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Satellite P200 - RAM upgrade question

Question: Satellite P200 - RAM upgrade question

Hi all

I am looking for RAM for a Satellite P200 although I cant find it on any compatibility list.

I am hoping to get two 2GB DDR2 880 RAM.
Can you help me please.

Will the RAM be downrated to a slower speed in the Toshiba or will the 880 work fine?

Thanks for your time.

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Preferred Solution: Satellite P200 - RAM upgrade question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite P200 - RAM upgrade question


> Will the RAM be downrated to a slower speed in the Toshiba or will the 880 work fine

Sorry but I don?t know what you mean by 880?. Do you mean the DDR2 880Mhz module???

There are different Satellite P200 models but generally you could use the DDR2 667MHz (PC2-5300) 200-PIN SODIMM memory modules

The compatible module is running at 667Mhz!


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Have Satellite P200-10C

I want update memory to 4 GB
have pny optima memory 4gb 2x2GB
not work!!!
Only in safe mode.
Help! Please

Answer:Question about memory upgrade (4 GB) on Satellite P200

You have to use compatible modules!
You have to use the DDR2 667MHz (PC2-5300) 200-PIN SODIMM

If you already use such modules then I?m afraid a memory malfunctions.

Try with other modules!

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I have a P200-13K and I'm very surprised to see there isn't a S/PDIF connector !
What solution do I have to connect my notebook to my audio receiver?

Does the only solution is to connect the output headset to the receiver?

Anyway to upgrade the p200 ?

Also is it possible to upgrade the processor ?

Thanks a ton

Answer:How to connect Satellite P200-13K to HiFi and CPU upgrade question?

>Does the only solution is to connect the output headset to the receiver?
I'm afraid yes. As far as I know there is no other audio output as the headphone jack.

My notebook was equipped with mic and headphone jack too and I use the headphone port to connect the HiFi receiver to the notebook.
I use the Y-audio cable. You can get it in most computer/Hifi shops.

_Regarding the CPU replacement:_
Usually the CPU replacement/upgrade is not possible on Toshiba notebooks.
Two important reasons why the CPU upgrade is not possible is the fact that the BIOS couldn?t support the new CPU and the higher heat dissipation.
New CPU produces more warmness which could lead to a higher temperature and to the overheating.


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I want to change the exisiting harddisks in im P200 1C2 with bigger one.
At the moment I?ve 2x120GB.

Is it possible to use 2 of this one?

= 2x320GB

Another question.
Can i install Windows XP 64 insteed of using the install Windows Vista?

Thanks a lot.


Answer:Satellite P200 1C2 - HDD upgrade

Looking at the brochures, other P200 models can take 200GB HDD's, so 320GB *should* work, but don't take my word for it. There could be a compatibility issue.

You can install 64bit Vista, check for 64bit drivers here:

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Is it possible to upgrade from my 2600 HD grx card or any other part of the laptop? I know it is possible to put more memory in it but I was hoping to upgrade the grx card in the near future.

Many thanks.

Answer:Satellite P200-123 - is grx upgrade possible?

No, it?s impossible since almost everything is (except the memory) is soldered on the mainboard of your machine. Which means if you want more graphics performance you will have to buy a machine with a more powerful graphics chip.

Thats all

nice weekend

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Hello Everyone

I just got a brandnew Toshiba machine caled Satellite P200 13-N with the following specs:

Windows Vista Home premium
2GB Ram 667MHZ
Intel core 2 duo 1.73 ghz
Nvidia Geforce 7600 go with 578 MB ram

Now i just read the info that the all new nvidia graphic card the Geforce 8700 GT will be released. Can I upgrade my graphic card to that GPU or not as it is an PciE card

Thank you for any advice :)

Answer:GPU upgrade on Satellite P200-13N

No, definitely not possible. The graphic card chip is mostly soldered on the motherboard and it?s not possible to remove or replace it!
Mostly the whole motherboard must be replaced!

You should know that the CPU or GPU upgrades or replacements are mostly not possible on notebooks!!!
Therefore I use my desktop PC for gaming because it?s very easy to upgrade the hardware. And I use my notebook only for my work!

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I want to upgrade the processor from 1.66 to at least 2 maybe 2.2, can this be done? And which would advise to upgrade to?


Answer:Satellite P200-17C - Can I upgrade the CPU?


It seems that you didn?t found this thread firstly?!
[Can I upgrade the CPU, graphic card or mainboard in my Toshiba notebook?|]

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Accoridng to the specs 2x1Gb is the max on both slots.

However is see that some website offer 2x2Gb for the P200-18Y (PSPB0E-025005DU)

Is 2x2Gb possible on this model ?


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How to I upgrade my laptop from a 32bit to 64 bit?

Answer:How to upgrade Satellite P200 from 32-bit to 64-bit OS?

You cannot upgrade it. What you need is 64-bit installation disc and clean operating system installation.
I presume recovery image for Satellite P200 is 32bit only. Right?

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My HDD just died and I want to put an SSD in my P200 14H..

Is it possible to put a SSD sata 3 in my laptop where i had a regular hard disk sata 1?

Answer:Satellite P200-14H - Is SSD upgrade possible?


SATA controller is down-compatible ? this means that SATA III SSD would be compatible with an SATA I controller? but of course you will not get the advantages of the SATA III

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I have Satellite P200-1I4 and I need Intel Virtualization technology on CPU, but T2370 doesn't support it. Is it possible to change CPU like T7300 or other with virtualization?

I know, Toshiba doesn't support upgrades and so on.. I've read FAQs about changing CPUs, but I need options for my laptop!

Thank you!

Answer:Satellite P200-1I4 - CPU upgrade due to Virtualization


The first point is that CPU upgrade is always risky because I think nobody can say if the new CPU will be supported from the mainbaord, BIOS and chipset.
The installed hardware on your notebook will work with preinstalled CPU but not with other CPU?s.

The next point is not all notebooks have virtualization and the BIOS must also support this. So I assume your BIOS doesn?t have such an option and that means you can not use virtualization even you have a CPU that supports this.

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Hello there,

I was wondering if my p200-1k9 can be upgraded to Vista 64 bit version. I have been told that it will improve performance, but have been unable to find anywhere on net whether or not i can indeed upgrade or whether there would be any significant performance increase to warrant the cost.

I use my pc mainly for photo and video editing in the Adobe production studio suite.

Thanks for your replies in advance

Answer:Satellite P200-1K9: Can I upgrade the Vista to 64 bit.


Why not??? The Satellite P200-1K9 belongs to the PSPB6E series and according to the Toshiba European page all Vista 64bit drivers are available.

But I don?t think that you will notice a performance boost using a Vista 64bit version.
To be honest I would not install the 64bit version due to the compatibility issues with some 3rd party applications.

I have no experience with the Vista 64bit but with the XP 64bit version and I can tell you that I had a lot of problems with my 3rd software because it was designed for the 32bit OS.

But finally it?s your own decision?

Greetings mate

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Hi friends, i have a Toshiba P200-1HM laptop;

1: It includes T2330 cpu, i wanna change this, which one i can ?
2: It's graphic card is so weak, i wanna change it too, is it possible ? there are some pictrures i uploaded here i opened laptop and i found a empty area on case this is not hdd case, hdd is different, this empty area aim is what ?

pictures uploaded this link:

Answer:Satellite P200-1HM - hardware upgrade


Check please this Toshiba document -
CPU or GPU upgrade is not supported.

Supported is RAM or HDD upgrade.
This P200 is pretty old Vista machine. Without any risk you can upgrade RAM to maximum level and HDD exchange with very fast SSD.

This notebook is also supported for Win7 32bit. On my old P200D I use Win7 too and I?m very happy with it. Performance is very good and notebook runs without any problems.

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Hi all,

I've had a quick search through the forum and haven't found this answered already, so: I have a P200-036024, with the stock Intel Core2 Duo T7500. I've recently upgraded the HDD and RAM, and now I'm looking at upgrading the CPU. Exactly which series of CPUs are compatible with the motherboard, and/or what's the most powerful CPU I could put in this laptop?

Also, two other questions before I forget:
1. The HDMI port on the left of this laptop - is it Type A or Type B (or Type C)?
2. Can the video card (ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400) be upgraded as well?

Cheers all,

Answer:Re: Satellite P200-036024 - Can I upgrade the CPU and GPU?

Upgrading the CPU is a tricky process, the problem is that the BIOS may not recognize the CPU properly, or the system may overheat.

Your best option would be to look at the other P200's in the same range (the other PSPB6A-xxxxxx models) and use that CPU. That way you can be sure the CPU will work.

As for the VGA Card, its not upgradable since the BIOS is designed to work with a particular VGA Card, plus they use non standard designs so you cannot simply buy a faster card and install it.

