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Satellite P100-188: Question about Ram and CPU upgrade

Question: Satellite P100-188: Question about Ram and CPU upgrade

Helo everybody,
I need a major upgrade so i wanted to know if it's posssible to upgrade the processor. I am already playing Doom 3 at ulra high with 4X Ati, and 1024X768.
Giving me 46 fps,with 2gb ddr 533.

Can i upgrade the Satellite P100-188 T2400 processor to T2500 or T2600 and can i use ddr2 667mhz Ram?

Any suggestions how much performance increases if you upgrade hdd from 5400rpm to 7200 with 8mb cache?


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Preferred Solution: Satellite P100-188: Question about Ram and CPU upgrade

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

Answer: Satellite P100-188: Question about Ram and CPU upgrade


The CPU can not be replaced. But you can extend the memory with those modules:
PA3499U-1M25(DDR2-667 256MB Memory Kit)
PA3511U-1M51(DDR2-667 512MB Memory Kit)
PA3512U-1M1G(DDR2-667 1GB Memory Kit)
PA3513U-1M2G(DDR2-667 2GB Memory Kit)

DDR2-533 256MB (PA3389U-2M25)
DDR2-533 512MB (PA3412U-2M51)
DDR2-533 1GB (PA3411U-2M1G)

The max memory that you can use on this unit is 4GB.


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I would like to replace the internal hard drive for a larger size but i am unsure which ones are compatible.
Below is a link to dabs where they have 5 hard drives but unsure if they will work.

Would be great to get some advice on this thanks.
I have a Satellite P100-160 which currently has a 120GB hard drive it is not enough! y=50540&NavigationKey=40970000&CategorySelectedId= 11154&PageMode=1

Answer:Satellite P100-160: Question about HDD upgrade


I downloaded the user manual for this notebook from the Toshiba page and it says that you can use the 160GB HDD.
I think it wouldn?t be a problem to use a bigger HDD like 200GB or 250GB.

The Sat P100 supports an SATA HDD controller and therefore you should use the SATA 2.5? HDD.


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I am looking into upgrading my HDD which with the P100-286 is the Fujitsu MHV2200BT. I wish to find an HDD with a faster RPM and maybe a slightly greater capacity too.

I have found information on the MHV2200BT and see that it has a slightly larger casing than most notebook 2.5" HDD. Its is 12.5mm in height rather than the usual 9.5mm.

Will this make it unsuitable to purchase another HDD?
Will I need to find another housing or casing for the HDD?

Here is the stats on the current model...

I am thinking about getting this HDD to replace it .....

Thanks for any further information.

Answer:Satellite P100-286 - HDD upgrade question


Hmm? the old HDD is 12.5mm and the new is 9.5mmm
Well buddy? I don?t exactly how the HDD has been mounted in the P100 but in many cases the HDD is placed in the holder (bracket).

So the new HDD would not blend with this bracket.

But why you don?t take a 12.5mm HDD? There are a lot 2.5?, 12.5mm, SATA HDDs which would be 100% compatible with your notebook!
Search a little bit...

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can anyone reassure me I am buying the correct, and best RAM for my 2 Satellites. One is the P100-423.
The other is Satellite Pro P100.

1) Can I use PC2 5300 DDR2 SO DIMM 200 pin modules - 667 Mhz in both machines.
I want to buy 4x 1 GB chips (all the same), so both PC's will have 2 Gig ram.

2) I have seen the above chips with 533 Mhz, but I have been told I can use this or the 667 Mhz. Is this correct?
667 Mhz would be faster and preferable would it not?

3) Some chips also are designated PC2 - 4200 - rather than PC2-5300. Again, can I use either?

4) Finally, I always thought it was best to fit 2 ram chips of the same size -which is why I want to use 2x 1 GB chips.
Yet I have been recommended to fit 1 x 1GB and 1x 2 GB in each pc.
I know a total of 4 Gig is theoretical ie only 3.25Gb is possible.
But will the unbalanced formation offer much greater performance over the balance 2x 1GB formation. ?

Many thanks for any advice offered


Answer:Question about RAM upgrade on Satellite P100-423

Using slower RAM is possible. I have a other notebook at work with 4200 iso 5300. It runs ok.

However using the exact speed is better because this gives the best performance. The timing of your system is tuned to these memories.

Nevertheless slower modules but more RAM will still give you an improved performance.

3G seems to be the max for Vista-32. The unbalance is of course not optimal but still I expect the performance is better then with 2GB.

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I would like to upgrade my laptop (p100-240), where could i find 2gb of ram for this from at 667mhz + can you add another HD and run a raid setup?

Answer:Satellite P100-240: Question about RAM and HDD upgrade

You can buy you're RAM in any other shop, it just should be compatible with you're RAM, check that out on the toshiba main homepage, or order the RAM over the Toshiba homepage (options).
You can't ad another HD but you can buy an external HD with USB 2.0 or FIRE WIRE (FIRE WIRE recommended because of higher speed).

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When I bought this model 6mths ago I got this one with just a T5500 @ 1.66GHz but since then Intel have reduced the prices approx 40% allow me the option of upgrading.

Has anyone got an idea how much I can upgrade to, the following list shows the T7600 @ 2.33 GHz compatible on Bus speed and Stepping. The only difference being the L2 cache, 4MB compared to my older one of 2MB will this have an effect.

Thanks for anyones help.

Answer:Satellite P100-429: Question about processor upgrade


The CPU upgrade is a little bit tricky on the notebooks and in most cases not advisable and not possible.
After the CPU upgrade it could be possible that the cooling modules don?t run properly and the notebook will overheats.
Why? Well, the new and stronger CPU produce more warmness and the temp would goes up. The fan table stored in the BIOS will not match with the new CPU and the cooling fans would work not correctly.
Furthermore the CPU upgrade will cancel your warranty! This is very risky!!!

Anyway, it looks like you want definitely upgrade the CPU??
So I would check the chipset installed on your notebook.
Try to find out the details of the chipset and search on the Intel page for the compatible CPUs!!!


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can any one tell me if this will work in my Satellite P100-160
Part Number : PSPAAE-01D00UEN

Kingston memory - 2 GB - SO DIMM 200-pin - DDR II
Storage Capacity 2 GB
Upgrade Type Generic
Technology DDR II SDRAM
Form Factor SO DIMM 200-pin
Memory Speed 533 MHz
Data Integrity Check Non-ECC
Latency Timings CL4
Features Unbuffered
Supply Voltage 1.8


Answer:Satellite P100-160 PSPAAE - Memory upgrade question

Why not?

The Satellite P100 series supports the DDR2 533MHz (PC2-4200) 200-PIN SODIMM memory modules.

You can upgrade it to max 4GB.

Check this page:

[Memory for Toshiba Satellite P100-160|]

There you can find the compatible module.

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Hi guys.

I want to upgrade the RAM in my P100-347 but I have couple of (probably stupid) questions.

1) I believe the P100-347 has 2G and can be upgraded to 4G. Does this mean I need to buy 2G?
2) How do I know what type of RAM to buy?
3) Is there anything else I could do to make my machine more powerful?

Answer:RAM upgrade on Satellite P100-347


Your Satellite notebook can be upgraded up to 4GB. According the notebook specification you have 2GB inside (1GB + 1GB).
# You need 2 x 2GB
# Compatible RAM has part number PA3513U-1M2G (DDR2-667 2GB Memory Kit)
# What you need is RAM upgrade and right OS configuration. With other words do not use some useless applications and background processes.

Which OS do you use?

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Hello, I'm looking to upgrade the RAM on my Toshiba Satellite P100-286 laptop. I've been doing some research but have come up with some conflicting reports.
Is the RAM just DDR2 RAM or is it DDR2 RAM So DIMM? According to the Toshiba website, it isnt, but when I go to any of the "Upgrade your Ram" websites and enter my make and model, it suggests the So-Dimm type..

I'm just looking for a little clarification. Thanks. &ACTION=PRINT_WITH_BACK& w=Yes&PRODUCT_ID=125204

Answer:RAM Upgrade on Satellite P100-286

SO DIMM is basically laptop RAM, which is what the P100 requires.

240pin "DDR2-RAM" is for Desktops.

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Hi there,

I'm new at the forum...
Well, i want to change 2 things on my Toshiba Satellite P100-332

1 - I've 2GB RAM 533mhz, and i saw on Everest and on the informations that i can put at max. 4GB RAM 667mhz. So i want to ask if theres any limitation about to use an special trademark of RAM? Or i can use any laptop RAM with 667mhz? I am thinking to buy 2 DIMM 2GB 667, to stay with 4GB RAM 667mhz.

2 - My laptop has come with a Hard Disk with 4200 rpm ATA and i want to know if i can change my hard disk to another one like one with 7200rpm SATA like this one and i didn't seen yet if the board supports it but anyone knows if i can put one like that?

Answer:Satellite P100-332: HDD and 4GB RAM upgrade


1) The Satellite P100-332 RAM can be upgraded up to 4GB and you can use also the 667Mhz modules because as far as I know the FSB supports the 667MHz too.
But the point is that Windows 32bit (Vista and XP) would see only the 3.2GB due to the 32bit OS limitation.

2) The notebook supports the SATA HDD controller and therefore you have to use an SATA HDD. But usually it?s no matter if the SATA HDD supports 7200rpm. In my opinion you should be able to use such 7200rpm HDD.


