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Question about Bios upgrade on Satellite L40

Question: Question about Bios upgrade on Satellite L40

Hello everybody!
Can I upgrade bios on my notebook, from Bios v.2-20 to v.5-10?

In instructions, it is written:
This Bios is only compatible for Notebooks with Windows XP!!!
And this Bios is only for models with Modelnumber PSL48x, PSL49x, PSL4Bx or PSL4Cx

Two reasons:
1. I use XP operational system.
2. I have the laptop of series L4*

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Preferred Solution: Question about Bios upgrade on Satellite L40

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Question about Bios upgrade on Satellite L40


I think the BIOS description says everything;
Bios is only for models with Model number PSL48x, PSL49x, PSL4Bx or PSL4Cx

This means that if your notebook *does not* belong to one of these series number then you cannot use the BIOS!
The wrong BIOS can damage the motherboards ROM module!

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Hi there

I have a toshiba satelite pro 6100 and it currently has the 1.60 bios version and have seen that the latest bios update is the 1.90. My question is: Does it matter where i get the bios update from wheather it is from the UK toshiba website or the US, is it the same bios update or are they different? The other question is do i need to do the previous bios updates first, like from 1.60 to 1.70 then to 1.80 and finally to 1.90, or can i just do the 1.90 and that will have the previous updates in that latest one?

Answer:Satellite Pro 6100 BIOS upgrade question

Hi Christian,

I normally prefer to obtain the BIOS update from the same country as I purchased the notebook. However, given that the notebook was probably manufactured elsewhere in the world I don't think it really matters as long as the update is marked as compatible with your make/model of notebook. In principle, the BIOS update relates to the component parts of the notebook and is therefore more related to the actual model than its country of origin.

It is not normally necessary to load intervening BIOS versions since the BIOS is generally not cumulative but is supplied as a complete package and includes all of the requisite code.


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I have both Windows ME and XP Pro installed on my satellite 2800-600. On Toshibas downloads-page both have their own BIOS upgrade. Which one do i choose, because the ME BIOS upgrade can only be used with Windows ME and XP upgrade only with Windows XP?

Answer:Satellite 2800-600: Question about BIOS upgrade?


I would use the XP BIOS since most BIOS producers cater for back-level operating systems. The BIOS for ME may well be incompatible with XP.


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Good Afternoon

Am I correct in assuming that the August 2007 upgrade for my Satellite A30 is to enable it to work with MS Vista? There is no documentation with the bios download, but the bios description states " provides added functionality"

Can anyone describe what this added functionality provides and is it really worth upgrading a 3 year old machine? I use XP on it

Kind regards

Dave Smith

Answer:Satellite A30: Question about Bios Upgrade from 8th August

Hello Dave

I am pretty sure that old Satellite A30 is not Vista supported. Unfortunately there is no public document about BIOS update and exact list what this update is good for. One thing I can say for sure: if your OS runs well and stabile let it go and enjoy WXP.

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*Hello !*

I have got a dual boot with windows xp/ubuntu. I want to upgrate my BIOS for more functions but can I replace the v1.7 to the v5.6 ? I have read : "This Bios is only compatible for Notebooks with Windows XP". -->

Bios 5.6 and my computer

I don't want to crash my computer.

Sorry if my English is not perfect... I am French.

Answer:BIOS upgrade question on Satellite A200-25B

Hi there,

I would suggest that you stick to the WXP BIOS updates. The reason v5.x upgrades are available (and saying that the BIOS is only compatible with notebooks with Windows XP) is because they are BIOS updates to enable installation of Windows Vista.

If you do not wish to upgrade to Windows Vista, stay with WXP BIOS's in the range v1.x - v2.x (also check that the BIOS is specifically for Windows XP or not).

Hope this helps.

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I have a Satellite A200 PSAF6A and I am trying to upgrade the Bios since the current one has a virus or something in it and I want to know how to do this with a DOS based floppy disk or how to make a bootable floppy for the bios .

Any help would be so much appreciated thank you.

Answer:Satellite A200 PSAF6A - Bios Upgrade question

> I am trying to upgrade the Bios since the current one has a virus or something in it
Virus in BIOS?
Sorry mate but I don?t believe that! Why do you think that the ROM module where the BIOS is stored could be affected by virus?

Furthermore the traditional BIOS (DOS as you said) is not available for download!
You can find a win-based BIOS and such BIOS can be updated from running windows system!

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I have a Satellite A110, I was doing a flash upgrade using the utility from Phoenix inside windows XP. The Upgrade flash my desktop, I needed to unplug the battery to be abble to reboot the Notebook. After that every time that I try to power on the notebook it ask me a password on the BIOS but I never has put a password inside the BIOS.

How can I do please ?



Answer:Satellite A110 - BIOS password after BIOS upgrade interruption

If the BIOS settings were corrupted, the system may think there is a password.

Basically you need to get the password removed professionally. An ASP can do it for you, I dont know if they will charge you unless its something they will cover for free.

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i upgraded my M70 bios with the one released in 11-18-2008 . after completing the upgrade the computer shut down. i tried to start it but it asks for password. i never put or used bios password before. what's the solution?

Answer:Re: Satellite M70 prompts for Bios password after Bios upgrade

I also have this problem with the same bios for a Toshiba M70 (PMS71E) ... may be we can found bios password in the rom file ... can someone help us?

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I did a BIOS upgrade from version 1.6 to 2.10-win at the recomandation of the Toshiba site, for my notebook A300 1N0 - PSAGUE model.
Touchpad not working anymore. I have 2 operating systems, XP and W7 and is the same.

I boot the notebook with Live Windows CD and Live Ubuntu CD and nothing changed.
The mouse is working but the touchpad is still dead.
Any advice?

How can I find the old version of BIOS to make a downgrade ?

Answer:Satellite A300 - BIOS downgrade after BIOS upgrade

Try to contact Toshiba authorized service provider in your country. They have access to Toshiba database and access to BIOS archive.
I am sure they can send you old BIOS version and you can downgrade BIOS on your notebook.

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I updated the bios after I had notified from Toshiba about the Bios v3.50. The process was done by the Toshiba Utility software, and after the reboot there is "Password =" on a blank screen and it not recognise my BIOS password, writing "Not certified".

I have also tried the HDD password but no luck.

What can I do now?

Answer:Satellite Z30-A-12R BIOS password not recognised after BIOS upgrade


Before trying to update the BIOS, all passwords should be removed!
BIOS password can be removed by authorized service provider available in your country.

But the unknown HDD password cannot be removed anymore.
In such case the HDD isn?t accessible and cannot be used.

Sorry mate but in my opinion you have only one chance to get the BIOS password removed; you need the ASP assistance.

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Does the BIOS update flash the BIOS or does this require a different file. I updated a Satellite A60 BIOS to 1.9 but am not sure if this flashed the BIOS as well.

If not where could I get a file to flash the BIOS for a satellite A60-106?

Answer:Satellite A60-106: Question about BIOS update and BIOS Flash


Sorry but you question is a little bit confused.
The BIOS update flashes the ROM module. I don?t know what version was installed before the BIOS update but if after the upgrade a new BIOS version appears then the procedure was successful.

The right BIOS and how to update the BIOS information you can find on the Toshiba page.

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Hello to all..

Just got this dynabook TX or Satellite A80 and reformatted it to English from Japanese text, my new OS is XP.

How to update the BIOS?
What is the use of updating it?
Do I need to update all of its utilities?

Thanks in advance for your reply...

Answer:How to upgrade BIOS on Satellite A80?


First of all you have to check if the Toshiba drivers published on the European drive page support the A80 series which you have.
The drivers on the page are designed for PSA80E series.

If you have changed the OS to English version I need specific XP drivers;

> How to update the BIOS?
You should first check if the BIOS is compatible, then you can perform the BIOS update OS. You have to execute the BIOS file in Windows OS.

> What is the use of updating it?
This Bios Update adds increased functionality to your system.

> Do I need to update all of its utilities?
If you need all, you have to install all.


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Hi there,

trying to do my first laptop BIOS upgrade on my M10 running bios 1.40. dated 2003.
I have downloaded version 1.50 windows based update and when extract the zip file and it starts to run I get "Toshiba common modules is not installed".

So back to the driver downloads and download Common Modules cmod-en20071113104042 and install. Ran the BIOS update again and I get the same Common Modules not installed.
Can anybody shed any light on my problems?

The machine is running a clean install of XP professional Service pack 3 and has BIOS version 1.40 and 512MB RAM.
I want to upgrade the RAM and have read on Toshiba that with bios update the M10 supports 2GB of RAM.
At the minute when I go to and scan the system I am told max support is 1 gig.

Any Answers or help would be gratefully received.

Answer:Satellite M10 and BIOS Upgrade


At first I must say that BIOS update will not change anything with RAM support. It depends on hardware platform and not on BIOS update. So it will not help at all. Your notebook can handle with 2 GB RAM max. End of the story.

Satellite Pro M10 is pretty old notebook model and I am 100% sure BIOS update, as a file, is OK but at this time there was no SP3 and I can imagine there is the problem.
So if you are satisfied how your notebook works leave it and enjoy this oldie. Do not need BIOS update at all.