More info:

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Hi there

I own Satellite P200 17c. My current memory is DDR2 PC2-5300 2gb. I would like to upgrade it to DDR2 PC2-6400 4gb ram. Can i do that and is there going to be some improvement of the speed if I upgrade to PC2-6400 instead PC2-5300?

On my P200 17c I have 2 HDDs. 2x100gb. I would like to upgrade one of those two HD from 100gb to 320gb 5400 rpm. Can i do that? and is it going to be some difference if I upgrade with HD that has 7200 rpm?

Thank you

Answer:HDD and memory upgrade on Satellite P200-17C

First of all: your machine is able to handle a maximum RAM capacity of 4GB but please be aware that you won?t be able to use the full 4GB due to some chipset limitations which are explained in the following article:

Regarding the module speed: the chipset specifications are defined for PC5300, so it will not enhance your speed when installing faster modules.

If you would like to upgrade your harddisk then just do it like you want, because there shouldn?t be any limitations, you can install a drive with 7200rpm together with a slower one.

The only difference will be that the faster drive will be faster. The whole system performance would only raise when you?re installing your OS on the faster drive (which is recommendation from my side :) )

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There is a bay for 2nd internal HDD, but not a socket connector. Possible to install? How?
There are 2 slots for RAM, all together 2GB. Is it possible to take out one and place instead one chip of 2GB to reach 3GB total or I have to put always pair RAM dual channel?

Answer:Satellite P200-1BA - questions about HDD and RAM upgrade

It is not possible to install second HDD. The notebook box is universal for all P200 models but some of them are delivered with 2 HDDs. HDD upgrade is not possible.

With RAM modules you can do what you want. To be more precise YES! You can remove one 1 GB module and put 2 GB RAM there. Please use just recommended high quality RAMs and not some cheap no-name products.

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Okay this is kind of a stupid question but anyway. When you press the Eject button how many CM away does it open because I'm not sure if mine comes out properly.
If you can post a picture ill be really grateful


Answer:Satellite P200-144 - DVD Drive question


It is 12 cm exactly. Just enough space to be able to accommodate a CD vertically. My laptop is a P200-10c a clone of yours but with only one HDD so I suppose this measurement will apply for yours to.

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How do I expand the ram from 2gb (1gb+1gb) to 4 gb?
Does the Satellite P200 have 4 slots and I add ram 1gb+1gb to the unused slots, or only 2 slots and I have to replace the ram from 1gb+1gb to 2gb+2gb?

Answer:Question about RAM slots on Satellite P200


As far as I know all Toshiba notebooks models have 2 RAM slots. If you want to have 4 GB of RAM you need 2x2GB RAM module.

If I am remembering well in ?users? manuals? you can find description how to upgrade RAM on your Satellite notebook.

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I have noticed a few differences to the European P200 Models. First of all where is the Harmon'Kardon speakers label next to the Skip button.
I have also notcied that the Satellite light has black tissue-type paper (dark), do any of you have the same because it's abit annoying.


Answer:Question about labels on Satellite P200-144


Can you please post the model part number of your notebook? It must be something like PSPBGE-0xxxxxxx. A friend of mine has P200 and I want to compare it with his notebook model.

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I have a lot of problems with Vista. First it took me a week to install my wirless printer. (sollution: install as local printer lpt1, change port properties en give a network location (computer/printername).
Last problem: vista give no rights to copy from my usb protable hd with xp files.

Finaly I lost all hope and want to get back to xp.

Is there anybody with experience in installing win xp on that notebook. And is it possible to inform me of the steps you have been taken to do it.
Are there any troubles like no having some drivers, things that will not work or problems with the sata hd.



Answer:Question about Win XP installation on Satellite Pro P200

Hi there,

thats a difficult topic -> XP on Vista machines.

First of all: yes you can install XP on it because all important drivers are available (VGA, SATA, WIRELESS, XP BIOS, BLUETOOTH) and that should be enough.

Since your machine has a Vista BIOS (I assume it has one) please install the XP BIOS first and then start the installation of XP. In case that your HDD is not recognized then you will have to install the SATA driver during the windows XP installation. The procedure is described in the installation instruction of Satellite L40 -> XP, so if you want to install it and encounter some SATA (No HDD during XP setup) problems you must check the installation instruction of Windows XP for a SATELLITE L40!

In case of further questions I recommend you to place your question here before doing something which could brake your nerves afterwards. :)


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Hi all!
I have a question about my laptop. In specification there is information that my DDR2 RAM memores should work with (667 MHz), but i have downloaded cpu-z program and there he shows me that my memory is working as 333,2 MHz. It is shuld be like that?? I don't know what is going on but vista is indexing my memory as 3,0. My bios is up to date version 2.3

Sory for my english
Thx for help. Tom

Answer:Question about RAM memory on Satellite P200-123


it?s everything OK with your memory. The FSB is doubled/quaded from the native memory frequency of the memory module.

Check this article to know more about the FrontSideBus ->

However, your memory is running on 333Mhz and the FSB is then 667Mhz.
How you can see, everything is like it should be. :)


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I have a problem with the heat of my laptop. My laptop can get very hot and you can't leave your hand there for even 20seconds. If I am running full load the processor gets up to temps of 85C. When Idle it is 50-55c.

Is something wrong ith my machine or not?


Answer:Question about heat on Satellite P200-144


Last week I saw the P200 in the computer shop. It?s very nice and high-performance notebook.

Regarding your issue;

>If I am running full load the processor gets up to temps of 85C. When Idle it is 50-55c.
In my opinion this is not unusual. If high-performance programs for example games or 3D-video applications are running on the notebook, the whole devices like CPU, GPU, and HDD have to run with full performance and produce lot of warmness!

As far as I know the cooling modules are placed on the left and this side is hotter as another notebook areas. That?s ok because the hot air must run out!

Note: Don?t use the notebook in bed or on the knees but always on the table. Furthermore it?s important to have enough free space around the notebook to get a properly fresh air circulation.

Hope I could clarify your question ;)


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Hi all,

I have a Satellite P200-141. But I want to order a new front for my DVD-Drive (hardware). Does anybody know what my DVD-Drive (hardware) Type is?
Thanks for your help!!


Answer:Question about my DVD-Drive on Satellite P200


why do you want to change your dvd front? I mean the front you have was designed for your computer and there is surely no better looking front then you have. :) What do you mean?

Otherwise if you really want to do it then follow this link:

It?s a locator for end-users which want to find the nearest available service partner in their country.

Good luck

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Are there any drawbacks in inserting one 2GB module (leaving one of the 2 slots empty) instead of inserting two 1GB modules (thus using both slots).
Also, can I insert two 2GB modules giving me 4GB total ?
I have an Intel(R) 945 express chipset. If I can, would I have to upgrade bios ?

Thanks in anticipation for a reply.

Answer:Question about RAM upgrade in Equium P200

Hi there,

there aren?t any drawbacks - just install 1x 2GB module if you feel free. You can also install 4GB of RAM but you won?t be able to use the full 4GB due a operating system limitation.

To learn more about the 4GB limitation, check this post:


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I upgraded to 4GB as the Toshiba website said it supports 4GB. In bios I see only 3070MB and Windows 7 64-bit says 4.00 GB RAM (3.00GB RAM usable).

In Task manager is also says Total memory 3070MB.

Answer:Memory upgrade issues with Satellite P200-10C


4GB RAM should be possible.
The notebook seems to support the Mobile Intel? 945PM Express Chipset and according to the Intel Ark page, the 4GB RAM are supported by 945PM

I would recommend checking the advanced boot options:
1. Go to Start, in the search bar type msconfig and press enter.
2. System Configuration window will open on the screen.
3. Click on tab named "boot".
4. Click on "Advanced Options" and uncheck the box for "Maximum Memory".
5. Now reboot again and check the available memory.

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Hi everyone,

I have had a Satellite Pro P200 for 3+ years. It came with Vista Business pre-installed but I clean-installed Windows 7 a few months ago.

Some months ago I replaced the C drive in my desktop with a Solid State Drive and now it sings - system startup and program loads are far faster than before.

Now I'm wondering if the same SSD upgrade could be done to my trusty P200 and if so, what Make/Model of SSD might be best. It would need to be 128Gb or maybe 256Gb in size.

Anyone else gone down this path? Results? Pitfalls?

All replies appreciated.



Answer:SSD upgrade for Satellite Pro P200 (PSPB7A-01000J) - possible?


I think it should be possible.
You should use an SATA SSD drive since the notebook supports the SATA controller.
To be honest I never tried to upgrade the notebook with an SSD drive but SSD is not very different from HDD and usually there should not be a problem.
In some cases a SSD drive firmware update might be necessary but usually such firmware updates should be available on SSD drive manufacturer support page.

