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Satellite P500 - sound going loud-soft-loud

Question: Satellite P500 - sound going loud-soft-loud

I specifically bought the Toshiba Satellite (my fourth in a row) to take advantage of the lovely harmon/kardon speakers.

I find that the volume is going loud and soft all the time, specifically going softer when there appears to be something in the music (or whatever Im listening to) that would normally go louder. It's almost as if it is trying to 'normalise' the volume. Whatever is happening, it sounds terrible.

I've done a quick search on thee forums and I can't see a solution. I have seen on the greater internets (simply google Toshiba loud soft" and it pops up) someone else with the same problem.

I've messed around with the sound for hours at a time and had absolutely no luck.

I'm at my wits end. Can some please help me?

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Preferred Solution: Satellite P500 - sound going loud-soft-loud

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite P500 - sound going loud-soft-loud

Have you discovered "Smart Audio" in your control panel? - I no nothing about what it does but there are lots of icons and sliders to play with!
I also know that my "Windows Update" has nvidia high definition audio driver -August 09 sitting there as an optional update

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I recently purchased a Toshiba-P500 in Late October/Early November and recently the hard-drive light will flash non-stop while there are clicking noises coming from the laptop (Even if im doing nothing)

Also my fan will randomly get REALLY loud but usually runs mediumly loud all the time, I've rarely heard it actually quiet even when I first start it up and nothing is running

The laptop itself is on my desk and elevated up so the fan is completely ventilated, Also the surface is regularly wiped down (about twice a week)

Answer:Satellite P500 - Fan overly loud and makes clicking noises

Hi There

If the clicking or knocking sound is happening with high HDD use and sounds like a light tap with a light hammer on wood then it's your HDD and not necessarily the fan.
Fans generally have a hummimg and more regular whining sund when failing.

First thing I'd do is take you laptop somewhere cool in temperature and prepare to back up your HDD files if you haven't already.
Second thing is to install a utility which will let you analyse the SMART indicators for your HDD(s) - mine has 2x 500Gb HDDs, this should tell you if the HDD thinks it's about to die.
There is also a diagnosis utility called PC Diagnostic Tool available via All Prorams/TOSHIBA/Utilities if you have installed it.

I would then look into contacting your local Toshiba support centre to get your macine checked out and any warranty covered items replaced.


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So i listen to music on itunes and I put it on max volume, then like 20 min of me listening to music it suddenly freezes and makes a LOOOOOOOOUD sound that I can't exactly describe, its like a horn sound?? Well anyway's its very loud and the laptop gets frozen so there isn't anything I can do except press the off button to restart my laptop. Whats wrong with it? I barely got my laptop 4 months ago! And this problem only happens when I'm listening to music please help? :]]

Also I have enough ram because I barely install anything and I don't have many files like music and pictures saved on my laptop either :)

Answer:Whenever I play loud music, my laptop freezes and makes a LOUD sound??

Your computer may be overheating. Blow all the fans out with a can of compressed air. Consider a laptop cooler.
Does this happen if you listen to music through headphones?

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My computer is making kind of a loud whistling sound, it doesn't look like I have bad caps(on my motherboard) though.

Also I hear some sort of "disc spinning" or "fan-like sound" that's loud but it's "soft" loud(like a refrigerator/freezer makes a sort of "soft" but loud sound) makes but it's not my fans. I am guessing it could be my hard drive?

Anyone know what problem I could possibly have?

Answer:Whistling sound + soft-loud harddrive sound?

Take the side off the case and tell us where the noise is coming from.

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I have a little problem with my sound on Satellite M70-192 PM760, when I plug in the jack cable to the phones place, and the second jack(of the same cable) to the hi-fi device the sound is not loud enough. The sound is about the 2 times quiter then it should be.

My sound card is Realtek AC97 Audio v. 5.5 On my previous laptop everything was ok and the sound was loud enough, so I conclude that something that something is wrong with software or the sound card have some limitations. I already downloaded all newest drivers.

Plz help!

Answer:Satellite M70-192: sound not enough loud


There is all ok. It's not a malfunction of the sound card or the driver. I'm 99.9% sure that this issue occurs because of the settings in the "Sound and audio Devices".
This option you will find in the control panel.
Open the Sound and audio Devices option and press the advanced button.
There you will find many controllers. You should check the controllers and change it to the higher position.


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Common complaint, I am working with Windows 7 on a Dell Optiplex 755, but teh issue is with the System Volume setting. When I go to the audio mixer and do the test and configuration, the SoundMax audio level is loud and clear. The problem is with the Windows system settings somewhere, is there a limiter or cap setting in teh registry that I can set to maximum?

I know that it is not the standard slide bars/levels but somewhere that Windows 7 Professional is cutting the volume on any Windows application. The drivers are fine, if I invoke the card directly it will blast the sound out. But in any application it is too soft.


Answer:Windows 7, sound limit, audio card is loud Windows is soft

As you have a Dell, for proper operation you need to use the Dell supplied driver. I used to do a lot of support on the Dell forums and we found that non-Dell sound drivers either did not work or did not work correctly.

Here is the Dell Vista sound driver, it will also work with Windows 7 as it is just "Vista improved". It is for both the 32 bit and 64 bit OS versions. Drivers and Downloads | Dell [United States]

This is a first step. If its still not working correctly after installing the driver, the next thing is what programs you are using that are "low"? If you click on the speaker icon in the notification area (lower right) you can set the system volume level.

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I have an Satellite A80-127, its been 1.5 years.. now. I have this cooling fan making a lot of noise.. as if the rotor bearing is gone. Did neone else face a similar issue? or is it normal to have this loud turbine like sound..

Answer:Satellite A80-127: Cooling fan sound is loud

Did this loud sound appear from the beginning??
If not so maybe it?s a something wrong with the cooling module, for example: ball bearing.
It?s not impossible that the cooling fans malfunctions? maybe it must be replaced?.

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Hi there!

I think I have a really similar problem!
Since I bought my computer that happens but not on startup. When I am using it, it just freezes, makes a loud sound and I can't do anything and to turn off, I need to use the same radical technique! Hold on the reset button and sometimes I also need to remove my battery.
Now it is happening almost every day.

I don't know how to run those hard disk self test, or BIOS, to try to find out what is wrong with my computer. I have a Satellite Pro U300. Could someone help me?
I hope we will find out what is wrong.
Ah! Now I use windows 7, and before Vista and the problem happens with both of them...

Thanks in advance,


Answer:Satellite Pro U300 - It just freezes and makes a loud sound

Hi fefalm,

If you have this problem since you bought your computer, why you didn?t contact an authorized service provider to fix the problem or ask a seller for a replacement one?
If your notebook is still under warranty, contact nearest authorized service provider!!!

If it happens on different operating systems, it seems to be a hardware malfunction. Theoretically it could be related to the HDD or another part?

The HDD you can test with special diagnostic tools like Drive Fitness Test. Ask Google to find it.

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You may or may not have seen my other issue with this laptop which resulted in a replacement unit.

Now for the replacement, i've had it for about a week and everything was perfect up until last night where i started hearing a crackling sound coming from one of the speakers. (At the time i was playing a racing game so the audio was engine sound, a particular range of engine note resulted in the speakers to crackle).

I was immediately concerned and turned the volume down and logged off. I came back today to test the issue and see if the problem persisted. While i have not heard the crackling sound today there is a very loud "pop" sound which comes from the left hand speaker.

The Pop sound occurs at the start or end of a sound being played. Regularly doing so at the end of a youtube video if the video is cut short by a change of webpage.

I don't want to have to request a replacement because of the hassle caused but may end up doing so if the problems cannot be resolved. I have noticed similar issues with other people's laptops on some forums so i am checking audio drivers and other software which could've created the problem.

Answer:Re: Satellite P850-12x loud "pop" sound comes from the left hand speaker


Do you have an smart audio installed on your system?
I read in one thread about more powerful sound which was produced from left speaker.
The solution was to disable the 3d immersion option available in Smart Audio.

But if your speaker hardware is affected, then this option would be useless in your case?
Maybe you would need to get in contact with the ASP again to solve this problem

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Eight Forums,

So I open Zune.

I start a song.

It starts off at normal volume, at the quieter beginning part, but then it gets REALLY soft when the more louder part of the song plays.

It never did that before I did a clean install of Windows 8. Do you know what's causing that and how to fix it?



Answer:Music starts off loud then goes soft

Since you did a clean install, did you install the HP provided RealTek sound drivers? If not, give that a try.