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Does the Satellite P100-434 BIOS v 4.80 support the Intel T7500 Core2Duo proccessor ?

i currently have T5500 and wish to upgrade to T7500 , the socket is the same but i don't know can the motherboard/BIOS support this CPU ?

thank you i advance

Answer:CPU upgrade on Satellite P100-434

For CPU upgrade there are several different important things and not BIOS only.

Check please this Toshiba document at first -

BTW: I?m not sure but I think you can find similar threads about CPU upgrade on P100. Use advanced search option in this forum. Maybe you will find some interesting threads.

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Hi all,
could you please help me?

I have update my RAM modules from 2x512Mb to 2x2Gb.
if one module (2Gb) installed - it's ok.
if two modules (2gb+512mb) installed, total RAM 2,5 - it's ok
But if two modules(2gb+2gb) it doesn't work :(
When I switch my laptop on the lights come on as usual and I can enter BIOS but after setup screen nothing cames up on.

RAM modules SO-DIMM 2 x 2 DDR2 SDRAM Kingston "ValueRAM" KVR800D2S5K2/4G (PC6400, 800, CL5)

Answer:After RAM upgrade Satellite P100-222 is ON but nothing comes up on screen


Such things happen usually when you try to use non-compatible RAM modules.
I have checked Toshiba and Kingston page and compatible 2 GB modules for your notebook modes are:

PA3513U-1M2G (DDR2-667 2GB Memory Kit) or
Kingston KTT533D2/2G 2GB 533MHz Module


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I?ve a Satellite P100-119 Notebook with 1,66Ghz (Duo Core). Is it possible to install a faster CPU (2,0 Ghz Duo Core) in this Notebook, without exchanging the Mainboard?

Answer:Satellite P100-119: Is it possible to upgrade the CPU to Duo Core?

Yep, that's theorically possible. Both CPUs fit in the same physical 479Y socket, and today's BIOSes are smart enough to check the CPU speed.

However, if you're gonna do this by yourself, have lots of care when disassembling your laptop, and keep in mind that it may void the warranty. Keep in mind that you risk turning your laptop into a useless heap of junk if anything goes wrong (e.g. bad dissasembly or bad use of thermal grease). I repeat: be extra careful if you're replacing the CPU by yourself. Go to a service partner if in doubt.

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I have a TOSHIBA Satellite P100 PSPAAE-01D00UEN
System Serial Number: 17172416W

Could anyone tell me the maximum amount of USEFUL memory I can install on this machine please?

I am running Windows 7 Ultimate, (32 Bit) and do a lot of graphics and file management work, with file sizes up to 4Gb.

I cannot afford a new machine, before anyone suggests it !!!!

Thank you,


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Answer:Memory Upgrade on Satellite P100

You can upgrade your Satellite P100 up to 4 GB of RAM.

Compatible RAM modules for your notebook are:
PA3512U-1M1G (DDR2-667 1GB Memory Kit)
PA3513U-1M2G (DDR2-667 2GB Memory Kit)
DDR2-533 1GB (PA3411U-2M1G)


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I bought tis model and i was thinking about changing the processor into a C2D. I just wanted to know if it is possible or not...
BTW ive seen a P100 with Dual HD or something i wanna know if thats possible with mine or i just read wrong "-_-

Thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite P100-103: Upgrade of the CPU to Core 2 Duo?


For a Hardware Update for your Machine contacted your Service Partner in your Country. He has Information?s for the Update Possible.


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I have a P100-160 with 2gb memory installed.
I am using Win7 (32bit) and do some really serious graphics, management and alterations.
I use approx 2.75Tb of attached (USB) hard drives.

Can anyone please let me know if I could reasonably expect to see any performance/reliability improvement by increasing the installed memory.

Any other suggestions (other than buying a new laptop) for performance improvement would be welcomed.

Thank you,


Answer:Satellite P100-160 and memory upgrade

If you are happy with this old piece of hardware you don?t need new notebook. RAM upgrade is OK and you can do this alone. According notebook specification your P100 can be upgraded up to 4GB RAM.

Compatible memory modules for your Satellite are:
1GB (PA3411U-2M1G)
2GB (PA3513U-1M2G)

If you have more questions you are welcome.

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Can I upgrade the processor from the T7200 to the T7600 Processor?

My processor spec:

Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile Processor T7200

sSpec Number: SL9SF Package Type: Micro-FCPGA
CPU Speed: 2.0 GHz Manufacturing Technology:65 nm
PCG: Core Stepping: B2
Bus Speed: 667 MHz CPUID String: 0X6F6
Bus/Core Ratio: 12 Thermal Design Power:34W
L2 Cache Size: 4 MB Thermal Specification:100C
L2 Cache Speed: 2.0 GHz VID Voltage Range: 1.0375 - 1.30V


Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile Processor T7600

sSpec Number: SL9SD Package Type: Micro-FCPGA
CPU Speed: 2.33 GHz Manufacturing Technology:65 nm
PCG: Core Stepping: B2
Bus Speed: 667 MHz CPUID String: 0X6F6
Bus/Core Ratio: 14 Thermal Design Power:34W
L2 Cache Size: 4 MB Thermal Specification:100C
L2 Cache Speed: 2.33 GHz VID Voltage Range: 1.0375 - 1.30V

Answer:Satellite P100-286 - Processor Upgrade

Upgrading the CPU in a laptop is risky because of cooling designs. If you install a faster/hotter CPU, it could cause overheating and possibly damage other components.

But if you insist on upgrading the CPU, you should check what CPU was released in other P100 models, and upgrade to one of those. That way you have a better chance of avoiding overheating problems, and ensure the CPU is compatible with the BIOS.

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Hi There,

i took my Satellite Pro P100 totally apart, cleaned the heatsink and vents.
Also applied new thermal paste.

The GPU idles around 50?C Fan always on
The CPU idles around 40-45?C Fan always on

At my other Qosmio G30 with a Geforce Go 7600 i got Idles at 35-38?C and CPU at about the same!?

So, pretty normal Temps for the satellite pro or are there any tweaks i could use to lower the temps?
BIOS is latest from Toshiba, driver from toshiba and win 7 power managemnt is at powersaving...

Kind Regards

Answer:Satellite Pro P100 - GPU and CPU temperature question

> The GPU idles around 50?C Fan always on
> The CPU idles around 40-45?C Fan always on

I don?t think its too high? In my opinion the temperature looks ok.

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The fan was quiet when the computer start. But if core temperature was up to 52?C, the CPU fan will run once in high speed like the typhoon blowing about two second then stop. This is really annoying.

Is that any BIOS version support P100 series control the fan always running in the low speed?

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Answer:Satellite P100-429 BIOS and fan question


the newest BIOS version is 2.40, don't know if it helps.

Maybe you should talk to a service guy to get more info about this issue.


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I recently bought this great laptop but i have one question regarding fans that's been bugging me. This laptop have 2 fan vents (one on the left side of laptop and the other on the rear side), this rear side vent is on all the time and the left one keeps turning on and off once in a while (i suppose depending on how intensive tasks i do) so i was wondering is this normal behaviour for vents in this laptop? And btw, what's the difference between theese two vents? I'm not sure wheather this has something to do with the fact that i use Vista OS?

thanks in advance

Answer:Satellite P100-106: cooling fan question

Can someone who owns P100 laptop write a few word about fans situation in their laptop? I mean is the situation like mine or something else?

thanks in advance

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I've been reading temps of 95? in my Satellite P100-400.
I would like to know if it's normal to have these kind of temps?

Thank you

Answer:Satellite P100-400: Question about temperature

First of all,

please tell us which OS is installed and if you got the ORIGINAL Toshiba drivers installed. (Without exception) If yes, then clean first the ventilation holes of the CPU cooling system.
Then, tell me which application you used for measuring the CPU temp because not all programs (like everest or SiSoft Sandra) can handle the sensors of an mobile system which means they?re reporting false values.

Cleaning the ventilation holes:
That can be done by blasting some compressed air gently trough the holes of the cooling system. Please, BE gently because if you blast too long trough these holes you damage some FAN or something else.

If this does not help, then ask some technician to checkup your cooling grease which is applied on your CPU. It could be that the cooling grease dried out and now the temp is higher because the heat cannot be transported properly from the CPU to the cooling module.


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Can someone tell me, if I can use this drive in my notebook? The original one is just too slow.

Seagate Momentus 2.5" 7200.2 SATA 8MB Hard Drive 100GB (ST9100821AS)

It is a sata-II drive. The notebook will only work at sata-I speeds, but it will still be quicker.
I know 3.5" are downwards compatible. What about 2.5" drives?
Is the thickness of the drive going to be ok?

Thanks in advance,

Answer:Question about new HDD in Satellite Pro P100 PSPAHE

Hello Marthin

Which notebook model do you have exactly? Is your notebook Satellite Pro P100?

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How does one figure out if a RAN expansion is useable with a model?

I have an expansion in my old computer and would like to move it to me new computer if possible.

Answer:Question about RAM expansions on Satellite P100-186


What?s for Model is your Machine?


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Hey guys

this is my first post and i couldn't find any help anywhere else about this so i have a few questions to ask.

Firstly how do i find out what type of ram i have been wheather it is 533mhz or 667??
As i was looking at purchasing sticks of 667, what would happen if i put 667 into 533 slots or vice-versar

Secondly, i rang up one place asking for a price on RAM and they said that if i put anymore then 2gig into my laptop it would and i quote "BLOW UP".
I was a little confused when this chick said that as it says in the online manual i can have up to 4 gig in my laptop.