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Help, how do I upgrade the BIOS of my satellite M30?

The procedure outlined by toshiba, indicates to copy the update on floppy 1,44", but the PC does not support this drive ..!

How do?


Answer:Satellite M30 - BIOS Upgrade

As far as I know every Toshiba notebook supports external USB FDD. Do you have one?

Anyway, I have checked Toshiba BIOS download page and there is just one BIOS update available. It is version 1.70 and it is WIN version. WIN version means it can be started under running operating system and you do not need FDD.

Which BIOS version you have now?

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Hi anyone,

just inherited a P30-145 notebook,cannot upgrade the bios.When I run the file, I get the message" bios upgrade rom wrong size!"and then the installer shuts off. How do I upgrade? I'm doing everything right according to the website.

Just one thing, the original restore disk was not available, so I installed a standard XP and upgraded drivers as necessary from the Toshiba site.

Answer:Cannot upgrade BIOS on Satellite P30-145


Try the BIOS 1.40 from the Toshiba US driver page:

The BIOS is for Satellite P30 PSP30U. It the same series like the European notebook series PSP30E.

Download the exe file and save it on desktop. Then create an folder and unzip the sp35v14.exe file to this new created folder.
Now go to this folder and inside this folder you will find some files.
Read the readme.txt file to get full instruction how to update the BIOS.

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Am I blind or confused? I was trying to find a bios update for a Satellite Pro A60 on the site
but the A60 is not listed as one of the A series notebooks (100,120, 200 210,300 but no 60!!). My notebook is still running with the original bios and looking at various articles on the net, there is a bios update out there somewhere.... but where

Any clues ??

Answer:Bios Upgrade - Satellite Pro A60

Ok I was confused..... I had to look in the archive section. Instead of deleting, thought I might leave this up as help to others!!!


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I have a Toshiba Satellite P30 with Windows XP service pack 2 and Bios v.1.20.
I downloaded the BIOS version 1.40 from your site available for my notebook (file zip bios-sp30-140win).
But during the installation, they ask me to insert a floppy disk, but I haven't got a floppy drive, I only have got a dvd player.
What can I do?
Thank you.

Answer:BIOS Upgrade on Satellite P30


You need a compatible external USB floppy drive to update the BIOS.
The Toshiba document descripts how to update the BIOS on different Toshiba notebooks. IOS&FID=TRO0000000b07

It?s very important that you will follow the instruction because a wrong BIOS procedure can damage the board!


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I need to update my BIOS for this notebook, but when I download the zip file, it don?t work, I need a floppy drive and I don?t have one on this notepad.
What can I do?

Answer:Question about BIOS for Satellite A10


for the Satellite A10 there is only the traditional BIOS update available. You have to use an external floppy drive. There's no other way to do it, sorry.


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Hi :)

I've got one question: may I install new BIOS 2.20 on my Satellite L20-182 model no. PSL2XE?
If I can't, why users PSL2X can do this? Are there so many differences on both models?

Greetings and sorry for my English - I'n not the best :)

Answer:Question about new BIOS on Satellite L20-182


just for explanation: the bios you mentioned is the right bios for the machine. Toshiba is not writing the full model number since there is a range of model numbers of the same model, so don?t worry, they are not different. Maybe the last digit but this is not important for you.
Why I am knowing this? Because many manufacturers are doing this and I was many times confused when updating bioses from another manufacturer...


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I am owner of a Toshiba Satellite M60 Notebook and have problems with my graphiccard driver, which I explained in a thread below.
(I get the message, that the driver does not work correctly and I have to restart my notebook)

I thought, that the problem can be the temperature, but know I have some more fans on my notebook and the temperature never goes up over 35 degrees.
Now I have read, that this problem can be a configuration problem in the BIOS setup and all others, which I know meanwhile, which had the same problem could solve the problem by change the graphic power(?) or something similar in the BIOS setup. So I checked the BIOS Setup of my M60 Notebook with BIOS V 1.6 and had to realize, that the BIOS of the Toshiba notebook hasn't anything, what I can change really. It's a absolutely beginners BIOS setup and I am really angry about that. Is their a possibility to expand the BIOS configuration possibilities? I have had really many problems with this notebook from the beginning and so I know meanwhile, that the standard Toshiba configuration isn't the best everytime.


Answer:Satellite M60 - BIOS question

First of all you shouldn?t mix BIOS for desktop PCs and BIOS for notebooks.
Such options are probably available in BIOS for desktop PC but definitely not in the BIOS for the mobile computers.

Toshiba notebooks are equipped with different BIOS which are designed and configured especially for the Toshiba notebooks.
The cooling modules are controlled automatically by BIOS and you cannot change any settings which would change the cooling functionality.
What you can do is to change the settings in Toshiba Power Saver. That?s all.

If your get some graphic driver errors I would recommend updating the BIOS and graphic card driver from the Toshiba page.

Additionally you could check if the cooling grilles are not clogged and prevent the fresh air from circulation.
I have cleaned my fans using the compressed air spray which helped to get rid of dust and debris.

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Does anybody has a list of fixes contains in this bios upgrade version 1.50 (07/08/07)

Answer:Question about BIOS V1.50 for Satellite M70

Hi mate,

unfortunately toshiba does not give such information to end-users. But I think if you really want to know it then you should ask an service partner. Maybe they will give you some information out.


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My L40 PSL 48 is still running the older Bios as suplied (I think it is version 1.70) I have installed XP as it is far superior to the rubbish Vista nonsense. I read that there is a newer BIOS specifically for XP which i have downloaded and unzipped. When I try to run the winflash.exe file from within Windows the screen just flashes briefly and nothing else happens. The bios remains at 1.70. Am I doing something stupid.


Answer:BIOS upgrade on Satellite L40 not working

Try right-clicking the BIOS file, and select "Run As.." and choose Administrator.

Also make sure your virus scanner isn't blocking it.

Also look in C:\TEMP, perhaps it was extracted in there.

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I have an old Satellite 4070CDS
S4070CDS/4.3 (Europe) PAS407EYV-DU95

My first question is, where can I see what BIOS version is currently running?
I tried all kinds of keys when booting, but all I get is the Toshiba logo and then the OS boots.

Second... I want to update the BIOS, but I can't find this model on any of the Toshiba sites.
It's manufactured in Germany, but even the German site, does not show this particular model.

The problem is... the HDD is dying and I might need to replace it in a short while.
So I want to know if the current BIOS can handle larger disks (40Gig and up).

Can anybody help me out here?
Thanks in advance.

Answer:Satellite 4070CDS and BIOS upgrade.

Well, after searching some more I finally found the latest BIOS version for my model.
I updated the BIOS, but I still did not find the right key to get into the BIOS.

Message was edited by: Thasaidon

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Hey guys, My Satellite A10 keeps rebooting everytime i shut it down. I spoke to my friend and he said its a BIOS Problem, and i should upgrade it. So I downloaded the latest version from Toshiba and run it. It told me to insert a Floppy Disk. This would be no probelm however my A10 dont have a floppy disk drive so how am i ment to upgrade the BIOS on my computer without a floppy drive?

Answer:Satellite A10 BIOS Upgrade Needed!


For your notebook model there is just traditional BIOS update possible and you need a USB FDD to do this. In my opinion you can check on ebay or somewhere is there some cheap FDD or you can contact service partner.

You need about 10 minutes for BIOS update and you can do it alone. It is very easy. Like I said, check if you can find a used FDD. It can not be expensive.

Also you can borrow one at your dealer or company!

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Attempting to upgrade BIOS on Satellite 3000-X4 using BIOS upgrade 160 downloaded today. Using recommended method (from within Windows).

Extracted files to folder on desktop and run exe file. This runs request a floppy disk and continues when inserted. At end of write process to floppy disk an error message reporting disk error and to try another floppy disk. I have tried 10 disk from different batches each time same error.

Would use traditional method but can't find my machine listed.

Can anyone help.

Answer:Satellite 3000-X4: BIOS upgrade


the Satellite 3000-X4 is an UK machine, so I think you can only find the trad. BIOS upgrade at the UK site!

As far as I know the 3000-X4 hs a special BIOs which needs also a display driver update at the same time!
I mean that the BIOs upgrade had also implement a displaydriver update which should be run before a BIOS upodate can be done!


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Referring to following link, I have downloaded, create a CD, run "BIOS" and finish all required instruction, but when I restart window and check BIOS version, which is 1.6 instead of 6.2.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what wrong it is?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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I have a Satellite L30 11D bought Sept 07.

I'm interested in trying to boot from USB, at present my bios doesn't allow it.
So I'm looking to update my bios. There is an updated bios for me to download ( 3.10WIN ).

I have 3 questions:

1) Does 3.10WIN allow booting from USB?

2) Is 3.10WIN tied to using MS Vista? (Looking at this article it appears that the new phoenix / toshiba bios only allows vistas...?)

3) How would I install?

(with ubuntu 7.10 working fine...apart from the sound)

Answer:Satellite L30-11D: Bios upgrade to boot from USB

Regarding the question;

1) No, it?s not possible to boot from USB HDD or USM memory stick

2) Every BIOS for every Toshiba notebook series is different! Please don?t mix any BIOS for other notebook or desktop PCs. Satellite L30-10D belongs to the PSL33E series and the BIOS 3.10 is OS independent. If your notebook was delivered with XP then the BIOS supports XP fully. Of course you can try to install the Vista but it?s possible that some notebook features like FN keys will not functions?