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can anyone help? I want to upgrade the wireless card in my laptop to wireless N, but I have one problem. I can't find where it goes.
I've taken all the access panels off the bottom but i can't find anything.

Can someone point me in the right direction :)


Answer:Satellite P200 - wireless card upgrade


I think you cannot find the installed WLan card because it is hidden under the keyboard.

But if you would remove the keyboard and would upgrade the WLan card by yourself then you will lose the warranty validity. Do you really want to lose the warranty?

If I would be you then I would ask an authorized service technician for this job.
What is your opinion?

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I have recently purchased a Satellite P200-13Z and am curious to know if there are any anvliable upgrades to the intergrated graphics card that would not break warranty.

Does anyone know of a product I could purchase?

Answer:Graphics card upgrade on Satellite P200


Please don?t waste a time for searching for any notebooks internal graphic cards.
You cannot upgrade the graphic card on the notebook.

The GPU is soldered on the board and you will be not able to replace it!!

The notebooks technology is simply different as a desktop PC and the hardware upgrades are mostly not possible.
You can upgrade an device like HDD or RAM but not a GPU (graphic processor, card)

Ps: Of course you will lose the warranty if will disassemble the notebook

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People, can anyone assist.

Is it possible to upgrade my existing RAM of 2Gb to 4GB for my Toshiba P200 and what type of RAM should I buy.

Any assistance is appreciated.


Answer:Satellite P200 - Upgrading RAM - Can I upgrade this laptop from 2 to 4 ?


What does the user manual said?
Did you check this?

If you don?t have the user manual then you could download it from here: -> Support & Download -> Toshiba User Manual

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Am looking to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7, anybody done this? And was thier any problems with drivers etc?


Answer:Satellite P200-17C - Upgrade from Vista to Windows 7


I don?t know what you want to hear now exactly but you can download all drivers here: => Support & Downloads => Download Drivers

As far as I know this P200 model belongs to the PSPB6 series.
Therefore it seems that all drivers available for Windows 7 32bit.

Generally about Vista and Windows 7 I can say that new OS runs much faster and never had a problem as yet. I can recommend it! :)

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I have a Satellite P200 and a recovery disk. I do not want to use this as it wipes my drive clean C: and E: which has all my data on it.

Is there a restore button to factory settings that just affects drive C: and will leave E: in tact? I thought I read somewhere that there was.

Answer:Re: Satellite P200 - question about part Recovery


If you have Satellite P200 something like this is not possible. Unfortunately, before recovery procedure starts the whole HDD will be deleted (formatted). Before you start recovery procedure back up all your important data on some external device, or burn it on DVD-R/RW media.

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Is it possible to add a 2nd hard drive to this machine. The compartment is there, but the drive connectors are not, ( fittings are ) ? Thanks for help

PS: I got 300kb/s download the other day. good A.

Answer:Question about adding 2nd drive to Satellite P200-17C

Hi there,

if the drive connectors are not there, then you won?t be able to install a second drive. It?s also NOT possible to solder something to the mainboard since the BIOS has to be fitted and there are maybe some technical differences on the motherboard between the machine with 2 HDD?s and the one with just ONE HDD.

Wish you a nice weekend


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Alright guys, I bought a Satellite P200-143 a while back, and I've got to recover it today, just to get rid of all the junk on it and when I boot it up, press F12 and it goes fine. When the little black screen comes up and it says 'progress [percentage goes here]' it always sticks at 54%. I think it's because the disk has scratch on it.

Does anyone know where I could download the recovery setup from online? I'm running Windows Vista on it by the way.

Any help appreciated.

Answer:Question about recovery disc on Satellite P200-143

Unfortunately, you cannot download the Toshiba image from any Toshiba websites.
If you want to recover the notebook with the image then you have to use the Toshiba Recovery CD.
If your CD is faulty then you can order it from the ASP in your country. In my knowledge it?s not expensive.
Talk to the ASP technicians and ask for the compatible one.

Best regards

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Although I have no problem with sound coming through the speakers. When I connect a set of headphones the sound is very wishy-washy with the track in the background.

I cannot find any controls to adjust the headphone output and when I check in display manager, there is only mention of the HD sound driver.
It seems that the front panel sockets have no individual settings on the computer.

Please help

Answer:Question about headphone socket on Satellite P200-1EE

Ok, feel a bit of a plonker!!
Headphones used were faulty.

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I have the Toshiba P200-17C Personal Computer and I don't want software like Norton ISI because I want to install my own I, so was thinking of formatting the drive to install Vista Premium on it's own and then install the various drivers and utilities from the download section on the Toshiba webssite but, after reading the thread at this link:

I see that some users who also have this pc have had problems installing the drivers and utilities they got from the website for their P200-17C. One user who installed Vista Business instead of Vista Premium and then tried to install the drivers/utilities for Vista Business which he downloaded from toshiba and was getting error messages like 'incorrect serial number'.

I still want to use Vista Premium on my P200-17C and then install my selected Toshiba approved drivers/utilities. Surely in this situation, all of the drivers and utilities should install without problems on the same computer model and s/n?



Answer:Satellite P200-17C: Question about installation of own Vista


The Toshiba European driver page provides the drivers for Vista OS. This means that these drivers should be compatible with all Vista versions. There should be no problem because all Vista OS?s uses the same core!

But note; if you use the own Vista you have to use also a compatible serial key for a right Vista version. Additionally you should note that there are different P200 series and therefore right drivers for the right series should be choose from the download form.

That?s all

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Do all Satellite P200 PSPBGE models come with a Synaptics Touchpad.


Answer:Question about touchpad manufacturers of Satellite P200

Hi there,

I googled a bit around and it seems that all P200 have a synaptcis pad. Even my A100 and my Tecra?s have a synaptics pad, so I just want to ask:
Why you?re asking? ;)


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Can anyone advise me if I can connect an audio interface (firewire) to the port nearest front on left side of my P200?

A friend tells me that I would need a port like this one: [] though the P200 port is smaller: []

The interface I am considering buying is this one: []

Advice gratefully received,


Answer:Question about Firewire Port on Satellite Pro P200


I assume the Satellite Pro P200 support the 4pol firewire port (IEEE 1394).
Your external audio device supports the 6pol firewire ports.
Therefore you would need a cable or adapter which would support both firewire standards; 4pol and 6pol

I think a cable like this one should help you to connect the audio devices to the Sat Pro P200

[4-pin (left) and 6-pin (right) FireWire connectors.|]


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I recently (09-09-2007) bought a Satellite P200-14H from a reseller from Romania, and Windows Vista has crashed. I was obligated to reinstall OS without loosing the entire information on the HDD drive (2 partitions -c: windows installation, d: some information that I must not loose.). With the DVD you provided I have to delete the entire HDD which is NOT an option so I looked over the internet and downloaded a windows vista installation image so I can install windows without deleting the d: partition.

I have started to look for the drivers and I have found them but when I tried to install some of them the following error occurs: "invalid serial number" when I try to install the following applications: Flash Media Driver, Hardware Setup and Value Added Package.

What can I do in order to be able to use the function keys, for example? I have phoned computers shop, the regional representative of Toshiba in Romania and I received the answer that their only job is related to hardware not software.

I have followed the entire 'Installation Instructions' how to but it doesn't work. I can't use the function keys of my computer and it is out of the question to loose the information on entire HDD driver, but only on partition C.

Thank you very much and I hope you will give me a solution soon.

Answer:Question about software installation on Satellite P200

Hello Adrian

Unfortunately you are right about recovering procedure. But if I am understand you right you can start and use Vista now. If yes why you do not save all your data on external device or create data DVDs? When all your data are saved you can install OS again using delivered recovery media and later copy the data on to partition D again.

I can understand the answer from people you are talking with. If there is no hardware damage and you have recovery DVD they can not do much for you. The notebook is not defective. Crashed Vista is your responsibility. You have recovery DVD and you can install OS 1000 times if you want. Sorry but the arguments are not on your side.

We can discuss about why you can not install OS on existing partition but it will not help you. If you can start Vista save all your data and make a clean OS installation.

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I have had my laptop for 2 months now and when i click on computer to look at my hard drive there are two; 1 called vista (:c) andthe other data (:E).
Why is ther two HDDs?
And the one called Vista has 21.5 GB free and the other has 71.2 GB free.
So when one gets full will my laptop automatically use the other one?


Answer:Satellite Pro P200-1EE: Question about two partitions on HDD with Vista


From my experience the Vista OS needs the second partition for the data backup. It?s necessary and important if you want to restore or repair the Windows OS. This is a new Vista function!