If you didn't install the HP RealTek, all you probably have is the generic basic function Windows installed HD Audio Codec.

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I have a dell pc running xp and windows media player 10 outputting sound through dell 5.1 sound system. last few days, the sound level has started fluctuating during the middle of tracks (previously the same tracks have played numerous times before and played perfectly) - no abvious wires loose or anything - what could the problems be? - quite frustrating having the sound increase & decrease during the same song!

Answer:Loud & quiet/soft music

Try unplugging and reinserting all your speakers' connecting leads. See:click here

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I have a problem with the speakers on the Toshiba Satllite A350-20S. When I turn the sound on all I get is a crackling sound with a loud high pitched whistle. Seems to sort itself out if I plug in external speakers but a have a similar problem if I plug in a microphone. Thin k this might be related to the microphone on the chicony web cam not working.

I upgraded to windows 7 shortly after getting the laptop and so far have tried downloading new drivers for the web cam, but this doesn't appear to have helped.

Any thoughts or advice more than welcome!

Answer:Re: Satellite A350-20S - crackling sound with a loud high pitched whistle

Have you noticed the same with factory settings (original recovery image installation)?

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 My sound from  Dvd or music is not loud enough to hear much,, just started doing this a couple of wks  ago,,,can you give me any advice to try and correct, I listen to my cd a lot. please help me to find the problem, it is set on 97,but bearly
hear it.
Your help or advice would be apprechated I have not changed anything, it was loud enough until a few days ago
Betty Kemp     [email protected]

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Just bought this HP notebook.  Seems very good, except for the audio.  When music is playing, it appears to automatically cut the volume when the level gets high, then it slowly increases.  This gives music an annoying loud-soft-loud-soft feel that sounds awful.  I don't want it normalized, just played straight. This occurs both for online music and for local music.   However, it only happens with the internal speakers.  With an external speaker plugged in, no distortion. I am trying to turn this off, if at all possible.  My searching shows that some drivers have "loudness equalization" for audio effects;  However, when I go to Playback Devices > Properties, the Enhancements tab does not have any options at all.  Any ideas?  The laptop will be used for frequent music playing, so this is a deal breaker if it can't be modified.

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Hi there,
When I use headphones with my Surface Pro (Win 8) I cant hear the voices in my videos - the background music/sound effects are just too loud.

How can I fix this? I have tried using the Win 8 Video player as well as VLC Player and I still get the same issue.

I have tried the headphones on my iPhone and have no problems.

It has been a long time since i've used a Windows computer (usually have a Mac) so sorry if this is a silly question.

Thanks in advance

Answer:Voice not loud with headphones - background music too loud

You cou;d try using Winamp as it has an equalizer. Most DVDs the sound track and effects are pumped up compared to dialog. It drives me crazy, but short of demuxing, fixing the audio yourself then remuxing, trying to boost the voice frequencies is about all you can do.

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Hey everyone, I've had this laptop for a few years now and I know this hasn't always been a problem. In other topics regarding this issue, it's recommended to update your BIOS and drivers and everything. I've already done that. I think it might have been some update that started this issue. My temperature readings are reasonable in GPU-z. For some reason my laptop just starts spinning the fan really loudly, even if the room is cold. I've never felt my laptop get really hot or anything. The noise is just really loud now and it's embarassing to take it out in public. It doesn't sound BROKEN, it just sounds like when you turn on an older desktop.  My warranty has expired and I've already looked inside at the fans - they didn't appear to be damaged or dusty. I cleaned them, even used the cleaning app and the problem didn't improve at all. So basically I don't know what to do. If it's not a hardware problem, what else might it be? If it is a hardware problem, I guess I should look into getting a new laptop? The thing is, I've googled around and it seems other people have had this issue too. I haven't been hard on my laptop or anything, it just stays on my desk. Thanks

Answer:Lenovo Y40-70 Fan way too loud, quiet sometimes and suddenly gets loud

Assuming that your fans are clean and both working and the vents are clear, then you may have to simply clean the old grease, and then reapply the thermal silicone grease between the heat sink and the CPU.    I have seen where over time on laptops the heat sink compound or pad dries out and loosens, and then does not transfer heat efficiently to the heat sink; thus causing the fans to work harder to keep the CPU cool.     If you do decide to replace the compound, use a good high quality one like Artic Silver etc., make sure to clean off the old crud completely, and then just apply a nice thin layer over the entire CPU......Too much is not better.... Good Luck. 

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brand new S10-3 has loud, always on fan??? and headphones give off loud constant humming sound? Help!


check if issue persists on quickstart, shut down your computer, press quick start button, then test fan & headphones again.if no issue, then press one key recover button to perform clean windows installation, update drivers and/bios from the link below: back the results.

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I changed the CMOS battery to a new one 5 months ago, and over the last few days the PC fan has been constantly very loud, and now recently i have lost sound.
Another problem is, Windows updates don't seem to be updating.
Would these problems be linked to the CMOS battery?
Please Help.

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Question: loud fan sound

Hey, this has started a few days ago. My computer is making a really loud fan noise. Not all the time but their doesn't seem to be a correlation between what i'm running and the noise. I have a feeling that it's the power supply because when I turn my PC off it keeps on going for a few minutes after the computer is shut down

Answer:loud fan sound

firstly see if you can test all of the fans as they may be dieing depending on how old the system is, if you are having probles with it shutting down it could either be a problem with software, hard drive or power supply, see if you can test those things to determine which is causing the problem

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Question: Sound is too loud


I have a Creative Audigy RX and after I changed my headphones for another headphones without volume control on it, and I started getting annoying issue: overall volume in Windows 7 is very very loud. It set to 5% currently, but still loud. I don't know what to do. I've checked all Windows 7 and creative settings, but it seems I can't find anything what cause this issue.

Answer:Sound is too loud

See if this helps Audio too loud on earphones

If not see Windows 7 Audio Too Loud - Super User

Sound > Default Device > Properties/Levels.
Scroll down to the bottom
Front will be at 100. (Strange since I use stereo headphones.)
Lower it to 10.

You can try setting it to 5 or less.

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volume set at 100% sounds like it use to be about 40% on my pc,windows 7 .had no luck in the control panel.any free fixes

Answer:sound not as loud like it use to be on my pc,

laptop or desktop?internal or external speakers?Some HELP in posting on plus free progs and instructions Cheers

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Hi everyone,

this is my first post on these boards. I have a problem with my sound card... the sound simply isn't as loud as what it was with windows xp. Back to then I had my old pc I tried to install windows vista (with audigy 2 soundcard) and had the same problem... the playback sound isn't loud... I'm using my headset, everything is maxed and it feels like something is muted, it is nowhere from being loud.

Now I just bought the an Acer PC with Q6600 CPU and Realtek HD audio on-board sound. I formatted the drive and installed my own win vista 64-bit (to remove the 32-bit version) and it's the same, it's not loud at all.

Can anyone help me, thanks!

Answer:Sound isn't as loud as XP

I just got a Toshiba Satellite laptop with the RealTek sound also, and I noticed the same thing. When I use Skype to talk with someone, I have no choice but to attach speakers. I would be interested in knowing if this is a universal problem with Vista. It doesn't seem to be the speakers themselves, because when I go through the diagnostics, the sound comes out fine.

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I changed the CMOS battery to a new one 5 months ago, and over the last few days the PC fan has been constantly very loud, and now recently i have lost sound.
Another problem is, Windows updates don't seem to be updating.
Would these problems be linked to the CMOS battery?
Please Help.

Answer:PC fan very loud, No sound

- Windows Update is "causing problems" lately.
- Open Task Manager (Processes tab) and let it show EVERY running process. Open Task Manager (Services tab), highlight "Wuauserv", right click, select "Go to Process". Then Task Manager opens the "Processes" tab again and highlights one of the "Scvhost.exe" processes. If that one process uses A LOT OF CPU then you've got a "Windows Update" problem.

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Recently purchased a new system and ran Aida32 to check it out. I installed the codec from the manufacturer's website ( and i have an SiS 7012 Audio device. Problem is, the sound is pathetically low, even when i have the volume to the maximum. Please help, ive downloaded other codecs and drivers and nothing, plus the website wont even help... What can i do? This is so frustrating. Thanks

Also, I tried my speakers on another pc and they worked fine.


