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Satellite L45: touchpad scrolling feature does not work

Question: Satellite L45: touchpad scrolling feature does not work

Ok i have a Satellite L45 notebook and i need help.
The scrolling feature on the touchpad worked for awhile and now it won't work.

I've looked all through the computer and tried everything and nothing seems to work.
I don't really know too much about computers to begin with and no one else i know can help me.

My dad had the same problem with his computer but he said it seemed to work itself out.
Mine still hasn't and it's driving me insane.

If anyone could help it'd be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite L45: touchpad scrolling feature does not work

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite L45: touchpad scrolling feature does not work


Did you check if the touchpad scroll function has been enabled and configured properly?
Before you would reinstall the touchpad driver I recommend checking these settings.

Do you know where to find these settings?
You can find it in

+Control panel -> mouse -> last tab (device settings) -> Settings button+

Here you should check the *Virtual Scrolling*


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Hello there,

I have a Qosmio F20 and only had it for less than a year, I have always used the touch pad and the quick launch feature, never changed anything in the touch pad settings nor any major changes in the operating system, i have a problem now!

the touch pads scrolling feature dosen't work any more, you know how the right side is to scroll up/down and the bottom for scrolling left/right, now it dosen't work.... my brother used my computer and he installed a bluetooth program, infrared driver, he used a USB mouse and installed Nokia PC suite.
NOW what do i do? HEEELP!!!!!!


Answer:Qosmio F20: Touchpad scrolling feature dosen't work any more


You brother has installed a lot of applications and also a USB mouse.
Who knows what he has changed on your notebook.

If the touchpad scrolling function does not work so I assume the settings were changed.
In your case I would recommend checking the touchpad settings.
You should find it under the mouse settings in the control panel.

As far as I know you can find these settings in the Toshiba touch and launch.

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The previous driver allowed for edge scrolling but latest version does not have the capability.I understand for those upgrading to Windows 8 with touch screen capability this is not an issue but what about us who do not have touch screen. In my opinion this is a major flaw. Please let me hear form you if you too are unhappy about the new Windows 8 Touch pad driver. By the way, I tried rolling the driver back but the previous driver causes serious erratic behavior. Below is a screen shot of the version for the newest Windows 8 Touch Pad driver.

This problem appears on Windows 8.1

Answer:[Dell touchpad] one finger scrolling feature missing on Windows 8 doesn't work

Try this:
1) Go into c:\program files\DellTPad\
2) In this dir I have
  a)  DellTouchpad.exe: this is the app called from control panel whose picture you posted.
  b)  DellTPad.exe alternate utility to set touchpad setting. When launching this I have this option (translating into english) "one finger actions/multi-finger actions", and then it allows you to set single finger vertical/horizontal scrolling.

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Hi, I'm having problem with my touch pad's scrolling feature. Whenever I open my folders, I cannot scroll through, however, it works fine when I'm surfing internet or scrolling through other stuffs like Word and start up menu. It just stops working when I'm accessing my folders. I'm using ELAN touch pad and the device is up to date. I can't seem to find the problem with this. I hope that someone can help me with this problem. Thank you!

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Hi,     Earlier right click was not working properly on my lenov y50-70 laptop. Most of the time, I have to press right click button with more . But all feature(circular zoom, virtual scrolling, gesture, swap) of elan smartpad touchpad were working properly previously. After replacement of touchpad by lenovo, even none of the above said feature is availabe in ELAN driver software. Does this mean those feature is not supported by new touchpad?

Answer:Touchpad scrolling, gesture, circular feature lost...

I have the same problem.  They replaced my touchpad and now none of the gestures work and i have to drag my finger across the touchpad several times to get from one side of the screen to the other, whereas you should be able to do it in one swipe.  Huge QA problems with this device and I'm getting very frustrated they didnt check to make sure that it all worked when they sent it back to me.  Please Lenovo FIX THE TOUCHPAD ISSUES!  WE need gestures and correct movement, changing the sensitivity does not fix this problem, Im assuming you need to update the drivers and correct this issue or the touchpad is bad again.  Afterall, the last release for this driver was August of 2014.  New drivers are overdue Lenovo. PLEASE FIX THIS!

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Have recently downloaded Opera browser & find the Synaptics scroll function no longer works !
All other funtions seem OK & scrolling is still fine with MS Explorer
Can anyone tell me if this can be fixed ?
[Using a Satellite 5200-902]

Also Touchpad light goes out after 5 seconds.[This is normal]
Does anyone know if it is possible to find the code & change this to say 60 seconds ?

Any help with the above would be appreciated

Answer:Satellite 5200 - Touchpad scrolling in Opera / Touchpad backlight

I?m not sure but I think the Opera explorer doesn?t support this option.

But if the Opera supports this option so maybe you have to enable it only in the Opera settings?
But sorry I don?t use the explorer and therefore I can?t give you a exactly instruction hoe to do it.

But play around with the settings or visit some Opera support sites

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Hello, sorry for poor post (novice!)

I have windows 7 32bit pre-installed with rescue disc program also pre-installed (have done that on two discs). Model is Toshiba Satellite Pro L450D-14V (had extra 2GB RAM installed, only had 1GB). It was supplied direct from BT after winning a competition.

When scrolling stop working, it was featured in control panel/mouse which I could click on and get settings which is where the vert/horiz. Enabling buttons are albeit they grayed out when I tried to click them on.

Since mucking about with drivers I now I have lost the synaptics touch pad feature, it only features a PS/2 compatible mouse but all I have is the touch pad, still workingl without scrolling?

Thanks for your interest

Sigull (Tony)

Answer:Satellite Pro L450D-14V - Scrolling feature stopped working

Hi Tony,

Welcome here in forum! No problem regarding your posting, it?s not difficult and we can discuss here about everything regarding Toshiba notebooks! :)

The scrolling feature is controlled by touchpad driver as you already wrote and if you lost this function I would recommend reinstalling the driver from official Toshiba website:

On this page are two drivers listed: Alps Electric and Synaptics. You have to install both drivers!!!
After this you should be able to use virtual scrolling again :)

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I have a DELL XPS M1530 laptop that I just installed a full version of Windows 7. It had Windows Vista on it before. It is a replacement computer for my old DELL (same model) that was having issues.

I usually hook up a bluetooth mouse when I use my computer, but I just noticed last night when I was using the touchpad instead, is that it does not scroll up and down, or left to right. The mouse part of the touchpad works fine, as does the left and right buttons.

I am assuming the scrolling is just turned off on this computer (thinking simply first ... hoping it is not a serious issue). But I cannot find where to check to see if it needs to be turned back on.

Any suggestions?

Answer:Touchpad scrolling does not work

There are only drivers for Vista and not Win 7. This may be an issue.
You could try the Vista driver under input devices.
Drivers & Downloads

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I install Win 7 on my U-300-130.
Touchpad works, but not scrolled.

Can I fix in?

Answer:Satellite U300 touchpad - no scrolling with Win 7


Did you install the touchpad driver?

Please do this because the standard Win7 driver does not support extended touchpad options and settings.

Then after touchpad driver installation you can change the settings which can be found in control panel ? mouse -> advanced tab -> advanced features -> settings

Good luck!

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Hi there!

I upgraded my above Notebook to Windows 10 early April this year.
So far no problem. Everything worked fine. Everything.
Early last week Microsoft installed automatically some updates. I hate them for this way of "support".
From that minute no scolling either with the touchpad nor with the original Toshiba mouse possible.
Microsoft is not able to resolve the problem.
Any idea?


PS: Pls apologize my poor english but I didn't use it so much for some years.