3) The BIOS must be performed always from the Windows OS. As you can see on the Toshiba driver page the BIOS version is called 3.10Win-version


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Please can you give me some advice on upgrading my bios for the Toshiba Satellite S3000-X4. I have read all the instructions on doing this but unfortunatley this notebook never came with a floppy drive, is there anyway I can upgrade the Bios, so I can install the video drivers?

I would be very grateful to anyone who can solve this issue for me.

Answer:Satellite S3000-X4: How to upgrade the Bios?


Please visit this site:

There you will find a BIOS version 1.6. This BIOS was modified at 08.01.03

On this website you will find the descriptions; How to update the BIOS IOS&FID=TRO0000000b07

But note; You should make only the BIOS upgrade if you have serious problems with the notebook and if you 100% know if the BIOS update will solve this issues.
The BIOS upgrade procedure is not very easy. The wrong procedure can damage the motherboard. In this case be careful.


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The BIOS upgrade notice came up in the Toshiba Service Station program and I downloaded the new BIOS update and pressed the "install" button. The program extracted and ran but then stopped saying:

Installing UEFI WinFlash 0.02 in the title bar

+"The program will be closed!+
+There is an error occurred,please check below items.+
+BIOS version above 190.+
+Battery capacity more than 10%.+
+AC is attached."+

Obviously, the battery is fully charged and I'm running on AC. If I start up the machine and go to the F2 BIOS screen, it reports as v1.80.

In the Toshiba HWSetup program it reports the BIOS version as something that looks like garbage:

V234567890. 00/00/00000000000

It also reports something called EC Version as "1.80"

Anyone else have problems installing the new BIOS v1.90 (released 25/01/2011)?

Answer:Satellite A660-18N will not upgrade BIOS to v1.90

And you use original preinstalled operating system you got with your notebook?

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When I want to upgrade my bios 2.70 win, there is an error and the program says that it couldn't find bios.wph file. So I cannot upgrade my BIOS.

Thank you for your help.
Vehbi Tirnakli M.D.

Answer:Cannot upgrade BIOS for my Satellite A300

What exact error message appears?
And most important, have you unpacked the BIOS files, after downloading? If not, do that and try it again.

BIOS update version depends on what operating system you are using. I guess you have WinXP installed if you use version 2.70. For Windows Vista you should use version 1.30.

Please check the right BIOS versions.

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Referring to following link for U840 BIOS update, after I follow BIOS instruction, my BIOS version still 1.6 instead of 6.2.
I would like to know on anyone who have successfully upgraded BIOS into 6.2 for Toshiba U840.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what wrong it is?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions

For CD-ROM BIOS updates in Windows 7 models: (1) Boot from the BIOS CD-ROM. (2) Type BIOS at the C:\ prompt then press Enter.
For all updates: The BIOS update will force the computer to shut down or restart. Please make sure to save all work in progress before starting BIOS updates.
Power on the computer if it is off.
While the "TOSHIBA" logo is displayed, press the F2 function key to start BIOS Setup.
Check the version of BIOS and press the F9 function key then Enter to load setup defaults.
Press the F10 function key then Enter to save settings and exit. The computer will automatically reboot.

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Anyone can help me? (the latest version)

Answer:Satellite 210cs BIOS upgrade


I have found BIOS version 6.50 for your notebook. Please visit Toshiba BIOS download page under ? Support & Downloads ? Support Homepage ? BIOS downloads.

When BIOS download page is open under ? Product type?? choose please ARCHIVE option.

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I have just tried to upgrade my bios on recommendation from Microsoft due to reported serious processor/bios conflicts.

The downloaded flash bios routine appeared to be working well from the floppy disk for about two minutes then suddenly the whole laptop shutdown without warning. The machine was rebooted but only with a blank screen and no further booting either from floppy or hard drives.

The front panel LED display shows the infrared icon in solid red without any flashing (this has no references in the instruction booklet).
I have tried several key sequences on re-boot from information obtained via google searches on the internet. None of these appear to make any differences. The recovery CD supplied with the machine does not work either on re-boot when used with the recommended C key plus on/off switch.
I was considering trying to reset the password using one of these parallel port fixers described on the net?
Any other ideas on a way forward?
I guess Toshiba offers no guarantees with their bios routines even though I have lost a considerable amount of important data?


Answer:BIOS upgrade on Satellite 1900-803


You are right. The warranty should no cover this ?misfortune?.
It seems the notebook does not boot because you have updated the BIOS with the wrong version or with the wrong update procedure.

Mostly it?s not easy to estimate what could be wrong.
Maybe you are a lucky man and the BIOS chip must be only flashed again using a special procedure.
In the worst case the board is dead and you will need new one?

Seems you will have to contact the service technicians in your country.
Ask the guys for further handling and details? good luck

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I have a Satellite Pro P300-266 PSPCDE and I am quite content with it.

Since I have a WIN7 64 bit OS ready for use, and 8GB RAM I need to upgrade the BIOS to 64-bit.

I have found a WinPhlash file on the Toshiba support site ( called I have been trying to use this as discribed at the Toshiba support page about using WinPhlash ( Also I made an exception for WinPhlash in the DEP registry.

Still it will not work.

Since I am a user with very mediocre knowledge of modern computers I suppose I am doing something wrong or I may be overseeing something... can somebody please help me upgrading my system to its full capabilities?



Answer:Satellite Pro P300 - BIOS upgrade to 64-bit

You must not upgrade BIOS. If everything works well don?t change anything.
I have Satellite P300 with preinstalled Win7 32bit and runs perfectly.

How do your runs with 64bit version?

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Before the windows 8.1 upgrade I could enter the system BIOS by pressing F2 early in the boot process. After the upgrade this is no longer working. It appears that the 'fast boot' option has been re-enabled and I want to disable this.

How can I enter my BIOS now?

Answer:Satellite P50-A No bios access after upgrade to 8.1

It appears a couple of reboots were needed. Perhaps to finish updates. The F2 key worked after this.

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I'd like to know where I could find BIOS upgrade?
I want upgrade Win ME to Win XP.

Answer:Re: Satellite 1800-804 - Need to upgrade the BIOS

Hi Aki

You can upgrade the Windows ME to Windows XP without the BIOS update!

The BIOS update would not affect the Windows XP installation.

Maybe one importnat fact is not known to you;
The BIOS update is always risky and should be done ONLY to fix some bugs.

In your case, it looks like you want to change only the OS and therefore the BIOS update is not really necessary on your Sat 1800.

Anyway, if you are looking for XP drivers then you could find it on the Toshiba European driver page -> *ARCHIVE* area

Best regards

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I have been trying to upgrade BIOS on my Satellite A500-1GL (PSAR9E) for a while now but I have a dead battery so cannot get past the security check at the beginning. Is there anyway way around this, as I am connected with AC power so I don't see what the problem is!! Could I have the self extracting zip files possibly.

Any help would be much appreciated as this is very frustrating!

Answer:Satellite A500-1GL - cannot upgrade BIOS


I think you will not be able to update the BIOS if your battery is dead.
The Win based BIOS update can be updated only from running Windows system and there is a security option which allow you to update the BIOS only if the notebook is connected to AC adaptor and if the battery is charged.

You could update the BIOS using an traditional BIOS version but as far as I know only an Toshiba service partner could do that.

So you?ve got two options:
Purchase a battery in order to update the BIOS using win based BIOS version or you will get in contact with an ASP in your country and will ask for BIOS update using traditional BIOS version.

But is BIOS update necessary for you?

I've got a notebook with old BIOS version and i did not update it even if new version was released.

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Hi everyone,

I have few Toshiba A500-13C laptop's in my company.
Snice Microsoft started to offer Windows 8 our software developer made some important updates, which works good on W8.

I want to update my computers and I saw how that system works with new laptops that has non-BIOS systems (UEFI).
I've read about that and Phoenix(developer of my BIOS) says that my notebook's are easy to update to be UEFI "ready". Is there any chance that Toshiba will update this?

Where should I write?
Does somebody help me?

P.S. Sorry for my english.

Pawel Mazur

Answer:Satellite A500-13C - Win 8 BIOS Upgrade


First of all this is user to user forum so nobody can answer a questions like: +?Is there any chance that Toshiba will update this??+

But as far as I know Toshiba has released an Win 8 info containing an matrix of all old notebook series supporting Win 8:

Your A500 is +NOT+ a part of the list, so in my opinion there will not be an Win 8 driver nor BIOS support.

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I have a Satellite laptop 1900-303.
I have downloaded Bios upgrade bios-20071126165418 but when i run the Check.exe it informs me it is the wrong upgrade.
But the text files in the upgrade include 1900-303.

Is there a different Satellite model to the Satellite 1900-303 called simply 1900-303 or is this the correct Bios, please help.

Answer:Bios upgrade for Satellite 1900-303


I have checked the Toshiba European driver page and I found two different versions.
There is a BIOS 1.80 and BIOS 2.10. Both BIOS version are traditional BIOS.
This mean that the BIOS should be update using the traditional procedure? using a floppy disk?