Answer:Sound Not Loud enough

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Whenever I'm listening to anything or watching anything with headphones the volume is always way to loud and i can only ever have it on 2-4, or if the video/audio is quiet occasionally up to 8-10. im running windows 10.Thanks

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Hi all,

I bought the Satellite A660-10 days ago and I love it so far.
The only issue I have is the fan noise. It is always on at 53% of the speed even when I don't do anything.
I am wondering if this is normal as I have only an intel i3.


Answer:Satellite A660 - Fan always on and loud

Please open power plan you use and go to advanced settings. Under Toshiba power saver open option ?Cooling Method? and set the value to minimum. It should reduce fan activity and your notebook will run much quieter.

I also recommend you to use ?Balanced power plan?.

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I installed AUS Xonar D2X sound card on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit system.But now every sound starts with a loud Pop sound.
Before I had a Xonar DX sound-card installed.In the registry I found some traces of the old (DX) card ([HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\PCI\VEN_13F6&DEV_8788&SUBSYS_82751043&REV_00]).How do I remove these obsolete key?Using Regedit fails (permission denied).

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Question: LOUD humming sound

I recently replaced the fuse on the sub, which is common with these speakers. Now when I turn them on I get a the most loudest high pitch wine from the left speaker. Sound comes out of the sub and right speaker, as I have unplugged the right speaker until I can figure this out. Internal fuse maybe?

Answer:LOUD humming sound

If this was a stereo speaker, I would say the crossover network has a problem. In this case, there is probably a problem with a circuit board in the speaker system that took a surge when the fuse blew. If this is a quality speaker system, you may be able to get a replacement circuit board.

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I have an Audigy 2 sound card in my computer and I have been recently been dealing with Video codec problems. After all of that was settled I noticed that the volume on my computer isn't as loud as it used to be. Mid range volume used to be almost too loud and now full up is just average sound. I hesitate to fool with it because everything is working so great. I also installed some new RAM recently but I cannot image that having an influence on the volume. Any ideas from the genius pack.

Answer:Sound Volume not as loud

Check all of your cvlume settings, including ones in any media players or applications, plus your speaker volume.

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Question: Loud Humming Sound

Hi All, I have an HP Envy Phoenix HP 800-030qe There is a loud hum coming from the computer. When I first got the computer is was very quiet, you could barely hear the fan. Now that loud hum is so distracting I can't get any work done. The computer runs fine, it's just this hum from the back of the computer. I initially thought it may be the additional memory I added to the computer, but the hum is still there even without additional memory. What could be causing this and how can I make it stop? I'm kicking myself because it started while it was under warranty and I didn't send the machine in, because I needed the computer to work.  

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i want to read and record stories for my grandchildren to put on cd for Christmas. WHen I use the wondows 7 sound recorder, I sound so far away. I have tried to use a gaming headset with a microphone also but still, it's barely audible.. Any suggestions how I can make this recording clear, and loud? Thank you for your help.

Answer:my sound will not record loud enough

I'm not sure Windows 7 sound recorder will allow fairly lengthy recordings.

Look at other recording applications, such as Audacity, a free download.

Experiment with microphone placement--near your mouth, farther away, etc. This would be my first move.

You can try other headsets, but I wouldn't spend much money on them. And it's tough to tell which would work best without experimentation. I wouldn't run out and buy a $100 microphone.

Keep your expectations for sound quality fairly low. Don't expect miracles.

Make sure you are not using any type of signal processing during the recording. Use that stuff only on playback, if at all.

Don't have a bunch of other applications running when you are trying to record.

You may be able to improve the sound quality to some extent after the recording is made by using an equalizer or other processing. You can certainly make it louder, using Audacity or any similar application.

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I dont know if this should consider to be a problem but its a little annoyance to me, the sound is too loud even if i turn it down or turn down the application sound (Example: Youtube) is there anyway for me to tone it down a little bit?

Answer:My Sound is too loud how do i tone it down a bit?

I am using external speakers sorry for not adding that

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Question: loud beep sound..

when i pressed the power button, i heard loud beep sound approximately 30 seconds, later it is disappeared and the window is automatically started.After window start, i can use it as usual. My computer is acer 4935 G series.. Please help me.. what is the problem for that ? OS is window 7 Ultimate 32 bit. please reply me ([email protected])

Answer:loud beep sound..

Do not post your email address in an open forum, you will get slammed with junk and no one will answer you that way. Use the edit feature to remove it please.This is a chart of the most common Beep codes for motherboards, look up your BIOS type and see what it says for you: you know what it is, post back for details on following up on the problem and fixing it.You have to be a little bit crazy to keep you from going insane.

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My computer is making really loud whirring sounds from the PSU at the back. Comming out from the fan of PSU.

It is driving me crazy so can you please help me?

AMD Athlon 1700+
512 SD Ram
40 Gig
MX440 64meg

I have a Hewlard Packard PC case if that helps, i dont know what power the PSU is that.

I think it may be all the dust in there, what is a good way to clean it out?

Answer:Loud Whirring!! sound

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Hey guys. This is for everyone who is wondering how to make their sound loud if it's annoyingly low. Well, I just bought a pair of SONY SRS - PC20 for $5 (used), and my sound is really loud now. This is something I was wondering about before, and no one here knew. Well, it doesn't really depend on the sound card, mine is onboard ESS, really cheap, but it's the SPEAKERS that make the sound loud. I was just wondering, is it a lot more expensive to use batteries for the speakers (mine take 4 AAs) instead of an adapter? I forgot to get one when I bought the speakers, and now I'm using batteries. But I just don't want to waste my money on batteries, if using them instead of an adapter is a lot more expensive.

Answer:How to make sound loud

But I just don't want to waste my money on batteries, if using them instead of an adapter is a lot more expensive.

What do you think?


MB PS you can't beat 5 channel surround sound if U really want LOUD in gaming.

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I really hope someone can help me with this. Its driving me crazy.  For the longest time on my computer, Ive been hearing this horrible loud high pitched screeching noise coming from my speakers whenever I play Mp3's. If I continue playing music, it will happen every 20 minutes or so, and  I have to restart the song/movie over. I bought new speakers, but it solved nothing. People tell me it might be something with my sound card. I have no idea what I can do to fix this,  please someone help!

Answer:Loud screeching sound

I suggest you uninstall old drivers and install the latest ones.If that does not have any effect, try replacing your soundcard.

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Hello, I recently got a Lenovo IdeaPad G505S-01320 and i was surprised by how loud the sound is, especially when I'm using headphones. I generally keep my volume around 12 when I'm using the built-in speakers and 2 or 4 when I'm using headphones, because it turns uncomfortable otherwise. I thought this was really strange, but i looked around for a bit and didn't encounter anyone with the same issue. I'm assuming that means there is something wrong with my sound. This is what playback devices looks like:  I'd really like to lower the maximum volume because I'm very afraid of accidentally turning it up now.

Answer:Sound on G505s is much too loud

Use the volume mixer to set the volume limit of each program to whatever % of the master volume you want. For example, at max master volume, set the program to 10% volume. As you increase or decrease the master volume, the volume increase when wearing headphones will be far smoother and you won't blow your ears out even if you max the master's volume since the volume is only 10% of max 

Lenovo Y470: i7-2670QM | 8 GB DDR3 1333 MHz RAM | Nvidia GeForce GT 550M | 500 GB 7200 RPM Seagate HDD | ASUS PCE-AC56 802.11ac Network Adapter | Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

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Hi, I have a HP Pavilion g6 with windows 7 had it quite a while now and over the past few days its getting hot underneath and I can hear the fans running all the time . Can you tell me if I can fix it or does it have to go to repair Man

Answer:laptop gets hot and fan sound loud

Try cleaning out the grills and blowing through carefully with a hirdryer on cool.
otherwise it may need stripping and cleaning. click here

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Hey there,
When i run stuff that's graphics intensive,my computer starts making a warning sound. The second i quit these games the sound stops.
I'm running stuff like bioshock,half life 2 episode 2 and nfs carbon both on max and low settings and experience no lag or sluggishness in both, its just that irritating sound.
I do use silver thermal paste on the heatsink and the temps seem ok.
I'm postin a shot of them anyway.

I use the following
Intel Q6600 2.4.GHz, Asus P5NE Sli, XFX 8800GTS 640MB, Cosair 2 x 1GB ddr2
and a CoolerMaster 500W PSU .
The sound i hear is different from the sound made when i don't plug the 6 pin connector into my graphics card. A friend uses the same PSU for his 8800GTX which draws more power.
I'm thinkin it's either the psu or the cpu temps although both seem to be ok.
Any suggestions ??
Thanks in advance

Answer:Annoying Loud Sound

Is it a beeping sounds or what?