> So when one gets full will my laptop automatically use the other one?
No, it will not switch automatically to the other partition if the first partition gets full.
You have to point to the second partition if you want to store some data on this second partition.

Best regards

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Just brought a Satellite P200 it has vista Home premum on,, has recovery disc1 but no recovery disc2, how do I get disc2 or should it have been supplied by Toshiba ?

Answer:Question about recovery "disc 2" for Satellite P200


so why do you need recovery disc2. Are you sure that a disc 2 has been shipped with that machine? And did you already tried to recover that machine with the error message that disc 2 has to been inserted?

If you buy a new machine and there are the cd?s you have then I think it will make some sense that just that cd were shipped with the machine.


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I have a dual boot XP-Vista system. If I downgrade to Windows XP BIOS V5.20 from VISTA BIOS V2.20, is there a particular impact on Vista? I'm not interested at all by Vista which I leave there as a museum piece. But I may eventually want to log into it in a year or two.

I'm also concerned about the request for a password after the flash. This was reported on 21st March in one of these threads.

Answer:Question about Win XP downgrade and BIOS - Satellite P200

Not at all! You can make BIOS update. Absolutely no negative influence on Vista functionality. I have it on my P200 and still use Vista. Do not worry buddy. You can use Vista anytime you want.

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Can somebody answer this question please: When charging the battery on Satellite P200 and the battery gets to 100% charged, and the light goes blue is there a charge still going to the battery or does the pc disconnect the charge?

The reason I ask this is because my laptop is plugged in for long lengths of time and I don't want to fry the battery because 99% of the time its used like a desktop pc.

Answer:Question about charging battery on Satellite P200-1JV


Have you checked the user manual for more informations? I have downloaded it on the Toshiba website because I have another model and I can find the following information about the Power LED:
+In normal operating mode, the Power LED is blue (depending on the model you purchased). If the system is in Sleep Mode the LED will flash amber, while the LED will be off when the computer is turned off or is in Hibernation mode.+

I don?t know if this information is useful for you but if the notebook is connected with the AC/DC adaptor the battery will not be used.


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Hard drive crashed a few days ago.
Re-installed everything using the recovery disc.
Over 200 vista updates.

Installed TEMPRO after all the Vista updates.
The problem is the HD-DVD Player update from 2007 = callelua.asp?ID=60624.
Keeps coming back as an error page.

Any hints on what to do next, as the drive will run normal dvd's using VLC Player.
I take it that Toshiba are not now supporting HD-DVD on this machine?

Answer:Satellite P200-1EE - HD-DVD Player update question

Do you need this player or not?
I mean if you use DVD movies only you can remove this player from the system.

I think VLC player is good software and you can use it for watching movies.

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I have downloaded the latest driver from the toshiba download site as the Nvidia site does not support my card - Go 7600. When I run it it fails right at the start saying that the OS is not Vista x32 - which it is! I have updated the BIOS to v1.70. Has anyone else had this problem?


Answer:Unable to upgrade Nvidia driver of Satellite P200-144

The same here, can't update and get the same error message.

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recently brought a P200-1BK model and found that VISTA is much more RAM hungry than i anticipated! I was wondering IF upgrading my RAM from 2gb to 4 gb would effect the ATI Graphics card of Hyper-memory of 1023MB.

My main worries are, the card will only do its dedicated 256MB and not full hyper memory after change to 4gb. The Graphics card is a ATI Mobility Radeon HD2600 supporting HyperMemory technology.

If someone could advise me that would be great and appreciated!!



Answer:Satellite P200-1BK: Would RAM upgrade effect the ATI GPU Hyper-memory

Hi there,

you worries are arbitrary since the Hyper memory will be going up to 1023MB when you install at least 2GB of RAM.

I copied here a description from the toshiba UK site:

manufacturer : ATI
type : ATI Mobility? Radeon? HD2600 supporting HyperMemory? technology
memory : 256 MB dedicated VRAM (up to 1.023 MB total available graphics memory using HyperMemory? technology with 2 GB system memory)
memory type : DDR Video RAM (resp. DDR Video RAM and DDR system memory combined)
connected bus : 16x PCI Express

Feel free to upgrade your machine with more RAM and enjoy the full capacity of graphics memory.


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Hopefully somebody can assist......

I downloaded the latest bios upgrade available from the Toshiba website for model Satellite P200 17c Windows Vista 32 bit version. (Upgrading from v1.40)
The following directory structure is created bios-20080630110240, containing files; setup and SRAA250a.rom.

When I launch setup, the zip file extracts but then halts stating "The size of the rom file is incorrect". The bios upgrade fails to take affect?? Any suggestions will be most helpful.

I am installing this bios update in the hope that it will cure a display issue I am experiencing. After a period of use, the display suddenly goes bright and can only be reversed by rebooting the laptop. Has anybody out there experienced this? I already installed the latest ATI Mobility Radeon display drivers- 8.452.0.0

Thank you.

Answer:BIOS Upgrade for Satellite P200-17c fails to install


Try to extract all files from the zip-archive before you start the update.
I have updated the BIOS but I did extract all first and I don?t have problems.

For more informations check this:


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Just received notification of a BIOS update.

Downloaded update only for it to say "The size of ROM file is incorrect".
Is this a Toshiba problem or is there something I can do at my end?

The ROM file in question is named SRAA250a and the file size is 1,094,694.
I have extracted it into its own folder and directly into C:windows/Temp bur still no joy.
Anyone else have this problem?

Answer:Question about BIOS Update for Satellite P200-1EE (PSPB6E)


I have found thread with the same theme and this link was post

Maybe it can help you.
Good luck!

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I recently bought a P200D-128 advertised as having 256Mb of dedicated graphics memory only to find it only has an HD2400 card with 128Mb (the name should be been a clue, I know).

I had been looking for a model with 256Mb as I had read it was recommended for good graphics performance under Vista.
On the P200-128 model the Vista Experience Index showed:

Processor: 4.8
Memory: 5.9
Graphics: 3.3
Gaming graphics: 3.7
Hard disk: 5.2

So the overall score of 3.3 did seem to be limited by the graphics performance.

I am now considering upgrading this model to a P200-1FZ (which has an HD2600 card with 256Mb of memory) but would like to know if this significantly improves the graphics score and the Vista Experience Index.

If anyone has this model (or one close to it) and could tell me the VEI score I would be very grateful.


Answer:Satellite P200-1FZ: Question about Vista Experience Index?


Just for info: I have Satellite P200D-111 with ATI Mobility Radeon X2600 almost 5 months now. I use Vista Home Premium and to be honest I am pretty satisfied with Vista performance. Till now I have also tested with several games like ?Call of Duty 2?, ?Call of Duty 4?, ?El Matador? and older WXP games like ?FarCry? and ?Max Payne 2?. It runs perfectly.

I like ?Call of Duty 4?. It funs simply fantastic. I do not even use it under ?Full performance?. At the moment I think about RAM upgrade to have better running OS. at the end I can say one thing: for reasonable price I have great notebook.


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Can i upgrade the graphics card on my Satellite P200-13z? What are my various options and the corresponding prices?

I only have built in onboard intel 3D accelerator card.

Answer:Question about upgrading a graphics card of Satellite P200-13z


Such questions were posted many times here in the Toshiba forum and there is only one answer;
It?s not possible to upgrade the graphic card on any notebooks!!!!!

The GPU is mostly soldered and fixed on the motherboard and it?s impossible to remove it!!!

You ask for various options? Well? I read about external graphic cards for notebooks but in my opinion this is not a real option and don?t think the performance of such graphic card would be much better as your internal graphic card in the P200 notebook

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Will there be a release for a FULL XP HD2600 driver for the P200?
I am waiting, since I bought my laptop for drivers, but it is still a BETA.
I wrote several mails to Toshiba. I am seriously thinking of buy an other laptop with an NVIDIA card:

1 & 2. Answer:
There is a new driver available ---- no, it was every time the same driver, it has been only re-uploaded, there were NO changes
3. Answer:
use omega drivers --- haha, they don?t work with 2k cards
4. Answer:
go to --- lol, they only have NVIDIA drivers!!!

Because of that I want to ask here:
Are there any informations for a driver release for a P200 XP Ati HD 2600 driver?
I only want to know, if they will release a driver?

Answer:Satellite P200: Question about ATI HD 2600 drivers release

:) cannot believe that this should be happen!

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Since upgrading Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate the integrated webcam has not worked. I've re-installed the Camera software whch proceeds to the point of updating driver software. The process fails with the messages "Windows encountered a problem install the driver software for your device". "Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it. Chicony USB 2.0 Camera". "The driver installation file for this device is missing a necessary entry. This may be because the INF was written for Windows 95 or later. Contact your hardware vendor".

