I just recently got a Satellite L300 with an OEM version of Vista Home Basic.
I have a copy of Windows Vista: Home Premium (upgrade) disc and decided to use it on the laptop.

I put the disc in, and followed the steps however the upgrade option is blanked out... This is if I use the product key provided with the disc or not.
The laptop came with Service Pack 1 already installed and the disc I own was released into the shops before Service Pack 1.

My main question really is how can I get my disc to upgrade my version of Vista. I have tried searching Google, this website, Microsoft's website and I keep getting the same answer.

Basically go through options and do anytime upgrade. All of these are for me to buy from Microsoft which would be kind of pointless as I already have a copy.
I did read something at on a site that stated my disc would have to have the service pack on the disk and I seen a website with some kind of disc editing program for Vista but im not too keen on using it and the 'how to' wasn't very easy to understand.

Also, im not too keen on calling either Toshiba or Microsoft on premium rate numbers for help with something I have already bought and paid for and should be as simple as a few steps.

Anyway hope someone can help because I would really like to upgrade.

Answer:Satellite L300 - Upgrade from Vista Home Basic to Home Premium issues


I understand you and it is really annoying but what to do now? the fact is that Toshiba has offered this notebook with certain Vista version. This version must be offered with best and latest available Microsoft security updates. Due to this Toshiba offers it with latest SP1 option.

So now you try to install update offered long time ago and probably offered before SP1 was on the market. I understand your point of view but, in my opinion, it has nothing to do with Toshiba now, and you should try to find solution with Microsoft. For example you can also pick up info from

Clean Vista Home Premium can be installed without any problems. All drivers, tools and utilities can be downloaded from Toshiba support & download page.

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Are the the same or not?

I am a fan of Toshiba.

1 year ago I bought a Toshiba L30-105 which in my opinion was good enough for my work. It was only ATI X200m, 80GB and I upgraded memory to 2Gb bus 667Mhz memory which work perfectly (Ram 667Mhz, GPU 333Mhz).

1 week ago, I decided to buy a new laptop to meet me working practices and I decided to by Toshiba Equium L300-146, which is new and cheap (?350). However, I am totally disappointed about it. It has a better CPU than L30 and bigger harddrive, nevertheless, in spite of the fact that a 1Gb 667Mhz module was given, the computer can only work at bus 533Mhz (tested by CPUId 1.45). I also tested the GPU clock, which is worse than ATI X200m. Before I bought this laptop, by googling on the internet, I saw people say x3100 is better than Ati X200m and has Memclock/GPUclock worked at 400MHz. On this L300, it is even worse than Intel Chipset GMA950. I am really disappointed from what I found out. Also, L300 has lower WIndows Experiences Index than L30.

It is too late for me to change a new computer now. However, I write this to hope that TOSHIBA would have new BIOS upgrade so that the computer will fully supply Dram Bus 667MHZ and better Mem/GPU clock which is as shown on Intel website.

Answer:Is Satellite L300 the same as Equium L300?

As far as I know it should be the same. Only difference is the notebook name. As far as I know name Equium is in use in UK only. In other European countries the name is Satellite.
What to say about performance? If I am remembering well L30 is delivered with WXP Home and new Equium with Vista. You know for sure that Vista needs much more resources and have a lot active background processes.

I will not write here about Toshiba notebooks only but the fact is that every notebook manufacturer install a lot of stuff that can slow down running OS and have negative influence on notebook performance. What you should do is OS optimizing and RAM upgrade. With right strategy every notebook and PC can run like ?crazy?.

Please do not be disappointed. Check all installed stuff, remove things you do not need, update Value Added Package and I am sure the result will be much better. This notebook model is new one and I am pretty sure Toshiba will offer BIOS upgrade in next weeks or months.

Good luck!

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Hi looking for some advice,

Ive been offered a choice of 2 computers in work one is a Satellite L300 but I think its a Dual core processor as it says Genuine Intel T-1600 @ 1.66Ghz in the sytem info, but the other one is a Satellite Pro L300 but says its a Intel Celeron 900 @2.20 Ghz. Looking up processors on the Intel site it looks like the Satellite Pro isn't Dual Core.