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Just taken delivery of a new lenovo yoga 2 11.6. nice device wish I could say the same for win 8.1.(I thought it would be an improvement on my tablet in use-ability. Just shows how naive you can be....) Still point of this post is I am disappointed with the sound. It's not very loud and a bit muffled despite having it set to play at 100% volume in all the right settings.   I watch a lot of streaming video often while doing something else at the same time so i need it to be quite loud.  The reviews all said the sound was loud and crisp.  It's not.   I do not appear to have a Realtek sound card  (should I?) because when I look at the "Enhanced"  sound options in Settings, it only shows a single line with a Disable all sound effects option.. Nothing about equalisation. Also I have looked at the Dolby setting and it does not appear to be enabled (which some comments said was the cause of the problem). So am thinking of getting some external speakers. Anyone done this and succeeded?  I am a bit nervous as it appears the audio jack can be a bit fussy and I might end causing more problems for myself.Or  is it perhaps a Windows 8.1 issue?

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on 'you tube', etc, low sound w/loud hum-volumes ok and up full , and all mutes off.

Answer:XP-low digital sound w/loud hum

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Yesterday I upgraded from Windows XP SP3 to Windows 7 and while the transition was mostly smooth, I'm beginning to regret the change as a result of the seemingly (and unnecessarily) simplified volume controls on Windows 7.

I'm using a Creative X-Fi Fatality Professional series sound card (yes, up-to-date drivers) and a 2.1 Klipsch desktop sound system, and while I've had no problems on Windows XP, the sound is ear-rapingly loud on Windows 7. Turning the master volume down only does so much, as even at settings of 8 or 10 my speakers still explode with noise if the speakers volume dial is twisted up even 1/50th of its potential. Setting volume below a setting of 5 results in sound being completely muted.

I've searched assorted threads on this forum and others, and it seems to be a result of the lack of a "Wave" setting on Windows 7 to "fine tune" volume options. Most replies on other threads also seem to mention it being a driver issue, but considering the posters of these threads use a myriad of differing brands and models and are still having this issue I'm pretty sure it's a result of Microsoft removing the "Wave" setting more than anything else.

I am aware that you can go into Sound from Control Panel and tweak individual channels but the fact remains that I cannot find a way to tweak sounds to non-ear-shattering levels on Windows 7 without some kind of more specific controls than merely master volume. Creative Drivers seem to use whatever ... Read more

Answer:Sound unmanageably loud

To be clear, have you clicked on the speaker Properties, Levels and adjusted the Front setting below 100?

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Hey guys,

So i built a new computer, and I would like to use my apple ear buds/mic by connecting through a splitter to my nzxt s340 front headphone/mic jacks respectively (msi b350m gamer pro motherboard). The problem is, whenever I connect the microphone male to the female of either the front mic jack or the rear one, there is just a loud constant sound and nothing else is picked up. I don't think it is grounding because this noise is like all there is and even with maximum boost nothing is picked up at all. I believe there is some setting or conflict somewhere that is causing this but don't know what to do. Any help would be appreciated.


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Everytime I turn on a certain PC I get a loud screeching sound. Each time it powers on this happens. Any suggestions?

Answer:Loud Screeching Sound

Take the side off the machine, and keep starting it up until you can isolate the source of the sound. It sounds like it could possibly be a bad fan bearing.

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I just acquire a Sony Vaio Lap Top Model PCG-6G4L. It make a very loud sound on start up and/or shut down, otherwise the sound isfine. How can I reduce the start up loudness?

Answer:start up loud sound

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I have a dell xps 420 and it HAD vista home premium 32-bit, but I upgraded to the 64-bit version of home premium and that's when the problems started occurring. At least once a day my sound randomly does a very loud screeching sound and afterwards my sound doesn't work for a few minutes. I have X-Fi Xtreme Gamer sound card and I was pretty sure it was compatible with 64-bit, but now I'm worrying. I've already tried to uninstall and reinstall the driver in device manager. Is it possible I have to turn off my computer and unhook and rehook the sound card so it reads it properly or something?

Answer:Random Very Loud Screech Sound, followed by no sound functioning.

Are the drivers you are using for the X-Fi the latest ones available for download from the Creative site? Check here:

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All sound from the PC fades out over the course of ~2 seconds only to instantly return when a new (loudish) sound is made. It almost feels as if the headset is raising its baseline of noise after a bit and things the normal sounds are just nothing until a loud sound comes in and makes it realize there is still noise to be played. Best way to describe it is having poor thresholds set to a VoIP voice detection, you make a loud noise and it will kick on and detect lower noise for a bit before shutting down again.

Headset is a Skullcandy PLYR2 Wireless Headset USB plugged directly into MoBo

I have not had this issue happen when using my monitor's speakers (HDMI into GPU)

There is no sound card on this PC, and I've not been able to find any sort of software to control the audio processor outside of the windows playback enhancements.

Windows Communications volume attenuation is set to do nothing, VoIP programs are off as well so as to rule out those. No enhancements are on in windows playback enhancements.
Gigabyte B85M-DS3H
16 GB 1600 DDR3 1600
Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM003 1TB
EVGA 01G-P4-2753-KR Nvidia GeForce GTC 750
Intel i3-4160 3.60GHz
Windows 8.1 64bit

Answer:All sound fades until loud sound is played USB headset.

When you use a USB connected headphone (wired or wireless) you do not use the PC's sound card, The USB system does the conversion from digital to analog audio. Thus the problem is somewhere in the USB headset system.

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I bought a brand new Satellite U940 two months ago.

Over the past week, the fan has started to be very loud most of the time.
It might turn off for a minute, but in general it is loud. Also it can make a scraping noise at times.

According to my Toshiba Health Monitor, the CPU temperature is about 50%.
I am assuming that this is high and that is why the fan is running.

However this laptop is new - so I am not sure why the fan is loud AND why the CPU temperature is high.
I am concerned that this will cause long-term problems to a laptop that I have only had for a short period.

What can be done and how concerned should I be?

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Answer:Satellite U940 - loud cooling fan

At first I must say that there is no reason for panic. Cooling system is optimized for certain hardware platform so hardware will be cooled down properly.

I don?t know how do you use your notebook but if you use it for everyday activities like office, internet or chat use it with balanced power plan and also change settings in certain power plan for cooling method. Set it to battery optimized option. It should reduce cooling fan activity.

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Repost of question with link to problem, not mine but same noise.
Question is this normal

thanks for replies


Answer:Loud HDD noise on Satellite C670

It sounds really bad. In my opinion you should contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. They can check it and, if necessary, exchange the HDD.

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Sat P300-17R: when my virusscanner (antivira) detects an virus or spyware it gives an very loud beep, and I mean very loud! In the program I can not change the warning options and shutting down my soundcard does not help either.

Can anybody help me getting rid of this nuisance

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Answer:Very loud beep on Satellite P300-17R

Try assigning WAV files to the "Default Beep" and "System Notification" events in Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices -> Sounds

Windows may be defaulting to the PC Speaker for some sound events.

Also check the settings in antivira, perhaps you can change or assign a sound file to the virus alert event.

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So, I've started having problems with my fan and I'm not sure but I think that it's been since I've updated BIOS to version 1.50.

My fan is pretty loud, and my CPU temp is always around 45-50? which should be normal, but my fan is always around 70% and it's a bit noisy. And it goes on 90% when I open some movie or just watch a video on youtube, and it never goes down, I have to put my latpop to sleep and wait a bit and turn it on again so my fan works normally (normally as in 65-70%) again.

So I thought to try to downgrade the BIOS, it may fix the problem but I can't find the old BIOS version anywhere (The dust certainly isn't the problem cause my laptop is only 2 weeks old)?

oh and yeah, PC usage is around 5-10%, never above 35%, so there isn't really a reason for my fan to run that fast. When I open some 3D app I know that it's normal for a fan to run fast, but even when I close it it keeps running on 90%-100%.

thank you in advance

Answer:Satellite L670-112 - Fan is pretty loud


Generally speaking new and powerful hardware need a better cooling then older hardware so I think it?s normal that you notice some fan activity.

Furthermore you can adjust the fan control in Windows Power Management. There you can choose between different modes and adjust the fan a little bit. Maybe it helps?

About BIOS downgrade: This is not possible. If you want an older BIOS version you must get in contact with an authorized service provider.

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for two days I have possessed new laptop Toshiba L830. System Windows 7, 64 bit - RAM 4GB. Ventilator is loud. It gives sounds. What can I make, in order to get rid this sound ?