The Toshiba download site does not contain drivers for this device. only the Camera Assistant Software. The Chicony Electronics site contains some drivers for cameras, but doesn't describe the cameras and refers to model numbers which don't tally with the Toshiba references. I tried the latest model, but the driver installation completed with no termination messages and the camera still didn't work. Running the installation a second time recognised that something had been installed and proceeded to remove it, again no completion messages. A real class act!

Can anyone suggest where I might find a solution?

Answer:Satellite P200 - Webcam stopped working after Vista upgrade


> The Toshiba download site does not contain drivers for this device. only the Camera Assistant Software
That?s the driver *and* software!!! This is the complete package that you need for the webcam!!!

Before you install the latest software you should remove the old one firstly. Then restart your notebook and use CCleaner to clean up your registry and Windows. One restart more and you can install the latest drivers from the Toshiba website.

Check this!!!

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After upgrade to vista ultimate the web camera was not working. After some search i found that i had to change the driver to usb video camera which i made.

Everything is working fine now except the snapshot button of the camera software. Video and audio recording is working fine. Snapshot button is not working after clicking it. Can anyone help me solve this too.

Answer:Satellite P200-10C: Camera does not work after upgrade to Vista ultimate


did you reinstalled the camera software (not just the drivers) which controls the special functions like that snapshot-thingy?

It should help to reinstall everything since vista is confusing every driver/software to the maximum.. :)
Would appreciate some feedback on your success.


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I have just bought a Satellite P200-17c. The ati mobility radeon HD 2400 grafic card was said to be 895MB.
However I have since found out the card only has 128MB of dedicated video memory.

Can i upgrade this and if so with what?

Answer:Satellite P200-17C: How to upgrade the dedicated video memory of Radeon HD 2400


You cannot upgrade the memory of the onboard ATI Radeon Mobility HD 2400 which has 128MB of dedicated video memory (that's memory on the card), but by using a chunk of the 2GB of RAM when required, the video memory can be increased to 895MB.



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I have just purchased the Toshiba Satellie P200-17C Notebook and I have one or two questions which I hope can be answered in this forum? aShop=true

1. Under 'bundled software' at the link above, it states that the "Toshiba Value Added Package" is included but I do not see this CD/DVD in the box. (My Equium L10 had a Value Added CD in the box).

Toshiba User's Manual
Norton Internet Security 2007 (includes free Internet updates for 90 days)
Ulead DVD MovieWriter for TOSHIBA
*Toshiba Value Added Package*
Supervisor Password Utility
Toshiba Assist
Toshiba Speech System
Chicony Camera Assistant Software
Toshiba DVD Player
Microsoft Works 8.5 (with Office Home and Student 2007 Trial)
Toshiba Disc Creator
Connectivity Doctor

Why is the Value Added Package not inlcuded and what exactly is included on the CD/DVD for the P200-17C? I am also not sure if I have all of the above either. I.e. ConfigFree, Connectivity Doctor, Toshiba Assist etc, but I will check over the next few hours and post back.

2. Under "Special Features", it mentions:

*Microsoft Windows HotStart for instant-on entertainment*

But I do not see any reference to this in the owners manual and how it works. Can anyone help here please?

3. What CD/DVD writing software is included? I am looking for something lik... Read more

Answer:Satellite P200-17C: Question about Toshiba tools and Windows Vista HotStart

> Why is the Value Added Package not included and what exactly is included on the CD/DVD for the P200-17C? I am also not sure if I have all of the above either. I.e. ConfigFree, Connectivity Doctor, Toshiba Assist etc, but I will check over the next few hours and post back.

The Toshiba value added package is a collection of different single Toshiba applications like TOSHIBA Components Common Driver, TOSHIBA Power Saver, TOSHIBA Password Utility, TOSHIBA Flash Cards, etc?

All this applications are already installed on the Toshiba image which is placed on the Toshiba recovery CD.

>Microsoft Windows HotStart for instant-on entertainment
As far as I know Windows Hotstart in the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system provides built-in support for launching applications directly from system startup.
Manufacturers can take advantage of Windows HotStart to add consumer-friendly application-access buttons through chassis front panels.
In your case this are the Toshiba control buttons for example.

>What CD/DVD writing software is included?

There should be an preinstalled tool called Toshiba Disc creator.
Using this too you can create original audio CD, data CD and DVD and backup discs of CD and DVD

Hope I have clarified everything

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I upgraded my P200-144 from Vista Home Premium to Vista Ultimate and the Chicony camera has now failed. Despite reinstalling the driver and all the other possible remedies found on the internet and this site the camera still will not work. Any ideas anyone?

Answer:Satellite P200-144: After upgrade from Vista Premium to Ultimate Chicony camera fails


You post a question which was already answered many times!!!!
It?s not necessary to post always the same!!!!!
Use the forum ?advanced search? before opening a new thread!!!

But because you are new here I am patience with you!!!

Check this thread:

Finally I expect some reward points ;)


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I have a Satellite P200-13Z with single standard Fujitsu 120GB SATA hard disk. I want to change this to a 250GB Western Digital 7200RPM SATA II drive. Does this notebook SATA interface support SATA II? Many thanks!

Answer:Satellite P200-13Z - Hard Disk Upgrade - Can it use SATA II hard discs?

No your laptop doesnt support SATA II.

However, you can buy the SATA II hard disc and put it into your laptop. Only way to get it going is to restrict the new hard drive speed to SATA I speeds. To do that involves putting a jumper on the drive to restrict it to SATA I speeds. Once thats done put it into your laptop and viola it works.

Good luck, but I'd get a toshiba technician to install it if its under warranty. This is for your sake so you dont turn your laptop into a boat anchor.

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Hi all,

after having downloaded and installed the latest sound driver upgrade a few days ago I discovered that I could no longer use my sound card as recording device. Now I can only choose between the notebook's integrated microphone and the line-in jack.

Does anyone know how re-enable sound card recording, please?

Answer:Satellite P200 (PSPB3E) - Sound driver upgrade disables sound card recording

I'm not sure if i was clear or not.
Actually i can no longer record sound coming directly from my sound card.

I used to do it before installing that new sound driver.
I don't have a restore point for a date preceeding the install and i also remember that the installer warned me that it would uninstall the current sound driver before installing the new one.

So i guess that uninstalling the latest driver will leave me with no sound at all.

So what should i do?
How do i recover the ability to record sound from my sound card ?

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My laptop a P200. It has an internal HD DVD drive. As this is a defunct standard can it be replaced with a blueray drive? If so which model would fit.


Answer:Satellite P200 - Can I upgrade HD DVD drive to a Blueray drive?


I doubt this would be possible because I don?t know any internal BlueRay players which are compatible with this notebook.

However, if you will be able to find an internal blue ray ODD and will updates it then please come back and post the results.


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I need a new keyboard for my L500 and found out, that the keyboad of the P200 (and some other models) seems to be the same (105 keys, num pad, 2 win keys). Are those keyboards 100% compatible or do they just look the same?

Answer:Satellite L500 and Satellite P200 - compatible keyboards?


In my opinion this question is for Toshiba service and not for user-to-user forum.

Anyway I think that both keyboards are not the same and you should order 100% identical keyboard designed for your notebook model.

Question is: why do you look for keyboards for old notebook models if you can order new one for L500.
On eBay you can get it quite affordable.

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My Satellite A30-104 has recently come to the end of its warranty, and having had to open up the heatsink for cleaning and seeing that the CPU was accessible, I wonder if there is any (likely) scope for upgrading it.

The processor is a Celeron (Northwood) 2.6GHz. I'm not looking for more grunt, I'd prefer a lower-power chip, though the much larger L2 cache of a Pentium 4 is also desirable. I'd be very grateful if anyone could advise whether any upgrades are likely available, and if so which chips would be appropriate? If I can give any more useful spec information, please ask.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Question about CPU upgrade for Satellite A30-104?


Generally it?s not advisable to upgrade the CPU on the notebooks because nobody can say if the notebook will run properly and stable after the upgrade.
The heat and high temperature inside the notebook could be a serious problem.

Anyway, I think the notebook supports an Intel 852GME chipset.

The Intel 852GME chipset is optimized for the Mobile Intel Pentium 4 processor, features a 533 MHz system bus and up to 2 GB of high-speed DDR 333/266/200 memory.