But why do you want to update the BIOS?
Is something wrong with your notebook?

You should know that a BIOS update is always risky and should be done only as the last solution option?

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OK, so I found my old SP4280 buried in the loft, and found everything works (except the hard drive, but I've ordered an identical replacement).
I want to install ubuntu on it as I have no windows OS avaliable, but it needs more RAM and a BIOS update.

Will it only take old, now N/A toshiba ram of will it take other brands of RAM with the correct spec? (low density, 100mhz, CL2) And I can't find the BIOS update anywhere on Toshiba's site. Could someone please direct me to it or upload it for me? Thanks.

Quick answers appreciated!


Answer:Re: RAM and BIOS upgrade on Satellite Pro 4280

The info you can get from Toshiba about RAM is that your notebook can handle with max 320 MB RAM.
Compatible RAM is PA3005U-1M12 > 128MB.
This RAM is tested.

Of course you can use other brands. Just be sure you use high quality product and also the same RAM specification.

For BIOS update visit
For Satellite Pro 4280 you can find there BIOS 2.70-TRAD

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Hi All,

I downloaded the latest updated version of 32 bit bios from Toshiba site but not able to upgrade it

Error - ROM is not enough.

Also is it required to upgrade Bios after installing XP 32 bit


Any ideas.


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Answer:Not able to upgrade BIOS on my Satellite notebook

Sorry but can you tell me why do you need BIOS update?
Do you have some problems with your notebook?

I don't know which notebook model do you have but if not necessary don't change well running system.

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does anyone have any experience with BIOS version 1.3 for Satellite Pro U200? I upgraded to this version of BIOS and have had several small issues since then - wireless hotkey not working and display brightness setup misbehaviour to name the two.

Moreover, as I noticed last week, the BIOS upgrade cannot be downloaded any more and there is no replacement - the download page just says "no BIOS upgrades for this product"! Is there anyone who has BIOS 1.2 so that I can try to downgrade back to this version?

What is your experience with BIOS 1.3?

Answer:BIOS upgrade for Satellite Pro U200?


It?s really strange ?:|
I have checked the BIOS download section for Satellite U200 and Satellite Pro U200 but I don?t found any BIOS download at this time.

Few years ago the authorized service provider has installed an older version of the BIOS on my friends Tecra unit.
I suppose it should be also able to do it on your Satellite Pro U200.
The other possibility is to wait for a newer BIOS release.

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I have one satellite M65 and the problem is that the current bios is not 100% compatible with windows vista. In fact, vista didn't detect my video adapter as well (nvidia gforce go 6600).
Now its working as vga adapter.
The issue is based 100% of bios incompatibility, any idea when toshiba is going to release a new bios for this machine?


Answer:Satellite M65: New Bios upgrade for Vista?

Hello Federico

Problem is that nobody knows exactly which notebook models will be Vista supported. I don?t know how it works for US notebook models but only what you can do is to check from time to time.

This link is for Toshiba US support page.

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Hi, did anybody try to upgrade Z830 BIOS.
After I re-booted I get a message to insert an original Windows disk, but Z830 does not have optical drive and furthermore I do not have Windows disk, since it came pre-installed?

I went back to the store and they plugged USB optical drive with an OEM Windows version and I got into my ultrabook, but a day later I got the same message to insert an original Windows disk after a re-boot without me even trying to upgrade BIOS, so it seems that BIOS upgrade did not work the first time!

Why would BIOS upgrade ask for an original Windows disk? Any thoughts? Thaks!

Answer:Satellite Z830 BIOS upgrade


Please try this:
Power up the unit and press F2.
This should allow you to access the BIOS.
In BIOS press F9 this will set the BIOS default settings. Press F10 to save the changes.
Now boot up the unit.

If you will not be able to boot up the Windows. Try this:
Power up the notebook and press F8.
Now you should see an Advanced boot menu.
Here choose Repair my Computer -> HDD recovery.

HDD recovery will start the recovery procedure without the usage of any disks.
This will help you to set the notebook back to factory settings.

Hope this can help you.

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I have problem with my notebook Toshiba L850-130. When I try to upgrade BIOS (v.1.6 to 6.1) there is pop-up with Error

"Flash process will be terminated!
Current platform have secure boot feature, it must provide NV storage location by IHSI interface.
Please contact OEM BIOS enginner to add the feature..."

What should I do?
I do not want to corrupt my laptop.

Please, help..

Answer:BIOS upgrade on Satellite L850-130

The BIOS 6.1 was released for Win 8.
Windows 8 requires and supports the ?secure boot?.
Usually this option is available in the BIOS settings.

I think you have to access the BIOS settings and have to disable the ?secure boot? before trying to update the BIOS.

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Looking for any updated info on blind flashing the above model with a MS-DOS/Win98 boot disc and the 1.8 raw BIOS file extracted from the 1.8 EXE.
I've been following the guide but none of the key combinations I've tried seem to work (F, Fn + F, R, B, Fn + B).

I've confirmed my Windows 8.1 laptop boots to the USB key I created and I have the BIOS file named BIOS.FD

If anyone has had any success with this in the last 2 years, your info would be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite L300D - 1.3 to 1.8 BIOS upgrade

As far as I know BIOS update offered by Toshiba is WIN version only. With other words BIOS can be updated under running preinstalled Windows operating system.

It is not known to me that you can download files for traditional BIOS update. such update was used long time ago, I think before Vista OS was offered on the market.

More about BIOS update on Toshiba notebooks you can read here -

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My Lenovo G 560 BIOS  version 29CN25WW V2.02 (4/26/2010). Can I upgrade it to the newset version? IOr should I upgrade it 2.03 an only then I can upgrade it to the current BIOS version (V2.15) thanks 

Answer:BIOS Upgrade Question

Hi Anoopbal,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As the BIOS version of the machine is older than 29CN26WW (V2.03), please turn to local Lenovo service provider for BIOS update. For more information on BIOS update please refer the below link and Click here to open a link where you can select the country and get the exact contact support number. I?m sure they will be a great help:

Important information for BIOS Update

Do post us back for further queries.
Best Regards

Shiva Kumar

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Hey guys, I have an old Dell Dimension 4600 that still runs pretty smooth after upgrading some parts. I have also upgraded it from Windows XP to 7. I would like to flash the bios (to A12) since it is using and older version (A03) but think I have a slight issue. On the Dell website it states:
This file format consists of a BIOS executable file. The Universal (Windows/MS DOS) format can be used to install from Windows XP, Windows 2000, NT, Windows 9X, Windows ME or a MS DOS environment.
My question is, since I'm running off of Windows 7, will it be impossible to upgrade? What If I create a bootable USB with the file inside, would that work?
*I did try running the .exe but got a message stating that I must be logged in as administrator. I tried running as admin as well as going into safe mode and trying but same message appears.
Thank you all

Answer:Bios Upgrade Question

Is there any particular reason you want to flash the Bios? Does the Bios version you selected address any particular problems you are experiencing?
Just because the Bios is old doesn't mean it needs to be updated.
A bad Bios update can render your Mobo useless.
I do see that you can also do the bios upgrade using a floppy. Is your floppy drive usable? This would solve any issue regarding whether or not a problem
would occur because of now having Windows 7.
From: Driver Details | Dell US
Run the BIOS update utility from MS DOS environment (Non-Windows users)NOTE:You will need to provide a bootable DOS diskette. This executable file does not create the MS DOS system files.
Copy the file D4600A12.EXE to a bootable floppy.
Boot from the floppy to the MS DOS prompt.
Run the file by typing Y:\D4600A12.EXE (where y is the drive letter where the executable is located).

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I have an x200 model 7454CTO with attached Ultrabay (with optical drive, CD read/wrire, DVD read only).  Original HD is 256gb, running XP pro SP 3.  It has original BIOS version date 6DET33WW(1.10) 10/27/2008 and SMBIOS version 2.4.  I am not having any issues with this laptop.  I want to change to an SSD because other users of SSDs report much better speed. My questions are;1. Are there any issues with replacing my HD with the Crucial CT1993743 256GB  m4 2.5" SSD?2. There appears to be later versions of the BIOS.    Have read somewhere that if the there are no problems best to leave BIOS alone.  I don't know if the new SSD requires a BIOS update. Should I update the BIOS?3. Is there anything to do about the SMBIOS? Thank you

Answer:upgrade to SSD and BIOS question

1) No2) you don't have to update the BIOS if nothing is wrong, and your SSD should work without the update (unless the update is specifically targeted towards SSD recognition).3) What do you mean.However, if you are using SSD if you might want to move away from XP and onto say Win 7.

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Hey there.

So, I have this board, Asrock 775Twins-HDTV. I found out that with my processor I cannot use this board unless I upgrade the BIOS. Thing is, the most recent version is P2.10. I have P1.40.

The question is, there is a newer version of the board called the R2.0, supporting Core 2 Duo using the same chipset. Should I upgrade to P2.10 or will that brick my board? And will I gain Core 2 Duo support with that? Remember, my board is the "R1.0" not the 2.0...

I have this question really because I'm a bit of a suck for "latest versions" and in the description there are things like "Modify USB code". Can I trust ASRock's website in giving different bios files to the 1.0 and the 2.0?