Would I be right in presuming that the Satellite is a better spec that the Satellite Pro?



Answer:Difference between Satellite L300 and Satellite Pro L300

Hi buddy,

You?re right. The Satellite L300 with Intel T1600 CPU is a Dual Core processor and Satellite Pro L300 with Celeron 900 is only a single core.

So I would choose the Satellite L300 with dual core CPU, it?s the better choice. :)

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i want to change the processor of my laptop that have a intel t2310 (1.46Ghz/1Mb cache) and i've tried with a intel t7200 but doesn't worked.
Can anyone tell me what processors i can install in the laptop.

Thank you,

Answer:Satellite L40-15G - CPU upgrade question


You can use only the CPUs which are supported by chipset and BIOS.
As far as I know the Satellite L40/EQUIUM L40/Satellite Pro L40/Satellite L45 computer is equipped with an Intel Pentium Duo Processor or Intel Celeron M Processor.

These processors were built in:

Pentium Duo Processor (533MHz) 1.6GHz (T2060) /1.73GHz (T2080)/1.86GHz (T2090)/1.86GHz (T2130)


Celeron M Processor (533MHz) 1.73GHz (430) /1.86GHz

I think you can use these CPUs.

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I want to upgrade my notebook with a new CPU.
The (hardware) socket ist a 479. But when I ask Intel about my current CPU, it tells my that it is a 478.
The Chipset is an Intel 852/855 GM/GME, after Intel ChipsetUtility.

I am a little confused about the different data about the socket.
With CPUs will fit?

Answer:Satellite A10: CPU Upgrade question


I?m not sure about the CPU socket in the Satellite A10 but I use the tool called ?Everest home edition? and this tool provides all necessary information about the kind of socket and another important CPU info.

But as far as I know the Satellite A10 and Pro A10 was delivered with different hardware specifications and different CPU?s.
It seems the Intel Pentium 4-M and the Mobile Intel Celeron CPU are compatible:

Mobile Intel Pentium 4-M model
A 1.80/1.90/2.00/2.20GHz Pentium 4 processor with a 1.80/1.90/2.00/2.20/1.20GHz internal clock, 400MHz bus and 1.30/1.20V core operation
Mobile Intel Celeron model
A 1.80/2.00/2.20GHz Celeron processor with a 1.80/2.00/2.20GHz internal clock, 400MHz bus and 1.30V core operation

But I really don?t recommend the CPU upgrade.
As far as I know the microcode must be updated after the CPU and motherboard replacement. If you don?t update the microcode the CPU will run only at 600Mhz.

Be careful!

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I only have 192mb of RAM on my laptop, is it possible to increase this, if so how and how much to?

Answer:Satellite A60-672: RAM upgrade question


according the notebook specification you can upgrade RAM up to 1280MB max. Compatible modules are:
PC2700 512MB (PA3312U-1M51)
PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G)

You can use 1 GB RA module and upgrade the notebook to the max level.


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My Satellite A30-104 has recently come to the end of its warranty, and having had to open up the heatsink for cleaning and seeing that the CPU was accessible, I wonder if there is any (likely) scope for upgrading it.

The processor is a Celeron (Northwood) 2.6GHz. I'm not looking for more grunt, I'd prefer a lower-power chip, though the much larger L2 cache of a Pentium 4 is also desirable. I'd be very grateful if anyone could advise whether any upgrades are likely available, and if so which chips would be appropriate? If I can give any more useful spec information, please ask.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Question about CPU upgrade for Satellite A30-104?


Generally it?s not advisable to upgrade the CPU on the notebooks because nobody can say if the notebook will run properly and stable after the upgrade.
The heat and high temperature inside the notebook could be a serious problem.

Anyway, I think the notebook supports an Intel 852GME chipset.