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Scrolling using the touchpad is not working on either of my acer notebooks after updgrading to 10. any ideas?

Answer:touchpad scrolling does not work on two acer notebooks

You need to install a proper Windows 10 compatible driver for your trackpad.
Windows 7 drivers most likely won't work, Windows 8/8.1 drivers might work in some cases but might also behave erratically.

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Touchpad doesn't respond, and when I press trackpoint middle button it acts as a mouse wheel (opens links in a new tab, scrolls only if I press it on the empty space) or sometimes doesn't work at all. I had drivers for ps/2 mouse and keyboard installed , if I try to install drivers from lenovo site, I get an error : Synaptics device not found! 

Answer:x230 touchpad and trackpoint scrolling don't work

Welcome To Lenovo Community
 Please uninstall all touchpad drivers , restart and update the driver from the below link
Hope This Helps

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Hi - does anyone know how to enable the mouse scroller on the mouse pad?
I assume this is software enabled but can't find how to do it.

Answer:How to enable Touchpad scrolling on a Satellite 2410


a little hint, hope it helps you:

Click on Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Mouse and then after you reached the "Mouse Properties" there should be a tab named "Advanced".
Mostly there is special software from the manufacturer, and there the settings can be modified.

Otherwise, look into your "Toshiba Console" if you can find something there.


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Originally when i had my A200-1HU I could use the right hand side of the touchpad to scroll. I now cannot do so.

I cannot find anyway to rectify this, there is a logo in systray saying synaptics pointing device but when I click on it, it takes me to pointing device properties that are relevant to a mouse not a pad.

How do I get my scrolling back on my touchpad?

Answer:Satellite A200-1HU: How do I get scrolling back on my touchpad

I lost all the functions on my touchpad after a windows update, which installed new synaptic touchpad drivers. After a lot of frustration and hours later i finally got them back by reinstalling Alps Electric touchpad drivers, NOT the synaptic drivers.
You can find the drivers under the support and downloads link.
Hope this helps

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I have a P870 (PSPLFA-019001)

I have been having trouble with the touchpad. If I move the touchpad anywhere the screen scrolls vertically (not just on the right scroll bar) and the mouse is stationary. When I touch the trackpad underneath the clickable buttons it somehow disables scrolling so I can move the mouse.

I have gone to control panel mouse options and:
* can not take off vertical scrolling [Pic||Pic][Pic||Pic Vertical Scrolling]
* have disabled scrolling and most other trackpad gestures. [Pic||Disabled Options]
* I have tried F5 to disable/enable the mouse. no change

I don't know what to do now. Please Help! I also uploaded a (bad) video to show you what's happening. It was hard to show one handed. [Video link||Touchpad]

Answer:Satellite P870 - Touchpad scrolling issues

I ended up doing a system restore to fix the problem.

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since I bought my Satellite L550 I have problems with the touchpad.
From time to time it stops the scolling funktionality. I tried different things. I deinstalled the drivers reinstalled them, tried older drivers and so on.

Then I decided to wait until I get my Windows 7. Two days ago I received my package and after the successful upgrade to Windows 7 the problem occured again. Suddenly the scolling-functionality didn't work.
Just a reboot of the system solves the problem.
Then the system works some time, and the problem occures again.

The Touchpad is a Alps Pointing device. T
he current installed driververison is 7.102.302.104.

Hopefully anybody can help me to solve this problem finally.

Thanks a lot

P.S. sorry for my bad english. I'm from Germany.

Answer:Satellite L550 - Touchpad stops scrolling sometimes


Have you also tried to reinstall the Touchpad driver? You can find the newest version on the Toshiba website. => Support & Downloads => Donwload Drivers

You can find two versions ? One from Alps Electric and the other one from Synaptics. You have to install both drivers!!!

I?m not sure if this will solve your problem but it?s worth a try. ;)


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Hi everybody,

I used unistalled everything on my Satellite laptop and reinstalled Windows 10.

Now all the toshiba applications are gone.
This is not my problem.

My problem is that scrolling on my touchpad doesnt work.
Synaptics is gone and when I try to install a new driver (Touch Pad driver) he gives an error after the installation.

Synaptics has been installed accept for the mouch uttilities.

Can somebody help me.

Greetings, Jiska

Answer:Touchpad scrolling doesn't work after Windows 10 upgrade

I don’t know what notebook model you have but fact is that not all notebook series are supported for Win 10 upgrade.
In such case the Win 10 drivers will not be released for such unit….

The touchpad scrolling requires additional touchpad driver…
If your unit supports Synaptics touchpad, you could also use the driver from Synaptics driver page:

But currently driver for Win 10 isn’t available… you could try to install and use the Win 8.1 driver but I’m not quite sure if it will work properly….

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The two finger scrolling function and the scrolling on the site of the touchpad do not work. I tried updating the driver and updated my bios, but neither helped. Every once in a while after a restart of the computer scrolling works, but usually only for a very brief time. Does anyone have an idea what i could do to fix it?

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Hello everyone, I am not able to scroll in Windows Live Mail. I rem seeing an update on this but now I cannot find the update, Can someone please point me to the location to update the driver. regards,Claton

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I have just installed Windows 7 in my Toshiba A200 and downloaded drivers for the touch pad from Toshiba's site.
However, the option related to enabling vertical scrolling is not present in the settings.

Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite A200 - Touchpad vertical scrolling not present


You have to install the Synaptics and the Alps touchpad driver.
Then you could enable the vertical scrolling in control panel -> mouse -> pointing devices -> settings.

Take a look into L500 series... there you will find both touchpad drivers


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I have my new laptop since 1 week and 1 thing keeps bothering me:
It's only possible to do inverted 2-finger scrolling wich feels very unnatural to me; I want to be able to scroll normaly: down for down and vice versa

I tried replacing the driver with the newest one and also some other drivers but either not working or same result.
pls advice as this is a deal breaker to me!

Answer:Satellite ALPS touchpad no normal scrolling only inverted

Originally Posted by born_now

I have my new laptop since 1 week and 1 thing keeps bothering me:
It's only possible to do inverted 2-finger scrolling wich feels very unnatural to me; I want to be able to scroll normaly: down for down and vice versa

I tried replacing the driver with the newest one and also some other drivers but either not working or same result.
pls advice as this is a deal breaker to me!

HI everybody,

I face the same problem as the friend here; Personally I have spent hours to figure out how Toshiba could be mad enough to make this simple setting impossible.

I have tried :
- replace the driver by newer Alps, Synaptics
- ask the Toshiba technical support, that has been unable to find a solution, but I do have doubts about responder skills that seemed to discover the Z30 for the first time
- tried ton modify values in HKEYCURRENT and LOCAL

God damn it ! NOTHING WORKS !!!!!!
I cant understand that a brand like Toshiba leave consumers in that mess because of a so simple setting.

Thank to anyone able to solve the problem


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Hello guys!

Here is my problem - in my laptop there is disables scrolling function on my touchpad. I mean when I'm trying to scroll using it's right edge side.
Previously using Vista this function was enabled so please advice me how what to do. Great thanks!

Answer:Satellite A300D-16W - How to enable scrolling function on touchpad?


Have you tested an external mouse on the notebook?

In your case I would try to update the touchpad driver. You can find it on the Toshiba website: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

Remove the old driver, restart the notebook and then install the new driver.


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I'm new to this forum so I don't know if this is the right place to post this.

Anyways, recently I installed Windows 7 32bit on my Toshiba Laptop, everything went well and I installed all the drivers that I needed in order to make webcam and function keys to work etc.