The website of my board:

and the newer one: R2.0

Answer:BIOS Upgrade question

BIOS updates are always considered risky and recommended only when necessary. With that said I have never had issues while updating, but that doesn't mean I never will. What I'm trying to say is no one can guarantee 100% success.

After studying the links you provided, I'm thinking you have a Core2 processor that your motherboard will not support.

BIOS updates are software updates. Board revisions are hardware updates.
The P2.10 BIOS update seems to require the V2.0 board revision in order to support the CPU in question.

In other words it looks as if the BIOS update supports your CPU but also requires the V2.0 board revision. Without the needed hardware, the software update is useless (unless you need the update for another reason).

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I have a G50-45 with AMD A6-6310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics.  The original BIOS is A2CN25WW(v1.07).  When I checked for a BIOS upgrade to improve my Win10 experience, the site shows the latest BIOS is A2CN38WW(v2.06), but the list of previous versions skips over my original BIOS.  That is, A2CN24WW(v1.06) and A2CN26WW(v1.08) are shown in the list.  Will this upgrade work OK for my computer?

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Wanting to upgrade an old BIOS:

Board: Intel Corporation SE440BX

Current BIOS: Intel Corp. 4S4EB0X1.10A.0019.P09 08/14/98

Update available: BIOS 4S4EB0X1.86A.0032.P12 12/17/99

My qusetion is in the Intel "read me" it states to verify that the BIOS is a Pheonix by matching the first 11 characters, whereas in this case there is:


So I am wondering if this upgrade will work; as it is the last & only available upgrade to this old board.

Any Ideas? Thanx.

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Something I have always wondered about bios upgrades:

Upgrades for motherboard bioses are usually posted on vendors corporate websites. Often a typical motherboard will have several sequential bios upgrades over a period of years.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Question: Does each bios upgrade typically have the fixes which were addressed in those upgrades previous to it? Or does a bios upgrade typically have only the fix that is mentioned in that particular upgrade?------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I would like to speculate that each bios would have all the fixes of the previous ones, except that it is a typical line of reasoning in this matter that one should only flash a bios to fix a known problem (and not to fix something that isn't broken) therefor they might not want all previous fixes in the latest fix when they are not necessarily needed. Also, if the latest bios flash had all the previous versions, why would they even bother to put the previous versions there? Since I like to speculate as much as the next person, I'd appreciate it if you only answer if you know your answer is true. If you need to know, I am interested in flashing a gigabyte board now (in case this is a practice that is not standard in the industry).

Answer:bios upgrade question

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Hi all,
I have satellite A210 - 19a and I found a new bios version 1.70 win on toshiba website. Is there somewhere written what exactly does it fix?? I?ve got bios version 1.50 now and my pc is running fine so I am not sure if it is good to install it. I am afraid some strange things could happen and I know that I cant return back old bios, or can I?

Answer:Question about bios 1.70-win on Satellite A210-19

Unfortunately, Toshiba doesn?t publish any details about BIOS improvements.

But note buddy; if your notebook runs correctly without any troubles then a BIOS update is not necessary. You should know that a BIOS update is always risky. Wrong update procedure or wrong BIOS could damage the ROM module.
Therefore an BIOS update should be done ONLY as a last resort!!!


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Could you please bring me some lights on the warning which introduces the BIOS 2.20 upgrade:

*!!!* Upgrade the BIOS from Windows XP BIOS V5.10 only to VISTA BIOS V2.20 or higher *!!!*

Mainly I am interested in understanding what is the relationship with XP.

I have a Satellite X200-20G with the first hard drive loaded with Vista (default configuration) and a XP Home edition on the second Hard drive and I use the BIOS menu to boot on one side or the other.

Thank you

Answer:Satellite X200-20G: Question about BIOS 2.20


On some notebooks the BIOS must be updated to the XP version if the Win XP OS was installed.

The warning message says that if you have already updated the BIOS to XP version 5.10 then you could update it again only to the BIOS 2.20 Vista version.

But it looks like the XP BIOS version for Sat X200 doesn?t exist at this time and in my opinion you could overlook this ;)

Best regards

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Hi guys

I have a Satellite A60-672 and its original 40GB drive died. I got a Seagate 80GB drive as a replacement, but after inserting it it's not showing in the BIOS. I have done some googling but didn't really come up with much. Is it possible that the BIOS doesn't recognise the new drive because of the larger size?

I looked into upgrading the BIOS (currently version 1.50) and found an update to 1.90. After reading the BIOS upgrade FAQ ( IOS&FID=TRO0000000b07) I saw that apparently you need a floppy drive which this laptop hasn't got. Can I use a CD-R instead or do I have to go get a USB floppy drive now?

Thanks for any help.

Answer:HDD replacement & BIOS question - Satellite A60

> Is it possible that the BIOS doesn't recognize the new HDD drive because of the larger size?

Yes, this is very possible and mostly a reason why the high capacity HDD cannot be used.

It seems the BIOS update on the Satellite A60 can be done only with the USB FDD.
But why you want to update the BIOS?
I don?t think that the update will change something?
It seems the 80GB are not possible.

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Like amathor, just one question:

I have Idea to boot from USB stick (like bootable), but the problem in the BIOS is:
No USB-HDD,or USB-FDD, USB Legacy or somthing like that.

In the I-net a have found the support :
-to take a USB Stick to boot its needed BIOS UPDATE!

Or other way???

And to make BIOS Update it's complikation work????

thanks to your interested

Answer:Question about BIOS on Satellite 4340


could you please show me the site where you found that information that you can boot from USB on a Satellite 4340 after upgrading the BIOS. In my opinion thats IMPOSSIBLE since this machine is tooooooo old and the USB boot option cames first with the Pentium M based machines, but before...NO CHANCE.

Please show me that site/forum/whatever where it is written that you can use a USB device to boot from it and I will try to help you after verifying that the information you gave me is correct...



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I need to update my BIOS in order to use a new 2GB ram stick. Unfortunately I cannot find a specific BIOS update on the Toshiba site for the M40 265, WXP with ATI graphics.
Which one do I need to install? The one for M70, M100, 3.00 or 1.70, psm01, psm02...?


Answer:Satellite M40 - question about BIOS update

Satellite M40 can be upgraded up to 2GB RAM and for doing this you don't need BIOS update but compatible RAM modules.
Toshiba recommends to use 2 X PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-2M1G).

Which 2 GB module do you want to use?

Thats all!

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Hi all,

yesterday I have bought a Satellite L40-17q (psl4ce).
I installed win xp and updated bios to 5.40 ver. but I cant find way to change amount of shared video ram. How I can get access to advance bios feateres (unable/disable chipset features memory timings etc.)

thx in advance for your help

Answer:Question about bios settings on Satellite L40-17Q


Such settings are not provided in the BIOS.
Your Mobile Intel GL960 graphic card is controlled by graphic driver.

The graphic driver controls the shared memory and assigns automatically a memory amount if it?s needed.

Everything runs automatically.


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Hi there,

I have Toshiba Satellite Pro A10, and just yesterday it did not go on, it passed the TOSHIBA welcome screen and then went black with a flashing cursor, it did not let me into advanced settings or into the BIOS settings, a friend told me I would need to flash the BIOS, I came to the website and found only a BIOS update and the directions told me to use the floppy drive, it said when I unzip the file I will get a .exe file which I open and it will give me three folders, one for the CD ROM, one for the Floppy and the third I do not remember, but this did not happen, when I unzipped the files to a temp folder but I never got the files.

I think I had to have it on my own laptop and then it would have extracted properly, because my laptop does not work I cannot do that and even if I put the files onto a floppy they are too big.


Where can I get the BIOS files that I can put onto a floppy and then I can boot from that floppy and it will fix the BIOS?

Thank You

Answer:Question about BIOS files for Satellite Pro A10


Ok, do the following:

burn the bios file for CD-ROM on a CD, boot from it and update your bios. Thats a simple and easy way. I don?t understand why it shouldn?t work, since I?ve updated my bios the same way. I burned the image on CD and booted from that CD.

Please reply maybe you just did some mistake when thinking about (I do this sometimes too, not often but it happens..) :)


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I have this above laptop downgraded at purchase from Vista Ultimate to WXP SR2, but I am having issues getting the BIOS to recognize that there is 4GB of RAM in there. It only thinks there is 3GB.

Both ram chips have been checked and they are 2GB pairs.
The BIOS version it is currently running is 1.4.

The 3 questions I have are:

1. What is the laptop version I should be selecting when choosing my laptop to look for a BIOS upgrade, I am assuming it is the (Satellite A200 (PSAEC)) as its the closes you have to the laptop code on the back, I cannot see the A200-1BW listed anyplace on your site. As this is a BIOS upgrade I want to make sure I apply the correct version.

2. Which BIOS should I be running, as the Vista BIOS is currently 1.8 and the XP BIOS currently 5.8, it looks like my laptop is running the wrong version of the BIOS for my operating system.