Would this actually happen or does that chick have no idea???

As stated in the subject i have a Satellite P100 PSPAGA-014001 or p100-400 as i thought it was called :D and i currently have 2 sticks of 1gig in atm and i only have 2 memory slots

Would appreciate any assistance or advice as im looking to buy and upgrade within the next few days to 4 gig

Answer:RAM question for the Satellite P100 PSPAGA

I had a quick look at the brochure, it should run 4GB ok.

667 may work ok, but I would buy 533 just in case there is a compatibility problem. There is not much speed difference, you wont notice performance increase if you use 667

ps. you should buy decent brand-name Memory. The cheap brands can be a headache.

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Lately, my Geforce 7900 has a temperature between 72C and 115C (even with a cooler base). I wonder if something is wrong and if there is a way to increase the speed of the fan.

Answer:Satellite P100 - GPU temperature question

Do you expect some errors or failures with your machine? If not then everything is ok. You have a mobile system with powerful hardware, which is designed to run at max with very low noise. So, low noise has it?s price, and in this case it?s the "slightly" higher temperature. :)

My Satellite 5200 has a geforce 5 and it?s temperatures are when I play some games sometimes over 70C but everything is working fine.
Don?t worry. ;)


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I have one laptop Toshiba Satellite P 100 ( cpu T5 2000MHz dual core Yonah, Nvidia Geforce go 7900 gs 512 mb ram ,2 Gb ram, Hdd 120 sata,)
Temperature what i can get from everest software is: cpu 58 deg.C, gpu. 70deg.C hdd.44deg.C
Room temperature is 28 deg. C

When i try to run any game temp become hi. I don't recive any shut down far now, but somthing is strange with gpu cooler: start to coolig only when gpu temp become too hot.
I set on Bios cooler at performance.
Somebody can help me with that?
Please and
Best regards

Answer:Satellite P100: Question about the CPU temperature


It's a normal process that the temperature increases when you play games.
All installed devices must run with full performance and produce the warmness.
It's nothing unusual.

I don't think that the temperature is to hot. The fan starts to cool the CPU if the temperature increases to the particular level. The cooling modules shouldn't run all the time. If the notebook become to hot the OS should automatically shuts down the unit. This is an overheating protection which is a part on the Toshiba notebooks.
But if the notebook runs properly and doesn't shut down so I assume there is all ok.
Enjoy your notebook ;)

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I have a question, i want to buy toshiba satellite p100-188 but i dont know if i can change gf 7600 to gf 7900 or 7800gtx? thanks;) because in france is available version p100-198 with gf 7900 is it possible to order this wersion in UK? thanks one more time:P

Answer:Question about graphics on Satellite P100

I think changing of the graphics a definite no-no.
Submodel availability tends to change quite frequently. I'd suggest you'd better wait until a suitable model is available or buy something else.

Check the french keyboard layout before ordering from France. I guess international warranty should be valid.
Notice that reinstalling Windows is quite a hassle with Toshiba and that the drivers may not work & the service may not give you much more advice than to do the "system recovery" & account you responsible for any changes from the original configuration.

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Hello everyone.

I own a Satellite P100-160 {}
I decided to upgrade the machine from Windows Vista to Windows 8.
The machine works o.k. apart from the fact there is no longer any sound.

It seems that windows 8 does not have the correct sound drivers.
Can anyone help me out with a solution?

The laptop is in good working order, and apart from no sound.


Answer:Windows 8 Upgrade on Satellite P100-160 - No Sound

>... from Windows Vista to Windows 8

Wow... not bad.
From supported to non-supported operating system. ;)
Have you tried to install Win7 driver?

Unfortunately on this forum we don?t have any report about Win 8 installation on old machines.
Try Win7 driver and post some feedback.

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I currently have a Satellite P100-160 Part Number : PSPAAE-01D00UEN. Is it possible to upgrade the CPU's in this machine, as I am finding it very slow in the graphics work I do.

Any other suggestions as to speeding up the machine would be greatly received.

Thank you


Answer:Satellite P100-160 (PSPAAE-01D00UEN) - Upgrade the CPU

Hi IanGreen,

Such a CPU upgrade is not possible or let?s say not supported. Everything what is supported is the preinstalled CPU from Toshiba. If you want another CPU it happens on your own risk. Probably the mainboard, BIOS or chipset is not able to handle that or the cooling module is not good enough for faster CPUs?

Anyway, your notebook is not the newest one and if you need more performance you should look for a new model? ;)

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Hi! I have purchased a p100-347 last friday and it should come with a free update for Win Vista.

I was told by the guys at the shop that to receive my cd of Vista Home Premium I should request it from Toshiba.

Does anyone know's the proceedement? What should I do in order to receive my copy of Vista?

Thank you.

Answer:Satellite P100-347: How to get the Free Upgrade for Vista


> ?it should come with a free update for Win Vista?
This is not 100% correct!!!
According to some information in several threads and messages the update is not 100% free. You will have to pay a little tax?

Usually the moduslink company controls such Vista upgrade for EVERY company. So it?s not only Toshiba.
The upgrade page you will find there: .

But note; you have to answer every question careful. Check also the upgrade advisor. There must be an dynamically link to the help page.

Additional tip; you should check several most like this one about the moduslink here in the forum ;)

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Dear reader,

I bought my Toshiba Notebook Satellite P100-373 with serialnumber Z6019813W with the possibility to upgrade to Windows Vista.

However the site does not longer excist.

How can i upgrade my Notebook from XP to Vista?

Answer:How to upgrade Satellite P100 to Windows Vista?

Visit Toshiba download page -
Under option archive you will find your Satellite P100. You will find all drivers for Vista 32bit or Win7 32bit. With other words your P100 is fully supported for both operating systems.

What you can do is to install clean OS version. In my opinion you should install Win7 32bit.
If you need some assistance you are welcome.

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Hello guys,

I've recently upgraded RAM to 4GB in my laptop and it had started all over again.
Laptop shutdowns immidiately after certain time. Neither CPU nor GPU gets really hot. CPU fan is working, GPU was not being used intensely. Plain web browsing/chatting/emailing.

What gets hot though is a part to the left of the memory/wlan compartment. Is that possible that a chipset is getting that hot after just memory upgrade?
I've tested the memory with Memtest+ for over 3 hrs. No errors.

By the way, last time my laptop was in ASP it had returned with DMI saying it's Satellite L20! I don't know if that might be related...

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

Answer:Satellite P100-219: Overheating after memory upgrade

Have you blown out the dust anyway? As you said, maybe another component is overheating rather than the CPU or GPU. The CPU/GPU heatsink can be shared with other chips.

Did you install high performance RAM? Its better to choose RAM that has the same CAS/RAS Timings as the original factory RAM.

The DMI name wouldnt cause something like this.

ps. If you are running Vista, you should upgrade the BIOS and nVidia driver from the Toshiba Website

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I own a Toshiba Satellite Pro P100-382 with these characteristics:

Modello Satellite Pro P100
Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3
Version BIOS V4.20
CPU Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU T7400 @ 2.16GHz
2048MB RAM

Dispositivo IDE 1 FUJITSU MHV2120BH PL 111.788 [GB]

Controller IDE ATA/ATAPI Intel(R) 82801GBM/GHM (ICH7-M Family) Serial ATA Storage Controller - 27C4
I would mount a WD Scorpio Black 320 GB, 3 Gb/s, 16 MB Cache, 7200 RPM (
Let me know if it is compatible with my notebook?

P.S. I'm sorry for my English

Answer:Satellite Pro P100-382 - hard disk upgrade


The Satellite Pro P100 supports an SATA HDD controller and in my opinion a 320GB SATA 2.5? HDD would be compatible.

Best regards

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Have Satellite P100-188 PSPA3E from new in UK. It now looks like I have a faulty VGA card GF-GO7600-N-A2 which is seperate from the motherboard (A000006530) which is good news.

As I am going to have to replace it now, can I upgrade to better card? I have looked through google for replacment 7600 cards, but have been unable to locate exact card replacment. I have sent emails to various suppliers in the UK and am now awaiting replies. Nothing on ebay either at the moment, apart from 7600 chip from Hong Kong, which would mean a soldering job ?

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Can I upgrade Nvidia card on Satellite P100 -188?

Generally speaking graphic card cannot be upgraded -

What do you think about possible risks (more heat and so on)?

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I can now confirm that CPU upgrade from CORE DUO (T2300, T2400, T2500, T2600, etc.) to CORE 2 DUO (T7200, T7300,T7400,etc..)
on Satellite P100 (17", GF7600 GPU, etc.) with latest bios 3.30 is possible and it is working 100%. I tested this on P100-108 with T2300.

The upgrade to T7200 went without any problems and the bios identified successfully the new processor.
The downside of this upgrade is (if we ignore the high price of c2duo:-)) that in order to change the CPU on the P100 series you have
to pull out the mainboard which is a lengthy process (if someone needs help with the disassembly of his/hers laptop

I can post a detailed guide
for the P100).

Answer:CPU Upgrade - Satellite P100 Core2duo works 100%

Thanks for the feedback? it?s a great info?

But I think you warranty is no more valid. If something going wrong you will pay for the reparation...

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Can this be done with my model?