But I?m not sure about the socket? it?s either 479 or 478

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Hello, just wanted to update my laptop, and just interesting. Is this laptop supporting 160 gb ?
Maybe even, what the biggest HDD support this computer ?
Because i am thinking on 120gb or better 160gb... And dunno what to do :)
Satellite A10...
Thanks for any advices

Answer:Question about HDD-upgrade on a Satellite A10

Hey there,

I think you should try it, because I think that machine was shipped with a maximum of 80GB, but I am not sure. You have the following options:

1. Buy a HDD with about 120GB. Test it, you cannot damage anything. If the drive would not be recognized then bring it back to the shop and try a HDD with less memory (100GB). Repeat the procedure, if the drive was recognized, hold it. :)
2. Buy a 80GB HDD, which is known to work in that machine. Thats the "secure" way.
3. Do nothing and buy a external USB-HDD. ;)

I hope I could give you some thoughts on your way.


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I only have 192mb of RAM on my laptop, is it possible to increase this, if so how and how much to?

Answer:Satellite A60-672: RAM upgrade question


according the notebook specification you can upgrade RAM up to 1280MB max. Compatible modules are:
PC2700 512MB (PA3312U-1M51)
PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G)

You can use 1 GB RA module and upgrade the notebook to the max level.


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Hi there people.

I have upgraded the memory on my gf's quite old a60 laptop, but want to upgrade the cpu as well now as she is running the celeron 2.8.
The laptop manual says i can have the followng cpu's:

Intel celeron up to 2.8ghz (which i currently have)
Mobile intel pentium 4 processor up to 3.06 ghz
Mobile intel pentium 4 processor up to 3.2 ghz supporting htt

other processors may be introduced and a level 2 cache from 128kb to 1mb

I am trying to work out whether this means i can have the northwood 130nm 3.2ghz or whether i can have the prescott 90nm 3.2ghz.

If I could have the prescott, would I not be able to get the 3.46 ghz prescott?
As these cpus are quite hard to find, i am just checking to see if i can have any of these..., also how easy is it to get in and change the chip inside the laptop :D

While I am asking, is it worth upgrading the hard drive from 40gb 4200 rpm to a 7200 rpm one?

Many thanks for your time people

Answer:Satellite A60 - CPU upgrade question

I wouldn't install a Prescott, they get very hot! The cooling fan may not be able to keep the CPU cool.

Installing a Northwood would be the best option. Looking in google, it appears this laptop can definitely accept Northwood CPU's.

The jump from a Celeron to a Northwood is a big step. But from Northwood to Prescott is only a small step.

I would choose this one:

As for the HDD, 7200RPM drives can get hot and are noisy, and are not that much faster than a 5400RPM drive. A 5400RPM HDD would be the smart choice.

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is the above laptop easy to upgrade with an ssd?cant find any info anywhere on it not evan a review

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i want to change the processor of my laptop that have a intel t2310 (1.46Ghz/1Mb cache) and i've tried with a intel t7200 but doesn't worked.
Can anyone tell me what processors i can install in the laptop.

Thank you,

Answer:Satellite L40-15G - CPU upgrade question


You can use only the CPUs which are supported by chipset and BIOS.
As far as I know the Satellite L40/EQUIUM L40/Satellite Pro L40/Satellite L45 computer is equipped with an Intel Pentium Duo Processor or Intel Celeron M Processor.

These processors were built in:

Pentium Duo Processor (533MHz) 1.6GHz (T2060) /1.73GHz (T2080)/1.86GHz (T2090)/1.86GHz (T2130)


Celeron M Processor (533MHz) 1.73GHz (430) /1.86GHz

I think you can use these CPUs.

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I am having a Toshiba Satellite A60 S-131 bought 2 years ago.
I want to know whether it is possible for me to upgrade the 40GB HDD to a higher capacity HDD(internal) and to upgrade my RAM from 512MB to higher.

Also I had already inserted a 256MB DDR RAM in the empty memory slot almost 1 year ago.

Help will be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite A60-131: Question about HDD and RAM upgrade

Hi Pranjal,

You can definitley upgrade your hard drive to a larger capacity version. You should find that an 80Gb or 100Gb will work just fine. You will need to make sure that you obtain a new drive with the same physical characteristics as you existing one. The following link will help you to remove the hard drive.

You may also wish to get a new hard drive with a faster rotational speed (5400rpm or even 7200rpm).

I believe the maximum RAM for the A60 is 1.25Gb which comprises 1 X fixed module (I presume yours is 256Mb which means that you can install one further module of up to 1Gb capacity. RAM modules are available in 256Mb, 512Mb, and 1Gb capacities.


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I have found out how easy it is to remove the current DVD Writer on my Satellite S70-A (10 seconds) so no problems there.

I see that there is a small lug at the back of the writer allowing the writer to be locked in place by the small bolt that holds the HDD/RAM cover in place

Can I buy a Blu Ray player which has this lug already fitted or I can I fit the lug afterwards?

Can anyone suggest a suitable Blu Ray player to buy as a direct replacement.

Answer:Question about Blu-ray upgrade on Satellite S70-A

Most of S70-A notebooks are offered with DVD-multi optical disc drives. Just few of them are offered with 9.5MM BD-ROM. Unfortunately I don't know which model of BD-ROM is this exactly.
It is not easy to find any information which model can be used on your machine.

I’m not 100% sure but it could be UJ162 UJ-162.

Let’s see if someone else can find exact info about that.

Anyway, in worst case you can order it and test it. if there is some problem simply send it back.

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I want a bigger hard drive but xp home edition is pre installed. If i change the hdd i dont think the recovery disk would work to re install xp. How do i do this without buying a new version of windows? Oh it is a notebook satellite pro spa10.

Answer:Satellite Pro A10: Question about HDD upgrade

Sorry but why you suggest the Recovery CD will not recognize the new HDD?
Fact is if the BIOS will recognize the new HDD then you will not have any problems with recovering and the OS installation.

If you want to upgrade the HDD you have to use an compatible one. Then simply boot-up from the recovery CD and the OS will install on the new HD drive.

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I would like to upgrade the standard HGST HDD to a faster Seagate SSHD, and the problem is that in this model L50-A-19N there is no HDD cover, the whole laptop bottom must be removed like in this Link: [Video|]

My question is can I upgrade the Disk by Myself and if not what can I do to replace the Disk not losing the warranty. I read the manual for this model and there is nothing about HDD upgrades there.


Answer:Satellite L50-A-19N HDD upgrade question

Usually on most notebook models HDD is placed at the bottom and access to it is not complicated. As you can see on your notebook model it is not so easy and HDD exchange is not supported. With other words it should not be done by notebook owner.

Valid warranty is very important so please don't do anything on your own. HDD exchange in your case can be done by authorized service provider. If they do this warranty will not be cancelled.

Contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. Addresses and phone numbers you can find on

Good luck

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I want to upgrade my notebook with a new CPU.
The (hardware) socket ist a 479. But when I ask Intel about my current CPU, it tells my that it is a 478.
The Chipset is an Intel 852/855 GM/GME, after Intel ChipsetUtility.

I am a little confused about the different data about the socket.
With CPUs will fit?

Answer:Satellite A10: CPU Upgrade question


I?m not sure about the CPU socket in the Satellite A10 but I use the tool called ?Everest home edition? and this tool provides all necessary information about the kind of socket and another important CPU info.

But as far as I know the Satellite A10 and Pro A10 was delivered with different hardware specifications and different CPU?s.
It seems the Intel Pentium 4-M and the Mobile Intel Celeron CPU are compatible:

Mobile Intel Pentium 4-M model
A 1.80/1.90/2.00/2.20GHz Pentium 4 processor with a 1.80/1.90/2.00/2.20/1.20GHz internal clock, 400MHz bus and 1.30/1.20V core operation
Mobile Intel Celeron model
A 1.80/2.00/2.20GHz Celeron processor with a 1.80/2.00/2.20GHz internal clock, 400MHz bus and 1.30V core operation

But I really don?t recommend the CPU upgrade.
As far as I know the microcode must be updated after the CPU and motherboard replacement. If you don?t update the microcode the CPU will run only at 600Mhz.

Be careful!

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I've recovered my son's old A40 from Virus and spyware infections. Now I want to upgrade.

At present, I still have the old Bios and a 30GB 4200RPM IDE disk. (model n PSA45E-007N1-EN)
Is it like the A10 that accepts maximum 60GB drive or can I go bigger ?

One supplier suggests I stay at 4200RPM but to ask Toshiba what they recommend, so far no reply.
Any suggestions ?

Many thanks

Answer:Satellite A40: Question about HDD upgrade


How did you try to ask Toshiba??? As far as I know you can ask the authorized service provider in your country for information but not a Toshiba directly.

However, I have investigated a little bit here in the forum and found this thread:

and this one

It seems there are no official informations but the user ?henrivdw? has upgraded the A30 (similar to A40) with the 80GB HDD successfully.