3. Does the new BIOS upgrades (if any) fix the 3 - 4 GB issue?

Note: This is not that the memory is not appearing in WXP, this is the post BIOS screen stating that there is only 3GB on the machine when there is actually 4GB

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite A200-1BW - BIOS Question

Regarding the question number

1) The notebook series number can be found at the bottom of the unit! Check the label. I found the info too, that the A200-1BW would belong to the PSAECE series.

2) If you use the XP OS on this notebook then you should update the BIOS to the XP version. If you want to use Vista, update the BIOS to the Vista version.

3) Usually after BIOS update the 4GB of memory should be recognized.
_But note;_ The 32bit Vista version will still use only the 3GB of the RAM due to the 32bit OS limitation!

Best regards

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I have a Toshiba Satellite M30-742 notebook.

The BIOS does not recognize my new NEC optiarc DVD RW AD-5540A. So I need to do a BIOS upgrade.

Can someone tell me where can i get the most recent BIOS (I have currently v1.40) and how the procedure is done ?

thank you in advanced.


Answer:Satellite M30-742: BIOS update question

Maybe you don?t need the BIOS update but a compatible and supported CD/DVD drive??? ;)

Not all slimline CD/DVD drives are compatible with notebook due to different master/slave/c-sel settings.

I recommendation is; buy an compatible drive and don?t flash the BIOS because this willnot help you!!!

One more hint; if you will try to update the BIOS with the wrong BISO or with wrong procedure the notebooks motherboard could be damage!!!!

So be careful dude !!!!

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Hi ,

I received an email from the forum telling me about updates for my laptop. I downloaded 3 of them and managed to run 2 of them .The thied one is Phoenix Winphlash and when i run it i get an error message saying `The input file `nao.ROM` can not be found. A valid filename must be specified to continue.
I havent a clue what this is about i just opened the downloaded file and ran it. Can anyone please tell me how to go about it heres the file I downloaded?

07/08/07 BIOS Update Toshiba OS independent 2.20-WIN World Wide

I have Satellite L20.

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Answer:BIOS update question - Satellite L20

The last step you try to do is BIOS update. To be honest you must not do this especially if the notebook runs well and you didn?t notice any problems, especially if you use some external devices.

By the way:

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The fan was quiet when the computer start. But if core temperature was up to 52?C, the CPU fan will run once in high speed like the typhoon blowing about two second then stop. This is really annoying.

Is that any BIOS version support P100 series control the fan always running in the low speed?

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Answer:Satellite P100-429 BIOS and fan question


the newest BIOS version is 2.40, don't know if it helps.

Maybe you should talk to a service guy to get more info about this issue.


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So, my Notebook is not starting, but recovery-procedure is working. Support suggested me to update my Bios.
Ok, since it was easy the last time.

I downloaded the newsest version vor My Satellite M40 (PSM40) (1.70-WIN <= I have an ATI grafics card) and extracted the file.
But then there was a surprise:
Instead of getting the old data structure as written in the Bios update FAQ
1. Extract the zip file containing the BIOS upgrade to a temporary folder.
2. In the temporary folder three sub folders will be generated. "docs", "Update - 3,5' Disk", "Update - CD-R or CD-RW"

I get one file only: Windows BIOS Knockhill10GV170.exe
Extracting this one I get 8 files:
- fdbase.img
- InsydeFlash.exe
- iscflash.dll
- iscflash.vxd
- KPM170.ROM
- Platform.ini

Now my question: How can I create from this a bootable CD-ROM to update my Bios?

Just to know: Downloading an all other things are done on my Desktop-PC since my Notebook isnt booting ;)
I also tried to execute the exe in the hope that it will create either a floppy-disk or CD-ROM, but it says "cfg base address not found"

Answer:Question about BIOS update for my Satellite M40


For BIOS update there are two different ways to do this:
-Traditional way (TRAD) and in this case you need floppy disc
-Windows (WIN) and this update can be done under running operating system.

WIN BIOS update will work if you can run WXP on your Satellite notebook. If I am understand your posting well you try to make Traditional BIOS update but using WIN BIOS update. On Toshiba download page there are two BIOS updates listed and both of them as WIN versions. That means you can update BIOS under running operating system only.

Back to your problem: in the whole story one thing confuses me when you write: my Notebook is not starting, but recovery-procedure is working. Sorry but if the recovery procedure is working do it and you will have clean installed OS.

Please be a little bit more specific about ?notebook is not starting?. What happen exactly when you press power button?

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I bought a Toshiba 4000CDS some weeks ago, when I start my notebook, I see:

In Touch with Tomorrow


for 2 seconds, after that I need to enter a password to continue starting win98. I have no idea how to remove that password, and how I can enter the bios. I tried F1,F2,F10,Del,Esc.
Can someone help me?


Answer:Question about BIOS on Satellite 4000CDS?


Are you seeing any 98 splash screen?

What exactly is the password request saying?

I ask these questions because if you are not seeing a 98 splash screen then it may well be a BIOS password and this would explain why you are unable to enter the BIOS setup.



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Hi All, first post!

I have just recieved notification that their is a BIOS update for my laptop, Satellite P30-145, I downloaded it and tried to install but i get this message "the size of the rom file is incorrect" any ideas?

Answer:Question about BIOS update for Satellite P30-145


Seems Toshiba has published and technical support bulletin document about this issue.
I found this useful Toshiba instruction:

I cannot update my BIOS with the Windows based Phoenix BIOS ZIP-file under Windows XP.
I always receive following error message: The size of ROM file is incorrect.

I hope it helps.

But note; The BIOS update is always risky!!! If you have no problems with your notebook you don?t need to update the BIOS.
The wrong BIOS or wrong BIOS update procedure can damage the notebooks board!
So take my advice and never change a running system ;)


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I have a problem with my old Toshiba L30-134.

When I try to replace old HDD with new SSD, I can't start BIOS.
But when I remove DVD-ROM from notebook and leave there only SSD, then BIOS can start and I can see the disc detected. DVD-ROM has PATA/IDE interface.

I tried also IDE to SATA adapter (like this one: [Adapter|] ) as replacement of DVD-ROM with second SATA HDD and I got the same problem when HDD was present in adapter.

When second HDD was not present in adapter, BIOS started. And it's also not only about BIOS.

Computer freezes on booting TOSHIBA logo screen during hardware detection and there is also no error message.

I can't change settings about IDE/AHCI mode of SATA device. Is there some workaround with jumpers or some software solution?

Thanks for help

Answer:Satellite L30-134 does not access BIOS after upgrade with SSD drive


> When second HDD was not present in adapter, BIOS started. And it's also not only about BIOS.

You have replaced the ODD with an HDD?
This will not work buddy. The notebook?s optical disk drive supports IDE controller. The HDD seems to support the SATA controller.

The notebook does not power up because the POST (power on self test) cannot be passed properly. During the POST the notebook?s hardware will be checked for possible malfunction or compatibility problems. In your case the hardware is NOT compatible and you cannot change this.

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I have Toshiba Satellite A300-1MW with BIOS 3.5 version. Can I make upgrade it to 1.7 version which i will download from Toshiba site?
Whay i want to do this?
Because I have a lot of problems with this notebook. For example:

1) Slow system loading on Compatibility mode
2) When I will set AHCI mode and install SATA drivers then loading is faster but I have problems with Critical Error

I don't know what to do :/ Maybe I have bad drivers (it is not possible because all drivers are from Toshiba site) or maybe I didn't install some drivers (there are a lot of drivers on Toshiba site, I didn't download and install all of them)

Can someone write the list of drivers which i need to install?

Thanks in advane and have a nice day.


Answer:BIOS Upgrade on Toshiba Satellite A300-1MW

Hello Tralla

As I can see you have already posted one thread with the same question and I am wondering you ask the same again.

You have these ?problems? because you didn?t install WXP properly. If you want to have well preinstalled WXP and use it with full speed use AHCI settings in BIOS and load WXP with all SATA drivers.
After doing this notebook will run fast, you will not have problems and BIOS update must not be done at all.
This theme is discussed very often on this forum and please take a little bit time and check this forum about WXP installation using SATA driver.


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I'm trying to get a BIOS upgrade for my Satellite L30 PSL33 but the link doesn't work from this site. Could anyone help?

Answer:Satellite L30 PSL33: Not able to download the BIOS upgrade

Hi there,

which link do you use??

Here are some links where you can get bioses:

I hope you can use this links, they should work.
Give some feedback if you got still problems downloading the bios, maybe we can find some other link for downloading it.


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is there any bios upgrade for this model? i can't seem to find it

i'm running WinXP Pro SP3. I hope this might solve ati2dvag infinite loop problem...

Answer:Satellite A210-16G - Where to find a Bios upgrade


As I?m not mistaken the Satellite A210-16G belongs to the PSAELE series which appears on the Toshiba European driver page.
At this time the BIOS v2.0 is available for this machine.


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I have a Satellite T135 running Win7 with an original BIOS that I am trying to upgrade to 2.70. I have run all the other software updates in Service Station (2.1.51) without any issues. but the 2.7 BIOS downloads, initiates and warns that i'll need to restart (I select Yes to run it) and receive the popup notice about the electrical problem (faulty DC) that this BIOS fixes, then nothing. It just stops.

I've disabled my antivirus windows firewall but the update still fails to complete. I've downloaded the file straight from Toshiba (outside of Service Station) and run the file and the exact same thing happens.
Event Viewer doesn't show any related entries.