There is no dust in new laptop and I work in house. The sounds of ventilator irritate me. Processor does not be burden. Will adding 4 GB of memory of RAM settle matter ? The laptop has to be low, the additional meringues of "hums".
How can I this repair? Do I have to send to service? Exchange of arrangement of cooling?

I ask about advice.

Answer:Loud cooling fan on Satellite Pro L830

I don't think that adding RAM would change anything. If i were You I woud check processor teperature and fan speed. Did fan sounds same before adding ram? Call technical support if laptop has warranty.

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I have a new Satellite Radius laptop it is about 3 weeks old. the laptop fan nosie has become very loud and sounds like - pretty loud - bee in flight. Can anything be done, iits so loud that the laptop is almost unusable. Is this a common Toshiba issue, I did not notice the noise until today, I think it has suddenly become very loud

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Hi ,

I have a strange thing going on with the fan, it makes a loud noise when the laptop is at cool temperature.

Other strange thing is when i open a demanding app like games, the laptop starts to be hotter of course and the fan became to her normal sound. when i close the game, the laptop gets cooler and the noise of the fan cameback.
i opened the laptop and i cleaned the components, such as the fan, and nothing has changed.
since the temperature is low i dont think i have to change the thermal paste in the cpu and the gpu.

tldr; loud strange noise of fan when laptop is cool, and a normal sound while opening a demanding app.

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I have a strange thing going on with my fan, she keeps making a loud noise despite the laptop is cool.

What is even stranger is when i play a game, the laptop become hotter of course and the fan start turning with high speed but with a normal noise, it almost disappears after 15min gaming or so..
and when i close the game the laptop starts to cool down and the fan starts to be loud.
btw, i opened the laptop, and i cleaned the every component, i disassembled the fan and cleaned it, it wasn't that dirty since the laptop is almost two years old, but i didn't renew the thermal paste in the cpu or the graphic card. but i dont think that matters since the laptop is cool when the fan is being noisy.

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I have a 2012 Satellite C855 PSCBLU-01C003 Toshiba Laptop running W8.1 The van roars loud specially when playing a game & if I'm on internet long time. I can feel the heat sometimes it's pretty hot on my arm!!(I use the mouse) I have read several of the forums but not sure to try recommendations on this PC. The PC other than that runs great. I'm worried it's going to overheat & crash completely.

Can anybody please help me? I'd really appreciate it!!!

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I just purchased the Toshiba Satellite Z830 - 10J and am very surprised by the loud fan noise!

I read on other forums that the noise might be louder depending on the device or that a BIOS update might help slowing down the fan activity when the laptop is running idle. Does someone know if there is a remedy to the fan noise?

For me it is really impossible to work with such an ongoing noise!!!

Thank you for your help.

Answer:Loud Fan noise on Satellite Z830-10J

At the moment don?t think about BIOS update.
What you should try at first is to change ?Cooling method settings?.

Open power profile that you use (probably Balanced) > Advanced power options > Toshiba Power Saver Settings > Cooling Method and change both options to ?Battery Optimized?.

It should reduce cooling fan activity.

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I have problem with fan, it runs very often and it is really loud.

Answer:Re: Satellite A660 fan runs very often and it is really loud

I think you should clean the cooling system of your laptop

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ive recently bought toshiba satellite a660 11m, its great but its fans are very loud even when im doing nothing(zero applications opened)
When i open toshiba pc health monitor it always says temp:50c on avrg and fans *always* on 68-70%.(right now when im typing this fans are at 68% and only google chrome is opened sometimes it sounds like its desktop, not laptop)
Notice that laptops is 3 weeks old so i doubt there is any dust in cooling system.
Anyone else having this type of p roblem?

Answer:Satellite A660 - Fans being very loud


what to say... My a500 also makes loud noise even I tried Bios update, playing with power settings, cleaning cooling system. fan control utility like speedfan and many other things but still makes... i just don't pay attention to the fan noise. You can reduce the noise loading Cpu with some applications so the fan keeps running constantly at 54 % with less noticeable noise.

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Hi guys,

I bought my C series laptop (C50-C00K 15") about a week ago.. the fan is buzzing quite loudly which is rather distracting when trying to study! Do I need to take the laptop back to the seller for it to be looked at? or how can I fix the situ? If I recall correctly, there was no noise made by the display model.


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I've only had this laptop for 3 weeks, and already the dvd drive is making a very loud noise when burning and reading.

Is there any way of fixing this?

Answer:Satellite L450D-11H - CD/DVD drive is loud


I doubt that this can be fixed. It?s also depending on the CD/DVD media that you use. I have noticed that some medias are a little bit louder. I think it?s depending on the circle in the middle of disk.

I don?t know how much medias you have tried but you should try another one. If it doesn?t work you should contact your authorized service provider to get a replacement drive.

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since a few days the cooling unit of my A80-154 laptop is very loud from time to time.
It's a buzzing sound, which, well, does not sound as a cooler should sound.

It mostly happens when I switch on my computer.
My computer is roughly 2 years old.

Is there anybody who has the same problem? Or even somebody who can tell me how to fix this?

Best regards,

Matthias Mentschel

Answer:Satellite A80-154 - Cooling module very loud


In my opinion there are two possible reasons why buzzing sound is coming from the cooling module.

1) the cooling module is clogged and the dust and debris prevent the fans from courtly running
2) the cooling module malfunctions and must be replaced

Well, in both cases the notebook must be disassembled to check what?s exactly wrong.
I see you are newbie and I would not recommend opening the notebook by yourself.

Ask a notebook technician for the help to avoid further notebook damages!!

Good luck

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I bought L555-12V at MediaMarkt two days ago. The fan noise is terribly loud.
The fan turns at 70-80% with a CPU load of just 2 or 3 % when just surfing with firefox and no other open programs.

It sounds like a hair-drier. It's so loud you can't stand to be near the laptop for more than 10 minutes. This makes it impossible to work with.

I have tried everything. Uninstalled unnecessary software, altered the Windows power profiles, changed the Toshiba Power Saver settings; on ?maximum performance? the fan never turns off and on ?battery optimized? the fan is off for a minute then on at an incredibly loud 80% for a minute and so on. On/Off.

Is anyone else having these problems with fan noise?

Is this the same problem that A500 owners had with the BIOS 1.20 on their machines?

Will there be a BIOS update for the L555-12V like there was for the A500?
This cured their fan noise fault. At present there is no new BIOS posted on the support page.

If not I will have to take the laptop back for a refund. I would find that a shame as the laptop seems otherwise fine. However this machine is unusable for any length of time in it's current state.

Answer:Loud fan noise on Satellite L555-12V

> changed the Toshiba Power Saver settings; on ?maximum performance? the fan never turns off and on ?battery optimized? the fan is off for a minute then on at an incredibly loud 80% for a minute and so on. On/Off.

maximum performance means that the cooling modules would run with full power. This means that the fan will run always!

battery optimized means that the cooling fans will start to rotate only if the temperature would reach an certain level? therefore the cooling modules goes off if the temperature would decreases and would start again if the temperature level would increase?

> Will there be a BIOS update for the L555-12V like there was for the A500?
Who knows? I have checked the Toshiba European driver page and didn?t find an BIOS update for L555-12V (PSLWSE) series? I found a BIOS only for PSLW8E series?

However, I think you should wait a little bit and should check the driver page in the next time? maybe new BIOS would be available?


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Hi all,

I bought a Toshiba Satellite A300-1DB today in a German (580 Euro) and i really like the notebook design and performance, but there is one big problem I can't bear anymore (and I just used it for 2 hours).

The CPU Fan on the left side of notebook is so annoyning: Even if I keep the notebook idle (CPU activity is very low, just under 10% and 1 gb ram used), the CPU fan keeps spinning for one minute really really loudly.

After that there is silence, such a beautiful silence.... for 2 minutes. And then the whole procedure starts over and over again. Just cold air comes out.

Thats drive me crazy, the CPU Fan in the idle modus is louder than my other Satellite A210-106 Turion X2-52 L with full CPU activity. I wish to have a CPU fan that keeps spinning in a low sound.

Do you have any ideas how to control the fan????
Otherwise i must try to replace it with another Notebook (I hope that they allow that, unfortunatly it isn't a Internet shop where you can send it back until 14 days)


Answer:Satellite A300-1DB CPU Fan is annoying, too loud

Have you tried changing the settings in Control Panel -> Power Options?

You can change the cooling methods and other settings.