However I do have one problem, my touchpad scrolling doesn't seem to be working after the install, now I am unable to scroll up and down, left and right with my touchpad. I have tried looking for any drivers which can help solve this problem but I havn't been able to find any regarding the touchpad.

Could anyone be able to help me with my problem? Would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

Answer:Satellite P300D-21K Touchpad scrolling not working on Windows 7

Hi SA90,

Normally you have to install the touchpad driver for using the virtual scrolling function. I have checked the Toshiba website and I could find a touchpad driver for Windows Vista 32bit. Normally the Vista drivers are also work on Windows 7. > Support & Downloads > Download Drivers

Check this!!!

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How do you turn off the scrolling function on the right hand side of the mouse?
It drives me crazy. Just want the cursor but cannot see anything in the Control Panel.

Answer:How to disable scrolling function on touchpad on Satellite A series?

This option you can find in advanced mouse options.
Control panel > Mouse properties > Device settings and if you have Synaptics driver just click on settings. There you will find option for virtual scrolling.

Just remove check mark in front of horizontal and vertical scrolling options and it will be OFF.

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My Satellite 5200 Series features a PHYSICAL scroll wheel under the Touch Pad in addition to the two "mouse" buttons. I find it a massively useful feature but can't find any current models that have retained it.

Has it been rejected ?

Is there an alternative way of scrolling with newer machines ?

I'd rather not add an external mouse as it blocks a valuable USB port AND I actually DO use my laptop, outdoors on my LAP.

Answer:Satellite 5200: Question about TouchPad scrolling function

Hi Tatterdemalion,

Most modern notebooks using a touchpad have a software scrolling feature (which can be disabled if you wish) to control automatic scrolling. This is very useful for browsing text in Word documents or on web pages etc., The technique (when the feature is enabled) is to set the top left or right corner of the touchpad to be the 'enable' point and by touching this area momentarily it will change the mousse pointer to indicate the autoscroll option. You then just drag the pointer slightly downwards and the screen will start to scroll until you touch the touch pad again.

A manual scroll facility is also available and can be used simply by stroking the right side of the touchpad (down to scroll down and up to scroll up), and the bottom of the touchpad to scroll left and right.

I find these features very useful but I know other people who find them extremely irritating. It is worth checking out.


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Hello, I have problem with Synaptics touch pad driver version 9.1.0 (notebook Tecra A7-202).

When I run any program as Administrator, virtual scrolling doesn't function.
When I run program as normal user everything is OK.

Answer:Tecra A7-202: Touchpad driver virtual scrolling function does not work


Is your Tecra preinstalled with Toshiba designed recovery image?

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Hi Community!
Today I bought my very first Thinkpad (Thinkpad Yoga). Unfortunately I do seem to be too think to use it properly...
I cannot figure out, how to enable the touchpad. I do not think it is broken or something, because the trackpoint and all buttons and also two finger swipe for scrolling work fine. I just cannot move the mouse cursor with the touchpad.
I the driver setting screen the touchpad and all its options are greyed out, too (see screenshot).
Does anyone have any idea, what I may be doing wrong?
Thanks a lot!
Link to image
Moderator note: large image(s) converted to link(s):  About Posting Pictures In The Forums

Answer:Thinkpad Yoga 13 Touchpad is disabled - Scrolling & Gestures work

Has anyone ever made headway on this issue? I'm having the same problem. Scrolling and gestures are recognized, but moving the cursor and tap-to-click are nonfunctional. It's essentially stuck permanently in trackpoint-only mode, and the option to switch back has literally dissapeared. It started intermittently (would sometimes "fix itself" on restarting) but now the problem appears permanent and updating drivers does not solve the issue.

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Originally Posted by justinc89

I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 running 32 bit Vista, and I used to be able to scroll with the touchpad, however, it doesn't seem to be working any longer. Also, in the synaptics pointing device program, I am unable to configure actions to the left and right buttons. I checked apoint.exe and it seems to be working fine...does anyone know what may be causing this or how to fix it? What should I be reinstalling? It's very annoying and I'd like to be able to scroll without holding the button and dragging. Thanks

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i upgraded my laptop "satellite pro l450-EZ1510" from windows 7 to windows 10 , but touchpad scrolling is no longer working

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Hi everyone!

I recently updated my P55W-B5318 to Windows 10.
I had a problem with the touch pad right away.

As there was none. I googled it, updated the drivers and it started working again.

Now the problem is I can't scroll with it.
I use two fingers and slide up and down but I do not get anything.

Anyone else have this trouble and get it fixed or can anyone point me in the correct direction?

Answer:Satellite P55W-B5318 - No touchpad scrolling running Windows 10


Touchpad scrolling is an additional feature which appears only if Touchpad driver (in your case I assume its ELAN touchpad driver) is installed.

So please check if ELAN touchpad driver is installed.
If it installed, go to control panel → mouse → ELAN (I guess its last tab)

Here you will find additional settings and the scrolling must be enabled under → EDGE SCROLL

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 running 32 bit Vista, and I used to be able to scroll with the touchpad, however, it doesn't seem to be working any longer. Also, in the synaptics pointing device program, I am unable to configure actions to the left and right buttons. I checked apoint.exe and it seems to be working fine...does anyone know what may be causing this or how to fix it? What should I be reinstalling? It's very annoying and I'd like to be able to scroll without holding the button and dragging. Thanks

Answer:Toshiba Satellite A200 Notebook - Synaptics Touchpad Not Scrolling?

It could be a hardware issue.

I had similar problems w/ notebook - mousepad had to be replaced.

You could try to un-install all drivers in Device Manager then re-boot. Vista will re-install. Also make sure to go to OEM site and get updated driver - if available.

Note that you will lose mouse function completely after un-install. Have USB mouse or b/c familar with CTRL-ALT-DEL that will get you to screen so you can use arrow keys to restart system

Regards. . .



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Hello all.

I see from previous posts that this issue has been addressed in some way or another a few times and I have tried several of the fixes, and have had no success.

1. I have a toshiba L300 next to me(girlfriends), and this feature works fine. V annoying!!
2. I have never been able to enable the scrolling. I know where the setting are and have tried to check/uncheck the boxes/ press 'apply' then ok and the other way around.
3. I have re-installed the drivers from toshiba(synaptics).
4. I have updated the bios from tempro. Although I only registed for tempro recently, the dates on the list of updates seemed fairly old. ie. not much new stuff available anyway.

Thats where im at!
All advice would be apreciated.
Also, are Realtec drives related with the touchpad in some way??
Cheers Phill
I have about a month left on the warranty, so hopefully this would be something that may be covered if no-one can help.

Answer:Satellite Pro A210 touchpad synaptics cannot enable virtual scrolling.


In my opinion everything you already done is right and I?m really out of idea what you can try except most radical solution ? OS installation with recovery CD/DVD. After doing this you will have ?factory settings? again. As far as I know virtual scrolling is enabled by default and it should work after first start.

So doing this you can make the ?ultimate test? and be sure if this function works or not.

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Hi all,

I have a problem with my Synaptics Touchpad. I can always move arround with one finger, and the physical click always works too. However, with heavy disk usage (like when Windwos is installing updates, or Chrome is opening a gazillion tabs at once) the two finger scroll does not work temporarily. After the hard drive sucking program finishes its tasks, the mouse works fine once again.

Are there any solutions to this problem?


Answer:Satellite P50-B - touchpad scrolling unresponsive with high disk usage

The two finger scrolling is controlled by touchpad driver? in your case it seems to be the Synaptics touchpad driver.