The Intel 852GME chipset is optimized for the Mobile Intel Pentium 4 processor, features a 533 MHz system bus and up to 2 GB of high-speed DDR 333/266/200 memory.

But I?m not sure about the socket? it?s either 479 or 478

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Hi can someone please tell me what I need to upgrade my laptop? I cannot work it out exactly what I need please can someone tell me e.g. pc2100 or pc 2700??? also what mhz?

Answer:Satellite A60-108 Ram upgrade question

This is the relevant Crucial Technology memory upgrade page.
Satellite A60

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I am having a Toshiba Satellite A60 S-131 bought 2 years ago.
I want to know whether it is possible for me to upgrade the 40GB HDD to a higher capacity HDD(internal) and to upgrade my RAM from 512MB to higher.

Also I had already inserted a 256MB DDR RAM in the empty memory slot almost 1 year ago.

Help will be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite A60-131: Question about HDD and RAM upgrade

Hi Pranjal,

You can definitley upgrade your hard drive to a larger capacity version. You should find that an 80Gb or 100Gb will work just fine. You will need to make sure that you obtain a new drive with the same physical characteristics as you existing one. The following link will help you to remove the hard drive.

You may also wish to get a new hard drive with a faster rotational speed (5400rpm or even 7200rpm).

I believe the maximum RAM for the A60 is 1.25Gb which comprises 1 X fixed module (I presume yours is 256Mb which means that you can install one further module of up to 1Gb capacity. RAM modules are available in 256Mb, 512Mb, and 1Gb capacities.


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Hi there people.

I have upgraded the memory on my gf's quite old a60 laptop, but want to upgrade the cpu as well now as she is running the celeron 2.8.
The laptop manual says i can have the followng cpu's:

Intel celeron up to 2.8ghz (which i currently have)
Mobile intel pentium 4 processor up to 3.06 ghz
Mobile intel pentium 4 processor up to 3.2 ghz supporting htt

other processors may be introduced and a level 2 cache from 128kb to 1mb

I am trying to work out whether this means i can have the northwood 130nm 3.2ghz or whether i can have the prescott 90nm 3.2ghz.

If I could have the prescott, would I not be able to get the 3.46 ghz prescott?
As these cpus are quite hard to find, i am just checking to see if i can have any of these..., also how easy is it to get in and change the chip inside the laptop :D

While I am asking, is it worth upgrading the hard drive from 40gb 4200 rpm to a 7200 rpm one?

Many thanks for your time people

Answer:Satellite A60 - CPU upgrade question

I wouldn't install a Prescott, they get very hot! The cooling fan may not be able to keep the CPU cool.

Installing a Northwood would be the best option. Looking in google, it appears this laptop can definitely accept Northwood CPU's.

The jump from a Celeron to a Northwood is a big step. But from Northwood to Prescott is only a small step.

I would choose this one:

As for the HDD, 7200RPM drives can get hot and are noisy, and are not that much faster than a 5400RPM drive. A 5400RPM HDD would be the smart choice.

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Hello, just wanted to update my laptop, and just interesting. Is this laptop supporting 160 gb ?
Maybe even, what the biggest HDD support this computer ?
Because i am thinking on 120gb or better 160gb... And dunno what to do :)
Satellite A10...
Thanks for any advices

Answer:Question about HDD-upgrade on a Satellite A10

Hey there,

I think you should try it, because I think that machine was shipped with a maximum of 80GB, but I am not sure. You have the following options:

1. Buy a HDD with about 120GB. Test it, you cannot damage anything. If the drive would not be recognized then bring it back to the shop and try a HDD with less memory (100GB). Repeat the procedure, if the drive was recognized, hold it. :)
2. Buy a 80GB HDD, which is known to work in that machine. Thats the "secure" way.
3. Do nothing and buy a external USB-HDD. ;)

I hope I could give you some thoughts on your way.


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I would like to upgrade the standard HGST HDD to a faster Seagate SSHD, and the problem is that in this model L50-A-19N there is no HDD cover, the whole laptop bottom must be removed like in this Link: [Video|]

My question is can I upgrade the Disk by Myself and if not what can I do to replace the Disk not losing the warranty. I read the manual for this model and there is nothing about HDD upgrades there.