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I have recently purchased a Notebook NB 100 and am well pleased with my choice but despite having the sound volume at maximum the playback volume is not very loud compared to that on my notebook from another manufacture purchased 4 years ago.

Is that because the Notebook is a much smaller unit & cannot achieve the same volume ?.

Answer:Sound volume is not very loud on NB100


You should not forget that the NB100 is a very small notebook and I think the speakers can?t be as good as on another notebook, for example Qosmio.

Anyway, for what application do you need a better sound? If you use Windows media player you should try another player like VLC media player. This player is freeware and can play the most video and audio files.
Check this!


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my sound card is the SB audigy 2 zs platinum. Back in XP the drivers usually worked fine and produced the right 'loudness' of sound.

in vista i had to try a few different sets of drivers but got it working correct.

however in windows 7 the drivers that were automatically installed upon the OS installation do NOT play audio at the regular decibel levels.

It seems to only produce sound at the 50%-70% levels compared to XP/vista. i know this for a fact since i've done testing. it's annoying to have the volume up 100% all the time with it STILL not being loud.

any ideas? thanks.

Answer:Sound Blaster Audigy 2 isn't nearly as loud in Win 7

Quote: Originally Posted by js09

however in windows 7 the drivers that were automatically installed upon the OS installation

Get your drivers from creative...


Direct link for the Win 7 drivers for your card...

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Hi, Spes are:

Mobo: Asus m2n-e sli latest BIOS
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ 3.20GHZ not overclocked.
Mem: 4gig ddr2 800mhz dual channel not overclocked.
Graphics: 5870 not overclocked
HDD: 80gig maxtor from years ago (temp replacement )

Right im using the mobos onboard sound have been for ages.

Every now and then i will be listening to music or playing a game thru headphones OR speakers when suddenly all sound will stop and be replaced by a VERY loud horrible hissing sound.

When i have headphones on its really bad i swear il have a heart attck sometime, it makes me jump its so loud.

After i unplug the headphones or turn the sound system off and on agen its back to normal for a few days??

Recently upgraded to windows 7 64bit from vista 32bit. never had the problems with vista??

Answer:Very loud hissing distortion sound every now and then

Your motherboard does not support Windows 7 with compatible sound drivers. It stops at Vista. While some Vista drivers may work with W7, perhaps not all of them do, such as the sound driver. The lack of a W7 supported driver could be the problem.

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A friend of mine running XP x32 w/SP3 recently purchased Crysis & Warhead, installation went well and everything works fine but, when you start crysis, there is this very annoying thumping sound coming from his logitech 5.1 speakers.

He is running my old rig, Toughpower 600w PSU, EVGA 680i Mobo, ECS 512mb 8800GT w/ Accelero s1/s2 passive heatsink, 4GB OCZ 1066MHZ SLI RAM, E7200 w/ Artic Cooler Pro 7, 500GB HDD, DVD/r/w/dl, Santa Cruz audio card, Logitech 5.1 speaker system.

There is absolutely no problem in every other audio file and/or game he plays, his music sounds very good, videos also sound extremely good with that card except for Crysis, the noise is so extremely annoying that it doesn't lend to try to play the game with it on. Warhead does the same thing but only on the intial loading, once you are at the main menu, the screeching/thumping sound goes away by 80% and you can at least play the game.

We have set the default video & sound Ingame and even though I played crysis with that same rig and do not recall having an issue, I do know that I was using the onboard audio and not the Santa Cruz card. I wanted to ask you to see if you had that issue and what you did about it since Google did not yield any positive answers.

I also tried patching to the last patch but to no avail. I went to the Santa Cruz control panel, tried different things but that did not do anything at all. I do remember CoD 4 or 5 having an audio issue and you had to lower the frequency f... Read more

Answer:Crysis Loud Thumping sound...

hi LaVista, i'v got Crysis Warhead and dont have that problem with it but to change the sound settings to see if that works do this:

Open Control PanelClick on SoundClick on the speakers that are in use then click on propertiesThen click on the Advanced tab
P.S your old rig is better than my current lol

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i had a motherboard die on me a few days ago i got a new one and installed itwhen i started it for the first time a loud solid alarm sound comes from the cpu area though i have not pinpointed the sourceanyone have ideas on what this could be?new board is a EVGA nForce 780i SLI Motherboard 2.4 Intell due core 6600 cpu duel 8800gts

Answer:a loud sound from computer went it starts

What is the alarm sound? If it is a beep, how many beeps?

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my sound card is the SB audigy 2. Back in XP the drivers usually worked fine and produced the right 'loudness' of sound.

however in windows 7 the drivers that were automatically installed upon the OS installation do NOT play audio at the regular decibel levels. I tried going to downloading the new drivers form creative but they do not help. I have made sure all the volume levels are up but that is not it.

It seems to only produce sound at the 40%-60% levels compared to XP. i know this for a fact since i've done testing. it's annoying to have the volume up 100% all the time with it STILL not being loud.

I love windows 7 but I will be forced to go back to XP if I can not find a working driver for this.

any ideas? thanks.

Answer:Sound Blaster Audigy 2 isn't nearly as loud in Win 7

Quote: Originally Posted by icebeam

my sound card is the SB audigy 2. Back in XP the drivers usually worked fine and produced the right 'loudness' of sound.

however in windows 7 the drivers that were automatically installed upon the OS installation do NOT play audio at the regular decibel levels. I tried going to downloading the new drivers form creative but they do not help. I have made sure all the volume levels are up but that is not it.

It seems to only produce sound at the 40%-60% levels compared to XP. i know this for a fact since i've done testing. it's annoying to have the volume up 100% all the time with it STILL not being loud.

I love windows 7 but I will be forced to go back to XP if I can not find a working driver for this.

any ideas? thanks.

we might be able to help more if we knew what your hardware is.
32 bit or 64, which audigy driver, whcih version of win 7

Ken J

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When I shutdown my system, I get the usual Windows shutdown sound and then I get the typical Windows Shutdown screen. However, as soon as the system actually powers off, I get a moderate to loud pop/bang (depending on speaker and subwoofer volume). I have tried everything from replacing the motherboard and sound card (with exact same models) to even replacing the power supply with a much better one. I've done the obvious things like disconnecting everything but the main hard drive, the sound card and one stick of RAM (only the bare necessities + the sound card). I've even swapped out the RAM to rule out bad sticks. After all that, I am still experiencing this annoying problem. If anyone has a solution, it would be much appreciated and might even save me a trip to the nut house.

System Specs:
Windows XP Pro (SP3)
Motherboard & CPU: Abit KD7A & AMD Athlon XP 2600+ (333Mhz)
PSU: CoolerMaster RP-500-PCAR (500W)
RAM: 2x Crucial 512Mb PC2700 and 1x Kingston 512Mb PC3200 (1.5Gb total RAM)
Asus V9520 (GeForce FX 5200 AGP w/ nVidia ForceWare version 81.89)
Sound Card: Creative Labs SB Audigy (Model: SB0090) and latest drivers
Optional Cards: Dynex 3 Port FireWire (IEEE-1394)
Primary HDD: Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 6Y120L0 (120GB / 7200 RPM / ATA100)
Secondary HDD: Seagate Barracuda ST3320620A (320GB / 7200 RPM / ATA100)
Primary DVD: Sony DVD-R/RW, CD-R/RW
Secondary DVD: Sony DVD-ROM
FDD: Sony 1.44Mb (LOL)
Monitor: ViewSonic VX922

Answer:Loud sound when system powers off

Try disconnecting the speakers and see if it does the same thing. I too get a small noise from my speakers at the time of shut down, but I don't keep my volume turned up very much. The noise would be louder if I turned the volume up more. Can you turn the speakers off before shutting down? My Creative Speakers have a power switch on the volume control remote.

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Yesterday everything worked fine. After waking up and wanting to look at a video, it just started making loud noises and you couldn't make anything out what was being said or played.
Then i switched to my headphones, but the same thing happens there.