Good luck

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Hi can someone please tell me what I need to upgrade my laptop? I cannot work it out exactly what I need please can someone tell me e.g. pc2100 or pc 2700??? also what mhz?

Answer:Satellite A60-108 Ram upgrade question

This is the relevant Crucial Technology memory upgrade page.
Satellite A60

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ich have a Satellite Pro 2100 with a harddrive capacity of 40GB. Now I want wo upgrate it with a 100GB or 120GB HDD. Is it supported? Where is the upper limit of supported capacity? Is there something I have to look out? Are there special attributes which I have to look for?

forward thanks for your support

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100: Question about HDD Upgrade


It's very improbable that the 100 or 120GB HDD will work.
I assume the BIOS will not recognize these HDDs.
I don't found any officials documents about the supported HDDs but I think the 60GB HDD is biggest HDD which would works on the Satellite Pro 2100.

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I want to upgrade the HDD of my U200-128 notebook. What is the maximum HDD size that can be used? Is it possible to use 250GB HDD? My current BIOS version is 3.7

Thank you

Answer:Question about HDD upgrade on Satellite Pro U200-128

Hi there,

yes it?s possible to upgrade to 250GB since that size probably the chipset (ICH7-M) can handle. Feel free to put such big drive in your machine and be happy. :)

If you need more information on your chipset then check this site:


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hiiiii everyone i need to ask a critical question about my Toshiba laptop model name: satellite a110-195, model nu:psaboe.

1- I have a Ram with Buss 533 512 MB DDR2, if i changed it to Buss 667 2 GB Ram does it downgrade to 533 buss & works fine & not cuz troubles & be stable in my laptop or not?

2- what's the maximum Ram Sizes & Busses that can my laptop deal with it ?

plz replay quickly cuz i have problems in Rams upgrades thx

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Answer:Satellite A110-195 Ram upgrade question


What does the user manual say about the RAM upgrade?
Usually such info is always mentioned in user manuals?

But generally you have to know that RAM upgrade depends on the chipset.
The chipset FSB (front side buss) is important for RAM speed.
If the FSB supports only 533Mhz then your RAM modules would run max with 533Mhz speed even than the RAM modules would support a faster speed; ie 667Mhz.

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I upgraded the ram last year and im running at top capacity for my model, 2.0gb.

This really helped for a while, but after a couple of heavy programmes were installed this year (one software, one game) ive noticed it running as slow as before, its worth noting that my computer passed all the spec needed for both apart from the game where im running on 1.7ghz and it needs at the very least 2.0ghz from the processor, and i am running on the slowest peformance speed from the game itself.

It currently has a pentium centrino, bearing in mind a new laptop is not in my budget, is it worth getting a new processor and which would be best?

Thanks again, Rebekah.

Answer:Satellite Pro L20-PSL25E - CPU upgrade question


My personal opinion is that Satellite L20 is not designed for heavy operations and it is definitely not gaming machine. If you compare price for Satellite A and Satellite L notebooks you will understand why. I am pretty sure this notebook is designed for Internet, Office and all simple ?every day? activities.

RAM upgrade is very good and I am sure it helps a lot but CPU upgrade is not the solution. CPU upgrade is not supported. You must also understand that every hardware platform is designed for optimal hardware activity. CPU, graphics, cooling system and other hardware components must work harmonic and without overheating. Stronger CPU means more heat.

In my opinion you should optimize preinstalled operating system in hope software you use will runs better and more stabile.

Bu the way:

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I'm thinking of upgrading to Vista but some things are confusing me. I have a Satellite P15 with an OEM XP Home package installed. Am I fine to buy another OEM DVD of Vista to use to upgrade or will this cause some sort of conflict with the hidden recovery partition etc.

I understand either way that if I choose to upgrade and want to completely install Vista from new I will have to reformat my hard drive? That's a tough call. Is there any way to simply upgrade to Vista but keep everything I have already installed at all? I have tonnes of useful stuff and tonnes of rubbish which I'm equally not keen to lose and don't fancy spending hours backing it all up, equally I don't want to have dual boot to be honest. It's either Vista or XP, not both for me.

Any ideas?

I guess my biggest concern is OEM compatibility with another OEM package and whether the P15 will allow it at all.


Answer:Question about Vista upgrade on Satellite P15

To be honest, you're probably not going to get a decent reply, unless it's from someone who's also tried to do something similar. Pretty much, Vista has an upgrade feature, but it follows similar series (WXP Home - Vista premium, WXP Pro - Vista ultimate, and variation in between).

I personally setup a dual boot to test Vista, and enjoyed it, but I keep my WXP just in case. An upgrade install, even if you go for it, will be messy. To get the most out of Vista, and to have a clean nice slate, I'd definitely go for a fresh install. I know, backing stuff up, a pain, dual boot, a pain, but in reality, people are probably going to say 'deal with it, no whining' or try an upgrade install which could cause much more head aches than it's worth.

You could also put everything you want into a folder on your C: and then after you do a fresh install (you don't HAVE to format on a fresh install, you can install OVER a previous OS) you can delete whatever is left of the old OS that you don't need. In all honesty, there's no 'Care free' 'easy' way to install a new operating system, it took me about 8 hours to configure everything and install all my programs to how I like in vista, and that already knowing where most of the commands are and more or less knowing what I'm doing. So, put a weekend aside, and get through it, or just avoid it and stay with WXP.

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Hi all,

I am looking for some information on how to upgrade the RAM for my SATELLITE S3000-X4 (120MB RAM, 14GB HD I think!). Heres a little background...

This laptop is approx 5 years old, and I am hoping to speed it up a little. I dont not want to buy a new computer as it generally serves my needs.

I have cleared out my hard drive of unwanted programs and files. And I have run Jv16 Power Tools to clean the registry and minimise start up processes.

It is still a little slow and so I am considering upgrading the RAM as I believe I can do this for around ?50. My questions are:

What type of RAM upgrade should I look at buying? (Does this laptop have 2 RAM 'plug ins' or just one?)
What size of RAM upgrade is the maximum a S3000-X4 could cope with?
Could a novice like myself fit the upgrade DIY style?!

Thanks for any help you can offer!!


Answer:Satellite 3000-X4: Question about RAM upgrade

Hi Gabrielle

It is pretty old unit. I have searched some info but unfortunately I didn?t find much. The unit can use 512 MB of RAM and you can use two memory modules. I am not 100% sure but I think you can use module with follow part number PA3086U-1M25.

The unit is not known to me but please check bottom side. On most units there you can find memory cover.

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Hi, new to this forum.
I tried to find a direct contact to ask this, but could not locate any email options on the website, only phone numbers, which aren't an option right now as I have other obligations during business hours at the moment.

I'm a computer technician of 30 years and have today purchased a new Satellite Pro R50-C PS566A-004001 with an i7-5500U, 8GB of RAM and 1TB HDD Notebook for a customer of mine. He has requested an additional 8GB of RAM, which I purchased at the same time from my wholesaler. On opening the box I discovered there is no access to the memory slots or the Hard Drive. The Toshiba Website states in the specs that the RAM is expandable to 16GB, but it appears the back cover has to be fully removed to gain access. I would like to check if I remove the back cover will this void the warranty. The specifications on the Toshiba website do not state that it is not user accessible to change the RAM, where as from the research I did for the customer, other cheaper models do state this. I have sold Toshiba and other brands Notebooks in the past and have always ensured that the specifications for the laptop did not say the RAM was non user accessible, and as such that I would be able to upgrade the RAM as customers request.

As above, I just wish to check that upgrading the RAM on this laptop will not void the Toshiba warranty, since the specifications do state that the laptop is expandable to 16GB of RAM, and do not state that it is not user accessible/u... Read more

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my satellite 1110-z14 has an intel mobile celeron @ 1,5 ghz. The cpu is based on p4 architecture - it should be a northwood-256.
Is there any chance to upgrade the cpu?

The 1110-z20 is powered by the mobile celeron @ 2,0 ghz - all other technical specs except the harddisc are the same... (ati radeon mob m6 with 16mb, usb 1.1 and so on...).

What do you think, can i upgrade the cpu?
Which cpu's can i use?

thx for your answers!

Answer:Question about CPU upgrade for Satellite 1110-Z14


As far as I know the 1110 series computer is equipped with an Intel 845MZ system controller.
I found on the Intel page some details about the Intel 845MZ chip set. It should handle the Mobile Intel Pentium 4 processor - M with 400 MHz FSB
On the Intel page you can find the whole CPU family.

But generally the CPU replacement and upgrade is not advisable and nobody can say if the OS will run stable after such upgrade? Therefore be careful.

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Hello, i'm from greece and i'm new here, i know im newbe..