I want to load Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred 10 and it needs 1Gb Ram. I only have 512.

Answer:Satellite P100 (PSPAOC-O6XO2C) - Can I upgrade the RAM?

Hi Noella,

Of course you can upgrade the RAM. As far as I know Satellite P100 can be upgraded up to 4GB RAM. For example you could buy two modules with 1GB capacity. Then you have a maximum of 2GB RAM.

You can buy new RAM modules where you want but I have good experience with Kingston modules. I always use them for upgrading my notebooks because I never had a problem with them.

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I have had my discontinued Satellite P100-347 gaming laptop for a while now and want to give it to my younger brother. This laptops come with 4200RPM HDD and I would like to know if upgrading it to a 5400RPM 320GB would eventually fail the system or am good to commence!


Answer:HDD upgrade (4200RPM to 5400RPM) on Satellite P100

Unfortunately there is no public document about HDD upgrade on this notebook model and I cannot say for sure but I believe there should not be any problem. If nobody here post own experience about such upgrade buy the HDD and test it.

If there is some problem you can send the HDD back.
Such info can be useful for other forum members. Because of that please post the upgrade result.

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Hello Guys,

I have just been given a Satellite P100-216 (PSPADE-01400UEN) laptop. (specs: T5500 - GeForce Go 7600 512mb, 200GB)

It has a Core 2 Duo T5500 inside and I plan to upgrade it together with RAM to make it a nice laptop for my wife.

The question would be - what CPU's are supported (assuming newest BIOS version). I'm looking at the T7000 series with 800fsb or even T9000 series (1066fsb) if possible as I can get them quite cheap - I know the T5500 is just 667fsb by itself so I wonder if the higher FSB will be supported or I will have to stay with 667Mhz.

Have searched through the net but no information so far. Wouldn't want to buy CPU only for it being not recognized by the laptop.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Kind regards

Answer:Satellite P100-216 (PSPADE) - CPU / RAM Upgrade possibilities

It is very nice notebook and if you want to upgrade it for your wife the RAM upgrade is enough. In combination with clean preinstalled and optimized operating system your wife will enjoy working on this machine.

RAM upgrade is not problematic at all and you can do this alone. what you must do is to obtain high quality and compatible modules.
I believe now P100 has 2 GB RAM but you can upgrade it to 4 GB.

As compatible modules you can use
PA3513U-1M2G (DDR2-667 2GB Memory Kit) or

KTT533D2/2G 2GB 533MHz Module
KTT667D2/2G 2GB 667MHz Module

About CPU upgrade I can just say ? forget it. At first it is not necessary to do and secondaly -

Bye and good luck.

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Question about video driver. Version 14.25... works (tells ...945GM chipset); 14.27... - works but with ocassional problems (tells ...945GM/GU); version 14.29... (tells 945GM/GU) - does not works at all - black screen, but one can hear sounds which tells than XP is loading all right.

Why that? And what is GU? Driver info says it's for 945GM, driver says he's for 945GM/GU.

All three kinds tells they are for Mobile Intel 945GM Express chipset. Which originally my machine have told it has. At "video adapter" section my machine have told not Intel - some Calg... - can't recall exact name.
Thanks a lot.

Answer:Question about video drivers of Satellite P100-257


As far as I know the Satellite P100-257 supports the graphic card Mobile Intel 945GM. The Intel code name is ?Calistoga GM?
This is not the same like the Intel 945GM/GU chipset. The both are different and therefore the graphic drivers are not fully compatible!!!

The Intel page provides some interesting info about these chipsets:
Mobile Intel 945GM Express Chipset

Unfortunately, I did not find anything about the 945GM/GU.

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I want to buy me a Satellite P100
like the 442 (Core?2 Duo T5200)
but im afraid that the VGA Intel? 945GM Express chipset
whit max 128 mb is a bit (s)low for Vista ?

the 443 and 444 have a
NVIDIA? GeForce? Go 7600 / 7900
but the price is a lot Higher...

or is the 128 VGA Intel? 945GM good enough for Vista ?

i'm no gamer but hate it when it takes a lot of time to play
a vid, mp3 or open a website etc

Answer:Want to buy a Satellite P100 -> Graphic card question

Nobody with a Vista OS and a Intel? 945GM Express chipset ?

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There is a blanking panel for the fingerprint reader on this model.
Can anyone please tell me if it's possible to by a reader to fit into this space, and if so where from?


Answer:Question about Fingerprint Reader on Satellite P100-160

As far as I know something like that is not possible. If you want you can contact Authorized service in your country to get more info.

BTW: I think buying and upgrading this option is simply too expensive and for this money you can buy some useful external device.

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when i try and play a game on the laptop it said it "could not initialise the graphics. Make sure the video device and driver are compatible with direct draw."

Are there drivers out there? I believe the graphics card to be a nvidia geforce 7600 128mb.

When i use the nvidia website the drivers dont seem to work with the laptop!!

Answer:Question about Directdraw on Satellite P100-429 (pspa3e)


Please check if the DirectX was installed on the notebook.
As far as I can remember the newest version is 9.0C.

After successful installation of the DirectX please start the application with command ?dxdiag?. Then the DirectX should start and there you can enable the Directdraw accelerator.

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I purchased a Toshiba laptop back in July and although I am very happy with the machine.

I am very annoyed that it came with very little software I would have at least expected MS works or similar for a business laptop but it has nothing (no spreadsheet, word processor or database)

After spending over ?1000. I am a bit annoyed - Not sure if this is a Toshiba or PC world Business ( the people I purchased it from ) error.

One of my colleagues purchased a laptop last week for ?600 and that have very a lot of useful software pre-install.

Answer:Satellite Pro P100 Question about preinstalled software


Do you speak about the Sat Pro P100 PSPA4E series???

If you have really this machine then I don?t agree with you!
In my knowledge many tools and utilities and additional programs were installed on this notebook.
Maybe a short list?
Here you are:
- Office OneNote2003
- TOSHIBA Utilities
- WinDVD
- WinDVD Creator2 Platinum
- Sonic DLA
- Symantec Norton AntiVirus 2006
- PC Diagnostic Tool
- Etc?

Please note that the Microsoft Office OneNote software package provides many useful single programs!

May I ask why do you compare a Sat Pro P100 with other notebooks which don?t support the same CPU, graphic card performance and the additional features?

From my personal experience many notebook manufacturers tout the customers with the preinstalled software because the notebook performance or the single parts (i.e graphic card, HDD, memory) are mostly not approximately identically.

Last but not least; I really don?t understand why you are a bit annoyed.
Why you didn?t check the notebook and the description?
Do you always buy a pig in a poke?

Really strange dude ?:|

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I have P100-257 and 've installed BIOS 3.8 and find option "Execute Disable Bit" which is disabled. What does this option means ans should it be enabled?

Answer:Question about BIOS option on Satellite P100

Hi there,

the option "Execute Disable Bit" or "NX" (NoExecute) Bit is a security option to prevent hackers invading with their malicious software into your computer. Don?t think it?s a anti-hacker option (that wasn?t what I said :)). It?s just an security option which gives you some percent more security on your computer.

For further information you can try this link here:

Nice weekend

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Hi - the nvidia graphics card on my P100 seems to have stopped working. It seems to be very hard to find a replacement without paying more than the machine is worth.

Does any one know whether there is an onboard card as well on these models, and should it take over if you remove the nvidia card?
Cheers, Nick

Answer:Graphics question related to my Satellite P100-240

It will be probably pretty complicated to get graphic card alone so I recommend you to check eBay for some used P100. This notebook model is not expansive anymore and maybe you will be lucky and find whole mainboard.

Generally speaking mainboard exchange is not problematic but if you don?t have experience with this you should ask for help. Many plastic parts are fixed with small plastic holders and if you don?t know how to remove these parts you can damage it.

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My venerable (4 yrs+) P100 finally needed a bigger HDD and a reload. Not bad seeing as it has had 2 new lids and needs another one.

Soon after buying it I used the Anytime Upgrade utility to move to Ultimate which was invoiced by Toshiba.
The only thing I received from Toshiba was the paid invoice.

I did make a note of the licence key before the work (and I still have the old disk) but the Anytime Upgrade service has been discontinued by Microsoft and the recovery media does not give the option to upgrade the licence.

How do I get the version I have paid for back?

Answer:Satellite P100 - Anytime Upgrade does not work anymore


The Windows Anytime Upgrade was released by Microsoft.
I think you should check the Microsoft page for that.

Here you can find the info:
*+Windows Vista Anytime Upgrade is no longer available+*

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I have bought a Toshiba Satellite P100-10p Laptop which has a Geforce Go 7900GS inside.
Will be ever possible to upgrade to Geforce 8 series Graphic card (for example Geforce Go 8800 GS)

Thanks in advance

Answer:Possibility of grahics card upgrade on Satellite P100-10P


so many people are asking this, and I like it to explain it so often. ;)

No, it?s not possible! You cannot upgrade it, since the VGA of the machine is bounded to the mainboard, oor if the mainboard has really a special external pci-e port for vga, then just because the modular design of the hardware, but not that you can change the VGA-card.

But don?t be funereally :), there is a solution.

There are some manufacturer which are developing an external graphics card case, where you can put an ordinary vga (pci-e) card to play games on an external screen.

Just type into google: external vga express slot

Good luck

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Hi there,

i have a defective Panel in my Satellite Pro P100. Model Nr: PSPAHE-001001GR.
Currently its a Panel Lp171wx2 with 1440x900 Resolution.