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Everything seemed to be working fine.  Maybe it was my environment that made me not hear it before, but I can hear a rather loud buzzing/humming sound coming from the top right of the keyboard.  This is strange since I've had the computer now for 3 days and have only really used it for 2. HP Pavilion notebook 15-au063nr 1) Loud Buzzing/humming sound 2) Brand New (little to no use) 3) No software has been installed except for the chrome browser  

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Hey everyone. I need some help. A couple of weeks ago I restored my computer to factory condition. During this process, the updated drivers for my sound/graphics card were deleted. I had been having this problem before updating the drivers before I had restored to factory condition and updating the drivers fixed the problem. Well, I updated the drivers again around a week ago and it did not fix the problem this time. The volume is still too low on my computer and I have it turned up to like 80. I don't want to turn it up much higher because I fear it could damage my speakers which are built in to the monitor. How can I fix this? Here is my system information:

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 215 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4863 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9100, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 599384 MB, Free - 548411 MB; D: Total - 10992 MB, Free - 1649 MB;
Antivirus: COMODO Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

Also, I do want to note that at the end of May, my motherboard burned up. It was caused by the graphics card overheating. The graphics card is integrated to the motherboard. I sent it to the repair shop and HP put in a brand new motherboard for me. It has not been overheating or anything since then and works fine but the sound is now too low after restoring to f... Read more

Answer:Solved: My speaker/sound isn't loud enough

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Hello! I just bought a brand new headset and the volume is really loud on my computer... I set the volume to 1 and everything but youtube is loud as heck. The inline volume control just adjusts the windows volume so that does not help. Any programs that can make the volume like 0.1 % ?

Answer:Windows 8.1 sound below 1 (Loud Headset)

What type/model headset? If its a USB connected you are not using the PC sound card, it has its own built in and where the amplification is.

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I recently swapped computers with my sister, as she wanted to go the Apple route and I back to Windows. Upon swapping, I realized her z500 makes quite a loud processing noise even when doing basic tasks, like suring the internet. I am not very advanced in computers, however it sounds like the noises my old desktop use to make when  doing multiple tasks. It's pretty annoying/distracting and want to figure out if it is something covered under the warranty. The noise is coming from the right of the trackpad and happens nearly 100% of the time. Any suggestions/info?

Answer:z500 LOUD processing sound

It seems like head repositioning of the hard drive. Run HD Tune application (there's a free and trial pro version available). Check S.M.A.R.T. data under "health" tab for any warnings.

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I have volume set around 8% and for some reason it is way louder than on Vista. On Vista I usually have it around 22% when I use headphones. On Windows 7 RC it's extreme loud when I set it to 22%. Anyway to fix this? I tried everything in the sound properties.

Answer:Sound Very Loud With Headphones On Windows 7 RC

I have the same problem. Think the scale is ridiculous, because everything I will ever need is between 0-20%. Even 10% can be too loud at times.

Edit: My soundcard is Creative X-fi XtremeMusic. XP there was two sliders for volume (wave and normal) and that way it was fine in that. But 7 only has one slider.

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I just got a new power supply and installed it after that the computer is very slow and is making a grinding noise and the fan is ruining very loud.My pc is a Dell XPS 410Windows Vista SP2here the part1DJ301Kit, Mouse, Universal Serial Bus, 2BTN, Optical, Lead Free Black1DT240Card, Graphics, 7300, Low Encryption, MRMGA10, 22X8388Dual In-Line Memory Module, 512667M, 64X64, 8, 240, 2RX81HF730Display, Flat Panel Display, 20W2007WFP, Black, Dell Americas Organization1KJ293Assembly, Panel, Filler, Floppy Drive, TANK, Precision Workstation1DY654Kit, Software, Works, 8.5, Office TRIAL, English1JF495Modem, V.92, Data Fax, Internal SON2, Lead Free, Dell Americas Organization1MY531Assembly, DVD+/-RW..., 16, TSST SATA, Black1JX718HARD DRIVE..., 250G, S2, 7.2K, 3.5, WD-HAWK0149DFINFORMATION..., PREPARATION MATERIAL..., DEVIATION..., PRECISION WORKSTATION..., INCREASE..., #21TH659PLACEMAT..., GETTING STARTED..., DIMENSION..., EXTREME PERFORMANCE SYSTEM..., 4101YH251GUIDE..., OWNER..., DIMENSION..., EXTREME PERFORMANCE SYSTEM..., 410, ENGLAND/ENGLISH...1HU608Kit, Software, Norton Internet Security, 2007, 15MTH, English1RH659Keyboard, 104, UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS..., UNITED STATES..., Black, DARFON ELECTRONICS, CORP...1JW762Kit, Software, Overpack, VHP32 Digital Video Disk Drive English1UH837Kit, Speaker, 12V, AS501, Nmb Black001323INFORMATION..., NO ITEM1DH108ASSEMBLY..., CHASSIS..., DIMENSION..., 9200/410, PWA INTEGRATED...1JX144Processor, 6300, 1.86, 2M, Core Duo-conroe, Burn 21NJ131INSTRUC... Read more

Answer:Loud sound comes from the computer and is very slow.

Which fan is grinding? the fan in the PSU unit or the CPU fan etc? I had a power supply once that made all the DC fans buzz because there was an issue with the DC bridge in the power supply creating a 60hz hum. If the previous power supply wasnt bad, switch back and see if this new PSU has a bad DC bridge filter causing a 60hz rippled DC output.

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I bought a second hand Lenovo X200 and it works fine. But this is annoying me. Everytime I am typing like say, an article or a long email or something - i.e. a long text - the laptop would beep in the midst of my typing. And I have not been able to figure out what triggered it. I have tried typing with the AC adapter plugged in, typing without the AC adapter plugged in, and it's still doing the same old thing. (As I'm typing this post, it beeped again once in the midst of typing the last sentence) Anyone knows what could be causing it? I thought it may have something to do with part of my palm resting on or near the fingerprint software scanning device. So I disabled fingerprint scanning on my laptop. But still, it beeps. Argh!! It's quite unnerving especially when I prefer to do my work late at night and it keeps beeping like that every now and then with no discernible pattern or frequency to the beeping - I am worried it will wake my toddler up even though I work in the lounge and he sleeps in the bedroom. It is that loud. FYI it has beeped a total of 5 times now since I started typing this post...   Any advice would be most appreciated. Thank you!


Go to Solution.

Answer:Loud beeping sound when I'm typing

You know what, its okay I think I found a solution for that. I went into BIOS mode at bootup and went to Config and disabled the Keyboard beeps. Says on there that keyboard beeps happen when impossible keyboard combinations are entered or something... so I guess either I was typing too fast or keep pressing keys I shouldn't be pressing when I'm typing my documents. Lol

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This started happening a few weeks ago. I actually thought it was my old speakers that were faulty, so I replaced them with decent speakers, and as most of my work is tutorial videos (with speaking), I didn't notice it happening on my new speakers too, but then I played music and it was obvious.

It happens on my normal PC built-in sound card and also on my proper sound box for making music: Roland Duo Capture EX.

It just sounds like you're playing music and a little kid is continually messing with the volume button!

What is causing this?

And how do I make the sound consistent please?

thanks a lot

Answer:Sound Goes Loud and Quiet Continuously!

Can you post a screen shot of the audio devices in the Device Manager?

I have a recording studio using Sonar X3 and a Roland Octa-Capture.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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I have just got my Ivy Bridge up and running again but am faced with another small problem and that is I get the loudest thump / whack through the sound system on power up and down.

Now it doesn't matter whether I have the sound turned down to zero the sound is still there especially on power down. I havn't tried unplugging the sound system but am assuming it is only coming through it anyway.

Sound is through an Asus Xonar DG card and I am not wanting this thumping to go on much longer in case it produces surges that might damage the rest of the board set ups.

Answer:Loud sound thump on power up and down

You are not having much luck lately are you John

How about trying with the speakers/sound system connected to the onboard sound instead of the Xonar. If the problem goes away then you know it's some kind of issue with the Xonar.


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I recently got a computer not particularly new but i've been having problems with the sound, There was a really bad echo on the sound and i managed to get rid of it but now there seems to be a problem with the background sound, it is really low but the foreground sound is normal, i've been messing with the EQ and stuff but doesn't really do anything just wondered if there was anything else i could try if you guys have any suggestions

Answer:Loud and quiet sound at the same time

We need specific information to help answer your question so would you please repost this with appropriate answers to the questions that pertain to your problem, so we can better help you fix your problem quickly.

Computer: Brand Name & Model #

Age of system and relevant components if different :

CPU: Brand, speed

Ram: Type, amount, speed

Operating system: Windows 98, 98SE, ME, XP Home, XP Pro, Vista or Other

Do you run Anti-Virus software: Brand Name, version #, is it up to date?