I guess that the Synaptics process will be interrupted in case of heavy system and CPU load.
Usually this is nothing unusual? in many cases such short temporal interrupts may appear if notebook will be used under heavy load.

But I think you could solve this settings the synaptic process priority to an higher level.
Please check this nice HowTo change the process priorities in Windows Task Manager

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Last week I accepted a Microsoft Windows update. Sine that update I can not get the Satellite to recognise its touchpad and the only driver updates that work are for a standard PS2 mouse. I can no longer use the bottom and side scroll features of the Toshiba touchpad. What drive am I looking for to rstore the touchpad please?

Answer:Satellite A210 touchpad scrolling disabled after Windows Vista update

You can find the Touchpad driver here:

Firstly remove the driver from Control Panel -> Programs and Features
Then download and install the latest version.

If you have Logitech mouse drivers or other 3rdparty mouse/keybiard drivers installed, remove those as well.

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After I updated the BIOS (from Toshiba's website), the scrolling function stop working. I can still click, move the mouse pointer, but can no longer scroll through touch pad. Reinstalling Synaptics driver doesn't resolve the problem. The strange thing is that the computer only detects my touchpad as standard pointing device (port: PS/2) device. 'Pressure graph' and 'Moodpad' function also stop working and complain 'this program requires a Synaptics TouchPad and the Synaptics Pointing device driver'.
My computer is Satellite A200 PSAE0C-TR605C.

Does anyone know the reason?


Answer:Satellite A200 - Touchpad scrolling function stop working after update BIOS


Which operating system is installled and which is more interesting: which BIOS version did you installed?? Why I am asking? Because there are 2 different BIOS versions, one for Vista (1.80) and one for XP (5.20) which means when you flash a XP BIOS on a machine with Vista installed then some functions are not working properly like the FN keys or the touchpad.

Please check this out and make sure you have the proper BIOS installed.


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Been through internet trying to look for an answer for my problem; how do I apply scrolling, pinching etc. on my touchpad?

Scrolling has never been working with this laptop (2 months old), and before now, even moving cursor was unreliable, since sometimes when launching the laptop the touchpad was completely dead and didn't react to anything.

Now there doesn't seem to be problems with that since I uninstalled touchpad driver and restarted my computer, but still scrolling doesn't work.

Troubleshooting for this problem has been no good.
They all lead you to first search for mouse in start screen -> mouse properties -> advanced and from there you can adjust mousepad settings.

I don't even have this tab on my laptop, while all other ones are there (buttons, pointers, pointer options, hardware).

How can I adjust touchpad settings on Satellite z30-A-1DJ?

Answer:Scrolling doesn't work on Satellite Z30-A-1DJ

The mentioned touchpad features should be supported by software as well as hardware.
There are different touchpad standards like Synaptics, Alps as well as Elan which support different features and different software.

In case such software isn?t installed or does work properly, the touchpad scrolling as well as other features would not be available.
It could be also possible that the built-in touch module would not support additional features.

From my knowledge the Satellite Z30-A-1DJ should be equipped with an Alps Electric touchpad and this touchpad is different and does not support the same settings liek Synaptic or ELAN touchpad.

However, as you mentioned, the additional settings for Alps Electric touchpad can be found in
control panel ? mouse ? last tab (Advanced)

If you want, you could try to install the Synaptics touchpad driver which was released for other notebook series like Portege Z10T-A

I?m not quite sure if this Synaptics software would work properly in connection with the Alps electric touchpad but its definitely worth a try.

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Mine is a Satellite L20-100 Laptop. My touch pad scrolling (the page scrolls automatically when u drag ur finger up & down at the right edge of the touch pad) doesnt work for Mozilla Firefox browser. It works fine with other applications like windows explorer, microsoft word. When i try to scroll in Firefox browser window, it doesnt schroll at all. Please can someone help me??.


Answer:Satellite L20-100 Touch Pad Scrolling doesnt work for Mozilla Firefox


Read this on Firefox forum:

If it doesn't help you, post your problem there

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Hi. I have a Dell Inspiron 14. 2Gb Memory Core2Duo.

I can;t scroll Sideways but I can going up and down.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Dell Touchpad not scrolling Sideways. But scrolling Up & Down

On both my Acer aspire one netbook (synaptics) and my Lenovo notebook (alps) I need to tab twice on the lower edge of the touchpad (to gain its attention?!?) and then it will scroll. Beyond that I believe you need to take a walk on the Dell support web site. There are number of 14xx models so you need to follow the steps there to find the freshest driver for your particular model. On both of mine the newest drivers have given scrolling as well as "pinching" to re-size pages, photos etc.

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We just got a Dell XPS-15z, and, we have questions about scrolling on the Cypress touchpad using the Cypress drivers.

When scrolling down (either one finger or 2 fingers), when you hit the bottom of the touchpad, is there any way for the scrolling to continue without your having to lift your finger(s) back to the top of the touchpad? On other Dell laptops, I have Chiral motion, or the scrolling continues so long as your finger is at the bottom of the touchpad? I tried enabling the "Continued Motion" option just in case that was what did it, but that did not seem to work.

Which brings up another question re what "Continued Motion" does.

Also, is there any manual/help document for this driver either on the internet, or in the software itself?

I looked on the forum and on the internet, and couldn't find any answers.


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Good morning,

I apologize for my bad English, however, a couple of months ago I bought a Toshiba laptop (L50 - B - 24C) and after a few weeks the touchpad stopped working. I, previously, I had connected a mouse for comfort for some programs.

Now when I disconnect the mouse pointer disappears from the screen.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

Answer:Satellite L50-B-24C - touchpad does not work


I guess your notebook supports ELAN touchpad driver.
I read in other thread that in the past an ELAN touchpad driver update caused some problems and the touchpad did not work properly…

Therefore I would recommend you to uninstall the ELAN touchpad driver from the system.
After that, reboot the notebook and check if the touchpad would work again…

In case the touchpad would work, download the ELAN touchpad driver from the Toshiba driver page and install it again.

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Last week I received my brand new Toshiba C70-B-21C. After windows updates, the touchpad does not work anymore. My mouse does. I tried the options FN F5 and FN F9, but no result. Also dowloading the driver on toshiba site has no effect.

Restarting several times, and also deleting the touchpad from system settings do not help. The touchpad works in the first screen, but after entering my username and password, it stucks.

What to do now?



Answer:Re: Satellite C70-B-21C - touchpad does not work

Have you tried to roll back Windows to earlier time using system restore tool?
Test it. Choose last known point before Windows update was installed.

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My touchpad hasn't been working for a while now. It worked for 2 days, then last night after downloading updates it stopped working again.
I have windows 8.1 64-bit. Any suggestions?

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I am using Windows XP home, and Internet Explorer 7. My scrolling feature has changed in the last few days. It scrolls but with a wavy look to it, not like normal. The only thing I have done is downloaded two new video drivers. Does anyone know how to correct this?
Thank you.

Answer:Scrolling feature changed. Using Win XP

pearlaking said:

I am using Windows XP home, and Internet Explorer 7. My scrolling feature has changed in the last few days. It scrolls but with a wavy look to it, not like normal. The only thing I have done is downloaded two new video drivers. Does anyone know how to correct this?
Thank you.Click to expand...

Rollback to your old driver.

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Welcome, I have just bought Toshiba Satellite A100-812 (C. Duo, 2 GB RAM, GF 7600, Vista Premium). I have turned off the synaptics driver in msconfig. After some time I have turned on the driver but Touchpad still doesn`t work. All buttons with FN key work properly (turning brightenswith FN+F6 or FN+F7 etc.) but FN + F9 (turning Touchpad) still isn`t working.
Please help.