Answer:Satellite L50-A-19N HDD upgrade question

Usually on most notebook models HDD is placed at the bottom and access to it is not complicated. As you can see on your notebook model it is not so easy and HDD exchange is not supported. With other words it should not be done by notebook owner.

Valid warranty is very important so please don't do anything on your own. HDD exchange in your case can be done by authorized service provider. If they do this warranty will not be cancelled.

Contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. Addresses and phone numbers you can find on

Good luck

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I have found out how easy it is to remove the current DVD Writer on my Satellite S70-A (10 seconds) so no problems there.

I see that there is a small lug at the back of the writer allowing the writer to be locked in place by the small bolt that holds the HDD/RAM cover in place

Can I buy a Blu Ray player which has this lug already fitted or I can I fit the lug afterwards?

Can anyone suggest a suitable Blu Ray player to buy as a direct replacement.

Answer:Question about Blu-ray upgrade on Satellite S70-A

Most of S70-A notebooks are offered with DVD-multi optical disc drives. Just few of them are offered with 9.5MM BD-ROM. Unfortunately I don't know which model of BD-ROM is this exactly.
It is not easy to find any information which model can be used on your machine.

I’m not 100% sure but it could be UJ162 UJ-162.

Let’s see if someone else can find exact info about that.

Anyway, in worst case you can order it and test it. if there is some problem simply send it back.

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is the above laptop easy to upgrade with an ssd?cant find any info anywhere on it not evan a review

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I've recovered my son's old A40 from Virus and spyware infections. Now I want to upgrade.

At present, I still have the old Bios and a 30GB 4200RPM IDE disk. (model n PSA45E-007N1-EN)
Is it like the A10 that accepts maximum 60GB drive or can I go bigger ?

One supplier suggests I stay at 4200RPM but to ask Toshiba what they recommend, so far no reply.
Any suggestions ?

Many thanks

Answer:Satellite A40: Question about HDD upgrade


How did you try to ask Toshiba??? As far as I know you can ask the authorized service provider in your country for information but not a Toshiba directly.

However, I have investigated a little bit here in the forum and found this thread:

and this one

It seems there are no official informations but the user ?henrivdw? has upgraded the A30 (similar to A40) with the 80GB HDD successfully.

Good luck

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I want a bigger hard drive but xp home edition is pre installed. If i change the hdd i dont think the recovery disk would work to re install xp. How do i do this without buying a new version of windows? Oh it is a notebook satellite pro spa10.

Answer:Satellite Pro A10: Question about HDD upgrade

Sorry but why you suggest the Recovery CD will not recognize the new HDD?
Fact is if the BIOS will recognize the new HDD then you will not have any problems with recovering and the OS installation.

If you want to upgrade the HDD you have to use an compatible one. Then simply boot-up from the recovery CD and the OS will install on the new HD drive.

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I would like to upgrade my 5 year old laptop, because of memory... I have now changed and a SSD hard drive added (500GB) and a new battery but I want more: the processor ... I have read in the Internet that this is but one has at its manufacturer which processors ask for the device suitable and this I want to do with it what better processor I could use in my good old laptop purely build the perfect works with all components.

Additionally the graphic chip (if possible) but ...

Answer:Satellite L670-134 - CPU upgrade question

Check for cpu upgrade in the cpu support upgrades forum section

and place a request there they will ask u to fill in some information with CPU-Z program then they can determin which cpu upgrade is best for your laptop.