For Video or Graphic problems:

Video Card: Brand Name, type, speed, Chipset, driver version and date

Video settings: resolution, advanced settings

For Internet problems:

Modem: Brand name and date of driver

Type connection: dial-up, cable, sat/DSL, other

Browser: IE, Netscape, Firefox, Sea Monkey and version #

For Network problems:

LAN or ethernet card(s) or adapters: Brand, # of cards

Router: Brand name, type

# machines on network

Network settings and IP configuration
Please state your specific problem and when it started

Did you change anything, install any hardware or software before the problem started?

List any recently installed software

List software running in background ie: anti-virus program, mail programs, backup software.
(Run,msconfig,ok,startup) and what is checked

Any power disruption or incomplete shutdowns

Failed Scandisk/chkdsk or defrag attempts

Use of any “tune-up” utilities, registry utilities, system diagnostics, other third par... Read more

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I am needing some help. I am not very computer literate.
My audio/music is not very loud from my computer speakers.
Can someone please help? Also, is there a scan that you can download onto your computer to help repair incorrect sound and audio device drivers?

Thank you for your help and I greatly appreciate it.


Answer:Audio Sound Not Loud Speakers


Ran Everest Report - any help is greatly appreciated. Rebecca

CPU Type Intel Pentium 4 540J, 3200 MHz (16 x 200)
Motherboard Name Asus PTGD1-LA (3 PCI, 4 DDR DIMM, Audio, Video, LAN, IEEE-1394)
Motherboard Chipset Intel Grantsdale-G i915G
System Memory 247 MB
BIOS Type AMI (11/12/04)
Communication Port ECP Printer Port (LPT1)

Audio Adapter Intel 82801FB ICH6 - High Definition Audio Controller [B-1]

Port Connector Properties:
Port Type Audio Port
Internal Reference Designator AUX
Internal Connector Type On-Board Sound Input from CD-ROM
External Connector Type None

Port Connector Properties:
Internal Reference Designator FP_AUDIO
External Connector Type None

Motherboard Properties:
Motherboard ID 63-0310-000000-00101111-111204-I915$A0005055_BIOS DATE: 11/12/04 10:43:35 VER: 08.00.10
Motherboard Name Asus PTGD1-LA (3 PCI, 4 DDR DIMM, Audio, Video, LAN, IEEE-1394)

High Definition Audio:
Audio Controller Type Intel 82801FB(M) ICH6
Codec Name Realtek ALC880(D)
Codec ID 10EC0880h
Codec Revision 00090500h

Windows Audio


Device Identifier Device Description
midi-out.0 0001 0066 Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth
mi... Read more

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hi dear i have HP Z800 machine and its great for my graphic desgin , but i have a problem about noise the fans sound is very loud? please do you have any idea for fix ? thanks

Answer:Z800 fans sound is very loud

Have you tried selecting fan speeds in CMOS setup?  (reboot and press F10) Have you inspected ambient temperature sensor via HWMonitor?

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I have a problem with my power-cord plug-in/out beep. ITS VERY LOUD and annoying and I cannot disable or adjust it to a reasonable volume. This problem is known for years but Acer wont come with a fix for this problem. Maybe someone can help me with this problem, I know for sure that this will be mine last hardware from Acer, WORST after sale and customer support ever.

Answer:powercord loud beep sound

Can you tell:notebook modelOS installed by the way, try this if available:right click the volume icon down in the task menu > then hit playback devices > then right click speakers (realtek high definition audio) > hit properties > hit the tab "levels" > there you should see a slider named " Pc Beeps" or "PC speakers" turn that down/mute 

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Hi there, It's been about a year since I bought my T61 from eBay and I have since found that the warranty has expired so sending it back for a free repair is no longer an option.  I don't remember how this started but I have noticed that the computer is making a very loud whirring sound coming from underneath the keyboard- dirty fan maybe? It's getting very annoying having to put up with the sound, does anyone have any suggestions? And roughly how much would Lenovo charge me to fix this fault? Regards,S

Answer:T61 making loud whirring sound

is the sound like a metal vs metal friction? i've heard to on my t60, it sounds like from hd location. 

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Gave a new HP Pavilion - 15Z Laptop to my wife who is blind for Christmas. Uses a screen reader. Today we started it and the sound was loud distorted and had no control with the sliders or function keys! Not good for a blind user. Tried to contact HP support. Phone number provided 800-474-6836 doesn't work. Tried the store customer service number 800-407-4005. was bounced to a support agent who couldn't hear me so she hung up. Tried looking up the online support for my product code VON65AV_1 but that isn't a valid product code for some reason. I don't know how folks get support for a brand new HP computer from HP. Can someone help me get to a person that can help or suggest a fix

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Hi everybody, I would like some help!

I recently bought a new fan to help with cooling as the summer approaches. My new fan replaces my old chassis fan but is plugged in slightly differently as it is plugged into the 3 pin mother board connector (the old one was plugged into the molex and is now positioned as an intake fan at the front).

My problem is that since I've installed the new fan my computer is actually louder than before, Everest tells me that the revs for the new fan are 5114 rpm as I type this so it's clearly working too hard. I think it's working too hard because my processor fan is only idling by comparison at 1705 rpm. Which temperature does the chassis fan use to control it's speed and why has my CPU fan suddenly become lazy since I installed the new fan? Is there anything I can do to make the CPU fan work harder and take some of the burden off of the chassis fan?

Many thanks for any help!


Answer:New fan but loud loud noise

Try speedfan, that should work.

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I have a brand new P50t-c-104 which has a very high CPU usage (sometimes up to 100%) also the fan is always on and very loud and often disk usage is 100%. I have just started it tonight and not only was the fan very loud, it was slow and the display was building slowly like an old computer. Surely this is not the correct behaviour for a 5th gen i7 16GB RAM computer.

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above machine when running tempro says new bios version is available, link to it is [Satellite U840W BIOS 6.40-WIN| =2&selFamily=2&selSeries=198&selProduct=7570&selSh ortMod=null&language=13&selOS=40&selType=4&yearupl oad=&monthupload=&dayupload=&useDate=null&mode=all Machines&search=&action=search&macId=&country=all& selectedLanguage=13&type=4&page=1&ID=84640&OSID=-1&driverLanguage=42]

But when i go to bios, there is says bios version already is 6.4 - which is strange since release date of that bios version is 07/10/13. And i am sure i did not update bios to that version this month :)

Why does it say new version is available?
Could it be there is some newer version available, only that it links to wrong one?
Even if i do download and try to install it, it says that rom version is the same.

Second question is loud fan, most of time is on very high speed (and due to bizarre design, when laptop is open, fan blows into screen - which gets really hot).
Since no other laptop i used make such noise, could it be that i really need update for bios? But which version?

Health monitor reports fan speed 77% - and i am not playing games or anything, cpu is always bellow 10%, I?m doing nothing, just a light browsing can spin him up to such percentage. What i did notice is that it does ... Read more

Answer:Satellite U840W-10J - loud fan and bios version

I think you should not be confused about BIOS. Maybe there is some problem with Tempro. This process runs automatically and it is possible that there is some technical issue. If you have latest BIOS it is OK so don?t worry about it. Just continue to use your notebook and don?t change anything.

What to say about cooling fan? Cooling fan is controlled automatically and depending on CPU temperature cooling fan runs faster or slower. When you play games you need more performance so use ?High performance? power plan. For ?every day? activities use ?Balanced? power plan. It will reduce CPU usage but it will be good enough for low level activities. What you can try is to change options for ?cooling method?. You can find it in advanced power options. It should reduce cooling fan activity and notebook should run quietly.

Play a bit with these options.

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first off: sorry for my bad english.

Now: I have several problems with my laptop:
1. The screen/monitor is lose and doesnt stand, so when I want to work with my laptop, I have to lean something against the monitor, so it doesnt fall to one side. Any solutions to this?

2. My Cpu-fan is really loud and I already opened the case and cleaned it, but every few days the noise comes back (guess its not rotating very well and contacting every once in a while some part of the computer) and i have to reopen and touch it some times till it works normally.

3. Also I have lost my Windows recovery CD (OEM Version) . Do I have to buy a new one if I want windows reinstalled?

thanks for any help

Answer:Satellite 2410-404: Screen is lose and the CPU-fan too loud


1. I presume the lid cannot stay in the right position because the hinges are a little bit loose.

2. It sounds like something wrong with the fan rotation. In such cases the easiest way is change the fan.

3. You can purchase the Recovery CD form the Toshiba service partner in your country. It?s not very expensive.
But you can also install the original Windows OS on your notebook and then you can install the Toshiba drivers and utilities. All Toshiba stuff you will be able to download from the Tosh driver page.

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