([email protected])

Answer:Touchpad does not work on Satellite A100-812


did you make a reinstall of the driver? I think if you disabled it with msconfig it should run after reactivating and if not, remove that driver and install it
again. The driver (so the touchpad) should be available after reinstall and restart of Windows.

Would appreciate some feedback if it worked. :)


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Hi All,

I just recently bought a 2nd hand Toshiba Satellite x200-219. Had a few problems with it which I have overcome now, apart from one... The touchpad does not work as it should. I think the cable has been damaged at some point.

So I am wondering if I have to use the same ribbon cable to connect the touchpad to the motherboard or can I get one from a different model of Toshiba laptop?

I have tried searching on the net for advice but have come up with nothing so thought I would try the forums.

Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Answer:Satellite X200-219 - The touchpad does not work as it should

I think you can use the parts released for Satellite X205 series since this seems to be the same series like X200:
Found some parts related to the touchpad:
Satellite X205/X200 touchpad board with cable: part number: K000047950
Satellite X205/X200 TOUCH PAD FFC part number: K000047980

But why you don?t get in contact with an Toshiba authorized service provider in your country and order the needed and compatible part?

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My Satellite L300D Touchpad doesnt work (or left right buttons) FN +F9 does nothing.
Control Panel / Mouse / Hardware says its working properly.

Some of the 'F' buttons work with Function.
The Function light under the F10 comes on when pressed.
Looked at Bios. Pad is Enabled.

Thanks for advice. ??????????????

Answer:Satellite L300D Touchpad does not work


Did you check if the touchpad would work if the USB mouse is not connected?
How about touchpad driver reinstallation?
Try this!

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Hi guys,

i've a problem with my touch pad. my notebook is Satellite L50-A-1D6.
Often the touch stop work when i use multi touch gestures, and few second later it starts working again.

But sometimes it stop works and i've to restar the pc.
I thinks it's a driver problem, but i reinstalled driver, i hard reset my pc but nothing.
If use the pc without synaptics drivers it's all ok but i can't use multitouch gestures.

Do you have any ideas?

Sorry for my english

thanks you bye

Answer:Satellite L50-A-1D6: Synaptics touchpad does not work often

I'd be interested in a fix too...
I have a Satellite L855-149, and sometimes when I use multitouch gestures the touchpad doesn't work. I can still click with the buttons though.

It's quite annoying, it can take around 30 seconds before I can use it again.

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Hi all,

I've had my Satellite L50-A013 for about 7 months now.

In the past month or so I started to have issues with the touchpad freezing and not registering my touch.
This lasted a few minutes at a time then came back of it's own accord, almost like a very long period of lag.
This morning, however, I turned on my laptop and the touchpad did not work at all.

The device manager does not show any mouse or pointing device at all until I attach a USB mouse.
Pressing the key which normally enables/disables the touchpad yields no result - nothing changes and the light does not turn on in either position.

I have tried reinstalling drivers with no result, and windows finds no updates that could help (nor any recently that could have caused the problem).

If anyone has any more ideas for what I can try, that would be amazing.
The laptop is under warranty so I can hopefully get it fixed, but if possible I would really like to not have to go without a computer until it is sorted.

Thank you all for your time,

Answer:Satellite L50-A013 - touchpad does not work

Hi Sase

It is not easy to say what the problem is but I can imagine that there is hardware problem. Maybe touchpad looses connection to the mainboard. I mean if this piece of hardware is not detected I can imagine this scenario.

Of course best test you can do now is to reinstall OS and test functionality with ?factory settings? but it will delete your actual OS configuration and preinstalled software.

If this kind of test is possible do it. if not I think you should contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They have special diagnostic tools and they can check it for you.

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My P20 Touch Pad went down suddenly. I tried everything. The FN-F9 key don't work when i try it it will shut down the computer.

I reinstalled the driver several time. I had enought so i am working with a USB mouse.

Does somebody know how i can recover my touch pad. (ALPS)


Answer:Satellite P20 PSP26C - touchpad does not work


Possibly it?s a hardware malfunction???

But before we will suggest a touchpad fault you should reinstall the notebook with the delivered Toshiba recovery CD to check if this issue could be related to the software error!

Usually after the installation of the recovery CD the notebook will be set back to the factory settings and the whole system should run correctly.
But if this doesn?t help then the hardware could be really faulty and an replacement is needed!

So check this!

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A couple of months ago I bought the Toshiba Satellite C70-B-212. However, since some weeks the Touchpad doesn't work anymore. I allready re-installed the driver, but that didn't help.

What can be the problem?

Answer:Satellite C70-B - Touchpad doesn't work


On this virtual way it is not easy to say for sure what the problem is but I cannot imagine that touchpad is defective after short period of time. Although, everything is possible.

Please check in device manager if touchpad is properly installed and listed there.
If there is everything OK, be sure touchpad is enabled properly. Check please FN+F5 key combination.

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I bought a Toshiba Satellite A80-154

The Keyboard doesn?t work.
I see the light but no key worked. The same with the touchpad.
I can?t go into the Bios.

When I plug a USB mice and keyboard in works fine.
I search for a new one in Ebay. The cheapest offer 24$+6$!

I see in the Windows system the keyboard and touchpad with a !
I don?t know what the problem is but it is not a Windows prob.
it doesn?t work either in Bios.

Thank you for Help

Answer:Satellite A80-154 - Keyboard and Touchpad don't work


It looks like a hardware problem.
If the warranty is valid you could contact the ASP in your country for a hardware check.

If the warranty is not valid you could firstly check if the keyboard cable was connected to the motherboard properly.
If it?s connected properly then a keyboard malfunction is possible and it would be advisable to check if a replacement would help to solve this issue.

The compatible parts can be ordered also from the ASP in your country.

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I have a new L500D but my touchpad does not work.
My computer diagnostics tells me that there is no problem, I have a mini mouse USB plugged in, would this be causing a conflict??
Can someone please give me some advice.

Thank you

Answer:Satellite L500D-16L - touchpad does not work.

Try pressing Fn+F9 to toggle the Touchpad. Also have a look in the BIOS, the Touchpad may be disabled there. Also try uninstalling the Mouse Software for your USB Mouse (if you installed any), this software can cause a conflict.

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In the manual of my Satellite C75 is written that we can activate the touchpad witth FN + F5
but unfortunately it doesn't work.

Thank you for your help

Answer:Touchpad doesn't work on my Satellite C75

On mine which is a different satellite its FN + F9 try that maybe its a missprint?

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I have a Satellite P300D -131 with Windows 7 64 Bit. The touchpad does not work at all.

Activating with Fn + F9 has no effect. The device manager tells me that the device is working.
Who knows the reason? Could be a driver problem.

Where can I get an appropriate driver? I have already searched the software download center of Toshiba without success.

Answer:Satellite P300D - touchpad does not work

On this virtual way it is not easy to offer some precise diagnostic so answer to your question can be just speculation about possible reasons.

In your posting it is not clear since when you have this problem.

I have installed Win7 64bit on several P300 notebooks and everything was ok.
Since when you have this problem? I cannot imagine touchpad doesn?t work all the time since when you use Win7.

Interesting is that I?ve saw that Windows update offers Synaptics driver update listed as optional update. Have you maybe installed it?

Have you installed touchpad driver from Toshiba download page? If yes, have you tried to remove it and test functionality?

Does touchpad works in safe mode?
Open mouse properties and check if device is enabled/disabled?

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I've a Satellite L 505-13N and installed windows 8.1.
While a lot of shortcut keys (screen, lock, sound etc) work properly, I can't control the touch-pad.