Anyone have an idea on how to get the BIOS upgraded?

Answer:Satellite T135 - BIOS upgrade to 2.70 won't finish

Hi mwarwick,

Have you installed newest version of Value Added Package from Toshiba website? This program is necessary if you want to update the BIOS so check if you have the newest version installed.

Furthermore I would recommend loading the default settings in BIOS before you do the update. So go into BIOS, press F9 for loading default values, save & exit setup.

Can you update the BIOS now?

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I have just purchased a 1 gig mem stick samsung 4200s 533mhz for my L20.
It doesn't show in the Bios or on the general screen in device manager, but it shows in cpu-z and pz wizard 2007.

I'm very confused, and the bios upgrade on toshibas website doesn't include one for the basic L20 PSL2YE.
I'm just wondering if any of the L20 bios upgrades will work with my machine.

any help would be great because i am so confused, thanks

Answer:Satellite Pro L20 PSL2YE: 1GB Ram upgrade does not show in the Bios


so you already did a biosupdate on your machine? It?s a little bit confusing that you?re confused since I asking myself what do you mean with
"toshibas website doesn't include one for the basic L20 PSL2YE". Do you mean the bios?

Please give some feedback.

P.s.: you can also try this site for a biosupdate:

Maybe you will find something.

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I'd like to upgrade the BIOS on my A110-352 laptop. I run Windows Vista Business x64, however the bios utility for vista in the downloads section shows a permission error (even when I run the program explicitely as administrator).
The help says that there are two ways to update, on of them is classical cd-rom boot, kind of ms-dos update, however the MS-DOS software for the bios-update is not provided in the download section.

I was hoping that with a newer BIOS, all of my 4GB RAM might be recognised.
Any idea what tool/procedure is best to use for the bios update.
Hopefully, someone can tell me where I can find the zip file described in the 'how to' on the Toshiba website.

Message was edited by: ADMIN

Answer:Satellite A110-352 - BIOS upgrade (MS-DOS/Vista x64)

Hi Roderik

Let?s talk about facts;

Fact is that ONLY the BIOS Win-versions are available on the Toshiba European driver page. Such BIOS can be upgraded only running the Windows as operating system.
The traditional BIOS update is not available on the Toshiba page? it doesn?t exists simply?
So if you want to update the BIOS you have to use the version available on the page.

So now let?s talk about the 4GB ram issue.
Fact is that different components must support the 4GB if you want to use the full 4GB memory. So the components are; BIOS, Chipset and Windows OS.
If on of this components will not support the 4GB then you will be not able to use it?

This means that a BIOS update will not help to use the 4GB if the other parts will not support the 4GB!


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Recently i thought it might be best to download all the latest drivers and upgrades for my partners Satellite pro L40 to keep up to date and the laptop running smooth. I couldn't of been more wrong. Before i updated the new driver updates i thought it would be a good idea to update the Bios first. So i downloaded the Bios update from the Toshiba website, unpacked the files and followed the online instructions to update the BIOS. I double clicked the BIOS batch file to execute the update, the laptop told me it was logging off, i waited and the Toshiba logo screen came on. In the instructions it states that i should press F2 at this time and confirm that the time and date are correct . I should then press F9 to load all defaults and then hit F10 to save and exit. At this point the laptop should of continued to the loading screen but..... i got a black screen. Iv turned the computer off and then back on again but still i get a blank screen. The lights are on but know one is home.

Could a Toshiba staff/forum mod/admin please explain to me why i am going to reap the consequences of my misses screaming full on in my face because i followed a direct instruction form the staff of Toshiba OR...... please run me through the process of bringing my partners laptop back to life before i get my crown jewels ripped off. This is not a laughing matter. An upgrade direct from the manufacturer is not meant to cause you problems!

Please get back to me ASAP. My sons first moments of life ... Read more

Answer:Re: Satellite Pro L40 - BIOS upgrade killed the laptop

Hello Durks

I?m really sorry to hear you have this problem.
To be honest it is not easy to discuss about this issue because many people on this forum with similar or same problem react pretty aggressive if they don?t hear exact the thing they want to hear.

Anyway, I just want to write my comment. Don?t be worried about photos and all other important data. You can remove HDD from this notebook, put it in small 2,5? HDD SATA box and connect HDD to other PC/notebook as external device. You will have full access to all saved data. So you can make back-up.

BIOS update.
What to say at this point?
I have checked Toshiba download page and saw that BIOS update is offered for WXP and Vista preinstalled notebooks so I hope you?ve chosen the right one. Anyway, it is not easy to fix screwed up BIOS. You will hate me now but I think you should contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. Call them, explain the situation and ask what can be done about that.

I hope you will fix this notebook soon.

Good luck.

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My Satellite crashes after I upgraded BIOS. The old version of my Satellite L300-110 (PSLB0E) BIOS was 1.40 and I upgrade to 1.50.
From that point my system crashes over and over again.

Any help please. I can't install Office Enterprise 2007, can't defragment all of my drives.
Is there an option do rollback the changes to my BIOS?

Answer:My Satellite L300-110 crashes after BIOS upgrade

Did you load the default settings in the BIOS after the update?

Can you reinstall Windows with the Toshiba recovery disk? First of all save your data because the HDD will be formatted and then start the recovery installation.

A rollback to the older BIOS version is not possible, because on the Toshiba website is only the newest BIOS (1.50). Only an ASP (authorized service provider) can make a rollback.
You can search for an ASP here: => Support & Downloads => Find an ASP

I?m not sure but did you make a backup from the old BIOS? Maybe you can flash it back.

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I recently bought a Satellite z830, of which I am very happy.

Since my job requires it, I wiped the hard drive and installed Ubuntu linux instead of the default Windows installation.
I now wish to upgrade the BIOS to the latest version, but unfortunately it is available as a windows-only .exe

Is there any way to upgrade the BIOS version using only Ubuntu?

Thanks you

- Chris

Answer:Satellite Z830 - BIOS upgrade on Linux?

Since the Toshiba European driver page provides just an Win-based BIOS update version, you will need a running Window OS in order to update the win-based BIOS. :(

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Hi, I'm newbie here. It's my first post, so sorry for plain text.

I have a problem with my wife's 1 month old Satellite L50-B-177 laptop. After BIOS upgrade (from Toshiba Service Station) to ver. 1.70 I have this problem: It is impossible to use polish symbols which comes with ALT+z, ALT+x, ALT+c. Others - ALT+a - functions normally.

Problem is OS independent (the same on Ubuntu live session). I understand that this is specific problem for polish localization, but causes laptop useless for my wife (she is a teacher and write a lot of text). As far as I know BIOS downgrade is not offered for customers, and weeks of waiting for new BIOS package is out of the question.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite L50-B-177 - After BIOS upgrade cannot use polish symbols


Did this issue happen imadiately after the BIOS update?

Did you try to set the BIOS to default settings after the update has been finished?
If not do that.

Furthermore check if the polish keyboard language has been chosen correctly and set as default.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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I downloaded the toshiba A100 PSAA8 bios update from the toshiba site and applied it using bios update procedure from windows XP MSE. On reboot following the update booting stopped at the toshiba welcome screen.

On the boot screen pressing ESC shows text mode. The message shown there confirms the upgraded version of bios. The POST messages are:

Genuine Intel CPU
No TPM or TPM has problem
1015M System RAM Passed

Press <F2> to enter SETUP

Pressing F2 just erases the last line message and then no change is noticed.

The Notebook shipped with windows XP media center edition. I am not sure why the TPM is enabled. One possibility is that now toshiba is shipping with TPM enabled in bios updates which breaks notebook. If this is the case, they should have clearly marked the upgrade as 'Not applicable' for machines that are not relevant.

I found similar messages around the forum without convincing answers.

Is there any way to repair this without sending in? Even if it turns out affordable, it doesn't make much sense in paying for problems caused by toshiba.

Answer:Satellite A100 does not boot after BIOS upgrade


Please don?t blame someone for you mistakes ;)
As far as I know only some notebook series are delivered with TPM.
If you want make a BIOS update on units with TPM you have to contact the ASP!!!

It looks like you have used a wrong BIOS or a wrong BIOS update procedure!!!!

On the Toshiba page you will find a BISO update documentation which describes how to update the BIOS on every notebook series!!!
On the Toshiba driver page you will find the compatible BIOS and in the ?More info? a lot of details!!!

> Is there any way to repair this without sending in
Don?t think so and therefore you will have to contact the Asp for the help!!

Good luck

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I bought Toshiba Satellite A300-24X notebook WITHOUT preinstalled operating system.

I'm running Linux and I want to upgrade my BIOS from version 1.8 to 1.9 via some DOS/FreeDOS utility.

The main problem is what the BIOS flash utility running only under Windows OS.

Why Toshiba do not provide DOS flash utility for people who bought notebook without Windows OS and want/need to upgrade BIOS without buying/installing Windows OS only for these purposes???

Is it possible to upgrade my BIOS (Insyde H2O) with some DOS flasher?


Answer:BIOS (Insyde H20) upgrade from DOS - Satellite A300-24X


You could update the BIOS using the floppy disk but you would need a traditional BIOS update.
But fact is that ONLY Win-based BIOS is available on the Toshiba page and it can be updated only running a Windows OS.