Can i change it to this Panel: LP171W02 with 1680x1050 Resolution?
Will it be recognized, kind of Plug and Play? Better resolution and running like before. Or is this not recommend or even not possible?

Thanks a lot in Advance,

Answer:Satellite Pro P100 - Display Upgrade 1440x900 to 1680x1050


I think its possible.
As far as I know the different Satellite P100 models were equipped with two kind of displays:
17.1-inch, WXGA+ (1,440x 900), High-brightness amorphous silicon TFT color display.
17.1-inch, WSXGA+ (1,680x 1,050), High-brightness amorphous silicon TFT color display.

I?m not quite sure if you could use the LP171W02 but the notebook would handle definitely an 17.1 inch, WSXGA+ (1,680x1,050) TFT.
You can order also an compatible part from an Toshiba ASP in your country.

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I have a Satellite P100-240.
Although it didn't come fitted with the finger print scanner hardware, there is a blocked up hole in the casing where it would go.
So I'm wondering, can I get the scanner hardware separately and fit it to the laptop?

I don't see any options for the hardware to be sold separately on the Tosh website and I'm not even sure who makes the hardware for them so I can source it independently.

Can anyone on here offer any advice or information on doing this?

Answer:Can I upgrade the Satellite P100-240 with internal Fingerprint Scanner


You are right. Some P100 units support the finger print and some units were delivered without this feature.
As I?m not mistaken such fingerprint cannot be upgraded?

But to be 100% sure you should ask the local ASP (authorized service provider) for the details.
But in my opinion you can not upgrade the notebook with finger print reader.


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Hi all ..

I bought new notebook Satellite P100-324 I guess that one have express upgrade to windows vista..
I tried more than 100 times to know from where I got the Serialized Upgrade
Redemption Number
When I bought that notebook I did not got anything from the Toshiba store in Kuwait.
I wish can answer me as soon as possible.


Answer:Express upgrade to Windows Vista - Satellite P100

I had the same problem and as I was looking all over for this Number I came upon this website.

You can also print out a form and send it by snail mail.The forms are under (upgrade redemption forms).Click on the right side of the Windows OS you are going to upgrade from.


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Can I upgrade my XP HOME on a TOSHIBA Sat P100-108/CoreDuoT2300 to
Do I have to reinstall drivers?
Is someone an expert in this matter?


Answer:Sat P100-108: Question about upgrade form XP Home to XP Pro


If you want to upgrade the OS to the WinXP Pro you have to install it from the original Microsoft CD. After the installation you can use the same Toshiba drivers because the WinXp Home and WinXp Pro uses the same drivers.
The drivers you can find on the delivered Toshiba Tools CD or you will download it from the Toshiba page.

Very important is to install the Toshiba stuff in the right order.
1.) Chipset utility
2.) Common modules (if available)
3.) Graphic driver,
4.) Etc..

You can also follow the installation order from the Toshiba driver & tools CD.

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I got an email off Toshiba today telling me there is a value added package update available (TVAP (v1.0.25).
I downloaded it, and unzipped. It contains three options:
2 button, 6 button, no button yet there is no readme etc to tell me what version my P100-160 is.

I addition, attempting to install any of them gives me an error that there are older versions already installed which should be removed first.

Can someone please advise of which I should be using?

Answer:Question about Value Added Package update for Satellite P100-160

I got the same message,downloaded the file, guessed that my P100-160 was 2 button and got the same response. I looked at the Control Panel to see that the Toshiba VAP was indeed already installed, in my case dated 30/12/06 BUT with zero size shown against it. I tried to uninstall which started and then the wizard stopped saying interrupted (by whom??).

So I'm puzzled like you. I think I need this update because power options are not working properly but seem unable to install it. I've been advised to reformat the disc and start again but this would just give me the original image and presumably same uninstall problems.

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I have Satellite P100-221 (PSPA6E-013010RU).
There is a fresh update for nVidia 7900GS card driver available (, 27/07/06) in Russian section of

But the number is still, as it was before.
Do you mean the driver was not changed too, or it`s a new revision?


Answer:Satellite P100-221: Question about the graphic driver version


The Satellite P100 is a very new notebook at this time and the drivers should be all up to date. In this case I think that the drivers on the Toshiba page are the same like on your notebook. The date says only the release on the page.

Anyway, you should always check the versions numbers of the drivers and compare it before you will install it on the unit.
Maybe the drivers are preinstalled and you don't need to install the same version again.

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Hello all,

I had my Satellite Pro P100 (Model Number is PSPAEE-00C006EN and the second digit of the serial number is "7") upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 and since then, a couple of bugs seem to have occurred - can anyone help on the following:

-Screen DIMS in increments, regardless of the fact that I have saved my power settings to remain on FULL (battery or mains power)

-No sound. Once or twice, the sound card has worked and the settings say it works properly (and you can see the graphic equalizer moving).
In terms of PC knowledge, I'd be 5/10 (so not a dummy , but certainly not a pro! and have tried a lot of the more obvious things)

Thanks all

Answer:Satellite Pro P100 - Screen and sound issues after Windows 7 upgrade


1.) If the screen dim option doesn?t work properly anymore, I would recommend reinstalling Toshiba Value Added Package. This package controls such functions, FN keys and others. Check the Toshiba page for an update!!!

2.) Have you checked if the sound is muted if the equalizer works? Furthermore you can also try updating the sound driver? Maybe it works ;)

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I have a Sat P100-160 running Vista which has been pretty unstable since Day 1 with frequent Windows restarts citing BSOD. Sometimes it has suggested that the Intel driver was the issue, so when I got an upgrade advice from Toshiba I thought this might fix it.

I downloaded and expanded the contents, then ran IMDGinst.exe as advised. The system just ran and ran and hung up, finally telling me that it hadn't installed properly. This was all I could do.

I then went to Device manager to upgrade the driver by finding the file on my system. This seemed to work as I now have the right driver showing on the tab, but again did not actually completely run through the installation process, advising that program was not responding.

So now I don't know what I really have installed at all and the laptop is just as unpredictable as previously.

Any advice on how to proceed? I'm thinking that perhaps I should remove the driver using Device manager and then try to reinstall using the upgrade or search the internet for the right driver, but this might be an optimistic idea?

Answer:Intel WLAN 3945ABG driver upgrade Satellite P100-160


> So now I don't know what I really have installed at all and the laptop is just as unpredictable as previously.

In my opinion you should use delivered recovery media and install operating system again. Recovery image contains all drivers you need and you will have absolutely clean operating system. Use it for a while and please pay attention about BSOD.

To be honest I can not imagine that BSOD will occurs because recovery image is already tested and there is definitely no reason for BSOD (I presume there is no hardware malfunction).

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Is it possible to upgrade/install graphics card in a P100-160 / PSPAAE?

Answer:Re: Possible to upgrade/install graphics card in Satellite P100-160 PSPAAE?

Quick and short answer: No.
Graphics card is part of the mainboard and therefore not able to be upgraded.

You should use forum search function on that topic, because there a a few threads covering that theme very good and you find further informations.

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I have recenty installed a new Intel 5100 Series 512AN_MWW Mini PCI NIC in the base of my Satellite P100-188 PSPA3E.
However, when installed, it refused to display and boot.

I am assured (reading technical info) that these cards use the same interface.
So why won't it work?
Is a BIOS update required to allow functionality. If so, could someone kludge one together please?

I have the latest 4.70 BIOS installed and am running Windows Vista.
I am desperate for this to work as I already have a Draft N 2.0 AP and would like to use it to its full capabilities.

Cheers, Rob

Answer:Satellite P100-188 doesn't boot up after Wlan card upgrade


As I understand your message you have upgraded the internal WLan card Intel (Golan) Intel 3945ABG 802.11a/g to Intel 5100 with N Draft support.

Well buddy? it looks like you cannot use the N Draft WLan card in this notebook model.
Seems such card is not compatible and causes these interferences.

As far as I know the Draft N need 3 wires antenna? the Satellite P100-188 antenna supports only 2 wires and can be used only with 802.11 A B or G standard.

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Basically had my bosses laptop in today for Vista upgrade. Found drivers ok, but the Nvidia drivers from Toshiba for the 7600 go only support max resolution of 1024x768 on a 17" widescreen display. I have looked on Nvidia and there are none for Vista for the go series cards.

Any ideas or is the waiting game, so much for Vista capable?

Answer:Question about Vista Display resolution on Satellite Pro P100 (PSPA4E)


I have checked the Toshiba driver page and found the nVidia display driver version
It seems the driver was uploaded at 15/03/07 and it seems this is a newest version.
Well, the notebook supports definitely a higher display resolution so as you said the waiting for the newer driver could be the key?

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I just downloaded the latest Windows XP bios 4.20 for my Satellite P100-188 (PSPA3) and on unzipping the file there were 2 files in the folder, P100_32bit_V420.exe and P100_64bit_V420.exe. on double clicking the 32 bit exe file my virus scanner (F-Secure Internet Security 2007) refused to execute the file saying it was probably a malicious application, this has left me a little unsure of whether to proceed or not as there is no mention of disabling virus scanners on the bios update information page.