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Hello, CAn you help me ? my system is very slow i and i want to upgrade, i have this system actualy : standard : 3,072 (2,048 + 1,024) Mo
m?moire maximale : 8,192 Mo
technologie : DDR2 RAM (800 MHz) whay model of memory card can i upgrade on my slots ? Kingston or others ??? what the maximum i can find please ?? merci

Answer:Satellite P300-1H7 upgrade question

Originally Posted by Thomas1973

Hello, CAn you help me ? my system is very slow i and i want to upgrade, i have this system actualy : standard : 3,072 (2,048 + 1,024) Mo
m?moire maximale : 8,192 Mo
technologie : DDR2 RAM (800 MHz) whay model of memory card can i upgrade on my slots ? Kingston or others ??? what the maximum i can find please ?? merci

Hello Thomas

Your notebook has an Intel Dual Core T3400 processor and 667Mhz FSB and 1MB cache only. And you are in Vista 32 bit. Your DDRII RAM is of 800 MHz. All this does not allow you to speed up your system.

If you want to upgrade to speed up your system, you need:
- Either change your processor by a more powerful dual-core (1066 MHz FSB as P300-20E eg with a 3MB cache).
- Or place your system on a 250 GB SSD drive (I recommend the Samsung 850 EVO 250 Gb), the migration of your HDD to the SSD software is included in the Samsung box). Modified the price is less than € 100.

I think for a beginner computer the most effective solution is the latter, especially since it is not easy to find a P8600 processor to replace your T3400.

Take the opportunity to buy a dry air bomb to remove the dust from the ventilation of your laptop.

Good luck and good Christmas holidays.


Message has been translated

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I have the Satellite L40-16D PSL48-E and i want to know which is the fastest cpu that i can put on?

In the top right corner i have a dummy card. What i can put on this socket?


Answer:Satellite L40-16D: CPU upgrade & PC card question

Don?t think that you could upgrade the notebook with an faster CPU because of the overheating issues. A faster CPU produces more heat and this leads to the overheating.
But as far as I know the 1.46GHz Dual-Core CPU T2310 was installed in this notebook.
Theoretically another Dual-Core CPU could be inserted but practically it?s not advisable and in most case the notebook wouldn?t run stable.
Last but not least you would lose the warranty!

Regarding the card slot question;
Well, some websites said that this notebook handles the Express Card. Therefore it?s a ExpressCard slot ;)

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I am looking into upgrading my HDD which with the P100-286 is the Fujitsu MHV2200BT. I wish to find an HDD with a faster RPM and maybe a slightly greater capacity too.

I have found information on the MHV2200BT and see that it has a slightly larger casing than most notebook 2.5" HDD. Its is 12.5mm in height rather than the usual 9.5mm.

Will this make it unsuitable to purchase another HDD?
Will I need to find another housing or casing for the HDD?

Here is the stats on the current model...

I am thinking about getting this HDD to replace it .....

Thanks for any further information.

Answer:Satellite P100-286 - HDD upgrade question


Hmm? the old HDD is 12.5mm and the new is 9.5mmm
Well buddy? I don?t exactly how the HDD has been mounted in the P100 but in many cases the HDD is placed in the holder (bracket).

So the new HDD would not blend with this bracket.

But why you don?t take a 12.5mm HDD? There are a lot 2.5?, 12.5mm, SATA HDDs which would be 100% compatible with your notebook!
Search a little bit...

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Who are you? Ttime for some upgades for this great laptop and some few questions and I will be pleased to answer to me.

1.Is there any empty space to install a second hard drive SSD?

2.If there is not can I put off the DVD hard drive and in the empry space to fit a ssd drive? I will need something like that? ----> fb4d
This is an adapter.

3.How much max memory RAM support the Satellite L500D? I have already installed 2GB and I have an extra socket and I want to install a single 4GB RAM and total 6GB RAM

Its sounds this idea good to you? Thank you very much and have a nice day

Answer:Satellite L500D - SSD and RAM upgrade question


As you can see on bottom side of the notebook it doesn?t support a second HDD because there is no second HDD bay on bottom side.
The adapter that you posted is not an official one so nobody can say if it?s compatible part or not. As far as I know for Satellite notebooks there is no CD/DVD bay adapter but you can ask an authorized service provider for further details.

The maximum RAM capacity is depending on your exact notebook model. L500D was delivered with different hardware so you must post your exact notebook model number.