I have toshiba Satellite A200-23q (motherboard: intel gm965, cpu: t5550 (1,8ghz) )...

Resently i bought Intel T7500 (2,2ghz)..
Can i upgrade this laptop with this cpu?? What bios can i updated it to?

Sorry for my language mistakes...


Answer:Satellite A200-23Q - Cpu upgrade question


Usually the CPU upgrade is not advisable.
First of all the BIOS which was developed for this unit, has not been tested with different CPUs and in worst case the BIOS will not be compatible with the new CPU.

The Chipset should support this CPU;

Chapter 1.1.1 Processor Support:
The chipset supports the Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile processors 533Mhz and 800Mhz FSB support.

The Intel? Core?2 Duo Processor T7500 supports 800 MHz FSB so it should be supprted by chipset.

But once again; there are other reasons why the CPU upgrade should not be done;
The BIOS is one reason.
The second reason is the higher heat dissipation which would be created by stronger CPU? this could affect the notebook functionality as well.

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If I upgrade my Satellite A40 processor to hyper threading technology to 3.00Ghz, the problem s does not pass my chipset to hypo threading, should I have a problem to my notebook conditions?.......

Answer:Satellite A40 - question about processor upgrade


If you open your notebook and make something on your own you will lose your warranty.

Just for info; the processors used in portables are connected to the system board using a process called TCP (Tape Carrier Package). This is a permanent connection method and is used in the interests of miniaturisation and heat dissipation. As far as I know because of this connection method the CPU upgrade is not possible.

Good luck!

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Hi to all.....
I would like to ask something.....

I have toshiba Satellite A200-1cr with 120GB HDD.....

I would like to change my HDD. I 've found a hard drive 2.5" with 250GB.

My questions are the following:

1) My knowledge of desktops are very very good. Is it easy to change it on my own?
I guess it is but i want to be sure.. I suppose it gets IDE on it, right?? No SATA at all?

2) If i changed it am i losing my guarantee?

3) Can i give my notebook in a Toshiba official shop in greece and let them do the change?
Can i take it in an unofficial shop, too??

4) Can i put on the notebook 2x 250GB such us new toshiba laptops?
Is there enough space in the notebook for such a change?

thank you in advance.......

Answer:Satellite A200-1CR: Question about HDD upgrade

Hi buddy

It?s good that you ask this.

1) The Satellite A200-1CR supports SATA and not IDE interface and therefore you would need a SATA HDD. It?s really not difficult to replace the HDD and as far as I know you should find some details in the user manual. There is a useful instruction and pictures which explain the whole procedure.

2) Hm? as far as I know the HDD replacement does not cancel the warranty and has no affect on the warranty state.

3) You can also contact the Toshiba authorized service provider in your country for a HDD replacement but in my opinion this is really not necessary because the replacement is not very tricky. As I said above, check the user manual.

4) I don?t think that your notebook would support 2 x 250GB HDD.
Of course, there are some other notebook series which are abele to support two HDDs but I don?t think that your A200 notebook support it.

Just a little comment about the new HDD:
Fact is that some bigger HDD are not supported by BIOS. I mean a upgrade from 120GB to 250GB HDD is really a big step an possibly your BIOS would not recognize the HDD correctly.
Therefore I would recommend testing the HDD firstly before buying.


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I am the proud owner of a Toshiba Satellite A110-153 that I've had for a couple of years.
I'm interested in upgrading RAM but came across this controversy.

1. Internal Memory expansion module sizes are 256, 512, 1024 MB.
2. Maximum Internal Memory is 4Gb
3. 2 Memory Slots.

Now I'd like to upgrade my laptop to the maximum 4Gb RAM, but how can I do this when I'm not allowed to use 2x 2Gb modules?

Is it humanely possible to upgrade my laptop to 4Gb?

Thanks for time.


Answer:Satellite A110-153: RAM upgrade question


If you want to upgrade the RAM to max 4GB then you have to use 2 x 2GB RAM modules!

The notebook should handle the DDR2 667MHz (PC2-5300) 200-PIN SODIMM modules

But note; the 4GB RAM can be used only by 64bit OS!!!
Win XP or Vista 32bit would recognize only 3.2GB!!!

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I have a Toshiba Satellite L505-138

Parts no :psls9e-00u00wg3
Serial: no:1a511094k

The processor i have now is the i3 330

I want to upgrade to i7
Is this possible and can you link me where to buy the right one that is fitting to my laptop

Answer:Satellite L505-138 - CPU upgrade question

> Is this possible?
Maybe, in case the new CPU would be supported by chipset and BIOS, you?ve got good chances to upgrade the CPU.
But Toshiba as well as other notebook manufacturers don?t support such upgrade and therefore everything you do is your own risk!

First of all I would recommend you to get details about your chipset. On Intel ARK page you could check what CPUs would be supported by this chipset.
Fact is that this notebook series were equipped with the Intel Dual Core CPUs belonging to the Intel Arrandale CPU family. In case you want really try an new CPU, I would suggest you to choose one from this family.

But note: even if chipset would support new CPU, the BIOS might be one of the parts causing troubles. Unfortunately I did not find any information what CPUs might be supported by BIOS

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hello all and happy new year .

First of all , sorry for my bad english .

I bought a Satellite A100-386 few years ago and i'm really satisfied, but my hard disk drive is down .
So i wanted to know if i could put a 2,5'' S-ATA II Hard drive in, like this.

because when i see satellite features, they mention a hard disk with only S-ATA .
Is there any compatibility ?

Thank you for answer :)

Bye bye

Answer:Satellite A100-386 - HDD upgrade question


Yes, I think this should be possible.
The A100 supports SATA HDDs controller and theoretically you could use any 2.5? SATA HDD.


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Who are you? Ttime for some upgades for this great laptop and some few questions and I will be pleased to answer to me.

1.Is there any empty space to install a second hard drive SSD?

2.If there is not can I put off the DVD hard drive and in the empry space to fit a ssd drive? I will need something like that? ----> fb4d
This is an adapter.

3.How much max memory RAM support the Satellite L500D? I have already installed 2GB and I have an extra socket and I want to install a single 4GB RAM and total 6GB RAM

Its sounds this idea good to you? Thank you very much and have a nice day

Answer:Satellite L500D - SSD and RAM upgrade question


As you can see on bottom side of the notebook it doesn?t support a second HDD because there is no second HDD bay on bottom side.
The adapter that you posted is not an official one so nobody can say if it?s compatible part or not. As far as I know for Satellite notebooks there is no CD/DVD bay adapter but you can ask an authorized service provider for further details.

The maximum RAM capacity is depending on your exact notebook model. L500D was delivered with different hardware so you must post your exact notebook model number.

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How to find out what memory to buy for this notebook?

i now that: ddr2 533 mhz PC 4300, but what producer? Kingmax? how to find out what producer is compatible?

Answer:Satellite L30-115: memory upgrade question


I often heard that people use Kingston memories.


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Hi all,

I have a Satellite Pro A100 PSAACE that I want to upgrade. I currently have 1GB of RAM in two 512MB modules. I looked on and it said I need DDR2-PC2 4200 (240 pin DIMM) modules, but they of course want to sell their own stuff that only comes in 1GB modules.
So what is the maximum amount of RAM my comp can take? I would like to have more than 2GB in order to make my paging file smaller. Is 2GB the maximum I can put in?

Answer:Question about RAM Upgrade on Satellite Pro A100

Your machine should be able to take 4 GB of RAM (but read first this article about the 4GB limit on 32Bit systems -> ) but I would suggest you to upgrade only to 2GB since you won?t recognize personally more than 2GB when you?re working with your machine.

So, if you want you can also upgrade to 4GB but only 3GB would be available for work (4GB limit !! ).


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What are the limits to upgrade my Satellite P10 Notebook? Currently I use 1GB RAM (2x512) and I still have the original 60GB 4200/min HDD. Mainly I'm interested in upgrading my harddrive to get at least one 100GB 7200/min drive. Best would be one of the 24h server ones like the Hitachi HTE721010G9AT00, as I hardly power off my computer. Which one to take and are there any limits (BIOS) (keeping in mind that there will be 200 and even 250GB drives next year)?

About the RAM: Should I put two 200pin SO-DIMM in 333 or 533 or shouldn't I change at all as it works fine and stabil now?

Answer:Satellite P10: Question about RAM and HDD upgrade limits


you have to use DDR SODIMM memory with 333MHz.
But I don't know the max capacity of HDD that will work.


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Would my laptop support [WD Scorpio Bule 500GB|] ?

Answer:Satellite A100-599 - HDD upgrade question


I think it should be possible because the notebook supports SATA 2.5? HDD.
Therefore you can use nearly all 2.5? SATA HDDs.


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