This is not the first time I've flashed my bios and on other occasions I have used the WinPhlash.exe program which was incorporated in the downloaded file from Toshiba, without virus alert problems. Has the bios update method changed from version 4.00 to 4.20? I realise I may be a little "paranoid" about this but better safe than sorry, I just thought I'd ask if others have successfully flashed their machines using this file and if they also had virus scanner alerts before doing so?

Answer:Satellite P100-188 - question about BIOS 4.20, flashing and virus checker

Don?t panic! There is everything ok.
The BIOS doesn?t contain any spyware or malware.
Seems the virus scanner recognized the BIOS file as an extraordinary file.

But note; The 32bit BIOS version must be updated on the 32bit OS and the 64bit BIOS version on the 64bit OS.

I would also recommend disabling the virus scanner before you will start the BIOS update.

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I have recently purchased a P100-160 Model PSPAAE with Vista pre-installed. Like many others I had no choice with the OS and my experience so far has left me wanting to revert to XP.

I have found the relevant support page for the drivers ( I have assumed I should use the drivers for the PSPAA) and read the instruction sheet that comes with them. There are a few questions I would like answered before I launch myself over this particular cliff.

The instructions mention a SD Card Format Utility but I can see no mention of one in the driver list. Is it included in one of the other drivers or is it to be found elsewhere?

Why is the Sun Java Runtime Environment needed?

I assume that if my machine does not have Bluetooth or Infra-red that I do not need to load the drivers.

Thanks in advance if anyone is able to help.



Answer:Satellite P100-160 PSPAAE: Question about driver installation instruction

Hi John, I have recently gone through the same process and after a few attempts, settled on the following as a reasonable installation of XP (I too didn't need all the other stuff):

Satellite Pro P100 (PSPAEA)

Chipset: Mobile Intel(R) 945PM Express Chipset
Memory Controler: 82945PM
I/O Controller: Intel(R) 82801GBM I/O controller hub (ICH7M)

What I did install...

03 - Display Driver
04 - Chipset Driver
05 - Network Driver - upgrade Ethernet
06 - Wireless Network Driver
09 - Sound Driver
10 - CardBus and UltraMedia controller driver
12 - Modem Driver
13 - Modem Region Select Utility
14 - Bluetooth Stack
15 - Bluetooth Monitor
17 - Hotkey Utility
21 - SD Secure Module
22 - SD Memory Card Format
28 - DVD-RAM Driver Software
33 - User`s Manual
TOSHIBA-Fingerprint-Software (from Vista drivers)
TOSHIBA-Disc-Creater (from Vista drivers)

What I didn't install...

01 - Microsoft Updates (I used Windows Update for this)
02 - Sun Java Runtime Environment
07 - Intel Client Utility
08 - Atheros Client Utility
11 - Touch pad Driver
16 - C-Infrared Driver
18 - cPad/Touch pad On-Off Utility
19 - Utilities
20 - Button Controls
23 - Assist
24 - ConfigFree
25 - Zooming Utility
26 - PC Diagnostic Tool
27 - CD/DVD Drive Acoustic Silencer
29 - WinDVD Creator
30 - RecordNow
31 - DLA
32 - DVD Player

Note: to get 05 - Network Driver to install correctly, I had to upgrade the ethernet controller from the Device Manager.

The numbers relate... Read more

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I've recently purchased a Satellite P100-347 secondhand and thought I would get a spare battery for it. The battery already in it has the model number PA3480U-1BRS and is 10.8V 6000mAh. I eventually purchased (on the internet) a 4000mAh battery PA3479U-1BRS. Every site I looked at on the internet gave me the impression these batteries were equivalent (apart from the mAh obviously).

However, I now see that the original battery has a 'dimple' (on the shiny plastic near the connectors) which locates on a plastic domed 'spigot' on the bottom of the battery compartment. The spare battery I've just purchased has no such dimple and hence won't slot into the compartment because the spigot stops it.

It seems odd to me that loads of sites seem to quote these two battery model numbers as being compatible with many P100 models. I will probably sell the battery on and in order to make sure someone gets a battery they can use I would be interested to know if the P100-347 is alone in having the spigot in the battery compartment and/or exactly what models will accept a PA3479U-1BRS battery?

Thanks for any help

Answer:Battery for Satellite P100-347 in particular and P100 in general


I must say that I really do not understand why is for you so important what models will accept a PA3479U-1BRS battery. The fact is that you need replacement. The new part must 100% be compatible with your notebook and it is always best solution to buy absolutely the same replacement part.

As you can see on your original battery there is exact battery Part number and you can use it to order the replacement.

As you can see looking the picture on the Internet can result with mispurchase. To be honest I am really surprised that you buy 4000mAh battery if the original one has 6000mAh. Everyone here wants to have better battery for longer working period and you order battery with lower capacity.

Contact the shop and send the battery back, order the right one and enjoy your life. ;)

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I have toshiba satellite p100-106. On the back of the machine my model is PSPADE-018010G3.

When I want to check bios version or some other software or drivers it writes under p100-106 section: what's your model PSPA0E, PSPA3E, PSPA6E. But there is no PSPADE like mine is. I've checked it 5 times and it's not 0 it's letter d on my notebook.

What to choose?

Answer:What Satellite P100 series includes P100-106?


I am not 100% sure but I presume it works on this way:
Your notebook is delivered and preinstalled with Vista operating system. Your OS is complete and new. I do not believe that you will find any update in this short time. BIOS is also the latest one. Other units (Satellite P100-PSPA0, Satellite P100-PSPA3 and Satellite P100-PSPA6) are WXP units and all of them are Vista supported. Because of that there is priority to give support for those units because of Vista installation.

When new update will be available for your unit you will find it under but at the moment there are no updates available.

What to choose? Nothing! Be happy with your new toy.

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Does anyone know the European equivalent of the U.S. P105 S9337/9722 laptops. The drivers on the US site are completely useless so I checked the European site for the P100's and the driver list is fantastic. Also the site is much better organised. I tried installing a few of the XP drivers as part of an XP install and they seemed to work perfectly but I don't want to continue until I'm sure I have the right ones. My laptop has PSPAGU on the back sticker. This seems to match the last Euro P100 entry on the driver list.



[email protected]

Answer:What Satellite P100 drivers can I use on Satellite P105 S9337/9722


The Satellite P105 US series is similar to the European P100 series but you will not find any 100% similar European series to US series.
As you already said some single European drivers can work on the US notebook series.
You have to try simply to install the single XP drivers?
If some drivers will not run on you P105 then reinstall it and try to install another one?. Sorry but there is no other possibility to check the drivers compatibility.

Best regards and good luck

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Another person sick of Vista. I purchased a new Toshiba P100-400 laptop on March 31st this year. I have now purchased a copy of Windows XP 64 bit to replace it.

Before I started an install I rang support here in Oz and they sent me to this page:

[url href=" _driver_details&action=search&selCategory=2&selFam ily=2&selSeries=152&selProduct=703&language=13&sel OS=10&selType=11&yearupload=&monthupload=&dayuploa d=&useDate=null&mode=allMachines&search=&action=se arch&macId=&country=1&action=search&page=1"]Toshiba Driver Download Page[/url]

I downloaded all the drivers but now when trying to install I find out the Nvidia driver is wrong: says the version of windows is wrong: probably a 32 bit problem. I searched for, and downloaded, a 64bit driver from Nvidia but it says no NVIDIA graphics card is installed. The only thing I am not sure about is whether my nvidia card is GeForce Go 7900 GTX or GeForce 7900 GTX.

Can anyone point me to the right drivers for XP 64 bit?

PS I did tell the support person that I had a copy of Windows XP 64 and not WIndows XP (32 bit).


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Answer:Vista to XP64 Satellite on Satellite P100-400 PSPAG


did you already tried these sites:
and here

they have really good drivers and also for 64bit OS?s. But I suggest you reading the FAQ on that pages on how-to install these special drivers,
especially on the laptopvideo2go site.


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I lost the product recovery disk for my P100, but I do have the disks for a P30 and P300, both of which are windows XP.

My P100 which my husband uses has become so slow that I feel I have to reload it. But when I tried starting up holding 0, F8 and F12 (one of them gave me a menu, I forget which), I couldn't find an option which allowed it to return to factory settings.

So I wonder if I can use one of the other product recovery disks on the P100? Would really appreciate advice. (I used to own a P30, and I still own a P300)

Answer:Can I use product recovery for Satellite P300 on Satellite P100?


Every single recovery image is designed for certain notebook model. Why?
Every notebook model has specific hardware infrastructure and also specific drivers are needed.

When you compare two different notebooks there are different CPUs, graphic card, modem, cam maybe and so on. So if you want to have properly working OS this will not work.

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I only have 192mb of RAM on my laptop, is it possible to increase this, if so how and how much to?

Answer:Satellite A60-672: RAM upgrade question


according the notebook specification you can upgrade RAM up to 1280MB max. Compatible modules are:
PC2700 512MB (PA3312U-1M51)
PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G)

You can use 1 GB RA module and upgrade the notebook to the max level.


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I am having a Toshiba Satellite A60 S-131 bought 2 years ago.
I want to know whether it is possible for me to upgrade the 40GB HDD to a higher capacity HDD(internal) and to upgrade my RAM from 512MB to higher.

Also I had already inserted a 256MB DDR RAM in the empty memory slot almost 1 year ago.

Help will be appreciated.