Initially in Windows 8.1 where drivers for touch-pad (Synaptics PS/2) installed.
Device manager shows that the device is installed and works properly but it doesn't.

I've found and installed the driver package "Synaptics_v15_2_20_C_XP64_Vista64_Win7-64_Signed_Marketing_SGS94_UI-Scrybe" but I still cannot use the device..

I've seen already that my device is not supported for windows 8 (I wonder why??)
but I would be grateful if anybody could propose an idea for waking it up..


Answer:Satellite L505-13N - touchpad does not work in Win 8.1

The installed Synaptics driver package does not seem to be compatible with Win 8.1.
In the description it say clearly: Vista 64bit, Win7 64bit

Maybe you should simply try to install the Synaptics touchpad driver which was released for other, newer notebook models. Newer notebook series supports Win 8.1 and in my opinion there is a good chance to get the touchpad working using the Win 8.1 driver version.

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hi guys

may touchpad doesn?t work and i have no idea why???
i have read in another posting that should have a look in the device manager but there is no touchpad???
so what can i do???

i think i have a satellite 40 (something...)


Answer:Satellite M40: Touchpad doesn´t work


if your touchpad is not shown in device manager there are two possibilities. If there is shown an unknown device you have to reinstall the driver. If not there must be a hardware problem that has to be solved by service.


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Hi all,

I have a new Satellite C55-C-1LU since two days and the touchpad does not work any more. Pressing F5 does not have any effect.
Windows 10 is preinstalled on this laptop.

Can you please help me ?


Answer:Satellite C55-C-1LU - touchpad does not work anymore

Does the touchpad work in the BIOS?

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I have Toshiba Satellite and I have a touchpad problem.
My touchpad is not working. I've downloaded drivers for it, and it's still not working.

Can somebody please help me resolve this problem?

Thank you.

Answer:Touchpad does not work on Satellite A series

What do you mean exactly with ?it?s not working???

What notebook do you have? What touchpad driver did you install?

Did you check if the touchpad was not disabled?
Using the FN+F9 key combination you can disable and enable the touchpad functionality!

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Hey fellas..

I have Toshiba Satellite L40-18W, bought from middle east and unfortunately its touch pad isn't working.. I checked and rechecked every possible place if anything is disabled or not properly configured but found nothing.

As there were quite a few errors in the OS I formatted my hard disk and installed WXP Prof, installed all the drivers but the touch pad still ain't working. I am very confused as before and after formatting the pointer moves a little when I use the touch pad at the beginning of start up???

Please help..

Answer:Satellite L40-18W - Touchpad doesn't work

The best check is to install operating system with original Toshiba recovery image and test it with ?factory settings?. In this case touchpad should work properly. If not contact the service and let them check your notebook.

Sorry but I don?t see other solution for you.

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Yesterday when I connected my Notebook L30 to a projector , the windows hanged and after that the Pointing Device on the Touch Pad isnt working, I tried to install Synaptics also but no gain from it.

Please Help me !

Answer:Re: TouchPad on Satellite L30 does not work anymore

Hi there,

did you already tried the key combination FN-F9?? This key combination reactivates the touchpad in case of deactivation.
Otherwise, backup all you important data and recover your machine since it would be the last solution to make the touchpad working again.


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My touchpad won't work......
I don't have a mouse to use to get to the driver details etc,

Can anyone please help
it's soooooo annoying.

I can't download the driver update as I'm having to use the kindle to search for help,
Any advice would be greatly appreciated,

thank you.

Answer:Touchpad wont work on Satellite C55-A-184

How can I roll back the driver without the use of the touchpad?

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i have a problem with my touchpad.
When i start my computer I can use my touchpad but when i wait 10min i can not use my touchpad but in the option says that my touchpad ist activated.

Sorry for my gramma im german :S

Can anybody help me :)

Answer:Satellite L300D - touchpad does not work


Even if the icon in task manager says that touchpad is enabled, I would still recommend checking the ON/OFF touchpad functionality using FN + F9.

Furthermore it worth to update the touchpad driver?
You can download the latest driver from Toshiba European driver page?

Hopefully the update would help you!!

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Hi, I'm having problem with my touch pad's scrolling feature. Whenever I open my folders, I cannot scroll through, however, it works fine when I'm surfing internet or scrolling through other stuffs like Word and start up menu. It just stops working when I'm accessing my folders. I'm using ELAN touch pad and the device is up to date. I can't seem to find the problem with this. I hope that someone can help me with this problem. Thank you!

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I have an HP Notebook, 6500 series. I have looked everywhere to find out how to disable the virtual scrolling feature. It is driving me crazy. Any help would be so appreciated. Thank you !!!

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I had to upgrade my Windows 7 to Profesional version and now i have few problems:

1. I installed eco utility but when I press the co button on easy control nothing happends
2. on/off touchpad button doesnt work (not such important)
3. when I press fn key the shortcut menu? (the bar at the top of the screen with shortcut explanation)

I looked on toshiba site but can't find proper files could anyone help me?

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite U500-1D8 - Eco and touchpad button don't work

Here is everything that you need:
just chose your model number

For FN, eco and other buttons to work you need value added package.

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hey guys, so after installing a wireless mouse onto my toshiba laptop, all seemed fine. but suddenly after a couple of days, the touchpad didnt function properly and it also at certain moments, the keyboard disfunctioned as well.

i went onto device manager and found that there was a problem with the ALPS touchpad. wen i try and update the driver it comes up with a "code 10 error". even after uninstalling the wireless mouse the touchpad is still infunctionable.

ive read through alot of forums but none have been of great help, i tried system restoring my comp and opening at a date before installation but there was also a problem with the system restore as it couldnt due to error 0xc0000022.

my most recent attempt was to delete the ALPS touchpad driver and reinstall it. i downloaded the driver of the internet and tried to reinstall but it came up with the error code = 0x00000103 ---> a touchpad error.

atm im quite lost and in need of great help!!!

this computer is also only 2months old running on Windows 7.

Answer:Satellite U500- touchpad doesnt work

Something is screwed up, probably some registry entries.
Check please and

If nothing helps reinstall OS using original Toshiba recovery image.

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few days ago I noticed that my touchpad of my L300 does not work any more. I preferably work with USB mouse but need touchpad also. My System (Vista) tells that the touchpad is aktivated and is working. I have already deactivated and activated the touchpad again and I have also actualized the touchpad driver all that without any success.

Can anybody give an advice?


Answer:Touchpad doesn't work on Satellite L300

I rely on the touchpad as I don't use a mouse and in the few days that I have had my L350D I have experienced touchpad problems several times.

~The scroll function will suddenly stop working and, on some occasions the enter key on the keyboard will stop working too. However the left touchpad key continues to work.

Changing pages, starting a second browser window, or just changing to a new application can trigger this.

I can't be exact about remedy, but going into the touchpad control settings and changing them sometimes works as does restarting the laptop. Once having to leave it off for a while was necessary.

I don't feel that this is a problem with the laptop, so much as a problem with Vista, as I have experienced similar problems in the past with a High-Grade laptop, where the touchpad settings would seemigly take it upon themselves to change for no apparent reason.

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The icon on the taskbar shows that the right button is permanently pressed down, though it is not.
So I cannot right click at all. A radio mouse works fine, but there are times I would like to use the touch pad.

Also, the display will not turn off, and the computer does not go to sleep after the times set in the power saving options.
I listen to the radio a lot and dont want the display on.