But as far as I know the local ASP (authorized service partner) in your country could update the BIOS using a floppy disk.

So if you need the BIOS update and don?t have installed Microsoft Windows OS then you would need to contact the ASP guys.


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I updated my RAM memory on my laptop Thishiba Satellite A200 (from 2 GB to 4 GB) but unfortunately now I can't enter in BIOS. The operation system (windows 7 64 bit) load automatically.

How can I resolve my problem ?

P.S. The new RAM memory is working perfect and it's recognized by Windows 7.

Message was edited by: bennito

Answer:Can't load BIOS after RAM upgrade - Satellite A200

I don't know what have you done and why this happen but what you can do is to check if ?fast boot? option is enabled.
Open Toshiba Assist > optimize > HWSetup > Boot priority and check boot speed option there.
Be sure it is set to ?Normal?.

Please check this and send some feedback.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 and i need to update the bios cause of a cpu change.
The laptop working great but for some reason with the new cpu the fan is always running full.

I searched a lot but nothing found.
The Model No is PSAC1E-0QL04CG3 any ideas where i can find the bios ?

Thx in advance,

Answer:Satellite Pro A120: Need to update BIOS after CPU upgrade


First of all: BIOS update doesn?t help you.
Why do you think that BIOS update should help you to reduce the fan activity?

I assume your new CPU is faster. Right?
So it provides more performance and this leads to higher heat dissipation... so finally the CPU has to be cooled down and this can be done only if the cooling module would rotate faster? you agree with me?

By the way: the BIOS update can be found on Toshiba EU driver page. Since the Sat Pro A120 is very old series, you have to search for drivers in Archive area (Product Type -> Archive)

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I was updating my BIOS and it frooze.
Now when I turn it on there is no power to the LCD. The power button alights up. Thats all that happens.
It is a Toshiba Satellite A300D-11S

Answer:BIOS upgrade failed on Satellite A300D-11S


I?m afraid you cannot fix this issue without the help from ASP.
The authorized service partner technician will be able to fix this issue. The guys could try to flash the ROM module again using an BIOS crisis disk?
The crisis disk contains an special BIOS version.

So get in contact with the ASP in your country.

Greets & good luck

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I decided to upgrade BIOS on my Toshiba Satellite A300-1MW
I found something like that but I can't found Satellite A300 there

After downloading BIOS Update from Toshiba site and unzip it I have something like that:

What should I do now?

Answer:Satellite A300-1MW - BIOS upgrade instruction


The BIOS update should be executed from running Windows system.

Have you tried this?

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I cannot update the bios on an old Satellite C850D-107. Currently it runs the stock bios 1.10 and the latest bios is 6.50. I have checked both serial num and product ID so I'm sure I have downloaded the correct bios yet it says the bios is not for this notebook pc.

I cannot find any other bios or an older bios perhaps 1.20?

Any help would be welcome thanks.

Answer:Satellite C850D-107 BIOS upgrade error 1.10 to 6.50


I cannot update the bios on an old Satellite C850D-107 (PSC9SE). Currently it runs the stock bios 1.10 (25/12/2012) and the latest bios is 6.50 (13/2/2014). I have checked both serial num and product ID so I'm sure I have downloaded the correct bios yet it says the bios is not for this notebook pc.

I cannot find any other bios or an older bios perhaps 1.20?

Any help would be welcome thanks.

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Hi all,

I was updating Bios on my A210 when the laptop shut it self down during upgrade (possible overheating issue) and now it wont start at all as bios is lost.
Any Ideas how to get it back to wake up ? Is there bios reset on M/B ?


Answer:Satellite A210 - bios upgrade gone wrong


This can be fixed only by a Toshiba service technician.
It looks like the BIOS ROM module was not flashed correctly? in such case the Rom module needs to be flashed once again using the BIOS crisis disk.
As far as I know you cannot download such disk. Only the Windows based BIOS is available for download? therefore you need a help from ASP!

Good luck

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Hi there people,

I'm wandering if there's a possibility of upgrading the i5 3230m that's currently in my Satellite Pro C850-1H8.

Looking at the options available on the socket FCPGA988 and the Intel HM70 chipset there seems to be a variety of the i7's available for use.

Does the laptop support CPUs with a greater max TDP than 35w?
Also does the bios support any of the CPU upgrade options?

Cheers, Nick

Answer:Satellite Pro C850-1H8 - BIOS CPU upgrade support

In this forum you can find different threads about the CPU upgrade theme.
I found this one:

Paolo and Macius posted some information about the CPU upgrade situation.
As you can read in other thread, the CPU upgrade isn?t supported. Upgrades can be done at your own risk and nobody could say if CPU supported by chipset would be supported by BIOS.
Test it if you want but this is your own risk.

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I tried to install a bios upgrade on a C670-16E but I receive the following message

?????????,???? Windows ?????????

How to solve this problem?

Thanx in advance

Answer:BIOS upgrade does not work on Satellite C670-16E

Do you try to install this BIOS update?

It is 2.30 Win version.

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Hi folks!

New guy on the block!

I have a customer with a toshiba Satellite m40-276. I have upgraded her memory to give her a little more to play with..

Went into bios to see if everything was OK but no extra memory being shown. I removed the new memory and older memory and put in the new 1GB module and started the computer again.
The bios still didn't change from the old memory size?

Went into windows and sure enough the memory was detected there as normal?
I added the other memory module and went into bios again but no change there?

Windows, however, recognised both modules?

Her computer is the same bios from factory and has never been updated.

My questions are...why is the bios not recognising the memory upgrade? Is it going to help by upgrading the bios?

Appreciate any suggestions I can get on this matter.



Answer:Satellite M40-276 - Memory upgrade not detected in Bios

Generally speaking, if you upgrade RAM using tested compatible modules it should be recognized properly.
We don't know which modules do you use and I presume there is some compatibility problem.

RAM on Satellite M40-276 can be upgraded up to 2 GB RAM and compatible modules are:
DDR2-400/533 256MB (PA3389U-1M25)
DDR2-400/533 512MB (PA3412U-1M51)
DDR2-400/533 1GB (PA3411U-1M1G)

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there is a problem with the notebook toshiba. its not installing any windows OS after the setup starts in xp there is an error message that says that setupdd.sys drivers could not be loaded (error code 14)

i tried with different cds with same error, then i tried the procedure of ghost image but all in vain after restart it was agin with an error that required dll kernels are not found i even used a fresh ghost image but same error.

Actually i upgraded the bios to a recent ver 2.60 it was fine it started two times and was used for several hours. the update was suuccesful and running. it all started when we placed a kingston flash disk in the usb after that it was working fine we copied a simple document on drive d nothing else, it worked for half an hour. After that i shut it down and then late at night when i started the system it was fine.i was listening to a song after that it was displaying the error messge system32 driver pci.sys corrupted or missed.

Then i tried all i knew in windows xp from booting with xp cd and........ etc. i also formatted the harddrive to try win98 its setup gave an error too, error external to msdos i think its the bios update thats causing problem because windows 2000 professional setup gave a very specific error. bios not fully ACPI compatible after pressing F7 in windows xp setup the ACPI feature went silent and setup went on fine but while formatting the drive it stopped with an error the harddrive cannot be formatted.

it's a we... Read more

Answer:Trouble after BIOS upgrade on Satellite Pro 4600

Hi Usman

The problem is that you can not roll back BIOS to previous version. Just Toshiba authorized service partner can do this using special tool.

Check please this document. I don?t know if this can help but maybe you can better understood the problem

Good luck!

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Good day, fellow Toshiba notebook owners.

I have a little trouble upgrading my BIOS to a "newer" (according to Tempro) version.
I just installed the Tempro application, and it detected that my BIOS needs an upgrade, so I naturally downloaded the "new" BIOS. Everything went fine, but when I tried to install it, a message popped up in the install window:

"*The program will be closed!* There is an error occurred, please check below items. Bios version above 190. Battery capacity more than 10%. AC is attached."

No matter what I do, I get the same error, over and over again. I looked the problem up before I posted this thread, and other people encountered it, but, unlike my case, advices like "Close all background applications", "Charge your battery", or "Make sure the AC is attached" really helped them.

I tried closing everything, my battery is always fully charged, as I rarely disconnect the AC adapter, and, of course, the AC connection issue is not the cause, since it is almost always plugged in.

I checked my BIOS version in +msinfo32.exe+ and it is 1.90 already, but I remember upgrading it months ago (sooner than the release date of this last version), and if, hypothetically, I have the last version already installed, why doesn't Tempro acknowledge it and keeps alerting me over a non-existent issue?

Maybe there is something wrong with Tempro, but I just need to be sure before... Read more

Answer:Satellite C660 - 1C7: BIOS upgrade issue


Tempro notify you about new uploaded drivers or BIOS?
The Toshiba European driver page provides all the drivers and BIOS files and the latest BIOS version 1.90-win has been uploaded at 04.06.2012 and therefore you received this notification by Tempro software.

Who knows why they uploaded this file once again.. but fact is that your BIOS is up to date and therefore you cannot update the BIOS once again using the one and the same version.

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