Answer:Satellite A60-131: Question about HDD and RAM upgrade

Hi Pranjal,

You can definitley upgrade your hard drive to a larger capacity version. You should find that an 80Gb or 100Gb will work just fine. You will need to make sure that you obtain a new drive with the same physical characteristics as you existing one. The following link will help you to remove the hard drive.

You may also wish to get a new hard drive with a faster rotational speed (5400rpm or even 7200rpm).

I believe the maximum RAM for the A60 is 1.25Gb which comprises 1 X fixed module (I presume yours is 256Mb which means that you can install one further module of up to 1Gb capacity. RAM modules are available in 256Mb, 512Mb, and 1Gb capacities.


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Hi can someone please tell me what I need to upgrade my laptop? I cannot work it out exactly what I need please can someone tell me e.g. pc2100 or pc 2700??? also what mhz?

Answer:Satellite A60-108 Ram upgrade question

This is the relevant Crucial Technology memory upgrade page.
Satellite A60

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is the above laptop easy to upgrade with an ssd?cant find any info anywhere on it not evan a review

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I want a bigger hard drive but xp home edition is pre installed. If i change the hdd i dont think the recovery disk would work to re install xp. How do i do this without buying a new version of windows? Oh it is a notebook satellite pro spa10.

Answer:Satellite Pro A10: Question about HDD upgrade

Sorry but why you suggest the Recovery CD will not recognize the new HDD?
Fact is if the BIOS will recognize the new HDD then you will not have any problems with recovering and the OS installation.

If you want to upgrade the HDD you have to use an compatible one. Then simply boot-up from the recovery CD and the OS will install on the new HD drive.

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My Satellite A30-104 has recently come to the end of its warranty, and having had to open up the heatsink for cleaning and seeing that the CPU was accessible, I wonder if there is any (likely) scope for upgrading it.

The processor is a Celeron (Northwood) 2.6GHz. I'm not looking for more grunt, I'd prefer a lower-power chip, though the much larger L2 cache of a Pentium 4 is also desirable. I'd be very grateful if anyone could advise whether any upgrades are likely available, and if so which chips would be appropriate? If I can give any more useful spec information, please ask.

Thanks in advance.

Answer:Question about CPU upgrade for Satellite A30-104?


Generally it?s not advisable to upgrade the CPU on the notebooks because nobody can say if the notebook will run properly and stable after the upgrade.
The heat and high temperature inside the notebook could be a serious problem.

Anyway, I think the notebook supports an Intel 852GME chipset.

The Intel 852GME chipset is optimized for the Mobile Intel Pentium 4 processor, features a 533 MHz system bus and up to 2 GB of high-speed DDR 333/266/200 memory.

But I?m not sure about the socket? it?s either 479 or 478

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I would like to upgrade the standard HGST HDD to a faster Seagate SSHD, and the problem is that in this model L50-A-19N there is no HDD cover, the whole laptop bottom must be removed like in this Link: [Video|]

My question is can I upgrade the Disk by Myself and if not what can I do to replace the Disk not losing the warranty. I read the manual for this model and there is nothing about HDD upgrades there.


Answer:Satellite L50-A-19N HDD upgrade question

Usually on most notebook models HDD is placed at the bottom and access to it is not complicated. As you can see on your notebook model it is not so easy and HDD exchange is not supported. With other words it should not be done by notebook owner.

Valid warranty is very important so please don't do anything on your own. HDD exchange in your case can be done by authorized service provider. If they do this warranty will not be cancelled.

Contact nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help. Addresses and phone numbers you can find on

Good luck

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I have found out how easy it is to remove the current DVD Writer on my Satellite S70-A (10 seconds) so no problems there.

I see that there is a small lug at the back of the writer allowing the writer to be locked in place by the small bolt that holds the HDD/RAM cover in place

Can I buy a Blu Ray player which has this lug already fitted or I can I fit the lug afterwards?

Can anyone suggest a suitable Blu Ray player to buy as a direct replacement.

Answer:Question about Blu-ray upgrade on Satellite S70-A

Most of S70-A notebooks are offered with DVD-multi optical disc drives. Just few of them are offered with 9.5MM BD-ROM. Unfortunately I don't know which model of BD-ROM is this exactly.
It is not easy to find any information which model can be used on your machine.

I’m not 100% sure but it could be UJ162 UJ-162.

Let’s see if someone else can find exact info about that.

Anyway, in worst case you can order it and test it. if there is some problem simply send it back.

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i want to change the processor of my laptop that have a intel t2310 (1.46Ghz/1Mb cache) and i've tried with a intel t7200 but doesn't worked.
Can anyone tell me what processors i can install in the laptop.

Thank you,

Answer:Satellite L40-15G - CPU upgrade question


You can use only the CPUs which are supported by chipset and BIOS.
As far as I know the Satellite L40/EQUIUM L40/Satellite Pro L40/Satellite L45 computer is equipped with an Intel Pentium Duo Processor or Intel Celeron M Processor.

These processors were built in:

Pentium Duo Processor (533MHz) 1.6GHz (T2060) /1.73GHz (T2080)/1.86GHz (T2090)/1.86GHz (T2130)


Celeron M Processor (533MHz) 1.73GHz (430) /1.86GHz

I think you can use these CPUs.

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I want to upgrade my notebook with a new CPU.
The (hardware) socket ist a 479. But when I ask Intel about my current CPU, it tells my that it is a 478.
The Chipset is an Intel 852/855 GM/GME, after Intel ChipsetUtility.

I am a little confused about the different data about the socket.
With CPUs will fit?

Answer:Satellite A10: CPU Upgrade question


I?m not sure about the CPU socket in the Satellite A10 but I use the tool called ?Everest home edition? and this tool provides all necessary information about the kind of socket and another important CPU info.

But as far as I know the Satellite A10 and Pro A10 was delivered with different hardware specifications and different CPU?s.
It seems the Intel Pentium 4-M and the Mobile Intel Celeron CPU are compatible:

Mobile Intel Pentium 4-M model
A 1.80/1.90/2.00/2.20GHz Pentium 4 processor with a 1.80/1.90/2.00/2.20/1.20GHz internal clock, 400MHz bus and 1.30/1.20V core operation
Mobile Intel Celeron model
A 1.80/2.00/2.20GHz Celeron processor with a 1.80/2.00/2.20GHz internal clock, 400MHz bus and 1.30V core operation

But I really don?t recommend the CPU upgrade.
As far as I know the microcode must be updated after the CPU and motherboard replacement. If you don?t update the microcode the CPU will run only at 600Mhz.

Be careful!

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Hi there people.

I have upgraded the memory on my gf's quite old a60 laptop, but want to upgrade the cpu as well now as she is running the celeron 2.8.
The laptop manual says i can have the followng cpu's:

Intel celeron up to 2.8ghz (which i currently have)
Mobile intel pentium 4 processor up to 3.06 ghz
Mobile intel pentium 4 processor up to 3.2 ghz supporting htt

other processors may be introduced and a level 2 cache from 128kb to 1mb

I am trying to work out whether this means i can have the northwood 130nm 3.2ghz or whether i can have the prescott 90nm 3.2ghz.

If I could have the prescott, would I not be able to get the 3.46 ghz prescott?
As these cpus are quite hard to find, i am just checking to see if i can have any of these..., also how easy is it to get in and change the chip inside the laptop :D

While I am asking, is it worth upgrading the hard drive from 40gb 4200 rpm to a 7200 rpm one?

Many thanks for your time people

Answer:Satellite A60 - CPU upgrade question

I wouldn't install a Prescott, they get very hot! The cooling fan may not be able to keep the CPU cool.

Installing a Northwood would be the best option. Looking in google, it appears this laptop can definitely accept Northwood CPU's.

The jump from a Celeron to a Northwood is a big step. But from Northwood to Prescott is only a small step.

I would choose this one:

As for the HDD, 7200RPM drives can get hot and are noisy, and are not that much faster than a 5400RPM drive. A 5400RPM HDD would be the smart choice.

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I've recovered my son's old A40 from Virus and spyware infections. Now I want to upgrade.

At present, I still have the old Bios and a 30GB 4200RPM IDE disk. (model n PSA45E-007N1-EN)
Is it like the A10 that accepts maximum 60GB drive or can I go bigger ?

One supplier suggests I stay at 4200RPM but to ask Toshiba what they recommend, so far no reply.
Any suggestions ?

Many thanks

Answer:Satellite A40: Question about HDD upgrade


How did you try to ask Toshiba??? As far as I know you can ask the authorized service provider in your country for information but not a Toshiba directly.

However, I have investigated a little bit here in the forum and found this thread:

and this one

It seems there are no official informations but the user ?henrivdw? has upgraded the A30 (similar to A40) with the 80GB HDD successfully.

Good luck

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Hello, just wanted to update my laptop, and just interesting. Is this laptop supporting 160 gb ?
Maybe even, what the biggest HDD support this computer ?
Because i am thinking on 120gb or better 160gb... And dunno what to do :)
Satellite A10...
Thanks for any advices

Answer:Question about HDD-upgrade on a Satellite A10

Hey there,

I think you should try it, because I think that machine was shipped with a maximum of 80GB, but I am not sure. You have the following options:

1. Buy a HDD with about 120GB. Test it, you cannot damage anything. If the drive would not be recognized then bring it back to the shop and try a HDD with less memory (100GB). Repeat the procedure, if the drive was recognized, hold it. :)
2. Buy a 80GB HDD, which is known to work in that machine. Thats the "secure" way.
3. Do nothing and buy a external USB-HDD. ;)

I hope I could give you some thoughts on your way.