Answer:Right button of Touchpad does not work on Satellite Pro L series

> The icon on the taskbar shows that the right button is permanently pressed down, though it is not.
> So I cannot right click at all. A radio mouse works fine, but there are times I would like to use the touch pad.

This could be related to faulty button. If you cannot use the right button and if button appears to be clicked down then I assume its hardware malfunction.
In such case it needs to be replaced.

> Also, the display will not turn off, and the computer does not go to sleep after the times set in the power saving options. I listen to the radio a lot and don?t want the display on.

Did you choose the right Power Plan? In control panel -> power options you should choose the power plan and should click on: Change plan settings. There you can change the time when the display should be disabled.
If it does not work, then I assume that this feature does not work because the touchpad button is pressed and the windows OS thinks that the notebook is in use

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The touchpad on my C55 does not work anymore.

After restarting the touchpad works until i signon to Windows. After that, all functions stop.

A few days ago, i think that some Windows updates were launched.

Does anyone else had this problem and can you provide me a solution please ?

Answer:Satellite C55 - Touchpad doesn't work anymore

Also, immediately after entering Windows, it still works but after a while it stops. Does this ring a bell ?

The driver for the touchpad seems to be ok.

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HUGE problem
Satellite L305D-S5873 touch pad DOESNT work under XP .

I'm with XP now and doesnt work, while i had Vista it was working and it stopped,
Then i installed the xp and again it doesnt work.

Answer:Satellite L305D-S5873 - touchpad does not work under Win XP

i tried everything, Fn keys- its not locked, drivers..just everything you can think of. I went to the servise and they told me its working and i just need to reinstall the windows so i reinstalled my vista home to XP and it didnt work...plz help me

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Yesterday I updated my Satellite S50-B-15F with Windows 10. Now the Touchpad doesn't work anymore. Tried enabling in the Settings. This works except for the left and right buttons. I have reinstalling Elan software but no change. Any ideas how to solve this?



Answer:Satellite S50-B-15F - Touchpad does not work after Windows 10 update

Originally Posted by Joram


Yesterday I updated my Satellite S50-B-15F with Windows 10. Now the Touchpad doesn't work anymore. Tried enabling in the Settings. This works except for the left and right buttons. I have reinstalling Elan software but no change. Any ideas how to solve this?



Same for me.
I have solved it by doing:
Went to the control panel (right click on the start button)
Goto the device manager
Goto the Mouse and ...
Right click and choose properties.
Click on OK
Computer asks for a reboot and after the reboot the mouse pad was working again.

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I have problem with keyboard and touchpad. Laptop is Satellite A300-1G5

I have Vista home premium and when I power computer on, I must put password in user box then my keyboard and touchpad don't work.

In Bios my keyboard working but when Vista starts it does not.

How I solve this problem?


Answer:Satellite A300-1G5: Keyboard and touchpad do not work


First of all please check the device status in the device manager.
Please check if the keyboard and touchpad are listed correctly without any yellow exclamation marks.

But you should try to reinstall the drivers again even though the keyboard and the touchpad were recognized properly.
In this case I would recommend removing the keyboard and the touchpad from the device manager and then you should reboot the notebook once again.

After Vista has rebooted the both devices should be recognized again and should work.

Please check this!

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I have got a Toshiba Satellite A210-11T (PSAEGE). Tired of Windows Vista I changed to Windows 7.

Everything works fine except the Synaptics TouchPad and the FN key. Does anyone have any ideas on this?

Answer:Satellite A210: Synaptics TouchPad and the FN key in Win 7 don't work


You need to install the touchpad driver, VAP and Toshiba Flash Card Support Utility.
I?ve got the A210 too and I have chosen all Win 7 drivers which were released for the Satellite L500 series.

This worked properly

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Mouse point is very unstable. Both touchpad and usb mouse do not work properely, however touchpad a little bit better. It happens that while using USB mouse the point does not move, while right and left button are still reacting.

This is brand new computer (L40-139) with originally installed Windows Vista. How can I solve the problem?

It is very disturbing. Thank you.

Answer:Mouse - touchpad and USB-HID - does not work properely on Satellite L40-139


did you already tried to recover your machine which means a complete reinstall of your system? Firstly: to exclude hardware errors you must perform this step and if the error persists, then I suggest you to contact an authorized service partner for an hardware checkup and for a repair action.

If the problem occurs after reinstalling windows, visit the following link to find the nearest available ASP in your country:


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My touchpad doesnt work anymore. Windows 8.1.

New drivers can't be installed. ELAN: error message wrong touchpad. Synaptics: obviously empty zip file after download.

Any idea where I can get the working zip file?

Are there any function keys that enable/disable the touchpad?

Thanks for any hints!

+Message was edited: Model number added to the subject+

Answer:Satellite C70-A-15D - Touchpad doesn't work anymore

many answers but we cannot answer if we don't know which notebook model do you have so please post exact model name of your Satellite notebook.

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Hi all

I bought this brand new laptop in September. When using the mousepad I find that rather than the cursor always moving as expected, it sometimes magnifies the screen, I.e, it zooms. I have to press the escape button to make the cursor move again (after pinching the touchpad to bring the screen back to size). I thought maybe it was just me not being used to the touchpad but my wife says it annoys her too. I've hardly used the laptop so do you think it's faulty? Would this be covered by the warranty? It is very, very annoying.

Thanks in advance for any help


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Hi all i need help urgently because this is driving me crazy. First of all, i am using XP PRO. My laptop is fairly new, only about 4 months old, i've had no problem with it at all. I formatted my laptop yesterday and reinstalled all the drivers which i downloaded here:

and everything works fine except the touchpad. I've already installed Common Module, Touchpad On/Off utility and i have the latest BIOS installed and reset all settings to default, and i made sure that the touchpad option is enabled in the BIOS, as well as pressing FN+F9 to enable it during Windows.

I have installed the latest Synpatics touchpad driver which i downloaded from the Synaptics homepage. But for some reason it just doesn't work, i don't know what's wrong here. My touchpad worked before i formatted my laptop, it worked fine and never had any problem. Please tell me what's wrong because i need to use my touchpad sometimes as well so i can't use a mouse all the time.

Answer:Satellite Pro L300 - touchpad doesn't work


did you reinstalled the laptop with the Toshiba Recovery Disk?

In the recovery disk from Toshiba are all drivers include. So you should reinstall Satellite L300 with this Disk.

But you can download all drivers from Toshiba.

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Yesterday i disassembled my Toshiba Satelite U400-18f to clean the fan from dust, I disconnected all of the cables except the touchpad cable i tried to pull it up but nothing happened, then i returned everything as it was before.

My laptop worked great except the touchpad didnt work !
So, please does anyone know how to disconnect that cable so i can fix it..


Answer:Touchpad does not work after Satellite U400-18F disassembling

It looks like there is a clip that can slide a few millimeters out towards the cable. If you prefer not to risk damaging the notebook, you can send it to a Toshiba Service Center for a clean. Or you can just blow the dust out using compressed Air through the vent.

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Hi Guys.

I bought This computer a year ago in the states. Then I moved To Sweden.
My Hard Drive Crashed. Bought A New One
But I apperently Left All the CD's For the computer back in the states -.-

So Now I Downloaded Microsoft windows Vista Home Premium becouse thats what i had before.
Used the original CD Key that was writen under the computer.
So everything works Gr8 Except My Touch Pad..

I Have installed all the drivers Windows Update were able to give me.
Went to the toshiba support page and downloaded the drivers from there to.
But still, nothing. It Wont Work.

Anyone knows what i can do ? Or what the problem is.