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hello all and happy new year .

First of all , sorry for my bad english .

I bought a Satellite A100-386 few years ago and i'm really satisfied, but my hard disk drive is down .
So i wanted to know if i could put a 2,5'' S-ATA II Hard drive in, like this.

because when i see satellite features, they mention a hard disk with only S-ATA .
Is there any compatibility ?

Thank you for answer :)

Bye bye

Answer:Satellite A100-386 - HDD upgrade question


Yes, I think this should be possible.
The A100 supports SATA HDDs controller and theoretically you could use any 2.5? SATA HDD.


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I have had my Toshiba Satellite L450D-11W Laptop for about a year now and I play alot of gaming. It has AMD Athlon x2 Dual Core, 4gb RAM and Windows 7 Pro (32) but it tends to create a lot of lag and slow loading for the games I want to play. I was wondering if it was possible to upgrade my laptops processor into AMD Athlon Quad Core or Phenom Quad Core.

The thing is, would it be compatible? Would it make a lot of difference? Where can I buy Laptop processors products? I would appreciate it for some answers or advice.


Answer:Re: Satellite L450D-11W- Question about upgrade

Please check this Toshiba document at first -

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Hi, there

The minimum recommended memory for Windwows XP is 256 Mb and I do not understand how the company could get away selling notebook with 256 MB with built-in graphic adapter sharing the system memory.

Anyway, I want to upgrade my Toshiba and my intention is to buy additional 512 Mb memory, such as

Will it work properly with 768 Mb or shall I buy only the same pairs : 256+ 256, 512+ 512?

Thank you very much.

Answer:Question about memory upgrade on Satellite L20-181


Firstly you are not right. The Windows XP runs also with the lower memory value.
But of course, it depends on the memory if the OS applications will run faster or slower.

However, the fact is that you can upgrade the memory on you notebook and it doesn?t mater if the modules have the same memory value or not.
In this case the notebook was delivered with 256MB and you can install easeful the second 512MB memory module.

PS: I would recommend installing the 512MB in the first slot and the 256MB in the second bank.

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Hello everybody!
Can I upgrade bios on my notebook, from Bios v.2-20 to v.5-10?

In instructions, it is written:
This Bios is only compatible for Notebooks with Windows XP!!!
And this Bios is only for models with Modelnumber PSL48x, PSL49x, PSL4Bx or PSL4Cx

Two reasons:
1. I use XP operational system.
2. I have the laptop of series L4*

Answer:Question about Bios upgrade on Satellite L40


I think the BIOS description says everything;
Bios is only for models with Model number PSL48x, PSL49x, PSL4Bx or PSL4Cx

This means that if your notebook *does not* belong to one of these series number then you cannot use the BIOS!
The wrong BIOS can damage the motherboards ROM module!

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Would the following ram work on the above mentioned laptop??

kingston KVR533D2S4/2G 2048mb so-dimm , 200 pin

Any input would be appreciated

Answer:Question about RAM upgrade for a Satellite A110-133


Maybe this page would be helpful for you:

You need the DDR2 533MHz (PC2-4200) 200-PIN SODIMM memory modules.

But I doubt that the Kingston KVR533D2S4/2G 2048mb would run properly because the A110 can be upgraded up to 2GB and in such case you could use only 2 x 1GB RAM modules

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I want to upgrade the HDD of my U200-128 notebook. What is the maximum HDD size that can be used? Is it possible to use 250GB HDD? My current BIOS version is 3.7

Thank you

Answer:Question about HDD upgrade on Satellite Pro U200-128

Hi there,

yes it?s possible to upgrade to 250GB since that size probably the chipset (ICH7-M) can handle. Feel free to put such big drive in your machine and be happy. :)

If you need more information on your chipset then check this site:


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Ii have a Satellite A100-165 (PSAA9E-00V00HFR)
Does it accept SO-DIMM of 2GB?

Answer:RAM upgrade question for Satellite A100-165

why i cant view this thread??

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