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ich have a Satellite Pro 2100 with a harddrive capacity of 40GB. Now I want wo upgrate it with a 100GB or 120GB HDD. Is it supported? Where is the upper limit of supported capacity? Is there something I have to look out? Are there special attributes which I have to look for?

forward thanks for your support

Answer:Satellite Pro 2100: Question about HDD Upgrade


It's very improbable that the 100 or 120GB HDD will work.
I assume the BIOS will not recognize these HDDs.
I don't found any officials documents about the supported HDDs but I think the 60GB HDD is biggest HDD which would works on the Satellite Pro 2100.

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Ii have a Satellite A100-165 (PSAA9E-00V00HFR)
Does it accept SO-DIMM of 2GB?

Answer:RAM upgrade question for Satellite A100-165

why i cant view this thread??

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I want to upgrade the HDD of my U200-128 notebook. What is the maximum HDD size that can be used? Is it possible to use 250GB HDD? My current BIOS version is 3.7

Thank you

Answer:Question about HDD upgrade on Satellite Pro U200-128

Hi there,

yes it?s possible to upgrade to 250GB since that size probably the chipset (ICH7-M) can handle. Feel free to put such big drive in your machine and be happy. :)

If you need more information on your chipset then check this site:


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Sorry for the beginner question. But if I have 512MB memory at the moment, what are my upgrade options?

Do I have to buy pairs of memory? So I can either buy 2x 1GB=2GB, or 2x 512MB = 1GB + 512 existing. Or can I say just buy a single 512MB or 1GB chip?

Answer:Question about memory upgrade for my Satellite M40-307

Since nobody wants to answer:
1. Check if your notebook supports Dual Channel Ram (it should, but just ckeck in the manual to be sure)
2. Find out what kind of RAM you have. This will add or remove a possibility to upgrade

The thing with Dual Channel is, that you have the best performance, if you using 2 RAM of the same type (really same type: company, size..)
you could:
3a. Add a 512MB RAM of the same type which you have
3b. Buy 2 pieces of new RAM of the same type (1GB + 1GB, or 2GB + 2GB) and be sure that your Notebook supports this ammount (again: manual to check)

You can find also in the manual, if your notebook is supporting DDR or even DDR2 RAM (faster)

If you lost your manual, you can download it here on the toshiba webpage

I hope I could help a bit.

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Can anyone tell me which types of memory can be installed in my Laptop? Currently I have one 512 Mb DDR (PC-2700) installed and I was thinking about changing it to 2x256Mb DDR2 (so the dual channeling should work). Is it a good idea? Will it work? And what specific type of DDR2 is compatible with my Toshiba?

Answer:Satellite M40-101 memory upgrade question


As far as I know the notebook uses PC2700 DDR-Ram modules.
You can upgrade the memory to max 2048MB and these modules should works properly:
PC2700 256MB (PA3311U-2M25)
PC2700 512MB (PA3312U-2M51)
PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-2M1G)

Hope I could help

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What are the limits to upgrade my Satellite P10 Notebook? Currently I use 1GB RAM (2x512) and I still have the original 60GB 4200/min HDD. Mainly I'm interested in upgrading my harddrive to get at least one 100GB 7200/min drive. Best would be one of the 24h server ones like the Hitachi HTE721010G9AT00, as I hardly power off my computer. Which one to take and are there any limits (BIOS) (keeping in mind that there will be 200 and even 250GB drives next year)?

About the RAM: Should I put two 200pin SO-DIMM in 333 or 533 or shouldn't I change at all as it works fine and stabil now?

Answer:Satellite P10: Question about RAM and HDD upgrade limits


you have to use DDR SODIMM memory with 333MHz.
But I don't know the max capacity of HDD that will work.


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Would my laptop support [WD Scorpio Bule 500GB|] ?

Answer:Satellite A100-599 - HDD upgrade question


I think it should be possible because the notebook supports SATA 2.5? HDD.
Therefore you can use nearly all 2.5? SATA HDDs.


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I want to ask if there is an option to insert a new hdd in my toshiba. As far as I know there is no official support for this??

There is an access to the place where the disk is placed on the side of notebook. S
o my question is
1. is it possible to place a new disk (faster and bigger)
2. is it possible without loosing warranty
3. what disks do you suggest

Thanks Szczepaan

Answer:Question about HDD upgrade on Satellite M40X-184?


you can replace the HDD. Warranty should not be affected.
I know 80GB will work, but I think 100GB will also do.
The interface is Enhanced IDE (ATA-6).

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I have Toshiba Satellite L300-1A3.
Its performance good.
But the futre if i change cpu, how is supported Core2Duo series?

Thank you very much.

Answer:Satellite L300-1A3 - CPU upgrade question


The CPU upgrade is not supported by Toshiba and nearly all other notebook manufacturers.
Generally you should know that the notebooks components like CPU or GPU are not upgradeable.

In most cases the graphic card is soldered on motherboard. The CPU upgrade is more complicated and tricky because of different reasons.
The main reason would be the heat dissipation. The stronger CPU produces more warmness which can affect the notebook functionality.
In other case the CPU could be not supported by BIOS and in worst case the notebook would not boot up?.

So if you want to upgrade the computer components in the future with new CPU or better graphic chip then you shouldn?t buy a notebook but a desktop PC!

That?s my personal opinion

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My notebook model no is Satellite U400-138 ,Part Number : PSU44E-00500JG3

Technology :
type : Intel Centrino 2 Processor Technology featuring Intel Core 2 Duo processor P8400, Intel GM45 Express chipset and Intel WiFi Link 5100
clock speed : 2.26 GHz
Front Side Bus : 1066 MHz
2nd level cache : 3 MB

Operating system :
Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium Edition (pre-installed, Toshiba-HDD recovery)

System memory :
standard : 3,072 (2,048 + 1,024) MB
maximum expandability : 8,192 MB
technology : DDR2 RAM (800 MHz)

In intel webside they wrote about my notebook motherboard Specifications the following paragraph:

" 1.2 Intel GM45 Express Chipset Feature Support
All features supported by Intel PM45 Express Chipset are supported by Intel GM45
Express Chipset unless otherwise noted below. Additional features are listed below. "

" 1.2.2 System Memory
- Support for DDR3 at 667 MHz when FSB is 667 MHz only. "

"1.1 Intel PM45 Express Chipset Feature Support
1.1.2 System Memory
- Supports DDR2 and DDR3 SDRAM
- Support for DDR2 at 667 MHz and 800 MHz
- Support for DDR3 at 667, 800 and 1066 MHz
- One SO-DIMM connector (or memory module) per channel
- Two Memory Channel Configurations supported
- Dual-channel Symmetric (with Interleaved access)
- Dual-channel Asymmetric (with or without Intel Flex Memory Technology)
- 8-GB maximum memory support
- 64-bit wide per channel
- 256-Mb, 512-Mb, 1... Read more

Answer:Question about RAM upgrade on Satellite U400-138


In my opinion you should follow Toshiba and not Intel specification. Toshiba?s info is based on own tests and facts.
So, following Toshiba specification for GM45 Chipset there is clearly written:

Min(on board)/Max Capacity - DDR2 800MHz 0MB/8GB max
Type of Expansion Memory - DDR2 800MHz 1GB/2GB/4GB
Module type - SO-DIMM

So if Toshiba write about 800 MHz modules you should use them and not faster modules.
You can maybe use faster too but they will not work with maximum speed but will goes down to 800 MHz only.

If you want to use max RAM amount use recommended and tested 2 x 2GB DDR2-800 (PA3669U-1M2G).
As compatible RAM it is listed 4GB DDR2-800 (PA3670U-1M4G).

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I have a Sat A60 Laptop with a CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive. I want to upgrade to a CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive. I understand I have the choice between UJDA-750 and the SD-R2512. Can anyone offer a preference and will I need firmware / drivers for these to work?
Is it simply a matter of just replacing the unit?


Answer:Satellite A60: Question about CD-RW drive upgrade


I presume that the better idea is to have DVD burner. In this case there is possibility to burn all CDs and DVD formats. I have found info that A60 is also delivered with super-multi drive (TEAC DV-W24E) and this should be also compatible with your A60.

For functionality the firmware is not relevant as drive compatibility.

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If I upgrade my Satellite A40 processor to hyper threading technology to 3.00Ghz, the problem s does not pass my chipset to hypo threading, should I have a problem to my notebook conditions?.......

Answer:Satellite A40 - question about processor upgrade


If you open your notebook and make something on your own you will lose your warranty.

Just for info; the processors used in portables are connected to the system board using a process called TCP (Tape Carrier Package). This is a permanent connection method and is used in the interests of miniaturisation and heat dissipation. As far as I know because of this connection method the CPU upgrade is not possible.

Good luck!

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hi friends,

i`ve a Satellite A200-13O with 120GB HDD, 1.8GHz Intel Centrino Duo, 1GB ram but it has 2 512 chips installed.

if i upgrad 2 1 GB ram is there any chance of improvement in performance....??

and what if i upgrade to 2GB dual channel....??

it has Windows Vista Ultimate...!!


Answer:Question about Ram upgrade on a Satellite A200

Sure, the performance will improve highly since the difference between 1 GB and 2GB is big.

Be sure, that you use DDR2 PC 5300 modules to get the most out of your machine.
If you got still any questions, then ask please


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