I thank you all for all the help you can provide me.
XoXo Lol

Answer:Re: Satellite P205-S7469 TouchPad does not work


I have no clue why the touchpad does not work even you have installed the right drivers? did you?

Are you sure that the touchpad is not disabled? Usually you can disable the touchpad using the key combination FN+F9. Check it.

The Sat P205 is very similar to the Toshiba European model Sat P200.

Maybe you could download the both Touchpad drivers (Alps Electric and Synaptics) from the Toshiba European page? choose one of the P200 series and check the drivers!

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I downloaded windows 10 onto my laptop, now keep getting script messages I can't get rid of, the mouse pad does not work and I found today by accident that apparently my model laptop does not support windows 10! Any idea (in very plain English please) as to how uninstall it? Thanks

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Hi Guys,

I have recently had a problem with my laptop touchpad.

The small icon in the taskbar that shows the status of the touchpad indicates that the touchpad is being used even when it isn't.
It also some time does the same for the left click button.

I have tried changing settings in control panel and I've tried to update the driver (windows keeps telling me it up todate even though it isn't!).

Because the touchpad thinks it's being used it effects my LT's performance! Any clues guys.

Oh and Fn+F9 turns the TP off but the indication stays the same.

Answer:Satellite A300 - Touchpad does not work properly


Do you mean that only the small icon in taskbar shows wrong informations but everything is working properly? Well, in this case I would just remove the icon from taskbar. Open the touchpad software and disable the icon and that?s all!

Otherwise try updating the driver. Firstly uninstall the current version via device manager > Add/Remove programs. Restart your notebook and install the latest version from Toshiba website.

Does it work now?

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Hello guys!

I've a Satellite M105-S3031. It was 1 week turn off and this morning when i turned it on, the touch pad wasn't working, checking the condition it's as "enable". I installed a cable mouse and with it work good.

Any help???

Answer:Satellite M105-S3031: TouchPad does not work

Check please again using FN+F9 key combination.

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First at all, sorry for my bad English.

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro C50-A-153, the problem is his Touch pad, doesn't work correctly, the mouse doesn't move and when i move the finger on the pad, it seems like if i were rolling the bar "or the mouse wheel".

Sometimes, the "mouse" works correctly for a 20seconds, and after, again the same. External mouse works fine.

There's not the problem of "Fn" functions. I tried to shutdown, put off the battery and press the power button for 50seconds. I tried too to uninstall the Drivers from the Touchpad, and i think i have tried to change all the properties on the "Control Panel - Mouse".

Anybody can help me with that?

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite Pro C50-A-153 - Touchpad doesn't work correctly

On most Toshiba notebooks is installed Synaptics touchpad driver. With this driver there are available additional touchpad settings. try please to change these settings and disable all functions that you don?t need.

How to do this you can read on

Check it out.

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This is the second time this has happened to me
However last time a system restore fixed the problem, this time system restore didnt work.

I can use my keyboard on startup and in safe mode but that is all.
I am currently using a USB keyboard and mouse.

I have tried almost all of the suggestions with no joy. please help.

Answer:Keyboard and Touchpad wont work on Satellite L


There are no many options which could solve this problem.
It can be a hardware problem or software related issue.

Can you use the internal keyboard within the BIOS?
Check this.
If this would not be possible, I assume the hardware is faulty.

Additionally I recommend testing the keyboard and touchpad using the factory settings.
Recover the notebook and check if the keyboard would functions?. Otherwise you will need an helps from an notebook technician in order to replace the keyboard and touchpad

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The scrollfunction of the touchpad (A100-812) does not work anymore.
Device should work perfectly says hardware check.

Answer:Scrollfunction from the touchpad on a Satellite A100-812 does not work

Please, try the following:

Go to the drivers download page

and download the latest touchpad drivers, then uninstall the old one (if possible, but it?s not necessary if you really don?t know how) and then install the downloaded one.

Should work again after driver reinstall.

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My touchPad not work after reinstall OS XP Pro with Recuperation Disk. I install a driver for Toshiba M30-701 Synaptics TouchPad

Can you help me to resolve my problem please?
Excuse my bad English......
Jorge Neto

Answer:Satellite Pro M30-701: TouchPad doesn't work after XP Pro installation

HI Jorge,

If you have re-installed your system using the Toshiba recovery discs then the touchpad should have the correct drivers and be fully functional. I seem to recall that it is possible to disable the touchpad using one of the 'hot-keys' (F9 on my SA30) so check that this has not been inadvertantly pressed.


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Recently purchased a second hand toshbiba a200 laptop and the touchpad for the frist week or two was working fine.
It then started to get hard to use, like sluggish, now it wont even move at all.

I reformatted computer and that didnt work.
So I'm thinking the touchpad itself may be gone?

Any suggestions and if so how would I get a new touchpad?


Answer:Satellite A200 - touchpad does not work properly


You mean the touchpad does not work anymore?
Did you use the Toshiba Recovery disk to recover the unit?

Are you using the latest BIOS?
Please check this and if newer BIOS if available, please update this?

Well, it could be also an hardware issue?
And in such case the touchpad must be replaced?

This is tricky and usually should be done by an ASP (service partner) in your country?

PS: the touchpad can be ordered also from a local ASP.

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Hi people,

The LED in my touchpad, is not working, can anyone plz. tell me how to switch it on.

Thanking you in advance,


Answer:How to make the touchpad LED on Satellite A series work?


could you please tell us first which machine you?re exactly meaning? Would be useful to know since no one here knows what kind of model you own. And tell me also which LED you mean. Do you maybe mean the touchpad background lighting?

Did you by the way checked the Toshiba utilities for this feature (can be found in the Start menu -> Programs -> TOSHIBA)
Please give me some feedback which model you have and if you already checked the Tosh utils and the "Mouse Properties" in your "Control Panel" on this specific "LED feature".


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In the beginning my touchpad worked fine. I turned it off and used a mouse instead.. now i cannot turn on the touchpad again!
I tried it in the system controls and also with fn+f9.. I installed the latest driver but all that does not work.
Can somebody help me??

Answer:Touchpad on Satellite A200 does not work properly

I have the same problem with my A200-19L. Before I started using mouse (A4tech MOP-60D) my touchpad was working fine in Vista, Windows 2008 Server, Fodora 7, Ubuntu. Now it doesn't work at all.

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everytime i hit the touchpad icon to light up the touchpad, it won't work, only when it's off..

Answer:Satellite Pro 105-S9722 - why doesn't the touchpad work when it is lid up?


I?m afraid; I don?t understand what you want to do :(
Do you want to enable the touchpad or what? Please post more details

You can enable and disable the touchpad with the FN+F9
If you want to change some touchpad settings so I would recommend entering the Mouse option in the control panel.
There you could find the touchpad properties.
In the properties you should be able to find necessary touchpad settings.

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I recently loaded Windows 7 (64bit) onto my Satellite Pro P300. I downloaded all the drivers for W7 64 bit and everything happily installed, for the most part.

The touchpad, however, is not fully functional. The upgrade page said to use the Vista drivers, and did not provide any drivers for win7. The installation of the Vista drivers did not realy go so well.

Anyhow, the critical piece of functionality missing is that thing where you drag your finger up and down the right edge of the touchpad, and it scrolls for you. I can click and double click and move the cursor around. But I cannot scroll. And it is such a pain having to move the cursor all the way over to the application's scrollbar, with a widescreen.

Any help would be appreciated.


Answer:Touchpad on Satellite Pro P300 does not work with Windows 7

If I understand you right you are missing these additional mouse settings. Am I right about that?
Which driver you have installed?
Synaptics driver maybe?

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